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Mukui Clan:

A clan that primarily exists within the borders of Kusagakure. This clan is known for being the wardens over Hozuki Castle. From ancient times this clan has protected and served the castle as well as held its captives under iron lock. Before the war, most of the great villages used this prison to keep its troublesome or Rogue Ninja contained. It is said that entering the prison is easy but leaving is almost impossible. Today this prison is used mainly by Kusagakure and keeps those considered severe threats by the hidden grass village. Many elders of the Mukui clan reside in this prison and make sure no one escapes through use of their hidden clan technique Heavenly Prison.

Clan Traits:


  • Must have Fire Release
  • No restrictions on other elements

Most members learn to use the fire release technique Demon Lantern. (This is not a clan specific technique, just a common technique in the clan.)


  • Hair: Black or Brown, Dark Blues
  • Eyes: Green, Amber, Blue, Hazel
  • Skin: Pale complexion
  • Height: Varies


  • Exceptional Ninjutsu
  • Above Average Taijutsu
  • Superior Juinjutsu
  • Above Average Barrier Ninjutsu


  • Terrible Genjutsu
  • Below Average Kenjutsu
  • Inferior Fuinjutsu
  • Below Average Strength


The Mukui Clan has an exceptional skill in Fire Release techniques. No one quite understands their expertise in this area. Because of this the Mukui clan has developed a few jutsu that they keep hidden to their clan. They call this string of jutsu abilities of the Heavenly Prison. These abilities make the ones they are used on unable to mold chakra as well as drain their chakra after applied.

Clan Abilities: