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The world today is dated 202 years after the death of Naruto Uzumaki, the Legendary Savior of the Shinobi World. Even after the death of Naruto, peace reigned for over a century. Alas, the lust for power and terrirotial expansion was the root cause for the next 86 years of war that followed. World War erupted in 94AN, The Five Great Nations and their Hidden Villages, Iwa, Suna, Kumo, Kiri and Konoha pitted against eachother, some forced to participate for their survival.

Many great shinobi were lost during this time of chaos known as the Gakure Purge, their sacrifices to peace never forgotten. Despite decades of fighting, in the end, there were no victors. The lives, families and homes of nearly every being was affected, lost, or annihilated. Within all the destruction, clans were forced to flee, relocate and regroup.

The war officially ended in 188AN. Many villages were seperated and those whom still had faith in the future began to cooperate, even with their enemies, for they had lost just as much. Villages slowly began to rise from the ashes of error, the ideals of peace once again a common goal.


Amegakure - Active

Yonshigakure - Active

Kusagakure - Not Active

Kirigakure  - Not Active

Omoidegakure - Not Active

Tetsugakure - Not Active

Getsugakure - Not Active

Ukiyogakure - Not Active

Tsubagakure - Not Active

Ikotsugakure - Not Active