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Kagato Uzumaki, Kunisada Uchiha, Ritsuka Uzumaki, Akatori Yamanaka

Title:The Journey Begins: Onward To The Island

Kagato: -It was like another day in Amegakure whilst sitting up in the largest tower in all of the hidden rain made out of purple and blue metals that stood the test of time going way back even to the days of his descendent Nagato.  The Large Metal structure was being bombarded with the rain drops from the storm clouds that always loomed over head in the hidden rain village. The sounds were like light finger taps drumming a long its surface. Kagato had been pacing back and forth in front of the main window of his office in the top floor of the Amegakure tower, the window was cracked slightly letting the cool breeze sweep through his office. Granted probably wasn’t the best things to do seeing as the rain crept its way in every once and awhile but he felt calm with the cool mist like breeze whipping about his office. If he couldn’t be outside in the village letting the rains fall upon his form this was the next best thing. A moment passed as he gathered his thoughts when a scroll made its way through the crack in the window, reaching out with his black armored gloved hand wrapping his fingers around the scroll plucking it off the breeze. On further examination of the scroll he could tell it was protected by some sort of webbing which only meant it came from one person, the Su-Kage. Very carefully removing the webbing and seal of the Su-Kage with his left hand peeling it back and unavailing the scroll. His Cobalt blue eye and his emerald green eye shifting back and forth as he read through the scroll, as a look of feeling of hatred rushed over his entire being.  He shook his head slightly as he tried together his thoughts. The message wasn’t one that he had ever thought he would receive.  He knew she had been gone for a while but not for these reasons. It has seemed she had left Amegakure for good, and just as they were to set out on the summon mission.  His lips parted as a loud anger filled scream ejected from his mouth. The sound of which echoed off the walls of the tower office. There was no time for this any time for him to deal with this. Anger and a sensation of hurt built up in his body His fist clenching the scroll tight crumbling up in his hand.  In the back of his mind his thoughts couldn’t wrap around this at all.  Flash backs of this sort of thing happening to him by the hands of others filled his head. In the mist of all of this his thoughts - * How is Rits going to take this? Out on…* - He shook his head again  knowing full well he had no leads on her whereabouts so it was pointless to go on a search, but in time he would  have to deal with this act, this traitor to their village. With the scroll still clenched in his had he started to prepare for the trip ahead of them.* So I guess it’s finally time.. Time to collect the summons they all desperately needed…* - His thoughts bouncing back and forth as he began to prepare. It wasn’t that long ago that he attained his first and second path, and even now a would be the mission he got his summons for the Animal path after all there were eight he needed in total. He glanced over to where he had the Animal path and the Deva path laid out on one of the chairs. The Animal Path was just not any path but at one time it had also been his son in life. Kagato was going to leave his paths behind to handle the everyday business of the Amegakure it would be his link to here to oversee it watch over it and protect it. This Animal path wasn’t fully complete but it had enough of Kagato’s projected skills and Jutsu’s in the meantime to protect the village along with The Deva Path. He had split his own power into his path sharing his chakra like this would have little effect on The Amekage with the vast chakra reserves he had already. Kagato’s eyes began to change from the normal blue and green into that of the Rinnegan. His eyes characterized by a ripple-like pattern around the pupil, with a light purple iris and sclera in his left eye and a red Rinnegan in his right. He started to send his chakra blue through to the receivers bring the paths somewhat to life but under his complete control. The paths were more like a puppets of sorts now acting only on Kagato own will, giving him sight through it as well as a way to act. The paths eye’s flung open revealing the one red Rinnegan in his one eye and the purple Rinnegan in its other much to the same Kagato’s eyes. Not many really knew of his paths yet but for a select few but more in time will learn of it he was sure, but for now it was best to keep these things under tight wraps. With that said Kagato’s eyes would have to remain active throughout this whole trip if he wanted to remain in control of the path. He turned quickly as he started to gather up the supplies he would need for this journey. He would gather up a few extra pairs of clothes, a few black netted shirts that only would cover up to where his bellybutton would start like the one he was wearing at the moment. A few black pair of cloth pants with baggy cargo pockets one on each side just like the ones he was wearing at this moment. As well as a second pair of shoes charcoal in color and open toed which would exposed his black painted toe nails again just like the ones he was wearing at this moment. He set each item over top of an already open scroll slamming his hands palm side down sealing them into the scroll. Now that that was all set up He began packing up the food and water he had gather up earlier from the general store. He always kept a good bit on hand in case he had to take off in a hurry for any reason that came up. Laying a week’s supply of food and water out just like he had moments before with his clothes over top yet another scroll, repeating the process by slamming his hands yet again onto the hard metal floor of the tower sealing the food into the scroll. His armor black armor already in place attached to his gloves and his purple metal shin guards strapped tightly to his char coal shoes. He threw on his black armored coat   shooting his left arm through the sleeve then next with the right. Shrugging his shoulders moving his coat into place before picking up his black backpack shoving all the scrolls he had just prepared for the journey into the backpack along with a few blankets and pillows and shifting three tiny black boxes before he closed the top of it locking it in place. Throwing it over his shoulders  with the scrolls he normally carries along with him six in total three on the  left strap on the back pack and two on either side in the back of the bag, the scrolls were multicolored red, blue, purple and yellow. He adjusted his  re-breather and mask with his right hand making sure it was tightly in place  looking down through his now activated Rinnegan eyes staring at his village headband he adorned around his neck The dim light of his office reflecting off of the neckband almost like it was dancing a crossed its surface.  He made his way over to his way over to his desk picking up two black small boxes shoving them in inner pocket of his coat. Taking the three pre-written scrolls off his desk he quickly attached it to his rather large vulture like messenger bird, tying each scroll tightly to its legs, one for Kunisada, One for Akatori, and last but not least one for his son Rits. It was time to leave and needed them to be all packed up and ready to meet him by the gate. With a snap of his finger the bird took off to deliver the message to each of them to get ready and meet him by the gate for today was the day they started their longer journey. Kagato  turned back around started to make his way to the door of his off his purple and black necklace  shifting slightly as he made his way through the door and out to the main gate of Amegakure where he would wait for the rest.  His long crimson trade mark Uzumaki hair clinging to the sides of his face, re-breather and even the sides of his black horned headband with the Kanji of rain engraved in purple on it He crossed his arms into his midsection waiting in the rain for the others to show up. He looked down in his right hand still seeing the scroll he got earlier in his hand his eyes light up and filled with spite and anger. He slowly unfolded his arms and tucked the crumbled up message into his coat pocket.-

Akatori2: ~Akatori would rise up from her slumber slowly. Her ears would tune into the sound of the raindrops beating off the roof of her apartment. It was always a pleasing sound to hear first thing in the hours of morning. Her long pecan shaded hair was messy from sleeping and frizzed out a bit. Pushing the black cover off her body, she would roll up and out of bed. A slight yawn escaped her mouth as she walked over towards her vanity. Her hand scooped up her hairbrush as she began to take the knots out of her hair. Once cleared, she took her locks back, tying them into a ponytail. She then began to strip out of her oversized purple sweater and matching shorts, only to put on her normal ninja garb of a long sleeve black croptop and black shinobi pants.Next, she walked down her stairs to enter the kitchen of her apartment. Upon entering, she would scout out the fridge to grab a quick breakfast of a roll and red bean paste. She didn't have a plan for the day yet, since it was still so early. Maybe a mission could be done? Akatori wasn't too sure until she heard a slight knock at her window. Gasping slightly, she turned to see it was just a scroll. Getting a closer look, it was branded by the seal of the Amekage, Kagato-Sama himself.~"Ah, must be a mission.."~ Akatori said to herself, curious to see what the scrolls entailed for her. Since Kagato-Sama was her sensei, receiving requests from him was something she got quite often, not really surprising her much. She would shrug slightly and walk over to the window opening and closing it quickly, to snatched the scroll. The scroll would be set down on her coffee table as she sat on her black couch. She opened it with a snap, reading the details listed within.~ "Ah, lovely. Hopefully I can connect to some animal...and adding another land to my mental passport would be nice too."~ With a nod of her head, she stood up and began to climb back up the stairs to her room. She would grab a black backpack and set it on her bed. Clothes of all kinds, ropes, and a sleeping bag were packed in the main pouches, while food, water, and personal hygiene items went into the side pockets. She was a bit excited to meet an animal to form a summoning contract with. She didn't know much about summoning animals, except of Yang, the small cat summoning of Kagato, and a pain in the ass for sure he is. She remembers training with the cat when she was a bit younger. A sweet smile curved onto her face as she finished her preparation for combat by attaching her tool pouch to her back and kunai pouch to her left thigh. Wrapping her Ame forehead protector tightly around her forehead, she slide on her sandals and armored gloves of a deep purple color. Aka finished by putting on her Ame Flak and finally putting on her backpack. It was time to meet up with Kagato and whoever else may be going on the trip and begin her journey to find a summoning partner.~

IlRitsuka: *Ritsukas blue eyes cracked lightly at the sound of something landing beside him on his bed. He groggily leans up on his elbows. One hand raising only to wipe his eyes free of any lingering sleepiness. Pushing aside his Dark purple blanket. He turned to sit on the edge of his bed his feet dangling to brush lightly on his wood floor below. His left hand swiping up the scroll as he did so. His gaze fell to the scroll in his hand, His eyes quickly widened as he unwrapped scroll carefully, the writing he recognized as his fathers. After reading it Ritsukas sleepiness was nowhere to be seen. It was finally the day he had waited for. He finally got to go on a mission, not only out of the village. But it was also, with his father as well as with his fellow new Jounin Akatori Yamanaka. He would also obtain his Crow summon. His mind wandered to think about what his summon would be like. Would they get along? Ritsuka was curious to know more about this and he knew just who to bother. Pushing himself off the bed he walks over to his dresser dropping the scroll on it and withdrawals out his usual white bandages, wrapping them around his torso quickly, He quickly pulls his purple and blue Flak vest over his thin bandaged torso. His Dark red Uzumaki hair falling crazily around his face. Looking into the mirror, Ritsuka takes a moment to run his hands through his red hair shaping it into less of a knotted ball and more into an organized mess. With a last glance in the mirror he moves away from his dark wood dresser and moves to the door of his bedroom, slowly moving down the hallway of his home, with a glance out the window Ritsuka glanced around the village from the high tower window, in which his family’s home was located. He calls out through the home lightly in search of his father, The Amekage and leader of this mission. “Pops!” He listened carefully in hopes of locating him moving through the home. He slowly turned to the stairs slowly moving down them to continue the search for his father in the other areas of the home. Upon not finding him he moved lightly back up to his room to prepare, rushing back up his original path to his bedroom on the floor above. His pale hand quickly reached out to shove his door open. He looked around the room as if taking a mental picture of his space before slowly entering the room and reaching under his bed to withdraw his pack. He dusted off its dark fabric before unzipping it and withdrawing the forgotten bits of clothing and ninja tools he had left within. After making sure it was empty he walked over to his dresser quickly withdrawing the items he would need for a potentially long trip. Man he was gunna miss his mattress these coming days, but he was way too excited to be going on a mission with his mother and father to care. He wondered what places they would visit today. Realizing he was thinking too much and packing to little. Ritsuka happily resumed the task at hand. He withdrew a week’s worth of his spare bandages along with some other clothing items. Taking the other sitting next to it on the dresser and slipping it over his messy red hair so it sits covering the lower half of his pale face partially. He took out his week’s amount of pants and also pushed them into his bag before sliding out of his pajama bottoms and into his usual. Dark grey ninja pants. Reaching onto his nightstand he grabs his Amegakure headband and wraps it around his right leg. The purple band showing off brightly against the neutral pants. With a quick yawn he grabbed his ninja tools double checking them mentally. He was bringing, 6 kunai, 10 shuriken. 10 senbon, 1 smoke bomb, 1 flash bomb, 3 paper bombs and his rebreather. After all that he strapped the packs onto the back of his pants lightly so they sat on his lower back for easy grabbing, Looking around the room once more, he lets out a heavy breath before leaving the room with a nod. His hand reached out to grab his Gunbai that was sitting by the door as he exited, sliding it so it sat over his back, the dark purple frame on it was surrounding a Amegakure symbol surrounded in a black background. The third war fan he’s had. His father broke the first.. Suddenly he remembers his father was probably already on his way if not there. He rushes down the stairs almost running into the door at the bottom but stopping just in the nick of time/ A cheesy grin forming as he remembered his mother would be there to. She had recently been on a mission but promised she would be back in time for this mission. His mind threatened to wander to Unaru and how much he would miss him but they had already said they’re goodbyes and they really had to go.. He looked up at again his blue gaze looking around the house once more. He nodded again to himself, assuring that he in fact was ready to go. before slipping out of the door of the tower and straight down the main street in the direction of the Main gate of Amegakure No Sato*

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada sat at the top of the entrance gate before anyone else was even there; he was already there. He had his black backpack slung over his shoulders; his Kusanagi was hanging underneath the backpack. He’d received Kagato’s note earlier on in the day at the ANBU Dojo. Luckily, the Dojo was repaired from the spar that had ensued there a while back with Kagato and Kunisada taking on three other ninja. He’d gotten the letter back at the ANBU Dojo, but as soon as he read the letter, he left the Dojo and went home. When he entered his home, it was silent; the silence was something Kunisada had become accustomed to. Afterwards, he went to his bedroom and pulled out his backpack and began to pack everything he’d needed for this trip: at least a week’s worth of clothing, extra kunai, shuriken, paper bombs, etc. After he’d gotten the essentials from his clothing and extra materials from his room, he decided to grab some food for the trip. After exiting his bedroom, he made his way to the kitchen and began to pack food. He grabbed and packed enough food enough for two weeks, most of which he wasn’t sure he’d even eat, but it was always good to be prepared; maybe someone would be short on food or something; none of the food he packed would go bad until at least 3 weeks or so, which hopefully didn’t drag out this long, but it didn’t matter to him. After the food was packed, he packed over 2 dozen water bottles in his backpack, which wasn’t overstuffing his backpack at all. After he’d packed his food, he made sure everything was alright and that he had everything; his Kusanagi, clothes, food, water, extra materials but he was pretty sure that was it; if he forgot anything, he’d have to make do without it. As he walked towards the door, he fixed his re-breather as it felt slightly off to him, reaching behind his head to fix it to where it was secure on his face; he wasn’t going anywhere without his masks, that was for sure. He opened the door and stopped before looking back at his house; he thought about the items he needed. After he thought about it for a moment he left his home and went to the gate of Ame. That’s what he’d done before he sat on top of the gates of Ame; he’d been sitting there for about a half hour, collecting his thoughts while the rain lightly fell on his dark clothes, which were now pitch black from them getting wet from the rain; even his masks were a dull gray color from the small sunlight that was being shoved through the clouds of Ame. He turned his head slowly as he heard the approaching footsteps of another person. After he looked, he noticed it was Kagato; figures they’d be the first two there. He spoke quietly, but loud enough for Kagato to hear him- “…Hey Kag…”'

Kagato: -Kagato’s glanced up at the gate where a figure called out to him. It has seemed that Kuni was the first to get here. With a simple nod up and down his lips parted slowly. ”Hey Kuni…are you all ready to set out on this trip…something may have changed but I think… it will go okay… - Kagato was a mixed bowl of emotions at the moment more anger and a deep sadness filled his entire being. There wasn’t much he could do with the current circumstances all he could do is press forward and get on with the task at hand.- “ I think I have everything covered on my end…I have the whole trip planed out though this might take while due to all the traveling… . –If anyone looked close enough to Kagato’s eyes they could probably tell something was up he was holding something back his cold shoulder demeanor was ever present. Kagato took a deep breath inhaling then exhaling slowly, his breath meeting the cold rain filled air spewing out of his re-breather like a cloud of smoke. He reached into his coat and pulled out the crumpled up scroll paper taking it into his right hand he threw the paper up towards Kuni. It was the message he had gotten earlier from Athena. He wanted to let Kuni know what was all going on before they set out on their trip. In the back of his mind his rage fueling him yet it was a quiet storm brewing in him not letting it outwards just yet. He stood there like a stone statue cold calm and collected on the outside yet raging on the inside. His long crimson strands of hair clinging to his face and re-breather as the rain began to saturate them even more so. It wasn’t long after this his Son Rits was in sight.  He was still unsure how to break the news to his son on his mother pulling a stunt like this. He knew he was looking forward to her being on this mission with them, it would have been the first mission they would have done together as a family. He turned around on the balls of his feet to face the opposite direction from where he had been looking up to Kuni to face his son. The sound of the rain wasn’t even calming his emotions down at this point for all the things they had been through together in the past for one so close to just up and leave like that was unthinkable yet sadly enough he was used to it. All his life  there nothing but the feeling of abandonment from those he got close to except for a few, be it death or just trying to hurt him in some way this factor seemed to loom over his head like the storm clouds that blanketed the skies of Amegakure and the land of rain. His lips parted slowly as his son came in to ear shot of his voice. - “Hey son…I take it you are ready to get this started as well. Your mother won’t be joining on this trip I will explain after… - He turned back around   the sound of thunder echoing off the soundings like a bomb going off ricocheting off the metal homes and towers. There was more left to join this group before they could set out. Kagato could feel her chakra off in the distance through the rain that was directly link to his sense yet she was still always off. Tori his student now Jounin seemed to be running late. – “ well as soon as Tori gets here we can set out….” –He shifted his weight from his right foot to his left  setting his stance even more firm to the wet stone street he just wanted to get this trip started  maybe it would help him keep his mind off things.-

Akatori2: ~Akatori walked out the door of her apartment and began to head down the steps to the General Store she owned. Something seemed odd though. Thinking slowly about what she could be missing; Akatori realized she left her scrolls on her kitchen table. She would quickly drop her backpack on the floor with a slight grunt, as she traveled up the stairs and back inside to gather them. Aka would place the three scrolls on her left thigh, making sure they would stay in place. Without haste, she was back out her apartment, grabbing her back at the bottom of the stairs. Next, she went over to the counter of the store, pulling out a pen and small notepad from within a drawer. Aka would write to her neighbor, Ikema, telling the old woman she would be gone for some time and that the store was under her ownership till Akatori returns. This was something she had to do often, since she travelled out the village uncalled for at times. When Akatori entered the streets of Ame, she could already see the gate and all gathered around it not too far off in the distance. The air was a bit chilling, as to be expected as the winter months approched them. The rain began to fall upon her, droplets falling off the three metal piercings that went through her nose. At the gate, Ritsuka, Kagato, and the Mysterious ANBU were already gathered.~ " Hey boys, ready to roll?" ~ Her tone was relaxed yet holding on to a bit excitement, for this would be a rather interesting trip. She looked mostly at the two on the ground level with her, sneaking a few glances up at the dark haired guy. He made Akatori very curious. After the few encounters they have had, she learned some interesting things about his skillset and rank, yet she has yet to learn his name, or even what he looks like a bit closer up. This would be a long trip, but Akatori was quite ready to begin it. ~

IlRitsuka: Ritsuka walked down the main street of Amegakure. He looked at the various shops and stands he passed as he walked. He couldn't imagine being away from the village so long. He hardly ever left the walls before. As a jounin he had just gotten assigned his genin team. Which were his two old teammates Inuzuka Unaru, and Hyuga Tetsuo. He had recently added Nara Ban to fill the final spot. He had worked out a way to keep track of them while he was gone, though he wanted to wait till he arrived at the gate to show his mother his new technique. As the gate came into view he could see the distant figures of his father and what appeared to be the anbu kuni. He didn’t know too much about the anbu , they had sparred once before in a mass battle. He often was quiet and kept to himself. Silently watching over the village he would assume. It made him curious about the nin wondering what new things he would learn of him. His father was also in the same boat. Ritsuka knew the business side and the father side, but had never really seen his father in action. As he approached the pair a happy smile playing on his lips as he neared them. His father’s words hit his ears harshly. He was about to ask as the direction not beat him to it, leaving him confused and worried. He figured this mission was far too important for him to worry about anything. And quite recently he had gotten good at turning off his feelings. There had been a lot that happened in the past year or so. Pushing out emotion to complete a job was something that was becoming far too familiar. He hands formed into the tiger hand sign as he focused his chakra. An exact copy of the jounin appears to Ritsuka’s left. It was a crow clone. It would allow him a way to train his team while he was away. The clone would be able to use techniques but when hit it would burst into a small murder of crows. He nodded to the clone speaking to it softly "You know what to do. Try to get it done" - The clone nodded and turned heading back to the main street of the village just as Akatori walked up. He nodded lightly to her as she reached the group. He looked around and cleared his throat lightly. - "Well the groups all here, shall we begin the journey?" - Turning on his heel he would march off toward the path they were taking. His eye on the prize all other thoughts had been shoved uselessly to the side.-

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada nodded his head as Kagato asked his first question to him, only to hear Kagato mention that some things were changed from the original plan. Kunisada was looking down towards Kagato from where he sat above the Village Gate, but even if Kunisada wasn’t looking Amegakure’s Kage in the eyes, he knew Kagato well enough to know something was up and that something was bothering him. Suddenly he saw Kagato reach into his pocket and pull out what seemed to be a crumbled up piece of paper and throw it to him. Luckily Kagato had thrown it hard enough to where it made it up to Kuni’s location as he brought his arm up to catch the lightweight projectile in his hand. He began to unfold the letter, using both of his hands to open it and to hold it in place so he could read it a little better. Kunisada began to read the letter, the message was from someone named Athena; he recalled the name because Kagato had mentioned her to him before privately. As he continued to read his eyes narrowed slightly, the movement not even noticeable due to his bangs covering his eyes. After finishing reading the letter, Kunisada’s eyes glanced upwards towards where Kagato was standing; so that was what was bothering him. Kunisada nodded lightly towards Kagato to let him know that he understood now. His head turned lightly, the movement was almost unnoticeable as he heard a female voice join the two at the Gates: it was Akatori Yamanaka. Kunisada had sparred against her a few times and Kagato had informed him that she had just joined the Jounin rank as well as his son Ritsuka. Kunisada turned his head again, the movement barely noticeable as his eyes found their way towards Kagato’s son, Ritsuka as he joined the small group. Kunisada crumbled the piece of paper in his hand as Kagato spoke to his son; it wasn’t Kunisada’s place to say anything about the news. He kept the paper crumbled in his hand until he stealthily slipped the piece of paper into his pocket; he didn’t need the other two getting curious. He heard Ritsuka ask if they were all ready to go, as Akatori asked as well; the two Jounin were eager at least. Kunisada saw Ritsuka begin to walk so Kunisada glanced over at Kagato for a few seconds before he jumped down from the Gate and began to walk in front of the group, his back turned the rest of the group; they didn’t need to rush the mission, so walking didn’t sound bad.-

​Kagato: -It seems everyone was ready to get this show on the road; Kuni, Rits, and Akatori were all at the gate now. His son Rits seemed to be egger and started to walk down the path just seconds after him asking if they were all ready to set out on their journey even Tori asking the same question as soon as she had made it to the gate.  He turned back around facing the gate and looked over at Kuni to see if he had finished reading the message he had tossed him moment before hand only to see him tuck it away. Kagato simply nodded to this act. This was to be a trip to remember after all this wasn’t an easy task they were on.  The summons wouldn’t be that easy to agree to help them or enter into a contract with them not to mention the mood Kagato was in he was sure they would be able to pick up on that right away and be less likely to be forthcoming to agree to it. At least Kuni was filled in on what was going through his head yet wanting to keep what had happened between the two for now seeing as he needed his son to focus on the task at hand rather on what had happened, not only for his son’s sake but for his own as well. Kagato didn’t want his emotions to overtake him, he pushed them down deep and tried to turn everything off becoming colder then Ice. His lips parted and in an emotionless tone of voice he began to speak once more. - “Well let’s get this party started and head out…” – Kagato started to walk down the path leading away from the gate and to the border keeping pace with Kuni walking beside him towards the front of the group. Kagato turned slightly back to Rits and Tori and motion with his right hand to hurry along even though they were talking he didn’t want to leave them to far behind. Kagato once in ear shot began to whisper quietly to the point that only Kuni could hear him even of the other two were close to them.- “ Well…we have a problem to deal with after the trip…” – Kagato eyes flickered slightly almost taking on a more demonic look and glow about them even if his Rinnegan was active this look  could probably stop even the coldest of killers dead in their tracks. – “We can’t just have her running around free…Athena knows too much about the village for that…as much as it pains me to say it…she needs taken care of…” –Kagato simply nodded not once did this thought cross his mind before this not once would he have had any inkling that she was capable of turning her back to him, the village or even her own son for that matter.- “ But this is all to be done after the trip…after  everything is said and done and we get what we need accomplished…she will pay dearly for such an act…” – The thoughts of what they should do swirling about in his head like a cyclone  almost starting to cloud his judgment at the moment yet not letting it take its grip over him completely.  Kagato started to make his way onto the wooden bridge that was just after the gate the rain still pouring down over top of them. The sound changed a bit since it was wood the rain was hitting instead of the normal metal you would find the village itself. The sound was almost like a light tapping noise leaving rather large puddles on the already dampened wood of the bridge. His feet making ripples in the puddles as his feet would make contact with them splashing the water about slightly. It was only a matter of a minute before Kagato was a crossed the bridge and down the path leading towards the bamboo forest. He paused for a moment and began to use his sensory skills to make sure he had a lock on the island it was true the island was on the back of a very large turtle and it kept itself on the move but Kagato was an expert when it came to tracking and sensing. They had a long trip ahead of them and even a harder time once they reached the island and began their quest for their summons. Only ten minutes had passed since the group left the gate and they were already at the beginning of the bamboo forest. The clouds over the forest were as dark and ominous as the storm clouds over to of Amegakure. The bamboo in this forest was so thick that it was hard to see through on either side of the path, not to mention the bamboo had grown so tall that it blocked out most of the view of the sky above. A theslight pitter patter on the rain drops droping down through the leaves could be heard. – Kagato turned to the rest of the group and parted his lips once more.- “ Well we are no longer in the village now…keep sharp and on your toes…you never know what may lay hidden in this forest…”

IlRitsuka: *As the group walked, Ritsuka made some small talk with Akatori. He asked her questions about her summoning though there wasn't to many known facts yet. He switched the topic to their teams they had recently been entrusted to train since they had made jounin rank. He spoke to her quietly as the walked *"So Any big training ideas? Perhaps in the future we can do a training or mission together. Get the teams together."* He smiled lightly at her before turning to watch the ground ahead. He had left the clone to train the team while he was gone and was sure Akatori had done the same. He figured it shouldn't be too long before the group would be rounded up for their first team meeting with him. He was nervous being that he and his genin team were the same age. Most of them friends or in Unarus case more so. But at the same time he felt like he wasn't quite being taken seriously. It was a feeling that was too familiar. Underestimated. One day he would be sure he would never be underestimated again. But until then he would just continue trying. As they reached the bridge Ritsuka listened to his fathers comment giving him a nod. He felt the familiar sensation in his left eye as he activated his sharingan in his left eye. He looked around the vast forest of bamboo taking it all in. It was quite unfamiliar to be around growing living things. The village was mainly metal, so seeing a forest was a bit of a treat. He scanned through the branches carefully as they began to walk through them. He was ready for anything. *

Akatori2: ~Akatori took a small exhale, securing her back on her back as she paced herself with the rest of her squad to embark on the adventure that awaits. She watched the higher-ups in front of her, as she walked next to Ritsuka. As they walked, Ritsuka began to talk to her about the summoning’s. She spoke softly to him. "Eh, not much to know really…Just hoping to create strong bond with whatever contract I may be able to make." ~ She pushed a stray strand of pecan shaded hair from out of her face, while her feet made contact with the wooden bridge. The rain felt lighter now, since they were out of the village. Her ears stayed perked like a cat and her eyes sharp as she scanned the area. ~ " As for training ideas, I plan on focusing on having them work on team bonding and keeping to the more basic lessons. I want my students to be sharp, with exams approaching close; I'd be fine with possibly having a team get-together." ~ She said gladly to him, her eyes keeping front. This made her think of the Shadow Clone she had stationed in the Training Grounds to meet the Team from the day before. Her clone would be responsible for taking care of the team while she way away, while making sure they worked hard. Within a fairly short amount of time, they neared the bamboo forest. The forest was no strange place to her, as she has been here many times on missions and for special training. However, the bamboo seemed to be more in season now, much thicker than she remembered. She watched and listened to Kagato-Sama as he spoke to the group. Nodding her head to what he said. ~ “Right." ~ She spoke in a dedicated tone. Doing another quick scan with her intermediate sensing abilities, Akatori focused in for any foreign chakra signals.~

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada continued to walk as he heard Kagato’s footsteps begin to walk towards him until he caught up with him, listening to him as he began to spoke to him quietly about the message he’d read from him earlier. Kagato spoke of taking care of someone due to leaving Amegakure, but he knew of course that he was speaking of Athena. Kunisada nodded his head slightly before he spoke back in such a hushed tone that only Kagato in return could hear him, regardless of how close Akatori and Ritsuka were behind them.- “...Indeed...As much as I’m sure you don’t want to, it’ll have to be done eventually...” –He answered back to Kagato, keeping his eyes focused on the road ahead of him until he begin to see a slight change of scenery as Kunisada began to see a bridge that they were walking towards. As they walked, Kunisada crossed the bridge alongside Kagato as he heard the soft water puddles continue to lightly splash from their feet walking over it. The rain was still falling around all of them, but it was quieter now as they were all leaving Amegakure; this was because the rain wasn’t hitting solid metal anymore, instead it was now hitting the wood of the bridge. Kunisada kept a solid pace next to Kagato; he was quiet to see if Kagato was going to continue to speak for him or if he was going to be silent for a moment. The next thing Kunisada saw was Kagato begin to walk in front of him, which made Kunisada stand back as Kagato began to use his sensory skills to check the area around him and the rest of the group; probably trying to find the location of wherever they were going. Kunisada glanced around as he saw the beginning of a bamboo forest, noticing that the forest was thick and was dark for a good majority due to the height of the forest as well. Kunisada looked over at Kagato, his eyes shifting back over to Kagato as he heard him speak once again. He heard Kagato’s words and let them sink in for a moment before he blinked for a minute and began to walk up next to Kagato, knowing that the rest of the group would keep up with him; they were all walking, so there shouldn’t be a reason for anyone to fall far behind.-

Kagato: -Kagato Came to a full stop, he had picked up on the signature of the island but there was more than just this. The sound of the rain hitting the leaves of the bamboo seemed to slow down a bit like everything was happening in slow motion. There were at least to other chakra signatures he was picking up on a little bit off in the distance he wasn’t sure who it was, being as it was a chakra that he hadn’t sensed before but got this off feeling about them.  His eyes adverted to Kuni.  His right hand flung to the side pointing in the direction he felt the signatures, – “we are not a lone out here it seems….”  - He was trying to direct Kuni’s attention,  before calling out to the others.- “ Try and make it to the tops to the bamboo to see if we can get a better look and spread out.” –In a cloud of pearly white smoke Kagato disappeared from where he was standing on one of the tallest making sure he was a few yards away from the rest of the group although the line of sight wasn’t really clear for the bamboo forest was rather tick this time of year with the exception of the clearing still a ways off yet it seemed that is where these chakra signatures were headed.  Kagato’s lips parted slowly underneath his re-breather and mask and  quietly  called out for Rits and Tori.- Rits, Tori I’m going to take  the lead with his with Kuni and head straight for the clearing maybe if we get there before they do we can see what they are up to. I want youns to stay back a bit, on the outer edge of the clearings tree tops until we give the okay to move in. Tori I want you to keep us in contact with your Yamanaka telepathically. –Kagato simply nodded to Kuni before vanishing once more in another cloud of smoke this time reappearing in the bamboo forest clearing. The clearing  was made up of  few and far between bamboo trees spread out  in all directions enough that anyone coming up upon the clearing could see who was there.  In the middle of the clearing there was an old worn out path from the day to day travels of those coming most likely to Amegakure, which most found it easier to cut through the forest then go around it. The land of the clearing was damp from the slight drizzle of rain that was still falling even this far away from the village. A few rather larger puddles lay off to the sides of the path only slightly disturbed by the stray water droplets from the slight drizzle sending tiny ripples through out them.  Kagato waited for a few moments before starting his undercover plan. Instead of standing out in the open he thought it best to conceal his self. He looked over to the one puddle and leapt over to the one closest to him and began to use his hiding in water technique submersing his self into the water of the puddle blending his whole body with in it. This left Kagato undetectable for any and all who passed by here his hopes was to catch the people who were headed towards them off guard if at all possible or just sit back and listen to see if they  would communicate with each other about what their intentions were for being here. -

Akatori2: ~Akatori waited and watched as Kagato and the others all came to a full stop. Kagato-Sama would the poof into a small cloud of smoke and appear in the bamboo, calling out to the Jounin. He asked for them to travel around the outer edge of the bamboo forest, while him and the ANBU Man worked their way through it, while also keeping in touch via the Mind Body Transmission Technique. ~ " mhm" ~ She would say in a soft tone. As the two higher-ups began to travel through the the thick of the forest, Akatori would start to follow around the bamboo forest. She would quickly put her hands into a pluse sign like seal, summoning a Shadow Clone to appear in front of her. With a slight nod, the clone would pull out two kunai. Holding the kunai regularly in her right hand, and reverse grip in her left. The clone would lead in front of Aka, as she kept her hands in the trusty seal of the Ram. Her olive eyes would close as a small vein popped out of her forehead, hidden underneath her forehead protector. Via her Mind Body Transmission, she had successfully set up a communication link for all four of the squad members to speak over for the next five minutes. After five minutes, Akatori would need a break from using the technique, or else she could cause to much of a strain on her body.  In the telepathic link she would speak to the boys, ~ * Okay, link is established. Ritsuka, cover me while I maintain control please. I can leave this open for five minutes. What is it like on your end, Kagato-Sama?* ~ Her footsteps made light crunching noises which each step she and her clone traveled down the moist grass path.~ 

IlRitsuka: As Ritsuka heard his fathers words his head nodded lightly as he listened attentively to instruction. Watching as his father and kuni disappeared as they took the lead. As he watched Akatori summon her clone and the clone arm itself, Ritsuka was sure to keep scanning the area, though sneaking up on the pair would be a difficult task. He calmly reached to his pouch to withdraw a kunai of his own. Holding it at his side as they slowly ventured ahead. He stayed close behind akatori, the kunai in his left hand his free hand at the ready to grab his gunbai if need be. His sighed lightly as they walked, he breathed in the fresh air. It felt fresh and energizing. He still had a slight worry though they were outside the village. There was np way telling who they could be running into here, not only that but what a bothersome place to do this at. His thought interrupted by Akatori's voice in his head indicating her jutsu had connect the 4 so the could speak. "No problem Akatori." He responded tonelessly to he request. He had her pull only a few feet ahead of him easy to reach. The kunai had raised to his chest held firmly in his hand. He waited to hear back from his father. Seeing if they had learned anything new from their position. *

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada turned his head as he looked as Kagato looked at him suddenly then his eyes darted to where his hand was pointing to; Kagato said something about two other chakra sources, which didn’t necessarily mean anything bad, but given the circumstances it was probably best not to take any chances. Kunisada’s eyes fixated on the spot as Kagato spoke to try to get to higher ground to see if they could get a better view of the place. As Kagato jumped to the top of some bamboo, Kunisada followed his pursuit as he made his way to the top alongside Kagato to get a better view of the landscape. Kunisada’s eyes scanned the area as he heard Kagato call out quietly to both Akatori & Ritsuka before he turned his head to face Kagato once again; Kagato only responded to Kunisada by simply nodding his head towards him before disappearing into a puff of smoke. Kunisada turned his head as he scanned the area for a few seconds before he saw a small puff of smoke appear a bit further out in the clearing of the forest as he saw Kagato began to jump towards a puddle before disappearing inside of it. Kunisada’s eyes glanced around as he looked for a place to conceal himself around the area; the forest was dense, of course but the clearing wasn’t so thick with bamboo. Kunisada glanced over as he saw a thick bundle of bamboo nearby before he disappeared in small puff of smoke; a few seconds later, he reappeared inside of that same bundle of bamboo that he’d spotted before. The spot he’d chosen was very dark with little to no light being shone through it, making it easier for Kunisada to camouflage himself in; plus, he’d managed to memorize where the puddle was that he’d last seen Kagato at and this also gave him the advantage of being able to see what was out ahead of himself. The thick bundle he’d chosen wasn’t as close to Kagato’s position as he would’ve liked, but he would have to make do with it. Besides, if anything were to start to get problematic, Kunisada was still in long enough range to Body Flicker over to him quickly if need be. As Kunisada patiently stood motionless in the thick bamboo, he heard a woman’s voice speak inside of his head; he assumed it was Akatori, Kagato had mentioned for her to use her Yamanaka telepathic abilities. Kunisada heard the young woman’s words as he silently waited for something to occur or for Kagato to speak.-

Kagato: -It wasn’t long before the pair of chakra signatures to be upon their location. Kagato peered out of the puddle watching the pair moves slowly through the clearing seemingly talking to their selves in a light whisper but at this point they were close enough to hear but not fully make out what they were saying. The pair almost looked like they were related at least that is what the impression Kagato got.  The tallest one standing about five feet ten inches a male with mint green long shaggy hair disheveled in looks. All dressed in black loose cloth like right down to the black open toed shoes. The one thing stuck out to Kagato on their passing was the giant shuriken that was strapped to the Male’s back no doubt just by the looks of that weapon he was one the Fuma clan. His face was covered up by a black cloth scarf of sorts, his Amber like eyes peering through the messy strands of Mint green hair. The second person looked to be a female with the same color hair but longer and straight flowing over her shoulders wearing the same type of black cloth clothing and shuriken to their back as well.  Seeing as how both of their faces were covered he couldn’t read their lips and with how muffled their speech was he just thought it best to stay put at the moment. With each of two unknown Shinobi’s foots steps making little to no noise Kagato knew they were skilled in at least stealth. He then began to hear Tori in his mind the communication has been set up now and there was no time to waste it. – “Tori I figured you wouldn’t be able to hold open the communications for long but I doubt we will need it for that long. I think its best we just let them pass but best stay on guard all of you…. Rits and Tori start moving in slowly wait until they move out of sight before proceeding into the clearing…I will stay put until they pass…It’s not that I don’t think we could handle them but for the simple fact its bet not to push for an encounter at the moment seeing as we had just left the village and what not…Don’t want any trouble leading back there while we are gone.” Unknown Male Shinobi:  - In a whisper like tone he begins to softy speak to his partner. – “Well we were told they would be somewhere around here..but…I have yet to see any signs of anyone passing through here yet… - The Unknown Male Shinobi simply nodded up then down rather slowly before hearing his partner speak.- Unknown Female Shinobi: - In the same soft like whisper tone she whispered back to her partner.-“ Well you know if we go back empty handed this time…They won’t take it so easy on us..”  - The duo started to make their rounds around the clearing  only to take to the nearby tree tops  to get a better view of the area- Unknown Male Shinobi: “ Well Its seems they are not in this area let’s keep moving forward.” Unknown Female Shinobi: - She simply nodded to her partner before taking off further down the area heading towards the thicker part of the bamboo forest.- Kagato: - He slowly surfaced from the puddle he was in making his self-visible once more. The duo that had seemed to be looking for someone or something had delayed their travels for a few hours the sun was already setting and no matter how much he didn’t like it, he thought it best to set up camp for tonight before they lost all the day light The Sun’s brilliant crimson red, orange and yellow started peek slightly through the thick cloud cover knowing full well that it wouldn’t be long before it was completely dark..  Kagato waved the all clear sign with his right hand calling over the rest of the group to him. He waited before they all reached where he was standing before he would start speaking again.-

Akatori2: ~After receiving the orders from Kagato, she would reply, ~ * Understood. Over and out* ~ After a five second hang time from when she spoke back, she would break the transmission. Her olive eyes would open once more. Aka and her clone crouched down between the bamboo, analyzing the two almost twin like travelers. They both held large shurikens obviously made by none other than the Fuma Clan, one indigenous to the Land of Rain. It was hard to hear what the pair were saying, since there was a bit of distance between them and where Akatori and Ritsuka were. It didn't help that their mouths were covered with masks. Once they passed and Kagato-Sama gave a wave, she nodded, emerging from the brush she hide behind to the guys. Her clone would poof away in a small puff of pearly white smoke, returning chakra and knowledge to Aka. Placing a hand on her hip she spoke in a bit of a quiet tone. ~ "So boys, what's our next action?" ~ Her eyes glanced up at the sun peaking over the clouds. It flashed shades of vibrant orange, yellow, and crimson.~

IlRitsuka: Ritsuka would listen carefully as his father handed out his instructions. He responded with a simple "Got it.". He moved stealthily through the forest of bamboo, crouching as they waited for a signal to continue from his father. He couldn't tell much about them by their clothing but the large shuriken at their backs had said enough. He stay close to akatori now as they moved after receiving the okay from his father. Walking casually over to him. Turning to face aka as she talked then turning to glance at his father as they waited for his response. *

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada’s eyes stayed focused on Kagato’s location until his eyes moved up slightly to see two other shinobi begin to walk towards their location. He couldn’t make out what they were doing due to the distance between himself and the pair, but he readied himself just to be certain, keeping motionless and silent. Shortly after he saw them, he heard Kagato’s voice in his mind as he spoke, speaking at first to Akatori about her link with them. Kagato was saying it’d be best to let the two unknown shinobi pass them since there was no need to cause any unneeded problems. Kunisada’s eyes stayed on the pair of ninja as they continued to walk until they were out of eye-view. After he could no longer see them, he turned his eyes back to the puddle of water that Kagato was still concealed in, taking advantage of the silence to hear anything else; he knew the other two were more than likely going to be passing by Akatori and Ritsuka and he was using the silence to see if there was going to be an encounter or not. After a minute or so, Kagato resurfaced to the surface before giving a wave to the group, saying that the coast was clear; there were no noises that were indicating a struggle or encounter, so he assumed the pair of shinobi had passed Akatori and Ritsuka. After seeing Kagato’s wave over to him, Kunisada calmly walked over to Kagato, seeing Akatori and Ritsuka making their way over to him as well. Kunisada’s eyes caught a quick glimpse of the sky; it was a bright orange still, but he knew that it was going to be dark soon. Kunisada’s eyes once again fixated on the group for a moment before he glanced off to the side as he waited for Kagato’s next move.-

Kagato: -Kagato’s eyes darted back and forth between the three; he inhaled very slowly taking a deep breath before exhaling even slower. After taking this deep breath and exhaling his lips parted and in a no emotion type sounding voice he began to speak again. - “ Well since its getting later we should  set up camp for tonight…Unfortunately  since we had that interruption  we didn’t make it as far as I would have liked before making camp…but we will be losing daylight soon and we should use what little day light we do have left..” – Kagato Turned around facing the opposite what from where the group was standing in and started to weave a few hand seals.  First he started off with the seal of the - Tiger – Next he manipulated his fingers into the seal of the - Hare – He followed that by jumping his digits right into the seal of the- Boar -  Only to make the final seal  which was that of the –Dog -  He repeated this process  four times  as he did the earth around him started to shake almost as if an earth quake was about to happen then all of a sudden four earth walls popped up out of the earth , one of which he was standing on which sent him upwards into the sky about ten feet off the ground the others  would make a square around this one  thirty feet  in width away from each other giving this structure a thirty foot square on the inside. Kagato was using the Earth-style wall to form a temporary house for him for the night. Now that the walls were up he repeated the process once more  as he was still standing on the one wall a fifth wall would spring forth from the one he was standing on closing the top off forming a roof.  Kagato took a little jump off the top of the now roof landing on his feet softly just below where he was standing on top of the wall. The wall structure was a light brown color made up of a solid rocky earth like surface.  The walls were ten feet thick giving the structure good amount of defense if someone would try to break through it. Kagato facing the wall he was standing on began to knead wind chakra into his right arm.  He closed his eyes for a second and began to wave his arm first it was a chop downward with his thumb tucked into the palm of his hand and his fingers extended outwards.  This cause a strong blade of wind invisible to the naked eye to flow forth from his hand about seven feet in length then once again this time with his thumb and fingers in the same position he made another swipe of his hand this tine the blade of wind shot out a crossed the top of the first one and only five feet in length. Now for the final hand movement which was much like the first but on the opposite side it too was seven feet in length going up and down parallel from the first.  The wind howled and crackled as it made its way into the thick earth wall slamming into it cutting easily through it carving out a door like block into the earth wall. Kagato clapped his hands together as a power wind gale sprang forth from around the now carved out door of rock pushing it four feet back giving enough room so that he could easily walk around it and into the structure.  His lips parting once more very slowly he began to speak to the group.- “ I suggest yinz  make appropriate housing for tonight in case we do get visitors..” – His eyes seeming to almost glow due the fact of the darkness of night setting in and his Rinnegan still active made him look almost demonic. He looked back and forth between Tori and Rits before speaking once more. – “ After you two set up  where yinz are staying for the night  Yinz will need to go collect some fire wood for the camp fire… -  Kagato walked a good ten feet from  his now housing made of earth walls  and made  a few more sets of the same hand seals he used to make the structure. The earth began to rumble once more popping up four more little walls all in somewhat of a square with leaving five feet in between each of them. The small walls only stood about three feet off the ground making a make shift bench for them to sit on, and the length of which was only four feet.  The tops of these small walls were only three feet wide giving them just enough room to sit on.  The distance from the center of the square was seven feet giving them enough room to safely make a fire in the center once the two came back with the much needed wood. Kagato made his way to the stone wall bench in front of him sitting is back pack in front of him before taking a seat on the bench- “Well better get to it you three…”

Akatori2: ~Akatori listened as Kagato spoke to the group about the travel and setting up camp. Her eyes watched a bit in awe as Kagato showed of his prowess for elemental ninjutsu, creating a house in a single minute or so. He then told the two Jounin that fire wood would need to be collected after they set up there sleeping arrangements. Aka walked over to an outer edge on the right of Kagato's earth release house. With a few swift kicks to the bamboo shoots, they cracked, drooping over to form a small tent like triangle that is six shoots deep. She dropped down onto her knees and set her bag in front of her. Her fingers scanned through its content, quickly pulling out the large soft gray sleeping back. Her nails ran softly across the outer area of it, making a petite screech like sound as she laid it out under her makeshift roof. She also felt the soft interior of it. With a warm smile, she removed her flak jacket, and placed it as a pillow for the bed. Next, she laid her scrolls and backpack on the right side of the tent, where the shoots originally stood proud. As she crawled backwards and out of her tent, she stood up and dusted some mud off her pants. She looked, taking in what the boys were doing, before heading over into the bamboo. With a swift slash of a kunai pulled out from her pouch, she gathered a rather large bundle of wood to be burned. She began to pile to wood up, picking up a few stones from Kagato's building to form a boundary around them. Taking a few steps back from the almost completed fire, Akatori waited for it to be lit by someone with fire release ninjutsu. In this time, her eyes also shifted around seeing what everyone else would be doing for shelter.~

IlRitsuka: Ritsukas mismatched gaze flicked between each of his teammates for this mission before falling to the spot his mother would be standing if she were here that is. His father seemed to be handling it well though, if it was as small a deal as his father was trying to make it seem then why such a vague explanation. It something Ritsuka had gotten used to. People acting like things were ok so he would think they were. He wasn't as easily tricked these days. His father began explaining they should set up camp. He figured it had gotten late. He moved with his father waiting to see where he was setting up camp as to stay close His eyes flicked to his father’s hands as he flew through hand signs. Watching them carefully and waiting till his father was forming his final wall before beginning his own his hands copying his father previous action and sliding into -Tiger- before moving to form -Hare- then slipping into -Boar- after that came the final seal of -Dog-. His own Earth style wall rising up and settling into place he also repeated the technique 4 times to finish the structure walls and roof. The end result was a small hut from wall to wall it was long enough for Ritsuka to lay flat with a little wiggle room. A smaller less experienced version of his fathers but as long as it didn't crush him to death in his sleep he didn't care. He glanced at pops perfectly carved out door and almost face palmed. He had left a slight gap in his roof and the sealing wall so he could jump in and out didn't even think of making a door but he would have a crappy time trying. He walked over to the bamboo and cut a few to place on the top of his roof to cover the excess of the hole leavening enough room for him to jump out. He chuckles lightly at his construct. Funny looking indeed but hey he had copied a technique fairly well. With a now exhausted sigh he jumped into his hut placing his gunbai against the wall. Before throwing his pack down and jumping out. He met aka tori at the fire giving her a light nod pretending to warm his hands over the nonexistent fire letting out a light chuckle, speaking to her quietly.* "Pops or kuni will have to come start this up soon" he shivered lightly as he glanced around taking in the set up campground they had created*

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada began to step to the side as he Kagato begin to face the opposite way of where the group was facing before he begin to feel the earth beneath him move a bit. He then felt a massive quake beneath his feet, not to mention he heard the noise that accompanied it as well, but it didn’t make him worry; he figured Kagato was just making himself something to camp in for the night. As he turned to face the home-like structure, he answered his own guess and continued to listen to Kagato list out his instructions for the rest of the group. He suggested to the rest of the group to make appropriate housing for the night, as well as tell Akatori and Ritsuka to collect some bamboo for a fire. Kunisada quietly moved a bit away from the group as they all separated for their own individual task, glancing up at the sky slightly before redirecting his gaze in front of him. He heard some noise behind him as he stopped moving for the moment. He turned his head to see Akatori kicking down some bamboo to make a small tent for herself. He turned his body halfway to face the two Jounin as Ritsuka begin to try to replicate what Kagato had made; it was smaller, but it was livable. His eyes slowly shifted to below where the two Jounin had met by a large bundle of bamboo. As he stood there, he saw Ritsuka put his hands around the fire, pretending it was lit. As he saw Ritsuka facing Akatori, he narrowed his eyes lightly and began to focus some chakra up from his stomach and up to his mouth. After the small amount of chakra was gathered, he glanced at the two for a moment before he sent out a small fireball at the large bundle before continuing to walk, the fireball passing harmlessly between their feet. Once the fireball hit the base of the large gathering, the wood quickly caught ablaze and the bamboo began to glow as the fire began to burn at the large collection of wood and build up quickly. After only a few seconds, the crackling of the flames could already be heard and warmth was soon to meet the body of Akatori & Ritsuka due to their closeness to the collection of wood already. After Kunisada saw the bamboo become lit and heard the crackling of the flames, he calmly walked over to Kagato’s improvised home and leaned against the structure, crossing his arms over his chest as his gaze met the now darkening bamboo forest once again.-

Kagato: -Kagato watched the events unfold before him his eyes darting back and forth between the members in the group. He watched as Tori gathered up bamboo making herself a make shift tent as well as gathering the bamboo for fire wood.  The ground started to rumble his eyes dashed over to his son it had seemed Rits had copied his earth wall making his self a much smaller make shift house  like his own. Kagato shook his head slightly from left to right not really surprised his son would  copy his technique but in the back of his mind he thought how Rits needed to be careful on how much chakra he exerted with such task as these.  Glancing back over to Akatori he noticed she had set up the bamboo for the fire setting stones in a ring around it. It was long before Kuni joined in and before Kagato gave it a second thought the bamboo that was set forth for the camp fire was set ablaze by one of Kuni’s great fireballs. The bamboo began to crackle as the lower parts began to glow with orange-red embers. Reached into his black back pack pulling out one of the many scrolls he had brought with him for the trip.  He hunched over laying the scroll on the ground and began to unravel it very carefully.  Once the scroll was unraveled he slammed his hands down upon it releasing the seal and the contents of the scroll which out of it popped four servings of ramen, a jug of water, a sliver metal pot, and utensils.  He turned his head towards the direction of Rits and Tori looking back and forth between the two.  His lips parted slowly with a mono tone sounding voice he spoke directly to them. - “ Before we completely settle in for the night Tori and Rits  I need youns  to secure the area around the camp make sure  if anyone were to try and sneak up on us we will hear them….Set up traps  in a perimeter around the camp .” –Kagato shook his head knowing full well the group was probably wondering why take such measures when Kagato was an expert sensor Ninja and could easily detect people within the area. – “Before yinz ask why, I am trying to conserve chakra …- He places his pointer finger and thumb on his right cheek making an somewhat L shape his index finger pointing up to his right eye which was at the moment still in its Rinnegan form.- “ This is going to be a long trip…and it is best to conserve what we do have in case we need it later on… even people like myself have limits…” –Taking his left hand he raised it slowly up to his face brushing a few Crimson strands of hair away from the left side of his face exposing his left eye for a moment before the strands fell back into place.- “ I’ll have something to eat for youns  when you return from your task….Now hurry along…” – Kagato  move his right hand from his cheek  and flicked his wrist in a  brushing them off type motion  trying to get them to hurry on the task at hand. – “We don’t need any surprises now do we...” -Kagato shook his head from left to right slowly has he began to fill the sliver pot with the water. Along with the utensils there was a metal stand that could be placed over the fire to set the pot in.  Kagato began to quickly put this together after the pot was filled with water. He slowly stood up placing the rig over top of the fire and placing the pot in the given spot to boil the water, as he waited for the water to boil as well as making sure Rits and Tori were on their way and out of the area before speaking once more l he called over to Kuni. - “Hey Kuni mind coming over here I have a few things I would like to discuss with you while the other two are away…” It wasn’t long before the water started to boil after that statement; Kagato picked up the four packs of ramen and placed them in the water to cook before sitting back down.   Kagato once more reached into his back pulling out two small black boxes taking them in either hand waiting for Kuni to make his way over to him.-

Akatori2: ~ It seemed that Ritsuka was using his Sharingan eye to copy Kagato's earth release technique, building a home that was smaller than the Kage's. She thought it was a bit strange that Kagato would not build an area for Ritsuka to live inside the house himself, but didn't really think to much of it. Ritsuka would soon join her by the fire pit she had created, acting as if it was already lit, casuing her a let out a light chuckle. He spoke in a quiet tone to her, saying that one of the higher ups would soon light the fire. But, he said a name. The name ' Kuni'. She tilted her head at Rits slightly, before quickly turning back to the fire, which Kuni had just lit with a fire ball.~ "..Kuni.." ~ She said under her breath as she watched the ANBU. Something about him just made her curious. Her body began to feel warmth and a tingly sensation in the air. Heat mixing with the rain filled sky. Soon enough, the two higher ups joined them at fire. Kagato spoke of wishing to conserve his chakra and wanting the two jounin to set up traps while he prepare food. Akatori was happy to set up. She enjoyed setting traps and planning them out. It wasn't something a ninja gets to do all that often during more peaceful times in the world. Aka went back into her backpack, pulling out some of the ropes she had packed to use, while also grabbing a kunai, two explosive tags, and a smoke bomb. With out hesitation, Akatori headed over to northern entrance to the camp. She laid out the two explosive tags in a triangle formation, only a foot apart from one another, the two bottom parts were explosive tags, while the top was a single leaf. Her hands would transition into the the Seal of the Dog, then powerfully into the Boar Seal, before finishing it off quickly into Rat Seal. These were the seals for the Transformation Technique. She quickly placed her hand on each of the three objects she laid out, causing them to transform into small stone tiles, that looked to belong on the path. The explosive tags would explode if someone got within a five foot radius of them, having a seven foot blast radius. They were live and deadly, unless Akatori weaved the rat seal to un-arm them. Next, she went over to the earth release huts, leaping ontop of them. Pulling down a single bamboo shoot, she tied a large knot around it with the rope, keeping it tight like a death grip. She would tug the rope slightly, making sure it was secure. Then, she would leap from the side of the hut, causing the shoot to be pulled down from behind the hut, covering up part of it. She would then tie the end of it into a noose, digging the kunai down into the side of the ground to keep it steady. If the kunai were to be moved and someone were to step inside the noose, it would tighten, sending them flying up into the air, before hitting the bamboo and become stuck dangling. For the final trap, she placed a smoke bomb on the right a pile of leaves, tucked in the mud, a good three feet from her sleeping site. It would emit a heavy black smoke if stepped on. After all this was done, she would remove her armored gloves and walk back over to Kagato and Kuni, ready for what he had cooking.~ 

IlRitsuka: *Ritsukas head tilted as Akatori repeated the Anbus name. Some stray strand falling over his now blue eyes. He had deactivated his Sharingan to conserve chakra after copying his fathers technique. It was a lot harder than he had thought, Especially leaving the gap for him to climb through. He spoke to her quietly as the Anbu made him slightly nervous. Anyone that quiet always tweaked his nerves. "Ya Kuni..something." He shrugged lightly. Turning to the now lit fire. And really reaching out his hand for warmth. His blue gaze settling on the flickering flames crackling before him. He turned to grin to his father as he approched with Kuni, giving them a nod. His father explained he wanted himself and Akatori to go out and set some traps. He sighed and follwed Akatori over to the first area she led him. Speaking to her in a serious tone "I have to say im too experienced in setting traps." He watched as she with drew some items from her pack. And began setting her traps. His eeyes followed her as she flicked around setting traps observing her to get some pointers before moving to grab some string and some kunai from his pack , Moving to an opening on the opposite side of the clearing. Cutting down a couple stalks of bamboo cutting them in half. At a diagonal to add a sharp edge. After cutting all the the stalks he quickly dug a hole only big enough for one person to fall into. As deep as his father was tall. He place the shapened bamboo at the bottom. Digging them in so they would remain standing before forming ram and body flickering out of the hole. He laid over the gap of the hole a few bamboo stalks layed flat over the hole following akas lead and forming -dog- then -boar- then ending with rat before placing his hand on the bamboo over the hole using the transformation technique to hide his rustic trap by making it appear to just be normal ground. Feeling rather proud of his first trap in a mission setting he walked to plop down on the benches his father had made near the fire waiting to eat what his father had made.*

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada remained motionless as the fire continued to emit its bright light around the trio that were surrounding it; he could feel a small portion of the heat since he wasn’t standing near the rest of the group. By now the sun had set and night was beginning to quickly take over, making the rest of the environment around the group dark. Kunisada’s body was still leaning with his back to one of the walls of Kagato’s improvised home, his arms still crossed across his chest; the darkness of the sky made it almost impossible to see him standing there, the fire was the only reason that his teammates could see him. Kunisada shifted his head to the right slightly to see Kagato place a scroll on the ground and begin to pull out some things; there were some packs of ramen and what looked to be a pot with some water. Kunisada assumed that was going to be something Kagato would be using to make his dinner. Not long after he pulled the items in his scroll, he heard Kagato address Ritsuka & Akatori again; he was telling them to set up a perimeter around their location. It was a good idea given their location; they were all in the open of a clearing with a bright fire revealing their location; if any passing by bandits or shinobi got any ideas, they’d need some sort of indication. Kunisada’s gaze stayed on Kagato as he continued to speak to them until he looked like he waved them off as a sign of dismissal. It was then Kunisada began to turn his head back to the sky, gazing up at the dark sky which was also accompanied by the stars of the night. He was only looking there for a few seconds before Kagato called over to him, asking him to come over; apparently, Kagato wanted to speak to Kunisada about something while the other two were gone. Kunisada slowly detached himself from the wall he’d been standing at before beginning to turn and walk over to Kagato, who had pulled out two small black boxes after he placed the food over the fire to cook. Before Kunisada was even about to emerge fully from the darkened side of Kagato’s home and into the light of the fire, his ears heard a noise as his eyes glanced over to see Akatori & Ritsuka make their way back over to them. Kunisada stopped moving as soon as his eyes saw them and his eyes made their way over to Kagato; he wanted to talk to him while Ritsuka and Akatori were away, so it was probably something he wanted to discuss in private. It seemed like their conversation was going to have to wait as he walked backwards into the shadows once again, submersing himself to where he was mostly hidden in the shadows. He went back to the wall he was at before and regained his posture against the wall, crossing his arms over his chest with his back pressed against the wall. His eyes continued to watch Akatori and Ritsuka until he saw them make their way over next to the fire and Kagato before his head moved, his eyes shifting up as his head turned; his eyes were now gazing up at the darkened sky yet again.-

Kagato: -Kagato placed the ramen into the water along with some garlic, salt, red pepper, and onions it  shortly after this it the ramen was done and ready to it but It had seemed it didn’t take the two Jounin his son and Tori long to accomplish the task he had set them out to accomplish Kagato had hoped it would give him time to talk to Kuni about a few things while they were gone but it had seemed he grossly under estimated the time it would take for them to set up the traps. He shrugged his shoulders slightly as it seemed now Kuni was staring up into the sky probably thinking the same thing he was at the moment that their talk would have to be put off for now seeing as both Tori and Rits were finished with setting the traps and back at the campfire. Kagato glanced over towards his son Rits first then over to Tori before his lips slowly parted to speak to them- “Well that didn’t take youns long…” – Kagato turned his attention back to his cooking  it as true it was all done and ready to eat but he had yet to serve it.  Reaching into his back pack once more he pulled out yet another scroll. He began to unravel it once on the ground and once again slammed his hands on the top of the seal. Out of this scroll though popped out four small bowls black in color and four sets of chop sticks. Kagato began to dish out four servings of the ramen placing them in each bowel before taking one of the said bowels for his self and sitting back down. – “Well help yourself, I’m not going to wait hand it to ya if you youns want it it’s there in the bowls waiting for ya.” –Kagato Slowly re-moved his black cool metal re-breather and black mask and set it off to his right side on the bench. It wasn’t often Kagato exposed his full face but at times like this he kind of had no choice, he had to eat and he knew he could trust the group he was with. Taking the chops sticks in his hand he broke the wooden utensils a part and placed then within his fingertips. Kagato quickly went to town on his food slurping up the noodles   finishing them all off before putting the bowl to his lips and drinking the broth. He set the black bowl down on the left side of the bench. - “It would be a good Idea if youns ate quickly to keep you strength up and got some rest before too long we do have a long ways to go yet…”  -Kagato starred into the fore as it crackled and popped, the flames seemed to be dancing about the air as if they were calling out the darkness of the night wanting to lick at it with its brilliant Crimson, auburn and yellow hues. Kagato took out a piece of scroll paper  from his pocket looking left to right to make sure his actions were not noticed before taking out a tiny ink pen to jot down a quick message. Which read ~Kuni, once they head back to their shelters for the night for rest meet me on the roof top of my shelter I have something I wish to speak to you about. Kagato. ~ He quickly folded the paper up into a small one inch square taking it in-between his them and index finger he flicked it with his index finger sending it hurtling towards Kuni. Kagato brought his attention back to the group before his actions could be noticed. - “I think we should take turns with a night watch…. Kuni and myself will take the first watch... we will wake you two up after a bit..say two hour intervals… so we are not caught off guard if someone were to...come upon us..”  - He reached over to his right picking up his re-breather and mask once more  placing both securely back on his face, covering it up once more.- “ Well this is the first major trip we all took outside of the village…How is everyone fairing so far?.. –Kagato shrugged his shoulders  it was true as a group they never left the village, and leaving the village wasn’t something Kagato got to do that often  seeing as he was always busy running the village. This trip was of great importance though for more than one reason. This trip would bring Kagato one step closer to his ancestor. This trip was also a good opportunity for them as a group as a whole to get to know each other better and bond.- 

Akatori2: ~Akatori and Ritsuka returned from setting the traps, to where the food looked ready to be served. She replied to Kagato with a friendly tone.~ " Mhm, we have laided out a few traps. I don't recomend going anywhere than a straight path towards your sleeping quarters." ~ She watched as Kagato summoned four black bowls each with their own set of chopsticks, and poured the spicy smelling ramen into each bowl. He grabbed one and told the group to help themselves to the ramen. ~" Thank you Kagato-Sama."~ Aka said with a slight nod of her head as she grabbed a bowl and set of chopsticks. She took in the aroma of the ramen, quickly breaking the chopsticks open and digging in. The ramen tasted very good. She was pleasantly surprised that Kagato was also skilled in the kitchen. Kagato spoke to them telling them to hurry and get rest. She quickly finished the tatsful ramen in about five minutes, placing it back where she took it. As he spook about having different watches, Akatori nodded her head. It was a good idea to sleep with one eye open, especially since they almost had a run in with that mysterious pair. After Kagato addressed the fact that it was the first trip, Akatori stood up. ~" I've been doing well so far, but best for me to rest now while you and..Kuni take first shift." ~Aka bowed to them, her eyes catching a slight glimpse of him before she turned around and went over to her makeshift tent. She bent over to get inside. Akatori would pull her sandals off, sticking them next to her sleeping bag. A small sigh escaped her mouth as she slip into the abyss of the sleeping bag. It was strange for her to think that she would away from the Land of Rain. She did not enjoy leaving, since last time she did resulted in the loss of two Jounin. That still sat heavy in her heart. Not being able to do anything to help, just knocking herself out on the hot sand. Her hand softly caressed her forehead protector, as she shut her eyes, tuning into the sound of nature.~

*Ritsuka settled into his seat giving his father a nod as they waited for the meal to cook “Akatoris amazing at traps” He sighed lightly as he looked around their makeshift campgrounds rather impressed with what they had accomplished in such a short time. As his father reached into his pack to withdrawl a scroll he watched as he summoned out four bowls and chopsticks, waiting for his father to dish out the servings before picking a bowl and chopsticks and moving back to his spot, and digging in. His father mentioned eating quickly as ritsuka had nearly already finished his dinner. The mention of taking watches made him curious why his father didnt want to be on watch with him but chocked it up to coincidence. He answered his fathers question on how they were doing with a simple “Alright, but tired” He hadnt gotten used to keeping a clone around this long that and copying the Earth walls had throughly wiped him out. He nodded to everyone and said goodnight to his father before walking over to his shack it appeared him and aka had the same idea as they walked ack to their places. He spoke to her friendily thinking how close they used to be he wished they could built back to it.”Well Akatori, I guess ill see you in a little bit for our watch, Sleep well.” with that he jumped up into his hut and settled in. He decided to switch it up and use his pack as a pillow and use his flak as a blanket. More outta comfort than from being cold. As he layed he woundered wht unaru would be doing. He hoped he was watching over the team while he was away. Even with the crow clone being in town he still worried about his team. Before he could realize his eyelid had grown heavy and he drifted off to sleep. Hopefully to regain some well needed strength for his watch*

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada watched the night sky as stars began to fade into the night sky, brightening up the sky. His eyes shifted over to Kagato as he spoke to everyone else about eating their food and getting to bed soon. Before his eyes went away from the trio, his eyes caught something that Kagato had just tossed at him, raising his hand up slightly to catch the thrown projectile. After it touched the palm of his hand, he quickly closed his hand around it before looking at it; it looked like a piece of folded paper. He slowly unfolded the piece of paper to read what was written on it. Kunisada read the note and saw that Kagato wanted to meet on top of the roof of his make-shift home after Akatori and Ritsuka went to their shelters to sleep. As he read he heard Kagato say that they were going to take turns watching over their campsite. After hearing Akatori say she was going to bed, Kunisada silently walked over to the other side of the wall as he walked over to some bamboo before he unsheathed his Kusanagi from his lower back. After he held his blade in his hand, he quickly swung the blade in front of him at the bamboo, watching the bamboo fall to the ground in front of him. After the bamboo fell, Kunisada re-sheathed his Kusanagi in it’s sheathe before leaning down to pick up the pieces of bamboo that had fallen to the ground. After he picked them up, he turned slightly to jump up to the top of the roof of Kagato’s make-shift home, placing the bamboo down in the middle of the rooftop before sitting himself down. He saw Ritsuka as he walked over to his improvised shelter as well; the spot where Kunisada was at gave him a view of both of the Jounin’s shelters as well as a view of their surroundings. All that Kunisada had to do now was to wait for Kagato.-

Kagato: -Kagato nodded to the two Jounin as they made their way off to their make shift shelters to get some much need rest for their shift to come.  His eyes adverted to where Kuni was off to making sure he read the little note he had sent him. Taken a bit back at first by Kuni’s actions he watched as Kuni cut and gathered some bamboo up before jumping up to Kagato’s make shift house for the nights roof. Kagato gathered up all the  things his used to cook the ramen in as well as the bowels and chop sticks   pacing them all back on top of the scrolls they came from he slammed his hands  down one after another sealing the stuff into  the scrolls they came from. He scooped the scrolls up from the ground and placed them back into his back pack.  He swung the right strap of his back over his first shoulder with ease as if he was the wind tossing around a feather. He slides his other arm through the last black strap of the black back pack securing it once again on his back. He made his way over to his stone wall structure forcing a bit of chakra into his feet he placed his right foot on the front of the building just to the left side of the make shift door he cut out and began to quickly run up the side of the structure, with in five seconds he made it to the roof top where Kuni was waiting for him.  Kagato made his way over to Kuni where he was now facing him face to face. In a serious tone of voice his lips parted slowly before he spoke.- “ Well I think the time has finally come…” – Kagato once again slipped  his back pack off his shoulders and back setting it to the stone roof top. He slightly bent down and began to rummage through the back pack pulling out two little black boxes.  Without even a pause in his actions he tossed one of the two small black ring like boxes to Kuni.- “ Here catch…” – Inside the box Kagato had thrown to Kuni was one of the ten sets of rings Kagato possessed. These were no ordinary rings but the rings of the legendary S rank criminals The Akatsuki. The very some group his ancestor Nagato ran. The one he had tossed Kuni was the one that was worn by Sasori then later on by Obito rather at that time called Tobi. The ring was purple in color with the kanji that meant Jewel, ball or otherwise noted in shogi as the black king. This ring was worn on the left thumb where as the one Kagato was to wear was the one that was worn on the right thumb which belonged to his ancestor the one and only Nagato under the name Pein. This ring had the kanji inscribed on it that meant Zero or nothing, the color of which was a blueish-purplish-grey. Kagato opened up his small black box slipping this ring on his right thumb before closing up his back pack once more slinging it back over his shoulders one after the other strapping it to his back once more.- “ The organization will rise again.. “ –Kagato’s eyes locked on to Kuni’s as he stood up once more facing him eye to eye. Kagato’s face showing no emotion at this time which one could best describe it as looking at a cold granite slab.- “ The Akatsuki starts here and now…with us two…” – In the back of his mind he  was still bringing up the original plan of it being three members to start off with but the one he thought  was loyal to him a person who was close to him had betrayed him just like so many others and she would have to be dealt with very soon.- “ Do you still have the message I gave you before we set out on this trip….the one I got from you know who…” – Kagato held his right hand out  pam facing up  waiting for Kuni if he still had this message to be placed back into his care. – “It is our only clue we have at the moment… this will not go unpunished… I will find her…And I will kill her…either by my hand… or I will make sure the job gets done somehow…” –He took his left hand with just his fingertips he brushed the crimson red strands away from the right side of his face momentarily.- “ She knows too much to be let to roam free…this is also a matter of village security…as well as a bit of vengeance for what she has done…” –Kagato’s eyes narrowed slightly as his lips parted once more as the words slipped from his mouth slowly. – “ I can’t afford Rits finding out about this or anyone else for that matter till after this trip is all said in done…We need to keep this between us..”

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada stared up at the starry sky as he waited for Kagato before shifting his gaze over to the moon, which was now hanging high in the sky, lighting up the field around them. After a moment, he gazed over to see Kagato finally make his way to the roof of his makeshift home before seeing him begin to rummage through his backpack for something. After a few seconds he heard Kagato tell him to “catch” something, to which his hand quickly came up at as a small, black object was thrown at him. After he caught the box, he glanced at it, seeing that it was a black box; Kunisada’s eyes narrowed slightly at the box in curiosity. After identifying the thrown object, he slowly opened the black box to find a ring, which made Kunisada wonder a bit. After a moment, Kagato spoke of an “organization”, which pondered around in Kunisada’s head before he glanced over at Kagato. As he looked at Kagato, he spoke of “The Akatsuki”, to which Kunisada’s ancestor Madara Uchiha was involved with some time ago. He glanced at the ring again before as he remembered another Uchiha, named Obito who was going by the name of “Tobi” for some time wore this ring after the ring’s former owner, Sasori had been killed. Kunisada slowly pulled the ring out of the box before he placed it onto his left thumb, slipping it on like a glove. Kunisada turned his head as Kagato said that the Akatsuki would start with the two of them, making Kunisada’s eyes narrow. So this is what he wanted to talk about; well, now it was no surprise as to why Kagato wanted to do this in private. Kunisada turned his head as he saw Kagato’s right hand come towards him as he held it out, mentioning the note that he’d let Kunisada see earlier that day. Kunisada calmly reached into his pocket before pulling out the crumpled piece of paper before placing it in Kagato’s hand as he continued to listen to him speak. After Kagato finished his last sentence Kunisada spoke finally.- “...I imagine you wouldn’t let her go..” –Kunisada turned his gaze back towards the moon before speaking again, the light of the moon was almost shining off of his re-breather.- “...But Ritsuka will wonder...He won’t just forget about her, you know that Kag..” –Kunisada turned to face Kagato once more before speaking again.- “...I won’t speak of this to anyone, but Ritsuka will eventually figure it out on his own...the absence will raise questions, but even if you don’t answer them, he’ll be able to put it together eventually...” –Kunisada turned his body to face the small pile of bamboo that he’d gathered before beginning to slide his backpack off of his shoulders. After he did, he placed his backpack next to him and zipped it open before placing the black box that his Akatsuki ring came in into the backpack. After he’d done so, he zipped up his backpack again before glancing back at the moon, letting his mind wander a bit before he spoke to Kagato again with his eyes still gazing upon the moon.- “...May I ask why..?” –Kunisada turned his head after he finished his question before glancing at his hand where his ring now was, waiting for Kagato to answer.-

Kagato: -Kagato took hold of the crumbled up piece of paper the very message that brought Kagato’s mind to such a cold dark place Kagato. He shoved the paper back into the inner left pocket of his armored rob like coat then nodded his head slightly up and then down.- “ I will tell Rits in time…but for now…I think it’s best for him to focus  on the task at hand…it will have to wait till after this is all said and done “–He paused for a moment  he ran his tongue over his lips lightly  before speaking once more again.-“ I don’t expect Rits to just forget about her…after all she was his mother… – The soft glow of the moon hanging in the dark nights sky  gave everything around them a slight sapphire  tint even the green of the bamboo tree’s took on a bluish color form basking in the moons light,  yet still giving off enough light to light up their surroundings.  Kagato easily sensed Kuni was a little surprised by his actions, he had probably caught him off guard with the whole giving him one of the Akatsuki rings after all it wasn’t everyday a shinobi was gifted such an item and should hold it in high regards. The question Kuni had asked it was a simple question yet it had a bit more of a complex answers. - “ I take it you are asking why I choose you to be a part of  this organization…” –Kagato eyes seemed still with his Rinnegan active glow a demonic  glow in this blue tinted world that stretched out before them in the dead of this night. – “There are not many people who I trust fully…You are one of those people as in who I trust…” –Kagato’s voice was taking on a more sincere yet leader like tone to it. - “You Kuni have been by my side for a long time now…There is no one else at the moment who has my complete trust other then you…After all you seen what happened after I thought I could trust Athena…that didn’t turn out so well…” –Kagato turned on the ball of his feet away from Kuni  his back now facing him as a light crackling sound from his shoes turning on the rocky stone like surface he began to walk slowly to the edge of the make shift structure stopping less than an inch before the ledge of stone. – “ I know for a fact that I can trust you to have my back…You have more than enough skill to do so and are one of my most powerful shinobi and one I am proud to call my friend…no more than that…more like family…more like a brother…” –Kagato peered off into the night sky almost as his  he was getting lost in the abyss of the night yet is was more due to the fact of all the thoughts swimming in his head at the moment. He was trying to piece all his thoughts and emotions together after what happened not too long ago before they left for this trip. It was like all of his thoughts were tossed into a giant tumbler getting al thrown about and scattered. -  “ to be honest with you my mind is a more than a little uneasy with these sudden turn of events…but we must keep moving forward no matter the cost…The Akatsuki is just one more piece of the plan laid out before us…one more step to bringing true peace to our war torn land. –Kagato turned back around form the edge to face Kuni once more. – “I can think of no one better to have my back in this skill wise or based on trust.” – From the start of this conversation a half hour  had already passed  time seemed to be moving quickly given the subject matter they were talking about.- “ Do you accept this offer? To come with me to start this group for a better future for not only us…but for all of Amegakure…”

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada heard Kagato explain his plan for Ritsuka and that he knew his son wasn’t going to forget about his own mother simply. He agreed with Kagato earlier as he did now in regards to telling Ritsuka after their trip; Ritsuka needed to be focused. He paused momentarily as Kagato finally arrived to his question, making Kunisada nod. Kunisada slowly glanced down at his Akatsuki ring for a few seconds, still mildly curious as to why he was given such a rare and precious item such as this ring. Kunisada’s eyes slowly averted their gaze from the ring on his thumb as he listened to Kagato explain his reasoning for why he gave the ring to him. As he spoke, he heard Kagato’s voice become softened, not like it was when he was regarding the situation before this topic arose yet again. Kunisada’s eyes narrowed slightly as Kagato said that he considered him more like a brother, the statement causing him glance down towards the ground; he knew that they worked well as a team and were close, but Kunisada didn’t know Kagato viewed him as family. Kunisada sat in silence, mulling over why Kagato had chosen to pick him to start the Akatsuki with him, as well as how Kagato viewed Kunisada. After a moment of silence, Kunisada turned his head as Kagato asked him if he would accept the offer of being one of the first two members of the Akatsuki. Kunisada stayed in silence before he slowly rose to his feet from where he sat to face Kagato fully and spoke.- “...I accept your offer Kagato...I’m honored that you chose me to help you start the Akatsuki...I’m also honored that you hold me in such high regards Kagato...” -Kunisada glanced over at the two makeshift homes that Akatori and Ritsuka were currently sleeping in, the light from the fire still burning below them was lightly bouncing off of Kunisada’s re-breather  before glancing back over at Kagato.- “...This conversation shall stay between us I assume..” -He finished off his statement in a question like tone clarifying that the Akatsuki conversation they were engaged in at the moment would remain between the two of them. He did notice that if felt as though that some time had passed from the two conversations they had just had.-

Kagato: -Kagato nodded slightly a slight smile painted a crossed his face as he heard that Kuni’s response which was more than favorable. In a calm yet firm sounding tone of voice his words leapt from his mouth. – “ It is an honor to have one such as yourself by my side through this…” –The fact is the two worked well as a team without even have to tell the other what the other was up to it was like the other already knew and responded accordingly almost like a second nature.  There wasn’t many Kagato was close to nor was there many people in this world that he considered family, but Kuni was one of those . Kagato had been through a lot but Kuni was always there through everything and they both always had each other’s back. The half hour became an hour that hour became two hours the fire down below started to flicker dimly in the night its flames dyeing down to mere embers. - “ Well Kuni its been about two hours and no signs of trouble time to wake the Rits and Tori…” –Kagato Jumped down from the roof landing without a sound on the hard ground of the forest  clearing.  First he walked over to a group of   bamboo tree’s not too far off from where his make shift home for the night was standing he quickly waved  his hand and unleashed a wave of wind chakra in the form of an arc that stretched to be five feet long and eight inches wide. Within seconds the bamboo falls to the ground in a pile with a light clunking sound.  Kagato quickly bent down gathering up a good ten pieces of the bamboo and made his way over to the fire they had started earlier.  Kagato started to place one piece by one piece of the bamboo into the fire until all ten pieces were in the fire. The flames shot up into a blaze once more the tips of the small inferno licked at the nights sky shedding a light red-orange glow amongst they already blue tinted light from the moon over head. Kagato paused for a moment before tilting his head back towards Kuni’s location his lips parting slowly. - “I’ll wake up Rits you wake Tori up...” – Kagato started to make his way over to his son’s make shit shelter jumping up to the entrance of it landing just inside where Rits had laid down for the night. Kagato took his right hand and placed it on his son’s shoulder shaking him a bit. In a loud and commanding voice he shouted out to Rits- “Alright Rits your up…time for you and Tori to take over…” – Kagato continued to shake his son’s shoulder till he got a response from him. If his son failed to wake by Kagato just shaking his shoulder the next step would be less pleasant and would involve a bit of cold water. Kagato chuckled lightly at this thought, it would wake Rits up but I don’t think he would like it all that much.-

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada nodded in response to Kagato mentioning an honor having him starting the organization alongside him. After some time Kagato informed Kunisada that it was now time for their shift to be over and for Akatori and Ritsuka’s shift to begin. He watched Kagato noiselessly jump off of the roof of his makeshift home and to the ground below before he made his way over to some bamboo. He watched as Kagato began to cut down the bamboo before gathering it up and tossing it into the dying fire below, rekindling it with life. Kunisada glanced down at Kagato before he was told to wake Akatori up so their shift could begin. Kunisada nodded slightly at Kagato before he turned around and leaned down to pick up his backpack. After he picked up the backpack, he slid his arms through each of the straps placing it on his back before quietly walking to another side of the roof; He was standing on the ledge of the wall where Aka was sleeping closest to. Without a sound, he slightly jumped off the ledge and landed noiselessly on the ground before he made his way over to her improvised home. Kunisada glanced over as he saw Akatori’s tent come into full view before he stopped walking and stood. Kunisada’s eyes caught glance of a gray sleeping bag as he kneeled down to slightly look inside the home. Despite the fire being relit, his face was hidden within the shadows of her tent, but he didn’t think much of it at the time. Kunisada’s arm stretched out before placing his palm on her leg and began to shake her, speaking loud enough for her to hear.- “...Aka, time to wake up..” –Kunisada waited for her to respond to see if she would wake up or not. If she didn’t, Kunisada had another plan already in his mind that involved water;  Akatori probably would not enjoy that plan much.-

Akatori2: ~Aka slept softly for those two hours. She was comfortable and warm inside the sleeping bag. Suddenly something touched her knee, causing her to jerk up, ready to strike. However, she was not under attack. The soothing voice of Kuni spoke; informing her it was her and Ritsuka's time. She looked at his covered face with her olive eyes. It was hard to make his face out do to the darkness exceeding from the overhang of her bamboo tent. ~ “Okay. Thanks Kuni." ~ She spoke in a bit of a quiet tone, not wanting to make too much noise. She slid her body out the sleeping bag, and sat on top of it, right in front of the ANBU. Being casual, she spoke to him while she slid on her armored gloves. ~ “So, how was the shift?” ~ After, and if he answered, she would ask him, ~"Hey? Where's your resting area?" ~ Since she noticed that he did not set up any area to sleep in like the rest of the group. After her gloves were tightly on her arms, she attached her tool pouch and kunai holster to her body, leaving the tent with her Jounin Flak in hand if Kuni would let her through the small exit. She would then stand casually in front of her tent, facing Ritsuka's home, waiting for him to come out.~

IlRitsuka: *Ritsuka had fallen right asleep but he might've wished he hadn't his dreams had been on the intense side. Tossing and turning to dreams he wouldn’t remember. He awoke his eyes opening to show the mismatched set beads of sweat formed on his face. The Red eye seemed to glow as his hand flew under the pillow to withdraw a kunai he had stashed there while setting up his room.. Slowing as he recognized his father’s chakra. It was weird though. He wasn’t used to seeing things without the chakra fueled rain of the village distorting his view slightly. He sighed lightly and nodded as he was told it was his and Akatori’s shift. He put the kunai in his pouch and moved to re-strap his gunbai to his back. He grabbed the flak and quickly put it on before jumping out of his hut on onto its roof waiting for his father to follow before jumping down and spotting Akatori by her tent He slowly walked to meet her before turning towards the fire. "How did you sleep?" He asked her in a friendly manner as he brushed his messy red hair from his eyes*

Kagato: -His eyes flashed quickly at the sight of the Kunai that his sun seemed to have pulled out of nowhere very quickly, Kagato shifted his head and torso backwards slightly to make sure he was out of the way of in case his son was still caught unawares. It seemed it wasn’t long before Rits realized it was Kagato and pulled his Kunai back and put it away. Kagato’s thoughts on the matter was that his son probably wasn’t used to being outside of the village not to mention sleeping in an unfamiliar setting could very we be unsettling to him.  Kagato watched as his son made his way out of his shelter. He took a leap up to the make shift door in the roof. Kagato stood there a moment as his son jumped down to meet Akatori. Kagato hopped down from his son’s make shift shelter and began to make his way to his own structure.  Kagato turned his head towards the direction Tori and Rits were as his lips slowly parted speaking just loud enough for Rits, Tori and Kuni to hear. “Well Its time for Kuni and I to get some rest…make sure to wake us in a few hours …for the next shift….after our next shift we will be heading out once more…” Kagato sipped through the stone door way passed the block of stone he had carved out earlier that night.  He set his Back pack once more on the ground pulling out a blue scroll. He started crouch down slowly and placed the scroll on the ground of the stone structure. Kagato began to slowly unravel the scroll on the ground.  He slammed his right and left hands on top of the unrolled scroll palms down and with a cloud of smoke a few purple and blue blankets a back pillow and a back mat to sleep on appeared.  Kagato shifted the mat into place and plopped the pillow down at what he considered the head of the make shift bed.  These conditions Kagato knew all too we from the many missions he had been on in his younger days even throughout war time which were even less favorable and a lot worse off than this. It was very unlikely Kagato would actually sleep tonight more or less he was just lying down to rest for a bit since they still had a long ways to go. After fixing his bedding up for the night Kagato made his way back to the slab of stone he cut out of the wall earlier. He poked his head out of the door frame one last time. – “Going to try and get some rest… I suggest you do the same Kuni…as for you Tori and Rits…remember two hours…” –Kagato paused for a moment before he reached back with is right hand uniting his ponytail letting his crimson strands fall loosely to his shoulders.  He made his way back into the structure and stood behind the stone slab. He clapped his hands together with a thunderous echo that bounced off the stone walls. A powerful wind gale picked up with the sound like a howling of a savage beast calling out after killing its prey.  This technique was the gale palm it had the power to easily knock over a shinobi but in this case Kagato was using it to slide the stone slab back into the place where he had carved it out from. The stone sifted quickly and lunged forward with a grinding sound  until  it made its way back to where it came leaving a slight gap at the top of the door way for ventilation.  Kagato quickly took off his black metal shin guards and shoes and set them off to the side.  He slid his long black armored coat off his shoulders and set them next to his guards and shoes.  He pulled off his onyx metal armored gloves and set them on top of the coat. Kagato reached up to his mask and re-breather and unsnapped them from his face  again setting them off to the side before laying his self-down  on his mat and pulling his blanket over top of his body.-

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada’s eyes narrowed a bit towards Akatori as she thanked him for waking her up, almost wondering how she knew his name until he remembered that Kagato had said his name earlier when the other two shinobi were crossing their path earlier. Kunisada stood as he moved out of her makeshift tent, hearing her question about how their shift was before he silently responded.- “...Hn..” –Even though that wasn’t really much of a response, his eyes glanced over at Kagato before he heard Akatori ask another question about where his resting spot for the night would be. Before he could respond, Kunisada saw Kagato and Ritsuka make their way around the fire before Kagato spoke again; this time, informing the two Jounin that it was time for their shift to start. As Kagato made his way inside his home, Kunisada swiftly jumped to the top of the roof again before walking over to the pile of bamboo that he had cut down earlier. He leaned down towards them for a moment before pausing, something making him pause in thought. Kunisada’s head slowly turned as his eyes caught his backpack from his peripheral vision before glancing down to where the fire was still lighting the campsite. He glanced back over at the bamboo pile before he picked them up in his arms before he slowly stood up. He turned as he noiselessly jumped down from the rooftop before he saw Kagato poke his head out of his home before trying to tell the others good night. After Kagato basically sealed himself inside the room, Kunisada glanced over at the two Jounin before dropping the bamboo by the fire before he spoke.- “...Don’t let the fire die..” –After he spoke, Kunisada turned quickly before he jumped back onto the rooftop of Kagato’s home; after he made his way to the top, he took a knee as he slid his backpack off of his shoulders and placed it next to him on the roof. Kunisada slowly placed his hand behind his back as he grabbed onto the sheathe that held his Kusanagi inside of it before slowly pulling his sheathe, as well as the blade contained inside of it off of his lower back. Afterwards, Kunisada turned his body as he gazed up at the stars before lowering his back down to the roof as he laid himself down, placing his Kusanagi across his chest as his hand held onto it; Kunisada’s eyes remained focused on the starry abyss of the night. While he himself wasn’t asleep, the other two would only have an assumption that he laid down to sleep unless they jumped upon the rooftop.-

Akatori2: ~She would quickly put on her Flak, as she awaited for Kuni to reply. She could almost hear him part his lips before Ritsuka and Kagato-Sama joined the two. Turning to them, she listened to Kage's words about keeping shift and waking them up in two hours, and of course that they would be traveling soon afterwards. With a smile, she spoke back to Ritsuka.~ " I slept well. How'd you sleep?" ~ She began to walk towards the fire, sitting criss-cross on the ground, like she was ready to meditate. Her eyes followed the ANBU as he set up his resting spot on the roof. The fire was still running strong, so they did not have to add anymore bamboo in it just yet. She turned her attention back to Ritsuka. ~" How old do you think he is?"~ She sad in a quiet tone, one loud enough for only him to hear her. She was referring to the ANBU. He seemed and sounded like he was a young adult, no older than Aka herself, but she wanted Rits information and input, since he knew him better than she did. As she waited for his reply her eyes gazed heavily into the fire, the words of Maiko-San echoed in her head.. 'Love is the strongest emotion'.~

IlRitsuka: He smiled lightly as Akatori answered him waiting till his father was back to his hut readjusting his door to answer her "I didn’t sleep to well. Not sure why." He followed her lazily to the fire his sharingan keeping a close watch on their campground making sure to not miss anything while his father and kuni were away. He chose to sit on one of the makeshift benches his father had made lettin his legs stretch out before him. Turning to aka as she spoke again. "Mmm not sure, all I know is Pops and him have been friends awhile." He never really thought to much of the anbu. Used to seeing him around his father Though never one to socialize not that it bothered Ritsuka,  he had been more content as of late to sticking to his tight group of friends as opposed to branching out and meeting some of the newer kids his age." My estimate is late 20s perhaps.. Can I ask you a question now aka?" He hesitated letting the question hang back in his throat before spitting it out. "Why do you think my moms not here. Really. Not just what my father told us" He waited dreading her answer as much as he wanted it. *

Akatori2: ~Her ears listened to his words about Kuni. He didn't sound like a late twenties, but voices can be deceiving. Kagato is in his thirties, so that guess would make sense. Still, Akatori wanted to find out, just for the fact of knowing. It's good to know about your allies, right? Ritsuka then wished to ask her a question. ~ " Sure, what's on your mind?" ~ Her tone was soft and motherly, since she could feel a how tense his voice sounded. She took in his question, pausing for a moment as her eyes looked up at the sky.~ "Hnn. Of the two..she is the more social. I do believe it could be a mission of diplomacy. I mean, we haven't really had contact with Kirigakure in the past few months. I'm sure you know more about the Kage's work than I do, but I would have to assume she went with an ANBU Team to form a stronger relation. I'm sure she's okay Rits.." ~ Her hand would lightly pat his calf. ~ " She's a strong woman, an Uzumaki woman. A Kage...she can handle herself quite well. Don't worry too much." ~ She offered him a smile, knowing he was hurting from not seeing his mother. Akatori understood his pain. She never got to meet her own mother, since she died while giving birth to her. It was a burden Akatori wore, but she was proud to be able to look back at the pictures of her mother, knowing she had bloomed into a beautiful woman like her mother.~

Ritsuka: *As he listened to her answer he couldn’t help but still fel as if something was wrong, even though she ws right. His mother would be quite capable of taking care of herself, but the gnawing in his gut still would give up. He nodded, faking  believable smile towards aka not wanting her to worry about him. He quickly spoke in hopes of assuring her he agreed* "yeah I bet your right. Im just being paranoid" *He lets out a chuckle before staring into the fire, his eyes watching the flames as they flickered. Standing up quickly he let out a sigh *"Ill be back akatori gunna go grab more wood and such to keep the fire going." * He wandered off toward the edge of the clearing where he had laid his trap , careful to avoid it as he passed by. He withdrew a kunai and quickly sliced away at the bamboo surrunding him. Cutting a few down and cutting them into smaller fragments fit for the fire pit. Once he had collected around 10 decent logs he slowly wandered back toward the campsite. Stacking the extra wood at the edge of the clearing, leaving one log in his grasp to bring back to the fire. He glanced up t the night sky once more before letting out a heavy sigh and turning to walk back to aka, taking his original seat near her. He reached out and tossed the log into the blaze and watched the wood darken and crack. Looking up he let his gaze search the perimeter of their campsite*

Akatori2: ~Akatori nodded as he spoke of his paranoia. This was going to be a long mission, one that offered challenge at every corner. Having the thought of his mother leaning over his head would not help him much at all. She understood that he would be tense, but knew that his mother had to be gone for a good reason. As he stood up, she spoke softly to him.~ "Sure Rits, take you time." ~ Aka decided not to go with him. It wasn't that far of a walk at all to grab bamboo, and besides, Rits would probably want all the space to relax he could get. As she waited, she crossed her arms around her sides to keep warm. The flames were slowly but surely dying away. Each amber that sparked from the pit less and less bold and bright than the one before it. Her skin glowed from the slight warmth of the fire. Once Ritsuka returned, the fire grew from the logs he tossed in. She let out a slight yawn, still waking up. She crossed her legs while putting her hands in the seal of the ram and closing her eyes. Aka then proceeded to slowly scan the area with her tuned sensory perception, making sure no one was in the area.~

IlRitsuka: Ritsuka watched as Akatori formed the ram seal. Before turning his attention to the sky again, He figured they only had a bit more time before it would be time to wake his father and kuni up. He yawned lightly and scratched the bck of his head lightly, clearly bored out of his mind from all this pointless sitting around. His mood was worsening though not that anyone would be able to tell through his façade of boredom. He wanted to get this all over with and be back at the village with his team prepping for chunnin. With just the clone he had sent out he wouldn’t be able to do all the things he would want, but it would have to do for the time being till he could get back. *

Akatori2: ~As time passed, Akatori stayed in her meditating spot, barely moving a single muscle. She was keeping her spirits and chakra aligned, while also calming herself down. While her eyes stayed closed, she kept her visuals opened by scanning the area via her chakra sensing. She could feel the strong body of blue chakra Kagato-Sama posesed, The bright shade of red that Kuni had, and of course the close sense of Ritsuka's purple chakra. The night slowly but surely turned into day. As she opened her olive eyes, glancing around before tapping Ritsuka's shoulder. ~ "Let me wake them. You still seem tense, just relax her a bit.. " ~ Quickly, she began to make her way up to where the ANBU was stationed to rest. Akatori looked down at him for a minute, biting her lower lip slightly. She would squat down and lightly tap him on the chest.~ "Kuni..time to wake up." ~ She uttered lightly to him, loud enough to wake him up, but not startle. If he wouldn't wake up. She would tap on his chest a bit harder. repeating the process. After he woke up, she would give him a slight smile.~ "How'd you sleep Kuni-San?" ~ Aka would ask the man. After he answered her, she would then go over to Kagato's make shift house, banging on the wall slightly to wake him up. ~" Rise and shine Kagato-Sama!"~ If that did not wake him up, she would place her hands into the seal of the ram with a slight sigh, contacting him telepathically via her Mind Body Transmission.~ *Kagato-Sama, it's Tori, time to wake up now.* ~ The message was brief, but it would defintetly be able to wake him up. After both men were awake, she would hustle over to all the traps. Carefully acting, she undid all the traps in little time. She didn't know what came over her, but she felt like she had to do this perfectly, like she was trying to impress the others. After she undid the traps, she took back the supplies they used for them. Aka would wipe a pit of sweat from her face. She felt a lot happier than she has been recently. It was..strange for her to feel this way when on an important mission. Maybe she needed to meditate more at the next rest stop? Either way, Aka grabbed her bag and supplies, waiting for the rest of the boys in the center of the camp grounds.~

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada’s eyes had never closed beyond the point of just having to blink, his eyes just remained focused on the starry sky that he had been staring into for Akatori and Ritsuka’s shift. His eyes continued to stay on the night sky until he saw the stars slowly begin to fade away into the new day that had begun. As his eyes stayed upon the starry sky, he mulled over what had happened today; mainly on the conversations Kagato and he had while the other two were sleeping. His eyes watched as the blackened night sky riddled with stars slowly became the bright colors of sunrise. The sun hadn’t come up high enough yet, but he imagined that their shift would be over soon enough. One of the things he had taken note of was that not but a few moments ago, he heard something that sounded like falling bamboo; he remembered the sound that was made when they were first setting up camp. He assumed that they needed more fuel to keep the fire lit, but it made him a bit curious about why one, or both, of the two were cutting down bamboo when he had already left a bundle by them earlier for the same purpose. He figured they forgot about it, so it didn’t bother him much. As his eyes remained on the sky above, he heard two feet land on the top of Kagato’s rooftop, assuming it was one of the two Jounin. His assumption was correct as he caught a glimpse of Akatori out of the corner of his eye; her vision of his eyes was hidden due to his mask, before returning his gaze upon the sky again. He saw her out of his peripheral vision before hearing the fabric of her clothing quietly rustle as she extended her arm towards him. Before her hand made contact with his ANBU flak, he quietly spoke to stop her hand from poking his flak.- “..I’m awake Aka..” –After he finished his sentence, he began to sit up, bringing his Kusanagi with him before standing up fully with his back towards Akatori. His eyes quickly scanned his surroundings before he began to place his Kusanagi on his lower back once again. After he secured his blade, he turned around and kneeled down to get his backpack, his black bangs falling lazily in front of his eyes. As he was placing his arms through the straps of his backpack, he heard Akatori ask how he slept. After he put his backpack on, he stood once again before answering her.- “..Hn..” –After he briefly answered her question, he silently moved away and hopped down to the ground below noiselessly. His eyes made their way over to the fire that was still lit and Ritsuka who was sitting next to it before making his way the nearest wall of Kagato’s home before he placed himself against it, keeping his back towards the group. After hearing Akatori lightly yell at Kagato’s home to wake him up, he unnoticeably moved his left index finger over his left thumb before feeling his new ring securely on his finger before bringing his arms up as he crossed them over his chest. All he had to do now was to wait for Kagato to awaken so they could continue their journey.-

Kagato: -It Hadn’t seemed that long before he went into his make shift home to rest before it was time to get moving again. Kagato really didn’t sleep for that amount of time more or less he just was resting laying down for the few hours he gave them to rest. Kagato heard a light slight tapping sound on thick solid stone  of his make shift home for the night  only to have his mind invaded by Akatori’s voice telling him it was time to get up. Kagato shook his head from left to right slowly before replying to Tori’s message. * I wasn’t really sleeping only resting….be out in a few moments…”  Kagato S rolled over before sitting back up taking hold of his black opened toed shoes slipping first the right one on then the left.  He leaned to his left side and reach outwards with his left hand taking hold of his two onyx colored metal shin guards strapping both back into place over top of his black shoes pulling each strap tight before buckling them into place.  Kagato reached over quickly taking hold of the tie he used for his hair quickly pulling his crimson strands back into a pony tail and tying them in place. The Next thing Kagato grabbed for was his black armored gloves that head a seal craved into the plate that covered the top of his hand when worn. He slipped the pair of armored gloves on quickly pulling the straps tight just like the shin guards before them before buckling them into place.  Kagato leaned towards his right picking up his black cloth mask and black metal re-breather quickly securing them into place on his face which ended up covering most of the lower half of his face once he placed them back on. Kagato starched his right and left arms up into the air his back and neck making a light cracking sound as he did so before he stood up. He leaned down taking hold of the mat he was laying on and began to roll it up with the blankets and pillow still on it. Once this was done Kagato reached back into his bag pulling out the scroll in which his bedding had come from. He rolled the scroll out on the ground and placed the bundle on top of it before slamming his hands back down on the ground sealing his bedding back away.   Kagato picked up the scroll and stuffed it back into his back pack.  He made his way over to his black armored robe like coat quickly shoving his arms through the sleeves to adorn it once more. He moved back to where his back pack was and leaned over to close his it back up before he slipped the straps back over shoulders.  Kagato made his way towards where he had used his gale palm to move the stone slab back into the wall where he had cut it from. Just like he did before to push it back into place Kagato clapped his hands together creating another powerful wind gale around the stone slab. The wind howled like a savage beast echoing off the stone walls of the make shift housing. The stone slab slid forward on the ground scraping into the earth below with a screeching sound as it moved forward leaving indents in the earth.    Kagato made his way out of the make shift home of his and looked around at the others, He had noticed the sun rising up and the day was upon them. His lips parted slowly and in almost a commanding tone he spoke to them. – “ Well since the light of day is falling upon us we should hit the road once more…. –He turned his head into the direction of where Rts was near the fire.- “Rits need to put that fire out before we head out… - Kagato Shifted back around looking at his structure noticing Kuni was leaning on the side of it.-  “ Kuni might want to move away from there going to have to bring the structure down before we leave….” Kagato waited a few moments before he started the process of bringing his structure down. A few words escaped Kagato’s lips as he stared at the structure.- “ Shinra Tensei..” – Kagato put enough force into this technique that the gravity around the structure began to swirling in a dome like pattern around it just far enough that it enclosed it. The stone began to disintegrate within the matter of seconds leaving only dust in its wake.- “ As for the rest of the camp site leave nothing  still set up…if there are people looking for us we don’t want to leave a trail… take down your shelters and any other signs we were here…cover our tracks…” – After waiting a few moments for the rest to do what he asked  Kagato began to make his way towards the path leading away from the clearing of the bamboo forest. He paused for a moment sensing out the chakra signature of the Turtle island getting a lock once more on its position.- “ Well it seems out next stop is the Iwagakure ruins… keep your eyes peeled and senses sharp never know what we will find there…” – Kagato started walking once more making his way further away from the forest.-

IlRitsuka: *Ritsukas stare at the fire broke when he heard his father, his head turning to look at him as he gave instructions. Once he had finished, Ritsuka nodded to him before turning back to the flames before getting to his feet and heading back to the trap he had made gathering up the loose dirt from the area around the trap and moved to use the dirt to smother the low flames. After the fire was out he walked back to his small hut gathering anything he had left behind before exiting it . He reached out extending his arms to let his hands settle on the wall before focusing his chakra in them Using Lightning Release: Stream to send electricity into the earthen walls breaking them apart. Once he had brought the structure down he walked after his father. His mismatched gaze still carefully watching the area around them as his father warned them to be on alert. He was very curious to see the ruins it would b the first "Village" he had ever seen besides Amegakure.*

Akatori2: ~ With a slight nod, Akatori listened to Kagato speak back to her through her Transmission.~ *Ah, alright. Take your Time* ~ After Kagato came out of his home, Aka smiled a bit. She was truly anxious to go. The Amekage spoke to the group as they gathered, reminding them to remove the trace of their campsite, in case their was someone following there trail, and also where the next location would be; the Iwagakure Ruins. Her olive eyes sparkled a bit at hearing that. She had read a bit about Iwagakure in a history book when she taught at the academy. She knew that there was quite a few mountains and steep rocky terrains, and that they had a natural phenomenon called 'Rock Rain'. The rock rain is what happens when the winds of Iwa get too heavy, carrying rocks to rain down on to nearby areas. It was something interested, that maybe the group would be able to witness, but hopefully not experience. Quickly, Akatori took out a kunai and slashed the bamboo she used to make her makeshift tent competely. Taking the shoots, she tossed them into the shrubs, watching them scatter. Aka turned on her heels returning to the boys. ~ "Ready to get the show on the road?"

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada waited for a moment before he heard something from Kagato’s makeshift home fall to the ground, making him guess that Kagato was just getting out of his home. After he heard Kagato tell the group that they should probably be on their way and Ritsuka to put out the fire, he lightly detached himself from the wall of Kagato’s home before he walked a few feet from it. As he removed himself away from the wall, he unfolded his arms across his chest, his black arm bracers lightly and quietly scraping against each other as he unfolded his arms before bringing them to his sides. During this time, Kagato had suggested for him to move since they had to destroy his makeshift home now; once he was out of range, he heard Kagato utter “Shinra Tensei” as to leave him to assume that he’d just destroyed his makeshift home. As he lightly turned his head to see Akatori and Ritsuka doing the same thing with their own shelters, he saw the dust left from Kagato’s home, confirming his assumption. Kunisada heard Kagato tell the group to leave no trace that they were there, which he and Kagato had done well in their own respects; he was sure Akatori and Ritsuka would do the same as well. Kunisada heard their next destination from Kagato; the ruins of Iwagakure. Kunisada slowly began walking ahead of the group, only to see Kagato make his way next to him as the Jounin were still lagging a bit behind them.-

Kagato: -Kagato Looked to left side with a quick glanced of his still activated Rinnegan eyes only to see Kuni was walking a long side him.   After doing so he quickly glanced over his left shoulder seeing Rits and Tori finishing up their tasks.- “Let’s go” – Kagato Turned his head back to Kuni giving him a little nod of his head up then down before increasing his speed.  Kagato took off with immense speed, quickly leaving the rest behind if they did not hurry their selves up.  With each foot step on the ground   his foot hit with no noise even with the speed he was traveling. The dirt along the path out of the forest dispersing slightly with each step leaving light imprints on where his feet had hit. Kagato leaped to a nearby tree taking to the tree branches even though they were now out of the forest there were still trees around  every once and awhile. The Trees were spread out enough that Kagato could easy leap from branch to branch making it so he left no foot prints behind. If there was anyone following them they would have trouble finding any physical evidence on the ground the whole reason for him taking the detour into the trees.  Their destination was still a bit of a ways off and Kagato wanted to waste no time getting there thus why the sudden speed increase into a full speed run If there was anything waiting for them or going to be waiting for them at the ruins he wanted them to get their first for the simple fact that it would give them a slight advantage giving them the time to scope out the area. The cool breeze from the quickness in which he was traveling licked at the uncovered parts of his skin on his face like a tongue made of pure metal. Kagato had been traveling at these speeds for at least an hour as the terrain began to change around him. The tree’s became more far and few in between, forcing Kagato to take to the ground once more. The ground was a hard stone type surface made up of rocks, stones and dirt. The surroundings took on a more mountain like landscape they were getting close to the ruins now seeing as how everything was changing.  Kagato began taking long strides with his legs as he ran putting more distance behind him than ever before. Kagato could see the gate of the ruins not too far off in the distance this brought back memories of when he entered the war so many years ago now.  These ruins were not cause by him but the ones found where the former hidden leaf village stood was a direct result of his actions. It was a different time back then a time where everyone was at each other door steps and spilling the blood of other hidden village shinobi.  Kagato did his fair share of spilling blood but there was more to it than just this simple fact, he was protecting his home his village like he vowed to do, and how he swore he would bring it back to its former glory.  These thoughts bounced around in his head as he made it to the stone gate way of the ruins, the door in which used to keep others out was no longer there.  Kagato leaped up to the top of the stone gate giving him a better view of the ruins. The mountains that surrounded the village was still there but on the inside there were only a few building left somewhat standing, and by somewhat it was more like piles of rubble  not even close to what they were back in their prime. There was what seemed to be the main building still towards the back of the village at least the foundation and the door way was still there. To the left was what seemed to be what remained of a tower and to the right what remained of a little building? No there wasn’t much left to this village but you never know what or who might still be lurking inside. Kagato took to a sensing position  kneeling down  position his right hand he placed flat on the stone structure as he continued to keep his eyes focused on the area using his sensing skill to try an locate anyone in the area as he waited for the rest of the group.

Ritsuka: *As he had begun to walk toward his father he blinked as he tore off. He glanced back at Akatori letting out a soft sigh as he started off into a sprint after his father and Kuni. His father and kuni were faster but he did well at keeping up as much as he could. His red hair flew wildly behind him as his speed on toward after the pair. His eyes flicking about taking in the scenery and sights.  He was starting to enjoy the replacement of trees in place of metal towers. The air was exhilarating and refreshing as it brushed around him in his sprint. As his father jumped into the trees he followed suit launching his self branch to branch through the thick foliage. After an hour the jumped back to the ground to continue the trek, the dense forest that was around them now thinning out. As what appeared to be the ruins appeared before Ritsuka he couldn’t help but imagine the battle that took place here to cause them. When his pops leapt onto the gate he slowed his pace as he saw him doing something atop letting himself slow slightly till he reached his father waiting below at the bottom scanning the area beyond, It was rocky and the mountains were an amazing sight. He could’ve gawked about a bit but settled on being responsible and keeping an eye out for any foreign movement. Glancing at aka to see what she was doing.*

Akatori2: ~ she trailed next to Ritsuka as the group of four began to travel down the path. Soon enough, Kagato took to the trees. Before leaping up she glanced down at her feet, noting that each step imprinted onto the dirt path. This would leave quite an obvious trail for those who wish to follow the group on their travels. She landed softly on the tree, before dashing to keep up with the higher ups. Her speed was above average due to how strong and quick she needed to keep her body for her Eight Gates training. Akatori decided to hang back a bit, staying in between Kuni and Ritsuka's paths. After a good hour or so of traveling through the trees, the forest grew less dense, narrowing out to The Land of Earth. Once she hit the last tree, she would do a front flip off it, landing gracefully on her feet. Aka then took a strong left step, begin him to run again. With each step she took, dust would kick up slightly or gravel would be pushed around. Her eyes glanced around as she ran. The mountains looked higher than any tower in Ame. They stood proudly over the ruined region, like guardians of the weak. As they approached the ruins, Kagato begin to move faster, lowering himself into a sensory position on top of a gate. Akatori's olive eyes glanced around at the few buildings that still stood, most of them just crumbled structures from the war. She knew that Kagato-Sama's sensory range covered much more distance than her own, and that it was no use for her to scan the area. The area felt uncomfortable to her. She didn't trust who or what might be lurking in or around the ruins. She would take a few steps towards Kuni, while reaching her hands back into her tool pouch. In a small tone, she would ask him,~ "Hey..are you getting a strange feeling from this place?"~

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada saw Kagato glance at him once before turning his head back to the path in front of him before he saw Kagato break out into a dead sprint as he ran ahead of the group. Kunisada quickly followed suit as he quickly ran into a sprint behind Kagato, hoping that the two Jounin behind them would be able to keep up with the both of them. After another few seconds of running, Kunisada was able to keep up with Kagato, but he kept his distance as he followed Kagato into the trees as they both began to leap from tree to tree; the last thing they needed was to accidentally bump into each other mid jump. As he ran, Kunisada felt a breeze blowing against his black hair as they continued on their way. After about an hour or so of them running, Kunisada’s eyes caught that the trees around them were becoming scarce, which made him take to the ground once again, Kagato right in front of him momentarily. Kunisada’s eyes caught a small glimpse of the ground below them now; it was consistent of rocks, dirt and what looked to be like stone. After another few seconds, Kunisada had made his way up to Kagato, running alongside him, even as Kagato began to increase his strides. Kunisada’s eyes were taking in the surroundings as they continued to run; it looked like the remains of Konohagakure, but he knew this was a different place and that Kagato hadn’t caused this ruined landscape. As he saw Kagato leap to the top of stone gate, probably to get a better view, causing Kunisada to abruptly stop beside the structure Kagato was on. His eyes glanced at the scenery before him; everything looked destroyed and ruined, as it should look. As he heard the other two join them at last, the air finally fell silent and he assumed that it left the two Jounin uneasy. His assumption was confirmed when he heard the voice of Akatori behind him, asking if he felt anything strange about the place. Kunisada’s eyes stayed in front of him as they scanned a bit more before he sharply turned on his heels and jumped on top of the stone gate alongside Kagato, who was now kneeling to use his Sensory ability. Kunisada also kneeled beside him as his eyes glanced over as he could see more of the destroyed remains of the once Village buildings; there weren’t many, but there were some that had huge chunks of the building missing and the other buildings that were somewhat standing, looked like small huts or apartments with no ceilings and a missing wall or two. Kunisada blinked for a moment before opening his right eye as his normal eye hue was gone and replaced with a white marble like eye; the veins around his eye were more visible as Kunisada activated his Byakugan. No one below them could see his eye change and only Kagato could if he ever decided to look over Kunisada and if Kunisada looked back. His eyes scanned the Village as he looked for anything peculiar; it didn’t hurt to be cautious, much as Kagato was doing now as well. Kunisada’s Byakugan eye narrowed slightly as his eye saw two chakra auras in the Village; one was dark green and the other was purple. His lips parted beneath his mask as he spoke in a quiet tone to where only Kagato could hear him.- “...Kag..” -He only said Kagato’s name to see if Kagato also saw what he was seeing.  After he spoke, he kept quiet to hear Kagato respond.-

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