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The Hyuga and Yuki  on a date..

Yazuka:- It was 5:00pm and Yazuka has been ready all day. Nervous and excited really. They have now been dating for almost a month and most of the times it would be hidden meetings due to Reika's father always on the lookout of where he would abuse her. It's something which made Yazuka cry showing his great passion.- " Soo.. someone is getting ready for a special event?"- would the person say as she smiled towards him. It was his mother who Yazuka has told that he was dating with Reika and how wonderful she is to him. He lets out a small blush and chuckled.- " Mhm.. yeah. I just hope I am not going to be a mess."- He said letting out a chuckle. He was seen with his black hyuga kimono outfit, having his long chestnut brown released and some of it running through his shoulder. He was also equipped with small accesories and was carrying fresh flowers. With this, he made his way out from the Hyuga Compound to the Main Streets of Amegakure. Making his way there he covered the flowers with a bag to make sure it wont get wet as it is always raining in Amegakure, the soft rain running through his face. The 14 year old knew exactly where Reika lived which took 10 minutes and then saw the long line of houses with stairs where there small apartments almost like a hotel. As he walked up too the stairs, he would walk down until he saw Reika's door number. He paused and lets out a sigh.- " Alright.. let's hope this goes good."- He said almost as in a prayer and knocked on the door, taking out the flowers from the bag ready to present it to her to show his great love for her.

Reika: -Reika had been jittery and nervous all day, she had never in her life gotten to go on a date with a boy. The fact that her father wasn't here in the house made her even more nervous. Was he out drinking again? Had he left the village and made a new life to abuse someone else? There were so many questions left unanswered as she looked at her makeup again. Standing near a mirror, she looked at the face in it. Her makeup consisted of light ice blue eyeshadow, her hair put up into a simple bun, a slight touch of foundation on her face, eyeliner, mascara and pale pink lipstick that tainted her lips. Moving away from the mirror to look out the window, she saw no sign of Yazuka yet, the thirteen year old girl couldn't sit still long enough, her nerves were on end like a spark that was ready to be ignited. She had been invited out on a date by Yazu, he had been blushing while saying it too. She had found it cute and adorable, she had said yes to him taking her out on a date. Her blue kimono with a white obi around her waist, she brushed herself off, the embroidery on the kimono was of snowflakes and she loved it. Hearing the knock at the door, she jumped, instantly fearing who it would be. Would it be her father coming back from drinking? She hoped not. "Gi-give me a moment." She stuttered out, as she moved around the small apartment and moved to the door, on her way to the door, she stubbed her toe on the coffee table in the middle of the room and cursed under her breath. Moving to open the door, she opened the door slightly, seeing a black kimono, she smiled to herself but as she moved closer towards Yazu, she tripped on her kimono and gasped and closed her eyes tightly, her body preparing for impact, either with the floor or into Yazuka's chest.- 

Yazuka: - As he heard the voice of Reika, he just stood and nodded to himself. - " Everything is calm. Everything will be cool. Just relax."- He would mumble as he repeated those words over and over again, his heart beating fast. As the foosteps came closer, his heartbeat increased and as the door opened, it froze. It froze as almost if he was dead. However, Yazuka was breathless as he saw the most beautiful creature right infront of his face. He could even right this minute create a 4 four-page poem about her description. Just her description! As he saw her trip on her kimono, Yazuka came back to reality and panicked. Quickly, he placed his flowers to the floor and using both arms, caught her. As he caught her, his chestnut brown hair would be falling on Reika's face. Watching her eyes deeply, he blushed and was tempted to kiss her but he knew he couldnt do it. Not now. Not yet.- " Hey.. Reika."- He said almost speechless as he just smiled. He would then get her back to her feet.- " Ehrm.."- He scratched his head and lets out a smile as he picked up the flowers.- " I got this for you!"-

Reika: -Feeling the arms wrap around her thin frame, Reika let an 'eep' sound pass through her lips, she was expecting to hit something pretty hard on her face. Her eyes still closed as she felt her heart beat race as she opened her eyes, she could only stare in amazement at the beautiful creature before her. His white eyes contrasting beautifully against his chestnut brown hair and the black Hyuuga yukata he wore, her heart had frozen in time and it seemed in her mind, that time had frozen. The only thing she could see was the male in front of her. Soon enough rosy pink blush stained her cheeks as she came back to reality when she was placed on her feet.- "H-hey Yazuka..." -She said timidly, giving a small childlike grin as she stopped smiling and watched his movement, then blushed deeper, remembering she had fallen into his arms, she took a deep bow and bit her bottom lip.- "I'm so sorry for my carelessness." -She said, stumbling over her words a couple of times because she had said it too fast. When she heard the next bunch of words escape the males lips, she felt her eyes widen, a look of surprise taking over her features as she watched Yazuka's figure. Puffing her cheeks lightly, the blush came back full force, staining her cheeks beet red as she looked at the flowers wrapped up by a bag. Taking her by surprise, she took the floers from Yazu's hands, accidentally touching his hands as she did so but blushed heavier, if it were even possible. Moving her hands away, taking the flowers with her she smiled happily, smelling the flowers. Moving towards his cheek nervously, she kissed Yazu on the cheek.- "You really didn't need to go to all that trouble Yazuka, but thank you." -She said smiling as she went over to the cupboard and pulled out a vase, filling it with water she placed the flowers in the vase in the middle of her coffee table for all to see.- "Now when I look at them, all I'll think about is you." -She said smiling as she grabbed her matching purse as well as her apartment keys and looked to Yazuka, locking her apartment door.- "Ready to go?" -She asked as a smile lit up her face, Yazuka had kept it a secret where he was taking her, not even relenting on giving her the answer when she had persisted in asking all the while when he had first told her he was taking her on a date. She was rather curious about this place that Yazuka was taking her.-

Yazuka: - As she took his flowers, a smile appeared. As he heard the words she said, he grinned.- Really?- He would say and looked down blushing.- gee.. ehrm.. thank you.- He said grinning and with that as she asked him he was ready to go, he lets out a smile and nodded.- Sure! I am gonna show you the best place in Amegakure for us!- He said as he leaded on the way, hoping the place his mother sugessted was actually good. As Yazuka was making his way there, he would be silent as he was kind of nervous. However, he did have the courage to hold Reika's hand infront of everyone. As the silence went on, Yazuka decided to break it.- " Reika.. I should have mentioned it earlier.. but you looked very nice today. I was just taken away by your beauty."- He said smiling as they were walking down to the Central side of Amegakure. With there, Yazuka would see a big building which had a sign of 'ramen and tea.' and large name imprinted saying:' Amegakure Longue!' . - " I guess this is the place."- He said gulping and smiling. As he entered, the place seemed to be very big with a bar and also fancy. The place also had paintings of the Original and Infamous Akatsuki.- " This is the place, Reika. My mum told me about this and I found out it's really good."- He mumbled quitely as he looked at her, distracted by hear beauty once more. As the waiter approached too Yazuka and Reika, the waiter would release a wide grin and smile at the 14 year old Genin and his date.- " Ah, two young genins on a date. How lovely! How can I help you?"- The waiter would ask. Yazuka lets out a small smile and scratched his head.- " A table for two please."- He would say and was directed to the table for two people. Before he would sit down, he pushed back Reika's chair and as she was seated down, would push the chair back in. With that, Yazuka placed himself and sat down waiting for the Waiter to come once again. A few minutes, the waiter came and asked of what Yazuka and Reika would like to have.- " I would want to have the original Ramen with fried fish and tea."- He would say with such gentlness.- " What about you Reika?"- 

Reika: -Listening to the male that blushed do furiously in front of her, she giggled again. He seemed really nervous though so was she. There was no helping it she guessed as she heard the words of the 'best place in Amegakure for us', her heart fluttered but held her tongue in wanting to pester him about the place that wanted to take her to. The walk there was silent and nice, but also awkward at the same time, hearing his voice, Reika looked at Yazuka, wondering what he was going to say but when he said it, her body froze and her eyes widened. A blush crept across her face again and let her feet walk forward. No one had said that to her in her life but to hear it now, she wasn't prepared for it. She had to force her tears back as she forced the tears to vanish and looked at Yazu, a smile playing on her features.- "I could also say the same thing about you." -She said quietly, blushing and trying to hide her face all the while, she hadn't even noticed that Yazuka was holding her hand in public. Seeing the streets filled with lights, her eyes brightened, she had never been out in the city in the nightlife of Amegakure. It was so very pretty, how had she not noticed the before as she was then led into a fancy lounge area.- "Woah." -She said, her eyes roaming the place Yazzy had taken her into. Her eyes looked to each of the paintings, the original Akatsuki members , she looked at each of the paintings. Hearing the mumbling of Yazu, her eyes looked at the male with a sidelong glance, taking a moment to appreciate him and how stunning he looked tonight. When she looked into his eyes, she blushed and looked down at al floor. Had she been caught staring? She hoped not, otherwise she might die of embarrassment. Her body reacted faster than her mind did, hearing the waiter come towards them, she jumped, letting an eep pass through her lips as she covered her mouth with a dainty hand of hers not sure what to do as she was led to a table and being seated by Yazuka himself. She blushed profusely, how many times had she blushed tonight? Her mind ran into overdrive, trying not to dwell on it too much as she looked at the menu and thought carefully about what to have. After a bit, she had decided; fish cakes, green tea and Tempura prawn Udon. Yeah, they all sounded lovely. Hearing the waiter come back, she looked over at Yazu who had ordered first. When it was directed at her, she gave a smile to the waiter and said, without missing a beat what she had wanted to get.- "I'll have the fishcakes, Tempura Prawn Udon and the green tea please." -She said, the waiter smiled a happy smile, rather happy and eager to serve the youngsters out on a date. Her eyes then went to Yazu, looking at him gently, he was so kind to her but where was she going to pull the money for her dinner out from? She only had enough to cover for the fishcakes she ordered. She hadsn't meant to go over her budget, but she had never been here before. How could she not want to try some new things? Once the waiter had finished writing things down, he smiled.- "Your meals should be ready shortly." -He said before bowing out politely, giving the lovebirds free space. Reika nodded her head and watched the others retreating figure and looked back to Yazuka.- "Soooo.." -She said awkwardly, not really sure what to say but decided to go with it.- "You look handsome tonight." -She said, blushing nervously and wringing her hands together, not sure what else to say.-

Yazuka: - As he looked down towards the table, the silence once again came. It released an awkward moment and Yazuka hated it to make it akward for Reika. It's the last thing he would do ever in his life to ruin the best moment of his life. As he was gonna say something he heard the voice of Reika, his eyes darted at her and opening wide. Did she just call him handsome? It was shock to him coming from another girl. The only girl who said that to him before was Nakara. He shook his head and lets out a smile, trying hard not to blush.-" Thank you. You look awesome yourself, real neat."- He would say smiling, dimples apearing as they were clearly visible. He hated dimples because it made him look like a baby. He covered up his dimples and would say.- " Sorry.. dimples are a curse."- He said, giggling. With this, the food came to Yazuka and Reika's table which he was quite delighted. - " Thank you."- He said to the waiter and turned to Reika.- " I hope you will enjoy your meal because this is a day you should never forget."- He said, grabbing his chopsticks. Normally, due to Yazuka's love for ramen is too much, he would eat very quickly and messy. However, he learned from his mother that is not gentle and to please a girl is eating slowly and gently. With that, he slurped the noodles without the doing sound loud and was eating slowly, watching Reika as he was doing that. - " Sorry if akward.. your too beautiful."-

Reika: -Looking at the food that was placed in front of her, she looked towards the waiter, giving him a smile which didn't quite reach all the way. Giggling somewhat to what Yazuka had said, she clapped her hands together, bowing her head slightly.- "Itadakimasu." -She said quietly to herself, thanking herself quietly towards the food, or in this case, saying thank you for the food. Her eyes drifted towards Yazuka, as she grabbed the chopsticks and started eating some of the udon noodles in a slow pace, slurping them up as quietly as possible. She blushed then looked at the food again smiling as she heard the words come out of his mouth. Had he finished what was in his mouth before talking? She gulped her food down and took a drink of her green tea answering the statements he made.- "It- it's okay. I think dimples are kinda cute, I'm not as beautiful as you, you look like you've just come out of a fairytale." -She said smiling, taking a drink of her tea, before placing it down and grabbed a fish cake and began eating it slowly, careful not to make any messes on herself.-

Yazuka: " No no. You are beautiful. Different from other girls.."- He said reassuringly as she would say that she is not as beautiful as Yazuka which made him shocked. Reika was 100 times more beautiful then Yazuka and he was sure of it. He was just lucky to have her. As he finished slurping the noodles, he moved on nibbling on his fish and egg. As he finished swallowing his food he would then say.- " I am just so lucky to have you in my life."- He would say and then continue nibbling on his food.-

Reika: -Looking up at him, Reika tilted her head to the side. How was she different from any other girl? She wanted to know that answer, but kept that question to herself, maybe he was exactly what she needed in her life.- "How am I different from other girls?" -She said tilting her head to the side curiously and rather innocently. Finishing her fishcakes, she moved back to the now warm, instead of hot udon in front of her, eating the tempura prawn she had been given in the dish. Smiling as she listened to his last words that came out of his mouth, she blushed heavy beet red.- *Did he just say that?* -She thought to herself, inwardly melting like putty in his hands. Finishing her udon, she looked at Yazuka again.- "I guess I'm lucky to have you too." -She said sipping her tea rather slowly.-

Yazuka: " You are just different. You are not like other girls. You seem to like fighting a lot and at the same time, can be very gentle and lady like. You understand me alot.. the inner me."- He said where the words of 'monster' appeared to his mind but quickly went away. He then finished eating his food and sipped his tea. With that, he looked at her and grabbed her hand as he finished sipping his tea.- " You helped me overcome the death of one of my closest friends. You stirred a feeling inside me which I haven't felt for such a long time."- He would say, blushing and caressing her hand.- " You are.. the person I love."- He would say almost like a whisper.-

Reika: -Listening to him, she couldn't help but smile a bit. If only Yazuka had known the full story of her life, things might be different between them, but she would lead him into the undercurrents slowly, not wanting to scare him away.- "Somebody has to understand you, even if not all of the time." -She said sipping her tea again, finishing it and placed it down, before having her hand suddenly snatched. She pulled her hand back out of reflex but slowly gave her hand back to him and listened to his words.- "I'm glad I could help you overcome a death of a close friend." -She said, not hearing the next bunch of words that came from his mouth and watched the hand that was carressing her hand with tender motions. Her eyes then looked around, she should really need to get back to her apartment.- "Shall we head off?" -She asked with a smile on her lips as she awaited what Yazu was going to do as she grabbed what little money she had to pay for her meal here. She wasn't sure if Yazuka was going to be paying for the meal, but better be safe than sorry.

Yazuka: -A small nod appeared to him as he looked at the time.- " Yes, sure."- He said as he stood up ready to leave. They would have to head back home before midnight as that is the Amegakure Shinobi Rules for Genins. Beside, he wouldnt want to leave his mother worried. He would then take out money and leave it on the counter to show that him and Reika have payed for the food altogether. With this, they were making their way back home which was evening and getting to midnight. He would hold her hand closely to his to show her that he was there for her no matter. Reaching at her apartment front door, he would let out a smile.- " I enjoyed being with you. "- He said smiling brightly and then akward silence. Next thing you see, Yazuka found his eyes looking upon Reika. With that, he leant in for a kiss to the cheek which he would do softly and tenderly. With this, he hugged her.- " I hope I see you soon."- He would soon and wave as he was making his way back to the Hyuga Compound, sighing happily. It was not an easy task, but he completed it. He hoped that she loved the evening out too as he did.- 

Reika: -Watching the money being placed on the table, she sighed content that she didn't have to pay for her meal this time around. Reika knew the genin rules and abided by them as she left, hand in hand with the Hyuuga male, thankful for his comforting grip on her hand as she wondered if her father would be home at all. Reaching her apartment, she turned to Yazuka and smiled happily, thankful that this was the best night of her life. Opening her mouth to speak, she felt the kiss before she could react to it and was left speechless, the hugging she felt but leant into carefully. She simply couldn't get the words out of her mouth. Her hand reached up to hold the spot where he had kissed her cheek.- "Me too." -She said, watching his retreating form and grabbed her purse, fumbling around, trying to not let her emotions go overboard as she finally grabbed the key, holding it as she opened the door slowly and made herself go inside to be out past curfew for genin's.-

End Results:

Yazuka and Reika sucessful went on the date.