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Uzumaki Kagato, Uchiha Kunisada

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Title: Summon Arc: Path To A Final Bout: Sanshouuo

Kagato: -Kagato shook his head slightly as he heard Kunisada say he was in no condition to body flicker which he was most likely right his body had taken a lot over the days they had been on this trip through all the fighting wounds and even the amount of chakra that was being used which was a lot by any normal shinobi standards but with Kagato’s bloodlines Uzumaki and Uchiha it wasn’t as bad. – “So you are saying I shouldn’t body flicker eh? Well then…. I will just do what I had planned here then…. – Kagato was looking Kuni dead in the eye as he lowered his self into a crouching position so that he was closer to the ground.  Kagato then slammed his right and left black gloved hands on the ground.  A summoning seal stretched a crossed the ground as Kagato palms laid flat on the ground and in the middle of the summoning seal a large cloud of pearly white smoke appeared, the size of the smoke fanned out to the shape of a tall man. As the smoke cleared a young tall shaggy black haired male stood before them dressed almost in the same fashion Kagato was except his Coat like robe had purple plated armor to it as well as purple arm and shin guards. His eyes were the same as Kagato’s Rinnegan characterized by a ripple-like pattern around the pupil, with an amethyst purple iris and sclera in his left eye but the crimson red Rinnegan in his right was covered by a sideways Amegakure headband. Underneath the coat like robe the male wore a tank top that fit him kind of tight. The lower half of the man’s face was covered up with a black re-breather and mask just like Kagato’s. The bridge of the male’s nose had black pricings that looked much like the chakra receivers Kagato had been placing in the animals. The skin of the make was very pale close to ivory looking but not quiet. The shoes the man wore were opened toed and in the same blackish tone of Kagato’s. This was the body of Hideki Uchiha Kagato’s Devan path as well as Kunisada’s brother by blood when he was still alive. Just like Kagato’s animal path Kagato could summon his paths and summons at will no matter where he was. - “You see I might be able to fight on my own or travel like I had been but I do have fall back plans…” – Kagato slowly stood back up his eyes shifting back and forth between Kunisada and Hideki his deva path.  Kagato if one looked at the two they could see the family likeness somewhat. Kagato was still breathing heavy at this point as if he was trying to catch his breath his chest rising and falling steadily at a much faster than normal pace as with every other jutsu summoning the Deva path here from such a long distance away took a lot of chakra. – “Now Kuni…if you would be so kind if you are able to transport us like you did from the bottom of the mountain to the top could you take us back to the beach where were found the scorpions?…” – Kagato stood there alongside his deva path and waited Kunisada’s answer. This option would be the fastest way to get from where they were to where he wanted to be without complications of running into other beings or creatures. -

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada listened to Kagato as he told him that he had a different plan of how to get to his next fight before crouching himself to the ground. After he was in a crouching position, he watched Kagato slam his right and left hand on the ground before he saw a Summoning seal stretch across the ground as Kagato’s hands lay flat before seeing a large cloud of smoke appeared in the middle of the seal. The smoke appeared to be the size of a tall man before the smoke cleared and Kunisada saw a familiar figure standing in front of himself. Kunisada’s eyes met the body of his now deceased brother Hideki, whom Kunisada himself had killed and gave to Kagato for the use of using his body as a Path. He was dressed almost exactly like Kagato, even his eyes were replaced with the Rinnegan design. Kunisada kept his gaze on the body of Kagato’s Path before hearing Kagato speaking about having fall back plans. He heard Kagato breathing heavily still from the injuries he was still suffering from before seeing him stand beside his Path. Kagato spoke of having Kunisada take them to where they had first encountered the scorpions as Kunisada stood still and silent after Kagato’s request. Kunisada remained silent for a few more seconds, the cold windp assing between the three of them before his right arm shot out quickly and placed half of his hand on Hideki’s shoulder and the other half on Kagato’s shoulder since they were standing alongside one another. Kunisada’s left eye quickly darkened into a crimson blood red with scythe blade designs surrounding a circle that seemed to resemble a shuriken as the empty spaces that weren’t pre-occupied with the scythe blade designs had the endings of a shuriken with a black iris hidden within the circle as Kunisada activated his Eternal Mangenkyo Sharingan before a swirling void formed from where his left eye was as he used his Kamui once more. The three of them were quickly drawn into the void as their physical appearance was distorted until they were completely absorbed by his Kamui. After they were completely absorbed by the swirling vortex they were then all teleported to the location where Kunisada and Kagato had first encountered the scorpions. As they reappeared all three of their bodies were distorted until they took solid form once more as the void quickly disappeared as Kunisada deactivated his Kamui technique. After they were all released from his Kamui, Kunisada retracted his hand before crossing his arms over his chest with his black metal bracers making a slight scraping noise as he did so before he addressed Kagato, his voice coming out metallic due to his rebreather.- “..Here we are..”

Kagato: -Kagato felt Kuni place his hand on His shoulder and that of his Deva paths shoulder, just like how his senses were linked to his rain he could do the same with his paths. It wasn’t long after this that he felt him and the path being swallowed up into what felt like a black hole but it was more like a swirling vortex which Kagato thought he would never get used to the feeling it gave him. He knew Kuni wouldn’t do anything that would harm him but it still gave him a slight unsettling feeling each time they used this mode of transportation. It wasn’t long before the vortexed closed then reopened once more on the beach where they had first come into contact with the scorpion Kagato had captured for one of his summons. This time however there would be no falling into the nest seeing as how the sealed it up the last time they were here. Soon after appearing on the beach he felt Kunisada let go of his and his paths shoulders and state they were there. Kagato turned to Kunisada as a warm ocean breeze brushing past his already colder than normal body seeing as the climate they were just in before this the warmth was a welcome change.  Kagato turned to Kunisada and parted his lips slowly. – “As you can tell…I am in not the best condition to fight another summon….so I will be waiting here…and will continue moving to the animal with my path here…” – Kagato made his way over to a shady place out of the direct sun light and plopped down into the sand leaning back fully placing his hands behind his head. – HidekiUchiha: - The deva path turned towards Kuni and his lips parted and Kagato’s Own voice echoed out of the metal re-breather The Deva path was wearing at the time. – “As I said I will continue on like this and will be speaking to you through my path…” – The Deva path waited a few moments for Kunisada to respond before parting his lips once more. – “Well I think it’s time we head out…” – With that said The Deva path took off up the beach in a blur just like Kagato had been doing before he had gotten injured he used his body flicker to move faster than he could run. As the deva path moved about the beach Kagato laying back in the sand was witness to it all for he was seeing through the deva paths eyes. The sand felt warmth of the sand when the Deva Path took each step the sand moving a crossed the exposed toes from his toeless shoes. Kagato could sense the next animal he wanted very close and without any hesitation he bee lined for it seeing as he didn’t have to worry about his actual bodies injuries in this fight.  The Deva Path came upon a section of the beach where there was a very large rock formation fifteen feet from the actual beach where his eyes actually fell upon the animal he wanted to capture. This creature looked like a cross of a humpback whale and a large salamander like lizard with six legs and a long tail. On each leg it had very large sharp claws. Its massive body looked as though It had very thick skin. The color of the animal went from a blueish-grey that faded into a greenish-grey on its underside. This Creature was much larger than any of the others he had fought so far and looked as if it could easily tower over the buildings in Amegakure with easy. The eyes looked as if they were big pane glass windows looking out over the beach like a guard dog. The Deva path stopped just in front of this spectacle on the beach looking out wards at the creature as the waves came crashing into the sandy white beach cascading even up the sides of the rocks the creature was standing on. The deva path took his eyes off the creature for a moment and turned back to see where Kunisada was before he parted his lips and began to speak once more. – “See why now…I wanted to save this one for last…” – The Deva path to a fighting stance on the beach waiting for the right moment and Kunisada. – “I think I will need your help on this one…”

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada listened as Kagato said that he wasn’t in the best condition to fight another Summon, something Kunisada had figured out since after his fight with the panda Summon so he would be sitting this one out and using the Path to continue on. He watched Kagato move over to a shady area out of direct sunglight and sit himself down in the sand, making himself comfortable as it would seem. He turned his head slightly as he heard Kagato’s voice come through Hideki’s body as Kagato said he would be communicating to him through his Path, to which he stayed silent until he heard Kagato say it was time to head out. He watched Kagato’s Path disappear in a blur before he too followed his movements as he disappeared into a blur as they both used the Body Flicker Technique. As the Deva Path came upon a section of the beach with a large rock formation Kunisada caught the gaze of what Kagato undoubtedly wanted to catch. Kunisada gazed at the massive creature as he knew Kagato’s Path was doing as well before he heard Kagato say why he wanted to save this fight for last. The creature looked like a hybrid of a salamander lizard and a humpback whale with a long tail and six legs, which given by the looks of the creature, could very easily be taller than the buildings in Amegakure as well as any of the other ones they had fought earlier. The animal had long sharp claws on each of its legs and the color of the animal’s skin went from a blueish-grey color into a greenish-grey color on its underside.He watched the Path get into a fighting stance before speaking to him, saying that he’d need his help on this one to which Kunisada simply nodded. He slowly lowered himself slightly into a fighting stance as he readied himself for the fight that was about to ensure with the three of them.-

HidkeiUchiha: - Seen Kuni nod back at his statement and proceeded onwards. Taking off in a blur with immense speed so quick that in less than one second The Deva was already standing on top of the creature that had been in front of him but for some reason it didn’t look like the creature anymore it had seemed like he was standing on the rock but Kagato didn’t think the rock was this high up in the air. It was an odd feeling seeing as he couldn’t physically see the creature but he could sense the creature’s chakra signature. - Sanshouuo: - As the Deva Path would move would use the technique called Hiding with Camouflage Technique which allowed the creature to control how the light was reflected off of it making it blend into its surroundings making him pretty much invisible to the naked eye for the time being. – HidekiUchiha: - Kagato began to think on this for a moment before preparing two black chakra receiver blades from either hand which were two feet long and five inches wide. Take a grip of each of the blades he propelled his hands and arms downwards letting the blades as he attempted to sink them into what looked to be rock at the moment. - Sanshouuo:  As the Deva Path sunk its blades down into its skin he quickly became visible once more as he started to sway back and forth violently in reaction to what Kagato had done through the Deva Path. Sanshouuo started to shake violently as an attempted to try and shake him off like a dog trying to shake the water off its fur when it had gotten wet. – Kagato’s weight shifted as he tried to brace his self from the shaking of the giant creature. Kagato moved his blue chakra to his feet to help him keep a grip of the scaly rubbery surface of the creature’s skin. Trying to plant his feet on this surface was like someone trying to walk of a blown up rubber wet suit. The Deva path quickly gained traction and started to run up the long body of the creature trying to make his way back up towards the head or neck area. With each step the Deva path made one chakra receiver blade after another throwing each one into the giant creature’s skin penetrating it but it had seemed to him that it was having little effect on the creature the only thing Kagato could guess was that the creatures skin was so thick that it was like an outer armor. – Sanshouuo: - As the blades made contact with his skin it felt to him as if there were tiny little pin pricks more of an annoyance than anything else as the pin pricks reached the base of his neck the rock beneath him began to soften up into to sand and Sanshouuo vanished quickly in the matter of a few seconds into the ground as the sand swallowed him whole. This technique was none other the hiding like a mole technique and with a creature this size was still able to move quick enough to vanish from sight then reappear on the beach where The Deva path once stood. It spotted another and swung its tail at the other male. – HidekiUchiha: The deva path fell from the large creature as it dissipated into the rock below although how quick this action was Kagato through the path was able to land on his feet but in a three point stance with his fingertips touching the ground. The Deva Path moved in the form of a blur once more as it seen the large creature reappear on the beach and swing its tail at Kunidsada Landing to the left of Kunisada. -

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada watched as Hideki prepared two black chakra receivers in each of his hands before lifting them up and throwing them down, probably aiming to lodge them into the large creature. He saw the large creature appear as it began to thrash around violently as the chakra receivers pierced through its skin before seeing Hideki try to hold himself still as the thrashing animal tried to shake him away. He watched as Hideki began to run up the long body of the creature, looking to probably move towards the head or neck region of the creature. As he made his way up the creature’s back, Kunisada took note of how many chakra receivers he was implanting into the giant animal, which probably didn’t feel that painful to a creature of its size; like ants biting down on an elephant's skin, so it was more than likely an annoyance than it was painful. Kunisada’s eyes caught the giant animal vanish quickly into the ground as if it had swallowed him whole and saw Kagato’s Path make his way back onto the dry land. Kunisada saw the creature reappear where Kagato’s Path once stood before he saw the giant tail of the beast making its way towards him. Kunisada quickly disappeared into a blur as the giant tail’s swing at him missed before Kunisada appeared on the animal’s back in between two of the many chakra receivers Kagato’s Path had implemented into the giant creature’s back. Kunisada’s hands quickly formed the seal of the Boar, followed swiftly by the seal of the Ram, making Kunisada’s hands smoothly form the seal of the Snake, then quickly followed by the seal of the Horse and finished off with the seal of the Dragon as Kunisada activated his Electromagnetic Murder technique. Kunisada moved his hands out in front of himself, each hand aiming at the chakra receivers in front of them before a wave of electricity shot out from each of his hands towards the chakra receivers, continuing his hold on the Jutsu. As the electricity hit the black chakra receivers, they quickly shot out towards the others that were close to them as they were being made as conductors to help spread the electricity throughout the animal’s body; soon after the electrical attack spread, all of the chakra receivers were being used to intensify the attack to the massive creature; at bird’s eye-view it looked as if the giant creature had two electrical spines running down its back. Kunisada felt the massive creature beneath him try to thrash himself around once more before feeling its body go stiff and unmoving as Kunisada continued his hold on the Electromagnetic Murder technique. Soon after the body became numb, Kunisada felt the giant creature beginning to fall slowly, meaning that Kunisada’s hold on the animal as well as his Jutsu was either incapacitating the creature or it was killing him from being prolonged to that much electricity passing through its body at one time. Kunisada felt the body go limp as the giant animal fell onto the land near Kagato’s Path, to which Kunisada hoped the Path moved; he didn’t know if the Path had moved to help him or not, but it was better off being away from the radius of the creature’s fall. As the creature hit the ground, Kunisada released his hold on the Jutsu before quickly jumping off of the animal’s back and disappearing into a blur once he was airborne. He reappeared away from the creature in a crouching position as it fell onto the land with a massive thud, causing the ground beneath the two of them to tremble. He slowly stood up and made his way over to the creature and to Kagato’s Path as he waited for Kagato’s Path to make his contract, speaking to him once the Path was near him.- “..Guess that’s it then..”

HidekiUchiha: - The Deva Path watched as Kunisada moved in a blur as the creature’s tail swung in Kuni’s direction only seeing it catching nothing but air seeing as Kuni’s new position was on its back in-between tow of the chakra blade receivers the path had implanted in the skin of the creature. With the creature’s movements it was hard to tell but he seen Kunisada weave a series of hand seals only to see his hand stretch his hand in front of him as brilliant flashes of lighting started to admit itself striking each one of the chakra blade receivers one after another hopping from one to the next lighting up the creatures back like a switch board It didn’t take long for the creature’s body to seemingly go limp and start to fall to the sandy beach below. Just as before Deva Path took off in a blur he caught a glimpse of Kunisada doing the same landing away from the creatures landing path seeing as the creature was falling to close for comfort which something that size when it hit the ground was going to cause the ground to sake immensely without a doubt not to mention anything under it would be flat as a pancake if struck by it. The Deva path ended up not too far away from Kunisada where he was in a crouched position as the large animal made massive earth shattering thud with sand being dispersed all around the bod of the creature and up into the air creating two large sand dunes on either side of the now dead creatures body. The Deva Path looked towards Kunisada as he stood up and started to move, keeping his eyes on him as the Path moved as well making its way over to the creature. As Kunisada met up with the oath and the creature the Path listened as he spoke and stated he guessed that was that then. The Deva Path nodded his head up and down slowly in agreement and pulled out an already written contract written in Kagato blood and unrolled it. The Path moved to the right side of the animal and picked up the first of the three’s clawed foot with his right hand as the left hand formed a black chakra receiver blade and cut open the bottom of the creature’s foot letting the crimson blood flow out of the foot. The Path placed the contract scroll on the ground just under the foot he sliced open. The path let go of the foot letting the foot fall on to the scroll letting the blood of the creature seep into the paper of the contract. The path then slammed his hands down upon the scroll and the massive creature was engulfed in pearly white smoke just like the other summons had been before him and vanish. The Path rolled up the scroll and tucked it into the Rob like coat like Kagato had done with the others he was actually physically there for. The Path’s lips slowly parted and spoke in a metallic sounding normal toned voice. – “Now that was that…only thing now is to head back to camp an await the others…. Kuni if you would be so kind to move all three of us back to camp so I can save chakra for the way home it would be much appreciated. “- If Kuni would agree to move all three of them which would mean picking up Kagato laying on the beach down the way first would be the fastest and best way to get back to camp not to mention the safest. Kagato then thought about this for a minute seeing as how Kuni had helped with his quest for his summon animals he thought he should at least offer his assistance – “From there if you wish to seek out a summon for yourself but if you wish for some help I can send my Path along with you if you want…” The Path crossed his arms and pulled them into his torso as he awaited Kunisada to answer him. -

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada watched as Kagato’s Path made its way over to the now fallen creature as he made his final contract with the colossal animal. Kunisada’s thoughts ran through his mind through each fight as Kagato’s Path finished up the contract with the fallen animal: In total, Kagato had made a contract with a three headed dog, a scorpion, a vulture, a panda, a mammoth and a salamander whale in a total of six Summons. These fights were quick, but at the same time it felt as if though it had taken longer than it felt; maybe it was from having to travel around the island so much instead of them finishing them all at once. He looked over at the Path after the Path was done making the final contract and watched the salamander whale disappear in a puff of smoke as Kagato’s Path put the scroll he had made the contract with away under his rob, like he had done with the other contracts he had made with the dead Summons. Kunisada tell him that the last thing they’d have to do now was to get back to camp and he heard his Path ask for him to move the three of them back to camp so that Kagato could save chakra for the trip home. Kunisada turned himself and walked away from the Path, hearing the Path’s footsteps behind him as he made his way back over to Kagato. After they made their way to where Kagato was resting, Kunisada reached down and pulled Kagato up to where his arm was slung around the back of Kunisada’s neck for support; if he had picked up Kagato, he would have compressed his ribs together and that would’ve caused more pain to Kagato; after securing a grip on Kagato to where he wouldn’t lose hold of him nor would he fall out of his grasp, Kunisada reached his arm out and placed it on Hideki’s shoulder. Once he had a grasp on Kagato and Hideki’s shoulder, his left eye turned into a crimson blood red hue as he once again activated his Eternal Mangenkyo Sharingan before a swirling vortex seemed to be appearing from the eye, absorbing and distorting all three of their appearances as they were swallowed whole by the vortex.-

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End Results:

Kagato ended up summoning His Deva Path to the island to help out in the fight to capture his newsest summon along side Kunisada so Kagato could rest his body a bit. The trio was sucessful in bringing down the massive Salamander-Whale allowing Kagato to make a summon contrat with it. At the end Kagato asked Kunisada to use transport them back to thier base camp.