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Uzumaki Kagato, Uchiha Kunisada

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Title: Don't Forget The Peanuts: Bosatsu

Kagato: - Kagato simply nodded to Itsumo’s statement of heading back to the camp after a little bit. His lips parted slowly and in a low tone but soft type of voice seeing as he was still breathing kind of Hard. – “Very well then…See you back there eventually…” – Kagato looked down for at his wound from both the Panda and the Dog. Kagato could feel a bit of warmth coming from the bandaged sections a slight bit of red then seemed to exposes itself through the white bandages. Kagato quickly drew back his coat to cover his wound making sure no one could see he was still bleeding. Kagato shook his head slowly from left to right feeling a little bit light headed from having to breath heavy. In the same type of voice that Kagato had spoken to Itsumo in he turned his head towards Kuni and began to speak to him. – “Well let’s head out then Kuni….” – Kagato stumbled slightly before taking off in the opposite direction in the same type of blur he had been as he was using his body flicker technique but headed off in the opposite direction of the other two to the most northern part of the island. This had been a taxing trip for Kagato he was pushing his limits far beyond anything he had done in a very long time it wasn’t since the war he had pushed his body this hard. Kagato’s mind started getting flooded by these thoughts he was still in his twenties when the war came to an end yet in the same aspect one could question if the war really did end it seemed the other villages that were still around or rebuilding still held grudges with others or were more interested in picking up the pieces still even after all this time. Then there was the nick name Kagato was given by his enemies back then it was more a play on his ancestor than anything else seeing as most seen him as a second coming of him. The Demi God of the Rain was what they called him but after this trip and soon upcoming events Kagato wondered if that named should have an upgrade or not seeing as he would be stronger then he was back then by a considerable amount, maybe just God of the Rain. Kagato thought on this for a few moments thinking it had a nice ring to it but in the same aspect it seemed like he was stroking his own ego with that name but it wouldn’t be far from the truth He did have a lot of techniques dealing with rain and water. Kagato chuckled slightly at this thought as he moved in a blur through the deep dark forest brushing past trees and even bushes letting the leaves hit his sides slightly causing a light rustle as he passed. At this point in time Kagato was more worried about getting to his next location rather then moving quietly to the next animal seeing as with each step he had a little more pain radiate through his body the trick was not letting the others or even Kuni catch on he wanted to get these summon fights done and over with so he could get home and recover. As Kagato moved forward the air became cooler the more north he was. The plant life started to die down and what was around he noticed had icicles and a slight bit of snow now laying on the ground as he reached a rocky open plan.  At this point an hour had passed as he traveled making it at least after no one time from what Kagato could guess. Kagato shook his head slightly stopping dead in his tracks looking over the area. The air was a lot colder the wind howled slightly bring in a freezing cold blast along with a bit of snow and that’s when Kagato seen it and looked straight up. The large chakra signature that he had been sensing was moving forward no more than ten feet ahead of him with thunderous tremors shaking the ground that Kagato now stood on. A large dark brown almost black hair covered mammoth from head to two but what really caught Kagato’s eye was that the greyish tusks that the large animal had protruding from his lower mouth area. There were four total in number which Kagato thought if he were to get caught by one of those it would be game over for him. Kagato’s eyes then adverted from tusks to the long trunk that seemed to go on for miles. Kagato head snapped back and to the side to see where Kunisada was as he slowly parted his lips to speak to him. – “This might take a while…” – The bitter cold licking the exposed skin of Kagato as he stood there as if it was the cold touch of death telling him it was time to end things. -

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada listened to the two Kages as they spoke to each other as Itsumo said she would be heading back to the campsite in a little while, but noticed the subtle movement of Kagato’s coat move slightly over his wound where his first Summon had injured him; just as he thought earlier, he knew the wound re-opened. He heard Kagato tell Kuni for both of them to head out before seeing him stumble into a Body Flicker as he and Kunisada both disappeared into a blur. Kunisada knew that Kagato’s wound had re-opened and the fact that he was pushing his body to its limits weren’t going to help the wound either. Why Kagato hadn’t bothered trying to tell Kunisada that the wound re-opened he figured was the possibly pride or a sense of rush; he didn’t want to slow down when they were so close with his Summons since he had only two left or the idea that Kagato didn’t want them to slow down for his sake. He wouldn’t have blamed Kagato if it was either of those two options because he knew that the sooner they had caught and made his contracts with his Summons, the quicker he could go back to camp and rest until everyone else was ready to move out. As odd as it might’ve seemed, they hadn’t been on the island or the trip for anymore as four days, but it seemed a lot longer than it had been. Kunisada himself still didn’t know if he’d have enough time to go and capture a Summon on his own; he knew Itsumo had gotten herself a Summon and he wasn’t sure if Ritsuka had gone for his own Summon at this point. After everyone else was ready to leave the island, the only other thing Kagato would have to worry about was going to be having to travel back to Amegakure, though with his new vulture Summon, it might’ve become easier. As they ventured further away from their last location, Kunisada felt the air becoming colder as they continued to make their way forward, keeping his eyes on Kagato in case Kagato made any sudden movements or abrupt stops. He also noticed besides the air being colder that a cold wind was constantly being blown their way along with snow, something he also wasn’t used to seeing that much of as he was sure Kagato wasn’t used to seeing much of either. He noticed Kagato as they both stopped moving looking at a large dark brown mammoth walking ahead of them before seeing large tusks projecting from the mammoth’s mouth. Kunisada counted four tusks on the creature as he turned his head to face Kagato, seeing Kagato had done the same to look at him as he heard him say this fight might take a while. He felt a the cold blowing wind pass through both of them as the cold enveloped them as they both stood there before Kunisada spoke to him.- “..Do you want me to help or do you want to fight him on your own..If you wish to fight him on your own, then be careful with your re-opened injury Kagato..” –Kunisada paused for two seconds before he opened his mouth again in case Kagato tried to say something about his wound.- “..I know it re-opened when your last Summon punched you Kagato..” –Kunisada kept his gaze on Kagato as he waited for his friend to respond on whether he wanted to fight the giant mammoth on his own or if he wanted Kunisada to assist him.-

Kagato: - Kagato listened as Kunisada spoke to him it had seemed Kuni had caught that Kagato had reopened his wound and made a comment about it and if he wanted him to help him with this next fight. Kagato didn’t want to admit it but it most likely was the wisest choice but was it one he could live with not trying this on his own first.  Kagato shook his head from left to right his hair moving about in the cold crisp wind. Kagato was used the cooler winds of Amegakure but this air was different. Kagato lips parted slowly and in a hushed tone of voice he spoke to Kunisada. – “Thank you for your offer and concern…but I will start this fight on my own…if I need you I will call for you to step in…I want to at least try this on my own first…” – As the giant mammoth moved the earth shook in its wake setting an uneasy scene of the earth and ice cracking with a crunching sound making tiny little valleys throughout the land. Kagato took a deep breath inwards as he twinged in pain from his rib it had seemed in each of his fights the same side always took the punishment which cause him to exhale quickly. Kagato lips parted slowly as he started breathing a bit faster. - “Well here goes….” – Kagato took off in a blur using his body flicker once again this time moving as quick as his body would allow at the moment to appear right on the tip massive mammoth’s trunk. - Bosatsu: - Feeling his trunk become a bit heavier he squinted with its light blue eyes and looked towards his trunk noticing Someone with Red hair dressed pretty much all in black standing on his trunk He raised his trunk and curled it slightly inward moving the person closer to its field of vision to get a better look. The massive mammoth’s trunk began to push hot air outwards causing a PHhhrrrrrrrrrr sound to echo off the surroundings. – Kagato: was caught a bit off guard and the massive trunk pulled Kagato closer to its face only to have hot air blow upwards at him causing his rob like coat and red crimson hair to move about slightly. Kagato eyes light up as he stared at the massive mammoth’s giant light blue eyes. - Bosatsu: -stared back at Kagato as his lips parted slowly and in a long drawn out sounding voice the mammoth spoke to the man standing on his trunk. – “Doooooo….Youuuuuuuu….Haaaaaaaave…..aaaaany peaaaaaaaaaaaanuts?….. –He turned his head slowly like a dog would when being asked something it wasn’t sure of what their master wanted. Bosatsu was searching the land the frozen tundra of sorts for his favorite snack but found none anywhere. If he had one addiction, it would be his love of peanuts but with living in this cold frigid part of the island they were hard to find. – Kagato: - Kagato heard the animal’s words which kind of puzzled him for another one of the animals he wished to acquire had out right spoken to him but it had seemed this one only cared about peanuts nor did it really question Kagato standing on its trunk.  Kagato lips parted slowly in an inquisitive tone of voice he responded to the giant beast. – “Um…no… but…”  -Kagatos words were interrupted for as soon as the word no left his lips he felt the massive animal’s trunk begin to move once more. -  Bosatsu: - Angered by the red haired man’s answer Bosatsu moved his trunk violently like slithering anaconda in such a fashion that it could easily make the red haired man loses his balance or even possibly fling him into the air. Bosatsu started to knead water chakra in his stomach and forced it upwards. Bosatsu forced a massive ball of condensed water out of its trunk as sent it straight for Kagato with the force of a gunshot. The size of the condensed water ball was that of a normal cannon ball moving at an incredible speed much like bullet shot from a gun. This water technique was none as Gunshot for it is much like a gun firing a bullet just in this case it was made of water and considerably larger due to the animal’s size. If the red haired man didn’t react quick enough the bullet would hit him dead center in the chest which the condensed ball of water this large had enough power to kill someone if hit with it full on. – Kagato: - With his last answer Kagato could tell he angered the giant for the trunk sent him flying into the air as Kagato was fall back downwards Kagato caught a glimpse of a large ball of water heading straight for him knowing full well if he didn’t move quick enough he would get hit dead on. Kagato Took a deep breath as deep as he possible could and placed his right hand up to his mouth making his thumb and index finger into the shape of an L placing his thumb closer to his mouth and his index finger straight up into the air while slightly bending his other fingers inwards as he slowly exhaled. Kagato infused his breath with wind chakra and began to form a spiraling wind ball in the palm of his right hand and began to launch one ball of wind after another straight at the ball of water. The ball of wind was none other than the technique known as spiral wind ball with which ball of wind had enough force to break solid rock. Kagato sent five balls of wind straight at each one headed straight for the cannonball sized water ball ripping right through the ball of water splitting water ball in half. In doing this Kagato made enough room to only slightly get hit on either side from half of the ball of water hitting both of his upper arms with enough force to make them drop down to his sides causing the skin to get like a rug burn from the pressure of the water on either side causing it to bleed in pin prick like cuts almost like someone used a cheese grater on his skin. – Bosatsu: Didn’t like this sight at all and his eyes showed it, it was like someone lite a fire under him as he stretched his trunk outwards towards Kagato while he was still in midair Bosatsu moved his trunk in such a way that he was aiming to coil his trunk around Kagato’s torso. – Kagato: still focused on what was going on felt something wrap around him like a snake squeezing its prey which was the long trunk of the giant mammoth. The trunk wrapped around Kagato’s torso and began to squeeze him like a vice grip causing a loud popping sound from the right side of his rib cage then a mass amount of pain following it. This time Kagato was sure that his ribs were broken after the warm feeling soon followed the pain. Kagato’s mouth opened wide and he let out a scream. – “KUNNNNNI!....I’LL TAKE YOU UP ON THAT OFFER!!” – Kagato’s vision started to become slightly blurry due to the amount of pain of all his injuries getting to him now seeing that the mammoth had his trunk wrapped around him tight enough to effect all the areas of his torso at once. The warm rush of blood from the cut he had gotten in an earlier fight felt like a rushing of warm water on the side of his torso yet sticky at the same time. -

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada heard Kagato tell him that he was going to fight the giant mammoth on his own and that he’d call him if he needed his help. He watched as Kagato made his way towards the giant mammoth as he used the Body Flicker Technique, which made Kunisada remain where he was standing before moving his arms up and crossing them over his chest, causing a slight scraping noise as his two black arm bracers scraped against each other. Kunisada watched Kagato appear on the mammoth’s trunk before hearing the mammoth’s loud voice, which caused his head to tilt slightly as he heard the giant mammoth ask if Kagato had any peanuts. Kunisada watched as the mammoth quickly began to thrash his trunk violently at Kagato, sending him into the air before seeing the giant mammoth shoot out what looked to be a large water bullet towards Kagato, only for Kagato to counteract his attack with a Wind Jutsu. He then watched as the giant mammoth’s trunk shot out towards Kagato and wrapped itself around Kagato’s torso as he then heard a loud popping noise coming from Kagato, which didn’t sound good for where the mammoth had a hold of him. The fact that Kagato went into this fight with a re-opened wound and that the same side had taken a massive punch from the panda he had just fought was bad enough, but given the noise he just heard, he was sure Kagato’s ribs were broken. He heard Kagato then scream out for Kunisada to take him up on that offer, making Kunisada quickly disappear into a blur as he used the Body Flicker Technique. Kunisada reappeared next to the giant animal as his hands quickly formed the seal of the Tiger as he used the Shadow Clone Technique, causing a puff of smoke to appear next to him as another version of Kunisada appeared by himself. The clone quickly took off towards where Kagato was being suspended in the air by the mammoth’s trunk as the original Kunisada quickly withdrew his Kusanagi and quickly lunged forward and slashed at the huge mammoth’s trunk of a leg. The massive mammoth cried out loudly as he quickly let go of Kagato from the vice-grip he had just had on him as he slowly took a knee on the injured leg seeing as he couldn’t use it anymore. The clone of Kunisada quickly lept up and grabbed Kagato as he fell onto the ground before placing him down as softly as he could to avoid any more pain coming to him. He saw that Kagato’s bandages around his ribs were now painted crimson before the clone quickly vanished in a puff of smoke, causing Kunisada to regain the chakra that was being used to make that specific clone. He saw the giant animal fall to the ground, causing Kunisada to quickly resheathe his Kusanagi as his hands quickly formed the seal of the Boar, followed by the Ram, swiftly forming into the seal of the Horse and finished with the seal of the Dragon as he used the Electromagnetic Murder Technique. The mammoth quickly opened its mouth as it saw Kagato lying on the ground helpless and tried to summon a surge of chakra to his mouth, hoping to fire one more water bullet before the man on his back was able to do anything more. As the mammoth opened its mouth, Kunisada quickly shot out his right hand as a wave of electricity shot out from his hand and quickly made contact with the large mammoth, enveloping the large creature with electricity; this movement caused all of the muscles in the large animal’s body to quickly tense and lock up, making it unable to finish its assault. As the mammoth lay there, Kunisada quickly withdrew his Kusanagi once more and made his way over to the immobile mammoth and shoved the blade through the mammoth’s throat, watching as a thick pool of crimson quickly drenched the blade of his Kusanagi, causing a guttural cry to escape from the large animal until Kunisada heard a quiet and strained exhale from the animal. Kunisada quickly removed his now blood-stained blade from the mammoth’s neck, turned and ran towards Kagato, sheathing his Kusanagi as he ran, before kneeling down next to him. He spoke to Kagato, unsure if the man had passed out from the sheer pain he had endured while in the vice grip of the trunk of the mammoth; normally someone’s first instinct would be to shake said person to see if they were, but given that Kagato’s entire torso wrappings were now stained with blood, he didn’t’ want to take the chance.- “..Kagato, can you hear me..?”

Kagato The last thing Kagato remembered was calling out for Kunisada next thing he knows as he comes to is that he was laying on the ground and hearing Kunisada asking if he could hear him. Kagato lifted his head slowly as it felt like a ton of bricks and then shook his head slightly from left to right letting his strands of his crimson red hair fall into his face. He slowly opened his eye and felt a difference seemed he went uncurious for a few moments his eyes slipped back to the normal one green one blue but before he opened his eyes fully he shifted them back to the Rinnegan characterized by a ripple-like pattern around the pupil, with an amethyst purple iris and sclera in his left eye as well as a crimson red Rinnegan in his right. Kagato placed his right black gloved hand on his forehead as he felt a throbbing sensation. Kagato lips parted slowly as he went to answer Kunisada in a soft tone sounding of voice. – “Yeah…I can hear you…”  -Kagato slowly sat up his body feeling like it was weighed down, he peered over at the mammoth laying on the ground. - “I guess you took care of that eh? I guess next time I should carry peanuts…” – Kagato chuckled slightly at his comment cause no one could have seen that outcome coming. – “not going to lie I didn’t see that happening at all…Thanks for your help yet again.” – Kagato slowly started to get to his feet wobbling slightly before standing straight up and down once more. - “I think I might have broken a rib or two this time…” – Kagato looked down at the blood soaked bandages before making his way slowly over to the giant mammoth. Kagato gingerly pulled out another black scroll Kagato then took his right index finger and dipped it into the blood that was soaked into the bandages with his left hand he unrolled the scroll once more as he reached the right front leg of the mammoth. Kagato plopped down in front of the right leg and picked up its foot with his left hand while making a black chakra rod receiver with his right and proceeded to slice open the bottom of the foot letting the blood pour out over the bottom of it. Kagato dropped the receiver on the ground and began to write the contract with his own blood. Just after finishing the contract Kagato placed the blood foot of the mammoth on the scroll and slammed his hands down upon the scroll making the giant mammoth dissipate into a large cloud of smoke just like the others had done. Kagato then rolled the scroll back up and placed it back into his rob like coat before slowly standing up once more. – “well another one down only one more to go…” – Kagato then reached down and began to unravel the blood soaked bandages very slowly letting them drop on the ground exposing his cut and black and blue sides with indentations where the trunk had been wrapped around him most likely because of how tight it was it broke blood vessels. Kagato took pout the scroll containing the same medical bandages he had been wrapping up his wounds with. Kagato unrolled the scroll and slammed his hands onto it this time Kagato only released the whit bandages. Kagato then began to rewrap his wounds with the clean bandage wrapping his self-several times as tightly as he possibly could stand. – “Well we should be getting going once more but this next one… I think I will try something different…. but I’ll tell you more when we get there…” – Kagato took out the map once more and began to uses his chakra sensing technique he had known where it was before but he wanted to make sure that it didn’t move and from what he could tell it hadn’t. – “This next one is the largest of them all…” Kagato waited a few more moments waiting for Kunisada to respond before they took off to the next location just up the shore where they had the run in with the scorpions. -

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada watched as Kagato’s eyes opened once more as he caught Kagato’s eyes being normal without his red Rinnegan being present in either of his eyes; one of his eyes were blue and the other was green. That was short-lived though as the red Rinnegan quickly made its presence known as Kagato reactivated them and placed a gloved hand on his forehead. He heard Kagato tell him that he could hear him and that he should start carrying peanuts next time, to which Kunisada blinked at his statement; he didn’t think Kagato would ever need to carry peanuts for whatever ‘next time’ he was thinking about. He heard Kagato say that he didn’t expect that from the mammoth and he heard him thank him for his help as he slowly began standing up, causing Kunisada to slowly rise up with him; he kept himself ready to catch Kagato in case he lost his footing or didn’t have the strength to stand up on his own power. He heard Kagato say that he might have a broken rib or two this time as he watched Kagato slowly and gingerly make his way over to the now deceased mammoth as Kunisada followed closely behind him, ready to help Kagato if he needed it. Kunisada watched as Kagato slowly made his contract with the dead mammoth before he spoke about having one more to go. After speakinghe watched as Kagato took off his bandaged wraps and got a view of Kagato’s now dark blue and black bruise that he had on his ribs, as well as the cut that he had received from his first Summon fight and the last noticeable thing was the indent where the massive trunk had been wrapped around his ribs. He watched as Kagato summoned the scroll with medical supplies as he once again wrapped his now broken ribs tightly, which they both knew wasn’t wise without a medical nin being present, but being that neither of them had one available at the moment, Kagato didn’t have much of a choice. He watched Kagato slowly stand up once more before hearing Kagato say that they should get going but said that he wanted to try something different and that he’d explain when they got there. He watched Kagato take out the map once more hearing Kagato telling him this one would be the largest of them all. Kunisada glanced at Kagato and spoke to him after he was finished speaking.- “..Very well..but you’re in no condition to Body Flicker there anymore Kagato..” –Kunisada paused for a few seconds before he spoke again in case Kagato tried to say he was fine.- “..You don’t need your body giving out on you before your last fight, so no Body Flickering Kag, I mean it..so what’s your preferred method of traveling this time..?” –Kunisada stayed quiet after he was done speaking as he waited for Kagato’s answer.-

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End Results:

Kagato ends up passing out due to an attack from Bosatsu and Kunisada had to step in and kill the mammoth, after Kagato came to he made a contract with Bosatsu and came up with a plan for the next animal.