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Title: Summon Arc: Free Fall To Panda Ground Zero: Takehiko

Kagato: -Kagato watched as it seemed that Kunisada was contemplating weather or not to catch a lift so to speak from Kagato and his summon but none the less Kagato felt Kuni grip his inner arm to help pull himself upwards onto the giant bird as he had hoped he would after all it just made things easier this way. Kagato looked back and watched as Kuni moved about then kneeled down keeping his right hand near the animal’s feathers which most likely was to help him secure his self to the giant bird, after all the last thing either of them needed was for either of them to fall off the bird and plummet to the ground. Kagato then hear Kunisada speak to him saying let’s see how well Kagato could control his newly acquired summon. Given the case the giant bird had the eyes of the Rinnegan Kagato could also see what the creature was seeing at any given point so with that said it would make controlling it a bit easier or at least that is what Kagato had been thinking in this moment. Kagato lips parted slowly once more as his words flowed out of his mouth and a low metallic tone of voice. – ‘Well for both of our sakes I hope I can do this well…I don’t think it would be any harder than controlling a path….” – With Kagato’s hands intertwined with black shimmering feathers he gave the order to the bird to take off.  The giant bird’s wings started to flap with a loud whooshing sound with each flap causing a wind current to flow underneath it. The birds launched itself up into the air at least twenty feet now above the mountain. The view was all tree’s and the color green far as the eye can see. – “Well there is only one way to find out how well I can do this so off we go….” – The bird flung itself forwards and jolting Kagato back slightly as it took off in a hurry. The view from this high above made it easy to pin point the position of the Bamboo part of the forest in which they were headed to pick up the next summon a Panda named Takehiko.  With the giant bird sharing Kagato’s Rinnegan he could see through the bird’s eyes giving him a bird’s eye view of the entire island with a better eye sight then a normal human’s eyes would at this height.  The cool crisp wind passed through Kagato’s red crimson hair flinging it back slightly making it look like red streamers.  His black cloth and metal armored jacket like coat flapped slightly in the wind as the bird picked up speed. It wasn’t long until they zeroed in on their location and were making their descent but with how large the bird was it had to stay above the tree line as there was not a clear spot to land.  The bird started to slow down as they reached the point they were right on top of a little gap in between the bamboo. Kagato Turned to Kunisada and his lips parted slowly as he broke the connection between Kagato his self and the bird’s eyes. – “Well this is it, the animal I seek is not too far from here…” – Without a hesitation Kagato slid off the back of the giant bird as he released his right and left hand’s grip of the black fathers. Kagato fell to the earth below landing without a sound. Kagato noticed a tiny stream separating the area into two the sound of the water sounded much like a baby babbling nonsense to its mother. On the side Kagato now stood on he noticed off in the distance six Panda’s and the Shikage herself, but on the adjacent side sat a very large Panda off by itself which Kagato’s sensory skills in full swing could tell it was the one they were looking for. Kagato waited a few moments before he started to move giving Kunisada enough time to react to Kagato getting off the large bird. Kagato then started to walk slowly over towards the other Panda’s and Itsumo He didn’t want to startle any of them seeing as he was the one coming into their space and the intruder so to speak.  Within a few minutes Kagato would be standing before where Itsumo and the pandas where.  Kagato’s lips parted slowly and began to speak to Itsumo in a low metallic sound of voice. – “ Well seems we keep bumping into each other….”

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada glanced over towards Kagato as he spoke to him about hopefully he could pilot his new Summon well, figuring that it wouldn’t be much harder than controlling a Path. Kunisada waited patiently before feeling the bird’s wings begin to flap, a loud rush of air accompanying each flap of the massive bird’s wings as it began to raise itself and the two of them upwards as it launched itself into the air. Kunisada stayed still as it launched them upwards, making sure not to fall off as he glanced off to the side of the giant bird as he saw quite some distance had been made between the two of them and the ground as he saw tall trees and the lush green of them as far as the both of them could see. He heard Kagato say something about them being off as the bird quickly flung itself forward, making Kunisada grab hold of the feathers as he felt the abrupt movement, causing him to move backwards a bit from the force; he saw Kagato jerk back slightly from the movement as well, so he wasn’t immune to it either as it seemed. As the giant vulture carried the two of them through the air, Kunisada began to think if anything back at camp had changed; the last he knew about it, the only one other than himself and Kagato leaving the cave was Itsumo. He already figured that she had left to do the same thing Kagato and he were doing, which was hunting down their own Summons. He remembered Kagato saying something about Akatori and Ritsuka getting their Summons, but unfortunately for Akatori, she was M.I.A. at the moment, so there was no chance of her getting a Summon. As for Ritsuka, Kunisada didn’t know if he was planning on leaving to find and hunt down a Summon or if Kagato didn’t feel right about sending him out on the island by himself. In how Ritsuka was behaving, maybe Kagato didn’t feel right for Ritsuka to go get a Summon on his own since the boy obviously didn’t want to be around anyone of the group at the moment; something that Ritsuka hadn’t been very subtle with. He shook his minds away from himself as he saw Kagato turn towards him and speak of the next animal he sees being not too far from here. And with that, he saw his friend fall off to the side of the vulture’s neck as he fell to the earth below before Kunisada released his grip on the feathers of the giant bird. After doing so, he moved off to the side of the giant vulture before he made his way off of the giant vulture’s back and made his way to the ground noiselessly, glancing around at his surroundings as he noticed a small stream separating the area as well as numerous pandas and Itsumo herself. Kunisada noiselessly made his way over to Kagato before he followed behind Kagato as the two of them walked over to Itsumo slowly. After Kagato had stopped moving and spoke to Itsumo about their paths continuing to bump into one another, Kunisada had stopped his movement as well, keeping himself a few inches away from his friend as well as keeping himself silent as he waited patiently.-

IItsumo: *Itsumo’s attention turned as she felt two very familiar chakra signatures approaching at fast speed. She turned her eyes to the sky just to see a giant vulture flying above the trees not too far from where she and the panda’s where gathered. She took another bite of her rice ball as she noticed Kagato and Kuni drop from the bird and start to walk in their direction. The Smaller Panda’s hid behind Itsumo and Mizuseikatsu as the approached. Itsumo tilted her head and glanced back at the young panda’s and then back as Kagato spoke. She couldn’t help but let out a soft laugh as Kagato mentioned how they kept running into each other and she nodded before speaking. * “It seems we do indeed.” *she glanced back at Kuni whom didn’t speak and stood back a bit further behind Kagato. She smiled and looked at Kagato once more before speaking again. * “Nice Vulture looking for a panda as well?” *she glanced back at Mizuseikatsu whom was now ushering the younger pandas from the area before nodding to Itsumo and disappearing into the Bamboo with the young ones. The only Panda left in the Area was the largest one off by itself. Itsumo shrugged as she took the last bite of her rice ball as she continued to sit cross legged on the ground and waited to see what Kagato had to say. * 

Kagato: -Kagato turned his head slightly seeing that Kunisada was standing was standing behind him then turned his full attention back to Itsumo hearing her reply to him about how they kept bumping into each other. Kagato watched as the smaller Pandas moved behind Itsumo before she asked Kagato her next question which was, was here for a Panda and how she stated he had a nice vulture. It had seemed Itsumo had reached the Panda’s first and by the looks of it got in on their good graces seeing as they were hiding behind her not to mention as she asked that question a larger one glanced at Itsumo before she started to hurry the others along away from Kagato, Itsumo and Kunisada and then disappeared leaving only the largest Panda with odd markings a crossed the way. Kagato nodded his head slightly up and down nodding yes to her statement. “Well thank you…. I just acquired the vulture you seen above not too long ago…” – Kagato paused for a moment before glancing over the way at the much larger Panda that was still left in the area. – “I’m not here for just any panda I’m here for that one….” Kagato Turned sideways now more facing the direction of the larger male Panda that had been sitting by itself. Kagato lifted his right and pointed at the panda with his right index finger. – “I assume you already have your Panda by the looks of it…” – There was a reason Kagato wanted this panda not only was it the largest but it was also the strongest of all the Pandas on the island. – “I also take it you had no troubles with acquiring it at least by the looks of it….” – Kagato turned the rest of the way around and began to walk his way over to the larger panda who had its back turned to the group as if it had not a care in the world but that would all soon change seeing as Kagato was here to take the Panda by force if necessary which with his track record so far this would be the case. Kagato as he made his way slowly could see the Panda was munching on some bamboo not so much by actually seeing the panda’s mouth move but the way that the bamboo was moving about shifting back and forth slightly at least that is what appeared like from looking at the Panda’s back side. In the length of time it took Kagato to make his way over to the Panda gave Kunisada and Itsumo both time to speak before he reached the Panda. After reaching the Panda Kagato reached out with his right arm and tapped the panda on its left shoulder with his right index finger. Kagato tapped the Panda three times before the Panda growled slightly and dropped its bamboo to the ground. The Panda spun around quickly and effortlessly and was now facing Kagato with a pissed off look on his face. -  Takehiko: “Well what do you want…. can’t you see I’m eating…” – Kagato:  Was taking back by these turn of events this was the first animal that actually spoke back to him and he wasn’t ready for something like this to happen. After a few moments Kagato’s lips parted slowly and began to speak to the Panda. – “Well you see… I am here to make you my summon….” – Takehiko: “You state it like I have no choice in the matter…...and that sure isn’t the case here bud….” - Takehiko the giant Panda stood straight up on its legs which with his height he towered over even Kagato his self Kagato being six feet tall the Panda was easily eight or nine feet tall. – Takehiko: “I doubt you can beat me in battle so…. if you win I will agree to what you want but if I win you will leave me alone…. Got it? You have one shot at this…As for the others you have here it’s between you and me that is all they get involved you automatically lose…” – Kagato: Kagato nodded slightly up and down in agreement after all he had beaten the other summons this one shouldn’t be any harder the last three. – “Well then…I’m ready whenever you are….” – Kagato readied his self and took a fight stance looking straight up into the Panda’s brown eyes and awaited the Panda’s first move. -

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada listened to the conversation of the two Kages in front of him before he saw Kagato make his way over to the large panda that was left. He kept himself still as he stood next to Itsumo, whom was now sitting criss-crossed on the ground. Kunisada turned his head slightly towards the direction that Kagato was headed as he brought his arms up to cross over his chest, the black metal bracers lightly grazing against each other as he crossed his arms. Kunisada kept his gaze on his friend as his mind began to wander slightly in regards to what he had just seen with Itsumo and the pandas. He was sure Kagato had taken note of it as well, but Itsumo had already gotten her Summon, that much was obvious; but he had also taken notice of how the other pandas had reacted to their presence. Given how the smaller pandas hid behind her and the larger panda standing by her a moment ago, he figured that Itsumo must’ve gotten a good relationship with the pandas in the time that she had been here. Kunisada kept himself silent and still as he saw the giant panda stand up as he spoke to Kagato, dwarfing Kagato in height as he figured the two of them were about to start fighting. Kunisada kept his gaze fixated on the two of them as to see the fight that was about to ensue between the giant panda and Kagato, having an idea of how the battle was going to end in the end of it all; the result was going to be the panda being Kagato’s Summon. Kunisada didn’t know if Itsumo wished to speak with him or not, but given how quiet he was being, she had all the opportunity to ask him something if she wished; he didn’t think that she would want to speak with him, but he was ready for it anyways.-

IItsumo: *Itsumo nodded as Kagato said he had just recently acquired the vulture and then pointed in the opposite direction her eyes fallowed to see the largest panda still sitting over there and she laughed softly and nodded. * “I see well good luck with that one” *She then waited as he spoke again saying he assumed she already had her panda she nodded but spoke as well. * “Indeed it’s not hard to get a summoning contract when you can easily take over and write the contract yourself.” *she said this and smirked softly with a laugh as he turned and walked away her eyes stayed on him as he approached the panda. When the panda spoke and she tilted her head as it seemed by his silence Kagato didn’t know they could talk she glanced at Kuni whom was still standing by her now with his arms crossed looking at Kagato and she spoke to him for the first time. * “I’m guessing the vulture didn’t have much to say” *she said this and then turned her eyes back to Kagato and the Panda. Itsumo knew that he was the other leader of the Panda’s the male one for she herself acquired the female one and by the way he spoke he was just as stubborn and hard willed as Mizuseikatsu. She listened as he said they had to stay out of the fight or else Kagato would lose she shrugged and crossed her arms in front of her chest tilting her head. Watching to see what happened next. * 

Kagato: Takehiko: -Took his stance firmly planting his feet on the ground, He forced his white chakra through his body to his feet making him grip the ground that much better.  Taking his right paw, he reached behind his back pulling his bamboo bo staff from its holder then taking a firm grip of it with his right and left hand holding it diagonal to his body. Takehikio began to run full speed towards Kagato placing one foot after the other making no sound as he ran. Takehikio even though by now he was running at full speed. He planted the bottom of the bo staff three feet in front of it digging it into the ground. Takehikio held on tight pushing on the bo as it bent and using its momentum to propel his self-up into the air. Takehikio was trying to propel his self upward to give his self thet nessicary lift to perform a jump kick. – Kagato:  - Kagato watched as the giant animal made his way towards him but much to his surprise he watched and the Panda planted the bo staff into the ground and launched his self in the air.  With quick cat like reflexes Kagato began to build up wind chakra into his right hand before waving it back and forth five times in a row making five different blades of wind that slammed together to create one very large blade of wind.  The large blade of wind was at least five feet long but only as thick as a normal Katana.  The blade of wind ripped through the air like a buzz saw until it reached the bamboo staff slicing through the staff like a hot knife through butter. The Bo snapped with a loud cracking noise as it broke apart into two pieces. The bottom half of the bo fell to the earth with a hallow thud.  Kagato then raised his right hand upwards with his palm facing the Panda still in midair. Kagato lips parted quickly and let out only a few words. – “Shinra Tensei…” – Kagato put enough force into this attack that it could easily break wood, metal or even bones. A wave of pure gravity stretched out from Kagato ripping apart the ground throwing rock, dirt and other debris up into the air as it traveled its path right to the Panda.  The size of the Wave of gravity stretched outwards ten feet and the overall height of it was twenty feet and would reach its target in the matter of a second. – Takehikio: - Takehikio was totally caught off guard as the bo snapped beneath him and his body began to plummet to the earth at a rapid pace but as soon as he realized what was going on he felt his body being forced away with a ton of pressure.  The Shinra Tensei hitting the panda full only causing his ribs to crack under the force.  Takehikio was pushed a good ten feet away from its current location before he crashed to the ground face planting. Takehikio forced his self-up from the ground his arms shaking his lips a but bloody from the fall. Takehikio placed his right arm just under his rib cage and began to grip his side with a look of disorientation on his face. Takehikio stumbled forward making his approach to Kagato and quickly threw a quick but powerful left handed punch towards Kagato’s midsection with blinding speed even with his condition the way it was. -  Kagato: -Was surprised to see the Panda get back up from his Shinra Tensei and what followed next he didn’t expect to happen as the panda went of the offensive. Kagato went to move to his right but the punch caught him right under the left part of his rib cage causing him to buckle slightly and wince in pain. The punch caused his ribs to burse rapidly knocking the wind out of Kagato as he gritted his teeth tight, trying not to let out a sound.  Kagato quickly regained his composure and reproduced two chakra blade receivers five feet long and five inches wide from both his right and left and lunged forward with both his right and left hands aiming the blades down trying to hit the Panda’s shoulders. – Takeihikio: - As the punch hit Kagato he smiled slightly only to have this smile interrupted with the feeling of sharp pain ripping through the flesh of his shoulder blades. Instantly Takeihikio felt his whole body go limp and the world around him go cold and dark. Takeihiko’s body fell to the ground with a loud thud sending a slight bit of dust up into the air. – Kagato: _ Kagato breathing heavily watched as the giant Panda fell to the ground. Kagato hen produced a third chakra blade receiver from his right hand and pricked yet again his right index finger causing it to bleed as his left hand pulled out another black scroll from his inner rob like coat and snapped his left wrist causing the scroll to come undone. Kagato then placed the scroll just under the panda’s right paw. Kagato picked up the right paw of the panda with his left hand exposing his palm. Taking the same blade, he had just pricked his finger with he used it to slit the paw of the panda causing it crimson blood to rush out on to the scroll. Kagato quickly tossed the blade way letting it hit the ground with a light thud and began to write up the summon contract using his own blood for ink. After finishing the contract, he slammed his right and left hands to the ground. The giant panda vanished in a cloud of pearly grey smoke. Kagato quickly rolled the scroll up and placed it back into the inner pocket of his rob like coat. Kagato started to slowly make his way back to where Kunisada and Itsumo were holding his side where the Panda had punched him. This slow walk took Kagato five minutes but when he finally reached where the others were he turned to Kuni and simply stated. – “Another one down…” – Kagato then plopped his self-down on the ground and sat their Indian style. - “Well I guess we should head to the next one soon….” – Kagato took out the same scroll he had taken out that held the medical supplies and opened it up on the ground. Kagato once again slammed his hands to the ground and in another puff of smoke the same medical supplies as earlier popped out. Kagato took out a roll of bandages and began to wrap his rib cage up several times somewhat tightly to relieve the pain from the punch. – Kagato placed the bandages back on the scroll and slammed his hands once more down upon the scroll causing the supplies to vanish in a cloud of smoke once more re-sealing the items in the scroll. Kagato re-rolled the scroll back up and placed it back into his coat. Kagato then began to use his sensory techniques once more to pin point the location of the next animal he was after. Although Kagato wouldn’t admit it but he in a considerable amount of pain. Kagato once again reached into his coat like and pulled out the map unrolling. Taking the map with his right and left hand Kagato studied it as if he was trying to embed the map into his memory. The net Animal Kagato wanted was a rather large one which the last two remaining ones were a great deal bigger than the others they had captured. Kagato took his right index finger and pointed to a location on the map. – “This is where we are headed next…Where the mammoths are…” – Kagato slowly began to get to his feet breathing slightly heavy in doing so. – “Well ready when you are…” – Kagato looked at Kuni then to Itsumo and began to speak to her. – “ I guess you will be heading back to the camp?....” – Kagato knew Itsumo had already captured her summon and he was unsure what she would be up to next. -

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada kept his gaze on Kagato as he heard Itsumo telling him that he figured that the vulture didn’t have much to say, to which Kunisada paused momentarily before he slightly parted his lips before speaking to her as his voice came out metallic due to his rebreather.- “..Spoke in tornados..” –Kunisada went silent after speaking towards Itsumo’s statement as his eyes watched the battle that was now ensuing between Kagato and the giant panda that he wanted to be his Summon. Kunisada watched as the giant panda used a bamboo staff to propel himself up to be able to perform a jump kick attack towards Kagato, only for Kagato to counterattack the giant panda’s movements before seeing the staff that the giant panda had been using break in two easily. Kunisada saw Kagato’s hand reach out towards the panda still suspended in the air, knowing full well what was coming next for the panda, seeing the quickly descending panda fly backwards, a good distance being set between himself and Kagato as he knew Kagato had used the Shinra Tensei. It was set up fairly well; Kagato eliminated the staff that was helping the giant panda elevate himself, a weapon that could’ve also been used for offensive uses besides supplementary uses, as well as catch the panda in mid-air which made him avoiding or counteracting the Shinra Tensei almost highly impossible. He watched as the giant animal finally made his way to the ground, feeling the tremors from beneath his feet as the massive animal landed harshly on the ground. He watched the massive animal get back to his feet before seeing the giant animal grip his side before throwing a left punch towards Kagato which made impact with Kagato’s left side, which made Kunisada remember the gash he had received earlier from Kagato’s first Summon, which had caused a wound on the same side Kagato had just been punched in; he wondered for a moment if his wound had re-opened from the sheer force of the punch. Kunisada watched as Kagato quickly went back on the offensive as Kagato produced two chakra blade receivers in his hands before lunging them down the panda’s shoulder blades. The giant panda began its descent to the ground when the chakra receivers made contact with his shoulder blades, causing the earth beneath Kunisada’s feet to tremble slightly from the animal’s collision with the ground once more. With the animal’s fall to the ground, he watched as Kagato quickly began to make his contract with what he only assumed was now the dead panda. After Kagato had finished making his contract with the fallen animal, a large puff of smoke appeared and swallowed the giant panda whole as it disappeared. Kagato slowly began making his way back over to the both of them, taking about five minutes before he reached the both of them before speaking about another one down before he saw him sit down on the ground. Kunisada’s eyes followed Kagato as he sat on the ground and heard him speak about heading out to the next one soon before seeing him take out some medical supplies and wrapped his rib cage several times in bandages; it was probably to try and alleviate some of the pain that his ribs were feeling from the blunt force of the panda hitting him. Kunisada saw Kagato pull out his map once more before he pointed on the map to the location of where his next Summon animal was at, but he also heard Kagato mention the word “mammoth”. That was going to be an interesting fight; one that could cause problems for Kagato if he took them on by himself as he had just done with the panda. Even if Kagato wouldn’t admit it, he knew that Kagato wasn’t at 100% at this point; not just from the Summon fight injuries but everything else that they had been on during this whole trip. He saw Kagato slowly make his way up to his feet, saying he was ready when Kunisada was before he turned his head and addressed Itsumo, asking if she was going to head back to camp; Kunisada kept still and quiet as he waited for her to answer Kagato’s question.-

IItsumo: *Itsumo tilted her head as Kuni said the Vulture spoke in tornados and for a moment she debated asking what he meant but then figured perhaps the large bird had wind nature. Itsumo’s Icey blue eyes watched as the battle between Kagato and the large panda. Itsumo eyes went wide as she watched the battle rage on and see and interesting event she had never see people move like Kagato was moving. When he took a hit she dropped her arms into her lap and continued to watch. Finally, when the panda laid on the ground motionless her heart broke a bit. She loved panda’s and he had just killed one but the panda had attacked and challenged him so she somewhat understood. She looked down at her hands and didn’t speak for quite some time when she looked up again Kagato was making his way back towards them. She watched as he sat and bandaged himself up before pulling out what looked to be a map and pointed to another spot saying that was where himself and Kuni were heading. She debated summoning Mizuseikatsu to look at his wound but after what just happened she wasn’t sure if Mizuseikatsu would actually listen or try and kill him for killing the other panda so she just listened. When Kagato mentioned a Mammoth her eyes went wide. Mammoths where giant and had huge tusks if he fought one on his own he would have more than just damaged ribs she wanted to ask if He or Kuni had medical ninjutsu incase but she didn’t want to see like she didn’t think he could handle it on his own. She nodded her head as he then turned and spoke to her asking if she was heading back to the camp. She didn’t want to go back to and sit in the cave but if she got back before the others she could start a fire and get food on also Shikake was bond to be angry with her for sneaking off yet again without back up but she had to do this on her own so he had to understand that. She finally spoke after a minute. “I will be after a little bit” *she said smiling softly as she looked at Kagato*

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End Results:

Kagato and Kunisada end up meeting up with Itsumo near the Pandas where Kagato engages the largest of the Panda's in an all out battle where Kagato ends up killing the Panda, getting injurecd  and making a summon contract with it before heading off to get the next animal.