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Date of Birth

May 7th, 183








174 lbs

Blood Type



  • Leader of the ANBU of Amegakure
  • Head of the Uchiha Clan


Scar over right eye (hidden mostly by mask)

ANBU Tattoo on left arm



Relationship Status



Kunisada is a quiet person who doesn't like to draw unneeded attention. He doesn't say a lot unless he feels the need to. Most of the time he finds himself alone.


Kunisada has a difficult time trusting people and considers himself a loner and most would agree with that. Kunisada only trusts few people completely and he will defend them.

Nindo (optional)


Shiōkami - Giant Three-headed Wolf


Descendant of Madara Uchiha

Uchiha Clan- 50% 

Hyuga Clan- 50%

Eternal Mangenkyo Sharingan - Left eye

Rinnegan - Left Eye

Byakugan - Right Eye

Ninja Class


Element One


Element Two


Element Three


Element Four


Element Five


Weapon of choice

Sword of Kusanagi


Exceptional Genjutsu

Exceptional Taijutsu

Exceptional Ninjutsu

Exceptional Speed


Below Average Medical

Below Average Jujutsu

Below Average Kyujutsu

Below Average Juinjutsu

Chakra colour

Dark Red

Weapons Inventory

Maximum capacity at:

Genin  (50 pieces)

Chunin (60 pieces)

Jounin (70 pieces)

ANBU/Sage (80 pieces)

Sannin/Kage (90 pieces)

Please allocate now

Kunai (cost 2 pieces): 10 (20)

Shuriken (cost 1.5 pieces):  5 (7.5)

Senbon (cost 1 pieces each):

Makibishi Spikes (cost 0.5 pieces each set of 10):

Small Scrolls (cost 3 pieces):

Medium Scrolls ( cost 4 pieces): 

Large Scrolls (cost 5 pieces):

Smoke Bomb ((Max 3) costing 3 pieces each): 3 (9)

Flash Bomb ((Max 2) costing 4 pieces each):  2 (8)

Paper Bomb ((Max 20) costing 2 pieces): 10 (20)

Any sword ((Max 7) costing 6 pieces each): 1 (6)

'Any other weaponry: (costing 5 pieces each):

List the other weapons here: 

Total: 75.5


Armor Rank Cost Speed
Armored Gloves / Bracers All 1 0
Re-Breather All 1 0
Anbu Armored Vest Anbu 2

- 1


Rank Exceptional Total
Anbu/Sage 135 134


Rank Max Strength Total 125
Anbu/Sage 125 125


Chakra Manipulation/Flow

  •   Tier I - Able to controll the flow of chakra through the Body and spesific body parts but not to enhance the strength of any body part. - D Rank 
  •  Tier II - Able to send Chakra  outwards into objects giving the user simple controll over them but not giving them extra strength. Except Specific Technique where its stated in the Jutsu. -  C Rank 
  • Legendary - The ability to use Chakra Element Flow to enhance weapons / S-Rank Jutsu - S-Rank

Jutsu List

Kamui - Rank S

Magic Lantern Body Technique - Rank S

Hiding with Camouflage Technique - Rank A

Shadow Clone Technique - Rank B

Chakra Transfer Technique - Rank C

Sensing - Rank C

Body Flicker Technique - Rank D

Silent Killing - Rank D

Body Replacement - Rank E

Clone Technique - Rank E

Enclosing Technique - Rank E

Genjutsu - Rank E

Rope Escape Technique- Rank E

Transformation Technique - Rank E

Unsealing Technique - Rank E

Clone Techniques:

Clone Great Explosion - Rank A

Afterimage Clone - Rank B

Crow Clone Technique - Rank C

Scattering Thousand Crows Technique - Rank C

Haze Clone Technique - Rank D

Fire Release:

Fire Release: Flame Whirlwind - Rank S

Fire Release: Great Flame Flower - Rank S

Fire Release: Crimson Earth Spider - Rank A

Fire Release: Demon Lantern - Rank A

Fire Release: Dragon Flame Release Song Technique - Rank A

Fire Release: Exploding Flame Formation - Rank A

Fire Release: Great Blaze Ball - Rank A

Fire Release: Great Fire Destruction - Rank A

Fire Release: Hiding in Ash and Dust Technique - Rank A

Exploding Flame Shot - Rank B

Fire Release: Blast Wave Wild Dance - Rank B

Fire Release: Fire Dragon Flame Bullet - Rank B

Fire Release: Fire Dragon Bullet -Rank B

Fire Release: Great Dragon Fire Technique - Rank B

Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation - Rank B

Fire Release: Phoenix Sage Flower Nail Crimson - Rank B

Uchiha Flame Formation - Rank B

Fire Release: Dragon Fire Technique - Rank C

Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique - Rank C

Fire Release: Flame Bullet -  Rank C

Fire Release: Running Fire - Rank C

Fire Release: Phoenix Sage Fire Technique - Rank C

Blaze Release: 

Amaterasu - Rank S

Blaze Release: Great Fireball Technique - Rank S

Blaze Release: Kagutsuchi - Rank S

Blaze Release: Kagutsuchi - Flying Flame - Rank S

Lightning Release:

Chidori True Spear - Rank S

Chidori: Thunder - Rank S

Kirin - Rank S

Lightning Cutter - Rank S

Lightning Transmission - Rank S

Chidori - Rank A

Chidori Current -Rank A 

Chidori Senbon - Rank A

Chidori Sharp Spear - Rank A

Chidori Sword - Rank A

Chidori: Thunderclap - Rank A

Lightning Rat Violent Quake - Rank A

Lightning Release: Shadow Clone Technique - Rank A

Lightning Release: Spider Web - Rank A

Lightning Release Chakra Mode - Rank B

Lightning Release Wall - Rank B

Lightning Release: Electromagnetic Murder - Rank C


Coercion Sharingan - Rank S

Kotoamatsukami - Rank S

Soulbane - Rank S

Bringer of Darkness Technique - Rank A

Demonic Illusion: Mirror Heaven and Earth Change - Rank A

Genjutsu: Protect - Rank A

Time Reversal Technique - Rank A

Tsukoyomi - Rank A

Ephemeral - Rank B

Demonic Illusion: Mirage Crow - Rank B

Demonic Illusion: Shackling Stakes Technique - Rank B

Interrogation Genjutsu - Rank B

Demonic Illusion: Descending Hell Technique - Rank C

Sly Mind Affect Technique - Rank C

Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Technique - Rank D

Genjutsu: Sharingan - Rank D

Space-Time Ninjutsu:

Flying Thunder God Technique - Rank S

Flying Thunder God Mutually Instantaneous Revolving Technique - Rank A

Flying Thunder God Slash - Rank B

Earth Release:

Earth Release: Bedrock Coffin - Rank A

Earth Release: Earth and Stone Dragon - Rank A

Earth Release: Multiple Earth-Style Wall - Rank A

Earth Release: Shadow Clone - Rank A

Earth Release: Earth Corridor - Rank B

Earth Release: Earth-Style Wall - Rank B

Earth Release: Light-Weight Rock Technique - Rank B

Water Release:

Water Release: Great Exploding Water Colliding Wave - Rank A

Water Release: Water-Heavens Convergence - Rank A

Water Release: Water Severing Wave - Rank A

Dustless Bewildering Cover - Rank B

Water Release: Water Shark Bullet Technique - Rank B

Water Release: Exploding Water Colliding Wave - Rank B

Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique - Rank B

Water Release: Water Fang Bullet - Rank B

Tornado of Water - Rank C

Water Clone Technique - Rank C

Water Release: Black Rain Technique - Rank C

Water Release: Gunshot - Rank C

Water Release: Hiding in Drizzle Technique - Rank C

Water Release: Hiding in Rain Technique - Rank C

Water Release: Hiding in Water Technique - Rank C

Water Release: Pillar Encirclement - Rank C

Water Release: Rising Water Slicer - Rank C

Water Release: Water Bullet Technique - Rank C

Water Release: Water Prison Technique - Rank C

Water Release: Wild Water Wave - Rank C

Hiding in Mist Technique - Rank D

Water Replacement - Rank D

Wind Release:

Wind Release Slash - Rank S

Blade of Wind - Rank A

Wind Release: Air Bullets - Rank A

Wind Release: Godly Wind from the Mountain - Rank B

Wind Release: Spiraling Wind Ball - Rank B

Wind Release: Vacuum Serial Waves - Rank B

Wind Release: Vacuum Wave - Rank B

Wind Release: Gale Palm - Rank C


  • Tier I - Allows use of D rank
  • Tier II - Allows use of C rank
  • Advanced Taijutsu - Allows use of B rank
  • Superior Taijutsu - Allows use of A rank
  • Legendary Taijutsu - Allows use of S rank

Eight Trigrams Grid Palm - Rank S

Gentle Fist: Tenketsu Needle - Rank A

Gentle Step Twin Lion Fists - Rank A

Eight Trigrams Mountain Crusher - Rank B

Eight Trigrams One Hundred Twenty-Eight Palms - Rank B

Eight Trigrams Vacuum Palm - Rank B

Eight Trigrams Vacuum Wall Palm - Rank B

Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven - Rank C

Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms - Rank C

Gentle Fist Art One Blow Body - Rank C

Protecting Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms - Rank C

Water Needle - Rank C

Eight Trigrams Thirty-Two Palms - Rank D

Gentle Fist - Rank D

Palm Bottom - Rank D

Amekage-Style Raining Punt Kick - Rank D



  • Kenjutsu Tier I - Use of 1 sword - D Rank
  • Kenjutsu Tier II - Use of 2 swords - C Rank
  • Advanced Kenjutsu - Use of 3 swords - B Rank
  • Superior Kenjutsu - Use of 5 swords - A Rank
  • Legendary Kenjutsu - Use of 7 swords - S Rank

Lightning Release: Thunder Gate - Rank S

Lightning Release: Lightning Fang  - Rank A

Moonlight  - Rank B

Sword of Kusanagi: Chidori Katana - Rank B



  • Bukijutsu Tier I - Allows use of D Rank techniques
  • Bukijutsu Tier II - Allows use of C Rank techniques
  • Advanced Bukijutsu - Allows use of B Rank techniques
  • Superior Bukijutsu - Allows use of A Rank techniques
  • Legendary Bukijutsu - Allows use of S Rank techniques

Cooperation Ninjutsu:

Lightning Water Dragon Bullet - Rank A



  • Shurikenjutsu Tier I - Able to throw 5 projectiles with accuracy - Rank D
  • Shurikenjutsu Tier II - Able to throw 10 projectiles with accuracy - Rank C
  • Advanced Shurikenjutsu  - Able to throw 15 projectiles with accuracy - Rank B
  • Superior Shurikenjutsu - Able to throw 20 projectiles with accuracy - Rank A
  • Legendary Shurikenjutsu - Able to throw 25 projectiles with accuracy - Rank S


Fuinjutsu Tier

  • Tier I - Access to 15 pieces of summonable inventory - Rank D
  • Tier II - Access to 30 pieces of summonable inventory - Rank C
  • Advanced Fuinjutsu - Access to 45 pieces of summonable inventory - Rank B


Summoning: Lightning Flash Blade Creation - Rank B

Finger Carving Seal - Rank C

Summoning Technique - Rank C


Kagato Uzumaki


Your enemies, rivals ect.

Background Information


Kunisada Uchiha was born to an Uchiha father and a Hyuga mother, as well as his older brother, Hideki Uchiha. Kunisada’s early life was as normal as any child’s could be, or at least as normal as a young ninja’s life could be. He couldn’t remember his first few years of birth; everything seemed to seem blurry to him when he tried to remember. At the age of 5, Kunisada had grown up as a relatively happy child, learning and enjoying his life, as any other child would do: both of his parents loved him, he had made other friends outside of his home and around the Village; many things didn’t bother Kunisada as a young child. There was something that always bounced around in the boy’s mind as he grew up. That something was that Kunisada couldn’t figure out, at his young age, was why his older brother wanted nothing to do with him. Many times Kunisada had tried to interact and hang out with his brother, only to hear Hideki dismiss him or to just ignore him. Kunisada felt as if though his brother had hated him and he had no idea why. One day when he returned from playing outside, he found that his Father was away and that Hideki had gone somewhere else. He saw his mother and proceeded to ask if he had done something to Hideki that would make him hate him. His mother was silent for a moment before smiling softly at him and telling him that Hideki was only acting like a normal older brother, and that he was messing around. Kunisada, however, didn’t fully believe his mother’s explanation, so to take his mind off of it, his mother decided to take him to his parent’s room where she began to teach him something that only certain Hyuga members learned to do. Kunisada watched in confusion as his mother taught him how to make, in her words, a ‘special ointment’. Kunisada watched her make the remedy before she asked him to try and make it himself. Kunisada, being nervous and young, obviously didn’t do so well at first as he made a bit of a mess. While trying to apologize to his mother, she laughed it off and urged him to try again. For another half hour, he continuously tried to remake what his mother had made while making minor mistakes with the medicine. After completing another try at the medicine, his mother asked him to stop as she looked at the most recent attempt. She smiled at him after a brief inspection at his creation, making him nervous and somewhat happy as he thought that he finally did it right. His mother instructed him to hold onto it and keep it with him and the next time that he had an injury to rub the medicine on it and see what it did. Kunisada, feeling a surge of energy and happiness go through him, quickly hugged his mother and thanked her for teaching him before running off. The next day he continued training with his Father, who was teaching him about Fire techniques; from what he remembered his Father saying, the Uchiha always had a knack of easily adopting and mastering Fire techniques. He remembered his Father telling him that they needed to train him early, even though at that age Kunisada wasn’t fully aware of the war that was going on at the time; all he knew from what his parents had told him was that there was some fighting going on around the world. He was learning the Fire techniques relatively quickly as his Father had told him. The schedule that his Father and Mother both agreed on was for Kunisada to train with his Mother three times a week and his Father would train him three times a week. On the days he trained with his Father, he would continue to train Kunisada on Fire techniques as well as something called the Sharingan and the days his Mother trained him, he was learning about the Byakugan and the style of fighting called the ‘Gentle Fist’ as well as chakra, but she briefly went over that; she said he would learn all about it at the Academy. His first day of training with his Mother, he learned that he had the Byakugan, which he inherited from his Mother. The look on her face when she saw the Byakugan on her youngest son made Kunisada feel slightly proud as she was beaming from ear to ear with a smile. Later that night, minus Hideki’s presence from the dinner table, Kunisada’s Mother told his Father about Kunisada’s Byakugan eye. His Father seemed impressed and surprised, but Kunisada couldn’t help but notice a tinge of sadness in his voice. They both asked Kunisada to keep his eye to himself, to which Kunisada questioned, but his parents insisted that it remain a secret and he eventually agreed to do. After numerous training sessions, he would often times hear his Mother and Father wondering about if he would get both, even though his older brother only inherited one, which at the time Kunisada didn’t understand fully what they were talking about. On a day that Kunisada didn’t have to train, he decided to follow his older brother to where he trained. When he got there, he was met with Hideki throwing a kunai at him, where Kunisada had luckily and instinctively thrown his arms up and blocked it, but not before it sliced through a small portion of his arm, making it bleed. Kunisada felt the pain sear through his arm before he looked up at his older brother, who was now standing over him. Hideki asked what he was doing there and before Kunisada could respond Hideki told him to leave him alone. It wasn’t what he said that made him leave, it was how he said it; Hideki had told him to leave while holding another kunai in his hand. Kunisada, nervous and mildly scared, quickly turned around and ran back to his home while keeping his hand over his wound to keep pressure on it and to try and stop the bleeding. Once he made it home, he quickly ran into his room as he hurriedly scavenged for the medicine that his Mother told him to hold onto. After he found the small container, he quickly opened it and applied a small portion of the ointment. He saw his would begin to rapidly close while a small strand of smoke came off of his now closing wound, as if fire had touched water. He put the ointment up and decided to not tell his parents about what had happened for the knowledge of not knowing what Hideki would do if he told on him. A month before he was about to be entered into the Academy, his Father visited Kunisada one morning and told him to come see him when his Mother and brother were out of the house. After about an hour or so, Kunisada traveled through his house until he found his Father, who then proceeded to walk to his parent’s room. After entering the room, his father put a small amount of pressure and chakra on a portion of the wall. After doing so, the wall pushed open lightly, making Kunisada’s eyes widen in wonder and amazement. His Father quickly urged him to follow him as he descended into the darkness of the secret room. Kunisada quickly followed his Father’s footsteps as he felt himself climbing down a set of stairs, the only light was behind him and the further down he stepped, the farther the light became. As he continued down the stairs, he saw a few torches on the wall, which were luckily far away from the house itself to not catch ablaze. Kunisada was so entranced by what he was seeing that he accidentally bumped into his Father, who told him to pay attention. Kunisada apologized and listened to his Father, listening to him speak about something that only he and his Mother knew about and that he didn’t want him to mention what he was going to tell him to himself and not tell Hideki. Kunisada was nervous about his Father’s words, but he nodded in agreement. His Father went on about an ‘Uchiha heirloom’ that had been held onto for many generations. He said no one had used it for over a century, not since its last wielder, Sasuke Uchiha whom was one of Kunisada’s ancestors. Kunisada’s Father told him to look at the room, to which the child complied as he saw the black floor beneath his feet, with a few scratches along the ground. Kunisada looked at his Father questioningly after noticing what he saw in the room, to which his Father placed a hand on his shoulder and kneeled down at his eye level. He said ‘In time, you will understand Kunisada’, which made no sense to Kunisada before he saw his Father begin his ascension up the stairs once more. Kunisada quickly followed and after he was in his parent’s room once more, his Father closed the secret panel before looking at Kunisada and telling him to remember not to tell anyone about this; not even his older brother. After Kunisada agreed once more, his Father dismissed him to go on about his day.

Two weeks passed and it was only two more days until his first day at the Academy, something he was excited for. It was Kunisada’s day away from training as he was off playing with his friends, while his Mother and Father were home, along with Hideki. Kunisada felt a weird churning in his stomach before he left though as he gave his Mother and Father a hug before he left, saying goodbye to them. It was a strange, ominous feeling that he couldn’t understand, like something was going to happen today. Kunisada told himself that it was nothing, maybe nervous butterflies in his stomach because of how soon he was to joining the Academy. Kunisada played with his friends all day until the sun had almost set, where one of his friend’s parents had offered for Kunisada to spend the night, to which he politely declined and proceeded to say goodbye and run home. Kunisada ran home as fast as he could, seeing the light from the sun die out to be replaced by the darkness of the night sky. Kunisada opened the door to his home, yelling that he was sorry for being late and that he was home. Instead of hearing or seeing his Mother as soon as he came in, he listened for a response from throughout the house. All Kunisada heard at that moment was silence throughout the entire house, making Kunisada’s heart begin to race a bit. His parents were never in bed before Kunisada and Hideki both and they always made sure he was home before anything else. He wandered into the kitchen, looking there to see if maybe his parents or brother were in there. It was empty and clean, like his Mother liked to keep it. Kunisada began to panic a bit before quickly running through the house and to his older brother’s door, quickly knocking on it. He yelled for his older brother to open the door and help him. After his plea came out, he waited for his brother to respond; even if he never let him in his room, he’d always tell him to leave him alone. After another moment of silence, Kunisada hesitantly reached his hand up and slid his older brother’s door open, hoping to see his brother in his room. Kunisada quickly scanned the room, searching for his brother’s body. But to his finding, Kunisada’s brother was nowhere to be found. Kunisada felt his stomach churn as it had done previously in the day, his heart beginning to race quickly as he continued to panic. Kunisada quickly ran to his parent’s room, which in his panic, he’d forgotten to check. After he made his way to his parent’s room, he yelled out for them once more before sliding the door open quickly. As he gazed in the room, he felt the world around go quiet and time itself seemed to stop. He felt his heart suddenly drop as he saw his parents on the ground with Hideki standing over both of them, a kunai held tightly in his hands. He noticed the kunai dripping something before his legs moved on their own accord, rushing to his parent’s bodies. He felt tears gather in his eyes before flowing freely on his cheeks, desperately calling out to his parents and shaking them slightly. After they didn’t move, Kunisada glanced up at Hideki, who remained motionless as he watched his younger brother shake the bodies. Kunisada’s tears continued to fall as he asked his older brother what happened. He watched as Hideki remained silent before smiling wickedly at his younger brother, kneeling down to him. Kunisada watched as his brother kneeled down to him, making him back away slightly before seeing the kunai in his older brother’s hand, watching the red liquid on it begin to lightly trickle down onto the fingers of Hideki’s hand. Hideki finally responded to Kunisada, saying three words that made Kunisada’s shock increase tenfold: ‘I killed them.’ Kunisada’s eyes widened more so at his older brother’s confession, making him stammer out the only question his mind could think of to ask him: ‘W-why?’ His brother laughed in response before Kunisada quickly spun around and quickly tried to run away from his older brother. Hideki, being older and more experienced than Kunisada, quickly stopped his younger brother from running and punched him hard in the stomach. Kunisada felt his older brother’s fist dig deep into his stomach, making him feel like he was going to pass out from the force of the punch alone. After his brother punched him, he felt himself being pulled up by the collar of his shirt before looking at his older brother’s eyes, which now one was a dark crimson. The next words Hideki spoke made Kunisada shudder as he saw a smile appear on his face: ‘Enjoy the show.’ After uttering those words, Kunisada’s vision became engrossed into another world as he scanned the area around him; it was his own home. He saw Hideki standing in front of his parents in their room before he saw his older brother lunge forward and attack both of them, catching them by surprise. He yelled out at the images to stop fighting, hoping to stop their struggle, but of course it didn’t. He watched as Hideki slashed his Father’s hands, stopping him from finishing his seals for a Jutsu as well as causing his Father to yell out in pain. He saw his Mother begin to advance towards Hideki, but was stopped as Hideki looked her dead in the eyes which caused her to stop dead in her tracks with a thousand-mile stare. Kunisada called out and asked the image of his Mother what was wrong before seeing Hideki quickly plunge his kunai into his Father’s stomach, causing the older man to double over in pain. Kunisada watched in horror as he saw his Father fall to the ground before screaming at the image of Hideki to stop. Kunisada watched as Hideki brought his kunai up to his Father’s chest and plunged the dagger into his chest, making the blade become enveloped in blood. Kunisada yelled out in agony as he watched the scene play out before him, tears once again freely falling from his eyes. Kunisada fall his Father’s eye colors quickly dissolve into a gray color as his head fell to the side of the ground. He saw Hideki yank out the kunai out of their Father’s chest and turn to their Mother, who was still motionless and staring far away at nothing. Kunisada screamed for his Mother to move, but she didn’t as Hideki approached her and scowled at her before stabbing the kunai into his Mother’s chest, causing the blade to become repainted with her blood. He saw Hideki pull the blade away before seeing his Mother fall to the ground, motionless as her eyes became the same similar gray color that his Father’s were now. Kunisada quickly grabbed his head as it throbbed mercilessly in pain before screaming out in agony before dropping to his knees, his tears falling freely as he tried to shake the images away from his mind. He noted that Hideki had let him go at this point, but he knew that he was close to him. Kunisada felt a quick pain on the back of his neck as he felt himself becoming quickly tired as well as his vision becoming black. He fell forward onto the ground, tears staining his face as his cheek made impact with the ground with him. Kunisada moved his eyes as best he could but was only greeted by the sight of his parent’s bodies in front of him before the darkness quickly took over him. But before he fell into the darkness completely, he heard his older brother say something, but only heard the last few words: ‘golden child.’ After hearing that small portion of Hideki’s words, Kunisada’s vision faded to black.

Kunisada awoke, his eyes becoming blurry as the lights hit his eyes. He tried to shake off the feeling of drowsiness as he looked around the room, hearing voices surrounding him. They were all hushed and none of them seemed to notice Kunisada waking up. Kunisada quickly glanced around the room, seeing a few people just leave the room before feeling his throat was dry and itchy. He glanced over to the side table near the bed he was in and saw a clear cup of water. He slowly sat up in the bed, feeling the pillow support his lower back before reaching his hand over and taking the cup of water in his hand. He brought the beverage to his lips and began to drink the cool, refreshing liquid. Once he felt the last of the liquid pass his lips, his throat felt immediately better before placing the empty cup back on the side table. Suddenly, Kunisada’s memories of last night flashed through his mind, making his heart suddenly drop. Kunisada quickly jumped off the bed and quickly found his shoes by his bed and put them on before quickly running through the building, trying to find the exit. As he was running, he heard a man yell behind him, telling him to stop, but he continued to run. He finally ran out of what he soon figured out to be the hospital, briefly glancing over his shoulder to see where he had just left before continuing to run to his home. After minutes of running, Kunisada quickly found his home, but he saw yellow tape surrounding the front door that read ‘Do not cross’. Kunisada slowly bent underneath the tape and made his way inside of his home. He heard the silence that was eerily similar to last night, making his heart ache at the familiarity. Kunisada walked through the house as tears threatened to appear in his eyes as he made his way to his parent’s room. Kunisada quietly hoped that it all wasn’t true, that last night was just a very, very bad dream and that his parents were asleep in their bed. Kunisada slid the door open as he saw his parent’s bodies to be gone, but only to see their bodies to be replaced with their outline in white chalk. Kunisada felt a pang in his chest before he quietly began to shake his head slowly, not wanting to believe what he was seeing and what he had seen the previous night. He felt himself fall to his knees as his body began to shake slightly, from anger and sorrow of the previous night. He didn’t hear the silent footsteps behind him until he heard a woman’s voice call out his name quietly.  Kunisada knew her voice; it was a mother of one of his friends, but he still didn’t feel like looking up at her as he kept still as he continued to slightly shake. He felt her slowly approaching him and falling to her knees before placing a hand upon his shoulder lightly. For some reason, the touch on his shoulder made something in him snap as he quickly turned around and looked at the older woman, anger growing up quickly inside of him as he stared at her. He saw her quickly move back as she fell and stared at him in shock before quickly turning her gaze away. His eye was no longer its normal dark color, but instead had become replaced with a dark crimson color with three black tomoes circling. He, of course, was not aware of the change of his eyes until he saw the worried expression upon the woman’s face and the sudden glance away from him, making him quickly wonder what was wrong. He quickly stood as he ran to the bathroom in his parent’s room, looking himself in the mirror. His eyes widened as he saw the blood red color of his left eye, wondering what was going on, but unconsciously his mind began processing his eye and what it meant. He felt his anger dissipate from him before feeling a mixture of emotions overtake him. He heard the woman’s footsteps follow him slowly, looking in on him as he stared at his eye. He blinked once and the red color was gone before he quickly looked back at her, seeing her hesitate looking at him before sighing quietly. She told Kunisada to come back to her house, but Kunisada’s mind was so busy processing what was going on that he didn’t notice or feel her taking his hand and walking him back to his friend’s house. His friend was there and he quickly ran to Kunisada, but once he saw Kunisada’s face, he didn’t know what to say to him. Kunisada felt someone leading him to another room of his friend’s home, as well as being placed onto a bed before seeing his friend’s mother leave some water beside him and told him to call her if he needed anything. Kunisada’s brain lazily picked up these words, but not fully processing them before she left the room and closed the door behind her. Kunisada stared up at the ceiling for minutes, yet they felt like hours before he fell back to sleep.

He awoke later that night, seeing a plate of food next to him as well as the cup of water. He stared at the objects for a moment before slowly moving himself up into a sitting position. He noticed that the sun was no longer shining dimly from behind the clouds, but the night had taken over the sky. He glanced at the food, knowing he didn’t have much of an appetite but instead took the water and took a few sips from the water before putting it back down on the ground. He quietly stood up and moved towards the window in the room before opening it and jumping out of the room. After he landed on the ground, he began to walk back to his home before hearing a clap of thunder overhead as it began to rain. He glanced up as he felt the rain slowly begin to fall upon him, dampening his hair and beginning to do the same to his clothes. Kunisada continued to walk to his home before bending underneath the tape in front of his home and open the door as he stepped inside. He quickly found himself walking back to his own room before sitting against his nightstand in his room, staring at the room.  He saw his toys, still scattered across the room as he had left them two days ago. Kunisada stayed up the rest of the night, still slightly aware that tomorrow would be his first day at the Academy.

As the sun rose, Kunisada glanced outside as a small part of him wondered if he should go to the Academy today, but his body moved on its own as he went to the bathroom to shower and wash his face. After a change of clothes, Kunisada looked at himself in the mirror, the water falling off of his black as night hair briefly as he stared at his reflection. His eyes no longer had the same mirth that they held two days prior, but were just darkened in hue. Kunisada shook his head slightly and moved out of the bathroom as he gathered his backpack from his room and walked himself to school. As he made his way to school, he kept his hands in his pockets and kept his head down, but he also heard some of the whispers of the Villagers as he passed them by. They were all too hushed for him to hear what they were saying, but he knew they were speaking about what happened two days ago. The rest of the day was normal for the first day of school: everyone was introduced to their teacher, and was asked to present themselves to the class. When it came to Kunisada’s turn though, he simply stated his name and sat back down. The other students around him who didn’t know him glanced at him curiously and his friends didn’t bother him for not feeling like talking; the look on the teacher’s face seemed to show that the teacher didn’t blame him either. As for the rest of the day, Kunisada found himself isolated from everyone else. He didn’t feel like talking to anyone, not even his friends. After they were all dismissed from school, Kunisada left the Academy grounds and returned back to his home and placed his stuff into his room before heading outside to the spot where his Father trained him before. He continued to practice his Fire Jutsu for a half-hour, which was normally the time his Father would stop him, before he went back home. Luckily, Kunisada still had food in the home to eat that were leftovers, so he reheated them and decided to eat the leftovers. This became a pattern for the first few months of Kunisada’s life in the Academy: Wake up, go to school, go home, train from his normal schedule, eat, and sleep. He didn’t have any interactions with his friends anymore; he usually didn’t give himself enough time to socialize with his friends.

One day stood out in particular to him during those months on his new pattern, during which time he had turned 6 years old. On his way back home from school he saw someone standing in front of the door, glancing at the door as if he was studying it. Kunisada took notice of a few things of the stranger: the man was obviously older than him, taller too, he had dark red hair and that was all he could take note of before seeing the stranger vanish from where he was standing. Kunisada quickly ran to his home to see if the man had done anything to his house, but all he noticed was an envelope wedged in between the door, to which Kunisada quickly removed it before staring at the envelope strangely and closing the door to his home behind him. On the seal of the note, it was an insignia that he hadn’t seen before, but he opened it anyways. As he opened the note and placed the envelope on the kitchen table, he read the letter. It was a note from someone named ‘Kagato’ saying that he would be taking care of the people of the Village as his reign as the Kage of Amegakure. Kunisada re-read the letter twice, not fully sure what to make of the letter, but he assumed that whoever this ‘Kagato’ was speaking to him in this letter. He had no idea if anyone else had received a letter like this, but he figured he must’ve gotten it for a reason so he took it seriously, especially since it was from the new Kage.

Genin Years

For the following years, Kunisada continued his normal schedule from school: Study, train, eat, and sleep. He had become more distant from the crowd at the school, which pained his friends, but they seemed to quickly forget about his absence as time progressed. There were some new additional benefits since Kagato had taken over as Kage of Amegakure. They had built themselves some training dummies and a training ground not too far from the school. Briefly after his day at school, Kunisada would practice on the training grounds after school and once he was done there, he would still continue his normal training. After a few months of turning the age of 12, Kunisada realized that he was going to be graduating soon. Days passed before he passed the requirements of having to pass the Academy as he was awarded a headband with the representation of Amegakure. After being dismissed and taking his headband with him, Kunisada stood outside of the Academy for few seconds before placing the headband around his forehead and wrapping it around his head, his black bangs covering most of the headband besides the few impressions of the Amegakure insignia on his headband. Now that he graduated from the Academy, he was supposed to get assigned to a team and a sensei to train them. Or at least, that’s what he was told from the teacher of the Academy. He knew that there were missions throughout the Village and he knew that at his point he shouldn’t be trying anything too high ranking for now. He decided to stick with D-ranked missions until he felt capable of going onto higher rank missions. For the next year, Kunisada spent all of his time looking for different missions to do as well as train with a few others; he didn’t interact much with everyone, but given that he was fresh out of the Academy he figured that training with others wouldn’t hurt. When Kunisada wasn’t training or on missions, he would be studying. Just because he wasn’t in the Academy anymore didn’t mean he couldn’t learn about other kinds of Jutsu as well as anything else he wasn’t aware of; the Academy only told him so much. Luckily, as the year progressed and he had done enough missions to do so, Kunisada was able to get himself an apartment of his own. It was a bit farther away from the rest of the Village than a lot of the other ones were, but Kunisada had chosen it. It was big enough for at least two people, but he figured it would make do; he didn’t mind the extra space much.

On the day of Kunisada’s 13th birthday, he didn’t feel the need to go on a mission or train today; he had something else in mind. After waking up, he made his way to his old home, crossing underneath the tape that still was hanging in front of the home. He made his way through his old home, seeing nothing changed and everything was in its original position. No one except for Kunisada ever came in the house, which wasn’t a big surprise to him. After making his way to his parent’s old room, Kunisada glanced around the room, noticing the familiarity of it all. For a moment, his eyes paused on a spot in the middle of the room where his Mother had taught him how to make the secret medicine of the Hyuga. He could almost see his younger self in front of him as well as see his Mother beside his younger self; this was all a part of his memory, of course, but he remembered it all the same. Kunisada turned his head away from the spot in the middle of the room before glancing over at the wall his Father had shown him when he was younger. He slowly made his way over to the wall and pressed his hand lightly against it, as well as placing a bit of chakra into the secret panel, causing it to slowly open. Kunisada lightly pushed the panel open a bit more before making his way down the steps, memorizing the path from his earlier experience when he was a kid. After stepping down the final step, Kunisada’s eyes found the torches, which to no surprise were no longer lit. Kunisada made his way over to one and shot a small fireball at the torch, watching as it caught ablaze. After doing the same to the other torches around the room, Kunisada glanced around the room, remembering where the scratches on the ground were before he recalled what his Father told him that day: ‘In time, you will understand.’ He repeated those words to himself as he tried to piece together the message that his Father was trying to convey to him all those years ago. He calmly made his way over to the scratches on the floor, before kneeling down and placing his hand over it. His fingers began to graze the floor and he placed his hand in the middle of the scratch before attempting to pour a bit of chakra into the ground. After waiting for a moment, Kunisada’s eyes narrowed before he stood up and removed his hand from the scratch. He continued this process on the other scratches that were on the floor until he came across the last one. He was beginning to think that there might be a different way to do this as opposed to the way he was doing it. Kunisada kneeled down one last time at the last scratch before repeating the process. This time as he poured in his chakra, he heard something make a slight ‘click’ sound before he stood up and took a step back and saw the floor beneath the scratch open slightly to reveal stone stab over what looked to be a container. Kunisada’s eyes narrowed in slightly confusion before he knelt down and removed the top of the container, placing it gently on the ground beside him. Inside of the chest, he found a few scrolls which he carefully removed as well as a long rectangular black box, which was about the same length of the chest it was residing in. Kunisada looked inside the box to find it empty, but the black box made him confused. After a moment, he placed the box in front of him as he carefully and slowly opened the latches that were keeping it closed and sealed. Kunisada slowly opened the box to see a long black sheathe staring back at him, making Kunisada’s eyes narrow once more. He carefully took the sheath and slowly removed it from the box it resided in before slowly standing up and examining it. It was black and the top of the object was black as well, but it was a slight gray color from the rest of it. He slowly took hold of what looked to be a handle of the object before slowly moving it away from each other. The top of the sheath slowly came with his hand with a ‘click’ and Kunisada’s eyes caught a glimmer of silver from the space between; it was a blade. His eyes widened slightly as he fully pulled the rest of the blade out of its sheath. Kunisada stared at the blade carefully before remembering what his Father had told him: ‘the last wielder, Sasuke Uchiha’. Kunisada looked at the blade before understanding that this was Sasuke Uchiha’s blade, the Kusanagi. Kunisada quickly placed it back into its sheath before kneeling once more and placing the sword back into the long rectangular black box it came from. After a moment, Kunisada gathered up the scrolls that he had found atop of the box holding the Kusanagi and placed them beside the box. He quickly picked up the stone slab lid and placed it back where he had found it. After placing the lid back atop of the container, the panel that withheld all of the items that were in Kunisada’s possession slowly sunk back into the ground before a clicking noise was heard; the floor looked as if nothing had happened in the first place. Kunisada moved as he picked up the box holding the Kusanagi inside of it as well as the other scrolls that he had found. Kunisada made his way up the stairs before closing the secret panel door. Kunisada made his way to the front door before he placed the scrolls in his own pockets, only carrying the box that withheld Kusanagi. After exiting his home, he quickly made his way back to his home, being careful not to go close to too many people, to avoid suspicion. After he arrived home, he placed the Kusanagi on his bed before sitting on it himself and emptied his pockets of the scrolls that he had obtained on the visit to his old home. He opened the first scrolls to read what they contained. One of the scrolls gave directions to a location that made Kunisada curious. Another scroll was about the Byakugan eye as well as its capabilities. Another scroll contained a Jutsu called ‘Gentle Fist Art One Blow Body’. Kunisada sighed quietly as he looked upwards at his ceiling then back at the Kusanagi; he had some training to do.

Over the course of a year, he continuously trained with his new blade as well as other Jutsus that he had managed to learn, Kunisada heard about the upcoming Chunin Exams. He had heard of the Chunin Exams right before he had found the Kusanagi and the other scrolls from his old home, but given the new discoveries he figured it would be best to try out the following year. Kunisada heard of many teams joining in the Chunin Exams due to their senseis believing in them to do so, but since Kunisada didn’t have a teacher or teammate, he decided to enter himself on the competition. A week after finding the scroll about the Sharingan, he had taken a few days away from missions and training to find this undisclosed location, bringing the scroll with him as well as making sure he wasn’t being followed. After traveling for at least two days, Kunisada found himself at the ruined Village of Konohagakure. Kunisada’s eyes narrowed as he began to slowly walk through the rubble and dust of the Village of Konoha. He remembered reading about this place as well as hearing about its destruction. Kunisada continued to follow the directions before finding the ruined building that the directions led him to. He had to move some rubble out of the way before finding what the scroll had been leading him to. He found himself staring at a stone monument in front of him before closing his left eye and opening it slowly, revealing the red hue of his Sharingan eye. As he read the stone, he learned the information of the Sharingan and about the next level of the Sharingan, something called the Eternal Mangenkyo Sharingan. Kunisada memorized the knowledge before realizing that this was as far as he could understand for now. Kunisada quickly made his way out of the hidden location and moved everything, including the rubble back to its original position; it was if no one was there at all. He stared around the destroyed Village once more, taking in the fallen buildings as well as the dust and rubble that gathered on the ground. After a moment, Kunisada began to make his way back to Amegakure. After two more days of travel, Kunisada went home and rested for the remainder of the day, planning on continuing to train for the Chunin Exams. A few days before the Chunin Exams began Kunisada wandered the Village before stumbling upon a merchant’s shop and entering to browse through some of their items. A piece of equipment caught Kunisada’s gaze almost instantly: it was a rebreather. Kunisada thought about the possibility of someone in the Exams using a poisonous gas or poisonous Jutsu, so he decided to get one for himself; better to be safe than sorry. He placed the mask on after purchasing it, liking the feel of it on his face as if something about wearing the mask felt normal. Kunisada then went on his day to train until the sun set upon him.

After a few weeks passed and it was the day of his 14th birthday, Kunisada spent most of the whole day training, focusing on trying to prepare for the Exams. He was now wearing his mask daily now as he enjoyed wearing it, not wearing his headband anymore; for some reason, Kunisada felt like wearing the mask and headband at the same time just didn’t feel right to him. After spending the day away, he went home and went to bed, putting away his mask and his Kusanagi. The next day, he awoke on his bed with a small but irritating pain over his right eye. He quickly raised his arm to feel his eye, but his fingers felt something wet. Feeling slightly confused, he pulled his hand away to see his own blood on his fingers, making him quickly get out of bed and run towards his bathroom. As he entered, Kunisada saw a deep scar over his right eye, making him react quickly and dab his eye gently with a towel, wiping off the dried up blood that had collected overnight. He had no idea how the scar had appeared there, he hadn’t been injured yesterday while he was training. He glanced at himself in the mirror after he removed most of the dried up blood and the wound seemed to have been closed, but it was going to leave one heck of a scar. As he stared at his eye in the mirror, a sudden flashback of a man with a red eye passed quickly through his head. The image surprised Kunisada who backed away from the mirror reflexively. His eyes narrowed slightly, not sure of where that image had come from but he quickly dismissed it, trying to focus on the rest of the day, but even throughout the day, his thoughts lingered on the scar over his right eye. Over the next few days, Kunisada began to adopt wearing his mask daily everywhere which quickly became normal to him. Every night since that night when he slept, he remembered bits and pieces of things he didn’t remember. He remembered seeing from another person’s eyes staring at Kunisada and tilting his head, as if wondering who Kunisada was. Some nights he remembered a stabbing pain going through his body and opening to see his right eye bloodied. And sometimes, he remembered a smile and a laugh that didn’t sound or look familiar to him at all. He usually woke from these dreams relatively quick, but the images lingered around in his mind even after waking up.

Chunin Years

Two more months passed before the Chunin Exams had begun for the Village of Amegakure, to which Kunisada had been training for. When he arrived at the designated point where all of the Genin teams that were entering the Exams, he saw most of them trying to appear normal and casual on the outside, but their nervous smiles weren’t so great at covering their façade. Many of the Genin stared at him as he isolated himself from the other teams, wondering where his team was and what he was doing there. Kunisada didn’t bother trying to explain himself to the rest of them; he was keeping his focus on the Exams. Over the next few days, the Exams consisted of a test of their abilities, to which some of the Genin teams failed either fully or just individually. After the first test, they decided to pit Genin against Genin to see who could advance from the Genin rank to a Chunin rank. He continued to advance after his fights had ended rather quickly. Why the matches ended so quickly depended on who he was fighting; some were overconfident, some were too timid, and others made an error in judgment or a combination of other things. As the day ended, the Jounin watching over the Exams told the remaining Genin that they would be given a day to rest but they would resume and possibly finish the Exams the next day; even though there were only a handful of Genin remaining. After their day of respite was over, the fights continued in the Exams as the day progressed. As the fights continued, Kunisada would often hear cheers of encouragement to others fighting, which he presumed were from friends of the participants fighting at the moment or just teammates of their team that made it this far. After the quarter-finals and semi-finals were over, it came down to Kunisada and another Genin, who was notably getting a bit of an ego for advancing this far in the Exams when his teammates hadn’t. As the last fight began, the Genin who was fighting Kunisada was just a little too cocky and sloppy as the fight ended much quicker than he had expected; with the tip of Kunisada’s kunai pressed against the back of his neck. The Jounin watching over the match called the fight to an end as he declared Kunisada as the winner of the final fight.

After the fight ended, Kunisada met a Jounin before he left, congratulating him on achieving the rank of Chunin. The Jounin had told Kunisada that he would be training with him and watching over his progress, to which Kunisada nodded his head and left after being told where and when to meet for their first training session. Kunisada was given the next two days off to recover from the Chunin Exams, as per his instruction from the Jounin he’d met. Over the next few weeks, Kunisada trained with the Jounin before they decided to go on any missions together or if Kunisada was tasked to go on one on his own. After a month, the Jounin had decided that Kunisada was ready enough to go on higher ranked missions than he was used to, going along with him to help him understand different tasks in a mission and how to handle certain situations in the field. They continued to go on missions for the next few months as Kunisada learned about different missions, situations, and any other useful information he could gather. When he wasn’t on missions with the Jounin or on days where he was told to rest, Kunisada was training as usual, learning different Jutsu as well as Genjutsu for his Sharingan. He trained in solitude whenever he wasn’t being told to train with the Jounin that was assigned to him. As time progressed, Kunisada had turned 15, which his teacher had wished him. And Kunisada had mildly thought about the progress he’d done as well as his own changes. Over the years since he graduated from the Academy, his tone had deepened a bit, his muscles were developed and toned due to his training, he had grown taller, he learned new abilities and Jutsu: all of the normal changes for a ninja and for a person; and he had also learned some things about himself. His 15th birthday passed over as any normal day, except for his sensei telling him that he would need to start doing his own missions as he would be going away on a mission by himself. Kunisada accepted the news and continued on the rest of the day without focusing too hard on the fact that the Jounin would be leaving for a while. For the next few weeks, Kunisada had continued with doing his missions, being absent from the Village for more than a few days; sometimes he would even be gone for over a week. After a month or so, he found that his Jounin had just returned to the Village, injured from an incident on his mission. Kunisada decided to visit him just to see how he was doing, to which the Jounin jested that he had been better. After making sure he was alright, Kunisada continued to go on missions as well as train when he could; he would, of course, take days off to rest and recover when he felt the need to.

Moving Up

Over the course of a year, Kunisada had moved up from doing C to B-rank missions to A-rank missions. He hadn’t made the decision completely by himself, the Jounin that was still watching over agreed that he needed to do one sooner or later from one of the very brief conversations that usually ensued between the two. So, on Kunisada’s 16th birthday, he didn’t find it much of a surprise to meet up with the Jounin to see him smiling before handing Kunisada a scroll with the specifications of an A-rank mission. He told Kunisada ‘Happy birthday’ with a massive grin on his face, then they began Kunisada’s first A-rank mission. They were gone for about two weeks, the mission had a few snags in it, but they were able to successfully complete the mission and make it back home without any massive injuries; a few cuts and bruises here and there, of course, but nothing too severe. After they made it back to the Village safely, they both took a few days off to recover from their trip. They continued this schedule for a few months: going on an A-rank mission, coming back and resting for a few days. After a certain amount of times, the Jounin felt that Kunisada could handle himself in A-rank missions solo. So Kunisada began to take on A-rank missions on his own, that were notably quieter and absent in company, but Kunisada didn’t mind either. After being gone for a week or so, Kunisada returned home from his mission successfully. The Jounin seemed impressed and, even though he wouldn’t fully admit it, he showed a bit of pride in Kunisada’s development. When Kunisada had mentioned this to him, the Jounin shrugged his shoulders and said ‘You did alright.’ After that, the Jounin insisted that Kunisada continue to try a few more solo A-rank missions before deciding if they would do anymore together or not.

Eventually, the two split apart as the Jounin felt confident on Kunisada’s abilities to handle himself on his own missions now. He had told Kunisada this and that if he ever wished to talk, to just ask. Kunisada had thanked him for helping him all this time and after that last meet-up, the two went on their own separate paths. For another year, Kunisada continued to do missions, as well as train on the side when he had time to; he didn’t wander into town very often and he didn’t have people who knew him. A few weeks after his 17th birthday, he was about to leave the gates of Amegakure for a mission before the Jounin he had known for some time stopped him before he left and asked Kunisada if he had a moment. Kunisada informed him that he was about to go on a mission, to which the Jounin laughed in response. He told Kunisada that he was impressed with his progress and that he was going to do his best to inform the Kage about him when he was able to. Kunisada didn’t fully know how to react to his words, but he thanked him nonetheless. After saying their goodbyes, Kunisada left for his mission. When Kunisada returned, he learned that the Jounin was on a long-term mission that he’d accepted just a few days after Kunisada had departed. He didn’t hear anything different or receive any notifications from the Kage, so he figured that the Jounin wasn’t able to report to the Kage to inform him of what he had told Kunisada before he left. Kunisada didn’t let it bother him since the Jounin said when he had time; ninja get busy, so why blame it on him? He just decided to continue on his cycle of going on missions and resting for a few days, with some training on the side if he felt the need to. As months began to pass, Kunisada hadn’t been informed that the Jounin was back from his mission for a few days and even then, Kunisada was gone away on another mission when the Jounin had returned. It wasn’t until he returned from his mission that he had noticed a message on his front door, making Kunisada wonder who had placed it there. As he removed the message from the door and entered his home, closing the door behind him he flipped the envelope over as his eyes narrowed at the insignia that sealed the envelope. It was the same insignia that he had seen when he was 6 after returning home from his day at the Academy; he remembered that it was the insignia of Kagato, the Kage of Amegakure. He opened the envelope and removed the message before carefully flipping the note open and reading the words on the page. Kagato requested his attention the day after he returned from his mission, so that meant for Kunisada the next day the Kage wanted to speak to him.

Meeting Kagato

The day after receiving the letter, Kunisada reported to the Amegakure Tower, as it was the only building Kunisada could imagine that the Kage would be in. After going in the Tower, Kunisada soon met the Kage of Amegakure. He remembered some details about the man from his childhood where he had briefly seen him, but now he was able to meet him face to face. Kagato introduced himself first and foremost and, even though he was sure that Kagato knew who he was, Kunisada still introduced himself. Kagato then informed Kunisada that he had heard a lot about him from a Jounin, even though Kunisada had already known who he was talking about. Kagato had informed Kunisada that he was thinking of moving his rank to a higher tier, but Kunisada noted that Kagato’s voice held an uncertain tone as if he was debating where to put him. Kunisada had asked if Kagato wanted to move Kunisada up to Jounin rank, to which Kagato remained silent for a few moments before discussing his idea of where to put him. Kunisada didn’t know how to take the news that Kagato had told him; he wanted Kunisada to be the leader of the ANBU of Amegakure. Kunisada didn’t know how to accept the position, but Kagato had said that he would give him some time to think about the offer. After Kunisada left, he pondered the idea in his head for the rest of the day, the thought never leaving his mind. The day after his meeting with the Kage, Kunisada left on a mission for a few days, trying to get the thought out of his head for a while to see if he could focus on something else for a while. During the mission, when he was mostly traveling, the scene played over and over in his mind. After returning from his mission, he took a day off before deciding that Kagato needed to know an answer soon; it wasn’t good to keep one’s Kage waiting. After he returned to Kagato’s office once again, he accepted the offer of being the leader of the ANBU, to which Kagato nodded his head. He told him that he would have Kunisada train for becoming such a high rank before he officially declared him to be the official leader of the ANBU. So for the following months, Kagato had Kunisada training for the position that he was about to fill in. While training, Kagato and Kunisada had formed a silent friendship between the two of them. At some point, Kagato had deemed that Kunisada was ready to take on the role of the leader of the ANBU of Amegakure. A few days later, Kagato had given Kunisada a new set of black ANBU gear that was made to Kunisada’s requirements; Kunisada also received a new rebreather as well as the gear from Kagato. On the day of his 18th birthday, which was after he had gotten his ANBU gear from Kagato, Kunisada decided to get the ANBU insignia tattooed on his left bicep. From then on out, he was the leader of the ANBU and he normally reported to Kagato, who had now become a friend of his and him of Kagato even if Kagato hadn’t referred to him as one yet, anytime he needed to.

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