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Seishi Festival 202: Tetsuo and Hyorinata Meet Yonshigakure Shinobi - 23 June 2016

EirwynFrostSilver: -A great deal of time had passed since she had left the confines of her family home. She stood before the memorial of her Sensei, mourning the fact that she did not have the chance to truly know her well. She sighed, her ink black lock falling over her eyes as she crouched to place a bouquet of white chrysanthemums upon the memorial with the rest of the flowers. They reminded her of snowflakes, watching the rain hit them as they lay with the rest, the petals glistening with from the droplets. Snowflakes from the Snowflake…-"White…"- she recalled. -"The color of grief…I-I'm sorry sensei… I'm sorry for not listening to you sooner..."- she said looking at the memorial. She crossed her arms as if to cradle herself in them, holding back tears. "I promise…. I'll be the best med-nin I can be sensei… I promise. I'll make sure what is left our team with be alright. I promise…"-  she sniffled and reached up, brushing away tears that escaped from her eyes with the sleeve of her white kimono. -"I wore the kimono you helped me pick out… the one you said I should wear to the festival… just like you said."- she said with a slight smile trying to regain her composure by thinking of happier times, though an air of melancholy seemed to circle her still as she stood there, as if it was a struggle to even be present before the memorial. She stood there a moment more, reflecting on the brief moments she had with her sensei and their team, before shedding a tear for the reality in which those memories had become and turning to leave to join the festival, her eyes peering down upon her feet to hide her own grief.-

JusticeAndPunishment: - For the time that had passed, Tetsuo was not feeling well in terms of spirit with having not seen his brother Yazuka for some time and was starting to gather thoughts of maybe he either managed to run away from Ame or wound up dead in a mission. He got worried for too much that he ended up getting sick and having to miss the Chunin Exams, but as he was starting to feel better he heard of Akatori’s death and that there was a festival going on. He figured it was going to be a formal event, so with that he got out his white hakama shirt and black hakama trousers with a black undershirt to be worn under the main shirt for modesty purposes as the design made his chest exposed. The white shirt was decorated with silver leaves speckled upon it with two red Hyuga flame emblems resting near the collar on both sides of his chest, and it was tucked in at the waist by the black trousers which were trimmed with repeated patterns of the Eight Trigrams symbol. A gold sash was then tied around his waist to complete the outfit, and with being finished Tetsuo grabbed his forehead protector and headed out to the porch while carrying a pair of black tabi socks in one hand and a pair of zori sandals in the other to place them on, his legs resting upon the steps while he put each piece on starting out with the split toe socks first and sliding on the sandals. He was not going to train so he was to appear unarmed and he was not going to rush himself to the event, but he could not help but hope to perhaps see Yazuka there as Akatori was his team leader. Tetsuo thought that he was going to make it to the memorial service, but as he got to the memorials it was completely vacant with the exception with countless memorial sites with plaques to mark the fallen shinobis and kunoichis. Not a soul stirred and that made the search for Akatori’s site a bit more difficult. With some careful walking, he saw a figure and quickened his walk along the paths and when he did reach the site, he found a familiar face resting a bouquet of flowers upon the plaque that was made. It was Hyorinata, and as he overheard her calling Akatori her sensei he felt some hope of hopefully finding Yazuka at the service while at the same time feeling regret for Akatori’s passing. It brought back memories of him losing his own team leader Nakara two years ago after his first attempt at the Chunin Exams. He bowed his head while he let Hyorinata say her few words at Akatori’s memorial site, but he felt his heart aching as he heard the Yuki weep. The empathy of this loss was heavily relatable as Tetsuo was stubborn and disrespectful before Nakara took her own life, and he too felt heavy regret for such actions. As soon as he saw Hyorinata stand and walk to leave, Tetsuo immediately bowed to her as she came to view. - “I’m very sorry for the loss of your sensei, Hyori. She was also so for my brother Yazuka.” - He didn’t want to say much more, but he was feeling heavily sympathetic for her as the situation was as much as an echo in a poem. - “I do understand feeling regret of things that had happened, but nobody should carry them like burdens. If you make yourself a purpose as a kunoichi, then you can honor Akatori-san and find peace in the end.” - His voice was emitting heavy empathy for Hyorinata as he said so, but with this he gave important advice for he too made himself a purpose as a shinobi for the hope of a brighter future upon the continent. -

StevieSkies: [❄] Jinta was now in Amegakure with Lady Shikage and a Jonin named Kyo. He felt honored to attend such a festival with the Shikage, and took it as a reward almost for being the only genin to pass the trial and become a chunin. He did not know much about the Hidden Rain, other than that it was always raining. He wasn’t very used to the rain, but he came prepared with an off-white umbrella. Him and Lady Shikage have split up, and now he was just with Kyo walking around. The two had not be properly been acquainted, but she seemed cool, just a bit strange. No biggie though, he thought as the two walked quietly towards what looked like to be the remains of a ceremony or some kind of service. He knew that this festival was a special one for the deceased, and required kimonos to be worn in honor. Jinta’s kimono stood out a bit as it was a pastel shade of lavender that just touched the earth when he stood up tall, making the edges get slightly soaked from the puddles. The trim that followed the kimono was silver, matching the tie that held it together. Jinta did not wear an undershirt with the kimono, so a deep V of his inner chest down to his third rib was visible to the world. He personally didn’t care, it looked great on him so why mask it? The Yuki kept his iron fans tucked in the long sleeves. It was more of a cautious move. He knew no trouble would be around, but it was always good just in case. His umbrella was tucked into his left hand, and he held it high enough for him and Kyo, if she wished, to be underneath it. Which each step, his wooden getas made a slightly annoying click sound. “So Kyo, have you been here before?” Jinta asked casually to break the ice. As they walked in more to the area, his golden hued eyed picked up two people close to the memorial stone who were talking, one looking very sad. He was curious and was thinknig about heading over after Kyo replied. [❄]

Kyos: -Kyo snorted angrily out her nose, crossing her arms as she walked and looking away to the side, sulking. Its, the grand ol’ Yonsh Kage, didn’t even bother inviting her to the party. I mean she knew it was more of a funeral than a party, and that she didn’t know the lass, but she still felt insulted. She didn’t clean the dirt from under her fingernails and get all dressed up to be left with the kids. Now, If she could run rampant all alone by herself, that was one thing. But being a role model was a whole other. ...on the plus side though, her company was alright. He was a nice enough guy, friendly, and was even sharing his umbrella to guard from the incessant rain. She shrugged the annoyance off and let her arms fall back down to her side as she trudged along with him. After his question and a moment of indifference, she replied. “Yeesss..” she breathed out slowly. “I did stop by here not to long ago. These weirdos were the ones that directed me to Yonshigakure; thought I’d be a better fit in a place where you don’t always have wet hair and feet. Crazily enough, they were right.” For the majority of the short time they had spent walking together, she had been looking down in front of her at her feet. Not out of sadness or shyness mind you, but because watching the bottom front edges of her Kimono slowly soak up the mud was a bit more interesting than watching the rain. ...Juuuust barely though. But, she decided not to be that ass that can’t grasp the art of conversation and looked up at her partner for the night's festivities. She grinned at him. “Enjoying the dull gray scenery or is it just me? ...and how surprised would you be if I told you that this place gets very low income from tourist flow?” Expecting a decent reaction, she waited, but was cut short when she saw where they were headed. They were fast approaching a small gated area, and she sensed two people nearby. Figuring she’d have plenty of time to be the first to get to do some cool shit later, she slowed her steps to fall behind, deciding that the Chunin could make the introductions.-

EirwynFrostSilver:-She looked to Tetsuo and nodded as she continued alongside him away from the memorial, not quite watching where she was going. Her black and white kimono dragging against the wet ground. She composed herself as they walked, her soaked pin-straight ebony locks clinging to the back of her kimono, she didn't seem to mind the rain. She had grown accustom to it infect to the point where it soothed her in a way that nothing else could. She felt a bit disheveled for a moment because of her weeping, reaching up to make sure that the twin buns in her hair held their tight hold in the rain, and that the white snowflake pin didn't move from its place. With closer inspection she wore several snowflakes an emblem she wore as proudly as her forehead protector that wrapped around her upper left arm. Her chocolate orbs peering up for the first time and falling upon two unfamiliar faces and the umbrella that the young man held. Her head tilted slightly to the side noting that out of the two he was looking their way. As they drew closer she realized their height… making her feel like a child among giants. The male had a familiar air to him, although she knew they had never met before. His dark hair and eyes reminding her of her own brother. She looked to Tetsuo before looking back to the two. -"Konnichiwa…"- she said politely to both, leaning forward in respectful bow. Her familial snowflake emblem twisting and dangling upon its slender chain as she did so.-

JusticeAndPunishment: - Tetsuo looked toward Hyorinata as she turned to go and joined with her as they walked upon the paths away from Akatori’s memorial site, the rain already soaking his white hamaka shirt onto the undershirt beneath, making the fabric appear gray on the shoulders and sticking to the skin of his arms. He had been used to the rainfall for so many years that he became accustomed to it, adapting to the sharp cold of it after all the training he was put under. Up ahead, he saw two figures appearing in front of them with one holding an off-white umbrella over the pair to keep them dry from the continuous rainfall. They did not appear as Ame ninjas so to Tetsuo they were visitors from another village, and with that he had to be sure to use peaceful and friendly words to make them feel welcomed among the village. He saw that Hyorinata was turning to him, and with a nod he acknowledged this meeting and bowed in unison with her. His soaked bushy hair was drooping down while he bowed, legs and feet together as if standing at attention with his arms at his sides. Politely, he took his turn at greeting them. - “Greetings and welcome to Amegakure No Sato.” - It was all he could say as he wanted to avoid rambling or give out too much information. As he voiced his welcome to the pair, his voice was emitted with kindness and warmth as a homeowner may welcome a guest inside the residency. As he slowly stood back up from his bow with his hands folded softly over his lap, Tetsuo lightly stepped aside while bowing his head to allow the visitors to pass further down the paths. It was so he was not obstructing their route as he was not fully sure if their visit was a short one at Ame. -

IItsumo: *Itsumo left the memorial grounds and headed back towards the gate that she had left the rest of the shinobi she had brought with her. The Hunter Nin that had been with her was right behind her silently fallowing. She had not expected trouble from those outside the gate the Hunter Nin would keep them in line for the most part. As she approached walked through the gate and joined the others from her village she scanned the group and did a mental head count of whom all had been with her when they had left Yonshigakure. She sighed softly as she noticed her newly promoted Chunin Jinta as well as Kyo the Jounin whom had joined them at the Chunin exams where both already Missing from the group.  She scanned the area again just in case she had missed them the first time which was unlikely but none the less she looked and did not spot them. She would walk away shaking her head and moving over to one of the rock shelters that the hunter Nin had set up. she would approach the shelter and dismiss the guard going inside she was completely alone in the dimly lit shelter. She would move to her hand to her pocket where she would withdrawal an all-black scroll that she had sealed her festival outfit inside. She kneeled down and place the scroll on the ground in front of her and roll it out so the seal was facing up. She would then slam her hands down on the seal and her cloths would appear folded neatly in front of her on the scroll. She would stand and Untie the black sash on her all black Kimono she had been wearing and let It fall to the ground before lifting her arms and sliding them out of the sleeves letting the dress part of the kimono fall around her feet. She would step out of the kimono in nothing but her soft purple undergarment, Black socks, black gloves and a black mask that covered her mouth. She would bend down and fold the discarded cloths and set them next to the new ones.  She would then pick up the Kimono she had gotten for the festival and unfold it. This kimono was nothing but dull like her black one. The skirt of the kimono was black underneath and red on the outer and top part of the Kimono. The red parts were embroidered with black flowers and leaf work that added that unique different feel to it. She would spread out the kimono so that she could step into it and place it on her body. She would then bend down and pick up the purple sash that went along with it and Tie it around her middle with a bow in the back. She would then seal the other outfit back in the scroll and place the scroll in the pocket of her kimono before exiting the shelter. The other Shinobi were all gathered together in their festival outfits she once again scanned the crowed to see if Kyo and Jinta had rejoined the group but they had not. She would sigh and address the rest of the shinobi.* “You may all go and enjoy yourself at the festival, but behave yourselves Hunter-Nin will be watching for anything and will report back to me.” *she waited for them to all answer and then she body flickered away. She would appear just outside the gate and walk through it into the village. She still had her half black mask covering the lower half of her face and her blonde hair tied up in a high ponytail that then flowed down in curls off to the side of her head and two pins with the Yonshigakure symbols on them. She would walk through the streets till eventually she spotted Kyo and the young chunin. She would notice them socializing with two others from Ame and would not want to interrupt. She would simply hope they did not cause any trouble and if they did the hunter-nin would deal with it and report to her later. She would then start walking towards the area where everyone seemed to be heading which she assumed was where the festival was being held the rain drops falling on her as she walked keeping an eye out for Kagato* 

StevieSkies: [❄] His eyes opened slightly as he listened to Kyo’s story. She seemed interesting to have been in the Hidden Rain before staying in the Hidden Death. “Interesting.” Jinta spoke softly, looking over to her. Her eyes were down, probably thinking about it. Walking for a bit more, she spoke to him once more, asking about if he was enjoying the scenery, joking about how bleak it was. Cracking a smile, a small laugh escaped from his mouth as he answered, “Well, that’s an interesting fact! The village is quite interesting though, despite the obvious gloom. I don’t think I’ve seen so many tall buildings…”. It was true though, Jinta himself has never been to a different village, so this was truly an interesting experience. He has been outside it for obviously exams, but being in someone else’s homeland felt strange. His eyes stayed forward as he watched raindrops get flicked off by his umbrella. Soon enough though, his eyes would meet with two new faces, locals. They approached himself and Kyo, greeting them warmly with a welcoming bow. The boy had strange symbols on his attire and very blank eyes. Jinta had never seen anything like it. It was like he was blind or something. While the girl seemed very simple. Dark hair, dark eyes, but oddly like his one aunt who likes to gamble. What stood out to him was the snowflake symbol on her person. It was odd for someone to have one without meaning. His golden eyes looked at her as he responded with a bow. “Hello there, and thank you.” Jinta proudly stated. He glanced over to Kyo, letting her take the wheel of conversing with these friendly ninja. [❄]

Kyos: -Stepping forward, she nudged Jinta towards the two strangers with her arm and clicked her tongue skeptically. “Well aren’t you guys just adorable.. We got great manners from all participants here. ‘A’ for effort, really, I mean that.” She pulled at her obi and fidgeted uncomfortably in her getup before continuing. “..but I heard no names from ya little foreigners. You too squirt.” She said, criticizing the Yonsh chunin next to her. Gesturing at him, she finished the introductions for her group. “This is Jinta, and I’m Kyo. Both from Yoshigaki, if you couldn't tell by the headbands..” Pausing for just a moment, she took in the other two teens appearances. One was a girl dressed in a white gown, of which she felt like forming no further description of in her mind, and she was overly polite. The other, a boy, also decked out in a his dress, although she knew that the term she was using would go unappreciated by him if she said it out loud, wand he also happened to be overly polite. ...very boring.. She tried not to judge though- she was sure they’d show more personality later. “...Why dont you tell us your names as you accompany us to the festival? Don’t worry, I swear I wont try to lead you outside city limits with the promise of candy.” She grinned. “...I mean unless you’re hungry for candy.” Without waiting for a yes or no answer, she turned and started to walk slowly away towards the festival grounds, clutching at the length of her dress in an annoyed manner and finally lifting one side to hike it up permanently by stuffing the cloth into her obi in an oh so very unflattering way. One leg’s calf was showing, and the style would stay ruined as long as she wore it as such, but at least she didn’t feel as if she was dragging a blanket through the mud anymore. Waving them over as she walked and pushing damp white hair back off her forehead with her palm, she yelled back at them.“..Lets go already! Hustle! Come or go, but I want cake god damnit..” Her demands, however, slipped to a impatient mumble towards the end as she walked away.-

EirwynFrostSilver: -She smiled and blushed slightly at the woman's abruptness, and also at the fact that she hadn't properly introduced herself. -"I-I'm Hyorinata of Clan Yuki… but um you can call me Hyo… most people do."- she said shyly, her voice almost sweet and innocent. -"Um. This is Tetsuo-san of the Hyuuga… It's nice to meet you both."- she smiled. She watched as Kyo hiked her kimono because of the rain, wondering if that was appropriate or not, but at the mention of cake  her eyes lit up like freshly poured warm chocolate, glistening under the lamplight. -"Cake! I love cake!"- she smiled excitedly like a child on their birthday, then blushed at her over enthusiastic outburst. -"I wonder if they have dongo too…. or or maybe strawberry shortcake?"- she said totally getting lost in the idea of sweets, with all her talk about it some would have thought she was an Akimichi. -"I wonder if they sprinkle powdered sugar on any of it … it always reminds me of little snowflakes on my cake"- She giggled, then noticed that Kyo had started walking away and she rushed after her, her little legs carried her rather speedily even wrapped up un her kimono, that the idea if her legs were truly free she'd be exceptionally faster than she was at that moment. She turned and looked to both Tetsuo and Jinta, making sure that they caught up as well.-

JusticeAndPunishment: JusticeAndPunishment: - Tetsuo bowed upon the mention of his name from Hyorinata in response to their introductions and responded their thanks of the hospitality and courtesy with his head lowering more as he bowed. It was then the pieces came into place when he heard that they were from Yonshigakure. When it came to the mention of food, Tetsuo did not seem up for it as he was more concerned to find if his brother was around. Indeed he did feel hungry as he did not give himself time to eat for the morning’s preparation to journey to the memorial sites. He followed the group into the festivities where stands were erected, various treats and goods were displayed for many to purchase from. Tetsuo was not sure of what to really say, so while keeping close with Hyorinata, Kyo and Jinta, looking at the two Yonshi ninjas while he stood beside Hyorinata to guide the pair through the stands and displays upon the path they were walking on. His eyes were wandering and with that he activated his Byakugan in an attempt to sense Yazuka’s chakra aura among the crowd of people he was carefully weaving through but keeping near Hyorinata as if in a buddy system of some sort. His level with the Byakugan was still relatively basic so he could only see up to 50 meters around him, which meant that his sweeps had to be very careful when trying to find his brother, but should the two Yonshi ninjas speak to him, he was going to keep paying attention with sharp ears opened to their words. Moments fleeted by and his spirits were dwindling again, causing him to lose his appetite. His walk was at a march so he could keep up with the other three, but his head was slightly tilted down due to him losing hopes of a reunion. It seemed like the workings of a one-track mind, but the brothers were inseparable since having been children. He was not going to bring up not feeling well again, a bit of depression hitting his insides. Tetsuo could not afford to get sick again after missing the last Exams, but doubt was in his thoughts. -

StevieSkies: [❄] “Ah of course.” Jinta replied to Kyo as she brought up introductions and formally greeted the pair of Amegakurians. He was interested to see that Hyo was from the Yuki clan as well. He almost commented on it, but the group seemed to be rather excited to get going, so without a second thought, he shrugged it off and followed suit. They seemed to be pretty eager to get some sweets, and Hyo giddily headed to lead the pack, describing what kind of sweets she was in the mood for. The male, Tetsuo seemed to be a bit off, fighting her almost for trying to guide the group. Jinta’s face had a light curl of a smile on it, as he held the umbrella in his left hand over him and Kyo, whom he remained close to in order to keep them both dry. This was quite an interesting experience so far for the boy. One thing that was especially interesting was how nonchalant the Ame ninja were used to the constant downpour. He guessed you just get used to it when you live in it all your life. Not too long into the walk, they arrived at the sweets and cadies display. He would stop in front of them, assuming Kyo would as well. The display was glowing, like a bolt of lightning in the middle of a night sky.” Now this, was the showpiece of the festival.” He said in his common sarcastic tone. He’d look over to Tetsuo who was looking rather down about something, searching like a lost puppy for someone. The boy also wasn’t even paying attention to them, pulling Hyo along with him as he searched around. “Ah hem.” He said rather loudly, as he slid the fan out of his right sleeve, snapping it open quickly, the iron making a loud and ominous sound as it clicked open in what seemed to be a second. This theatric was to get the Amegakurians’ attention. “What to get?” He questioned and he began to fan himself, looking away to the man behind the display. Waving them over with his fan, before snapping it closed. “Let’s order some treats.” Jinta exhaled quietly and slide the fan back up his sleeve looking at the food vendor once more. He was a rather tall and intimidating man, standing at least 6’3, bald with heavy black bags underneath his eyes. His eyes a raw green color, clashing with the neon purple bush of a beard that ate up his chin and mouth. He would wipe his hands on his smock before asking the group what they were interested in having. Giving a quick glance down at the case once more, Jinta informed the man first of what he wanted. “ I’ll just take a sponge cake please.” The man behind the display would nod and reach inside, grabbing a square of sponge cake, placing in on a small wrapper and handing it to Jinta, before looking to Kyo to see what she wanted, a small blush coming on his face seeing such a beautiful lady. [❄] In progress...

Kyos: -The Jounin rather enjoyed the walk to the festival with Jinta and the Ame children. Just as she’d guessed, the two strangers did show a bit more personality after some slight prodding. The girl’s shy and nervous demeanor vanished at the mention of sweets, and Kyo smiled as she listened to her go on about her candy preferences while trying to keep up. With Jinta kindly keeping her dry and the Ame boy eager to take the lead, they quickly reached the party to witness all its sights and sounds. The city had prepared well for the celebration- she saw many food stands, brimming with meats and treats, numerous games, countless people, and plenty of balloons and banners. She noticed a lot of dark purple as she looked around though.. Not the best color choice for what should be a brightly decorated occasion, but whatever. After lazily observing the festival grounds, she focused her attention again on the others in her group. The two Ame teens had been hot on her tail for a little while now, and rather than be annoyed at their breaths on her back, she amused herself by imagining how they would bump into her back and each other if she were to abruptly stop moving. It wasn’t easy to restrain herself from trying, so she appreciated when the group parked themselves in front of a food stand and began salivating. She stuffed her hands in the sides of her obi like it was one high pocket, sticking her elbows far out to the side and leaning in as she joined Jinta in looking at the sweets. Her eyes flicked up at the tall man as he offered them food and she felt good at his lack of attention. With such an odd skin tone she often got questionable, lingering looks from strangers, but she figured that this particular man assumed that she had simply painted herself for the evening. She looked back down as the Chunin ordered his food, and wondered if she could coast on that belief for the rest of the night. Biting the inside of her cheek and narrowing her brow, she spit out a response hurriedly so that she wouldn't over-think her order. “Uhh.. um.. Gimme that red thing, would ya?” standing up straight again, she fished around in her obi for her coin purse, having slight difficulties snuffing it out even though it was the only thing in there. She had briefly considered carrying a short blade with her in case she had a need for it, but she assumed that every ninja would have thought that same thing. So, she chose to leave it at home in the hopes that if a knife fight really did break out, she could get a few laughs by wielding a stick. “I’ll pay for the twerps here, mister. They can get whatever they want..” she turned to the young girl as the vendor fetched the two already ordered treats, and gestured at the table. “Pick something you like. ...he can too, if he feels like it.” she added, glancing at the boy who was practically breaking his neck searching for someone. “Oi, ya know if its a girl you’re searching for, you’re gonna look desperate. ...take a breather buddy, come get a snack.”-

EirwynFrostSilver: -As they entered the festival grounds her eyes got like saucers, like she had never seen such wonders before. The smell of the delicious treats made her smile and when they approached the vendor she gave a few hops of joy looking at the spectacular assortment of sweets. What would she pick… everything looked so delicious and tasty… She fiddled with the edge of her sleeve as her eyes passed over the assorted variety. Hearing the two Yonshi order she watched as the man handed him his cake and the woman her red treat red treat. It all looked so good. When the Jounin offered to pay she looked to her. -"Arigato Kyo-sama!"- she said with a bright smile. The question was what to pick… -"Umm…. may I have the hanami dango please…"- she asked the vendor in an almost unsure tone. He plucked the three colored dango from the holder it was in and handed it to her. She smiled and bowed both to the man and to Kyo before taking her first bite of the pink ball, as she did so she tugged on Tetsuo's sleeve, to turn his notice to the stand. -"They're really good Tetsuo-san, you should try one."- she said tucking it into her cheek like a chipmunk as she spoke, in an attempt to be as polite as possible. She looked to the Yonshi boy then realized that neither of them had mentioned their family names during introductions, then instantly distracted by the motion of the ferris wheel. -"Oo oo… what do you wanna do next?"- she smiled looking around taking in all the faces at the fair. She wondered if Fume-san was here as well… she hadn't seen her teammate since their Sensei passed… as she munched on her snack her expression shifted from unbridled joy to an almost somber and thoughtful look. She looked at her sleeve then down at her kimono remembering her sensei… -"I wonder what she liked as a treat…"- she mumbled quietly.-

JusticeAndPunishment: - Tetsuo was fortunate to have activated his Byakugan at this point, a near full 360-degree perimeter around him that stretched to the radius of fifty meters, but with his head down a bit he looked as if he was facing the ground. A snap of a fan from Jinta snapped him out of his thoughts and he stopped immediately, and he was also very fortunate to not knock into Kyo. He deactivated his Byakugan for a moment and looked around with his own eyes. They stopped at a vendor who looked very tall with a bald head upon him, and with that Jinta made his request first and then Kyo followed after. By the time Hyorinata was already up and making her order, his brows were nearly furrowing at the very word “twerp” from the Yonshi Jounin, but upon being mentioned by her he was already looking up at her as if to say something that was troubling him. A tug on his sleeve from Hyorinata broke him from his near confession, and he stood up to the man he just bowed to him and said in a polite but forlorn tone. - “Nothing for me, sir. I’m not feeling very well today.” - Upon turning away from the stand, and hearing of what could be finding a girl from Kyo, who was coming off as kind of rude in that, but he only replied as calmly as he did just a moment ago at the vendor. - “I’m trying to find my brother Yazuka. He’s one of Akatori-san’s teammates while with Kagato-sama’s team. I haven’t seen him in months, and I’m worried he may had run away or died, so I’m trying to find him if he’s still around. There’s no word of him and even Mother knows nothing of his whereabouts.” - He gave a bit of a gulp after saying, like he just lost a half of himself. This confession made him a little better in spirits, thinking that there can be some hope, but at the same time he was still low in spirits. - “He and I grew up together since Father died…” - Tetsuo paused to close his eyes and to give a few deep breaths before he was about to weep, centering his emotions and calming himself. With all this, he still did not feel hungry and he told himself he could move on. Tonight, he was to meditate and get himself back together again. Stress-related illness really blew his balance off. -

StevieSkies: [❄] “Thank you, Kyo.” Jinta said in a kind fashion, looking up to her as she gave the man money. Hyo quickly got her dango and was very joyful for a moment, before looking kinda glum after taking a bite. Perhaps she didn’t like it? Jinta took a chomp out of his sponge cake, letting the flavor sink it. It was a bit too sweet for his liking, but the texture was very nice. He allowed himself to chew while he kept watching the group, seeing Tetsuo deny a free sweet treat. Jinta would swallow and let out a small ha at Kyo’s comment of Tetsuo’s searching. He personally wasn’t too educated in the hidden arts of relationships, but the Hyuga did look like a chicken without his head, searching for something. The mood however took a full one-eighty, as Tetsuo opened himself up, telling what the cloud over his head was. Jinta wasn’t too aware of what loss felt like, on a permeant level like death, but he could only imagine the hardship. “Well, I offer my condolence. I am sorry to hear your brother has vanished. But this festival is for that. To honor the life and passing. He may not be gone for good, or he may. Either way, we should honor him, right?” Jinta stated, looking at Kyo and Hyo for backup in cheering up Tetsuo. If this festival was for the just reasons, then surely there must have been some way for this foursome to help ease the burden placed on Tetsuo’s mind and soul. [❄] 

Kyos: -Kyo stifled a deep sigh and inwardly groaned. Why did everyone always have to be such a depressed downer. Why couldn’t there be a village hidden in sunshine where people shut the hell up about their problems? Village hidden in the rain, Village hidden in death.. ..or something like that- she forgot what the name Yonshigakure really stood for. Taking her change from the vendor and stuffing her coin purse back into her obi, she nodded along with what was saying as he reassured the more talkative of the two bummed out children. She turned her back to the stand to face the others and paused, prolonging the silence as she decided on how she would respond. She did care about them and their problems... Especially since they seemed to have such serious ones at such a young age. She knew that at some point in their lives, they would learn on their own that they have a lifetime to be sad, and only the occasional few hours to enjoy themselves. But she didn’t want to blurt out her opinion and end up with two pissed off teenagers, so she, instead, chose to try and distract them after she offered her sympathies. “Well… I’m sorry about your brother. And the fact that we met you both coming from a gravesite; because that never bodes well. But, uh..” The woman shifted her weight to the other foot and looked around uncomfortably. “Um. Well uh... Hey, there’s no harm in looking for your guy while we enjoy the festival, right? Why don’t we go play a game? I’ll buy the winner a toy or something.. sound good?” she felt bad for bribery, but she didn’t know what else to say to make them feel any better.- 

EirwynFrostSilver: -She shook her head. -"It's ok Kyo-san"- she said with a smile shaking the melancholy from her face. -"I- it's just… I was wondering if my sensei would have liked this festival. I bet she would have." -she said with a smile, noticing a slight look of feeling bad about the situation that crossed Kyo-sama's face. "So lets have fun in her honor, yeah?" she smiled. "I can't change what happened, but by being mopey I'm doing her a disservice." she said before taking a small bite of her white dango.- "We can play a game if you want to? What game would you want to play, there are so many…"- she said looking around at all the stands. She then nudged Tetsuo with a smile. "We'll find him eventually, you'll see." she said trying her best to be strong for the both of them. She still mourned the loss of her sensei, but being sad about it would not return her sensei from the grave, nor would it return Tetsuo's brother. -"Kyo-sama is trying to cheer us up and we're being really terrible at accompanying them, not to mention we're making our rainy village look like a bunch of mopey people, that the weather here determines our attitudes."- she set her hand between the shoulderblades in a pat, trying her best to snap him out of his melancholy as well.-

JusticeAndPunishment: - Tetsuo was calmed down at this point while he was hearing the condolences from Jinta and Kyo, and even some words of encouragement from Hyorinata lifted him up a little more. Perhaps he should consider a different strategy instead of attempting to look for his brother, should Yazuka be out there, and try waiting for him to turn up and probably bump into the group. He nodded to Jinta about honoring Yazuka as should Akatori was, but as soon as Kyo was offering to head off to a game and give a winner a toy as a prize, Tetsuo could not help but give a chuckle. As far as he was concerned, he was already a teenager and perhaps too old for childish possessions. He made a polite response to this in a friendly tone. - “Thank you kindly, but I’ve been a Genin for a few years. Bit too old for those.” - A nervous chuckle left him after saying, and at the same time he felt this was true. Being a shinobi for a few years is a heavy responsibility and having been through what he did kind of shrugged off the habits of what younger children did. - “I’d be up for some games though. Wouldn’t hurt checking out what’s around. Which ones would you three go for?” - He offered this question to the others as he was not sure himself of what could be offered for games on the grounds. Maybe they had preferences of what they may like to play should they come to the stands that had them. - 

StevieSkies: [❄] Jinta was relieved to see both of the Ame-nin cheer up. It would have been a total bummer if they stayed gloomy the whole time. Kyo did a good job lightning the mood. A lighter smile formed upon the Yuki’s face as he took another bite of the sponge cake, leaving only a bit left to be eaten. After he finished chewing, Jinta would speak up. “How about we just walk until we see something good?” He honestly had no idea what kinda games would be at a festival like this, so no point wasting time in deciding but just going for it. Jinta hoped the group was up for it, because he would take the finishing bite of his sponge cake and would begin to pace away, holding the umbrella up for Kyo to follow suit. Festival traffic was thick, and many people wore masks of fun colors and patterns. As they bumped elbows and moved towards the game area, he began to realize that they might be the only ones with an umbrella. He laughed in his mind at the awkwardness of it, but personally he didn’t mind. He’d turn to look at Hyo and ask her, “So Hyo… how large is the Yuki Clan within The Hidden Rain?” Jinta was quite curious of how large it was in another village, as in Yonshi, the clan was quite small, only Jinta, his parents, grandparents, and about 5 sets of aunts and uncles. As he awaited her response, the group soon came to a cross-road. They were surrounded…by three very tempting games! On their right, a tall elderly woman with faded pink hair was working a ring toss game, offering many plush animal prizes. The middle game was run by a man obviously from the Akimichi clan. It was a hammer drop strength test, offering prizes of cool rice hats and other woven novelties. While the last game was run by a thin man with simple features and long hair tied into a ponytail. His game was a balloon popper, offering more plush animals. He would glance to the others to see what they liked. [❄]

Kyos: -While listening to Hyo attempting to convince herself and others that she was ok, Kyo pulled out the length of her kimono that she had previously stuffed into her obi and let it fall back to the ground to continue soaking up dirt and mud. As much as she loved making a spectacle of herself, she knew how much her Kage would bitch if she saw the one Jounin who came with her on this trip walking around like a tard that didn’t know how to put on clothes. She couldn’t deny how hilarious it would be to see the look on Its’ face if she really did go and present herself to this village any less than acceptable manner, and she did consider it. However, she hated facing the consequences of her actions. Rather, she fluffed out the sides of her dress and tightened her obi a bit to make herself look sharper. She knew she could embarrass their Kage some other time. Then, the monologuing in her head was cut short when she heard the boy making a disparaging remark towards toys and the like, and she gasped silently, putting her hand over her chest to keep herself from.. Exploding maybe? She wasn’t entirely sure. She knew not what compelled women to put their hands on their upper chest when surprised, but she assumed the answer would be very dramatic and she was ecstatic to be a part of it. Her three traveling companions then began moving away from her as one, and she barely had enough time to whip around, snatch the desert that she had momentarily forgotten about from the vendor’s hands, turn back around again, and dodge under Jinta’s umbrella once more to keep her head and shoulders dry. She opened her mouth to bark a quick, witty reply to the lippy toy-shamer, but when nothing came to her but blank thoughts, she filled her mouth with a big bite of her cake, looking away and trying to think of something clever. It wasn’t long after that they reached a corner with three gaming booths, and she was still thinking of a solid come-back and not paying attention when Tetsuo asked of their game preference and Jinta asked Hyo a question. A flicker of an idea popped into her head as she stuffed the last big bite in her mouth and waved a hand accusingly at the boy while she spat out her insulting accusation. “Hey! Well, like.. MAYBE you just don’t know HOW to play. HM? ...yeah.” she closed her eyes and nodded proudly at herself for coming up with such a cut throat remark. After which, she felt more at ease for defending her possessions and then noticed some small chunks of red cake on Jinta's shoulder, that she assumed came from her oral cavity. “...ew.” She paused and looked both ways before brushing it off of him while he waited for the girl to reply. Anger rarely stayed with her, and she hesitated to even call her annoyance in the last few minutes anger. Or annoyance for that matter. She just wished she had a quicker wit. But over and done with her plotting by now, she waved over Tetsuo and pointed at the dart game. “Wanna play? We can pretend to have really bad aim while we impale the stuffed animals on the wall.”-

EirwynFrostSilver: -She continued munching on her snack bit by bit as they walked, following after the three older shinobi. -"But, I like stuffed animals…"- she muttered. Even though she was a genin almost fresh out of the academy, she still loved stuffed animals and was an avid collector of them, and it was probably something she would never grow out of either. As they walked Jinta had spoken directly to her. She smiled, -"Just my parents and my brother Toshiro… You actually sorta look like my brother… its almost eerie. Uh, other than us I don't believe there are… I haven't met any so far. We traveled a lot… so we never really stayed in one spot too long. What about in Yonshi? From your question I'm going to take the guess that you are a Yuki too, Jinta-san?"- she asked. She heard Kyo's delayed witty remark and giggled slightly, not at the fact that it was delayed but by the self-reassuring 'yeah' at the end. When she mentioned playing the balloon pop game she smiled, then was slightly horrified by the mention of impaling the stuffed animals. With a nervous laugh she scratched the back of her head. "Uh, Kyo-sama… I think the stuffed animals are the prizes… not the um… targets." she said with a slight smile. "Although darts do sound like fun…" she said before taking the last bite of her dango with a smile absolutely delighted to indulge in sweets after swallowing the last mouthful she turned to Tetsuo.- "Come on it'll be fun… I'm gonna win the big panda." she said with a smile pointing at the stuffed bear hanging in the top left corner of the booth.-

JusticeAndPunishment: - While the group was continuing to walk, it had become apparent that they came across three games that emerged ahead of them: a ring toss game, a high striker, and balloon popping . Tetsuo could not help but turn his head with wide eyes as soon as he saw Kyo gasp with a hand upon her chest after his response about the talk of toys for prizes. - “I’m sorry, but I feel I’m just too old for them.” - This was he said in his defense while he watched Kyo take a bite from her dessert. Tetsuo was overhearing Jinta talking to Hyorinata about how many of the Yuki clan was present in Ame, but he was not very sure himself. He had seen one from Kirigakure ages ago, but that was when Akatori was still alive when there was a talk of a trade agreement. His brief flashback was of course cut when he saw Kyo spouting out an insulting accusation while also spouting out chewed cake. This sight instantly made Tetsuo crack up, something that never had happened to him in a long time. His eyes were watering so much and his face was turning red from the intense laughter he was forcing to quiet down with a hand over his mouth. With his other hand, he held it up and out to head height as if to apologize. He could not stop after he saw Kyo dust off what appeared to be crumbs from Jinta’s shoulder or from when she gave a distgusted “Ew…” to which he chuckled while calming down. He was feeling a lot better from the much needed laughter. He still was chuckling while Kyo was talking about the balloon popping game and play with the idea of aiming for the stuffed animals, which made it more funny with Hyorinata joining in with a scratch of her head and a nervous laugh. While Hyorinata was considering of going for the darts because of a panda plushie she was eying toward, Tetsuo spoke up. - “I’ll take a crack at the strongman test.” - He looked at the prized and saw the rice hats and the various woven novelties displayed, so while he was getting a few coins from a pouch tied onto his sash and tucked into the waist of his trousers he was looking upon the machine. He took out a bit and paid the man for a round. Grabbing the mallet, he felt the intense weight in his arms while heaving it upon his right shoulder as he was holding it right handed. He was not very muscular and had no real body strength that could outmatch even stronger martial artists. So then Tetsuo stood in front of the high riser, feet planted firmly on the ground, body facing toward the machine, and lowered the front of the mallet on the ground, brought it around over his right shoulder with all his might, brought the mallet over his head, and with a heavy thrust of both arms he slammed the mallet onto the platform with all his strength and paused to see where the chaser may fly to. Everything seemed like a freeze frame while watching the dinger, hoping that it was going to strike the bell at the top. -

StevieSkies: [❄] “Ah, I do now?” He’d say almost jokingly to Hyo. Once they stopped and he felt Kyo spill the cake on his shoulder, he flared up a bit, disgusted. He remained calm though, as she swept it off. Totally awkward. He’d sigh quietly as he watched and listened to them talk about toys. Personally he didn’t care too much about winning a prize or competing in anything. Games weren’t his style, but he was fine to go with the flow of what the others wished to do. Kyo and Hyo were both interested in the dart game, while Tetsuo wanted to take up the challenge the Akimichi man’s game offered. Jinta would stick with the ladies. Switched the umbrella from his left hand to his left, he rallied the group. “Alright, good luck Tetsuo, and let’s go win a panda, ladies.” He was semi sarcastic in tone, but only to come off as playful. He’d start to walk towards the booth that the long haired man ran, believing the ladies would follow behind. As they walked, he’d nudge Hyo softly to get her attention. “To answer your question, the family in Yonshi is well.” He’d direct her attention to his hand, as the air around them suddenly grew cold. This was the sign he was using his Ice Style chakra. If they were to exhale, a small cloud would be exhaled from their lips, an obvious sign on the cold. He’d close his hand for a few seconds, only to open it, revealing a small two ice crystal made of ice. With his eyes, he insisted she take it. [❄] 

Kyos: -With her idea shot down and her Yosh Chunin buddying up to the other Yuki, she felt a twinge of annoyance. Not from jealousy, but from the loss of her dearly loved umbrella holder. She could easily buy one for herself of course, that is if this god forsaken town even sold any... But she was rather enjoying not having to rest any weight on the crook of her neck. It was an over-used, calloused spot she had acquired from years of lugging her scythe around everywhere with her, and even though the light plastic of an umbrella would cause her no pain or discomfort, she still refused to subject her shoulder to the same ol' routine on its only night off. Kyo wiped the crumbs from the corner of her mouth with the back of her wrist and flicked her eyes to the pink haired woman behind the ring toss game. She saw the sullen look on her face as she glared at her and the children for not picking her booth over the others. It seemed like such a silly reason to be upset, but seeing as Kyo could come up with no other possibilities to what they had done that would merit such a look, she concluded that them not choosing her must have been the reason. She glanced at the three children approaching their chosen games with their backs turned to her, and decided that it was now or never if she wanted no witness. She took one wide step towards the lady in the booth, whose expression changed to a more quizzical, yet still agitated look as the Jounin leaned over and cupped her mouth with one hand. She whispered just loud enough so that only the two of them could hear her. “..hey.. ...nobody likes you, and you’re old.” Instantly, the woman took a step back, appalled, with her mouth agape and her eyebrows showing her anger. Without breaking eye contact, turning around, or even straightening herself back up, Kyo walked away from her slowly- eyes wide as she non-verbally assured he that that really did just happen. The elderly woman soon regained her composure, but in the few seconds of stuttering she wasted trying to think of a response, Kyo was already too far away and too surrounded by people and noise to hear her. She grinned at how flawlessly that had worked out for her and turned around on her heel, now facing the direction of the kids and barely three steps away from them. In a few strides she was close enough to the two Yuki's to inject herself into the conversation at the end of theirs, trying to make a point and teach a life-long lesson at the same time as she replied to the girl’s earlier comment. She wagged a finger at her and spoke almost critically to catch her attention from Jinta’s hand. “Nobody likes a buzzkill lil’ missy.” she nodded at her as she reached the counter of the dart-throwing booth. She pulled out her coin purse again and smacked it down on the counter, demanding the thin man’s attention even though she already had it, as he was standing right in front of her and looking right at her. The only thing her aggressiveness helped to accomplish was cause the man to jump in surprise. Which was just as good, for she hoped that now he would take her more seriously than he might have before. “A dozen of your finest darts, my good sir!” she said, waving her hand in the air grandly and speaking with her eyes closed, like a big-shot. “...and why don’t you go ahead and get that giant panda down while we play, we’ll definitely be walking away with that tonight. Annd even if we don’t..” she glanced at the girl besides Jinta and back to the man behind the counter. “...who doesn’t love almost getting what they want and then having it ripped away from them at the last second? Game on!”- 

EirwynFrostSilver: "Good Luck Tetsuo-san!"- she smiled, before turning to look back at the panda prize, in the dart booth just across the way hopping happily beside Jinta as he walked between the two of them, excited to win that plush. She tilted her head as she watched Kyo step out from the umbrella and over to the ring toss. She was confused for a moment before feeling a nudge. She turned her attention back to Jinta once he nudged her. -"Yes Jinta-……."- that was when she noticed her breath, it was cold and the rain just around Jinta's hand turning to snowflakes. She smiled and hopped happily when he closed his hand tightly before opening it to reveal the two ice crystals in his hand. She smiled brightly looking up at him for permission to touch them, and from the signal he gave with his eyes she picked them out of his hand holding them in her hand like she was cradling diamonds. -"Arigato Jinta-niisan!"- she said with a fantastical smile. By that time Kyo had rejoined them with an accomplished smile crossing her face and a finger wagging. When she addressed her about being a buzzkill she nodded. -"I try my best not to be Kyo-sama."- she said happily, then jumped when Kyo slammed her coin purse down on the counter. She listened to Kyo as she mentioned not getting the panda. -"Not gonna happen Kyo-sama! I'm getting that Panda!"- she said stepping up to the counter with a smile, a fire lit in her eyes, as she pushed the sleeves of her kimono up. Setting the crystals in her obi with one hand and pulling her coin purse out with the other. -"A dozen too please, arigato. You're on Kyo-sama! Let's go!" she smiled excited to start once the man gave her her darts.- 

JusticeAndPunishment: - Tetsuo had brought around the mallet with all his strength from which he was on the tips of his toes as he brought it down, hitting the platform arm of the striker machine which then sent the chaser up toward where the bell is. The chaser flew up and but never hit the bell, and as soon as that came around the man was already confused and amazed all at once. Next, the man nearby spoke up to him softly as he approached Tetsuo, staying at a fair distance while inspecting the platform. - “Very interesting… I should see if that was fixed somehow. Hold on a minute so I can fix this, and you can try again.” “It’s okay, I can handle it.” - Tetsuo replied this while huffing heavy breaths, the strength taking a lot out of him. With Tetsuo activating his Byakugan again, he was looking into the inner works of the machine, seeing that it is only a simple contraption. - “Anything I should be able to see, sir?” “There shouldn’t be anything that could rig this game, young boy. Try to see anything tinkered inside there that could be letting the dinger winding up being loose.” - Tetsuo nodded and tried to see something that could be out of place or malfunctioning at the base of the machine. There were sixteen parts that make up the entire platform along with the arm that help launched the chaser, and while Tetsuo was examine it he was asking what to check. Nothing looked out of place or worn out. - “I’m not seeing anything, sir. It looks just fine.” - It was then that the man saw the forehead protector and Tetsuo’s eyes, seeing the Byakugan activated and then deactivate within seconds with the veins swelling down. - “Ah, so you’re one of those Ame shinobi. That may explain it. How about another round on me? The next one’s free for you helping out.” - Tetsuo nervously nodded and positioned himself back in front of the arm in front of the striking platform. He was going to give raw strength again on this one with everything he had, but while he was holding up the mallet it was resting on his shoulder again for steadying. Heavy breathing was still leaving him as he gripped the mallet, his knuckles becoming white from the tight hold, and with this he closed his eyes and remembered the mantra his old sensei taught him: “A ninja must always be ready for anything.” He took a few seconds to allow deep controlled breathing, and after that he brought the front of the mallet to the ground first before bringing it over his shoulder, letting out a long loud yell with beads of sweat already pouring upon his face while on the tips of his toes again as he brought down the heavy mallet. The chaser went up, and Tetsuo was watching it fly with his face red from the overexertion of his body and already feeling sweat pour and cover his face like a layer of frost. -

StevieSkies: [❄] Jinta was glad Hyo had liked the little charm, and totally didn’t notice Kyo had left them for a moment. When she returned, she was slightly soaked from being outside the umbrella. She made a funny little comment to Hyo, which made a small ha crack from his vocals. He would realize that there was no need for it now, given that the trio was underneath the metal canopy of the dart game booth. The sound of rain crashing and flying off was very hypnotic, like a mini symphony. It looked that both girls were ready to play an intense game of darting, as they both put in for a dozen darts. He believed that they needed to hit three balloons with the darts in order to win a prize, in this case, the giant panda. He sure hoped that if one of them did win, he wouldn’t be in the one in charge of carrying it around. Although, Jinta believed that Lady Shikage would totally get a kick of Kyo winning it. He let a small sigh escape his lips as he twirled the white umbrella back and over his left shoulder. This dart war was going to be interesting to watch, but he wouldn’t be interested in playing it. Way too easy for a senbon throwing pro like himself. With a sly glance at both females, he spoke softly. “Throwers on your mark…set…POP.” [❄]

Kyos: -Kyo grinned at the eagerness of Hyo, and waited for the thin man behind the counter to trade them his darts for both their coin. It was getting later in the evening, and she was sure that the stars would be quite a sight to behold if she could look up and see them without being pelted in the face by the most aggressive rain she’d seen in a long time. Of course, even if it wasn’t raining, she would never be caught dead gazing at the stars like some pretty fuckin’ princess. She might as well walk around with a T-shirt that spelled out to the world out how much she loved sunsets, kissing strange men in the rain and taking long pointless walks on the beach. Again, she clicked her tongue critically, this time disgusted with her own gender, but she quickly forgot her worries and focused her attention back on the task at hand. She felt her damp, tangled gray-white hair sticking to the edges of her cheeks and her forehead, so using her fingers like claws, she combed the loose strands back over her head. It wasn’t pleasant the rough way she always insisted on treating her hair, but as it was always unkempt and difficult to maintain, she was never all too fond of it. She licked the raindrops off of her upper lip and cuffed her sleeves by folding them back while the man behind the counter placed the darts down in front of them. Although dashing the hopes and dreams of small wide-eyed children was indeed one of her favorite pastimes, she had no intentions of taking the panda away from the young girl. She knew she was a Jounin, but given the horribly immature way she came across from the poor way she presented herself, she knew that Hyo wouldn’t be surprised or suspicious if she won in a competition against her. Luckily, a loss every once in awhile never ashamed Kyo, even if it was one to someone who looked to be about eight years younger than her. Actually, she usually welcomed it because it kept people from expecting too much- and she loved not being depended on to get things done. She rubbed the bottom of her nose with the back of her forefinger and sniffled a runny nose as she quickly studied the target board in front of them. She decided on the few things she really wanted to aim for before turning to face Hyo and bowing minimally in a teasingly combative way. She spoke almost patronizingly, curious to see if she could irk the girl who seemed so even-tempered. “...little ladies first, of course.” She winked. “Don’t hurt yourself missy.”-

EirwynFrostSilver: -Hyo smiled and bowed slightly in return. -"I promise I won't."- she said with a pleasant yet rather competitive underlying tone. She watched as the man set the darts down in front of her and Kyo, her chocolate brown eyes analytically looking them over before picking up the three most tattered of them, each stripped of most of their guiding feathers, yet each felt relatively balanced in weight in her hands… much like a senbon in its own right bit a few hairs thicker, tucking the three between her knuckles in her right hand, She eyed three of the balloons, her face growing rather serious and within an blur she released them. She had been practicing… speed and accuracy… even though she couldn't throw too many at once they were accurate at least. *Pop.Pop.Pop* three balloons popped in succession. Her face relaxed back to her sweet natured self, clapping happily at her own success. -"Three for the panda."- she said with a smile picking up another three and looking at each of the prizes there were a few masks, more stuffed animals… she pointed at one of the masks it looked really out of character of her, there was nothing 'cute' or 'happy' about it. -"That one next please."- she said with a bow to the skinny man who looked shocked that a girl who had to be no taller than four and a half feet tall threw three of the cruddiest darts with ease. -Vendor:-"This one little miss?"- the vendor asked pointing to the cute one beside the mask she had pointed to as if he had miss understood her. -"No, that one…" she said taking one of the darts and throwing it sharply right through the eyehole of the mask she wanted as if to extend her reach, the dart digging into the cotton flesh of the plush pink cat behind it. She smiled reassuringly to the vendor, as he pulled the dart from the stuffed cat to remove the mask. She turned back to the balloons and added another dart to her fingers taking a deep breath to compose herself before tossing again with just as much speed. *Pop.pop.pop* The vendor shook his head in disbelief and turned back to her. She repeated this situation again for a ying-yang shaped pillow which looked really soft and squishy.  The last set of darts she threw normally, as if she got what she had wanted from the booth, and it seemed that she had some issues with that pink cat as she 'accidentally' missed the balloon board to specifically hit that plush in particular. Once she had thrown all of her darts, she collected her prizes, requesting a bag for all of them to be placed in as to not get soaked in the rain that awaited them just beyond the awning. -"You're turn Kyo-sama."- she said with a smile. Looking as if she had just been shopping at a corner store instead of attempting to throw darts…-

JusticeAndPunishment: - Tetsuo watched as the chaser ran up as high as it could, but at this moment everything was slowed down. He used all his momentum into the swing, but in the end it did not get high enough to reach the bell at the top. He wasn’t going to give up after one little loss, so he paid up again and took another swing, putting more force behind the swing. It got a little higher and still had not gotten to the bell. Many tries came and at this point Tetsuo had an idea. As he was getting out a couple more coins from his pouch, he was going to attempt to use his body’s momentum and not just his arms to propel the chaser. Holding the mallet, his arms were already getting very tired and he was already drenched in sweat from the many attempts. The man came by to him and talked softly. - “You don’t have to keep going like this, boy. You’re just not ready yet.” - Tetsuo shook his head, not listening to the part where he was not ready for such a feat of hitting the bell. - “I know I can, sir. I know I can pull this off.” - The man nodded slowly to Tetsuo, giving a bit of a smile toward his tenacity, and Tetsuo resumed position with his feet firm on the ground and lowered the front of the mallet toward the ground with one movement. In that movement he brought the mallet again over his shoulder and above his head, ready to give the strike. Now, Tetsuo had brought the mallet down while still standing and using his arms while bringing down the mallet, so then the ultimate question came: What if he squatted down while bringing down the mallet? Could that work for Tetsuo’s advantage? This happened in a split second as Tetsuo let out another yell as pain shot through his arms and brought down the mallet, using his arms to propel the mallet upon the arm while also squatting down to increase the velocity of the mallet as it fell. With that, the chaser went soaring up and finally hit the bell. Tetsuo was on his knees at this point and dropped the mallet by his side, feeling his muscles aching. The man offered to help Tetsuo back up onto his feet, but with that Tetsuo held out his right palm and pushed himself back up with all his strength, feeling his muscles surging with pain. The man watched as Tetsuo took a few steps back to sit upon a stool close by. - “That wasn’t an easy task there, but with all that will you put there into that mallet, you’re going to grow some muscle with that nimble frame you have there.” - Tetsuo nodded while looking up at the man, grunting a bit as he turned toward the others who are playing the dart game. - “I’ll need a minute to recover, sir.” - The man nodded and started calling up to other potential comers that may step his way while Tetsuo was rotating his arms and neck to relieve some of the surging pain in his muscles. -

StevieSkies: [❄] After he set them to go, Kyo offered for Hyo to go first, so naturally, Jinta glanced over to Hyo, awaiting to see how well she does with her dart throwing. He focused on her face, as she grew serious, like she aiming for someone’s jugular. She’d release all the darts, sending them off with a whiz. He’d make a small ‘heh’ sound as he watched three balloons pop in succession. “Nicely done.” Jinta would congratulate in a relaxed tone. The man behind the counter was very impressed with her ability, and happily gifting her the Panda she desired. Hyo would go onto earn herself a few more prizes as well. A ying-yang pillow that looked very cushiony, and a mask a bit on the darker side. He could have sworn she would have went for the one of a happy yellow and blue duck. He would take all of her prizes and stick them in a semi-transparent white bag before handing it back to her. The pressure was on for Kyo. “Pressures on Kyo…she slayed the game.” He teased sarcastically, flipping his bang out from his golden eyes. He was now turned to Kyo, leaning a bit on the table, when out the corner of his eye, he looked over to Tetsuo, still at the machine. He made one more slam and hit the bell at the top, causing the bell to ring loud enough for everyone in the area to hear it. Tetsuo would stumble over after, which caused Jinta to perk up. He found the Hyuga to be quite an interesting character indeed. He was about to go help, but he saw him stand up and look over to them at the booth. Just as quick as he went to look, Jinta turned his attention back to Kyo and the dart battle. [❄] 

Kyos: -Kyo was quite excited to participate in this little competition against the Ame Genin as the man behind the counter finished placing a dozen darts in front of each of them and stepped out of the way. To make sure that she wouldn’t be a distraction while she waited patiently for her own turn,  she stood straight and still, keeping silent as she folded her arms behind her back and stared straight ahead at the target board in front of them. The stand’s game was made with cheap balloons and aging wallpaper, but one could still admire the lovely array of colors it displayed. She fixated on the lack of pattern of the bright yellow ones while she thought up suggestions on what they could all do together after they had finished here. Unfortunately, after several uneventful moments, not even the contrast of such bright, happy colors in such a dull, dreary city was enough to keep her attention, and she quickly turned her gaze to the young girl next to her to see what the holdup was. Hyo had picked up several darts by this time, and was inspecting them carefully as she appeared to test their weight in her hands. Kyo raised an eyebrow at her. She knew that she was an impatient woman, and she was well aware that the whole process that seemed to be taking an eternity couldn't actually have taken more than a few seconds. However, a well-trained ninja, one with many years of experience, could gauge the throwing power of an object in an instant. While she never expected the girl to be that quick, she certainly did not expect this. She hoped that the Genin would be better able to trust herself in an actual battle, because after all, an enemy, even the most polite, would never wait for her to take a deep breath and gather herself before launching an attack. Luckily, it wasn’t long at all till she began her turn, throwing dart after dart into the board, never missing a balloon, and never losing a prize. It saddened Kyo how many yellow ones the girl had just massacred, but the thought left her mind when she saw one dart thrown through the eye-hole of the mask. She was rather impressed, to say the least, as the risk for failure for that last shot was very high. Not for her of course, but for someone of Genin caliber. The wall was, after all, no farther than eight feet away- so not much force was needed for a throw to be steady and true. In the same sense, a shinobi needn’t have exceptional aim to hit a target that close. On the other hand, that particular shot was aimed at quite the small opening, and she executed it wonderfully; even impaling a stuffed animal like the Jounin had hoped. One did need a steady hand a quick wrist to throw anything successfully, and she knew that Hyo was most likely better than most ninja her age. Had the girl been a few years older, Kyo felt that she could have given even a higher ranking ninja such as herself a run for her money. Fortunately for Kyo though, she was indeed older, and had years more life experience in such an art. She may not have been as good a shot as some of the other Jounin around, or Chunin for that matter, as Jinta had a real talent at throwing more than one projectile… but she was well aware of her ability to outshine a twelve-year-old. Yet, with the way the girl held all of her newly won possessions proudly, Kyo knew that no one else need be aware. She paused for a moment while she pondered on how to make these next few seconds as believable as possible before she nodding appreciatively towards Hyo and replied to the mention of her turn. “Well thank you for the courtesy little missy...” she said, smiling. “Now, if you’ll excuse me.” Turning back to face the wall, only half full of inflated balloons by now, Kyo wrinkled her nose in perplexity as she studied it and tried to decide on what few balloons she wanted to pop to make this look like an honest try. She flicked her eyes back and forth, choosing to spare the few remaining yellows and, without looking down, pressed her open left hand to the table to messily pick up a handful of darts, causing two to roll off the counter in the process. It wasn’t elegant or graceful the way she clawed at the table to clutch the plastic and metal toy darts in her hand, but she grabbed a total of five before turning her hand back over, palm facing up with sharp metal points digging into her thumb and the soft pads of flesh that existed underneath each individual finger. It would have stung if she had been paying any attention to it, but her mind was preoccupied. Deciding that she would wing it, as she usually did, she began quickly throwing darts at the board by drawing them out of her left hand without glancing at them and barely raising her throwing hand to flick them forward with the quick twitch of a loose wrist. She didn’t bother widening her stance or throwing back her shoulder, for the target was, as she had observed earlier, far too close to demand all that much effort. But she kept her body still and threw the five darts in her hand in rapid succession at the targets. The first, second, and fourth thrown darts went seemingly off course; one hitting a calendar hanging to the far right, another hitting a spot of wallpaper surrounded with a six inch radius of already popped, deflated balloons, and the latter hitting a torn and unwanted stuffed plush pig, left lying facedown on the ledge directly underneath the target board. The third and fifth darts however, popped two of the green balloons, on opposite sides of the wall. ...she never did much care for the color green. Finally, to tie it all together in the most believable fashion she could muster up, she made a theatrical disappointedly upset and agitated groan as she sunk down a few inches to mildly push the remaining darts in front of her off the counter and onto the floor of the booth. It should be noted, however, that in the process of her dart throwing the long sleeves of her kimono had fallen back down into place, and she used that to her advantage as she caught one of the darts just over the edge in mid-fall between two fingers, and tossed it back into the tip of her right sleeve. In the blink of eye, in the instant the object had to be motionless in mid-air before gravity changed its course to try and take it from flying to falling, she jerked her hand back and placed it behind her head, scratching at her scalp to show the others that she was disappointed in herself. This of course kept the stolen dart from falling back out of her sleeve, and instead falling further into it. The man behind the counter quickly grew tired of her being melodramatic, the expression he wore making that quite clear, and briefly and unenthusiastically mentioned that she, too, had won a small consolation prize if she so wished to have it. Back to a standing position now, Kyo watched as the man bent down and began picking up the darts she had knocked onto the ground. Kyo looked at the other and waited for the single moment that they all chose to look away from her simultaneously. Hyo had turned her attention to situating the bag full of prizes at her side, Tetsuo looking down absentmindedly toward the paved road as he focused on the slight discomfort he was in, and Jinta glancing once again at Tetsuo while he walked towards them. In an instant, the Jounin lowered her arm, letting the dart fall back down to earth to be caught as she moved her throwing hand to her body’s opposite side, flicked her golden eyes outwards towards the direction of the rain and people, and flung the dart with one powerful swing. She knew that you could never achieve a truly great distance without immense force, and that you could never hope to attain that with a simple flick of the wrist like she had resorted to earlier. She was confident in the children’s ability to see such a grand movement in their peripheral vision- and she never expected to go completely unnoticed. But the personality she had been portraying thus far would make an angry swing at empty air seem quite plausible, and she grinned from ear to ear as she heard a distant shout seconds later. She had no such special eyes as the Uchiha or Hyuuga did, only excellent vision, knack for good timing, and lifelong luck that hadn’t yet run out. Kyo turned her attention back the children and stuck her hands back in her obi, once again sticking out her elbows in an odd way. “So… what do you guys wanna do now?” she asked them sincerely, while some thirty feet away, the rude, crabby pink-haired women who manned the ring-toss booth stood frozen in place, shaking. Behind her stuck fast in the wall was the brightly colored throwing dart, which had passed through the the wind, rain, and countless moving bodies to nearly scrape the skin of her cheek as it flew past her face within a mere few inches of actually hitting her.- 

EirwynFrostSilver: -"Thank you, but I could have been better."- she said with a shrug turning to Jinta once she collected her bag. -"I was slow starting my throws…"- she said slightly disappointed in herself. -"But I hit the pink cat… so it makes up for it I guess… I'm not the biggest fan of cats."- she said with a slight smile. She held up her hand as if to guard her voice from the vendor. -"And I thought I'd join in Kyo-sama's version of fun by poking it full of holes with my remaining darts."- she said with a giggle, taking a bit of pleasure in breaking the rules as Kyo had originally intended. As Kyo started her turn, she watched the Jounin in admiration and Kyo's penchant for the melodramatic made her giggle. Kyo's sarcastic nature made her smile, and made the dreary nature of Amegakure's weather pattern seem much more bearable. She looked to her bag for a spilt moment and thats when she saw Kyo swing out of the corner of her eye, then moments later heard a slightly distant shriek of a woman not too far away from where they stood. Her eyes darting to the direction of the shriek in question, catching glimpses through the sea of torso's the woman at the ringtoss booth looking a bit pale in the face, a balloon dart not to far from her cheek. She snorted, containing her laughter as best as she could as she saw the pink haired woman's face, but her eyes were filled with admiration as the Jounin made what Hyo had thought would have been an impossible shot, through that sea of festival goers with such ease. -"That…. was…. awesome!"- she cheered quietly enough as to not draw attention. -"I think I may have lost the dart contest… all I hit was a pink stuffed cat…"- she said with a smile. When Kyo mentioned what they wanted to do next she looked up at they sky outside the booth trying to get a gauge on what time it was… she didn't wish to worry her parents by staying out too late at the festival. Her chocolate eyes then looked in the direction of Tetsuo as her fellow genin still sat upon the stool over by the mallet game, she watched as he rotated his arms and neck in what looked to be pain and discomfort. "I think we should see if Tetsu-san is ok first…." she said pointing in his direction.- 

JusticeAndPunishment: - Tetsuo was beginning to recover as soon as the man comes back with a cup of water for the young shinobi, noticing the rain and sweat mangling upon the white hakama top and the black undershirt. He was recovering from the strain in his muscles, but he could tell by the next day he was going to be sore beyond comprehension. He bowed his head gratefully while he took the cup and sipped slowly as he was watching the man return to the stand where the prizes were so that Tetsuo could see what was available. There was indeed an assortment of woven gifts including some hats, clothing, baskets, sacks, pouches, water bladders, and many other interesting bits and pieces that were handcrafted from some of the village’s own artisans that contributed to this treasure trove. As he was wandering, something had caught his eye and he had to step closer to examine it. It was looking like a katana sheath, and from the length of that it looked like it could fit over the katana he had at home. The one he had was heavily battle worn, scrapped and weathered with a white wrap around it to conceal the deeper damage that sunk into the wooden formation. This new one was a combination of being crafted of wood but also incorporate a leather binding, one that could be customized with a variety of different additions such as embroidery or even other types of decoration. Tetsuo carefully examined the sheath, holding it up with both hands, looking upon the binding carefully while letting his bare hands feel at the rough leather. - “I would like this, sir.” - The older figure came toward Tetsuo and looked upon the katana sheath very carefully, eyeing upon this item. - “This is a very unique piece here, boy. From the look of it, it’s not often that you may come across something as utilitarian as this sheath here. Why this?” - Tetsuo looked up at the adult before him. - “For my father’s katana. It was left in my family’s care after he had died in the last war, and his own sheath had gone through years of wear. I have been carrying the weapon in his honor for some time now.” - His eyes were lowered a bit along with his head bowing, almost like he was lamenting on the loss. He had never known his father before his death. Tetsuo was only a baby at the time that Samato was killed in battle, and since then he was wondering how he was slain, who did it, and what the circumstances were that led up to the war. The man saw the expression upon Tetsuo’s face and nodded slowly, certain that the boy had made his choice. - “Then honor your father, young Hyuga. Make him proud of you in whatever you pursue.” - With that, the sheath was brought toward Tetsuo who was already bowing low and accepting the sheath with both hands. He was barely able to walk as he returned to the rest of the group who seemed to have had some fun throwing darts. He saw that Hyorinata was already pointing in his direction as he came toward the group, but as he was inching close he saw a woman at the ring toss booth trembling nearby with a dart embedded onto the wall inches from her head, frozen in shock. With this, Tetsuo suspected that it had to have been someone that had no care of the safety of civilians around the village, and the possibility of that woman getting killed from a dart could spring a heavy considerable amount of controversy upon any visitors from Yonshigakure. Before he moved further, he bowed apologetically toward the frightened woman many times. The katana sheath was held in his left hand and close to his left hip as a samurai could before drawing the weapon, but with him being unarmed he had the open end facing upward at a diagonal position but high enough to where the other end was not hitting Tetsuo’s left leg or scraping upon the street. Even with his walking, he felt stiff as he approached the group with his muscles aching. - “Sorry for taking a while. Just couldn’t know when to quit.” -

StevieSkies: [❄] Jinta smiled as he watched Kyo let lose. It was quite hilarious to see how she dedicated so much focus into the small game. She was truly an animated person, which made him want to get to know her more and to become friends with her. He surely didn’t have too many of those, but Jinta knew she would be a great one. Once she was done, Kyo had earned a prize of her picking as consolation. He didn’t see what she grabbed though, as his attention turned away to the haywire dart that almost stung the older pink haired woman in the face. He let a small gasp escape. That could have been so bad. He’d flutter his eyes a few times before realizing it was one of Kyo’s darts that did that. Tetsuo would walk up to the woman and bow, but he was unaware if the Hyuga said anything to her. Lifting his umbrella up, Jinta would take a full step out from the shielding canopy of the vendor, and embrace the raindrops as they slide off his umbrella. Both ladies could stand underneath if they wished, but right now he had it over him and Tetsuo, who had just joined them. Jinta glanced the boy up and down as he apologized for taking so long. It looks as if Tetsuo won a new sheath for a sword. Thinking to himself for a deep moment, Jinta would shrug, scratching his bare chest with his right hand lightly. “No worries Tetsuo. We were just wrapping up here anyways. “His gold eyes would glance to Kyo for a moment. Well this had been fun, but I do believe it is time for me and Kyo to go meet up with Lady Shikage.” Jinta would wait for Kyo’s input on the situation, just waiting as the rain seemed to fall a bit harder. [❄]

Kyos: -When the man behind the counter attempted to offer her a prize for the few balloons she did pop, Kyo waved a hand dismissively at him, as she had no wish for such a cheaply made item and absolutely no place to put it. Hey attention was on Hyo, and she grinned toothily, eager to express her praise and appreciation to the young girl. She could be cool as a cucumber with sunglasses when she felt like being all that in a bag of chips, but it never did take much for someone to make her smile and bring out her more animated side. She felt a little spark of excitement in her chest for having found something in common with another person, and stomped one foot forward, stretched her arms out over her shoulders, and momentarily forgot how to control the volume of her voice as she spoke. “Yeah, see!? It was TOTALLY more fun that way!!” she spat out, practically shouting. If the gentleman manning the booth didn't hear the first half of their conversation, thanks to Hyo’s discretion and tact, he most definitely heard the latter half- and in all likeliness had the basic intelligence to piece together that what the two women were talking about. He scoffed and turned his back on them, rather annoyed, before proceeding to fix up the booth for any other potential contestants. Kyo’s happiness was instantly replaced with curiosity as she considered the option to stay and watch the man turn his face purple while blowing up new balloons, but she decided that it would have to wait for some other time. The Jounin looked back at the kids as Tetsuo approached them, apologizing for his extended absence. She didn’t pay him much mind, she had barely spent any time with that one and felt little to no connection with him. She figured that they may be just close enough to share a quick nod if they ever happened to pass each other in an uncrowded street, and not quite familiar enough to ever exchange pleasantries. The girl though, she decided, was a good egg. Someone she liked enough to try and trip if ever given the perfect opportunity. But the jounin wasn’t that socially inept; she knew that that probably would not fly with the teenager. Kyo finally stepped out from under the booth’s protection and into the rain, quickly ducking her head back under Jinta’s umbrella as the four of them started to walk away. She looked up at the inside of the umbrella and watched as the fabric was pelted consistently by the never-ending rain, and waited for the Chunin to finish before chiming in. “Uhh… yeah yeah, he’s right, I think.” she agreed, nodding at the three of them. “Its’ll get all sore about it if we keep her waiting. I think she wants to know where we are- else she’ll get all worried and fussy with the idea that we’ll go ‘nd embarrass her. Can you believe that?” she didn’t wait for a response from them, rather she sped through the pause to avoid one that didn’t fit her idea of how this thought should end. “I know! I know. ...you guys are preachin’ to the choir, believe me. I can’t believe it either.” After shrugging at their supposed disbelief to illustrate how blown away she was by the thought, she paused and placed a hand on her chin in thought as they all finally reached the exit of the festival grounds. “...and plus plus, it took a few days to get here. I can’t imagine that we’d head back this late at night, so I bet she’s got some beds for us somewhere in ona these houses..” It was then that she started to crudely nudge Jinta with her away from the other two, far too excited to find a warm house with hot food to give their new Ame friends a proper goodbye. Her beloved umbrella holder was the real new friend that she made tonight. He seemed to be good willed, good spirited, and no one had ever kept her head so dry before. So ya know... Like, props to that. Her goodbye wave was quite lackluster as she tried to rush off. “It was nice meeting you guys! Safe walk home!”-