Summon Arc: The Living Island - 201


Kagato UzumakiKunisada UchihaRitsuka UzumakiItsumo YamanakaShikake Nara

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Title: Summon Arc: The Living Island

Kagato: -Kagato didn’t like the feeling of leaving without searching for Tori as he was sure the others had the same feeling after all who would want to leave a team mate behind without knowing if she is alive or even possible dead at this point seeing as there was no trace of her chakra anywhere to be found. As Kagato listened to Itsumo talk about how she couldn’t find her mind and that she was okay with body flickering a crossed to the island instead of trying to walk a crossed the water which would no doubt use much more chakra that any of them could really afford at this moment. Kagato looked to each person in the group starting with his son which had an odd look in his eye as if he was trying to piece the events together from the last few days only to see him simply nod towards Kagato which seemed to be in agreement to what he was saying about body flickering. Kagato head shifted slightly towards the right as he looked to the other people in the group Kagato’s eyes watched as Shikake shoulders slumped only to nod which lead Kagato to believe that Tori’s disappearance was still on his mind as well but he seemed to be agreeing with what Kagato had to say as well as his Kage.  Kagato’s eyes lastly fell upon Kuni seeing as he was just standing there which made him think he was lost in thought about this situation as well. Kagato took a deep breath breathing in through his mouth and filling his lungs with the salty ocean smelling air but holding it for a few seconds before exhaling slowly trying to push the thoughts about Tori out of his mind which was harder than Kagato made it look like on the outside. Kagato turned around away from the group to stare out at the island which was their destination, He watched for a few seconds as the waves crashed with dull roaring sound into the sandy beach on which they stood waiting to embark on their journey further. He started to take a few steps towards the water’s edge taking only a second to reach it. The water licked at his toes since they were exposed due to the fact he wore back open toed shoes. The feel the water was warm from the early sun beating down on the water’s surface. Kagato turned his head back slightly to look at the group once more before slowly parting his lips and speaking to them in a mono tone sounding voice for the last time before they reached the island. – “ Well lets head out then… but once we reach the island we need  find a suitable camp that isn’t out in the open so stay close to each other for the time being……” – Kagato’s head jolted forward again  as he glanced at the island his Rinnegan eyes characterized by a ripple-like pattern around the pupil, with a amethyst purple iris and sclera in his left  eye as well as a crimson red Rinnegan in his right began to shimmer slightly reflecting the light of the days sun before his vanished in an instantaneous blur of black and red.  Kagato reappeared a crossed the body of water   and on the island they longed to reach. Kagato shook his head from left to right slight shaking off the feeling of how much chakra it actually took to reach the island which was a bit more then he would have liked to use but there was no other way to reach the island at the given moment.  The tall lush green tree’s all around the island as far as the eye could see made it impossible to see through from one section to another which made it clear that they would have to start scoping out the area and but their best efforts forward to sense what else or whom else was here with them in this moment. Another thing with the tree’s being so dense that Kagato wondered if light could pass through the tops of the tree’s or would it be the case that  only a little light would show through to the ground making it seem almost night like the whole time they were here but only time would tell if this was the case for they would actually have to head  deeper in-land to find this out. Kagato paused and listened to the sounds of the island  from the different calls of the animals that inhabited this island sounds of which he had never before heard in his life. They seemed to echo through the dense force as some kind of warning to all who stepped foot on this island that it wasn’t to be taken lightly. Kagato reached into the right pocket of his long black heavy clothed and black armored Robe like coat and pulled up a rolled up scroll of shorts. Kagato quickly unrolled it as he waited for the others to appear near him. What appeared to be a weathered old scroll was none other than a map of the island itself giving Kagato a general idea of where he was and the location of some of the bigger animals on the island the likes of which were the ones he sought out to make his own summons. Kagato firmly planted his feet to the ground which was actually soil, grass and sand around the edges of the island that sat on top of a very large Turtle shell which made this island unique in the sense that it was living and could move about on its own free will. The quickest way to sense anything on the island given the area was so vast  at least from Kagato’s stand point would be to use his Rain tiger at will technique for a moment or two with this technique he would be able to tell through the tree’s and all as long as a drop of rain would hit a given target would give him the idea just what was out there but before he did this he would wait for the others to make it here as he continued to stare at the map  pulling his eyes away from it  only for a given few  moments to make sure of the location he was now at.-

IItsumo:*Itsumo snapped out of her own mind as no one else spoke up against or for using body flicker so she figured it was decided. She turned her head to look at Kagato as he finally started to move towards the water’s edge. Itsumo fallowed her Icey blue eyes scanning the ocean she knew where the island was supposed to be at least according to what she was sensing. It didn’t take long till she felt the cool water flowing over the edge of her toes and making her white sandals damp. She glanced back at Shikake and then at the others then closed her eyes focusing her Chakra as she disappeared from the edge of the water and reappeared on the island up in the branches of a tree close to the shore. Itsumo crouched herself down as soon as she landed and felt for any sign of chakra that was close enough to them and could be dangerous. After a few seconds she felt nothing of use at least in a few mile radius of where they were at and let her sensory go down to the immediate area as to not waste more chakra. She hadn’t realized how much chakra it had taken to get to the island itself and she had already use some that day. She looked down and saw Kagato standing on the ground below, he seemed to be looking at a very old scroll of some sort but then looked up and out into the forest around her. She was up higher and right against the trees she didn’t see any possible way that much more then a twilight amount of sun would be getting through the thick branches of these trees. She couldn’t see more than a few feet in front of her as she looked out and that had her a bit cautious knowing soon enough that she would head off into the forest on her own though Shikake would no doubt trail behind her keeping his distance when she choose to go looking for what she had come for.  After a few more minutes she dropped herself down to the ground and landed without noise on the ground below. The ground was cool on her feet as she took in a deep breath the smell of the earth and forest around her filling her senses and it made her smile under her mask. She had missed being out in the forests hunting and searching this was going to be fun even if it hadn’t gone as planned so far. She glanced back at the water and then at Kagato as she stood there in silence.*

IlLucianlI: * He followed his father to the water’s edge, letting just his toes be touched by the cool fresh water. He wasn’t sure how this was going to play out but he hadn’t wasted much if any chakra lately, so he figured it would be fine, He waited for his father to disappear from his sight using body flicker to cover the space between them and the island. After which the other Kage disappeared after him. He formed the hand sign -Tiger- let his chakra gather as he utilized the technique himself. The beach disappearing to become a dense wooded area ahead of him. He looked deep into the dark area around them, the trees seeming to cover out any light that could show that it was day time, the sounds of animals foreign to his ears. So many different howls and calls from who know how many animals within the island. It all sort of put him on edge. He blinked as the other Kage soundlessly jumped from a tree she had been on. His father seeming to be looking at the map to check on their location, Ritsuka found himself closer to the other Kage while his father worked. With Akatori disappearance it felt safer to be near someone with more fighting experience. He didn’t want to be the next one to go.. Suddenly he remember all he had to say to his father. He had gotten so lost in taking in the sights, sounds and smells of the island it had almost slipped from his mind. He turned to his father stepping closer and waited for him to finish his check of the map before speaking to him in a tone only he would hear. His words a question. But his tone showed he was confident he already had the heartbreaking answer.* There’s a different reason mom missed out on this mission isn’t there? She’s doing all this...”* He let his eyes go up to meet his fathers, searching for an honest answer. Unsure if he would find one he let his head fall hopelessly. He didn’t know if his father thought it the right time to tell him, and he understood, but he was his son, He should’ve known he was capable of figuring these things out on his own. If it is the case his mother had betrayed him. Not to mention tried to kill him already. She had taken on of his comrade’s hostage, or killed her. Ritsuka as much as he loved his mother understood there would be no coming back from this for her. She was no more than a rogue ninja in need of taking out. He wouldn’t forgive her if this truly was her doing. But once they got back to the village he would want in on all the details of this as well as in on the hunt. No one knew his mother and her fighting styles better than his father and himself, being both her son and her student. It didn’t matter at the moment though he would indeed need to obtain a summon if this was the case anyway. At least then he would have a better chance of being a help in this situation. *

UnaruInuzuka: -Shikake soon let his head and body turn to look towards the Amekage as he spoke of heading out, getting camp started and sticking close to each other. He lingered as he waited for first Kagato then Itsumo flicker out of sight. He then watched Kagato's son Ritsuka take off as well. He glanced back at Kuni one moment before he glanced out at the water and the island just on the horizon. He gave a slow breath before gathering the chakra the soon using the body flicker technique to speed his form to that far off island only leaving a small puff of black fog in his wake. As he reappeared he was just at the edge of the forest just within the sunlight's reach... He couldn't help feel the pull of having so much shadow in the area that he could play with around him as if he felt a bit stronger in its presence, most people feel scared and nervous with so much darkness from the shading of the trees and foliage of a dark forest, for him it was the opposite he felt at home here and almost had a light buzz in the back of his mind at the feeling. From the outside he seemed more relaxed than the rest but he still had glanced around to check the area and where everyone else was settled. His ears picking up many sounds of the forest clearly quite a alive and thriving place. He noticed Itsumo hopping down not more than a few yards from him along with the boy at first having stood near her before heading over towards his father. He leaned his back on the tree right behind him finding that he was close enough to everyone to both be out of every ones way along with keeping to the rule about keeping close to everyone. His hands had fallen into his pockets and allowed the others to interact while he himself kept glancing around from his spot being both guard and allowing curiosity to flick to his mind as well, he didn't like loosing a group member, even one he only met a day before, but there wasn't anything he could do at this point getting the summons likely were much more important to get so he understood the choice, with that fact he had pushed the girl from his thoughts, hopefully it was just a capture and nothing worse. His eyes came to roaming deep into that dark forest, he might not see anything within but his ears could catch the light scratches of scurrying animals either fleeing of looking to get a better look at them, he had such a aura to himself that most animals didn't see him as a threat even for how truly dangerous he could be, guess having raised deer all his life and his families habit of seeming so calm and lazy even when stressed helped.-

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada kept his gaze on Kagato as he informed them to move on out, which was followed by him disappearing into a blur as he Body Flickered towards the island. The next to move out was Itsumo, followed by Ritsuka and finally, after giving Kunisada a quick glance, Shikake. Kunisada quickly glanced at the island they were all headed for before he disappeared into a blur as he crossed the body of water and onto the island that they had been trying to reach for a long time now. Kunisada appeared by Kagato, taking a moment to let himself get used to feeling how much chakra he had just used. He knew he had been very conservative on chakra and the Body Flicker took a bit more than he would’ve preferred to use, but it was necessary to get to the island quickly. Kunisada took note of where everyone was at; Itsumo was nearby Ritsuka and Shikake seemed to be relatively close to everyone else. He also took in his surroundings, noticing the tall green tress all around the island, which blocked off their viewing of other sections of the island, so he figured they’d have to do some recon soon. He also noticed that the tall trees didn’t bring much light through them, which made it seem a lot later than it probably was. He heard the various noises that surrounded the five of them, some of which he, much like Kagato, had never heard in his life; it made sense since Amegakure was not known for its wildlife. The noises that filled the air sounded like a warning signal for all of those who came here; the message was for everyone to tread carefully here. Kunisada’s eyes shot over to Kagato as he seemed to have been looking at something, which caused Kunisada to walk up to him and glanced at what he had been looking at. He saw that it was something of a map of the island, which was handy for such an occasion it seemed and given how old the scroll looked, it was still in decent enough condition to read. Kunisada glanced at Kagato after he noticed Kagato plant his feet into the ground before glancing at him and speaking to him in a hushed voice.- “..So what’s the plan..?” –Kunisada waited for an answer from Kagato before he noticed someone moving towards the two of them out of the corner of his eye; it was Ritsuka. Kunisada glanced at Ritsuka, who seemed to be struggling with something, before he turned his gaze back to Kagato. Being in such close proximity to Kagato, he didn’t quite hear what he had said, but he caught one word: “mom”. H is eyes slowly gazing over towards Kagato; it seemed as if Ritsuka was putting the pieces together, as he surmised earlier when their trip started. Given that his mother was supposed to join them and that she just so happened to have decided not to the day they were setting out for the island, he knew that eventually Ritsuka would start questioning things and putting pieces together. He kept his gaze on Kagato for a moment, wondering if Kagato was going to ask for a moment alone with his son or if he would feel comfortable talking to Ritsuka about the situation with him there. He’d understood if Kagato wanted for him to let them be for a moment, this was a sensitive matter for the both of them, so if Kagato wished to speak to him privately, then Kunisada wouldn’t argue with him; but for now all he could do was wait for Kagato’s response.-

Kagato: -It wasn’t long before the others arrived on the island in close proximity of where Kagato his self was standing looking over the map. His eyes adverted from the map to see Itsumo up in a nearby tree only to leap from her position to the ground. Then there was Shikake leaning up against a nearby tree near the group.  Kagato glanced in the opposite direction to find his son standing near him. What followed was something he wasn’t ready for it had seemed Rits had put a few things together about his mother he asked if there was another reason why she missed out on the trip and if it was her behind all of this. Kagato’s eyes met his son’s eyes as his son   looked into his eyes. Kagato knew that the boy wanted answer but this wasn’t the time nor was it the place to be discussing such things and of all people his son should know that. Kagato glared into his son’s eyes his facial features growing colder by the second. For a moment Kagato thought about placing his son under a genjutsu to make him forget about this moment in time or maybe even make his mind focus on other things but Kagato put these thoughts out of his mind rather quickly just as they had popped in. Instead Kagato shook his head from left to right very slowly. Kagato took the map he had been holing and place it into his left hand so that he could free his right hand. Kagato reached his right hand outwards pulling all his fingers and his thumb except his index finger inward. Kagato bent his right elbow slightly as he held his index finger in the previous position and began to move it in a side to side movement. Kagato lips slowly parted and he began to speak to his son in an emotionless tone of voice in which only Rits could hear. – “This is not the time or place to concern yourself with such matters. The fact is your Mother is not here and that is all you need to know…Stay focused…there will be no more words on this matter till we are home got it?...” –Before His son had really time to respond  Kagato turned his attention to Kuni you was now near him and asking him what the plan was. – Kagato turned slightly to face Kuni leaving his back towards his son which cutting his son off like this in such a cold hearted manor most likely would have some kind of repercussions but at the moment he was doing what was best for the trip. Kagato couldn’t have his son’s mind clouded he needed him to be able to stay on track.  Kagato’s lips parted slowly once more before he once again began to speak this time towards Kuni but loud enough for everyone else to hear him within the group. -  “First thing is first…we need to set up a camp…” - Kagato paused for a moment before speaking once more for making a camp in this type of place where they had no clue what to expect  would be difficult.- “ Unlike the  other camp we had we can’t afford to be seen at all…” – Kagato called the others over  by taking his right hand  and waving them towards him as soon as he dropped his right hand downwards he took a grip back on the old map. – “If youns all would come over here… There is a cave not too far from here that would be perfect for a make shift shelter… can once again place a barrier around it so no one else can get in…but in turn keep us safe while we are there…and doing it this way we can simply place an earth wall at the entrance making it seem as if the cave wasn’t there without having the obvious shelters we had before coming to this island…We can take no chances with how the current events have unfolded…” – Kagato took a moment once again giving the others a moment to take in what he had to say. – “With that said…We should take extra care to be aware of our soundings and leave no trace of where we are headed…as well as stay close together in case something else were to happen we could react better to it…” – Kagato rerolled the map up, taking his left hand he opened up his black armored rob like coat just enough so he could stick the map into the coat’s inside pocket. – “After setting up camp it would be wise if we took a few to rest and replenish  the chakra we used to get here…I know some of us don’t have the massive chakra supply like some of us do…” – Kagato’s eyes  jumped from one person to the next, if any of the group would have at this time looked into his eyes  they could tell he was in a very serious mod at the moment.- “ As youns all could tell as well we are not alone on this island…The wild life knows we are here by now I am sure youns can hear it as well as I can…noises unlike any others  I have heard in my life are all around us…as soon as we get settled I suggest any of us with sensory abilities do a full on search…with that said I have a feeling I have the largest range amongst us…not only should we scout the area  like this but we should probably set up some sort traps or indicators around the camp site to let us know if an unknown presence is near…” – With those last words Kagato leapt up to one of the tree branches  that hung mid height which was just the perfect height that  he couldn’t be spotted easily from above or  from the ground. – “ Well We should get going….I’ll lead the way to the cave…” –Kagato waited for a few moments until the others got the hint that they should travel by jumping from tree to tree to stay out of sight before he took off for the cave in a blur.  As Kagato began to move from tree to tree he noticed the temperature change it had seemed to be a few degrees hotter than it had been on the edge of the island most likely do to the humidity starting to spike a bit. As Kagato moved from tree to tree he was careful to not make a sound landing lightly on each tree branch but keeping all of his other senses in full alert for any signs of trouble. Kagato tried to pick out the different sounds that were echoing around the forest. Some of the sounds sound much like birds others sounded  more like big cats or even dogs but there was the ones he couldn’t tell at all but still kept track of the sounds  trying to predict  by them how far off  they were to his location. Kagato paused for a moment to make sure that the others were still near him. He tilted his head upwards and looked at the big green leaves of the tree’s which should it rain by his means or natural just by the looks of the leaves they would act as huge umbrella’s. Through these leaves only trickles of light passed through them like tiny little beams. The forest was rather dark as if it was like dusk out. Kagato began to move again at a quick pace which it wasn’t more than a half hour before he had reached the cave he was seeking to make their camp. Kagato jumped down from the last tree near the entrance of the cave and landed on the ground below with no sound what so ever as his feet touched down.  Kagato walked carefully to the cave entrance and began to peer into the pitch blackness of the cave as he waited for the others to join him.-

IItsumo:*Itsumo watched as the others started to make it to the island she wasn’t surprised by the location the others choose to land in. Seeing the AmeKage’s son reaction when she jumped down made her smirk under her mask his attention was not on the Mission anymore and even she could tell that he had let his guard down for only a moment. She glanced over at Shikake whom was leaning against the tree not far from the tree she had leapt from. She glanced back to see that the one named Kuni stood close to Kagato and the boy approached them. She couldn’t hear what was going on but from the reaction of Kagato the boy had said something he didn’t like. She let out a soft sigh as she turned and motioned with her head for Shikake to join her as she started to walk towards the others. She didn’t make it all the way to them when Kagato started to speak and she listened. His reasoning was good for not wanting to be seen she agreed though the idea of being in a cold dark cave didn’t at all appeal to her but it made sense it would be easier to hide the large group there. She nodded not saying a word as he continued to speak about scouting the area, knowing we were not alone and the wild life as well as setting up traps. Then he jumped up into the trees. She shook her head as she did the same leaping into a tree to the left side of him, she waited as he didn’t move and then when he started she headed after him keeping a little distance but making sure to keep him in full view at all times. Though the forest was thick and the trees close together made it easier for them to travel up high she could tell something huge was on this island. She kept her Sensory up and could feel several large Chakra signatures from different parts of the island she figured those were some of the larger and stranger sounds they were hearing however many smaller signatures could be picked up on as well as every living thing has a chakra force. As Kagato leapt from the tree and walked across the small gap between the trees and the cave she stayed in the treetops and watched for a moment scanning the cave for any signs of chakra there was nothing that she picked up on but after what happened on the beach she didn’t want to be fooled again by hidden chakra. She leapt down silently and landed crouched down on all fours listening. She glanced up into the trees and saw a few birds it gave her an idea to scot the area that only she could do but she didn’t want to alarm anyone or have anyone sit over her body. It wouldn’t take her long to recover the chakra she used to do this and the body flicker to the island but she would have to be careful. Finally, she stood up and made her way slowly to the entrance of the cave to where Kagato had headed and stood silently glancing into the darkness*

Illucianli: *As he awaited his fathers response, He couldnt help but notice the glare his father gave him, the coldness in his eyes and tone. It alone destroyed the vision of his father he had built up for himself,. In this moment he could only see the man before him as The Kage of Amegakure No Sato. His emotions toward his father had evolved from admiration, hope, had diminished to anger, distaste, and shame. How could a man that had been his Hero for his entire life treat him as if he was nothing. As if what he needed to know was beneath some mission. He now acknowledged the needs of his fathers “Loved ones” came second to the needs of few in the village. His father turned to address Kunisadas question on the plan. And then began speaking on setting up a camp for the night in a nearby cave, he spit out a quick response “Sounds like a plan, Amekage.” The venom in his words thick. He knew he wasbeing childish at the moment but it wasnt something that mattered to him. His friend had disappeared by some enemy his father knew more on and didnt feel the need to share with one of his Jounin. It was a poor choice and irresponsible in his opinion. He moved away from the group, uninterested in being with the group. He would watch his own back, he needed no coddling from an uninterested person. He let his left eye switch from the bright blue to its dark red. His hair falling over his eyes to hide the transition. As his father finished his little speech, he awaited everyone to take off into the trees, he followed taking up the rear. Following closely to the last member but still at a slight distance. He had no desire to interact with them, or get to know their lives. He didnt wanna share stories around the campfire and build relations between their villages. The Amekage wanted him to keep his mind on the mission. That would be exactly what he did. If anyone attempted to engage him in conversation he would simply ignore them blatently. If anyone or thing attempted to engage him in combat. He would happily kill them without a second thought. He had lost one of his best friends and no one seemed to give a fuck, so why should he treat them any differently. As he jumped branch to branch he kept his eyes peeled on the area around him. Careful to watch for any movements in the vicinity. He let the noises of the forest fade out of his focus only listening to sounds near himself. After a half hour or so the group dropped to the ground below, He followed them to the ground below his eyes still glancing around the area, his guard up. If anyone caught his eye they could tell he wasnt in the mood for interaction. He kept to the back of the group. As far from his father as he could without being out of reach of the group in case anything happened. Not that he would offer much help. Everyone here should be able to manage themselves. He again waited for everyone to enter the cave before following them in. His father would do well to give Ritsuka some space at the moment..They all would. Everything had changed.*

UnaruInuzuka: -As he stood there against the tree he took stock of his own chakra, he didn't show it but he felt the drain as much as anyone else in the group but in such a mind set he wasn't about to show such to anyone, friend, ally, enemy or the unknown until he knew the area to being a safe zone to remove that 'mask'. He had turned his head to take in the Amekage, his son and the Anbu for a moment. He took note of the look Kagato had given his son just as he noticed Itsumo motion for him to follow. He shifted his upper body forward just a bit levering himself away from the tree to follow after her hands still in his pockets as he fell in behind her and slightly to her left his steps silent as the grave and light enough to not leave tracks. As he walked he took note of the boys body language as he walked soon hearing the male kage speak up for them all about the next steps of their trip allowing the leaders to chose the way things played, having lived and killed as a shinobi like he has he had learned to prioritize his actions, in many situations. He listened about the cave and about how things should be set up on that front, the barrier and the rock wall. The fact of needing to scout was a smart thing and traps understandable and if he was feeling like anyone else in the group the understanding of needing a bit of a recoup time was smart, if one expects enemies in every dark place on this island then it was good to be full up and ready. He watched as the Amekage had leaped into the trees without a sound before calling back down to them about leading them on their way before just making out the movement of his. He waited for Itsumo to take off before he himself removed those hands from his pockets and leaped to the trees not more than a second after her. Shifting a bit farther to the left but still able to catch sight of her form and the Amekages as well he took to the trees like a natural. His foot falls were dead silent and he avoided all branches that got in his way, he had added just the smallest bit of chakra to his feet to grip the branch without needing to truly scrape the bottom of his sole against the branch itself to take off in the movement leaving no trace of his steps along with the side effect of being silent in his movements. He may not be that great with sensing things, he actually sucked most of the time when it came to that aspect, however with so much shadow around him he almost felt like he could note things in his general vicinity without the visual, he shrugged it off refocusing on the task at hand his eyes flicking around a bit taking in the area he ran listening to all that they both passed up and things far in the distance. He also could hear the boys foot steps behind him however didn't turn his head least he make a mistake in his run. He had heard the sharpness in the words from the boy to his father before, he only hoped that was from inexperience of how things work on the field and age more than personality in general. He watched as both Kage had dropped to the ground and soon he followed suit. He took in the mouth of the cave and found his head lean forward a bit as if to glance in and explore. There was shadows and then there was darkness, the sun can cast shadows, just like any other light source but that darkness inside there was one could say a 'cold spot' in his abilities unless they had something giving off a bit of light in there he was out most of his skills in his clans abilities if something was sleeping inside and they went in there... He was so silent even his breathing was so soft it wouldn't have been heard however even in his slightly relaxed kind of stance as he was next to the others his hands itched in anticipation for any kind of ambush be it people or animals alike.-

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada’s eyes stayed on Kagato as he spoke to Ritsuka quietly, but given to how his son barely reacted, he knew what Kagato had told him. Kunisada’s eyes met Kagato’s as he spoke about the plan, speaking first of setting up camp to which none of them could be seen, unlike last time. As everyone else gathered over closer to them, he heard Kagato speak about a cave being their best bet for setting up a camp. He heard Ritsuka speak in response towards Kagato, but he knew it was one born from anger from not knowing of what was going on. Kunisada’s eyes subtly moved towards Ritsuka as he walked away from the group, not moving his head and the movement of his eyes being unnoticeable due to his mask. He could understand how being left out of the loop felt, but he had no reason to take it out on Kagato; he knew just as Kagato did that if Ritsuka were to be told of what was going on with Athena, Ritsuka would eventually get distracted and consumed by his thoughts, which could cost him his life here on the island. Kunisada glanced over at Kagato again as he spoke of moving out and then scouting the area after they made their way towards the cave. Kunisada saw Kagato make his way towards a tree branch and begin to quickly make his way through the forest before quickly following behind him and knowing the rest of the group would keep up with the two of them. Kunisada’s right eye narrowed as he activated his Byakugan, which was only known to him since everyone else was behind himself and Kagato, keeping his eye open for any unusual sources of chakra ahead of them on their way to the cave. As they finally made their way to the cave, Kunisada landed on the ground silently, listening to his surroundings before deactivating his Byakugan fully. Kunisada made his way over towards Kagato at the cave entrance and cast the darkness of the cave a sideways glance for a moment before he turned himself slightly to make sure that the rest of the group was there; after what happened with Akatori, he didn’t need another missing nin. He saw the rest of the group behind the two of them, meaning that they hadn’t fallen behind, but he also took note of Ritsuka being the last one to arrive and also being the farthest one from the group. As Kunisada replenished his chakra from Body Flickering to the island and activating his Byakugan to check for chakra sources, which wouldn’t take too long, he turned his head and body towards Kagato, but he kept his eyes on Ritsuka, which was impossible to detect due to the dark hue of his mask, and narrowed them slightly at the Jounin. Even if he wasn’t right next to the boy, he could tell from Ritsuka’s body language, as well as his body language and tone earlier, that he was still very upset about Kagato not telling him something that didn’t need to be brought up now. If Ritsuka kept this up, he was going to get himself into even more trouble with Kagato or with the both of them; Kunisada knew to keep well out of Kagato’s family issue on the subject at hand with Ritsuka, but he was not going to tolerate even the Kage’s son giving anyone in the group disrespect. Ritsuka was a Jounin rank ninja from Amegakure, but he was not acting his rank; he was acting more of a petulant child who didn’t get what he wanted. Kunisada figured that Kagato might deal with his son sometime after giving him some space or he might just wait until they got back to Amegakure, so he just turned his gaze away, his eyes being hidden due to his mask, back to Kagato as he waited for their next move to be put into play; he also took note of Itsumo and Shikake joining the both of them at the entrance of the cave, which was to be expected. Kunisada just kept silent and waited for whatever move was next.-

Kagato: -As Kagato watched the others drop one by one to the ground and get closer to the cave entrance  much like Kuni did there was someone attitude that needed addressing. The way Kagato’s son Rits addressed him earlier was unacceptable and a bit childish in his mind.  Kagato moved slightly away from the mouth of the cave and over towards his son. Kagato turned to Rit’s right side and peered directly into his son’s eyes as he began to speak directly to him to address the matter in a stern sounding voice. – “ Rits…I can see the  attitude in your body language and in your voice….that stops now….you need to act your rank not only are you representing our family but you are also representing our  village in front of another village….There are times where….you won’t get the answers that you want right away…that is just life in general…patience is a virtue…not to mention…your focus on the task in front of you is key and could mean your life or death if you don’t keep it….” – Kagato Turned back around and began to make his way back to the mouth of the cave, stopping right beside Kuni once more. – “ I sense nothing in the cave itself….I think this will do for a make shift home for us….” – Kagato took a few steps back from the cave entrance and glanced around at the others Starting with Kuni making his way over to his son taking note where he was standing at the moment. Kagato took a quick look over towards Itsumo then glanced over at Shikake. Kagato brought his hands up to about mid torso high and began to make the first of a series of hand seals. The first hand seal was that of the – Tiger – Kagato quickly manipulated his fingers into the seal of the - Hare – Only to jump his digits from that hand seal right into the formation of the -Boar – then last but not least the hand seal of the – Dog – this jutsu was one and the same that Kagato used to make the make shift homes for the group earlier but this time he was using the juts known as earth wall to close the entrance of the cave. Kagato use the preexisting earth from below the cave to seal the cave shut making it look just like the side of a rocky hill. The earth wall was made up of grey and brown earth and stone matching that of the color of the cave making sure to not give it away that they added this wall.  After only a few seconds the wall coated with Kagato’s blue chakra sealed the cave shut but because of the earth's special characteristics, the wall is highly resistant against, , fire and water. The wall was about one foot thick and twenty feet wide. The height of the wall matched the height of the cave that was another twenty feet. Kagato then made the hand seal of a plus or cross sign and made two exact copies of his self in shadow clone form.  Kagato quickly pulled out five pieces of scroll like paper with a red forbidden Kanji placed in the center of each of the five tags.  Kagato handed two tags to the first clone and two more to the second clone leaving his self with the fifth.  Kagato placed the fifth tag  in the center of the newly formed all  before sending the two clones out into the thick forest to hide the other four tags. Kagato was using what is known as the five seal barrier technique. With each tag there was a trap set  up if someone would try to remove one of the tags  a replica if their self would become visible and would try to fight the original the key to this technique was to remove all five seals at once to break the seal.  Kagato pulled out four more scroll like papers with five seal barrier pass technique sealed in each one and began to hand each person of the group a tag. – “ Guard these tags with your life these are your tickets in and out of the cave as long as the barrier is up you will need these release techniques…” – Kagato moved from one person to the next waiting  for each person in the group to take one of the passes  before moving on to the next step of  the plan. Meanwhile as Kagato was handing out the passes his clones were busy ten yards out hiding the tags amongst the tree’s and rocks. The first clone placed on of the tags for the barrier inside an old tree that had a hole in the center of it.   As well as a few yards away from that tree The clone then picked up a boulder that was kind of shaped like a big mush room and placed it underneath the boulder before proofing sending all the clones chakra back to Kagato. The second clone found its way over to a tiny stream where he placed his first tag in an over turned hollowed out greyish log. The clone moved quickly to the next location which was an abandoned bird’s nest up in a tall tree that had to be at least ten feet high and a few yards away from where he placed it the log. The shadow clone after placing the tag vanished in a puff of some returning all the chakra that was left back to Kagato. Back at the camp Kagato moved on to the next order of business which was to scout the area and set up traps. – “ Well we need to set up a few traps so in case someone or something that  may or may not be on the island gets too close to our camp we will know about it….I think  Shikake and Rits should take on this task…if anyone doesn’t feel the same speak up now…” – Kagato waited for a few moments  before speaking again – “ As for everything else once  the traps are set I will use my Rain tiger at will to scout the island… as well as have Kuni assist me in trying to see who or what is on the island by sensing….Itsumo I don’t know your range in sensing but you are more than welcome to help out in this manor…” – Kagato looked over towards Itsumo  then to Kuni. – That is if either of you have not already tried to do so….” -Kagato waited a few moments for their response before making his way back to the cave entrance.  Kagato already knew the seal pass and didn’t need one of the pieces of paper to raise the stone wall   Kagato used his pass and watched as the stone wall began to descend back into the earth. – “ As for me in the meantime I’m going to set up my bedding and what not…I suggest youns all do the same after we carry out our tasks…” – Kagato began to walk deeper into the cave almost vanishing into the darkness.-

IItsumo:-Itsumo glanced over at Kagato as he walked back away from the edge of cave towards his son. She could tell the boy was angry anyone around could tell that he had lost focus in what was to be done at the time. She could tell Kagato said something to the boy but she wasn’t listening to hear what it was her mind was juggling the idea she had in the first place about scouting the area from above. She was in her own mind thinking of ideas when one finally came to her but then she had to push it aside for the moment as Kagato began to speak to them again about the cave being clear. She already knew that she had scanned the cave herself as well but she nodded as he began to seal the cave she made a connection with Shikake’s mind. -*I’m going to need rest after I scout the island I’m going to be using more chakra then I should but I want to check things out from above. My body will be protected do not worry. *- She then broke the transmission not wanting to waste anymore chakra. As Kagato handed out scrolls she took one and nodded placing it in her pocket. She listened as he said that she and Kuni could scout the area she had planned on doing that anyway but she nodded once more and spoke. - “I will get to that then.”-She said in a normal tone then made her way into the cave she went as far back as she could go putting herself out of sight from everyone as she set the doll down against the cave wall then knelt down. She would then lift her hands into tiger seal cloning herself the clone would stand over next to the panda doll that she had placed down and kneel mimicking Itsumo’s body. She then dropped her hands as she glanced between the doll and the clone she was going to be doing a jutsu that was only known to her and her alone as she glanced around to make sure no one could see her she lifted her hands once more. She moved them rapidly into a sequence of hand seals Snake Then Ox Then Tiger and finally ram the real Itsumo would fall to the ground its conciseness splitting into two equal parts one going into the clone the other going into the panda doll. The doll began to move silently as she made sure she had complete control over it as the clone moved to pick up Itsumo’s body and move it over against the cave wall and leaning it so it looked as if she was sleeping. The Panda doll then climbed up into the lap of Itsumo and made itself look like a lifeless doll all the while watching over her body. The Clone then made its way back towards the front of the cave she glanced around at the others and then walked towards the woods She looked up spotting a large bird that looked like a hawk but was a silver color she looked up at the bird making eye contact with it before pushing her concusses from the clone into the bird. The clone would fall to the ground and poof as Itsumo took control over the bird. It was odd being in the body of an animal she had done it many times before bit a bird was one of the more difficult to handle as flying was not natural to her. She stretched the wings of the bird and had it give a tiny screech before taking off into the sky. The bird flew funny for a few seconds then finally Itsumo got the hang of it again and got the birds body completely under control. She flew above the island and scanned out with her sensory as well as looking through the eyes of the bird as she circled above the others and then flew off over the woods. Scanning from above she was able to sense more of the animal’s chakra that lurked on the island though she couldn’t tell what was what unless she got closer and she decided it was smarter not to risk getting herself killed as a bird as she flew through the sky. She scanned more looking for specifically any shinobi chakra other than those she knew where on the island but after a half hour or so of not finding any human chakra she decided she had used enough chakra and made her way back towards the cave.- 

IlLucianlI: He wasnt surprised to see his father coming up to address his behavior. He knew he shouldnt act this way. He nodded lightly in response, this situation would have to wait for the time being, that was something he had already agreed on. But in the manner it was being handle it would also be something he would address to his father once they returned to the village. He was right they were the face of their village at the moment. So he should act more like a jounin. But in the same aspect his father shouldnt be holding information that could be potentially helpful in the situation that they were curretnly in. To give a name would be to help him as well as the others a chance to figure out what they were up against. Seeing as his father could care less about that ritsuka had also lost the will to care. He was in this to get his summon and further himself as a ninja. Anything else would have to be put on hold. Even his disappointment and anger towards his father. He cracked his knuckles lightly, just bored and frustrated they were stopped again. He quietly took the tag from his father, slipping the tag into the pouch secured at the left side of his waist. He didnt make eyecontact with his father. He wouldnt put it past him to gain obedience through genjutsu or someother violating form. After his father explained about the tags he waited in the general area of the others awaiting further instructions. He had been volunteered off to take up the task of trap setting, again he didnt have much knowledge in the task but he summed it up to a bad judgement, with one of the Yonshigakure ninja. Big surprise, it seems there was some tension between him and Kunisada, not that kuni was the most personable people to begin with. He glanced back at the ninja he was to pair up with. He wasnt sure what the other was thinking but he hoped he knew how to set some traps.*

UnaruInuzuka: -Shikake stood looking in the cave a bit longer as he stood there before finding himself glancing over to see the Amekage move off to his son that had settled behind them and on his own, the fact of separating oneself away from the group when in dangerous territory was probably the worst he could do... He had his eyes roam in that dark cave but his ears caught Kagato's voice, clearly he wasn't pleased with Ritsuka to say the least. He didn't turn his head fully, he allowed his masked features to glance over the cave entrance and back into that darkness in there. He flicked his brown orbs to look upon Itsumo to see her stance and maybe glean a bit of insight into her thoughts. Everything of her body language would likely be analyzed and considered by this Nara giving him a slight chance of understanding how she was. Well either she was in deep thought on something... or just waiting, the masks always seeming to make it just a bit difficult to really read a persons thoughts, especially when the person in question had learned to hide as much as he did. He had eventually caught the sight of Kagato moving back to the cave past him and Itsumo to stand near Kuni once again before stating there wasn't anything within. Well that information at least relaxed his nerves on that front, even if outside he didn't even seem to change stance at all from the information being made, he looked perfectly calm with only the slight sign that he wasn't one to be off guard even asleep. He only gave a small nod of his head taking in the words of the Amekage. He watched as the Amekage had formed the wall upon the cave mouth the signs of there even being a cave there easily able to be lost, it looked like the side of the mountain itself just as he felt the familiar sensation of his mind being invaded by his Kage. He listened silently and only gave a confirming “Understood” to the mention of her needing rest after scouting and her body will be protected. Clearly she was going to use one of the basic and well known Yamanaka skills to scout around His head tilted up slightly hearing the sounds of the forest and noticed a few birds flying around and got the idea of what she will do as he also heard the sound of shadow clones being made. He was lowering his head hearing Kagato address them all, from the corner of his eye he noted two clones taking off. He found the Amekage facing him and glanced down at the piece of paper being handed out hearing the fact of the tag was the way in and out of the barrier he was putting up and he was to keep it safe like it was his life and understood it fully, anyone who got these tags off them meant that everyone was in danger. He took the tag with his left hand glancing down at it a moment before folding it and it disappearing from sight into a hidden pocket of his as he crossed his arms as he took in the area around them. As Kagato started talking again his eyes had turned back to him pure attention coming to be noted from him, he heard about needing traps being set up along with the suggestion of him and Ritsuka being the ones doing it. He gave a nod of his head as he spoke up in answer.- “I'm alright with that.” -He watched as Itsumo had moved off into the cave after the comment of the others to go and scout the area out to be sure of what was around them. He took that as the cue to go himself.- “ Be back soon.” -He walked towards the young Jounin and saw a look in those features that spoke of hope. He couldn't help but grin slightly, how much could he bet that the boy only knew the very barest of ways of making a trap? With a soft motion with his left hand he started to lead the boy away to go and start setting traps.- “Lets go get these done and over with.” As they got slightly out of range of hearing, mostly because of the racket of the sounds of the forest animals more than the fact of distance, he took a soft breath and spoke up.- “So how are you on making traps?” -He asked this as he was gathering a bit of wire along with spikes and tags from his pouch as he waits on hearing what the young Jounin will answer.-

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada’s eyes turned towards Kagato as he saw him go towards his son and speak to him about acting his behavior and telling him to act like his rank. He saw the young Jounin nod his head slightly, which he somewhat expected Ritsuka to do; ignoring his father’s direct words wouldn’t have been wise for him if he still wanted to stay anywhere near Kagato’s good side for now. He watched Kagato make his way back over to him, his eyes following Kagato as he made his way back over towards him. He heard Kagato speak of making a make-shift home for them, seeing him glance at him firstly before looking at his son, then switching to Itsumo and then finally Shikake. Kunisada moved himself back a little from the entrance of the cave, knowing Kagato was planning on making something to cover the entrance of the cave. As he watched Kagato, he saw an earth wall rise from the earth below, the colors of the wall matching the color as the cave they were in front of. Kunisada watched Kagato as he made two Shadow Clones before watching him pull out five pieces of a scroll with a red Kanji in the center of the tags. He watched Kagato hand two tags towards his clones then putting another one down in the middle before watching his two clones disappear into the forest around them. Kunisada figured he was probably putting up another barrier as he had done so the previous night with them, to which he knew was a good precaution. He glanced at Kagato as he once again pulled out four more tags before he started handing them out to everyone in the group, telling them to guard them with their lives, to which Kunisada nodded slightly and silently as he took his from Kagato. He placed the tag in his pocket, keeping his eyes on Kagato as he then began to speak of setting up traps in case of something happening; he volunteered Shikake and Ritsuka for the job, to which he pondered how much Ritsuka knew of how to set up traps, but he figured Shikake should be able to help him if he needed any. Kagato then spoke about eventually using his Rain Tiger at Will to scout the island for himself before speaking of having himself assist Kagato of seeing what or who was on the island with the five of them; he also suggested that Itsumo may have a hand in this if she wished to. He glanced over at the two of them before speaking of if they had scouted the area already, to which he knew he had already done so with his Byakugan on the way to the cave. He watched as Itsumo moved herself into the cave again, to which he wondered slightly of what she meant by her words, but he chose to not over-think them. He also took note of Shikake making his way towards Ritsuka before turning his gaze towards Kagato. He spoke quietly in a tone only Kagato was able to hear.- “..I already scanned the area around here while we were moving here..I doubt much of anything will bother us here as long as we don’t draw attention to ourselves..” –Kunisada waited for Kagato to respond for a few seconds before he spoke to him again.- “..So, if you want to go set up your bedding, then do so..I’ll be waiting out here..” –Kunisada didn’t know where the others of the group were going to make their home inside of the cave, but he figured it’d be best to wait outside for whenever Kagato was done and was going to use his Rain Tiger at Will to discuss what was on the island with them; as well as maybe discuss some of the other things that had happened on their trip so far.-

Kagato: -Before Kagato made his way full into the cave he gave Kunisada a simple node up and down showing him he understood what he was saying and made his way fully into the darkness of the cave. Instead of going to the furthest most part of the cave Kagato made a right leading him down another corridor that lead to a dead end. This part of the cave was dry and relatively big like a normal master bed room size.  At the opening of this corridor Kagato stopped and looked over the arch way nature had made. It was almost perfect Kagato began to weave another set of hand seals just like he had moments before at the entrance of the cave. The first hand seal that he contorted his fingers into was that of the – Tiger – only to have his digits manipulated into the seal of the – Hare – leaping from   one seal into the next he formed the seal of the – Boar – He finished up these series of hand seals with the seal of the – Dog – The earth began to rumble slightly as another wall made of earth and stone rose up to meet the roof of the cave along its arch way.  Kagato placed a seal on the door allowing him to open it like the main cave’s entrances earth wall. Kagato continued on his path to the back of the  now sealed off room and  slid his back pack off his right shoulder then his left taking a grip of the black shoulder strap that held some of his scrolls. He carefully sat the back pack on the ground and unzipped it pulling out the scroll as he did before to set up his bedding the last few nights.  Kagato unrolled the scroll and slammed his hands down on it, and in an instant the same mat he had been sleeping on appeared before him laid out on the ground as well as his blanket and pillow. His tasks now done and over with Kagato zipped up and slipped his black backpack back on his back turning around and started to make his way out of the room. Kagato slammed his hands palms down on the middle of the earth wall making the wall vanish into the earth of the cave. Kagato took a few steps out of the room only to have the wall spring back up in the same fashion as it had done moments before when he first made it.  Kagato turned back out the small corridor and back to the main room where he spotted Itsumo   heading out of the cave as well. She wasn’t hard to spot even in the cave’s darkness since she was wearing white at least to Kagato’s vision. He watched as Itsumo made her way out noticing a bit of a difference in her chakra which leads Kagato to believe that he Itsumo before him exiting the cave was a clone. Kagato pondered this thought for a moment trying to contemplate why she would send a clone out and not her or why use chakra to do so seeing as he knew that the others didn’t have the mass amount of chakra that Kagato his self-had he questioned her motives and why she would use chakra in this way. Kagato neared the entrance to the cave where he saw Kuni standing which knew Kunisada was waiting for him as he stated before Kagato entered the cave. Kagato paused for a moment and looked at Kunisada and began to speak only loud enough for Kuni to hear. – “Since you already scanned the area I feel no need to do it myself at this point in time…” – In the back of Kagato’s mind he wanted to get this trip done and over with as soon as possible but he knew rushing things and the others in the group would only put them in danger so the best bet was to after the Ritsuka and Shikake.  Kagato knew it wasn’t a good idea to set Kuni  up with Shikake after what had happened  the night before on their watch  he just hoped his son  could handle the task he gave him, after all it wasn’t like he wasn’t asked to do the same task at the first camp site. Kagato glanced over towards his son and Shikake and watched them move out of sight. Kagato then turned his attention back to Kuni before speaking again to him. -  “ Well only thing we can really do at the moment is wait for  them to return then most likely get some rest…You should set up your own little place to do so…” – Kagato stood there at the entrance of the cave waiting for the others to return so they could all set up to get some rest. -

IItsumo:-The bird flew and landed up on top of the same tree Itsumo had jumped out of when first getting to the cave and after a brief moment she released the bird and let her conciseness flow back into her real body. After a brief moment she did the same with the conciseness in the doll this allowed her full control over her own body and the doll was once again just a doll. She was not weak and didn’t use as much chakra as she could have if she would have had to use the doll to any extent so it didn’t take her as long to recover and after about five minutes she was able to completely move. She sensed the area and knew that no one was in the cave so she set the doll off her lap and took off her pack and began to change. She knew that her white attire was not suitable for this island it would attract animals and if they did have an enemy on the island it would get her noticed so she pulled out the one set of black cloths she had from her bag and began to change. She first pulled off her white scarf and her mask and placed them into her pack she then pulled off her white long sleeved shirt and replaced it with a lighter black tank that was longer in the back. She then slipped off her white sandals and her white pants and replaced them with lighter weight black pants that had several pockets in them and black sandals with open toes. She then opted for her black half mask and black scarf that were both lighter material and put them into place. She then tied her long blonde hair up into a bun though leaving some of it hanging down in the front before sealing her white cloths into a scroll and placing it back into her pack. She took her tools from the white pouch she wore and placed them into the pockets of the pants so her senbon and kunai were with her. She then zipped her pack back up and set the doll on top of it against the wall before getting to her feet and heading towards the entrance of the cave. As she reached the entrance of the cave she saw that Kagato and Kuni were both still standing there and she nodded to them before speaking. - “There are no large chakra signatures with in 200yards of the cave some smaller ones are lurking but those are just animals none are shinobi though you both already know that. However, there are several larger chakra signatures spread out throughout the island but none near here and those seem animalistic as well.” -she glanced at them both not sure wither or not she gave them any information that they didn’t already know but there was no way to know for sure. She then glanced up at the sky above it was still daylight and she knew Shikake would do fine with traps but she wasn’t sure how Ritsuka would do she leaned agents the outer side of the cave and silently waited.- 

IlLucianlI: *He spotted Shikake walking towards him and turned to meet the man. He was surprised by the question but grateful as well. Got things out of the way early on, He allowed himself to be directed by Shikake, giving a final glance towards his father as he moved away from the group. Ritsuka spoke a simple “No” to the other. He thought this might be rude so he reiterated to the older man. * “I haven't had much training in traps, I'm still working on the stealth aspects of training yet.” *He glanced down lightly and rubbed the back of his head feeling slightly embarrassed. He found himself drawn to the others hand as the other withdrew the wire and spikes, He didn't have spike or wires with him but he withdrew 4 paper bombs, letting them set idly in his hand in case they ended up needing them. He really did hope to pick up on a few new tricks through this trick and so are he only tried out Earth wall. He wanted something that would stick with him and be useful in the future. He glanced up at Shikake waiting for him to begin setting the traps up.*

UnaruInuzuka: -Shikake hearing the answer he actually expected from the teen he gave a small nod of the head before working with the wire of his. He pulled out some long strands using the edge of one of the spikes to snap them from their spool.- “It isn't too hard to make traps or labor intensive, just have to be inventive and have a bit of practice, I'll show you a few then you can try making them on your own however sticking close to each other out here will be smart.” With that he went to look around to find the right places to make a quite simple one that would grab their attention easily if it were to spring... and be a quite nasty shock to the one that triggered it. He moved over to one of the trees glancing it over seeing that its counter part across the path was just in the right position and set to work. He tied part of the wire extremely low on the tree no more than six inches from the ground, the underbrush easily covering the sight and soon pulled the string to the other smaller tree doing the same leaving a taunt wire between the two. He then took one of his tags and set it low near the wire and activated it to the wire itself knowing the moment that wire is pulled that bomb would go off. He glanced over towards Ritsuka making sure the boy was watching and smirked under the mask, he didnt need to explain this, the boy would get the idea easily enough. He soon stood straight and with a motion of his head moved off a bit of a ways to show him another one. He glanced over seeing a strong but bendable branch and soon set up a loop snare that was quite hidden from even humans eyes however when he finished it he glanced to Ritsuka and spoke up.- “Go ahead and place a tag about a foot higher than your head on that tree for motion activation, a little chakra but not enough to really be noticed should be enough for such.” -He waited for him to do such and with a light flick of his wrist set some spikes along some of the areas with much more wide space to work with but enough ground cover to hide them even the smallest cry from a injury like that would be noticed by anyone on watch along with injuring someone enough to give them an advantage. He glanced around looking for an alternate item for the young jounin to use since he apparently doesn't have any wire of his own. His brown eyes lit a little in finding what he wanted and quite a good bit of it in this place. He moved over to one of the larger trees and found thin vines clinging to it, a good look at them told him they would work fine. He took his empty hand to snag one and saw that it was both strong and flexible and with a nod of his head he set to work. He set his items into his pouch for a moment and grabbed a kunai of his before dashing up the trunk a good eight yards and quickly slashed and grabbed the end of one before relaxing his chakra hold and landing to the ground without a sound. The drop had pulled down some of it and he soon he pulled the rest from the tree itself careful not to scar the tree in his actions for others to notice. He soon using his kunai to remove the leaves and easily nicking the end splitting the vine in half to make it even thinner before handing over the coiled length over to Ritsuka.- “Use this like you would use the wire for traps, works well and at times even blends in much better. Be inventive when working out in the wild it will let you be able to handle being stranded on your own with nothing but your body and mind as weapons to work with.” -He might not be that great with social interaction but he has learned the need to teach the younger generation the importance of survival in this world at least. After this he motioned for him to follow as they were making a large circle around their camp He hopped into a large tree and placed a explosive tag on one tree just hidden by a few leaves but high enough on the trunk that nothing small will trigger it and activated it for movement, simple but effective. He also showed how to funnel a person into a trap without them actually realizing such by a few well placed items looking like nature itself. He set Ritsuka to make a few traps as they went while he sporadically set his own never going far from the other as they moved along. He will have to remember before leaving the island itself to collect all the items he used if they don't go off while they are here.-

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada watched as Kagato came close next to him and spoke to him about trusting his judgment call on the area already being scanned. He also heard Kagato telling him about having now just to wait for the rest of the group to recollect so that they could get some rest. And after speaking that, he spoke of suggesting to him that he should think about setting up a place of his own to rest afterwards or during the others absence. After he spoke to him, Kunisada heard Itsumo’s voice informing them of what she was able to gather, but her information was something he had locked onto earlier, but it was good to be confirmed. He turned his head slightly to see Itsumo leaning towards the outer side of the cave and waited, bringing his voice to a whisper to where only Kagato could hear him once more.- “..We have some things to discuss eventually Kagato..when we talk of them is up to you..” –He paused for a few secondsto let the silence pass over them as his mind switched to another subject that would need to be addressed soon if Kagato wanted them all to rest, even if it was for a small amount of time.- “..But since now isn’t the most opportune time, I’ll ask something of a closer timeline..There are five of us in the group, meaning no more pairs to a what exactly is your planning on that..especially if you’re planning on having us rest..” –Kunisada went silent afterwards for Kagato to respond, if he even had one, but he also let his eyes glance off to the side as he kept a watch out for the other two. He didn’t see them return so he figured that the two of them were still setting up traps. He didn’t think that Ritsuka would be abducted here..if he did, then Shikake would have a lot more issues on this island besides the massive inhabitants that were here already. Although Itsumo hadn’t brought it up aloud, when he spoke out what happened on their shift, he caught Itsumo’s glance that she gave to her Hunter Nin. If the Kage’s son went missing on his watch, then he’d have to deal with telling the three of them; and with the mood Kagato was probably in, he didn’t think Kagato would be merciful to him in any regard. It wasn’t an easy thing to admit for Kagato or himself, but Akatori had gone missing with the two highest ranking shinobi in Amegakure. He knew that it was something that the two of them couldn’t change now, but it was still lingering around in his mind somewhere and he was sure it was in Kagato’s mind too. He turned his gaze back to Kagato as he waited for the other two to get back, letting his mind wander a bit in silence unless the two other Kages wished to speak.-

Kagato: -It wasn’t long before he seen Itsumo make her way over to the cave but she wasn’t dressed as she was before she left this time her clothes were what looked like black cloth which her top was longer at the bottom but covered less of her arms. Kagato watched as Itsumo mad her way to Kuni and Kagato only lean up against the cave. It wasn’t long after this he heard Itsumo speak about how there were no larger chakra signatures near them for at least two hundred yards and in any case none of which were of the Human Shinobi chakra type only larger animals. In the back of his mind the events that happened before they made it here with not being able to sense Athena’s chakra signature until it was too late. Kagato nodded his head slightly up and down Kagato lips parted slowly and gave a simple repose To Itsumo. – “Very well.” – Kagato then turned his attention back towards Kuni as he began to quietly speak to him mist likely trying to make sure it was only Kagato that heard him.  Kuni was mentioning something about needing to speak to him about something later and how it seemed not to be a good time at the moment. Kagato replied to Kuni’s request with a simple reply as he did Itsumo but only loud enough only for Kuni to. – “Very well after every one goes to rest….” – Kagato turned to Itsumo and began to speak to her. – “Well it seems that even Kuni didn’t find anything other than Animal signatures either….” - Kagato’s eyes leapt back and forth between Itsumo and Kunisada before he spoke again. – “Even though we sense nothing now something or someone could still be out there seeing as how we were all caught off guard  before we got here….” – Kagato kept replaying the events in his mind since they left on this trip  trying to put his finger on why Athena would do all of this but  if history taught him one thing that sometimes people do things without a real reason as to why they do them and more often than not he found that the people that were supposed to be close to him turned on him. Even with all these setbacks Kagato never let  anything get in his way of his goals or agenda’s, if it was something worth doing and Kagato set his mind to it he got the job done and done well.  Kagato’s lips parted slowly and began to peak once more to Itsumo and Kuni.- “ Tonight when we all rest…I will make it rain … there will be no sneaking up on us tonight…seeing as the group is an odd number tonight I think it best we all get rest at the same time…” – Kagato knew Kuni had run in to some problems with Shikake when he had put them on the night watch shift together and  how Ritsuka was acting he thought it best not to ignite any fires within the group. Kagato shook his head from left to right before speaking one last time. – “ All we need now is Ritsuka and Shikake to come back so we can all get some rest…I think it’s best to start to get on the move as soon as possible.”

IItsumo:-Itsumo could tell that Kuni did not trust her or Shikake at this point as she watched them out of the corner of her eye as he whispered something to Kagato. She however couldn’t blame him has someone fallowed her without reason she would have also been untrustworthy of them as well however no one had given her reason to not trust them at this point. She saw Kagato nod as if he was thinking then he finally spoke up about making it rain and how they should all sleep at the same time. The idea didn’t sit well with her not having someone awake especially not understand how rain would stop someone from sneaking up on them. She knew that there were ways of infusing chakra into natures so it was possible to do many things with them. She glanced over at the two of them and nodded then looked back at the woods. She didn’t know if Ritsuka would do well working with Shikake either however she had hopped the young ninja had dropped his attitude and didn’t push the lazy Nara in the same way he seemed to be pushing the buttons on his father. She closed her blue eyes as she leaned back against the wall and silently waited for them both to return she didn’t have anything to add to the conversation about shifts because at this point he was right they all needed rest. -

IlLucianlI: He watched the Yonshigakure ninja carefully as he  worked with the wire, measuring out several long strands and cut them, He followed him closely through the area to a nearby tree, not trailing behind like he had suggested, He had given the other simple nod in response not sure how to interact at the moment. Ritsuka watched him attach the wire low to the ground on the tree, and bringing the other end to another point they can attach it to so it would be taunt. Then the ninja attached at tag to the tree near the wire and activated it. Seemed simple enough of a concept. He figured he would be able to handle this. His thoughts were interrupted as the other requested him to place a tag on another nearby tree he nodded again and walked over to the tree and reached up over his head placing the tag securely and activated it with some chakra, with that done he turned to see the Yonshi nin pulling some vines down. Ritsuka assumed to make up for his lack of wire. He watched him jump into the branches above and slice the vines down jumping down shortly after and slide the side of them down before handing him a coil of vine. He took it and spoke a light “thanks”. He listens to the other careful taking in all the information and knowledge the other passed over. He tried to make sure not to miss anything as they walked around the perimeter setting traps. After Shikake had finished speaking he had told ritsuka to go off and try out some traps. He imagined they wouldn’t need to much more but never can be too careful. He found a descent set up between a tree and a stump covered in moss and shrubbery. He did as he had been taught and used the vines to run across between the tree and stump attaching a tag to the tree and activating it with a small amount of chakra. He set a few more in the surround rea of their camp, making sure to use the foliage like he had been directed. After he was satisfied with the traps he set he went to stand near shikake so they could return to the other and get some rest hopefully *

UnaruInuzuka: -Shikake had watched as the other put what he learned into practice while he worked on his own as they had moved around the camp perimeter, some explosives others made to make a large sound when one was set off for them to detect. They both worked on the traps but his attention was mostly on the Jonin's position to be sure nothing will come to happen to the boy or to have him wander off, and also the area around them, to be sure nothing was to come close to the two. He moved along and soon had taken note of Ritsuka move up to him when they had finished. He brushed his hands together after doing the last trap they needed and motioned into the direction of the cave of the groups.- “Lets get back quickly, no doubt they will likely be waiting for us to return.” -He made sure that Ritsuka would be heading off back to the caves direction before he himself gave the area a slow glance around. His eyes soon fell back onto the retreating back of the boy and took a few quick steps to catch up walking mostly to the Uzumaki teens left side as they moved along. Their steps back to the camp would have been soft on the grass but quick and wouldn't have taken more than a couple minutes longer than the last words had passed Kagato's lips. He yawned, he felt beat and the slight slump of his shoulders when they had returned back into the cave opening he was tired however duty was more important at this point.- “Traps are all set and ready, anything tripping them will likely make a large sound we will hear when triggered. Going to go set up our spaces” - His words direct but the edge of how tired he felt showed in the tone to ones looking for it. With that he had let his mind wander knowing the boy was now in the company of his father and others and moved off into the cave. He reached into his pouch and snagged a storage scroll and slipped it open before adding a small bit of chakra to it. A puff of smoke and it gave him two glow sticks. Breaking one it gave off a soft glow also giving him the chance of letting shadows gently dance around him, it was both for his peace of mind and to give him a bit of light to work by. He actually was lost in his thoughts thinking strategy when he had passed the others to enter the cave considering a half a dozen scenarios on this island that he completely forgot to ask how things will be ran in the resting period. He put the scroll away and pocketed the second glow stick as he walked farther in. He glanced around the area and noticed Itsumo's pack and doll against one wall and took note of a wall that was flat against the others. It didn't take him long to make a guess out that it likely was where the Amekage was going to settle himself so he took in the area. He realized that the area around Itsumo's items curved out a bit and would easily be confined by a simple wall however he had to consider more than the wall itself... He paced slightly in the cave looking at the spot before standing right in front of the section, his index finger, middle finger and thumb periodically tapping themselves together on his left hand seemed to not even be noticed by him as he thought. After a minute he made up his mind and setting the glow stick to the ground formed up a hand sign of the Tiger then shifted it swiftly to the Hare before moving it to the Boar then settled it softly into the Dog before dropping his left hand to the ground, a solid wall rose up from the ground and encased a comfortable section off from the rest if it around that pack and bear. One thing that was distinguishable was a cloak hood molded into the wall itself as if something forbidding was looking out from it however it was empty and was made in such a way to be a doorway arch, just at his height, into that section of the cave. He may not be able to replicate whatever made that wall just a bit to his right open or close for his Shikage but he could bet Itsumo would be quite happy to set a trap at that walls doorway if she wished privacy. As for him he just figured when he was to rest he could just throw up a dome for himself right before he was to sleep or not bother with one till it was needed in case of trouble. As he was glancing over the place picking up that glow stick did he finally take restock of his actions when he returned. He stood there a moment and wanted to slap his forehead on the forgetfulness of asking what was the plans next... Instead of exiting the cave itself he spoke up knowing the cave would echo his voice easily enough to anyone in close range to hear including anyone that may have wandered into the cave while he was working to set things up.- “So what is the plans for watch while we rest up?” -His voice wasn't loud but it was slightly rose to let words not be mistaken. His question came as he dropped down to sit against the wall he had just erected while giving a typical yawn of his, the wall was quite sophisticated in of itself and because of such took a portion of chakra from him that was noticed but not enough to wear him out enough to be a problem.-

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada listened to Kagato’s responses to his statements and patiently waited for the other two to join them back at the campsite. A few more minutes passed as the silence spread between the three of them before he noticed Ritsuka and Shikake make their way back to the campsite. He heard Shikake speak of the traps being set and ready for any intruders before removing himself to the cave to set up his own space to rest. Kunisada watched him pass Kagato and himself as he headed into the cave before silently thinking over what might happen tonight. Ritsuka seemed to be behaving a little better from what he could tell, but he hadn’t spent the past some odd minutes with him, nor had he heard Ritsuka speak since Kagato had gotten onto him; so as of now, Kunisada could guess Ritsuka would behave in front of his father. He hadn’t spent much time around Itsumo, that seemed to be what Kagato was doing most of the time. As for Shikake, he was fairly certain that Itsumo might still wish to speak with him on what had happened the night before, but then again, that would only lead to Itsumo hearing Shikake’s side of the story, but not his. Either way, he wasn’t sure on where the group stood on what they thought of what happened, but he figured it would be brought up with the Kages and each other, or they might do it quietly;  he was prepared for both scenarios. He knew Kagato was eager to get this over and done with, which he also took into account that he might want to start on his Summons hunt as soon as he possibly could. He kept himself quiet as he waited for the rest of the group to be regrouped to understand what the plan so far was; Shikake and Ritsuka hadn’t been present when Kagato had told Itsumo and himself his idea for what they should be doing when they all regrouped. Kunisada heard that Shikake hadn’t exited the cave, his voice sounded more of an echo which meant he was still in the cave, as he heard Shikake ask what the plans for watch while they rested up were. Kunisada gazed over at Kagato as he waited for Kagato to speak.-

Kagato:-Kagato turned his head towards the location he had last seen his Son and Shikake, not long after this Kagato spotted first Shikake then his son making their way back to their base camp. It didn’t take them long to reach Kagato’s location by the cave where Kuni and Itsumo also stood. Kagato nodded his head slightly as Shikake stated the Traps were all set and ready, and how if anything would come a crossed them the group could easily hear the noise from the traps going off. Kagato then watched careful as Shikake made his way into the cave after stating he was going to set up spaces to rest. Kagato glanced over towards Kuni then Itsumo and then his son before his lips started to part slowly. -  Well I’m going to get some rest I suggest youns all do the same …. But before I do…” – With his sentence cut short Kagato began to make a series of hand seals the first of which was the seal of the - Bird – He quickly manipulated his fingers into the seal of the - Rat – he then jolted his digits into the seal of the  - Ox – only to jump his fingers into the seal of the - Monkey – the next seal was that of the-  Rat – and finally he slithered his fingers into the seal of the – Snake – The sky above  them started to become darker as grey to black storm clouds began to fill the sky followed  by the low roar of rolling thunder echoing off their surroundings as if they were in an concert hall. The rain started to pour down within the matter of seconds as if the heavens   were weeping.  Large water droplets cascade like water falls hitting everything that was on the island beating off the leaves of the trees like a drum which the sound carried for miles.  Once again Kagato was making use of his Rain Tiger at Will technique which filled the area with rain that was infused with his very own blue chakra and tied to his very senses. If anyone or anything should be lurking out there on the island Kagato would know it right away. Kagato began to make his way into the cave noticing now there was a small stream of water rushing in towards the cave which he would make use of by first moving into the darkness of the cave where no one could see him he raised his black armored gloves up to mid torso height and formed a plus sign with both of his index fingers from his right to left hand. In a cloud of smoke a show clone appeared right before him as he used another technique hiding in water to mask his presence from the rest of the group.  The Clone began to make its way back towards Kagato’s resting area as he heard off in the distance Shikake asking what they were doing about watch groups. Kagato’s clone’s lips slowly parted just before it began to speak loud enough that Shikake would be able to hear him. – “ We are not having a watch we all are in need of some rest…if someone were to come close to hear I will know with plenty of time to react…” The clone   opened the sealed earth style wall with the special pass he had made causing it to descend back into the earth giving the clone just enough time to walk through the arch way before it closed up again. Meanwhile the real Kagato made his way outside the  still using the hiding in water technique to pass by the rest of the group without being noticed Kagato paused for a few moments waiting to see if Kunisada caught on to his plan about sneaking off to get started on gathering his summons or not before Kagato switched from the hiding in water technique  taking his hands and forming the Seal of Confrontation before slipping into hiding in drizzle technique by creating a drizzle around him masking his chakra into the rain itself making it impossible to for someone to tell where he was at seeing as the rain around him and the water that now laid on the ground had his chakra in it as well. -

IItsumo:*Itsumo opened her icy blue eyes as Shikake and the other came back into view as Shikake made it clear the traps were set she nodded and turned taking out the scroll and entering the cave she then made her way back to where the doll was set and the rest of her bag was. Itsumo wasn’t planning on actually sleeping the night nor did she plan on sleeping in the cave at all but she wasn’t going to let Shikake or anyone else fallow her off to where she wanted to go. She sat against the cool wall of the cave in silence and closed her eye for a moment or so before she heard everything start to go silent. She then picked up her pack and doll and moved back deeper into the cave where the stream of water had started to fall in. She fallowed the stream back to where there was an opening just big enough for her to fit out of in the roof and then she body flickered out of the cave. She wasn’t trying to be to stealthy but she also didn’t want to just walk out the front of the cave. Crouched down in the pouring rain in her all black outfit on top of the cliff that held the cave the others were resting in she sat perched her blonde hair blowing in the gentle breeze she opened her icy blue eyes wide and looked out of the vast forest ahead. She knew what she was looking for now the only thing she needed to do was go and find it. So without a noise she vanished again and appeared in the tree line off to the east of the cave high up in the trees she perched herself and started to scan the area then silently started moving through the trees in search of what she had waited so long to find.* 

IlLucianlI: As they returned to the camp and gathered with the rest of their group. Ritsuka couldnt help but feel a twinge of regret that Akatori wasnt their waiting for him. He didnt have much of a impression with the rest of them other than being some newbie jounin for the Yonshigakure Ninja. His father obviously cared for him but was far to busy overlooking the group. Then there was Kunisada who he knew somewhat from the village but always kept himself closed off from the others besides his father. He had never been the sociall type which lead to a serious lack of trust toward him. He didnt doubt kuni would do what was best for Amegakure No Sato. He just never felt comfortable with the older anbu. With the given options of conversation he decided best to just head to bed. He didnt bother doing anything crazy. No walls or things like that for him. He looked over to a nearby wall, before walking over to it carefully. He detached his Gunbai from his back and placed it so it leaned against the wall. After that he simply let himself slide down the wall into a sitting position letting out a heavy sigh as he did so. He let his eyes close lightly not planning on resting as much as listening closely to the sounds around him. Allowing his mind to wander to the times wth akatori he had before. His thoughts kept coming back to their falling out, it made him regret not really patching things up with her. He knew his father would be doing what he could to find her once they were back, he just hoped it wasnt too late. He would still be sure to make sure whoever was responsible would pay, He shook the unsettling thoughts from hi head and let his eyes open to glance around the cave. He hoped he would get through this night soon. He rose from his spot leaving his gunbai by the wall. To walk to the entrance to the cave using the tag his father gave him to exit, and stood near the entrance. Letting the rain fall on him, it was as comforting as it would get without him being home. He had enjoyed his time out of the village. He let the rain fall on him for a few moments before turning to reenter the cave, going back to his spot beside his gunbai sitting again to wait for their adventure to continue and hopefully finish soon.*

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada kept silent as Kagato spoke about everyone getting some rest but not before Kagato activated his Rain Tiger at Will Technique as rain began to fall from the sky; which gave him a small feeling of being back in Amegakure. He knew that Kagato was more than likely just using this technique as to avoid running into any other unwelcome visitors coming by during their rest period. He watched as Kagato made his way into the cave, as well as everyone else before him as he stood outside a little longer until he made his way into the very entrance of the cave, just out of Kagato’s rain. He turned his head towards the cave and activated his Byakugan, seeing the different chakra sources in the cave; he saw Itsumo, Shikake, Ritsuka and Kagato as well, but he also took note that a stream of Kagato’s Rain Tiger at Will Technique had made its way into the entrance of the cave, making a long stream of Kagato’s chakra visible to his Byakugan on the ground at the cave. As he looked up, he noticed something that he hadn’t seen until just then; he saw another source of Kagato’s chakra standing next to where he saw himself before seeing the original chakra source vanish, which made Kunisada figure Kagato was going to try and start on his Summons early, which he had guessed earlier. He calmly made his way out of the cave before standing out on the side where no one could see him before forming the Clone seal as he used the Shadow Clone Technique. A puff of smoke appeared beside him as an exact duplicate of himself made his way back into the cave; he needed the clone there in case any other members of the group decided to wander around and see if everyone was still there, as he was sure that was what Kagato had intended for leaving his clone as well. After the clone made his way back into the entrance of the cave, he sat with his back against the wall of the mouth of the cave, sitting near the entrance of the cave to where he was just out of reach of Kagato’s rain, watching the rain fall for a moment before lowering his head; he wasn’t falling asleep or even closing his eyes, but he decided to not raise any suspicions by making it seem as though he was on watch. If anyone even attempted to touch, approach or make their way past him, he could just as easily lift his head up  and see who or what it was. On the outside of the cave, Kunisada made note of where his tag was that Kagato had given him, which was still located in his pocket, before reactivating his Byakugan and taking one last glance at the cave; he saw four chakra sources which belonged to his clone, Kagato’s clone, Ritsuka and Shikake, but that left out where Itsumo’s chakra source was. He located her chakra source and saw that she was leaving the cave as well, which made Kunisada pause as he guessed both of the Kages wanted to search for their Summons as quickly as possible. He deactivated his Byakugan as he scanned the area out in front of him; Kagato could reappear anywhere, but he had a feeling of where he would surface. Kunisada’s body disappeared in a blur as he used the Body Flicker Technique to make his way away from the cave. After he reappeared behind a tree to cover where he was in case any stragglers from the cave or any nearby animals were looking, he kept his body still but let his eyes scan the area to look for Kagato, even though he was pretty sure he would be around here somewhere.-

lLucianlI: *Ritsukas eyes reopenned after few hours of inactivity in the cave. He even managed to catch a hour or two of sleep. He rose from his spot in the corner and looked around. Everything seemed normal. He decided he was ready to get this started even if done alone. Moving to where he set his stuff while he rested he reattached his gunbai to his back securely. He ran his hands into thee various tool pouches feeling out his inventory. With the time he had rested he haad regained most of his chakra back thst he had spent getting to the island and felt confident he could be good with the amount left to handle the task at hand. Ritsuka slowly walked over to the room-like structure his father had set up for himself and kicked at the door, loud enough for the thump to surely notify his father of his presence. He took a step back from the wall, He wasnt sure how he planned on approaching this but he figured he would just telling his father straight out he was going to go out to get his summon. Beating aroound the bush wouldnt do him any good. He sighed deeply and awaited for his father to emerge from his room.*

Kagato: -Kagato’s shadow clone her a light taping at the solid stone earth wall of his room he made within the cave the settled upon in making their camp. The shadow clone of Kagato could immediately tell that it was the chakra of his son Ritsuka just outside the stone door.  The clone pressed his hands on the earth wall palms flat letting his chakra flow through his hands and into the wall making the wall reseed into the earth in which it came from with a slight rumbling sound coming from the earth below the wall which the whole wall was back within the earth in the matter of a few seconds. The shadow clone peered out at The young Jounin Uzumaki his son as the shadow clone titled his head slightly and stared directly into his son’s eyes. The shadow clone’s eyes were fixated yet they were the same as the originals which were that of the Rinnegan characterized by a ripple-like pattern around the pupil, with an amethyst purple iris and sclera in his left eye as well as a crimson red Rinnegan in his right.  The shadow clone stared at Rits intently for a few moments before parting its lips slowly which even being a shadow clone the tone of voice still had a metallic sound because of the re-breather.  - “Well if you are here asking about when you can leave for your quest to find your summon you need not ask…This is a task you will be doing along so when you feel you are ready head out….Just be careful…” – The shadow clone waited for some sort of response from Ritsuka before contemplating doing next after all there was no purpose for the shadow clone to still be around seeing as he already did what he was told to do.  – “Now if that is all I shall leave you to it….” – The clone still wasn’t fully sure if Ritsuka would be able to handle this on his own but it was something he had to do alone. The clone waited a few moments to see if Ritsuka had something else to say and if he didn’t he would get ready to raise the wall once again. -

IlLucianlI: *As the wall of earth came down, Ritsuka took a step back. Allowing some space between himself and the rapidly descending earthen wall. He looked up at his father meeting his gaze. Listening to him speak. So he had figured what he had come for. He had partially expected this to be the case. He figurred if his father hadnt wanted him to leave he wouldnt have given him the tag allowing him to pass the barrier. But given the current events he felt it smart to ask, so not to cause any worry among his company. He had to admit he was thrown aback that his father hadnt insisted on an escort of himself or kuni to do this, being his first time out of the village. But he wasnt complaining. With the way they had been interacting recently, he would prefer some time alone. And if by the off chance someone did come for him, it would turn out to be interesting. He nodded to his father in response. He didnt feel the need to ask anything further of him. He had no specific summon in mind so the map would be useless. He figured he would know which summon was for him when he came across it. He muttered a simple “thanks and goodnight” Before turning on his in heel as the earthen wall burst back up into place.He figured no time like the present and walked carefully to the entrance of the cave careful not to wake anyone. With a final glance out he set off trying to stay in a stright direction of the cave making it easier for him to find again. Though he could always improvise a way to find his father later. With the sounds of hundreds of unknown creatures filling his ears he had finally set off to finish this mission.*

Ritsuka, Shikake

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