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Yamanaka Itsumo

Inuzuka Unaru-Playing NPC

Title: The start of a new path: Journey to the island - 201

ItsumoYamanaka:-Itsumo had gotten away from the Jounin and the boy she knew he would be in good hands and had known he was there she had led the jounin right to the boy knowing they would keep him safe until she returned. That helped provide her with the perfect escape getting away from the village however was the easiest part of what was to come in the crazy stage of her life. Itsumo stopped running and started to walk along the tree line in the forest heading to the farthest side of the forest away from Yonshigakure. She knew the jounin would keep the village safe for the time being there was no real threat to them. No one yet knew they were rebuilding from the ruins that they had fallen to after the battle. She let out a soft sigh as the memories flooded back through her she shook her head sending them away. She would have enough time in the days to come where she would be forcing herself to relive those painful memories but this was not one of them. She lifted her right hand and pulled a small twig out of her long blonde hair that was flowing down her back over top of the white scarf. She paused for only a moment feeling a presence approaching her from behind. Sighing softly she already knew who it was and she should have expected him to know her well enough that she was going to pull something like this. Itsumo would start to run again keeping a good distance between the two of them for another hours run before she stopped in an open field just on the other side of the Forest of death. She hadn’t realized where she was running to but her body had taken her to one of the places that had once been her favorite spot to come and relax during her time back at the village but now held her most painful memories. She slowly walked forward putting one foot in front of the other her eyes though not visable through her mask were cast down at the ground as she walked to the lone tree in the middle of the field it was still small in size as she had only planted it a few months back its leaves where blue in color and now it was about as tall as her this made her smile under her mask.- “you have grown” -she said softly to the tree shaking her head. She could feel the person getting closer the one that had been following her but she wouldn’t pay attention to them at the moment as she looked around the field. There were plenty of little sticks in the ground each marked the grave of either someone from their village or from the ones that came against them. She had buried both sides though only the ones from her village were given a box for their body. The Tree however marked the previous kage, Her best friend and former teammate, place. It was not where he was buried she had carried his body back to the village to lay it to rest but she had planted the tree in his memory here on the field so he could be with those whom died with him that day.Memories flooded back before she could stop them. ~Kneeling next to Nobu Itsumo looked like a different person all Hinori could do was stare at her Sensei. Saito could only touch Hinori’s arm and shook his head as he turned away and moved to gather their fallen village member’s to barry them. Hinori sighed and moved to join Saito in burying their dead. Itsumo stayed motionless by nobu’s side for hours it seemed as the other two Chunin buried all their dead  as well as the enemies with the exception of the bodies of The man and Nobu. Saito walked up to Itsumo finally and asked “what do you wish to do with him.” -she asked motioning towards The mans corpse. “leave it there to rot” was all itsumo said as she picked up Nobu’s body into her arms struggling because of the size difference she didn’t care when Hinori tried to help her she snapped at her “Don’t Touch Him” she was not going to let anyone help her carry him back. They walked for what seemed to be hours but was only actually about twenty minutes back to their village. The villagers and those too young to have been part of the battle looked on as Itsumo Carried Their fallen kage through the village. Itusmo’s face was  set in stone her blue eyes cold and emotionless but her cheeks were stained with the tears that had already fallen. The other Shinobi the chunin and genin that had been left behind to protect the village were falling in line behind Hinori and Saito. Itsumo ignored them all as she carried Nobu on her own past everything to the garden by the lake behind the Kage building in the village.~ She brought herself back to reality looking around and walked between the graves touch each one of the markers of the fallen she knew well. Some she had trained before she had become a hunter, Some she knew from Academy and her Chunin Exams. Others she didn’t know of but that didn’t mean they were not worth the same as any other. Itsumo sighed softly as she reached the other side of the field and looked back over her shoulder keeping herself from slipping back into the memories again she would shake her head. New Beginnings she thought they had come so far in the rebuilding of the village in the past few months that she couldn’t let the past bring her down again she was in charge now, she was their leader and she would be strong no matter what. Itsy would smile and glance over her shoulder before speaking in a normal but kind tone- “You can come out now” -was all she said before turning and looking back across the field. -

Guest_UnaruInuzuka: -The ANBU member of Yonshigakure, one of the very few that survived the fight had kept to their Kages trail as she tried desperately to get him to loose it. Oh how he knew her, he knew she would take off, things had just settled enough to relax, the paperwork had been taken care of too quickly and things have been clearly been being prepared for a silent departure by the blonde… It was always subtle but over the years he had learnt the pattern, and when she needed to do more to prepare as Kage it was like a red flag to him. She couldn’t put things past him; he was always around for her even if most of the time it was just in the shadows. He knew she was one to be on her own but being Kage now she had to allow for the backup of his. He followed along keeping to a good distance and allowed her to run. Shikake wasn’t one to give up on this, and he knew she would realize this was a loosing battle with him. After a bit of time he had noticed she had stopped and knew the place easily… A place he remembered as a field full of bodies, a place he had watched over the others keeping to high alert as they took care of the dead to be sure no one was left to ambush them in the actions. A place he had watched Itsy drag their previous kage and good friend back home… He had kept his distance, probably never even noticed that day by her beyond the initial knowledge of him having been watching their backs. Just like today really, He landed on one of the trees branches on the edge of the field, his clothes consisting of all black from the ANBU mask on his face to the ninja sandals on his feet. His forehead protector wrapped around his leg and upon his form he wore the typical ANBU attire except the typical chest armor most would find. Raising his hands silently as he watched with dark brown orbs from behind that mask he tightened the ponytail on his head before settling in to wait. He didn’t bother hiding his presence from her… He knew eventually she would either ignore his presence or call him over so he allowed her to have her time in this place and giving her just enough space to allow her to speak softly without him hearing her. After a few minutes of sitting there he finally heard her call him over and couldn’t help the small smile on his lips to form before hopping down but instantly allowed a small scowl to form to allow his voice to relay such annoyance. He walked towards her ever alert to things around them but let his hands slip into his pockets along with slouching slightly at the shoulders in a lazy fashion before stopping about a yard behind her his foot steps like any shinobis were light in sound.- “If you really did want to get away from the village without anyone noticing you do need to learn to cover your tracks a bit better… I knew for a week you would take off sooner or later. By the way… don’t tell me to just head back, even if it’s troublesome it’s my duty to sick around you and be at your side. As an ANBU guard, and as a friend… -The words had the irritation in it but in the end when he complained about it she would have heard the small hint of humor in his voice. He wasn’t typically one to be lazy but he could be if its given the opportunity, he himself sometimes got into trouble at times so knowing that Itsumo would take off was like knowing he himself would take the chance of getting yelled at for doing something he shouldn’t without pause.- “So… where are we going Itsy-sama?”

ItsumoYamanaka: -Itsumo shook her head as he spoke she knew him well enough to know that he would follow her she also knew that he spoke the truth of the matter he wouldn’t go back even if she ordered him to as Kage.She however didn’t know how to explain where she was headed, the journey she was on would be on of discovery she was looking for a summon one that she had longed for for many years now was the time to go for it. She looked at the Nara from beneath her Panda Mask he was one of the few who went through the battle and lived she couldn’t just leave him behind.- “Very well, I’m heading to the turtle Island ever heard of it?” -she wasn’t stupid anyone who ever went through the ninja academy had had the basic idea about turtle Island. As it stood it was one of a very few places that Itsumo had not been on her travels. It was the one place she waited she had planned to go with her two teammates but now she would instead be going with the Nara who other then having been in battle with her and being a fellow hunter Nin she didn’t know too much about how he fought it had been along time since the Chunin exams since she had seen his skills in action. She reached up and ran her fingers through her long pale blonde hair.- “If you're coming keep up I wont stop unless I have to and I wont wait till later to do this. Nor will I take anyone else. We Move swiftly and if anything happens don’t expect me to stand by and watch. Understood?” -with this being said Itsy would turn jumping up into a nearby tree and start hopping from tree branch to tree branch-

Guest_UnaruInuzuka: -He had stood there watching her a moment silent for a moment after her first question and couldn’t help but grin inwardly however outwardly he let his words stay as bland as possible as he answered her first question.- “ Nope never heard of it...” –It clearly was in jest, of course he would know of the island the one that kept moving and never had a set spot. With just this information it was clear they would be hunting for the island more than just heading in any specific direction to get to it… unless she had more information to work with than he did. Of course he couldn’t help the couple of twitches in his chest from forming as he was trying desperately not to chuckle as he crossed his index and middle fingers of each hand in front of him as she had finally gave him the ultimatums. He already knew not to argue with her on keeping her out of a fight, but she should know he also won’t allow her to not let him help her either. Of course this thought never passed his lips, if it ever comes up though then he had no problem speaking his mind on that…- “Hai. Perfectly understood Itsy-sama.” –Adding chakra a shadow clone poofed into existence next to him he looked at it as the clone turned to him as well.- “You know what’s needed.” –With a nod of the clones head in answer Shikake leapt after the Kage while the clone ran off back towards the village. He felt the need to at least have a clone within the village to keep up appearances of strength in the village itself along with possibly deal with anything he would normally take care of. This was simply precautionary on his part and allowing him more peace of mind than much else. If he ever needed the extra boost of chakra he will simply just release it, but for now he doubted he would need to worry over such a thing. He landed on the tree she had gone to and kept his steps upon her own tracks, it was a simple ANBU habit of keeping numbers, if one were following them, to not be known. His brown orbs kept to her back to not loose track of her but allowed himself to let his eyes wander ever watchful. After a bit of following her along he spoke up again.- “So what’s on the turtle island that is peeking your interest?” His words soft not meant to carry past the one he spoke to even with the wind blowing past them as they ran.-

ItsumoYamanaka: -Itsy smirked under her mask as she muttered smart ass once she was out of his ear reach. She knew well enough he knew about the island and by his reaction he knew they would be searching the coast for awhile looking for it. She also hopped he hadn't forgotten his basic walking on water or else he was going to be a drowned Shinobi before they reached the island. Thought she would find that entertaining to see him fall into the ocean. Itsy paused for a moment as she felt his chakra split off into another being, so he was leaving a clone behind this was smart thinking however she knew the Hinori and Saito would be able to handle things. The clone however gave her a bit more peace of mind. She never fully trusted the safety of the village or the people, she would never promise them full safety.They knew the risk when they choose to live in the village hidden in death there was nothing safe about that. There would never be a day of full peace in the Shinobi world there would always be danger there would always be Struggle, Trial and Pain. That was part of life as they knew it. Itsy would shake her head and keep moving snapping out of her thoughts as she noticed he had caught up with her but still used his skills, She was glad he still kept to his old ways keeping in her tracks yet keeping guard. She would keep her blue eyes straight ahead as she moved through the trees. His question did not catch her off guard nor did the tone he used this was basic training for them. She spoke matching his tone.- “A panda” -she said the two words back to him she knew that he would want more so she waited a bit giving him time to process what she said.- “ I am going in search for a Giant Panda to make a contract with. I know I can earn the animal. It’s about time I had the Summon to match the name don’t you think. It’s been on my to-do list for awhile but I always had missions before and never had time to….”-she stopped talking and froze in her tracks they were deep in the forest now not the one that was their home this one was more or less neutral ground no village build had claimed it that she knew of but the snapping of twigs in the distance ahead had her pausing for a moment.- “Hold up” -she pushed her sensing ability forward searching for the cause of the noise there was a low amount of chakra coming from whatever it was but not enough of a threat to hold off any longer she would just keep watching the pattern to see if it came close to them or if it kept on its natural path.- “Let go” -she would keep moving in the same direction now in silence she was heading to the far end of the forest where it meet the bluffs that were along the shore line. It was a few days trip and she knew they would have to stop to make camp but it would be worth it.-

Guest_UnaruInuzuka: -Taking in the information he eventually gave a nod of his head even though he doubted she even saw it at their quick pace and heard her comment about her getting a panda to match her name she has held for quite a while. He allowed a grin to form under that black ANBU mask of his. That was when she had come to pause in her words and the snap of wood was clear in the air jerking his head to the direction of the sound, instantly he had fallen into high alert his thoughts dashing away the conversation His feet stopped almost as instantly as the Kage herself upon the tree she had just vacated to take in the area around then. He didn’t move more than his head to take in the place knowing because itsy was Yamanaka she would use her senses to check it out. A casual observer wouldn’t see the high alert in his form, however one who knew the ranks the slight tension in his arms around the shoulders and the slowing of his breath showed he wasn’t off his game. It almost seemed even with relaxed hands at his sides that with any indication of needing to draw a weapon, there would be one in hand without pause. His eyes trailed between the area he heard the sound and Itsy herself while he waited on her to give the order of what she wished done be it attack or continue on. When she had seemed to come to a conclusion and spoke of them moving along he gave a nod of his head and without making a sound had followed after her once again having fallen silent knowing that they now were already beyond their boundaries of the land they have been calling home. He let his eyes roam taking in the place and also with a slight tilt upwards of his chin, the sun above their heads, even when his ears and mind were mostly on any chance of ambush he had let his mind do a bit of calculations. These small things told him the direction they were heading. He was now thankful he hadn’t ran after the Kage without preparation first, now that he knew what her goal was. This wont be some short trip and thankfully he had made sure every morning to pack a simple supplies scroll into his hip pouch, basic food, simple needs and bare minimum on comforts. He wasn’t one to need much, anything that was forgotten either wasn’t needed or can be provided for out on the trip itself.-

IItsumo:-Itsumo didn’t look back to see if he was following her still she knew he was there and that he had started to move forward again following in her footsteps. She kept her mind focused on that chakra  it seemed to be fading away and that was a good thing the further it got away from them the less she would feel it. Her icy blue eyes would stay closed as she leapt from branch to branch in the tall trees. The forest though already dark was beginning to get darker as the sun set Itsumo knew that traveling at night though it would save time was unwise and it would tire them both out more but she decided to wait till it was darker to stop yet and they would still stick to the trees even at night. She had hoped he had made sure to pack supplies before he left after her. She had her panda doll slung over her right shoulder it was attached to her backpack and inside her backpack was a few scrolls all with supplies sealed inside. one held stuff for when they stopped, two black blankets one to cover herself with and the other to hide herself under. and a small black pillow. one had changes of clothes and shoes sealed inside.The bag also held food and a few bottles of water. She had her senbon in her pouch her her left leg and a few other tools around on her body. She knew that he was smart enough and not having planned for company she didn’t pack anything for him so he had better have been prepared. The tree branches grew harder to see as the sun completely set she would sigh softly stopping on a tree branch and speaking so only he could hear.- “we rest here for a bit I will take first watch so you can sleep and then we will leave when the sun rises.” -she sighed and sat down on the branch pulling her bag and her panda doll into her lap.-

Guest_UnaruInuzuka: -As they continued on he took note of the night soon coming upon them and that they continued on. He didn’t question the traveling at night knowing some prefer it and honestly has done it many times before himself, however he could see that it would be smart to just take the extra time and get some sleep when they could. He figured he would wait a bit before giving the suggestion but around the time the trees were being navigated more by touch than sight she had stopped in front of him the white of her outfit having a slight glow to it allowing him not to really worry too much on loosing her trail in the darkness itself. So when she had stopped he easily dropped to the branch next to her having dropped to crouch as she spoke of taking first watch. He glanced to her a long moment before giving a nod of his head soon shifting to settle on the branch with his back up against the trunk of the tree. He reached into his pouch and for a moment paused his hand in consideration before taking the scroll out and rolling it out by one hand slammed his hand with a bit of chakra onto it, with a puff of smoke he snagged a ration bar from it before looking to Itsy a moment.- “Should eat something first, who knows if we will have time later to do so.” –He was putting the scroll away as he waited to hear her comment, he knew sleep was needed but so was food for them keeping a good pace and to keep their chakra levels at peek just in case something did come up. He shifted his mask to the side a bit and took a bite of the bar that was almost scentless and wasn’t the most palatable tasting but it did the job he was meant to, fill an empty stomach. He didn’t mind it, he can worry about better meals at some other time, but for now clearly moving was important, he kind of didn’t doubt that when they found the island they will be able to relax a bit more on the pace they moved at this point. His features were generally hidden by shadows of the forest around them the only clear thing that seemed to give a glance of the one under the mask was one brown orb peeking out from behind the masks cover.-

IItsumo:-Itsy was already ahead of him in the food department she had been searching through her bag and she pulled out something wrapped in wax paper. she slowly unfolded the paper from around the object revealing a soft roll she set the roll in her lap on top of the panda before pausing for a moment. To eat the roll she would have to remove her scarf and mask something she never did in front of others except those she truly trusted and though she had known him a very long time he had not yet been given the privilege of seeing her face since she was young. She hadn’t thought this through having him around was going to be a pain especially when it came to eating and not showing her face. she sighed softly and began to unwind the white scarf from around the lower part of her mask until her mask was free to move with her right left hand she would slightly pull the mask forward not enough to see underneath of it but enough she could slide her food up underneath of it. With her right hand she would take the roll once more into her hand and bring it under her mask to her lips where she would take a big bite. The smell of meat would move to her nose and she would smile. The center of the roll was filled with diced up bits of meat that had been baked into the roll. The smell was not strong enough for anyone to smell it besides her. She would continue to take bite after bite of the roll until it was gone then she would lick her fingers and smile before placing her mask back into place and rewrapping her scarf.- “Eat then sleep thats an order as your kage.”

Guest_UnaruInuzuka: -He had been eating and noticed her pause as she apparently looked upon the food, part of him was kind of curious what she looked like now a days but, he hated to think it, respect had been edged into him over the last few years and found himself shift around slightly to the side. clear indication of respecting her privacy, after all in ANBU one also never showed their face to others outside the ranks and with her having been a hunter nin, a branch from the ANBU itself, and now a Kage he knew when to step back… didn’t mean he won’t try to step on toes sometimes but for now he was honestly just tired enough not to make trouble for now. He chewed on the last of the bar, it not really taking him long to eat it, and slid the mask back over his features as he heard the comment of sleeping and making it an order and couldn’t help the grin that came to his features behind that mask.- “Hai, hai I know Kage-sama. Sleeping now, call me in a few and I’ll take over for a bit.” -He shifted a bit resting his back into a craves that was in the trunk of the tree and brought his right knee up towards his chest letting the other one stay straight letting his head lean back, he knew it would only be a few hours at the most for sleep in this round and also knew being cold wasn’t likely to happen till later so he didn’t bother with a blanket and with his almost full black outfit being spotted by others was next to impossible as long as he kept his chakra low. Setting traps was not needed, not with them being the ones here so he settled in and closed his brown orbs and knowing he only had a short amount of time to sleep had let himself drift into sleep almost as soon as those eyes closed. Of course it never will be a deep one, not in unknown territory like this; however he will get sleep none the less.-

IItsumo: -Itsumo smirked as she noticed the change in his breathing he was asleep the thought crossed her mind to leave him there asleep in the tree and move on she could easily get away undetected and give herself at least a few hours head start on him it would take him a full day to catch up to her if she stopped. The idea was one she had had in her mind since they left the clearing. This was her journey one that she had not planned on having another accompany her on but now that he was here he was both a pain and a comfort. She knew having him around would make it harder on her to keep her face hidden but that habit was one she held on to from being a hunter it didn’t apply to her as a kage everyone would know soon enough that the Kage of Yonshigakure was a yamanaka and that she was Itsumo but for now she wanted to at least stay the panda hunter ninja for awhile longer. The comfort of having another person around was strange to her she always traveled alone the last time she left with a group of people it was when the battle started. Itsumo shook her head and pushed out her sensoring so she could detect anyone coming close to them if they could not hide their chakra. Itsy would look down at her panda doll pulling a senbon from its side she would poke her finger putting blood on the senbon just enough to draw a mark on the panda’s forehead and then cover it with a headband and drop the doll to the ground below the tree. This doll if touched would trigger the cursed mark she had just drawn and the person would end up trapped inside the doll. This however did not work on her because she could easily push herself back into her own body also knowing where the curse mark was she could wipe it off then pick up the doll. She would put the senbon away and then lean back against the tree. It was silent for three hours nothing moved around them it was dead as could be. Itsumo would take out a rice ball and toss it at the sleeping Anbu.- “wake up its your shift."

Guest_UnaruInuzuka: -People would think ANBU never slept, that they faked it and always were watching, however that wasn’t the case, he had actually slept, quite well for where they had been for the few hours she had given him. No these were rumors on the fact of how hypersensitive they were to the world around them. Something in the sleeping mind of his registered something thrown at him, it may not be dangerous but it still was noticed. As the rice ball was coming at him and she had spoke, the first word had him opening his eyes but even before he had opened them one hand was already raising and the other was shifting to his pouch as if to grab a weapon. At first he wasn’t sure what it was so had instinctually grabbed it carefully but as he blinked his eyes to clear the small residue of sleep from his mind he noticed it to be a rice ball. His other hand went to relax and his head turned to look at her as if registering that she was still here, a fact he had wondered about just before drifting off, the one thought that he may need to chase her when he woke up once again. Apparently she knew he wouldn’t have let her go, or maybe she liked his company. The grin formed on his lips at the thought before shifting to his feet brushing off his pants lightly before moving away from where he had slept.- “Take it nothing interesting happened?” -Honestly if there had been anything he would have been woken by that instead of the rice ball. Glancing to the said object he looked down on it before looking to her. “By the way, thanks Itsy-sama.” – He lifted the rice ball as if to indicate the item in his hand.- “For this and for not making me have to hunt you down again.” –The way he said it showed he was hell bound and determined to stick to her side. Maybe it was the fact that he wasn’t around to help in the fight at Yonshi… maybe it was in his mind that if he had been around the previous kage he could have possibly done something to prevent his death. Maybe it was that he didn’t want to chance loosing someone else on the off chance of things not going right and just one extra set of skilled hands could have prevented it. Whatever the case was he had sworn to protect Itsy as a guard and to him it meant not just inside the village but wherever she roamed. As for his friendship, just letting her take off just wasn’t an option, everyone needed backup, even a kage… even the panda ninja at some point and he wasn’t going to live with more regrets than he already did.- “After all that would have been quite troublesome and you wouldn’t have heard the last of it when I caught up.” –He let the chuckle form softly to carry only to her ears before motioning to the vacated spot.- “Its as comfortable as you can get and keeps the wind off you. Rest well knowing I'm on watch, I’ll wake you a little before we need to head out.” –He glances down at the rice ball again before raising it a little.- “You sure about this?” –The question was fairly clear, he didn’t want to put her out on a meal she clearly had packed for herself not knowing he would be following after.-

IItsumo: Itsy looked at him and nodded- “I have food eat it.” -she would get to her feet and shake her head- “And fast we are leaving” -she jumped down from the tree to the ground below where the panda doll had landed. while she was below and alone she would sigh softly unwrapping her scarf completely and take off her mask knowing he was above and out of view she would open her bag and activate one of her scrolls it had cloths and water in along with unscented and a hair brush. She would use the cloth, water and soap to wash her face and arms then brush out her pale blonde locks and tie them up in a knot on the back of her head she would then slip off her white top leaving only the bandages that covered the more sensitive parts of her body and wash the skin she would pull out another scroll activating it she would have a spare outfit inside. she would pull on the white tight top and take out the fresh white scarf she would drape it over her shoulders for a moment as she pulled off and changed her pants again into tight white pants. She would then replaces her sandals and lace them up using the already used cloths she would use the white scarf to wipe the blood off the bear’s forehead and then seal the old cloths and used towels and soap in the scroll. She would then replace her mask and wrap her scarf around it back around the base of her mask. She would then pick up the panda doll and hook it onto her pack then she would whistle up the tree letting him know it was all clear. She didn’t wait for him to drop down she started walking through the trees it wasn’t long before they reached the clearing in the trees. The clearing lead right to the base of a large mountain range anyone who knew geography would know that this was the back of the Village hidden in the rocks. Itsy wouldn’t even look back as she pushed chakra to her feet and began to walk up the side of the mountain it wouldn't take long for her to reach the top where she would stop and crouch down looking over the village below. She could sense chakra in large amounts from within the village she would freeze and watch.- “not good we are outnumbered” -she would mutter to herself as she crouched down looking around to see if she spotted the sources of the chakra.-

Guest_UnaruInuzuka: -He had found himself give a blink of his eyes when she had mentioned that they would be leaving before she even got some rest, and then behind the mask watched as she had leapt to the ground. He had waited a moment a small moment of listening for telltale signs that she left, however by his most minimal calculation she had just moved out of sight. He waited a moment and heard the smallest rustle of items and knew she must be doing something clearly she wanted out of sight for. So he shrugged his shoulder and lifted the mask to atop of his head. Dark brown orbs peeking out from soft features as he let his back lean upon the trees trunk letting those eyes flick around the area being on full guard while he was eating the rice ball he had been given. His actions had been quick, eating like he wasn’t fed for days but it was mostly out of eating on the run for this one. He finished the rice ball in a few bites and licked his fingers of stray grains of the sticky rice as he glanced around kind of figuring what his kage was likely up to. Pausing and being silent enough to hear almost anything in the vicinity he soon heard Itsumo shifting more down below so knew she was still busy. He then reached into his pouch bringing out that scroll once again and squatting down rolled it out. Thinking a moment he placed chakra to his hand and tapped his hand down on the scroll a puff of smoke formed and as it cleared a black canteen of water appearing. He let his head lift quickly and glanced cautiously around still keeping both ears and eyes open for any signs of others beyond them, listening carefully in a almost statue like crouch letting his ears listen for anything out of the ordinary before with his right hand swiping the scroll closed and slipping it back into his pouch in one fluid motion. Twisting the top off the canteen he brought the container to his lips and took a drink of the cool water as he shifted his form to a standing position. He let his feet slowly as if just lazing around to turn around as he seemed to just look around at the general darkness of the area around them as if lost in his own thoughts but actually was doing as he was to, guarding. Reaching into his right pocket he withdrew a simple white cloth from his pocket and tilting the open container he splashed some water on it. He rose it to his face and quickly with simple strokes wiped his face and behind his neck removing any annoying dried sweat from their run earlier from his skin. With his done he slipped the cloth back into his pocket then with that right hand of used his thumb to hook the cloth mask that until now was softly settled around his neck and settled it up to the bridge of his nose. After that he raised his hand farther and tweaked the chin of the mask with he had on top of his head with his thumb and forefinger and brought it back down to its proper place. He twisted the top back onto the canteen and clipped it to his belt near his hip pouch, both out of the way and also where it wouldn’t make noise. He crouched down and rested his rear end upon one heel while letting his arms rest on his knees lazily letting his hands hang from his wrists. His movement was almost next to none, the only indication he was awake was the small movement of his head sometime to one night creature’s sound or another. It wasn’t long before he heard the whistle and he was instantly was from stand still to moving as if a coiled spring was just released. He added just enough chakra to his feet to let him run down the trunk of the tree and to flip forward landing lightly on his feet in a crouch making next to no sound when he does so. Straightening up to full height he gave a slight glance around head turning left then slowly to the right he came to see her slip past some branches from some bushes and he turned to follow soon catching up to her. As they got to the clearing he had let his own eyes roam around, predawn had just started coming up and took note of the mountain range right up ahead, as he stared for a bit longer it became clear what that area lead to. By the angle they traveled and the distance it no doubt in his mind was the mountains that hid the ruins of one of the major villages, Iwagakure… He had only a little time to take note of this before he had found his Kage move forward to take off towards and up those mountains. He added his own chakra to his own feet and found himself dashing up those steep mountains just in her wake. His eyes trailing over the cliff face making sure no land slides or other natural dangers had come to be for them. When they made it to the top he had crouched down in the shadow of one of the rock faces knowing with the light color of the earth around him that black would easily be spotted if given a chance. It was then he seemed to pause as he glanced over the place, it wasn’t sensing more like instinct of having been in the ANBU ranks of Yonshigakure for too long. He had suppressed his chakara the moment he had finished climbing the mountain but even so he had found himself double checking the unconscious action of his as she had spoke, no matter how softly, of being outnumbered. He had found himself unconsciously brushing a hand to his hip pouch where his kunai were held but also considering his options of what jutsu he may need to use in this place, he had plenty to work with, the question was what would be needed with these others? Were they friend or foe? Rogue maybe? Wouldn't be surprised with them being in the ruins like this, he waited silently to see what would come to be.-


Itsumo and NPC Nara have been traveling to look for the Island. They made it to the Ruins of the Village hidden in rock where they are sitting atop the mountain above looking over the ruins when Itsumo Senses a huge amount of chakra.