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Kagato Uzumaki , Akatori Yamanaka , Unaru Inuzuka , Masaru Geikami , & Reika Yuki

Title:Trouble Hidden in The Bamboo: Rise of The Yumei Legion

Kagato: -As for most days Kagato was hard at work up in the largest tower, in Amegakure. The Tower was a very large metal structure that loomed over Amegakure with its tremendous height. The structure was made up blue and purple metal that seemed to clutch on to the very dim light that leaked through the ominous storm clouds that swirled over top of The Hidden Rain Village. Brilliant flashes of lighting incased the dark sky followed by the sound of thunder crashing all around the tower echoed off the metal building with a robotic undertone. The rain falling as it always did hitting the large metal construct like thousands of beating drums. Kagato was in his office in the very top of this tower, sitting at his large black stoned toped metal drawer Kage desk. The cool stone had the symbol of the Amegakure carved out in intricate detail. His desk top flooded with paper work and scrolls of all kinds from the daily comings and goings of all the shinobi of the hidden rain, along with requests from outside villages. He reached back to the back of his head taking hold of the tie he used to hold back his crimson hair in a ponytail. With on quick fluid motion he untied his hair letting his red strands fall to his shoulders and back. He shook his head from left to right slowly and then began to As he was before shuffling the papers around on his desk which made him come upon a report of three unknown shinobi’s lurking around the Bamboo forest just outside the Amegakure walls. This caught his immediate attention, his one emerald eye and one cobalt eye shifted back and forth rapidly as he read the details. Their ranks were unknown, as well as their purpose which made Kagato a bit uneasy. To have those he did not know wandering around so close to his village made him very on guard. He thought for a moment before deciding this would be a good test for Akatori , seeing as she had not too long ago became a chuunin he wanted to test her leadership abilities to see if she was capable of leading a team on her own. He had thought she would make an excellent Jouninin time from how she handled everything else that was thrown at her; this could be the very thing he needed to see for her to tell if she was indeed ready for such a task. He had watched her grow as a shinobi and had a hand in molding her ever since he took over team one which didn’t seem that long ago to him yet time had passed rather quickly. He was proud of her accomplishments and even how she handled herself in the chuunin exams. He had high hopes and expectations for her not only because she was a member of his own team but he could see her potential as a shinobi and wanted it to grow strong with the strength of a mighty oak tree and the passion of a engulfing all-consuming inferno. Kagato reached down to his right desk drawer pulling it open very carefully, reached in side pulling out a blank scroll. He pushed the other papers off to the side with one wave of his right arm. He laid the scroll flat on his desk and began to unravel it, taking a pen that was laying on his desk he wrote out the mission details. This mission will be classified as a B rank Mission. The leader of this team will be Akator Yamanaka. The three Genin that will be accompanying here is as follows, Reika Yuki, Masaru Geikami, and Unaru Inuzuka will be sent out to the bamboo forest to investigate the sightings of three unknown shinobi in the Bamboo forest. The mission parameters are as follows: First locate the unknown shinobi, Stay hidden and watch their movements. Secondly After observing their actions determine if they are a threat and finally if thought to oppose a threat engage them and take them captive interrogate the on the spot, then eliminate them and report their findings back to Kagato. Kagato signed his name at the bottom of the scroll, rolled it up tight, and then sealed it with the official seal of the Amekage. Kagato took a deep breath in then puckered his lips together. He exhaled very slowly with a sharp whistling sound passing through his lips which bounced off the metallic walls of his office. Seconds later a large black feathered bird with an orange beak and talons made its way to Kagato’s Desk through and open window.This was the Kage’s personal messenger bird. It sat there cocking its head to the side awaiting the Kage to strap the scroll to the bird’s leg. The bird’s beady little black eyes watched carefully as Kagato took a bit of string from yet another drawer in his desk and leaned the scroll up against the bird’s leg. Taking the string in his other hand he wrapped it around the scroll and the leg of the bird tying it tightly around its leg. After doing so Kagao waved his right hand in the air quickly almost in a chopping like move which was the signal for the bird to take off and find Akatori to pass on the mission scroll. The bird took flight with a quick flap of its log black feathered wings which had an oil like gloss over them reflecting the light making them shimmer. A single black feather fell from the bird’s wing as it took off out the window. It floated carelessly in the breeze that the window provided access to. It floated in a back and forth motion until landing on the floor of the tower. It wouldn’t be long now that Akatori would be receiving the mission He had hoped everything would go well, after all this could be the push she needed. -

Guest_Akatori2: -Akatori strolled along the calm streets of Amegakure. It was a little bit after lunch hour, and Akatori was leaving one of her favorite little noodle shop, and was on her way home to grab some supplies and visit the medical clinic to help out. The rain bounced off her umbrella, which matched the purple and blue crop shirt that snuggled her body and the armored gloves she wore. Her tight pecan shaded ponytail swayed as she walked over large puddles on her way home. Before arriving home, something caught Akatori's attention. It sounded like cries from a hawk. When looking to see what it actually was, it turned out to be in fact the midnight black hawk of Kagato-Sama, her sensei, and the Amekage. It's path was set straight towards Aka. She would close the umbrella, and let the hooked handle of it hand off the black rope of her Yamanaka Clan hakama.-"Here boy!"- She whistled for the bird and held out her arm, as he clung his talons around her glove. Aka woulf pet his head and give him praises. She had always had an affinty for birds of all kinds,and were always amazed by them. Interested in the scroll tied around his leg, she would pluck it off, and read it softly to herself in a hushed tone. She smiled ear to ear after reading the details of the mission. It was her time to shine and lead a team. Akatori could not blow this chance to impress her comrades and Sensei.-" Oii! Looks like it's my time to kick some ass, ain't it little guy?"-She would kiss the birds head and send him back on his way to Kagato. Her next move was to summon her team to the gates so she may escort them out. With a swing of the arm, Aka threw her umbrella to the side of her porch and put her hands together, almost in prayer. A vein began to show on her forehead as she used her Mind Body Transmission Technique. With this jutsu, she contacted Unaru, Reika, and Masaru metally. She could portray an image, message, or emotion to the genin, but all she needed was to leave a message. *Hello, I request your presence at the Gates immediately*. And having made contact, she would travel with great haste to the Gates, being the first on there. Now, she waited for the Genin to join her so the mission, and the chance to prove her leadership may begin-

Guest_UnaruInuzuka: -Unaru had been walking along the streets of the village after having just stopped in his own dinky one bedroom apartment to both grab something to eat and to clean and sharpen a few of his own tools of the trade. He had been heading towards the market to grab a few things for his kitchen having found them almost bare when he had been there. He let his silver shards glance up into the pouring rain only blinking the rain away when it did touch those sensitive organs, a action of lifting his head to the heavens like in defiance to the weather, to say he will not bow down to even nature itself. He gave a sigh as he brought his hand to his hair letting fingers comb thru the messy mop of red brown locks that rested above a simple long black bandana at his brow before he looked back down at the path he was taking. His form was in his typical attire, Simple mesh shirt, black sleeveless jacket nestling a Amegakure plated spiked choker at his neck, black long sleeve gloves underneath a pair of bracers and a pair of dark shinobi pants. His hip and thigh pouch always attached to him, his paranoia never making him comfortable without his weapons on hand, even if he was safe inside these walls he has come to start to call home. Snuggled into the jacket, like she often was, was his little Buruu, her pointed ears flicking whenever the rain found them to land on her black and brown furred head. Her light blue orbs watching the people around with curiosity but never one to wish to abandon her warm place. Anryoku on the other hand was almost the opposite today, his antics in front of his path was to find as many puddles to jump in, his white and red fur soaked by now as his dark green eyes looked for more fun to play with. He had just went to turn into one of the shops when he got the message from Tori, having felt this once before he hadn’t reacted much, but he couldn’t help the worry of her ever getting to read another’s mind to flit to his own thoughts. Typical of him his expression showed nothing, a simple silent mask he has had for quite a while from long before he ever stepped foot in this village a year ago.- “Come on, we got a mission Anryoku.” -With that comment made he had turned and started at a sprint towards the entrance of the village. As sandal clad feet splashed in the water puddles he couldn’t help the small joy that seemed to come to him. If it was to the gates he hoped it was to lead outside… being stuck within the walls of the village wasn’t something he enjoyed… His male ninken had caught up to him in a few bounds and found himself dropping himself onto Unarus shoulder a place he was quite comfortable taking up. soon enough he started walking as the gates had come into sight not making the Chunin wait long hopefully.

MadeltInkami: Masaru back and forth two buildings, while practicing his hand signs as he reached the roof tops he did a back flip before landing back down into the alley. As he landed he immediately begun again pushing himself as far into the air as he could, trying his hardest to stay focused enough to complete the hand signs for the few jutsu he knew. As he reached the top again he flipped and landed ontop a of a roof. Masaru quickly flipped, standing on his hands as he began to kick as hard and fast as he could in a spinning motion before he reached the edge, using one hand to toss himself into the air where he flipped, shutting his eyes as his body turned against the wind, he continued his hand signs but just as he reached the peak of his flip his concentration was broken by a voice he heard in his head. Masaru quickly opened his eyes as he tried to make out the words he heard. He managed to make out the message but suddenly realized he was still falling. He pulled his favorite kunai knife from his pouch and rode against the wall, his kunai giving him a bit of friction to slow his sliding. " Heh okay Masaru...you got this...No no no no!" he exclaimed as his kunai knife flew from his hand and up into the air, he dodged it as he flew passed his face but failure to watch where he was falling blew up in his face. He slammed face first into the dirt of the alley as he quickly moved out of the way of his kunai that was bound to come down and take his head off if he wasnt fast enough. "Phew.." he sighed as he stood dusting him off, the kunai knife flying down and digging into the dirt a few inches from his right foot. "Ngh!" he exclaimed stumbling back. "Jeez.." He ran and grabbed the rest of his things he had sat off to the side in the alley earlier to reduce his weight. Eager to find out why he was needed he ran down the streets of Amegakure but even as eager as he was he couldnt figure a reason as to why he would be needed. He had never been needed before so why now? Soon he decided he'd just find out when he got there after all it wasnt every day he could leave the village in fact this was his very first time. Why waste it over analyzing? He ran as fast as he can to the large gates of his home splashing in puddles in his excitement, he could make out the figures of two ninja at the entrance of the village as he got closer. Finally it was Masaru's chance to see the world outside the walls he had known as all life had for him for far too long.

Guest_DragonPriestessKisa: -Reika was in her apartment, rushing about, trying to find something she had actually misplaced. Her brown hair pushed to one side, falling down to one side as she pushed her fringe behind her ear. She had been looking for a hairpin container, that she just just seen a few minutes ago. Her black wedges clacked against against the floor as she dashed around the room, flinging things over her shoulders, digging to find the hairpins that she needed. She felt her fringe fall out from her ear and stood back up. Her hair fell over her eyes, she really needed to get her fringe cut as she looked at her attire today, she was in a ice blue knee length kimono with white around the edges, trimming it, giving it that wintry feel of snow, or ice, just like the Yuki clan.- “Damnit... where is it?” -She asked herself scratching the back of her head, a look of confusion plastered over her face. Her thigh pouch and back pouch were securely hooked on her or near her at all times, in case she was called to a mission and needed to leave quickly. Going back to looking, she threw her head back and tied her auburn brown hair midway down the hair length itself. Sitting down on her bed, she looked at her now messed up apartment, she really had turned her room inside out trying to look for them but felt something small under her. Getting up from the bed, she looked at the bed to see her hairpins, so that's where they were. Taking a deep breath, she let a nervous out she heaved a heavy sigh and reached out to grab her hairpins, but before she could reach them, she felt the feeling of someone talking to her through telepathy? She wasn't sure herself as she let the message play itself in her mind and decided that it would be serious if it needed to use this kind of communication. What she didn't get was why an inexperienced genin would be needed for this mission, she wouldn't be that much help to be honest, not that she knew of at least, but she had been requested. Grabbing a few hairpins, she pinned her fringe back, not wanting her fringe to obstruct her view of anything. Moving out of the window, she didn't bother to lock her front door. No one would come in here anyway, not into her apartment. Sprinting down the streets fast with a sense of urgency, she moved to the front gate of Ame where they were told to meet. Her eyes locked onto a blonde haired girl, a black haired male and Una. Her eyes looked at Una, she had wanted to talk to him, to talk to him about what had happened at the spar and that she wasn't scared of him. Moving towards everyone, she wasn't sure where to stand but she just stood in the group but behind everyone just a tiny bit away, not by much. She awaited her orders like a good child would listen to their teacher. Who was their leader for their mission? Shaking her head mentally, she awaited words from the other three around her.-

Guest_Akatori2: "Ah good, you have all made it just in time"-Akatori would nod at the group as the young girl, who had to be Reika Yuki arrived. She already knew Unna well, and the blue haired boy was obviously of the Geikami bloodline, was named Masaru.-"My name is Akatori Yamanaka, Leader of Team One, and Chuunin of Ame. I was the one who contacted you all here. Under the orders of Lord Amekage himself, I will be leading you three on a mission outside of the village. This mission is of a higher rank, so it should not be taken lightly. I trust that you will all follow my comands well.."- She nodded to them before starting up again.-" Three outsiders have been spotted in the Bamboo Forest just outside Amegakure. No information is known about them, but that is what we are here for. First, we have to find them, which should not be an issue with Unaru's sense of smell and my Sensory ability. Next, we have to observe them and find out what we can about these outsiders, before going into the next stage of comprehending and interrigating. Our final act is to rid of these pests." -Akatori's olive eyes would drift up to look at the dark clouds rolling on above, thinking about how this mission could possibly play out. With a smile she looked at her team at said-"Well, now that everyone knows the game plan, best to get a move on.. Unaru and Ninken, you get back, Masaru take left, and Reika, on the right. Now, follow!" -Akatori would sp spin around with great speed and take off into the border, crossing the wooden bridge before leaping into a sturdy tree on the waay to the bamboo forest-

Guest_UnaruInuzuka: -His form had settled to the side of the group close enough to Tori to listen but clearly on his own. His silver shards had come to roam over the group and seemed to pause a moment on Reika, he couldn’t help feeling uncomfortable in her vicinity out of the simple fact of the guilt of her even seeing him as he had been that day. He had been especially avoiding her even as so much as if he smelled her close by he had taken different routs to not cross paths. Now he had to work with her in a mission… he couldn’t help the small twist in his stomach to come, his thoughts had soon came to trail away as he heard Tori start talking. His animalistic eyes coming to turn to the leader of this group, quiet and attentive, the worries of his own person issues being kept in the back of his mind like a precaution as he stood there but her words more important to him now. So the bamboo forest? He hasn’t gone there himself before but has heard of the place. He let himself look upon the second boy in their group, he had never met him before, his ears perked to the name as it was spoken Masaru… he only gave a slight sniff, it almost sounded like a bored sound but to him it gave him more information than most really understood,. He was letting the imprint start its work on analyzing him, to know him, the sensation of ally being carved in his head to remember now for he was on this team. Hearing the order of the formation and watching Tori take off he reached into his jacket and took Buruu from her warm place and set her down motioning for Anryoku to also use his own four paws for this. No complaints came except for Buruu giving a little huff. By the time he did this the others no doubt were on Tori’s heels so he took off after them his two ninken flanking him. He made sure to enhance his sense of smell as they were running, he leapt into the trees finding his hands brush the branch he landed on like a caress as his legs propelled him after the group.-

MadeltInkami: Masaru nodded his blue hair falling over his bright golden brown eyes, he was dressed in dirty clothes that were clearly hand-me-downs from the Amegakure orphanage. He looked over at the young brunette , and smiled. He'd then turn his attention back to the woman named Akatori listening for the mission details as he face lit up a bit. He had never even been out of the Village...how could he possibly "get rid of" these ninja if they were indeed a threat..? His excitement quickly turned to worry as it often did when he was tasked with pretty much anything. In an attempt to get it off his mind he shifted his eyes to his other young comrade and only other boy in the team. He knew the kid had never seen him before but that wasnt exactly true for Masaru. He had seen them all at least once growing up there was never much to do in the Amegakure orphanage, the orphanage was filled with other children that had admired so many of the ninja in the village yet he felt like no one knew they even existed. He turned back to Akatori as she said for him to take left just before taking off, he stood confused for just a second as he snapped himself back into reality and did as Akatori said. He ran across the long wooden bridge as he leaped behind Akatori landing on a sturdy branch of a tree , heading for the Bamboo forest.

Guest_DragonPriestessKisa: -Her chocolate brown eyes looked between the three figures standing in front of her, listening to the orders carefully that were given out, she felt her eyes narrow and a fire spark benrath the eyes as she watched Unaru, trying to estimate his feelings that probably weighed heavily on his mind right now as she was brough back to the reality as she looked at Akatori, listening to where everything was. The bamboo forest? She had never stepped outside of Ame's walls, well except her house on the outskirts of Ame where her father used to live. She simply shrugged her shoulders mentally. She wanted to prove to Unaru in her own righ that she wasn't someone to either underestimate or that he shouldn't assume anything while doing a spar with her. Her eyes darted to Masaru, that wasn't a name she had heard before, but she paid no mind to it, she needed to focus on this mission at hand. Moving to Akatori's right side, flanking her, she ran after her, close on her heels but staying a bit far back. She didn't exactly want to leave Tori's blindspot open for people to attack.-

Guest_Akatori2: -Dashing through the trees that were heavily soaked in rain, Akatori stayed focused as she lead the squad to the bamboo forest. She was a bit familiar with the forest, having done a few missions there and some meditation. The amount of trees's started to slowly dwindle down as the group arrived at the edge of the forest of thick bamboo. She would turn around and face the team and speak in a hushed tone.-" Alright we have arrived. Entering the forest head on is too risky, so we will edge around to them."- After finishing her sentence, Aka closed her eyes and began to focus. She was sensing for the three lurkers of the forest. Akatori found them in no time flat. They were close to the edge of the think bamboo hedges, and they did not seem to posses very large chakra reserves. Letting a sly smirk fill her face, she spoke to the kid's with a bit of humor-"Heh, these losers are going to wish they never stumbled into our land once we get a hold of them. Alright, they appear close. So we are going to slip over by there and scope out. Then, I will link up with you all again, and give the attack order to capture the enemy for interrogation."-She then motioned for them to follow as she made her way against the dirt path. After a few minutes, Akatori arrived to wear she sensed the three. She would slip inbetween some on the bamboo to get a closer look, while still being low enough to not be seen. As she observed, they appeared to be three men. The first man was dressed in a purple jumpsuit. He was slim and tall, and wore his jet black hair down to his shoulders. His scraggy 5 o'clock shadow was about as of setting as his long nose. He was talking to a rather large man with blue marks on his face. This man was bald and rather heavy. His outfit was also a purple jumpsuit. The final man, who looked identical to the first man except for having his hair in an afro, was leaning over a machine of some sorts. based on first observation, the machine had a large radar at the top, and was a big metal box with somekind of screen. Aka listened close to what they were saying- "Hey Sangu, hurry up with the transmition!" "Oh quit it, Fatass!" "What did you just call me!??!!" "Gentlmen, pleasssse, relaxsssssss"- the man tinkering with the box would stand up and say- "Yeah, you're right Hebimaru... I'm sorry Choki.."-Dashing through the trees that were heavily soaked in rain, Akatori stayed focused as she lead the squad to the bamboo forest. She was a bit familiar with the forest, having done a few missions there and some meditation. The amount of trees's started to slowly dwindle down as the group arrived at the edge of the forest of thick bamboo. She would turn around and face the team and speak in a hushed tone.-" Alright we have arrived. Entering the forest head on is too risky, so we will edge around to them."- After finishing her sentence, Aka closed her eyes and began to focus. She was sensing for the three lurkers of the forest. Akatori found them in no time flat. They were close to the edge of the think bamboo hedges, and they did not seem to posses very large chakra reserves. Letting a sly smirk fill her face, she spoke to the kid's with a bit of humor-"Heh, these losers are going to wish they never stumbled into our land once we get a hold of them. Alright, they appear close. So we are going to slip over by there and scope out. Then, I will link up with you all again, and give the attack order to capture the enemy for interrogation."-She then motioned for them to follow as she made her way against the dirt path. After a few minutes, Akatori arrived to wear she sensed the three. She would slip inbetween some on the bamboo to get a closer look, while still being low enough to not be seen. As she observed, they appeared to be three men. The first man was dressed in a purple jumpsuit. He was slim and tall, and wore his jet black hair down to his shoulders. His scraggy 5 o'clock shadow was about as of setting as his long nose. He was talking to a rather large man with blue marks on his face. This man was bald and rather heavy. His outfit was also a purple jumpsuit. The final man, who looked identical to the first man except for having his hair in an afro, was leaning over a machine of some sorts. based on first observation, the machine had a large radar at the top, and was a big metal box with somekind of screen. Aka listened close to what they were saying- "Hey Sangu, hurry up with the transmition!" "Oh quit it, Fatass!" "What did you just call me!??!!" "Gentlmen, pleasssse, relaxsssssss"- the man tinkering with the box would stand up and say- "Yeah, you're right Hebimaru... I'm sorry Choki.."

Guest_UnaruInuzuka: -His mind was going over the orders in his head as they ran. Observe, Apprehend, Interrogate, Remove… simple in his head, and understood well in his point of view. He has with other missions gotten rid of individuals that were disturbing the village itself. The fact of the mission being of higher rank was his only concern, he knew Reika to be new to the ranks of genin, and the other, Masaru, clearly the same. He may not know Masaru and the other may know of him but that was almost expected. He, Unaru was considered the stray that was found within the boarders of rain country and brought back, he was given rank the next day as genin without schooling in the village itself and he was considered one of the four horsemen of Amegakure training under the Su-Kage herself Athena… he had in his own rights ended up with being at the lowest of the rung to up close to the top in the lower ranks and all this done within a year of him coming into those gates. Talking of his past is next to none, he rarely spoke of it, actually he avoided it most of the time, and truth be told he rarely spoke much except if needed. The feeling of the forests below his feet, in his nose, and his ears. It seemed to have been forever since he had ran within places like this and it was like gold to him. He took note of his pups and saw them with bright eyes and smiling features, they were happy, good, they needed to be relaxed. He had paused as she had slowed down as he was looking out towards where the bamboo forest lay. He let his nose lift into the air slightly and give a sniff, at first it had been just the nature scents around but around the moment Tori spoke of their whereabouts his own nose caught three scents, and he almost snorted as if to clear his nose but held back to keep silent, the scent made him scowl slightly at the corners of his lips but he said nothing, now it was time to sneak up and listen into what was being said and to get a good look as well. He was use to sneaking up, he could walk like a ghost in the woods, his foot falls barely noticed when he wanted them to be, just like his pups could as well, their genes holding wolf in them and that train never bred out of such a mix. He had fallen to a low crouch and had moved along the low brush making sure not to give signs of his approach. His form had fallen to even a lower stance where he was almost crawling in the underbrush as he was finding the scent of the intruders even closer. His pups trailed him, he didn’t hear them but he knew they wouldn’t stray unless he gave them a signal. Soon enough he found a spot nestled in between some of the bamboo trees where the shadows were well made and his scent was blowing away from the ones they were to watch, silver eyes scanning over them. He didn’t trust the scent he had gotten, like his instincts were buzzing for some reason he wasnt sure of yet so he had taken this into account and had took caution, he could only hope the others did as well, after all this wasn’t just some kids game. He listened his hearing sharp and his instincts on edge as if he both couldn’t wait to attack but also wished for some reason to avoid diving in too quickly as well.-

MadeltInkami: Masaru's stomach was in a bit of a knot as the thought of him doing such a high rank mission, as his very first he had ever done in the village, haunted him. He sprung from branch to branch following Akatori's orders he covered her left as he allowed his eyes to scan over what was beneath him, watching for any sudden movements. He had never been any where like this so naturally he had no idea what to expect. Moving swiftly through the vegetation of the Bamboo forest, Masaru began to think and even more so, remember. He remembered being told how he was left on the door step of the orphanage, he grew up in. He remembered telling his care takers that he didnt care because if his parents didnt want him then he didnt want them either, that was a very bold thing to say and the only problem was he didnt want to mean it. It was true he was excited to leave the village and go on this mission but what scared him the most about it was that if he was killed no one would miss him. There would be no one that would mourn for him seeing as how he always kept to himself in the orphange. Snapping out of the pit of dark thinking he found himself in, he watched Una settle in the trees behind him. As he heard voices beneathed them he banked to his left, landing on a sturdy branch covered in a dark shadow. "...." He looked over to Reika from the shadows, his golden brown eyes visible in the dark as he placed his favorite kunai knife in between his teeth awaiting orders from Akatori. 

Guest_DragonPriestessKisa: -The brunette stayed on Tori's right side, her eyes searching keeping an eye open for enemies, her feet moving nimbly between the bamboos. She had to slow down her speed so she didn't use too much agility and such like she didn't want to go ahead of the group that far. Her blue kimono might stand out a bit too much in this environment, as she stopped, staying a bit back and on a slight v angle as Tori stopped. Her eyes watched Una move closer to the people that were in the bamboo groves a bit further ahead. Pulling out four Senbon of her back pouch, she looked at Tori with wary eyes and saw Masa looking at her. She nodded her head to him and looked between the three others for a bit. Her eyes then trained ahead waiting for the chance to strike, at least until Tori gave the order for what to do next.-

Guest_Akatori2: -As her team settled in, Akatori put her hands once again in the praying look, and used her Mind Body Transmission to speak to them all telepathically- *Ok team, listen here. The man with the hiss seems to be the one in charge. While the larger man seems to be the strongest member. Our goal is to first take them all out, but not kill. We need them alive for interrorgation. Unaru, I want you to focus on taking out the leader. Masa, if I may call you that, you and I will face the larger man. And Reika, I trust you to destroy the machine. Now, on 3 we attack...1...2....3!*-And with that Akatori would lead up high into the air above the gaudy dressed thugs. Her sights were first set on taking out the skinny man working on the machine, so that Reika would be able to destroy the shiny box. As she began to decend, she stuck her foot out, and got ready to preform a Dynamic Entry. The men began to talk, starting with the larger one- " Hey! What the hell is that coming from the sky?" "Oh pleassssse. We havvvvee been over thissss. It isssss rain. We are in the land of rain!" "But it's a blonde lady..."- When the thugs turned their heads to really see what was up, it was too late. Akatori's foot connected to the face of the long skinny thug working on the machine-"HAAAAAAAAAA!"- Aka would cry out as she sent him tumbling a good 10 yards away from the location, making him seemed knocked out cold. She would then turn to face the other two men, who looked suprise and angered as they began to get into a fighting stance.- "Hmmm jusssssst a girl? We can handle her. Can't we Choki?" "HAHAHHA YEAH!!"

Guest_UnaruInuzuka: -He had shifted slightly to a more animal like stance hands coming to brush fingers tips upon the green vegetation upon the ground shifting to keep his back flat and not raised far enough to give his position away. All this was happen as Tori was speaking and giving out the orders to them all knowing the moment he had heard her voice in his mind that the attack was on. His form had stayed hidden and had soon found himself letting those silver shards to trail over to the one that was tall with shoulder length black hair. He didn’t like the guy’s scent, a fact no one else but himself would quite understand. He waited till he heard her say ‘on three’ before he started gathering chakra into his system. He knew that it wouldn’t be detected till the moment the transformation was about to take place so he timed it perfectly with the countdown and knew the moment he was finished he would need to get moving. The wisps of midnight flickered over his form like smoke or even a flame radiating from him, when he had forced enough chakra to the surface, which was quite quickly. He maneuvered it to the parts of himself he wished them. He felt his form taking shape with his shikyaku ability, nails growing, canines elongating and features becoming more feral in appearance than even normally he is perceived to have. This form thou didn’t just change how he looked it gave him better agility, strength, speed and last but not least endurance. After the transformation, which was a second late from the countdown but was clearly enough to make his target be distracted by Tori’s entrance. He shifted his hands to the side and the moment he had done so he had leapt into the air himself forcing himself into a very fast tight and spin like a cyclone. This was a signature move of the Inuzuka clan.- Tsuga! -he seemed to almost let the word of the attack flow past his lips before even his mind had realized it had even come. He knew the surprise attack would leave his pups behind for a moment, but he also knew if he had tried to transform them at that point he would have been noticed before he had been given the chance to attack. The attack had arched and went straight for the leader while he was preparing to either drive him to ground or to land and try for a diffrent approtch. If the attack did land it would be either very painful or knock him out for the count.-

MadeltInkami: Masaru's knots in his stomach suddenly disappeared when he realized that if something were to happen to him it would be in the act of protecting his home. He heard Akatori give the order that he would aid her in taking down the biggest and most likely strongest of the group of men. He nodded with a slight smile on his face, he looked up to her and it meant a lot to him that she chose him to fight with her even if it was a simple order in what would likely be only one of the many missions he went on with her as a comrade. He sat in the cover of the shadow pressing his small frame against the bark as he clenched the kunai tighter in between his teeth. As he heard the cue of the number 3 and noticed Akatori aim for the man at the machine he bolted off of the branch where he crouched, aiming for the tall tree adjacent to him, he'd land on the bark holding on by one hand and his feet pressed against the bark. Masaru eye'd the rather large brute narrowing his eyes down on his head as he jumped into the air, flipping over the man's head where he performed three hand signs. Ram → Snake → Tiger, as three clones bolted to the ground surrounding the man, Masaru himself still in midair. The clones slowly began to circle the man before speeding up sprinting in a circle around him, Masaru's eyes fixed on his target he removed his kunai from his mouth, bolting down ontop of the man as he swung his knife at the top of the man's head following through with his attack down the man's back and to the ground. His clones each stopping in place, still surrounding the man, as Masaru landed on the ground.

Guest_DragonPriestessKisa: -Reika snapped her head over to Tori, listening to the instructions she was given. She was supposed to take out the machine? How the hell was she meant to do that? It looked rather heavy duty, the only thing that she knew which might've been able to pierce it was her kunai, she only had a limited amount, so she would have to use it sparingly. She heard the word 'go' and was only giving the leader a couple of seconds ahead of her because she thought it would be better to at least knock the other people out, seeing as she was quicker with speed, so it would make for faster interventions at least. When she had gotten a bit of lee-way from Tori, she jumped into action; take down the machine as she quickly pulled out her kunai and hid it behind her back gripping the grip itself quite hard til her knuckles turned white. Dashing forward, she threw the kunai she had in her hand at the machine and grabbed another kunai hitting the machine, destroying it completely. She then jumped back into the treeline, hiding so she didn't get attacked by the thugs, but didn't mean she wouldn't get attacked at all after just destroying their precious machine that was useful for them. She hid behind a bunch of bamboo trees, hoping to stay out of sight.-

Guest_Akatori2: -Knowing her team had this next wave of attacks covered, Akatori stayed in a ready fighting stance and waited to see what would unfold.- "GAAAH!"- The man with the hiss would scream out as his shiny gray slit eye caught the speed of Unaru twisting like a mini tornado at him. He would turn to face the twirling boy and wiggle his hands into the seal of the snake.-"Beware my ninja artsssss.."- he hissed as his body would curve, like if it was made of rubber around the boy's attack. When the boy would land on the ground, the rubber like man would twist his body around in a fashion surely to make the weak hearted spooked, and hiss at him.-"Hehehhe, lookssss like you have a bit offf fffight in you hehehess. Ssssurvive thisss!" -his mouth would open up 2 feet wide, shooting out a large spike, made of stone that was about four feet long and one foot thick, at Unaru from a 45 degree angle down at him. The large man was very confused when Masa came and attacked him. Seeing the boy jump up from above, he chuckled and took a wide stance. Just then, he saw the clones circle him. Smirking he would call out- "HEY STUPID! LEMME SHOW YA SUMTHING!"-His body expanded from about 5'11 to a good 8 feet tall. He then screamed out with great gusto -"HUMAN BULLET TANK!!!!"- The man known as Choki began to spin in a ball, rotating at a great speed, yet not moving an inch. When Masaru's kunai would connect, it would just break off and leave the boy to land on the ground. Choki then began to roll out at a violent speed for Masaru, in an attempt to crush the boy for dead. Picking up on this Akatori had to act fast to protect her young teammate. She would note that Reika had taking cover after defeating the machine. Akatori would spring her hands into the seal of the ram, and use her Body Flicker Technique. This ninjutsu aloud her to move at a speed not able to be picked up by the naked eye, giving it the look that she had teleported. She used this to move in the path between the rolling man and Masaru.-"Catch me..."-She would whisper to Masa as she stood a good two feet infront of him, with her hands in the Yamanaka Seal. This jutsu was a technique of her clan, known as Mind Body Switch Technique. She would send her mind into the body of the rolling man at a slow pace. As her mind made contact, she would take over his body, leaving her body unconcious and falling backwards at Masa. With Aka in, she would stop dead in her tracts of the man's body, and un-curl himself, standing tall at eight feet. Speaking as him she would chirp orders to her team.- "Masaru, help Unaru...Reika dear, cover my body please.."- And just like that, Akatori had control of the situation. Having full confidence in her team, She would move the large mans body over to the skinny man she had taking out before. The large meaty hand of the man would grab the small goon, and pin him on the ground-"Tell me....Who do you work for..." "Oh oh?Choki?"-looking into the eyes of Choki, he could tell Choki did not have control "please don't hurt me!!"-He began to wiggle and squirm around for his life. Akatori applied more pressure as she started to crush him- "GAH! Ok...We are apart of the Yumei Legion..." "And?" her tone was harsh in the man's body- "Well you see, the machine we used is to connect to chakra signatures. Attracting them like moths to well, a flame you see. We are building our army and taking over..the world! GAH!"-And like that. Akatori used the extreme strength of the man to squeeze the man, causing his ribs to cave into his lungs, killing him. Leaving the dead body there, she returned her and Choki's attention to the Genin taking on the man with the hiss.- 

Guest_UnaruInuzuka : -Unaru had landed upon both hands and feet when he had clearly missed this slippery man. His silver shards having darted towards quickly to the man after he had dodged him his head cantering just slightly in an animalistic way as he took note of the way the other had changed form. He was not one to be weak of heart, far from it; a very slight curiosity had formed in his features as if having found something else to file away in that mind of his. That was the moment that the other had spoke then starting his actions. The simple fact of the guy unhinging his jaw like that gave him a small shiver to course down his back like his instincts told him to watch out for dangers he didn’t see. Beyond that he also seemed to almost want to grin as well under the blanked expression of his face, the thrill of a fight starting to course though his veins when the man spoke of having fight in him. His adrenaline was already coursing thru him so this was his thrill in his eye, almost a game of strategy beyond the fight of survival to his stimulation craved mind, but this had its own consequences no simple game would provide, injury or even death as the consequences but the prize worth the dangers. To protect where he lived and people he was coming to know as close companions, even friends if he could learn to trust in them. He hadn’t had much time to think, more like use his instincts to move for as that mouth had widened and the attack was brought on and in his crouched position he swiftly shoved off the ground up and away from the man and the stone spike itself landing a few yards back from where he had been moments before. His hands had quickly dug into his pockets and had soon found what he wanted flipping to the side to be out of line of that now blocking stone item he rushed forward as if it flinging two kunai at the mans legs and in the same smooth motion he went to slash those deadly claws at his face. He could hear off to the side the others voices and also the scream to not hurt them, he couldn’t help the small grin to form, the first that had shown on his lips so far. He knew to capture this man for information even if another was being interrogated already this man was still the leader. he may have more information Akatori may want… then he was to be disposed of… in this case, the man having eyes to see by wasn’t required… If the attack was to land he would both get the man injured along with blinded, two things that will make this much easier.-

MadeltInkami: Masaru sat up a bit confused after being knocked back by the large rolling man's attack. His vision coming into focus as the images of Akatori aligned in his eyes. He heard her say "Catch me" just as he got to his feet he quickly opened his arms and caught her. "Ngh?!" He grunted as he stumbled back waiting to take her next order. As Akatori told him to aid Una, Masa bolted off towards the hissing man, he pulled a kunai from his pouch, placing it in his mouth as he dashed in the mans direction. He clenched his teeth around the knife, he sped past the man's figure attempting to place paper bombs on his back. Land or miss, he ran so far past the man before stopping and jumping over the mans head, bringing his heel down over his head in an attempt at an attack while the man seemed to be distracted by Una. He trusted that if he landed the kick, he could jump away in time to escape the paper bombs he tried to place on the man. 

Guest_DragonPriestessKisa:-Reika watched the actions of Tori, hearing her say 'Reika dear, cover my body.' Why would she be picked for covering someones body? How would she be trusted and why the hell was she using another body? Her eyes just stared in suspicion but didn't utter a word only nodding her head. She grabbed a kunai out of her back pouch and stood near the unconcious body that was Tori's.- * How did she do it? * -Reika questioned herself as she pulled the kunai out gripping it tightly in her grip, covering the body that she had been instructed to guard as her eyes roamed around, narrowed, watching the surrounding areas, incase an enemy came out, checking all her blind spots as she did as she was told.-

Guest_Akatori2: -The man with the hiss looked down and lifted his legs up over the kunai Unaru had thrown at him. When he looked to see Unaru, it was too late. His claws slashed his face, causing him to lose sight, and stumble backwards and bring his hands to cover his face. He was screaming out in pain. A tickle was felt on his back, right before a pain was felt on his head, like someone had kicked him. As the genin cleared out, a loud boom went off. It was a explosive tag that Masaru had placed on the man's back. This killed him instantly. With a bit of a smirk in the large man's body, Akatori watched the genin end the man. She had gotten all of the information she had needed, and was ready to report to Kagato-Sama. She guided the man's body to a large rock. She had to end him quickly, but still give her time to escape. Controling him, Akatori fell backwards, unttering the words 'Release!'. Her mind would leave his body. It was a close call, as she had left right before Choki's skull shattered on the rock. When Akatori returned to her body, She slowly got up, and spoke to Reika.- "Thank you."- Aka then turned her attention to the boys and began to speak loud enough for the whole group to hear.- "Impressive work by all of you...but the mission is not over yet. Stay sharp as we make our way back to Amegakure."- With that, she would brush some dirt off of her back and walk out of the bamboo brush and into the path they originally hailed from. Knowing her team was close behind, She took off into the trees, with grace and a steady pace. Her mind began to replay the information she had gathered. She had everything she needed to say memorized by the time they got to the village. As she landed on the bridge that lead to the Village Gate, many questions surfaced in her head about what she had just learned. *What is the Yumei Legion, and what buisness do they have in the Land Of Rain?* As they arrived and walked through the gates, Aka paused and turned to face her team.- "Well, that's all there is to it. Good job to all of you. I am very impressed with the young talent we have rising up. You are all free to go."-Her smile was warm as she gave a slight nod. Akatori walked away from them and on her way to The Ame Tower. She travel to the top of the tower, where Kagato's office was, and knocked on the door.-"Akatori Yamanaka requesting entrance"

Guest_UnaruInuzuka: -He watched as he had slashed the guy across the face but then as soon as he lad leapt back had hear the explosion of the bomb. His silver eyes had come to look at the mangled corpse clearly the head blown when he heard Tori speak again he had a very small scowl on his features as if he had hoped for more. However the appearance of said disappointment left almost as quickly, the smell of the blood in the air had to be the reason he felt such a thing, he had walked away without looking back… He had the air around him as if he was use to seeing a corpse… His form walked past the large man tori had previously possessed a quick glance telling him that he died on impact to that rock. He soon heard his pups leaping out from the brush yapping since they had seen it all from their spot knowing the fight to be over with hearing Toris words start to be spoken. With a glance he had those two pups of his silence themselves, they were young, he knew they were bound to be excited. Even he himself felt a little light inside at having been out here in the wilderness and able to do something for the village that had given him a place within their walls. So when she had spoke about heading back he took off after her to the place he was starting to feel as if he could call home. As they walked over the bridge he had paused, he hadn’t said a thing to the others the entire trip Tori would know it was just habit, the others he wasn’t sure about. As she spoke about it being the end of the mission he gave a half smirk to her and gave a nod of his head- “See ya Taichou.” –He couldn’t help the small grin to stick a moment longer before relaxing once again, Taichou… Captain… He allowed the title to be spoken to his friend… Saying he had no issues with how she had lead the group. He glanced to the others briefly before giving nods and with this he then turned and took off into the village having been given his leave quickly heading towards home his ninken right on his heels. He had his own reasons for breaking free of the group so quickly, and one major one was to avoid the uncomfortable conversation he was bound to find himself in if Reika chose to try and do so…-

MadeltInkami: Masaru just barely escaped the attack as he felt a feeling of both accomplishment for stopping a man that wanted to harm his friends and a feeling of shock that he had actually managed to kill a man. His eyes widened as he watched the man explode and covered his eyes with his forearm. He got on his feet and awaited Akatori's next orders and heard her tell them the mission was not over yet and that they still had to make it back to the village. He took a second to stop and look at what was left of the hissing man's body. He would kneel down to the bloody mess that was left on the floor of the forest. He looked down as he parted his lips "One.." he said before he stood again brushing some of dirt off of his pants before he looked up and followed behind Akatori. The moist leaves brushing against his cheeks as he dashed through the vegetation. As the arrived at the bridge he scratched at his head and sighed, waving goodbye to Akatori as he noticed the other boy in the group nod to him and the only female left. He had little idea as to what that nod could mean but he guessed it was a simple farewell. He turned and looked at the girl who was walking with him back into the gates of Amegakure. "What's his deal?" he asked with a bit of a confused look on his face. "Well I'll see you around.." he said to the girl before he took off the alley way closest to the gates of the village. 

Guest_DragonPriestessKisa: -Reika stood her ground as she watched Tori come back into the normal body she was supposed to be in. Her eyes trained themselves, watching Tori, making sure nobody was going to come out of a hidden bush somewhere, highly unlikely but it may happen sometimes. Nodding her head to Tori's 'thank you' comment she let a smile slip onto her face,- "It's no problem." -She said, feeling her smile get bigger then watched as Tori went back to Ame; she followed behind her eyes trained on Una, watching what he was going to be doing. She needed to talk to him and now was the perfect time; straight after a mission. Her eyes watched them run off, moreso watching Una than anything else. Reaching Ame, she came back to reality as Masaru asked her a question to which she knew the answer of. Would she say it though? The best idea would be to tell him,- "his deal is me." -She said then grabbed his shirt gently, allowing him to get out if he wanted- "want to help me corner him so I can talk to him?" -She whispered into his ear wondering what he was going to say to that, at least she could say things to Una and it'd give him a bit of a headstart, probably a bad idea but where was the harm in it? She shook her head and then let his shirt go.- "Nevermind, see you around." -She said letting the Ryu boy go and took off after Unaru, hoping he wasn't too far ahead so she could catch up to him and talk to him, like she was planning on doing in the first place.-

Kagato: -Hearing the knock at the door Kagato slips parted knowing full well who lay behind it. He had sensed the team’s chakra from the moment they stepped foot back through the gates of The Amegakure. It was in no doubts Akatori coming back from the B rank mission he had sent her and three others on. This was to be a test of her skills on how well she could lead a team in a mission. There was only one thing left to do for her to give hi her report of the mission and how it went. “Very well…come in…” – Kagato’s words were said in a cold emotionless voce one that echoed off the very walls of Amegakure tower.- “ Hurry a long and get up here and give e your report..” –Kagato placed his thumb and index finger on his black cool metal of his re-breather and mask on the place where his chin would be seen if it was not covered up by the two. The look on his face was on of deep thought, there were a lot of matters and tasks at hand to deal with and this was only one of the many.-

Guest_Akatori2: -As she walked in, she stood about 5 feet away from his desk and bow. He looked to have a lot on his plate to do, and had a sense of needed this to be brief- "My group discovered a small 3-Man squad. The three men were working on a machine that was ment to attract the chakra signatures of others and drag them over like moths to a flame..or atleast that is how the man descirbed it. They said they were members on the Yumei Legion...and all sported purple jumpsuits. Not much else to report, my Lord." -Akatori paused in though, realizing she was forgetting a major detail.- "Ah yes, the machine has been destroyed beyond repair, and all three men have been removed, and will need a clean up squad to dispose of the bodies."-She would push a small strip of bangs from her face as she waited for him to repy to her-

Kagato: --Nods up and down slowly as a crash of thunder roared through the sky belting its low tone tempo against the metal walls of the tower.- “very well.. What of the pieces of this machine?...Did you bring them back with you?.. As far as the cleanup…” -Kagato pushed some papers out of his way wth his right hand, with his left and he opened up a draw in his desk taking out a rolled up scroll and placed it on his desk. Taking the scroll by its edge with his right hand he unrolled it very carefully. Reaching back over with his right hand he picked up a pen and began writing down the needed info to be passed on to an Anbu cleanup crew. After doing so he rolled the scroll back up and placed the seal of the Amekage on it.- He rolled the scroll over to the Akatori . “Take this to the Anbu dojo and hand it to one of the Anbu in charge they will handle it from there…”- The sound of the rain outside seemed to get louder with every passing moment. The rain drops hitting the metal tower sounding like tiny hammers slamming up against of sheet metal.- “ If there is a machine that can do such as to draw others to it like that it’s a great worry indeed..”

Guest_Akatori2: -She watched and listened to him write out a request on the scroll, before walking up and grabbed the scroll, giving a light smile.-"Yes, Kagato-Sama, will do. As for the machine, it was destroyed without a trace. As for if there is more machines like it...an Anbu team for research may be needed, in my opinion of course."-She would look at the scroll carefully,and think about where the Anbu Dojo was exactly. As the rain sounded harder and harder with each passing moment, she spoke to Kagato once more.-"Is that all Kagato-Sama?"

Kagato: -nods- "Indeed that is all."


The Mission was a success, the machine was destroyed, Kagato was informed about the Yumei Legion, an ANBU team was sent to clean up the bodies.