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Kagato Uzumaki , Athena Uzumaki

Title: The Unexpected Visitor: Poison Dreams Dispersed  (( still in progress ))

IlAthena: -Her eyes blurring as she stared at a blank sheet of paper, the edge of which seemed to be demanding her signature, her mind drifting elsewhere as she stared at the last sheet of her paper work. Sitting in her small apartment one so much like the other Jounin of the village hidden in the rain. Sitting on the tatami mat on the floor her legs crossed as she held her pen a fraction above the paper. She hadn't even realized why she had paused until minutes after. Her eyes staring at the Village emblem and her mind flooded with images of him... and that kiss... Shaking her head to it as she scratched down her signature and dusted it with ink fixer. Slumping to the floor in an exhale, her arms covering her face as she chewed her lip. Her space was small and far from the opulence of her birth, decorated with objects that reminded her of her responsibilities, banners of the village, photos of members she was close with and friends with... most of all being nothing more than brief acquaintances, almost some as brief as it took to take the very picture itself. People she did not even really know and yet found comfort in their existence in her space. Rolling to her side, her long black leather legging tight to her legs and yet comfortably fitting as she lay on the flooring, black singlet loosely holding her, baggy and out stretched to her frame as she watched Kuroyuki scuttle in her small unreleased form across the flooring. Messy red hair and emerald green puppet eyes watching her upside down from where she lay on the floor- “Kuroyuki-san.... have...have you ever had a crush on someone before...” -sighing heavily at the ten legged little thing pausing in her little dance about the floor by her, black eyes blinking confused at her, and her cheeky spiderlike smile shining through them- “Tch... d..don't look at me like that damit... tch... Baka...” -sighing heavily as she tore off her shirt and threw it at her Summon in a semi playful semi frustrated manor grumbling as she stood up striding off to the bathroom, running her hand over the wall and over the rain emblem forehead protector with her finger as she spun around the corner into the tiled room, her mind trying to drop the images of him from her mind...Her paper work had been search warrants for those who had seemed to have been in league with the one who had attacked their Amekage, past acquaintances and such, sighing as she rubbed her head knowing they would get nowhere with the search, that bitch was gone... Red strands messy against her fingers as she pondered thought. She had left with piles of paper in hand and to get a shower and some sleep at her own home. Being there watching him sleep she couldn't help but feel like she was watching a show she was not meant to see, so resorted to as soon as day light came, headed back to her apartment to clean herself up...Sighing as she drew her leathers, pulling the tight material down from her frame and down her legs, dropping into a heap on the floor joined by her black panties and flicking her hair over her shoulder, sighing and stepping under the hot pouring waters. A slight breath leaving her as it streamed down her frame, trailing making fast clear paths over her dry skin and darkening her red strands to a deep crimson, Her mind hoping in some way the sensation of a hot shower would help her sever any thought of him from her. He was her Kage after all, shaking her damp strands from her cheek, the waters flicking to the glass in little dots as she pushed open the windows a fraction, billowing the steam out of the opening. He would be waking up now she was sure of it and if he hadn't it wouldn't be long till he did, she had sat there with him that past night for a good few hours while the darkness seemed to linger, watching the walls occasionally watching his restful expression, chewing her lip all the while repressing thoughts she thought long since buried, Watching from her spot under the streams of water dripping down her curves recalling the night before unconsciously running her fingers over her lips. It was strange the sensation seemed to persist and remind her of how warm he felt, how soft his lips were... her eyes watching out the fogged glass windows towards the hospital getting more and more irritated with herself for not being able to cut her feelings, she was a ninja dammit...- “Tch..” -Stepping out of the shower stark in search for a towel and finding an empty space where it should have been and was sure not moments ago had been, Narrowing her eye brows as her wet strands cling to her skin she knew Kuroyuki most likely had removed from the shower while she was in her own little world- “K...Kuroyuki.......” -twitching- “THAT'S PLAYING UNFAIRR YOU KNOW...!!”

Kagato: -His eyes slowly opened to the sounds of Medical nin hovering around him, the world around him in a haze as if his own eyes had a thick fog over them. The events that unfolded the other night  came flooding back into his mind, lifting his right hand to his forehead placing it on his over top of it. His thumb and index finger resting on his temples. Only to have him start moving them in circles massaging the sore temples. His head was pounding almost to the point one would think he had a hangover.  He Bent at his waist stetting his self-up rather quickly, which was a big mistake.  As soon as this task was complete the room around him felt as though it was spinning.   After sitting still for a few moments the sensation died down.  He dragged his tongue a crossed the skin of his dry lips moistening them slightly.  He parted his lips and in a dry wrestling type tone one simple word fell out.- “W-AT-E-R”  -One of the nurse in the room took the pitcher of water that had been on his stand, and slowly poured him  a glass, then handing it to him. Kagato grabbed the glass hastily, spilling a bit of it. The water leaped from the glass and down his chest. The sudden coldness of the water falling up on his bare chest made him shutter slightly.  He shoved the glass up to his lips and began to chug the water down, loud enough a gulping sound echoed through the medical room. His eyes darted to the place he last say Athena, she was gone. He placed the glass back on his tray, with a thud. He swung his legs the opposite direction letting them dangle on the edge of the bed. With his height of six foot his bare feet just not hitting the floor. -  He pushed his self-up off the bed a tried to stand; his feet stumbled a bit on the cold floor as he slightly lost his balance. One of the nurses quickly dashed to his side propping him up by grabbing ahold of his shoulder. *Nurse:  ~in a stern voice~ “you really shouldn’t get up, you should be getting your rest.” –Kagato shook his head from left to right, his crimson strands flowing carelessly in the air like tiny little whips. – “I’m fine… I’m leaving here like it or not youns will just have to deal with this fact. I have things I must do… “- Only thing that remained clothing wise on him was his black cloth pants that reached down below his knee stopping at his shin. He shrugged off the Nurse and made his way to the bathroom, closing the door behind him, slipping his pants black baggy cloth pants off as well as his black boxer shorts letting the fall to the ground in a pile. He slide the door open for the shower tuning the dial for the water, resting against with his right arm pressed against the door and his forehead against his fore arm the door as he waited for the water to become warm. The steam quickly filling the room   steaming up the mirror and glass sliding door, He wobbles his way into the shower. He had hopped the warm shower would help him shake off the haziness effects of what his body had gone through.  His Skin was even paler then it normally was, by at least a few shades.   He leaned his head forward as he reached his right arm outward placing his palm on the wall flat. The water rained down over top of his head and cascaded down his body racing down his chest and torso  in long  beads as if they were racing to cover every inch of his exposed form. His thought  forming more clearer, How could he have been so foolish letting his guard down like that, so easily that he left his self-wide open for an attack from one he least expected. He was kicking his self for letting this happen, showing weakness to those around him; in his own mind this was unacceptable. His mind raced with thought of making her pay. His lips parted slowly, in a course tone of voice yet another  few whisper type sounding words slipped past his lips.- That bitch..  – His eyes closing shut tight, scrunching his face muscles tight as well. The water dripping from his red strands of hair and down his face, in lines, the ones closest to his eyes made it look as if he was crying yet he wasn’t. He felt a rage burning deep within side him.  He shook his head from left to right as if to shake these thoughts off for the moment. His mind the fixated on Athena.. If it was not for her he surely would have been dead.  There was no doubt there was something there. He felt something there between them, even with that kiss which thinking back on it he couldn’t believe it actually happened. He thought at first it was a dream but the sensations were too real to have been just a simple dream. He had hopped she was there when he had awaken from his slumber but perhaps she went home for a bit. He couldn’t blame her for doing so it was a long night and she had been by his side through it all. He made up his mind his first stop once he made a break for it, out the hospital was to head over to her quarters. He had to thank her; she had saved his life and kind to him.  Kagato grabbed some soap and a wash cloth and began to clean his self-up. He lathered the body up with a soapy layer covering his entire body. He flicked his head back letting the water rinse off the suds, He reached forward once more taking a grip of the dial turning the water off slowly.  He slid the door open and reached for one of the richly colored blue towel. Drying his body and hair as best as he could, and then wrapping the towel around his waist. Looking over to his right it looked as if someone had already grabbed him fresh clothing to put on.  Well at least another set of black pants, and a black cloth tank top. It probably wasn’t a good idea for him to wear anything to heavy seeing as his body was still in a weakened condition. He slipped his black open toed shoes on, and made his way out of the bathroom.  A few doctors and nurses along with other medical nin were standing right outside the door as he made his exit from the bathroom. He just gave them a cold glare and walked right past him and out of his room, making his way to the main doors of the hospital, and out to the main street. The rain was pouring down heavily as always, he welcomed it. It was calming to him as it fell upon his form. His rain beading on his exposed shoulders. He walked the main street, with a slight stagger. His body wasn’t fully ready for this but he was never one for resting and always pushed his body past its limits.  After about a ten minute walk he found his self-standing in front of her apartment building.  If he remembered correctly it was on the third floor. He sighed at this thought, all the steps he would have to climb. He opened the main door to the apparent building and quickly made his way through.  Hanging in the railing as he panted and stumbled his way up the three flights of steps, He stopped at the top flight to catch his breath his face painted with a bit of red that sat against his already paler then normal skin like two apples sitting against a sheet of white paper. He regained his composure and made his way down the long hallway to the apartment numbered five. The door of this apartment was a brilliant shade of red, He raised his right hand forming it into a slight fist and began knocking at her door with a three loud thuds of his fist hitting the Crimson metal door. He stood there waiting to see if she would indeed answer of if she was even home for that matter. Due to the fact of how weak his body was at the moment his sensoring skills were all out of whack, so he had to just hope she was home.-

IlAthena: -Striding out into the Bathroom, wet feet leaving puddles on her polished wooden flooring, her hands on her hips as she strode out sneering at her cheeky summon. They had been like this a very long time. Like bickering family of an odd sort. Her threads whipping around in the air behind her wet back as her brow twitched like it always did when she was irritated only to look up seeing Kuroyuki up in the corner of the room wrapping her towel up in her web, cheeky eyes grinning down at her as it was bundled up like live prey, her scarlet towel slowly becoming a shade of pink as layer upon layer of web was laced over it- “DAMIT KUROYUKII...THAT'S JUST PLAIN MEAAAN!!...” -Scowling as she watched her, sighing heavily face palming to what her summon was doing- “Really...? Common really... all because... oh fine...be that way.. I don't need it!” -Pouting and exhaling in exasperation- “God dammed spiders... no WONDER people avoid you jez... YOU'RE ALL TOWEL THEIVES” -Throwing her hands about as she sighed walking past the door hearing a knocking sound at it...Blinking at it...thinking in about a split second how messed up this was about to become.. as she slowly moved to the door, silent footsteps as she pressed her ear to it listening as the water dripped down her un-covered skin, Long wet red hair lacing her shoulders like damp filigree as she closed her eyes. The heavy breaths, coming from the other side of the metal door sounded familiar to her. Blinking to it as she stepped back whispering to Kuroyuki...with narrowed accusing eyes- “It sounds like...couldn't be...The Kage...”-flicking a glance over to her summon sneering at her- “...y...you know this would happen didn't you... naughty spider... tch...” -turning on heel her wild wet strands whipping around in the air as she trifled through the bathroom for a fresh towel, wrapping another red towel around herself and pulling a clean pair of panties on as she called out- “JUST A MINUETTTT....AH...” -Somewhat freaking out...* The hell was he doing here, did he get out of the hospital already...or..maybe they just didn't want to risk stopping him... Tch those lazy fucks... they’re going to get their asses bitten off for this one... I told them not to let him leave even if it meant their lives... *-gritting her teeth as she tried practically ran about her apartment throwing on clothing, A pair of purple ame nin pants and a black half cut shirt with mesh starting under her bust line, sliding with still wet feet to stand at the door... she was still soaking under her attire and far less formal then she would have liked but hell, chewing her bottom lip, he wouldn't be here straight away if it wasn't important. Opening the door to peer out of it to see him standing there... she froze... there was nothing else to it... only one word coming out of her mouth as she stood there, shower water dripping off her stand and to her collar bone, following and falling down the landscape of her skin. Hearing was one thing but seeing him she had been in such a rush she hadn't even mentally prepared herself to seeing him again after, her mind freezing as she bit her lip, the last time he had seen her his lips were against her own, Blinking at him. Seeing his hand pressed to the door framing taking quick assessment of his features...but it all falling short as the images of last night hit her...and formalities broke apart her eyes wide as she stood frozen- “K......Kagato....”

Kagato: -Hearing her voice call out from inside her apartment he began to wonder what exactly was going on that she would tell him to hold on a minute. He was an unexpected visitor after all maybe this was just the case and she had to tidy up a bit.  Not long after the door squeaked open, His eyes met hers as she called out his name.  His one cobalt eyes and his other emerald eye peered deeply into her green pools of eyes. His breathing a bit labored from climbing all the steps in his condition, leaning up against the door frame his crimson strands all flung about his shoulders and back, he didn’t take the time to tie his hair back like he normally does he just wanted to get out of that hospital and make it over to her place. He didn’t even think about tying it back until he realized how he must look with it all thrown about like it was his long red strands still damp and clinging to his cheeks. He stared blankly for a few moments taking in her attire, it wasn’t her normal gear that he was used to seeing her in it was more casual in looks.  He was taken in by it slightly almost losing his breath seeing her in this state; she had a classy beauty about her. Her long red hair much like his own caught his eye next, why is it that he is noticing more of these little details of her he thought to his self. He shook his head trying to clear his head for a moment, little droplets of rain water sprayed to the side as his strands flowed freely in the air. His lips parted slowly as he went to speak to her in a breathy tone of voice. – “Did I come by at a bad time?...”  – She seemed a little put off by his visit, well put off wasn’t right feeling, no it was more shock and  almost a touch of embracement  radiating from her being at least that was the observation he was making at  the time. He tilted his head to the side taking his free hand that was not propping his self-up against the door frame with and ran his fingertips through his hair. The crimsons strand leaving traces of the rain water on his fingers as he pulled his hair to the one side exposing the one side of his neck slightly. - “If I came at a bad time…”-Breathing heavily his tone of voice changing slightly to a deeper undertone. -  “I could always stop by another time… But I wanted to thank you for what you did for me the other night…if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be standing here at your door now…”

IlAthena: -Her voice catching, almost stuttered as her mind reeled over his appearance. Loose hair, wet and dripping down the curve of his neck. The image tilting her cheek a dusty rose pink as she stepped back from the door for a sec, acting before realising what she was reeling doing as she turned on wet heel almost slipping in the process, Water droplets being almost her undoing. Clumsily catching the wall at her side as she skidded into the bathroom fetching another fresh towel and rushed back to the front door and back to him. Before she even realised she had the towel over his head and was rubbing his hair dry, Pausing only a moment later, drawing her hands away, as she blinked. Acting so familiar with the Kage....She was sure was some kind of law being broken- *T..He Hell am I doing...* -blinking her hands drawing away from the now slightly damp red towel, her hands poised in front of her- “Uh....Um...You...you're all wet.. Uh... S..Sorry I didn't think.. uh...” -stammering her disjointed sentence, he looked paled at the door, breathing heavy... Her reaction to look after him was dam near blinding as a reaction. Looking away her eyes wide, almost frozen at what she had done as she looked up in the top corner of the roofing, Her summon was no longer there, Leaving an empty web and a red towel bundled within it, she was all alone in here and she had totally breached some kind of protocol she was sure of it. Looking back to him, her embarrassed emeralds blinking at him, the towel draped over his features, his slightly hung head hadn't resisted the motion. She hadn't even noticed the whole time his eyes had been firmly placed on her, no words leaving his lips. Only those eyes watching her closely. Her heart froze as she searched for an out, her eye line fixing to his, something about this situation she was merely preparing to be scolded... He came to thank her for saving his life and she totally at least in her mind had crossed the line, one kiss did not mean that she had some right to touch him... It meant nothing really, surely? He had been delirious at the time. Her mind and her thoughts flying past her as fast a flicked kunai and she just stood there trapped, hands poised from the scarletted damp strands and cloth, locked in the circlets of his two tone gaze-

Kagato: -The sound of her voice was a bit shaky her words come forth in a stutter-* was this because he was here?* He was thinking to his self. The past events that lead hi here was one too surely on his mind. She cared for hi found him, and even stayed with him throughout the whole event.  Watching her as she took off almost slipping He jolted forward slightly maybe an inch before noticed she caught herself. He wasn’t going to let her fall what kind of man would he be? In any case she had returned rather quickly and before he knew it there was a towel over his head.  The pressure from her hands rubbing against his hair and head drying it flooded his body with a tingling sensation almost like tiny bits of electrify running wild a crossed his pale skin. This was uncommon for someone to do the feel of her touch even in this way it had somehow awoken feelings he had never felt before. * Could this be what it’s supposed to feel like one someone cares about another?* He again thought to his self only to have her pull her hands away quickly leaving the towel still draped over his head. He chuckled a bit at first with a painted on smile from ear to ear. His lips parted slowly as he reached up with his own two hands and finished drying his long crimson hair.- “No need to be sorry , I am the one who should be thanking you once again. You sure do know how to take care of someone. I’m not used to getting treated as well as this.” –He thought back on the kiss they shared it was something that he couldn’t forget not that he wanted to but there was no way even with all that happened would he forget something like that. There was something about her, something that he wanted to be closer to her whether she realized it or not. Was something he needed to find out? * was the kiss something that  well she remembered still or was it just something she kinda of pushed to the side?*  this was the question he was thinking and saying to his self in his mind. He slowly moved the towel from his head and flung it over his right shoulder, draping it there for the time being. His eyes peering back into hers locking on to them barely blinking, He was awestruck by her in any ways. His lips parted as to for words in a whisper light undertone type of voice. -  “May I come in?”

IlAthena: -Stepping back folding her hands behind her back as she chewed her bottom lip watching him dry his hair, Blinking as she snapped out of her blank stare, flicking a strand of her own wet hair behind the curve of her ear, gesturing to him to proceed- “Uh.. S...sure..uh..” - Walking ahead of him bare footed slightly ridged to the kitchen and turning the hot water to boil. Vocally she was quiet, but inside her thoughts and words were rushing about almost dizzying her mind, swallowing hard as she watched him enter her space. The walls and low foot Wooden book shelves laden with photo frames and small things that reminded her of missions, the bracket holding her Katana on the wall, laced purple silk cording wrapped around it, Her mind drifting to wonder if he remembered that he had been the one to give it to her, wondering if he recalled how shaky she was on handling it and in receiving it.- *Silly...*- Books and documents almost obsessively organised on her shelves, all but the coffee table was clear and clean, papers scattered across it, signatures placed over them all in a stack, and a scarletted carpet on the floor. Fluffy and soft under toe. *The hell do I do...I mean...uh... tea... tea yes that's a good start * -Laughing slightly to herself- “S....So they let you out... or did you just tell them you were leaving.... You know they are going to get an earful from me for letting you out right... in your state I am sure you need to sit down... make yourself comfortable” -her slightly shaky hand gesturing the brown leather couch against the wall behind her, she rarely sat upon. She had always been one to sit on the floor when working, strange habit she thought but dismissed it as her mind trying to grasp at straws to keep her mind in order. Pouring the hot water in and literally having to grasp her wrist with her other hand to keep it steady, she had no idea why she was acting this way...forcing the composure back to herself as she narrowed the focus on her hands with her emerald puppet eyes- *A personal visit from the Kage... tch.. Baka... he should still be in the hospital... * -twitching slightly as she poured the steaming water into the small handle deficient porcelain white cups. And closed her eyes trying to compose herself As she walked to the lounge and placed it before him on the table, a slight sigh leaving her lips- “You now... Baka Kage … there is no need to thank me... I was merely doing what anyone would have done if they had seen you like that, I am sure” -Nodding once to it, something about her words cold and irreproachable as she sat on the other side of the leather two seater, cupping her tea with both hands and blowing on it.. but not sipping it, merely staring into the light brown liquid her mind lingering over the thought if it was truly just that, chance... chance that he had kissed her... if any other female nin had walked in would he be now sitting in their lounge- “They will get a word from me those Nin...for not stopping you... You looked like you were about to keel over you know” -shaking her head slowly, her damp strands playing through the air as her eyes drifted up to the strange spider work of her summon, sighing heavily to it...- *My poor towel* -shaking her head silently to the image-

Kagato: -He nodded slightly down then up, his red strands slightly flicking back and forth with his head’s movement. -  Thank you again.. – He watched her take the lead walking ahead of him, her hands  drawn to her back.   He followed her foots steps so light on the red carpeted floor to the point of not making a single sound. This was a normal habit for him, the way he was trained truly to be invisible. Thinking back on it how hard it was to perfect such a skill especially how hard his father was on him. If he had even made the slightest noise his father would have been right there to crack him one right in the back. Shrugging this thought of as he looked around her apartment taking in al that it had to offer. The many photos’ all her books and scrolls seemed to be in perfect order.  Turning his head he caught a glimpse of the Katana he had given her so many years ago.  A smiled stretched a crossed his face as he remember that day with a picture perfect image of handing it to her. The bracket holding her Katana on the wall looked to almost be a shrine for it. It was so elegantly displayed in such a fashion that he had no other choice to think that it really meant something to her. His head turned back to her to see her walk into the kitchen only to hear her ask the question he most dreaded to hear he knew he was in for an ear full if he answered it but oh well what could he do not like there was any way around it now. He chuckled lightly as his answer slipped out. – Ah… well you… See…About that I just kind of left on my own.. not like anyone was going to try and stop the Kage after all – He placed his right hand on the back of his neck and began to rub it slightly in a nervous fashion.- Even in the state I am in who would try and stop me I do have a reputation after all…eh? – He nodded at her suggestion and walked over to the brown leather couch and took a seat to the right side of it sinking into the cushions of the couch as a slight squeaking noise escaped the leather as pants rubbed up against the leather as he made his self-comfortable.  It wasn’t long after that she came to where he was siting placing the tea in front of him. He slowly reaches forward for the cup holding with in his right hand as she sat on the opposite side of him on leather couch. He was just holding the hot cup in his hand watching the steam rise before his eyes as he replied to her statement.- I doubt everyone would do as you did, I am sure there are others that would have just left me there, not only that but to stay there with me throughout the whole mess…-He smiled once more as he thought about the kiss.- and well there is the kiss.. Um…-He chuckled lightly- “I hope I didn’t over step any boundaries when I did that um…I was just so taken in by you that…Umm…I just really had to do it…it felt right.” –Taking his left hand placing it on the back of his neck once more holding it there as he brought the cup of tea to his lips to help try to compose his self as he sipped at the brown liquid the warmth flowing down his mouth. - “That is what I am kind of wondering about most of all to be honest with you…Sorry to be so straight forward with this but Umm…I was wondering if what you felt about it.” –His voice cracked into a nervous laugh, he had hoped it didn’t offend her in anyway because of what he was feeling towards her. She had always had a way of leaving an impression on him she always stuck out in his mind. – “Really hope I didn’t offend you with it…And If I did I am truly sorry.”

IlAthena: -Looking to him raising an eye brow sighing heavily as she held the boiling cup of swirly copper colored waters, taking a tea spoon from the table in front of her and adding some raw sugar to it stirring it lightly. Unconventional for some but she was nothing but unconventional in her formalities. She was delicate and typically composed but still she knew what she liked, a small smile placing on her lips and she drew the hot metal spoon out placing it between her lips removing the liquid and any sweet remnant of the sugar from its surface and placing it against the small white dish matching her cup. “They will hear more than a word from me, their job is to protect you … even from yourself...Baka...” -sighing heavily slightly slouching, her fingers tapping the edges of the cup pensively as she listened to him. His words hitting her like a spike of adrenalin fuelled butterflies. Eyes flashing wide staring at him then back to her cup, her face going a deep shade of red at the mention, gripping her cup tightly between her two hands as she brought the hot waters to her lips burning them. Letting a sharp hiss leave her as she sucked her bottom lip, wincing to the sensation, mumbling and coughing. Flustered people do such stupid things, sighing to this thought as she licked over her slightly now more than red bottom lip- “mm...m..I...Uh...” -laughing nervously as she held her cup tightly- “Uh.. I am not mad if that's what you mean... Y...You did not offend me... not in the slightest, I... I will not hold it against you, I understand perfectly y..you were not yourself...uh...” -Holding her bottom lip protectively under her top as her tongue ran over its smooth surface as she stared at the ground, the wooden polished planks and the Red carpeting holding her flustered attention and she was glad of it. She knew he had just been greatly betrayed by someone of her gender, she couldn't help but assumes he was here to make sure the it meant nothing... Coming here must have truly been something of a feat just to make sure it meant nothing to her, Lying forcing a smile looking at him with closed eyes as she pulled her facade over her expression. One she knew all too well how to use…And yet she was not sure he would see through it- “its ok... I am not mad, I don't hold you, it’s already forgotten... No need to fuss over something like that…You clearly were not thinking straight” -nodding once as she flicked the strand that fell over her features behind her ear, crushing her eyes shut holding her words back as best she could, trying to reign in the betraying blush from her features as she looked back down to her cup, Blinking slowly to herself trying to ignore the foreign expression she was showing in her reflection.. One she hated since she was young.. the one she would have to show in front of dignitaries who wished to see her, paraded... it made her feel sick... but more so lying to him, rubbing her digits over the porcelain edge as she sucked her lip, trying to coerce it to stop aching-

Kagato: -Shakes his head, as he sets the cup on the table in front of them, with a light clinking noise. – “Well, I am sure they are in for an ear full from you if that is the case…That is one thing never dared to try, if I made my mind up to do something I am always more than determined to do it.” –His heart started to pound to her words, was it true that it meant nothing to her to her if she had already forgotten it. He wasn’t sure if he should press further or not after that statement. –“Well it’s not something I could forget to be honest it’s been on my mind ever since it happened.. I was more then with it enough to know what I was doing”  -His eyes looked down towards the table in a blanket stare for a few moments before  he turned his head looking straight on to her face noticing the bit of blush that formed a crossed her light skin of her face. He thought to his self * Now if is she turning red because she is really embarrassed that it happened of the fact she liked that it happened?* - He slowly reached a crossed towards her face  with his right hand resting his palm flat against her soft as silk cheek.- “ Well I’m glad that I kissed you..” –His eyes focused on hers peering deeply into the sea of emerald green of her eyes only offset by the pearl like white of her sclera. They seemed to catch and hold on to the light in such away her eyes sparkled. He got lost in them for a moment or two. His lips parted slowly as he gathered his thoughts to try and form words. - “I guess I was just kind of hoping it meant something to you as well… I think that’s why I fought so hard to come and see you… no matter my condition… I have never had someone be so kind to me before…I think that is what truly got me through all of this...” –His fingertips began to dance slightly on her cheek in a caressing fashion, just barely touching the surface of her skin. His mind began to wonder a bit and began to say to his self. * What the hell was he doing… I’m not even sure she would want me to do such a thing …here I go again putting myself out there probably when these advances are not welcome in the slightest after all she did say she forgot about the kiss.. I guess all I can do now is see her reaction…*-The washed-out color of his skin only reflected the slight red forming on his cheeks, he was slightly embarrassed by his actions but for some reason when it came to her he couldn’t help it. He wouldn’t blame her if she kind of hated him right now for what all he was doing and how much he put her through as of late.-

IlAthena: -Her eyes shooting wide, flinching to his hand dropping her cup to the ground shattering it, the waters spilling across the wood of the flooring, pooling an inch away from the carpets edge as she felt his hand against her cheek, Her mental delay snapping back as he touched her, his words rushing at her all in one go as she flushed red, her eyes turning to face him her lips slightly agape, something about the idea of him confessing to her, she had no idea what to do all she could feel was his soft pulse against her cheek. His warm digits stroking her skin. Each beat drawing away as if a coercive pull was slowly drawing away her anxiety about his touch, slowly easing to welcome it, she never let people touch her full stop, and she was a puppet after all. If she got injured which was frequent for a ninja, she would always tend to it herself thus negating much need for a medic nor the touch of another. Letting a slight breathy word past her lips as she watched him, “K..Kagato...” -Her hands desperately wanting to take hold of his and speak her mind but she had gotten so used to running from people, Accepting the idea she would be alone and most likely die on the battle field fighting under Nagato's name, but this sensation... what was it... confusion in her heart between duty to the oath as a shinobi and the feelings she felt draw her to him, not even realizing which one had even won till she felt her hand over his at her cheek and her own lips pressed to his, sitting up on her knees on the leather, her lips pressed to his soft wet skin in such a sudden and delicate motion, the tip of her nose resting lightly against his as she held her breath. The kiss light but filled with so many covered feelings she had never expressed to him, her heart leaping as her hand held his at her cheek, Opening lashes only to flush a dark iridescent red, Breaking the kiss. Breathy holding a fraction away from his lips, as her eyes stared at his. The shock she had actually acted on what her imagination had only intended to imagine held her in shock, gulping air...- *Omfg... what have done... I...just, ... escape...Run....* -holding poised looking down slightly over him, taking in this image of him as best she could, fearful she may never see this image of him ever again, trying to take in the image of him but nothing saving to her mind as she held their poised, her lips edges not even an hairs breadth away from his as she opened her eyes to see the reaction she had caused, Her mind reeling on what he had said- *Didn't he just confess to you?... the hell... wait...DID HE...is that why you just pounced.. him... oh my god... the hell do I do?!!...run.... run.. run!!...* -leaning back a fraction her lips parted trying to make sense of what she had just done, and think of some kind of excuse for it, however not even a single syllable came to her as she stared, more than red, strangely noticing the color matching in his complexion-

Kagato: -The sound of her voice saying her name rang through his ears like a sweet symphony. Her voice so angelic like that it made his heart race, as if it was being played like a drum. He watched as her hand was placed over top of his. The feel of her hand over top of his that he had laid on her cheek, sent a rush of emotions flooding forth throughout his whole body. A sensation of warmth with a blast a cool sent in waves crashing over him like giant waves smashing into the shore line. This was all he could have ever dreamed of and more, something he didn’t think was possible before this time. Only to have her lips press against his, for a second time. The feel of her velvety lips against his over whelmed him igniting a fiery burring inferno of passion deep within him. Only to have it overcome him and brought to his surface. The kiss might have been light but even so it had a great effect on him. * What was this that only she held over him?* he began to say to his self. Whatever it was he was grateful that in this moment she felt the same as him. Only in his dreams could he even fathom what this would have been like. Only to have it come true on this day for a second time. The first time he had acted yet this time she was the one who acted first, thus making him realize maybe she did feel what he felt. As she broke the kiss keeping her lisps a fraction away from his he slowly closed his eyes shut watching her reaction till they fully closed, taking his free left hand and placing it on the back of her head lightly as he burrowed his fingertips through her hair he leaned forward pressing his own lips to hers returning the kiss she had just given to him. Only this time he applied a bit more pressure making sure to flood this kiss with his burning desires for her. He wanted her to feel just how much he wanted to be close to her to feel her touch. Hopefully his message would come across with his actions, for in this moment the space around them was nothing more than darkness all there was to him was him and her.  All his worries began to melt away, as the kiss became more intense. His left hand taking a light grip of her hair slightly holding it there between his fingers just enough to where she could feel he had a grip on her red tresses.  He shifted his body closer to hers to where his one leg was brought up on to the brown leather couch while the other one was left to drape over the edge. He slowly backed away from the kiss keeping his lips in the same fraction away from her lips as she did his moments ago. In a hushed low tone he said her name.- “Athena..” He moved his lips back into position pressing his lips once more to hers feeling her soft as rose petal lips against his once again. -

Kuroyuki: -The small spiders head and beady eyes flicking back into the room, skittering through the window she had just departed through only minutes prior. Leaving the humans to do human things, the idea somewhat amusing the ten legged creature. Hearing a familiar noise a carrier hawk from the Kage's menagerie of nin. Looking at it with detain as she blocked its path of entering in on the private moment of the two. Spreading a thick sheeting of web over the high open windows in the glimpse of a moment. Ten narrowed threatening eyes glaring at the flapping carrier. - “Shoo, be gone.” -Clearly it had gotten the message, something normally not allowed but for the moment even if it was only just a moment she wanted to see her companion smiling with the wild descendant of Nagato-kamisama. She could tell in just the way she looked at him, her green eyes caught by his as if they were trapped. Enamored by him completely, she would be sure to punish anything that prevented this moment from coming to fruition. Unfortunately all moments tend to end and this was no different. Suddenly from nowhere in Kuroyuki's distracted mind she hadn't noticed how there was now a Ninja poised in the feathered creatures place. Raised eyebrows of those Hyuga eyes. It was the Anbu personal that had trained under Athena, who had taken it upon himself to be her very own messenger. Her eyes going wide as she scuttled down the wall flailing her arms about in warning to Athena as the Ninja cut through the webbing as it it was just cloth. Hyugas and spiders... clearly weren't the best bed fellows. Her unimpressed eyes glaring at him. There was no love loss between the two of them as Serin Hyuga flipped through the small window.-

IlAthena: -In that very moment she saw her summons flailing about she pushed Kagato back, her cheeks red from blush and stood blinking to the nin who posed bent on knee before her, his head facing to the grey soft carpeting his now presence had scattered with little whips of webbing and leaves that trailed in his wake. Looking him over as she stood straight, her guise of leadership falling over her like a thick veil forcing her composure and avoiding looking back at Kagato who she was sure now was either highly amused or highly offended at her breaking contact with his lips... his sweet lips- * Dammit woman concentrate* -Shaking her head bringing back her cold emerald eye glare, her wild red semi wet strands framing her features slightly more messy then she would have liked in such company but there was nothing to be done of that now.- “Serin-kun... this is very unusual, do you make it a habit to break into a woman's room when you know the door works just as well to gain ones attention.” -Scowling eyes looking down at the Anbu Hyuga- “This had better be an emergency... or I will have to think of some very fitting punishment.. Maybe test out my latest three point trap on you” -Her tone was far from joking at this point, watching his eyes slowly look up, flick over to the slightly dishevelled Kage then back to her. Anbu were typically very good at hiding their emotion but this was not your ordinary situation. He was clearly gritting his teeth with contempt-

Serin Hyuga: “Athena-dono, a hawk was dispatched to you but was held off from passing this information to you. We have a path we think the assailant has crossed. Two homes have been ransacked on the outskirts; we think it could be her and her possible conspirators trying to flee from the rain and out of our grasp. What would you like us to do?” -Turning his head to glare coldly at Kagato, those purple pinkish hues eyes scowling at the disheveled Leader- “We have Anbu stationed waiting for your orders... Kage-sama” -his words seemed to be directed to her mostly but he clearly had known the message was for the both of them, her command of the Anbu was an indirect one, guidance and training mostly but the Kage being here made much more sense to the message arriving here. The situation being more awkward then it should have been...-

IlAthena:  -The Anbu knew Kagato was in her living quarters... - “Sighing to the though and running her hand through her hair pulling it back slightly to frame her face more neatly, water making it cling to it with more form. Flicking a glance back at Kagato curious of his intentions of the matter- “Kage, what do you wish to do with this information?... do we track her down... or... do you wish for me to find her and ensure she is punished for what she has done” -her teeth gritting as she looked at the tea cup on the table top, looking at him right now she wasn't sure if he would be offended at her break away, the Anbu trespassing or the information they both had just received.-

Kagato: -Suddenly Kagato felt her bush him back, his pale skin showing a bit of red about the cheeks from the act he just did, but he couldn’t help but wonder why she pushed him back in such a manor. This was something he wasn’t used to at all. His eyes opened wide as his red long crimson hair flowed through the air flung about from the unexpected push. At first he thought maybe he over stepped her boundaries but out of the corner of his eye he caught a bit of movement seems Athena’s summon was trying to get her attention. Only to see another Ninja quickly appear before them one of Anbu rank Bent down on one knee before them. Kagato pushed his self-back slightly as these new turn of events took place   and gave out the information they had gathered. Kagato listened carefully as the Hyuga spooked about. Kagato eyes adverted towards Kuroyuki for the moment after the Hyuga was done speaking first addressing the spider Kagato lips parted slowly- “I think I’m starting to like you a bit more” – Kagato chuckled a bit it had seemed the spider was trying to make sure the two had there alone time but these things tend to happen with this line of work. Kagato Glanced over to the Anbu once more then brought his eyes fully back on to Athena, His eyes peering right into the liquid pools of green she had for eyes. – “As for the information there is only one thing we can do… We must act quickly…”- Kagato brought his thumb and pointer finger up to where his chin was grasping it slightly as if he was in deep thought.- “ She needs Punished for what she has done but don’t think for one second I am sitting this one out I am going along for this as well…”- Kagato brought his attention back to the Anbu before them his expression now cold, so cold that it could easily rival the could touch of death.- “ Gather those Anbu you have ready send them out and make sure  they keep them busy until we make it to the location...but do not kill her or them off before we get there…that will be something I want to witness first hand either by my hand or at least be witness to it…- He turned his head once more his strands of red still slightly damp as the now clung to the curves of his neck. - “Athena if I am not able to…seeing as I am in the state I am in…and it turns out she or possibly her accomplice are there… I want you to be the one who ends her… “- He thought back to how she was the one that found him in that passed out state and even made sure he got to the hospital. He owed her a great deal for saving his life but there was much more to that.  He had always had these feelings about her locked inside not sure if he could actually show them fully one day or not. Kagato Stood up slowly still shaking his head slightly trying to shake this feeling of weakness off granted this was more than just a feeling but had a fighting spirit burning with in him driving him to push forward. – “But with that said do not think for one second you or anyone else here or even in this village is going to stop me from going on this task.“  -Kagato Turned his attention back towards the Anbu Hyuga. – “...You…” – Kagato raised his right hand  drawing all but his pointer finger back  his black painted nail shimmering slightly from the light being reflected off of it as he pointed at the Hyuga. - “Gather the rest of my gear from the hospital I will be need it and meet us at the gate.” – Kagato reached his right hand out towards Athena hoping she would take it so he could help her up His eyes staring softly into her his eyes seemingly sparkling with a bit of fire sparked behind them for the task at hand. - “Shall we get going….I want her and whoever she might be with to pay dearly for this...” – This was something that must be done, had to be done Kagato couldn’t sit idly by when he knew for a fact the person who had put him in this state was running free with whoever else she might be in leagues with. His emotions were running wild at this moment ones of love and hate feelings of love towards Athena and those of pure over whelming hatred towards the traitor who put him in this position he was in. His eyes began to change without even him realizing it His normal cobalt blue eye and Emerald green eye changed into that of the Blood red with black swirling rings like pattern and an Amethyst purple with the same black rings that covered his eyes completely taking over the white. The way Kagato was feeling at the moment even probably being at less than half strength yet was able to pull off activating his Rinnegan was a testament that he was ready to see this thing to its end. -

End Results: