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Kagato Uzumaki, Kunisada Uchiha , Akatori Yamanaka Yamanaka, Tetsu Hyuga , Unaru Inuzuka uzuka, Lily YukiRitsuka Uzumaki

Title: Testing the future of Ame

Kagato: - He was standing dead center of the middle metallic platform in falls the he called his personal playground. He was waiting for the children to gather as well as Kuni who he had asked to help him with this task. The sky above the falls much like the rest of Amegakure was an ominously dark in color. The storm clouds moving about rather forcefully like stuck in a washing machine’s spin cycle. The clouds that covered the sky like a thick blanket, which dropped forth, tear shaped rain drops filled with Kagato’s own blue chakra. This war torn land seen more than its fair share of bloodshed in its past,  the rain falling  was almost like its attempt to wash away all the tainted soil, Yet so many still called this industrialized village home even though all the hardships. His trade mark crimson strands of hair clung to his face being saturated with the onslaught of rain, taking a bit of a darker shade of red than normal. The rain repealed off his black mask and metal re-breather as if it had been coated in a layer of oil. He lifted his right hand covered by purple armored black gloves bearing a seal on the first plate covering the top of his hand that his war fan was sealed in, upwards towards one of the black straps of his back pack to slide it up his shoulder a bit, He tugged them up and over the purple metal armor plates that his long black trench coat like robe that was outfitted with, on each shoulder and around the collar.  The backpack held seven scrolls of various colors, red, blue, Purple, yellow, on the one side of the pack packs straps in the front the first three would be visible, the four others two on each side were held in place in the back by fitted holders for scrolls. Kagato netted black shirt also clung to his pale exposed skin, seeing as his robe was always left open.  His pants blacker then the storm filled night sky, held two pouches like pockets on either side on the lower half of his legs.  The purple plated armor that covered up to his shin and foot, strapped tightly to the black open toed shoes he always wore exposing his black toe nails. His one blue eye and one green eye shifted back and forth as if scanning the area for the others to finally arrive this was to be a massive event of epic proportions one these kids would never forget he was sure of. His eyes peered down and focused on his village head band he wore along his neck. It slightly shimmered in the dim light as the rain did a dance around the metal surface. With is right hand he reached up to his purple and blue necklace that he adorned around his neck as well the colors of Amegakure shifting it to the left a bit. He took a deep breath and began to focus. He stood there silently like one of the metal statues that seemed to be placed everywhere in Amegakure.  Placing all his weight down on the metal plate form making it a more firmer stance dropping his hands down to his sides and pulling his hands in front of him clasping them together holding them tight as a bolt of lightning crashed through the dark sky with a thunderous loud clap, the light of which was caught by the ring her wore on his right thumb which was sliver and red. The kanji of which dead center carved out in black which meant god, Taking another deep calming breath exhaling slowly through his re-breather.  A single droplet of water dropped slowly from the middle chakra receiver he had in imbedded in his nose which there was three in total on either side char coal black.  The rain drop  made its way from the chakra receiver  down to his re-breather sliding down the smooth black surface to hit the ground falling right into a puddle that he had been standing in, sending a rippling effect through the small puddle  that laid there on the metallic surface of the platform.- 

LucianAsmodeusDrach: *Ritsuka slowly walked up to the entrance to The Amegakure Falls. A spar had been set up against his Father, the Amekage, Battling against Akatori Yamanaka, Unaru Inuzuka, Lily, Yu Geikami and Tetsuo Hyuga and Himself. He had decided to dress comfortably, in a black hakama, with red highlights. It was loosely opened at his chest, revealing White bandages wrapped around his torso and arms. His light purple ninja pounches held securely at his lower back. The contents of which being, 6 Kunai, 10 shuriken, 10 senbon, 1 smoke bomb, 1 Flash bomb, and 3 paper bombs. In addition his Orange and Red Uzumaki clan Gunbai, hung at his back. Though he hasnt had time to train with it in jutsus yet. he had trained with using it defensivly, so would more than likely come in handy this fight. His Mismatched eyes peeked out from under his dak red locks. One bright innocent blue eye... The other eye however was a harsh red. A single black tomoe was in front of the red background. He breathed calmly as he approached the plae set for battle he looked around the surrounding areas spotting his team, scattered among the rock paths and other bits around the around the falls. In the middle was their opponent. Ritsuka sighed looking at his father and knowing this wasn’t going to be easy. But he had wanted to fight him soon. and he had to get used to his eye. So here he was. He reached into his pack with his left hand and withdrew a kunai holding it up close to his chest defensivly. Looking around at his teammates once more hoping they were ready. *

Guest_Akatori2: -Arriving on the scene, Akatori Yamanaka was ready to face off against her sensei, Kagato Uzumaki, who was also the Amekage himself. Her smooth golden ponytail hung down to her back, dripping with raindrops. She would walk into the falls, and down to the largest platform. She knew these falls pretty well seeing as she always trained her when she was a genin with her team. The roaring fall of millions of gallons of water falling to the seeming endless pit, echoed of the metal plates. It was noisy, so speaking had to be loud. She sported a purple hakama, with her clan symbol etched in to it, a purple and blue crop top that hugged her upper body tightly, ame themed sandals, purpled armored gloves, and a scarf to match the gloves. The tool pouch that hung on her back held 6 kunai, 17 shuriken, 3 smoke bombs, and 4 paper tags. She would stand before Kagato, at roughly 40 feet. She would then offer a slight bow of respect before placing her hands together, almost in a prayer. A large vein would pop out on her forehead as she contacted Ritsuka Uzumaki, Lily Yuki, Tetsuo Hyuga, and Unaru Inuzuka telepathically via The Mind Body Transmission Technique. Her orders were, + Hello all, this is Akatori here, and I trust you will let me lead you in taking on Lord Kagato...From my experience, we must strike him at different times to keep him off balance. Sneak attacks will not work, and genjutsu should be avoided. My idea is to have Lily and Tetsuo stay within 20 feet to keep him sharp and off balance, while Rits could get up high or at a distance adding pressure. While me and Unaru can also add as a distraction, and go in to increase pressure. Think of it like a game. we heat him up with minor attacks from Lily, Tetsuo and Rits, leaving him open to take a hit from either me or Unaru..I trust in you all and hope you trust me to lead+ -Akatori let out a small huff after finishing. She would not fail in leading the group. She just hoped she could handle this task-

JusticeAndPunishment: Tetsuo was at home in the Hyuga family compound within the Amegakure limits, having been summoned to the Amegakure Falls through a messenger-nin and was told to arrive at there as quickly as possible. At this time, Tetsuo wasted no time on his preparations. He wore his usual white Hyuga clan robes with black Hyuga clan shinobi pants and a pair of black ninja shoes with openings at the toes and the heels but they are left on the porch outside of the home. For the start of his preparation, he started to tie his Amegekure forehead protector around his forehead and slid on his shinobi gloves which are fingerless so that his palms would be protected. Following this, Tetsuo then tied his black kunai pouch upon his left thigh. The contents within it included six kunai, two flash bombs, two smoke bombs and two explosive tags. Around his waist, he wore a black sash around the lower end of his robe which held three containers: two square black shuriken pouches and a black coin pouch. The shuriken pouches had only one filled with six shuriken and the other was tucking away a rebreather for emergencies. The coin pouch was tucked carefully into the inside of the pants while still tied around the left side of the sash, the bag left empty while Tetsuo was away for training. This concept was made after the last Chunin Exams, giving Tetsuo the idea to come prepared for anything along the way. Besides the kunai, the bombs and the shuriken, Tetsuo was also equipped with the family katana with the black scabbard wrapped in white strips with the ivory grip peering over Tetsuo’s left shoulder for a quick draw from him so to have an immediate overhead strike once he did draw the weapon. An addition to that was a pair of black tonfa sticks that were tucked underneath the black shuriken pouches by the long ends and the grips resting upon the outer regions of Tetsuo’s lower back for a quick underhand draw, the palms facing back while he reached behind himself to snatch the grips of the sticks. These weapons were to show Tetsuo’s basic proficiency in the combative arts of Kenjutsu and Bukijutsu as he appreciated adaptation and tactics as he was not physically strong and had to rely on his wits. After finishing his preparations, he grabbed his white rain poncho which carried a large Hyuga insignia on the back which was then donned over with a gray backpack that carried emergency supplies such as rations and water, and a space to where Tetsuo could put away his rain poncho. On the first leg of his journey, he travelled upon the rooftops of the village which was affectionately called the Ninja Highway to some of the veteran ninja among the Amegakure. Upon arrival at the Falls, Tetsuo noticed that the clouds had been darker at this region. This was the battleground established by the Amekage himself. Tetsuo was quickly sliding off his pack and his poncho so he could fold the poncho and stow it inside of the backpack. After that, he joined with his Team Four leader Ritsuka and his teammate Unaru. At that moment, he heard the voice of Akatori within his mind like another thought conversing with Tetsuo’s own despite him keeping his mind quiet as he was hearing her. Trust? How could he trust a rival after all this time? He only tolerated her because his brother Yazuka was with Akatori’s team. However, he wanted to prove himself for once so he continued to hear Akatori’s words as they enter into his mind. He took note of every instruction given, using himself as part of a diversion as he could draw open a blind spot at close range with Lily while Ritsuka took the middle range area so either Akatori or Unaru could have Kagato open from any long range attacks. Tetsuo nodded slowly after her voice faded and readied himself with his teammates by standing in front of Ritsuka as he drew out his twin tonfa sticks. That way when the command to begin was called, Tetsuo could get within the 20-foot radius of Kagato. He kept still until the signal to begin was called, his body taking the Gentle Fist stance with the left arm extended out and the right arm resting close to the chest. The short end of the left tonfa was meant to be used as a shield as the right tonfa could be used for attacks since the long ends provide offensive and defensive properties. For now, the long ends were tucked under his arms with the short ends pointing out in a defensive manner. That way Tetsuo would have both sticks out in front of him with the long ends used for blocking and for hard swings. The short ends were for thrusts should Tetsuo get close enough to the body. However, he reminded himself to keep at least a 20-foot distance to avoid any attacks that could put his life in grave danger. Should he need to use his kunai or shuriken, he could tuck away his right tonfa and use his free right hand to reach for either weapon.

KonanxAngel: Yuki Lily, a female fifteen years of age now remained seated upon the dark rooftops as the sky continued to cry from the heavens above. Only, there was something different about this rain. Reaching her hand out towards the drops of rain that puddled in her small hand, her soft brown eyes painted with a crystal blue eye shadow, light mascara, and eyeliner fixated upon them. "Hmm.." This was a signal surely as a clash of lightning nearly made her jump out of her skin. Startled slightly, she blinked a few times before making her way towards the falls. Something major was going on. She made sure she was prepared before she left, her long black hair in its usual fashion as it flowed down towards the small of her back. Her bangs were parted in their usual sense to the right as a crystal ice flower decoded her hair. But none of this mattered. What truly mattered was what she carried with her. She had just gotten permission to use her black katana in matches now, for that she was glad. She had been practicing. With the black leather strap slung over her shoulder, it held the katana proudly against her back. She had grown a couple inches in the past year, now a height of 5'5 feet, probably the height she would be for most of her life since Yuki were considered to be rather short. She had not been able to practice much jutsu yet for she had focused more on kenjutsu, waiting for a certain sage's return so she might learn in his ways. The thought had enlightened her as she walked. Dressed in the usual fashion, she wore a tight mesh with belts that clung to the sleeves. Her bust had become bigger over the past year, so it was important that she covered her chest with a bit heavier protection as a thick wool half sweater covered the top of it. Still, her neck remained exposed as well as parts of her stomach. A memento of her mother, a cold crystal ice pendant glowed as it hung around her neck, sparkling as raindrops fell upon it. She wore the usual black thick pants she had always worn for sparring occassions like this. Black leather belted pouches, one holding kunai and the other holding shuriken rested on her backside as well as the left side of her hip. The armband that proudly showed the symbol of Amegakure remained fastened to her left arm tightly. A thick black mask, not as good as having a rebreather, but still thick enough to avoid most poisons remained over her face, making sure to cover her nose and mouth. She indeed was ready. After a few minutes of reaching her destination, she glanced around at familiar scenery, hearing the roaring sound of the waterfalls against metal as she made her appearance alongside the other genin that had shown up. Apparently this was indeed a big event. Staring at the kage before her not too far away, he was planning something. She had only heard rumors of what happened to her friend Geikami Yu, who she now lived with. That was his sensei. "Oh won't this be fun." She wasn't the quickest person to grasp things, but she had a basic understanding as she figured the kage was smirking down at all who were about to get a beating they wouldn't forget. He was the god of this land after all. However, she couldn't help wonder in her mind as she observed the others, why were the gods so cruel? Receiving the transmission from the chuunin Akatori, she closed her eyes lightly getting prepared to focus before opening them up once again hardened. This wasn't about defeating the kage, she knew. This was about teamwork. Understanding the orders, she glanced towards her in response. Making her way towards Tetsuo, she remained in position, her hands at her sides. Taking out her katana right away would do no good here she knew. It was a good idea to keep her hands open so she'd be able to act quickly. Her soft brown eyes now fixating on her opponent and his rinnegan, she was ready, but were the others?

Guest_UnaruInuzuka: -Unaru wasn’t so sure about this summons he had been given, it had been a spar set up by the kage himself. His mind was considering things the entire time he walked, as he was moving slowly into the falls, the sound of the water rushing in his ears caught his attention and the scent of mist in his nose both inviting and a bit unnerving to say the least. He took in the scene in front of him, his steps not even heard over the rush of water as he walked along on black sandal clad feet. Brushing along his sides of his black pants his hands softly touched his dark purple pouch upon the back of his hip and the one at his thigh as he considered his inventory. 8 kunai and 6 shuriken in the thigh pouch, a couple of scrolls, 2 smoke bombs and 4 paper bombs along with a bundle of wire string to help as well in the other, he knew it all to be there. Not elaborate but it was something that helped with his skills within a fight on average. He soon made it to stand at the back of the group as he let his mind come to fall into a more sedate state of mind. His two pups, one white and red Anryoku and his other black and chocolate Buruu kept to his heels. They were his partners no matter what, loyal beyond reason, and in turn he had his own loyalties to them. He shifted his hands to brush over his black cut off jacket that covered the simple mesh shirt underneath. Hand found themselves shifted to pull up on his purple and grey bracers and make sure they were secure, fingers softly grazing the burn marks on the back of his left arm, hand and fingers that weren’t quite covered by those protective items having long ago ignored the scared up skin present. His fingers brushed softly over the spiked collar on his neck that had his hitai-ate proudly displaying being an Amegakure shinobi, a proud moment in itself of being given a home that he was without for so long. Tilting his head back he took the spray of the falls, months ago the water had irritated him, now it was second nature to feel the cool spray of the rain upon his messy red brown locks to drip down his red fang tattooed cheeks. Throughout this entire preparation he hadn’t once shown a simple smile, frown or even nervous tick, his expression was soft and quiet. The only part of him registering emotions was those animalistic silver shards he called eyes that reflected light like well-polished daggers a single line of black marring such brilliance. Those two portals to his soul showed his nervousness… but even if that was there, there also was a prowling hunter in the back seeming to see this as something that he could enjoy. He looks upon the kage, probably for the first true moment he had actually been in his presence to interact with, he let his eyes travel along the others. There was many, some he didn’t know, others he knew well enough, but none have he fought with. This will be interesting to say the least… his head just tilted slightly having felt a touch to his mind and hearing the voice relayed knew it to be Akatori, he rarely liked people touching his own mind, it was often like touching ice for others but he knew it was needed and had allowed himself pay attention to her words than her actions as he waited for the first move. Taking note of his position he had made himself shift to Tori’s side shifting a good couple of yards from her side. Slowly his own form seemed to lower down into a low fighting stance hands hovering inches below his knees bent and feet spread for balance, His ninken at his sides their bodies leaning against his legs as small growls slowly formed past their muzzles, his eyes had come to narrow slightly clearly born and bred for being a fighter to the fullest waiting as one should in preparation of a upcoming battle.-

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada walked out of the shadows of the outer wall where he concealed himself, the dark black clothing he wore helped conceal and camouflage him in the shadows, walking slowly towards the edge of the wall surrounding the arena-like coliseum as he stared down at the field where Kagato stood, his eyes also shifting ever so slightly to gaze upon 5 others surrounding the Kage; from what the message he'd received from the messanger hawk back in Ame, he could only assume these 5 were the "trainees" that Kagato had summoned him here for. He slowly and calmly turned his body as his eye stayed upon the 5 on the field below him, the small light that shone inside of the arena bounced off of the black rebreather and mask he wore, giving the masks a dark gray hue in certain areas of his masks. He walked almost towards the middle of the wall, behind him a huge metallic purple pillar stood where the outer wall ended, his eyes never fully leaving the field below him. He looked down as he jumped off of the edge of the outer wall and landed on his feet, a loud thud echoing around the arena as his feet connected with the metal, the sounds of the waterfall almost deafening to his ears from how close he stood next to it, his Kusanagi swaying a bit on his back as his body made impact with the hard platform. Kunisada calmly and slowly made his way down the huge metal steps to the middle of the arena, climbing up a few more small steps before he walked over to the middle of the arena where he took his place by Kagato: his eyes looking over to the 5 others around them both, as he spoke to Kagato, bringing his arms up, the dark gray arm sleeves he wore protecting most of his arms, and crossed them across his chest as he spoke- "...You called for me Kagato...?"

Kagato: -Kagato’s eyes shifted back and forth through the fall, jumping back and forth between Akatori and the cluster of the rest of the kids of Amegakure. His head jolted to the right side as he felt the presence of another. He had called for Kuni to help him with this little task, which he had showed up a little late for but none the less he was here. His eyes began to shift quickly changing from the normal emerald green eye in his left and his sky blue eye in his right into that of the Rinnegan characterized by a black ripple-like pattern around the pupil, with a dark violet purple iris and sclera in his left eye and a blood red Rinnegan in his right. Another bolt of lightning crashed through the sky illuminating the sky like a light house beacon shining a path through the sky with a deafening crash that echoed off the walls of the falls as it hit the one purple metallic pillar in the front of the falls. – His lips parted slowly his words slipping outwards from his mouth with no emotion present. – Well then everyone is here….-He turns his head in Kuni’s direction giving one simple nod up and down rather slowly before parting his lips once more with a smirk painted a crossed his face that no one could see otherwise due to his mask and re-breather.- I came to party.. – A light chuckle leapt from his mouth after stating the phrase which it being an almost private joke among friends. He bent right and left elbows up so that they were mid torso height his digits began to weave hand signs at a lightning quick pace. Kagato was wasting no time in starting this match, nor would he take it easy on the kids he just hoped that they would be able to walk away from this on their own power.  The first hand sign in the sequence would be that of the – Ram – quickly morphing his fingers into the sign of the – Dog – Only to finish up the chain of hand signs with scurrying his fingers into that of the – Rat - The rain began to pour down even more heavily than it was before the drops falling at record speeds belting off the metal of the falls like thousands of beating drums ripping through the air without stopping for a second. The sound of which even matched that of the cascading water of the falls making it so much harder to hear someone’s voice even if they were to shout. This was no ordinary rain which was to be expected from one with the title Demi God of the rain. This technique was known as Mist rain. With every rain drop that fall this rain had the ability to absorb any chakra making it impossible to perform chakra based techniques other than the user’s chakra signature and in this case Kagato made it so that it wouldn’t affect the chakra signature of Kuni but as far as the rest were concerned it would affect them with extreme predigest. The rain was falling at such a quick pace and all over the falls no place was safe from the rain it covered every inch of the falls and the outer rim beyond it where the lake had formed from the runoff of water. This is where Kagato took a deep breath then quickly exhaled as the second stage of his performance would take hold. He started to once again right after the Mist rain too effect start forming a second set of hand signs, fist of which would be the hand sign of the – Tiger – Leaping his fingers right into the next hand sign without a second though or hesitation he formed the hand sign of the – Dog – Moving right from jumping his digits into the sign of the – Monkey – Next his slithered his fingers into the position of the hand sign – Snake -  Only to ram his fingers into the position of the – Boar – followed once again and finally by the hand sign – Tiger – with great ferocity.  His lips flew open, his voice tearing asunder the air around them ripping through it like a freshly sharpened blade meeting no resistance what so ever.- WATER’S HEAVEN’S CONVERGENCE!!!!! – This technique gave Kagato the ability to manipulate the water and or moisture around him as seen fit bending it and shaping it to his will. It can be used to block most incoming attacks, bind or even drown his targets.  The technique began to pull the water from the rain that was all around them into fifty basketball shaped and sized orbs giving these orbs the same properties as the rain that was falling all around them the ability to absorb chakra. The orbs glistened in the dim light of the falls holding on to the light like a long lost friend. The Orbs were placed in a circle around Kagato and Kuni in a twenty foot radius covering their front and back. They were placed so that they were hovering mid torso height of Kagato, which Kagato stood at six feet. This provided a line of defense and offence at the same seeing as Kagato could change the shape of the orbs at a moment’s notice using them for either attack or defensive purposes, but with the added effect it made it that much more deadly. Kagato shifted his feet slightly against the hard purple metal of the platform shifting a bit of his chakra to the bottoms of his feet locking him to the metal, giving him a firmer stance that what he had already taken. He raised his right hand his palm facing out stretching it outward. He closed his fingers inwards back and forth slowly in bring it on type motion. - Well now then don’t stand there all day… you won’t get anywhere like that unless youns take some sort of action… -Kagato chuckled a bit the rain pouring down heavy then normal saturating even the metal platform making pools of water forming all over it in a rapid pace linking one to the next forming little lakes upon the metal platforms. The rain became so thick that the visibility was only a few feet in front of their faces. Though he was sure Kuni and his self would have no trouble seeing due to their eyes but the others he was almost fully sure they would be hard pressed to do so. His Crimson strands clinging to his face and re-breather as if holding on for dear life trickling down his face in rapid concession if in a race to see which would beat the other to the ground. His eyes taking on a demonic glow shining through the rain like a cats eyes reflecting the moon light waiting for the kids to make their move.-

LucianAsmodeusDrach: *Ritsuka stood quietly watching the battle unfold around him. Only needing an extra second or so to work the late arrival of Kunisada into the mix, knowing that the battle had just changed to a much tougher scale with the Anbu and his father. He remained confident he could still maintain himself on the field. His red left eye jumped watching his opponents closely but also careful not to catch eye contact with either. Focusing mainly on their body movements. Ritsuka let out an audible groan as he followed his father’s hand signs closely, watching him form the hand signs once his sequence had finished Ritsuka blinked as rain started to fall. to his blue eye it looked like a normal downpour but to his Sharingan he would slowly see the vision being clouded by The rain which was infused with mass amounts of his father’s blue chakra making his sharingan fairly useless for this battle, He quickly lifts the Amegakure Headband wrapped around his neck, moving it up to cover his left eye, knowing the Sharingan would be useless for now. But not wanting to deactivate it all the way in case he needs it in a pinch. His mind immediately jumps into action factoring in lack of Sharingan, He jumps carefully forward, his right hand reaching back to pull the Uzumaki clan war fan from his back lifting it to hold in front of himself defensively. He whips the kunai at His father not waiting for him to finish the second set of hand signs he had begun forming. He flicks his left hand quickly, Launching the kunai he had for defense at the spot his father and Kuni where standing. He aimed to where he imagined his father’s arms would be. Not entirely sure with the heavy rain blocking his vision from the distance he was at. After sending off the kunai he quickly jumps off toward the position Akatori had started off calling to her, frantically wanting to inform her of the charka he seen in the rain, knowing it could just be rain tiger at will technique but also figuring with his father’s skill it could be something more devious. He quickly calls out his message hoping she can get it through the loud sounds around him. Mainly the crashing of the falls around them. He tosses his war fan high into the air, allowing him time to attempt a jutsu. He quickly Lets his hands slide into the hand sign ~Bird~ inhaling a deep breathe into his lungs concentrating his chakra as he tries to blast out a small but concentrated Wind Release: Air bullet, off at his father and Kuni's position. His breathe catching as he realizes for some reason the jutsu wasn’t working. Without missing a beat after the failed attack he reaches his left hand back up catching the war fan as it descents from his toss. He quietly stands trying to figure out what could be affecting his jutsus in such a way. His mind wandering on the odd jutsu infused into the rain that was falling around them*

Guest_Akatori2: -A smirk found itself on Akatori's face as Unaru and his two adorable pups got within a few yards distance next to her. She would offer a light nod to both Tetsuo and Lily as they enter their positions. With a humble smile, Akatori cracked her neck and dipped down to a fighting stance. Watching Kuni and Kagato closely, she saw Kagato make the first move. His hands where hard to follow, bur by the time he finished, the rain was falling harder, making it hard to hear, and nearly impossible to see. With Unaru invisible to her, Aka could slightly make out one of the pups. At least Unaru was still okay, seeing as they were the closest to the higher up nin. Akatori attempted to connect with the group, closing her eyes and placing her hands in the prayer position once more, she sent her transmission out. However, she could not reach them. It was like the rain was blocking more than her senses, but the actual ability to use jutsu or maybe just mind techniques. With a sigh, Akatori drew two kunai, and held them reverse grip in her hands. She slowly walked towards the pup, facing the way of where she once saw Kagato-Sama and Kuni stood. Akatori called out to him at a constant rate till she was close enough to reach him. As soon as she got close enough, she would call at him loudly- "STAY CLOSE, PUPS. THIS RAIN IS GONNA LIMIT US A LOT."

JusticeAndPunishment: It was then that Tetsuo noticed that Kagato made the first move. He watched carefully as Kagato stood still, but was unable to properly see the movement of his hands. At that time, rumbling seemed to emerge from the clouds above the falls. The rain began to fall hard, limiting the senses of sight and sound to the point that the rain was so thick that visibility was immensely reduced and the rainfall hitting the metal platforms made the splashing difficult to determine what sounds could be heard in the surroundings. It seemed as if a little help could be in order. Once Akatori called out to stay close, Tetsuo replied through the hail of rainfall loudly back to her as he did back up towards her position. “NOT FOR LONG!!!” Noticing that the two tonfa were still gripped in his hands, he tucked them under his arms and pressed his hands together with palms touching. He then closed his eyes and began to focus, quickly guiding his hands to conduct a string of hand seals. The used seals were as followed: Horse, Tiger with lifting just index fingers, Boar with nearly straightened fingers, Hare, Rat, Dog, Horse, Dog, Hare, Rat, Boar with nearly straightened fingers, and Snake with the right index finger lifted straight up. The intention was to at least put effort into unlocking this, the hand seal combination having been practiced every day since the end of the Exams due to the concept of improvement and mastery. Within seconds, Tetsuo began to start feeling the veins around his eyes and upon his temples tense up upon his face. With a quick snap, his eyes opened and he shouted out the signature Kekkei Genkai of the Hyuga Clan: “BYAKUGAN!!!” Through this, Tetsuo could utilize this to detect Kagato’s chakra flow through the heavy rainfall. He could then direct the rest of the Genin and the two Chunin to where Kagato could be. There was one problem however as the rain was filled with chakra flow from Kagato, leaving Tetsuo confused under the hail. Then, there was the possibility of deduction. Perhaps Kunisada had a different chakra aura color that could stand out from Kagato’s own, seeing that the rain around him was thick with blue chakra. Grabbing his tonfa sticks again, he squinted his eyes to at least use the process of elimination as indeed there were chakra auras that are identical but shapes differ from one another. If he could somehow get a better view, he may see something that may stand out from all this chakra-filled rain. In the meantime, Tetsuo kept still while clutching onto his tonfa sticks.

KonanxAngel: The Mist Rain some called it. Lily knew this just by starting to feel the drain of her chakra as the raindrops cried from the heavens above, washing against her pale skin and dark clothing. "Lovely.." She could feel the rain start to drain her chakra almost instantly. Unlike the others, she didn't have jutsu to work with just yet, for she had been practicing more so with her kenjutsu getting just the basics down to perfection. However, her kenjutsu would have helped her in any fight other than this possibly, considering she would be up against both the Sharingan and the Rinnegan. Feeling the drain from the Mist rain, she felt fatigue almost instantly. This was going to be a short fight for her most likely, for she wasn't up to her strengths yet. She remembered her last match with one of the Hyuuga, the entire reason she protected her chest more so. She sighed lightly, making sure to catch a breath of air while trying to stay focused. It had been a year since that match with the Hyuuga, but at times she still felt the impact in her chest. There was something else afoot however as the Mist Rain continued to drain her chakra. “Dammit…what the hell is this,” she whispered to herself while trying to stay focused. The rain was pouring so hard now as the rain itself was crying out war. It was hard enough to hear with the sounds of the waterfall against the metal platform they stood on echoing in her ears. Now it was twice as hard to hear as the chakra rain pounded against the metal. What little chakra she did have, she’d have to use wisely as the metal became rather slippery from the wetness. Keeping her eyes focused, she fingered a shuriken from her side pouch. She wasn’t going to use it just yet but she needed to test the weight of the torrential downpour that came from the heavens above. If that wasn’t enough to make her feel lightheaded, the fact that there was indeed another appearing from the shadows put her on edge as she tried to make out another tall figure in the distance. With a soft brown eye squinted, she barely made out the figure in the rain that shrouded around everyone, covering them like a thick mist. It was then she understood. She needed to contact Akatori in some way, somehow. Chakra would continue to be depleted from her as well as her team mates as the moments passed on. She needed to save every breath she had to continue in this fight. She continued to squint, seeing spherical shaped orbs being formed from what looked like the water from the rain was being absorbed. This was starting to become an annoyance. She didn’t know what these orbs did, but she did indeed have a bad feeling about them as they surrounded the twenty foot area she had been placed in to go through with Akatori’s plan. If only she had her jutsu. She had a feeling out of the rest, she was going to be the first one down from this. Still, she wasn’t about to go down without a fight. Fighting the Kage and what seemed to be his partner for the time being, this was an honor. Testing the orbs movements, the shuriken had left her hand whirling about. Being patient, she waited for the reaction of the orbs as well as direction of the others.

Guest_UnaruInuzuka: -Unaru had shifted as he had been setting into a more collected mind set as if he took in the whole place around him in a moment’s notice. The scent of another having passed within the arena, a scent he often smelt in passing, one he had felt the bite of a blade from once already in one of his earlier days of finding the walls of Amegakure his home… That fire he had then still burned bright now. He still never shied away from the man, he just let him have his space, it was subtle, like a wolf that wandered the fringe of a camp, still lurking no matter how often it’s run off, persistent. His memory of the man soon dissipated and had shown him coming up to the kage and understanding had flickered into his silver shards. ‘Another opponent’, that single thought had been his last one moments before he took notice of the Amekage forming hand seals after his words had come to the air to slip to his ears over the simple rain. Of course that fact had been completely changed the moment those hand signs had been finished and the heavens had chosen to split and let its waters come crashing down in a torrent of droplets instead. The mist of water splashing everything, the roar of the millions of stringing cold droplets were falling so quick and the droplets themselves drowning everything around him in a harsh drone of water hitting metal, water from the falls and any other surface in this place to almost set his ears ringing. It was like looking at a curtain of water, what’s worse was the fact that with the fall of the water so did the smell of the ones around him, washed clean by the cold waters he literally lost the use of his eyes, ears and also his nose. For him to lose them all sent a touch of nervousness to flow inside, he didn’t like that feeling at all, but his fighting instinct kept him from showing a moment of that fear come to his blank expression. He still had his pups close, keeping such close body contact he could feel the growls they were emitting that his ears couldn’t quite hear any longer. By this moment he had dropped down slightly more and started gathering chakra to his system, to allow himself a technique only his clan had ever been granted to their skills, one that will grant him accelerated fighting instincts and reflexes. It would give him speed and compliment his skills to their fullest and then he would give his ninken that same advantage His chakra had started flowing over his skin like dark midnight blue wisps as he was preparing to transform. But even the first wasn’t to be apparently, a wash of ice washed down his back as he felt the chakara he had gathered be dissipated from out of sight. At that moment he had felt the tap of a soft paw on his toes, glancing down he saw Buruu looking at him from the short distance he was to her. With a small shift, allowing him to protect her from the flow of the rain for a moment, she gave small details in her body language to relay her own thoughts. It wasn’t talking really, more like something they had learnt over the years of being together. The simple scowl in her features, twitches of ears and body, even a couple of loud yaps and barks, all the details his eyes and ears always seemed to read the fine points of within both people and especially his ninken, he had ran a hand over his face to wipe away the accumulating droplets of water that trailed over his red brown locks to into his eyes. However what he did catch in that brief moment he was able to piece together, the rain was heavy with chakra and that it was powerful. From his own thoughts with this small detail given to him he guessed at the fact that it also had the ability of stopping jutsu in its tracks... He took in this information quietly as he shifted to give a small glance around always keeping his orientation to where he had known the Kage and the ANBU had been standing before this torrent. His hands had found themselves digging into his kunai pouch and taking two out, tossing one to his other hand, he had come to hold them in front of him in a soft angle back along his arms as he kept his fighting stance steady as his body was low elbows nearly touching knees blades just below equally sharp eyes. That had been the moment he made out Tori moving towards him before finally hearing something beyond his own breathing and heartbeat, and of course the sound of the rain, her voice telling him to stick close and how this will hinder them.- “I Noticed!” - His words raising to as loud as her own as he seemed to fall into a silent contemplation, they were blind, they were forced into essentially a Taijutsu fight if he figures he isn’t the only one that can’t use chakra, and they were against a man that clearly had the element of water to his disposal along with a man who is skilled with a very sharp sword and sharingan eyes as well, this was not a good sign… He had no knowledge of the Kage beyond that and the fact that people have whispered him as being a demi god in the streets. After the brief moment of recollection, barely a blink of his silver shards in time, he had quickly slid over to her letting himself angle himself so his shoulder touched along her arm and his back was slightly facing her own even if he still kept the corner of his eye facing where their opponents were along with keeping her back covered just in case of an attack. Personal space be damned in these situations, being unable to see they needed to protect each other’s backs and even if he was one that often kept his distance from everyone he knew he had to be willing to become backup at times like these as well. He could tell his pups had shifted to surround him and Tori to each side of them, keeping close enough to see but wide enough to give extra range for this moment of time. They were essentially warning signals and an extra two pair of eyes, even for how impaired they were, was added security in their book. His mind was rushing thinking, trying to plan, he may be a rookie, he may be just one of the few Genin in the group with next to nothing in his arsenal on working with others in group settings, but he did have one thing, a mind… he considered the others in the group, he knew his own team, not much but some, he knew one was Hyuuga and the other being Uzimaki and the son of the kage himself, they had Tori herself and then the other girl in their group who he hadn’t even caught her name yet let alone know what she could do beyond her having a sword.- “What are your orders now Taichou?!” –The title of captain flowing thru his lips, essentially she was leading this attack, so he was here to back her up, and her being of higher rank let the title come to the air easily. This rain was making their distance impractical and it also made him edgy on not seeing the one he is to fight. So it meant to get closer, but that also meant having everyone in their group close to coordinate... he… only hoped Tori knew this as well or had another plan in store, a glance to his side he considered what to do… well better to comment than keep silent. He rose his voice to yell but being sure not to raise it too loud to be overheard more than a yard away.- “I can already see that we can’t do anything out here, that plan of before is pointless now with this rain, and he’s probably waiting for us to move in close right?! Hate to say this but since you would know him better than I would if you don’t have any other ideas we may be stuck doing exactly what he wants!” -He may hate working with others closely, and his trust was next to none, but he knew not to ignore what is needed, especially in a fight, he wasn’t one to keep quiet on his thoughts, but he still knew when to take an order, and that’s what he was looking for.-

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada’s eyes stayed fixated on the people he saw before he heard Kagato yell out his first Jutsu. Shortly after he heard the man yell, he felt rain fall from the sky, as if though that the heavens above were sobbing, as he felt the rain crash down on the ground with tremendous impact. As the rain continued to fall, he heard Kagato call out his second Jutsu, seeing as orbs began to form around them both, seeming to keep the others away from them. Kunisada’s eyes followed them as they began to take form and swirl around them, but his head never turned away to fully glance at them. His clothes were now damp from the hard rain that continued to fall from the sky, but he ignored it as his right arm reached behind him to take hold of the handle of his blade that was hung at his lower back. He withdrew out his Kusanagi from its sheathe, the water from above immediately soaking the steel of the blade as he slowly brought it out to his side, the rain droplets falling slowly down the body of the blade until it fell off of the edge of the steel. His eyes slowly made their way down to the blade as he stared at it for a moment before returning his gaze quickly towards the battlefield. After he closed his eyes for a brief few seconds, he snapped them open and his normally black eye had now been replaced with a marble-like eye as he activated his Byakugan, the veins popping out of the side of his head were hidden by the mask he wore. He quickly held up his hands, the blade of his Kusanagi held at Kagato’s throat, but far away enough to not harm him in case of any accidental mishap, as he placed his hands across the top of one another, his two index fingers crossing each other as he activated the Shadow Clone Technique, two clones now being summoned to his sides. After their summoning, he placed his hands down, the blade of his Kusanagi out of Kagato’s personal space, and looked over at where his eye sensed two chakra auras; one being the pup he’d had a bit of a run-in with before in Ame and the other seemed to be Lily’s. He figured they would do for now as he quickly sent his two doppelgangers after them, one running towards the Inuzuka’s and the other to Lily. As both clones made their ways behind the 2 silently, the clones simultaneously and quickly made the hand symbols of the Horse, Snake, Ram, Monkey, Boar, Horse, and finally the Tiger. Both clones felt chakra snake up to their mouth from their stomach as they both began to throw a huge fireball out of their mouth, using the Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique as they both fired them at their targets. The rain had lowered their power, but if they hit either of their marks, it would cause more than enough damage to cause them severe, if not fatal, injuries-

Kagato: -Kagato took a deep breathing relaxing his muscles, he snapped his eyes shut  gingerly letting his mind focus on the sound of the rain pouring down from the heavens in at an accelerated pace.  A light metalic noise hitting about two feet from his left side caught his attention for the moment slitging his eye some what open watching  it just the corners of his eyes realizing one of them through a kunai at him. He shruged it off and once again closed his eyes fully and began to consintrate.The rain being tied to his senses he could pick up where everyone was at even without the use of his eyes. Feeling the slight breeze of Kuni’s blade come close to his throat yet never flinching knowing full well it wouldn’t reach his skin he felt two more chakra signatures show up but this was of no concern and all part of their plan, Kuni had made two shadow clones as soon as Kuni made his set and dropped his blade Kagato followed suit. Taking his right hand brushing his crimson strands away from his face tucking them back, the water from the rain holding the strands in place making them cling to the sides of his head like a mother holding on to their new born.  Kagato then dropped his right arm down quickly bringing his left hand up to his right crossing his two index fingers making a plus sign with them, the sign of the clone seal.  In a thick cloud of grey smoke three Shadow clones appeared standing directly in front him. There look was the same as Kagato in every detail from head to toe no one could tell the real deal apart from these clones. They were made with expert precision, each clone in unison began to pull the rain around them blending into it making them one with the rain and completely undetectable by sight. Kagato’s own chakra being in the rain helped add to this effect for one looking through it to see the chakra would already see Kagato’s Blue chakra all around them.  The clones leapt into action at breakneck speed without making a single sound splitting off into separate directions coming the first of which came up behind Akatori standing no more the  three feet from her back at the same time Kuni’s clone came up from behind to Una, The second clone made its way with lightning like speed to standing directly behind Rits standing the same three feet distance behind him, and the third found its way to Tetsu, making its way behind him once again with in the same three foot distance. Each of the clones at the same time began forming hand seals one right after another still cloaked and hidden in the Hiding in Rain Technique. The Kagato clones Manipulated their fingers into the first of the hand signs  which would be that of the - Horse – followed  lastly and without hesitation right into the final sign which would of the of the – Tiger – Each clone began molding and kneading chakra with in their stomach twisting and turning it shaping it into an intense fire opening their mouths up wide expelling the great inferno of a flame through their mouth’s each flame was like a flame thrower spewing forth  non-stop through each clones mouth with great strength. Each of the clone’s crimson locks flowing backwards through the heating wind that rose up from the flames even blowing back their black and purple armored robes slightly at the bottoms. The flame from each was one hundred feet in width and with a four hundred foot length. As the rain hit the flames they crackled and hissed making a bit visible smoky white steam rise up into the sky. The flames would reach each of their intended targets within the matter of a second giving each of the kids only a split second to think quickly. The color of each flame was the same a bright orange in the center and a vivid red on the otter edging of them. The heat of the flames were so intense in began to heat up the areas around the kids and clones by at least ten degrees. All the while the original Kagato sat back sensing the actions of the clones an evil grin shooting through his lips as his plan to leap into reality. He tilted his head towards Kuni giving him a simple nod up and down. He wondered to his self was this too much for them to handle  he had hoped that they were prepared for such a tactic not being able to rely on their jutsu’s and chakra but just their pure instinct and physical attributes alone -

LucianAsmodeusDrach: *Ritsukas bright blue eyes searched through the thick rain, barely making out the forms of his teammates in the area surrounding him. At the moment His main focus being mainly the two Genin members of Team Four, turning his sights to where his Inuzuka teammate was to be positioned. Unaru seemed to be yelling out about something. Though the loud crashing waves of the falls around them make it difficult for Ritsuka to form out Unaru's sentences. He was however able to hear the faint shout of his Hyuuga teammate activating His clan Kekkei Genkai . Though through the noise on the field and the distance between them the words sounded quite soft spoken. Attempting to find tetsuo in his position was tough too with the thick rain affecting the visibility. Even with his training his range of hearing was limited to a close range. He saw two bright flashes of what he had to assume was a fire jutsu in the direction of Lily's position, as well as Unaru's. His initial instinct being to head off and ensure their position and such. His left eye closes instictually. Reopening to replace his normal blue with his Sharigan, The deep ruby color only interrupted by a single black tomoe. Just as he begins to move out a slight movement catches his peripheral vision. Spinning around quickly, His left hand holding the war fan shoots up just as the bright flames shoot out at him from behind, crouching lightly he leaps as the flames connect, the force go the fire jutsu pushing him in the air as he continues his defense with the war fan, His body contorting to remain hidden behind the fan, Avoiding the flames but the heat surrounding him making the air thick and heavy, His eyes squinting lightly at the bright flames. Knowing he has to avoid any attacks he can, maintaining his well-being was crucial for Ritsuka to be able to protect his teammates. He put his worry aside and remained focused on formulating an offence against the continuous attack.* 

 Guest_Akatori2 :-Rain bashed hard against the metal plates of the Falls. Each droplet screamed as they bounced off with a cry and made the ground very wet and slippery. Aka kept a tight grip on her kunais, as she was back to back with Unaru. This would be an even tougher test of skill than she thought, already knowing that Kagato-Sama owned the arena, already having Rain Tiger At Will sensing all of us, and now some heavy downpour affecting communication and her ability to use chakra. Suddenly, a feeling of warmth entered the air, clashing with the chilly moist rain filled air. The feeling was coming from behind her and quick. Within an instant, Akatori turned around to face the heat source, but slide out foward and too the right at a 45 degree angle. The puddles of water carried her body a good twenty feet total. As soon as she started sliding, she could see the fire blasting from her and Unaru's location. The summoner of the bright orange flames was not there. It seemed as if he was hidden like a chameleon in the location the flames shot out. Without hesitation, Akatori sent the kunai in her left hand aimed for the exact spot the flames shot out of. If this fire was summoned by a hidden higher-up, it would hit them at around the chest to head area, depending on how tall they are, and how fast they can notice, or even avoid the kunai-

JusticeAndPunishment: Even while his Byakugan was activated, Tetsuo felt his chakra draining. It had to be from the rain as he was not using anything else that could mold chakra into his arms and legs. All he could really rely on was the Byakugan that was activated, using the surrounding 360-degree peripheral vision to see his surroundings despite the arena being blanketed by a heavy downpour of blue chakra raindrops. Indeed, he was feeling afraid. He was blind and alone, none of his teammates close by, and no one he could contact with in the heavy pour as his shouts could only be turned to a faint muffle. “Concentrate, Tetsuo. Even though you’re blind, use what you got left for senses.” The smelling could not work as he would only take in the scent of the falling rain. He felt the water upon the platform he was on being completely drenched in water as some splashed upon the open toes of his shoes. He started to shiver from the cold, his arms wrapping around his body even while clenching onto his two tonfa sticks. Keeping still, he turned around in every direction around him to at least notice a faint hint of movement. “Focus, damn it. Concentrate.” He whispered this despite his shivering from the cold and his fear due to lack of options. However, he noticed a faint image of red chakra emerging from close by. He thought it was his own fear catching up with him, but he kept himself on his toes as this while keeping a sharp eye with his 360-degree vision on high alert. In an addition to this, he started to ponder upon his current position at the platforms. Crouching down and walking hunched down, he looked upon the metal he was stepping upon. Much of it was blue by sight once he got close enough to see the metal, and he remembered that most of the metal was purple upon the walls and the main platforms. This revelation hinted him that he was standing within the inner ring that was close to the outer platforms. He was just about to head to bridge that still had blue metal upon it when he felt a hint of warmth coming from behind him, and he turned around to notice a fireball hurling toward his way. Time slowed down as he tucked in the right tonfa stick under his left arm to reach into his kunai pouch. Within a split second, he had drawn three kunai from between his fingers and hurled them at the incoming fireball before he turned around to run. Once he began to sprint, he only got within about three meters of running distance before he leaned forward and fell flat on his stomach to avoid the stream of fire just as it touched his back. The fire managed to burn the back of his top and the netted top underneath, exposing his bare back beneath the two charred pieces of clothing. Despite evading the fireball, Tetsuo’s slide made him lose both of his tonfa sticks as the impact before the slide made him lose his right from under his left arm and his left as he tried to at least allow his body to remain horizontal during the drop. He noticed purple metal coming ahead as he slid for maybe a good seven meters, and just as he skidded to a stop he realized that he had to be right above the center platform of the Falls. That being said, despite being blind from the chakra-filled rain and being drained of his own chakra from it, Tetsuo did have a mental image of what the Falls looked like as he had trained there with Akatori a year ago before he was assigned to Team Four. He knew he had to be on one of the outer platforms that surrounded the center one. All he could rely on were his instincts and the skills he had. Because both of his tonfa were accidently discarded at the start of his slide to dodge the fireball, Tetsuo gripped upon the katana resting upon his left shoulder with his gloved left hand after carefully reaching behind him to grasp upon the ivory handle of the majestic blade. He began pulling it out from its scabbard with a soft crisp chime as the blade was being guided out with a strong pull with Tetsuo’s left arm. Looking around carefully while keeping still on his spot, Tetsuo quickly gripped the katana with both hands. His stance while holding the blade was with his feet spread apart with his right foot up front and the left planted firmly behind him with both knees loose in the stance. This was so he did not pass out as locking the knees up could allow that risk to happen without notice. The locked knees could shut down the circulation, causing Tetsuo to feel faint. He could then fall over and pass out into unconsciousness. Taking the katana in his hands, the blade’s tip was resting at eye level in front of him while both arms were extended but relaxed. This was so that Tetsuo was not tense should he need to defend and attack with the single blade. He then stepped back, carefully brought the blade down to a half-crescent spin, and stood with his left foot resting forward and the handle of the katana rested close to Tetsuo’s right ear with the blade pointed up toward the sky. He pivoted himself to have his surroundings clear around him, keeping still as the Byakugan covered his sides and back. He had to keep his sights on high alert, so keeping still and eying upon one spot was out of the question. He knew he had a blind spot, so he continued to pivot so his field of vision at least was covered from all sides. His breathing was heavy, and he felt the cold water upon the burned back of his training top. Indeed, he was feeling cold and a bit afraid, but he refused to give up. He wanted to keep going despite his fear swelling within him, but he was not about to let it consume and control him. He had to keep up his guard despite being blind and having lost his tonfa sticks in the rain as they would be resting upon the bridge he was sliding upon. At this moment, he had to keep his ground and remain calm in case he had to fight in close combat.

KonanxAngel: There were four words to use in this situation, and Lily needed to use them all. It wasn't long before she felt the heat of the dangerous inferno hurled at her. "Shimate!" She cried out as her eyes went wide in horror. Now was a good time to move. It was normal in a state of panic for the average person to be frozen in fear. However, she was a kunoichi of Amegakure, not some normal civilian. The life of a civilian passed her long ago. In seconds, she could feel the heat of tiny embers licking at her hair, as well as her sleeve as she tried to jump to the side. "SHIT!" This was a bad day to wear her hair down she realized. For the rain to be this heavy and the flames to be this strong, she was in trouble. She needed to think of a solution fast. Thats when the four words came to her. Dip, Duck, Dive, and Dodge. Quickly she dipped down, trying to duck from as much of the flame as she could. The metal platform that she was standing on was already slippery to the point where she could use that to her advantage. However, in case of rust and loosened screws, it could have also been a disadvantage. She had no time to think however as she pulled two kunai from her back pouch, dived down sliding on her stomach the way a penguin slides like a toboggan with haste underneath the clone's legs. Feeling the heat of the intense inferno, she at least got away from its main direction only getting burned on her hand. The burn was painful enough for her to make her second move as she quickly lunged the kunai, hoping the clone wouldn't dodge and it would aim at its middle back while the other aimed at the right thigh. The rain that poured heavily on the platform in its madness slowed her down to where she wouldn't fall off the platform as she continued to slide, slowly losing momentum. Above all things, she hated fire. She was a Yuki after all. If only she had the chance to show the true potential she could have. She knew judging by this fight, she needed to get stronger. It was a good thing she was relatively short however, short people had advantages.

Guest_UnaruInuzuka: -His Silver shards had slowly roamed over the rain around them, this was so nerve-wracking to feel so separated in this place. The only sensation of Tori at his back had kept him from feeling the wriggle of tension from coming to be something to worry over. His eyes had been sweeping the place after a moment of dead silence. Then there was warmth and Tori had removed herself from his back and he instantly realized why, the warmth behind him. He didn’t have time to do anything for the moment he turned to check where to go. That was the moment he saw the figure no more than three feet in front of him. He gave off a sharp whistle two toned, it was a instant reaction as he also went on the move, he shoved off taking advantage of the rain slick mental and with a duck at a 45 degree to his right did he soon fall to the ground letting the low friction let him slide. He instantly heard his dogs dashing across the metal right towards his direction the sound of his whistle carrying sharply into the air giving them the one warning ‘Run to me Now!’ Their small bodies just low enough to slip under the attack at such a range and soon dash past Kagato’s clone and straight towards Unaru himself. As his momentum was taking him towards the edge of the platform and the water kept on falling chilling him to the core he reached into his pouch knowing exactly where the item he wanted was. Finding the wire he had stored there he did a quick knot on one of his kunai and sent it flying towards the side of the legs counting the seconds before taking a grip of it to stop the spool from continuing knowing that the angle he was moving in, if the man was there, and if his angle was right, would just graze the wire by and force the flying kunai to twist around said appendages the moment he had took a hold of the thin wire his feet hit the edge of the platform. Thankfully his two pups had come to just bump into him and not accidentally find themselves sliding off the edge. A moment pause and he shifted to jerk back on the wire to try and take his feet out from under him.-

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada’s eyes shifted over quickly to the two kunai that flew to the clones he had created, wondering where the kunai were going to hit. Through the pouring rain he saw the kunai thrown by Lily begin to fall down from where she initially meant to throw it from the force of the rain falling down on it. As he quickly turned his head, he saw the same was being done to Unaru’s thrown kunai. The two clones both felt the sharp pain cut through their pants leg, the tip of the blade cutting their legs and draw the doppelganger’s blood, but that didn’t stop them. The doppelganger nearest to Unaru kept his attention on the Great Fireball Technique, pressing more chakra and force into the huge orb of fire, if it indeed made contact with Unaru now, it could most definitely take Unaru out of this fight or worse. The other however stopped the Fireball Technique as he saw Lily begin to charge at him. The doppelganger quickly reached behind his back and grabbed two kunai out and quickly brought them together in front of him. It looked like the doppelganger was ready to defend himself, but he quickly scrapped the two metallic blades against each other, the contact making a bright spark in his hands. As soon as the clone saw the spark form, he let the kunai fall to the ground from his hands to the floor below as fireballs began to form on the palms of the clone’s hands, using the Exploding Flame Shot Technique, as the clone quickly threw the bullet-like fireballs at Lily’s directions, throwing only three at first, one directly at the ground in front of her, another to her right and the last to her left. If she made impact with any of these or anywhere close to the fireballs, the effects could be fatal.-

Kagato: -Kagato’s clone that was nearest Rits continued the flames from the great fireball for three minutes before slowly starting to close its lips around the rather large red and orange flames. Watching his son using his war fan in such a way brought a slight smile to Kagato’s clones face. He was proud of how quickly his son reacted and thought of a defensive plan against the blaze.  The war fan would be pretty useless after taking the flames of the flamethrower like fireball burning holes through the center as the bright embers lit up the edging of the war fan. Closing his mouth completely shutting down the fireball his eye never diverted from Rits. The rain was pouring down so heavily that even if he kept pouring more chakra into the fire ball it would have just been a waste of energy.  At the very same moment Akatori sent a Kunai whizzing through the air towards where Kagato’s Clone had been directly behind her, the onslaught of the roaring flame still being channeled towards her The Kunai’s metal meeting the intense flame head on.  The Kunai began to glow a bright reddish orange color from the metal being super-heated by the flames, the rain sizzling against the flame like pouring cold water on a red hot skillet. The Kunai’s speed began to slow down as it tried to make its way through the flames yet  still somehow made it through the flame hitting the clone in the  chest. Being that the Kunai was heated  to a high degree of temperature  it burned  right through the clones coat hitting the clone in the  left side of his chest just a few inches  down from his collar bone,  The blade sliced through the clones skin like a hot knife through butter with an almost sizzling hissing sound. It was a lucky shot and one Kagato was more than happy to take. The clone poofed in a pearly white cloud of  smoke sending all of its chakra and knowledge back to the real Kagato  who was still in the center plate form standing next to the real Kuni. A devilish smirk forming over Kagato’s face impressed with how the odds were so stacked against them yet they still kept it together even faced with this adversity. As all this was going on the Clone that was near Tetsu, The clone watched as Tetsu made his slide dropping both of his tonfa sticks hearing them skid a crossed the metal of the plate for in which they stood with a loud thud.  The clone closed his lips quickly around the fire shutting off the flow of the blazing inferno.  The clone dashed with lightning like speed still keeping itself hidden within the rain.    Keeping its movements in line with Tetsu’s side stepping each time to keep towards his back seeing how he drew his Katatna now he wanted to avoid getting hit with the Sharpe metal blade. Seeing his opening The clone   rand then slide his feet against the cool wet purple metal of the platform closing the distance between Tetsu’s back, reaching hi in the matter of seconds. With one quick fluid movement he attempted to bring his arms up underneath Tetsu’s trying to lock his hands together at the top behind his head in a full nelson type maneuver. The clones crimson hair  whipping back and forth in one quick motion knocking into the back of Tetsu’s head  as he moved in trying to tighten and lock in his hold. The rain dispersed around the clone letting him become fully visible at the moment.  The clone still standing near Rits raised his right hand up into the air following Rit’s movements with careful and expert precision, the black sleeve of his armored black and purple robe sliding back his arm a bit exposing more of his black and purple armored glove that reached to just before his elbow. The Clone’s lips parted ever so slowly as a few words slipped past his lips and into the frigid rain filled air. His hot breath hitting the air making his breath visible with in the air as the two words cut the air around them like a buzz saw. – “Bansho Ten’in” – His words echoing off the walls of the falls  only to be drowned out by the raging rain and falling waters that surrounded them crashing  the sides of the falls and  pounding  the metal platforms with great force. Kagato’s Clone put enough force into this attack that if it made contact it would pull Rits through the Air right towards Kagato’s clone’s hand.-

LucianAsmodeusDrach: *Ritsukas remained as busy as he could while defending from the attack, Once it had let up he readied himself to make an attack on His father’s clone, Using one hand he pull out 3 kunai, 2 for attack, one for a probably hopeless plan. Just as he heard the words of his father’s clones next attack be spoken and As he feels the pull of his father’s jutsu, ritsuka jumped carefully to the side, Sliding a few feet to the left of his prior position he end up landing on his stomach he slams the one kunai into the ground hoping to use it to hold him long enough for his attack to work. His other hand launches the two attack kunai towards his father’s clone. Aiming one at his head the other at his chest. Waiting for them to gain a closer distance to his father he quickly lifted his hand to stop his father’s jutsu with them right as they would strike giving time for Ritsuka to gain ground from him. Reaching his empty hand into the pouch he withdrawal another kunai slamming it as well into the ground, planning to use them to pull himself if need be or to throw as a last defense. His mind wanted to wander to what his friends were doing and if they were ok. But with the constant attacks he had to remain focused at the battle at hand. There would be time after he beat this clone to go help out his team. But he had to make sure he was safe before he could back them up. He sighed heavily again trying to work out more plans and potential back up plans. He also had to find a way to get rid of this rain that was without a doubt the cause of the chakra depletion him and his team was facing.*

Guest_Akatori2:-With a calm look, Akatori took note of the puff of smoke. Although it was hard to see past the heavy rainfall, she now knew that her kunai had hit it's mark, and that it was infact a shadow clone. With a fast jolt, Akatori entered a ready position to fight.She was sweating slightly from the sudden amount of energy she had just exerted and from the intense heat of the fireball she had just faced.She held her kunai tight in a reverse grip within her left hand, while she reached her right hand back to her tool pouch, coldly grasping three shuriken in between her knuckles.- "Damn this heavy rain.."-Moving towards were she once stood with Unaru and his ninken, Akatori took light and slow steps. This was to not slip on the slippery ground, but also to let her be able to use the wet ground in case of a need to dodge. As leader of the team, she had to get all of her teammates together and make sure they were all in one piece. This rain proved to be a large gap in her plan however. She had lost connection to Ritsuka, Lily, and Tetsuo. Unaru was also driven away from her, so she had to fix that.What good is a team leader if she can't round up her teammates? The Ame Falls was truly a labyrinth to her and the team. Kagato and Kuni, the minotaurs. If there was any chance of making in out of this battle in once peace, they would have to band together as one to either be defeated righteously, or push hard enough to reach the end of the labyrinth. She could tell she was close when she felt the heat of the fire move past her with a sizzling sound coming from the great blaze. That is when Akatori picked up her speed to go find Unaru-

JusticeAndPunishment: Tetsuo continued to carefully keep his movements fast as he pivoted around, alternating directions so that he did not stick to turning around one direction then move to the next as would a turret would. He did not know for certain if his kunai actually got the attacker that projected that flame, but he felt a bit safe knowing that he got away from that situation. Now, he felt wide open as he is standing on a platform in the middle of the rain, his tonfa sticks probably meters from his current spot, and having his katana at the ready for his only major defense. Suddenly, he felt his arms being raised up and his hands were separated with the right hand still gripping upon the handle of his katana. Next, he felt the weight of his body being bent backwards so his body was fully erect with his arms straight up over his head. Tension could be felt on the back of his neck. However, just because Tetsuo was not physically strong did not mean that he did not know how to fight. Years of studying and training at the academy got him down to where he had to use wit over brawn. That being said, Tetsuo realized that this was the Full Nelson technique. All he really had to do at that moment as he was being trapped was follow through despite being temporarily immobilized. He gripped the handle of his katana so the tension could not be as intense, the left hand closing behind the right hand so that the fingers of both hands could slip in between the handle and the palms of each hand. The left hand was holding the back of the handle with a reversed grip so the fingers were hooked together. Both hands were resting on the front of Tetsuo’s forehead, the back of the left hand making contact with it. This was to relieve the pressure being used against him. Using the Byakugan, he identified his captor that it was the outline of Kagato through the 360-degree field of vision that his activated Byakugan had used. Because of the outline being close enough for visibility through the rain, Tetsuo saw the figure’s chakra flow aura despite the rain splashing upon it. The figure left a silhouette as the rain was hitting upon the body, a cutout of a human shape of chakra flow having interfering with the surrounding chakra rainfall. It was clever to use the right moment while Tetsuo’s back was turned and to blend in with the rain as it gave off the blue chakra flow to mask Kagato’s own. He could not tell if this was the real Kagato though, so it was possible that there was a good chance that the real Kagato was still nearby and this was one of his own shadow clones. Nevertheless, Tetsuo had to get out of this position without struggling and while remaining calm. He knew he had no chakra to use, as he reminded himself, but he also remembered the same mantra he learned a year ago from his sensei Athena: “It is a ninja’s duty to be ready for anything.” Therefore, he quickly assessed the situation despite being immobile. He could counter it, but there was the trouble of weight and height ratio. He could not just simply lift up the Kagato clone if he could get out of the hold because shadow clones utilize the same body weight as their user did. As a consequence, the clone would be too heavy to lift because of the armor that was worn over it. On top of that, Tetsuo’s feet were above the ground since he was lifted off the ground in the Full Nelson. There was a good chance that he could either be thrown back or pushed down to the platform headfirst. He could not kneel down onto the ground either with his feet inches away from it. He was practically stuck in the hold, so he had to play a trick. The idea was to get to think that Tetsuo was knocked out from the strain of the pressure. He then slowly started to go limp, his legs dangling and swaying with his arms still resting under his forehead as he slowly relaxed his body. Faint sounds of soft breathing were all that left Tetsuo.

KonanxAngel: There was a saying known as taking one for your team. Lily knew this saying well. As sparks emitted light from the two kunai they danced around, Lily's soft brown eyes focused towards her target in horror. It wasn't long before these sparks became actual flames that shot straight towards her like a speeding bullet fired in the air. Her eyes widening she surveyed the area. There was nowhere she could turn. If she moved backward, she was done. Trying to remain calm, she evaluated her situation. The rain kept pouring with its madness, echoing along with the falls. Lily would have to rely on her sight alone as the flames barreled towards her. The metal platform was quite slippery as well making it hard for her to dodge this one. One wrong move and she could be falling for an eternity into darkness. Even though the cool rain drenched her, she could still feel herself sweating from her nerves. There was no way getting out of this one. Like a trapped rat, she was cornered. However, even if she were to go down, she had to get at least one hit in. Pulling two more kunai from the black pouch on her hip she lunged them in the air straight forward. If they continued in their set direction, one hopefully would hit the clone in the chest while the other aimed for to hit him in the forehead. At the same time however, the horrific sound of explosions scrapping against metal made contact as if fireworks were being lit on the metal platform. The first one came to the front, obstructing her view as she tried to make a move to the left giving a slight knockback. However, there seemed to be radar on her as two more both came in contact with the platform underneath her, now one to the right as well as the left. In quick panic she made her way at a 45 degree angle trying to dodge as much of the explosions as she could. Unfortunately, she was not that lucky this time. Although she managed to avoid a fatal blow, the knockback from the explosions still sent her flying more towards the middle as malicious flames licked her legs. Due to the rain, the blazing of the flames power was not as much as it could be. However, it was still enough to send her screaming in agony as she cried out. This pain was worse than death. It had to be. Would she die? Struggling about, she rolled around trying to calm the flame. This was taking one for the team. She only hoped the kunai’s she lunged at the clone would at least make it poof. Feeling a sharp pain in her head, she couldn't move anymore. She must have taken a hit to the head from the knockback. Soon darkness would overtake her as she tried out from screaming in agony. This wasn't an exercise just about teamwork. It was survival. The only question was, had she failed, or did she do her part.

Guest_UnaruInuzuka: -Unaru shifted a little as his hands went with the movements of before jerking harder on that wire and finding the wire had caught upon the Uchiha clones legs. He couldn’t help the heat of the battle smirk to form on his lips as he felt the tension of the thin but strong piece of equipment find itself wrapped around its target. He of course took note of the fire getting closer to him so with wire still held within his hand in a secure grip he snagged his pups in the other arm and rolled to the side to get away from the blast of heat and flame, in the process of his movements it would have sent a second jerk that was even harder on the line to try and knock the man off his feet. He needed the moments reprieve to think and this was the perfect opportunity to get that done. Something told him, Mostly instinct, that this one couldn’t have possibly been the real one. Too many points of light had come thru this dense rain, something even the sheet of water couldn’t hide the fact of. His mind was like no other Inuzuka’s, where one usually saw a brute that took orders this one was smart… very smart… and with the smarts came strategy, so the fact of the idea that these had to be clones meant that their opponent… their ‘prey’, a phrase that he couldn’t help let slip in his mind at this moment of time, was most likely still where they had left them. He didn’t let the wire go, his index finger softly brushing the line like a fishermen would do to a spool of fishing line, he had needed that connection even if it does end up getting cut soon. Knowing where that clone was for this moment helped, and to know what he could be doing at least in part kept him wary, especially being blinded in this place like he was. He let his head turn to glance over to the edge of the platform he took in the angle of the edge of it since he literally was next to the lip of it and could see at least a six feet of it, three in one direction, three in the other, before turning towards what he suspected was the middle of it. Letting his pups go he reached back with his right hand and took a kunai from his pouch once again and while holding the wire out a little from the spool with one hand he sliced off what he was holding away from the spool, he may need the rest. He had many more meters of wire left and knew if he needed it in their coming interaction he needed it free to use. He stood straight from the crouched position he had been in as he considered things and had soon taken a few steps in the right direction, towards the middle of the platform. He then gave off another set of whistles, sharp and piercing, he knew Tori to be close by, So he knew that a sharp noise can travel better than some sort of voice in this roaring downpour. It was simple code, something academy students are given in their decoding lessons. If he was to work with these people he needed some sort of communication, and most people over time seem to forget the complete basics for more advanced learnt codes. He knew he wasn’t being very loud in this action for everyone to hear it, probably only loud enough to possibly catch Tori’s or anyone else that was within possibly fifteen to twenty yards attention but it was clear enough the simple ‘Report!’ asked in that sound. His pups gave off loud yips when they heard that sound, their own understanding of it being fluent, he wasn’t taking command, he knew he didn’t rank for it… but he will use what he had if it was needed. And for this moment catching Tori’s attention then for her to be able to give her own commands would help in at least not feeling so out classed in this... rubbing his hand over his forehead to clear his face of the rivulets of water in his eyes he could now feel the cold and the irritating drain that the said rain was starting to do to his body, he didn’t even want to think how his pups felt right now. The reminder of being part of this group rather than fighting on his own felt strange and a bit lacking in this aspect. Yes he had his team and also he had Akatori, but he still wasn’t use to the fact of working in groups that well. It showed greatly in his thoughts, an annoyance of not diving into the fray on his own was an irritating itch at the back of his mind.-

KunisadaUchiha: -The clone nearest to Lily saw her body flail back as she took a hit from the blast radius of the fireballs he had just thrown, but not before he had managed to quickly form the hand signs of the Tiger, Boar, Ox, Dog, Snake, using the Body Replacement Technique as he saw the two kunai flying toward him. His body quickly disappeared and was replaced by a log of wood, which the two kunai hit, the clone appearing a few steps from where he was just standing. As he looked over and saw her body lying still on the ground he heard the dull clanking as the log hit the metal base which he was standing on. For a moment the clone wondered if he’d just killed her, but once he saw her upper body continue its normal breathing, he knew he just knocked her out. Something pondered inside of him though; should he kill her? No, this was merely a training session, not a slaughter. As he turned his attention away from Lily, seeing that she was unconscious at this point, he turned to see Unaru and saw that the Inuzuka had the other doppelganger in a trap by his ankle. Acting quickly, he quickly formed his hands into the symbol of the Ram, using the Body Flicker Technique to transport himself over behind Unaru. Meanwhile, the clone closest to Unaru saw that his leg was now grounded by some sort of string that Unaru must’ve placed onto the kunai he had thrown at him. He had to act quickly before Unaru took advantage of the situation. As he looked down to the string, he made a quick move and placed his hands together quickly and formed the hand signs of the Ox, Rabbit, Monkey, using the Chidori technique, as he pushed the chakra built up inside of his stomach towards his hand. As the chakra finally met the hand, the doppelganger’s hand chirped like a thousand birds in the forest; the sound was a bit muted due to the heavy cascade of the rainfall surrounding them, but that didn’t distract the clone; he knew that the rain made it more dangerous for everyone when using lightning, but he had no choice. As the Chidori formed in his hand, he quickly reached down to the string clinging around his ankle and gripped it as tightly as he could. After the grip had been stabilized, the Chidori quickly began to spread across the already wet string around his ankle and began to diverge into two directions: one towards the Inuzuka, the other towards the doppelganger. The clone already knew the fate of himself, whatever happened he was going to perish, but for the Inuzuka, if the Chidori had made contact with him, the effects could be fatal or worse. As the Chidori-wielding clone was activating his attack, the other clone approaching him from behind quickly appeared behind the young Inuzuka and swung his fist down at the back of the young boy’s skull; if his attack made contact, it could knock out Unaru.-

Kagato: -The Kagato clone that was holding Tetsu in the full nelson type maneuver locked his right and left hands together behind Tetsu’s head by grasping on to one another, the clones muscles tensing close like a dead bolt lock on an old wooden door. Kagato’s Clones arms and body began to glow a light blue. The clone was using the Chakra absorption seal in an attempt to drain the fight out of Tetsu by absorbing what remained of his chakra. The Hyuga boy seemed to be lip and knocked out but he was still breathing so Kagato thought this the best way to take the boy out without actually doing and physical harm to him. In the matter of a few minutes  the boys chakra would be drained to the point that he would actually pass out if the technique was a success  it could easily drain Tetsu’s chakra  down to  ten present just enough to make him pass out hopefully. This fight was dragging on and Kagato wanted to end it quickly. He had seen enough of what he needed to see in this test.  The Clone The was squared off with his son,  watched him avoided his attack with his quick thinking  a slight smile brushing a crossed his lips just on the thought of how proud he was  that his son was quick thinking and quick to act, but today this was not his battle to win.  The clone watched as slight metallic shimmer caught his eyes through the rain. Rits had thrown two Kunai towards his father’s clone; the clone focused his thoughts held both hands straight outward on either side. The clone’s lips parted slowly and with one blink of his eyes two words fly out of his lips with tremendous force. – Shinra Tensei – Kagato’s clone put enough force into this attack that it could easily send Rits flying from his current location, the gravity forming around the clones boys in the shape of a dome swirling around as he launched it outwards straight towards Rits. The two Kunai His son had thrown would end up meeting this force head on and repel them to the sides sending them crashing the metal platform with a loud clank as the steel of the kunai sank into the purple metal. The force of gravity pushed forward ripping into the platform screeching  a loud pitch scream as it tore through it sending little shards of metal flying through the air glistening slightly with the dim light and reflecting rain that  beaded off of them. In the matter of a few seconds the force of gravity would be upon Rits if he did not act quickly, the force of which was not meant to break bones or shatter them it was intended to knock him back into a wall and knock him out that was Kagato’s hopes anyway. The real Kagato glanced over towards Where Akatori was now, was the time he thought to his self. Kagato raised his right hand bent t that elbow and leading up diagonal to his left shoulder. With one quick thrust downward in a chopping motion two of the Mist rain filled orbs jetted from their formation splitting apart into thousands of tiny bits and pieces of shrapnel all about an inch in size length and width but sharp enough to pierce skin and clothing. This was intended to pierce Akatori’s skin just enough so the water could absorb her chakra to the point that she could pass out. All together she had two thousands of these little shrapnel sized pieces towards her chest which would reach her in the matter of seconds. If the water would have the desired affect her chakra would drain to the same amount the clone would try to drain out of Tetsu.-

LucianAsmodeusDrach: *Ritsuka doesn’t wait for another attack he rushes off once Lily's scream ring out still faint but it sent a shiver down ritsukas spine never the less. He carefully watched the kunai he had thrown fly through the field towards his body. Without missing a beat once the kunai deflected to either side of his father’s Shinra tensei. He heard the screeching of metal as the great force plowed toward him, the young uzumaki did the only thing he could do at the moment crossing his armor over his chest and face in defense of the oncoming force and metal degree. He jumped hoping to miss the debris and just get the push. His attempt at a dodge had turned out not working as well as he had hoped, The force catching his air born body easily pushing him back to the wall behind him causing him to slam in to it, the breathe in the young ninjas lungs knocked out of him, He gasps for breathe lightly only to be interrupted by Bits of metal slicing ritsukas left arm., collapsing in a heap at the base of the wall with a pained groan his sharingan squinting to see through the thick rain in search of unaru. His field of vision quickly becoming limited as he feels himself slipping out of consciousness, His red eye still searching out till them finally closed as ritsuka blacked out. A light whimper escaping his throat before the darkness overtook him. 

Guest_Akatori2 : -Akatori would keep moving towards the spot she last saw the young Inuzuka and his two ninken. She then heard a sound familiar to her. It was faint, but noticeable. A sharp set  of whistle that was almost lost within the rain, but Akatori could pick up on it. These were basic academy comannds that are taught early on in a young shinobi's life. Hearing the yips of the ninken, Akatori knew that it was Unaru giving out a call for a "report". This however was interrupted by a vibration of the metal plates and heart breaking cry. It was the scream of a young girl in pain. Lily. Akatori's  first  reaction was to turn around and report to Lily's location. She needed assistance. This would also be a great time for everyone to meet up to help their teammate through whatever she faced. With a quick turn of her body to face the scream, Akatori was met with an attack. Thousands of little needles, shimmering like they were moist sunk into her skin. The first few were blocked by the swing of her armored glove, bouncing off to the cold hard ground. A lot of them did conncet to her stomach, shoulders, and arms. They would dig into her, forcing a growl of pain from her mouth. She went to pick out a needle from her stomach, only to find it to be made of water. Instantly, she tried to whistle back to Unaru, signaling for him to follow her move, but Aka felt drowsy. She soon found herself dropped into a heavy puddle. She would think to herself about what could be making her so dizzy. Have the needles been poisoned? No, they are water based, how could they be poisoned? Then the conclusion hit her. The water based needles had to be made from the rain. They were draining her of her chakra, just like the rain is. With a small grunt, she tried to stand up, only to fall right back down into the water. She was lying on her backside, struggling to find the energy to pull herself up- "Damn, looks like I this test is oh.."- And just like that, her chakra was drained to a very low percent, leaving her unconscious and soaked on the damp platform- 

JusticeAndPunishment: Tetsuo continued to play like he fainted until he started to feel a tingling sensation running over the course of his body. Immediately, his eyes popped open upon the realization of the situation unfolding: Kagato’s clone was draining the remaining chakra from him. As this went on, Tetsuo started to struggle to get out of the hold of the clone even though it was useless. The intent was to stay awake as much as possible despite the chakra drain restraining him more and more. His eyesight was beginning to get blurry from the drain, the heavy downpour of chakra-flowing rainfall becoming soft currents. He bit his lip in order to keep himself awake longer, almost to the point of cutting the skin and forcing blood to start dripping down from his lip. At this moment, his hands went limp and his katana dropped onto the platform with a soft clank of the blade slapping upon the metal. At this moment, Tetsuo kicked his legs and shook his body so he could at least slide out from the arms. However, he was growing limper every second as he continued to fight and using yells of desperate screams without any words forming even though they were useless. He continued to fight despite his screaming becoming groans as he felt more of his chakra being drained his body. He felt the need to sleep, try to regain his strength, even though he was telling himself to fight off the exhaustion. He kept fighting until he could take it no more, starting to drift off to a rest that was much needed. His body was motionless except for the quiet breathing that was quietly entering through his nose and escaping from his mouth in calm clouds of steam as the cold rain that continued to hit upon his weak body.

Guest_UnaruInuzuka -His silver shards had wandered from left then around to the right before trailing back along the bit of wire he could see, he knew the others were around, and he knew Tori should have been close enough to hear him so he had paused to try and maybe catch a single sound in the harsh rain. His pups were close to him, but something made him pause in his actions that was when he heard a scream off to the side and an explosion he couldn’t help take note of, he wanted to help but doing so alone would be a miscalculation in his book, especially when he had made the move to bring people to his position, he needed to be close by where he was to get in contact with Tori first, so the most he could do is hope the girl will be alright. Be it from instincts or the slight static in the air he seemed to glance around confused a moment. It wasn’t sounds for he could barely hear much more than the harsh rain around him crashing down upon the metal all around him Of course he didn’t have much time to consider this there was one sound that was off that he didn’t know at all… loud enough to break the sound of the rain a bit. He slipped the spool into his pocket for easy reach, hand still holding the unwound wire attached to the clone in hand. Then in less than a second it finally clicked… He realized what that feeling in the air was, even if he had never been on the receiving end of a lightning chakra ability he had essentially grew up on the boarder of lightning country where thunderstorms weren’t rare, the feel in the air was a much deeper feeling of a coming storm though and he had been surprised he almost missed it. The static of lighting in the air mixed with the water droplets close by was screaming danger to his instinctual senses. That was the single moment he suddenly saw the sparks thru the curtain of water and racing straight towards him. His hand automatically let the wire string go and he went to leap back and away knowing with so much water around even the ground would be dangerous to be close to the said wire, his pups clearly catching sight of the same attack about the moment he did, along with being quite more sensitive to such changes they didn’t need orders, they just leapt and dashed for safety. Of course with their attention so focused on getting away from the sparking electricity he completely didn’t notice the next hit being aimed towards him coming from at this moment in his blind spot, right behind him. The sudden hit sent his head knocking forward swiftly as pain laced thru his system at the blow before sudden darkness engulfed his senses the next second and his body became limp ready to fall forward to the ground. His two pups scrambling back towards where their partner was took note of him being hit in a knock out. They were intelligent enough to understand what was going on here, and would back off if they know this fight was over since they knew this to be essentially a training session, that this wasn’t a life and death situation except on accidental actions, but the fact of Unaru being hurt and unconscious set their drenched fur on end and snarls forming past bared teeth as they approached. Even thou they were exhausted and being drained they still showed themselves as fighters, the predatory look of a wolves lingering in their stance even at their small stature. They wouldn’t back off till they were sure he wouldn’t be harmed more than he was already.- 

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada saw the all of the trainees fall down to the ground as Kagato and his clones had fulfilled their purpose in the training session. Kunisada walked out of the swirling ring of basketball sized orbs that surrounded both he and Kagato slowly, not sure fully of what would happen if he left. After making his way out of the ring safely, he walked over to the clone, his Byakugan giving him a sense of where his clone was standing in the heavy rain that still doused the metallic platform that surrounded them. After making his way over to the clone, he looked at his clone for a moment before looking down to the unconscious body of Unaru to see him knocked out; the clone was holding him up by the back of the collar of the Inuzuka’s shirt, the rest of the boy’s body was limp from the blow still. After Kunisada re-established eye-contact with his doppelganger, he saw the unoccupied arm of the clone point to the direction of where the other body lay. As Kunisada turned his head to see where the clone was pointing to, his Byakugan showed another chakra source, the body was laid out on the ground, unmoving from being unconscious. As he began to make his way over to the unconscious body, the clone followed behind him, the feet of the Inuzuka dragging across the metal surface of the platform while the rest of his body was motionless. As Kunisada finally made his way to the unconscious body, he noticed that it was Lily before leaning down to grab a hold of her wrist and dragged her body up from the ground before placing her midsection over his shoulder. He stood up after moving her, her arms were hanging lazily off of Kunisada’s back while her legs dangled at Kunisada’s sides. After securing his hold on her to make sure she wasn’t able to fall, he made his way back over to Kagato, who was still momentarily inside of the swirling ring of orbs, his clone sticking close behind him. As he approached the Kage of Ame, he called out loud enough for Kagato to hear him over the still deafening rain- “I’m taking these two back to the hospital in Ame!” –After he called out his plan to the Kage, he turned to his clone and began to walk out of the coliseum with the doppelganger.-

Kagato: -With all the chuunin and genin out cold, Kagato gave Kuni a simple nod.  He closed his eyes and took a deep inhale and exhaled slowly. Kagato had seen all he needed to see this little event went rather well all things considering. The rain that was beating down so heavily before started to slow down into a light drizzle. The water orbs that remained dropped to the metallic platform with a nod splashing sound leaving glistening puddles all around Him.  Kagato raised his right hand and pointed to his two remaining clones. With a simple nod the clones picked up the remaining three kids. The first clone scooping up Rits and Akatori fling their comatose bodies over the clones shoulder as they darted off and made their exit out of the falls with lightning like speed towards the hospital. The second clone did the same picking up Tetsu’s limp and drained body fling it over his right shoulder taking off in the same direction. Kagato stood there shaking his head a bit over the day’s events his red hair clinging to the sides of his re-breather. He began to ponder to his self. Now that this is over we can move on to the next step. He did wonder though if they were ready or not.  He was sure they would be fine after the hardships they were put through here but where they truly ready for whatever else decides to pop up into their lives. Kagato brought his right hand to where his chin would be if not covered by his black metal re-breather and mask griping it with his index finger and thumb slightly rubbing the smooth metal. Kagato began to slowly walk towards the path that lead away from the center platform, making his climb out of the falls ever so slowly keeping to his self-diving deep within his mind locked in deep thought. His arms legs  feeling a bit heavy  almost as if he was dragging his self away from the scene of the battle. He stopped at the top of the falls turning his head back to the right looking out over the falls a light halfhearted smile painted a crossed his face  before he turned back around  and began walking once more taking his leave from the falls.-

End Results:

Got to see what the Chuunin and Genin learned