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Summon Arc: 201 AN



After the events of the chuunin exams and Kagato's acquistion of his first path the Animal Path Kagato,  Kunisada, Ritsuka, and Akatori  Set out for the Island Turtle to aquire Summons for Ritsuka, Akatori Kagato's Animal Path and Kunisada.

The Start of the Journey: 

The Journey Begins: Onward To The Island - 201

Acquisition: Kagato

Summon Arc: The Hunt Begins: Inugami - 201

Summon Arc: The Skyward Hunt: Basan - 201

Summon Arc: The Hunt Continues: Angetsu - 201

Summon Arc: Free Fall To Panda Ground Zero: Takehiko - 201

Summon Arc: Don't Forget The Peanuts: Bosatsu - 201

Summon Arc: Path To The Final Bout: Sanshouuo - 201

Acquisition: Ritsuka 

Summon Arc: Finding Genso the Crow Prince- 201

Acquisition: Akatori 

Acquisition: Kunisada

Summon Arc: Baring Fangs: Shiōkami - 201

Summon Arc: The living Island:

Summon Arc: The Living Island - 201

Summon Arc: Touching Home Base - 201


Itsumo having to take time from the village to find out what she needs to know leaves for the Island but before making it past the battle field she is joined by Nara Shikake(NPC played by Unaru) Together they will make the Journey to the Turtle Island So that Itsumo will get her Panda Summon.

The Start of the Journey: 

The start of a new path: Journey to the island - 201

Acquisition: Itsumo

Summoning Arc: The Search for Mizuseikatsu-201

Paths Cross: Amegakure & Yonshiakure:

Summon Arc: Ruins of Iwagakure: Paths cross - 201

End Results: