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Title: Ruins of Iwagakure: Paths cross - 201

Kagato: -Kagato began to scan the area using his expert sensory skills; He was the best sensor Nin in all of Amegakure and prided his self on this fact. Kagato simply nodded to Kuni he did feel the presence of two others here among the area of the ruins just in the mountain range area. He raised his right and left arms up from his earlier pose and began to weave a series of hand seals. The first of which was that of -Bird – followed right behind it was the seal of the - Rat – He forced his fingers into the position of the - Ox – only to jump his digits into the seal of the - Monkey – Next he manipulated his fingers into scurrying about into the seal of the - Rat – only to slither his fingers into the position of the – Snake – The sky above the ruins from the mountains just to about the gate in which all the Amegakure shinobi either gathered around or was standing on top of started to become dark and filled with  storm clouds. The clouds started to twist and turn until it was blanketing the sky like a grey and black wool blanket.  Kagato started to use the Rain tiger at will technique; it didn’t take long for this jutsu to take effect. The heavens above the area of the ruins steaming from behind the mountain range to just before what remained of the stone gate, the rain began to as if the heavens above them were weeping for this damaged land much like the sky of the Amegakure seemed to do. The inch in length and half an inch in width tear shaped like rain drops quickly filled the area in such intensity that the terrain started to become saturated with the water droplets. This was no ordinary rain though filled with Kagato’s own blue chakra this technique linked the rain to Kagato’s very senses giving him the advantage over just about any other sensor ninja out there. The rain was falling fast , and within the matter of seconds  the area in which this technique covered became saturated with the rain, giving Kagato  an easy way to track any and all others that were in the area. It wasn’t long before he was able to sense two chakra signatures that were not of his group. One of the signatures was a dark green in color the other was more of a purple. Their location was around the mountain range but not in the actual ruins.  Kagato’s eyes were still the active Rinnegan characterized by a ripple-like pattern around the pupil, with an amethyst purple iris as well as sclera in his left eye and a crimson red Rinnegan in his right. His eyes seemed to glow slightly through the now dim light that showed through the rain clouds almost demonic looking in nature.  He squinted slightly, as he started to weave yet another hand seal. This time it was the clone seal which consisted of both his right and left index fingers making a plus or cross like symbol while the rest of his digits remained clenched back in to his hand. In a cloud of grey like pearly smoke on either side of Kagato two perfectly created shadow clones appeared net to him in his spitting image right down to the littlest detail about his features.  The real Kagato’s lips parted slowly underneath his black mask and re-breather as a whisper like tone of voice slipped passed his lips only loud enough for Kuni to hear him. – “We should stay put and see if they make a move…right now, the positions is in our favor as well as from what I can tell so are the numbers if things should head that route and get hostile….” –Just then a bolt of lightning streaked through the storm cloud filled sky followed right after by the roar of rolling thunder loud enough to echo off the mountain surround the area. Kagato sent the two clones away from his person one to stand next to where Rits was and the other to stand next to where Tori were. The two shadow clones relayed the message to hold their ground for now till we can figure out what these strangers’ motives were. Kagato began to think a ways back the purple chakra he knew he had felt and sensed before but couldn’t place it at the moment. He was sure however he did run a crossed it at least once in his travels, but only time would tell for sure.-

IItsumo: -She kept her sensoring in the direction of the ruins her blue eyes misted as she read more into the chakras One she know she had felt before it was one that she would not soon forget. The chakra like that was not easily forgotten she had only felt it once and that was enough. He was from the village hidden in rain. As soon as her thoughts entered her head the rain began to pour down over them.- “They know we are here” -she said only to the Hunter that was with her. She also knew this was either going to go bad or good. She hoped that Things were still peaceful between the rain village and the death but she had not made contact with any Ninja outside of her own village since Nobu’s death. She continued to look over the area. There were three other signatures none of which she recognized Only that first Charka. - “We should go say hello. There are four ninja one of which has cloned himself the chakra of someone I met long ago Lets and hey try and not make them angry” -she would lift her hands into a tiger seal and then disappear. Appearing down on the ground at the bottom on the mountains. She would then walk slowly forward her panda doll still secured on her back with the seal under its death headband. Normally she would pull the doll out at this point but not knowing the abilities of those she was about to face made her not do this. She would walk along the ground between the ruins at this point it would be obvious that they were moving the rain she could tell had power behind it as there was no reason for the rain to come out of nowhere like it did. She kept her chakra flow steady throughout her body one arm folded behind her back gripping the panda’s leg and the other at her side ready to move and flicker away She would approach the ground and stand in front of them her blond hair tied up and her mask with its panda markings bore the mark of the death village on its cheek as well as her horned head panda with the death symbol and that of the panda on her head. The doll she carried also wore a headband with the death marking on it as well. She was dressed in all white from her scarf that wrapped around the bottom of her mask to her sandals that were also white. She would stop and look them over. Yes she knew they were outnumbered and didn’t know what to expect..-      

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada’s eyes glanced over to Kagato as he began seeing him making hand seals before returning his gaze to the new chakra sources that his Byakugan picked up on. He kept his eyes on them, seeing if they would move or not before he began seeing the sky slowly begin to change. The sky suddenly darkened as storm clouds began to form in the sky. After a brief second, he saw rain beginning to fall in front of him as well as the rest of the ruins and the mountain range ahead of them. Kunisada’s eyes remained fixated on the two chakra sources before he noticed a puff of smoke appear next to him as Kagato seemed to have made two doppelgangers as Kunisada began to see one of the chakra sources disappear for a moment, making Kunisada’s eyes slowly shift back and forth ever so slightly as he gazed for the purple chakra source, as well as the dark green source, seeing if it had moved along with the purple one. His eyes quickly found the purple source reappear at the base of the mountain and saw it began to move forwards towards their position; at this time, Kagato’s clones had seemed to have made their way downwards as he could no longer see one in his peripheral vision as he heard Kagato told him that it’d be best to stay put. Kunisada kept his gaze upon the purple aura before speaking to Kagato.- “...Seems we’ll be having company soon..” -Kunisada’s arms hung at his sides, but he didn’t attempt to try to reach for his Kusanagi; he didn’t know what their intentions were, so there was no reason to start hostilities. That being said, his Kusanagi was still within his reach and could be drawn quickly and with ease in case any confrontations should arise. Kunisada saw the purple chakra arrive in front of them where his sight of the Byakugan was no longer needed; he could now see the people behind the auras that he’d been locked on for so long. His eyes blinked for a second before reopening them. After his eyes reopened, his right eye had returned to its natural dark hue as he deactivated his Byakugan, but his left eye was now a crimson blood red hue with scythe blades surrounding a circle that seemed to resemble a shuriken as the empty spaces that weren’t pre-occupied with the scythe blades had the endings of a shuriken with a black iris hidden within the circle as Kunisada activated his Eternal Mangenkyo Sharingan. His eyes stayed focused on the woman who had began making their way to them; she was dressed in all white, which made her stand out of the ruins of the Village clearly. Kunisada remained motionless and silent as his eyes stayed one the woman who had made their way over to them, awaiting for something to happen or for someone to speak.-   

Ritsuka: Ritsuka started feeling a tad nervous as he spotted his father forming handsigns. His Mismatched gaze moving to scan the area again, Hoping to spot the hold up only to be surprised at the fast approaching storm clouds. As the rain began to fall around them it heightened his sense that something was about to happen as well as brought a strange familiar calm to him, Remiding him of home it brought a slight smile to his face as he looked up at the drk clouds overhead. He had to assume the rain was his fathers doing and much like in the village it would allow them to not be snuck up on. As relieving  as it was he still worried about what might happen. He was already expending chakra through both his eye as well as the Crow clone in the village so making sure he didn’t deplete his supply would prove difficult if any enemies were to advance on them. With his fathers Chakra infused in the rain he figured it wasn’t going to be too helpful to have his sharingan at the moment. He let the doujutu in his left eye deactivate changing the Bright red back to its usual blue. His hand stayed at the ready to grab for his gunbai if need be though he relaxed a bit as his father had formed two clones sending on to him and the other to Akatori. He nodded to the clone in response and waiting patiently for what or whoever might come upon them in the unfamiliar ruins.   

Guest_UnaruInuzuka: -His brown orbs looking out from the black ANBU mask had traveled to look upon his Kage after having looked over the ruins below as she had mentioned about others being around hoping for a good glance at them. However he had noticed that the individuals were likely on the other side of the ruins itself for he didn’t spot them at all. He had been about to open his mouth to ask what she wished to do when suddenly the skies that had been blue and cloudless had suddenly had dark clouds swirl in and rain fall down upon them within moments. The dry dirt below his crouching form making at first the dust seems to fly a couple of inches up from the ground from the impact of those droplets before the water seemed to finally soak in. This place clearly hadn’t felt rain for a long while and only now seemed to devour the rain like a thirsty desert. His head tilted up his black ANBU outfit he wore that was minus a chest guard soon becoming dark with rain as Itsumo mentioned they were known to be here… so this was a jutsu then… He let his head turn back towards his leader as she mentioned what was to happen only giving a nod and speaking softly.- “Understood.” –He had fallen into his training, no matter the consequence he wasn’t arguing her judgment she wasn’t just his Kage, but a good friend, to question her was like not trusting her leadership and he wouldn’t ever let that come to be, not after what they have dealt with over the years. He reached up and pulled the black ponytail tighter before he rose to his feet and made the seal to appear not far after her a couple of yards back. He left his hands at his sides, kept himself slightly to his leaders left shoulder clearly protective but also not about to go into her personal space. His chakra had stayed low; he gave no reason to look like a threat. The symbol of ANBU tattooed upon his left bicep along with marked upon the black masks forehead of his. He walked in a slightly lazy fashion but he was on total alert none the less as they walked towards the group. He let his eyes look over the individuals they were approaching with silent caution.-

Akatori2: ~ Her olive eyes poped open a bit as she watched Kuni leave to join Kagato ontop of the stone gate. Aka knew he must have picked up on something. Closing her eyes for a moment, she scanned the area, just picking up two fairly large chakra signatures. Her concentraition was broken as rain drops began to brush her face. Aka knew that this would be an interesting meeting. The group that they picked up was smaller than them, giving them a bit better of a chance defeating them. Aka kept her attention ahead, knowing that the two would be approching them soon. ~ "Understood.." ~ She spoke in a slight hush as Kagato's clone briefed her, all while she felt around in her back tool pouch. She would take two shuriken between the knuckles of both hands, grasping them like they were a ledge of a cliff; and she was hanging on for dear life. The male of the pair was garbed in black, walking lazily with an ANBU tattoo on his arm, a sign of great strength. While the female was garbed in white. Something that caught Akatori's eye was the kanji on the horned forehead protector of the woman. 'Death' was written on it. She was quite unfamiliar of any hidden village that used that kanji, or of an organization that did so either. With a slight exhale, Akatori turned her switch into a more focused mode. Although they approached the four Amegakurians very nonchalantly, it didn't mean they could attack at any moment. If things turned hostile, Aka was ready to fufill her role as a Medical-Nin by supporting the group and avoiding the thick of fighting. This wasn't her favorite role in combative situations, but on this group, she had to protect the boys with all she could. And although she wasn't very meticulous with the second clause of the ancient Medical Rules System, she would follow it this given situation. ~

Kagato:  -Kagato watched the events unfold and soon he would have all the answer into how this would play out the female of the group dressed in all white wearing a mask made her approach. He noticed the Kanji on her horned head bean this was a Kanji he was all too familiar with. He had once traveled to the village hidden death known as Yonshigakure.  The business that brought him there some years back was Kuni’s brother Hideki but that has since been dealt by Kuni his self seeing as Yonshi wasn’t able to get the job done with eliminating him. So that is probably where he felt he chakra signature before not that he had actually seen her within the village but he had felt her chakra.  At the moment their chakra levels seemed steady. He glanced over seeing the other shinobi that was with the female which seemed to be a male and on his upon his left bicep the symbol of ANBU tattooed along with as well as the same mark on the forehead of the black mask he wore which covered. Kagato thought to his self seeing that symbol was a bit strange seeing as  for what he knew the village hidden in death had hunter nin their version of Anbu but wasn’t sure if they would use the same symbol or not. Kagato glanced over towards Kuni and nodded slightly before whispering to him. - “Wait a few moments then follow my lead” - Kagato made the first move for his group, he slowly closed his eyes  and without any hand signs  he used his body flicker technique to move from his current location on top of the stone gate to the ground below within in a second he was standing before the two from Yonshi.  His Crimson red hair becoming saturated like it did if he were in Amegakure  took on a deeper  red and clung to the sides of his face and re-breather. He slowly opened his eyes revealing his Blood red and amethyst optics. His eyes stared directly at the female with a look that would give even the frigid touch of death a run for its money.  Kagato made note of the female had her one arm folded behind her back as if it was gripping something that she didn’t want them to see. Kagato stood there his muscles relaxed his arms down at his sides the long sleeves of his back armored coat like robe dangling there slightly covering most of his armored black gloves except for the hands where the sealing symbol he had engraved into the armor protecting his upper hand on either side was clearly visible. Kagato shifted his right and left feet to the side slightly taking a more firm stance pushing his blue chakra down to the souls of his feet giving him a better grip on the now wet soil and rock that made up this terrain.  Kagato was still unsure of their intentions and what business they had in a place like this, he was sure not many people came poking around the ruins of an old village at least not this one seeing as it looked like everything of value at least on its surface was long gone. The rain slowly trickled down his metal re-breather and mask making tiny little river like patters as it skidded off the slick surface. While he was standing there he slowly started to manifest a chakra blade from his right hand keeping it still tucked away under his coat so it wasn’t viable  but close enough at hand if he needed it he could slide the chakra blade down and into the grip of his right hand. The blade was no more than eight inches long but as sharp as any sword blade. The last time the two villages met it was on a semi friendly more business term but with everything in life things change abruptly and it had been awhile since they had made contact with this particular village. Kagato’s lips parted slowly and in an emotionless cold yet sharp tone of voice he began speaking directly to the female. -  “From my understandings…Youns are from the village hidden in death Yonshigakure …. Would this be correct?...at least by the looks of your attire…one could make that assumption…” – Kagato didn’t expect to get much of an answer from them after all ninja like to keep their secrets safe and the less others knew about them the better it was for them, but what brought them to this place had Kagato wondering as far as he knew his group from Ame were the only ones tracking down the Turtle island.-

IItsumo:-Itsumo’s blue eyes would scan the area from behind her mask noticing none of them moved as she approached she felt her Hunter ninja with her at her side and as she told him her remained in a natural state. She still had her sensoring up so her eyes flicked to the man as soon as he appeared down on the ground. The chakra she felt from him she knew right away he was the one she had met as she looked to him she met his gaze his eyes which would probably make any other flinch she only stared into them from behind her mask she didn’t flinch nor falter in any way something made her feel calmer as she looked into his eyes. She would sense chakra gathering in a certain area on his body as shook her head slightly at his question.- “You ask yet you already know your answer Shinobi from Amegakure” -she knew what he was from the last encounter that was still fresh in her mind the conversation between him and the person who betrayed her and Nobu by leaving the village a person she no longer trusted. But she still remembered the conversation between the two and a Mission that never got approved by Nobu nor handed out to anyone to be completed had been accepted by the person. Her lips would pull into a smirk underneath her mask before she spoke again.- “May things have changed in the Death village since your last visit those whom you had contact are no longer around. We do not come in confrontation but by the rain It was obvious that you saw us or we would have passed you without contact I am on my way to an Island that was last spotted not far from here so if you will let us pass our business is not with Amegakure this day.” -With this said she would bring the other arm the one not grabbing the panda doll up to her waist and set it on her hip. Her blonde hair that was tied up now drenched and dripping down the back of her white top the rain had already soaked through her white scarf making it heavy but not see through and the rest of her outfit was starting to become drenched as well She sighed softly not really disliking the rain but prefered to be properly dressed for it when it occurred and not dressed in clothes fit for the heat.-

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada’s eyes remained on the two in front of them now, his eyes catching another ninja joining by the female’s side. As his eyes quickly observed him, he seemed to have a black mask which bore the mark of the ANBU, as well as the insignia of the ANBU on his left bicep. Kunisada’s eyes never faltered away from the two before hearing Kagato’s words in his ear, telling him to stay put then follow his lead. Kunisada’s crimson blood red eye continued to stay locked onto the two of the shinobi in front of them before seeing Kagato appear in front of the two. Kunisada knew Kagato would try to talk to them first, maybe find out why they were here. He also knew that Kagato wasn’t going to just walk up to unknown shinboi without taking some precautions; even though he was in his own rain, he knew Kagato had something else in mind. Kunisada heard Kagato’s voice as he tried to start communications with the two shinobi. Kunisada’s eyes noticed the Kanji on the front of her horned head band, making him wonder where he’d seen that symbol before. Kunisada’s eyes narrowed as he recalled reading something about a village called Yonshigakure and the symbol of the Village was the same of the one that she had upon her forehead. Kunisada decided that enough time had passed before he, without any hand seals, Body Flickered from atop of the stone gate, disappearing into a blur. After another second, Kunisada re-appeared silently behind the right side of Kagato; he heard the female ending a sentence meaning that he had just missed the conversation, but he didn’t need to know the details of it right now. He silently made his way up to Kagato’s right side as he felt the familiar feeling of the rain begin to fall upon him. His already black clothing darkened even further as the rain began to fall upon him, he felt a few drops of water lightly fall upon his hands; it was mildly ironic that even when they’d left Amegakure and the never ending rain behind them for this trip, Kagato managed to find a reason to use this technique. His mind dismissed it as quickly as it came before feeling his pitch black hair become soaked by the rain, hearing a small roll of thunder which was accompanied by a brief flash of lightning. His arms remained by his sides, but they were within range of his Kusanagi to where he could still grasp it in case he needed it. The rain slowly began to fall down Kunisada’s hair before finding a new trail as it fell on his mask. After the rain droplets fell onto his mask, they began to trail down his mask, eventually falling off of his mask when their trail had ended. His black arm bracers also were having the rain trickle down them as well before eventually falling to the ground below. Kunisada’s eyes remained on the two standing in front of Kagato and himself, but he noticed something was in the female’s hand, but he paid no mind to it as his eyes never faltered from the pair. Kunisada remained motionless as to show that there was no need for any hostilities to arise from either side, but he was ready to grab at his Kusanagi at any point and time if problems should arise; as he stood next to Kagato, he waited for the next move to be made.-

Ritsuka: *As Ritsuka waiting by the gate he spotted two unknown ninja approaching them out of the corner of his blue eyes. One of them, the female was a tall and elegant sort. Dressed in all white including the long blonde hair that was tied neatly behind the mask with the Kanji of Death upon its cheek. She was hiding one of her hands for some reason behind her back. The action itself brought Ritsuka a heavy feeling of unease, making it hard for him to avert his gaze from her. Though he allowed enough time to shift his gaze if only momentarily to look at the other ninja,  Opposite to the woman he was dressed in black, an anbu tattoo visible on his arm. His face masked like the others. Noting the lazy demeanor he avert his gaze back to the woman. His eyes unable to help settling on that hand she had out of sight. He bit his lip lightly though the action would go unnoticed due to the Rebreather covering his mouth and lower half of his face. His red hair clung to his forehead, droplets of water occasionally dripping of the tips as he stood next to the clone of his father silently, Observing the interaction between the two and his father and Kuni closely at the ready if anything  starts up. *

Guest_UnaruInuzuka: -He had followed along with Itsumo at a silent pace tempted to stick his hands into his pockets but knew well enough their position wasn’t that great, his eyes had glanced over taking note of four people… Two looking like they were identical so maybe a clone? Or… that thought came to change when he found a third soon come to land in front of them, so two clones and their maker. He then let his feet stop in their tracks relaxed but still alert for anything. Brown orbs behind that mask were easily shadowed well from sight looked over the man with red hair in front of them. Letting that gaze dart over his form to take note of everything this one may have, what he wore, the color of his eyes… well at least one eye from his position, which was bright red and strange to him,  his face and demeanor. He took note of the rebreather placed upon his face along with the note of the way he held himself. He didn’t speak up when the male had spoke giving his kage center stage. As she started speaking he had let his gaze seem to glance towards the ones that were just in sight before he heard the comment of them being Amegakure… also realizing how she said her answer was a typical response from her, he smirked under the mask, ok the rain now made sense… he couldn’t help the scowl from ruining the amusement in him for that single moment, he was fine with getting soaked but even if he hadn’t seen the place personally he had heard the rumors over the years…  how people can live in a place without any reprieve of such a thing he didn’t understand it one bit. Just as Itsumo had started finishing her last sentence another appeared near the apparent speaker of the group. He forced himself not to react, let them think he hadn’t became surprised. His eyes scanned over him and could almost guess with the way the others position was. The spot he took up, the mask, the air around him and the way he didn’t do anything but be backup. If he wasn’t ANBU he sucked at being one himself… He didn’t let his eyes wander from the group, he constantly let himself keep all of the six individuals, four people and two clones that he knew to be here, in his sights. He never lifted his hands, he left them relaxed at his sides but there was no way he was unarmed, if something came to be he was ready to fall into action swiftly, however for now he could only let himself watch the others hands, their posture, their actions for anything to tell him they were moving to attack and be sure he was just that much faster...-

Akatori2: ~With her attention fully on what is going on, her ears tuned into the conversation between the Kagato and the woman in white. It appeared that they were nin from the Village Hidden in Death, better known as Yonshigakure. The name rang a slight bell to her, but Akatori didn't have much knowledge of the village, besides that it was located somewhere close in the Land of Earth. While listening, Aka took note of a building still somewhat intact. It was only a good twenty yards from behind the two Yonshi-nin, and a five yards to the right of them. After pinpointing that location in case of combat, her olive eyes began to further analyze the two that stood in front of the group. It appears that the female member was the leader, since she was the one doing the talking. Also, since she was traveling with an ANBU, it could be assumed that she could possibly of an elite rank, maybe a Kage, or some other shinobi leader of the village. The male seemed to have a strong tone to his body, meaning that he could be strong, possibly a close ranged fighter. This was also hinted at by the sword he carried on his back. Her eyes trailed quickly over to the female. She held herself with pride, but also kept her hands behind her back, something Aka was also doing. Could the woman also be hiding something? Suddenly, something rang into Aka's ear. The woman spoke of traveling to an Island, much like they were heading too. Could they possibly going to the same place? If so, what business would Yonshi have their? It could also be for her to receive a summoning contract, much like Aka's group. Aka would crack her neck to right then left, followed my rolling her shoulders back. She was trying to keep herself from tensing up, knuckles gripping the shuriken tighter.~

Kagato: -The remark the female made something in Kagato snap slightly for he wasn’t just some Amegakure shinobi he was the Amekage.  His eyes squinted slightly into a menacing stare yet his facial expressions stayed the same cold calm and collected. His lips parted and in a commanding sound of voice much deeper this time he spoke to her. – “I am not mere Amegakure Shinobi….For I am Kagato Uzumaki the Amekage…best do well to remember that…” – He paused for a moment taking in the rest of what she had to say, She had stated that Yonshi wasn’t the same as it once was and the people he had contact with there were no longer there which raised the question in his mind what exactly happened there for this to be true. – " Then I can assume that you are someone over seeing Yonshi then?..."- He thought to his self - *how would a village go through so much change with all its people not there anymore, must have had something drastic happen there since he had visited lasted* – The rain was still pouring down heavily the rain droplets cascading down the back metal parts of his clothing and armor. It wasn’t long before Kagato began to sense other chakra signatures around the mountain tops as Kuni made it to his right side standing the opposite  as the female’s traveling companion Kagato thought for a moment Kuni probably set it up this way seeing as  the female had her hunter nin standing next to her in the same fashion. – “It seems we are traveling to the same place… we are as well tracking the same island… as for seeing youns…I sensed  rather than seeing you... one of my many talents…and yet I have not caught your names…”  - As soon as Kagato started this he caught a glimmer out of the corner of his left eye, he quickly shot forward the chakra receiver blade from his right hand and shifted it to his left with on quick fluid motion.  Taking his right black gloved hand he reached forward and tried to take old of the female’s shoulder away from what was wrapped around her neck not touching anything else but her shoulder taking a firm yet gentle grip if he were to make contact, he would pull with enough force on the female dressed in white’s shoulder to pull her in towards his body. He took a firm grip of the chakra receiver that was now in his left black gloved and his fingers wrapped around the end of the blade tightly.  The object took only a few seconds to come into visual range the object was spinning at incredible speeds and looked to be a giant Fuma Shuriken hurtling towards the group. Just before the shuriken would have made contact with the female with his lighting like reflexes he shot his left hand up with the sharpest part of the chakra receiver blade out towards the object. With a loud metal clanking sound the blade made contact with the metal shuriken stopping it dead in its tracks with a quick swipe of his hand downwards he brought the giant shuriken crashing down into the ground to their side the one edge of the shuriken sank into the now dampened earth with ease making it stand straight up and down in the earth. Kagato looks towards the female dressed in white his almost looked as if they were set ablaze in the dim light.- “Friends of yours?  If not it looks like we have company…and our little chat will have to wait…” – It was only a matter of moments the six chakra signatures that he had felt from the mountain tops were on the ground  on either side of the group three on the right and three on the left.  Kagato glance to his right and then towards his left each side of the now would be intruders had two males and one female on either side. It had seemed at least two of them were the ones they had seen earlier in the bamboo forest the one male and female with the mint green hair not doubt seeing as the male from before didn’t have his large shuriken Kagato would assume he had been the one to throw the weapon. The pair along with another male was on their left side the new male had a deep purple color short hair dressed in the same fashion as the other two had been all of their face was covered up by a black cloth scarf of sorts, the ones from before had Amber like eyes peering through the messy strands of Mint green hair the female just had a bit of longer hair that flowed down her back to about mid-way then the all of them having shuriken strapped to their back expect the one. The ones on their right two of the male’s had light blue hair and brownish red eyes but the female had a darker blue-green hair with teal colored eyes. They were all dressed in the same fashion black cloth outfits faces covered by black scarfs wrapped tightly around their face and necks. Their pants made of black cloth as well as their shoes also black yet opened toed with no headband to identify them so just by looks there was no telling where they were from.  The groups on either side of them from were no more than six feet away from where Kagato and the rest of the group were standing.  Kagato sent his clones into action, each shadow clone body flickered on the outside of the groups of three on either side about five feet away from them so not only did they have people to deal with in front of them but they had his clones to deal with as well from behind.  Kagato looked to Kuni and nodded slightly – “Take the right I’ll take the left… Tori…communications up now… - Kagato wanted to wait till Tori set up her telepathy before giving out any more orders. He didn’t want the new them able to her their plan of attack or defense.-  The Green haired Fuma Male: “ Well look who we have here just the people we have been searching for, You all know what to do…take them all down…” – The Mint Green haired Fuma male leapt into action  and headed straight for where Kagato was standing. The Mint Green haired ninja tapped his right shoulder and in a cloud of smoke a second giant shuriken appeared. The Fuma took hold of the shuriken with a tight grip as he hurled his hand forward launching the second shuriken directly at where Kagato and the female dressed in white. The shuriken whipped through the air like a hot knife through butter  with the quickness of a lightning strike. The shuriken if not blocked would reach their location in the matter of a couple of seconds.-

IItsumo:-Itsumo would smirk under her mask at his comment about her best remembering who he was she could tell he had question for her as to what she meant about her village having changed but she didn’t know if she could trust him enough to go into details of what happened to her home. As he continued to speak she would shake her head at his question- “I am not overseeing Yonshigakure...I am the Shikage of Yonshigakure” -she said this in a tone that would also give hint that she wanted him to remember that but without sounding rude. She would be about to speak again when she picked up on six more chakra readings and was about to say something when out of the blue he reached for her shoulders she would catch a glimpse of silver out of the corner of her eye seeing that she wouldn’t have time to both avoid him and get away from the object she would go with his pull and be pulled into his chest. She watched from close to him as they came closer taking in both their appearances and the way they moved she looked up at him with him not that he could see her blue eyes glowing with adrenaline she spoke.- “No I haven’t had any issue thus far must have followed yinz here. Our conversation can wait….Thank You Kagato Uzumaki” -she would notice his clones start to move she would stay in his arms as she summoned her chakra into her own body she would without seals be able to make an identical shadow clone of herself that even had her panda doll The clone itself would move forward without hesitation after the Mint haired female  however she stopped a few feet away her clones blue eyes would attempt to meet the girls amber eyes once the girl meet the clones eyes the clone would smirk under its own mask Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Technique was now in play on the mint haired girl. The girls Amber eyes would go wide as she looked to her left at where the other mint haired boy was she was seeing him on the ground the two clones that had been near him cutting off his head. The girl  would scream out in agony “No Brother No” -taking the shuriken off her back she would throw it in the direction of her Brother the Mint Haired Male as she dropped to the ground sobbing.- Itsy’s clone would stop a few feet away staring at her and shake her head however Itsy herself knew what it was like to lose a brother though not by blood she had lost the closest thing to family she had since a child. She felt for the girl but not enough to stop the genjutsus effect the girl would continue to see her brothers dead body laying headless on the ground as she sobbed over it even if the others tried to yell to the girl she wouldn't hear them. Itsumo would spot the other Shuriken just then as looked away from the clone and girl still in Kagato’s grip she didn’t move the shuriken would either hit them or he would have to respond to it for the both of them.- 

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada’s eyes remained on the two in front of him, hearing Kagato respond to the woman standing across from Kagato, telling her his name and rank in Amegakure. A moment later, he heard the female speak back to Kagato, telling him that she was the Kage of Yonshigakure. Kunisada’s eyes remained on the female as Kagato quickly made a move towards her, but he wasn’t entirely sure why he was; either way, he repositioned himself in a fighting stance, keeping one of his hands close to the blade on his lower back, expecting for the male in front of him to react. Kunisada’s Sharingan quickly caught three other people as they were suddenly surrounded, both equally distributed on their sides. Kunisada remained in his readied position as he heard Kagato tell him to take the ones on the right and that he’d take the ones on the left. Kunisada nodded slightly before turning to face a male with blue eyes and red-brown hair, also taking note of the large shuriken hanging off of his back; he didn’t assume for there to only be one on his back, there could be more stacked underneath. Kunisada’s hand reached behind his back before gripping onto the handle of his Kusanagi, drawing the blade out. After pulling out the blade he placed it in front of himself before waiting for one of the ninja to make a move.  The blue hair Fuma: -He smirked underneath the scarf he was wearing before placing his arm out in front of the other blue hair Fuma that was standing next to him before speaking. “I got this one.” –After speaking, the man dashed towards Kunisada before reaching behind his back and throwing a large shuriken at the man.  Kunisada: -Kunisada’s Eternal Mangenkyo Sharingan quickly caught sight of the man who was now running towards him and not long after that, he spotted the huge weapon being thrown at him. Kunisada began to run at the man before he brought his Kusanagi up, placing his left hand on the blade itself and his right hand was gripping the blade’s handle. In almost a second, the shuriken was about to collide with his Kusanagi; obviously the large shuriken had more momentum and mass, so it would have a much greater impact than that of Kunisada’s Kusanagi. Kunisada quickly seeped some of his own chakra through his blade’s handle as it shot through the rest of his blade; this allowed his Kusanagi to be able to cut through any material. As the giant shuriken finally made impact with his Kusanagi, Kunisada’s blade effortlessly passed through the material, splitting the massive object in two before both halves of the shuriken began to descend into the ground behind Kunisada where they landed into the ground after a few more seconds as Kunisada continued towards the male.   Fuma Male: -The smirk that was already plastered on the male’s face underneath the black scarf he wore turned into a wide smile as he saw the man dressed in black run towards him. He thought to himself “so much for a challenge; this’ll be easy.” As he watched the massive shuriken almost make impact with him, he saw the man in black pull up his own sword, which only made him laugh before yelling at him.- “That wimpy sword isn’t going to help ya!” –His smile underneath his scarf quickly disappeared as his eyes widened a bit more as he saw the massive projectile he had thrown at him become sliced in half. He quickly stopped dead in his tracks before he reached behind his back and grasped another huge shuriken off of his back, gripping it in his right hand before trying to think of what to do next.  Kunisada: -As Kunisada continued his way to the man, he saw him stop as well as draw out another one of the shuriken on his back before placing his hands in the seal of the Ram as he used the Body Flickering technique, keeping his blade far away enough from him not to cause any damage to himself before disappearing into a blur before the blue haired man. After a moment, he reappeared in front of the man, before bringing his Kusanagi up and towards the man’s chest. If the blow connected, the Fuma male could easily be taken out of this fight already.  Fuma: -The male carefully stood his ground as the man dressed in black quickly disappeared, making his eyes quickly move and make his head turn. His eyes scanned in front of him quick enough before he turned his head to his right and left still not seeing the man. He hastily turned his head to see behind him, but still to no avail as he couldn’t see him. He quickly spun his head back around before seeing the man reappear already in front of him and see the blade he was holding quickly making its way up to his chest. Instinctively, he moved back as well as moving up the massive shuriken in his hand across his chest to use it to deflect the blow like a shield. The blade had missed its initial intent, but he quickly let out a cry of pain as he felt the blade slash his arm as he landed once again, taking a knee but keeping his eyes on the man in front of him. The pain in his arm was searing and the blood was already pouring out of his right arm and down his arm; eventually it made it to his fingers that were still gripping the shuriken, some of the blood remained on the fingers while some of it dropped onto the ground beneath him. His brown-red eyes were mixed with shock and pain from the feeling in his right arm before being replaced by sheer anger as he yelled towards the man who had cut him.- “I’m going to kill you for that!” –He quickly ran towards the man as he brought his now injured right arm up and threw his massive shuriken at the man, yelling out in pain and quickly grabbing his right arm after doing so, aiming for the man’s chest; he was running on pure adrenaline before his throw, which for the moment had nullified the searing pain in his arm until he had thrown it. If the massive shuriken hit the man, it could kill him on the spot.-

Ritsuka: - Ritsuka did his best to keep up on the conversation. Listening as his father spoke of his title, a slight surprise came as he found out the woman was a Kage as well. The village is one he hadn't heard much if anything about, Yonshigakure. He was about to turn to the clone of his father that was next to him and ask as he saw his father pull the woman in, and deflect an oncoming Fuma Shuriken. He instantly reached behind him withdrawing the large Gunbai from the secured placement on his back with his left hand. A familiar twinge in his left eye occurred as he reactivated the three tomoe sharingan. He quickly turned to the area the group of enemys had fallen, They appeared to be either side of his father. The words of one of the mysterious ninja to Take them down  made something snap in Ritsuka. His eyes narrowed on a male with short purple hair just his Large shuriken left his hands and came flying towards him. Ritsuka lifted his gunbai gripping it with his other hand as well and swinging it down infusing his chakra into the tool he performed Wind Release: Air Bullets to shoot out three basketball sized balls of air then went flying toward the man and ninja tool. One of the Air bullets connected with the fuma shuriken kncking it harmlessly out of the way. The other two flew past and were in route to strike the purple haired ninja one aimed for his chest just below his neck and the other was aimed to knock out his legs.- {Purple Haired FUMA male}: :He would laugh wickedly as he watched his team attack the group of ninja they had finally found after looking all night. His other teammates had all seemed to engaged enemies and he looked over to spot what was left. He almost chocked on his own chuckles as he spotted his opponent,: "Aww man! Don’t tell me I have to be the one to kill the little kid. Man I wanted a real challenge." : As his shuriken was deflected he formed the ram seal to use body flicker to dodge the air attack moving his position slightly to the side. He spotted the single red orb that glimmered in the ones eye his cocky smirk widening. He had to bet that eye could fetch a hefty fee.  He reached to his pouch withdrawling two kunai holding one in each hand as he rushed the shortest ninja. He threw the first kunai aiming to strike the boy in the chest. Before jumping into the air aiming to land on the ninja the kunai left in his hand raised above his head to come down on the boy in a stabbing motion aiming to strike between the boys shoulder and his neck. His eyes locked on that shiny red eye he was hoping to obtain.:

Guest_UnaruInuzuka: -Watching silently the scene in front of him waiting for any danger from the group his shoulders had stiffened a fraction when the narrowing of those eyes was barely made. Clearly this shinobi got ticked easily and often hid it behind a mask, physically and figuratively. That was the moment he listened to those words and couldn’t help his eyes to blink a couple of times, so he was the Amekage, Kagato Uzumaki? He glanced the guy over without shifting his head at all, he knew never to judge by appearances alone, after all if he is the one he says he is… this male had destroyed one of the five great nation villages single handedly close to thirteen years prior, underestimating someone of that caliber was suicide. He could feel the rain dripping off his ponytail to drip on his neck and down his spine, he couldn’t help feel a edge of paranoia of feeling like he was being watched, at first he considered it just being from the group itself but the feeling was growing stronger as if someone was behind him and staring. He glanced at the one in the mask opposite of himself knowing the position was deliberately countering his own position, it was logical and calculated, after all if a fight did break the two of them would be making sure the other didn’t touch their Kage while the kage themselves would deal with each other. Even with the two in front of him along with the two farther back… He still felt that nagging sense that when hunting out targets one gets, the reminder to watch your back more than just your front. He had let his head turn slightly listening but all he could hear was the rush of rain all around them and the words of the conversation. Blinking he paused, they were going to the island a well? The question of their names from the Amekage’s had suddenly been cut off and saw him moving forward swiftly towards Itsumo. His instincts had been that this male had gone in to attack seeing the black metal rod that was hidden before this moment soon to be switched between hands. He had found himself already moving his hands to make the rat sign but that simple danger sense one develops over years of life and death situations had him breaking off and almost knowing the intent to kill wasn’t coming off of the Kage himself but from a different direction. His head shot around at a distinct sound in the air quickly seeing the fuma shuriken heading towards them. His first instincts were protect his kage however he took note that the Amekage had grabbed Itsumo and was working to do what he would be doing right now, protecting her. His eyes scanning over the area checking what was needed at this point. He quickly took in the facts of the other two in the group they had met at this gate and realized they were still young. One in particular, the red head, was most likely Uzumaki like the Amekage wasn’t much older than graduation age if he guessed right, and a girl, blonde like his Shikage and would be lucky if she’s seen twenty yet. His glance also took in the other ANBU and saw him already heading towards one of he blue haired males on their side of the ruins. The glance was quick to assess their strength and weaknesses trying to figure out where he best would be. [Light Blue haired male]: -He found himself taking in the others a grin plastered to his lips as he saw the others go all out he grabbed one of his Fuma shurikens. With a deft fling of his arms, something only practice had honed he had sent it at the blonde in the way back near the entrance to the village hoping to catch her distracted as the kid was being attacked by one of his companions. If it should hit it could easily do major damage upon the girl.- [Hunter-nin]: -He had been just about to turn to take on the girl with teal eyes that wasn’t far from his position before he noticed the large weapon being thrown. His mind came back to hearing that the Amekage wanted something about communications being brought up and that’s when it hit… blonde hair… the girl was Yamanaka, his own mind falling things into place before most could comprehend before finding himself forming the plus sign upon his hands, he could only use one clone but with what he saw he needed two people. A puff of smoke and a clone was next to him and even when the clone was slamming his hands into the ram seal he was forcing them into two distinct seals, Rat then Bird holding it there as he dropped to a knee. It was early morning and the sun hasn’t even rose over the peaks of the mountain range yet… So much shadows to work with. Black string like shadows shot swiftly out towards the two kids and just as it seemed they would be close to not catching that weapon one of the shadows shot straight up like tangible threads quickly shooting thru the hole of it. The weapon stopped dead in its tracks only a meter from the girl, it spun like a top held up by its own spin before it dropped towards the ground in a clang. At the same moment his clone had appeared behind the boy that was about to be attacked its hand swiftly raising and sliding his ninjato at his back from its sheath half way and forward just enough to block the incoming attack as it got close, with a clang of metal against metal blocking the weapon from hitting its main aim. That was when the clone jerked that hand forward with the hilt of his sword sent it straight towards the bridge of the purple haired male’s nose. If it should hit it could easily shatter that bone from the force. While in the crouched position the real hunter had watched this come to be before glancing over his shoulder… Clearly the girl was needed for them to work together in this. With the Rain villages Kage having protected Itsumo without hesitation he kind of felt a bit more lenient in giving her room to work while he became support in this fight, a position he was easily able to set himself in. His head turned looking at the one who threw the shuriken and with a flare of his chakra he released his hands from their hold and maneuvered his hand forward as if feeling out the shadow itself in concentration he used one of those threads from his Shadow Sewing Technique that had as soon as he released the seal had thinned out and became one single thread, he and twisted it around the large weapon and with a scowl on his face twisted around the motion of his body almost echoed by the shadow itself the weapon being flung viciously straight back at the male with more force than it previously was thrown. If that should hit it could easily slice the male in half – 

Akatori2: ~ The talk between the two seemed to become at ease as Kagato-Sama introduced himself as the Amekage. This caused Akatori to smirk a bit. She knew that they would most likely think back to the time of war and how Kagato destroyed the Village Hidden in the Leaves, a true testament to his power, and the strength of the rest of Amegakure. Suddenly, she began to sense she noticed a shift in Kagato's movements. Just then, she came to notice a glimmer from coming down at him, A Fuma Shuriken. Without thought, Aka pulled out her hands from within the pouch, crossing her arms in the shape of an X in front of her torso, ready to unleash the torrent of six shuriken on the attacker. The shuriken was stopped by Kagato's chakra rod, as six members of some sort of gang appeared. Two of them appeared to be the mint haired twin like nin, who had been lurking near the group on the start of their travels. There was another female with dark bluish-green hair, and two more males, one with purple hair and the other with a shade of blue. The gang scattered as they went in on the offense.  Akatori was about ready to attack the male with purple hair, when Kagato-Sama called out to her, telling her to form her Mind Body Transmission. ~ "Yes sir!" ~ She called back in a strong tone. She must not forget what she has to do. It was up to her to keep a mental link open for Kagato-Sama to give orders, while also following the clauses of a Medical-Nin and protecting the lives of her teammates and the Yonshigakurians. Akatori would quickly pack her tools away, followed by slamming her hands together into the Seal of the Ram. A vein would bulge from her forehead, hidden by her forehead protector. She would close her eyes for a moment, as she extended her telepathy to Kuni, Rits and Kagato firstly, before attempting to make contact with the Shikage and her ANBU helper. ~ *Okay, links up. I'll have the line open for Ten Minutes.* ~ She communicated to them. It would be a bit of a stretch, but her Transmission was needed for this battle. Quickly Akatori would open her eyes, taking a note of the female with blue hair charging at her, her kunai in a reversed grip. As soon as she got too close, Akatori focused chakra into her feet to get a big burst. She squatted a bit before using her force and chakra control to bound backwards on the side of the building that was still intact thirty yards from her location, the one she was scanning at earlier. Keeping her hands tight into the seal, she flipped backwards onto the flat roof of the building, taking note of the ridged stone rail that guarded it.  [Blue Haired Girl] - As she and her team arrived, she quickly pulled out a kunai. - " Blondie in purple is all mine." - She would snicker, a twisted grin hidden under a pitch black scarf. With great haste, she rushed over to the blonde girl in purple, flipping her kunai in a reverse grip. - "HYA" - She blurted out, slashing out at the girl, only for her to avoid it by jumping far onto a building. Knowing that the girl could not escape her, she quickly jumped after her, bounding from ruins to ruins before landing at the top. - " Let's get this over quick!"- She growled at the blonde girl, placing the kunai in a normal hold in her left hand, going in to stab her in the gut, a fatal attack that could end her life then and there. [Akatori] ~ As scanned the battlefield, she located her attacker coming back at her. Akatori felt a bit nervous about her attacker. All the others were seen using large Fuma Shurikens, while her attacker clung onto a kunai as her weapon. Akatori also couldn't break her hand seal, or else she would end the transmission. If this would be a distance battle, Akatori would surely have to think of something quick in order to survive. The blue haired girl joined her on the room, growling a threat at her before rushing in at her with the kunai in hand. When she got within three feet, Akatori quickly spun to the right, letting the girl pass by her, while Akatori would launch a strong left side kick aimed for the center of the woman's back. This kick was strong enough to send her stumbling on the ground if it connected.  [Blue Haired Girl] - It appeared to her that blondie wasn't as much of a coward as she thought, seeing how she easily dodged her attack without flinching. Turning her head over her left shoulder, she saw and felt the kick connect, sending her forward and onto the ground, five feet forward. Upon impact, she dropped her kunai, not seeing it bounce and slide towards the blonde one. She would get up quickly, moaning a bit in pain. She turned on her heels and faced the girl in purple- "Hn.. looks like you're pretty focused on that hand seal. Let's see you dodge this one..blondie.."- She grumbled a bit under the scarf, taking it off to reveal a pair of scared red lips. Next, she removed her top, showing off her bandaged bra, and two scrolls tied in scarlet string around her torso. - " Mind backing up?"- She spoke awkwardly. [Akatori] ~ She eyed her foe up and down as she began to strip slightly, showing off a matching set of scrolls. Her faced showed a sign of being puzzled towards the blue haired girl asking her to back up. Aka should have killed her right there, but since it was a show the girl wanted, a show she would receive. Aka knew that this arrogant female could be easily beaten, but it would be interesting to humor her for a bit before death, so she could not assist her teammates. ~ "Alright then. Your move." ~Aka replied, jumping back till the two were fifteen feet apart, on opposite sides of the roof. [Blue Haired Girl] As the blonde girl backed up she smirked. She removed the two scrolls, placing them upright. Next, she would begin to weave hand seals, Tiger into that of Dragon, followed by the Seal of Monkey, before her fingers hopped into Hare, and finished with  Snake. Next, she  crossed her arms, as the scrolls released smoke, spinning and flying into the air, taking the shape of dragons. The smoke would clear, and she would leap into the air, in between the spiral of the two scrolls.-"Twin Rising Dragon!"- She yelled loudly for all to hear. Without hesitation, she began to use the generic sealing technique to pull out a mast area of weapons, throwing them rapidly down at the blonde girl. Within a matter of seconds, her foe would be met with kunai, shuriken, senbon, kamas, and sais, all aimed for her, and two feet to the left and right of her. All these weapons could easily, slash, impale, and kill her opponent. It was her best move.-

Kagato: -Even with the events going on Kagato noted Itsumo as she stated her name almost burning it into his memory and even the tone she used to do so. It was a name he had a feeling he would soon not forget. It had seemed a lot had changed in the her village since the last time he had been there, even the leadership change was a bit of a shock but there was no time to dwell on that now.  He used his peripherals to spot Kuni nodding to him before he took off entering the fight, His gazed shifted back to Itsumo  just after Itsumo said thank you to him he leaned his head in closer to her  in doing so his  re-breather was now positioned  next to her left ear not even an inch away . His lips parted slowly and in a strong yet almost whisper like tone he spoke to her the re-breather making it sound a little more breathy then what it should.- “ No need to thank me…but you’re welcome..” -  A second giant shuriken came whizzing along straight towards them thrown by the same person who threw the original one at them The Mint Green Haired Fuma male. The shuriken shimmered and reflected the dim light as it spun   displacing the rain as it fell steadily as the shuriken hurtled towards Kagato and Itsumo.  Kagato re-griped the chakra receiver blade in his left hand even more tighter then he had originally. He lifted his head slightly letting as his eyes Rinnegan characterized by a ripple-like pattern around the pupil, with a amethyst purple iris and sclera in his left  eye and a crimson red Rinnegan in his right squinted slightly as he focused on the shuriken as it was about to reach the pair. In a low commanding sounding voice a few words slipped past his lips. - “ Shinra Tensei….” - Depending on the amount of force  Kagato put into this technique it can easily shatter wood, bones, metal, or stone walls, But this was not the case for this instance.  Kagato was using this technique as a defensive measure. Kagato put enough force to repel the Giant shuriken back towards the Mint Haired Green Fuma Male increasing its speed tenfold. The Shuriken reached the original thrower’s location in less than a second. Kagato Heard shouting this time it was that of a Mint Green Haired Female. She was shouting to her brother which made Kagato think that she was talking to the Mint Green Haired Fuma Male.  Itsumo’s clones were standing before the female which lead Kagato to believe the clone had something to do with how The Fuma Female was acting. Soon after this the female reached towards her back and launched her shuriken actually towards the other Mint Haired Fuma, this lead Kagato to believe the clone had put her in some sort of Genjutsu. - [ Mint Green Haired Fuma Male]:  - His eyes lit up as his shuriken came full throttle back towards him, the rain trickled down the uncovered parts of his facial features only to catch a glimpse of his sister  throwing her own shuriken at him. The Fuma’s mouth dropped open wide and left a gape only to have him shout rather loudly towards the Mint Green Haired Fuma Female with the tone of shock and dismay in his voice as if he couldn’t believe what was unfolding before him. -  “T-T-T-he hell!” – He reacted without hesitation as he started to form a series of hands seals. The first of which was the seal of the - Tiger – The fuma then manipulated his fingers into the seal of the - Boar - His digits then fell together to make the seal of the- Ox - Right after that with expert precision he formed the seal of the - Dog -   only to finish up slithering his fingers into the position of the Snake – A cloud of white pearly smoke engulfed the Fuma’s body As Both Giant shurikens made contact only to hit with a loud wooden thunk. As the Smoke cleared the two giant shurikens were sticking out of a wooden log. The sharp pointed points of the Shurken were embedded deeply into the wood of the light brown colored log, with a little tree branch sticking out of the right side at the top of which a tiny green leaf  quickly getting saturated by the onslaught of rain falling down from the heavens above. The impact of the giant shurikens splintered the wood of the log sending tiny shards no more than half an inch in length and no more than a tooth pick wide through the now cold moisture rich air. The log fell to the ground with a loud thump. The Mint Green Haired Fuma ended up re-appearing beside his sister no more than a foot from her right side shifting his body so that he could easily be in arms reach of her and act accordingly to what he thought was the problem. He reached over to her and placed his right hand on her shoulder so quickly that that his movements were like a blur of black if seen by a normal eye. He The Fuma forced his blue almost green chakra into  the his sisters system to attempted to knock her  out of any genjutsu she might be under at this point in time. This was the only conclusion he had come to seeing on how she was acting irrational.  He reached down with his right hand to a bout mid-thigh; with his fingertips he unsnapped a tiny black pouch that held one Kunai. He slipped his index finger into the tiny ring that was on the end of the handle of the Kunai closing his finger around it tight enough as he pulled it from the pouch it came the handle spinning out slightly into the palm of his hand letting his index finger slide out of the ring smoothly and effortlessly had his other fingers wrapped around the handle of the Kunai. With the Fuma’s left hand he reached behind him pulling up his black shirt slightly in the back revealing yet another pouch. He quickly unsnapped the pouch and pulled out an explosive tag and a bit of fishing wire liker string. It was so thin it was barely visible. He shoved the string through the explosive tag and quickly tied securing the tag to the string.  He repeated the process one more time but this time she shifted the string through the ring of the Kunai tying it tightly like  to the ring giving the Kunai a little tail. With the snap of his wrist he launched the Kunai at Itsumo’s clone aiming for the chest area. The speed in which it was traveling would hit its intended target with in two seconds of his throw. - As Tori finished making the connection to Kagato and he waited for a few moments before trying to speak. He wanted to make sure that everyone else was connected as well so the others wouldn’t miss anything he had to say. Out of the corner of his Crimson and amethyst eyes He noticed Itsumo making a clone of herself without pulling or moving away from him. He pondered that for a moment or two before shrugging it off thinking she might just excel in hand seals to pull off such a feat. The clone was a perfect replica of her from what he had seen so she had a good amount of accuracy with it as well. Kagato watched as her clone took off after the Mint Haired Fume Female from earlier in the Bamboo forest. After a few moments passed Kagato began to speak to everyone with Tori’s help. Kagato’s mental voice sounded - * Now that this link is up so whoever is out there that can hear me…  We need to keep one this group shinobi’s alive I have a plan to get the information we need on who sent them out of them. I think it’s best we keep the one in charge alive which I think it’s the Mint Green Haired Male…so leave that to me…* - Kagato’s focus was right on the fight once more He started to direct his  shadow clones to start carrying out his plan. The one that was behind the trio on the left side of them started to weave a hand seal. The clone’s fingers with lighting like quickness positioned their selves into the seal of the – Tiger – Two clones this time appear on either side of the shadow clone but these were not shadow clones but water clones. These clones were one fourth of the power of the shadow clone each.  After the shadow clone completed its task a light blue like aura engulfed the shadow clone.  The clone had activated the blocking technique absorption seal. The shadow clone then began to draw chakra from the rain its self.  The rain was falling steadily and was filled with Kagato’s own chakra to begin with so it was an excellent source of untapped chakra for the clone to use. The shadow clone began to spin the chakra around in the opposite direction in its body slowly dispersing it throughout. As the shadow clone continued draw in the additional chakra the water clones looking just like the shadow clone which in turn was a complete duplicate of Kagato sprang forth into action. The first water cone shifted its position so that it was now in front of the shadow clone standing with its back to the shadow clones front only five feet away from the shadow clone. The second water clone followed suit but made its way to the back of the shadow clone with its back facing the shadow clone’s back leaving the same five feet distance between it and the shadow clone.  The two water clones eyes shifted back and forth like ping pong balls scanning the area around them with great detail. If anything or anyone were to come even close to the shadow clone while it was still absorbing the chakra from the rain they  would quickly take the offensive or be there to quickly defend their position insuring the shadow clones safety.  Now as the shadow clone and its newly made water cones were doing all of this the shadow clone on the right behind the other trio began to make preparations as well. The shadow clone shifted its right foot to the side five inches as it slide its left foot back about three inches. The shadow clone without any hand signs and in a cloud of pearly white some body flickered from its current location to right behind where the Mint Green Haired Fuma was no more than three feet away. The shadow clone began to make a series of hand seals as it stood behind the male fuma the first of which was the seal of the - Snake - followed quickly by shoving the clones fingers into the position of the - Ox – and with the last seal in place the clone quickly clapped its hands together with a thunderous sound that echoed of the surrounding mountains of the hidden stone village. The shadow clone held out its right hand as the Mint Green haired Fuma male began to get devoured in an orb of water as the water was being pulled from all angles around him to shape it. This was the water prison technique.  The Orb was seven feet in height and   ten feet around. The water glistened in the dim light of the now storm cloud filled sky sparkling in places like the stars in the night sky. The density of the water prison made it virtually impossible for one to escape from it on their own the only down side to this technique was the shadow clone had to keep its right arm submerged in the water itself to keep the prison active and steady if the shadow clone would faultier the water prison would easily disperse and collapse on itself. If the Mint Green Haired Fuma would remain in the water prison to long he would run out of air and most likely try and gasp for air and draw in nothing but water resulting in his death. Now Kagato wasn’t going for the kill with this move just wanted to keep the Fuma within the prison long enough for them to pass out so he could use yet another technique his self to draw out any and all information this shinobi had on why and who sent them to attack them.- [ The Mint Green Haired Fuma male watched helplessly as his body was surrounded by water  not only did he have little time before the orb of water was fully around him he didn’t even have enough time to give a shout out or say a word  to anyone. The shadow clone had moved so quickly behind him it caught him one hundred percent off guard.  His eyes grew wide as he tried to continue to hold his breath it wasn’t going to be long before he was out of oxygen and would pass out just from the sheer lack of it. A minute passed and his face started to become beat read, a second minute passed and he started to feel really light headed and dizzy his eyes lids starting to feel heavy as two ton bricks as they started to cover his eyes the world around him became dark. A third minute passed and the Fuma male was out cold. – The shadow clone looking in on the Fuma male noticed he was out cold the clone dropped his hand down slowly releasing the prison with a squelchy splash soaking the ground around them with a wave of water.  This fight so far was a bit chakra draining for Kagato  he wanted to finish it off quicker to prevent  any injuries but  that meant using more chakra at this point in time, and more than he had planned to this early on in the trip, but that is where the one shadow clone that was still on the left came in  still at this very moment it was drawing in the chakra from the rain and would continue  as long as it stayed uninterrupted until this little in prompt to skirmish came to an end. Using the communications that were set up Kagato called out to the entire group who had been linked to this little mind chat in a commanding like tone of voice. * I suggest wrapping this fight up quickly, I hate to see it go on any longer and waste any more chakra then we all have already….Rits, Tori, Kuni Let’s show that what Rain ninja are all about… * - Kagato   brought his left hand up towards Itsumo’s shoulder  reaching  around both of her shoulders and around what seemed to be a very large Panda doll leaving a gap so that his arms nor hands made contact with it seeing as he didn’t know what it was at the moment and he didn’t want to take any chances on disturbing it. His left and right hand came together as he started to make a series of hand seals. The first of the hand seals was that of the - Tiger – his fingers then loyally formed the seal of the- Dog – his digits moved right along from that and jumped into position for the - Monkey – His extremities then slid right into the seal of the - Snake – he next quickly formed the seal of the - Boar – the last and final seal he formed would be that of the- Tiger – The water from the rain around Itsumo and Kagato began to be pulled into orbs.  As this was happening Kagato rested both his right and left hand on Itsumo’s shoulders positioning them in the same fashion as he did when he pulled her in so that he was touching nothing else but her shoulders. His gaze set upon her mask where he guessed her eyes would be if she did not have her face covered by a mask. His lips parted and he began to speak to her in a whisper like tone. – “Set up a defense around us… so don’t be alarmed… I have a plan…” – This technique he was using was known as the water’s heaven’s convergence. It let Kagato freely manipulate the water or even moisture in the air around him letting him shape and bend it to his will. As the water finished pulling into the orbs around them the finished product would be  forty basketball sized orbs of water  that hovered  in a circle around the pair no more than four feet away from their bodies. The hovered along mid body height of Kagato and seeing as he stood at six feet tall  it was a good estimate that they were about  three feet from the ground.  The orbs gleamed in the light that was still peeking through the storm clouds as they shifted slightly seeing as they were made up of water that was clear as crystal and filled with his own blue chakra. Kagato set of the orbs as a defensive measure if any attacks or any of the other unknown shinobi would try and break free from who they were fighting at the time Kagato could easily react to it and launch an effective counter measure with using just the orbs forming shields or even making them into projectiles to launch at the. Just as Kagato had finished setting up the orbs a flash of lightning cut through the sky illuminating the area all around them in a dull yellowish light for only a split second. The Lightning was quickly followed right behind the lighting with a loud crash of rolling thunder. The Lightning   had made contact with the mountain just behind the pair splitting apart a rather large boulder sending a mini rock slide falling down the mountain side that would span ten feet in length causing a domino effect with other rocks and now mud from the rain to come crashing down into what was left of what Kagato assumed was the ruins of the once main building of the village. Kagato’s attention was brought to this action and natural disaster of sorts maybe with this little event the others could use it to their advantage .-

IItsumo:-Isumo watched him react to her words if only she could see what he was thinking it would make things easier she thought to herself just as  he  started to move closer to her bringing her rebreather close to her ear and spoke. Itsumo’s body would give a tiny shiver and little bumps formed over her pale skin her body responding to Kagato’s breathy voice spoke close to her ear saying she didn’t need to thank him. Normally her first response would be to move away or to react to such closeness as she was not used to anyone being that close to her. Never in her years of life has she ever let anyone get that close to her not even let those closest to her  yet here she was not able to stop her body from shivering slightly all  because he had done so without even asking her permission. Her Icy blue eyes would  look over at him and turn soft for a moment not that he would be able to see this through the mask but then turned back as she looked away as he started to move again. She glimped over just in time to see  a shiny object moving through the drops of rain and moving fast, focusing on it she realized it was another giant shuriken coming at them her  tensed her body ready to move but he reacted first moving his arm with the blade in it swing around once more she could tell his grip was tighter and something about his body made her realize he was about to do something she she stood still and waited after a second his voice rang out a commanding tone  filling her ears as she watched with  wide eyes as he used a technique she thought according to history was no longer known but then again everyone thought her own Jutsu with her doll was long forgotten so nothing should surprise her. She watched as technique sent the shuriken flying backwards at great speed she kept her eyes on the shuriken as it moved wanting to see how  the mint haired male would react to both his own shuriken that kagato had sent flying back at him and the one that the mint haired girl she was using her clone to keep in a genjutsu threw at him. She watched as the shuriken both slammed into where the mint hair man would have been standing a white puff filled the air and the sound of smashing wood echoed through the rain She knew right away the mint haired man had body replaced with some type of wood object and without waiting to see what it was  her icy eyes started to scan the area around them  to find the mint haired man once again. It took her only a few seconds to spot him he reappeared  now next to his sister the one she had controlled her own clone to attack with genjutsu. The man was  trying to break her genjutsu by  touching his sister's arm and putting his own chakra into the mix well She could stop that but it wouldn't be much fun so she let it go letting him wake up his sister from the genjutsu and watching what took place ready to respond.- Mint Haired Girl: She would feel something touch her arm but not yet able to see anything besides her brother laying in front of her on the ground missing his head it took a few moments for her mind to finally start putting together the pieces of what was going on She looked up to see her brother standing there still alive and not looking to happy with her. She noticed her back felt light and she moved her right hand to feel for her shuriken it was not there glancing around she saw it on the ground surrounded by splinters of wood and her brothers own shuriken she remembered throwing it at the clones of the man but she didn’t mean to throw it at her brother she looked up at her brother her sight still blurry from the tears she had been crying. She spoke to her brother in a tone that was scratch due to the tears-“Sorry” -her head nodding to him slightly she moved her hand that had been feeling for her shuriken up to whip her face of all the water she felt like a fool for falling for that as she still kneeled on the ground. After a few moments her amber eyes flickered back to her brother as she watched him move to throw a Kunai at the woman who she assumed had put the genjutsu on her in the first place. Not sure how the woman would react she began to get herself under control and stand up she would start to run full speed at the woman her right hand going to her own black pouch as she withdrew four tiny silver senbon she would put them in between her fingers before  drawing her arm back and throwing them full force at the woman they would fly in unison not looking like one but looking like four little needles all going to one part of her body this was the neck. She stopped moving and stood there for a few seconds waiting to see what happened next.-- Itsumo’s clone would respond  to both the kunai and the senbon swiftly with in a second by body flickering out of the way it would then look to meet the girls eyes again she wouldn’t put it past the girl to fall for the same jutsu twice but she thought for a moment and just kept her sight on the girl it wasn't that hard to move the clone. Itsumo’s mind would lose focus for a moment as it felt like someone was knocking in her own mind she realized it was someone trying to get inside. The girl the one he had called Tori she must be a Yamanaka This made Itsumo smile brightly it had been since the war that she had been in contact with another yamanaka and it made her wonder. She would let down her barriers letting the girl’s connection be established with her as well. The girl would only sense that she was now connected and not know a thing about who or what Itsumo was yet. Itsumo would lift her right hand making a cross with her finger if ShiKake was looking he would see her giving him the symbol from their village that meant it was ok she hopped he would figure it out that she was talking about him being part of the bond. After a few seconds she would hear Kagato’s voice through the bond telling them to finish this off quickly without wasting too much chakra and that he would take care of the only one that needed to stay alive.This made Itsumo smirk under her mask she responded through the link.- “Roger on finishing them off quickly, Shikake protect the young Yamanaka and finish that one off” -she said the last part to let the girl know that she had figure out her clan. Her words would sound clear as day as if she was talking to each person and standing right in front of them however it would sound like she was talking right into the ear of the young yamanaka girl this was because the link would always be stronger when it was between two yamanaka’s but the young girl would only know this if she had ever linked with another yamanaka if not it would probably confuse the poor girl because she would not be able to figure out why Itsumo sounded clearer than her own kage or anyone else. Itsumo would stop focusing on the link and go back to her clone who was still having a stare down with the Mint haired girl she would make her clone make its move now The clone would start to move forward  her right hand moving down to her leg her fingers closing around the butt of a kunai she would pull the kunai out and grip it tightly moving her arm back she would then body flicker behind the girl it would only be a second before she had her kunai at the girls throat she would have to move out of the way or be killed by Itsumo’s clone.-- Mint Haired girl: -she would watch as the girl moved pulling out a Kunai she braced herself to move when the kunai was thrown but then the woman disappeared she looked around trying to find her but  then she noticed her brother inside of a water prism she started to move for him before she could she felt a kunai against her throat it was too late to her own foolishness of worry about her brother had caused her to be trapped by the woman she watched her brother struggle for air for a few moments before she thought he had drowned himself not knowing he had passed out she would scream yet again for her brother. She was weak and foolish she let her brother get killed because he had to save her from a genjutsu her Amber eyes filled with tears once again as she struggled against the Kunai she didn’t deserve to live if her brother died. She would stop struggling and stand still for the woman to finish her off.-- Itsumo’s clone would stand there and watch the girl watch her brother still holding her kunai to the mint haired girls throat when the girls tears started to fall Itsumo’s clone would smirk and pull the blade of the kunai closer to the girls neck she watched as the girl stopped moving her finally accepting the fate. Itsumo could have been mercy full let the girl live so they could get intel from her and let the Amgakure Shinobi have their own intel from the boy but she didn’t feel like showing compassion in front of the other kage she would have the clone slice the girls neck and drop her body to bleed out on the ground she would be dead in a less than ten seconds. The clone would then poof into a cloud of smoke the chakra not used would go back to Itsumo.  Itsumo would hear Kagto’s words once again through the link speaking to the other three she now knew their names Rits,Tori and Kuni she didn’t know which of the two men was which but the girl was the only one that could be Tori.  She couldn't help but smile under her own mask at the fact that her was saying they needed to show off their strength she didn’t bother even showing her strongest Jutsu off she was about to move from aginst Kagato’s body when he brought his other arm up around her shoulder her own hands going up to lightly press against his chest out of reflex. Itsumo noticed that Kagato was being careful and not touching her panda doll. She was both thankful for this and a bit curious there was no possible way he knew what the doll was but she still knew that somehow he knew it was either a weapon of some sort or it could be harmful to himself either way she was happy to not be pulled from her own body at that moment.  She felt his hands moving behind her back though she could not see for sure she figured he was doing some type of hand seals then his hands moved to her shoulders just like when he had pulled her into himself she looked up to see him staring at her where her eyes were she hesitantly made eye contact with him as she nodded as he told her he had set up defenses around them and not to be alarmed she watched at the orbs of what looked like water appeared around them she watched as the moved not sure what they were she thought about telling Shikake to keep clear of them she would either have to use the link or move her hands from his chest to give him a hand sign so she didn’t she just hoped he was smart enough not to try and get to her with those things out their. a loud crashing sound made her eyes move from his to the direction of mountains that she had originally come from she saw that rock and mud where now sliding down the side of the mountain and the ruins were getting covered with the rubble they would have to go the long way home she thought for a moment  the path that they had come up was now gone but they still had a long way to go before they were going back to Yonshigakure.-

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada’s eyes remained focused on the man in front of him as he swung his blade towards the man’s chest, looking to take him out of the fight. His eyes noticed that he man had noticed him and had begun to move back as well as use the large metal shuriken in his hand as a shield. He felt and heard the scraping of his Kusanagi and the man’s shuriken as the two metals grazed each other, making Kunisada’s swing towards the man’s chest miss. However, he still followed through with his strike as he cut the man’s right arm deeply, seeing blood flow forward out of the gash in his right arm. After the attack had finished Kunisada spun around quickly and readied his blade for another strike, holding it in front of him defensively. The man’s blood was on the blade and was slowly running down the blade until it reached the hilt of the sword; even the tip of the blade was slowly oozing with blood as it fell to the ground below. Kunisada waited for the man to make another move before seeing the man’s eyes light up with what seemed to be pure anger as he saw the man throw his large shuriken at him before seeing him grab his right arm. Kunisada’s eyes narrowed for a moment before placing his hands in the seal of the Tiger before swiftly falling in the seal of the Boar to be followed by the Ox, maneuvering into the seal of the Dog and then finally the seal of the Snake as he used the Body Replacement Technique. His body quickly became engulfed in smoke as the man’s shuriken hit a massive piece of wood that had taken the place of Kunisada. The shuriken had been thrown hard enough that the wood was splintered and that a piece of the shuriken had pierced through the back of the log of wood. Kunisada had re-appeared in front of where he just was, quickly dashing towards the man.  Fuma Male: -He watched in anticipation as he watched his shuriken fly towards the man who had just cut his arm, making it almost useless in this fight. The pain in his arm was still searing and the blood was still oozing from the gash as it almost tattooed his arm with his own blood. He saw the man quickly become engulfed in smoke before his shuriken made impact with him. His eyes narrowed and his teeth clenched in anger as he saw the smoke settle, only to find that his shuriken had missed the man and had hit only a place of wood. He saw the man dressed all in black make his appearance known as he quickly began to run towards him again. The male quickly reached his left arm behind his back to reach for another shuriken before widening his eyes in realization as his hand reached nothing; he was out of the massive shuriken. Panic began to set in his mind as he noticed the man getting closer, his left hand instinctively reaching behind his back and into a small pouch as he stumblingly reached for a kunai. Not before long, he saw the man already at his feet and he swung his already injured right arm at the man, hoping to smack him away from him. As soon as the man lifted his arm, the pain was intensified, but he had no other choice but to continue his attack; his left hand was still desperately trying to grasp a kunai and if he didn’t react soon, the man would’ve surely taken advantage of that.  Kunisada: -Kunisada’s eyes slightly narrowed as he saw the man reach behind his back as he quickly gained on his position, bringing his Kusanagi up for another strike. Before he could make a strike with his blade though, his eyes caught the man’s right and gashed arm swing at him. Kunisada quickly stopped as he saw the man’s arm reach up before throwing it back down towards Kunisada. Kunisada quickly turned his body halfway to face the man, planting his feet firmly in the ground as he brought his right arm up, the blade of his Kusanagi being stretched outwards to Kunisada’s side as his other arm quickly raised in a ninety degree angle while the blade’s hilt as well as Kunisada’s hand that was grasping it was secured firmly against his raised arm. His arms were positioned as such so that the man’s arm was going to strike for his left arm instead of himself and his right arm was being held against the left arm’s bicep so that he could assist his other arm in resisting the knockback from the blow. Not long after he took his stance, he felt the man’s arm hit against his left arm’s black bracer, but since the man had swung with the injured arm, the blow wasn’t as effective as it could’ve been if it was full strength, which didn’t cause Kunisada to stumble backwards; the impact was only enough for his feet and the ground beneath them to have a small cause of friction. Kunisada heard a voice in his head, which he immediately placed as Kagato’s voice as he told them to keep only one of them alive; it just so happened to be the one that he was fighting was the choice pick. After saying that, he heard Kagato tell them to leave that one to him. Kunisada quickly shoved the man’s arm away, which could cause the Fuma ninja to lose his balance and stumble backwards. Before he was going to strike again, he heard Kagato’s voice re-enter his mind, telling the rest of them to finish the rest of them off quickly. Kunisada quickly turned out of his stance as he ran towards the other male before swinging at the male with his Kusanagi once more. Fuma Male: -His eyes narrowed as he saw the man in front of him take a defensive stance before his arm could make impact with him. His eyes widened as he felt his arm hit the black bracer of the man in front of him before yelling out in pain from the impact. His mind went blank from the pain as his left hand finally grasped a kunai from the pouch. He quickly brought it out only to feel his arm being shoved away by the man who had just deflected his blow, causing for the man to hiss in pain as well as stumble backwards. The man felt himself take a knee as he tried to regain his footing before bringing the kunai up in his left hand; his right arm was still layered with his blood and it felt like it was on fire. His eyes snapped towards the man dressed in black before he quickly lunged forward and yelled out at the man with the kunai, hoping to catch the man’s throat in the blade’s path.  Kunisada: -Kunisada’s Eternal Mangenkyo Sharingan saw the man’s move quicker than he himself had made it, noticing the kunai the man also had in his possession. Kunisada quickly brought up his Kusanagi as his right hand grasped it as he continued to run towards the man, still aware of the kunai he had in his possession. Kunisada saw the kunai begin its descent before he quickly moved to the side of the kunai, making it miss its initial target before swiftly bringing his Kusanagi upwards towards the man’s chest, aiming to take the man out of the fight. Fuma Male: -A small smirk preyed upon his lips underneath his scarf as he saw the man run towards him; maybe he hadn’t noticed the kunai in his left hand? His smirk quickly disappeared as his eyes widened as he saw the man sidestep his strike and before he had enough time to react, he felt a sharp pain in his chest as he felt the man’s blade pierce through his chest. His body froze as his legs and every other part of his body suddenly stopped responding, his left releasing its grasp on the kunai as it fell to the ground, clattering a bit as it fell. He felt the pain in his chest as it spread throughout his body before feeling his eyes grow supremely heavy. His eyes struggled and fought to stay open as he felt the blood rush from his body as it fell to the ground below; but it was a fight that the man wasn’t winning. He felt his body begin to fail to support itself as if though it was shutting down, but he knew what was coming and there was no way to stop it. With a final breath, the man closed his eyes as his body finally gave up. Kunisada: Kunisada’s eyes glanced at his blade as he saw crimson ooze begin to rush out of the man’s chest and quickly surround his blade with itself. The blade had pierced through the man’s chest and clothing as some of the blade was sticking straight out of the Fuma’s back. Kunisada heard the clang of the man’s kunai fall to the ground beside him before feeling the man’s body fall limp, only being supported by the blade that had pierced him, as well as Kunisada himself. Kunisada quickly withdrew the blade from the older man’s chest before watching the male’s body fall to the ground beside him. The ground beneath the man quickly turned red as his blood began to spread across the ground; the blade of Kunisada’s Kusanagi was thick with the man’s blood. His eyes slightly glazed over to his sword to see almost all of it almost drowned in blood, the handle of the blade itself also had a few specks of blood across it. The blood began falling off of the blade as it was being held; dropping droplets of blood into the ground while the rain quickly began to wash the blade clean of the fresh blood. Kunisada heard a female’s voice in his head this time, making his eyes glance over at the other battles that were taking place; he placed the voice as the female standing next to Kagato since it wasn’t Akatori’s voice. He also heard the female say to protect the young Yamanaka, making Kunisada’s eyes shift over to locate Akatori. She was holding her hands together in a seal as another Fuma ninja was attempting to attack her. Kunisada quickly sheathed his Kusanagi as he glanced over the rest of the battle before quickly Body Flickered without the use of hand seals, to the log where the Fuma male’s large shuriken was placed inside. He quickly ran towards the log and placed his foot on it while his right hand quickly took hold of the object before pulling it up and out of the log, pushing down on the log with his foot as he did so; the shuriken itself would’ve been lodged firmly within the log itself, making it quite difficult to pull out. However, since Kunisada’s foot had been used to kick the log back to the ground, it made the force of his pull stronger and the shuriken quickly detach itself from the log; Kunisada had done all of this without stopping in his sprint. Kunisada quickly brought the weapon up to his side before he glanced over at Akatori yet again as he saw the Fuma ninja she was fighting hurl a massive wave of weapons at her. Kunisada’s eyes quickly scanned over in front of him as he saw the two halves of the other shuriken that he had dispatched of earlier on the ground. Turning his gaze back to Akatori, he threw the massive shuriken to the space in front of Akatori and the other Fuma shinobi that she was fighting. As he threw the massive weapon, he had to touch lightly off the ground for a split second as well as turn his body so he could get a better throw towards where he was aiming for. The objective of the throw was for the large shuriken to intercept the incoming projectiles that were hurling towards her, and if they did some, if not most of the weapons could be thrown off course and miss their target. He continued to turn until he felt himself face forward yet again before feeling his feet touch the ground, to which he continued in his sprint. His eyes quickly glanced over as he saw a ninja in the air, hoping to descend upon Ritsuka as well as the other Fuma ninja that the man who was accompanying the woman standing beside Kagato was fighting. His eyes quickly glanced back over at the ground in front of him before noticing Kagato forming a defense around himself and the woman that was standing next to him as well as taking note of the water prison that the Fuma’s leader was being enclosed in. As he quickly approached the broken pieces of the large shuriken, he quickly knelt down as he continued to run before grabbing hold of each halves of the broken shuriken. His eyes shot to Ritsuka’s opponent as he stood back up fully before he threw one half of the shuriken at the man in the air; if the shuriken hit the Fuma ninja in the air, it could possibly kill him. If the attack missed, then it would cause no threat to Ritsuka. Kunisada’s eyes then focused on the other man, recalling his name to be “Shikake” if he had heard the woman correctly. His eyes scanned over to him before catching a small glimpse of the Fuma ninja that he was currently fighting, but Shikake’s back was turned to him as well as moving, causing Kunisada to cease his sprint. It was too dangerous either way to try to throw the last shuriken half at the ninja he was fighting; if he had stopped moving at the wrong time, it could’ve easily impaled Shikake in the back and he didn’t need to explain to the woman he was traveling with why her escort was impaled by a shuriken half he had thrown. After deciding that throwing the last shuriken half at the ninja, he decided to keep a hold of it for now in case something else should occur. After another second, his eyes saw a large strike of lightning flash at the mountains, hearing the sound of a loud roll of thunder accompany it. His eyes also saw a rock slide occur from the mountain after the lightning had struck it. His eyes quickly glanced back over at Akatori before quickly Body Flickering between her and Ritsuka’s locations, becoming replaced with a blur. After a second, Kunisada re-appeared as he looked over at the woman Akatori was fighting, with the female Fuma’s back now to Kunisada. Kunisada’s grasp on the weapon in his hand tightened slightly before he threw the other half of the shuriken at the woman, aiming for her legs; if the large shuriken hit its target, it could very easily take her out of the fight and if it had missed, it wouldn’t cause Akatori any problems since it would hit the ground in front of her if the shuriken had missed. After the throw, Kunisada quickly reached behind him before unsheathing his Kusanagi in his right hand once again; he stood still between the two Jounin as his eyes continued to scan between Akatori and Ritsuka, waiting patiently in case something required his assistance; even if Shikake needed assistance, all that was needed was for Kunisada to look behind him or for Kagato to tell him through the communication link.-

Ritsuka: *As the attack rushed him he prepared to substitute though the action cut short by something deflecting both attacks coming at him. He turned his head to the left slightly the red orb peaking up at the Hunter-nin that had suddenly appeared behind him. He turned back to the purple haired male that was clenching his nose and fumbling for something in his pack. He received the message from his father informing him to end this up quickly. He tilted his head watching the ninja regain composure before pondering momentarily on the easiest way to end this fight. The hunter nin backing him up it opened a lot of options though some space restrictions but it didn't matter much. He settled on a less violent ending to his fight as he lifted his hands few feet between him and the disoriented purple haired Fuuma. He would reappear directly in front of the ninja, His glowing red orb glaring at the others generic brown eyes. If the male did not handle this situation quick he would be thrown into Ritsuka's Sharingan genjutsu. He would be unconscious physically, but mentally he would be transported to the worst fate Ritsuka could imagine, and with all the things on his mind it wouldn't be pretty. (Purple Haired Fuuma): His attack was going as well as he could have hoped. He was inches away from his prize when another the hunter-nin appeared behind him, He heard the clang his projectile as it was deflected away. Looking quickly at the shinobi as he rushed forward with out much time to react or stop he quickly raised his hands in an attempt to substitue though his attempt fell short. The hilt of the hunter-nins sword came colliding with his nose. A gasp of shock escaping his lips, as he did his best to gain distance from the two shinobi and regather himself. After gaining a few feet distance from them he raised his hands to his nose. With the first touch he could tell it was broken and bleeding, He clenched his jaw as he shifted his hands quickly popping his nose back into place before letting them fall loosely at his sides. He lifted his face a glare already for the two who he now planned to slaughter, his eyes raised not to see the two shinobi a few feet away but rather his gaze fell upon a set of eyes only inches from his own face. The contrasting colors not registering to him soon enough only a muffle growl escaping before the darkness set in. (Ritsuka:) As the Purple haired fuma went limp he wattched as the mans body crumpled to the ground with a audible thud. A satisfied smirk crossing his lips though hidden beneath the black re-breather. He quickly turned on his heel to face the hunter ninja walking back toward him casually, before unstrapping one side of his rebreather to let it hang off his face as he nodded politely to him in a hurried manner. :”I suppose I should thank you for your assistance.” His eyes moved to look beyond the hunter nin seeing the rest of the battles happening around them. Though by the looks of it things would be finished soon. He reverted his gaze to the Hunter Nin he consider giving out his name but decided against it for the time being, if he had overheard correctly they were heading the same way. With this recent team-up there was a fair chance they could be traveling together and the opportunity might arise at a better time. He felt like he should say something else but settled for just a simple nod to end the exchange of words on his part. He moved his hands back up to restrap the rebreather into place before glancing back around at the others battles going on, making sure he wasnt needed elsewhere (Purple Haired Fuma): His brown eyes slowly fluttered open, he appeared to be laying on the floor looking up at the ceiling. His eyes squinted as a pain that seemed to come from his entire body become known to him, it made him whimper and writhe though the movement only revealed a more unfortunate truth His hands and legs seemed to be restrained from movement. He pulled against his braces uselessly before carefully and painfully lifts his head to attempt to look down at his body. He couldnt see much from his current postion. Though he did gather some details onn the room he was in. Is was a small square room with barren concrete walls stained with things the man could only imagine. The air around him was thick and damp a foul stench filling his nostrils causing him to exhale out of them in attempts to deflect the odor assaulting his nose. He decided it to attempt to get someones attention anything he can to gather info he let out the best scream he could muster though mixed with the pain he was in it was a fairly loud holler. He did his best to remain silent though his heavy breathing making it difficult to listn for anything in response. A sound at that point did fill his ears it sounded like the fluttering of wings. The sound soft almost comforting at first until it grew louder and louder till it was almost deafing him, he screamed out of fear, anger, frustration though it was easily drowned out by the hellish noise. He looked around for a source only to spy a massive murder of crows bursting through the walls around him, circling him like a long waited meal. His screams were now that of horror as the murder decesended upon him at once. Pecking and clawing viciously at his flesh, their black beaks picking at his face and eyes. Their razorsharp claws scratching at his face, tearing strips of his face away in a horrific manner. He screamed for his life till his throt was raw and screamed some more for good measure. His voice cutting out from the constant screams even before the multitude of crows had gotten to the time of tearing and picking through his vocal chords. He freakishly managed to live through every painstaking second of it. When his eyes slowly began to sag, his breath slowed. He didnt evn feel the crows that remained picking at him. He was inches from death and he couldnt be happier. As he faded off to death his pain went away and he felt peace for a moment until his eyes snapped back open again. The gnawing gone. Just a dank empty room with a sound of fluttering wing getting louder by the second.*

Guest_UnaruInuzuka: [Blue-green haired male]: -He had been watching the fling of his shuriken towards the blond only to find it be strangely stopped by black thread things that seemed to have came from one of the masked males as if the shadows itself manifested into tentacles themselves. He had watched with reddish-brown eyes as the blonde teen had taken off towards the top of the archway he had raised his hand to touch a seal to grab himself another fuma shuriken to try and remove her once again but found himself dropping his gaze again to make sure that one shadow manipulating male didn’t try something tricky in the process again. That was when he had come to see the man twist his body and seem to be throwing something hard towards him. However in the corner of his eye he realized almost too late that it wasn’t the male he needed to worry about but the shadow that was actually whipping the large shuriken back at him at a quickened speed. He had dropped down to a third of his height swiftly to avoid the weapon itself letting it zip over him at a hairs breath away, a few small hairs clipped from the shoulder length hair at their tips from the razor sharp blades. He took a glance over his shoulder at the blade came to lodge into one of the stone blocks having cut into it like a hot knife in butter. His form turned to face the shadow manipulator and laughed.- “That’s it? Please tell me your better than this!” [Shikake]: -As he came to watch the shuriken he had violently thrown towards the light blue haired individual he suddenly had felt a touch to his mind. It wasn’t something he often chose to let happen but even as he watched the other start dropping to the ground his eyes had flicked to notice a movement from Itsumo herself, a small signal to allow such an intrusion. He couldn’t help the slight sigh form from him not actually shown on the outside but felt within as he let his mind be open to receive it. Soon he found himself hearing the Amekage Kagato speak of leaving one alive but him being the one who is to do it… ok so all rest were free range…  He started dashing towards the male in front of him flipping open his hip pouch. His index and middle finger snagging two individual rings pulling out a pair of simple kunai and whipping one then another at the male in a quick pace giving it a couple of seconds between throws while the light blue haired individual was still crouched. [Light Blue haired Male]: -Seeing the kunai being flung at him he dove to the side soon touching that seal he had upon his shoulder bringing another large shuriken into his hands just soon enough to block that second kunai with it.- [Shikake]: -As he was moving towards this male he had gotten another message thru the link, finish this off quickly along with getting names about the others Tori, Kuni and Rits. He let his left hand softly wrap itself around the grip of his sword as he was moving the sound of his feet barely falling even on the wet ground as he was running. His form leapt as he watched the Fuma stand and look upon him seeing that his weapons had been either dodged or deflected before fully drawing that sword of his. He then heard the order from the Shikage herself about protecting the girl named Tori. He didn’t pause in his running he did however draw that ninjato fully from its sheath. Mentally he forced the connection to his clone giving it his own order to stand in for him when done with its first actions for now with merely concentration to the creation. Slamming his hands into the ram a puff of smoke formed around where he was and had reappeared in sight by using the Body Flicker Technique right behind the now standing Fuma with the light blue hair he had attacked. With a backhanded stroke he had sent his blade towards the others neck cutting thru the pouring rain as quick as a vipers strike. The movement was swift and if the other didn’t know he was there it was all over. If the slice does hit its mark he could easily decapitate the male with the strong and thin blade before the person even realized he was dead. Shikake’s clone had come to get the order from his maker to help out the girl named Tori he took note that when he had slammed that butt end of the sword into the purple haired males face a half piece of a fuma shuriken went whizzing by just millimeters behind the fuma himself embedding into the rock of the arch that was designated as the entrance to the ruins of this village. Dark brown orbs had widened fractionally for a single glance over his shoulder taking notice of the other ANBU having already turned away from them clearly assessing what was needed to be done. His head had only turned for a fraction of a second to come back to glance down at the kid in front of him, the note of a sharingan in the boys eye made him blink before he found the kid take off and use a genjutsu of some sort on the purple haired male. His had let himself watch for a few moments as screams started coming from the unconscious man knowing it had to be bad in that others mind for him to even become vocal outside his mind. He glanced back to the kid his eyes unseen behind his mask but he let himself glance him over as the boy released his rebreather from his young face he had on and spoke to him. He was as he thought, a kid, a small nod of his head before speaking.- “Put that back on, this fight isn’t over yet kid.” -With that he had quickly resheathed his ninjato and now was able to help out the girl that was mentioned but paused for he found that the other Anbu had already beat him to the punch.- [Light blue haired Male]: - He let his eyes dart from the one he was in combat with believing he had time to possibly grab not only the one he was fighting’s death but someone who was unsuspecting from his position. The moment lightning struck the mountain range in the back of the ruins had him realize this rain may be worth the trouble. His hand clutching tightly to that weapon of his as he let himself take a very quick glance at where the flash had been, he noticed the start of a land slide but also in that same moment came to notice in the corner of his eye a few others noticing this as well… they were distracted… Without waiting he took the chance of taking out one if not both of the leaders, he twisted and with a harsh throw sent his shuriken sharply and swift right towards the two that seemed to be surrounded globes of basketball sized orbs figuring that simple water can be easily be sliced thru. Since the two were so close to one another the fuma shuriken could easily slice into both of them at the same moment if not noticed in the few seconds that shuriken needed to get close to them. This all happening while the slide of mud and rocks were slipping into that broken down main building. He didn’t let himself just sit there he had reached into his pouch and went to snag a kunai expecting the male to charge him. However found the guy had disappeared in a cloud of smoke. That was the moment he had heard the sound of a soft whistling in the air as a blade was cutting thru it and thru the water droplets that were falling. He had turned to face the problem but he was too late, the attack had been made and he had missed the opportunity to dodge. Like it was nothing the blade came to slash thru his neck. Barely a drop seeming to show at first and he stayed standing staring in surprised shocked before his body collapsed head rolling like a bowling ball to the side, blood pumping from a still beating heart to stain the ground crimson red.- [Shikake]: -He Had taken note of the rock slide in the corner of his eye as he had made his attack so hadn’t really bothered distracting himself in such a thing. A natural disaster brought on by a unnatural source. However as he had moved to slice the Fuma’s head clean off he had saw he had sent a weapon flying towards the two kage that seemed a bit distracted from the fight for a mere moment. He flew into making hand signs in quick succession first came the Tiger soon to be shifted swiftly into the Hare his hands swiftly becoming the Boar and last but not least slips into the sign of the Dog before he crouches down and slams his hand into the ground forcing chakra into it at a amazing pace. He didn’t know what that water does around the two kage and he didn’t know if they could take notice of a single weapon flying towards them beyond instincts so because of this he didn’t take chances that was his kage that was there and he wouldn’t let harm come to her if he had a opening to help and failed to do so. Two feet just outside the circling balls of water a single wall of stone shot up out of the ground it was only three feet in width but six feet high with a depth of two feet. Upon the side that was facing him, the one that will be hit by the flying projectile, he could see that one head was upon its surface, this one a simple cloak hood with nothing but a skull within, its jaw opened as if laughing. As soon as it shot up it would have been slammed into by the Fuma Shuriken itself digging into the stone almost eight inches before stopping fully the clang of it hitting the wall almost as loud as the wall itself flying up from the ground. Shikake rose to his feet and brushed his hands together removing what mud he could with the rain that kept pouring down upon them. Having done that he looked over to where Tori was to be sure he wasn’t needed to help that clone of his and it looked like the Ame ANBU had taken a shot at the girl going after Tori. His clone wove the sign of the Rat and a shadow quickly shot out from him and went to try and attach to the girls shadow on the ground not too far from their position, if it should happen to catch the girl unawares it could easily freeze her movements and force her to land upon the ground, that is if the Ame ANBU’s own attack doesn’t take her out the moment of confusion of loss of control. If she should still be fine after the thrown weapon came to be she would loose complete control of herself giving the clone of Shikake full physical control upon her body to imitate his own movements is to be, the only parts she would be able to still control would be her ability to speak or her eye movements.-

Akatori2: ~Akatori's olive eyes widened. The woman's voice sounded much louder than the others, and also much more clear, like she was speaking right next to her. As Akatori took it in for a moment, she concentrated chakra to her feet. Quickly, blades began to fall down upon her. Akatori, would push off her right foot and off the building, using the chakra she had collected at her feet to attach to the side of the building. Her head was beginning to hurt, as this had been the longest amount of time and the most people she had linked with. As the blades began to clash on the wet rock, her eyes saw a Fuma Shuriken flying over head, and blocking some of the blades. Aka leaned back more, letting her wet pecan shaded ponytail dangle straight down. At first, she assumed that it was Shikake, who the Shikage had ordered to protect her, but it looks like it was Kuni who threw the large shuriken.~ *Thank you Kuni* ~ She would speak to him through the group transmission.  [Blue Haired Girl] - She kept at it, giving the blonde girl her all with the barrage of weapons, but it seems that she was able to dodge it with the help of the ledge and a medling teammate. She slowly began to fall down at a slow pace through the scrolls, when something flew right between her two legs. She gasped a bit. -"Grr, keep your backup out of this!" -The blue hair girl groaned as  took a kama in her right hand and a shuriken in her left, ready to nail the blonde girl once she left her position.  [Akatori] ~ Now that there was a bit more cover and the weapons began to slow down. Akatori jumped back to the roof, hearing the girl nag about her allies providing cover. Although Akatori really didn't need it, she was grateful that they were watching out for her. Soon as she landed a shuriken came flying at her, giving her little time to react. It was on course right for her exposed stomach. In order to block it from causing serious damage, she lifted her left leg across her body, allowing the shuriken to dig into her left thigh. This caused Akatori to grunt with discomfort. ~ " Let's end this. Come show me what you got. " ~ Akatori growled at her, wanting the girl to give into her rage and charge close enough, so Akatori could trap her in a cloud of Poison Mist.  [Blue Haired Girl] -" As you wish"- The girl laughed as she tightened her grip on the kama, charging in. All it would take is a few solid slashes to kill the blonde haired girl, but suddenly she had lost control of her body. The weapon dropped  out her hand, and she was left standing perfectly still.- " Bu-Bu- But How?!?" - she exclaimed. Was the blonde girl able to stop her like this without even batting an eye?  [Akatori] ~ Akatori tilted her head slightly to the left as she glanced up and down at the blue haired girl. It was like she got trapped in some kind of technique, but Akatori didn't know what. After closer examination, something has captured her shadow. This had to be none other than the Hiden of the Nara Clan, the Shadow Imitation Technique.  ~ " So he's a Nara, eh? " ~ Akatori laughed slightly to herself.  ~ " Well, you put up a good fight.." ~ Akatori said, glancing around on the ground. Her eye's spotted a sparkling senbon, just what she needed. Akatori would use her foot to flick up the senbon into the air, catching it between her teeth. She the pulled the tip of the senbon deeper in, holding it in place while speaking to the girl. ~ " May your  death and the death of your comrades be set in the stone. " ~ Akatori uttered to her, while kneading her chakra into her special poison that would soak the tip of the Senbon. The poison was a Red Dyed Hemlock, that causes slow paralysis of body systems, mainly respiratory system, making it harder and harder for opponent to breath. However, the poison  does not effect the mind, meaning that she would still be able to feel and think about the pain within her last moments of life.  Her body systems will become too weak to continue fighting the poison within ten minutes of being jabbed with the poison. Death would usually occur eighteen to twenty-four hours after breathing in the poison in, but Akatori decided to end this quickly. After the poison laced the  senbon tip, she took it between her two top fingers of the hand seal, while opening her mouth up wide. After the senbon was safely removed from her mouth, one could see the red liquid that laced the tip.  Keeping the seal, Akatori would quickly jerk her hands forward, releasing the senbon forward, as it nailed the girl in the forehead. [Blue Haired Girl]  - She stood there in a fury, she was about to die and she had nothing to do about it. Unable to think of what to say, she growled like an enraged beast, wanting to chew the blonde girl's head off. After the senbon hit her in the head, she couldn't feel it. Everything felt cold and numb, her eyes began to feel heavy and the world around her began to feel bright and warm, until no longer could she feel the rain drops trickle down on her body. [Akatori] After the girl blacked out, she spoke softly into the transmission.~ * That's a wrap up here. Akatori, out. * ~  Quickly, she ended the transmission, beginning to feel dizzy. She then jumped down and joined the rest of them by Kagato's water orbs that surrounded the Kage's and mint haired attacker. ~

Kagato: - Kagato could feel the tenseness in Itsumo’s body seeing how close he was to her  as well how she still had  her hands on his chest which gave him and odd feeling almost not a bad feeling  just an unsure type of feeling. His eyes shifted down noticing the formation of goose bumps along her skin well the parts that were visible anyway there was no telling where else they might be. It was confirmed by Itsumo as she spoke to her Hunter nin through the link Tori set up that they had joined the link by hearing Itsumo call out to him to protect the young Yamanaka which Kagato put two and two together that Itsumo was a Yamanaka as well, for why else would she call out like that to protect Tori with that wording. Underneath his mask and re-breather Kagato smirked putting everything together letting the pieces fall as he expected them to. He gave them a bit of info and in return he gathered information.  Kagato’s shadow clone watched the events unfolded with Itsumo’s clone. It wasn’t long before her clone had a Kunai to the throat of the Mint green haired fuma female’s throat.  The thoughts running through the clones head was that of what Kagato his self would probably be thinking. She didn’t want to show any signs of hesitation or sympathy towards their attackers as Itsumo’s clone finished off the Fuma girl rather quickly.  Kagato caught something out of the corner of his eye it seemed that the Fuma  Shikake was engaged in combat with flung a Giant Shuriken towards His and Itsumo’s location.  Kagato tensed his muscles a bit in preparation to act  he started to move his hands  only to hear a slight rumble then to  see a wall of earth shoot up out of the ground blocking the metal projectile from reaching its destination. The sound of the metal sinking into the earth rang throughout Kagato’s ears almost like they were church bells. Kagato relaxed his muscles a bit before looking over towards the Hunter nin giving him a slight nod in appreciation. It wasn’t long before it was the end of the attacking group’s game fell to pieces from the joint efforts of Kuni, Rits, Tori, Itsumo, Shikake and even Kagato his self-seemed to prove to be too much for the group of Fuma’s to handle.   While still in close proximity of Itsumo, Kagato closed his eyes slowly feeling out all the chakra that was in the area. There had once been twelve different chakra signatures before the fight began but now that it was all over Kagato was only picking up on seven of them. The seventh chakra signature was very faint and was fading fast, which Kagato’s shadow clones seen to those moments before. This signature belonged to the Mint green haired Fuma male that has seemed to be the leader of this little group.  Kagato’s shadow clone that was near the passed out mint green haired Fuma male began to slowly lift the male up by taking him by the arms and pulling him up slightly a kneeling position.  Kagato dropped his right hand from Itsumo’s shoulder sliding his black gloved fingertips down her arm before he brought it to his side.  After he brought His right arm to his side it quickly moved without resistance shooting upwards  then quickly back down to his side, in doing so  two of the basketball sized water orbs split off from around the two Kage’s and zipped right along headed straight for the now kneeling Mint green haired  Fuma male. The Orbs of water became more metal rod like shaped as they flew through the air only to curve slightly in the middle taking on a shape more like a boomer rang.  The first of the orb split off into two smaller sections but keeping the same shape as when it was whole the first part wrapped around the Mint Haired Fuma’s neck making a tight collar around his throat made of pure water. The second half of the first made it way towards the Fuma’s hands. Kagato’s shadow clone reacted to this and held the Fuma’s arms outwards to the point where both on his wrists were touching making it easier for the water to slip around both of the Fuma’s hands binding them like metal handcuffs yet they were made out of  water that was crystal clear  and glistening. The Second Orb of water made the same shape as the first but it did not spilt off. Kagato’s shadow clone hosted the Fuma male upwards to where he was holding him up on his feet. The water Orb now taking ion the more boomer rang shape like the first orb did quickly wrapped itself around the male’s ankles binding them together. By this time The Mint Green Haired Fuma Male was starting to somewhat come.  Kagato’s shadow clone that was helping position the Fuma so the water could bind him easier suddenly without warning vanished in a cloud of pearly grey smoke sending what chakra it had left back to Kagato. Kagato Glanced over to the remaining shadow clone the final shadow clones turned sideways so that both his right and left arms were on either side of the water clones that had been guarding him. The Shadow clone reached out bringing his arms up to the height of the water clones shoulders as he placed the shadow clone placed his right hand on the shoulder of the water clone that was behind him before he turned and his left and on the shoulder of the water clone that had been standing in front of him. The shadow clone began to pull the chakra from both of the clones with the same absorption technique it had been using to gather the chakra from the water. This would only last a mere second before the water clones were both drained of their chakra. After all of their chakra was pulled from them and placed into the shadow clone the water clones hit the ground with a splash in the form of a puddle of water.  After completing its task of absorbing the much needed chakra the final shadow clone dissipated into the same pearly grey smoke like the first one had returning all of its chakra that it had gather back to the original Kagato replenishing Kagato’s on chakra reserves he didn’t want to waste any of his chakra and gathered all that he could back. - Kagato looked over to the rest of the group looking for his son first off seeing his son seemed to be still toying with the Fuma member he was pared off with.  It had seemed the Purple short haired fuma that Rits was currently still engaged in battle with was on the ground screaming in pain. Without a second thought Kagato sent a third orb of water hurtling towards the Purple Haired Fuma male. As it travelled with immense speed it started to take of the shape of a very large water needle with was as sharp if not sharper then the blade of a freshly sharpened Katana. The water gleamed and sparkled as the dim light reflected off of it as it shot through the air hurtling straight for the Purple Haired Fuma male’s head. The rather large water needle was five feet long and two inches wide, if the water needle should make contact with its intended target the Purple haired Fuma male’s head it could easily pierce through his skin and bone right through to his brain the result of which would kill the Fuma instantly.  Right after he sent this attack out Kagato brought his attention back to Itsumo that was still before him, His eyes darting back over to where he thought hers would have been located under the making she wore His lips parted slowly as he went to speak to her once more in a whisper like tone. – “If you will excuse me I have some final business to take care of with the Fuma over there…”   - Without any hand seals and within the blink of an eye Kagato vanished from his current location using his body flicker once more to move with incredible speed that even the Sharigan couldn’t follow. Leaving the location in which his body that was once close to Itsumo’s and was now standing in front of the Mint Green Haired Fuma Male that was more than half out of it. Kagato reached out his right black gloved armed hand and placed it on the Fuma’s head activating the Absorption soul technique. Kagato took hold of the Fuma’s very soul with his grip which had become firm like steel as the glowing light bluish ghost like figurer started to become visible. He quickly learned all the Fuma had known in the matter of seconds all the details the Mint Green Haired Fuma had locked deep within his mind. After all of what he knew was already embedded into Kagato’s memory He yanked his arm and hand forwards ripping the soul out of the Fuma’s body. With this all said and done the Fuma’s body Crashed down like a load of bricks being dumped over the edge of a cliff as his the Fuma’s body laid there lifeless.  Itsumo’s clone was close enough to bear witness to this technique seeing as the two Fuma’s were in close proximity to each other. Kagato paused for a moment wondering once her clone would vanish if it was a shadow clone Itsumo would also share in this little display of his. Kagato turned and glanced at the now ruins in which was once turned into another battle field. The Rain began to slowly stop as for now there was no longer a needed for at the moment he felt as if he could somewhat trust the Shikage Itsumo and her Hunter nin after all he now knew from what the Fuma knew that they had nothing to do with it but Kagato wasn’t ready to fully go into detail in what he learned for it involved something he rather not have his son catching wind of just yet. He needed his son to focus at the task at hand and not have him worrying about other problems. The Clouds parted rapidly to show the sky that which they had entered in during the early day time was now that of the blackish blue night sky. The stars where shining brightly over top of the ruins as well as the soft glow of a full moon beaming down upon the group.  Kagato waved his right and left arms up then down sending the remaining basketball shaped orbs crashing into the rain saturated earth below causing little muddy puddles to appear. There was no more use for them so Kagato thought it best to disperse them this way and as quickly as possible Kagato shifted his eyes over towards Kuni, and then simply gave him a nod as if to say everything was okay on his end. As much as Kagato didn’t want to really stay in this area for the night they really had no choice they would have to set up camp soon and get some rest and tend to any injuries that might have come up due to this little skirmish that they had. Kagato began to slowly make his way back towards where he had been standing with Itsumo making is way closer to the group. There was much that needed to be gone over from today’s events but that would have to wait until everything was said and done, there was still much work to be done before  all of that could take place.-

IItsumo:-Itsumo’s body would stay tense for awhile her body adjusting to being close to someone it felt strange and not in a bad way at least not that she could tell. She watched as the events around them started to pick up the others were starting to fight without hesitation now and soon the other Fuma were slowly starting to drop. Itsumo noticed that older of the two males was first to finish off his challenger after herself of course she noticed him moving to protect the others and she was figured that he must be higher rank than them both. She noticed something shiny flying towards the orbs that were around them then out of the blue a rock wall appeared  rising from the ground Itsumo couldn’t help but smile knowing that it was Shikake because he was the only one looking at them at the time. Itsumo’s eyes would dart to him giving him a nod. She had figured the orbs would have done something if Shikake had not but either way she was thankful for his protection none the less. Her eyes would then go to the Yamanaka girl as she watched her fight and finish off her opponent with help from the older male after a few seconds Itsumo could feel the strain on the girls mind she had never held communications this long before then the bond was gone. Itsumo watched the girl in a way she felt sorry for the girl thinking back to the first time she held a large scaled communications made her shiver it took its toll on the mind and body. Itsumo would have to check on the girl after all was said and done but for now she was going to stay put. Her attention was drawn back to her own body as she felt Kagato began to move the slight slide of his hand down her arm sent another set of shivers through her body then he was gone. Her mind to a second to comprehend what had happened but her clone took her attention she watched through its eyes as Kagato appeared to where the mint haired male was with wide eyes she watched as he took what seemed to be the soul from the man. The clone poofed then as Itsy herself tried to comprehend everything. *So this is the Amekage* Itsumo thought to herself she had never seen any of the things he had done so far. Itsumo would finally move only a few steps and move one of the soaked strands of her pale blonde hair that had fallen down sometime during the fight from where it had fallen to behind her right ear. Itsumo would shift her icy blue eyes to continue to watch Kagato from her original body as the rain stopped and the rest of the orbs disappeared with it. Itsy would sigh in relief as she finally began to relax she looked over and noticed shikake had moved to be with the others all but one of the Attackers was now dead the one living one was with  the young red haired boy was fighting against. It looked as if he had the man in a genjutsu but she couldn’t tell from here and she wasn’t going to get any closer to them then she had to. She had enough close encounters for a short period of time her body was still on edge about it. She would lift her right arm and grip the leg of the large item from her back it was a  panda doll that stood about four and a half foot tall that was on her back. Itsumo would set the doll down on the ground  about a foot away from herself in a spot that was not covered in mud and then she would  draw a circle with her foot around it. The doll was now clearly visible to the others not that they would know what it was for nor would she tell them no one alive knew what it was for and she would keep it that way for now. The doll was a giant black and white panda bear its eyes were brown and its forehead was covered with a head protector that bore the Death mark.The unseen part of the doll was underneath the head protector was a seal that had been placed by herself and was part of a Jutsu she used once in a blue moon but was one that no one else knew about. she just hoped that  no one went into that circle and touched it.  Itsumo would then look down at her white outfit that was now soaked from the rain and clinging even more tightly to her body. Taking a deep breath in she would slow her heart rate down and calm her body completely before looking around once more. She noticed that Kagato was now walking towards her once more She knew there was not much she could do until the last opponent was taken care of but she knew the others especially the young yamanaka would need to rest. She herself had not rested since leaving the village. She glanced up at the now clear night sky and smiled softly the stars shined brightly and the moon gave off a glow that would rival the sun’s. She always felt more relaxed at night and nights after days like this were needed. Itsumo would look down again her eyes going back to the others where they stood off still and watched waiting to see what would happen next.-

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada stood still with his Kusanagi in his right hand, waiting for something else to happen and if he’d need to intervene. After a moment from him throwing the last Fuma shuriken he held on to, he heard Akatori thank him using her link; he assumed she was thanking him for the assistance. After the female that Akatori was fighting stopped moving, Kunisada’s eyes quickly scanned at where they were fighting until he saw what looked like something grabbing onto the Fuma’s shadow. Kunisada’s eyes averted back towards the two females, waiting to see what Akatori planned to do next. He watched as Akatori threw a senbon into her opponent’s forehead, which ended the fight between the two as he calmly turned around, bringing his Kusanagi behind his back and slowly replacing the blade into the sheathe, he saw Shikake standing still and looking at the other two. He never glanced at the male, but in his mind he pieced that he was a Nara since the female had asked him to protect her; he had also heard Akatori telling them that their communication link would no longer be up as she was disabling her Jutsu. He continued to walk forward, he glanced over briefly at Ritsuka and the purple Fuma he had been fighting, but noted that his opponent was still alive. Why Ritsuka had chosen to keep his opponent alive when Kagato had told the rest of the group to finish them off was his own reasoning, but after seeing Kagato throw a water needle at the man’s head, he assumed Kagato was going to finish him off for Ritsuka. As he finally stopped walking, only a few feet away from the Kage of Yonshi, he looked up to see Kagato seemingly tear something out of the man as Kagato finally finished off the leader of the Fuma. After a moment, he saw Kagato briefly nod at him, letting him know that he had finished off the last Fuma. Kunisada’s arms remained by his side as he waited for Kagato to rejoin their group and decide what to do next.-

IlRitsuka: Ritsuka watched as a Fuma shuriken flew toward his father and the woman, His body moving to react but stopping as a wall of earth popped in front of the pair. His mismatched gaze moving to watch the hunter nin a moment before turning to watch Akatori finish up her fight, he smirked under his mask as the screams of his opponent reminded him he had one last thing to take care of. He turned on his heel to face his opponent. The man’s body lying limp on the ground among rubble, random screams escaping his mouth. He reached back to his pouch to withdraw a single senbon, holding it loosely in his grip as something to his side caught his eye as it passed. It was a water needle. He watched as it passed him as flew toward the purple haired fuma. It trajectory was leading it to strike the middle of his head.; (Purple haired fuma ):As the torture continued he managed to disrupt his chakra flow just enough to release him from the genjutsu. Even with all the training he had that was nearly impossible to get out of, He looked at his opponent turning away and also spotted something flying toward him. He wanted to be sure to time it right as he formed ram and used the body flicker technique to appear behind the red haired boy he had been battling. The other was glancing at the now empty spot he had been. He focused chakra in his left leg winding back to place an enhanced kick at the boy aiming to hit him in the right side of the boys stomach. If the kick connected it would easily send the boy flying off toward the rubble wall a few feet from their location the blow more than likely knocking the boy unconscious. :(Ritsuka);The screams of terror ending as the Water needles mark struck true afterwards a poof was heard. He turned his head toward the purple haired Fuma only spotting a dispersing cloud in its place. He glanced around spotting an incoming kick too late. His hand rising to form a hand sign made it so he didn’t block the blow either. It was a mistake that sent Ritsuka flying off toward a broken wall. The strength of the kicked knock the air out of him. He gasped for breath momentarily before slamming his eyes closed as he slammed into the rubble wall harshly. He hit the ground attempting to move but finding himself to be to tired to do so, He let out a sigh as he gave in to the increasing darkness. *

Guest_UnaruInuzuka: -Shikake had turned his head as he took note of some movement from the Kages’, a nod of not only the Amekage but his own Shikage. He gave a simple nod of his own before letting his head turn and look around the field. It looked like it was almost done and over with. He glanced down a second taking note of his nijato sticking with just its tip in the ground next to him having dropped it as he had made the hand signs to form that wall, his left hand reached out and snagged it and started watching the kage and soon watched Kagato lift his arms and with those water orbs twist them and make them into bindings upon the mint haired male. He took note of the Amekage using one more of those globes and forming it into a needle of sorts flinging it out towards the direction of the gate. His head snapped around and watched as it went flying. However the moment he saw this he also took note that the one that his clone had seen incapacitated on the ground was now awake and had dived out of the way. Before he could even fly his hands to the ram sign, to body flicker over to help, the red haired boy was slammed in the gut and went flying. Shikake’s clone had been watching the girl land on the ground feeling the pull of his shadow telling him he had caught the girl in his trap. He allowed himself to stand up straight and wait as he watched the blonde kick up a senbon from the ground and slip it into her mouth. He just held the girl there knowing others were close by and easily able to deal with her now that he had a hold of them. He could feel the struggle the female was doing the inability to do anything likely driving her crazy by the growling he could hear from her however none of it sank into him, Shikake had shut his sympathies off long ago for the enemies of his and the clone reflected such a state, a quick death being the only kind action he ever seemed to find himself willing to give them when possible. The clone watched as Tori withdrew the senbon and then flung it at the girls forehead almost instantly feeling the slack from the struggling girl… clearly this Yamanaka used poisons if it was to be this quick with such a small weapon and let the girl go from his binding shadows. Shikake slipped his sword to its sheath with a swift and practiced flick of a wrist slamming the blade into its place and had heard the signing out of Tori just as he had slammed his hands into that ram sign to get over to where the boy had been hit. Squatting down he let his eyes trail to the boy but keeping the enemy in sight… He took note of breathing and left it at that, the kid was thankfully alive but clearly unconscious. With that checked he sent a silent signal to his clone. The clone now not needed in the fight with Tori it had body flickered behind the purple haired Fuma at a distance of five feet, about the same distance Shikake was from him now but from the front. Shikake and the clone both drew their ninjato before both charged forward in a swift kenjutsu attack. Shikake sliced at the Fumas middle trying to gut him if it should hit while the clone went to quickly stab him in the leg behind the knee, if it should hit it would clearly cut into tendons and make the male unable to move quickly.- [Purple haired Fuma]: -He had watched as the boy had lost consciousness and had went to take a step forward to finish what he had started but found that damned masked guy that had broke his nose earlier already near him. He gave out a growl of anger towards this fact and had went to step forward to deal with him as well but had paused as he took note that another one that was either a clone or the original was behind him now. He didn’t have much time to consider how he was but he did let himself assess himself, he was dizzy and slightly blurry eyed from the strain the brat had done to him and on top of that the throbbing pain at his nose. Just as he took note of his own handicaps those two twin forms rushed him. He curved back to avoid the slash at his gut only his clothing slightly getting slashed and with a slight glance over his shoulder let himself leap to the side away from these two. He withdrew two kunai flung one at the one that attacked him in the gut and held the other to protect himself.- [Shikake]: -As the attack failed he didn’t let a moment pass by he turned to face the male and with a quick action formed the ram sign keeping the ninjato in hand dangling by the pressure of his hands by its grip to body flicker himself in front of the male once again, he had shifted to the left twisting his body just enough to avoid the kunai that was thrown at him while his clone went to once again trap him between him and the original Shikake. The clone was the first to attack forcing his blade parallel to the ground swiftly forward thrusting quick and hard just on the left side of the spine chest height. If this should hit it would easily hit the heart if not nick an artery.- [Purple Haired Fuma]: -He had just gotten the kunai into a blocking position when he found himself face to face with that mask once again. He had prepared himself but it wasn’t soon enough, he didn’t even see it… the first indication had been the pain at his back and looking down with wide eyes at the tip of a sword sticking out the front of his chest blood oozing from the wound it made. His eyes widened even more as he watched the one in front of him just stand and watch moments before finding suddenly feeling like he was drowning… he hacked and blood was soon coughed up the crimson life trailing down his chin joining the rest that was seeping into his soaked clothing. He knew he was finished and had to only wait for his life to be fully taken but he couldn’t help but lash out in his last moments He twisted sending that hand that held the kunai right at the neck of the one who had struck him down if this hit it would stab the male thru the neck easily being a fatal blow.- [Shikake]: -He took notice of the quick action of the other after already realizing he was a walking dead man. He didn’t bother giving the male the chance of attack. He dismissed the clone into a cloud of smoke a second before the kunai would have hit and with another swift jab, since the male was now facing away from him, sending the tip of the blade to the base of the skull a instant kill. The male didn’t even see the attack and was on the ground lifeless before he even met the muddy earth. His actions were quick less than a minute of an execution for the Fuma. He lowered the blade letting any blood drip from it as he came to take notice the rain was disappearing and the stars from the night sky was starting to shine thru. He brushed the tip of the blade on the Fuma’s clothing and came to lift that hand and with well honed practice slide the weapon into its sheath with a soft slide and click of metal. He let his eyes roam over the area, he noticed the Fuma the Amekage had captured was now lifeless on the ground and the water spheres were gone from around his Shikage. With a quick glance he realized it was all over and with a look into the sky he had realized they had been fighting for quite a while even if it kind of felt much shorter… The fact reminded him that he was a little tired, not just from the fact he used skills that took chakra but because he still had a clone back in Yonshigakure watching over the place while they were gone. He yawned softly under the mask unnoticed by the others as he finally turned to glance at the teen that had been knocked out and soon seemed to watch over the spot near the boy. He knew he was breathing from before so he wasn’t in a rush to touch him knowing that moving someone without someone with a bit of experience in the medical arts could likely make trouble for the kid. So he settled to watch over the area as he settled his hands into his pockets and slumped slightly a relaxed pose but anyone would know there was always the fact someone in this life never was relaxed. His eyes kept drifting to his kage wondering what she plans to do in this situation.-

Akatori2: ~Akatori watched as the events ensued, gasping as Ritsuka was knocked out by the Purple Haired Fuma. She quickly used formed her hand into the seal of the ram, Body Flickering over to him and flickering him back to the Kages' about four feet behind them. Quickly, Akatori placed her two fingers against his right wrist, feeling for a pulse. He was still alive and his heart was beating a bit faster than it should, but overall he was still kicking. ~ "Okay, Ritsuka, just hang tight." ~ Akatori told him in a motherly tone. She didn't really hold herself that high as a medical-nin, but she knew damn well that she had to for the moment. Parting some on the hair from his face, she examined it for bruises. He seemed not to have any on his face, but as she touched the back of his head, she felt a warm lump. It was located towards the upper left side. Aka release a small moan of discomfort, thinking about how bad that is going to feel once the boy wakes up. Her olive eyes looked back as Shikake killed the Fuma. Akatori focused on the area where Ritsuka hit. There appeared to be a deeper indent at where his head would have hit, meaning that he most likely hit head first, while the rest of his body took a less severe blow. She pulled Ritsuka up onto his bottom, moving around behind him so she could better look at the back of his head. She was kneeling down, supporting his body upwards with her knees while her fingers flowed through his red hair with ease. It was a bit hard to tell, but she was able to confirm that he was not bleeding, meaning that it was not severe brain trauma, that would have broken his skull and pierced his brain. From her advanced knowledge of the body and medicine, she would have to assume that this was a mild concussion, that packed enough of a punch to knock the boy out. ~ "Let the treatment begin.."~ She whispered to herself, hoping no one would hear. Her hands came together in the seal of the rat, before navigating to the ram seal, and finishing in the seal of the snake. Akatori then began to focus her chakra into a healing orb of fluorescent white with a mild blue tint. The orb sat snuggly on her palm, carefully going over the bump on Ritsuka's head. She would keep the process up for a steady five minutes, sweat beginning to drip from her face due to the concentration. Once Aka finished, she would allow Ritsuka's body to slowly dip down onto the ground. ~ "Kagato-Sama.."~ She called out to him, waiting for his attention. ~"I have done a basic healing of his head trauma. He should be out of it for awhile, but he will be back to full health after he is up. "~

Kagato: -As He started to make his way back over to Itsumo Kagato had his eyes fixated on his son’s fight, in what seemed like mere seconds the fight had taken an unexpected turn.  The water needle Kagato had sent flying towards his Rit’s attacker hit its mark but sadly it was only a clone and not the real deal. Kagato as the clone dispersed into a sea of smoke, it wasn’t long before the fuma made his move and planted a swift kick what seemed to be Rit’s stomach area which sent him flying into a nearby crumbling wall. Kagato didn’t have any time to really react to this to even try to prevent it before he knew it his son was laid out on the ground motionless. Kagato’s body started to tense up his every muscle ready to unleash the wrath of the Amekage down upon his son’s attack but Shikake the anbu from Yonshi with a clone of his self seemed quick acting and easily disposed of the attacker where the one either the real Shikake or his clone stabbed the Fuma in his chest and the other stabbed him what looked like the base of the back of the fuma’s skull. Meanwhile all this going on Tori had leapt into action body flickering over to Rits only thing that would have moved her from her current location to where Rits was that quickly then back just behind Kagato and Itsumo. Kagato started to make his way towards Tori and Rits in a fast paced walk which ended up at their location in the matter of a few seconds. He heard Tori call out to him as he kneeled down beside the two and nodded slowly to her statement,  a look of concern engulfing every feature of his face and a twinge in his normally unwavering voice.– “ Very well then I will set up a place for you to look over him for the night." -Kagato begins to make the same hand signs  as he did when constructing his make shift house  in the forest. Quickly with his right and left hands he begins making the first seal – Tiger- He jumped his fingers right into the position to form - Hare – next inline was that of the - Boar – the final sign he quickly manipulated his fingers into the sign of the – Dog – He repeated this series of hands seals four times in a row with lightning like speed.  The earth started to rumble around Tori, Kagato and Rits.  Four solid stone walls appeared on all sides of them incasing them in a small like room with an open top.  The walls were  ten feet apart giving them just enough room or what they needed  the room for which wa to protect Rits and give Tori room enough to work  and treat his injuries if need be.  Kagato turned facing the opposite side of where Tori and Rits were on the ground facing his self more towards where the mountain range would be if he was standing outside of this structure, and the opening of the range towards his back.   Kagato started to force chakra into his right arm as he began to wave it back and forth. Four Blades of wind shout out of each wave of his hand. The blades of wind making contact with the greyish brown stone walls with a thunderous crack the blades of wind crashed into the wall cutting clean through it in a door like shape snapping the part of the wall away from the rest of the wall making a stone like door in the process which was about six feet five inches tall.  After doing this Kagato clapped his hands together creating a powerful wind gale around the stone like door. The sound of the clap echoed off the stone walls and was funneled up wards sending him sound wave up towards the sky. The stone like door pushed outward a good five feet with a screeching sound was the stone was violently pressed against the earth below it. Kagato force chakra to his feet and leapt to the surface of the wall just above where he carved out the door. His foot stuck to the wall and was now standing on it as if it was the floor. He turned his head towards Tori rather quickly before he spoke once more.- "If you need anything to help his recovery don’t hesitate to ask me… or should his condition change I want to be the first to know…." – He turned his head back towards   the opening in the top of the four walls. Heights of the walls were a good ten feet high. Kagato started to jog his way to the opening taking only a few seconds to reach the top.  Kagato stood on the ledge facing the mountain range his back towards them as he made yet another set of hand seals. These hand seals were the same as the ones earlier. First he made the - Tiger – then again with the seal of the - Hare – which lead into the seal of the - Boar – and once again the final seal of the - Dog – a fifth wall sprouted out of the ledge off the wall he was standing on closing off the opening at the top making a thick stone wall for the roof that was just as thick as the other four walls that were at least five feet thick. Kagato did a back flip off the ledge of the wall and began to quickly fall towards the ground on the outside of the make shift structure of stone just about seven feet away from the ground Kagato planted his forcing his blue chakra to his feet so that he stuck to the wall once more before pushing his self off once more landing without a sound on the ground. Kagato began to make his way towards Itsumo pulling one of the giant shuriken out of the ground with his left hand as he made his way back.  He stared to carve yet another seal by focusing his blue chakra into his right index finger into his left  black armored glove this time making the  writing out four Kanji spelling out Giant Shuriken up his black armored and the Kanji began to glow a light blue as the Fuma shuriken was sealed away into his armor.  Kagato thought to his self never know it might just come in handy down the road if not it could be a nice keep sake from the trip. Kagato stopped as he reached Itsmo’s location he turned to her first and began to speak. – “I think it wise if we made camp here for the night after we do some clean up here… as well we will need to discuss what happened here as well as who is to take turns on watch….."- Kagato turned his head towards Kuni’s location he lifted his right hand folding all but his index into the palm of his hand.  He began to move his pointer finger back and forth in a come here type motion.  He needed Kuni over here to further discuss what needed to be done for  at least  for Kagato and his group were going to stay put for the night  he wasn’t entirely sure if Itsumo would follow suit and stay the night  with his group here or head out on their own.  Kagato Turned back towards Itsumo and spoke once more.- "I think The best Idea for both group is to get some rest don’t you?.  If you are indeed heading to the same place as us it would only make sense to travel together at least until we get there….”  Kagato shook his head from left to right slightly before speaking once more.- “ Then again you have no reason to other then the fact we both were attack here… You have my word that I have no ill will towards you and your people at this time…”  Kagato Eyes began to glow softly in the darkening sky as night started to fall all around them engulfing all most all the day light around them. – “ With that said My people and I are going to take this time to clean up the area and get some rest before we move on…if you choose to stay it’s up to you.. – Kagato stood there waiting for her reply taking his right hand he began to brush his loose damp crimson strands of hair away from his face. The events of this day caught him off guard no matter how many times he tried to wrap his mind around it. From the start of this trip it had seemed that what he thought events that would never come about were happening all around him.  The information he had gathered from the Fuma was less than satisfactory. The Fuma had been hired by none other than Athena to try and slow and hinder their progress. He began to ponder these thoughts for a moment, this only meant she was planning something bigger and needed then away from it for the time being but what could it possibly be? There would be time to deal with this after the trip for now they just had to keep moving forward. -

IItsumo:-Itsumo would watch closely as the boy and the last rouge continued to fight. She did't move at first but when the boy dropped to the ground she took a step but before she moved to far Shikake was their protecting the boy and finishing off the last enemy. Itsumo sighed softly taking a deep breath she would nod to shikake in apprication for him helping the boy. Her eyes would shift back to the boy who had fallen she looked on as Kagato and the young Yamanaka girl moved to his side. Itsumo moved back to where she had been next to her panda doll knowing their was nothing she could do with her lack of Medical Jutsu skills so she stayed out of the way. Her icy blue eyes staying on Kagato watching as he used earth jutsu to build a house for the two younger shinobi to rest inside. She made a note that she had watched him use at least three elements now Earth,Water and wind. she smiled as she looked over to Shikake locking in a connection between the two of them as Kagato came towards her. Her mind would speak internally to Shikake for a moment. "We will stay and help clean up this mess. We will find out what we can about who sent these shinobi after us if it was us as their target. Plus you need to rest you used a lot of chakra for those attacks" -she would glance up just as Kagato got close enough and spoke to her. She listened to the first part of what he said about making camp here and cleaning up she had just told Shikake something similar however he turned away before she could answer him she noticed he was motioning to his other companion she would speak once more through the link to Shikake- "join us" -she would then notice that Kagato had turned back to her and was speaking once more she smirked softly under her masking hiding a chuckle as she nodded her head.- "I agree we need to discuses this attack this was to organized to have happened with out planning. I'm sure you already knew that, Also indeed we are heading to the island and I agree It would be wise to rest before continuing on the journey. This mess wont be hard to clean up either" -she looked around to see blood and discarded weapons laying around the area as well as bodies- "I trust your word and I also promise no ill will toward you or your village at this time we have no reason not to trust you however I would ask if we are taking turn on guard we have one from each of our parties awake at a time." -She would nod softly speaking as look down at the doll next to her and then look back up keeping herself between him and the doll.-  

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada’s eyes saw Kagato begin to make his way back towards the rest of the group before he saw Kagato’s gaze shift over to the side. Kunisada’s eyes quickly shifted before seeing Ritsuka being slammed into a nearby wall by the enemy Fuma ninja. Kunisada’s eyes glanced over at the Fuma before seeing the other ANBU male quickly dispose of Ritsuka’s enemy before seeing Akatori make her way over to Ritsuka. His eyes shifted back over to Kagato, who was making his way over to the Jounin as he silently and patiently waited for Kagato’s orders. He saw Kagato begin to form hand symbols, which looked all too familiar to him as he saw a house erupt from the ground; no doubt made for Ritsuka and Akatori to recover and rest in. Kunisada glanced over at the sky briefly as the bright color of the sky was beginning to fade away and becoming replaced with the darkening shadow of the night lurking ahead. Kunisada’s gaze slowly dropped as he watched Kagato walk back over to the female that he’d been standing by since their first encounter before he saw him look at him and motion for him to go over to the both of them. Kunisada began to calmly walk towards Kagato and the female beside him before stopping a few steps behind Kagato. As he approached, he heard Kagato suggesting that the Kage of Yonshi should probably get some sleep but it was up to her. He also heard the female respond to his statement about discussing what just happened as well as cleaning up. Kunisada’s head turned slightly to the corpses behind him as well as the scattered remains of giant shuriken pieces or complete shuriken. Kunisada’s head turned back to the two Kages as he heard the female promising no ill will towards Amegakure or themselves for that matter and that at least one member of each of their groups should be awake for taking shifts. Kunisada simply waited to see what the plan was for now.-  

UnaruInuzuka: -Shikake had turned to glance back seeing the girl named Tori take the red haired boy over to where the kage was. His brown eyes behind that black mask took in the scene, the Amekage moving swiftly to come to their side his head only slightly tilting as if thoughtful but that was when he felt Itsumo’s mind touch his and he didn’t even blink a eye to it letting her inside hearing her orders that they would be staying, helping clean up  figure out what’s up and that he needed to rest… as he had turned to face where she was seeming still to just be relaxing after the mess they all made, as if he was almost a natural position of him being in. His head lowered to look at the blood that was oozing from the body near by him seeping into the mud there spreading like dye in water. If she had been looking for it his shoulders had stiffened slightly, he was tired but he knew he was up for continuing without resting after that little spat but he didn’t fight, if he did he wouldn’t find her resting at all and he knew she needed it more so… *Understood*  the simple thought coming to his Shikage. He then watched as the Amekage had moved over towards her once again, spoke up and then seemed to motion to the male with the full face mask that was with their group. He then heard the order to join them and walked over in an easy pace without a word but clearly not about to linger on the walk. All he really wanted at this moment was to get things done and relax for a bit, maybe take a look at these stars that will be out soon, his eyes wandered upwards as he walked looking thru the mesh of his masked eyes to look upon the skies above taking in the colors of the sunset for a few steps, Yonshigakure had wonderful starry skies when you got the fog to disappear a bit that is, maybe here it would be better. His mind wandered on the oddest things but still was quite focused enough to the people around him especially when words were being said. His chin lowered bringing his eyes from the skies itself and listened to the conversation as he settled to Itsumo’s left avoiding being near the circle the doll sat in out of simple precaution. He never did know what it did, only that it was used in her skills so he avoided it. He listened to the Amekage and Shikage speak up. The comment about discussing the attack, the agreement to go to the island together instead of on their own, The clean up he had already been considering how to do it the easiest, and last but not least the agreement of peaceful relations as they travel from both parties. *-sigh- That means I have to behave? Well damn that’s troublesome… well… maybe I can… … wait… oh shit your not still linked with me are you..? I… uh… didn’t mean it I swear!* She would have heard the joke in the tone in his mind, the grin under the mask unseen by anyone around, a grin that was always on his face as a kid when he was making trouble for a teacher or classmate, the kind of lazy one that sparkled the eyes but never was too wide, he knew perfectly well she was still linked with him and that he would behave since it was her wish. If his kage wishes good relations then they will have good relations… doesn’t mean his guard would be down, not like it ever is anymore these days. He let his head turn to look at the Amekage as if none of the comment in his mind was spoken knowing the male will likely be the one to give the choice of how to work the order out… even if it didn’t take a genius to figure it out.-

Akatori2:~She gazed up at Kagato, as he informs here that she will be spending the night looking over Ritsuka. She gave him a sharp nod, understanding how important it is to him for his son to be protected. While the Kage weaves the seals to build the earth shelter, she looked down at his soft face, pushing crimson strands away from the young jounin's eyes. The walls rose high into the setting sky, forming a box around the three Amegakurians. It seemed to be roomy, which would be a good thing since Aka would be sitting with him for the rest of the night. Her olive eyes glanced around, seeing no opening but the gaping hole at the top. However, Kagato-Sama was already working on it. In a snap he cut open a door with power wind blades. The bursts of wind kicked back a bit, causing her soaked hair to flair up a bit. Before Kagato left, he gave Akatori a message that if she needed anything for treatment go to him, and that if Ritsuka's condition changes, to alert him immediately. Now that she was alone with Ritsuka, she took off her backpack and her flak jacket. Taking her jacket, she folded it slightly, and allowed it to act as a pillow to prop up the boy's head. He looked a bit more comfortable, but still not ready to fully relax. So, she unzipped his vest in order for him to breath a little better, and also to get the wet thing off of him.  Akatori then began to hear the Kages talk about setting up for the night and cleaning up the scattered weapons and dead bodies. She looked out slightly from her shelter, noting that the Kages and ANBU of both villages were standing in a circle. She sighed lightly. Akatori didn't really want to clean up all those weapons that Fuma girl used on her. She tugged at her wet shirt and went back into the shelter. It was getting darker by the minute now and her shirt was getting uncomfortable due to being so soaked. She glanced out quickly again, still seeing them all together, hoping none of them see her. Akatori then dropped down to her knees in the middle of the shelter, backpack in front of her. She began to pull of the clingy damp shirt, sending it to the side of the tent. With her red bra showing, she began to scurry through her backpack for a dry shirt. ~

Kagato: -He nods slightly at Itsy words as he stood in front of her. It had seemed she was using herself as a wall like barrier between the rest and her strange panda like doll. He pondered on this curious before noticing Kuni was only a few steps behind him. - “My chakra reserves are near full… I gained back just about everything I used in this battle… so there is no need to worry about me on that aspect at this point in time…”- Her suggestion of them taking turns on guard duty was something Kagato himself was going to suggest but it had seemed she had beat him to the punch at this point and time. After a few seconds he had notice her hunter nin joining her just behind her as well. He thought to his self that that she must have been talking to him when they began their little talk for him to know to come over like that without some sort of physical signal. “As for guard duty after clean it ups it only makes sense that one from your side and one from our side be paired up… I suggest this pairing You Itsumo and myself, Kuni and Shikake I do think that we should go first though if this pairing how I put them seems alright with you.” –Kagato glanced between the other three starting with Itsumo and moving along to Shikake and finally towards Kuni before bringing his attention back to Itsumo. - “ However Tori will not be partaking in guard duty  or the cleanup for the simple fact that she will be watching over Ritsuka for the night…”  -Kagato eyes peering  right where he thought Itsumo’s eyes should be if not covered by her mask. Her wearing a full mask raised another question was it just to hide her identity while she traveled  or was it that she had been used to wearing it  because of being an ex Anbu or in Yonshi’s case Hunter nin. These questions that were bouncing around in his mind were better left for another time. Kagato shook his head from left to right slowly in doing so his free roaming strand of crimson hair flowed through the now cool night air. Kagato’s lips parted slowly and his voice took on a more serious tone, after all he was used to being the leader in most given situations. -  “ I would suggest  Two of us would start on the cleanup of the area and the other two start on making shelters for the night….” –Kagato paused for a moment before making his next statement, and tried to remember if he saw any tree’s in close vicinity of their location. From what he could recall it was a ways off at least from the main gate of the ruins. He was thinking of trying to locate some wood for a fire, after all they all most likely would need to eat to keep up their strength not only that there was a chill in the air. – “On Another note we should locate as well some wood for a fire the night air is a bit crisp at the moment and that’s another thing we do not need to contend with along with wounded on this trip…” –Kagato once again look around the group before speaking once more. -  “ Once we have everything cleaned up and shelters set up for the night I would like to add an extra layer of protection if this is also deemed acceptable by you two Itsumo and Shikake. I would like to put a five seal barrier around our location spanning from the gate to the mountain range…. Might be a wise idea as well if we use an earth wall to close the main gate up for the night as well adding another line of defense if we should need it… But the barrier will not allow anyone in or out.. as long as they don’t  have the special seal key ….Even if they should remove the tags they will still be met with a trap before even gaining entrance to our location giving us plenty of warning in the meantime..”  - Kagato began to ponder to his self should he let the other two know just who was the ones behind this little attack or should he wait a bit before telling them. After all even though his son is out cold at the moment he didn’t want the word getting out before he told Rits about what his mother had done. He wanted Rits to fully focus at the task at hand and not be distracted.  Kagato slipped is right hand into left underside of his armored coat. Feeling around slightly for another scrap of paper he had in his inner pocket.  After fiddling around for a few moments   and finding a scrap of paper he unrolled it a bit with his thumb and index fiber. Taking his index finger he pushed his blue chakra into it to inscribe like he would the seals on his armor on the piece of paper a few words. ~Kuni, Athena was behind this sudden attack, but the time is not right for the others to know.~ - Kagato quickly crumbled up the paper once more without making a sound he casually  dropped his hand and arm from inside his open armored like coat  back to his right side. With the dropping of his right hand he tossed the balled up paper towards Kuni with such a quick and slight fluid movement of his wrist no one was likely to have seen him pass the paper behind him. This brought flash backs back from when he was younger and in the academy it had seemed such a childish way to pass massages  along but it would work for now. Athena had seemingly planned to be a thorn in their side even here. She of all people knew they were planning this trip so it didn’t come as a shock to Kagato that she would take this chance to try something. She would have to be dealt with as soon after they got back from this little trip if she didn’t decided to show up during it. If he had time during  the cleanup or  fortifying the area  he was going to make sure to at least talk to Kuni for a bit to see if he had any concerns, but that would have to wait for now to keep things under wraps.-

IItsumo:-Itsumo's icy blue eyes snapped to Shikake as he let in his mind slip what he had not that he could tell her glare was on him as he walked towards her due to her panda mask still being in place. She would sigh softly inwards as she spoke in her mind in a serious tone.- *Shikake, we are out numbered and clearly out matched at the moment, Between keeping my clone in Yonshigakure active and what little jutsu I did for that fight plus not have slept since we left the village Me using the amount of chakra needed to even get us out of here if you started something would put me severally weak if they did catch up to us. So Yes behave or else I will use my panda to make sure you behave that is an order.* -This was both a threat and a friendly reminder that she was kage. She closed the link not wanting to waste anymore chakra or to alert that she was able to talk with out talking. Her attention would shift back to Kagato as he spoke about his chakra being full once again her eyes went wide behind her mask as he said this. How was that possible he had surely been using chakra in all his attacks she felt it but yet he said this. He was either lying or he had some way of replenishing his chakra this pondered in her mind as she noticed both his Anbu her Shikake had finally come to join them with this being done she crouched down and picked up the panda and place it over her shoulders stepping back into the circle she had drawn. After a few moments Kagato started to speak aloud adressing them all. He suggested that she and himself be put on a shift together and Shikake and Kuni who must be the Anbu that was with him be together. She nodded her head and a strand of her soaked pale blond hair would fall down and lay across her mask as she listened as he went on about how She and himself should go first. She agreed with this as well Shikake and Kuni had done an abundance of Phsyical fighting and she herself and Kagato had not so much they deserved a rest first. She would not let shikake push himself it also gave him time to think about her threat. She nodded once again showing she agreed with what he was saying as he continued to speak he said that the girl Tori and Ritsuka would not be joining them for guard duty. Itsumo froze for a moment as she noticed his eyes were looking into her own for a second she thought he could see through her mask but then she shook the thought from her mind. She listened as he continued to speak again after a few moments. He brought up that they would start the clean up process as the other two build shelters she would make note to have shikake build her one so she could change out of her wet cloths she was feeling a bit chilly. Just as the thought went into her head Kagato brought up getting firewood she didn't recall seeing any trees near the mountain range so she would hope their were some in the direction of the gate. She listened to every word he said even about the seal as extra protection and when he was done she paused before speaking addressing front the top her only concerns.- "I have no problem with the arraignments for whom will take shifts with whom. However, your Yamanaka will also need to rest her head. The Head ach she got from using the link for that long will only get worse if she doesn’t and she wont be vary helpful to Ritsuka if she passes out from it." -she said this loud enough that the girl in the shelter would be able to hear her if she were listening. Itsumo would then close her eyes she had spoken out of line but the fact was the young Yamanaka could end up in a worse state if she did not rest her mind was something she couldn't let go unsaid. She also most likely gave away her own clan by saying this or at least hinted at it something she was not used to doing. She then contined to speak with her eyes still shut.- "Shikake, before you do as he said I would like you to please make me a little shelter I need to get out of these wet cloths then I will start with the clean up." -she said this as her hands went to her scarf and rung out some of the water that was in them.- "As for the Seal I have no issues with that...as you are suggesting it I take it you have some knowledge of whom the attackers were sent by and that they might try to attack again since you are not ready to share that information I take it I will agree to the seal." -After saying this Itsumo would lift her hand once more and move the lone strand of we hair back into place as she opened her eyes and meet his gaze once more.-

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada turned his head as he scanned the battlefield before to the side of them, as well as trying to take in the scenery around them. There were some trees as well, not many but there were few around them. He heard Kagato speak of who should be paired up with whom; he and Itsumo would be paired up, while he would be paired with Shikake. His eyes continued to scan the area as his eyes began to scan the ground, seeing the scattered weapons surrounding them as well as the bodies that poured with them. Kunisada turned his head to face the rest of them as he saw a slight movement out of the corner of his eye. He saw a small object, what looked like a piece of paper before his hand lightly and quickly opened and closed as the paper fell into the palm of his hand. Kunisada decided that he wanted to keep whatever the note said between the two of them, so it would probably be best to read the note when he was separated from the others. As Kagato began discussing who should be doing what job, whether it was setting up camp or cleaning the area, he also heard Kagato began talking about setting up a barrier. Kunisada thought for a moment before wondering what he should do, he figured that Kagato would more than likely want to set up his own site, but as for the other two, that would be up to them. Kunisada heard Itsumo begin to speak about Akatori should get her own rest due to some side effects that could’ve happened since she had her telepathic communication open for that long. Kunisada heard the woman suddenly go silent after finishing her statement, like she said too much. From the vibe around her at that point, he figured she was a Yamanaka herself. But, he kept his own thoughts to himself; who knows, maybe he was wrong. He quietly glanced over as he heard what the other two were planning on doing first. Kunisada quietly began to move away from the group as he began walking towards the corpses that lay across to their side. Kunisada casually brought his hand up a bit as he opened his palm before looking at the note that Kagato had given him earlier; as he glanced down at the note, only Kunisada’s eyes moved down as he made sure only his eyes moved, and not his head to draw curiosity from  either Shikake or Itsumo. He read the message of Kagato saying Athena was more than likely the reason of the attack, to which Kunisada agreed to in his mind. His eyes shot up once again as he calmly placed his hand in his pocket and placed the note inconspicuously in his pocket. After he placed the note in his pocket, he began to walk around where he was fighting his own opponent. His eyes glanced down as he looked for any weapons that he might have missed. After a moment of scanning the area, he picked up any weapons nearby that were strewn about and made his way back over to the middle of where they were all at. After making his way back, he quietly placed the weapons down in a small pile before turning his head to look where else the others had fought. He decided to look where Aka’s battle had taken place, but as he was turning his head, out of the corner of his eye, he thought he saw a red flash at some point coming from the home where Aka and Ritsuka were at. He almost took another glance at them, but dismissed it as he stood up and made his way over to where Akatori’s battle ensued; the weapons strewn about were a great many in numbers, but Kunisada continued to pick up the weapons, making sure not to cut or hurt himself with any of the sharp objects that he was collecting. After gathering up all of the weapons that he could see from there, he made his way back to the small pile of weapons that he’d deposited earlier. After another few minutes, he continued his cycle of going to the places that had battles going on, picking up the projectiles that he found, and finally bringing them back to the continuously growing pile of weapons.  Some of the Fuma shuiken were still in one piece, some of them were broken in parts, to which Kunisada assumed could’ve come from either himself or one of the other two Kages, maybe even Shikake; many of the weapons in the pile though, were of the senbon, kunai, shuiken, sails and kamas that the female that Akatori fought had launched at her. Kunisada wasn’t waiting for Shikake to come and assist him, but he was keeping his eyes alert to see if Kagato or anyone else was coming up to him. He was more waiting for Kagato in case he wanted to talk to him about the attack or the note he’d given him.-

UnaruInuzuka: -Shikake had instantly reacted to the reprimand his shoulders had stiffened up a bit and a twitch as if he wanted dearly to shoot his head to look upon Itsumo had formed. He though was able to dig down harshly into himself not to do so. He stood still, only the most observant would have seen the reaction of his. He felt the chill run down his spine as he stood there, he had tried making a joke in the situation but was put instantly into his place. He knew he honestly shouldnt do anything rash however apparently his Kage didnt like him throwing jokes around. This was the moments that training had him pulled in two directions, one was the fact he didn’t want others knowing he had just been reprimanded in the middle of a conversation that was in complete silence. The other side wanted him to apologize to his kage for making such a comment without thinking. Thankfully he was able to do both in his own way, he stood there silent the grin completely removed. He half listened to the conversation but caught all that was needed from it none the less, the idea the other kage was almost recharged felt odd to consider, he had done a lot of skills… even being Uzumaki couldn’t explain away the fact of such… was he doing anything different? He seemed to let part of his thoughts mull this over. He heard about who was to do guard duty with who his eyes flicked to the Anbu… Kuni. He also took note of the fact of two people making the shelters and two others to do clean up, he knew if he set things up on shelter it wouldn’t take much at all so would have time to help if they allowed. He heard the comment of the wood and thinking about it they had been fairly far out for woods to be found in the direction they had come from he did take note of some twigs and whatnot around the buildings as if there use to be plants growing around even the sickly and small trees seemed to actually dead rather than having been growing for a long time. His instincts about needing such thing as a fire almost luxury to him for even last night was the two of them resting in the branches of the trees keeping from being seen. He seemed to pause at the moment Itsy had come to talk about the girl needed to relax for a bit. Without his head moving from its position of looking to the other two he had let his eyes glance between them as if checking if someone had taken note of this before hearing the order for a shelter he shifted and spun softly on his heel and gave a nod of his head, a bit deeper than was needed before turning and walking over to near where the rock shelter the Amekage built. He measured out the space and then as he squatted he slammed his hands into the ground forcing chakra into it. The moment his hands touched the ground a section of the earth about a foot thick in a arched form rose up and over him only to slam back down onto the ground opposite him. To the outside eye it looked like a half section of a ball of dirt. He let his eyes look at the Earth Dome with a critical eye in the darkness of it. Turning to face the wall of the Amekages structure he was in a dome of stone high enough to stand in the middle for anyone six foot comfortably, the diameter was fourteen feet. He moved over to that wall and crouching down he used a hand to softly reach out to touch the wall. He grinned softly, he had made it exactly as he had hoped… he kicked the slightly weakened spot in the wall of the structure and part of it crumbled in the action, he hit it a few more times and soon a five by three foot section of the dome crumbled to the assault leaving a door that was facing the wall not more than five feet away, complete privacy inside. He ducked and exited the structure and slammed the side of his foot against it, the stability of the dome clear, it didn’t even flake a grain of dirt off it. Brushing his hands together he glanced over the place slowly. He could see Kuni already was gathering up weapons and making a pile of them he looked towards the other two and he motioned to the dome to his Shikage with a bow of the head but then he let his head turn to look to all the dead bodies, for a hunter nin seeing bodies and dealing with what came after the kill was a normal affair however with such company he wasn’t sure what they would choose to do… After having made the shelter he took in the things that needed to be cleaned up, he can always start piling the bodies off to the side away from the shelters but with his ability to make shelters he may be wanted there… well may as well do something till he hears an order keeping himself from having idle hands… He moved off and started collecting the bodies to settle to the side of the entrance into the ruins itself as he waited.- 

Akatori2: ~She continued to move through her bag, smirking a bit that she didn't have to clean up. She would much rather keep to her duties as a Medic. However, the Shikage recommended that she rested due to the headache caused afterwards. How would she know this? Akatori didn't say anything about having a head problem, and due to a high pain tolerance that she had developed she knew it wasn't showing on her face.~ " Excuse me?"~ Akatori said in a surprised tone out loud while slugging a fresh black shirt around her shoulders. Quickly she would pop up, peeking her head from out the hut, as the ANBU scattered to begin cleaning, and the Kage's finished talking. This women seemed to have some knowledge on her clan, extensive knowledge. The way her voice sounded through Aka's Transmission was also very clear, like her natural speaking voice. She began to pull the top over her chest as she walked out from the hut, forming the basic hand seals, Rat, to Ram, and finishing with Dog. A white orb with a light blue tint would form in her left hand as she knelt down the women.~ "It's an honor to meet a fellow Yamanaka..I've..I haven't met another one yet..beginning to think I was the only one. "~ Her tone was a bit shy, but she wasn't fully concentrated, as she was running the orb over the area where the shuriken impaled her, after she pulled it out of course. After healing herself quick she waited for the woman to get back from changing, wanting to conversate more with her.~

Kagato: -Kagato took notice that Itsumo had picked up the strange Panda and stepped into the circle as she was responding to what he had to say. He was glad to hear that she was on his side on  who should take the first shift after all it was the smart thing to do seeing as neither side knew each other that well  and pairing  one from each side to take shifts was the best thing . One thing though caught him off guard she seemed to be concerned about Tori he pondered this for a moment and came to the conclusion that it had to be because they were of the same clan that she was showing such concern for her.  Kagato Nodded slightly before his lips parted slowly once more. – “Well I am sure she will be able to get some rest after all she just has to look after Rits…Need someone close by him in case something were to happen….” – His eyes were focused on her mask as if he was etching ever little detail of it into his memory even the strands of her hair that seemed to be falling in front of her mask draping over it like a damp curtain. As Itsumo continued to speak this she was addressing her companion for this trip Shikake, Kagato listened carefully as she asked him to build her a shelter before taking on any of the other duties.- “ It may seem a little excessive  that I wish to put a seal around this area for the night but I rather be safe than sorry…I rather not have a surprise attack happen….while we were resting…specially since Rits is injured …”- Kagato paused for a moment watching Itsumo as she rang out her dampened scarf  the water being forcefully drawn out with each squeeze.- “ Maybe later one we can talk about what I have learned about out unwanted quest but for now… I think its best I keep it to myself…No offence…-” It wasn’t long after that the earth began to rumble sending the sound throughout the little mountain valley it had seemed Itsumo’s to make shelter for the night. Unlike Kagato’s shelter he made for Rits so Tori could better take care of him this one was more of a round dome like shape.  It wasn’t that far off from the one Kagato built it seemed an adequate size to house at least one person comfortably maybe two. Without taking a look on the inside there was no way of knowing for sure. –Kagato’s eyes adverted from the structure to notice Kuni had taken the first steps on getting the cleanup started as he moved over towards the area Tori had been frightening in earlier and began piling up all the scattered weapons in piles moving from one area to the next without hesitation.  The piled of weapons became larger by the minute. Kagato had hoped Kuni was being careful enough not to get hurt by any of the sharper object especially the broken weapons that were scattered about. Kagato pondered the best way to talk to Kuni without rising suspicion to the rest of the group and he came to a conclusion. If he made a few clones he could cover more area and get things done a bit faster than they would if he had just left it up to everyone else to do.  Kagato brought his right and left arms up to about his mid-section  only to bring the black gloved index finger of his right and left hand together in the form of a plus sign or a cross which ever an on looker might consider it This  hand seal was more commonly known as the clone seal. On either side of Kagato in two  clouds of pearly greyish white smoke appeared leaving no more than a two foot gap in-between Kagato and the clones  as they all now stood in a straight line  facing Itsumo still. This made Kagato the center of four shadow clones each looking identical to the original Kagato his self.  The first on the clones on Kagato’s left seemed to disappear in the blink of eyes from its location and only reappear right in front of where Kuni was. It had used the body flicker technique to move quickly from its location to meet up with Kuni. The clone’s mouth hidden under its re-breather and black mask slowly parted and began to speak towards Kuni in a whisper like under tone only loud enough for Kuni to hear. – “After I absorbed the information out from the Mint haired Fuma male I learned that it was in fact Athena that was behind this attack….” – The clone slowly shook its head almost as if it was in denial of the events that were unfolding before them. After all there was no way of knowing things would have turned out this way. – “We need to be prepared in case she shows up further down the line when we least expects it….if not we will have to deal with her right after our little trip…” The clones paused for a few moments and began to pick up a few broken shards that Kuni seemed to have missed. This was more or less to keep the suspicions down and not draw two much attention to their conversation.- “ I  am unsure if we should bring to light this information to the Shikage or not at this point I am wondering if it would be best to keep it just between you and I….” –The cloned paused once more bending down then up again picking up yet another set of shards from what seemed to be a fuma shuriken.- “ Then again if We don’t they may not trust us….which could turn out bad in any case…So your thoughts on the matter?”  -As the first clone was having this conversation with Kuni The second one in line jetted off in the direction of where the mint haired Fuma male and female were laying on the ground lifeless and cold. It scooped of the two corpses and flung the Fuma male over its right shoulder and the mint haired fuma female over his left shoulder. They couldn’t leave the dead bodies of the fallen just lying about so it was best he thought to bury them under ground.  The Shadow clones lips parted as its eyes were fixated on the ground no more than five feet from where it was standing.  A few words slipped past the clones lips in an emotionless tone of voice. – “Shinra Ternsei” – The clone used the power of gravity to push the ground around a ten foot wide and ten foo high circle digging deeply into the earth about fifteen feet cracking and shoving the stone and earth out from the hole. The clone then proceeded to dump the bodies into the hole like pit. As this clone was taking care of the two bodies the first clone on Kagato’s left side took off this time beyond the gate followed right behind by the other clone that had been on his left side only this one stood just outside the gate as the first clone of the left side went beyond it a ways back to where they had last seen tree’s. This clone  much like how Kagato carved out a stone door in the make shift shelter for Tori and Rits began to build up wind chakra into its right arm  and began to make slashing motions with it  sending arc like blades of wind hurtling to the tree’s in front of it. The snapping and crackling of the almost dead like tree’s that all feel in succession with just two blades of wind that howled through the air like a hungry savage beast most likely would be surprising to any on observer but wind was one of Kagato’s strongest elements next to water of course. The clone began to bundle up the stacks of thin trees in two packs of twenty which should be more than enough to get them through the night and keep a good sized fire going. The clone picked up each stack securing them in the space between its black back pack and its back before body flickering back near the center of where the two make shift shelters stood dropping both stacks of wood to the ground with a loud thud before dissipating into a cloud of smoke. Just as the other clone came back with the wood for the fire, the clone that had been standing by the gate had finished preparations for the seal the clone stood in front of the gate and started to weave a series of hand seals, the first of which was that of the - Tiger – only to jump his fingers into the position of the – Hare – followed right after by the seal of the - Boar – only to have his fingers loyally manipulated into the seal of the – Dog – Just like the walls Kagato used to make the shelter a stone wall sprouted up from the earth with a low rumbling sound   just under the arch way of the gate sealing it off from the outside. The height of the wall was the height of the inside of the arc way leaving no gaps making it a solid wall of stone. The thickness of this wall was a good ten feet. This was put into place so the area would be easier to seal and he could place the final tag on what would be the new door of the gate. The thing was only one out of the group Kagato was pretty sure that knew the way to enter or exit the door without setting of the trap under the seals was Kagato his self. In this instance he was using the five seal barrier. By placing the fifth seal on center of the new door like wall of the gate the clone quickly  moved around the area placing the other seals  one by one leaving a good thirty feet distance between each on placing them on rocks just at the foot of the mountain range. After placing the last seal and setting the sudden mirror attacker trap behind each one the clone the barrier was complete spanning from the gate to the mountain range covering the entire area with and impenetrable barrier as the clone vanished into thin air just like the other one had before it sending its chakra straight back to Kagato. Now back inside the real Kagato moved from his location to the center point of the two make shift buildings standing to the front of the two but in the middle of them so that he was facing their doors.  Kagato began to weave the hands signs for the earth style wall once more repeating it as he did it  four times just like he had done to make the first shelter the first sign was that of the - Tiger – then once again jumped his fingers into the position of the - Hare – followed once again by the -  Boar – and ending with the seal of the – Dog -   four wall spring up just fifteen feet away from the other shelters  the walls were ten feet high  and made a thirty foot square. As the walls were pushing up Kagato leapt up to the ledge of the one just as it was about to pass his height landing on the edge making no sound what so ever. Once the wall reached their ten foot height Kagato weaved the same hand seals once more shooting another stone wall from the one he stood on sealing off the gap and making yet another roof.  Kagato turned on his heels of his feet focusing chakra to them once more he began to run down the side facing the entranced to the other two shelters.    Before slowing down and leaping from the wall landing with his face facing the wall.  He focused his chakra into his right arm much like he had don earlier and once again carved out a door making it eight foot in height   and five feet wide.  He clapped his hands together after carving out his door with the blades of wind he had just used and crated yet another powerful wind gale that howled as it pushed the stone slab like door inward a good five feet giving Kagato enough room to enter when he needed to. Kagato turned back to where the clone had dropped the wood and began to untie one of the stacks.  He started to lay the wood in a square like patterned laying one over top of each other making a wood like square structure before placing five pieces of the wood at the bottom. Kagato then began to build up oil in his mouth by producing it through his blue chakra. Kagato then brought his right and left hands once more back up to   mid torso height  and began to make a series of  hand seals.  The first of which was that of the - Snake – followed quickly with expert precision into that of the-  Ram – jumping right along to the seal of the - Monkey – ramming his fingers into the seal of the - Boar – only to gallop his digits into the seal of the - Horse – and finally he formed the seal of the  Tiger.  The buildup chakra made oil began to ignite into a brilliant fire bullet aimed straight for the stack of wood causing the wood to catch fire in the matter of seconds. The bullet it was just large enough to engulf the small stack of wood catching it instantly on fire. The sound of the wood would crack as the ember burned below brightly was like music to his ears. The warm glow of the fair not only provided warmth but a bit of light and a way to cook some food.  Kagato began to slide off his black back pack over his right shoulder then his left only to set it on the ground as he began to weave the same set of hand seals as he did to make the shelters once more.  Again he started off with the seal of the - Tiger – then once more with the seal of the - Hare – followed again by the seal of the- Boar – finished up once more with the seal of the - Dog – Tiny little earth walls no more fifteen inches high from the ground sprouted up around the fire he kept repeating this process until there were eight tiny walls spear out two feet long. Only to have a wall sprout from each wall that was fifteen inches wide making little stone benches for people to sit on if they so choose to do. Kagato took a seat at one of the benches as he waited for the rest to finished the cleanup he pulled his back closer to him and began to pull out the scrolls that had contained food in them as well as the ones that held water and the things he needed to cook with such as pots, pans and utensils.  - 

IItsumo: -She only nodded as she listened to Kagato speak and state that now was not the time to speak of what happened and who was behind the attack. This put Itsumo in an odd place, she trusted him after all he had defended her when he did not have to do so but she did not trust that he was withholding information. She thought back to when she debated keeping the girl alive so she could question her, and find out the information on her own however she had not done so now she regretted it she felt the ground moving once more as Shikake had gone to work building her a shelter and she nodded in thanks as he went off to start cleaning the area she looked back to Kagato whom had once again cloned himself and was doing various jobs. Itsumo turned and head toward the shelter as she was about to enter she heard the girl Tori speaking. Itsumo was right she had said to much and the girl knew what she was now. It was not that Itsumo minded so much that she knew or that anyone knew it was just that she preferred to keep it to herself. She listened to the girl as she spoke of never meeting another Yamanaka before and she let out a soft sigh and paused before speaking.- "There was once a large number of Yamanaka's in Yonshigakure. There was once a large number of Nara and Amamachi as well our numbers have dwindled thanks to the war that nearly killed our village but there are still some alive today. You know I am surprised a young Yamanaka on her own was able to learn that technique at all Kagato must have found scrolls when he was destroying Konaho  that were able to help you I am impressed. Just don't push your mind further then your ready and when you push it like that rest after or you could end up hurting your Spirt." -Itsumo paused for a moment and then pulled her panda mask up so that it rested on the top of her head so her icy blue eyes where now visible as she meet the girls blue eyes.- "You are not alone in this world young Yamanaka our Clan still lives I wont let it die." -with that said she turned and walked into the shelter that Shikake had build for her. Once she was in the middle able to stand up straight she set the panda doll down on the ground and bent down she lifted her pack off her back as well and placed it next to the doll. After she was sure she had not been fallowed by the girl or anyone else she began to open her pack and she then pulled out a few scrolls. After Activating the one she would have a pile of fresh cloths she started to unwind her white scarf from around her face and neck and then through it off to the side then she proceeded to take off the rest of her wet cloths before putting the dry ones on including a new pair of white sandals. She was once again dressed in all white from head to toe she sealed the wet cloths into the scroll and tied a red string around it before putting it back into her pack she then debated putting her mask back on or not it was not like her to not wear it but she didn't need it at the moment and it was rather dirty she tucked the panda mask inside her pack before wrapping her white scarf up around her mouth and nose her icy blue eyes where now visible. It took a moment for her to reattach her weapons in the places they needed to be on her body a few senbon in a strap on her left arm and kunai strapped to her left leg she also had a scroll on her right hip that had extra of both in it. She then picked up the panda doll and her pack and set them off to the side so that the pack  was in-between the arms an legs of the panda doll for anyone to get into her pack they would have to touch the bear.  She would then turn and walk out to join the others. She thought the men could handle the weapons and bodies so she headed towards the gate where the others had come from to look for sticks or twigs anything she could use to start a fire after several moments she had gathered an arm full of twigs and sticks along with one log. She brought them back over by where the shelters where and set them down near where he had made the fire and the benches and then turned to go look for more -

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada’s eyes slowly rose to glance up at what looked to be Kagato, but out of the corner of his eyes, he saw another version of Kagato moving around as well. He assumed this was either a clone or the real person, but it was Kagato all the same. He heard the man speak of what happened as he absorbed the information from the ninja that he fought, but Kunisada remained silent. After hearing Kagato ask what his thoughts were on the matter, Kunisada quietly responded to where Kagato could hear as he looked through the pile of weapons; at a quick glance, this might’ve looked like he was looking for any weapons that could’ve been useful, but this was just to make sure no one was getting suspicious.- “...For now, just keep it quiet...” –Kunisada picked up a senbon from the pile of weapons as he examined it- “...We’ll deal with things as they come Kag...” –Kunisada let go of the weapon as it fell into the large pile of weapons before he glanced over at the bodies of the fallen shinobi that they had fought. He was about to move towards them before he saw another version of Kagato, or even the actual Kagato himself, make a shelter for what seemed to be everyone in the group before his eyes glanced over everyone else. Akatori just finished having a small conversation with Itsumo, Shikake seemed to have just finished making a shelter for his Kage and was collecting bodies, and Ritsuka was still unconscious in the shelter Kagato made for them. He wordlessly stood up before looking at the piles of weapons, thinking about what to do with them. Most of the weapons were in pieces or broken to a fault, but the weapons that Akatori’s enemy had used were still in decent enough shape. He glanced over at the rest of the group, now seeing Itsumo bring firewood over to the campsite that Kagato had made, before speaking quietly to the version of Kagato in front of him.- “...If anyone wants to look through these or want some, tell them they may; if not, we’ll figure out what to do with them later...” –Kunisada figured that leaving the weapons there in case someone else out of the group wanted to re-stock on any weapons they might’ve lost or even just to have an extra few weapons at their disposal. His eyes scanned the area as he saw there wasn’t much around the area. Kunisada glanced over at the Kagato at the campsite once more, seeing him unravel a scroll that held utensils and other things to cook with, as well as seeing the fire in front of the benches he had also made. Kunisada moved quietly away from the pile of weapons and the version of Kagato nearby him as he moved behind the home that Kagato had made. Once he was there, he quickly and noiselessly jumped onto the top of the structure’s rooftop. He quickly positioned himself as he sat on structure with his right leg flat across the rooftop and his left leg was still on the rooftop as well, but was bent in an upwards position. His could see the fire off to the side of him, but where he was positioned, he couldn’t be seen unless someone was standing far back enough. He leaned forward a bit before bringing his hand over his shoulder to slip off the strap of his backpack before placing it in his lap to inspect his backpack; he wanted to make sure it didn’t get damaged during the fight. After examining it for a moment and saw his backpack was fine, he placed his arm through the strap and readjusted it on his back. After doing so, he  glanced up at the sky, brining his left hand up and letting his wrist rest upon his knee while his hand hung over it lazily. He could see the night slowly beginning to take over and he could see the moon slowly beginning to take its place in the sky.-

UnaruInuzuka: -Reaching down he grabbed the female Tori had fought with he made sure to have a good grip on the back of her shirt and slung her over a shoulder he then proceeded to move to where the purple haired Fuma was killed. This was the moment he had heard a hard hit to the ground to his right the ground slightly rumbling. Brown orbs behind a black mask turned to take in the scene in front of him in one quick sweep, they looked over the entire camp site ending with looking at a body being dropped into a large grave. *Ok burying the bodies it shall be.* He had noticed five Amekage in that one sweep telling him the man had chose to use shadow clones to let them all finish quicker than if they hadn’t. He only gave a slight nod of his head as he moved settling the female’s body over his shoulder a bit better and tucked his arm under the waist of the male pulling him up to his side. Before moving off towards that grave that had been made. His steps practiced in carrying large loads like this but clearly not built for brute strength. He gave the Rain Kage, be it a clone or the man himself didn’t matter, a nod of his head in greeting before he flipped the lighter female off his shoulder into the grave.He then shoved the male in as well.- “I’ll go grab the other two.” -He didn’t stay long he wandered over to the first male he had personally killed, He lifted the body over his shoulder and in turn snagged the head by the blue-green hair letting it dangle from his hand as he moved off towards the grave once again. He let his eyes wander around hearing another rumble to the side taking in the second shelter the Amekage made, also the fact of the wood that was already being collected; he took note of Itsumo out of sight likely within the shelter still. He let his head turn to look around to the other side and saw the activity happening near the entrance with bundles of wood being collected fully and soon seeing the wall be brought up to block the doorway. He made it over to the grave and bending a little let the body slide off his shoulder tossing the head in as well. One more to go… His mind had wandered a little as he was walking back across to collect the one that Kuni had killed himself. He took note of the Anbu and one of the Kagato’s together and collecting weapons in generally the same area. His eyes lingered a moment but their distance too great to really take in if it was just general talk or something more important so silently filed it away in the questionable area in the back of his mind and went back to his task at hand. He turned his head away from them as he reached the body snagging him and throwing him over his shoulder. He wasn’t as much in a rush with this one he was starting to feel the work out of the day by now and he couldn’t stop from yawning under the mask as he walked. He also let his mind wrap around the warning and threat he had been given by his Shikage and frowned a bit, he was only joking… of course he wouldn’t start anything with this group… he wasn’t suicidal, four against two, not to mention one of them actually having destroyed the entire army of Konoha and the village itself on his own, if rumors had been true, was just saying your dead if you piss them off… He trusted his skills, but even he knew when to take into facts of the matter and know he was out of his league in this and he didn’t feel like putting his own Kage into such a situation for his own actions… He sighed as his feet finally stopped at the edge of the grave and slid the last body into it. He had collected them without bothering to worry over someone else helping out, it gave him time to take in the whole area, think and also waste a bit of time to keep him from not doing anything else for the evening… He kind of wondered if the Amekage planned to let it rain again just before they left… it would definitely clean up both foot prints and blood from the dirt ground if he did but likely wouldn’t be chakra efficient… so a final cleaning will likely be needed before they left. He kicked a rock into the hole before scratching the back of his head at the base of that ponytail before rotating a shoulder and yawning quietly again. He was spent for now, his head turning to the Amekage that was at the edge of the hole before giving another nod of his head letting his form shift back he didn’t doubt the kage will likely use some sort of skill to burry them so he took a look around before seeing the one Amekage that was near the now lit fire working on removing scrolls from his bag. With a quick note of the other ones around or not seen them any longer he came to the conclusion that he was likely the real Kagato. He walked along picking items here and there along the way back to the camp area and soon tossed them into the pile of weapons before taking in the place. He looked around and took note of multiple facts not the least being that Itsumo having taken her mask off in public, sure most of her face was still covered but it was more than he has seen her do in a very long time. He also took note of Kuni taking off past the buildings clearly done with his own clean up. Seeing this he had came to one of the benches and seemed to sink onto it even if it was ridged stone it was much better than being on his feet. He of course could be ready to fight on a dime but the workout this day was making him extra lazy and he let his shoulders slump a bit forward. He had the air of being lazy but still something spoke of intelligence and a well as honed shinobi skills. He watched as the Amekage was pulling out those scrolls remembering what he had mentioned earlier about needing a fire to cook up a meal letting his eyes trail past the fire and watch. Silence, not being noticed and able to leave at a turn of a hat was the way he was trained in dealing with the world. Cold meals were normal, cold nights frequent, fires gave you away, the smell of food cooking even more so, however he could see how they could get away with it here. The seals for one would keep people from entering so this place was a virtual haven for all of them. Having six people as well did also, and not to even mentioning the fact two kage are within the six. His eyes trailed from the Amekage and the fire to take in the area, his instincts, because he was on the field, still had him warry but with all outward apearances no one wouldn't even notice such.-

Akatori2: ~ As the Yamanaka Kage showed her face to Akatori, she smiled a bit. She was beautiful. Her blue eyes looked a lot like her father's, while her blonde hair was a light blonde, much lighter than her own pecan shaded locks. ~ " Ah, yes. Kagato-Sama has taught me a lot. I also have my parents to thank for bring some along with them. And I will be sure to get my rest."~ Aka nodded as the woman talked to her. It was pleasant to know that the Ino-Shika-Cho trio of clans was still around in Yonshigakure.  It was also hard to take in that her bloodline wasn't as prime as it used to be. No one likes to hear that they are from a fading species. As the Shikage put her mask back on and walked toward an earth dome to change, Tori took note of her doll. Could she possibly be a puppeteer like Lady Athena? It was strange that this doll seemed to actually be a doll, not made of wood like a normal puppet would be. It would be weird to touch her stuff without asking, so Akatori decided to just ask her about it later. She released a slow exhale as she rolled her shoulders back. She felt a bit more relaxed, but still had to remain sharp, regardless of the barrier put up by Kagato. Her olive eyes glanced around. She took note Kagato beginning to set up a fire to cook and stay warm, the Nara was observing, and Kuni looked to have set himself up on a nearby roof, like a hawk on the hunt.~ "Duty calls.."~ She mumbled to herself as she glanced towards Kuni while walking back to the Medical hut Ritsuka was asleep in. Akatori walked up to the boy and dropped down on a knee to feel his vitals. His pulse felt normal and he seemed to still have a strong flow of chakra going through his body. ~" Must be the Uzumaki blood.." ~ She snickered to herself as she felt his forehead to make sure he wasn't getting a fever.  Aka knew she had to catch up on her rest too so she would be able to recover from prolonged use of her Mind Body Transmission. Seeing that a few minutes of rest couldn't hurt, she leaned her back against the wall of the hut, only a few feet away from Ritsuka. With her bottom firm on the ground and back leaning against the wall, she dipped her head slightly, closing her eyes to rest.~

Kagato: -Kagato’s clone that had kept up with Kuni so that the two could speak simply nodded to each of the answers that Kuni replied with.  He didn’t know if anyone else would want any of the weapons that had been piled up but the shadow clone of Kagato lips slowly parted and then stated in a whisper like tone. –“Will do.” _-it was only moments after this that the clone  watched as Kuni took off quietly  making his way onto of the stone wall shelter the real Kagato had made, if the clone had not been with Kuni most likely he wouldn’t have seen him take to the roof. The last act of this clone was to build a structure for Kuni weather he would actually use it or not was another thing.  The clone without a noise and without being seen made its way to the back of the roof of this structure. Just like Kagato had done before the clone started to weave the same hand seals that were used to make the larger structure the one they now stood on. wall once more repeating the seals four times just like the real Kagato had the first sign was that of the - Tiger – then once again jumped his fingers into the position of the - Hare – followed once again by the - Boar – and ending with the seal of the – Dog -   four wall earth style walls popped as the stone earth on the roof slightly rumbled like the sound of rolling thunder. The walls were towards the back of the roof spanning length wise from one side of the roof to the other but as for the width of the walls it made it so that it split the roof in half. The height of the walls was just about eight feet high. The clone quickly jumped to one of the wall ledges and weaved the hand seals once more making yet another wall spring forth from the one he was now standing of closing off the top making a roof.  The clone slowly made his way to where Kuni was checking his gear. – “Well my task is done… If you wish a shelter just cut a door into the one wall…I am sure you can handle that.” – Just as the clone said this it dissipated in a cloud of pearly white smoke returning all its knowledge and chakra that remained back to the real Kagato.  The shadow clone that had carved out the pit for the bodies of the fallen enemies watched as Shikake collected the rest of the bodies giving the shadow clone of the Amekage a nod here and there which the clone would replay in the same manor with a simple nod of its head slowly up and down the red strands of its hair flowing slightly in the crisp air with the movement. The clone watched Shikake carefully taking note as he went to collect the bodies that he was surveying the area. It was long before all of the bodies were collected and dropped into the pit like grave. The clones gaze met where Shikake’s eyes would be if his face was not covered by a mask. It was like Shikake knew he had already planned to bury the bodies after they were collected. It wasn’t enough to simply cover them with earth but with the same hand seals as like before when Kagato made the shelters he repeated them. Once again the first hand seal was that of the - Tiger – like the time before his fingers launched into the position of the - Hare – followed once again by the - Boar – and ending with the seal of the – Dog – the earth style wall slid over top of the giant  hole of a grave sealing the corpses from the outer world. The clone’s lips slowly parted and in a whisper like tone spoke. - “ .…Rest in peace….” – Like Nagato his long passed relative  Kagato showed respect to the fallen even his enemies some found this odd but that is just how he was. Even if the opposing side was in the wrong he still felt they deserved some sort of moment of peace.  The clone’s eyes followed  Shikake’s movements as he made his way towards where  the real Kagato had been gathering his scrolls up by the fire getting things ready to make  some food  for the group after all they were relatively safe with in this area with the seal protecting them. Just as Shikake went to sit down on one of the stone benches Kagato had made the clone did the last step in the burial. The clone started to make another set of hand seals the first was that of the - Rat – his fingers hurried into the seal of the - Ox - only to be put into the seal if the -Dog – then once again the - Dog – only to clap his hands with a thunderous sound that echoed off the mountain range around them which was followed up by the seal of the - Boar – and finally finishing it with slamming hand on the stone wall. This was the Uzumaki sealing technique used to seal anything away that was on or below the seal. This little extra effort was put into place to keep others from coming along and removing the bodies. Soon after this the clone vanished in a cloud of smoke once again returning chakra and experiences the clone had to Kagato. The day was long gone by now and Night had fully crept its way in the stars shining brightly even through the clouds that still remained from the rain tiger technique.  Kagato glanced over towards Shikake as he had taken a seat on one of the stone benches near the fire only to dart his eyes over catching a glimpse of Itsumo dropping off a bit more kindling for the fire he. His eyes for the first time met the gaze of her icy blue eyes which caught him off guard for a moment; the blue was like nothing he had ever seen before almost like full blue moon lighting up the night’s sky. It had seemed she had removed her mask he pondered this for a moment and wondered why she would show her face to them now after keeping it hidden all this time. Kagato gathered his thoughts back and went back to what he was doing by now he had all his utensils that he needed out to start making some food for everyone. It wasn’t anything extremely fancy or anything it was just some easy to make Ramen enough to keep their strength up after all Kagato would be pairing off later for the first watch with Itsumo and they would need every bit of strength they could gather up for anything that could or would possibly happen through the night. Like before Kagato had set up a little stand over top of the fire big enough to hold a pot.  Which Kagato had laid out on his left side. The black metal pot shimmered slightly as the flames lit up the area around them.  Kagato took out the one scroll that contained enough water to fill the pot. He unrolled it on the ground and slammed the palms of his hands on to it, in a cloud of smoke a jug of water appeared before him. He unscrewed the top and poured the water into the pot, before placing the pot on the stand just over top of the fire. In the back of his mind he was thinking he should make sure Tori and Rits got some at least Tori if Rits had not awakened yet. With that note Kagato took out the scroll containing black bowls. Just like he had done with the other scrolls he unrolled them on the ground and slammed his palms onto it and in yet another cloud of greyish smoke a stack of black bowls would appear enough for each person in this group to have one. Kagato started to empty the packets of Ramen into the water as it began to quickly reach its boiling point making sure there is an even amount for all to share. Kagato reaches into his back pack and pulls out a little scroll containing a bunch of different spices and herbs to mix in with the ramen.   He quickly on seals the small brown scroll  picking out the spices he wants to put in with the ramen, first it’s a bit of garlic, a bit of dried onion, a pinch or two of sea salt and  cracked black pepper.  He reached over to the set of utensils he had laid out picking out a long handled metal spoon he placed it in the pot of boiling water and ramen and began stirring. It wouldn’t be long before the noodles softened up and the water cooked its way down. Kagato got up from where he was and laid out the six black bowls. He began to dish out the ramen into each of the bowls making sure there was an even amount of noodles and broth in each bowl.   Kagato began to remove his black metal Re-breather and cloth black mask uncovering the lower half of his face exposing his two lip rings and red goat tee. He tucked the mask and re-breather into one of the inner pockets of his rather heavy thick black armored robe like coat.  He gathers up six sets of chop sticks from the pile of utensils and placed a packet next to each bowl. Kagato proceeded to pick up one of the back bowls and chop sticks and sat down next to the rest of the bowls. There was enough distance between him and the other bowls that if someone wished to sit next to him they could. Kagato’s lips parted lowly and in a tone loud enough for everyone in group to hear he shouted. “…Come and get it!..” – By now the aroma of the food lofting through the air was was reaching around the area and the spices he used in the ramen would most likely be enough to draw people in but he didn’t want to take any chances. He wanted them to all eat and make sure they had enough strength for the night. It wasn’t every day that Kagato made food either but seemed he had been doing it a lot of this trip he wondered if anyone even brought any food with t hem. Then again he always came overly prepared for anything even for instances like this where he had to share his food.  As he waited for the rest of the group to come forward and take a bowl of Ramen he gazed into the dancing crimson flame. It almost had a calming effect on him he wondered how something so destructive could be calming at the same time and so beautiful. He picked up his chip sticks and began to bring some of the noodles to his mouth slowly slurping up the noodles as he seemed to be lost in thought. This was a good chance to have everyone that was able to gather around the fire to talk and get to know each other or at least that is what he thought, maybe the others didn’t feel that way but there was not harm in trying to get the parties to speak to each other and maybe but any uneasiness behind them. Kagato began to think about Tori and Rits he had dished out their portion on the Ramen but they most likely won’t be out here to come get. Maybe he would have Kuni take it to them,  Kagato reached over to two of the bowls  and  taking out two pieces of cloth from his back pack he placed it over top of two of the bowls of Ramen  so that when someone took them to Rits and Tori they would still be warm.-

IItsumo:-Itsumo would sigh not able to find anymore small pieces of wood lying about so she started to head over to the piles of weapons that had been gathered none of them looked to be in good condition a few broken kunai and other discarded things she took note of a few small scrolls that still looked in somewhat decent shape she took one and tucked it away in her pouch there were still three more there that looked like they could be used though they had taken damage. Itsumo sighed and looked around taking in everyone’s position now.  She noticed Shikake was now seated by the fire not far from the AmeKage, Kuni the other Anbu was now atop the shelter that the AmeKage had built and she assumed the other two where resting in the first shelter. Itsumo took a few deep breaths in as the smell of food reached her nose it had been a long day and she had not eaten since the dumplings back in the forest. She turned her Icy eyes in the direction of the fire just as Kagato called for everyone to come eat. She walked slowly across the open area once more over to where the fire was and glanced in the direction of Kagato she noticed that his mask and his rebreather where both missing. She took note of his pricings she had not seen anyone with anything similar to those and his goatee that matched the color of his hair. Her icy blue eyes scanned him over as she sighed softly and shook her head. This is not the time to get distracted she thought to herself as she went over and sat next to Shikake who was also by the fire she would pause for a moment and look over to him then back to the other Kage across the fire from them.-    

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada turned his head as he checked his gear as he saw the home like structure that Kagato’s clone had made him before seeing the clone walk towards him. The clone said that the shelter was for him and that if he wanted to make a door, all he would need to do would be to cut one out himself. After that statement, he saw the clone disappear in a puff of smoke before him. Kunisada glanced over slightly at the shelter that the clone had made for him before putting his backpack back onto his back and continued to look up at the night sky. His nose took in the aroma of food as he figured Kagato was cooking for the group once again. He continued to stare up at the sky until he heard Kagato yell for people to come and eat. Kunisada turned his head to look at the group that was by the fire, with his body being hidden by the darkness of the sky. He took a quick head count and noticed that Ritsuka and Akatori’s presence were missing. Ritsuka was more than likely still unconscious, so he would be in the home Kagato had made the both of them. Kunisada’s eyes quickly made their way over to the home that the two Jounin were residing in for the moment. He saw Ritsuka’s body motionless, confirming that he was still unconscious from the fight earlier. However, he saw Akatori sitting down and against the wall of the home and her head was down. Kunisada couldn’t see her eyes due to that, but she seemed to have fallen asleep since she hadn’t moved even when Kagato yelled for them to eat. Kunisada turned his attention to the group around the fire again, noticing that Kagato had poured everyone in the group a bowl of ramen in a black cup with utensils beside the bowls. Kunisada noted that Kagato had already begun to eat while Shikake and Itsumo just stared at him as he ate. Kunisada didn’t question their motives before he stood up on top of the roof of Kagato’s home before landing quietly on the ground, walking towards the bowls of food that Kagato had placed. He noticed Kagato put two cloths on two separate bowls, which he figured were for Akatori and Ritsuka. As he approached the bowls of food, he was brought into the light of the fire for only few seconds as he placed the utensils near the two bowls on top of the bowls, keeping the cloths from falling off of the bowls as he carefully picked them up in his hands. After making sure he had the utensils and the bowls were in a firm grasp, Kunisada moved out of the light of the fire before moving to the make-shift home where Akatori and Ritsuka were currently resting in. Kunisada quietly moved inside of the home, placing a bowl by Ritsuka’s unconscious body and making sure it wasn’t too close to him in case he moved in his sleep or spontaneously woke up and knocked it over. After doing so with Ritsuka’s bowl, Kunisada walked over and placed Akatori’s bowl about an equal distance away from her body as he had done with Ritsuka’s body. Kunisada knelt down as he reached his arm out before stopping a few inches away from her shoulder before moving back and placing his backpack in front of him. He opened the bag before pulling out two water bottles. After he retrieved them, he closed his backpack and stood up and walked over to put one by Ritsuka’s bowl and making his way back over to put the other water bottle by Akatori’s bowl. He knelt down once again after doing so and gently placed his hand on Akatori’s shoulder and gently shook her to wake her up, When she woke up, Kunisada would wait until he saw her lift her head up before standing up and speaking to her, turning his head towards the group as he spoke.- “...You need to eat…” –After saying those words, Kunisada quietly made his way back over to the group where he swiftly and quietly picked up his own bowl and utensils from the group before jumping back on top of the roof of Kagato’s makeshift home, returning to the shadows where it was almost impossible to see him from the campfire. Kunisada placed the bowl of food beside him as he sat back down and stared back up at the night sky.-    

UnaruInuzuka: -Shikake had watched silently behind that mask of his as the Amekage had started making the meal he had of course considered to maybe help out in it but found his eyes come to glance at the males features. The way the man worked to cook the meal and the detail of ingredients he was willing to keep on hand spoke of enjoying to cook so he let himself just rest for the time being and let the kage of the rain do as he wished. He may be resting a bit but he however kept himself awake to notice that there was six portions being laid out, a bowl for all including them from Yonshi. Part of him wanted to show a self reliance to the Ame Shinobi and politely refuse the food but his own political understanding knew that would be downright rude He watched as the male had removed his rebreather and mask before taking note of the others around him. He glanced to Itsumo as she came to sit next to him and heard the call to eat from the Amekage himself. He paused a moment as he watched Kuni move into the firelight not that long after the call was given not giving them much time to react and watched as he snagged the two covered bowls that likely were for the two in the shelter. He turned his head and watched the Anbu member from Amegakure  walk off and lightly glance into the hut it itself before coming back to look at the bowls he felt eyes come to him and he turned his head to look at Itsumo that had come to look towards him. On the off thought he took note of her ice blue eyes, they seemed lighter than he remembered from when they had been kids. He turned away as he shifted from his spot and soon stood up moving over to the bowls. Squatting down he had easily slipped his hand to grab two of the three left over bowls at random and chop sticks and moved back over to where he had been sat down with his Kage. With his own guard habits he had let himself sniff both bowls before handing one to Itsumo herself. He waited long enough for her to take the offered bowl and utensil knowing she hasn’t eaten and that with him sitting there and watching all the moves of the Amekage himself in his preparing of the meals along with having taken the extra precaution of making sure nothing smelt out of place he now had a free hand to work with. . He had paused with his hand over his mask before giving a sigh and lifting the mask to the side of his head to rest there out of the way. All that one would see at this point is dark brown almond eyes and a mask covering the bottom half of his face.- “Thank you for the meal Amekage-sama, you didn’t need to cook for us, really.” –It was diplomatic but sincere in tone. He watched as the male, Kuni, had returned and grabbed his own bowl and took off to wherever he was settled in the darkness, he was tempted to do the same but there was a air to him that spoke he knew how to keep his appearance from sight when he ate so he was content to stick to near the fire for now giving the ramen a moment to cool a moment while he shifted just a bit to let his kage have privacy herself if she chose to eat that is.

-Akatori2: ~Sundenly, Akatori felt a tap on her shoulder. She lifted her head up and saw the ANBU, Kuni, standing over her before he left in a blink of an eye. He said something to her, but she didn't really catch it. Her nose caught a old familiar scent, the smell of Kagato-Sama's cooking. Aka's eyes battered a bit as she noticed two bowls of his ramen in the room. One was by her feet while the other bowl was by the side of Rits. She assumed that Kuni must have just dropped this off for them. It was a nice gesture for him to do, given the fact that he has almost killed her twice. Her olive eyes glanced over to the sleeping boy. He should be able to wake up now. Akatori moved her bowl over to the side and stood up, letting a small yawn escape from her pink lips. She made her way over to Ritsuka and patted him lightly on the arm and held up his food bowl so the smell would help wake him up. After his eyes would open, Akatori would place his bowl down and help the boy up, removing her flak from under his head in the process. Once he was sitting up, she would put on her flak and talk to him. ~ "Morning sunshine." ~ Akatori would tease at him. ~ " You've been out most the day but here," ~ She said handing him his bowl of ramen and chopsticks.~ "This should feed your hunger and chakra reserve. "~ After that she grabbed her bowl and chopsticks and looked back at him. ~'" Come join the rest of us when you are ready to get up."~ Akatori was getting kind of bored just tending to him, and needed to be social a bit. She walked outside towards the campfire and looked at Kagato who had his mask already off. ~" Ritsuka is awake and eating in the hut. You may go visit him now if you would like."~ Her tone was calm as she bowed her head to the Kage. If he got up to see Ritsuka or not, she would take a seat next to where he was. She would begin to savor the ramen, humming slightly as she took a few chopstick fulls before looking up at the two Yonshigakurians. Very casually she began to talk to them. ~ " Hey, so I'm Akatori..since we haven't ofically addressed ourselves to each other." ~ After the Yonshi-nin would reply with hopefully their names, she would continue to talk. ~ "So, tell me about Yonshigakure? What's it like over there?" ~ She was curious as to how other villages were. She had been to a total of four lands, but never actually in an active hidden village other than her own.~

IlRitsuka: *Ritsuka awoke with a sharp gasp at the light shake from Akatori. His eyes flying open as he takes in his surroundings. He was in a dim room the walls bare and earthen. It wasn’t long after waking he was trying to silently push himself up into a sitting position with the help from akatori. He made it most the way up when the room started spinning. He tensed his arms so he didn’t fall back, and let his head hang for a moment while he regathered himself. Once he was confident the room was done with its spinning he looked around again to take in his surroundings. The walls around him, made him figure the group had stopped to camp while he was out. A twing of anger crosses his face as he remembers the cheap blow he had let connect. He was a tad disappointed he was holding the trip back. He looked down near him spotting Akatori and Kuni sitting together in the hut with him. He knew Aka had been looking after him.  He waited for aka to put on her flak and finish speaking before responding with a simple "got it" as he took the bowl from her and placed it on the ground next to him. He observered as she walked out of the hut before moving to Reattach all his tools, finishing with his gunbai being secured to his back. He gave a last glance at the bowl next to his bed, arguing with himself mentally over whether or not to eat. He leaned over the bowl, picking it up and eating the noodles in it before gulping down the broth, and setting the bowl back down next to where he had been laying. Glancing out the doorway he could see his father and the others sitting near the campfire they had set up. He thought on going out and sitting with them though decided he would rather be alone at the moment. He walked out the door of the makeshift hut, taking a turn as he walked out the door avoiding the group and heading to the edge of their camp facing away from the others and gazing out at the unfamiliar landscape surrounding them. He knew his father would be wanting to talk to him, though he wasnt sure what he should say to him.. With a final sigh he crouched down to sit on the ground and decided to try to remain level headed, and calm looking even though inside of the young jounin there was battle of thoughts and doubts taking place, he wouldn’t allow the others to see his weakness, not again. *

Kagato: -As he was slurping up his ramen slowly  his eyes darted back and forth between  his group  for the moment catching a glimpse of Itsumo once more as she returned  back over to the campfire only to take a seat next to her Hunter nin Shikake.  It was long after this Kuni had slipped back and forth  between the shadows as he was  taking the ramen he has set aside for Rits and Tori to them he assumed. If one thing was for sure Kuni and His self really didn’t need to speak with words somehow they both knew what the other was thinking most of the time without having to tell the other. Kagato began to ponder how his son was doing if he had indeed woken up yet but now was not the time to check up on him, he had another Kage and her Hunter nin to discuss matters with it would be rude of him to just take off like that. He was sure Rits was fine with Tori looking after him if something were to change for the worse with his condition he was sure she would inform him right away.  It wasn’t long before Shikake  came over to where the bowels where and picked up two bowls and two sets of chop sticks only to quickly carry them back over towards Itsumo. Kagato watched Shikake carefully as he seemed to question the food at first by what Kagato was seeing he was sniffing it for whatever reason. Kagato could understand why Shikake would be cautious like that after all he really didn’t know him, and if in his shoes Kagato probably would have done the same before offering it to another member in his group. It was only a matter of a few minutes after offering the other bowl to Itsumo that Shikake began to speak and thank Kagato for making them food as well. Kagato looked a crossed the campfire as the bright red, orange tips of the flames seemed to lick at the nights sky. Kagato pulled a little cloth out from his inner pocket of his black armored robe like coat with his right hand and wiped his mouth before speaking back. – “ You’re welcome, it was no trouble at all…although it would have been better if I had a few eggs  to put in it….but  this should pick our strengths up after a good meal.”  - Out of the corner of his eye Kagato seen Kuni spring forth from the shadows once more to grab his bowl of ramen only to disappear as quickly as he arrived.  Kagato shook his head slightly just after Kuni made his hasty exit – “Sorry about that Kuni is Kuni.” – It wasn’t long after this that Tori would make her appearance to the rest of the group and looked at him and spoke of how Rits was no awake and he could go see him if he so chose to do so. Kagato slightly nodded to her statement before parting his own lips slowly to speak back to her. – “After a bit...” - Kagato listened as Tori introduced herself to the pair from Yonshi  and asking them how was Yonshi. Kagato paused for a few moments giving each of the pair ample time respond to Tori before he began to speak once more. – “Yeah last time I heard Yonshi was doing well but you say otherwise… I have not heard from or about the ones that I had meet from there for quite some time now. The one that was to carry out that mission for us that never did so… but that was all settled in time..” – Kagato finished the rest of his Ramen and set his bowl down beside him with a light clank sound as the bowl hit the stone bench. He brought his index finger and thumb up to his chin taking a light grip of it. Kagato heard a slight noise coming from the shelter, so he slightly turned his head to look over his left shoulder only to catch a glimpse of Rits making his way out of the shelter and watched him as he started to make his way to the edge of the camp.  Kagato lips parted once more looking directly at his son that was now facing the opposite direction of the group with a low tone sounding voice. - “ Rits get over here and join the rest of us..” – Kagato was getting the feeling that his son was disappointed in his self due to the fact he was trying hard to avoid everyone at the moment of at least that is what he had felt as he was observing him.  Kagato waited for a moment before he turned his attention back around to the pair from Yonshi. He looked a crossed the fire right towards Itsumo as the flame embers crackled at the base of the fire producing a light orangish red glow.  Kagato shifted slight rolling his shoulder back and forth a bit.  Kagato pulled his left arm then his right out of his black armored rob like coat and placed it on the opposite side of him exposing his top which was a solid back long sleeved shirt that stopped with a lighter black band at mid torso from which a black netted martial sprang forth leading to another black band that stopped leaving a gap exposing his lower stomach.  Kagato’s eyes locked on to Itsumo face as if he was taking it all into memory before he began to speak once more– “I am sure Itsumo you have questions for us as much as we have questions for you… There are some things I would like to discuss with you later on perhaps when we are on our shift.  – Kagato paused for a moment before he started to glance around the group and began to speaking again. – “Speaking about shifts, ours should start soon before it gets too late… everyone she get rest while we can… while we are in a semi safe environment.” – Kagato took a deep breath filling his longs with the cool night air before he exhaled slowly. – “ We might have to have a few people repeat shifts depending on how Rits is feeling….And if he is feeling well enough to do so I would have to prefer to pair him with Toir so she could keep a better watch over his recovery…Which would mean  either one  of you two. – Kagato’s eyes jetted back and forth between Itsumo and Shikake. -  “If youns would still like to have one of your side on watch youns would have to choose make it a three person shift or possibly four…Just depends on how youns want to do it.” 

IItsumo: -Itsumo sat there watching as the Anbu known to them as Kuni approached the bowls and took two then disappeared she figured he was taking them to the two in the building recovering. She would look across the fire and at Kagato once more as she felt Shikake raise and head to the bowls she noticed him sniff the bowls of ramen before offering her one. She wasn’t sure if she should accept or not but she did not want to be disrespectful so she took the bowl and thanked Shikake. She nodded in agreement as Shikake thanked Kagato for the food and began to eat. She took up her chopsticks and took a few bites. She noticed out of the corner of her eye Kuni came close to the fire again and took one more bowl before disappearing again. She heard Kagato speak the Kuni was Kuni and it made her chuckle softly as she knew all too well what it was like to prefer to be off on her own instead of with others. This was rare for her to be around this many people at one time as it was. Itsumo would take a few more bites of the ramen as the Yamanaka girl approached the fire she spoke to her Kage first telling her that Ritsuka was awake that must be the boy’s name that was injured she was glad he was alright. When the girls attention switched to them and she introduced herself Itsumo set her bowl next to her and then stood. “As it is more obvious now without my mask I shall introduce myself again. I am Itsumo Yamanaka Shikage of Yonshigakure.” –she nodded to the girl and sat back down picking the bowl up once more and setting it in her lap as the girl spoke asking what Yonshigakure was like. Before she could answer Kagato spoke up about not having heard from our village and those he had meet when he visted the village. She also made not of the Mission he mentioned she remembered that day well and it was the last time she had been home before the death of her friend and Kage. Her icy blue eyes turned almost grey as she looked down at the bowl of ramen those memories flashing back to her. She shook her head pushing the painful memories for her head her voice cracking a little as she spoke.- “Kagato, Yonshigakure is not the village it was when you came to visit us. The Shinobi you meet with Kaito, took two other Shinobi and fled our village after killing two of our Hunter Corp Shinobi. Two friends of mine.” –She paused taking a deep breath and controlling the cracking in her voice as she continued.- “While I was tracking two of them the third lead an attack on the village. I had our strongest Shinobi with me besides our Kage and they were outnumbered. By the time word got to us and we were able to reach our village Most of our village Shinobi had fallen Our Third Shikage and a few others stood their ground fighting.” –her eyes looked to Shikake- “ We reached the battle field just in time to see Our Third Shikage fall, In Rage I killed the man whom was also the Last of the Shinobi that had fled and the others were able to take out the others that were with him. Our Village lost a great many that day and we are still rebuilding. So to answer your questions Yonshigakure has seen better days but we won’t fall or bow down just yet we survived one war we will make it through another.” –she finished and had to turn away for a moment gathering her thoughts and sighing softly she turned back not caring either way if they answered her. She noticed the boy was told to join them as he had made his way from the hut now she ignored the rest of the conversation up until she had heard Kagato bring up the shifts.- “ I can take two sifts I have no problem with that.” –she added that was the last thing she said before going silent in thought.- 

KunisadaUchiha: -After settling on the rooftop once more, Kunisada’s eyes stared at the sky for another moment before he slowly stood up atop of Kagato’s make shift home as well as picking up the bowl of ramen with him before walking to the make-shift home Kagato had made for him. Kunisada slowly and carefully removed his Kusanagi from its sheath before focusing a bit of chakra into his blade as it slammed into the solid wall. He slowly began to cut out a door like figure with his Kusanagi, at this point no one could see him due to the darkness of the night sky above and the absence of light where he was at; even the light below from the fire wouldn’t be able to reach him for anyone to see him. After cutting out a door like figure, Kunisada placed his blade back into its sheath before pressing one hand on the edge of it before moving it to the side, hearing it grind slightly against the rooftop below it before making enough room for Kunisada to pass through the threshold. He quietly stepped in before sliding the door shut again and turning as he began to sit, with his back against the door; if anyone decided to try and enter the darkness of the room, Kunisada could easily stop the door from opening. After a moment, he placed the still warm ramen bowl in front of him on the ground before thinking for a moment in silence in the darkness of his room. With the darkness surrounding him, he slowly reached behind his head as he loosened the clutches of his re-breather before shifting the object upwards slightly, only revealing his mouth. After moving it to where only his mouth showed, Kunisada reached forward in the dark and grabbed the bowl as well as the utensils and began to eat his ramen with his back still against the door. After finishing his meal, Kunisada placed the bowl down and placed his re-breather over his mouth again, once again tightening the clutches of the re-breather until his face was completely hidden once again. Kunisada slowly stood, grabbing his bowl before doing so as he opened the door of the makeshift home once more. Kunisada emerged from his home, leaving the stone door open as he walked back towards the group once more. He noiselessly jumped down from the makeshift home of Kagato, catching Kagato speak about pairs of watchers for the night. Kunisada appeared beside Kagato as he walked silently to the group before leaning down, his eyes and face down as he placed the object down, as he put his bowl by where Kagato sat only being in the fire’s light for a brief second before moving to stand behind Kagato. The flame’s light didn’t reveal much about Kunisada from where he was standing, but the pitch black color of his hair and clothing could be made out, as well as the reflection of the light caused by the tint of purple glass on his rebreather; that being said, it made his eyes impossible to be seen due to the reflection. Kunisada continued to listen to the conversation, as he silently observed the rest of the group: Akatori had awoken and joined the group as well as Ritsuka, but there was no telling in what physical shape he was in even though Kunisada doubted Ritsuka was 100 percent. Kunisada’s eyes shifted to Kagato as he thought about having to do repeat shifts, which he figured would be the case. He had already heard that Ritsuka was to be paired with Akatori, so that only left a small number of combinations of teams, but Kunisada had a pretty good idea of who he was to be partnered with. Kunisada stood quiet and motionless as he waited for the group to be done and to be paired off.-

 UnaruInuzuka: -As he listened to the sounds of the soft slurping of noodles being eaten by the others he watched as the girl called by the name of Tori walk over to the fire as well mentioning that the boy was up and eating and introducing herself with her full name of Akatori. A small bit of tension had eased from him, living in the village they had, every single person, the young more so, were important to their villages prosperity made the air around them all no doubt lighten. Slipping a finger under the mask he would flick up the bowl and take a drink of the broth and then slip the black cloth mask back over his features not having let anyone get a glance at his face in that action the bowl in the way. He glanced to the girl a moment as he considered speaking up. He waited till His kage had stood and spoken out her own introductions to the others and as she was shifting back to sit he had given a slight head bow in greeting, not getting up simply showing his lazy and well deserved resting demeanor at this moment even though all would know no matter how tired one would be he could be up for fighting in a blink of a eye.- “I’m Nara Shikake, personal guard to the Shikage.” –The title was little more than formality, she had been his captain and she has been his friend for years… He would be one to watch her back without the job title especially after what has happened to their home. The thought brought a darkness to his eyes as he had considered the question of the girl. He listened as his kage had chose to explain after the rain kage himself had added his own curiosity to the askance. He listened but the moments the others had likely looked at the Shikage as one or glanced away from him he did a quick movement to slip his mask down just enough to allow him to place some noodles into his mouth, chew quickly and swallow a good few mouthfuls before sliding it up before one or more glanced his direction. He did this action a few times, to the others the contents of the bowl disappearing with no sign of him having done anything. He glanced over to Itsumo as she had glanced to him after commenting about what was happening that day of theirs and then continuing on to that moment when they had been dashing back home in realization of what was happening… the moment they had feared what they would find, and then to have their fears slammed into their faces. The stench of blood, the sound of battle to only return as they slip thru the woods to see their kage fall all of it was overwhelming even to a battle worn hunter. His shock had taken longer to ease off to show his anger that day than Itsumo’s own and had seen her take on the male. He had spilt blood that day but the loss had hit them all hard… the memories still fresh but even so he had found the moments in the telling to devour the rest of the contents of his food without being noticed and set the bowl down on the ground near his feet, he went to open his mouth but closed it, with Itsy taking a second shift… he wanted to complain but he knew what the argument will be and chose to fall silent… tomorrow night, if they were still with the group he will take the second shift with those two, he would prefer being top shape in the morning rather than exhausted because he couldn’t take a hint to get as much sleep as possible after today. His head turned to look to the boy as he heard the Amekage tell him to come close to the fire and just waited a few moments soaking in the scene of the others around, however in the small silence after anything the others may speak on their village he spoke up to break the tension he knew was to be brought on with such a dark subject.- “What about your village? What is it like? Is it truly a village that never sees the sun and moon? That it is made of metal and statues?” –His question more towards the teens than the Amekage himself curious as to the thoughts of the younger generation on their home. He has never seen the place himself but rumors do fly around so felt like letting the small conversation flow to something less touchy if it was given the chance, if not so be it.-

Akatori2: ~Akatori nodded as they both introduced themselves. They were one Akimichi away from a Ino-Shika-Cho Trio, she joked in her mind. It interested her greatly that Yonshigakure was home to strong shinobi as well. Her ears perked as Kagato began to talk about his last time in the village, before Itsumo began to weave the tale of what had happened in Yonshigakure. It was a sad one, as one could hear the hard time Itsumo had pouring it all out in front of two strangers really. She mouthed a small wow, once Itsumo was done. To have a village thrown into the wind by a coupt like affair and still land solid like they appear to be doing is truly impressive. Kagato's voice once again boomed as the orange crackles of fire erupted into the night sky. He had called over Ritsuka who seemed to be sneaking away to be alone. He was mostlikely a bit bashful over being taken out, along with most likely not feeling at his peak. She coninuted to chow down on the meal, though she hoped that the trip wouldn't consist of endless ramen meals. Akatori would finish up and place the bowl by her feet as Ritsuka came over. She also sensed Kuni's chakra moving towards the fire also. Kagato began to talk again, but Akatori was not listening. Her eyes bugged open a bit as she listened closely to her Clone back in Amegakure transmit to her how the first training went. Akatori smiled and nodded as she heard how things were. Her olive eyes blinked back into reality just to hear Shikake ask questions about Amegakure.~ "Ah..Amegakure is how it sounds. We do indeed have our constant rain, so seeing the sunlight and tasting the dry air is a bit, different..But none the less, the village is a work of art as all villages are. Crafted by the old generation, molded by the next.."~

Ritsuka: ☀ He had just reached the edge of camp and was looking out at the empty night. Everything out here was so unfamiliar to him. it was open and airy. He wasnt sure if he liked it or not but it definatly was a change of pace. He flinched lightly at the sound of his fathers voice booming at him to join the others. He glanced back at the group  moment watching the shinobi sit together around the fire. His body still facing away from the group gazing at a large wall letting out a heavy sigh, He wasn’t feeling the most social at the moment but he knew there was no arguing this with his father. Furthermore he knew his father wasn’t doing it to be malicious, perhaps in his own way to show that it was alright that Ritsuka had gone down and that he shouldn’t be embarrassed. He thought back on the battle thinking if there was something he couldv'e done differently to prevent this.  With that Ritsuka turned and started off toward the group his pace slow and reluctant. Using chakra so soon wasn’t the best idea after taking a hit like he had, but he had decided till he could rebuild some chakra his sharingan was out of the question. He preferred it that way at the moment anyway, that masked hunter ninja from Yonshigakure had seen his eye and there wasn’t anyway for him to know how the foreign pair would react. Ritsuka let his gaze flick over to the hunter-nin before averting to the ground as he stood near his father as the other kage was finishing her explanation of their village.  As the hunter nin began to ask questions about Amegakure, Ritsuka settled to sit down lightly a sigh escaping his lips as he did so. He began thinking about his home, reminiscing  a bit. This had been the longest he had been apart from his team and from Unaru. He knew Una would be concerned when his clone poofed mid walk. And that his team was probably wishing he was there to train them before the upcoming exams. It was part of the reason he was planning on sending the clone back to the village at the first available moment, more than likely when they headed out towards the island again. He was supposed to be helping them, but how could he do that if he couldn’t even handle himself against one ninja. He was sure that he had that fuma but that’s how things are in the ninja life. Unexpected and always more than it seems. It was a learning experience he supposed. He stretched lightly listening to his father talk about taking shift of watch duty.  He turned to face his father giving him a reassuring look as he spoke to him* "Pops, Im fine to take shifts. I've slept enough. I don’t think I could sleep if I tried anyway" * The last bit ended up being a bit muttered but he had meant it. He hoped the group wouldn’t worry to much about his ability to handle things after everything that happened and at this point, Ritsuka was more than ready to prove his worth. He would glance at his father for a moment before clearing his throat addressing his father in a hushed tone.* "Can we talk, when you get a free moment.' * He wasn’t sure what he wanted to say to him but knew he should address the incident at some point. Might as well get it over with..*

Kagato: -As Kagato listen to Itsumo’s introducing herself as well her hunter nin Shikake. Shortly after this Itsumo began her story it reminded him of his own past and how Amegakure wasn’t doing so well back then during the war and was even burned down due to the weak person they had in charge at the time. He noticed how it seemed to affect her emotions when speaking about her village and all of their hardships. This was one thing Kagato could relate to in a sense. Kagato’s eyes dart over to Itsumo as she finished the last bit of her  talk about Yonshi and the Shikages, only to hear her volunteer for another shift.- “ I am sorry to hear about your village and all the hardships it has endured..” – Kagato paused for a moment before speaking to her once more. – “Maybe we could work something out to help further along your village...us being allies in the past and all maybe we could be once more…” – Kagato glanced back over his shoulder noticing Kuni standing behind him once more only to have his attention brought to Shikake who had been asking about Amegakure Tori had given a brief statement about their home but she wouldn’t have seen the transformation of Amegakure like Kagato himself had.- “ Well  to answer your questions a bit more, It is true Amegakure hardly see’s sun light or the moon for that matter seeing as the storm clouds above Amegakure prevents these things for the most part. We do have tall metal housing structures and other buildings. Our village is very industrialized and highly advanced in technology. “Kagato paused for a moment and took a slow deep breath before speaking again. – “The rain never stops unless I will it to do so, so in other words it’s constantly raining. Maybe after this trip Youns would like a tour?..”  - It wasn’t long after this that His son Rits  spoke up saying he could take on shifts as well, Kagato was very unsure about this even though he said he was fine he had taken a nasty hit earlier on  that day and probably wasn’t one hundred percent well. Only to have His son speak softly to him in a whisper like tone only a few moments later, Kagato simply nodded and leaned his head towards his son’s ear.  He started speaking only loud enough for Rits to hear him. – “We shall talk after this if you wish to do so.” – Kagato turned his attention back to the group as things were winding down seemed everyone had eaten or was close to finishing so he thought this time was best to start explaining the shifts. –“ Well it had already been decided that it would be best for at least one of each side of the groups take a shift together… Itsumo and I will be on the first shift,  Then after three to four hours it will be Kunisada and Shikake up for the next shift we will wake them when it’s time for their shift. Now the third shift will be the final shift before we have to head out again... Tori, My son Rits who says he is ready to get back out there and I know you said you would take on another shift Itsumo if you would like to take this one on you are more than welcome to it. I am pairing Tori with Rits in case something happens and she needs to treat him once more.” –Kagato stared into the fire as it had died down a little   he turned slightly from where he was sitting and picked up a few bundles of wood and tossed them into the fire. The Fire roared and picked up its warmth and brightness the crackling of the wood suggested it hadn’t been sitting around for that long and still needed to be dried out a bit but it had seemed to be working for now.  Kagato’s lips parted slowly after these actions to address the group once more. – “ we should get started on the shifts soon before it gets to late so I suggest we finish up here soon so we can get started.  The first shift being Itsumo and myself we should get prepared for it. Are there any objections to the parings or order?” 

IItsumo:-Itsumo looked up as she felt another chakra coming towards the fire the first was the Anbu whom stood behind Kagato the next she felt was a boy joining them. She listened carefully as the others started talking about their village. A village with no sunlight and rain all the time sounded dreadful not that she enjoyed the sunlight but not having it would be hard on everyone but growing up there she guessed they would be used to it by the time they got to their age. Though Itsumo herself was still not used to even staying in one place let alone in her own village it was an adjustment she would be making even more so after she created the contract she wanted. Itsumo would look to Kagato as he began to speak up about being allies once and being able to be them again. Itsumo didn’t know of their alliance she knew that Kaito had spoken to Kagato once for a Mission that never got approved by the Kage and she was not sure if Nobu ever even spoke to him but she nodded it was possible to form an alliance however it would have to wait till she could speak to him more about the subject. She listened as Kagato then explained his take on the village and how he would be the one to stop the rain and it made her want to chuckle she had a feeling he controlled the rain earlier but she didn’t have proof then now she knew for sure that it was him who made it rain. She listened as he said that perhaps they would like a Tour she had never been to Amegakure or near it for that matter she had always hunted outside of the villages except smaller ones that had hardly any Shinobi in them but it could possibly be nice.  She spoke calmly looking at Kagato as she spoke.- “Perhaps but depending how long we are gone I should return to my village before anyone notices I’m gone”-  Although precautions had been taken so no one knew she was gone she had left a shadow clone there in the village but knowing her clone would have her personality she didn’t know if the clone would last too long but she had hopes it would. She noticed he then spoke about the shifts and how the boy Rits was his son and wanted a shift of his own. This caught her off guard she wondered how old the Kage was to have a son as strong as the boy though she kept the thought to herself and kept her face blank of expression. As he went on to state that himself and her would take the first shift and then that Shikake and Kunisada would take the second 3 or 4 hours later and then if she choose to she could take the last shift with the Young yamanaka girl Tori and his son Rits she would feel better if she was on that shift it would also give her a glimpse at how both of their health was actually doing. She nodded at the pairings having no objections to them. She took her bowl and took a cloth from her pocket and wiped it down before taking Shikake’s empty bowl and doing the same she would then take the bowls and set them near where Kuni had placed his before tossing the cloth into the fire and returning to her seat. As Time passed he said that they should get the shifts started soon so she got to her feet once more.- “No objections I will gather my gear.” –she had most of her gear but she was missing her doll. The doll was the most important part of her tools and she wouldn’t be without it for too long. She headed back to the shelter where she had stored her doll and created another connection with Shikake.*don’t let your guard down tonight I trust them but They are hiding something from us.* -she then severed the connection without even waiting for him to reply she picked up her doll and laid it over her back where it went always she picked up her mask and placed it back under her scarf then headed back to the fire to meet Kagato for the first shift.-

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada stood motionless as he heard everyone around the fire speak. He glanced over at Kagato as he heard him talk to Itsumo about an alliance between Yonshigakure and Amegakure. He listened to Kagato speak about Amegakure, how the sun was never seen unless Kagato wanted it to, but he knew as well as Akatori and Ritsuka would that that would never happen. After speaking about the Village, he heard Kagato offer the two a tour of Amegakure right before he noticed Ritsuka trying to speak to Kagato quietly out of the corner of his eye. Kunisada heard Kagato begin to talk about pairs for the shifts as he listed off who was to be with whom. When Kagato announced himself to be paired with Itsumo, it didn’t surprise Kunisada; if Kagato wanted Yonshigakure and Amegakure to be on peaceful terms with one another, then the two Kages of each Village would need to talk about such things. The next pair he heard was himself and Shikake, and finally Ritsuka and Akatori. Kunisada heard Kagato say that if Itsumo liked she could take another shift with another pair if she felt up to it. Kunisada thought silently to himself before seeing the fire light up from the wood Kagato had just thrown in. Kunisada heard Kagato ask if anyone objected to the pairings, to which Kunisada remained silent; he figured he’d be paired up with one of the Jounin, but he understood Kagato’s reasoning for pairing the two together. After seeing Itsumo begin to walk to her shelter, Kunisada leaned down towards Kagato and spoke quietly to where only Kagato could hear him.- “…If I’m needed for anything, I imagine you know where to find me…” –After speaking, Kunisada straightened himself once more and waited for the group to break off.-

UnaruInuzuka: -Shikake say listening to the conversation after his questions a soft nod coming every once in a while within it, the thought of the village never seeing the sun like all the rest of the world had made him wonder how the young could be so accepting to it. That was when he heard Kagato mention he could turn it off if he so chose, so he was right to believe that flash rain storm was made from the Amekage himself. The question in his mind of if all was, why have the rain in the first place? Also why is it so accepted? His mind turned softly and considered the options, it no doubt helped Kagato in some way, maybe impending enemies in a fight? No it wasn’t hard enough to make such a difference in that… He hadn’t felt any different when he was under the shower himself so it didn’t help the allies… Maybe a sensory skill… These thoughts ran in his head a bit before he suddenly took note of the boy finally joining the group around the fire. His chocolate, almost black orbs looked over Rits, he seemed more disappointed in things than injured at this point which when it came to fighting fit was good to see so he let his eyes slide away to the others before he heard Kagato start talking about the order the group will be working shifts and how long they will be, he gave a understanding nod but then blinked letting his eyes slide to the boy, So he’s the Amekage’s son? He glanced between them without seeming to be doing so by simply appearing to look at the whole group, he took note of the similarities of the two now and smirked softly under the mask,  but nothing else for the moment was done to be noticed by the others. This happened just before he took note of Itsy grab the bowl of his and clean it up what they have used. Watching the fire crackle and spit from the log and soon flare from having the cloth thrown in as well he took the moment to sit there before shifting himself forward. His hands settled on his knees and he seemed to slowly rise to his feet in an almost exaggerated movement. He reached down and snagged his mask and with years of practice shifted it back to his face hiding his features once again. He watched as Itsy moved off before speaking for himself.- “no objections from me either.” –His eyes glanced between Akatori and Kagato.- “Also thank you for indulging my curiosity of your home and also on the offer of a tour.” –He didn’t come to add the fact that he doubted he will have much of a chance of doing such in the near future because of how much needed to be done and a simple shadow clone will likely not be able to do the things he will be needed for there. However he did consider the offer and maybe when things get better for his village he may actually take such an offer and come to see the never ending rain. He yawned behind the mask as he suddenly felt the connection from his Shikage talking about not bringing his guard down before the link was broken. He didn’t make a moment or a sound in confirmation but he understood perfectly, after all what hunter nin ever did bring their guard down in the first place around others that are still generally strangers in their books? He waited a few moments longer to hear anything else the others may say before he gave a slight bow.- “Well guess I’ll go head off and grab a few hours rest, be well.” –With that he turned and headed off towards the dome he had set up for Itsy earlier as she was walking out of it back to the camp he gave her a slight nod in passing that would simply look like a respectful gesture. He was tired and he wasn’t one to waist time when he knew he could get some rest, and his lazy nature just forbade him from not taking such an opportunity. He soon ducked slightly as he slipped inside into the dark of the building. He paused only a moment to let his eyes adjust before finding a bare area in the building and came to flop down on the ground taking note the ground here already having soaked up the rain and the dampness had disappeared. He pulled out a scroll and with a simple gesture of his hand uncurls the parchment from its roll and slams a hand into the symbol upon it releasing his blanket from the confines of the seal. He slipped the scroll back into his pouch and rolled up the blanket into a make shift pillow before dropping himself to the ground on his back head hitting the ‘pillow’ just as another yawn passed his lips. The hum of the earth under his form and the cool night air finding pathways thru the buildings and into his own to keep it from getting stuffy soon was relaxing him. He could still hear the crackling of the fire here. He shifted once at a sharp sensation at his back and reaching under found a rock; he simply tossed it to the side before sighing, one thing with him, he could be dead asleep but even he will never come to be unaware of his surroundings and being outside the village set a even higher standard for him. Soon enough he had let himself drift off to sleep, his body needed it to recover from this day and he wouldn’t deny it this.-

Akatori2: ~ She smiled lightly as the talk of shifts came up, knowing Ritsuka was eager to take one. Akatori kept focus of what Kagato-Sama was saying. It was logical for the two Kage to take the first shift. With them being the most powerful from each group, they would be able to keep a close watch on one another as well, and hopefully improve village relations between Ame and Yonshi. Then it made sense having the two ANBU of the group work together on the next shift. That would leave her and Ritsuka on the third shift. There would be quite some time before her shift started, so it would be best to try and get a bit more rest; as her shift would lead into the group traveling. ~ " I'll be heading back to the hut. " ~ She told the group, giving them a small bow. Akatori found the Yonshi-nin to be quite nice, but they all had to stay sharp in case they were not to be trusted. She thought about relaying the message to her teammates, but all three of the boys didn't trust easy so it wouldn't be a thought that slipped out their minds. Once she reached the hut, Akatori would lean her back against the wall, sitting comfortably. Reaching her hand into her bag, she pulled out a small book with a brown cover and the kanji for 'Medic' on it. She started to read from where she left off on how to perfect the Mystical Palm Technique. After a good twenty minutes of reading, she dozed off, book in lap.~

IlRitsuka: Sighing lightly at his father’s response. He wasn’t entirely sure still if he wanted to bring the incident up, speaking on it would mean facing the reality of what had happened. The idea of letting his father and village down, gnawed at his stomach, He settled to kneel down balancing carefully on the heel of his feet, his knee's drawn up near his body as he remained silent during the remainder of the conversation, Listening carefully to the others speaking. As people started heading off to their respective places to rest before their shifts Ritsuka muttered a quiet apology to his father. Loud enough for only him to hear. * “I just wanted to apologize for my carelessness today. I won’t allow it to happen again.”* He didn’t wait for a response. He didn’t want the responsibility of his actions to be diminished. He had played with his prey and rightfully in his eyes deserved what had happened to him. He stood nodding to the few remaining by the fire. Before heading off in the opposite direction of the hut he had awoken in. He stopped near the base of their makeshift campgrounds and sighed again. Lowering him down carefully into a sitting position. His legs crossed beneath him. Letting his eyes close he didn’t attempt to rest but rather to meditate and focus on regaining the spent chakra. He allowed the sounds of the area around him to fill his ears. Taking in the sounds of bugs buzzing along with the quiet crackle of the fire nearby. Without regaining the chakra he had diminished in his fight, he feared how helpful he would be to Akatori in their shift. As capable as he knew she was. She was a medical ninja. He knew he had to shape up and pull his weight so she would be able to heal others if the need be. He figured there would be some chakra depletion from whatever healing she had to do on him after he was unconscious. He remained perfectly still the only movement being the shallow and almost unnoticeable rise of his chest as he breathed. After the first shift was up he would attempt to get some sleep. His shift being the last one there wasn’t much of a rush for him to rest as he had been out for most of the day.*

Kagato: -Kagato slightly nodded towards Itsumo as she stated about how she should really get back to her village once it’s all over.- “ Well perhaps when you have time then or hope that this little journey doesn’t take long then expected  “- He titled his head slightly as she placed her mask back on before she walked away from the group to gather whatever it was that she needed for their shift. Kagato pondered on why she chose to put back on her mask after she had already showed her face to the group, but then again  who is to say they won’t meet up with another set of trouble makers during their shift.  On note it wasn’t like Kagato took his Re-Breather and mask off and left it off mostly just when he was eating and sleeping.  After Itsumo took off Kuni leaned in towards Kagato and spoke to him pretty much loud enough so that Kagato was the only one to hear him say that if he needed him he knew where to find him. Kagato slightly nodded towards Kuni the type of nod that given to some letting them know they understood what they meant. It wasn’t long after Itsumo leaving and Shikake stating he had no objections that Shikake and thanked Kagato for indulging him about Amegakure, that he was going to took off away from the group as well it had seemed there little group was all breaking away rather quickly for the night. Followed right behind Itsumo and Shikake were Tori saying she was headed back to the hut. Kagato glanced over towards her and simply nodded before he spoke. – “It’s a wise choice to get rest while you can.”  - Kagato heard his son sigh slightly He knew he had to be down on his self after what happened with the fight but he did well considering. Then all of a sudden cam his apology about how he was carless, and before Kagato had time to respond Rits took off. Kagato quickly brought his two index fingers together in the form of a plus sign and in an instant right next to him in a pearly grey puff of some and exact duplicate of Kagato sat next to him this was just another one of his shadow clone. The Real Kagato simply nodded to the clone before it took off in haste after Rits the clone was in Rits’s location within the matter of seconds he noticed Rits sitting down with his legs crossed beneath him. Kagato’s shadow clone reached over with it black armored gloved hand and tapped Rits in the right shoulder. The clone leaned in closer to Rits before it slowly parted it lips. – There was no reason to apologize for what happened…I’m just glad you are okay….” –The clone slowly nodded  up and down before it spoke again.- “ with every bump in the road you learn from it and you get stronger..” – Mean while the real Kagato sitting back by the fire  started to put away everything from  the food he had made everyone resealing all the bowls, utensils, pots  and water back in their respective scrolls and placing them back in his back pack one by one. After five or so minutes this little task was complete. He threw on his black long armored robe like coat shoving his left arm in to the first sleeve followed by his right in the next sleeve. He picked up his black mask and placed it back on his face covering back up the lower half of his face. Net he picked up his black metal Re-Breather and snapped it back in place along his mask.   He placed his back pack   on his back by sliding the straps over his right and left arms placing them on his armored cover shoulders. He turned around towards the fire noticing it had started to die down a bit. He made his way over to the stack of wood and through a few more logs on the fire.  With a light roar the embers from the logs smacking the fire with a bit of force began to fill the air slightly like little fire flies while the wood began to crackle.  Kagato turned towards, before he spoke to him once more in a whisper like tone loud enough for only Kuni to hear. – “Is there anything you need to speak to me about before my shifts starts?” – Kagato waited for Kuni to answer as well as for Itsumo to make her way back to the fire.- 

IItsumo:-Itsumo had already almost made her way back to the fire when she noticed the boy run off and not long after a clone of the AmeKage followed suit. She didn’t know what to make of this but decided she should probably wait a few moments before returning to the fire so she stopped in her tracks far enough away from the fire to not be disturbing the AmeKage and his Anbu if they had something to talk about. This finally gave her a moment alone to recuperate and fully go over the day’s events. She closed her eyes still listening to what was going on around her as she thought back. The rain as they reached the top of the mountains. The sudden appearance of the AmeKage and his followers. The sudden attack of the Fuma and of course the fact he had decided not to share what information he had gained but other than that he seemed trust worth enough to take a shift alone with him. He had also offered to possible help them with the rebuilding of their village and that caught her off guard as did the invite to visit Amegakure. This would be her first time in the village or making a treaty of peace on her own she wasn’t quite sure what to expect again she was a bit off with how she felt about doing the politics of everything it wasn’t really her thing in the past but she would have to get used to it in the long run. She sighed and moved a strand of her pale blonde hair from her face and lifted her arms to tighten the tie that was holding the rest of her long locks in place. She then adjusted her mask into place making it completely cover her face and then fixed her white scarf back into place. She shifted the doll on her back so it was evenly distributed and made sure her scrolls and weapons where all in their correct places in case she needed them if they were attacked. She then fixed her top to make sure she was fully covered in the correct places and then slowly made her way back towards the fire another minute or so later she would take her seat in the same place she had gotten up from looking over the crackling red flames she would glance at Kagato through the flames and wait for him to be ready.-

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada’s eyes slowly scanned the group as they began to branch off from one another. He watched Akatori make her way to the makeshift home Kagato had made both herself and Ritsuka and noting Shikake going to his own makeshift home shortly after Ritsuka. He glanced over to see Ritsuka lean close to Kagato as if speaking to him quietly before leaving the fire, noting that he hadn’t left Kagato much time for a response if he had spoken to him. Shortly after seeing Ritsuka walk away, Kunisada noticed a gray puff of smoke appear next to him before seeing a clone of Kagato next to Kagato, who proceeded to nod at the clone and watched the clone run after Ritsuka. Kunisada glanced over as Kagato was putting everything up before he slowly turned to make his way up to the makeshift home that Kagato had made him; he wasn’t entirely too sure on whether he was going to stay in there or not, but he’d figure it out eventually. Before he took a step, he noticed Kagato shift slightly, causing him to turn back fully to face Kagato as he asked if there was anything he would like for him to do before his shift began. Kunisada quietly thought for a moment before speaking only loud enough for Kagato to hear.- “…You mind making a doorway out of the barrier for a few seconds…?” –He waited a few more seconds before speaking as to clarify his point to Kagato.- “…I’d like to send a clone to Amegakure; I hadn’t thought of leaving one before we left, but I’d like to send one to keep an eye on things just in case…” –After Kunisada spoke, he silently awaited for Kagato’s answer.-

IlRitsuka: - His eyes opened slowly when the tap on the shoulder came. Turning to look up at his father standing above him. He listened to the words, his father spoke to him. It wasn’t that he didn’t understand what his father was saying. It was more he felt expected to be better. He was the son of the Amekage. The most powerful shinobi in the village. He knew he had come a long way in his own time and also knew he was still young. Ritsuka was always the type to push him to be better and better. It wasn’t enough for him to be good. He wanted to be great like his father. The tone of his response was a calm one, trying not to show too much disappointment in him through it. -”I know Dad. I just.. Really want to make you proud. I want to do right by the village and right by myself as well. Speaking of the village.. Being unconscious I would imagine my clone would have disappeared.. Was thinking of sending one out now. I’m sure Unaru is worried and my team is still in need of training and team building before the upcoming exams. What do ya think?” * He hoped his father would agree it was a good idea. He had a decent supply of chakra built up, a perk of being an Uzumaki he imagined. After the team spar they had gone through he was hoping to be able to bring them together. Even if it was only a temporary thing. He knew the relationship with the team and new member he had brought in was rocky. It had taken him by surprise at the interactions of the fight. But things like that take time and patience. Both things Ritsuka had at the moment. His blue eyes looked up to his father again as he awaited a reply from his father.-

Kagato: -Kagato simply nodded to Kuni before parting his lips slowly and spoke only loud enough for Kuni to hear- “I can do that…I will send a clone to do said task just have your clone ready for I do not wish to keep the barrier open for too long….when we get back I really need to teach you how the pass  for this technique...” -  Kagato once again placed both of his index fingers in the shape of a plus sign and just like before in a pearly grey puff of smoke an exact duplicate of his self was sitting next to him only it being a shadow clone like the one he sent to talk to Rits.  Kagato nodded towards the clone and in that instant it made its way over towards the ruined gate area. The clone’s feet hitting the wet earth without making a sound passing by Rits and the other clone and stopping right in front of the gate.  Meanwhile the first shadow clone that was with Rits simply nodded and placed its hand on top of his crimson hair, the clone moved his hand back and forth lightly to mess  up Rit’s hair slightly before speaking. – “I am proud of you never forget this, every day you follow the path of being a shinobi you make the village proud.. You stand for what the village believes in and that is all that anyone can ask of you..” – Kagato shadow clone paused for a moment before speaking to Rits once more. – “Yeah no doubt  your clone would have dissipated after you were knocked out…it would be a good idea if you sent another one back…Prepare your clone.." –Kagato’s first shadow clone's eyes dart over towards the gate. – “Over there… is already preparing to open the passage way through the barrier so be quick about it and get some rest right after … we have a long night ahead of us..” – The first shadow clone vanished in a cloud of greyish smoke right before Rits transferring all of what was talked about to Kagato as well as all of its remaining chakra. The second shadow clone   quickly made a passage way  through the five seal barrier  using the five-seal barrier pass technique  The clone waited  there by the passage way patently as it waited for Kuni’s clone and Rit’s clone to  make their way over  to it and make their way through it to start their journey back to Amegakure. During this time the real Kagato remained seated over by the fire and watched as Itsumo returned with what she needed for the nights watch duty. Kagato shoot Itsumo a glance to look her over once and noticed she had her Panda strapped to her back once more as well as he mask still in place. The panda kind of started to make him wonder why it seemed she was so protective over it never really leaving it out of her sight for too long from what he noticed. He was also liked the idea the two had the first watch together this gave him time  for him to talk to her  and find out more  about her. The camp fire was still burning brightly the sound of the crackling burning wood ever so light of a sound could still be easily heard. The smell of the wood filled the cool crisp night air even through his Re-breather he was able to smell this sent.  Kagato’s eyes adverted up towards the sky for a moment seeing as the clouds he had made a while ago dispersed making it all the easier to see the star filled sky. It wasn’t something he was used to seeing living in Amegakure all of his life with the constant cloud cover over the village. The star filled sky felt to him kind of peaceful yet as every shinobi knows even if something seems peaceful there is still a chance for danger right around the corner. Kagato’s eyes dropped down from the sky and once more looked straight a crossed the way over towards Itsumo before slowly parting his lips to speak to her. – “Almost time to start our shift just tying up a few things and then we can begin…it shouldn’t take much longer… I am looking forward to our shift it’s not every day that Kage’s get a chance to do something like this or even speak as freely as I hope for later on...” – Kagato lifted his right and left arms up over his head stretching a bit before standing up. – “ Not to mention this has to be a rare chance meeting  might as well make the most of it while we are here…”

IItsumo:-Itsumo looked across the fire and stared at Kagato her icy blue eyes watching him as he sat across from her. She noticed a slight movement happening at the edge of the Barrier he had set up and she wondered a bit about what was going on. She figure he was either fixing something or allowing something or someone to leave out the barrier. She had taken her time watching them through the corner of her eye while keeping her main focus on the man in front of her. She didn’t know what to say she had not been a social person for a long time nor had she ever been in the presence of a Kage. She was still contemplating what to say when he finally spoke to her. She listened as he said it was almost time for their shift to start and that he had a few things to take care of first but that they shouldn’t take long. She nodded softly figuring it had something to do with what was going on over by the edge of the barrier. She didn’t know how to take that he was looking forward to their shift she too was looking forward to their shift. She listened as he said it wasn’t very often Kages got the chance to take a shift on guard duty or to speak freely she was looking forward to that it had been almost a year since she had been able to speak as she liked. She watched as he stretched and stood up and she slowly got to her feet as he finished what he was saying that it was a rare chance meeting and indeed it was. What were the chances of them meeting on the way to the same place like this they were very low but it was a good thing in the end. She finally spoke in a low voice after a few seconds. “I am also looking forward to our shift it is rare indeed that Kage’s get to be out like this I have missed it greatly traveling and being out.  I do hope in time we can speak freely with each other as well being formal isn’t always one of my strong points. “ –she paused for a second and tilted her head slight to the right.- “As for this being a chance meeting it is indeed rare I never imagined running into another Kage on our Travel to the island let alone one that has a history with my village.” –She smiled under her mask as she slowly walked around the fire to stand next to him and waited.- 

KunisadaUchiha: -After waiting a few seconds for Kagato to respond, he heard Kagato accept his request to open the barrier for a few seconds so he could send a clone of his to Amegakure. Kunisada also heard Kagato mention about teaching him how to get “the pass” for his technique, to which Kunisada pondered momentarily before speaking quietly to where only Kagato could hear him respond.- “…sounds like a plan…” –He said before seeing Kagato’s hands make the Clone Seal as another form of Kagato appeared sitting beside him. Kunisada’s eyes followed the clone of Kagato as it made its way toward the barrier as he slowly backed into the shadows behind Kagato. As the shadows enveloped him, Kunisada crossed his index fingers and middle fingers as he formed the Clone Seal, catching a small puff of gray smoke appear next to him out of the corner of his eye. Kunisada quickly turned around fully as he jumped up to the top of the makeshift home that Kagato had made himself, stopping in front of the door that he had cut out of the smaller home Kagato had made him earlier as he turned to glance and see if the clone made it out of the barrier. The clone of Kunisada blinked and turned his head as Kunisada fully turned around and jumped on top of the makeshift home before returning his gaze over to where Kagato’s clone stood before using the Body Flicker Technique from the shadows as the clone’s body was replaced with a blur. Almost immediately after the clone used the Body Flicker Technique, he reappeared by the clone of Kagato that was by the barrier and granting him access to the outside so he could go to Amegakure. The clone looked at the clone of Kagato for a brief second before nodding his head at him and breaking into a sprint as he left to make his way to Amegakure. Kunisada’s eyes caught a glimpse of his clone beginning to leave the barrier, which caused him to turn his head back towards the stone door and place his right hand on the side of it. After he placed his hand on the side of the door, he gripped it a bit tighter and pushed it to the side, hearing it resist against the roof of Kagato’s home. After moving the door just enough to be able to step through, Kunisada stopped moving the door before moving himself inside of the small, dark home before gripping the door once more and sliding the door closed. He figured that Kagato would knock whenever it would be his shift as he slowly turned to face the darkness that filled the small room before slowly sitting himself against the door, as he did earlier and began to patiently wait for whenever it would be his shift.- 

IlRitsuka: *Ritsuka felt relieved that his father was allowing him to send out a clone. He nodded to his father showing he understood before the clone of his father busrt into a pearly cloud of white smoke.He Thought on how he hoped his clone would sucessfully make it to Amegakure No Sato. It was a long and dangerous trip but if his clone stayed on its path there shouldnt be much a a reason it shouldnt. He tilted his head to both sides and rolled his neck lightly before placingn his hands firmly on the ground and uncrossing his legs. With a quick push from his hands he moved back onto his feet and stood a moment. Brushing off his pants with his pants he turned lightly on his heel to face the direction the fire was. His hands moved from his sides to form the Clone handseal while he focused his chakra. With a Fluttering of wings, multiple crows flew from his body and into a clump next to him, before melding into an exact replica of Ritsuka. The jutsu he had used being the Crow Clone Justu. It was one of the clone techniques that would allow Ritsuka's clone to utilize jutsu's and techniques, not to mention handle the trek ahead. He turned to the clone before speaking to it lightly and in a hushed tone.” *Pop's is going to let you out of the barrier surrounding us. I need you to head to the village immediately. Do your best to get there as soon as possible and with as little stops as you can manage. Once there, seek out Unaru. You know he will be worried about me. So please reassure him I am fine. Now then go to Pops and wait for him to let you out.” *The clone gave Ritsuka a quick nod, showing he understood his mission. And turned to head over quickly to wait to be let out of the Invisible barrier surrounding their campgrounds. After it had left him Rritsuka decided to head over to the makeshift hut his father had formed for Himself and Akatori to rest in. The room was dim and unlit so he stood in the ddoorway for a moment letting his eyes adjust. Once he could see he spotted Akatori within. It appeared she had fallen asleep reading. He quietly to the space across from her and sat, crossing his legs like before and continuing regaining some of his depleated chakra. He would remain still and in that position till he could hear the shifts being changed. Once that happened he decided he would get some rest so he could be ready for his and akatori's shift. Curious if he would get a chance to speak with the other kage at some point during this trip. She seemed like a nice woman and he certainly hoped the chance would arise at some point during their journey to obtain there summons. He also wanted to speak more with that hunter nin. Something about him made Ritsuka curious to learn more about the masked mystery.* 

Kagato: -Kagato watched on as Kuni slinked off into the shadows, catching a slight glimpse of Kuni making a clone. It wasn’t long before said clone was off and running making its way towards Kagato’s awaiting shadow clone by what used to be the main gate of this village some many years ago.  Kagato wondered what Kuni really wanted to check up on back in the village after all it wasn’t important before they had set out what crossed his mind to send a clone to go check things out. Kagato simply shrugged his shoulders slightly dismissing these thoughts because whatever it was he was sure if it came down to it his Paths he left back there could aid Kuni’s clone if need be. Kagato’s shadow clone awaited the next clone this time this was the clone of his son.  Rit’s clone made its way swiftly out now crumbling down arch way where Kagato’s shadow clone had made a passage way. Kagato’s shadow clone quickly re-sealed the barrier and in a greyish cloud of smoke dissipated sending all of its remaining chakra as well as all the experiences it had just had with the others.  With Kuni  and now Rits back in their make shift shelters for the night not entirely sure if they were actually sleeping or not after all it had been an eventful day he was sure there was more than one thing going on in their minds. Kagato gazed a crossed  the fire as it crackled and illuminated the area in which he had set up  for a little gathering place with a soft reddish orange glow that seemed to lick at the objects and last two remaining people that was around it. Kagato listened carefully as Itsumo began to reply to his light conversation with her. It had seemed that she was looking forward to getting a chance to speak as well at least that is what she was saying to him at the moment he nodded slightly in acknowledgment. Kagato’s eyes shifted fully towards Itsumo as she began to make her way around the fire the glow of the fire seemed to give her form the same reddish orange it was giving everything else yet it seemed to pick up on it easier seeing as she was wearing pretty much all white. – “I do think this will defiantly be a trip to remember… After all getting to meet a Kage as lovely as your self is indeed a rare occurrence, not to mention one that can hold her own in battle…” - Kagato’s eyes never leaving Itsumo as she made her way around the fire and over to him taking a position of standing next to him.-  “ Hearing about your village is just a start I am sure, we have a little while to get to know each other better and can’t wait to do so.” – Kagato paused for a moment bringing his right hand up to his slightly still damp crimson free floating strands and brushed them to the side with his fingertips.- “ I would suggest  we take a walk along the barrier and make our way inward for the start of the shift… or if you have any suggestions on  where we should start  be my guest to state such…but on that note shall we”  - Kagato  dropped his right hand down to about mid torso height and began to  roll his wrist before offering  his hand to her almost like how a gentlemen would in older days to help a lady a crossed a road or something pf that nature. -

IItsumo:-Itsumo would sigh softly under her scarf as she could feel more chakra presences begin to randomly appear and disappear it was hell on a sensory ninja when people kept making clones of themselves. She could now feel two of the AmeKage’s sons chakra signature and two of the one he called Kuni She would look over to see in which direction  they were heading and noticed that they were leaving the barrier. She wondered if they were sending them out to scout or to head back to their villages. At least the AmeKage’s son if he had left a clone like her and Shikake had then it would make sense that he would have to send another due to being knocked out, however she was unsure as to why the other one would need to send one back. She shrugged it off as Kagato finally noticed she had joined him and began to speak to her once more. He blue eyes shifted to him under her mask as he spoke of this being a trip to remember she would have to agree with that but what he said next caught her off guard. She had never been told she was lovely before and this was odd to her the fact he complemented her strength when she had not even shown a fraction of her true strength was even more odd. He had done so much more in battle then she. She shrugged her shoulders and spoke softly.- “I’m not sure what you mean about holding my own I have not done much to show my strength as a Shinobi.”- She would look away for a moment as he continued to speak about learning about her village was only the beginning and that they had a lot of time to get to know each other. This idea intrigued her she didn’t truly let many people know the real her Nobu had been the last friend of hers left alive until he had passed no one truly knew her. She didn’t say anything else at that point she just continued to watch him as he moved his hand to his hair moving the strand that had fallen lose in the glow of the fire it made her smile under her mask. She listened as he spoke about where he thought they should start and that was a wise idea in her mind to start outward and work inward that way they could check the total barrier strength and make sure no one else got through it. She nodded her head agreeing with him as she spoke.- “I have no Objections” –She then noticed that he was holding out his hand for her she stared at it for a bit this was something she really was unsure of she knew what the power a simple  touch could give you over someone. She debated it in her head for a few seconds before finally dropping her left hand to let her hand find his and waited for him to lead the way.-

Kagato: -Kagato smiled slightly at her words he found it a little odd that she was unsure of how to take his compliment.  Kagato chuckled lightly and nodded slightly after she had no objections then parted his lips once more to speak underneath his black metal Re-Breather and mask.  - “Well I can see you are not used to getting compliments” –Kagato laughed light heartedly again. -  “Well you have not seen my full skills in battle either but I am sure you can sense it, like I can sense yours.”  - Kagato watched as she placed her left hand in his taking a light grip of it, as she stated to for him to lead the way. Kagato began to walk forward on the side nearest the barrier putting his self in between Itsumo and the barrier’s edge. Even with the barrier up the night air still was present cool clean and crisp in feel and smell. Kagato’s eyes ping ponged back and forth between the outside barrier and the inner parts of the village that now lay in ruins. Kagato paused in place as they neared one of the broken down war damaged buildings that was near the edge of the ruins. His mind went back to the day he returned to Amegakure and seen it set a blaze after leaving it to find his families killers. His head turned towards Itsumo the purple in one eye and the red in the other reflecting the pale moon light giving them a slight glow of sorts. He parted his mouth slowly  and his voice crept out as if it was being cautious even more so then  what his mind was telling him to be at the moment. – “So on the subject of villages yours was not left out of the path of war and destruction…for if you kill someone, someone else will kill you. This hatred binds us together. Love breeds sacrifice which breeds hatred. We are all driven to seek vengeance under the banner of justice. However, if there is justice in vengeance, then justice will breed only more vengeance only forging more links in a chain of hatred.  As for motives for war are of no concern, Religion, ideology, resources, land, grudges, love, or just because… No matter how pathetic the reason, it's enough to start a war. War will never cease to exist, reasons can be thought up after the fact, only one thing is for sure and that is human nature pursues strife.” –Kagato shook his head slightly and paused for a moment or two before speaking once more. -  “Amegakure has seen more than its fair share of war…the land itself is soaked in the blood of those who have fallen because of these conflicts…When I was younger and I was returning to my village from a trip to hunt down my parents killers….I come back to find Amegakure set a blaze…this sight alone to see your home light up brighter than a Christmas tree because of some fools who thought  it necessary to end the lives of countless shinobi’s and civilian’s alike just because of fear… I’m sure you can relate to this type of pain…without knowing the full details of what happened in your village…” 

IItsumo:-Itsumo didn’t speak as they headed towards the barriers edge she kept pace with him her hand in his as he lead the way and put him between her and the barrier. She took in a deep breath her scarf keeping the cool air from her nose and mouth but it still felt good against the pale skin of her arms. She listened when he finally spoke about her not seeing his true power but it was true as a sensory ninja she could feel his power without having to see it for herself. This made her wonder if he too had some sensory skills she nodded to his statement but kept quite as they kept walking along the barrier. She paused with him when he stopped her icy blue eyes looking up at him it seemed as though he was lost in thought as the moonlight gave his eyes a soft glow she could see his one eye its red color like none she had seen before. Finally he spoke his voice was slow and cautious she listened to the words of war and of the causes of war and how no one can escape it though what made her eyes go wide was the part about her understanding his pain. He had no knowledge of why she wasn’t in the village when the war started but something made her lower her voice to an almost whisper as she spoke.- “You are right I understand more than most would….I came back from a Mission and was told that my little sister, my teammate and another had killed three Anbu then fled the village….The third Shikage Nobu Akamichi gave me the task of hunting them down as I was head of our Hunter Ninja corp. I was also known for being the Next Kage but to me that didn’t matter I figured I would die long before Nobu did. – With that she paused looking up at the moon her icy eyes full thoughts not spoken.- “When I was finally able to catch up to my sister and Kaito I was able to get information from the two of them but it was already too late….The third Ryu had already lead a group of stray ninja against the village we hurried back Shikake myself and two others but we only reached the battle field in time to see Ryu standing over Nobu’s dead body. We had no idea what had become of our village at the time none of us saw clear enough to check to make sure no one was attacking it we went after Ryu it was our Mission he was the last to kill of the three missing ninja however only Shikake and Myself lived after that fight. By the time I carried Nobu’s body though the streets most of the Shinobi of our day were fallen we were able to kill everyone involved but at a price that I myself was not ready to pay. Now it is mostly young orphans who make up our village or those with parents that were not Shinobi that wanted their children to know how to protect the village.  A few other Shinobi lived protecting the children but none that are strong enough if we were to have another war to stand along me and Shikake and live.” – She paused and looked back at Kagato her icy blue eyes under her mask locking with his one visible red one.- “We will grow and get stronger it will just take time.

Kagato: - Kagato watched as Itsumo looked towards him and listened to what she had to say about the events of what unfolded in her village. This was the very thing that Kagato his self had seen countless times and even heard about happening in other villages. Kagato took a slightly tighter grip of her hand somehow he was moved slightly by all of what she had been through and her village knowing all too well what it was liked to be orphaned at a young age. He had lost his parents at a young age as well not to mention became the Amekage at a young age and lead the Amegakure into war to try and protect what they held dear.  Kagato began to remember the full events that brought him to where he is now even those he had trusted who were closest to him seem to only turn their back on him and try to end his life.- “ I know all too well how it is to find  out a family member is plotting against you… I had to take the life of my own son after his mother had messed with his mind… -Kagato paused for a moment and spoke with hatred in his voice with the next few words as he thought about the other. - His mother  that’s a whole other story she had planned to get close to me at the get go to bring me and Amegakure down…..She soon met her end as well as my eldest son.” –Kagato shook his head and couldn’t believe what he was about to say next, but something felt like he could trust her with this information. – “ As I said I haven’t had the greatest luck with people who are close to me… I am sure you are interested in the information I had gathered on the group who attacked us…And for my son’s Ritsuka’s sake I have not said much about this in front of him… It was his mother who had hired that group to come after us all… Athena Uzumaki….” –Kagato slowly closed his eyes for a moment and took a deep breath in than exhaled slowly. – “ She was the cause of this trouble and I do need to apologize for youns getting mixed up in it all…never thought she would try something like that but her time will come after we are done getting what we need out of this trip.” – Kagato slowly opened his eyes once more and looked directly where Itsumo’s eyes would be if not covered by her mask waiting a few moments before speaking once again. – “As for you village and that has happened to it… I would like to help you rebuild it to what it was formally… Amegakure has more than enough resources and man power to do so…but I am sure you would want to discuss something like this at a later date…Just know there is help if you want it.” – Kagato began to ponder on those names Itsumo had talked about, the ones that were responsible for what happened to her village. - “ I’ve met this Kaito  before that you spoke of, something seemed really off about him but … As for the Ryu you speak of … I think he had a brother if it is indeed the same one I am thinking of… Would his first name name be Riku by any chance? If so his brother is in my village Ken’ichi…”

IItsumo:-Itsumo continued to listen as Kagato began to speak again and explained his own past and felt as he griped her hand tighter he honestly meant what he was saying. She listened as he spoke about his lack of luck with people and having them betray him his own child and spouse and then another spouse had just sent an attack after then.- “You do not need to apologize for what has happened today, you had no control over her action and I trust you word that she will be dealt with.” –she listened again he continued to speak about offering resources as well if she wanted help. She had never thought about going to other villages to seek help rebuilding. Yonshigakure had always stood on its own outside of the major village’s wars and destruction but she had to face the truth in this day and age it was going to be nearly impossible to stand alone forever.- “I would not mind talking about that at another time in the future.” –she said then tilted her head hearing what he had to say next it caught her off guard they had no record in their village of Riku having a brother or she would have gone hunting for him after she had killed Riku but Kagato had no reason to lie about this she simply nodded.- “Yes his name was Riku Ryu and we had no record of him having any family at all when he came into the village as a child. It’s interesting that you have someone in your village that is family to him…..are they alive?” –she took a step forward thinking to herself that they should keep walking standing in one place was not going to keep them vary alert though she didn’t think anything would get past the barrier he had put into place but that didn’t matter much to her a task was a task.- 

Kagato:-Kagato shook his head slightly after she said he didn’t need to apologize for what happened today. – “Indeed I do need to for if it wasn’t for me being here youns wouldn’t have got brought into this mess.” - Simply nodded towards Itsumo as she stated she wouldn’t mind talking about how he and his village could help her and her village gets back up on its feet.  Much to Kagato’s surprise the statement that followed next with her stating she didn’t know that Riku had any family. Then again the two didn’t like each other from Kagato’s understanding. – “ Well His brother is still alive  but out on a mission at the moment and I cannot discuss what the mission is about but…He should be back before we get back from this little trip of ours…..caught me slightly off guard you didn’t know he had a brother…but as far as other family  being alive it’s the only one I do know about  the rest seemed to have passed away a while ago…” –Kagato noticed Itsumo starting to move forward  it was probably best if they did get to moving  even though he was enjoying their little conversation standing there. Like Itsumo  did Kagato began to start moving forward  the hour seemed to pass quickly as they made their way  in like a spiral inward all starting off at the edge of the barrier making their way in. Things seemed quiet for the most part. Kagato was using his sensory skills on full  to make sure no one was approaching their location, he didn’t want any surprises to suddenly pop up.  As They made a complete circle around the barrier  Kagato started to direct the pair inward moving about the ruins  heading clock wise. It had seemed it was many years since anyone had actually been here no telling what secrets laid underneath these ruins if anyone hadn’t already gotten to them by now. a layer pulverized rock and dust now still seemed to cover the many rock formations of once was the  buildings of this village, even though Kagato had made it rain earlier. – “ I know what brings me to the island, which it’s going to take awhile for me to gather all of what I need but what  brings you out here in search of the island? – Kagato wasn’t sure if he would get a full answer out of her or not depending on her answer is what he would tell her for his reasons for searching out the island.  With his free hand Kagato brushed the free strands of crimson hair away from his eyes giving a full on view of both of his eyes for a second.-

IItsumo:-Itsumo would nod as she listened as he spoke about the brother being on a mission she understood that he couldn’t speak of what the mission was and she didn’t expect him to after all it didn’t bother her all that much. As he started walking she didn’t mind the short silence as she scanned over the ground of the abandoned and crumbling piles of rock that could only have been buildings at one point. It was sad to see a once powerful village in such rubble but in honesty this was what war brought destructions she had heard stories growing up about the villages her parents and others in Yonshgiakure had lived in before the war but she never imagined ever seeing something like them in this new age. She looked at Kagato as they kept walking and time went on she didn’t know what to say conversation with people was not one of her strong suits having been out on her own for so long with only a few other silent hunters who preferred to keep to themselves didn’t leave much room for conversation skills to grow. When he finally spoke Itsumo didn’t know how to explain herself clearly. What had brought her to the island, it was the one thing she had spoken with her Sensei about for years while on the road and learning to be a hunter ninja. She blushed under her white scarf unsure but trusting that he wouldn’t laugh when she explained.- “After I made it to Chuin volunteering with the Academy wasn’t right for me….I was taken in as the student of the Head of our Hunter corp at the time  I trained with them for quite a few years……while I was with them I was given the nickname the Panda Hunter it was because I could look so innocent but be deadly at the same time….when it came to protecting my home, He gave me this Mask the day I stayed in the village to help after my father passed away I trained hard and took on other jutsu in which I could use the panda in other ways after a while I returned back to being a Hunter Ninja and the rest of us joked from time to time one day I would find the island and make a contract with a panda and through them become a Panda sage. I was supposed to do that with Kinta my sensei but he will killed by my sister while we were fighting them…So I vowed I would do it on my own.” –she paused after that and kept walking looking at the ground she missed Kinta he had taken her in when no one else wanted her as a student he showed her what it was like to be a Hunter Ninja and showed her many things.- “I’m guessing then you plan on making more than one contract if it is going to take you a long time I do hope you get all the contracts you are going for.”

Kagato:  - Kagato listened carefully as she explained what exactly brought her out this far and why she was heading to the island.  Kagato nodded slightly up and down making the free strands of his crimson hair sway in the night’s air. He noticed her looking down after she had just scanned over the area, maybe she was a little bit concerned on how he would react to her information. – “I can understand your want to do such a thing after all its only right to keep your vow to someone…” – Kagato began to ponder all the events that brought him to this point. All the hardships he endured just so he could make his path and mark on the world much like how his long since dead relative did so many years ago. – “You would be correct in the assumption in me wanting g to get multiple contracts. I too am in search of a Panda among other things… I am sure there is more than one….Maybe something we could look into together once we reach the island…” – Kagato paused in speaking to her for a moment before he began to speak to her once more. – “ This is going to be no easy task on my end even for someone of my caliber…This trip is going to push my limits and take me far beyond anything I am normally used to…with that said I am kind of looking forward to it…”– Kagato continued walking with Itsumo’s hand still firmly in his. He continued to walk at a steady pace till they made it around in a full circle and into the very center of the ruins  the hours seemed to fly by as they continued talking their shift almost up  they were on going on their third hour.  Kagato glanced over towards the campfire which by down died down a lot and was only small embers left. – “ Well its almost time for the next shift to start  we might want to get the fire going again for them so if you will excuse me for a moment …” – Kagato slowly let go of Itsumo’s hand  and made his way over towards the campfire.  Kagato stopped a few inches away from the wood they had all gathered up into a pile. He reached down with his black gloved hand and started to pick up pieces of wood for the fire tossing them one by one in. Kagato ended up tossing a good tem pieces in total before he clapped his together creating a powerful wind gale around the embers of the fire. The wind howled like a wolf at the moon as it swept along the bottom of the campfire fueling it into a raging inferno. The sounds of the crackling burning wood could be easily heard. The smell of the wood carried around the site from the wind he created which smelled slightly of cherry wood.- “ Well that should do it…” –Kagato Turned to Itsy  before parting his lips once more.- “ Well is there anything else you would like to discuss before we wake the next two up for their shift?” –Kagato chuckled lightly.- I would say we could come back to my shelter and discuss more after the fact  but I highly doubt you would want to do such a thing plus we should get some rest while we can…but that is up to you…”

IItsumo:-Itsumo listened as he spoke to her and they walked as the got closer to where the fire had been her icy blue eyes noticed that it was starting to go out completely. She listened as he spoke still about that he was looking forward to being challenged and she nodded.- “ A good challenge is always interesting, As for their being more than one panda I am sure there are and perhaps we could look into that once we get to the island. As they kept walking and time passed she noticed that they reached the fire and it was completely out he to noticed it as he dropped her hand and excused himself. She took the time to clear her mind and watched im rekindle the flame as the sweet scent of cherry wood filled the air it was one of her favorite scents and reminded her of the red cherry blossom trees that lined the battle field now. As he approached her once again and chuckled then spoke she didn’t know how to take what he said at first She had other things she wanted to ask him actually a lot of them but she was getting tired  and need at least some rest before she took the second shift she had said she would take. Also the thought of going to a shelter with him alone caught her off guard it wasn’t like she was used to being invited back to a guy’s place she wasn’t one to think about that kind of thing as she shook her head. - “I’m sure we both need to rest up and if your journey will be taxing then you will need as much rest before hand as possible I’m sure we can talk another time we will have plenty of time I am sure. Shall we go wake them up?” –she looked at Kagato and smiled softly under her mask before turning to face the two shelters but didn’t move towards them.- 

Kagato: “Very well then, it would be best if we got our rest anyway.”  - Kagato turned to face both of the shelters his eyes flickered upwards towards the make shift shelter he had made for Kuni on top of his very own shelter for the night. The moon’s light dull and shimmering cascading over top of the smaller shelter like a search light mad it all the easier for his eyes to focus on it. Their shift was at its end he had rather enjoyed their time speaking to each other. It wasn’t often that he got the chance to speak to another Kage so freely like he had done this night.    – “Yeah it is that time we should go wake them up...I’ll leave Shikake up to you to wake up I will go get Kuni…. On that note looking forward to the net time we get to speak…Pleasant dreams…” - Kagato took one last glance towards Itsumo slightly smiling underneath his Re-Breather and mask before  using his body flicker without hand seals to move him from the ground to the top of the roof.  He started to slowly walk to the make shift smaller shelter on top. His thoughts jumping back and forth between all them had talked.  She brought up her past which brought them a bit closer to understanding each other. One phrase popped up into Kagato’s mind when he reflected on this something his long since deceased relative had once said. * If you don't share someone's pain, you can never understand them, but just because you understand them doesn't mean you can come to an agreement. * - A lot of what was said tonight brought him back to these thoughts , there was so much pain  in this world brought on by others, granted Kagato wasn’t guiltless he had predicated in the last war but that was only to protect his own.  Kagato walked softly on top of the roof one step after another making no noise what so ever  not even  the last foot step  that he had made just before reaching the make shift door Kuni had cut out. Kagato reached his right black armored gloved hand out towards the door in the form of a fist and began to knock on the stone door rather vigorously. The knocking sounded more like a thud then a normal knocks which probably echoed through the small shelter. His lips parted slowly before he began to call out in a rather loud tone of voice. – “KUNI…….KUNI…..” – Kagato paused for a moment before speaking once more listening for any signs  or any noise that Kuni was up and moving. – “It’s time for your shift.” 

IItsumo:-Itsumo’s icy blue eyes watched Kagato as he spoke she couldn’t help but feel better about what they had spoken about with his wishes for pleasant dreams. Though it had been a long time since Itsumo had slept through the night without images of someone haunting her dreams. Pleasant Dreams was not something that she had known in some time. Itsumo watched as he body flickered away after a few moments she did the same thing appearing just outside of the shelter that Shikake had built for the two of them. She glanced back over her shoulder to make sure no one from the other shelter was stirring yet before she crouched down for a moment and sighed. Itsumo had never shared that much about her life with anyone even most in her village did not know about her reason for being called the panda hunter but Kagato whom she had known only for a short time had gotten her to speak freely. Itsumo would get up and walk into the shelter her eyes still adjusted to the darkness she would spot Shikake laying off to the side she would speak out loud knowing it isn’t smart to sneak up on a hunter ninja.- “Shikake wake up its time for your shift.” –she would pause and look back at the door then watch Shikake as she moved to the other side of the shelter where her bag was sitting she would crouch down and pull out a two scrolls while she waited for Shikake to move.-

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada’s eyes were gazing down towards the floor of his makeshift home as his thoughts ran through his mind in the darkness of his home; he hadn’t closed his eyes to sleep. He was sure his clone would’ve made it to the Village soon, if he hadn’t made it already. His train of thought as well as the silence was broken as he heard loud banging from the outside of his door, causing him to shift his head to gaze at the door before hearing Kagato’s voice on the other side of it say his name. He slowly broke himself away from the door and turned himself around, checking his Kusanagi to make sure it wasn’t coming loose before placing his hand on the door and sliding it open to see Kagato on the other side of it. After he opened the door, he heard Kagato inform him that it was time for his shift. He nodded slightly before stepping out of his makeshift home and turning around slightly before placing his hand on the door behind him and closing it shut. Once the doorway to his home was shut, he turned towards Kagato once more before speaking to him.- “...Very well..” –He trailed off for a moment before speaking to him once more.- “...Kagato, may I ask you for something..?” –He waited for a moment for Kagato to respond, and after/if he did, Kunisada would speak once more.- “..Just on the off chance that I do happen to find a Summon on the island, I was wondering if you have an empty scroll I could have..?” –He paused for a moment to see if Kagato would give him a questioning look or ask why; either way, he explained his question.- “..I know, I should’ve brought one, but I didn’t because I didn’t think I’d have enough time to do so...but I’d like one just on the off chance that I might..if you don’t mind, that is...” –He finished, lightly leaning back against the door of his home. He wasn’t happy about having to ask Kagato what he just did, but he figured it was better to be safe than sorry.-

UnaruInuzuka: -The first thing he heard was the slight sound of small pebbles being stepped upon, the small crunch was barely audible and didn’t even get reacted upon. He wasn’t fully aware at that moment towards this sound so was in a half sleep state, aware in case of possible danger but not awake enough to take note of who is close yet. Itsumo was right in keeping her distance to wake him in this state, having been exhausted when he went to sleep had him deeper than he was in his sleep the night before, and in turn, more dangerous. However the moment she spoke his eyes flicked open as if a light had turned on behind the mask but he hadn’t moved beyond a small twitch of a hand the only indication he had woke, if she had actually touched him rather than be where she was that hand wouldn’t have paused while he was letting his mind settle into a more awake state. He laid there as if he had no plans to get up but that didn’t last long, after only a good ten or so seconds did he come to roll from his side and found himself on to his back and yawned as he stretched. He was great on the field but this lazy disposition was seen often. one would wonder if they had mistaken this one for someone else on the field. Before the whole minute had passed though he was moving to sit up and as he spoke he started storing that blanket back away into his scroll.- “Any particular places needing to be watched in this barrier?” –he would prefer just finding a high perch and keep a sentry like vigil over the camp since the barrier was there but who knew what the Anbu would suggest as his own opinion on this nights guard duty, and if there was weak areas in the barrier he knew there was reason to consider a bit of a walk around to be sure nothing is a miss. He then soon rose to his feet and brushed off the flecks of dirt on his black clothing, he did miss the trees, at least there he didn’t need to deal with the dust, he may be an earth user but didn’t mean he would ever want to have lived here… plus it made it way too troublesome to raise the few deer he had left of his families herd in such conditions… Considering the herd he suddenly remembered it was shedding season… those horns would go for a good price in fang country… his mind soon wandering back to the here and now.- “And how did your shift go Itsy-sama?” –He gave yet another yawn before rubbing the back of his neck, he grinned softly, the nickname so few ever were to use flowing from this Nara’s lips easily.-

Kagato: - Kagato watched as the door to Kuni’s make shift shelter pushed open only to have Kuni slip out and close it behind him. It wasn’t long after this Kuni replied to him with a simple very well. Kagato nodded slightly to this only to hear Kuni ask him another question, once again Kagato nodded slowly up and down. – “Go ahead and ask…” – It wasn’t long after this Kuni asked Kagato if he had an extra scroll in case Kuni did end up finding a summon animal on the island. – “One of the first rules is to always be prepared…” – Kagato chuckled lightly. – “ But yeah I should have an extra empty scroll in my back pack…..Give me a moment…” –Kagato slid the black back pack off his right shoulder then  gripped the top of it with his right hand before sliding the other strap off.  He slowly sat the back pack on the ground and unzipped the top. With his right hand he reached into the back pack and pulled out a medium sized scroll purple in color. Kagato sat it down next to his back on the ground before zipping his back pack up and sliding the straps one over his arms and onto his shoulders. – “That one should work for what you need it for…” –Kagato looked Kuni dead in the eyes   as Kuni leaned against the door of the make shift home.- “ As for now I should really get prepared for getting some rest…but knowing you didn’t sleep at all during your time you were given.. – Kagato chuckled lightly. – “As for your shift, make sure you wake the next pair up in three to four hours… You can either try and stick with the person you are on the shift with which would probably be the best choice or youns can take two different area’s its really up to you two…”- He paused for a moment before speaking again.- “ If you need med you know where to find me..”  –Kagato Turned slightly around before once again body flickering with in a blur with immense speed  and no hand seals only to reappear  in front of the door of his make shift shelter. Kagato clapped his hand together with a thunderous sound causing a strong gale wind around the stone slab of a door. The door slid with a screeching sound against the ground below sliding back just far enough to where Kagato could slip his body in.  Kagato started to walk back to the back of the make shift shelter   once doing so he slid off his black back pack once more and sat it on the ground.  He crouched down and unzipped it pulling out a blue scroll. He shifted in his crouching position slowly and placed the scroll on the ground of the stone structure. Kagato began to slowly unravel the scroll on the ground.  He slammed his right and left hands on top of the unrolled scroll palms down and with a cloud of smoke a few purple and blue blankets a back pillow and a black mat to sleep on appeared.  Kagato shifted the mat into place and plopped the pillow down at what he considered the head of the make shift bed.  He turned once more and looked straight at the stone slab door and held out his right hand, In a low tone of voice a few words slipped out of his mouth. - “Bansho Ten'in” – Kagato used this technique that manipulates attractive to pull the stone slab inwards closing the door in a matter of speaking. He slid his long black armored coat off his shoulders and set them next to his guards and shoes.  He pulled off his onyx metal armored gloves and set them on top of the coat. Kagato reached up to his mask and re-breather and unsnapped them from his face again setting them off to the side. Pulling on the end of his black short in length and longed sleeved cloth and netted top right up and over his head setting it too off to the side  before laying his self-down  on his mat and pulling his blanket over top of his body as he slowly closed his eyes.-

IItsumo: -Itsy would watch as the Nara slowly started to wake up it took him awhile before he began to speak.- “No the Barrier is pretty strong and I doubt anyone would be able to get through it without knowing the Jutsu to allow them to pass it and that is rare.” –she yawned and plopped down on the dirt next to her pack still holding onto the two scrolls.- “My Shift was interesting. Now hurry up yours is going to be late.” –Itsumo would then ignore him and go about opening the two scrolls pulling out three blankets and a pillow and making up a bed for herself. She then removed her mask and scarf and set them into her pack and set her doll next to her pillow close to the wall and set a few senbon and a Kuni under her pillow she then go comfortable and closed her eyes. The Day’s events flashing before her she was almost asleep when she realized that she hadn’t told him to wake her up for the next shit.- “Hey Shikake wake me up when you’re done got it.” –she then started let her mind wonder without waiting for him to answer she thought back to her shift with Kagato everything that happened playing back through the whole shift that had just happened and the entire day. This man made her feel strange and made her heart race she didn’t know what it was about him but she wanted to spend more time with him. She sighed softly and was soon fast asleep but her sensory Jutsu was still up if anyone moved in the shield with a different chakra pattern she would know and be awake in a second.-

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada resisted shaking his head at Kagato’s statement about being prepared, which he halfway expected from him, but he knew Kagato meant it all in good humor. As he watched Kagato kneel down and take out a medium sized scroll and place it by his feet, he knelt down and picked it up, unfolding his arms as he did so before slinging his backpack in front of him and unzipping it. After his backpack was unzipped, he placed the scroll inside of his backpack, quickly re-sealing it before slinging his backpack over his shoulder once more so that the straps were on each of his shoulders and the backpack was resting on his back. He glanced at Kagato as he said he was going to rest now as well as telling him to wake up Akatori and Ritsuka in about 3 or 4 hours, to which he nodded. He heard Kagato tell him that if he needed him, he knew where to find him, to which Kunisada nodded before speaking to where only Kagato could hear.- “...Thanks Kag..” –He watched as Kagato quickly vanished in a blur as he used the Body Flicker Technique to go to his own makeshift home. Kunisada quietly began to walk on the roof of Kagato’s makeshift home before quietly and quickly stepping off of the platform as he began to almost freefall. As soon as his foot left the platform and was beginning to fall down his body disappeared in a blur, but being hidden in the shadows, no one could see what he was doing as he used the Body Flicker Technique without the use of hand seals. After a few seconds, he re-appeared in by the still lit fire, his back towards the rest of the makeshift homes that were made by either Kagato or Shikake as he glanced off at the environment in front of him, seeing if anything was out of place. He wasn’t sure if Shikake was going to try to speak with him, but he figured he might as well wait for him to come over by the fire to let him know he was at least ready.- 

UnaruInuzuka: -Shikake nodded his head to the fact of the barrier being sound, and if he was correct the kage’s themselves would have taken the time to look over the entire place themselves to make sure nothing was let inside and the fact that Itsumo herself having gone around the place at first he knew that there was no shinobi within the barrier at this point that wasn’t wanted here. He considered her comment of how her shift was ‘interesting’ and was silent not asking what she meant. He then gave yet another nod of his head even though she had turned from him before starting to walk out of the makeshift shelter of theirs. He had just dipped slightly to exit when he heard her mention to call her for the next shift.- “Understood Itsy-sama, I will. Sleep well.” – He didn’t pause from leaving after this; he knew she needed the sleep after all the night before she had denied herself it… He still felt a bit drained but he soon shook it off and stuffing hands into his pants pockets he walked towards the firelight. As he moved he did notice the Anbu, Kuni, was standing in the firelight scanning the area slowly. He walked up to the fire hearing the crackling of the fire burning the light of it making him almost seem to melt into the light as he walked. The scent of cherry wood set his mind back to the last time he smelt that wood burning, the day that their previous Shikage had fallen… He enjoyed the scent but also was reminded of what was gone… His head tilted up, the fire killed a bit of the starlight but it was a lot better seen here than the roof tops of his own village where a fog seemed to linger at all times within the lands there, he grinned softly under the mask as he watched the sky for the moment before letting his eyes roam over the place himself taking in the areas of darkness as he went but finding his eyes more likely trail around the parameter of the area itself. He soon came to stand near Kuni his head soon turning to face him his upper body as well shifting as a nod of his head came to be displayed.- “Well lets get this shift going. By what I hear the place is fairly secure at this point. What’s your suggestion? Find a good vantage point to keep a good eye on the area or take to footing it around the place?” –He may be lazy at times but he was open enough to let the other make a suggestion himself not wanting to step on feet. He after all was reminded of the little threat of making trouble with this group they were with and wasn’t about to find out what that bear did especially on himself…-

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada head the footsteps of someone walking towards him, figuring it was Shikake making his way toward him. He didn’t move around before he slightly turned his head towards Shikake’s voice; it was more of a sign that he was acknowledging that he was speaking. He heard Shikake ask if he wanted to find a vantage point or continue to walk around the place on foot. Kunisada pondered the thought for a moment before deciding on an answer. - “..We can do both, I imagine..” –He slowly turned himself halfway around, the bright light emitting from the fire concealing reflecting slightly off of the visor of his re-breather as he thought for a moment.- “...Kagato’s home also has mine on top of it, so that’d be the vantage point..that would just leave one on ground patrol..” –Kunisada finished off as he slightly turned his head towards Shikake, even though his eyes were hidden the turn of his head could be enough indication for Shikake to notice.- “...Do you have a preference..?” –He asked Shikake and waited for his response.-

UnaruInuzuka: -He took note of the movement of that head to acknowledge his approach then he listened to the answer of his question. He gave a nod of his head, that is true, it could be both, didn’t leave much interaction but the fact of what they were kind of dictated the more likelihood of doing things on their own when it was possible. He considered the options as he was soon asked about his preference. He couldn’t help chuckle softly to the concept of answering any different as his mouth opened to speak.- “Preference… That would be sitting around keeping an eye out, but how about a change up? Maybe every hour or break up two switch ups with an hour of just keeping an eye out from atop the place?” –He didn’t mind the idea of actually ended up having this in full silence but he figured he should at least not have it so they were avoiding each other, they had a long trip ahead getting to know someone you will be working with for a bit wouldn’t hurt some. He didn’t make it priority, he knew the need to watch the place so wasn’t going to force such a thing on someone who from just the small bit of time he has met him seemed to keep his distance from others anyways. His form shifted slowly to take in the place once again keeping to watching the place even as they spoke his eyes behind that mesh took in the area before noting the pile of weapons that Kuni had collected earlier this night, maybe before his shits up he will poke into that pile and see if he could snag anything extra to have on hand…-

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada glanced over at him from the corner of his eye as he heard Shikake list some possibilities that they could do on the shift. How Kunisada had spoken before, in hindsight, might’ve come off as just a means to saying they should be far away from one another, but it’s not what he intended. Shikake had given him two options on which the two of them could do and he merely stated the possibilities of such abilities. He dismissed the thought as it didn’t matter much before giving a moment of consideration to Shikake’s idea. Kunisada thought about the options before speaking once again to Shikake.- “..If you can say you won’t fall asleep on top of the building, you can keep a look out there while I walk around the barrier..” –He paused for a moment before glancing up at the sky, his eyes being the only thing shifting towards the blackened night sky above the both of them. He knew that a few hours of rest wasn’t terrible to have, but it wasn’t enough to fully restore the body of its energy, which made sleepiness still a lingering factor. Plus, from how he answered on his ‘preference’, he gave off a bit of laziness in the answer itself; whether that was due to the few hours of sleep he had or being pure laziness, he wasn’t sure of, but didn’t decide to ask.- “...If need be, I will check on you to make sure you don’t..but I’m fine with doing either option..” –He turned his eyes back down to face Shikake out of the corner of his eye once more, watching to see his reaction as well as to hear it.-

UnaruInuzuka: -He heard the comment of keeping awake and grins widely under the black mask of his as he hears it. He always had the large habit of lounging around and seeming to be the laziest person around but he knew when it came to duty to keep himself alert no matter how tired he might be. Three hours for one who had for most of his life as a shinobi ran around as a hunter nin was plenty to function when need be… He just knew when he got home he will be likely letting his little habits go into full swing in a place he knew he could let at least relax partly on duty without consequences to it. He let a hand slip from one of those pockets of his and wave slightly in front of him back and forth waving the thought away.- “Don’t worry I know when it’s alright to relax and when its time to keep alert and watchful. I promise, I won’t fall asleep on watch.” –He glances back up again and in a thoughtful voice spoke up.- “Nice to see stars again this bright… With the fogs in and around Yonshigakure the stars really don’t shine like these… you probably don’t get to see them either I take it since it never stops its rain in your own.” –He shifted his glance up towards the double decker shelter a moment his mind spinning on a thousand scenarios on what he would consider at least a smart choice. It didn’t take long, less than a minute before he was speaking again.- “One hour with one on patrol one on sentry, one hour on sentry duty for us both then switch positions would work well I think for us both… I’ll take sentry first.” –He waited to see if it was alright with the other knowing if it was he would be left to get into position himself. This plan let them both have a bit extra time to relax while still doing their duty to the group itself but also lets them make sure nothing has come to be a miss during their time here and having one person close to the others at all times also keeps anyone from sneaking close to camp undetected by anyone patrolling if they say happen to be on the other side of the barriers circumference.-

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada glanced over at Shikake as he heard Shikake’s preference on the shifts as well as the night sky, which caused Kunisada’s eyes to glance upwards. He was right; Ame never saw the stars due to it constant downpour of rain, which he had grown accustomed to. The moon, the sun and the stars were all foreign things to other members of Amegakure; none were ever shown in the Village, so it was a bit different to be able to see all of them at night. His eyes glanced back down at Shikake as he heard Shikake speak of which preference he did; he figured Shikake would be doing the stationary position for, but at the same time he didn’t mind it. He took Shikake’s words seriously since if he didn’t take his position seriously, it would’ve most certainly gotten himself killed a long time ago. Though, if on the small off-chance that Shikake did fall asleep, Kunisada’s brain was already beginning to hatch some ideas on if that scenario came up. He nodded his head slowly at his response before slowly turning his gaze away and into the darkness that was in front of him that the embers of the flames couldn’t reach. He slowly began to walk into the darkness as he expected for Shikake to take his position on Kagato’s makeshift home while he began to take first watch on patrol.-

UnaruInuzuka: -Shikake let himself linger in the firelight a bit longer watching the retreating back of the Anbu member till, while he still stood there near that fire, he could only make out his outline. Crouching he picked up a twig with his left hand and poked the fire a few times making the flame dance and spark before he set the piece of wood to the side and raising back to his feet turned from the fire as he was stuffing his hands back into those pockets letting his path lead him in the opposite direction Kuni took and moved towards the buildings. He walked to the one building slowly before pausing at its base and tilting his head up he glanced up the side of it. He crouched down adding a bit of chakra to the bottom of his feet and with a swift downward shove of his legs he leapt upwards. Shikake landed silently on the top of that first box of stone, and with another smaller leap no longer than a second landed upon the top one. He seemed to freeze in his actions like a statue upon these two buildings, he was covered in darkness in this area the night having converged upon the place and to the normal eye it swallowed everything beyond the fire down below. He was dead silent as he let eyes fall to adjust to the darkness that enveloped him like a cool blanket, the feeling was welcomed to this Nara, after all shadows were his tools and in a twisted way a part of him. He finally turned around to face the campfire and watched as the firelight that didn’t interrupt his sight made shadows dance among all the makeshift buildings and rocks and ground below. He also wanted this high position for a very logical reason… His reach for his skills was this entire area just because he had that fire down below making those shadows dance quite far from it. He didn’t linger long on assessing the situation thou, he turned to force the fire from his sights and looked into the darkness soon able to adjust his sights to see all around, the moon and stars giving off a subtle blue light to see by. His eyes roamed slowly over the ruins looking for anything out of place amongst them before slowly sweeping over the place turning with slow steps around the edge of that block of stone taking in all that was below, he was even able to take note of the Anbu himself as he was doing his patrol and soon came to sweep his sights over the villages gate. After doing one circuit of glancing around he let himself settle to sit on the edge of the building a yawn passing his lips as he leaned back letting his hands out of those pockets to support his upper body in a slight backwards incline to both look at the skies above and enjoy those stars but also letting his eyes continue to keep his vision upon the area itself.-

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada began his paced walk around the campsite, deciding to take his time since he had another few hours to go through before the next shift was up; there was no need to rush it. His eyes were scanning almost everything they set their sight on; the trees off in the distance, the stars and moon when he occasionally glanced upwards, but he never kept his sight away for too long. The silence surrounding the area was calming, there wasn’t a sound to be heard outside of the silent steps of Kunisada as well as the crackling flames of the fire. Kunisada took in the silence for a moment, allowing his eyes and body to go on autopilot as they continuously scanned the area to see if anything was out of the ordinary as well as to guide him around the area. His thoughts came in like floods however as he recalled the silence that he had experienced when he was a child growing up, which was almost ironic since that is what filled his own home back in Amegakure. His eyes narrowed slightly at the thoughts invading his mind at the moment, he wasn’t sure why they were there right now. As he continued to walk, he slowly came to a stop before glancing out to the Village ruins of Iwagakure for a few moments before turning and beginning to walk toward the ruins of the destroyed Village, deciding to see what lay there. It was a little ways farther away from the campsite, but if Shikake was doing his job, he was sure that he could handle watching over the campsite while he was there. As the thoughts and memories began to fill his mind during his silence ridden walk, his eyes continued to scan anything they set their sights on. He figured that in another moment or two, he’d be at the Iwagakure ruins.-

UnaruInuzuka: -He had found himself settling into a soft lull of the night he didn’t close his eyes but he did relax a little as his head lowered to scan over the area noticing in the moonlight that Kuni was heading over to the far reaches of the ruins his brown orbs were watchful and almost unblinking as he watched the area ahead taking in the spot just in case the Anbu had actually seen something there and was checking it out. After a bit of watching he realized with the little he could make out the other was relaxed and wasn’t preparing for a fight so he shrugged his shoulders, if the Anbu had found something in the ruins needing to be dealt with he would no doubt hear something from there, metal on metal in this open area paired with the silence this place seemed to ooze, like the dead of the ruins were holding their breath, would ring true if there was something amiss. He had soon found himself taking to guard duty as a natural activity watching the area around looking for anything amiss and making sure no shadows are moving that aren’t accounted for. He took note of the fire dieing a bit as time started to go by and let his hands softly slip to the sign of the Rat then into the Bird only using a very small amount of chakra to manipulate a little shadow that was close to the fire that was connected to his own and with good dexterity forming a thread of dark shadow to twist itself around that stick he had left there like a creeper vine upon a helpless tree and lift it up angling it correct to soon stab at the fire a few times with it at the campfires base letting the flames flare before dropping the stick again out of the fire and release the skill. He glanced over the place before thinking about how this trip might be, At the beginning of this mission for Itsumo’s summon it had been straight forward, go to turtle island, find the summon she wished, work on the details of such then head home. Simple, quick and easy in retrospect, however it was showing to be much more than such now with the group of Ame nin, they still had days of travel. Will they keep their word or were they planning something? He was willing to trust these shinobi, they had after all watched their backs, however he still was one not to ignore the fact that they were still mostly strangers. He shakes his head removing a bit of the worries that crawled into his mind… He just wasn’t that use to handling being part of large groups, usually was the one watching them more than mingling in them. Sure he’s friendly, inviting and good with people but sometimes silence and acting often works better in getting information. Everyone that meets him knows he is quite lazy and if apparently in a safe area could seem to sleep anywhere… but when is he really sleeping or when is he faking it? He rubs the back of his neck after a bit more time before raising to his feet. Letting his feet carry him to the other side of the small square top shelter he let his eyes roam the other area that Kuni wasn’t within letting thoughts slip away, time will only tell what to expect, caution was all he needed to keep in mind till then.-

KunisadaUchiha: -As Kunisada finally made his way to the ruins of Iwagakure, he took care to mind his steps as he glanced over the wreckage of the place. There wasn’t much left to look at, the buildings that were still somewhat standing looked like even the smallest amount of pressure would make them give way and crumble to the ground. There was more tattered remains of the Village scattered throughout the Village than anything else there. Kunisada’s eyes had stopped scanning for any abnormalities; there was no real way to tell if anything was out of place in the ruins, everything looked disorganized and jumbled as it was. He didn’t expect for anyone to be in the ruins, both groups would’ve spotted any other chakra sources beforehand. He didn’t expect to find any living people here anyways, the place looked like it was uninhabitable and there was no sign of anyone trying to clean up the place; that being said, Kunisada still kept his guard up on the off chance that something could happen. He briefly paused over to glance at the ruins, looking at the ground frequently to see if anything interesting caught his gaze, but so far he just found rubble. It was odd walking back over a ruined Village like Iwagakure, which caused him to remember his trip to the destroyed Konohagakure when he was younger. His eyes narrowed slightly and his steps quickly halted themselves as he stared blankly at the ground; why were these memories deciding to come to the front of his mind now? After a few seconds of silence, he shook his head slightly and began to walk once more as he dismissed the thoughts that were beginning to appear in his mind once more. The only noise that could be heard besides his quiet footsteps was the roaring silence that befell the ruins, it made the atmosphere feel eerie, and adding in that it was nighttime only added to the atmospheric feeling. Kunisada glanced around before stopping as a small shine off of an object reflected in his eye, making him wonder what he was staring at. It looked like it was buried underneath the rubble, which made Kunisada’s eyes narrow slightly as he walked over until he stood at where the massive beam was that was housing the object underneath it. He kneeled down slightly before placing his fingers underneath the beam to get some grip on it to lift it up before picking up the massive beam to see whatever object it was underneath it. After he pushed up the beam high up enough to see underneath it, his eyes shot down to whatever had caught his attention. His eyes caught a brief flash of a kunai, which explained the shine he had seen earlier; the moon’s light must’ve bounced off of it.  After seeing the kunai, something right beside the kunai caught his attention even more so; there were two skeletons lying beside one another. The instant he saw the skeletons, they were replaced with a sudden flash of Kunisada’s parents from the night they were killed and a searing pain shot through Kunisada’s head, causing him to drop the beam. The beam landed with a crash, possibly crushing the two skeletons underneath it as Kunisada placed his hand on the side of his head, his right eye now closed as well as he cringed slightly. As soon as his right eye closed, he saw the same vision of what he had seen when he was younger; a man with red eyes. The instant the old vision flashed through his mind eyes quickly shot back open before turning himself around to gather his surroundings once more, the pain and vision both gone now. He panted quietly from the pain that was just going through his body, but caught his breathing back to speed almost immediately. He glanced at where the beam was once more for a few moments as he felt the wind breeze past him. He remained silent before walking away from the beam and continuing his walk around the rest of the ruins of Iwagakure to see if he could find anything else.-

UnaruInuzuka: -Shikake’s head shot up hearing a crash of some sort in the distance in the direction of where he had known that Kuni had wandered off towards. He paused knowing leaving his designated place wasn’t a smart thing but he did have a good reason for checking it out. The only question he had was should he personally go or send out a clone instead… He glances around, he knew the fact of the barrier being sound but one never knew… He made a cross with his two hands folding all but pointer and middle finger and adding a bit of chakara to the mix. A cloud of white smoke formed next to him and when it cleared the fact of a doppelganger of himself was in place. He glanced to it a moment.- “ Go see whats up, could be nothing but the ruins settling after the fight, if I’m needed pop…” He didn’t say anything else to the clone knew what he meant it just gave a nod before body flickering across the dirt field towards the more dense part of the village ruins. Shikake came to settle down to sit and wait, he knew if he had to he could take off and help if it is needed but he also knew if it was minor a clone can deal with the problem. He gave a yawn before giving the place another glance around as he shifted his hand to his hip where the canteen was set this morning and untwisting the top lifted his mask and lowering the cloth one as he brought it to his lips and took a slow drink before twisting that top back on fixing his masks and putting it away once again. The clone didn’t take long to get to the ruins and by taking note of small details that spoke of where the Anbu had been walking had headed in that direction. It followed it to a shrine of some sort but had noticed the Anbu standing there just as a gust of wind seemed to blow thru the area. He knew never to approach someone when they believed themselves alone so he spoke up keeping his distance.- “Heard a crash, you alright? This place sure does echo…” The clone stood ready for a bad reaction of being startled by his presence.-

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada slowly stopped during his walk as he heard a voice come up from behind him, making him turn around slightly to face the person halfway. He recognized the voice was Shikake’s as he asked if he was alright since he heard a crash that Kunisada had caused.  He figured that Shikake would’ve heard the sound due to the utter silence of the area and how loud the crash of the object was. Kunisada glanced at him for a moment more as a small gust of wind slowly blew past the two individuals, causing Kunisada’s black as night hair to blow briefly as the wind raced past the two of them before deciding to speak.- “..Everything’s fine...” –He knew that this was more than likely a clone of Shikake’s; he didn’t think Shikake would leave the group by themselves, but there was the possibility that he had left quickly without thinking. Either way, Kunisada waited a moment after he spoke to hear if Shikake’s clone or Shikake if he actually did leave his post, had anything else to say as well as wait for him to leave before turning back to where he was once facing again.-

UnaruInuzuka: -The clone had watched as the other turned around to take note of him a strand of his raven hair that apparently pulled from his ponytail fell over the black mask of his as he heard that everything was fine. The small tension in Shikake’s clone’s shoulders seemed to relax as he gave a nod before glancing around as he spoke.- “Well I’m not really needed back then. Find anything interesting here?” -His words were laid back as his eyes glanced around in caution still knowing this to be a patrol. He wandered farther into one of the buildings close by, the roof top completely gone and half a wall crumbled. Shikake himself rarely had an opportunity to see these kind of places having to hunt out people wasn’t work one did by idling when tracking so the clone wandered in curious. Realizing the way he was acting that the other may think Shikake to be slacking he spoke up.- “By the way don’t worry he’s still keeping an eye on everyone.”  Shikake gave a small sneeze as he was looking out at the surroundings wondering where that came from. He soon shrugged it off before taking note of the clone having not popped yet, well whatever was happening over there he wasn’t needed for at least. He settled down on the roof top so his legs could be stretched out in front of him just letting his eyes take in the area around. He took in the structures from the distance taking in the place for he was unsure he will ever get to see such a place again during the day or like now at night. How many years has it been since Konoha itself had been destroyed? Considering the time it seemed it was thirteen years ago, he was still young enough to be considered a rascal by most of the adults at that time. He shook his head removing the thoughts and took note of the fire once again dieing and chose this time to just get up and go down there and rekindle it. He stood up and brushed off his pants giving the place one final look over before hopping from the first building to the ground not planning to stick there long. He walked over to the pile of wood and took a couple of logs from the top before moving back into the firelight close to the fire itself before tossing them in. The fire lit anew sizzling from the slight moisture in them before settling down and giving off that bright orange glow once again. He brushed his hands off… well that’s done… Turning within a minute of watching the fire lick upon the new logs he hopped up those buildings once again a bit over an hour having passed by now since they have started and he was becoming curious if Kuni will chose to continue to patrol for the entire time or switch out. It was his choice and clearly the clone wanted to stick around to look around itself since he hasn’t returned for any good or bad reason yet so he wasn’t really bothered, after all he will know all the clone had done as soon as it chooses to disappear.-

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada remained silent as he glanced over as the clone of Shikake began to move around the ruins of Iwagakure as well, though he didn’t expect for the clone to stay. He shook his head slightly as the clone disappeared into a halfway destroyed building before moving on to see if anything worth particular interest could be found once more. Kunisada placed his hand on a piece of rubble before he quietly jumped over a broken wall to see the inside of the place. His eyes scanned the rest of the ruins before glancing over where the clone was at, wondering why the clone was staying there with him. Did Shikake not trust him to be by himself or was the clone sent here to keep an eye on him? His eyes narrowed a bit before brushing the thought away from his mind before walking around the almost destroyed building. After a few moments of searching through rubble, he found nothing of particular interest until he found a small, dusty toy. He slowly picked up the item and held it in his hands as he examined the doll; the hair on the doll was almost gone, the stitching of the toy was almost completely useless and the clothes it wore were almost destroyed. Kunisada glanced at it for another few seconds before gently placing it back down from where he had picked it back up. He removed himself from the building before continuing to search around the ruins.-

UnaruInuzuka: -He ran a hand over a counter passing up broken and bent items of cookware and small signs of people living here, a small house plant long dead a pile of papers faded to unreadable under a small leather bound book cracked and hard from the harsh weather in the area getting to it. As if almost reading the others mind, which wasn’t the case, more like knowing just how paranoid one is at their ranks, the clone spoke up still checking out the place he was within.- “I was only asked to see what was up with that crash and to signal back if he was needed to help, but I figure while I'm here I could look around… Also I could be useful, I mean can warn you if something is happening at the camp along with me being able to pop incase something does happen that he is needed here as well…” –This is what happens when someone who is always running scenario’s thru his head makes a clone, it makes one that will do as its asked but then consider other options if it seems sound while it is allowed to stick around. The clone wasn’t idle as he spoke, he wandered deeper into the building and kind of crouched as he glanced down at a small hole in the floor. He couldn’t see anything for it seemed pitch black from his position. He shifted his feet and with his left hand found a rock and tossed it into the hole and listened. It took a few moments before he heard a thud of the rock landing… Clearly the area below him was hollow, he doubted he had any time to explore that kind of area, let alone find the way into the place without breaking out one here so the clone stood back up and walked away from it to slowly look around. He wondered if the kage building, a structure that always was set within a village, still was distinguishable from all the rest or was rubble and lost from sight... Meanwhile Shikake settled back down on the highest structure in the camp and let himself do another scanning circuit of the place from his position taking in all the area around him along with looking out to the distance space where the barrier was set up all around. the night was silent and the sometimes stiff breeze was nice to feel on his skin a few night time creatures stired but it was little and far between to hear those. He really was hoping his clone wasn’t making a pest of himself, it knew as much as he did to not irritate the Amegakurian’s but who knew what could bother them…- 

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada’s eyes glanced around at another building before stopping himself only to turn his head towards Shikake’s clone as he explained his reasoning once more. He told him information Kunisada had just heard and he knew that the main reason that the clone more than likely stuck around was to explore around the ruins, the added bonuses he mentioned afterwards were just that: a bonus. He guessed he couldn’t really blame the clone, Shikake was probably bored back at the campsite; even people who like to be lazy can get bored at some point or another. He remained silent after the clone spoke for a moment before moving towards another ruined building. The roof was slanted and almost caved in as he stepped in, careful not to disturb anything that could cause the roof to cave in; he had entered through a shattered window. He heard the glass beneath his feet crunch as he stepped into the home, the light from the moon was enough to light the house for him to look around. His eyes narrowed a bit before he continued to walk around, the usual silence filling the air. He saw nothing of particular interest other than some destroyed furniture and broken wood from the rooftop above him. He turned to leave before hearing something crack and crunch beneath his foot. He glanced down and slowly backed his foot away as he saw a now cracked picture frame at his feet. He slowly knelt down, being careful to avoid any glass that might be around him, before picking up the picture frame slowly and bringing it up to examine it. The picture frame itself besides the now broken glass was fine, hardly any damage had been done to it, but the picture itself looked burnt. The edges of it were black and the picture was faded to the point where no one could really tell what it was; like it was recovered from a fire or something. He slowly put it back down before making his way out of the house, being careful not to mess with anything that might cause any further damage to the home.- 

UnaruInuzuka: -The clone had waited a few moments wondering if the other would make a comment; however found him as quiet as earlier this day. He didn’t mention it; he had known plenty that were quiet so had found himself shifting his gaze to glance away as the Anbu had moved into another building. The clone had continued looking around before he finally took note of a slightly taller destroyed building. With this notice he started wandering from where the Anbu was checking things out towards that building; the clone took it upon himself to take a glance around figuring if he was interested the original Shikake would have fun with thinking back at what was found as they traveled. He moved along what must have at one point been a street between the buildings. He knew the village they were staying within had to have been at one point larger than what they see here. He glanced around in a slow circle at the ruins; he knew it was to have held one of the highest military powers in the world, so the idea of it being this small was strange. The hole back there in that building kind of told him different, they may be only at the tip of the full village, he figured not all of it was above ground, it was a village of stone after all… Could be this whole mountain for all he knew. He walked along and moved to look upon the building he noticed and paused, he knew where he was now, this was the building that was covered in a mudslide in the fight. Clearly there wasn’t anything much to see here, probably nothing really left in any of the buildings actually, it was known for bandits, rogues and passer by’s to slip into the ruined village and look for any hidden treasures in the place. How things were within the buildings it spoke that no one has been around for a while so no doubt all of its more noticeable treasures are gone. His feet soon leapt from the ground to perch himself on a high wall and came to glance around. The clone could see the fire burning bright in the darkness in the distance the slight shadow of the original Shikake sitting on the tall shelter. He lifted his head and looked up into the sky as words passed his lips without really expecting to be heard.- “Must have been a rough life living in a place like this... Strong shinobi falling like they did must have been hard to accomplish, can’t see them running... What I wouldn’t give to know exactly what happened here… Even textbooks are quite vague on the history of what took place…” –There was a small glint that caught his eye from this height and hopped down from his perch and dug his toe into the ground around the item finding it to be a coin, clearly someone missed something in the pillage, it wasn’t worth anything beyond sentimentality at this point so he scooped it up, one side having the word rock written on it in kanji and on the other a single denomination along with the year upon it he couldn’t make out any longer. He flipped it into the air before catching it as he stretched while giving a yawn, time had been passing by and it seemed that it was starting to tick towards the end of their shift. Shikake had noticed the time passing by without too much notice his eyes mostly looking into the skies enjoying the scenery and on occasion letting his eyes wander over the place in this silence. He was kind of bored but he had found the stillness relaxing none the less something he hasn’t felt in the last few months inside the village with all that has happened to them. Sure he can seem to just sleep at random moments and seem not aware of the world around him there but he was always finding there were things to do and when he did take moments to rest it was when he had a few hours to just cut loose. Here however he was watchful and on sentry duty but it didn’t have that strain to get things done like it was back there to him at least, sure they had things that were important and had to be done quickly but this felt more calm even after the fight earlier that day.-

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada glanced around once more before moving to a far off building, the walls were just barely standing up and the roof had all but caved in on itself, but he decided to just look there anyways. He quietly made his way over to the building, hearing Shikake’s clone speak aloud, the words coming out vaguely in the background as he walked over to the building and made his way inside. He lightly jumped over an almost destroyed wall of the building, glancing around the inside of it, which there wasn’t much of since the rooftop was basically the room now. He glanced down at his feet as he was in the one small corner of the room that didn’t seem to be crushed by the rubble. As he glanced, he noticed a small wooden trapdoor at his feet, which caused his eyes to narrow slightly as he knelt down to the trapdoor. He placed his hand on the small metal knob that was now a rusty brown color as he lifted the door open, hearing it creak loudly and its hinges almost popping off of it. He carefully opened the trapdoor before it held itself up vertically before Kunisada saw a darkened portion underneath it, like a trail was there or something along those lines. Kunisada quietly and carefully made his way down to the darkened portion of the underground trail before placing one hand on the wall, feeling the dirt against his palm as he did so. He could barely see anything since it was so dark and it didn’t seem like there was any light source coming from either side of him. His hand moved an inch forward before he felt his hand felt something metallic against his hand, causing him to feel around it carefully to see if he could identify what it was. After a brief examination with his hand, he felt that it was a torch of some kind, causing his hand to travel down before grasping the handle of it and bringing it up to his mouth, shooting a small wave of fire over the top of it. A second after the fire was shot off, the torch lit the area fairly, it wasn’t bright, but it helped him see better down the darkness, for what it was worth. He glanced around at the underground trail, seeing a long tunnel lead on for a very long while, making Kunisada’s eyes narrow slightly; the place seemed big enough to fit at least over 100 people in there. As he continued to think, he figured that this was an Iwagakure underground trail for in case of something happening to the Village in an emergency situation; their Village wasn’t exactly in the safest spot, as demonstrated when Kagato during the fight earlier. He figured that this was built to save for civilians and maybe injured shinobi if need be. Whatever happened to Iwagakure was still a bit of a mystery for everyone; no one really knows what happened to the place, but whatever happened it didn’t leave much time for this to be used. He sighed quietly through his nose before quietly blowing out the torch light and placing it back where he once placed it before standing up fully and lifting himself out of the tunnel. After his body was out, he placed his hand on the trapdoor once more before quietly, or at least as quietly as he could, closed the trapdoor once more before standing up fully and making his way out of the building the same way he jumped in. He glanced up at the moon and noticed that it had changed it position since his shift had started; time must have flown by relatively quick, so maybe their shift was nearing its end.-

UnaruInuzuka: -The clone glanced over watching Kuni move out of another building having let its mind wander along with check the area as it waited on the Anbu to get into sight again. It noticed him glace up to note the moon and gave a nod of It’s head.- “Time to head back and wake the others for their own shift.”  -The time had sure moved along while they were wandering in this place, the clone really considered this place likely a nice place to explore at some point in the future but who knew, likely Shikake will never have such a chance again. It glanced back down at the coin in It’s hand, may as well just head back to the camp and hand over the item to him before popping… Maybe ruffle thru the pile of weapons as well as Shikake goes inside to wake his Shikage. Shikake’s clone glanced one more time towards Kuni before turning to face where the camp site was taking a moment to consider the area around always diligent on watching the place for anything out of the ordinary before using the body flicker to head back towards it without wasting too much more time. The clone appears besides Shikake and when he turned to look at the clone he was tossed the coin in a light movment, Shikake snagged it from the air and looked down at it wondering what he was given. He took note of the coin and smirked slightly under that mask wondering what his clone had been up to in those ruins. He gave a yawn and stood from his sitting spot before watching the clone move off to the pile of weapons. Shikake took note of this and rubbed the back of his neck, clearly his want to look into those weapons slipped to the clone himself. No matter… it gave him some time to do double duty till he went back to resting the remainder of the night.-

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada’s glance came down from glancing at the moon as he heard Shikake’s clone begin to speak of heading back to the campsite to wake the others for their shift. He glanced at the clone as he looked at something in his hand, making Kunisada figure that Shikake’s clone had found something and was going to keep it as a souvenier. Kunisada watched the clone as he disappeared to the campsite and to where Shikake was. He glanced around the Village ruins once more, but his eyes lingered back to the beam that he had messed with earlier in the beginning of his shift, making him wonder slightly again about why he had seen what he had seen. He brushed off the idea in his mind before making his way back to the campsite, the silence once again taking over the area. After a moment or two of walking back, Kunisada made it back to the campsite and glanced over at Shikake, who hadn’t fallen asleep as he had promised. Or at least that Kunisada knew, maybe his clone had just woke him up, but he wasn’t going to make assumptions about it and have Shikake become upset with him. Kunisada glanced over at the home that Kagato had made for Ritsuka and Akatori, figuring that he should wake them up sometime soon since their shift was soon going to end. He glanced over at Shikake, who was staring at the weapon pile he had made earlier before any of their shifts even began before turning his gaze back towards Ritsuka and Akatori’s makeshift home before walking towards it; guess it was time to wake the Jounin.-

UnaruInuzuka: -Shikake had glanced down from his perch on the building to take notice that Kuni was back as well before letting himself drop to first the one the kage was sleeping within without even a crunch to the impact in his actions to leap and land again to the ground below on light feet. His steps soon came to turn to glance over at the clone that by now was crouched over the pile of items softly brushing items aside and at moments turning them over to inspect. Shikake on the other hand grabbed another couple of logs and tossed it onto the fire to let the next group have a fresh fire ready and waiting for them. He had glanced over seeing that Kuni was walking towards the other shelter by this time and yawned with a stretch. With the licking of those flames on the wood small crackles and pops coming from them before it blazed well and bright did he find himself turning from the fire and once again slip into the darkness as he moved towards the domed shelter of his. He let himself keep light steps but he didn’t keep himself from making noise knowing a heads up long before the actual wake up call would be likely preferred. He didn’t move in far after dipping down to slip into the shelter itself, maybe a step or two before speaking up.- “Itsy-sama time to wake up, time for the next shift.” –His voice was strong but also soft in tone. As he was talking there the clone had come to find a couple of kunai and a few shuriken of normal size easily salvaged, he didn’t take all that could be taken, just a few items to add to his inventory. The clone had moved to the shelter and slipped inside seconds after the wake up call. Shikake had taken note of the clone entering and watched as he handed over the items. He reached out took them and the moment he had them in hand the clone dismissed itself. He stood there a moment and soon its memories overlapped his own the whole time of it checking out the ruins and what it said, he shook his head before stashing the weapons into his hip pouch waiting for Itsy to fully awaken before moving back towards the side of the shelter he had been sleeping at earlier waiting on any questions she might have before considering catching some more sleep before dawn.-

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada glanced behind him as he watched Shikake and Shikake’s clone do some busy jobs around the campsite; like the clone rummaging through the spare tools that had been left after the fight as well as Shikake throwing some wood in the fire to keep it from dying out before turning his gaze back around as he entered the makeshift home of Akatori and Ritsuka. He mentally debated which one to wake up first and how to do so, they’d been sleeping for a few hours, so he didn’t want to startle them and have them react out of instinct. He silently began to make his way over to Ritsuka before glancing over at Akatori, whom seemed to have fallen asleep as she was reading a book. He silently turned slightly before taking a knee at Akatori’s location, reaching out and carefully removing the book from her lap as to not wake her just yet. As he began to move the book, he kept his thumb on the inside of the pages to make sure that he didn’t lose where she was at before a brown bookmark fell off to the side, catching Kunisada’s eye momentarily. He noiselessly picked up the bookmark and placed it between the two pages she was currently on before quietly closing the book and placing it next to her. He spun himself around quietly before lightly shaking Ritsuka’s knee seeing as he was in criss-cross position, before speaking quietly, but at the same time with a firmness in his voice as so it wouldn’t be ignored.- “..Ritsuka, wake up..” –If Ritsuka didn’t wake up the first time, he would continue his actions until he saw the boy’s eyes open to show that he was fully awake. Afterwards, he would immediately turn his attention towards Akatori and then lightly place his hand on her shoulder and shake her lightly as well, speaking in the same tone he had used with Ritsuka.- “..Akatori, time to wake up..” –He like with Ritsuka, would continue these actions until she showed signs of her waking up as well, which would cause him to slowly stand after seeing the two Jounin wake up. After making sure they were fully awake to comprehend his words, he would speak to the both of them.- “...Your shifts are up..” –He glanced over at the both of them to make sure they heard him correctly, though the visor of his mask and the lack of light didn’t allow them to see his eyes, but they could see that he was looking at them.-

Akatori2: ~Akatori was fast asleep before feeling a light shake. Her eyes would flash open, Olive eyes quickly lighting up as she glanced upwards. It appears that her shift was upon her, as Kuni had just woken her up. A small sigh escaped from her lap as she placed a hand in her lap, reaching for her book. She jerked upwards and felt next to her where the book was neatly place. She looked up again at Kuni and smiled. ~ "Thanks for the wake up call. How was your shift?" ~ She said pleasently, strechthing her arms up and body foward after rising to her feet. She waited for the ANBU to reply to her, before glancing at Ritsuka and giving him a smile and small hand salute. ~ "Let's get this over with Ritsuka " ~ She said heading to the doorway of the earth hut, a small laugh escaping her lips. Akatori felt a bit groggy, but she was just waking up. In less than an hour she'll feel fine. Stopping herself as she placed her hand on the doorway, she looked back and smiled at Kuni. She wished the pair were able to talk a bit more, but small coversations was all she could get for now. Akatori walked over to the fire a big slow, yawning once more before pushing hair strands from her face and redoing her ponytail. The fire was simmering low, and would need wood soon. She walked tilted her head at it and stared into the burning embers, thinking of where some wood would be in a stone village.~

ILRitsuka: *Ritsuka awoke as soon as Kunisada first began shaking his knee. He looked up and moved to stand immediately after. He had gotten just enough sleep to feel as if he could make it through this shift with ease. With the chakra he had amassed in that time it should be enough to even allow him to activate his doujutsu if need be. He waited for Akatori to be woken and get ready. Moving to reattach the llarge gunbai to his back. He really needed to seal that thing away at some point. He hadnt had time yet to work on the proper technique for it. As Akatori spoke to him he returned her light smile as he responded. *”Shouldnt be too bad. I think it will go fast.”* He walked out of the earthen hut and walked towards the fire that was still burning away. He checked the firewood, deeming it an appropriate choice to go out in search of more at some point. . He settled to sit on one of the seats placed around the fire to wait for Akatori to join him so they could disuss their plans for the shift. He was also curious to see if the other kage would be around to speak with, he had already taken a liking to the kind and wise woman. She was from another village but besides that there wasnt anything different about her. then again this was the first person he had met from another village that he wasn't competing against. even at the Chunnin Exams he hadnt spoken to anyone from another villge. it was something he had sortve regretted, missing out on asking questions about their homes and such. He yawned lightly his blue eyes looking lazily over their campgrounds hoping that clone of his makes to the village safely. It would be quite the journey back for the clone, but with the clone kuni had sent out he hoped it wouldnt be to impossible. with that his shift had started and he was ready for anything, he hoped so at least.*

IItsumo: -Itsy began to wake up as soon as she felt Shikake’s chakra enter the shelter but she didn’t move. Her brain was registering where she was and what was going on just as she heard him speak that it was time for the next shift. Then she felt another Shikake chakra entering the building she stiffened and shot straight up her icy blue eyes glaring at the clone of Shikake before relaxing. Itsy didn’t like wake up calls but she knew it was necessary she nodded her head and started to gather her tools from under her pillow. She got them back in place on her body as she folded up her blankets and sealed them into a scroll then did the same with the pillow. She wasn’t speaking yet but as she put the scrolls in her pack she finally spoke.- “Anything I need to know?” –she asked Shikake as she pulled her Panda mask from the bag and put it into place on her face. She then grabbed her white scarf from the bag and wrapped it around her face waiting for his answer as she grabbed the large panda doll and slung it over her shoulders and got it into place. She then stood and stretched before looking straight at shikake .-  

UnaruInuzuka: -Shikake had watched as she woke up and took notice of the glare. He didn’t react to it as he plopped himself down to sit on the ground however when the question was finally given he shrugged his shoulders.- “Not really, checked out the ruins a bit, a lot more than it appears, camp was quiet.” –He gave a yawn as he slipped his mask off, his chocolate eyes were shadowed in the darkness of the dome only the slight details of outline and shape noticed of anything in this shelter of theirs but enough to go by for the shinobi themselves. The clone didn’t use much chakra as it was checking out the ruins with the Anbu so most of what he used was returned and didn’t effect him much which he appreciated, he had been hoping to finish off any rest he needed for this night before the sun rose and if it had he would definitely be regretting the decision of making it. As he scratched the back of his neck he reached into his pouch soon pulling out a scroll still looking to his Kage before speaking again.- “Have a good shift, see you at dawn.” The offer of being alert enough to hear her call for assistance wasn’t needed to be spoken, she would know if he heard anything like a order thrown at him he would be at her side instantly. After a moment of considering if there was anything else to say he started unsealing his blanket that was being used as a make shift pillow for now settled his mask on his lap. With a simple roll of the blanket plopped himself onto his back with his ‘pillow’ held up with both hands to catch his head as he laid back and soon he closed his eyes to head to grab a few more hours sleep before the journey to the island for the summons.-

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada glanced over as the two Jounin woke from their slumber as he took note of Akatori smiling at him and thanking him for the wake-up call. After a second, he heard her ask how his shift was, to which he decided to answer.- “…Was quiet..” –He spoke plainly for her to hear before turning his gaze slightly to see the two Jounin begin to move and head out of the makeshift home, noticing Akatori smiling at him once more before heading out as he stood there silently for a moment before heading out himself. He glanced over at the two Jounin by the fire as well as take note of Itsumo’s approach to the two of them. He quietly made his way back to the makeshift home of Kagato, which also held his house on the top of it before noiselessly jumping onto the building. As he made his way to the makeshift home for himself, he glanced over at the Ruins of Iwagakure, the shadows hiding him almost completely now as he thought about the shift for a moment. He glanced at the cut-out door he had made before placing his hand on the side of it and sliding it open, causing it to grind slightly against the rooftop of Kagato’s building. Once there was enough room to place himself in between, he stepped into the dark room once more. Once he was inside, he closed the door once more, hearing it scrape against the rooftop once more. Once the door was fully shut, Kunisada quietly turned as he began to sit down with his back against the door, taking his previous stance against the door as he did before his shift started. He had a few more hours to wait before the group began to take off for the island yet again, staring into the darkness of his room once more.-

Akatori2: ~Akatori smirked lightly as she heard the boy talk. He shortly joined her infront of the blaze, seeming to be ready to get back on the road. Her olive eyes stayed glued onto the fire as it went on and on, crackling the wood with intense heat and control. It gave off a pleasing smell of burning, something you wouldn't really smell to often in Ame. It also was cherrywood, giving off a light smell. She titled her head a bit, eyes still locked on the embers. The fire didn't appear to be that dim, but surely it would be cutting it close to lasting till the time the group sets out. Her eyes broke away and she took a step back from the smoke starting to get a bit bitter to her nostrils. Aka would accidentally step on a stick, hearing it crack slightly under her sandal. Glancing down, she noticed that there still was a bit of wood left in the pile, but they would have to raid the ruins to look for more in case the flames didn't hold up. Akatori would kneel down by the flames, resting on her rear while her legs curled up to the left of her body, only being supported by her right arm. She'd look over at Ritsuka to what he was doing. She hoped he wasn't still all hung up on the squabble they had before the trip. Akatori honestly didn't think highly of it. It's easy for friends to fall out of contact when both branch away with their own lives, especially with the constant flow of missions, training, and other sessions they each did on a daily. She'd glance up at the stars and gasp as silent as a mouse. The glowing lights that illuminated the dark sky was an awe inspiring sight. With constant storm clouds blocking the sky, things like this are just unheard of seeing back home. The silence was starting to cloud the air like smoke, so Akatori decided to clear it.~ "So, how's the head feeling?" ~Her tone was simple, hoping to hear that he was close to 100 percent. ~

Ritsuka: As they at around the fire, he breathed in, his nose filled with the intrusive scent of the fire. It wasn’t that he didn’t like it, but he prefered the smell of Rain that he was so used to much more. The smoke burned his eyes and nose, but the warmth was nice.  He turned to face Akatori as she spoke to him. He hadnt even notciced his head hurting to much he brought his hand up to touch where he had hit it. A dull pain spreading. Nothing unexpected. He had hit that wall hard.* "Its much better, Thank you By the way. It is just a little tender to the touch, nothing  cannot handle though. " *With that he yawned lightly, moving his arms above his head tto stretch. Was happy this would hopefully be there last night camping before they reached the island. The trip still had a lot to it. Who knew how long it would take once they reached the island to obtain each summon. Then the return trip if went without incident would be fairly quick. Once the group had their summons it would really be unintelligent to mess with them, well more so than it was now. It would only be a matter of time he would have a new companion to help him along his journey.  He glanced back at akatori thinking of their last interaction before they left. It was their Jounin Test. And though they had both made it. He could help but feel there was a definate difference in how he view the other. But he had also changed over time. He only needed his family and Unaru at the moment, beside that anything else he didn’t have time for. He didn’t need the added stress he had a genin team that needed training, and himself who had to train. His dream was a big one and he would not fail. No matter who he had to go through, he would make it happen.

IItsumo:-Itsumo nodded at Shikake as she turned and headed to the exit of the hut. It was still dark and the fire seemed to still be well tended to as she made her way closer to the fire. She already knew the two others on this shift were already waiting near the fire their chakra’s both seemed to be in good standing so the boy must be feeling better she thought to herself as she stood off to the side behind them so they had time to finish their conversation. She wasn’t in a social mood even though she was recharged and ready to go her mind was still thinking back to the conversation she had with Kagato on her first shift. After both of them stopped talking she finally spoke up not sure if they knew she was standing back behind them or not. - “If your both ready we should check the barrier to make sure nothing or no one  is trying to breach it.” –she looked at the boy now knowing who actually caused the attack on them earlier that day she would have to watch him closer then she had originally planned on doing if indeed that person came after them she was not sure how the boy would handle that. Not that the person could get through the barrier without being spotted ahead of time but she still didn’t want to take the risk of him seeing them.  She turned and started walking towards the barrier not looking back to see if they were behind her or not but she figured that they both or one would follow behind. At least her own training would have made her fallow anyone checking the perimeter if she didn’t know them and trust them one hundred percent.  She paused when she reached the barrier right about where the entrance to the ruins would have been but now the barrier stood between them and the entrance and waited.- 

Akatori2: ~ Akatori gave him a nod as he spoke, thanking her. ~ " Of course, It's my duty to make sure all of you boys stay out of harms way. Tenderness can be eased with a little ice, but I don't think we have any of that around.." ~ Her tone was a bit more motherly than normal, but it's just something that happens to her when she gets into her medic state of mind. She sensed that Itsumo was exiting her hut and approached them. Once she stopped talking, Aka would glance behind her, the Kage beginning to speak herself. She spoke of checking the perimeter, to make sure the barrier was still holding up well and that nothing was attempting to join them on the inside. It was a logical idea, especially since they were the last watch before leaving. Always smart to do a final check instead of just hanging around and waiting for a something to possibly go awry. Akatori sprang up quickly, feeling a bit eager to possibly talk more to Itsumo. The woman didn't seem all to into being there with them, as she did not wait for them. It was a bit suspicious, but Akatori didn't think to hard on it. Following protocol, she'd make sure to keep her eyes on both Itsumo and Shikake. Akatori waved Rits to hurry up and check with her, as Akatori hung on like a thread a few feet behind. Akatori didn't have much Fuinjutsu experience, only a little bit over the basics. It was surprising to be the student of a Fuinjutsu master and not have that much skill in it, but Akatori learned many other skills and techniques from Kagato, like how to hone in her sensory skills. She waited behind Itsumo, observing how she scanned the barrier while also sensing her surroundings.~

Ritsuka: *He smiled at her words, She was the medic on duty, she had come along way from when they had first met. There had always been a time he had held a certain jealousy toward Akatori. One that formed when she landed herself on his fathers teams and he had not. But he ended on his mothers team so wasnt to bad. As well as the training sessions he got in with his father one on one. But he had formed a friendship with the Yamanaka despite it all. They remained close through their time as Genin as well as Chunnin, it was they journey into jounin-hood there relationship had become stressed. It was something he planned on fixing in the friendship, it was just difficult with both of them having their teams and such. He turned to spot The other kage as she spoke of checking the barrier that was surrounding their camp, courtesy of his father. Another thing he planned to work on learning, Barrier ninjutsu often came in handy, and he found it quite fascinating. He rose to his feet and followed the Yamanaka quickly as she waved at him to hurry along. He considered activating his doujutsu to help with spying anything hidden away that might be missed, but settled on leaving it alone for now. He wasnt sure the other mystery nin had told his companion about his eye yet and if not, he wasnt sure he was comfortable flaunting it around. Let alone the desire to conserve chakra for the island. He would need it when it came to obtaining his animal companion. As they walked along the barrier, he kept his eyes peeled for anything suspicious, hoping they could get through this with little incident.and continue on their journey*

IItsumo:-Itsumo smiled under her mask as she glanced back over her shoulder the other two joining her at the edge of the barrier.- “I’m not used to having others with me that are not already on the same page as me sorry I left you both behind.” –She said in a soft tone her icy blue eyes looking at the boy and girl who had joined her. - “Just don’t want to be surprised by anything when Kagato brings the barrier down.” –Her icy blue eyes locked on the boy she knew he was Kagato’s son and that there were only two ways to get the eyes Kagato had and they both required having Uchiha blood so the boy would be at least part Uchiha unless he was adopted but he looked too much like his father for that to be possible. She figured he had some form of the eye as well and that he was being cautious with it. It was not likely that anything would slip past the barrier and not get caught in her own sensory Jutsu. She shook her head and turned to the right heading in opposite direction that Kagato and her had walked on the first shift. She kept her eyes on the barrier now but watched for any change in either of the others chakra. Itsumo wasn’t one to ask questions she however would choose to answer or not if one was asked of her as she did with Kagato. It was the way she was taught asking question never got straight answers it was easier for her to just find out the information on her own from her targets brain but these kids were not targets they were possible allies of her village and still young she wasn’t worried about them actually challenging her but she knew they both had questions she could tell by their eyes when she had approached the fire. She paused looking into one of the ruins for a moment seeing nothing she continued her pace she knew this was the last shift of the night before they left and she didn’t want to miss anything that may be of importance later. She lifted her left hand and swiped the one lost strange of pale blonde hair from her face and glanced at the young yamanaka and the son of the AmeKage then she glanced back at the barrier.- 

Akatori2: ~ Akatori listened to the soft voice of the woman, her face still covered behind the mask. ~ "It's quite alright. An attack like that seemed too planned out to be random. Almost like..they knew where to find one of us. If they are some group of assassins, most likely we will run into who hired them..sooner or later." ~Her tone was same as always, smooth and relaxed, but she took a deeper tone to emphasize the last part of her sentence. Akatori believed that they were most likely after Kagato-Sama and the Amegakure party. Although they did appear from the same direction as the Yonshi group, earlier on they almost crossed paths with two mint haired travelers, ironically similar to that of two of the six assassins that came after them.  She tailed behind Itsumo in silence, focusing her mind on her sensory skills. The night was dark, but in do time,  it would begin to lighten rapidly as daylight would approach. The silence felt a bit awkward, but was expected as the teens knew barely anything of her, and she knew barely anything of them.~  

IlRitsuka: *Something about what Akatori had said made Ritsuka stop in his tracks for a moment. It was quite coincidental they knew exactly where to find the group. The two they had avoided before had been hunting for someone. There wasn't much reason for too many people to be walking along that path or showing up at these ruins. If someone in fact had been hunting their group it would have to be someone who knew where they were going, and what path they were taking. The only people who knew of their trip was a handful of people from Amegakure, and most of them wouldnt have the resources to put an attack together of that caliber. He felt as if he was getting so close to something but was just missing a piece. It was something that he was leaving out. He gave up on figuring it out now and continued following the others around the barrier. Trying not to appear to affected by Aka's comment. He couldnt help but feel his dad knew something he wasnt sharing, with Ritsuka at least. All this just made him feel more paranoid about the situation. If some had sent those ninja after them, there is a large chance they would send more or even come themselves. He hoped they did it would give him a chance to pay them back for the cheap shot he had received earlier. He remained behind the two, silently letting his doujutsu activate in his left eye, the bright blue replaced by crimson. He would be sure to carry his weight today. And he wasnt about to let anything slip past him again.All these unswered question had his head spinning. he hated being left in the dark. *

IItsumo: -She listed as the Yamanaka girl hit the nail close on the head the attack had indeed been planned out they had just not counted on their being more than just four Shinobi standing around not that the AmeKage wouldn’t have been able to take out the two that herself and Shikake had taken out but they didn’t know that. After a few seconds her eyes shifted back to the boy behind her she noticed his left eye was no longer blue it was a crimson red different from his fathers but none the less it was something special just like the one Uchiha in her village would have when he grew up. She sighed softly and shook her head the two teens whom had seemed so eager to have a shift were trailing behind her fallowing her lead as if they were not used to taking the lead. She understood that they didn’t trust her and that it could also be the reason they stayed behind her but she could easily shift behind them or even drop her doll and the two would fall into a trap. Itsumo could see in the boy’s face something was bothering him.- “If you both have questions now would be the time to ask….I will not answer something but If I have an answer I will try and be honest with you and give some answer.” –she said this then paused for a moment and crouched down for a second and listened. There was no noise to be heard except for the breaths and steps of the two behind her. No birds or Animals no snoring from the other Shinobi sleeping nearby in the huts it was strange to Itsumo but she was not picking up any new chakra signatures unless someone was able to suppress their chakra she would have spotted them by now but she picked up on nothing. Just silence and she expected the rest of the shift to go this was as well. The person who planned the first attack had one of two people in mind as Targets and they would undoubtedly know that the Shinobi had failed by now and figured out that striking when everyone was together wouldn’t benefit them at all they would probably choose to wait until everyone went their own way on the island. Itsumo stood and began walking again after several moments.- 

Akatori2: ~Akatori continued on, keeping a distance from Itsumo so she could have her personal space. The shift was going well so far, but there was a steady silence filling the air like a smokescreen. A pin could fall and wake up the whole camp ground. All that could be heard was light steps against the still drying ground and breathing. It was strange to hear such silence. Being born and raised in the Hidden Rain, rain drops could be heard clashing against metal roofs, the wooden porches, and against the ground and grass. She didn't pick up any new chakra signatures within the 100 meters she could reach. However, one thing was off. She felt a change in Ritsuka's chakra, and noticed Itsumo look back at him. Akatori would also turn and notice that the young Uzumaki has activated his Sharingan. He didn't need to have it active, as they were merely scanning the area. He would simply just be wasting his chakra that he should save up for the trip in case they ran into more trouble. Her olive eyes would squint down at him slightly in a glare. ~ "Rits.." ~ She would remark to him. It was just his name, but the tone of her voice spoke for it all. It sounded motherly in nature, like how a mother would address a mischievous child who had just done wrong. She had always acted like this towards Ritsuka, always playing a protective role with him. He knew better than to activate his eye, so she didn't really have to baby him by explaining it, or embarrassing him in front of the Shikage. After Itsumo spoke up about asking her questions, Akatori hopped on the idea, wanting to know all she could from the woman. ~ " Ah, yes Lady Itsumo. Please, tell me about our Clan..The Branch of Yamanaka in Yonshigakure." ~ Akatori didn't know much about her clan. She knew about the bonds they share with the Nara and Akimichi Clans, along with the Ninjutsu from scrolls left by her family and found by Kagato-Sama, but other than that, she was clueless. It was hard for her growing up without really having a sense of who she was in the world, and not really having a family. She was mostly left to handle things on her own, and always jumped at a chance to socialize or spend time with others. Regardless of who they were.~ 

lRitsuka: As the woman spoke he fought within himself whether to pry for further information on their attackers  it was possible she knew more than himself. His mismatched gaze fell to the ground waiting for Akatoris scolding to end. He knew she was merely looking out for him. Making sure he conserved chakra. But he would be alright. With his Uchiha blood it didnt consume much chakra to keep his Sharingan activated. As long as he wasnt copying techniques or using genjutsu he would be able to keep it up for their perimeter check. He lifted his gaze from the ground looking up at the Shikage. The question was on the tip of his tongue. He waited for Akatori to ask hers, wanting to know more about her clan and the Yonshi branch of it.  It was a good question. Being with his father he knew lots about his clan. Not so much about the Uchiha part, but about his prominent clan the Uzumaki. Their village had a small number of Yamanaka. It would be interesting to see if there were many more out there for Akatori, She always was the type to expand her knowledge. It was something he shared with her. There wasn't enough he could learn in his opinion, or at least not enough time to learn enough. He waited until Akatoris questioned got answered, before sighing and asking his own, trying to sound calm. * “ What do you know of our attackers. That you have learned or been told, if I may ask.” *His hand fidgeted nervously at his side as he awaited either a response or refusal. He would accept either*. 

IItsumo: -Itsumo kept pace as she listened to the Young Yamanaka and the AmeKage’s son asked their questions. The first question was from the Young Yamanaka and about their clan. The subject was touchy for Itsumo but she would answer it the best she could she began to speak as she walked so only the two with her would be able to hear what she had to say. – “The Yamanaka Clan came to Yonshigakure in 180 when I was only three years old from Konohagakure my father was the head of the clan in Yonshigakure. With them came Members of the Nara and the Akamichi Clan. If you haven’t guessed Shikake is a Member of the Nara Clan and Our Previous Kage was an Akamichi and one of my closest friends. However since the war the three clans are almost none existent in Yonshigakure. They were once vary dominate clans in Yonshigakure. The Yamanaka Clan in Yonshigakure mainly being myself possess an addition clan ability that has been passed down through generations.” –she stopped speaking and nodded her head feeling that was enough information at least for the question asked. She was not going to go into too much detail about anything unless more was asked.  She then moved to the boy’s question about what she knew or had been told about their attackers. She processed the question for a few moments as they walked in silence. She knew a lot about the subject but she was asked not to speak to the boy about much of what she was told. She figured that she would keep it simple and explain only what she knew herself and not what she had been told by the AmeKage.- “ I only know what I figured out on my own, It was a well organized by a group of Rouge Ninja whom had organized themselves I am not sure if it was on either of our two groups specifically or if it was a random attack that we ended up all being victims of I did not go into the minds of our attackers to find out because I would not leave my body exposed or using more of my chakra then necessary when Kagato had said he would gather information. It would be best to ask him when you return to your village about the attack and not to worry your mind on it you will need your strength and concentration where we are all heading.” –She walked on in silence for a bit longer the sky was turning lighter but the sun was still nowhere to be seen she thought the others deserved at least another hour or so of sleep before they woke them so she kept walking the perimeter they were now on the backside of the perimeter where the mountains would be if you could get past the barrier there was still nothing to be seen and they still had half the perimeter to walk.-

Akatori2:  ~ Sure enough, Ritsuka tried to bow his head, avoiding the lecture Akatori was ready to give, but she held back. He would have no problem holding his Sharingan up, but her concern was that he was just wasting chakra he could use to pull of possibly a life saving jutsu down the road if there was more trouble. Since he was paired with two Yamanaka, sensing the surrounding area with his dojutsu was just unnecessary. The young woman bit her tongue though, she had no reason to lecture him on it, she trusts he knows his body and his limits. Aka turned her attention back to Itsumo, eager to hear all about the Yamanaka of Yonshigakure, a bit of a glimmer appearing in her olive eyes. The Shikage's tone was a bit quiet, so only those close to her could actual hear what she was saying. She talked about the migration of the Ino-Shika-Cho combo clans to Yonshi when she was young, and even the fact that she came from the main branch of the Yamanaka. However, the story wasn't as cheerful as she had hoped. Like she thought, the clans numbers were low due to the bloody war that cost so many their lives. One thing caught her attention, the additional clan ability. Akatori had studied, at least what she thought, all the abilities of the Yamanaka Clan. Was their one her parents didn't have on scroll or did Kagato not recover everything from the ruins of Konoha? Akatori was still learning a lot of her clan hiden, but she was well versed in what she already had learned. She felt compelled to ask more questions, but as she opened her mouth, Ritsuka spoke up about his question. He wanted to know more about the bandits. She basically explained the same thing Akatori had already concluded to by herself. ~ " Thank you for sharing this information with us, Lady Itsumo." ~ Akatori would bow once the reached the mountainous area of the perimeter. It was the side that both the Yonshigakure group and bandits came from. The walk was still quiet, but at least their was a bit more light, seeing that the sky had begun to soften a few pigments. ~

IlRitsuka: - As she answered him he could help but be left feeling disappointed with her answer. He was still being left out of things. Was he not a jounin? Did he not deserve to know what everyone else seemed to? He didn't allow his disappointment to show. Not wanting the others to know what he was thinking or feeling, he decided to remain blank. If this was what they were doing than he had nothing he could do but accept it. As they neared the area where they had encountered the bandits he was sure to keep his eyes peeled for any clues or activity around them. He wasn't going to be taken by surprise again. He figured they had a little over a hour before the rest would be waking. He wasn't feeling the most social at the moment and really would have preferred to be perched in a tree observing the area in solitude. But then again he didn't want to offend anyone, so he stayed with the group trailing behind Akatori. He was still very wary of the two that had joined their group. He just didn't know much about them. He wasn't opposed to learning more. Just not in the mood to ask questions now-

IItsumo:-Itsumo glanced behind her to see what the other twos true response was to the information she had spoken to them. The girl named Tori seemed to want to ask more about the clan it most likely had to do with the hidden technique she spoke about that the girl was interested in however Itsumo would not give that information away so easily. The boy Ritsuka the son of the Kage had a blank face this made it hard for Itsumo to read him but had he been easy to read he would not be a good shinobi. The fact he had hidden all emotion meant something was bugging him about what she said the fact he probably felt that she was keeping information from him or that His father had not told him what was going on was most likely what was bugging him but she would not know this for sure unless she asked and she wasn’t going to do that. She heard the girl thank her for sharing the information with them as she nodded and turned her head back look where she was going. She kept walking in silence the other two fallowing behind her she knew the time was coming fast. They had made it almost the full way around the barrier now and it had been just over three hours since there shift had started the sun was rising and the sky was getting brighter with every passing moment. After they reached the exact spot that they had started the shift along the barrier Itsumo turned and walked back towards the camp.- “It’s getting ready to be time to wake them up The two of you should awake your Kage and the other person with you. I will start breakfast and wake Shikake. She didn’t wait to see if the other two listened she moved into the shelter the Shikake had built and grabbed her bag from the corner where it sat she didn’t bother to wake Shikake up she knew that just walking into the hut would alert him and when she reached the fire she would establish a connection for her to speak to him about what had happened on both of her shifts at least what she could share. She reached the fire once more and set her pack down as she started to unpack the food she had packed in the bag she still would have plenty even if she pulled some out for the others to eat. She pulled out two of the rolls with meat inside them for each of the people in the camp and a pan that would easily sit next to the fire to heat them she placed the buns on the pan to warm as she established a connection to Shikake.- “You should be awake by now, we need to speak about a few things before the others join me by the fire. First off the attack was not on us nor was it a random attack I will not go into details about what it was or whom it was the coordinated the attack because I was asked to keep it between myself and Kagato but They should not come back. Second the young boy that is with the Amekage is his son they both have a kekei genkai though both are different and the boy only has it in one eye.  We need to be careful not to turn them against us our village would not handle an attack from theirs. We continue with them to the island and then we will go home from there.” –she didn’t disconnect the connection so he could answer or ask question when he was awake enough but she did go back to making sure the buns were not burning. She flipped them over and made sure they were cooking on all sides as she waited for the others.-

Akatori2: ~ The walk after she answered them was silent. Only sandals dragging over the rocky landscape and the occasional stone being kicked into another. Akatori just enjoyed the new landscape, as she had never been this far out from Amegakure. Sure, walking around in a large circle was a bit boring, but she didn't mind some of the more tedious tasks. Akatori grew to be quite patient, due to medical training and her passion for meditation. Once they finished, it had been about three hours. The sun was starting to peak through. Sunrise was a rare thing for her to see, given where she lives. Her focus was on the sky, but she listened to what Itsumo said to them, about making breakfast and waking the others up. She'd soon return focus to the task at hand. Akatori would make her way to the small hut Kagato-Sama made for her and Ritsuka. She'd rummage through her belongings and take a drink of water to get herself hydrated for the journey to come. She'd figure Ritsuka would wish to wake his father up, so she went to go fetch Kuni up from his slumbers. She sensed around her once more and picked up on his signature from where Kagato's quarters where. She heading over there casually, and used a chakra enhanced leap to land softly onto his roof in a low kneel. She'd sense that he was right behind the door. Akatori would knock softly, just enough for it to be able to wake him up. ~ "Rise and shine Kuni!" ~ She'd announce with a bit of pep in her voice. Akatori would take a few steps back and place her hands behind her back, waiting for him to exit. Once he did, she would say, ~ "How'd you sleep?" ~ followed up with ~ " Lady Itsumo is preparing a breakfast for all of us before we head out for the Island. " ~

IlRitsuka: *As the sun rose further into the sky, and the light began to peak out over the horizon, the woman addressed Akatori and himself, it was apparently the time for them to wake up the others, As expected She would wake her teammate. Akatori would wake up kuni and he was to wake up his father. Seemed like a simple of enough a plan, she also spoke about cooking some breakfast for them. He was getting more anxious to get the island than ever. He let the eye fade from its red color back into the bright blue, a signature of his clan. He split from the group heading away from the barrier back to the building his father has constructed for himself. Kicking the “Door” area and calling to him lightly, * "Pops, time to get up, breakfast in a few.” With that he turned on his heel and went to be seated by the fire. He sat watching the sun rise in the bright blue sky. He wanted to get on the road. The breakfast will help replenish some of his energy he had spent. He let his eyes close as he sat on the seat awaiting his father to finish getting ready and come out of the hut.*

UnaruInuzuka: -Itsumo was right on the fact of him noticing the approach of her as she entered the hut, his form didn't move though needing a little time to fully wake but also letting his lazy nature take over for a few minutes. He paid attention that she had moved off to the other side of the hut took the bag and slipped back out. He continued to lay there but had let his chocolate eyes open slowly. He was staring at the domed ceiling and took notice of the light of the sun shining outside lighting up the dome a bit from its glory and sighed softly as he shifted and sat up, no more sleeping was to happen, and he felt rested, they all will be awake to take on the trek to the island soon enough. He reached down and took his ebony mask that had been settled in his lap the last few hours. He moved it up to his face and secured it to his features letting the black scarf softly rest at the bottom edge of the mask itself before reaching behind himself and taking his rolled up blanket from its spot as his pillow tonight. He used his left hand to grab his scroll and rolled it out softly taking his time in his actions giving him time to take a few more minutes of quiet for himself but also be doing things to get ready. As he had set the roll down he felt the strong presence of his Kage and opened his mind willingly and listened as she mentioned they needed to talk about whats transpired in their shifts. He sealed the blanket away listening about the facts of what transpired with the fight, that it wasn't towards them, which was a relief for they didn't need people hunting the hunters at this point of reviving the village, and that it wasn't random either. Information being kept from him by the Shikage he only nodded to himself accepting the limits at least knowing that she was told made it better on his conscious about the other four in this camp. As she spoke of the Amekage and his son he was working to stand up and by the time she finished he was slipping out the door of the dome. He then spoke back to her thru the link. "As we fought the boy had shown the doujutsu as I got close, accidentally I think for he seemed surprised at the moment of me being so close at the time. As for the group, I understand and agree, angering them wouldn't be smart." He had moved on towards the fire as he continued the mental conversation his hands soon slipping into his pockets as his head tilted up to look at the sunrise thru the mesh eye-holes of the mask. "Found the ruins are larger than they appear, there is likely many secrets in this place, I wouldn't mind coming back here one time to explore. The Anbu is fairly distant and quiet, either be it that he doesn't like to interact with people he doesn't know or that he is normally quiet I'm not sure... But then again, guess Anbu are a bit like us huh? If that be the case he's clearly in the right line of work." His feet soon brought him to settle down on one of the stone benches made by the Amekage and came to pull his hands from those pockets and stretch as he finally spoke out loud.- "So how did the last shift go for everyone?" -He let himself slouch forward letting arms rest on his thighs as his hands lazily hung from his wrists between those knees glancing over to his Shikage and the boy name Ritsuka as if he had just been prodded from his sleep and only now had the time to catch up on information.-

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada’s eyes continued to stare into the darkness of his room as the hours passed; he wasn’t keeping track of how much longer the shifts were to be and it seemed kind of pointless to try and guess since he had no real indication besides leaving the room and glancing outside. He hadn’t cut a window for him to see the sunset, which would’ve at least given him a rough timeline for when to expect to be “woken up”, but it didn’t bother Kunisada much. At some point and time he heard a small, tiny noise against his door, which made him turn his head slightly towards the noise before hearing Akatori’s voice outside of his door, which made him slowly stand up as he figured this was his wake-up call. Even from her voice being muffled from the outside, her tone carried a bit of liveliness to it, but he didn’t question it; maybe she was just happy to be on the move again. Kunisada slowly checked his Kusanagi, rebreather and backpack, making sure they were all secure before placing his hand on the make-shift door of his room before sliding it open, hearing the bottom of it scrape once more against the rooftop of Kagato’s home. As he opened the door, he noticed Akatori standing a few steps away from the door with her hands behind her back. Once he stepped past through the threshold of the door, he noticed the vague colors of the rising sun beginning to appear behind Akatori as well as hear her ask how he had slept; luckily the sun wasn’t that high up just yet, so his eyes adjusting from the darkness of his room to the light of the sunrise wasn’t bad, his purple tinted visor on his rebreather also helped as well.- “..Hn..” –He simply responded to her first question since he didn’t have an answer for her before hearing her state that Itsumo was making breakfast for them before they headed out.- “..Very well..let’s go..” –He spoke as he began to make his way off of the roof of Kagato’s makeshift home and land noiselessly on the ground before seeing Itsumo by the fire, making breakfast ask Akatori had told him, as well as noting Ritsuka trying to wake up Kagato before seeing Ritsuka turn himself around and walking towards the benches around the campfire. He also took note of Shikake making his way towards the stone benches Kagato had made them before hearing Shikake asking how the last shift went. He thought about his and Shikake’s shift for a moment and remained silent as he leaned himself against the wall of Kagato’s home, crossing his arms over his chest.-

Kagato: -Kagato had only really slept a short time maybe two to three hours max seeing as he was still running the everyday matters of the village with his paths he left behind which unlike a shadow clone can act independently of his actual being the paths were a link letting him see and control their every action. It didn’t feel to him that it was long ago that he laid down to rest before he heard a little scuff hit his solid stone wall slab of a door. He shook his head slightly as he heard his son’s muffled voice making its way past the walls of his make shift home for the night. It had seemed their shifts were over and it was morning already. He heard his son speak something of breakfast which kind of made him question if he actually heard it right. Kagato wondered if this was the case that someone was actually making the breakfast.  He pulled his off his blanket and sat up.  He swung his self around to the edge of the mat before standing up. His body felt a little heavy like it was weighed down with ankle weights. He was sure this was just because he hadn’t been sleeping the normal hours that one needs to be fully rested. He shrugged it off and rolled his shoulders. Kagato placed his hand behind his back inter locking his fingers. He pulled up slightly on his arms stretching and cracking his back. Kagato pulled his pillow off his mat and placed it off to the side only to take hold of his purple and black blankets pulling them up neatly covering the top of the mat.  He made his way to the end of the mat and blankets and began to roll them up like one would roll a sleeping bag.  He then made his way over to where he had placed the blue scroll he had his bedding all sealed up in bent over and picked it up.  Kagato placed the scroll on the ground next to his rolled up bedding and pillow. Kagato slammed his hands down on the parchment like paper of the scroll sealing the bedding and pillow back into the scroll. He quickly rolled the scroll back up. Kagato wrapped his right hands fingers around the middle of the blue scroll and placed it back into his black back pack.  Kagato took out another scroll which had his clothes sealed into and much like he did to re-seal the bedding he unsealed the black scroll which contained another set of his clothes. In a cloud of smoke a fresh pair of baggy black cargo ninja pants, a fresh long sleeved short netted top and a pair of purple boxers. Kagato unbuttoned the black pants he was already wearing and pulled them down along with the pair of black boxers he was wearing and quickly placed the fresh pairs of pants and boxers on. Kagato sat back down on the ground next to the pile of cloths, gloves, onyx metal colored shin guards, His Re-breather, black mask and his open toed black shoes. He pulled his left shoe on followed by his right rather quickly. Kagato picked up his  shin guards and strapped them one by one over top his shoes making sure they were snug and in place.  Kagato pulled his black metal armored gloves, shirt and coat like rob over to him placing the gloves in his Rob like coat’s pocket as well placing his re-breather, and mask in the opposite side pocket of it and flung both his shirt and coat-like rob over his left shoulder before standing up once again.  Kagato Zipped up is black back pack and put pulled the strap through his right arm placing it on his right shoulder. He walked towards the door of his make shift housing.  Kagato clapped his right and left hands together making a thunderous sound much like the sound of rolling of thunder that bounced off the stone walls. A powerful wind gale picked up around the door pushing it outwards with a grinding sound of rock sliding against earth. The stone moved just enough that Kagato was able to slip pasted it with easy.  Kagato glanced over at the fire seeing some of the others as in His son Ritsuka, the Shikage Itsumo which much to his surprise she was the one doing the cooking, and Shikake. Kagato noticed Kunisada leaning against the one wall of his make shift housing. As Kagato walked passed Kuni he simply nodded to him, before body flickering without hand seals moving so fast that it seemed like he teleported over to the stone bench he was sitting at the night before. Kagato made it to the stone bench just as Shikake was finishing asking how everyone’s shift went. Kagato waited for a few moments to see if anyone spoke up first. – “Well Itsumo’s and my shift was pretty uneventful as far as… it was quiet…but we did get the chance to speak to one another…and I see no one messed with the barrier all night long…” –Kagato’s eyes peered over to Itsumo as he noticed she was cooking some sort of bread in a pan over the fire. Kagato was rather eager to get on the move and soon as everyone ate, and tore down their camp site and housing  he would take down the barrier and hopefully be on their way to the island As well as Kagato was eager to hear what everyone had too report on what happened in their shifts.-  

IItsumo:-Itsumo cut off the connection between her and Shikake after he answered her. As she expected he didn’t question that she withheld information about what happened from him he trusted her as she trusted him enough to let him tag along on this journey not that she had much of a choice after all he had fallowed her from the village. She flipped the bread over making sure they were browning as she felt the young Ritsuka join her by the fire she looked up and nodded to him just as Shikake also joined them by the fire. She could tell the others were not far away by the change in the chakra flow of Kagato but the one she only knew as Kuni’s chakra had stayed the same either he had chosen to not sleep or wasn’t awake yet. She glanced over at the other buildings the one with the other stacked on top of it to see that he had indeed woken up and was standing over by the building leaning up aginst the side of it. Tori had not moved from her spot in front of his door and she found that a bit odd the girl must have some sort of crush on him for her to have been so eager to wake him up and to still be standing there. She turned her attention back to the food she was cooking as she felt the chakra of Kagato moving closer to her and the others she glanced up only to blush under her panda mask and white scarf at what she saw. Kagato was shirtless and his face was completely uncovered he coat and shirt were slung over his shoulder and he was making his way to the fire. She kept her eyes down on the food as he took a seat by the fire. She heard Shikake ask how the shifts went and waited to see if anyone else answerd just as she was about to speak up she heard Kagato speak about their shift and she nodded in agreement the shift was uneventful in terms of no one bothering them but they had time to talk about many other things and then he had asked that odd question at the end. She glanced up from the food for a moment after he finished and spoke up.- “As Kagato Said the shifts were mostly uneventful in terms of things happening but they did give us time to get to know each other even a little. Tori even learned a little more about the Yamanaka Clan. However..”-she glanced at Ritsuka and then at Kagato and then back at the food.-“ breakfast is ready” –she said the last part loud enough so the two that were still over by the building could hear her. She reached down into her bag and brought out a scroll and unsealed a six plates and six pairs of chopsticks from the scroll and set them on the bench next to her. Then pulled out six bottles of water and did the same. Then using the tool she was flipping the buns with meat in them with she would lift them and place one on each of the plates and set them on the bench next to her so they were all separated for everyone to eat. The buns were not small by any means they were about the size of a doughnut and unless you knew what they were they looked like large cooked rolls and biting into them you would get the surprise of the meat. Itsumo grabbed one plate and a bottle of water before she moved down so that others could get to the food without having to be too close to her she was now closer to Kagato but not on the same bench as him. She set the plate on her lap as she unwound the white scarf that held her mask into place and removed it and her panda mask and folded them placing them into her bag next to her. Then picked up the roll and bit into it the taste of the smoked meat filling her mouth along with the warm bread and closed her eyes for a moment just a small taste of home always made the difference when being away. She continued to eat her roll as she waited for the others to move about.-

Akatori2: ~ She waited as Kuni exited his shelter, watching him slowly leave from the dark into the light. He answered her first question with his non shallot 'hnn', a sound she didn't think she'd ever get used to hearing. He actually answered her next question with a 'let's go'. She followed closely behind him as he jumped off, scanning what everyone else was doing. Ritsuka was just waking Kagato-Sama up, and Itsumo was starting to cook rolls. Shikake then asked them about how the shifts went once he joined the rest of them. Aka spoke up first. ~ " Nothing too note worth. Couldn't sense anything for miles around us. " ~ She informed in an up beat tone. She had actually enjoyed having the last shift, it made her feel prepared and awake for the long route ahead to the island. She then turned her attention to Kagato-Sama, who wasn't wearing his rebreather, speak about his shift with Lady Itsumo. The Shikage then began to add on speaking about how she told her about the Yamanaka Clan before her voice trailed off for a moment. Her blue eyes were covered by the mask, but it wasn't hard to see she shifted her head at the father and son duo before announcing breakfast was ready. This made her a bit suspicious. Had Kagato informed Itsumo of something revolving Ritsuka? This stuck in her head as she went to grab her plate of food and water bottle. She wasn't quite sure where to sit at first, but sat on the bench to the left of Kagato. She took a bit of the warm roll, surprised that it was filled with a meat. She hasn't tasted anything like this before, assuming that it could be a Yonshigakure specialty. Then it hit her. It had to be in regards to the question Ritsuka asked her during their shift. He was extra suspicious of the attackers that came to them earlier. Could Kagato know something more about these attackers then let on? It was a good question, but one she would have to ask about in privacy. It would only cause a bit of chaos and suspicion around the whole Amegakure group. Akatori stayed relaxed and glanced around at the others while she ate. ~

IlRitsuka: As he sat by the fire, Ritsuka watched as the women cooked. The food appeared to be some sort of filled bun or something to that extent. He was hoping it would help him restore some of the lost chakra, and further prepare him for the rest of the journey to the island and ultimately his summon animal. He had been distracted by his paranoia about the attack and had completely lost the excitement of getting a summon and possible a new ally. Once he began thinking on it more though he could feel the paranoia start to reside some. The woman’s companion who he figured was their villages “Anbu” of sorts had been the first to join them by the fire.. Since the war there was never a need to read up on other villages, considering most of them were rubble much like the one they were in. So his knowledge of other villages were limited sadly. But that’s just the way things were. He wanted to learn more but knew there were more important things to be done at the moment. He looked around the area, to spot Kuni leaning on the wall of his “home” and then spotted his father appearing likely via body flicker near the fire as well. It wasnt that he didnt want to talk to his father. He was just frustrated at the situation. He knew if his father was keeping this from him, there was a good reason but also he was sure he was being left out of information which he found upsetting. He decided to do his best to keep to himself. He had one thing in mind and it was obtainig his summon. And the next person to attempt to get in his way as the Fuuma had would be dealt with accordingly. As the group gathered he averted his gaze to the ground, careful to not make eye contact and pull someone into a discussion. The others had finally gathered and it appeared the food was finished. He waited for Akatori to grab her food before he went up and retrieved a bun object skipping out on the water bottle. Removing his rebreather, He bit into it as he walked back to the bench but seeing the camp area fill up made him continue his walk till he found a nearby half wall. That was still shaped enough to lean on. He slide to sit on the ground as he bit into the meal again. Filled with quite tasty meat the outside was soft and warm. He rather enjoyed the flavors and quickly scarfed the meal down. After which he quickly reattached the rebreather he had taken off. He settled to answer his father’s question quietly. “Rather Uneventful.” He left it at that. He was ready to go and hoped the others would soon be too*

UnaruInuzuka: -The sound of loud scraping accompanied him just before the question had been asked and as he glanced over the others around the fire he took note of the young Yamanaka sit down and soon after the Amekage settled on one of the benches as well mask-less and shirtless, a rarity to note when one is use to hiding their own appearance, however he showed no surprise at this. His head had turned to listen to Akatori and nodded his head slightly  He came to look upon him attentively from behind his own black mask as he explained how his own shift had gone. A small nod of his head came before hearing his Shikage speak up right after, letting his head turn to face her he listened into her words also taking note of the fact of a small pause in her talking, because of the mask he couldn't tell what she was pausing for but it was just long enough for him to note there was something else she had wanted to say but chose not to the small shift of her head showing it to be something of the father and son, likely about something mentioned beforehand in their mental conversation. He glanced at her take a plate with a meat bun and then a bottle of water he gave it time letting the others grab what they wanted before he himself raised up and took the offered food and drink, he was actually eating better than he had expected on this trip for himself and the scent of home from those buns had him craving a bite. He settled back down on the bench he was settled on, he lowered the cloth mask and lifted his mask slightly taking a bite from out of preying eyes the warm meat and spices hitting his senses and he couldn't help the slow and silent outtake of breath that came from him. The flavor didn't just remind him of Yonshi but it reminded him of days long ago and he smirked under the mask the reminder of his mother throwing one into his pouch when he was late or him swiping one off the counter when told to leave it be to cool before slipping out to avoid any housework. He took notice of the Uzumaki boy move to take his own meal and move off to one of the broken walls to sit up against secluding himself from the others. He only rose his brow slightly under the mask in reaction before taking another bite and looking around at the others before speaking up himself since he highly doubted the one he knew as Kuni would speak up.- "Our shift wasn't that eventful got to glance around the ruins a bit while keeping a eye on the place, interesting place. Makes me wonder what actually happened here at its fall." -He soon worked on his food not wasting too much time use to not taking too long on meals and soon shifted his mask just enough to take a drink from the water as well each action of his keeping his features relaxingly hidden as if his actions weren't any work to do, a sign of having done it for years. He capped the bottle and shifted his cloth mask and normal hunter mask back into place before yawning to fully wake himself up for now and glanced towards Itsumo.- "Thanks for the meal Shikage-sama." He glances around the fire giving the others time to finish up and get ready to get going knowing the group wont be moving at all unless the Kage's are ready for it to happen so he allowed himself to take time to relax and listen to the others.-

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada kept his stance against the makeshift home of Kagato, his arms still crossed over his chest as he glanced over at Itsumo as she continued to make their breakfast as Kagato sat down with them, shirtless for some reason, but it was probably best not to ask him. He kept his gaze on the group around him as they all began speaking of their shifts, but one thing caught him in particular to Itsumo’s response. She had taken a small pause after speaking about Akatori learning about her clan somewhat, but she mentioned nothing but silence towards anything having to regard Ritsuka. His eyes narrowed slightly as he heard the secondary pause, making him wonder if Kagato had told Itsumo about who was behind the Fume nin that attacked them yesterday. He decided he’d ask Kagato later on in their trip as he heard Shikake speak about their shift; he also took note of Ritsuka eating his food somewhat quickly and moving away from the group, looking as if he was ready to leave. Shikake spoke and said their shift was uneventful, which made Kunisada think for a moment after he had finished his sentence before speaking himself.- “..Uneventful..besides you having your clone keep an eye on me..” –Kunisada spoke to where the group could hear him as opposed to him mumbling it to himself. He didn’t know if Shikake’s clone was acting of its own accord and it was curious about the ruins of Iwagakure or whether he wanted to keep an eye on Kunisada, but the main goal of the clone, as he said himself, was to check out the loud noise that he had caused; he checked it out, but Shikake’s clone decided it was best to stay. Even if Shikake wanted to see the ruins himself, they were eventually going to trade shift spots at some point, so he was either being impatient about it or he didn’t care to think of it. He wasn’t sure if anyone was going to respond to his statement or if they were all just going to let the silence pass once more, so he decided to wait and see.-

Kagato: -Kagato Watched as Itsumo flipped the bread like rolls over as they browned she seemed to be concentrating on the cooking of the food seeing as he noticed her head tilt downward slightly as if she was staring at the food. The Smell of the food seemed to fill the air all around them which Kagato hadn’t really been hungry before this but after smelling the food Itsumo was making his stomach started to growl slightly and the sound of the crackling fire beneath the pan made his senses go full circle with not only smelling the food but hearing it cook. Wasn’t long after this that he heard her voice as she spoke up saying pretty much  what he had said about their shift being uneventful and about how it gave Itsumo and Tori to speak about the Yamanaka clan.  Soon after this even Tori pretty much said the same thing but it was in almost upbeat sounding tone of voice.  So far it seemed to be the normal for everyone that spoke up so far to call the shifts uneventful. Kagato drifted off into thought for a moment as he placed his thumb and index finger of his right hand on his chin taking a light grip of it. Was it that the barrier did its job with keeping any new wanna-be attackers out or maybe they are just regrouping for a later date to attack once again? There was no telling what would happen on this trip only with the passing of time will they be finding out the answers to a lot of their questions. Kagato shook his head slightly as he heard Itsumo’s Voice once more this time announcing to the group that breakfast was ready.  Kagato eyes adverted over  to Itsumo as she reached into her bag and pulled out a scroll taking only a few moments to unseal to reveal six plates and six bottles of water setting up each plate bottle of water as well as chops sticks on the bench next to her before placing a roll on each of the plates. At this point Kagato was watching her movements very carefully just more or less out of curiosity at this point in time. Kagato waited till Itsumo grabbed a plate for herself and took a seat closer to him. Kagato watched Itsumo as she took her Scarf and Panda mask off and placing both neatly into the bag next to her. Kagato slowly stood up before going over to the stone earth bench that had the food and water on it he took his armored black coat like rob and black netted shirt and folded it in half placing it on the bench he had been sitting on.   Kagato picked up a bottle of water in his left hand and the plate with the roll and chopsticks in his right. Her turned  and slowly balancing the food and water in either hand before taking a seat right next to Itsumo on the same bench but to the right of her. He placed his water bottle on his left, as the others such as Tori, Rits and Shikake. Out of all the group Kagato noticed Rits had moved away from the group a bit it had seemed he could sense that Kagato was keeping a bit of information from him but this wasn’t the time or place for him to know after all his head had to be in the mission itself not elsewhere if it was to be successful. Wasn’t long after this only to hear his son speak about how his shift was un eventful as well as Shikake stating the same thing after the fact. Kagato slightly nodded to everyone taking note where everyone was located at the moment by looking in the direction of each person giving them a nod. Kagato knew Kuni wasn’t going to come over to join them to get something to eat if he did it would shock him seeing as he never really seen Kuni do such a thing. Kagato took out his chops sticks in his right hand and began to pick up the roll.  Kagato inhaled slightly only to exhale over top of the roll before taking a bite. One could easily see the steam rising from the roll. A rush of flavorful meat washed over his pallet like a tide rolling in. He hadn’t had anything like this before and the meat that was hidden inside was like a mini treasure hunt for his tongue. Kagato turned his head towards Itsumo and looked directly into her blue eyes. His lips parted slowly after he finished taking a bite and swallowing his food. – “thank you for breakfast its taste wonderful.” – Kagato then quickly turned to the rest of the group only to hear Kuni say something about Shikake’s clone that had been following him the on his shift. Kagato thought on this for a moment this was not odd behavior for an Anbu but one that wouldn’t really make it easy for Kuni to trust Shikake at least that is what Kagato was thinking at the time. Kagato waited a few moments giving Shikake a few moments to respond to Kuni before Kagato started to speak once more. – “ Well after we finish eating we really should tare down the camp we made her  and be on our way to the island…we don’t want to stay in one place for too long at least not here….I will most likely leave the barrier up as a precaution in case someone else is following us it would make it harder for them to make their way in here and find any clue on where we were headed…” – Kagato looked down towards his food again and began to take one bite after another until the roll filled with meat was gone. He reached over towards his left with his right hand and wrapped his fingers around the water bottle. With his left thumb and index finger her quickly unscrewed the cap and pressed the bottle to his lips tilting it up slightly to let the cool refreshing water run like a lazy river into his mouth. Letting the water flow from the bottle  into his mouth for  like one minute before placing the lid back on the bottle and setting it back off to his left side.-

IItsumo:-Itsumo listened as the others spoke of their shifts and got their food. She kept eating her roll with meat in it silently as they spoke and began eating. She noted that Ritsuka left the group to sit over by himself she knew that he could tell things were being kept from him but he was a shinobi after all he should know that family has to keep secrets from each other sometimes for the greater good  of the mission. Itsumo heard Shikake thank her for the food and she nodded she didn’t mind cooking it was something she did all the time as a hunter ninja. She took the last bite of her roll just as the one they had called Kuni spoke for the first time and said that Shikake had his clone fallow him. Itsumo’s blue eyes turned to ice as they shot to Shikake and narrowed she would not say anything out loud to him nor would she reprimand him without knowing the full story but she had told him to not cause trouble with them and fallowing one of them would indeed be trouble. She took a deep breath and her eyes softened just as Kagato looked at her and she meet his eyes. As he thanked her for the food she again nodded reaching for her water bottle and drinking it down. She didn’t know what to think of him completely sitting here shirtless by the fire eating the food she cooked and she didn’t know how to speak at the moment so she didn’t She waited for the others to finish their food but knew already that one bun was left on a plate next to her the one named Kuni had not yet eaten and She didn’t expect him to how could he trust her after Shikake had his clone fallow him around she would have done the same in his place. Itsumo shook her head and withdrew the now empty scroll that had the plates and water in it beforehand she took her empty bowl and bottle and sealed them back inside they were not dirty really they had only had rolls on them and if she came across a stream later on she would wash them then. She then pulled the pan that was now cool from the fire and also sealed it into the scroll. She set the scroll on the bench next to her and waited for the others to finish their food her icy blue eyes watching Kagato as he finished his food and drank his water. She listed as he spoke about cleaning up camp after breakfast and leaving the barrier up until they were gone no sight to be left. This was smart incase another group came after them. She nodded as she glanced around the camp, most of what needed cleaned up was for those whom had earth nature to get rid of like they had never been, The fire needed put out and the benches that were made of stone to be moved away. The fire wood had been all used up so none of it had to be scattered around. She didn’t say a word as she pulled her scarf and mask from her bag and set them on her lap. - “When everyone is done I agree we need to start moving again we have been in one place to long.” –With that she went silent again.- 

Akatori2: ~ The young woman released a small sigh as she finished her meal and just tuned in as everyone shared how their shifts went. Everyone basically just had a uneventful time watching and waiting. Nothing to interesting except for some taking a better look around the ruins. Her eyes glanced over at Ritsuka who still seemed bummed out and really down. Perhaps he was still upset about his injury or over the minimum answer given to him about the assassins that came after them. It was interesting to ponder who they could have been after and why, but Akatori had reasonable doubt that it would be uncovered to her anytime soon. Though, she believed that she had a slight idea of what was going on. When Kuni spoke he mentioned something about Shikake having a clone follow him, which did set an uneasy tone. The Yonshi group did come off as friendly, but they were still shinobi from Yonshigakure, a village that did not really have any kind of relations to Ame. Aka felt a bit more trusting of Itsumo over Shikake, but they both were only kind acquaintances that could not be trusted in the same way as she would trust a fellow ninja from Amegakure. She'd be sure to keep a keen eye, but she had a gut feeling that if trouble was to a brew once more, it would not be the pairs fault. Akatori took a sip of water and re-screwed the cap back onto the bottle. She had a bit over half left in the bottle. Listening to Kagato explain that it would be best to tear down the areas that they set up and to get a move on, she let her lips curl into a smile and nodded. She would stand up and offer a small bow to Lady Itsumo. ~ "Thank you for the meal. " ~  Before standing straight up and walking to the small hut Kagato made for her and Ritsuka. She would grab both their bags, holding his in her right had and wearing her own on her back.  She'd walk up to him and hand it to him. ~ "Here you go." ~ She'd announce to him kindly before asking a few moments later in a calmer and quieter tone. ~ " Everything alright? You're not looking your best.." ~ She told him, showing him the caring side of her. ~ 

IlRitsuka: *Ritsuka had finished eating, and wiped his mouth on his sleeve lightly as he noticed Akatori break off from the group, he watched as she disappeared into their makeshift hut. He moved his attention back to the group who was still sitting around the fire and then to staring out at the ruins around them, daydreaming in a way. A few minutes later he was brought back to reality by Akatori speaking to him. He turned his head to look at her surprised to see she was holding his bag out to him in her right hand, he reached up and lightly took it from her nodding his head in thanks. He was surprised at her next question about his well being. He carefully answered her without giving too much pf his true emotions out to her. * “Yeah, everythings fine. Just... kind of thinking about that battle we had earlier. Kinda weird someone managed to find us when not many knew of our destination..”* He shrugged, not wanting to press the matter to much. He slowly moved his bag around his body slipping his arms through as it settled on his back. After that he stood up, moving his arms up over his head as he stretched. He figured they would be getting on the road to the island soon. They had been in the same place for quite sometime and the trip was taking much longer than he had expected it to take. He missed unaru and the solitude he could find in Amegakure. With him being in a group it forced him to be much more social then he was usually comfortable with. HE turned to meet Akatori's gaze before giving a reassuring smile* “but seriously Im fine. Just a little stir crazy. Missing my pup, ya' know? Lets head back by the others, im sure we will be back on the road soon.” *He slowly began to walk back toward the campfire, and addressed his father this time* “Dad, Our building is emptied  Akatori and I are ready to go,” * With that he waited for a response and also for everyone else to get their stuff together so they could hit the road.* 

UnaruInuzuka: -As he heard the comment be brought up from Kuni about his clone he thinned his lips and turned his head to glance at the Anbu... why do people always come to believe he is melevolent when he does some things, sure he can have his moments but he had promised his kage to behave... this just made him seem to have went back on his word not to mention he could feel those blue orbs boring into his head from the side. He didn't let himself glance over least it make him look guilty of such a thing which he wasn't and when the pause after his words had come to be heard he opened his own mouth to speak with a calm and even voice.- "If I hadn't heard a large crash clear across the village I wouldn't have sent the clone to see what was up and to see if I could help. Even the most skilled shinobi can get hurt in unsteady buildings and grounds, I wished to be sure you were alright. Afterwards my clone took it upon itself to stick around because of both its curiosity of the place and the knowledge that if such a dangerous situation had happened once it could happen again with more dire concequences so it felt better to know it could be there to help if it was needed than to just leave and chance that it made the wrong desission... I did not send the clone to keep an eye on your actions Kuni-san... Truth be told the place had kept my clones attention more than your wereabouts did..." -With that said he brushed his clothing off softly of the small crumbs to the plate itself before setting the plate down to be collected before raising to his feet not looking for conflict with them... If he was in trouble for going with his instincts and his clones logic of the situation so be it, he gets into trouble... Not like he hasn't been called a troublemaker before. He had heard the comment of taking the buildings down and had come to fall deeply into silence out of habit of being what he was, a hunter. He moved towards the domed building opposite the side of the Amekage's building Kuni had leaned himself against and knowing that whatever was inside would be fine if left there. He hit his hand against the ground letting chakra flow from him to the domed building itself. The dome seemed to shift back the way it was formed before it slid fully back into the ground, a slight rumble of the ground itself making marks it left behind seem to blurr from sight as if it never was there. He stood silently looking out at the ruins as he brushed his hands together removing any dirt or rocks upon his hands and soon stuffed them into his pockets a few moments before looking to the ground to be sure nothing was left behind to say they had been there. He walked forward and brushed a few stray marks from sight but to the most part it looked sound. His job done and already set to move he turned and seemed to watch the others from behind that mask of his waiting on them to finish up so they could continue on their way but even in the lazy slouch of his those shoulders were partly tense his guard was up and he wouldn't admit it to anyone, but he was a bit nervous of the others thoughts on the situation, could he truely have ruined things with them? He wasn't use to large crowds in traveling, the most he ever dealt with was his team he and Itsumo had been a part of and those people he had known well. These were strangers, people he is trying to be friendly with, but still strangers none the less he wasn't use to such interactions but he was doing his best.-

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada glanced at Shikake as he began to explain his reasoning for why his clone was sent to his location on their shift last night, which he already knew about, but Shikake made it his point to make sure his complete reasoning, which started off as calm but whether or not Shikake caught it himself, the way he spoke became increasingly tempered as he spoke to him. Kunisada got that Shikake sent his clone to check on the loud noise, that was fine, but when the clone was told everything was fine, it didn’t need to stick around considering that the clone knew that they would’ve switched places during their shift anyways. And if the clone was cautious of him not being able to take care of himself in case something did happen, then Kunisada wouldn’t be at the rank and position he was right now. His statement about his clone caring more about the ruins of Iwagakure more than where he was came off as almost a spiteful tone and thing to say. He was going to respond to Shikake, but instead of giving him a chance to, Shikake simply brushed off his clothing and walked away from the conversation, making Kunisada’s eyes narrow at him. Kunisada took note of Ritsuka and Akatori’s absence from the group when they dismissed themselves, but didn’t question it. He took note of Shikake destroying their temporary home, which made him ponder if he would need to follow suit and do so himself, but Kagato needed to destroy his own home as well, which was the base of where his home was. He already had his Kusanagi, rebreather, and his backpack with him, which were the only things he brought along with him so he didn’t need to go retrieve anything from his makeshift home. He moved himself away from the building he was leaning against to move out of the way whenever Kagato decided to destroy the structures he had made for the both of them. He moved away from the group as he glanced over at the ruins of Iwagakure once again, this time being able to see a lot more than he was last night; this time he had the sun to illuminate everything for everyone to see. His hands were by his sides as he just stared off at the ruins, waiting for everyone else to be ready to move out. He thought momentarily about responding to Shikake about their conversation, but he figured that enough tension was in the air already and didn’t need for the two of them to get involved in an argument or even a fight.-

Kagato: -Kagato watched and listened as Tori  thanked Itsumo for the meal and made her way over to the make shift home Kagato made for Tori and Rits, most likely to check or take out anything they might have placed in there.  It wasn’t long after Tori made her way away from the group that Rits also made his way from the group without saying a word which made Kagato think there was something on Rits mind or maybe it was the fact he had little information about the earlier events or maybe something altogether different.   Kagato listened to shikake’s response to Kuni’s inquires about his clone following Kuni and slightly shook his head. Something about his response sounded off to him, it was good that he or rather his clone was  interested in their surroundings  but to say that he wasn’t interested in a unknown shinobi from another village or rather not as interested  sounded like a slight lie to him. Kagato eyes darted between Itsumo and Shikake. The impression he got from Itsumo’s look she wasn’t too impressed with his answer. One thing Kagato picked up when he was younger, a person could hide many things or expressions but their eyes always gave them away like a tiny window looking directly into the person’s soul.  In Kagato’s mind shikike’s actions were cause for a bit of concern and would most likely warrant some sort of tabs be kept on him which he would most likely discuss the events with Kuni as well as Itsumo if he could pull her aside away from Shikake.  He watched as Shikake Move set his plate down and moved away from the group and over to the dome structure that he had made for Itsumo and his self. He watched Shikike’s movements as his hand hit the dome earth wall and quickly reseeded back into the earth in which it came with a low rumbling sound.  Kagato once again looked towards Itsumo as his lips parted. – “Thank you for the meal once again Itsumo again but we should get this party started eh?” - Kagato looked over the area of his shelter and noticed Kuni had moved away from the make shift homes which would make his clean up a little easier.  Kagato stood up slowly from his bench.   Flung his armored robe like coat along with his netted black shirt over his shoulder and made his way over towards his and Kuni’s make shift homes, only to see his son coming to approach him. Only to state that their make shift shelter was all cleared out and ready to go. Kagato Slowly nodded up and down to his son before speaking to him. – “Okay I’ll be over in a few moments…” - Kagato Turned away from his son once more and moved a bit closer to the stone structure.  His eyes flickered open wider as a few words slipped passed his lips. – “Shinra Tensei” – Using a strong and power gravitational repulsive force Kagato unleashed it straight towards the make shift structures causing it to it to crumble in the matter of seconds. The rubble fell upon each other making it blend in with the surrounding rubble with a loud rumbling and clicking sound as the stones fell upon each other the in which the size of the stones was ranged from the size of a baseball to that of sand like dust .  Soon after He reduced his and Kuni’s homes to rubble he made his way over to the one Rits and Tori stayed in as he did moments before letting only five or so seconds pass once again his lips parted and the same two words slipped paced his lips this with a bit more of a commanding tone in his voice. –“ Shinra Tensei “ – With in the matter of seconds Kagato’s gravitational  force smashed into the side of the stone structure causing it Tori rip apart and crumble like the first structure did and in the same manor the stones fell upon each other with the same clicking sounds. The range of each of the gravitational blast where only tall enough and only wide enough to meet the size of each of the structures he didn’t want to make it too big for fear others would be caught up in it. A slight bit of dust filled the air now the after math of Kagato taking down the stuctures.  Kagato reached into the pocket of his coat that was slung over his shoulder and pulled out his re-breather and mask with his right hand and placed them snug of his lower face. He walked over to the stone benches he had made  and placed his armored robe like coat on  the one he had been sitting  he quickly put on his black netted short top with long sleeves  then proceeded to put his coat back on.  Reaching into his pocket once more pulling out his two black metal plated armored gloves slipping both  of them on first his right then his left. Kagato waited a few moments   before placing his hands flat on the bench he had been sitting on sending his chakra through his hands and into the stone benches the benches, the earth below the bench started to rumble slightly, the bench reseeded into the ground followed one by one by the other benches he made leaving no traces of them. After doing he waited a few moments before moving over to the fire they had going still. He raised  right and left hands  and began to make hand seals the first of which being that of the - Tiger – quickly followed up with that  of the - Ox – He then with lightning like reflexes manipulated his fingers into the seal of the -Tiger –only to follow up with the last seal that which would be that of the – Rat – as he began to kneed water chakra in his stomach  he pushed it up  towards his mouth as he parted his lips wide enough  for a torrent of powerful water to pass through  three feet wide  by eight feet long. This technique was known as the water bullet technique. The water Smashed up against the fire and wood with a loud sizzling sound as the water snuffed out the flames and embers washing all traces of the fire away with it after a few moments Kagato slowly closed his mouth causing the torrent to vanish. Kagato’s lips parted once again and began to speak loud enough for the rest of the group to hear. – “I’m headed to what used to be the old entrance way of the village to lift the barrier for us to get out meet me there when youns are ready to set out…” Kagato picked his back pack up and slung it through each of his arms placing it back on his back and in a blur he body flickered over to the village old main gate. He  released the seal in this section by using the five seal barrier pass technique  to allow the Kagato and the rest to make their way through  and set out  on their quest to find the island for their summons.-

IItsumo:-Itsumo finished cleaning up her things and placed the discarded plates and utensils as well as the uneaten roll and bottle of water into the scroll and sealed them all away. She did this as she listened to Shikake’s explanation though it made sense she could see how it could seem more offensive to the others but it was their way and either way Itsumo didn’t blink or think twice about it. She got to her feet and placed the scroll inside her pack before taking out her mask and scarf and holding them in her right hand as she slung her bag over her shoulder with her left hand. She sighed softly and tucked the mask into the side pocket of her backpack before walking with Shikake over to their hut she entered the hut quickly and grabbed her Panda doll from it attaching it once again to her backpack the way she always carried it and then exited the hut giving Shikake a nod that it was all clear. She then returned to where the fire was and listened as Kagato said it was time to get this party as he called it started and she nodded though she wasn’t sure how much of a party it would be. She knew that her specialties would not be any use in tearing down the camp so she made her way over towards the barrier to where the Main gate of the village used to be it was the opposite side of the village that her and Shikake had entered from but she figured it would be easier then climbing the mountain once more and it would take less time to leave that way. It didn’t take her long before she reached the barrier and she knelt down and took her snow white scarf and wrapped it once again around her mouth and nose and waited for the others. She was back in full on hunter ninja mode as she took out something from her pocket it was a amulet that the others had probably never seen except for Shikake and possible Kagato if he had a run in with hunter ninja’s whom possessed abilities that needed to be safe guarded like their eyes. She didn’t think Kagato himself needed an amulet but his son might for the journey a head she thought about giving him one but as she looked over at him and the young yamanaka they didn’t seem to either one be vary trusting at the moment she sighed and placed the amulet back into her pocket with the one other she carried with her always. Her icy blue eyes watched the two of them and the others as the camp was broken down she then noticed Kagato heading to the area in which she was already in so she got to her feet once more and waited for him to come closer.-

Akatori2: ~ She listened to Ritsuka talk, understand why he'd be a bit jumpy about the fight.~"Yeah, it is quite strange, but there a lot of possibilities of why it occurred. Let's just stay sharp." ~ She cheerily spoke to him before he continued. She'd give a small laugh at the mention of him missing Una, which reminded her of the genin awaiting her once she returned to the village. She couldn't wait to meet her new recruits and start training them along with Fumetsu. Giving a strong nod she'd smile and follow him back to the others. Taking a final glance around, they truly have left the place the way they found it, only with a few extra layers of rocky ruins. She watched as Kagato washed away the embers of fire and informed them he was heading to the old entrance and to meet him there when ready. The entrance wasn't too far a walk away, but Kagato-Sama used his ol' faithful Body Flicker to get over there in a snap. She was sure that everyone was excited to get the ball rolling and start the final move to the Island. Akatori sure as hell was. She'd make sure her small black backpack was secure on her back before starting the walk over there. She had all she needed and was both physically and emotionally ready for what lies ahead. She didn't want to run, didn't want to flicker, she only wanted to walk. She'd be the first on to the entrance, besides Kagato and Itsumo who were already there, if no one else flickered or ran there. ~

IlRitsuka: *He secured all his gear carefully, lastly making sure his gunbai was still retrievable with the pack he had on also, it was important that he would be able to get to it quickly if need be. As he finished up that task he listened to Akatori's thoughts on the matter, She didnt seemed to concerned on the matter and it made him feel more comfortable letting the matter go for now. With her nod he knew they wuld be just about ready to begin their journey again, they were so close he could almost taste it. He looked around the camp, realizing most of it was reverted back to its previous form, The huts were destroyed and his father had used some water jutsu to get rid of the campfire. He watched his father disappear and reappear by the entrance of the barrier he assumed to take it down. He quickly formed the -Tiger- handsign utilizing the same technique his father had. To appear directly next to him, He wanted to get there before any of the others had so he could have a quick work with his father. As he looked up to him he didnt nessasary turn to face his father when he spokke, he wanted this to be quick and simple. And also not drawing attention from the others in the group. His tone was low and hushed.* “I respect your decision to not tell me everything you know for the time being, But eventully im going to want to know dad.”* He left it at tht as he looked behind him he could spot akatori drawing near so he broke away from his dd, and waited for her. He couldnt help but let a excited smile form on his lips, though hidden by the Rebreather he wore. He couldnt wait to get this finished up and he was sure Akatori felt the same way, they both had team to get back to. He hoped his mother didnt return to the village and start training without him. He knew akatori would be wanting to do a few lessons with her team as well. He was more wanting to get back to the village and be with una more than anything though. He knew that with una there was no secrets or hiding things, The pup could always tell how he was feeling or if something was upsetting Ritsuka, it made things simple. He sighed as he let the thoughts fade, and got back on track with the mission at hand. The faster he finished this the better.*

UnaruInuzuka:-Shikake had taken note of Itsumo shifting into the building just before he had moved to collapse the building back into place, a action that actually would have only left all items within the dome itself be left on a level area of ground however had waited for his Kage before the collapse none the less. As he watched her walk off he had kept his place his Kage had understood him by her body language he noticed so the tension in his shoulders had eased a bit. He considered the Amekages words for a moment before he walked a few steps to the side away from the other buildings as the Kagato had moved towards them knowing like he said earlier that the buildings themselves were to be deconstructed. He watched as an invisible force demolished those three buildings in two blasts to the dirt and rocks they had once came from that the older red haired male had used. He had lingered where he was standing just long enough to see the Rain Kage himself finish removing the benches and start do remove the fire before without a hand sign body flickered to the top of the entrance of the village just inside the barrier to where his Kage had headed. He softly plopped himself to sit with feet dangling, he was wishing to give the others their space for a few minutes longer having felt the tension grow a bit, likely because of him even if he didn't see why, he explained himself and had been fully truthful in his words, he knew logically he didn't want to make it get worse so felt giving distance was better for him at this point. His shoulders slumped a bit before blanking his worries for now, they were on the move, the highest alertness is expected of him at this time for this barrier will drop and anything beyond it could be waiting for that opportunity to strike. Behind the black mask his features were relaxed however strongly alert, chocolate orbs took in the area beyond slowly before shifting to glance over and took note of the others moving over to this place as well. He waited on them all to gather before scooting himself forward and softly landing near his Kage the light drop to the hard packed earth spoke much to all, he was in working mode, he had came to be the Shikages guard on this trip and his training had been to the max, not to mention having been under her leadership for a while now, he knew failure to abide by her orders were inexcusable. He took note of the Amekage releasing the barrier and turned waiting for The Kages to lead the charge to that island wondering how they plan to actually find it, did the Amekage have some sort of trick in finding that moving island or are they hunting for it like him and Itsumo would be? Guess only time will tell that answer.-

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada kept himself still until he heard Kagato speak to Itsumo about ‘getting the party started’ which made him figure he was finally ready to move out. He kept his gaze upon the ruins of Iwagakure, until he heard the structure to his side crumble quickly, figuring Kagato had gotten everything he’d brought with him from inside of his home before destroying it. Kunisada heard Kagato’s footsteps move away from the now destroyed rubble to his side, which made Kunisada turn his body and head slightly to face where Kagato was headed. He saw Kagato destroying the temporary home that Ritsuka and Akatori had used before seeing Kagato quickly extinguish the fire that they had been using. His eyes slowly glanced over at him as he spoke about going to the entrance of the Village and would be ready to move out whenever they joined him. He glanced at Kagato as he grabbed his backpack and disappeared himself, no doubt using the Body Flicker Technique. Kunisada saw Ritsuka mock his father’s movements and move towards the entrance as well. Kunisada remained motionless before he quickly used the Body Flicker Technique as Kagato had done, without using hand seals as he disappeared into a blur. He appeared by Kagato as it seemed like Ritsuka was moving away from him, also catching Akatori catching up with the rest of them, but his gaze turned towards Kagato; the two of them hadn’t spoken since last night about the events that had occurred as of late. Kunisada knew that they’d be making their way off shortly, but at some point he figured the two of them would need to speak, but until then he stood waiting at Kagato’s side to make sure everyone was ready to move out.-

Kagato: -Kagato looked around him seeing all the others gather around the old village entrance some here or there but not too far off, only to hear his son speak to him about keeping things from him and how he would want to know what was fully going on in time. Kagato nodded slightly to his son’s statement and placed his right black gloved hand on the top of his son’s head, moving his hand back and forth slightly messing up his son’s crimsons strands of hair slightly. Kagato lips parted slowly and in a hushed tone of voice he spoke to his son. – “All in due time…” – Kagato turned his attention back to the rest of the group as his son began to move away from him. Kuni as always was by his side   Tori not too far off as well as Itsumo.  Kagato glanced upward to spot Shikake sitting atop the old gate.  Kagato’s lips parted once more this time to speak in a tone that everyone in the group could hear him. – “ Well we have a lot of ground to cover I would like to reach the shore line before sun down today…and hopefully make it a crossed to the island with in the same time frame…..so without further ado…..lets head out people..” – Kagato took a few seconds to let his sensory skills take in effect  it wasn’t long before he  could tell the direction of the moving island  he turned slightly to the right as he made his way out of the old ruined gate and sped off in a full force sprint. With each foot step he took his pace quickened but with that said each of his footsteps was without any sound. One all the others would make their way out of the ruins and away from the seal the seal would end up resealing the area. It wasn’t long before Kagato was in yet another forest granted it wasn’t a large forest but it gave him a bit of cover as Kagato leapt from the ground and began to move from tree branch to tree branch. It was still very early in the morning but Kagato didn’t want to take any chances on not getting to where he intended to be at the given time furthermore he had to come up with a plan to get the group on to the island itself if it wasn’t close enough by the time they reached the shore line. This was some group that came to be Kagato kept thinking in the back of his mind as he quickly moved forward in a blur. He also wondered what would become of their two villages relationship after this trip if there was to be one at all. Kagato began to ponder even deeper on this subject and began to contemplate holding some sort of festival in the village and inviting Itsumo’s village to partake in it as guests.  This was an odd thing to even suggest seeing as Amegakure and its people mostly kept to their selves and to think Kagato was debating with his self on opening the village up to another. Kagato shook these thoughts from his mind he had time to think about this later his focus should be on the task at hand and hopefully the rest of the group was able to keep up with him he didn’t even think about that part of it he just kind of took off his pace increasing with every step and leap from tree branch to tree branch.  Kagato continued to run at his quick pace for at least an hour or so before the trees began to become more spaced out and few and far between.  He hit the ground at this point again without making a soon as to not call attention to where he was headed incase others were following him and the group again. The hard ground beneath his feet began to become softer until it reached the point of it becoming sand he had reached the shore line and it had only reached  about mid-day time wise Kagato was making good time so far. Kagato stopped dead in his tracks as the waves rolled in over top of his feet. He stood there arriving first he peered out towards the great body of water only to see an island off in the distance which looked to be no more than five miles out, Kagato waited for the others to catch up before making any other movements.-

IItsumo:*Itsumo noticed Shikake perched on top of the gate waiting silently he was back in Hunter Ninja mode as well as they stood silently and waited for the others it didn’t take long before everyone was all their and Kagato was leading the way out of the ruins of the once powerful village. She fallowed off to the opposite side of Kagato that the one called Kuni was on. She fallowed about a half a yard behind him as they went up into the trees moving from branch to branch with deadly silence. Her mind was wondering from the mission at hand something she didn’t normally let happen as she glanced ahead at the Amekage. This little time she has spent with him had mad her curious about what the future held for the relationship between their two villages. He had been to the old Yonshigakure before they had rebuilt though that was still a work in progress of its own but she had never gone near Amegakure nor had she ever planned to until meeting Kagato.  She shook her head a pale blonde strand falling down into her face as she put her focus back onto the task at hand. She needed to get to the island and get the Summon that would help her and her village greatly. She watched as Kagato dropped from the trees she assumed where getting to far apart to jump normally between so she followed him down to the ground bellow her feet hitting the ground but not making a sound stealth was something she was well trained in she had to be with what her job had been before becoming Kage. She still fallowed keeping the same half a yard distance from him. As the soon was high in the sky marking the midday time they finally reached the shoreline her feet feeling the change underneath her sandals from dirt to sand. She stopped about two feet back from Kagato and looked off into the distance she knew the island was close she could sense the power and she could feel the direction it was coming from and judging that Kagato was looking in the same direction she felt the power coming from she was correct.  She sighed softly and waited for them to decide how they were going to get from the shore to the island. She herself had not though that far ahead either when she left Yonshigakure.*

Akatori2: ~once arrived she was ready to continue on. She was a bit quiet now, and decided to remain so. It was time to simply relax and stay focused on route to the Island. She stayed behind the group, ten yards off from the last person. Her senses were toned and ready for anything that might come their way. The trip was silent, giving her a lot of time to think and reflect about life. They soon reached a small forest, which offered them a chance to take a higher route. She'd leap up with ease due to a chakra enhanced push and keep herself bounding forward from each branch. About an hour or so passed by and the trees were starting to narrow down, causing her to ditch them for travel by ground, making a soft landing like a cat. The ground began to shift as she continued to follow the rest. She stopped at the edge of the dirt to where the sand began. It was a pearly white color. She squated down to pick some up in her hand and let it pass through her fingers when something caught her off guard. Everyone else wasn't paying attention as they all were close to the water, while she hadn't even left the earthy terrain to enter the sand. She began to feel choked and and grabbed her neck. While pulling, it felt like a thread choking her, but she could not see it, nor could she even feel the presence of another. Genjutsu? She thought as she struggled for breath. Akatori tried to release it, but it couldn't work. In a struggle, her necklace, a family heirloom fell off and onto the sand. She began to fade away, un able to think straight of see to well. Soon she was unconcious. The thing that was choking her, a chakra thread began to pull her away and into the effects of the Dustless Bewildering Cover. No one would be able to sense or see who did this to Akatori, or even where Akatori was. It was like she vanished in thin air. ~

IlRitsuka * ☀He crinckled his face at his father ruffling his hair, though the action brought some ease to his mind. As the group gathered together, Ritsuka felt knot in his stomach as they grew near to departing. He gave a final glance at the ruins, Ritsuka waiting for his father to start off, then followed sticking close behing him.As they moved out of the ruin and came to a wooded area, he followed his father to the trees, leaping from branch to branch with ease. He couldnt wait to get this done, it would make him feel much m ore like a jounin to have a powerful ummon to fight along side with and become friends with. He imagined having a cute little fox summon to follow him around, or something he could ride on. He smirked at the thought as they continued through the trees.He glanced at the other kage, he was nearby as it appeared they were both sticking close to his father. As the trees ran out he dropped to the ground below. The hard earth turning into a light sandy terrain. He followed his father to edge of the sand leading to a large body of water, an island can be seen in the distance, Ritsuka assumed that was their destination. He smirked beneath his rebreather. As he stared out at it. Eager to get to it he turned to call for Aka to come join him at the waterside. His sentence was cut short when she was nowhere to be found, behind him or in the group. A shiver roe up his spine as he grew more and more worried. He called out to her wondering if she fell behind. When no answer came he turned to his father giving him a worried look. Akatori was no where to be seen and he was flipping out at bit..

UnaruInuzuka: -He listened as the Amekage had spoke of the plan, to get to the islind in two days time, so a quick pace no doubt was expected, something he only hoped the others can handle. He watched as Kagato had paused a moment just before turning as if angling towards some hidden point. He decided to consider that the male Kage could likely tell the direction of the island, and if not he clearly was one to choose one direction and stick with it on a search. With a final glance around at the group he took off after his Kage who was only letting the other one have just a bit of headway to lead. He may not have the speed of his Kage but he can at least compensate to her own, after all the time he has been following her as a subordinate he had to find a few tricks to use. He took to those trees the wind blowing past him as they continued along his eyes flicking every once in a while from behind that mask around but most of the time lost in watching his footing and being sure to keep up. He never wavered in his pace at times shifting to quicker paths and each step of his dead silent. As they soon found the trees growing thin he himself had hopped down to the ground a bit earlier than the Kage themselves giving him a bit more leverage on keeping pace. The time passed and he came to fall into a lull of the run only the most basic glances around the area around them given but still on high alert before bringing his eyes back to keeping himself in close proximity to Itsumo herself. As the dirt slowly came to shift into sand he caught the wiff of a stiff breeze flow over him cooling him and the smell of the sea perfuming the area with the salty scent of its waters. It has been a long time since he had been this close to such a expanse of water and found himself looking out into it taking a moment to take it in. He had let himself linger in a half state of attention to the area around him as he did this. He also took note of a island on the far horizon and blinked behind the mask, clearly the Amekage knew where he was heading. He heard the approach of soft but light footsteps figuring it being the youngest of the group or the female Akatori. He gave a glance around taking in the group but paused... There was one missing... He seemed to scan the area to find out if he just was not seeing the other Yamanaka of the group but after a moment he realized there was no movement anywhere else. He was on high alert already while in his work mode so there wasn't much time between him seeing the issue and his reaction. He then spoke up quickly but in a soft tone, however the tone just edged enough to grab his Shikage's attention of worry that most wouldn't catch.- Itsy-sama..? -If she hasn't already come to note the trouble he would have motioned to the others, if she already has taken note of the disappearance he would come to follow her both if she were to move or to be ready for any order she might bring to him. The strong formality had dropped to a... more ear catching way of talking to his Shikage, the clear sign of him not paying much attention to anything else but a situation at hand. He looking out into the sparsely forested area for a moment before taking his time to glance around hoping to catch something in area, hoping its just that the kunoichi fell behind rather than is missing.-

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada kept his gaze off to the side as he listened to Kagato speak about having to cover a lot of ground if they were to make it to the shoreline before sundown and hopefully make it to the island in the same time. When Kagato said the words ‘without further ado’, Kunisada readied himself as he knew what Kagato’s next words were going to be and after a few seconds after he said for them to move out, he saw Kagato turn to his right and took off at full speed. Kunisada quickly followed his pace, keeping up with Kagato at every step, his footsteps were as fast as lightning, but there came no sound from them as he quickly kept his pace up with Kagato. Shortly after taking off from their previous position, they were in yet another forest that gave them a bit of cover even though it wasn’t huge. Kunisada’s head turned slightly towards Kagato as he caught Kagato leaping up towards a tree branch and began to hop from tree branch to tree branch. Without missing a step, Kunisada leapt up after Kagato, keeping himself one tree branch behind Kagato; this was to stay as close to Kagato as possible, but also give them enough room in case something blocked their path or caused a detour and the last thing any of them needed was to crash into each other. He continued to leap to tree branch after tree branch, keeping up with Kagato all at the same time as he let his mind wonder lightly about their trip so far as well as the people that they have met. The thoughts only lingered in his mind for a few seconds before he dismissed them and continued to focus on the task at hand. Kunisada kept up with Kagato’s pace for about an hour or so before the forest trees began to become sparse, forcing them to take to the ground once more. After Kagato had made his silent descent, he followed in the same fashion, not making a sound when his feet hit the ground and noticed that the ground beneath their feet was now replaced with sand as he stopped behind Kagato, gazing out into the large body of water and seeing an island further out, which made him believe that was the island they were heading for. He heard Ritsuka call out for Akatori twice, causing him to turn himself slightly to face the Jounin; when he turned himself around he saw a look of panic across the face of the young Uzumaki and this caused his eyes to narrow slightly. Did Akatori fall behind and get lost? Kunisada activated his Byakugan without drawing any attention to him, and to where no one else could see his eye activate due to the dark tint on his rebreather, and began to scan the area for Akatori’s chakra source. He couldn’t seem to locate her chakra source, which caused his Byakugan to deactivate as well as cause his eyes to narrow slightly; she couldn’t have hid her chakra source from either himself or Kagato, but it was if though she disappeared into nothing. Kunisada took note of Shikake calling Itsumo ‘Itsy’ before he became a blur as he Body Flickered away from Kagato’s side for a moment as he went back to the earthly terrain to see if something was off; besides the fact that the young Yamanaka was missing, something else felt off. Akatori wouldn’t go AWOL in the middle of such an important mission such as this, but it looked as if she did. Kunisada stood in silence for a few seconds before turning around and spotting something on the sand. He walked forward a bit more until he was where the sand began to take over and kneeled down and picked the object up off the sand and placed it in his palm. It was a purple ribbon choker with the Yamanaka symbol on it, which Kunisada figured was Akatori’s, which made him pause in silence for a moment to ponder over what might’ve happened. He closed his palm to keep the necklace in his grasp and glanced back at the forest for a few seconds as he slowly stood up, then quickly disappeared into a blur once again as he used the Body Flicker to move back to Kagato’s side. His gaze met with Kagato’s as he spoke to him in such a tone that only he could hear him.- “..Seems as though she’s missing; vanished more like..” –Kunisada lightly opened his palm slightly to reveal the necklace to Kagato, speaking still in a hushed tone to where only Kagato could hear him.- “..There must’ve been a struggle since this was left behind..but no noise was made for us to hear it..” –He paused for a few seconds before speaking to him again.- “..I’d say you know who did this just as much as I do..” –He was of course referring to Athena, whom seemed to have been behind the previous attack on all of them the night before and it made sense that she would do this as well. Kunisada moved Akatori’s necklace in his pocket for safe keeping and parted his lips slightly before speaking to Kagato in his hushed tone once more- “..I’ll need your Path to send a messenger hawk to my clone immediately and tell him of the situation...my clone’ll take care of the rest from there..” –Kunisada knew that Kagato and the rest of the Amegakure group were at a crossroads; either leave the path to get their Summons and try and find Akatori or search for Akatori another time and continue on to the island to get their Summons. Kunisada figured that he knew the answer, but it was ultimately up to Kagato as to what their next move was.-

Kagato: -It wasn’t long before the other reached the sandy white beach of the shore line but something was off a slight bit of chakra  in the general location of where Tori had been following the group caught Kagato’s attention shortly after this  Tori’s and that chakra he knew all too well was gone. Kagato listened as His son called out for Akatori but it fell on deaf ears because there was on answer coming from Tori’s end. Kagato started to fear the worst seeing as he picked up that chakra signature for a split second before it vanished along with Tori’s.  Kagato glanced around the group and observed most of the others seemed to share his concern specially Kuni which seemed he was already trying to scan the area trying to pick up any signs of Tori but  even with Kagato’s own chakra sensing technique at full power he wasn’t able to pick up any trace of  either Athena or Tori at this given moment. Kagato slightly heard Shikake say something but Kagato wasn’t focused on this at the moment one of his Jounin was missing  and the person behind he was sure was Athena there was no mistaking her chakra signature even with it being so brief. With that said Kagato watched as Kuni vanished in a blur which Kagato assumed that Kuni was headed to the last place he most likely felt Tori’s chakra. Kagato was kicking his self now not slowing down and sticking in a more closer group formation he kept thing to his self that he should have known better not only was this one of his Jounin but it was also was one of his very own students who he had taught and trained into the Jounin that everyone seen today.  Worry and concern quickly turned into anger with a slight bit of rage.  Kagato knew that Athena would have to be dealt with and it seems it would have to be sooner rather than later, but with that said there wasn’t much he or anyone else could do at the moment   seeing as even Kagato his self couldn’t pick up on either of the two’s chakra. It wasn’t long before Kuni was back in the same instantaneous blur returning by Kagato once more. Kagato Glanced towards Kuni’s eyes before peering down at Kuni’s hand. It had seemed he had something clenched in the palm of his hand, He watched as Kuni slowly opened his hand to reveal that it was a necklace one that he knew for a fact belonged to Tori there was no second guessing it.  Kagato’s facial expressions went as cold as a block of ice, as his eyes met Kuni’s and he listened to Kuni speak to him. It had seemed Kuni knew who it was just as Kagato had figured out whom it was which Kagato had now doubts it was Athena. Kagato slightly nodded to Kuni before parting his lips and speaking in a hushed emotionless tone of voice.- “ Yeah I know who it was…and they will pay…” – Kagato  nodded once more as Kuni asked  him to get a message to Kuni’s shadow clone back in Amegakure about what had happened. In the back of his mind there was only one course of action that he felt Kuni would take. He was sure he would send out other Anbu’s to help start looking for Tori which Kagato had no issues with this after all it was best to keep pushing forward there was nothing they could do at this moment and even trying to search the area would be pointless for the simple fact that the chakra signatures vanished without a trace. Kagato stood still for a moment while he placed his full concentration into the link he had with his Deva path back in Amegakure.  Hideki Uchiha:  - The Deva path was already in the tower office of the Amekage as it sprang to life.  He puckered his lips and inhaled and began to whistle a sharp tone. Seconds later a very large black vulture looking bird made its way through the  office’s opened window  The rain cascading outside as it always had with the loud sounds of the heavy water droplets smacking into the metal buildings around the tower and the tower itself like the beat of a nonstop drum. The path quickly pulled out a scroll from the upper right hand drawer of the desk and quickly unrolled it  a crossed his desk. Next thing the path took out a pen and began to jot down the events that just took place with Akatori. He quickly finished what he needed to jot down and quickly rolled the scroll back up only to place the Amekage seal in the middle of the scroll sealing it shut. The path then reached down in the very same drawer of the desk and pulled up a black string and picked up the scroll placing it long ways along the vulture like bird’s talon and leg. He placed the black string around the scroll and the leg of the bird and tided it to its leg tightly making sure there was no chance that the scroll would fall off. Kagato through the Deva path nodded his head up and down slightly towards the large bird giving it the single to take off. The bird was to deliver the message to Kuni’s shadow clone which should only take a few moments to do. Kagato quickly broke the full concentration he had with his path and began to look around the group once more. Kagato’s lips parted once more and in a more commanding authority type tone of voice he began to address the group of what just happened. – “Well it seems we have not seen the last of the attackers…..” – Kagato paused for a moment before speaking again- ‘But this time they took one of our own with them…Now there is nothing we can really do at this point seeing as we have no leads…but rest assured we are on it…and messages have been sent out….” – Kagato glanced at Kuni with his eyes growing even more cold yet fire filled. – “ They will pay for this I assure you…But we can do no good standing around here like this….we must keep moving on…” – Kagato walked over towards his son and placed his right hand on his head  and looked own into his son’s eyes. Kagato’s lips parted slowly and began to speak to Rits in a softer whisper like tone. – “ I know how you must feel at the moment…the feeling of helplessness…but there is really nothing we can do but push forward  so push forward we will…” – Kagato  took his right hand and pointed towards the island. – “Our destination is just a crossed there and our long journey there is almost over….” – Kagato couldn’t help but think what the others were thinking at the moment after all a Kage just a banding one of their own was not looked upon very highly but there was nothing they could do here at the moment but push forward and he hoped the other two Itsumo and Shikake would understand that. Kagato’s Black gloved hands tightened into a fist.- “ With that said we need to cross and we need to cross this body of water now…” – A light oceanic breeze carrying the smell of salt water picked up and blew Kagato’s crimson red strands of hair slightly towards the left. – “Is everyone okay with body flickering over to the island or do we need to make some other arrangements?...” Kagato paused for a moment before speaking again- “Or any other suggestions?”  - Kagato looked around the group stopping at Itsumo and waited for the others to respond to him with their answer or suggestions.-

IItsumo:*Itsumo got a shutter down her back a strange chakra signature appeared for a moment and disappeared but with it disappeared the young Yamanaka’s chakra. Itsumo turned around swiftly in time to see the others noticing the disappearance of her as well. Itsumo knew the two males from Amegakure would be looking for traces of her chakra so Itsumo did something only she could. She moved her hands up in front of her chest just as she heard Shikake whisper her name as she closed her eyes looking for the girls mind. After a few seconds it was clear the girl was not responsive or worse she was dead there was no trace of her mind that Itsumo could pick up on. Itsumo dropped her hands and opened her eyes letting out a soft sigh as she looked to Shikake and nodded letting him know she knew but hoping he caught the sigh that there was nothing they could do about it. Just then The other two returned from the forest and joined the group. Kagato spoke to them all addressing that the person behind the attack the day before had been behind this but why target her and not the boy it perplexed Itsumo but she nodded and listened that there was nothing they could do at the time being. It was true they had no  clue where they had gone or even how it had happened she had read of a few Jutsu’s that could mask chakra’s in the past but she had never  encountered one she couldn’t find a mind through. She listened as she stated that they would be sending out teams from their own village to look for the girl and she nodded then spoke softly as the subject changed from the missing girl to getting to the island. “Bodyflicker will work fine, the only other thing would be to walk across the water but that would waste far more chakra.” *She glanced over after finishing her words to look at the boy his face was still full of worry and she didn’t blame him. He didn’t have a clue what was going on like Shikake he was out of the loop on who caused the attack and now one of his friends was missing and also she might add the only Medic on their team. Itsumo and Shikake had basic knowledge of bandaging and wound care as she was sure the Amgakure group did as well but if anything more serious were to occur they had no one that could heal them. This made her a bit worried about the others as well as the girl. Itsumo turned to face Shikake and she spoke to him in a soft tone.- “As he said there is no way to find the girl right now, Her mind can’t be connected with either at the moment. There teams can handle looking for her they have more knowledge of the attackers then we do.” *she said then glanced over at Kagato, Kuni and Ritsuka as finished speaking to Shikake she then turned back to face the island and looked out over the water sighing softly. It was not a good feeling for a Kage to have someone disappear from right under their nose the girl wasn’t from her village but they had been on the road together had she made some kind of connection before they left the safety of the barrier perhaps the girl could have used her mind to call for help but she hadn’t thought about it. She was kicking herself and she figured that Kagato was as well being he felt more responsibility for the girl then she herself did and the one they called Kuni had also seemed to take it hard that she was gone from right under their noses. She cleared her mind as she looked out over the water in the direction of the island and waited to make sure the others were ok with the idea of body flickering to the island.* 

IlLucianlI: *Ritsuka watched as the group realized they had lost a member of their group. Kunisada, disappeared suddenly, more than likely via the body flicker technique. The Yonshigakure hunter Ninja, called out to his Kage questioningly, his father even seemed shaken or bothered by the fact. He was still at a loss even though he knew this was truly a hazard of the job. It was a gruesome truth that Ritsuka knew to well after the loss of his adopted sister, Nakara Haruno. It made him want to fight and struggle to find his lost comrade, but he knew the others would've already set a plan in motion. It was best for them to finish this mission and search for her afterwards. If anything this was a way for their attacker to delay their journey and stop them from reaching their destination. Which still bothered him being so few actually knew where they were going. Something was going on and he was closer than ever to figuring it out on his own. This disturbing series of event made him think to his mother. She had always been there to comfort him in these times. Unfortunately she had to miss the trip. Suddenly like a piece falling into place something clicked in his mind. He thought back on her missing the important trip they had. She knew where they were going and the path they would take. She had the means and skills to take them on or talk sone other Ninja into doing it for her.. Could it be she was behind all this! The thought shook the young jounin to his core. To think it could be his own mother doing this to them. He turned to his father ready to put him on the spot, with his question. But he was stopped short by his dad speaking to him in a comforting tine, then he was on speaking on there next plan. Their destination was Just beyond the water and he wanted to body flicker over. Ritsuka hadn't ever used the technique for that sort of distance before but it couldn't hurt to try. He didn't have any other ideas either so he simply nodded in agreement hearing the others agree as well. He turned to his father and waited for the group to begin traveling over. His talk with his father was gonna have to wait for the moment. There were more pressing matters at the moment. *

UnaruInuzuka: -Shikake had soon came to watch as Itsumo had soon shifted those hands to her chest giving him a heads up that she was searching out the girl with her mind. He glanced around soon taking note of the Anbu taking off and the concentration of the Amekage's own features as he seemed to search. As Kuni had come back to the group he noticed the necklace be shown and if he remembered correctly he thinks he had seen the other Yamanaka wearing it before they left. His eyes roamed a second before he lightly noticed the boy go from fear and worry to a kind of concentration as if thinking deeply on something before hearing Kagato start to speak about the situation. His dark brown orbs behind that black mask turned to face the male listening to what he had to say. Clearly someone didn't want them to finish their journey and the clear indications the others were seeing such were there. He was silent listening to the concept of using the body flicker across to the island itself and also on the fact of him asking about any other options. He considered other options but actually he saw Kagato's plan as being sound. He glanced over soon hearing Itsumo speak up about the body flicker being fine and mentioning it would save them chakra. He soon felt her eyes come back to him so he had come to turn his head to listen to that soft toned voice knowing it only meant for him to hear. The mention of them unable to do anything at this time and that even her mind wasn't open to catch any sight of had him seem to deflate a little, the smallest of movement of his shoulders slumping but he did give a nod of his head in understanding and turned with her to glance over the waters. Well this reintroduction to the sea just lost its thrill falling into the category of obstacle to get over instead. He shifted on his feet pushing things from his mind at the moment and forcing himself to put the girl out of his mind for now, he was kind of curious of what the island was like even with the atmosphere around him at the loss of the girl he has been too long in the world of death and loss to not force it away for a later time to think about.-

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada kept his gaze on Kagato as he spoke to him about having the person who took Akatori “pay” before seeing Kagato nod slightly after he spoke to him about sending a messenger hawk to his clone in Amegakure as soon as possible. He kept his gaze on Kagato as he began to speak to the rest of the group, attempting to tell the rest of the group that matters were being taken into account and actions were being taken immediately. His eyes remained fixated on Kagato as he continued to speak, as well as when he moved over to Ritsuka and began to speak to him. He caught a certain look in Ritsuka’s eyes before Kagato’s words reached his ears, as if he was ready to speak and say something, but the words of Kagato seemed to have stalled them for the moment; which he had no doubt would be spoken once they reached the island. He heard Kagato speak of having to Body Flicker to the island there completely, which made sense enough; it’d be the quickest way to the island as opposed to walking across the large body of water, which would waste too much time and too much chakra. He thought silently, his eyes gazing slightly to the ground as Itsumo spoke of saying it was alright for them to Body Flicker, the silence of the group bringing him back and out of his own mind before turning his gaze towards Kagato once more; he was waiting for Kagato to speak for the group to move out and when he did, he’d be just as ready to head out as Kagato himself was. Unfortunately, the truth was that they had to abandon a search for Akatori for the moment, but he knew his clone would get the message and quickly act upon it. A thought quickly struck his mind about the situation back home for his clone, one that the clone itself would realize itself, but quickly dismissed it as he focused on when they’d head out.-

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End Results:

The Group from Amegakure and the Group from Yonshi meet up only to get attacked by an unknown group. The Groups join forces set up camp and move out  the next, Only to lose a member of the group Akatori but still push forward and make it to the island.