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Yamanaka Itsumo

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IItsumo:-The rain continued to fall through the leafs of the trees as she moved swiftly and surely though the forest pausing every so often to check for other chakra signatures even with Kagato’s chakra being all over the island she was still able to pick up on other Chakra signatures big and small. Her blonde hair was the only thing that could be seen as she moved swiftly through the thick trees it was near complete darkness in this part of the forest she knew it was because of the rain clouds and the thick leafy tops of the trees that covered the dense forest. After about twenty minutes when she knew no one was left around her she paused and moved closer to the trunk of the tree she was crouched on and sat down pulling her backpack into her lap she let out a soft sigh and unzipped the front pocket of her bag. She pulled out a folded picture and slowly began to unfold it till the picture was visible and her blue eyes scanned over the picture a soft smile spreading across her face. In the picture was a group of four ninjas only two of which were alive today all of them had covered faces and were standing up on the village wall the only thing behind them was the forest of death and it made sense as this was the Hunter Ninja squad she had traveled in for years. She knew whom each member was by name and by code name as she scanned over the picture she couldn’t help but feel a tinge of guilt as they had all planned on coming to this island after the Mission that changed everything but now because of her little sister, her former teammate and the traitor only two of them had made it to the island. She folded the picture back up and slipped it back into her bag and zipped the pocket back up as she leaned back against the tree and closed her eyes and letting her mind wonder for a bit. She went back to the day the picture was taken oddly enough it was the same day that Kagato had first made his way to Yonshigakure many years ago and was speaking to Kaito it was where she headed after encountering them from the rooftop. They were leaving on a Mission to track a Missing Ninja from their bingo book when one of the other village Shinobi snapped the squad picture saying they needed one for each squad. Itsumo hadn’t seen the picture until she was searching the books in the Kage office after she became Kage and removing the squads that were no longer active from the book. That day had been hard for her as she removed so many of their fallen shinobi from the book before heading to the memorial that was being held in their honor and then went back to work on organizing the office.*

IItsumo: *Itsumo opened her eyes as she pulled herself from the memorizes and glanced around the forest checking once again for any changes after realizing there was nothing new in the area she sat up and got into her bag once more only into the bigger pouch she still had more rolls in her bag and though they were better warm she had grown used to eating them cold over the years. She pulled on out and unwrapped it leaning back against the tree. She took a bite the savory taste of meet filling her mouth as she swallowed and took another bite. Itsumo knew she needed to rest before she finally headed out to seek the Panda Summon that she had come all this way to find. She had used more chakra then she had planned on getting to the island as well as in the scan of the island as the bird. Isumo knew that if she went and fought her summon in the state of mind and with the chakra she had left at this point she would lose. She kept eating her food however bite by bite and soon finished the yummy roll. She then put the wrapper back into her pack and started scanning the area once more not wanting any surprises as she slept it didn’t take long to see that there was nothing in the area so she decided she could rest peacefully or at least as peacefully as she had been able to for the last few years. She pulled out a scroll and called forth a black pillow and blanket from the scroll before setting the scroll back in her pack setting the panda on her pack she placed the pack against tree and leaned against it setting her pillow and blanket down on the branch she stretched out closing her eyes and drifting off to sleep. * 

IItsumo: -Itsumo slept as well as she could up in the tree with how her mind in the state it was as well as the fact that she was up every hour to check her surroundings to make sure nothing was getting closer to her and then she would drift back to sleep after about four hours she was as well rested as she was going to get and ready to move on and continue her search for the Panda’s on this island. She knew that they would be someplace damp with lots of Bamboo for them to eat. Itsumo didn’t know the island and she didn’t have a map there was no way to tell where to even start looking but when she had been flying around she had only spotted one area that looked like it would fit the description. She blinked and stretched looking around once more noting that it was about sunset now as she picked up her bag and was ready to move out. She froze when the rain stopped it caught her off guard the overwhelming chakra signature of the Amekage was now gone. She didn’t know why the rain stopped but it had and he must have done it for a reason. She stretched and started moving again heading still in same direction eastward direction. It took her about a few hours but she finally reached the area where she thought the pandas would be. There was a small stream that seemed to be fallowing the grove in the shell of the turtle and flowed through the area. It was foggy and between the dense trees grew bamboo scattered in an abundance plenty of food and water for Panda’s Itsumo scouted the area from above noting all the different entrances and exits to this area where they could easily move from this area for shelter and sleeping it wasn’t to late so they might come to feed before they slept for the night. She watched and waited crouched down in a tree high above the ground below. She didn’t have to wait long before she felt a group of chakra signatures heading her way they were a group some strong and others weaker a total of eight signatures in all Her eyes narrowed as she watched that direction waiting motionless in the trees above. Four minutes passed then they came into view they were beautiful two very large pandas four medium sized pandas and two young pandas came into view. The two larger ones moved towards the bamboo where the two young ones ran towards the water the four medium pandas sat in between watching the young ones.  Itsumo moved her arm to her bag and gripped her Panda mask pulling it form the bag and putting into place on her face then slipping her bag from her shoulders she then gripped on of the scrolls that she had in a side pouch this was empty and was saved specifically to make a contract with the animal. She placed the scroll inside of her pocket with the scroll Kagato gave her and then poised herself ready for anything that came next. *

IItsumo:-Itsumo was preparing to body flicker herself down before the panda’s when one of the larger panda’s spoke. - “Show yourself” -Her voice was Loud and directed at Itsumo the other Panda’s all stopped what they were doing and started looking around the area. Itsumo froze and looked at the panda whom spoke she had no idea how the panda knew she was their or even that she could speak. Itsumo took a few moments before she body flickered down in front of the panda that spoke to her. She stood up tall glancing between the panda whom spoke and the other large panda whom was actually bigger then she was now that Itsumo was closer she could see this. She glanced at the two large pandas whom sitting down where at least two feet taller than she was and were staring at her with intense brown eyes. She could feel the eyes of the other pandas on her from behind her as she stood their starring up at the panda whom first spoke to her. - “Not many Shinobi cross our paths, what brings you here?”- Itsumo tilted her head as she looked up at the panda thinking for a moment before speaking. - “I have come a very long way from the village hidden in death in search of a contract with you.” -  Itsumo spoke with a calm but strong voice her head held high and her blue eyes locked with the panda’s not that they could be seen from behind her mask. The female panda looked at the other larger panda and let out what sounded like a laugh as she looked back at Itsumo. - “What makes you think any of us are willing to make a contract with you what makes you worthy of a contract with us?”- The panda asked looking down at Itsumo. Itsumo thought for a moment about using her rank to prove her worthiness but that was not something she wanted to do. - “I am Itsumo Yamanaka, I am known as the Panda Hunter Ninja all over the nation and have surpassed that title now. I am willing to prove my worth to you no matter what the cost.” –The panda looked at Itsumo and tilted her had as if she didn’t know what to make of Itsumo’s bold statement then what appeared to be a smile crossed her face. - “My name is Mizuseikatsu I am Female leader and am known for my medical ninjutsu skills among my family, fight me and Win show me your worthiness and I will make a contract with you Itsumo Yamanaka.” – Itsumo blinked as she took a step back from Mizuseikatsu taking a moment to think about the offer that she was being given. Itsumo wanted a panda summon and a Medical one would strength her weakness. Itsumo herself had no little to no Medical Ninjutsu training and could use the panda to help many Shinobi in her village. - “I agree to your conditions Mizuseikatsu I will prove my worth to you through battle” –Itsumo then smiled and prepared herself for battle. - 

IItsumo: *The larger panda moved away and with it so did the medium panda’s and the smaller ones soon joined them under a large tree as if they were all preparing to watch the battle unfold. Mizuseikatsu gave what seemed to be a nod and got up from her bottom and stood on her two back legs. She now towered over Itsumo and didn’t look like she was going to be an easy fight. * “Well then Itsumo Show me what your made of” *She said as she stood vary still her bright blue eyes locked with Itsumo’s Icey blue eyes. Itsumo smirked under her mask thinking to herself First mistake on the panda’s part. Itsumo took a step or two backwards keeping Icey blue eyes her eyes locked with Mizuseikatsu’s brighter blue ones. After a second Itsumo took her hands and moved them quickly into the sign of Tiger in a small white puff an identical copy of herself down to the panda doll on her back appeared to the right of the real Itsumo. The Real Itsumo then made her move her Icey blue eyes still locked with Mizuseikatsu’s she would push her consciousness from her body and at Mizuseikatsu’s. The clone would move at the same time swiftly behind Itsumo to catch her body before it hit the ground and then body flicker with her body up into the tree to safety prepared to protect it at all cost if for some reason the Panda knew what was going on.  The real Itsumo’s consciousness now with in Mizuseikatsu’s body and fighting to gain control over the large panda’s body. The Giant panda didn’t know what was going on at first as she slowly lost control of her body her mind felt a strange pressure. She didn’t want to lose control of her body. She fought back trying to push the other voice in her head out. Itsumo pushed right back with everything she had and it took quite some time and a lot of chakra and all of Itsumo’s will to gain control. Itsumo was now in control of Mizuseikatsu’s body though for the first time in a long time she felt resistance the panda was stubborn that was for sure. It was a battle of Wills for quite some time almost an hour had passed before she could make the large animal’s body move and take a few steps forward and another half hour after that before could get the hands and arms to move. Mizuseikatsu was fighting her the entire time though to no avail. Itsumo finally was able to figure out how to speak as the panda and called out to her clone. * “Bring me the scroll”

IItsumo: *The clone reached into the shirt pocket of the real Itsumo and withdrew the scroll the Itsumo had written her contract on. The clone then leaving the body of Itsumo up in the tree body flickered back down in front Mizuseikatsu’s body that was being controlled by Itsumo. As the clone rolled out the scroll only a pen and the part of the contract Itsumo had already had written out beforehand was visable. Itsumo’s clone took the pen and filled in the blank space in front of the contract with the name of the panda and then turned it to face Mizuseikatsu’s body.  The scroll now read that Mizuseikatsu would be bond in a Summoning contract to herself Itsumo Yamanaka the Forth Shikage of Yonshigakure from now till the day of Itsumo’s death. Itsumo still in control of the panda would take the claw of the panda’s right hand and slice a small cut in the left hand of the panda the same cut would appear on the body of Itsumo herself. As blood flew slowly through the small wound she would use the right paw again to smear the blood over the paw and then place the paw print in blood onto the scroll. The clone then gathered up the scroll and body flickered back to Itsumo’s body placing the scroll back in the Real Itsumo’s pocket with the one Kagato had given her. Itsumo then released the mind transfer and returned to her own body. It took a few moments for both Mizuseikatsu and Itsumo to recover from what happened and before they both had complete control over their bodies again. As soon as Mizuseikatsu had control of her body she spoke. * “I see now body possession is a very useful tool and a tricky one to use on those whom are strong willed and stubborn like myself for you to have pulled that off you are very skilled bring forth the scroll and contract let me read it for myself.” *Itsumo paused for a moment up in the tree pulling out the scroll and unrolling it she then dipped her thumb into the blood on her left hand and then placed it onto the scroll before rolling it up and body flickering down before Mizuseikatsu. Itsumo looked at her for a moment before unrolling the scroll and unrolling it holding it up for Mizuseikatsu to read but not to touch. *

IItsumo: *Mizuseikatsu looked over the scroll that Itsumo held in her hand and nodded. * “Well this is a first I have been tricked into a Summing contract and by a Kage none the less. Well Itsumo Our Contract is sealed by our blood. Your skill as you have proven is worthy of my Medical Ninjutsu and Water Ninjutsu. I am bond by the contract and my skills are at your service.” *Itsumo rolled the scroll up and placed it back into the pocket of her shirt and bowed her head. * “Thank You Mizuseikatsu I am honored to have a contract with you.” *Itsumo then body flickered back up into the tree where she got into her pack and pulled out a bandage and wrapped her left hand so the cut would stay clean. She then picked up her pack and the panda doll and placed them on her back before heading back down to where Mizuseikatsu stood. The Large panda had already healed her paw and smiled at Itsumo as she plopped to the ground and started to much on bamboo once again. Itsumo laughed softly then out of the corner of her eye she saw the two young panda’s approaching her and Mizuseikatsu. Itsumo crouched down as they came closer and she reached out her right hand to pet the ones head after a few seconds the other young panda smacked her hand with its paw and Mizuseikatsu laughed. Slowly all but the largest panda came over to join Mizuseikatsu and Itsumo by the bamboo. However, the largest panda still stayed and sat over by the small stream just watching them all. The Panda’s all munched on bamboo and played around Itsumo stayed with them enjoying their company. After almost an hour her stomach growled and one of the little panda’s passed her a bamboo stalk. Itsumo laughed and shook her head. * “Sorry Little one I can’t eat that” *she said as she reached into her pack and pulled out a rice ball and bit into it. The taste was not the best but it was helping her hunger. She sat and munched on the rice ball while the pandas ate the bamboo. *

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End Results:

Itsumo Acquired Mizuseikatsu a Giant Panda Summon by using Mind Transfer and signing her own contract with the Female leader of the Panda's. She is now sitting and enjoying a rice ball while all but the largest panda of the group munch on bamboo.