AkarHattori, Akimichi Nobu , Kaminari Kaito , Yamanaka Itsumo , Andikins, AburameLucien, AburameSadira, AkihikoKiyoshi, AmaterasunoHime

The intro:

AburameLucien: “Seems the rain has slowed m’lord…” –Lucien spoke lightly as he sat there at the top level of the main gate. He looked down with his single eye as he leaned forward letting his arms rest against his thighs “We still have no clue as to what to expect…Even as much time as I have spent with you and our rock… I still have no clue… is this your ways of testing me?” –Lucien spoke again as he narrowed his eyes seeing something fly through the sky. “Hokori my friend…” –he said as the black raven ripped down through the air and to Lucien’s Shoulder. “Still quiet I am sure my friends…” –he said mistaking his speech. It was always interesting how Lucien didn’t have too many issues talking to himself but when he spoke to others it seemed that it was hard to keep his speech understandable. “In time I am sure the KAGE will give me students… how to teach thems I am not sure… I will make sure your word is known though… that you my mighty God shall be worshipped and you shall be understood.” Hokori cawed a couple if times as he tilted his head looking to Lucien with a tilted head. “Yes Hokori…. I know what you are thinking and we shall find someone to play with soon… you can then feast on their flesh…” –he spoke in a grim voice but he then let out a simple laugh “or maybe one of our students…” Going silent though Lucien would not say anything more, just watching the grounds below him.-

AkarHattori: -Heavy rainfall lightens up a bit as three swift moving silhouettes travel by tree branches. In V-format, the traveling trio’s mixed traces of chakra flickers all over the barks and branches they land on and leap off of. All three land on ground minutes later as they make their way onto new land. Wet shoes smacks the moist ground as their foot prints are left neatly behind them. Coming up to a massive wooden gate, the three travelers slow their pace down to a walk; giving a more calm and non-threatening demeanor. Opening slowly were the gates of Yonshigakure; the three travelers stops at the very entrance way of the village. Most covered stone grounds were decorated in droplets of drizzle that constantly fell. Navy blue clay roof tops sheltered the wooden building within the village, making good use of the build in storm drains.Akar was wearing his favorite outfit along with the Tsubagkaure headband that shine bright even in the dark, his pure white ronin hat,the white trech coat was bright enough for it shine along with the sun his white hakama wasn't as bright as his trench coat yet it was comfortable to him, he had carried his elemental Dragon Blade in his right and his the two swords strapped to his back was known as The Twin Dragon blades. The legnth of the Elemental Dragon was exactly 24 3/4 inches long. The twin dragon blade was the average size of Daito the reason the were called dragon, was because the two of them had the designs of dragons on the blades.Akar and the two chosen had set out to head for the village known as Yonshigakure, Akar had not actually told the two chosen jonin exactly why they were heading to this village, but he knew it was smart for a Kage to be accompanied instead go out alone. On Akar's right stood a male jonin his name was Kiyoshi Akihiko, a male of six foot even stature as he appears to the right side of his respected Kage. The smoke decease after Aki's one hundred and fifty pound body was seen in a crouched possition with the left knee touching ground. Standing up slowly, Aki's black jounin pants' wrinkles irons out as he straigtens up his clothing. Dark Violet eyes viewed the present village through his jet black, short cut hair after the removal of his smokey print and purple reverse fang marked ANBU mask. Flask jacket that is custom made, held the shuriken like symbol of the Kiyoshi clan at the back of it. Aki fixes his arm guards which had the build in spring wire mechanism, both arms had springing Kunai hidden beneath the forearms. Gray bandages were tied to both calf, both bicep, and abdomen beneath the flask jacket. Black pauldron with the Kiyoshi symbol rested on Aki's right shoulder; as well as his Tri-Nodachi. Summoning scroll with purple flames on opposite ends of the scroll and a bandaged center rested over Aki's left shoulder. As his posture was fixed as he stood along with his Kage, the clashing of eight Kunai and twenty shuriken rings in his ear as he remains silent during the arrival.Akar's left stood a woman jonin her name was Himeka Hyuuga, a female of five foot one even stature as she appears to the left side of her respected Kage. the smoke disappearing after Himeka's one hundred and one pound body was seen crouched with her right knee touching the ground. She stood up slowly, her skin tight black anbu pants ironing out as she straightened out her pants along with her black katana that was sheathed securely on her back. Her white-lavender tinted eyes looked over the villiage through the one eye that was not covered by her long, black and white hair. Her ANBU shirt that exposed her belly; which donned a cherry blossom tattoo on her right side of her hip fitting securely along with her ANBU gloves that were tied tight fit well . The three of them had been on this journey to Yonshigakure for quite some time infact it was close enough for it to be a full week. The three shinobi kept walking and was nearly apporaching the Village Of Death, the smell was strong enough where a person could smell it from the loading docks. Most shinobi from Tsubagakure would not come here because the stinch was so strong, but for the reason the Kage came was very important. It was not to long ago he had made a deal with the head ninja of Tsubagkaure, the three shinobi was coming close to the main gate of Yonshigakure, they had begun to walk through the forrest and up the hill heading towards the main gate. Akar had asked the Hyuga known as Hime to use her Bakyugan to see how close they were to the village. Hime Hyuga had spoken to Akar " Tsubakage-sama we drawing near the Village Of death." The moment she had stated that Akar had some joy enter his mind he was becoming very happy because his feet had begun to hurt and he couldn't bare the smell of dead bodies any longer.They have finally arrived to the main gate of Yonshigakure, the smell was even more worse at the main gate than it as at the docks. When they had arrived Akar had begun to yell to the top of his lungs for Kaito-sama the Head ninja of Yonshigakure. :" Kaito... you here! where are you Kaito!!". Akar had thought to himself " We better had not come all this way for him not to be here.. hmm... I wonder where he is"...Akar had looked at his jonin and he begun to speak to them " Akihiko and Hime be on watch for anything can happen also remain close to me.." Akar couldn't shake the feeling that the person he was looking for was here he just wasn't sure where. He was not about to search around the village for him either.

KaitoRyu: -The rain had lightened and the sun was peaking through the clouds. A puff of smoke would roll out of the tea house of the main gate and a distinct smell of a foul odor, that wasn't that of the dead bodies, was wafting through the air. To be more presice it sort of smelled like a skunk. Kaito's black hair with the blue streaks in it would feel a slight change in the direction of the nice breeze that was rolling across the land. Standing up from the table of the tea house Kaito would throw his large scroll over his shoulder and strap his weapons pouches along with his four small scrolls around his waist. His single Katana was draped across his back and his trench knives were put on over his black gloves. Kaito was dressed in his normal Yonshi attire, his black flak that was left un zipped, his black gloves that went up to his elbow and had a guard on the forearm. He also was wearing his black undershirt and tabi. His bottoms were a Hakama style with blue and black colorings. As he exits the tea house his face would make a very confused look as his whisker tatoos would crinkle a bit. He had heard his name being yelled by a voice that he had heard once before. Quickly Kaito would look up and see three ninja comming into his village through the gates, one of which had been yelling his name. Noticing that the man in the middle was the Tsubakage, Kaito would nod and laugh a bit thinking to himself. "Oh shit what did I do now?" His only words to the man were. "Welcome to the Village Hidden in Death, sir Tsubakage." He then bows before him and waits for his reply.-

AkarHattori: - The drizzling rain and the stinch was begging to irk the nerves of Akar, he had notice the friendly remark coming from Kaito he had bowed in respect, Akar had also notice that Kaito was fully armed but yet he was not in a fighting position, so Akar had paid no attention to his weaponry and greeted Kaito with a bow in return. Akar had then spoke to Kaito " Can we please get out this rain my feet are tired" his voice had the tone of a entertainment. Akar stomach had begun to growl but he had paid no attention to it, in Akar's left hand was a mysterious item yet it the shape of a blade, this item was folded up in a special wrapping paper, although due to the rain the wrapping was soaking up the water it had begun leaking down the wrapping. The sword was begining to show and in his hand was the excutioner blade, this blade is nearly immortal when it cuts a person and clood gets on the blade itself if the blade has been broken the sword will begin to regenerate to it's original design.

AburameLucien: -Lucien looked down at the gate as he seen three figures coming in through the gate. “whos could that be my friend…” –he would say to Hokori as he cawed a couple of times. “Nots one of us though… maybe a meal my friend?” –he laughed as he kept his composer on the top level . Hearing the yelling of one of the men Lucien would laugh “so he is looking for Kaito… hmmmm where coulds he be though..” but he had spoken to soon as he seen Kaito come out from under the main building. Lucien would stand up lightly and leaped down to the grounds as he would land no closer than 7 feet behind Kaito. Lucien was not a big fan of Kaito but he would back him if need be. Lucien still was very unsure who these people were but he did take notice of the odd headband. Something about kage is all he heard but Lucien didn’t understand this. With his past and his injuries understanding there were multiple kages in the land was something Lucien didn’t know existed. Crossing his arms together Lucien would stand there silently looking at the three people standing there. His single eye moving from the middle, to the left and then to the right. Taking note of each one of their features and trying to understand how these people knew Kaito.. better yet why would they come in throwing a fit the way the man in the middle was. -

KaitoRyu: -As he hears Akar's statement about getting out of the rain he couldn't help but notice the pacakge the man was toting. It was the executioner's blade, the blade Kaito had been studying for some time now. Before he could say anything, however, Kaito would hear the thud of someone landing a few feet behind him and his head would turn slightly as he knew the familiar chakra. "Lucien... these people are here from Tsubagakure, I wish to entertain them with some food and spirits. Would you like to join us?" Kaito didn't much care for the bug ridden simpleton either, but he would be kind none the less. As he then turns completely around he would motion for the three visitors to follow him into the tea house so that they could get some food, spirits, and a dry place to sit. Moving toward the tea house Kaito's eyes would not be on the three behind them, but more on the Aburame that had come to see what was going on.-

Andikins: Sora of the nara clan felt exhausted beyond normal measures from yesterday's training with Kashikoi, he finally got the hang of the shadow immitation technique and was scheduled for more training in the future. But what he was concerned with right now was to find Kaito-sama to thank him for getting him set up with Kashikoi. Though that would not prove too hard of a task, he just had to follow the scent of 'bermuda grass', and with the light rain, it was not masking the scent so much as normally. The raven maned boy wore his usual one sleeved red sakura petal outfit, black cloth pants and ninja tabi, his headband worn around his neck comfortably. When he finally picked up on the scent of shinobi 'in the aether' he went toward the smell, grimmacing at the stench that wafted in the air. How could anyone enjoy that smell? Anyways he went toward the tea house, hoping to get some tea in the process, maybe play a game of Shogi or Go. When Sora peaked his head inside, he took note of the shinobi in white, wearing a hat like other kage did and two masked ninja with him. "Oh is this a bad time Kaito-sama? I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for that teacher you reccomended to teach me." He kept his mouth shut, nodding to the Kage before glancing over to game section of the tea house, he slunk his way inside, clinging to the wall so as to not arouse suspsicion in some way by looking as conspicuous as possible. He then sat down and looked for a game to play as the workers knew this was his favorite spot in the entire tea house.

AburameLucien: -Lucien would tilt his head to side as he would look to Kaito and then back to the strangers “What is Tsubager?” –he tried to promounce the kages name but totally butchered it. Lucien would nod though to Kaito as he would join them. He was usually not the social type at all but still Lucien was protective of the village. The only reason though was because of the rock… the one the village idolized and worshiped, well those who chose to center themselves around it. Lucien would follow Kaito though as he would go over and take a seat down at the table. He would reach up and pulled off the top portion of his mask letting the fake dreads hit the floor. Lucien would ruffle his short black hair messing it up even further. He would continue looking on to see what the real reason this person was here for and why.. -

NobuAkimichi: -I could feel the rough texture of the sharpening stone in one of my hands as in the other I held onto the shaft of my beloved Scythe. It was extremely long, probably a good six feet in length with the long arching blade stretching for around half the length of the base itself. I ran the stone across the edge of the blade quickly, making a distinctive scratching noise that filled the air around me. I was always preparing my blades, between my katana at my hip and the scythe, it was told to always care for those weapons. Just like I cared for my own good companion, Samehada whom was strapped to my back with the hat of the Shikage somewhat over it. Samehada was wrapped tightly within the bandages that I always re-wrapped him in after allowing him to leech my own chakra to sustain it. I was able to do some research since I had acquired it, and was still somewhat skeptical about using it in battles. I didn’t know how it would react, in fact, it was quite often that I would not bring Samehada into public with me because of the odd looks that people gave me. Being upon the highest perch of the roof across the gate and being somewhat out of sight of the commoners, I smiled and actually attempted to strike a conversation with the blade as I felt the drainage of my chakra begin to cease and Samehada would furrow it’s sharp edges.- … Already done? I expected worse, though I guess by now I’m getting use to it. –I chuckled softly as I shook my head and then continued to place my attention upon the scythe before me that was in my lap. I was shocked though as Samehada reacted by furrowing its scales more to the point where I could feel them pushing against my back and gave a gigantic sapping of my chakra that made my jump. I accidentally moved the stone too far on the base of the blade where it then scratched it’s polished surface. My face flushed red as I noticed the hefty scratch and rose my voice.- Agh! What the hell!? I was kidding! Damnit… It’s going to take me forever to get that out… See what you’ve gone and done now, Samehada…? –I looked over my shoulder to my own blade and narrowed my eyes, but in some ways, I felt that I deserved it. When I first received Samehada, I paraded around proudly with him upon me, but with the scrutiny, I didn’t really want to deal with it. I could feel myself becoming a little more distanced from some…thing… that I was somewhat considering a friend. I had began to mistake the voice of Astaroth in my own meditation to that of actually Samehada, and was thoroughly convinced Astaroth was actually living in the blade. It was after my own words had slipped from my lips that I looked up towards the gate and noticed the arrival of three ninja whom I was somewhat unfamiliar of. I narrowed my eyes, and spoke softly against the wind.- Who do you think that is, Samehada…? –I sat there, staring for a few moments in silence before I could hear that distinct hissing whisper. “Kill them… They don’t belong here…”- What are you talking about…? Look there… It’s okay, seems as though they know Kaito. You’re so paranoid… -I sighed softly and narrowed my eyes more, wanting to know whom the people were who had entered the village. I shrugged though, and waited as I wanted to finish sharpening the blade of the scythe and doing what I could to buff the gouge that marked it’s surface…-

AkarHattori: -Akar would begin to take his steps but he would walk carefully, after all this is the Village Hidden Death Akar turned to his Jonin and he spoke to them " Aki-kun and Himeka-san please join us" he had hoped his jonin would follow. Akar would then turn towards back around heading inside the tea, before he had enter he wiped his feet four times before entering the tea house. When Akar had fininshed wiping his feet he then leaned over removing his hat, he then saw a empty seat on the opposite side of the main entrance of the tea house. Before he would actually take a seat he began to scan the area carefully especially since it was his first time coming to this village before he wouldn't want to have to fight on his first day here. Akar then walked over to that seat he kneeled down, then he had placed the wrapped up excutioner blade on the table, he then placed his hands on his lap he looked up at the person who had messed up trying to say Tsubagakure. " You there.. what is your name?"Akar's words were serious, caliming but not threating. Akar had turn his focus back to Kaito waiting to be served with food and tea-

AkihikoKiyoshi: Slipping his ANBU mask into the inner right sleeve of his flask jacket, Aki spots someone from the roof top dropping behind the Kage of Yonshigakure. Seeing as no one else minded, Aki deemed the situation stable and ruled out that both individuals must be familiar with each other. As the sunlight breaks through the parted clouds in the sky, the rain stubbornly continues to fall; slowly soaking Aki’s hair and clothing. Small puddles form in random places on the ground, Aki was careful of his standing place to not get his feet wet, “Just two here so far...” thought Aki as this would be utterly unusual for a village. Just as unusual as having wooden homes in an area that seems to have constant rain fall. With arms to his sides, Aki’s eyes were on the residents of the village as his remaining senses were focused widely around himself and his companions. Aki then looks to the TsubaKage, the Yonshigakurian by the name of Kaito, as his Kage openly stated, has now gestured the three Tsubagakurians inside of the building he came out of, “...” Aki’s thoughts ran multiple scenarios of how a seemly good natured situation can go bad, and how he’d dictate his actions to defuse it. Like the mind of any other Jounin, Aki placed no real faith into the village the souls of his feet stood upon as he’d follow behind the right side of his TsubaKage towards the building quietly. As the three of them made their way towards the building, Aki’s body is seemingly relaxed as he heighten his chakra sensory. Though Aki is unable to predict the mind or movement of other Ninja, he could tell from twelve feet or less if someone’s chakra was being channeled or spent into something that might be of harm or help to him or his entourage.

KaitoRyu: -Seeing that everyone was falling into position, Kaito would look to the waitress and order for the group. "Fresh barbeque pork and sake all around!" He was sure that everyone liked barbecue pork. I mean what kind of heathen dosen't like barbecued pork. Nevermind that Kaito's eyes would fall to the package that had been put on the table and wonder why the Tsubakge had brought such a thing all the way here. A bit confused Kaito would ask. "So, what brings you all the way to Yonshigakure? That is if you don't mind me asking."-

AburameLucien: -Lucien would notice the man with the odd name or title he had was demanding something. Not understanding who this man was Lucien would growl “Whos you fuckin think you ares talkings to me?” –he slammed his hand down on the table narrowing his one eye. From the left side of his face small little bugs began crawling out from the empty eye socket as Lucien kept his eyes locked on this man. It was doubtful the man knew what Lucien’s issues was as and probably had a hard time understanding what he said because of his bad speech. “yous and your weird name… you comes here deee” –he paused not being able to say “demanding”- Deesmanding to see that asshole!” –he points to kaito- “he’s nothing special… Astaroth is the one you should want to be seeing!” –he was getting more and more worked up looking and both Kaito and this other man sitting at the table with them.-

The Deal:

AkarHattori: - Akar would notice the man and how loud he was acting, Akar didn't even let his actions bothered him. Akar just starred at the man making all of this racket, he felt as if it was useless just to ask who he was. Akar would then turn his head away starring at the food that was brought to them, but before Akar would even eat he had answered Kaito's question " I am here to pay up my debt.. but even though I still think that you cheated" He would chuckle slightly. For some odd reason Akar could not help himself so he had asked the strange man who had made so much noise " I did not come here to fight.. I also did not come here to be disrespected.. if I were you I'd calm yourself before you get yourself into trouble... " his voice was so soothing yet it was very serious, his tone could make a child stop crying. Akar then looked away but then he quickly turned back to the man once more, he then said " I do not this other person you speak of.. if so I'd like to meet him". Akar turned his head and then glared at his friend known as Kaito.-

Andikins: Sora, still in the game corner, glanced up at his game opponents of whichever game he played; whether it was Shogi, Go, Chinese Checkers, Mahjong, or any other game of the like, people from all over the village came to see what the big deal was about Sora, who had made a little bit of a reputation for himself to being one that could only lose to another Nara in a game of chance or strategy. Sora wanted to try his best to prove himself to the clan by working his way up to the point where he could beat any other strategist in the Yonshigakure. "Gah damnit not again!" came the ranting of another tea house patron as Sora put the patron's pieces of the Shogi board to his use, using the strategy of overwhelming numbers of his prisoner pieces to conquer as quickly as possible. It paid off as he smiled up at the man, "You know what that means, you owe me one cup of tea." Sora, with one hand supporting his head up as he smiled nonchalantly on at the man, he happily accepted the tea and set it to the side to cool a bit with the three other filled cups. He glanced over to the Tsubakage and the other jounin congregated over there. He wondered what it would be like to play against someone from another village, or even against a kage for that matter, but he remained silent and focused on the next game up, a quick round of Go with another patron of the tea house, maybe if he caused enough of a stirring in the tea house, someone over from the congregation would take some notice.

NobuAkimichi: -I growled softly as I continued to run my sharpening stone against the metal and sharpening the blade of the scythe over and over until I eventually wanted to tested the sharpness. Setting the stone to my side, I reached to simply brush my finger against the bladed end and then also press this finger against it's sharp edge. Instantly the blade slided through the skin and blood began to trickle down my finger and would stain the dark grain of the wood. I smiled, pleased with the outcome, though was somewhat still bothered by the large scratch against the base of its blade. Shrugging slightly, I erected the scythe so the bottom of the shaft pressed against the wood and I used the weapon to assist and getting my to my feet.- I think that's good enough for me, what do you think, Samehada? The reaction was not very impressive, in fact, it was non existant as I stood listening in silence for something, but nothing came. Shrugging, I continued to ramble on.- You're so difficult to keep a conversation... Almost as bad as Lucien. Hehe... -I broke in a soft chuckle as I stretched slightly to ease the tense muscles before sheathing the scythe behind me and looking down towards the tea house where everyone found themselves. Making a simple leap upwards to put myself on the railing, I made a simple hop down to the next level's roof and infused the soles of my feet with chakra so that I could attain a better grip on the structure. I didn't stay for long, but instead bound back and forth between the tea houses roof and the guard tower behind it. It wasn't but a few moments before I came upon the ground towards the back entrance. Looking in and seeing quite a few people, I nodded to them and introduced myself as I entered.- Greetings everyone, did I miss anything...? -As I came closer under the roofing structure, Ireached byhind myself in my shinobi pouch and pulled out a bag of bbq potatoe chips to snack on.- Hope I'm no intruding...

AburameSadira: -Sadira took her time returning to the village enjoying the gently rain as it hit her skin though her focus was not on the rain but a scroll she carried safetly tucked in side her jacket to protect it from the rain. A slight chill swept through her body as she drew closer to the main gate of the village, the chill bringing her thoughts back to her surroundings. Sadira let out a soft sigh having expended a lot of engery in training that day feeling her muscles twitch and cramp in agruement of her pushing herself in her taijutsu training. Her clothes were covered in mud and her hands were slowly changing from a pale color to a bluish black as bruises spread across the back of them up to her wrists. Sadira stopped at the main gate looking from building to building looking for Lucien. It had been a long time since she had last seen him. Her eyes fall on the entrance to the tea room, many figures sit inside but she is unable to make them out clearly as the rain runs into her eyes blurring her vision. Wiping down her jacket to free it of as much mud as possible. She slowly made her way to the tea room stepping onto the stone entrance standing just outside the door as she looks around the room a soft smile crosses her tinted red lips as she spots Lucien. She bows her head to all in the room in greeting. Sadira's voice is soft as she speaks greetings.- "Hello everyone." -She leans against the door jam taking a moment to rest and dry off.-

ShadowValcore: -Itsy made her way briskly through the village streets in cool rain it was a good day for some tea she though to herself as she walked aimlessly around the village streets to the one tea house in the village that was not crowded by villagers normally and was on the outer side of the village. Once reaching the building close to the gate she silently went inside her cloths dripping wet now. It was much warmer and dryer inside the tea house as she looked around she saw the others here as well but being a less social person she decided to sit off to the far back side of the tea house away from everyone but she bowed her head silently to the kage of her village before making her way their. She sat down on a chair still keeping the other people in view as she began to unwind her snow white scarf from around her neck and mask letting her pale blonde hair be visible. Her ice blue eyes looked towards the others in the tea house most of them were from the village and she had seen them around or had worked personally with them, however one person at the table she didn't recognize nor was he from this village and that fact alone made her weary to take off the panda mask that hid her face from view and kept what clan she was from hidden. As she made herself a warm summer peach tea and waited silently for it to finish brewing wile she was doing this she was listening to the other talk even though she was now looking down at the table like she had no interest in them at all she still saw them through the two of her mask only those who knew her personally would know she was still listening instead of being deep in thought once her tea was done she poured herself a cup and began to sip it silently.-

KaitoRyu: -Kaito would nod his head to the man known as Akar and point to the blade. "This is the prize of which I will be recieving?" Kaito knew that it was, but he was playing dumb with the Kage as he wanted to make a few jokes to lighten the mood. Now looking at Lucien Kaito would narrow his eyes and glare. He was trying to conduct business and Lucien was not making it very easy, not to mention it was disgusting to see his bugs crawling while the barbecue was being served. Kaito would say softly. "Lucien, he means no harm, why not sit and enjoy your meal. It's all on me afterall." Just as Kaito says this he would hear the voice of Nobu Akimichi comming from the door infront of him. Not even turning around Kaito would motion for Nobu to take a seat and say. "There is always room for the Shikage in his own village now isn't there? Have a seat and eat some barbecue." Kaito then looks back to Akar waiting. Once again Kaito was confused as he saw the Tsubakage get up and take off. He had left the blade on the table and Kaito would take it. Placing it on his back he would return to what he was doing with the others.-

Andikins: Sora was now sitting in the middle of a crowd of patrons that were happy to receive the free meal, which he happily waved over to Kaito, "Thank you Kaito-Sama, I appreciate it." Sora had gone from winning cups of tea to winning entire pots, which he decided to share with those he beat, which meant people were playing him now to pay for their own tea, though they just viewed it as him sharing his winnings, he had only drank from two of the cups, giving away the rest. While Sora was busy playing his games, he had some folks getting angry that they could not beat a twelve-year-old, so they left the tea house to start talking right around the corner about dealing with the Nara boy when a few of the ninja inside were not paying attention. Sora, in the meantime, finally sat back and shut his eyes while reclining, "I wonder if any of the elderly in the village are up and about, they play a calm game of Shogi." He stretched and cracked his back, it was not that he was unhappy about the situation, he was just trying to tell people around him to quiet down so the game could be properly enjoyed as it should.

NobuAkimichi: -I smiled and nodded towards Kaito as he invited me to sit down, though I did somewhat dislike that he too called me by the damned title. I knew it was of respect, but I enjoyed it much more when my friends simply addressed me by my name. As I continued into the building and took a look around, I noticed to one of my sides there was Itsumo, along with quite a few others I recognized. I spoke to Itsumo as I noticed she was stashed away in a corner of the tea house.- You should join us as well, Itsumo. Don't have to be a creeper over there... Hehe. -I snickered softly at the name and walked around the table to take my seat. I simply nibbled upon my chips as I was observing the new blade on the back of Kaito. I quirked a brow, somewhat curious about the unique blade that was shaped and porportioned like none other.- That's an interesting weapon you have there, Kaito. What might that be?

AburameSadira: -Sadira stepped inside the tea house her clothes having finally dried off enough not to create a mess as she entered. She walked over to the side of the room and brewed herself a nice hot cup of macha tea. She took a seat to the side of the room as she sips slowly on her tea staying quiet as to allow the others to continue their conversation. She leans back relaxing listening intently as the others conversed. She blows softly on her tea to cool it down a bit but holds both her hands around the hot cup enjoying the soothing warmth on her cold and sore hands.-

ShadowValcore: -Itsy would see the strange pull a sword and set it on the table in front of kaito and then watch Kaito pick it up and put it on his back laughing softly she would look to her friend and smile lifting her mask completely off her face and really sip her tea this time as she heard the Kage's words and she laughed more finally speaking.- "I'm not being creepy I'm being anti-social." -she said this then still with tea cup in hand she got to her feet and walked over to join the others.- "Vary shiny new toy Kaito" -she said jokingly referring to the sword that was now on his back even though she knew it was not a toy she liked to make trouble to her former teammate.- "Thank you" -she said as she sat down with them at the table and then took another sip of her tea.-

KaitoRyu: -As Kaito was praised for his new addition to his arsenal he would smirk a bit and look down toward his food. The barbecue was half eaten and the sake had not even been touched. Somehow even though things were going his way tonight he still felt empty when it came to things like this. He hadn't really earned the blade, more so he had won it in a game of luck. Ah well either way he had it now and thats all that mattered right? Kaito would nod to Nobu and say. "They call it the Executioner's Blade. It is one of the seven swords of the mist. Not too much unlike the one you weild." Kaito would reference to the shark skinned blade on his back. His attention then switches to Itsumo as he says. "Thank you Itsy, I appreciate it."-

Andikins: Sora sat back up and yawned, looking over to see the Kage as people were getting less restless around the game area. "I think I will be taking my leave for now then everyone, enjoy the tea." When Sora got up and walked outside, the five half drunken fools from the tea house started to swagger toward Sora in broad...rainfall? "Can I help you guys?" Sora asked with one hand in his pocket while he was casually told that he would either return payment to them for cheating in the tea house or he would have to pay in blood. "Sounds like loads of fun and all that, but I did not cheat." Sora spoke louder, projecting his voice so that anyone in the tea house could help him out, yes he was a ninja, but he was a genin, and these five idiots were easily twice his body mass, and he did not want to get in trouble for beating five lushes. The cerise-eyed prodigy slowly slid back across the grass as the five continued to press toward him, not noticing he was making his way back toward the tea house.

AburameSadira: -Sadira sat there admiring the new blade that Kaito now possessed. It reminded her off the scroll she had stashed inside her jacket. Sadira placed her tea cup down in front of her as she reached her other hand inside the side of her jacket into the pocket on the inside, slipping out the small black scroll that had no noticeable markings on it. Sadira set the sealed scroll next to her tea as she overheard the young man projecting his voice, sensing a bit of distress in his voice she stands leaving her tea where it was but makes sure to grab the scroll before walking calmly out of the tea room looking around for the young man who she had heard not but a few seconds previously. Sadira slowly approaches behind the five drunks who were now cornering the young man. She cleared her throat as she passed quickly by them appearing in front of the drunks.- “Having some trouble with these men young man?”

ShadowValcore: -Itsy shrugged as kaito thanked her she didn't need thanked for saying what was common respect then she saw both Nobu and Kaito get up and walk away she sighed softly her blue eyes going dimmer she drank down the last of her tea and got to her feet pulling down her panda mask over her face once more to hide her mood change and then wrapped her scarf once more around her face and neck she was not in the mood to eat any longer she just up and started to walk out of the tea house when she saw a kid surrounded by a group of drunken men.- "dam kid" -she muttered as she walked towards the group.- "What seems to be the problem here?" -she said her mask covering her face it was clear of her rank and place in the village and though these men were just civilians she could easily kill them all or use the one jutsu to make them all turn on each other but she didn't want to make a move till she saw something happen she bodyflickered in front of the Men next to the other woman she only knew from seeing her around the village.-

AburameLucien: -Lucien had been watching the whole time, not speaking to anyone and that was including Sadira. There was something about her that made him calm... not anything like he was acting before infront of the other kage. Lucien blinked a couple of times before getting up from the table and walking out to the covered area.-

Andikins: Sora sighed, finally being protected by two fellow ninja, though his main concern was informing them of the story now, "Oh just I am being accused of being a cheater at Shog and Go in the tea house. I am denying these charges of course, and I have witnesses who can prove I did not cheat." He looked to the side and in a mannerism akin to a lot of Nara men, rubbed the back of his neck with one hand while looking to the side with their free hand on their side, "Not to mention they aren't even card games, how could I even cheat at a game of Shogi when the pieces are right there?" The five drunkards were standing there, the one on the far left trying to press forward and reach out for Sora though he was pulled back by his friends. They started apologizing for their friend and themselves to the two female ninja as they started sluggishly moving away from the scene. "Well that was easier than I would have thought. Thank you for your help ladies." He gave a nod of his head up to the two adult women. "Um, I am Nara Sora by the way, thank you again for your help. I know its not much, but I have plenty of these good luck coins at home." He reached into his pocket, fishing out two coins that looked quite old, in fact, unbeknownst to Sora, they were both coins used by Kanohagakure before its devestation, and here he was with two coins he won as prizes from puzzle boxes.

AburameSadira: -Sadira shakes her head at what had just had occurred, giving a soft smile to the woman she had seen in the village prior but didn’t know very well. She looks at the boy who introduced himself as Sora speaking in a kind but firm voice.- “Sora you should be more careful about things. Whether or not you cheated doesn’t matter you could have gotten into quite a bit of trouble had we not intervened. Just be glad they aren’t stupid enough to cross us.” –Sadira’s stern faces breaks into a soft smile as Sora hands her a coin.- “Thank you, Sora. I’m Sadira, Sadira Aburame. Promise you’ll try to keep out of trouble from now on?” –she fixes Sora with her eyes which conveyed a definite seriousness to what she was saying-

ShadowValcore: -Itsy shook her head as the coin she did not take it she listened to the woman introduce herself.- "Crossing a Jounin and a hunter would be suicide."-she said to her then looked to the boy once more.-" Becareful who you piss off kid you wont always have someone to protect you, you need to learn how to fight or run for help not just stand their what if we wouldn't have come out eh? You would have ended up in the medical ward." -Itsy sighed softly.- "I'm Itsumo Yamanka Head of the Yamanaka Clan and Hunter-Ninja of Yonshigakure. It's nice to meet a young Nara boy perhaps you will grow up to be as good as your ansestors or as lazy as them." -she said this laughing but still underneath it all she was still in an off mood. She turned on her heels and started to walk towards the forest then stopped and yelled back.- "Tell Kaito and The Kage I will be in the forest for a few days if they need me mediating to the Black Rock of Astaroth. If they have a Mission they know where to find me." -with that she walked off into the forest.-

AburameLucien: "Thats my Black Rock..." -Lucien said as he heard Itsy's words-

Andikins: Sora nodded to the two women, sighing as they gave orders just like his mother did, though they were less 'Get your ass up and get to training' kind of a dictator tone and more of a 'you need to know this lesson' teacher kind of tone. "Thank you both again, I have to get going to see someone for more training anyways." Sora then turned and leapt up onto the roof before making his way from rooftop to rooftop towards the Nara Compound.

AburameSadira: -Sadira turned away stepping back into the tea house standing beside Lucien, giving him a side glance before walking out the back of the tea house jumping on to the wall behind and down into the forest. Making her way back to the home she Shared with Lucien dissappearing into the darkness of the forest.-

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