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<p style="font-weight:normal;font-size:14px;line-height:22px;">''[ Inuzuka Unaru], [ Kaguya Fumetsu]''</p>
<p style="font-weight:normal;font-size:14px;line-height:22px;">''[ Inuzuka Unaru], [ Kaguya Fumetsu]''</p>
=='''Title: Fumetsu and Unaru: meeting of two taijutsu fighters over a meal.'''==
=='''Title: Fumetsu and Unaru: meeting of two taijutsu fighters over a meal.'''==
<p style="margin-bottom:0in">Guest_pxJeffTheKilleRxq: -It was a new day full of mystery for Fumetsu and he couldn'thelp himself but think of the things that he will discover. He got up from his bed an took his clothes on. A black tank top and black jeans, long white hair down his face leaving gaps for his turquoise pearls to see. He took his long gloves that were stopping just under the shoulder, they had four pairs of two red dots next to each other. He now knew what those dots meant, they were the symbol of his clan, the symbol of the Kaguya. He jumped through the opened window on a near rooftop. The air was fine, Fumetsu liked the feel of rain hitting his body softly, he also liked the smell of wet air that was filling the whole village of Amegakure. He started jumping from rooftop to rooftop looking for something that could catch his interest. He didn't like walking on the streets because everytime he did that everyone was staring at him like he was some kind of killer or something, they were looking mostly at the simbols, what was it that his clan did so bad?..-</p>
<p style="margin-bottom:0in">Guest_pxJeffTheKilleRxq: -It was a new day full of mystery for Fumetsu and he couldn'thelp himself but think of the things that he will discover. He got up from his bed an took his clothes on. A black tank top and black jeans, long white hair down his face leaving gaps for his turquoise pearls to see. He took his long gloves that were stopping just under the shoulder, they had four pairs of two red dots next to each other. He now knew what those dots meant, they were the symbol of his clan, the symbol of the Kaguya. He jumped through the opened window on a near rooftop. The air was fine, Fumetsu liked the feel of rain hitting his body softly, he also liked the smell of wet air that was filling the whole village of Amegakure. He started jumping from rooftop to rooftop looking for something that could catch his interest. He didn't like walking on the streets because everytime he did that everyone was staring at him like he was some kind of killer or something, they were looking mostly at the simbols, what was it that his clan did so bad?..-</p>

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Inuzuka Unaru, Kaguya Fumetsu

Title: Fumetsu and Unaru: meeting of two taijutsu fighters over a meal.Edit

Guest_pxJeffTheKilleRxq: -It was a new day full of mystery for Fumetsu and he couldn'thelp himself but think of the things that he will discover. He got up from his bed an took his clothes on. A black tank top and black jeans, long white hair down his face leaving gaps for his turquoise pearls to see. He took his long gloves that were stopping just under the shoulder, they had four pairs of two red dots next to each other. He now knew what those dots meant, they were the symbol of his clan, the symbol of the Kaguya. He jumped through the opened window on a near rooftop. The air was fine, Fumetsu liked the feel of rain hitting his body softly, he also liked the smell of wet air that was filling the whole village of Amegakure. He started jumping from rooftop to rooftop looking for something that could catch his interest. He didn't like walking on the streets because everytime he did that everyone was staring at him like he was some kind of killer or something, they were looking mostly at the simbols, what was it that his clan did so bad?..-

UnaruInuzuka: -Inuzuka Unaru had shifted to just outside his apartment window a soft twist allowing his feet to easily clamp on the wall with a bit of chakra as he settled the trap tag between the sill and the window itself, deep enough to not be removed in any way and only his chakra able to make the trap inert. Making sure it was secure he had leapt to the roof top across from the building he just left. He paused to look upon the window a moment before turning from it. Allowing his right hand to shift to his left hands wrist he brought the cloth of his fingerless gloves into fingers, clutched it and settled the item more securely into place. That hand released the cloth and rose to the purple bracers upon his forearms and tightened the blue straps to be more securely. He repeated the process with his other arm, bare fingers the only part of his forearms visible for the advantage of his clan. As he finished this adjustment he found his hands reaching behind his head and tightening that black long tailed headband more securely in place. Burgundy strands of hair already soaked and dripping to splash past silver slit eyes to those crimson fang tattoos on his cheeks and down his neck to his black sleeveless jacket. He reached down and pulled down on his new hoodie he had just bought that was underneath the jacket. The rest of his clothing consisting of a pair of black pants and ninja sandals his black painted toenails sticking out from those sandals. Beyond his clothing he had a couple of scrolls secured to his hip along with two pouches, one on the back of his waist purple and with the symbol of Amegakure on it and the other a purple thigh pouch in his right thigh. Letting his stoic gaze to look around he came to glance down at the two other individuals on this roof top. Two pups sat there waiting, neither bigger than a large house cat but so much more important than some pet. They were his companions, his ninken his pack. One being Unarus male pup named Anryoku, the other being his female one named Buruu. even if he rarely showed it he allowed a small curve to form on his lips as he looked to those two creatures before he took off across the roof tops knowing full well they would be on his heels following him along without question. The grin had seemed to melt away as he let his mind relax into the sound of the small tap on the tiles his feet and the small clicks from behind him his ninken made, these sounds so soft most wouldn’t have even noticed it but his sharp hearing caught them easily. He had a want for some ramen today and he was heading towards the main streets. He could have chosen to check out some of the smaller places spread out throughout the village but doubted it was any better than the place he was heading to. He was in the middle of his five minute dash across the roof tops that most people considered Amegakures ninja highway when he heard a yelp from behind him. He instantly had come to spin around only taking note a moment ago of the scent of another person not that far from them, one he slightly recognized but was too distracted to recognize right away. He noticed one of his pups, Buruu, had stumbled and saw the culprit a broken tile she apparently didn’t realize and now was tumbling to the edge of the building.- "Buruu!" –His voice more panicked than he usual showed anyone else and he dove to try and catch her before she fell unknowing if he will make it in time since she had been the farthest away from him. Most things he knew she could handle but they had been running on almost eight story buildings… a full fall could easily hurt even himself if dropped wrong.-

Guest_pxJeffTheKilleRxq: -As he changed his position every two seconds since he was jumping from rooftop to rooftop, Fumetsu was thinking about what he will do next, what will happen at the chunin exams, if he would pass or not, if he would get badly injured or not. He was almost always thinking about those kind of things, not only about his future but about his past too, trying to uncover more and more even if what he remembered was rather gruesome. At the same time he was also very focused on the present since that was very important. His thinking broke once he heard a loud shout that seemed to be a name, "Buruu". The voice was familiar though. As Fumetsu looked in the direction the shout came from he noticed someone familiar, that must've been Unaru Inuzuka, the Inuzuka was running towards what it seemed to be a puppy, the puppy however was close to falling off the building. Fumetsu just realized that that puppy could've been Unaru's companion, Unaru's ninken, remembering what he read about the Inuzuka, they have ninken that help them in fights and not only fights, they were like some kind of brothers, companions. The ninken's fur seemed to be black and chocholate like, he remembered seeing the puppy in their fight with the kage. Fumetsu remembered Unaru's words about not being friends yet but they were from the same village and he knew that the Unaru's ninken meant a lot to him. Fumetsu knew that Unaru could probably save that puppy some way or another before it could get hurt but he decided to help amyway. While mid air he slammed his hands into the ram hand seal and used the body flicker, one of his favorite ninjutsu, to move at very high speeds just past Unaru who could probably feel the wind moving the way Fumetsu was. Fumetsu then appeared just next to the edge immediately grabbing the puppy, picking it up with one hand as he jumped back to make sure he didn't fall with the other tiles. He then held the puppy with both his arms which were just under the creature's as his chest was lightly pressed to the puppy's back. He looked down at it and studied it before turning his head to look at Unaru-

UnaruInuzuka: -He had found himself skidding to a stop having reached out to snag her his form having dropped to balance on his hands and feet a moment as he glanced to the side to look towards the one who had got to her first. His nose twitched as he soon moved without restraint to where they were his eyes clearly for the pup herself, a small look of panic in his eyes even in that stoic expression of his he really did look like he had gotten a fright. Fighting and injuries were a given, but outside the battlefield or the training grounds he never was willing to let his pack get hurt. They were all he had left of his life before this village… They meant more than his own life. He had to always stuff his feelings of such things deep inside and lock them away in a battle but even then it was just barely possible and showed way too well when people attack them in any deadly way… testament to this being his recent battle royal with his team. Finally he got his voice and spoke.- “Buruu… you hurt?” –Would have seemed like a odd question to ask an animal since dogs usually don’t talk back and also with such a bland voice the question of how scared he really had been inside would be up in the air to the one holding the pup. Anryoku had by this time gotten close and was shifting on his paws looking at his sister clearly showing his own worries. However almost a moment later Buruu that had been glancing at herself and was panting from adrenaline that was coursing thru her from trying to stop herself in that action finally heard her leaders question and answered back.- [Buruu]: “ ‘m fine.” –The soft female child like voice slipping from her mouth as Unaru looked to her a bit longer those silver shards looking at light blue orbs before sighing softly letting the paranoia and fear slowly ease from his body. It wasn’t long of a pause but he did realize he was essentially ignoring the one that had helped out he let his eyes flick up to the teen another quick sniff as he looked to the white haired boy finally placing the understanding of who it was. It was Fumetsu the teen he had a taijutsu fight with not long ago he took a moment before finally speaking up.- “Thank you.” –The words may have not had much emotion in them but they had been a genuine thanks to the teen, he honestly did believe he could have caught her in time but the small part in the back of his mind that edged in sometimes made him also doubt himself on it.-

Guest_pxJeffTheKilleRxq: -Fumetsu noticed that the puppy was alright and looked at the puppy's slightly worried master. He noticed that he was pretty much ignored but he didn't mind, it showed how much the Inuzuka cared about their ninken. His eyes widen a bit to see the puppy speak, it wasn't perfection but it was understandable. He glanced at Unaru still surprised then heard his words. The look on his face went back to his constant frown as he spoke- "You are welcome..." - He then glanced back at the puppy noticing that the name was "Buruu". He liked animals, so for him it was normal to hear people talk to them since he did the same, what wasn't normal for him was to hear the animals talk back though he wasn't freaked out or anything, he always wished for the animals to talk back. As he was looking at Buruu he spoke - "You are welcome too... Buruu..." -Fumetsu then moved his arms to grab Buruu with his hands and extended his arms moving the puppy closer to her master. He glanced at the other puppy, it seemed to be the second one he saw at the dojo which meant that one was Unaru's ninken as well. He looked at Unaru as he was handing back the ninken and spoke once again- "Buruu and...?"

UnaruInuzuka: -Buruu had wiggled her tail as she looked up at Fumetsu as he spoke to her the thanks clear in her face and body language. Unaru watched as he was offered his pup back and took her with tender hands hearing the question his eyes glanced down to his other pup.- “You can introduce yourself well enough, and you need the practice…” –If Fumetsu had been looking or listening he would have only heard a small rumble sound fron the white and red pup seconds before Unaru had spoke. The pup had looked up at Unaru then at Fumetsu and let his tail wag a little.- [Anryoku]:“Anryookuu” –The voice of this ones was clearly male, not deep and still sounded like a child no older than maybe two or three but it couldn’t be confused with his sisters own. Unaru could tell he has been working on that name, that first part of his name always got a bit iffy at first, now it seemed to be smoother in his ears. Soon he came to look her over himself just to be sure before finding she was as she said alright and slipped her into his jacket to both be warm and safe for now. He paused a moment often unsure of how to continue anything from here his left hand raising to the back of his head and scratching just under the knot of his bandana before speaking up knowing he at least owed the teen a meal for helping out.- “Ano… I was heading to a ramen shop to grab something to eat… want to join? My treat… uh… after helping out and all..” -His eyes as he had commented on this had been partly glued to buruu as he was scratching her on the head between the ears as if she was the one giving him strength to talk to the teen, he wasn't very social and he often had trust problems with others.-

Guest_pxJeffTheKilleRxq: "Anryoku..." -he noticed the other puppy could speak as well. Fumetsu then looked at Unaru and listened to his words before talking- "You don't owe me anything... just letting you know... but if you and the rest of the pack would want me to come it's alright... I am kind of hungry anyway... a little time with my comrades wouldn't be bad... would it...?" -he looked at Unaru then to the ground thinking about Unaru's offering, no one really asked him to hang out since the academy, not even in the academy, they were ignoring him because they couldn't bully him, he wouldn't allow that. Was it because he was smarter? Was it because of his clan or Was it just for fun? The rest of the people were acting the same way. Fumetsu remembered that he had good friends in the past, from his own clan and he probably did hang out with them... but now they were gone so Fumetsu would do anything to hang out with someone even if he didn't show it, even if he wasn't that good around people. He glanced at the red dots on the glove on his right arm and then he looked at the Amegakure armband that was on his left arm as he was lost in his own thoughts like he mostly find himself to be-

UnaruInuzuka: -He gave a shrug and turned to head off again.- “Guess it wouldn’t be bad to hang out.” He moved a bit farther before he noticed the other hadn’t moved yet. He turned his head looking back.- “Coming? Know of a good place that isn’t really normally visited but should be…” –It was clear in the direction he was going it was in the deeper parts of the village, the places where most didn’t often wander for the busiest areas were usually near the entrance of the village itself. He waited a moment before taking off hoping the other teen did follow along. Anryoku stick to his heels as he moved along the roof tops. He only partly noticed the rain was getting heavier and something told him, be it instincts or getting use to some of these patterns of the constant rain that they may find themselves drenched before they get there. He pushed Buruu into his jacket more a small bit of protectiveness over her at this point, he didn’t like that she was the one always almost or hurt… he would take her place any moment of any day if he could.-

Guest_pxJeffTheKilleRxq: -Fumetsu Once again broke out of his deep thinking and looked towards the other who already started to move towards their destination, wherever that would be. He didn't hesitate following Unaru, jumping on the rooftops that the other was jumping on, wondering where would that place be. It wasn't surprising that Fumetsu didn't knew the place, after all, he didn't really leave his home that much, he didn't wander around the village mostly, only sometimes when he was studying the village that was now his home. Even as Fumetsu flew over the soaked streets he was turning his head left and right occasionally observing the village. On his way there he wondered what to eat, ramen? not really, he did not like ramen that much, maybe dango, that was his favorite food after all. Didn't took much for Fumetsu to notice the rain getting heavier, he was getting used to staying in the rain because he was training a lot just outside his home, making him always get back inside all soaked.-

UnaruInuzuka: -They would have continued heading along the roof tops till the roof tops of the village were too high and only the tall buildings were left. He had come to drop to the streets below cement that was cracked and apparently old, small irremovable scorch marks marring some places. This was part of the village that had still stood the hands of time and destruction. A part of this village he knew by word of mouth by now that had been burned but had Kagato their Amekage rebuild it. Years of rain still unable to remove everything that had happened to the place. The buildings had been fixed and made better but still glimpses of the past lingered. He was walking along a street of shops, smaller ones and usually frequented by more civilians than shinobi now a days. He then came to lift his nose a little smelling the scent of the food he was looking for. He knew this place served multiple things to people so they didn’t need to hunt out another restaurant to eat at but he found himself enjoying the normal fare more often than not. He could smell that Fumetsu had followed along so he didn’t bother glancing back as he pushed the cloth to the entrance of the place aside and slip in the scents for this Inuzuka hitting him in the face making his stomach growl in response. He really does need to come back here more often…-

Guest_pxJeffTheKilleRxq: -As he dropped down on the streets below he couldn't help himself but to look around, he didn't knew too much about the past of this village since he didn't even knew about his own past but this place looked pretty old. As he turned his head in different directions to look at the place he could smell the different kinds of food. Fumetsu followed Unaru inside, pushing the cloth lightly before stopping just behind the Inuzuka, admiring the place. Good thing he had a tiny purse of coins in the pocket of his jeans, he slid his hand inside there taking it out and giving the shop keeper the amount of coins that he knew that dango is normally worth. He then went to sit on a chair keeping his elbows on the table as his hands were covering his face and his fingers were entering his hair like he was crying when he was actually thinking even more about different stuff, the past, the present and the future.-

UnaruInuzuka: -He had moved into the place farther before plopping himself down onto one of the benches just as Fumetsu had settled in and paid for a dango. He almost rolled his silver eyes at the fact of him coming all the way out with him to this place just for something that one can get almost anywhere else. He had ordered his pork styled ramen but also ordered a couple of other things, slices of beef along with some tokoyaki and also okonomiyaki the first simply fried little balls of bread with typically fish rolled into its middle drizzled with a salty sweet sauce and the second was with no better term generally a thin pancake with savory ingredients folded within, this time he ordered a combination of vegetables and meats to be within. He set the money down for the server to take his eyes roaming over the signs and posters within the place in thought, he didn’t talk much and it showed at this point but there was a air that spoke of him not being bothered by having the other teen around at this point. He came here for the variety and never was one to skimp on what he bought. He likely wouldn’t be able to finish all of what he ordered and honestly he didn’t plan to, he had invited the other teen here because he had helped, and him just nibbling on something he could have gotten a block away from where they had been didn’t feel right for the fifteen minute dash here. It hadn’t taken long and the order had been served. The first thing he had done was ask for two plates and let his nose twitch over each item as if searching for anything out of the ordinary, he liked this place but his trust was next to none. One soon found itself be the subject of splitting the slices of beef into two equal amounts and soon the plate and the serving dish were both set on the floor near his hounds before he split some of each of the items, excluding the ramen, to the second plate and pushing it to Fumetsu softly. His actions were simple, no flare, no words; it just gave it without expecting anything in return almost having the feel of him saying “Eat” in them without the words. He hadn’t even really looked to the other teen as he did this as he soon dived into his ramen eating. If he ate what was given or not it was his choice but it had been given… He didn’t trust people but he did have a kindness inside that did peek thru sometimes. He knew how it felt to be hungry for days and ever since he had came to this village he hasn’t had to feel such a thing, he made his money and he used it where it was needed or wanted to be used, he didn’t have a problem working extra missions if it meant to enjoy himself sometimes either so sharing a meal wasn’t a problem to him.-

Guest_pxJeffTheKilleRxq: -Fumetsu noticed the other's order and his eyes widened a bit when he saw the Inuzuka push a plate towards him. Maybe it was the fact that he was antisocial, shy or maybe it was the fact that he didn't like eating off other people, the food looked good, yet Fumetsu wasn't going to eat it. It was weird and awkward and it could've been taken as an insult towards the Inuzuka but the action he just did was very polite in Fumetsu's eyes. He kept thinking "Don't friends share meals?... I guess I don't know that much stuff about people..." His eyes shifted to look at Unaru then at the food he offered. His dango came and he grabbed the stick the three balls were on with two fingers, eating from it neatly. After he was done with the first two balls he decided to push the sharp stick into the wood, piercing the middle of the table slightly, not much but enough for the stick to stay still with one ball of dango at the higher end of it. He wasn't a heavy eater nor did he like to eat fancy stuff, just plain and simple food like one of his favorites: dango... however, he already ate today so sharing a ball of it wouldn't have done anything bad to him, dango could've been found almost everywhere after all. He crossed his fingers together almost like the ram hand seal while having his elbows on the table as he looked at Unaru-

UnaruInuzuka: -At the sound of the slight thunk he had let his silver shards flick over to look at the now standing ball of dango. He seemed to relax a knotting of muscles at his back when he took note of what it was, the Inuzuka never relaxed and the sound had sent instincts up in warning however he had barely made an action for such and most if not all around him wouldn’t have even known he had been weary. He turned back to his meal and continued to eat making no moves to take anything but what he had ordered and designated for himself for the time being. He didn’t take long, ramen often eaten fairly quick out of habit the quick soft slurps and soft taps of wood against ceramic as chopsticks had snagged something to be placed in his mouth. His eyes had drifted a couple of times between the dango ball and his meal in that time frame. Using his chopsticks he cut pieces of the pancake and slipped it between his lips chewing he considered talking… He wasn’t use to it, he could be silent most of a day without saying anything if not asked something or needing to voice his opinion so starting any talk felt strange to him. The memory of when they had first met and the fact of the spar they haven’t had that long ago flitted to mind and finally after a bit he finally asked.- “Have a team yet?” –He wasn’t that much out of the information loop, he knew many genin actually had to fend for themselves for a bit at the beginning, even he had a few months on his own before he was bought into one so he had no reason not to really ask this question of someone he knew was generally new to the shinobi ranks for he knew if Fumetsu had been around in them for long Unaru himself would have met him at some point or another long before that dojo training session with the Amekage and his Anbu Kuni.-

Guest_pxJeffTheKilleRxq: -He looked at Unaru from behind his fingers listening to his question before answering- "Yes, I do have a team... I'm part of Team 3 along with Kemono Hoshigaki, Sora Orochi and our Sensei; Akatori Yamanaka... Was thinking about that dojo fight with you two... it was interesting..." -He smiled at the thought as he slowly reminded himself of the spar with Unaru, to which his smile grew wider. Both were in a way, very nice, fun and interesting fights. Fumetsu would never forget that dojo fight because it was his first fight as a new ninja of Amegakure. He didn't make much impact in that fight but he planned on growing stronger to make a bigger impact on his future fights. He leaned back a bit, moving his hands away from his face as he turned his head to look outside of the building, spotting the people that passed by, a thing that he usually does when he just stays in place and observes. He would wait for Unaru to respond, to keep the conversation going and to finish his meal while the Kaguya waited patiently. He didn't mind staying around people that much but he was still slightly uncomfortable with it and he was silent but he tried to not make it seem like he was rude when he was trying to be nice but not understanding the ones around him-

UnaruInuzuka: -He finished off the food of his leaving the plate he had given the Kaguya and gave a nod of his head as he listened about the team he was upon, so Tori has a team now, he really shouldn’t be surprised Ritsuka had taken to being sub for the four horsemen till their team leader returns from her long term mission she was on. He heard the comment about the Dojo fight and gave a nod to the fact of it being interesting before shrugging softly.- “We weren’t in the right state of mind of dealing with the fight, and we learned our lesson from it…” –At least he did, the fact their teamwork had sucked from the beginning had him kicking himself every day since then. He tapped those chopsticks lightly on the table in thought, he shouldn’t have taken off on his own, he had likely been the one at fault from the beginning of that spar and it grated on his skin on knowing he was the reason for the fail. He had it beaten into him with the injuries he had sustained by the Amekage’s own hands but still the wound of knowing he had brought people into danger that he needed to work with was even more of a deterrent. He glanced to Fumetsu then around the place his thoughts had wandered a couple of minutes and hoped he hadn't missed anything the other boy had said least he have to question him on it.-

Guest_pxJeffTheKilleRxq: -He listened to the Inuzuka and his opinion on the fight that happened at the dojo, giving a few nods before speaking softly- "We certainly did learn something, that's for sure..." -He let out a small chuckle at the thought before extending his arms slowly to stretch them a bit as he looked at the ceiling and let out a small yawn- "Rather tired from today's training... trying to get better in general so I have this brain reflex of needing to train everyday... which can be a problem sometimes if I think about it..." -He snickered lowly at his own comment. It was funny how Fumetsu was pushing himself to train that much. Good thing he wasn't always overdoing it to the point it would hurt him and he also did his focus and balance training with softer things like meditating and such. That kind of training was even more important in Fumetsu's eyes. He looked at Unaru wondering if he would hear more about him or if he would get an opinion from the Inuzuka who in Fumetsu's eyes was a bit more experienced than he first thought.

UnaruInuzuka: -He glanced over at him a long moment, realizing he had caught the other in the middle of commenting about his training and all.. he use to do such... He looked upon the other before resting his forearms on the table considering his words never sure of what should be said to someone least he make it seem like the other is wasting their time.- “Training a lot is fine, just don't over do it or you will find yourself not gaining any ground...” -He remembered the one who told him that and a small ache edged in his chest. He was young, still naive and thought if he could train as much as he could he would become strong enough to survive in the world himself. He can still remember spraining that ankle and hearing that old man laugh at his predicament before saying those words to him... after he healed from that he took them to heart and found himself become more capable in his actions, even surpassing himself fairly quickly when he listened. The distance in his eyes faded after a moment as he soon shifted himself off the bench to stand, it was getting late and he really did need to go and deal with a couple of things before heading home and knew if he waited any longer he won't get them done. -he reached down and took a scroll and rolled it out on the counter a simple mark on the paper sealing every day items within for him. He taped his hand on the seal adding a bit of his chakra to the touch before a small puff of smoke appeared. He took the small pouch that was now sitting there and picked it up with his right hand and with his left opening it and digging out the ryo he needed for the meal he had promised to pay for. He set the coins down and setting the pouch back on the seal and a bit more chakra and a hand touching down on the item a second small puff of smoke was made. He did this like it was a every day occurrence, he was paranoid and wasn't going to have some person swipe a pouch of his cash off him without him having a chance of them not being able to retrieve the item before he caught them. He rolled the scroll up swiftly and stuck it back onto its holder with the other scroll he had on hand. His silver shards glanced to Fumetsu before speaking up.- “I actually have some things I have to get done before it gets late... hnn glad you came along.” -It wasn't the easiest thing for him to accept company of others but sometimes he found himself needing to just let himself interact, especially when the other person had helped him earlier with his pups...-

Guest_pxJeffTheKilleRxq: -He stared at the Inuzuka as he was giving his view on Fumetsu's training. The Kaguya nodded once before parting his lips to start speaking- "I can still move so I'm not pushing myself that much..." -He watched the other who got up and summoned his money pouch with a seal. "I guess that's one way to keep your money..." Fumetsu thought as he stared at the other and his actions. He would hear Unaru speak about having to leave- "Well that's abrubt... Ok then, thanks for the meal and all... Hope to see you some other time..." -He said before he glanced back at the table, placing one forearm on it before resting his head on that forearm. He watched Unaru's next actions, not planning to move himself and just wait there to let this meeting settle in his mind for a bit like how the food was currently settling inside his tummy. After Unaru left he would soon do so himself, heading back home and doing the usual daily stuff.-

UnaruInuzuka: -His form had shifted slightly as he had heard the comment of it being abrupt... He wasn't social, he often kept people at a arms length and the small bit he did interact with most people was usually short... eventually they realize how screwed up he can be... There was only a small collection of people he lingered around and those few came to understand his problems... most at only a small percent but others at a larger degree. Their thoughts of him he never was sure of but at least a couple he knew accepted him the way he was... He shook his thoughts away, he only gave a nod of his head as he turned and walked out of the restaurant.- “See you around..” -He didn't elaborate, they were both shinobi, they both will find themselves running into the other for missions or training, even tests in the future, it was a given unless one of them dies... he walked into the pouring rain letting his head raise and let the waters run over his face his pups soon following him outside after saying their somewhat happy good byes to the white haired teen. They came to settle next to their leader looking up at him waiting on his next move. He stood there a moment longer before finally after his pups touched him formed the tiger sign and used the ability body flicker leaving only a black smoke cloud behind that the rain destroyed after only a few moments. He and the pups on the other hand had seemed to appear in the market now that he had a full stomach and his pups fed they can get some items for home..-

End Results:Edit

After having found himself hungry and hunting out a ramen resturant, Unaru found Buruu saved from a dangerous fall by Fumetsu Kaguya a boy he had been within a training session with and having sparred previously with recently. In thanks for the help he had invited him to lunch and with Fumetsu accepting they had been able to get to know each other at least just a bit more than they had before this encounter.

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