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Uzumaki Kagato, Uchiha Kunisada

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Kagato:  -Nodded up and down slightly to Kunisada’s statement about how they should be heading out then. Kagato looked around the area and began to scan the chakra signatures pin point the one he was seeking. In the same fashion as before but with less chakra placed into it Kagato took off in a blur using his body flicker moving much slower then he had in the previous journeys  he had that day.  If this wasn’t a business trip this island would be a nice place to spend some time and relax  it was quite beautiful with all the colors and sounds even the local wild life being as big some were held somewhat of a majestic atmosphere.  With that said not like A Kage could take time off for such things which made him remember the days before he became the Amekage, being able to travel where ever seeing all there was to see even if it was on a mission but none the less seeing what this world held. Kagato zigzagged through the tree’s quickly spotting some of the smaller wild life of this island like rabbits, snakes and birds of every color imaginable.  Kagato began to think on that for a moment if they really had to and ran out of the food they had brought with them they could easily hunt for food here, because not only did they have wild life all around them but there were fruits and nuts as well. As they were making their way to the mountain Kagato released his rain tiger at will technique which Kagato thought would help more than hinder his progress seeing as he really didn’t the rain to sense chakra it just made it easier. The storm clouds started to dissipate as quickly as they had come to foreshadow the island. The rain drops still cascaded off the tree’s leaves for a moment or two before becoming droplets hitting the ground and other objects like a slow beating drum. If Kagato had been moving as quick as he had been earlier they would have reached his destination  within an half hour but this wasn’t the case Kagato had slowed his pace down and kept it steady instead of  going all out which took them about an hour to reach the foot hill of the mountain they needed to climb. Kagato looked straight up towards the sky looking to see if he could see the top of the mountain which he found out was covered in a slight fog and made it impossible to see the peak of the mountain from his current location and now with the sun setting in its final stages didn’t help matters any making it that more impossible to see. Kagato looked left to right slowly scoping out the area, they needed a place to at least rest for about an hour before continuing their journey upwards but there were no caves or anything that Kagato could see within the area that they were at. Kagato spotted a cluster of tree’s that he could easily set up a little hammock to catch some sleep in for the time being; After all if they were to climb the mountain in this state and have to fight right away the toll on their bodies would just be greater than it needed to be. Kagato turned to see where Kunisada was before speaking to him by parting his lips slowly in a metallic sounding type of voice. – “ Well I’m going to set up two hammocks over there in the nearby tree’s  if you would gather some wood and get a fire started  while I do this to move things along faster it would be much appreciated….”  - Kagato waited  for a few moments giving Kuni time to responded to his statement before proceeding over towards the tree’s. Once reaching the tree’s Kagato took out a purple scroll from the strap of his back pack and began to unroll it quickly placing it on the ground. Kagato slamed his hands on top of the scroll and in a puff of greyish black smoked two cloth like thicker sheets and some rope appeared. Kagato picked up the rope and thicker blue sheets Kagato began to string the ropes through the provided holes in the cloth one by one. He then wrapped  one end of the rope around one of the tree’s and placed his right foot flat on the trunk of the tree and began to pull the rope with his right and left hand firmly  griping it making sure it was tight before tying it off. Kagato repeated the process with the other side and the other set of cloth and rope until they were stretched out and formed a make shift hammock. The hammocks were side by side seeing as how the trees were placed. Kagato brushed his right and left black gloved hands together slightly to remove the rope dust before making his way over towards Kunisada letting enough time to pass if he was to start a fire it could have been going by now.- “ Well that’s done.. we should eat something and rest soon …”

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada watched as Kagato nodded slightly towards his comment before seeing Kagato look around the area for a moment. He watched as Kagato took off in a blur, which he quickly followed the same fashion as he kept up with Kagato’s Body Flicker pace; both of them were moving much slower than when they first started, but Kunisada knew the reasoning for it. He began to take in the scenery around the two of them, which were things Kagato and he both weren’t too familiar with anymore given where they lived. The both of them had been out of the Village before when they were sent off to do other missions, so it wasn’t as if this was their first time seeing wildlife. That being said, this kind of scenery wasn’t something that anyone who lived in Amegakure No Sato saw every day. He noticed after a little more travel that the rain had stopped falling down upon them which he figured that Kagato released his use of his Rain Tiger at Will Technique. Kunisada focused on keeping his pace with Kagato, which took them about an hour to reach their destination. During their travel however, he wondered if anyone back at the cave had woken yet or if anyone had questioned Itsumo’s absence. Shikake might be able to piece the puzzle of where his Kage went after he woke from his slumber, but he wasn’t sure how long it’d take or how he’d react about his Kage being missing until his brain pieced it together. His mind also slightly wandered to Ritsuka and wondered if he’d try and do what his father and what Itsumo were doing as well; he knew his clone was keeping an eye on the cave and everyone else in it, but he wasn’t sure if Kagato wanted his son to go find a Summon all on his own or not. After the two of them made it to the foot of the mountain, Kunisada glanced over at Kagato looking upwards towards the mountain top. Kunisada glanced around as well, knowing that the two of them weren’t exactly out in the open, but he wasn’t sure on what animals lurked around here, if any. He turned his head slowly towards Kagato when he heard Kagato’s metallic voice speaking to him about setting up hammocks in the nearby trees and he asked for him to gather some wood and get a fire started. Kunisada spoke to Kagato, his voice sounding metallic through his rebreather.- “..Understood..” –After he spoke, Kunisada moved himself towards some trees a little farther away from the two of them, slowly unsheathing his Kusanagi as he made his way towards the trees. After he made his way towards the large trees, he began cutting off some of the thicker branches of the trees seeping some of his own chakra into the blade to make the process easier, knowing that he’d have to use those to keep the fire alive longer as opposed to just gathering smaller tree branches that might’ve had the fire die out quickly. After he cut them off, he resheathed his blade and began picking up the fallen limbs of the trees underneath his arm before making his way back to Kagato. When he saw Kagato, he continued to make his way over towards where he was setting up the hammocks until he was about a little bit away from the hammocks themselves; he didn’t want to make a fire too close to where the rest area was going to be put up. After he knelt down and placed the firewood material down in a pile, Kunisada glanced back over at Kagato as he saw him finishing up on setting up the hammocks. He turned his focus back to the small firewood pile as he focused a small amount of chakra up from his stomach and brought it up as he shot out a small fireball towards the firewood pile. When the flame touched the pile of wood, it caught a few pieces of wood on fire, to which Kunisada took a piece of wood he hadn’t thrown in the fire and gently poked the wood that had caught on fire towards the ones that hadn’t. After the small nudge, the rest of the firewood pile began to glow ablaze with fire and due to the close proximity of Kunisada to the fire he could immediately feel the heat from the fire. He slowly and carefully placed the piece of wood he had used to help spread the fire through the rest of the pile into the fire as it quickly set ablaze as well. After the last remaining piece of wood was on fire, Kunisada slowly stood up from his kneeling position as he heard Kagato make his way over to him before hearing him speak about getting something to eat and then resting soon. Kunisada hadn’t touched the food that he brought along with him yet since Kagato had made them food; the food he brought that was stored in his backpack wouldn’t have gone bad for the length of their trip for now. He looked over at Kagato after a moment of silence passed between the two of them and spoke, his voice coming out metallic as he regarded his friend.- “..If you want, I brought some food if you don’t feel like cooking anything Kagato..” –He stayed quiet for a few seconds before crossing his arms slightly and gazed into the fire, the flames bouncing off of the dark tint of his rebreather, making his eyes harder to see than they already were before speaking again.- “..Some is onigiri, some bento boxes, water, and some wrapped up yakitori, but we can heat that up with the fire..” –He kept his gaze on the fire before speaking to him again.- “..If you wish to make something, then feel free to say so; I won’t take any offense to it..” –Kunisada stayed quiet as he waited for Kagato’s verdict on what he preferred to make and eat.-

Kagato: -As Kagato made his way over to Kunisada he watched as Kuni expelled a small fire ball from his mouth directing it at the wood pile he had collected for the fire Kagato asked him to make. It didn’t take long for the wood to catch a blaze but he watched as Kuni took a piece of wood and began to stir the fire and wood making the embers crackle and hiss slightly with a reddish orange glow. Kagato stood just a few feet away from Kunisada looking over Kuni’s shoulder he could see the Red tips of flames dancing about in the wind. These little things shinobi like Kagato especially with his higher status being a Kage, are taken for granted with all the running around and day to day events of their busy lives.  There was something about how the flames and the embers were whipping around the fire that strangely seemed calming yet exciting at the same time. There was something about the fire that was beautiful yet at the same time how wild and untamed it is as well as in the same aspect how it can be a deadly force if used as an attack. Kagato was caught off guard slightly by Kuni’s statement about how he had food with him if he didn’t want to cook again.  As long as Kagato has known Kuni he had never once seen him actually eat yet he was offering to share his food with him. Kagato moved towards Kuni and stood next to him now facing the fire fully with him as Kuni stated what he had and if Kagato wished to make something he still could if he preferred. Kagato pondered this for a moment before parting his lips and speaking to Kuni about his choice in the matter. – “ Well I think it would be nice to try your cooking for once…hopefully you will partake in something to eat as well…I think I’ll try.. the yakitori, and onigiri…if you don’t mind…” –Kagato looked around for a few moments spotting  an over turned tree with its mid-section  broken away from the top and end making it perfect for a make shift bench.  Kagato took a few steps from Kuni and the fire four totals to reach the log. Kagato bent slightly and took ahold of the log with his right and left firmly. Kagato began to drag the greyish brown hunk of wood back over towards where Kuni and the fire were. Kagato dragged it into position to where it wasn’t too far away from a couple feet at most. Kagato then proceeded to sit down on the log. He slid his black back pack off his shoulders and set it off to the side but within arm’s reach. Kagato unzipped his back pack and pulled out a small metal flask and two small cups which sat no more than two inches high. Kagato popped off the cap to the flask and poured out a foggy like liquid out of the metal flask and into the cups. Kagato picked up one of the tiny silver porcelain cups and unsnapped his black metal re-breather and mask with his left hand and placed it next to him on his left. Kagato picked up the second cup with his thumb and index and extended the one in his left hand to Kuni.  – “ I thought this occasion called for a little special drink…special sake….” – Kagato glanced over to Kuni as he waited for him to either decline or take the offering of a drink.- “ It’s been a long trip so far…and it couldn’t hurt to relax a little….” – Kagato didn’t have many people who were closed to him and if for some reason they got close it was  most likely they were trying to do so to try and get at him but with Kuni this was not the case.  Kagato considered Kuni apart of his family more than just a best friend more like a brother that he never had. – “ Well here’s to tonight and the things to come..”

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada turned his head slowly towards Kagato as he agreed to eat some of the food Kunisada had brought along with him; he half-way didn’t expect Kagato to say yes, to be honest. Kunisada watched as Kagato asked for what he wanted to eat, to which Kunisada merely nodded and moved his arms slightly as he unhooked his backpack straps from around his shoulders and gently swung his backpack out in front of him. After he got his backpack in front of him, he knelt down onto the ground so he could get the contents within the bag easier as he saw Kagato moving something over to them out of the corner of his eye; he also heard the noise that accompanied whatever he was moving towards where he was. He reached into his bag and moved some things around as he placed two water bottles near his feet as he began to search for what Kagato had asked to eat. He pulled out a wrapped up onigiri and held it in his left hand as his right hand searched for the yakitori. Shortly after finding the onigiri, he found wrapped up yakitori with skewers going through them. He glanced over as he saw Kagato sit down and pull out two metallic cups and a metal flask, making his eyes narrow slightly.  He then saw Kagato pour himself a drink of whatever was in the flask before he heard Kagato speak to Kunisada that it was special sake” for the occasion. He saw as Kagato was waiting for him to accept or decline the offer. Kunisada slowly shook his head at Kagato’s offer before he responded to him.- “..No thanks Kagato, I’ll stick with water..” –Kunisada followed his statement before seeing Kagato toast to the things that were going to come as well as the night itself. Kunisada waited for Kagato to drink his shot of sake before handing out his food to him and talking to him while he was getting it from his hands.- “..the yakitori will needed to be heated up, but the skewers should help it with the fire..the onigiri should be just fine though..” –After Kagato took the food from Kunisada’s hands, he pondered slightly about Kagato wondering if he himself was going to eat anything as well. Kunisada had eaten only once on this trip and he had isolated himself in his makeshift house before he ate anything. Kunisada reached into his backpack and pulled out a bento box and placed it next to himself as he put one of the two water bottles next to Kagato. Kunisada slowly zipped his backpack up and slung it back around his shoulders and secured it on his back before making his way over to the bench that Kagato had brought over for the both of them to sit on. Kunisada reached over and brought his bento box and water bottle over beside himself as he placed the bento box in his lap and placed the water bottle by his feet. Kunisada sat in silence as he waited for Kagato to begin to eat his own food as he contemplated on eating or not.-

Kagato: -Kagato was a little disappointed seeing as how Kuni  didn’t want to partake in a cup of his special sake for the occasion they were in but he  also expected it at the same time seeing as Kuni never really drank those short of beverages but it didn’t hurt to try. Kagato put the tin cup to his lips and tilted his head back slightly drawing the liquid passed his lips into his mouth and swallowing it causing it to travel down his throat. He repeated the process with the other small cup that Kuni turned down seeing as he didn’t want it to go to waste. As the liquid passed through his body it gave a warming sensation on the inside. Kagato sat both of the cups down next to him as he watched Kuni dig out his food and hand him the food Kagato had asked for. Kagato listened to Kuni as he explained that the yakitori will needed to be heated up, but the onigiri should be just fine though. Kagato nodded his head up and down slightly letting Kuni know he under stood. Kagato took hold of the yakitori by griping the skewer by his right blacked gloved hand while he held the onigiri with his left hand. Kagato extend his right arm out towards the fire holding the yakitori out ward over top of the fire just above it letting the flames lick at but not touch the food itself.  Kagato turned the skewer clock wise about half way until he had done so with all sides being brought above the flames to heat it evenly, As Kagato heated up his yakitori he took a bite out of his onigiri. Soon as the yakitori was heated up fully Kagato brought the skewer up to his lips and slightly blew on it to make sure it wasn’t too hot before taking a bite.  After each bite of yakitori Kagato took a bite of onigiri repeating the process until all of his food was gone.  Kagato waited a few moments before speaking to Kunisada once more. – “Thank you for the food…it was good.” -  It was true they were out in the wilds far from their native village but even these little small comforts such as food  made the trip more bearable not saying that Kagato didn’t want to get back to his home Amegakure as soon as possible but all things considered he was enjoying being out away from the village  for the time being seeing as it wasn’t something he often got the chance to do anymore seeing as he was the Kage. Kagato watched Kuni for a few moments waiting to see if he would start eating or not before he started to speak to him once more. – “All things considered the trip is going well only a few setbacks….it is kind of nice to get out of the village though…” – Kagato waited a few more  minutes before  he started to contemplate about heading off to get some rest.  After all in this trip you were better off getting some rest while you could for no one could say what was going to happen further down the line.  Kagato lips parted slowly once more as he began to speak to Kuni once again. – “ Thank you once again for the food but I think I’m going to get some rest I think you should do the same….we should head back out in a couple hours… to keep our progress steady…” – Kagato waited a few minutes before  standing up  and heading over towards one of the hammocks. Kagato placed his re-breather and mask back on his face and made sure it was a tight fit. He didn’t want to have an unexpected event to happen where he would need it on and not have it on so it was best to sleep with it on.  Kagato slowly closed his eyes and within a few minutes drifted off to an uneasy sleep.-

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada watched Kagato take the yakitori and begin to hold it over the fire, heating it up and slowly turning it in a clockwise to heat up all of both sides of the yakitori by the skewer. As he was heating up the yakitori, he took note of Kagato taking a bite of his onigiri as he waited for his yakitori to heat up. Kunisada glanced down at his bento box slightly, still silently debating on whether or not he was going to eat. He glanced back over at Kagato, watching him take a bite of his onigiri and then a bite of his yakitori afterwards, repeating the process until both foods were gone from his hands. Kagato then glanced over at him after a little bit before he heard Kagato thank him for the food before remaining quiet. Kunisada simply nodded at Kagato before he stared at the fire, getting lost in his own thoughts for a little bit as the silence passed between the two of them before he heard Kagato’s voice speak once more. As Kagato spoke, Kunisada turned his head slightly towards him and shook his thoughts out of his mind; he heard Kagato speak about the trip only having a few setbacks and that it was nice to be out of the Village. Kunisada spoke quietly after Kagato finished speaking, his voice sounding metallic as he spoke to his friend.- “..It’s different, yes..don’t think either of us have been out of the Village for quite some time..the setbacks, however, were out of our hands on this trip..” –Kunisada remained quiet as he heard Kagato speak to him about going to get some sleep for a few hours, as well as suggesting that Kunisada did the same as well. Kunisada watched Kagato stand up and begin to head over to one of the hammocks before he turned his head towards him and called out to him.- “..Rest well Kagato..” –Kunisada then turned his head back to the fire as he once again looked down at his lap at the bento box, blinking as his thoughts had drove him away from eating. Kunisada quietly opened his bento box before reaching up behind his head and unclasping the clutches of his rebreather and pulled his mask away to only reveal his mouth; the same method he had done the other night when he had eaten. He turned his back to face away from the fire and away from the hammocks as he glanced down at his food and pulled apart the chopsticks that were in the bento box before he began to quietly eat. As he ate, his mind wandered around to different parts of their trip since they had started and the things they were going to have to do quickly after they returned to the Village. He knew that their top priority was going to hunt down Athena, something Kagato would insist upon doing as quickly as possible. With any luck, when they found Athena, they’d be able to track down Akatori as well, but the chances of finding Athena with Akatori was a longshot. After Athena had been dealt with, and if Akatori was not found, then that would be the next objective for himself and Kagato. Kunisada wasn’t sure if his clone had received Kagato’s message back in Amegakure yet or if a team of ANBU had been deployed yet. He knew that at some point, if and when an ANBU team found Athena, they might not find Akatori with her; given that, he also guessed that some of his ANBU forces might not return back, after all Athena was Kagato’s Su-Kage. Searching and rescuing Akatori might take a little longer than any of them would like, but they’d find her. As he reached over slightly and opened the water bottle to take a drink of water, he then thought of the matter of a Festival that Kagato had planned later on down the road as well, but the two of them hadn’t spoken much of it since they were more focused on planning for the trip to the island they were currently on. He noticed that he was done with his food as he quickly moved his mask back over his exposed mouth as his rebereather once again covered his entire face as he reached back and quickly clasped the clutches of his rebreather to where it was secure on his face and wasn’t loose. He placed the bento box back down on the ground before doing the same with his water bottle before turning himself towards the fire once more. As he gazed into the orange-red flames, his mind flashed back to Kagato and Kunisada’s last shift that they had together which made him glance down at his left thumb as he looked at his Akatsuki ring. He kept his gaze on it as he thought about what Kagato had in mind for the two of them and the Akatsuki organization that he was hoping for the both of them to resurrect. The Akatsuki of old had 10 members at one point, but he remembered the Akatsuki having only 9 after one of their members defected from the group; the name of the member if he recalled correctly was Orochimaru. This thought made Kunisada wonder if Kagato had any other shinobi from Amegakure that he was looking at to join the Akatsuki with the two of them. He took the wooden box of his bento box before tossing it into the fire as he watched the flames grow brighter to the new source of wood as the flames jumped a little higher and the wood cracked from the flames burning it. He glanced over to where Kagato was sitting before reaching over and taking the unused water bottle and placing it beside himself on the log he was still sitting on before he moved his backpack from off of his back to where it hung only on his left shoulder as his right hand moved and unzipped it once more. Once the zipper to his backpack was open, he placed the unused one back into the zipper before closing his backpack zipper shut and slinging it back through his right arm before it was placed securely on his back once more; he kept his own water bottle next to the log that he was sitting on for later use when the fire would need to be put out before they left. He turned his head towards the hammocks that Kagato was sleeping on for a few seconds before walking over to where he was quietly before standing next to the second hammock that Kagato had set up for him. He quietly and slowly placed himself on the hammock as he stared upwards at the sky, his thoughts running through his mind about the rest of their trip and what they had to do after the trip; there was a lot to do when this was all said and done. He kept his eyes open and fixated on the sky, only closing his eyes to blink as he waited for the next couple of hours to pass so the two of them could head out once more.-

Kagato: - Kagato laid there with his eyes closed the cool air sweeping over his body like a cool blanket. Kagato mind began to wonder off about the events that lead them to this point. It had seemed once again someone he trusted someone he was close to and cared for once again was the cause of the pain he felt at the moment. Kagato right black gloved hand tensed into a fist as flash backs of what lead up to this point ran through his head like a starved savage beast. Athena someone who had had cared for turned her back on him their family and the village they called home. Kagato knew she knew too much to be let run free for to long for no one knew the extent of her betrayal. There was no telling how long she was planning this or whom she told the secrets of Amegakure to or whom she may have been working with.  This was only one of the series of people whom Kagato trusted turning on him whom he had cared deeply for. Not only Athena but another female before her Kiyomi Uchiha another one Kagato had started a family with yet she turned against him as well leaving Kagato poisoned and dying on his very desk which how funny things seem now but Athena was the one who saved him from the poison that day but only to betray him now at this later date.  Not only did the women in his life end up turning him but his eldest son Hayate Uchiha  who also  turned against him and even attacked Kagato his own father  which resulted in his death.  On top  of all of this  he even lost one of his very first students Akatori  which at this point he didn’t know if she was alive or dead  not to mention what Athena’s plans were for  her, was it that she just wanted her dead? Or was this part of some plan to extract some information out of her. Only time would tell  and only time would tell if they were able to even find Akatori hopefully alive but in the worst case  dead  which hopefully they would be able to get back her body before someone had a chance to learn its secrets or worse but it to use. Kagato tossed and turned in his hammock his mind not letting him rest all these thoughts jumbling about in his mind. Kagato trying to keep these thoughts off his mind he tried to shift his mind to another subject and started to remember the ring he’d given Kunisada with it Kagato had hoped to reform an organization from long ago the Akatsuki.  Granted there were ten members in the original with Kagato and now Kuni with rings that left eight but that there was a problem Kagato couldn’t think of any others who were ready to fill those shoes.  One thing Kagato did know is that like the original they would have to have vast verities of skills each having unique skill sets.    After two hours of this restless rest Kagato was startled by an earth shaking screeching sound which jolted Kagato so much he sat straight up causing his hammock to turn quickly. With his quick movements the hammock turned and dumped Kagato out to the cold ground with a loud thud. The sound echoed from the top of the mountain the whole way down to the foot where Kagato and Kuni were resting.  Kagato began to use his sensory skills to see if he could feel out the source of the loud as he sat there a little confused on the ground. Kagato got a good read on a large chakra source the same source he had been tacking on his way here. Kagato quickly got to his feet and looked around for Kuni. Kagato seen the fire was still going but not as strongly as it once had been while they were eating.  Kagato lips parted slowly but spoke in a rushed tone. – “Kuni I Think we found what I was looking for…or rather it might have found us…” - Kagato paused for a moment and looked straight up towards the top of the mountain. – “ Well I guess we know  for sure we head up the mountain…I don’t see any  easy way to do this other than climbing it….unless you had a suggestion…”

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada kept still in his hammock as the cool air brushed over his body throughout their time in the hammocks. His mind was busy thinking of the things he had been thinking of beforehand with Athena, Akatori, the Festival which was briefly spoken about, the trip itself, Itsumo and Shikake, and how things were going back at Amegakure. Athena’s situation was permanently faced with Kagato taking her life as payment for betraying him and leaving the Village of Amegakure: she was Kagato’s Su-Kage and trusted companion, meaning she knew the Village very well and that was information that only the higher ups of Amegakure No Sato should know about. She made her choice and if it was the last thing he did, Kagato was for sure going to hunt her down and take her life. Kunisada knew this wasn’t sitting well with Kagato at all, regardless of Athena leaving the Village; from what he was led to understand with his talks with Kagato, he and Athena were very close, which he had already guessed from her Su-Kage rank. He knew that crossing Kagato would lead to very dangerous repercussions, but flat-out betraying him and stabbing him in the back was for sure the best way to get Kagato’s attention in the worst way possible. Akatori, unfortunately, was still a question mark in Kunisada’s mind in regards to her rescue; he didn’t know what Athena wanted with Akatori, nor did he know what she was going to do to her in the meantime or where she was going to place her. It is often a role as a ninja of high rank to subject other ninja to interrogation, which could in turn lead to torture if the captor felt it was needed to get information. Another possibility is that Athena could have already killed Akatori, but he figured that wasn’t as likely; she’d stolen Akatori for a reason, whether it was to distract Kagato from getting his Summons or to have a bargaining chip with him later on if their paths ever crossed again: Her life for Akatori’s location. Either way, Athena would benefit from keeping Akatori alive. The Festival he wasn’t so much concerned about since they were going to be busy before the Festival was even close, and even when it did, he was sure Kagato and he would both speak about how it was going to be set up around the Village; as well as other things, he was sure. Then there was Itsumo and Shikake, who had both kept themselves a fair distance away from the Amegakure nin for the time being. Albeit Itsumo had seemed to have been getting along just fine with almost everyone else in the group, granted she and Kunisada hadn’t said a word to each other, Kunisada wasn’t sure on where Shikake stood with everyone else; Kagato had briefly talked about how he felt about Shikake back before they fought his first Summon, but as for Ritsuka, he wasn’t sure if Ritsuka had an opinion on the shinobi. Itsumo was probably not too eager to hear what he had said back at their setup earlier in the morning, but he figured she’d eventually talk to him about it and if she didn’t, then so be it. The last thing on his mind was the Village of Amegakure, he was sure that the Village itself was safe with Kagato’s Path and his own clone there, but he was mildly wondering if anything had changed in Amegakure since he left, but he dismissed it as he figured they’d be home soon. As two hours passed, Kunisada heard and felt a loud screech coming from the top of the mountain before he quickly sat up, the movement making his hammock turn itself over, but luckily Kunisada had landed in a crouched position on his feet; on the other side, he saw Kagato take a small tumble getting out of his hammock. He stood himself up as he moved over towards Kagato, who was standing up from the ground and looked at him before speaking to him about something finding the two of them or them finding it. He also spoke about having to climb the mountain as he felt it was the only way to get the two of them up the mountain unless he had any other options. Kunisada thought slightly about their options as he gazed upon the top of the mountain as Kagato was doing and two options came to mind: the first option of climbing, which would take a few minutes or longer, given that they were both trying to conserve their chakra; plus he didn’t need or want whatever was up there to start attacking the both of them on the side of the mountain, which didn’t give them much leeway for avoiding attacks. And on top of all of that, Kagato was still burdened with an injury that he didn’t need to re-open, nor could he afford to try and close if they were attacked on their way up. The second option was his Kamui; he hadn’t used the technique since he had learned the move since he never had a real reason to as of late; he figured now would be a good time to test out how well he mastered it.- “..Put your hand on my shoulder..”

Kagato:-Kagato was a little puzzled by Kunisada’s statement to his question about if he had any other ideas about getting up the mountain besides climbing it. Granted if they were to just straight up climb the mountain that would take a lot out of them not to mention they would also run the risk of the creature he was seeking high above attacking when they were not ready for it leaving them wide open for attack from all angles seeing as their opponent was one that took to the sky like a fish to water. This situation the creature Kagato sought had the advantage they had to come to it and it wasn’t the best battle ground seeing s it was a rocky steep mountain where the slightest slip up could be hazardous. Kagato made his way over to Kunisada without making a sound so as not to attract the attention of the creature flying above them after all that is also one of the last things Kagato needed at the moment. Kagato extended his right hand and placed it lightly on Kunisada’s left shoulder taking a light grip with just his fingertips. Kagato contemplated what Kunisada had in mind was he just going to try and move both of theme with body flicker  or was it something else. The only other thing Kagato could come up with was the ability that Kuni’s brother had where he was here one second gone the next but he had never seen Kuni actually use it but he did have his brother’s eye. Either way he seen it would still be using chakra up which at this point they had to try and use as little as possible to save for later for other possible fights. Kagato lips parted slowly and spoke to Kuni in a hushed metallic tone of voice through his re-breather. – “I am unsure what your plan is here but if you have something up your sleeve then I guess I’m game for it…but let us move quickly  before we are noticed down here…” – Kagato’s eyes where that of the Rinnegan characterized by a ripple-like pattern around the pupil, with a amethyst purple iris and sclera in his left eye as well as a crimson red Rinnegan in his right moved back and forth as if he was scanning the area waiting for Kuni to make his move.- “ I’ll keep a lock on his location while you continue with your plan of action…” – Kagato ran his full sensory skills  keeping a beat on the creature known as Basan making sure  as much as he could eliminating as many surprises as possible. -

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada waited patiently for Kagato to place his hand upon his shoulder, knowing that after his statement that Kagato was more than likely giving Kunisada a confused look from just his brief instruction of what he told Kagato to do. After a moment of silence between the two of them, he felt Kagato’s hand on his left shoulder, slightly grabbing hold of his shoulder with his fingertips. After feeling Kagato grab a hold of his shoulder lightly, he blinked as his left eye’s normally dark color was replaced with a crimson blood red hue, with the scythe blades surrounding a circle that seemed to resemble a shuriken as the empty spaces that weren’t pre-occupied with the scythe blades had the endings of a shuriken with a black iris hidden within the circle as Kunisada activated his Eternal Mangenkyo Sharingan. He heard Kagato say that he was unsure of Kunisada’s plan was, but he was game for it. He also heard Kagato advise to move quickly and that he’d keep a lock on the animal’s location while he continued his plan. As soon as his Eternal Mangenkyo Sharingan was activated and Kagato was finished speaking, he quickly activated his Kamui as a spiraling void seemed to be coming out of Kunisada’s left eye. As the vortex was made, both Kagato and Kunisada were both being drawn inwards towards it and it began to distort the two of their bodies as they were being transported to another location; since Kagato had a hold of Kunisada, he too was being brought in with him as Kunisada teleported the two of them towards the top of the mountain. When the both of them were completely absorbed by Kunisada’s Kamui, they were quickly transported from the base of the mountain they were once at to the top of the mountain where Kagato’s Summon was at. As they re-appeared, both of their bodies appeared distorted once more before their bodies began to take complete form once more and the swirling vortex that had just consumed them seemed to quickly fade away as Kunisada deactivated his Kamui. After the two of them had been placed on the mountaintop, Kunisada casted his gaze back over to Kagato, quickly deactivating his Eternal Mangenkyo Sharingan, returning to its original dark hue, as he did so before speaking to his Akatsuki brother.- “..This is a better place to fight your Summon I believe..”

Kagato: -It was long after Kagato spoke that his feelings about Kuni using his brother’s technique was right. Kagato felt his body being pulled or rather like it was being sucked into a drain of shorts as the Kamui seemed to engulf the two of them in the matter of seconds. The feeling Kagato got from this was a bit of an uneasy one then again it was probably natural for anyone to feel uneasy at the feeling of being pulled inward like his whole body was being at the moment that and a feeling of being surrounded by darkness. It didn’t take long for them to reappear again but this time the feeling was in reverse as if being spat out but in a more gentle way.  After they reappeared Kagato found his self on the top of the mountain which had a rather large open flat area. Kagato’s eyes darted around his new surroundings high above the foot hill of the mountain only to hear Kuni make a statement about how this was a better place to fight his summon in. Kagato turned his head towards Kuni and nodded slowly up and down before parting his lips slowly and beginning to so speak to him once more. – “ I guess this is one would feel like if a black hole would swallow them whole….” – The Top of the mountain was made up of grey tones slate looking stones as well as a layer of snow that dusted the flat surface. Looking around a bit further Kagato noticed a rather dead looking pile of brush and twigs that had seemed to form some sort of nesting area for the bird he was after.  Kagato slowly without making a sound crept his way over towards the nesting area which had to be at least thirty feet long and forty feet wide.  The brush and twigs were intertwined with expertise as if built by the hand of a master craftsman. Kagato also took note amongst the brush and twigs there were full grown trees but they had seen better days now all dead and brown. The height of the nesting area had to be at least eight feet tall. Kagato took a grip of one of the sturdier branches with his right and left black gloved hands grapping his fingers tightly around the brand he began to pull his self-upwards to the point where he could look over the edge but much to his surprise he found an empty nest with only just a few rather large feathers in it which by the looks of them had to be at least four or five feet long but dark as the night sky. In that instant a cold wind picked up and howled like a savage beast blowing one of the feathers slightly to the right revealing a pile of human bones skulls included. Kagato jumped down from his current location on the nest and waved his right hand over towards Kuni in a come here type motion trying to call him over. Kagato lips parted slowly once more as he began to speak. – “ Kuni come take a look at this and tell me what you think of this…” – As soon as Kagato called over for Kunisada a loud screeching noise echoed off the mountain top  piercing Kagato’s ear’s like nails on a chalk board. Not long after this a whooping sound over and over came closer Kagato looked up and without any doubt  of this being the bird he was after his eyes fixated  on a rather large black feathered bird with a red skin like head and orange beaks as well as orange talons. The bird looked like no ordinary bird it much resembled a vulture a rather large bird of prey but it had a distinct difference this bird had three orange legs that seemed to stretch out for miles and given the size of the bird Kagato didn’t doubt for a minute they could. The began to circle  the mountain top just above where Kagato and Kunisada were standing  the black oily feathers glistening in the moon light  seeming to race down the feathers like a waterfall.  Not long after this the wind around Kagato and Kunisada started to how and whip around violently then in a matter of a few seconds several small tornados formed around them and began to rip through the solid rock of the mountain top  closing in on their location within the matter for a few minutes the tornados would be on top of them if they were not careful.  The sound of the tornados was so great it was almost deafening. Kagato’s lips parted quickly as he shouted out to Kunisada. – “ Kuuuuuuni! “ – Kagato then took his right hand and started to turn in a full three sixty circle with his right arm and index finger pointed out wards point at the tornados that were closing in. -

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada gazed over towards Kagato as he spoke to him about how that must feel like if they were swallowed by a black hole, to which he figured could’ve been how it felt. As Kagato broke away from the two of them, Kunisada kept his gaze on him for a moment as Kagato seemed to be heading for a huge pile of brush and twigs that looked like a nest before turning his gaze back to where he was originally facing. He didn’t need to take a chance of turning his back and have whatever bird Kagato was hunting down to swoop down and take either of them by surprise. After a moment, Kunisada heard Kagato call him over to where he was standing, to which he did before hearing a rather loud screech coming off of the mountain top. As Kunisada glanced over at Kagato to make sure he was alright, he then looked up to see a huge black feathered bird with a red skin like head and orange beak as well as orange talons. The bird didn’t look like a normal bird, but it seemed to resemble that of a vulture. The vulture had three orange legs that looked like they stretched out for miles it seemed and the size of the bird didn’t make Kunisada doubt that they did. Kunisada watched as the bird began to circle the two of them on the mountaintop before forming several small tornados with the wind around them. The tornados began to rip through the solid rock of the mountaintop before beginning to close in where Kunisada and Kagato were standing. The noise created by the tornados was massive and Kunisada could barely hear Kagato call out his name before he saw Kagato point at the tornados that were closing in on them. Kunisada quickly focused chakra towards the fingertips of his right hand as five individual chakra flames on his right hand’s fingertips. After the chakra flames formed on his fingertips, Kunisada quickly slammed his hand down to the ground as he used the Uchiha Flame Formation technique. A huge red cylindrical barrier surrounded the both of them as the tornados began to close in on the both of them. Luckily, the barrier was protecting them completely and was blocking the massive torrent of wind that was being created from the tornados that were closing in around them. Kunisada glanced upward from his kneeling stance at the vulture as it continued to circle around the two of them before glancing over his shoulder briefly towards Kagato before turning his face back towards the giant vulture. He quickly blinked as he reactivated his Eternal Mangenkyo Sharingan before a swirling vortex began to quickly appear out of where Kunisada’s Eternal Mangenkyo Sharingan eye was as it quickly distorted Kunisada’s body and swallowed Kunisada whole as he left Kagato in the protection of the Uchiha Flame Formation. As the tornados hit the Uchiha Flame Formation barrier that surrounded Kagato, they shot out a random flurry of small fireballs around the mountaintop, not hitting the vulture that continued its circle around the mountain. Luckily, even through the several tornados that hit the barrier, the barrier was able to withhold the numerous assaults. The vortex that swallowed Kunisada whole made itself known once more as Kunisada’s distorted image was made whole and complete on the back of the massive vulture, still circling the mountaintop. The vortex quickly faded away as Kunisada glanced at his surroundings once more as well as the massive vulture’s mane that he found himself standing on. Kunisada needed to act quickly before the creature took notice of his presence and began to thrash around to shake Kunisada off; Kunisada didn’t feel much like trying to hang onto a vulture doing spins over and over again. Kunisada quickly disappeared in a blur as he used the Body Flicker Technique as he began to move in on an idea on how to take care of the aerial advantage that the vulture had over both himself and Kagato. Kunisada quickly appeared on the bridge of the vulture’s beak as he quickly spun himself around to face the vulture’s eyes as they quickly locked eyes on Kunisada’s form on its beak. Before the vulture could do anything about seeing him though, Kunisada had already locked eyes with the giant vulture as he trapped him under the Sharingan’s influence. Kunisada suggested through the use of his Sharingan that it needed to land safely and slowly on the mountaintop as quickly as possible. The giant vulture stared blankly at Kunisada as he was given the suggestion as the giant aerial animal slowed down its pace as it circled the mountaintop and slowly lowered itself down and placed its talons on the mountaintop, landing securely and safely. When the giant animal made contact with the ground, Kunisada kept his gaze on the animal as the winds died out, causing the tornados that were still against the Uchiha Flame Formation to quickly die out and fade away. As Kunisada heard the winds dying down, he released his hold on the Uchiha Flame Formation, making the barrier surrounding Kagato quickly disappear as he kept his gaze upon the vulture, still stuck under the influence of Kunisada’s Sharingan. Keeping his gaze on the blank expression of the vulture, Kunisada raised his arm and signaled Kagato to come over to him and the giant animal. After Kagato joined him, Kunisada spoke to Kagato while keeping his gaze on the vulture’s eyes, his voice coming out metallic due to his rebreather.- “..Make your contract Kagato..”

Kagato: - Kagato watched as once again flames formed on each tip of Kunisada’s hand only to be slammed into the ground.  The ground erupted into a sea of fiery red around Kagato and Kunisada in a cyclical formation shot upwards around them. The fire in all its glory roared as it consumed the space around them in a protective barrier.  Kagato watched as Kunisada then dissipated into thin air as the tornados impacted the barrier causing the flames to rise up and become stronger being fueled by the extra air as well as shoot tiny fireballs in all directions yet they seemed to miss the vulture like bird and only hit the surrounding mountain. Kagato stared through the crimson of the barrier giving everything outside it a red tint as if he was wearing rose colored glasses. As the scenario played out Kagato eyes darted all around trying to figure out where Kunisada had made it to until he brought his attention back to the large bird. Kagato’s his eyes fell back upon the very large vulture like bird where he watched as Kunisada appeared on its back. Kagato’s instinct in this point was to use his Shinra Tensei to break free from the Uchiha flame formation to join in on the fight but in doing so Kagato would throw the flames all over the place risking hitting Kunisada as well catching the nest of the giant bird on fire with wouldn’t be the best circumstance for the current predicament they now found their selves in. Kagato watched as Kuni disappeared in a blur not even more than a couple of seconds after landing on the creatures back only to quickly reaper on the bird orange beak. From what Kagato could tell it looked like Kuni and the Vulture were in some sort of stare down at the moment only to see the bird seemingly become more come in its domineer. The only thing Kagato could think of was that Kuni was able to place a Genjutsu on the bird.  The winds that the bird had created began to die down to nothing but a normal slight breeze. The bird slowed down and started to land on the mountain top as the flame barrier dissipated from around Kagato. Kagato couldn’t help but feel he really didn’t do much in this situation though he was glad Kuni sought to protect him, they seemed to work naturally as a team on feeding off the other with little or no ques on what the other was going to do next.  Kagato watched as Kunisada raised his arm and to Kagato that was a signal that he should go over to him. Kagato notice that Kunisada’s gaze never left the giant birds eyes nor did the bird’s stare change this put any doubts that Kunisada used a Genjutsu to subdue the beast to rest. It wasn’t long aft this Kagato heard Kuna’s voice tell him to make his contract in which Kagato simply nodded up and down to Kuni’s statement.  Kagato made two black chakra blade receivers from his right and left hands at least ten feet long and five inches thick.  Kagato proceeded to the Large orange beak of the bird and raised his right hand with his receiver griped tightly on his right blacked gloved hands level with the temple of the large bird. Kagato drew back his hand and swung It forward shoving the receiver straight through the bird’s temple like a machete through jello and out the other temple on the other side.  Kagato watched as the bird’s eyes rolled back in its head and its head started to drop rapidly towards the ground followed right away with its large body which hit the mountain top with a loud thud. One of the wing feathers of the bird detached itself and started to floating back and forth gently in the cool crisp mountain air.  Kagato took the second chakra receiver blade and proceeded towards the orange talon of the bird. As Kagato was still in mid path to the talon and used the blade to prick his finger causing it to bleed once more. He reached into his inner coat pocket once more pulling out yet another scrolls and began to unroll it with his right free hand. Kagato finally now not even a foot away from the three orange long legs of the bird. Kagato picked up the closest talon and slit the middle talon causing it to bleed within the same motion. Kagato then broke the blade into three pices and ran each piece of the now three receiver blades through each one of the legs before kneeling down placing the scroll he unraveled on the ground. Kagato then took the bleeding index finer and began to write the contract for the bird. After finishing the summon con track he once again picked up the talon and dropped it on the scroll letting the blood ooze out on to the scroll itself. Kagato then slammed his hands down on the contract and the large bird vanished in a large puff of smoke. Kagato quickly rolled the scroll back up and placed it back into his inner pocket. Kagato then stood back up from his kneeling position and looked over towards Kuni before parting his lips slowly. – “Well that’s another one down only three more to go…” – Kagato began to uses his chakra sensory skills once more to pin point the next animal. Kagato felt the two larger of the animals he wanted but he wanted to save those two for last but the smaller of the last three was far east from their location. – “next we are headed far east….” – Kagato took out his map and unrolled it pointing to the location with his right index finger. It was in a dense forest made up of bamboo and fog as the map showed. – “Next I shall be hunting a panda….” – Kagato also could pick up the chakra signature of the Shikage Itsumo nearby this animal’s location which he wondered if he would run into her on his way there. – “But first we need to get off this mountain….and I need to thank you for your help….” – Kagato paused for a few moments waiting to see if Kunisada would have anything to say back to him. -

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada heard Kagato’s footsteps grow louder and closer as he approached the giant vulture that was still trapped under his Eternal Mangenkyo Sharinga’s influence. Kunisada caught Kagato’s black gloved hands raise themselves up with the bird’s head out of the corner of his eye before he saw them pull back. After pulling back however, he noticed a black chakra blade receiver quickly make its way into the bird’s head, meaning that the intense pain that was brought along with a chakra receiver blade being shoved through the bird’s skull quickly broke hold of the Genjutsu that Kunisada had over the giant vulture. Kunisada however had broken the Genjutu’s hold on the giant vulture, as soon as he had seen Kagato’s hand come within striking distance of the bird’s skull; he knew the pain was going to be more than enough to bring the bird back to reality so he broke it right before the impact as he felt either way the Genjutsu was going to be broken soon. After the first chakra receiver was implanted into the bird’s skull, Kunisada’s Eternal Mangenkyo Sharingan deactivated as he lightly and quietly jumped off of the vulture’s beak as Kagato finished his process of making his contract with the now newly deceased vulture. Kunisada landed noiselessly on the ground once more as his friend finished making his contract with the animal, crossing his arms over his chest as he waited for Kagato’s business to be done; a slight scraping noise was made as his two black arm bracers slightly grazed one another. Kunisada waited for a few minutes before he turned his head to face Kagato as he watched the giant vulture disappear in a large puff of smoke, making him believe that Kagato’s contract with the animal had been completed. He watched as Kagato stood back up as he faced Kunisada again speaking to him about having three more to go. Kunisada then saw Kagato take out his map as he unrolled it and began to point in the direction with his right index finger of where he wanted to go next, saying they needed to head to the far east. Kunisada made his way over to Kagato as he glanced at where he was looking on the map before he heard Kagato speak about hunting a panda next before Kunisada took a step away slightly. He heard Kagato speak about the both of them having to get off of the mountain as well as thank him for his help. Kunisada turned his head towards Kagato before he spoke to Kagato, his voice coming out metallic due to his rebreather.- “..I’ve always got your back Kagato..”–Kunisada paused for a moment before he spoke to Kagato again.- “..As for getting off the mountain, we can head down the mountain the same way we came up it if you want unless you’d prefer us climbing down this time..”

Kagato: - Kagato nodded and smiled slightly underneath his re-breather after hearing Kunisada’s statement about having his back. When it came to this subject a few in the past have said the same thing but fell short in this aspect but when Kunisada is involved Kagato knew with absolute serenity that this statement was true. The last part of Kuni’s statement about how he could just move the pair like he had before but Kagato had something else in mind. – “Well we could do that… or we can try this…...” Kagato slammed his hands down on the ground and just like how the Giant vulture like bird vanished it reappeared in a giant puff of smoke. The smoke cleared and but the bird had a few distinct differences the size or noticeable as it stood there on the mountain top. The bird was a lot larger and the eyes were that of Kagato’s Rinnegan which were characterized by a ripple-like pattern around the pupil, with an amethyst purple iris and sclera in its left eye as well as a crimson red Rinnegan in its right. The change in the animal was due to Kagato’s Summon amplification technique. The receivers were still placed in the same spots as when he had just moments ago placed them.  The giant bird lowered its rather large head downwards stretching out its neck slightly. – “We could always ride to our next location….” – The large vulture like bird’s black feathers still glistened in the moon light like it had before when it was alive but like with anything else Kagato controlled just like his paths the bird was very much already dead but anyone who hadn’t seen the fight wouldn’t be able to tell this fact. Kagato began to slowly walk towards the giant Vulture like bird heading straight for the base of the bird’s shoulders where.  Once Kagato reached the shoulders of the bird he reached out with his right and left black gloved and took a handful of black oily looking large feathers. He then pulled up body upwards by using his upper body strength and swung his right leg over the bird like one would do when mounting a horse. Kagato turned his head towards the left and looked straight at Kunisada before parting his lips slowly once more. – “Why walk or use mass amounts of chakra when we can now fly….”  - Granted it took chakra to summon but it would take a lot less chakra then trying to body flicker or any other technique that could get them their quicker. Not to mention Kagato thought this would be a good time to test out his control over these animals, and maybe if he started using them he could get to know them and how they control a bit quicker. Kagato’s lips parted slowly once more as he began to speak in a metallic tone of voice this time with no registrant. – “Look at this way as well….it will give us a better view of the island from up high…” – Kagato waited for either Kuni to act upon this opportunity or to turn it down as he out reached his right arm in a gesture to help Kunisada up onto the bird. – “So shall we? “

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada kept his gaze on Kagato as Kagato spoke of another route for them to take to get off of the mountaintop as Kagato slammed his hands down on the ground. After he did so, a large puff of smoke appeared as the large vulture that Kagato and he had just captured made its presence known once more. This time however was larger than it had been before and its eyes were now replaced with Kagato’s Rinnegan, which Kunisada had guessed was going to take place after Kagato had claimed any of the Summons he had hunted down thus far as his own. He watched the giant bird lowered its head and stretched its neck out slightly as Kagato suggested the two of them riding on the back of the vulture to their next location. Kunisada’s eyes followed Kagato as his friend moved towards the bird’s shoulders and grabbed hold of the bird’s feathers with his hands and pulled himself up on the bird; once he had done so, he swung both of his legs over each side of the bird’s neck, like he was mounting a horse. Kunisada saw Kagato gaze at him as well as talk to him about why wasting their energy or chakra getting to their next location when the both of them could fly. Kunisada mulled over his thought as he figured that the two of him using his Kamui would get them there faster and not use up anything more than a small amount of chakra, but the idea of riding on the back of the giant vulture would give him a better view of the island. Kunisada heard his voice once more as he heard Kagato speak also of seeing the island in a better viewpoint from on the back of the vulture. Kunisada kept quiet for a moment before seeing Kagato extend his right arm out to Kunisada, offering to help him up as he spoke to him once more. Kunisada glanced at Kagato’s extended arm for a few seconds before reaching his right arm up and taking hold of Kagato’s inner forearm before quickly pulling himself up onto the giant vulture. After he made his way up, he moved a few inches behind Kagato as he knelt down onto the top of the bird’s back, keeping his right hand near the bird’s black feathers in case he needed to grab hold of the animal to keep from falling off. After securing himself on the bird’s back,  he glanced at Kagato before parting his lips to speak to him, the words leaving his mouth with a metallic tone to them.- “..Let’s see how well you can pilot your new Summon..”

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End Results:

Kagato With Kunisada's help captured another one of his summons and made a contract with it and headed off to the next animals location.