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Kagato UzumakiAkiyo Yuki , Ritsuka Uzumaki , Akatori Yamanaka , Tetsu HyugaUnaru Inuzuka

Title: Talk of Trade: An Alliance Forms

LightFang: -The rain would be rapping lightly against the ground creating a low hum of white noise. Up on a ridge a young man stood looking down at a gate entering a village that seemed to be totally covered by the rain. Akiyo would be this teen as he looked over the village he opposed in the chunin exams almost a year ago. His mind drifted back to the reason he was here. His kage had given him a mission, A rank, to immediately reach Ame and speak to the one in charge there. He wasn’t given very many details just enough to be essential. The Mizukage had marked up this mission's ranking due to its personal importance, and everyone knows he can afford it. Akiyo's eyes would look over the village gate as he headed down the ridge and approached it. It was all very different from what he was used to. Metallic structures instead of wood and stone. Strange facial patterns and sharp edges instead of flowing curvature. It was like day and night to him. Akiyo was also feeling a bit uneasy knowing he was sent alone on this mission, but if all went well this shouldn't become hostile. However he would not show this on his outside. Outward ly he had a grin on his face like usual and as he walked up to the gate he would be showing almost excitement for being in a new place so foreign to him. Since he had never been to another village before Akiyo would casually walk right on through the main gate arch way and start to head on down the road. His mist village arm band would gleam lightly as he passed into the new village. Well new to him. He would begin to look around for some kind of sign that pointed for the Kage's office. The next part of his mission desperately required that he find the kage. -

LucianAsmodeusDrach: *Ritsuka sat calmly on top of the gate into the Village of Amegakure, his red hair blowing dripping small droplets of rain from the ends. Lifting his head the Yound Uzumaki glanced at the clouds surrounding the village carefully, the forecast for the day, Rain. The light droplets landing on his pale cheeks. Nothing Ritsuka wasn’t used to, it pretty much always rained in Ame, His father made sure of that. His father had also been the one to assign him and His team to watch duty today. Sighing lightly he returned his gaze to the areas outside the village, His blue eye was trained to spot even the slightest movements, but the red sharingan in his left made it possible for him to spot anyone approaching the village with ease. On the inside of the wall he had sent Unaru Inuzuka and his pups to guard the inside on the wall, their heightened senses would come in handy with that task. His other teammate, Tetsuo Hyuga, he had sent to seek higher ground to get a better view at the areas around the gate keeping their home safe. His eyes catching the movement of an approaching form walking toward their gate, He quickly leaned over, stealthily sliding to the outside of the gate landing quitely, His black and purple hakama blowing lightly as he lands. He was hoping to remain unseen just as the boy walked through the gates. His left eye quickly took in details of the boy seeking something to recognize. His gaze finding a shiny Kiri armband was enough for Ritsuka to quickly let out a loud whistle, hopefully signaling Unaru and Tetsuo to his position. After doing that, Ritsuka carefully reached his left hand into his tool pouch, calmly letting his hand rest there, as he spoke directly to the Kiri nin. "Hey, can i help you with something?" His voice came out in a low serious tone. It was ritsukas first time doing gate duty and he didn’t quite know what to expect. Especially after the Chunnin exams, He knew the only ninja to pass was some Kiri nin. Though he had in fact gained chunnin status quite a bit of other events had made the young Uzumaki more cautious and less trusting than before that. It had been quite the year for him in fact. He carefully brushed his damp dark red hair away from his eyes with his right hand. The mismatched gaze watching the other nins movements carefully. His right arm lowering to his side once he finished adjusting his hair. Now standing calmly awaiting the answer from the other nin.* 

JusticeAndPunishment: Tetsuo was positioned above one of the tall towers that overlooked the area of the Amegakure, his body in a prone position on top of a flat roof surface overlooking the main gate into the village and the walls surrounding the industrial landscape. He barely felt the light dribble of rain hit upon his white and black Hyuga training attire, the droplets only disappearing once they hit the robe and pants. The small raindrops meant that it was going to be a gentle sprinkle for the moment as he kept his eyes focused upon the wilderness beyond the village walls, using his activated Byakugan to look into the trees in case of any hidden possible intruders. The intention was to be sure that nothing manages to slip into the village undetected by his gaze, and if anything seemed to be out of place then he could alert Ritsuka by leaving the tower and reporting to him. He had to give the grid coordinates of the village area of where the intruder could be in case of an infiltration, so Tetsuo had a laminated map which would be protected from the rain and avoid any damage upon the vital topography. Every half hour, he inspected his gear – one black thigh pouch containing six kunai with two flash bombs, two smoke bombs and two explosive tags, one round beige pouch containing six shuriken that was tied onto the back of his robe’s black sash, a new black utility rope that was wrapped around the sash, a pair of nightstick tonfa tucked into the back of his sash that were resting upon his lower back, and his father’s prized katana which was slung over his left shoulder and tied onto the sash from the bottom of the sheath. Tetsuo adjusted his position every minute so that he could at least observe every side outside of the village walls. It was not much since he had no magnification equipment, but at least he got a very good view from his high post. Suddenly, he heard a loud whistle and he shuffled his body to where Ritsuka was posted at. A figure was walking out of the shade of the trees toward the open space of dirt which was laid out in front of the village gate, and with that this whistle was a signal. Tetsuo then leaped down from his post and drifted along through the Rain Ninja Highway, the rooftop route all throughout the Amegakure that was used by countless ninja alike throughout the village as a shortcut from the packed streets down below. Sprinting and leaping, Tetsuo caught a hold of a train pipe from one of the outer buildings just near the gate’s wall and slid down upon it like a firehouse pole. Wasting no time, he rushed toward the wall opposite of the one held by Unaru and his pups, quickly weaving through the alleys toward the same wall he went for. He never did guard duty before, so this was a chance to at least get experience in it and improve upon his performance in case of any constructive criticism came his way. Should Unaru go to assist Ritsuka on one side, Tetsuo could join on the opposite side with his hands behind his back in case to draw his tonfa sticks as an action of defense. 

Guest_UnaruInuzuka: -Unaru had been slightly shifting where he was squatted down at a spot just to the side of the gate upon one of the roof tops keeping to the shadows, the light breeze that often blew by cross the gates was gently blowing to be towards him, the whole area was being watched with the simple twitch of a nose and a sharp scan of his silver shards. His short and messy red brown hair was softly dripping onto his face from the light sprinkle that has been hitting him for who knew how long so far. The droplets gently dripping to his face to cascade gently down red fang tattooed cheeks to fall past his Amagakure choker to eventually make it to the roof tiles below at his feet, these rains; something he had at first been irritated by  now come to be completely ignored over this last year. His hands were softly letting fingers rub circles in his two ten to fifteen pound ninkens fur just behind their straight wolf like ears simply to keep them relaxed while they were working on gate duty. He hadn’t expected being stuck in one place for so long, and had even been more surprised to be asked for such a duty, but then he had to expect anything, and orders had been orders… He had almost been ready to sigh out of boredom himself before a scent had drifted in the air… over the course of a year or so he already knew this was someone not of this place he was starting to call home. His slit eyes had shifted slightly to take in the area below him the moment he had noticed Ristuka shift from his position to meet the other waiting for a signal to leave his own post. His own body language was relaxed and silent, emotions barely ever shown on his stoic features for others to see. Even if his body was saying calm there was signs of the predator that hid behind it, his eyes showed alertness, his muscles upon his back covered in his black sleeveless vest jacket and mesh shirt had tightened, his form shifted forward a tad as if to spring, and his fingers seemed to slightly twitch as he let his hands shift from his pups to settle on his knees very lightly as if itching to snag a weapon without warning. He had his weapons snugly within his pouches both on his hip and at his thigh, but knew to leave them there for now. Caution in him would probably be an understatement from his actions, the feeling that betrayal and danger was at his back constantly gave him a paranoia of sorts, and his darker mental status often made him be very wary of trusting. Even here only a very select few had felt him open up, and even as much as he has given was very little at that. As he heard the whistle of warning from Ritsuka he had allowed himself to drop to the ground adding just enough of his midnight blue chakra to touch the balls of his feet to lightly land as not to make even a sound as his black sandals touch the ground. He didn’t land far from the newcomer and his team but giving personal space to the person trying to enter this place along with keeping the other essentially boxed in to hear his answer to their team leader. He only barely took note that there was two small taps behind him telling him that his two ninken had followed suit relaxing in a ready stance behind him. He did take note that the scent of the ocean was wafting off this individual and with a quick glance took note of the protector being from kiri, he allowed his head to tilt slightly as he waited for Ritsuka’s question to be answered.-

Guest_Akatori2: -Akatori strolled through the calm streets of Amegakure. Her pace was steady and slow, as she enjoyed the cool air and feeling of the rain soaking her skin. She was dressed in her tight purple cropped top, with tight blue sleeves that gripped her body quite snug, a matching purple scarf, armored purple gloves, her Yamanaka Clan hakama, and her Ame themed sandals. Her forehead protector hung loosly from her left forearm and bounced when she walked. Aka enjoyed some Dango as she walked, carefully eating each piece off, while her other hand was sunk into the side of her hakama. Her mind was more at ease now from after the large training at the Falls. Aka was still concerned about the state of the others. As she rounded the corner to a more peaceful street, she glanced with her olive eyes at the Medical Clinic. Considering about going in there to help out a check out her fellow nin, a group by the gate caught her attention. Akatori was able to see what looked to be Ritsuka, Unaru, and Tetsuo by the gate checking out some guy. He looked short, possible a kid, but wore something different. It was a blue flak jacket, not like the one we have in Ame. She bit her bottom lip as she moved towards the group. If it was who she though it was, he would be in for trouble. As she eat the last bit of the dango, she snapped the stick in half, and was getting closer to the group-

Kagato: -It was a normal day in Amegakure the clouds above swarming over head the rain falling down  smacking down on the surrounding metal buildings like thousands of beating drums keeping up with a consent rhythm. Kagato had just finished up some paper work and was tired of being locked in the tower. His threw on  his long black and purple armored coat that he had hanging on the back of his chai, over his shoulders swiftly shoving his arms through the sleeves placing the coat over top of his black netted shirt that stop short from reaching his belt and pant line exposing a bit more of his stomach.   His one blue and one green eye shifted over to where his black and purple armored gloves laid on his desk. Taking hold of his right armored gloves that had a seal in graved on the top hand plate where he kept his war fan sealed and slipped it on very quickly, only to do it for a second time with his left glove. Reaching into the pocket of his coat he pulled out his onyx colored metal re-breather and mask placing it up to his face with his right hand strapping it in to place with the great care. The dim light of his office danced about the metal of his black horned head band marked with a purple Kanji for rain.  He pushed his self-up from his desk pushing his chair outward by pressing his the bottoms of his black open toed shoes to the desk  his purple metal armored shin guards reflecting a bit of the light as well. Kagato quickly stood up making his way to the door of his office and down the steps to the main door leading out of the tower.  As soon as he made his exit from the tower a bolt of bright illuminating lighting  shot through the sky lighting up the what otherwise ominous storm cloud sky. The rain quickly saturates his coat, and black cloth pants making them a bit darker then what they would normally be if they were not wet from the rain. The rain slid down the shiny metal of his village headband that he adorned around his neck next to the purple and blue necklace that was an exact replica of the one his decedent used to wear all except for the color.  His trade mark crimson hair began to cling to the pale skin of his face and black re-breather like a long lost friend.  Kagato began to walk casually down the main street of Amegakure this was the norm for him, he liked to get out of the office as much as possible, granted he never really needed to leave the tower to know who was where or doing what with the rain being tied to his senses but he rather get out then be cooped up in that office.  As he made his way to the center most part of the main street of Amegakure stepping in a few puddles here and there causing ripples in them like mini little ocean waves crashing into a sandy beach, he paused for a moment feeling a bit of a disturbance in the rain, a Chakra signature he had not felt in this village before was here, but he could tell just by the other signatures around it was already being taken care of. He surged his shoulders a bit and thought to his self well if they needed him he was close. Kagato stopped dead center of the main rode and folded his arms into his torso. The rain rolls down his body down his chest and back his arms preventing it from cascading down his form. His eyes shifted back and forth like Ping-Pong balls getting rapidly smacked against paddles back and forth over a table top, as he waited for the events to unfold. –

LightFang: -Akiyo would let himself past the gates and begin to move on the main road just before he heard a voice call to him. "Huh? Oh um i guess you could. I'm here to see the leader of this village. Care to direct me to him?" Akiyo would say as he turned to face the person calling to him. His eyes would widen as he saw the three shinobi. Raising his hand he would point to Ritsuka first and say, "Hey wait, aren’t you the kid that got laid out in a single hit at the chunin exams?" He would chuckle to himself softly before turning to look at Tetsuo and moving his arm to point there as well. "And you fought my rival there. Close call.." Then he turned to Unaru finally and spoke in an energetic voice, "And YOU!" but quickly it turned to confusion, "Actually I don’t remember you..." He then would shake his head as he had gotten off subject. "So uh, can one of y’all take me to the big guy in charge?" Akiyo would then reach into his tool bag and pull out a scroll holding it up to the three of them showing the Mizukage's official seal as if to prove authentication. When he did this he made sure to be careful about getting the paper wet by forming a small ice dome over his hand like a mini umbrella for the scroll. He then would slip the scroll back in his tool bag and cock his head to the side as one of the passing nin bumped past him. "Hey watch it!" He called to the man carrying some kind of small spear like metal rod on his hip. The guy didn't look back but Akiyo just figured he was busy running off for a mission or something. Shrugging he would turn back to the three and maybe follow them if one started to show him where to go.-

LucianAsmodeusDrach: *Ritsukas eyes didnt waver as his team joined him, he kept his gaze on the other nin carefully watching the movements of his body. He looks up to the kiri nin as he speaks, The boys immature outburst goes ignored, as he quietly uses his left hand that was in his light purple tool pouch to with drawl a single kunai. lifting his left arm to position it over his chest. his expression was emotionless with just a tad bit of his boredom in his showing in his voice as he speaks. "Why don’t you tell us who you are first buddy. You all seem to remember us but for some reason i must not of found a good enough reason to remember you." He would almost Tsk at the boy a small smirk forming on the corner of his lips. "Also what does the Mizukage want with the Amekage. Noticing Akatori walking up he nods to her, hoping she could tell him who the heck this kid was. He sighed heavily. Before anyone takes you anywhere I want a better answer than that." he would scoff lightly." Don’t you know it’s not polite to go waltzing into a village like you own the place?" He figured this was the kids first time leaving Kiri. Though he still knew nothing but the mizukage had sent him to give a scroll to his father. He quietly waited for the kid to answer the entire question he had asked.*

JusticeAndPunishment: Tetsuo kept still while his hands were folded behind his back, ready to grab his tonfa sticks at any time in case of an uproar ensuing between Ritsuka and the visitor from Kirigakure, noticing the forehead protector’s etched symbol as the item was worn like an armband. Next, he peeked for a moment to study upon the scroll containing the official seal of the Mizukage, but one could not be too careful in these times. Even such a document could be forged and that the seal could be duplicated as to create a ruse to have the Amegakure distracted. Despite this, he kept himself quiet as this exchange progressed. He was recognized by the strange mist ninja, but he could not remember him either as he had not met him. However, they both seemed to share the same rival within the Kirigakure: Senju Kanon, the champion of the previous year’s Chunin Exam’s and the one person responsible for the suicide of his own best friend Nakara. In his mind, Tetsuo felt the echoes of Kanon’s laughter from the nightmares he had since Nakara’s death. He knew of the Kirigakure’s bloody reputation, and that coupled with the loss of his best friend nearly drove him to mission for revenge. Instead of getting angry at the mention of Kanon, Tetsuo bowed his head to the mist ninja quietly while his hands remained behind his lower back with the back of the right hand resting upon the palm of the left hand. If he needed to, he could turn his hands around and grip upon the vertical grips upon the sticks with underhand holds and then pull them out of his sash so to begin heavy strikes. However, Tetsuo restrained himself from this. Instead, he heard Ritsuka questioning who the mist ninja was and did not repeat the same question so to avoid causing confrontation in a very delicate situation. Surely, the mist ninja should have some identification on him like a registration document and a passport for entering through different shinobi nations and countries throughout the continent. To Tetsuo, his main worry was if this visit was an official one or a setup for an attack.

Guest_UnaruInuzuka: -Unarus balance had shifted just slightly at the boys outburst, but his eyes seemed to narrow a bit listening to the other in question. He knew the procedures of letting people in and of course with Ritsuka doing the talking he had no inclination of interfering in it. Silver shards shifted to look upon the scroll his form moving a little so his eyes could catch anything upon it that was shown, his eyes thou for a moment were drawn to the ability the one uses to keep it from getting wet, but he soon found himself focused quite quickly and blinking his eyes watched as he had slipped the scroll away. He also noticed the ninja that was taking off literally ignore the fact of them being in a conversation and bumping into the newcomer. His nose twitched, breathing in the scents around him, including the other that had taken off quickly along with letting his eyes trail him a moment since the others had the kiri shinobi in their own sights. He lets his right hands fingers trial slightly on his thigh pouch as the downpour seemed to have gotten heavier by now and already can feel the dripping of water down his neck but even this fact was ignored, he knew getting distracted any more was deadly if this guy was here for more than what he said…-

Guest_Akatori2: -As she got closer Aka would yell out- "YOU!!!!"- Her voice was aimed for the boy from Kiri, the one she had a bone to pick with. Akiyo Yuki was his name, and he was the one who beat Akatori at the Chunin Exams. The embarassment of not being able to get a single hit off on the kid still bothered her to this day. She was not one to hold grudges, but this kid really made her mad. To make matters on Exams worse, he quit in the last round, making her a loser of a fight with a quiter. Her face was a bit red, from anger and blush. Akiyo was cuter than Aka had remembered, looking like he grew up a bit too. As she got to the group, she would push away the Ame boys and bend down a bit to get right in the face of Akiyo, placing a finger on his chest, poking him and yelling in a more controled tone-" What the hell brings you here punk?!?" -Her other hand was tight in a fist, ready and wishing to strike him for once-

LightFang: - Akiyo never having visited another village figured showing the kage's official seal would have been all there is to it. However this kid seemed to be pestering him about more details. Akiyo would raise one hand to scratch the back of his head as he replied to the barrage of questions, "I'm Akiyo Yuki first of all. Sorry I guess I can't expect you to remember me, being you were sleeping most of the time at those exams." He raised his hands to form air quotes around the word "sleeping". He then would hear the boy question the Mizukage's intention to which he quickly replied, "Oh well that's proprietary, I don’t even know. Why do you think he wrote it down in a wax sealed scroll?" It was then that Akiyo heard a loud "YOU!" ring out. It came from the yamanaka girl Akiyo fought in the chunin exams who then walked up and pushed her way in front on him. Akiyo remembered her as he looked her in the face and formed a grin. He would reply to her question saying, "Oh nothing much, I was just telling your friend here about my mission to speak with your kage, but I don’t think he is very willing to take me to him so I guess I need to find a better guide round here." Akiyo would take a step back as he was getting a bit uncomfortable in such close quarters and looked back and forth between the now 4 ame ninja in front of him. His vision would narrow on Akatori again and he would say, "Maybe you could take me to him? I'd really appreciate it." As he said the last line akiyo would raise his right hand taking the rain and forming it into ice as he molded and shaped it to represent a rose bud that quickly bloomed as he held it out to her, as if offering it to her. He would again smile at her and say, "Sorry about what happened in the exams by the way. Had to give it my all ya know."-

LucianAsmodeusDrach: *Ritsuka calmly listened to Akatori's outburst at the ninja, now knowing sorta who he was but not quite knowing till he had a name. "So you're the Yuki who beat Akatori in chunnin, sent here by the Mizukage to drop off a scroll to The Amekage. And you’re not important enough to get a hint of what it’s about huh, "He ignored the rest of the nonsense the cocky child spoke, not having the energy to care. Though a loud laugh had escaped his lips at the boys pathetic attempt at... well Ritsuka wasn’t quite sure what it was. But it was funny to watch. straightening up and returning to his serious demeanor he scratches the back of his head lightly with his right hand, the dark red locks running between his fingers He looked back over to his team and then back to the boy, Sighing slightly once more. Tetsuo take my spot atop the gate and continue watch. Unaru, Take you’re spot back at the inside of the gate and continue the mission. Akatori and I will escort the Kiri baka to my father; He's probably hanging out on the main road or in his office. He looked from one of them to the other carefully. Awaiting a confirmation from his team before turning back to the Yuki. "Well then, Shall we find the Kage, Deliver the message and get you back to your village. He nodded to Aka, motioning for her to take the lead in the search. He planned on following them from the back allowing him to keep a close watch.

JusticeAndPunishment: Tetsuo nearly flinched when he heard the voice of Akatori erupting from behind the group. Indeed, this gave him a jolt when the sound of “YOU!!!” booming from her to the announced Akiyo. He did however start to give heavy breathing as a result of the immediate scare, his heart racing from the quick rush of fright from Akatori as she had him set as a target for her sensory training a year ago which made him feel humiliated that day. He had no rivalry toward her, but he held a grudge against her as he was like a guinea pig set as an experiment or a mouse being fed to a pet snake. Overall, he had no real trust in her but he had to tolerate her back at the Amegakure Falls when going into a sparring match that few disagreed on participating in. Within moments, he had heard Ritsuka ask Tetsuo to take his spot at the top of the gate and continue his surveillance duties. Taking a few deep breaths to calm down from the scare, Tetsuo nodded and leaped up on top of gate entrance. He started in a squatting position with his weight compacted toward the ground, and with a bound he was already in the air at about a kilometer into the air before coming back down to land on the gate arch with both feet balancing upon it. He had to make circles at his sides with his arms to avoid falling over, and once he regained his balance he sat upon the entrance with his legs dangling above the earth. He started to resume his watch, making routine sweeps with the used of his activated Byakugan to look inside of the trees but saw only animals in the branches trying to keep themselves dry and warm from the gentle sprinkle that could become heavy rainfall later in the day.

Guest_UnaruInuzuka: -He had flicked at the sound of his blonde friend, almost wondering if this was being spoken to him and trying to think back to make sure he hadn’t done anything to piss her off recently… He suddenly had found himself being shoved to the side as Akatori had pushed her way into the group to get into the face of the newcomer that had introduced himself as Akiyo, tension in his form had melted a bit knowing he wasn’t in her line of sight. He let his form take the step to the side and found his left hand rising to brush fingers thru his dripping locks as his eyes flicked between her and the other. He found his hands eventually shift into his pockets as he clearly watched the visitor start to literally lay it on thick on Akatori to at least try to placate her temper, that hand seemed to crawl to the back of his head and scratch lightly there, expression still quite neutral even at this point. That was when he gave a sniff and a small lowering of the right corner of his lip, this one action probably the clearest reaction he had given so far, almost as bad as him giving a roll of his eyes as if the guy couldn’t understand the implications of being cautious. You just don’t let strangers into the village unless you are sure of their intentions… He watched and soon heard Ritsuka speak up to them and let himself focus on his words. Without question he gave a nod of his head, he would have preferred not to be sent back to position but, can’t expect miracles… He then hopped back to where his pups were, scooped them up like it was second nature and shunshined back up to the roof top he had been settled on before. He shifted to lean his back on the shadowing wall and seemed to give a sigh as he let his nose give a sniff of the vicinity and took advantage of this vantage point to both watch the road but also watch the villagers do their own things as his nose took up most of the watching for intruders.-

Guest_Akatori2: -Her eyes lit up a bit as the rose was formed infront of her. Listening to the boys words, Akatori accepted the flower and examined it before saving it in her back tool pouch- Um...Thanks...and..uh..yeah..-She would not back at Rits nervously and scratch the back of her head. With a light sigh, she began to lead Akiyo and Rits towards the direction of the main road. Akatori thought to herself about how she still owes that damn Yuki a good punch. The walk was quiet, and not far, as Kagato was in the center of the road, waiting for them. With a little laugh, Akatori knew he must have sensed the chakra signature of a Kiri in Ame and had to see what it was about. Akatori stopped suddenly and moved to the side, waving Akiyo forward-" Come now kid, best not to keep Lord Amekage waiting...”- With a smirk, she would nod at Rits and follow behind the Yuki boy with a five foot distance between them. This was to be close so he would not try and pull any funny business, but also not too close, in case the message he has to deliver is of private matters-

LightFang: -Akiyo would follow behind the Yamanaka girl he had beat in the exams as she led him down the road. He would have been led to a man standing in the center of the main road way. By the way he was dress Akiyo was assuming that this must be the Kage. When he was told not to keep the Amekage waiting he stepped forward to the man and said. "Sir the Mizukage has some things he wishes to arrange with you and your village." Without another word the chunnin held out the wax sealed scroll that had a wax seal of the Mizukage's official seal. Should the Amekage take this scroll then he could open it to read out the proposition as follows. "Good evening Lord Amekage. If memory serves well your village was the one that honorably allowed my upstarting village to participate with yours in the previous chunin exams. Well since then I have been working extensively to establish strong roots for my village. I would now like to extend this to you. You see I am a powerful business man and I specialize in routes of trade. Being a major port as well as a hidden village has given me that power. However i have few assets into the mainland. I would like to ask for your help in this matter. You and I could form a centralized trade route that can connect us to every major and minor village within the shinobi world. Not to mention these prospects will certainly draw in a hefty sum of surplus for which you can use to fund your village further. The extra money flow I'm sure will be greatly appreciated as well as the extended union of our village. I see us as Allies, and furthermore would like to add to that. These trade routes would also connect our villages allowing easy travels amongst us two and our shinobi alike. The shinobi i have sent to deliver this message has been thoroughly briefed on my side of this and has been instructed to act as a medium for negotiations should any be necessary. He was also instructed not to mention anything about this to other soles as i assume it would likely stay a secret matter until the agreements are finalized. Please feel free to discuss any points you need to with him and he will report back to me after these are handled." As the Kage would read this Akiyo would stand firm, his face showing pure seriousness as he was now in full mission mode. –

Kagato: -Kagato’s head turned, as he sensed the chakra signature that was not of this village becomes closer to his position.   Seeing Akatori A member of his very own team one ahead of this signature come into view his curiosity began to take over. It wasn’t often they out visitors, Amegakure, the village hidden in the rain mainly kept to themselves which they preferred it that way. They only trusted their own and were very cautious of any outsider that made their way into the village. All eyes whether the outsider knew it or not was all on them. It wasn’t long before, the visitor was before him, Kagato also took note his son who was supposed to be on guard duty was right behind him. He would have to have a stern talking to him later about leaving his post that he had assigned him. Kagato began to look over the visitor as he spoke, he recognized the boy form the chuunin exams, and He was defiantly a Kiri Nin. Kagato nodded slightly as he looked directly into the boy’s eyes with an ice cold piercing stare with His one sapphire eye and his other emerald eye. His eyes jolted from the boys eyes down towards the scroll that he held out in his hand, his eyes focus on the seal, and it was defiantly the official seal of the Mizukage. He quickly took the scroll from the boy’s hand snapping open the scroll breaking the seal with ease. Taking the scroll in his right and left hand unavailing it slowly the rain pitter pattering against the paper of the scroll, his eyes shifting back and forth as he read it as if scanning it into his memory. He quickly rolled the scroll back up and stuffed it into his long black and purple armored coat. His lips parted slowly, as his word flew through the air with an emotionless low tone of voice. - “Well then, seems we have a few matters to discuss….but that’s not doing it here…. Follow me to the tower… My office is best suited for these matters…”- Kagato  held out his right hand palm side up, folding his fingers  inward to his palm in a come here type motion, before turning and  around his back facing the boy as he began to make his way towards the tower door.- “Come no now we don’t have all day… As for everyone else back to your posts… “- Making his way to the tower door placing his palm on the door flat releasing the seal that protected the door from any unwanted visitors. The door creaked open as he opened it, making his way through it and up the steps to his office.-

LightFang: -His icy blue eyes would inspect the man noticing first the large amounts of purple accents on his figure. That was when he notices the entire village seemed very purple centered. The man wore and armored coat which Akiyo noticed he had placed the scroll away into. When Akiyo heard the man speak he was taken back by the emotionless voice coming forward. 'I guess all Kages have a nonchalant voice.' He thought as he followed behind the man. Akiyo stood staring when he entered a tower like building. He was still a bit confused by the structure design of this village. He finally entered into the tower behind this man and closed the door behind him. He would follow the man up to what appeared to be an office and stood in front of the desk as he crossed his hands in front of himself holding his right hand over left as if ceremonially. "You wished to discuss some matters with me?" Akiyo said calmly as his eyes wandered around the scenery of the office.-

Kagato: -Taking his seat at his rather large black stone toped, purple metal desk.  Kagato shuffles some of his paper work out of the way, his eyes peering a crossed the desk at the boy, His voice taking on a more serious tone yet still not showing any emotion in the sound of his deep toned voice.  - “well I would to hear all about these trade routes … and what exactly is it in it for me? … We normally don’t work with others… I need to know what I would benefit from it… As you can see we are doing well on our own… Yes I get extra money... But money isn’t everything … nor are we the friendliest of people..”  - In his youth his family never had a lot of money to begin with, which made it so that he never considered money a heavily weighing factor in negotiations.-  “Furthermore we don’t trust outsiders here …. It would have to be a very good reason for us to even consider these trade routes….. “  - Kagato took his right hand placing his thumb and index finger  on where his chin would be if not covered up by his black re-breather and mask, taking a light grip of it as if in deep thought. His eyes frigid and emotionless staring right back at the boy wonder the true intentions behind all of this talk.-  “Seems youns would benefit more  from this then we would in any case….. Seeing as our village is more technology advanced…”

LightFang: - Akiyo would turn back to face the man as he began speaking, "You are a bit insightful eh? Yes it would seem that we would benefit more from this. However we are an uprising village so in that aspect maybe it would look like we are getting a better deal when in fact your village is just further ahead than ours. As for the topic of what you get out of this, well there are a few things. First of all these trade routes would connect you to the sea which we control. Allowing you to reach out to areas outside of the mainland. Also there is the matter of an influx of money coming in to your village as well however that’s not the main point. With these trade routes it will open up whole new opportunities to obtain rare materials that you might need for everything from weapon making to recreational means. Not to mention the import of foreign foods, metals, and tools that may make everyday life a bit more livable. It will basically open your doors to a whole new set of experiences to be found, and for a village so technologically advanced just think of the advancements in technology that new resources can bring." As Akiyo went on his hands would gesture slightly as if he talked with his hands. He would then place his hands back in front of him ceremonially and continue on, "As for trusting outsiders, yeah i got a bit of that at the gate. Anyway, then you should know what a big step this is for us. A striving village starting out built from ruins. We are reaching out to you here, in hopes of forming an alliance. You showed us kindness once for allowing us at your exams. Now allow us to return that by making your village richer. Not just in wealth, but in culture too."-

Kagato: “Very well…But before anything else further as in deal or even alliances… Would be made I would like to actually speak to the man in charge… face to face... No offence…”- Kagato brought his hands down upon his desk clasping his black and purple armored gloves together like a vice resting upon the hard cold stone desk top. - “I will need some tie to get a team together… You will not be going home alone… Until said time I will have Akatori leader of team one accompany you while wait within our village till the preparations are met.”  -Kagato slid his chair back with a metallic screeching sound as the metal of the chair racked against the flooring, quickly standing up  and walking around his desk making  folding all his fingers  except his index finger and thumb of his right hand holding slightly up in the air just enough that it could easily be seen by the boy. With one quick motion of his wrist forward  pulling both his index finger and thumb inward Motioning to the boy to follow him once more as he made his way down the steps from his office and to the main metal door of the room opening it slowly. Just outside the door was an Anbu station Kagato whispered to him to fetch Akatori and tell her to keep watch over our guest for the time being.  The Anbu took off down the steps and made his way for Akator with lightning like speed. Kagato tuning his attention back to the boy. - “I will see you again once things are ready”

LightFang: -Akiyo would nodd understandingly. "It only makes sense that you would like to arrange a meeting with our Kage, and he apologies for not coming to see you personally at this moment in time. He is a very busy man what with rebuilding a village and what not. And i assume you are as well." Listening on Akiyo would turn and say, "Very well, i was instructed to stay here until you had an answer for me otherwise. I do wish to ask, if this is going to be a few days, is there somewhere i can arrange for a place to sleep." Akiyo would then follow the man down the stairs to see him send off an Anbu man from his village to find the girl he had fought in the exams to now accompany him. He thought, ‘well that should go over well..' Once the man told him he would see him once the preparations are made Akiyo would reply," I await your summons." He would then exit the tower and seek out his company as he looked around for something to pass the time.-

End Results:

First contact other the the chuunin exames with kiri talks of tade and alliances