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Yamanaka Itsumo, Uchiha Kunisada, Uzumaki Kagato, Uzumaki Ritsuka

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Title: Summon Arc: Touching Home Base

IItsumo: *Itsumo nodded and listened as Kagato spoke and then moved his coat. Her icy blue eyes glanced to him wondering if he was more injured then he was letting on. She then listened to Kagato turn and speak to Kunisada before they left the area. Itsumo sighed softly thinking to herself she was going to need to speak to her summon about what happened and tell her that she may be needed later. Itsumo then got to her feet finally and gathered her pack and panda doll onto her back. Her face changed as a sharp pain was felt into her hand. Itsumo looked down at her hand where she had sliced it when she was doing the contract with the panda. She could see the blood had soaked slight through the bandage she had put into place before joining the pandas by the bamboo. Itsumo started to unwrap the bandage as she walked across the small clearing over to the stream. She dipped the injured hand into the clear water washing the blood away the wound itself was no longer bleeding the wound wasn’t that bad it was a gash but it was already starting to heal. Itsumo shook her head and dried off her hand on her pants before turning and starting to walk through the floor of the forest back in the direction of the cave after a few feet however the trees became too dense for her to walk any further on the ground so she leapt up into the trees and started to move swiftly and silently through the trees. It took her about four hours to get back to the edge of the forest where the cave was that they had been staying in. She leapt from the tree she was crouched down in and landed on the ground below in the small clearing in front of the cave she could see now that it was day light once again. It was not often that the sun shined down on Itsumo’s skin she still had her face bear her masks where in her pack she had never put them back on after eating the rice ball back with the pandas so the sun was dancing across her pale skin. She turned her icy blue eyes towards the sky and reached up pulling the tie from her hair and letting her long pale blonde locks fall free. She finally reached the cave entrance and reached into her pocket and withdrew the scroll that Kagato had given her. She activated the scroll and watched as a door opened she slipped through as the door closed behind her. She paused just inside the mouth of the cave and glanced over at the figure dressed in all black there was no way they had already gotten the mammoth and come back to the cave so this must be a clone of some sort of Kuni she shook her head and continued walking. She made her way back to the back of the cave past the little shelter Shikake had set up for himself. She could feel his chakra still inside the section he had set up for himself so she walked past and back to where she originally had left her bag. She scanned the cave looking for the presence of Kagato’s son but he didn’t feel his chakra in the cave at all however she felt Kagato’s chakra again she assumed it was a clone of some sort and not the real Kagato. Her mind going back to the boy she assumed he had gone off on his own to chase his summon as he had not been with Kagato and Kuni when she had run into them. After a moment or two she would set her bag and her panda down against the wall and then turned back towards the exit of the cave the scroll still in her hand and her summoning scroll still tucked away in her pocket. She once again walked past Kuni as she used the scroll once more to exit the cave the door closing behind her she closed that scroll and placed it back into her pocket before withdrawing her summing scroll. She moved to the center of the clearing and sat down cross legged on the ground as she unroll the scroll and biting her thumb she let a drop of blood flow as she pushed it against the scroll. In a purple puff of smoke Mizuseikatsu appeared in front of Itsumo. She didn’t look happy in the least her bright blue eyes where darker now than they had been when Itsumo had fought her. Itsumo spoke first looking up at Mizuseikatsu whom was standing on her back legs looking down at Itsumo. Itsumo rerolled the summoning scroll and placed it back into her pocket before speaking. * “I understand you are morning the loss of the other Leader of the Panda’s Mizuseikatsu. However, you understand how the Shinobi world works and that risks are involved when accepting a challenge of becoming someone’s Summon. Kagato is hopefully going to be an ally of my village and I do not want you to do anything that could damage the chances of us forming an alliance.” *The tone Itsumo had was not the soft and friendly tone she had used when enjoying her time with the panda’s this time when she spoke it was firm and the tone of a leader. Her icy blue eyes locked with Mizuseikatsu’s for a brief moment before Mizuseikatsu looked away and spoke to Itsumo. * “I agreed to a contract with you Itsumo but I will not help that man in any way.”  *Mizuseikatsu’s tone was shaky and filled with hate as she spoke the words that Man. Itsumo assumed shew as talking about Kagato and she shook her head. * “You will If I ask you to that was our Agreement and you are bond by it by your own blood.” *Again Itsumo’s tone was Firm as she started to get to her feet. * “Or would you break your word and go against the contract Mizuseikatsu” *she added as shook her head looking at the large female panda standing in front of her. Mizuseikatsu let out a growl and plopped down on the ground the earth shaking a bit as she now glared at Itsumo. * “I will honor my Contract with you Itsumo, if you ask I will heal him but I won’t be pleasant about it.” *Mizuseikatsu said in a now grumpy tone. * “You can call me Mizu for short.” *She added after a moment. Itsumo tilted her head and smiled at Mizu nodding* “I wouldn’t expect anything less. I’m going to set up a fire now you can either go back or help me move some heavy logs for benches it’s your choice. Mizu” *Itsumo said as she walked off towards the wood line once more and into the woods Itsumo would walk around and gather wood bringing it back to where she had sat and going back for more After a few trips with Mizu watching Itsumo going back and forth Mizu got up and walked off into the woods she came back with two logs one over each shoulder and set them opposite each other on either side of the pile of wood Itsumo had made then went back for two more logs and then set them on the other two sides. The logs formed a square around where Itsumo had stacked the logs she had gathered so far. Itsumo then would get out matches and start a fire with those logs she had gathered as Mizu disappeared in a puff of purple smoke. Itsumo shook her head and went back to gather more wood only setting this wood off to the side in a pile so they had some fore later. She didn’t know if the others planned on staying at the camp for long after they returned but Itsumo was going to stay at least one more night to fully regain her strength. She had at least a three day jurney back to Yonshigakure if the turtle had no move any further away in the twenty-four or so hours that she had been on the island if it had Shikake and her trip would be longer in returning to their village. Itsumo then sat on one of the logs Mizu had brought out and stared at the flames of the fire she had started in silence. *  

KunisadaUchiha: -Shortly after the three of them were swallowed whole by Kunisada’s Kamui, the three of them quickly reappeared in where Kagato’s room was back at the camp. As they reappeared, the three of their physical bodies were still distorted until they took solid physical form once more as Kunisada deactivated his technique. Kunisada placed Kagato down gently as he leaned down to help him lie down on the ground of his room as he glanced over and saw a clone version of Kagato as well. In total, Kunisada had the real Kagato, Kagato’s Path and a clone of Kagato in a room with himself before he slowly stood up after helping Kagato lie down before turning his head to the Path as he spoke to him. He heard the Path speak about saying that if Kunisada wished to seek out a Summon of his own, he wouldn’t mind sending his Path to help him fight his Summon. Kunisada thought about the offer for a moment before responding to Kagato’s offer.- “..I’ll pass on the offer Kagato..The reason I went with you is because I knew how many you were going after Kagato..” –He paused momentarily before speaking once more.- “..I knew the risk you were facing and I wasn’t going to let you go out there to face the gauntlet on your own, plus you know I’ve got your back anyways..I’m only going after one Summon Kagato..All you worry about doing is having your actual body rest..” –Kunisada glanced at the wall that was between his room and the outside, knowing that his clone was still there just in case before he turned his head to Kagato’s Path.- “..My clone is still outside if you need help with something..Try not to scare the others with your Path and play nice with the others..” –Kunisada’s left eye then began to form another swirling vortex as it absorbed Kunisada inwards as well as distorting his form until he was absorbed whole and gone from Kagato’s room at the cave; it was time for him to go find a Summon of his own.-  

Kagato: -It wasn’t long before Kunisada and Kagato’s path were back to where they left him on the beach only to be helped up by slinging his arm around Kunisada’s neck to help stabilize him. Kagato watched as he also placed his hand on the Deva Path’s shoulder. Soon after Kunisada made contact with the other two and no sooner did this happen all three of them were absorbed into the same type of vortex that Kunisada had used a few times already to move them from one place to another which felt like being sucked into a black hole or at least that is what Kagato still thought but before Kagato knew it the vortex opened back up and they were back in Kagato’s make shift room in the cave of their camp. Once in the room Kagato was gently helped by Kunisada to the ground as well as helped to lay down. All Kagato could think of at this moment is that he could sense Kuni’s clone and the chakra from Itsumo and if Itsumo was a good sensing she would most likely feel three Kagato’s at the moment seeing as his clone as well as his path shared the same blue chakra. It wasn’t long after this that Kunisada began to answer Kagato about if he wanted help or not which turned out as Kagato listened to Kuni that he’d pass on the help and the only reason he went with Kagato is that he knew he how many he was going to face and that he was only going after one summon. Kagato. Kagato simply nodded his head as his lips parted. – “Very well good luck on your hunt and thank you for always having my back…As you know I have yours as well.” – Only to hear Kunisada speak about how Kagato needed to rest his body which wasn’t far from the truth Kagato’s body could use some rest seeing as how banged up he was after his fights. He watched as Kuni glanced from the wall that lead out of his room and the outside then listened to Kuni say if he needed help his clone was still outside. Kagato held up his two index fingers and made a plus sign which was the seal of the shadow clone. Kagato Shadow clone that was in the room with them proofed in a cloud of pearly white smoke returning all the chakra it had and knowledge it had back to him. Which he had learned in that instant his son Ritsuka had left the cave and went on a search for his own summon. Kagato then nodded to Kunisada’s statement as the same vortex swallowed Kunisada up and he vanished from sight. Kagato Had the Deva path sit down in the corner of the room while he closed his eyes slowly and left his body to rest while he caught up on a little sleep for a few hours. Kagato’s dreams were filled with disturbing images of past events and near death experiences which jarred him out of his sleep cold sweat dripping down his face. Kagato reached up with his right hand and removed his re-breather and mask and placed it to the side. He reached up once again and felt his head it had seemed he had a bit of a fever and the cold sweat was his bodies reaction.  Kagato slowly unraveled his bandages to look at his wounds and from what Kagato could tell his cut had become infected slightly which was most likely why he was running a fever and his skin looked a bit paler then normal.  Kagato sat up slightly and pulled off his black rob like coat and took off his black tight half netted top and placed it to the side. He then took out the same bandages he had been using to wrap his wounds with and placed a clean set around his torso a bit loser this time seeing as how really black and purple the bruises where around his right side lower rib cage. Kagato slowly got up on his feet and removed his right and left black armored glove tossing them aside. Kagato then released the seal he had on his door and slowly made his way out of his room and out of the cave walking straight past Kuni’s clone giving it a simple nod, using his pass he opened the door to the cave waiting for the stone wall of a door to slowly resend into the earth in which it came only to pop right back up after he steped out of it. Kagato once outside the cave looked out over the camp site spotting Itsumo over by a fire which he presumed she had made and had been sitting on one of the four logs that were placed around the camp fire. Kagato started to slowly make his way over to where Itsumo was sitting by the fire and took a seat next to her on the same log. He turned his head towards her and parted his lips slowly and spoke to her in a tired low toned voice. – “ Well my part is done…just waiting on the other two…I know you are done as well....do you plan on staying until we are finished here as well?”

IItsumo: *Itsumo’s head turned towards the cave as she felt more chakra signatures appear inside the cave. Two more with Kagato’s chakra signature and one more with Kuni’s chakra signature she found that a bit odd that they would come back with one more chakra signature then when they had left her alone by the stream but she just shook her head. After a few moments one of the Chakra signatures of Kagato vanished she figured that was a clone as one of the two signatures of Kagato got a bit stronger when it vanished. A few seconds later one of the Kuni signatures vanished as well. She again figured her released the clone of himself as they had returned. After a short while of not seeing anyone emerge from the cave Itsumo looked back at the fire. She got lost in her own thoughts and memories as she staired into the bright flames she lost track of time and before she knew it two hours had passed and she hadn’t even realized it. What brought her from her thoughts was motion as the rock that was covering the cave slid open and a very pale looking Kagato walked from the cave. He was again shirtless and he had bandages wrapped around his ribs. Itsumo wasn’t sure if it was from the injury the panda had given him or not but by the look of him as he got closer she could tell something was not right. Her icy blue eyes looked over him as he sat down on the log next to her she turned her head to face him. After a brief moment he spoke his voice low and tired unlike any time he had spoken to her before. She could tell that all the fights with his summons had taken their toll on him. As he spoke of his part being done and waiting for the other two to return she blinked she had been wrong about the Kuni that poofed being the clone apparently the real Kuni had left to get his own summon. She then nodded as he stated about her being done and asked if they were planning on waiting for the others as well. Itsumo thought about it for a moment she had planned originally on heading back as soon as she rested to Yonshigakure but then again she didn’t want to leave the island without all those whom they came to the island with. It may be her Shinobi training but she did not want to leave and find out later that one of the others didn’t make it back safely. She also wanted to make sure that Kagato had someone besides a clone to look after him as he didn’t look to well. After a few seconds pause she answered speaking softly in response. * “I figured we will wait for the others to return and leave the island as a group as that is how we came.” *She paused for a while then thinking about if she should ask if he was alright or not before she spoke again this time she had a bit of worry in her voice. * “Your much paler then you were when you left the bamboo forest, are you feeling alright? If you need I can summon Mizu to look at your wound she is very skilled in Medical Ninjutsu.” *Itsumo knew something was wrong but she knew well enough that most Kage’s would not admit that they were not one hundred percent and would use being tired or worn out as an excuse if he did this she would have no choice but to stay silent calling him out on lying to her would not be a good way to stay on his good side and after seeing him fight the panda she didn’t want to piss him off especially when she was tired herself and not looking to fight anyone. She turned her head back to the fire and closed her eyes silently waiting for his answer. * 

KunisadaUchiha: -A swirling vortex made itself known once more near Kagato’s door to his room before Kunisada’s figure appeared, distorted at first but quickly taking physical form quickly after appearing once more. As Kunisada’s body took a solid form once more after leaving his Kamui, his clone at the entrance of the cave disappeared in a puff of smoke as Kunisada made his way to the door that was guarding the entrance of the door. He used the pass as he opened the cave door, watching it slowly fall back into the earth once more; after he stepped through the door and made his way outside, he heard the wall send itself back up after he stepped through it into the outside of the cave. He saw Itsumo and Kagato sitting at a fire, wondering why Kagato was sitting down when he knew that he had broken ribs; the both of them weren’t medical experts, but they both knew that he was going to cause himself more pain and discomfort sitting down with broken ribs. He made himself over nearby where the two of them were, not going as close to the fire as Itsumo and Kagato were at, but he was close enough to them where they could see him. He was a little bit away from Kagato’s left side, but when he took a small glance at Kagato, he saw his face was much paler than the last time he had seen him and he looked severely tired; he didn’t expect Kagato to be able to get much rest with broken ribs bothering him every second. Kunisada didn’t bother trying to sit down, knowing that it would cause him more discomfort and pain than he would have wanted to. His injuries weren’t as severe as Kagato’s, being that he only had to fight one Summon and not six, but he still didn’t want to possibly worsen them. He turned his head slowly towards the cave once more before activating his Byakugan, his face and eyes being hidden due to his rebreather and the dark purple tint covering his eyes, taking a quick scan of the chakra sources in the cave. He glanced at the chakra sources he could see Shikake’s dark green chakra source as well as Kagato’s Path’s chakra source; he knew Itsumo and Kagato were sitting right next to him so the only one missing from the group now was Ritsuka. He deactivated his Byakugan as he casually turned his head back as Kunisada figured that Ritsuka had moved on his own to go and find his own Summon while Kagato, Itsumo and he were all out of the cave. Kunisada kept himself silent as the two Kages seemed to be sitting in a small silence around the campfire and waited to see if either of the Kages would either speak to him or to the other.- 

IlLucianlI: *Ritsuka had to figure out a way back to camp, with all the battling he had lost his way some, no longer sure which way was south and toward the groups cave. He spun around taking in the scenes of the lush, full bright green trees, the branches creaking against the winds push. The bright blue sky peeking out from between the branches leafy reach. He stood there taking in the calm around him while the wind ran through his dark red locks playfully. He flinched as the crow landed on his shoulder, breaking his day dream. He glanced at the crow before a thought struck him. He spoke to the crow carefully and politely as he asked for its assistance.* “ Genso, I know we just formed this contract. I dont want to seem rude but do you think you could do me a favor. I need to locate my company I traveled here with. Can you fly south of here and find them? They would be in a cave about a mile south of this location. He awaited a response hoping this wasnt asking to much. * Genso: He watched as the boy stood in the clearing before flying over and landing on his shoulder. He turned to face the boy as he spoke his request. He scoffed mentally looking the boy up and down before sighing and speaking back to the boy.* “ Fine! I'll help ya but dont think were best friends or something...I still think you're a cheater. I'll locate them as we travel, try to stay close to me. With that he launched up off Ritsuka's shoulder and took to the bright blue sky, He flapped his wings he glanced down to watch the boy. He wanted to make sure he didn't loose the kid, He circled around once for the boy to get into the trees and took of toward the south. Flying at about half of his top speed. It might seem a bit typical but flying was his favorite. There was nothing holding him back from doing whatever he wanted, going all over the world. It was a true freedom. As they had gone on for just under an hour before he finally spotted what appeared to be three shinobi near the entrance of a cave. Two were sitting upin a log. A male and a woman another male stood near them. Genso figured that had to be the group he had traveled with. There wasnt many shinobi who came out here let alone there being two separate groups at the same time. He Slowly lowered his altitude and headed toward the young ninja approaching the clearing and group of ninja. Genso landed on his shoulder again and spoke to him quietly. * “Theres a cave up ahead a few feet. Three shinobi out near the entrance, a tall one with hair dark red like yours. Another tall male shinobi with him. Along with a pale blonde woman. I assume thats your group. I'm going to be heading back. It was nice battling with you Ritsuka. Feel free to summon me for serious matters. I'm not some errand boy, Y'know? “* With that he launched off the shinobi's shoulder and flew back off to his family. Things were going to be different with this boy around, he could already tell. He shook his head as he flew thinking about the strange shinobi that managed to best him. IlLucianlI: Ritsuka was appreciative that the crow agreed to help him, He pocketed his Kunai, and made sure the gunbai was secured tightly on his back He glanced up spotting the bird circling above and set off after him as he began to fly south, He crouched down feeling his legs tighten as he jumped up to the high branches of the trees around them, He continued on after the crow. His arm throbbing at his side upon further inspection he found he could wiggle his fingers and arm slightly, He figured the arm was just sprained He was grateful it wasnt a break with there being no medical ninja at the camp, He could tie it up with a sling as the best treatment till they got back to the village. Looking up at the bird again after every few minutes as they went on. He could help but smile beneath his rebreather. They had finally finished theyre mission and could go home. He hoped nothing crazy had happened while they had been away, to be honest he hadnt even really kept track of the days they had been gone. Everything had gotten blurred together as well as a gap of time missing from when he was unconscious. He would have to remember to ask when they returned to camp. As he looked up to check on Gensos location for about the fifth time He noted he was lowering down to Ritsuka's shoulder, landing delicately. The bird informed him of the cave and group ahead. The description was dead on. His father, Kunisada and The Shikage must be outside of the cave awaiting his return. He Informed the crow it was his group and spoke back after the birds quip.* “Oi, dont tell me what to do.”* He chuckled lightly and spoke again* “ I'll be in contact. It was good to meet you Genso.” He watched the bird fly off before turning his blue eyes staring head as he emerged fro the wooded area to the beach and walked over to the group collected near the entrance of the nearby cave. He addressed the group calmly* Hey, I managed to obtain a summon. Though I seemed to sprain my arm from what I guess. It would need to be checked out by someone with better medical knowledge. The arm only had been dull throbbing since the battle. It is quite tender to the touch though. Did everyone else succeed in Obtaining what they came here for.? '* He awaited their answer patiently. He couldnt help but feel proud he managed to do the task alone. He hoped his father felt the same.* 

Kagato: -Kagato listened as Itsumo spoke listening to her talk about how she was going to wait and leave with everyone since they came here together. Kagato turned his head slightly to look at her his ribs and lower torso throbbing in a dual pain at this point with hints of stabbing pains running through out listening to Itsumo ask if He was alright seeing as she thought he had looked paler then he had before and how if he needed it she could summon her panda to use her medical jutsu on him. Kagato felt off but he wasn’t going to let on to this specially in front of another Kage. Kagato lips parted slowly before speaking to Itsumo in a calm hushed sounding voice. - “Very well then but We are not staying much longer as a matter of fact ….”  - Kagato felt the chakra signature of Kunisada reappear right beside him by the fire. Kagato turned his head and looked towards Kunisada seeing as how he was glancing at the cave no doubt in his mind that Kuni was giving it the once over looking for the other’s chakra signatures. Kagato quickly turned back around and parted his lips once more as the fire cracked in its low tones. – “As for how I am…. I should be fine till I get back to my village…which won’t take long…from here…” – No sooner did Kagato say this that he felt his son’s chakra signature close in on the group at the camp site only to have him address the group as soon as his son got there. Kagato jolted his eyes to Rits as he spoke of returning with a summon and asked if everyone obtained everything they came fore. Kagato simply nodded his head up and down to his son before parting his lips once more to address him. – “Yes…it would seem so…also glad you were able to find and obtain one yourself…but now we should head out…” – Kagato turned to the group looking them over once more before calling over his son. With Kagato’s right hand he started to produce tiny chakra blade receivers half an inch in length and no thicker than a normal earing four in total.   Kagato tossed one of the four to his son singing his right hand. – Place this somewhere in you…no if ands or buts about it…” – Kagato waited a few moments for his son to carry out his order before moving on to the others and addressing them giving him no real choice in the matter. – “I can get us all back to Amegakure within the matter of a few seconds if youns want to take that route…. Place one of these through part of your body somewhere….” – Kagato laid the other three chakra receivers out on the log next to him. The black metal of the receivers reflected the light of the reddish orange fire as if the light was dancing on their surfaces. – “If you take this route these will help me summon you there…that is all…” – Kagato made sure there was one for each person even Itsumo’s hunter nin. While Kagato was doing this His deva path was gathering up all his clothing and other odds and ends he still had back in his make shift room in the cave. – “If you need time to gather stuff up I will give you some time…I am sure either way we all will be in touch…”  - Kagato waited a half an hour before making his next move giving the others time to respond to his suggestion before acting upon what he set forth to bring them all home. – UzumakiHayate: - Back in the tallest tower of Amegakure the room within the tower Kagato used as his Kage off ice the Animal path began to slam its hands on the cold hard floor of the office having a summon seal expand outwards from its finger tips. The Path was trying to summon those who agreed upon Kagato’s offer back on the island. This act would take up a lot of what remaining chakra Kagato had left and after doing so even specially in his weakened condition he would need time to rest and due to this fact Kagato had medical nin already stationed in the office waiting for them to arrive. Once the cloud of smoke appeared in the summoning seal that had spread itself on the floor of his office Kagato, his Deva Path, Ritsuka and whomever else picked this way of transport would appear there in the office. Kagato would stubble slightly as he lost connection with his paths at this point using almost all the chakra he had to bring them back to Amegakure letting the bodies fall to the ground with a heavy thud one after the other both the Animal and the Deva path. – Kagato: -  As Kagato stumbled the head medical nin came rushing over and caught him before he fell to the ground picking him up and placing him on an already prepared black metal and purple dressed gurney bed with the help of the team of five other medical nin standing around it. Kagato slowly closed his eyes as the medical nin team quickly hauled the Kagato out of the Kage’s office and headed over to the hospital to get him looked after. Once outside there was one thing different about Amegakure at this time the rain that had always fallen from the sky infused with Kagato’s on blue chakra came to a grinding halt leaving only slight trickles that fell from the storm clouds above. On the way to the hospital which only took the matter of five minutes Kagato was in and out of conscious in and out of a deep sleep he could hear muffled voices of the medical nin as they called out what they needed to fix him up. They started an Iv drip, placing it in his right hand to help get fluids in him to help try and reduce the fever while they worked on the infection. The Medical nins rushed around the private hospital room hooking him up to all sorts of monitors to watch over his vitals. After what seemed like days to Kagato but only a few short hours they had the infection that he had gotten on the island from his wound all cleaned up as well as all stitched up taking twelve stiches in total. The fever that once plagued him was gone   as well as the tone of his skin started to become less pale almost normal in color. After the next half an hour that passed after this they assessed his broken ribs and began to patch them up which turned out they were just they were just cracked and not fully broken which would take less time to heal even with the healing jutsu’s applied it still would be awhile before Kagato was fully healed and back to one hundred percent. for now, all Kagato could do is rest and let his body heal the rest of the way on its own. -

IItsumo: -Itsumo looked at Kagato and nodded as he spoke about it not being too long before they headed back. She wasn’t sure how they were going to get back themselves. She then glanced up just as a chakra signature that she was starting to get used to being around appeared out of thin air just to the side of Kagato. Itsumo then glanced back at Kagato as him spoke once again she listened not believing one word he said about being alright in the least but not wanting to call him a liar she simply shook her head. She was about to open her mouth to speak when she felt another chakra signature approaching. This time it was Kagato’s son whom came from the tree line and joined them by the fire speaking about getting his summoning and asking if the others had as well. Itsumo nodded her head not speaking as Kagato pulled something from his pocket and spoke to his son about putting the rod into him. Itsumo Tilted her head and watched as the boy did what his father said then blinked as Kagato set three more rods on the log and spoke to her and Kuni. He explained that if they put the rods into their body they would be able to get back to Amegakure vary fast. Itsumo wasn’t sure she wanted to go back to Amegakure she wanted to get back to her village as fast as possible but this would be quicker than trying to figure out where she was once she got to the main land again. She simply nodded and listened to him speak once again about gathering gear and coming back. Itsumo sighed softly and made a connection to Shikake whom was in the cave. She spoke to him in her mind and asked him join them and asked him if he could grab her bag and the panda attached to the bag. Shikake wouldn’t have to touch the doll to bring the bag and doll out. After a few moment Shikake emerged from the cave and set the bag next to Itsumo then stood behind her looking around. Itsumo thanked him then picked up two of the receivers handing one to Shikake she then took the remaining receiver that she had in her hand and placed it into the whole she had for earrings in her right ear. She nodded for Shikake to do the same thing and he did only placing it into his left ear. Itsumo then got to her feet and picked up her pack just as she got in on her back she blinked and the next thing she knew she was standing in an office covered in purple. She looked at Kagato and in a split second he was collapsing to the ground and medical ninja surrounded him. She was glad he had a team of medical ninja on standby for him and the others when they returned but she was very worried about him none the less. As Kagato was rushed from the office she glanced around at the others then spoke. * “Please thank him for us when he is well and let him know that when we come to Amegakure for the Chunin exams I would love to speak to him about an alliance between our villages. However, at this time we must return to Yonshigakure.” *she nodded at them as she removed the rod from her ear and then watched as Shikake did the same they both set the rods on a nearby table and then she and Shikake left the office through the door Kagato and the medial ninja had left through. They didn’t know the village but as they reached the street she could see that the main street lead straight to the gate out of the village. The one thing she noticed was that after all the talk of it always raining in Amegakure it was no longer raining in the village. Itsumo wondered if it had something to do with Kagato as she made her way out of the village with Shikake and made her way back to Yonshigakure. -

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada kept his gaze down towards the fire as the silence was broken as he heard Kagato speak about being fine until he got back to Amegakure, which according to him wouldn’t take much longer. After he heard Kagato’s sentence end, he heard Ritsuka speak as he rejoined the group and told them that he had been able to capture a Summon on his own before hearing Kagato congratulating his son and telling them that they should head out. He saw Kagato make four small chakra receivers in his right hand, tossing one to Ritsuka before speaking to them about placing the chakra receivers in a place on their body, telling them no excuses. Kunisada listened to Kagato as he spoke to them about getting them back to Amegakure within a matter of seconds if they wished to and to implant the chakra receiver in some part of their body. Kunisada watched as Kagato laid out the other chakra receivers next to him on the log before hearing Kagato tell them that the only thing he would use them for is to be to summon them to Amegakure; that was it. Kunisada heard Kagato tell them that if they needed to get anything that he’d give them some time, saying that either way they’d all be in touch. Kunisada had everything he had brought on the trip on his back, his Kusanagi was still attached to his lower back before he leaned down slightly to grab one of the chakra receivers; this motion caused his ribs to contract, causing him a considerable amount of pain, but kept silent and showed no difference in his body language as he stood back up and walked back over to the cave. He didn’t leave anything else in the room nor did he need to be transferred through Kagato’s means, but he knew this could be Kagato’s last reserve of chakra and if they were going to arrive in Amegakure; more specifically in his office, he didn’t need anyone else seeing the Paths for any longer than they needed to. Kunisada was now in Kagato’s room he had been using in the cave, hiding from anyone who might’ve been coming into the cave before glancing down at Kagato’s chakra receiver in his hand for a few seconds. He placed the small object in his pocket before he quickly activated his Eternal Mangenkyo Sharingan, his left eye turning a dark crimson color before a swirling vortex appeared quickly and began to absorb Kunisada’s body into it quickly before absorbing him whole as he left the cave and the island itself. Shortly after Kunisada reappeared as a swirling vortex made itself known once more and Kunisada’s distorted figure was made present once more before taking its solid form once again as Kunisada felt his chakra becoming increasingly low from all of the charka he had used since the beginning of the trip. He was outside of Kagato’s office door as he turned the doorknob and opened the door, making his way inside of Kagato’s office, moving past the medical ninja that were already waiting there for him. He made his way over to Kagato’s desk before scribbling a message down on a piece of paper wrapping it up and attaching it to the vulture that was stationed at Kagato’s office before telling the vulture to deliver the message to the ANBU Dojo before watching the bird fly away to do as he requested. The note he had written was for two ANBU nin to come to Amegakure Tower as quickly as possible; he knew that summoning the whole group back here would use up any chakra he had left and given that he also wasn’t in the best physical condition, he knew he would probably pass out from the whole ordeal. A few minutes passed as Kunisada stayed still and quiet in Amegakure, waiting for both the ANBU he had sent for and for Kagato as well as the rest of the group that was going to be arriving with him. Another minute passed before two puffs of smoke appeared in front of Kunisada as two ANBU members stood in front of him before he held up his hand as an order for the two of them to wait for the time being. About twenty more minutes passed before Kagato’s Path slammed its hands on the floor of his office as a large summoning seal expanded on the floor before seeing a large puff of smoke quickly made itself known as Kagato and the rest of the group appeared in the room before seeing Kagato stumble and the two Paths fell to the ground quickly. Kunisada noticed the medical nin rush towards Kagato and take him away on a black metal and purple gurney and took him away. Kunisada nodded at the two ANBU before each of the ANBU picked up a Path body and disappeared into a blur as they knew where to place the Path bodies, leaving Kunisada, Ritsuka, Itsumo and Shikake in the office. He saw Itsumo turn to face him and talk to him, asking him to thank Kagato for them when Kagato was well and also wishing to speak to Kagato after the Chunin Exams to speak of an alliance with their Villages. She spoke that she must be getting back to Yonshigakure before nodding at him and leaving the Tower, leaving only Ritsuka and himself in the office. He took note that as soon as Kagato had been rushed out, the sound of rain falling outside of his office had died out quickly, something he knew was linked with Kagato’s chakra, but since he was out of commission Amegakure would have to deal without its constant rainfall for a while. Kunisada walked over to Kagato’s office desk and opened a drawer slightly as he reached into his pocket and placed the small chakra receiver as well as the pass he had given them back on the island into the desk drawer before closing it. He made his way over to the door, walking past Ritsuka before opening the door and began to leave Amegakure Tower. As he made his way out of the Tower, he found himself glancing at the streets of Amegakure once more, seeing two silhouettes walking towards the gate of the Village figuring it was Itsumo and Shikake. It felt like they had been away from Amegakure a lot longer than it was, but he dismissed the thought from his mind as he walked away from Amegakure Tower, they’d all need some rest time, even Kagato and himself so there wasn’t a need to push him anymore than he had been; they were home and it was time for all of them to take a rest period.-

IlLucianlI: He smiled beneath his re-breather at his father’s approval. No one would see the smile due to the rebreather he was wearing. Though from the looks of his father, his summons put up quite the fight, his thoughts on the matter were quickly cut off by the chakra blades his father had made. 4 total. His father threw one to him which he caught easily in his right hand. It seemed odd, Ritsuka had no idea what his father was planning. He quickly removed the left earring with his right hand, placing it in a pouch on his purple and black Jounin flak. After that he replaced the earring with the chakra rod piercing he had palmed while switching the earring out. He was curious to find out what his father was planning. He didn’t know much about the chakra rods but knew they had to do with his father’s Rinnegan. His answer came after he had finished putting the rod in as his father spoke, he listened to him closely as he placed the chakra rods on the log for the other three shinobi and explained their use. Kunisada and the two Yonshigakure ninja took the chakra rods to Use to travel back to Amegakure. Ritsuka had everything he had come with, his scrolls and tool bags were at his waist and his gunbai was on his back. He was ready to go, He had never seen the chakra rods used to teleport, if that was even the right word. He figured it would be like a reverse summoning. In his moments taken to try to figure out the way this would work he was in His father office in the tower. He blinked lightly as he looked around watching as his father was grabbed by medical ninja to prevent his collapse. He felt a twinge of fear for his father. He knew it was childish to worry but he couldn’t help it. He managed to appear unphased by the collapse with the exception of a small gasp that had passed his lips when the collapse took place. He knew he should make sure everything with the Yonshigakure ninja went well before he went off to see his father. After his father had been taken from the room by the awaiting medical ninja, the two Yonshigakure were addressing Kuni. It seems they were heading out by the looks of it, he nodded to them as they departed the room no only Kunisada and himself remained. He gave a glance up to the Anbu ninja before nodding to him quickly, and rushing from the room. He had to head further through the tower to their home and drop off the extra supplies he had on him then he had to go to the hospital and see his father as well as get his arm fixed. His blue eyes full of worry for his father, but just being home was a comfort in itself. He knew his father was getting the best medical treatment possible and for that he was grateful. As he came into his home, the usual sound of rain had stopped, it was surprising such a subtle difference could be so deafening. *

End Results:

Kagato, Kunisada, Ritsuka, Itsumo, all got their summons and ended up back at their camp shortly after they were alltransported to Amegakure ending their stay on the island.