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Uzumaki Kagato, Uchiha Kunisada, Yamanaka Itsumo, Kaguya Fumetsu, Uzumaki Ritsuka, Inuzuka Unaru, Nara BanGeikami Kazuki, Uzumaki Kazuko, Ryuu

Title: Memorial: Akatori Yamanaka

Kagato: It was a day like any other except for the upcoming memorial service Kagato had planned for today before the festivities of the Seishi festival to take place later on today.  Instead of Kagato’s normal attire he had picked out a more formal Kimono for the memorial which he had laid out on his bed as he paced back and forth trying rack his brain as to what he was going to say for those in attendance to the memorial. At the moment He was wearing nothing but is black boxers seeing as he had moments before gotten out of the shower. He stopped pacing for the moment and stood facing the kimono he had sprawled out on his bed.  He turned to his left and took a seat next to it reaching over towards it pulling the Dark purple and blue silk pants from the bed.   Taking a grip of the waist line of the pants he flung them forward with the forward flicking of his right and left wrist draping it out over top of his legs. He slowly brought the pants down ward   just enough to stick his first leg which so happened to be his right leg through the first leg hole quickly followed by the left. Kagato raised the pants up to his knees and slowly stood up pulling them the rest of the way up as well as quickly snapping the button into place securing the pants. Next Kagato reached down grabbing a skin tight black under top with his right and left hands by the bottom of it. Kagato scrunched it up slightly to where he raised his hands up above his head and slipped it over his head and torso. The shirt had no sleeves to it and wasn’t really meant to be worn without something over top of it but the neck of the shirt was longer than most which made a mask that covered the lower half of Kagato’s face starting from mid nose and worked its way the rest of the way down. Only thing left clothes wise was to put on the longer dark purple blue and black top of the kimono that had a black fur collar that fit more like a female’s dress opening up at the sides slightly with a flap that was unbuttoned part way down the chest area which the black skin tight under shirt covered where the opening of it would be. Kagato took a deep breath inwards only to exhaled slowly, this wasn’t something he was looking forward to after all it was his student the memorial service was for among the rest of the fallen. Thoughts how the younger years where he took over the leadership of team one making Akatori is Genin one who he trained put through hell along with the rest of her team only to have her pass the chunin exams and make her way the whole way to Jounin. The sad thing was he knew she had a lot more in her and a lot more goals she had left now unfinished. One thing was for sure her light was snuffed out to soon. Kagato’s right hand started to ball up into a tight fist at the very thought of this, one thing was a little comfort the people behind it had judgment passed over them not that it would bring Akatori back to life but at least with her life ending so did theirs. Kagato walked bare foot over to his dresser where his black wooden sandals were sitting in front of and slipped them on starting with his right foot then his left. He then quickly took hold of his black metal Rain kanji marked horned head band which had a black cloth in which to tie it streaming off the ends. With his left hand he brushed the crimson strands away from his forehead and lined the head band up with his right once he had it in place he quickly pulled the black cloth ends of the head band tight so that it made it easier to tie it with his right making a knot in the middle of the two intersecting cloth pieces.  Kagato slowly   turned and started to walk towards the door of his bedroom it had been left open so there was no fighting with opening it not like anyone else was home at the moment to be bothered with closing it. He kept with the same pace as he passed through his bedroom’s door way and down the steps making his way through the home that was in the tower of Amegakure. Once he reached the main door of his home he reached out with his right hand taking a tight grip of the black handle turning it until it clicked which he then pulled the door open. He quickly stepped through the door closing it behind him. In the back of his mind he had just hopped there would be a bigger turn out for this seeing as Akatori seemed to have touched a lot of people’s lives here in the village. Kagato started to pick up the pace slightly making his way down the main stair case of the tower   and out the main door of it to the streets below closing the main door once again behind him The rain seemed to be pouring even more heavily than normal the pitter-patter of the rain drops sounded more like thuds and thumps off the metal buildings of Amegakure.  Kagato made his way towards the Amegakure memorial grounds which didn’t take a whole lot of time to reach it was only a five-minute walk from the tower.  Once Kagato reached the gate of the grounds he placed his right palm on the heavy Black wood and metal door pushing it open. In the very center of the grounds was the memorial monument carved out on metal plaques. Kagato followed the direct path straight to the center making his way to the memorial monument. His one cobalt blue eye and emerald green eye flickered down wards spotting Akatori’s name. Kagato reached out ward his now rain drenched pale skin right hand and touched the engraved letters of her name tracing them with his fingertips as he waited for whoever else that was going to show up to show up.  Just as he finished tracing her name a crack of lighting ripped through the dark storm cloud filled sky illuminating the name slightly followed by the rolling sound of thunderous thunder that echoed off the high walls of the grounds. –

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada was finishing up on turning his black kimono that he was currently wearing as opposed to his normal ANBU attire. The black kimono only left his neck and a little bit of his upper chest exposed, but not too much as he glanced at the items placed on his bed in front of him. He currently wasn’t wearing his rebreather as he was putting on his kimono. He had on a black tank top underneath his kimono and as well as his normal black pants on as well and his black shinobi sandals, given that his kimono covered his body except for his hands and feet as well as his neck and a bit of his upper chest. Once his kimono was secured to where it was on his body and had no way of coming loose, Kunisada’s eyes kept their gaze on the items on his bed; the items on the bed were his Kusanagi and a different mask than he was used to wearing. The reason he was dressing in such a formal manner was because of the Memorial Service that was being held for Akatori Yamanaka as well as the other shinboi that had fallen. He kept his gaze upon the mask as he reached his hand down and picked the mask up slowly. He stared at it for a moment, taking in the different design he had the mask made: the mask was black and had eye-holes for him to be able to see through, although unlike his rebreather, there was no dark tint that kept his eyes hidden from outside viewing. There was the top design of half of an ANBU symbol on the forehead that was gray in color, but would be hidden by his black bangs once he placed the mask on with a curved “x” shape going over the right eye of his mask with the design being gray as well. The bottom part of his new mask was possibly the most noticeable thing of the entire mask; it was a skeletal outline that was accompanied with the outline of what seemed to be fangs, while it was black and white altogether. Regardless of the color, the entire mask gave off an intimidating look before Kunisada sighed quietly as he placed the mask on. He wasn’t used to having to dress formally for occasions such as this, but it was something that was needed to be done. He had the mask specially made for something that Kagato and he had spoken about some time ago, but he didn’t expect a Memorial Service to be scheduled when they first tossed the idea around. Once the mask was secure on his face, he glanced at the Kusanagi that was still resting on his bed. Kunisada knew that there would be little to no chance of anyone causing a scene or fight at the Memorial Service, but he picked the blade up all the same; he didn’t like the blade being away too far away from him. He knew that anyone who was able to look at him in the eyes would be able to see his right eye’s marble-like color of his Byakugan and his left eye’s black hue as well, but he couldn’t change that fact. He placed it on his lower back, as he normally did when he carried the blade with him. He walked over to his countertop and picked up a black earpiece off of the countertop and placed it in his ear, hidden by his pitch black hair; the earpiece had a role for later today, but for now it served no purpose. He knew that the Seishi Festival was going to be held today as well as the Memorial Service and he had spoken to Kagato about his ANBU being placed around where the Festival was going to take place. He also knew that Yonshigakure was going to be visiting the Village as well, hence why he also wanted some security around as well. However, the ANBU would be hidden upon the rooftops of the buildings surrounding where the Festival was going to take place; he didn’t want to take the chance of two Yonshigakure or Amegakure ninja fighting with themselves or if there was a conflict between ninja from Amegakure and Yonshigakure. The ANBU would be around for sure when the Festival began and he’d be checking in with them once it did and he also had sent out a message to an ANBU member earlier in the day about him bringing him something once the Festival began. He wasn’t sure how many people were going to be there, but he expected many people given how outgoing Akatori was. Once he was sure he had everything that he felt was needed for the Festival and Memorial Service, Kunisada slowly let out a quiet exhale as he disappeared into a blur as he Body Flickered out of his home. He reappeared just outside of the Memorial Grounds gates, seeing that the gates had already been pushed open by someone as he found Kagato near the memorial monument; it didn’t surprise him that he and Kagato were the first two there. He slowly made his way towards Kagato, feeling the rain dropping a bit heavier than it normally would, but given what the scene was at the moment, it fit perfectly. He saw Kagato finish tracing the name of someone before a bright crack of lighting was sent through the dark, gloomy cloud filled sky as well as being quickly followed by the sound of rolling thunder that echoed quite loudly. He noticed the name that Kagato had been tracing was none other than Akatori Yamanaka, something that also didn’t surprise him. He didn’t say anything to Kagato, knowing that there wasn’t much to say right now. His mind wandered back to the last time he had seen Akatori alive, knowing that it was the time when he and Kagato had just found her, but unfortunately she couldn’t go on after he was able to defeat Kesin Senju. The small solace that could barely be counted by both himself and Kagato most likely was that the people who had taken her life had had their lives taken in retaliation, but the exchange wasn’t enough to wash away the sorrow of the loss of Akatori. He hadn’t hung out with Akatori a lot in the time he knew her, but he knew that she and all of the goals and potential she had was robbed from her too soon. He stood silently next to Kagato as he waited for others to join them, feeling the heavy rain fall down upon the both of them as it drenched their clothes with rain and gave bath of their formal attire outfits a darker hue than they normally had; though the question was still out there as to how many people were actually going to show up.-

IItsumo: -Itsumo and the other Shinobi that had traveled from Yonshigakure to Amegakure over the last two days stood outside of the village gate. Itsumo was dressed in a solid black kimono her black mask and black toeless socks as well as black gloves with her Sword sealed inside of the right one. Her pale blonde hair was tied up into buns with some still cascading down over her left shoulder. Two large sliver hair pins with Yonshigakure symbol charms dangling from them where slid in holding it in place and keeping it from coming lose. She looked over at the rest of the Shinobi she had brought with her and spoke in a commanding tone. * “You all say out here until I return to tell you the festival started. Kalia you will come with me.” *The tall female Hunter-Ninja with white hair would nod and fall into her place silently besides Itsumo Kalia was dressed in all black robes that fell almost to the ground only her black sandals where showing through the bottom. Her face was covered with a black mask with a double scythe on the right side the symbol of Yonshigakure. Itsumo would then turn and head towards the gate leaving the others behind Kalia fallowing a few steps behind her without a word. It was a gloomy day and Itsumo was still not in a good mood she had not wanted her first official trip to Amegakure to be a gloomy one but the young girl that she still felt partially responsible for losing during their trip to the island’s memorial service. The young girl’s name was Akatori Yamanaka she was of the same clan as Itsumo and that hit hard being that she had hoped the girl would grow to be an amazing shinobi and master their clan jutsu. Itsumo let out a soft sigh as she moved through the streets of Amegakure she didn’t know them but she watched as others moved around the streets she didn’t know where the memorial grounds where but she walked silently until she found someone that looked like a shinobi the person was dressed in dark purple ninja looking cloths she poke in a normal tone. * “Do you happen to know where the memorial grounds are.” *The person nodded and the answered Itsumo directing her to the memorial grounds and then darted off as if he had better things to do. Itsumo sighed softly and then headed of in the direction the person had sent her. It didn’t take long before she reached the gate as she walked through she saw Kagato whom was also dressed darkly standing near the center of the grounds as well as the one she only knew as Kuni also there. She walked silently in her Hunter Ninja fallowing behind her and made her way over to the center she slightly bowed her head at Kagato as she moved to stand near him on the opposite side of him as Kuni was. The hunter nin stood behind her off to the right silently. She would sigh softly but not say a word.*

Guest_pxJeffTheKilleRxq: -The white haired Kaguya was slowly walking down the flooded streets of Amegakure. No will, no rush, no nothing. He woke up early so he had time to arrive there pretty early. The location was called the Memorial Grounds and Fumetsu already had a pretty good idea of where that was since he had passed by it a few times. The reason he was going there was because the Kage of the village has sent him a letter a few days ago mentioning the hour and day when an event was going to take place. The said event was pretty much a bit of time dedicated to the Jounin that used to be his Sensei before death took her. He looked up, the hard rain wetting his face now as well since previously his white hair was covering most of it… his white hair, a rare feat in his clan, a feat that meant that he had the power of his bloodline, the Shikotsumyaku. His turquoise eyes were slightly more visible now, since he took the time to move the bangs out of the way more or less. He knew he had to go there formally… he usually just wore black and white and knew that most of the people at the memorial were going to be there in black… but he assumed that dark colors were generally accepted even if it wasn’t straight black. After all, he was a boy with shiny white hair walking to a funeral, that didn’t sound quite correct no matter how it was put. So for clothes he decided to go with a simple kimono, the design looking slightly traditional and the color being the same as his turquoise irises except it was much darker. The edge of his sleeves were rimmed with a black color just like the rest of the edges that acted as cover to his lower body and upper body. Underneath he had nothing but a black pair of shorts. His toned chest was mostly exposed too. He realized that without his kimono he was rather exposed but not in the sense of being ashamed of his body since he didn’t care if someone even saw him nude… but it was more like being exposed to attacks. Fumetsu however was used to that because he mostly didn’t wear any armor and some of his body parts needed to be exposed if he wanted to use Shikotsumyaku without any damage being done to the clothes. In other words, if someone was to attack he would just have his bones protect him either way so he was fearless of the situation. On his hands he had his usual skeletal gloves… well more like the old ones, the ones just going up to his wrist and not being of any protection. When it came to his feet, he borrowed something that samurais used to wear. It was wooden sandals. He knew that to most people it could be uncomfortable to walk with those, they were like the high heels of men. Fumetsu however was rather content with them since he remembered wearing them in his foggy childhood so he was used to those as well. He obviously still had his black mask to cover his face so that was out of question… he didn’t really wear it to conceal anything but it was more of his own choice to wear it. It could help to conceal his identity but he wasn’t actively trying to do so and at the same time he didn’t really feel like taking it off even if he was asked to. Last but not least he had his arm band concealed by the right arm of the kimono. He would soon arrive at the set location, noticing the opened gates. He knew it was the right place… three adults were already there in dark clothing so there was no mistaking about it. He made his way closer to the memorial monument, stopping midway to study the place. It was really storming today, no doubt about that… he thought back about himself leaving his swords at home but just like stated before, he would just use his bones to defend himself. He cared about Tori so he wouldn’t bring his killing toys at her resting place… well not as of yet anyway… he did plan to “show them later to her”. Fumetsu walked over to the adults, deciding to not stay close to any of them in particular. He glanced at each one of them swiftly. ‘The woman from the exams… the Shikage… the man from the exams and from my first spar… the Amekage.. and… I don’t know…’ he wouldn’t recognize the third person no matter how much he tried. He glanced over at the monument, staring at the letters making up his Sensei’s name… in silence… his hands folded across his chest, not in a cocky manner but more like a loose way of keeping his hands, not tense at all.- 

IlLucianlI: **Ritsuka quietly exited his home stepping out into main street and the constant rain of Amegakure no sato. It was unfortunately the day he had been dreading all week. Today was the day of the festival and more importantly the Memorial of his closest friend in the village. Everything had seemed to move in slow motion since the day he had gotten the news his friend had been killed by his mother, Athena Uzumaki and her assistant Kesin Senju. Ironically in Ritsuka’s mind at least, his father and the Anbu sidekick Kunisada had gone on a secret rescue mission and ended up not arriving in time. Though they had managed to kill Athena and Kesin. So in the small time between then had been through quite a bit, the loss of his best friend, at his mother’s hand. The loss of his mother, at his father’s hand. He had moved out of the tower he had called home for many years to move in with one of the only people he trusted, His boyfriend. The chunnin exams had taken place and now this. It was unnecessary to say Ritsuka was not in the best mood today and had decided he wanted to do this alone and as secluded as possible. Before leaving the house he settled on throwing on his dress kimono the top being a dark purple silk, the petals of a Purple rose he bought for Akatori, could be seen sticking out of the kimono top if looked at closely enough, the bottom a dark grey patterned kimono skirt. His red hair was tied tightly so it hung down his back to stop at the small of his back. His dark purple gunbai hung at his back per usual. He had replaced his ninja shoes for a pair of black sandals, though he left his mask and re-breather on. He glanced up at the dark looming sky a moment before nodding to himself and setting off down the main street of Amegakure solemnly. He had tried to wait for his boyfriend but figured he was dealing with things in his own way and would come in his own time. He wasn’t going to fault anyone for attendance or lack thereof rather. It was not anyone’s place to define how people mourn. He himself just knew this was something he wouldn't miss. No matter how much he wished to stay in bed and ignore the world, Akatori was worth the uncomfortably that was no doubt to take place and much more than that. He had continued down the street. Stress and discomfort building as he neared the area the Amegakure Memorial rounds were located. He slowly looked into the area from the comfort of the entrance to the memorial. His father stood in the center of the place, he assumed so he could lead the service of the memorial. Kunisada was like always at his father’s side. His head tilted slightly at the sight of the Kage of Yonshigakure no sato standing on the other side of his father, Her Hunter-nin standing close no doubt to keep the Shikage safe. There wasn’t any sign of any of the other Yonshigakure ninja who had come for the chunnin exams. Hopefully they were staying out of trouble while the service went on. Lastly he spotted one of the new Amegakure chunnin, who he identified as Fumetsu one of the ninja who had been on Akatoris team. He was wearing some sort of loose fitting kimono the color a tad unconventional as was the cut of the kimono,not necessarily respectful wear..something to be dealt with later though he supposed. His bright white hair like a beacon among a sea of black. The last thing to catch his bright blue gaze was the name scrawled carefully on the monument. Yamanaka Akatori. The name made his heart drop some, not that there was much lower to get for him. Realizing he had been standing in the entryway for a moment he slowly moved inside the doors and moved to the side of them in the memorial grounds, waiting quietly for the others to arrive and the service to begin. **

UnaruInuzuka: -Unaru was walking up to the memorial his hair drenched and his clothing damp, a feeling of being wet once again but ignored. His thoughts were jumbled at the situation but stone faced to the outside world. He had left his place not too long after his boyfriend had left, he had heard the door close after those slow steps of his red head had headed out however he didn't bother calling out for him to wait... today he wasn't very talkative and knew Ritsuka wasn't much either at this point. So now he had walked down the road slowly lost in thought only the click of his black wooden sandals heard over the cascading rain. He had packed his turquoise kimono top and two scarves into a small unnoticed pouch at his hip at his waist at this point he was wearing a black kimono top wishing to keep to more darker attire but also to surprise Ritsuka himself, he had seen the purple kimono top he had bought to wear to this festival and had found himself the turquoise one to match it, a tradition that spoke of their relationship... a small gesture of showing he cared about the Uzumaki. The fuuga or skirt like garment was well set on his form, a lighter form than the hakama but no less traditional wear for him to have on, it was black with a simple grey square pattern woven in the fabric itself in a repeatable pattern. He had a simple black pair of boxers underneath and the simple pair of black wooden sandals. Armor, bandanna and choker all not taken... his arms bare to the world... his left arm showing off that scar he had procured not long after he had come to this village it started at his first knuckles all the way to a third of his forearm on top of that arm of his the only reason it wasn't shown off till now is for protection, this being a festival he took the chance of letting his arms be free of cloth and armor showing off such a thing without embarrassment, it had taught him a good lesson and he wont forget it. He had for once only kept a single weapon on him, a single kunai and that was settled at the curve of his back within the waistband and under his clothing. He had no intentions of using it, but he wasn't going anywhere without some kind of weapon, he didn't trust others well, even less so as of late, only Ritsuka has been given such a thing as precious as that, everyone else he didn't trust, they could backstab him any moment. His ninken had a single back bandanna around their necks showing their own mourning the two scarves for them when the Seishi festival was on the upturn that matched with both Ritsuka's and Unaru's own outfit. He let eyes narrow softly in thought on how everything was as he approached the wall of the Memorial sight. His eyes trailed over the place, it had walls and spires, and through the open doors he could see and scent five people within knowing each one of them. The Amekage, and the Anbu named Kuni, the Shikage from the exams and Fumetsu, and last but never least in his thoughts Ritsuka. A flash of lightning flicked in his eyes sparking a bit of that silver within the storm having shown many of such this day. He paused at the entrance taking in everyones position and glanced up... He really felt uncomfortable near people right now, hes already felt the gutting before the exams of that letter... he wasn't sure he could deal with being near the other people as well... He hopped up onto the wall actually just behind where he knew Ritsuka had settled at the entrance but instead of joining them by hopping into the courtyard where the memorial was settled he crouched down on the wall pressing his shoulder into one of those spires as if for support his two pups settling to sit at the entrance to the memorial itself out from under foot near the two doors. He felt distanced from them at this moment, and it reminded him why he felt such... those silver eyes turned to the statue in the middle of the place, Akatori... Everyone leaves... either on their own or forced to... Betrayal, Abandonment... Death... it all came to be the same... They all leave... And getting close to them makes it dig that much more flesh from his chest when it comes to be. He may still have his heart, a slight glance down the wall coming with that thought to the boy below him, but he was a disaster of bleeding holes beyond that. Hes become irrationally irritable towards people along with numb and cold, he just was angry and nothing eased it. And being angry had him snap easily on people, the only one who even touched any control in him on that was Ritsuka and that was because he was all he had left, and with that idea his more dominating instinctual response was to be extremely possessive over the other teen. Asking him to move in had been for them both but also a big part of him wanting the other near by... He settled into staying where he was and waiting on the memorial to begin his mind slightly wandering and not to mention whispering to him as he stayed deadly still and silent in the spot he so chose, being back in a place like this... He couldn't help as he crouched there to felt almost sick at being in this situation once more...-

Kare: - This path that they have chosen to walk through wasn’t an easy one, nor was it filled with joy or enough cheerful memories capable of overshadowing the profound memories that hold more significance in our lives, as they occur once every few years. Today was one of those days, one of those days that would pull everyone deep down into the vast ocean of one’s own emotions, even those that pretend to be apathetic towards situations that would normally bring out one’s genuine feelings. Ban was one of those individuals that didn’t truly comprehend the power his emotions have over him and put a hefty amount of effort into suppressing them so that they don’t overcome him and cause him to act without thinking logically, but today wasn’t one of those days. It was strange for Ban to let the burden of control his emotions be lifted off of his shoulders and let it wash away with the rain that never ceased to provide a sense of safety and in today’s case, provide a sense of relief. Ban sat there in his room, staring blankly through his glass panes of his window, watching as the droplets of rain came crashing down against his window as if it were trying to break in with the sole purpose of drenching Ban, but Ban was resisting. He was resisting the urge to let himself fall into a state of ease to let the world and its forces take him where they pleased, but he just couldn’t let himself lose control of his emotions. He sat there with his arms laid against the window sill and his head placed down on his forearms, lost in an internal struggle as the voices of his parents’ whispering to one another behind the door of his room slithered into his ears. The door slowly slid open and his parents stepped in; his father walking up beside him and placing his hand on his shoulder. - Father: “I understand the pain you’re in, but you muster what remaining strength you have in your soul and bring yourself to stand tall again… You can’t lose this battle…” - His mother would drift up to his other side and place her hand on the side of his head and gently place the side of Ban’s head against her hip and suddenly this warm sensation poured out from the center of his chest and flooded every inch of his being. An endless stream of tears rushed out from his eyes and met at the bottom of his chin. Ban wrapped his arms around his mother’s waist and buried his face into her stomach, letting it all out. All of that internal pain and sorrow that he kept bottled up inside, he let it all seep out of him in his tears. As he sobbed, his father rubbed his back, squatting down to his level as well and placed his head against the back of Ban’s head. - Father: ‘’That’s it… Don’t fight it anymore…” - He had given up completely, this act of being someone he wasn’t, just to appear that he was stronger than he really was in the face of his peers and other shinobi. Something about this day brought Ban to his limits and he revealed himself to the world. A small and sensitive child, forced into a world of endless violence and sorrow, forced to become something he isn’t just to survive. As he sobbed against his mother’s stomach, a vivid image emerged in his mind, the face of a shinobi struggling to stop the blood of gushing out of his throat, but being unable to do anything as the life drained out of his body and the person who caused it stood over him and watched. Ban had no idea how hard taking the life of another would be, but he had no choice but to act and face the consequences later. - Father: “Come on… We’ve got to get going.” - Ban’s father rose to his feet and gently forced Ban to rise up as well. His mother would guide him into his bathroom and help him wash his face off. Ban stood there washing off the tears from his face and he took a good look at himself. His hair was parted around the back and the top portion was tied up into a ponytail, while the bottom section hung loosely. His forehead was secured perfectly around his forehead and he didn’t wear his rebreather or goggles like he normally would have and instead of dressing as he pleased, he was wearing a deep black yukata kimono. The only thing of notice that Ban carried in his right hand was a set of juzu beads made out of wood and held together with hemp rope. And his feet were slipped into a set of black geta sandals. After a short period of time, Ban and his parents would’ve head out of the apartment and made their way towards the location of the Memorial Grounds to pay their respects to Yamanaka Akatori. As the three of them slipped into the grounds, Ban noticed a couple of familiar faces from the Chunin Exams, but didn’t really pay too much attention to them as the they wandered up just a few yards from the actual memorial sight itself. If anyone were to have turned to face them and took in the sight of Ban and his parents, they would notice Ban’s father towering over his wife and Ban at a height of 6’ 2” with his dark brown hair tied up into a ponytail that hung halfway down his back and he wore a similar yukata and sandals as Ban’s and also held an identical set of juzu beads in his left hand. He had shaved his mustache off and a good portion of his beard as well, keeping only a few inches on his chin. Ban’s mother wore a black kimono with similar geta sandals and stood roughly around 5’ 7”. She kept her jet black hair style up in a neat bun and didn’t wear any makeup at all. She tightly gripped her juzu beads in her right hand and her left hand on Ban’s back. The three of them stood there in silence and kept their heads slightly facing downwards as they mourned in silence and prayed for the soul of their lost ally and friend. -

Kazukii: - Today was a day no one would have liked to have woken up to seeing as that the plans for today was to take part in a memorial service to his old teammate Akatori Yamanaka. Truth be told he wasn’t that close to her but he had been trained like her by their Kage Kagato Uzumaki. Kazuki had been moving about their new home trying to hurry up and get ready for fear he was already running a bit late. Moments ago he quickly took a rushed shower now he was throwing cloths all over his and Kazuko’s bed room looking for the all black kimono he had picked out for this event which he missed placed while putting together his blue and white one for the festival later today. Kazuki was still dressed in his sleep wear a pair of black baggy shot pants and a black tank top as he threw one piece of clothing after another out of his dresser drawer until he found the black skin tight undershirt and greyish black like silk top. Kazuki then slid the drawer closed and opened the second one. Just like the frantic motions he had been doing while searching for his top he did the same searching for his black bottoms. Kazuki’s lips parted slightly as he grumbled out a few words string them together between the grumbles. – Wherrrrrrre ...... are …. They….” – Pulling everything out of the drawer piece by piece flinging each pair of bottoms over top of his head letting them land where ever they may.  It just so happened once reaching the last few pieces of clothing he found it his black Hakama. Kazuki turned and dropped the pieces of his outfit on his and Kazuko’s bed. Taking his right and left hands he gripped the bottom of his black tank top and pulled it up wards over his head letting go in an instant making it fall to the floor to the left of him. Kazuki quickly picked up the skin tight black under shirt that had a built in mask piece already over top of his head and pulled it down over his head while slipping his arms through the arm holes. Granted this under shirt had no sleeves but still had the openings for his arms to slide through. He quickly tugged it into place pulling the longer neck where the built in mask would be up over top of the lower half of his face. Kazuki then quickly unbuttoned his black baggy pants he normally wore to bed and let them fall quickly stepping out of them exposing his dark blue boxers underneath.  Kazuki then pulled the Hakama from where he placed it on the bed and quickly sat down next to the rest of the clothing he had picked out. He quickly shimmed his legs into the Hakama and then tightened it in place with the use of his right hand. This getting all dressed up wasn’t something Kazuki was used and hadn’t had to do it in a very long time. He then reached over and took hold of the sliverish black silk top and pulled it over top of his head just like the under shirt he slipped his arms and hands through the sleeves holes but unlike the under shirt it actually had longer baggy sleeves. Kazuki rushed through the door way of his and Kazuko’s room a flew down them missing s ever other step along the way until he reached the bottom. Kazuki was moving in such a speed that one could compare it to a scared rabbit being chased by a hound. Kazuki’s heart was racing today wasn’t just any other day where he could get away with being late this was an important day not just for him but the entire village. Today was the day they were to honor a fallen shinobi the likes of which would most likely never be seen again. Kazuki moved swiftly to the door of their home and slipped on his black wooden sandals which he had placed there the night before starting with his right foot then moving on to his left. Kazuki wasn’t sure if Ryuu and Kazuko had started to make their way there or not but he didn’t have the time to wait around and find out. Kazuki’s lips parted quickly and he shouted out to them just in case they were still in the home. – “I’M HEADED OUT I’m RUNING LATE….” – Kazuki quickly reached out with his right hand placing it on the door knob to the main door of their home and quickly turned it pulling the door open only to make his way through the door way closing the door behind him. Once on the main streets of Amegakure Kazuki had felt the down pour of the rain falling swiftly upon the village it had seemed today it was raining harder than it ever had before which was rather fitting if one would stop to think about it. The Rain was like the falling tears from the Angels high above in the heavens morning the loss of their fallen friend. Kazuki rushed down the street the clicking and clanking of his wooden sandals smacking against the stone street echoed off the surrounding metal buildings His now dressy attire saturated with falling rain his cobalt blue hair sticking to the pale skin of his face as he rushed towards the door of the memorial grounds. There was a gape in the door which he quickly turned to his right now standing somewhat sideways and shimmed his way through the gape.  Kazuki’s Amber eyes quickly peered over the scene but not taking too long to stop and stare to see who was all here seeing as the place was starting to really fill up with a lot of people already surrounding the memorial statue in the center not to mention all around the rest of the grounds be it by the walls on top of them or even on the further benches. His lungs now feeling like they were on fire from running the whole way there his breathing a bit labored with the quick rise and fall of his chest and he tried to calm it down he snuck off to the left corner of the grounds and sat down on one of the blue and purple benches. Kazuki’s head lowered and stared at the ground. He moved his right and left hands up to his face and placed his head in the palms of his hands as he waited for the memorial to begin. He had just hopped no one seen that he had been running late to this very sad occasion. -

Kazuko: *Kazuko had come down the stairs while Kazuki had been in the shower and headed into the kitchen to start water for tea incase either of the boys wanted some before the left. She was not looking forward to today though she didn’t know the young girl they were holding a memorial for she knew that she had been a member of Kazuki’s previous team and that she was another female shinobi and she would go and pay respects for that reason. She sighed as she fixed the tea and headed into the living room area of the home she could now hear Kazuki making all kinds of noise up in their room so she slipped into the bathroom to shower. She didn’t take long but when she came out she heard Kazuki yelling that he was running late and heading out. She shook her head and wrapped herself in a towel and ran from the bathroom to the room she shared with Kazuki. As she entered their bedroom her emerald eyes about popped out of her head at the mess. She let out a sigh and shook her head drops of water flying from her crimson locks as she stepped over all the cloths and went to the closet. She had both of her Kimono’s already prepared for today one for the memorial a black one with silver design that was more conservative and a white and purple one that was less so for the festival later in the day. She dried her body and Combed out her hair tying it into a bun off to the back right side of her head. She then took her Black and Sliver kimono from the closet and began to take it from the hanger. She pulled on her undergarments then stepped into her kimono pulling it up and securing it into place around her waist with the black bow. She sighed as the sleeves go in her way she hated wearing these long sleeved things they were not good for fighting or moving fast and they were bothersome. She slipped on her dressier sandals that had no backs to them and then placed the pale blue paper flower into her hair before heading down the stairs. She didn’t know if Ryuu was already gone or if he was still sleeping so she slipped from the home and out into the rainy streets of Amegakure. She made her way as fast as she could to the memorial grounds and slipped through the gate. She saw many other already gathered most of whom she already knew including their sensei. She finally spotted Kazuki sitting off on a bench by himself and walked over sitting next to him on the bench in the middle still leaving a spot for Ryuu when he decided to show up. *

Kagato: -Kagato took a quick look around to his left and to his right seeing Kuni standing beside him as well as Itsumo standing to the opposite side of Kagato as Kunisada was which she had seemed to bring someone else long with her more or less for security purposes he would gather but on a day like this he doubted anyone would be foolish enough to start any trouble. Kagato caught a slight nod from Itsumo which he then returned with a nod of his own his crimson rain drenched strands moving only slightly during his nod being weighed down by the onslaught of rain. Kagato then turned fully around to face the crowd of shinobi and just your normal every day villagers that had come to show their respects.  It and seemed everyone that Knew Akatori was here for the most part which caused Kagato to smile slightly. It had seemed she touched so many lives that one would not even imagine until they all gathered here today. Kagato took a quick look out in the crowd it seemed that even his son showed up to this even though it had seemed that Tori and Rits didn’t always get a long he was glad that he showed up to this. Along with many other like Fumetsu with his white hair stood out among all the darkness. He was Akatrori’s student which no doubly had to be hard on him seeing as he now lost his sensei.  Off to the One Corner He spotted Kazuki, Kazuko and Ryuu all sitting on one of the benches as well as Ban and his parents had made it here to pay their respects no doubt.  Kagato looked up towards the wall near the location where his son Ritsuka was standing seeing one of his students and well boyfriend Unaru on top of the wall leaning up against one of spires.  There were so many here that it would take too long to spot each one of them out of the crowd.  Kagato waited for a few moments before he thought it would be a could time to start to speak which he looked over to the gates and gave a simple nodded. This simple nod gave the Anbu that had been stationed at the doors of the grounds the signal to close the doors which they did quickly with a loud cleaning type noise ad they brought the metal plant down to lock the doors so no more could make their way in.  – “Now that the doors are closed I feel it’s time we should begin…...I want to thank all of you for joining us today…I know it would mean a lot to Akatori….” – Kagato paused for a moment to make sure everyone was paying attention to what he had to say before he continued. – “I know no one likes this sort of gatherings but as Shinobi we are bound to see a lot of our friends…. comrades…. Sensei’s…... Teammates…. our loved ones…. Family whether it be by blood or by choice leave us one day for they lived the lives of a Shinobi and paid the ultimate price which would be their lives. We gather here today not just to mourn the passing of Akatori Yamanaka but to celebrate her life….” – Kagato paused for a moment and looked down slightly towards the ground as if trying to regain his composure. He had watched Akatori grow up and become a fine shinobi but only to have it all cut short. Kagato then raised his eyes once again a looked back out at the crowd that was standing before him. – “Her life may have been cut short but to see all of you gathered here today means that her memory will live on… and I am sure that that would be something she would be very grateful for…. I for one got to see firsthand her potential as a shinobi as I took over the team which she was assigned… even got to see her skills blossom from Genin all the way up to Jounin…. Now with that said there was a lot more to her then just her role as a shinobi…… Some even seen her a mother figure which I know personally she cared for a lot of the people that called this village Home…. Again although her life had been cut short those memories will all remain in our hearts…...Those we will have to treasure as long as we take breath…” – Kagato slowly brought his hands behind his back and clasped them together holding there as he continued to speak. – “Now I would like for you all to bow you heads and take a moment of silence to reflect and honor her at this time…...” – Kagato bowed his head down slightly closing his eyes his lips closed tightly as his hands still remained behind him as he stayed there in silence for a whole five minutes before  raising his head back up and opening his eyes. His lips parted once more and in a low tone of voice he spoke once again. – “I would like to open up the floor to any of those who would like to speak in Honor of here….” – Kagato took a few steps back closer to the monument leaving not even an inch between him and it where he remained and waited for any that wished to speak to come up here and do so. -

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada waited patiently as he felt the chakra signatures as other people finally arrived; out of the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of Itsumo and another shinobi she had at her side. He assumed that Itsumo only brought the extra ninja as a precaution, something he felt wasn’t necessary given what was taking place today, but it was customary to bring an escort for a high ranking Shinobi. After a few moments, he caught his students coming in as well as they all took their spot on a bench before he brought his attention back to Akatori’s name on the Memorial Monument, his heterochromatic eyes kept themselves locked onto the name engraved on it as Kagato began speaking. Kunisada listed to Kagato’s words, but as he was speaking he found Kagato’s words slightly muffled as his mind went back to the only time where the two of them had hung out together, which had been a date they had been on. She was very kind-hearted and he still questioned to the day what made him agree to go on a date with her, he was usually very kept to himself, but when she asked him...he felt like he needed to say yes and accompany her to wherever she wished to go as if though something told him to not say no. He wasn’t sure at the time how to react to their date because neither of them really knew what it was to them, but now he felt like he had been stupid for not trying to get to know her better or plan to meet up with her again soon. He knew it was all in hindsight, but he never expected the young Yamanaka’s life to have been robbed from her and the rest of Amegakure so shortly. Kunisada remembered their light-hearted and, oddly enough, flirtatious manner in which they talked with one another; like they both knew they were doing it and didn’t feel odd about it even though they hadn’t spoken much since that day. He did a lot of things he thought he wouldn’t do: he went out on a date with her, he’d held her hand and flirted with her. Her smile was so bright and full of life and energy when he saw it, which now he wished he could have seen more often before...and now he’d never be able to hear her voice again, never get to speak to her or get to know her better, never get to hold her hand again...never get to see her smile again. The last thing he ever did concerning the young Yamanaka after their date was plan on when he’d be able to give her back the ryo she had left at the end of their date when she tried to pay for herself, but he ended up doing so for her after she left in a hurry to go collect her team. He was also planning on giving her back the Yamanaka necklace she had lost during the trip to go get their Summons when he retrieved it, but that was when she was taken by Athena. He wanted to give both back to her once they had found her and when she had recovered, but now that opportunity would never come. He knew it was wrong to beat himself up internally about the things in the past concerning himself and Akatori: what he did or didn’t do, about how he could’ve done things differently or what he would have changed, but right now he couldn’t help but do it; on that day when she had passed away, he felt just as powerless as he did when his own parents were killed. Up until that day, he’d never shed another tear since, but on that day Kunisada couldn’t help but cry for Akatori on that day, though it was in private with no one around. All while all of those thoughts flashed through Kunisada’s head, he kept himself composed before Kagato’s voice seemed to slowly fade back into his mind as he asked for everyone to bow their heads and take a moment of silence in honor of Akatori, to which Kunisada’s eyes quickly closed before he bowed his head slightly. He stayed silent and still until he heard Kagato’s voice once more as he offered for anyone to speak here before Kunisada’s eyes opened as he took a few steps back with Kagato, keeping himself right next to him. Kunisada didn’t have any words to say right now, all he could feel was a strange mixture of emotions and decided that right now he wouldn’t speak. Maybe one day soon, he’d come back by here and speak to Akatori privately...maybe then he’d have his words picked out and would be able to express his thoughts and emotions accordingly, but for now he waited as Kagato was doing to see if anyone else had anything to say.-

Guest_pxJeffTheKilleRxq: -With the people gathering, Fumetsu had his eyes locked to the monument... his mind was blank, his expression was blank, everything was blank and then... he would hear a loud noise. He looked towards the source... the gates were now closed and he heard the Kage mention that. He also mentioned beginning... most likely his speech and so it began. Fumetsu listened closely but found himself turning his head, looking around, his eyes widening as he saw so many people 'S-So... many... people.. This is insane...', and as he looked around he spotted Unaru isolated from the others 'Even him... he clearly had something change... did Akatori mean anything to him?... She must have...'... he kept looking around and stopped his gaze upon the group of three... the team he met during a pirate mission 'They're here... united... as a team...' then it hit him once more, his eyes widened even more... he spotted Ban... the Nara he hated so much... but instead of having a wave of anger come onto him... 'H-Him... how?... Why?... Are those his parents?... Heh... he... he looks like them... they are also... united... as a..' he gulped down the rush of emotion that had come over him... his eyes slightly watery when he realized he was by himself... even Unaru, as isolated as he was... he had his companions.. Fume didn't have anything... heck, he called his swords his companions and they weren't even here... he only saw the shadows that darkened his mind at the gate, outside, trying to get in, to take him... to torture him... and there was no one to help him... and that was because he was alone.. all alone... no parents, no sliblings, no companions, no teammates, no Sensei and not even friends... he was alone.. He noticed that the Amekage finished his somehow emotional speech... from which Fumetsu found out that their Kage actually had Akatori as his student for a while. He listened to the Amekage's request and slowly closed his eyes, lowering his head... his heart raced with emotion...this was too much... he was just an empty shell but right now he could feel all the emotion in the entire area... and couldn't help but have a few tears drop to the already soaked ground... some of the clear and pure water just going down his cheeks, mixing with the water coming from the Heavens above. After the five minutes of painful silence he heard the Amekage offer of having someone come up there to his location and speak up their mind about the situation. Fumetsu was an anti-social person, of course he wouldn't just go up there to attract attention to him... or so he thought... since could feel his body move on its own... was he really an empty shell?... or a person with many hard layers on top... He was a troubled boy, no doubt. He had his body go numb yet still moving, no real expression on his face. He got up there, glanced at the higher ups, then at the name of his beloved Sensei... and then at the crowd, moving his hands behind his head and unwrapping the mask from around his face, taking it down and holding it in his hand.- "My name... is Fumetsu..." -He spoke in a way... filled with emotion... it wasn't emotionless but the opposite, it was full of life but full of sadness. - "I used to be part of Team 3... a team made of me and my Sensei, Akatori... my teammates changed over time... I started to lose hope of even having a team... I was right in the end... but until the bad news arrived I really believed we could have a working team... what made me believe that was her, Akatori Yamanaka... She always kept her chin up and said we would eventually have another two who would remain by our side... that never happened but it was also never her fault... While we trained together she really helped me make progress... like the basic of Taijutsu and such... she also gave me ideas on what should I do next, what should I train on... I... I was surprised to see so many people gather here for her... and I am honest when I say that after so many days of being pure of hatred and all kinds of bad emotions you all..." -He made a small pause and glanced around, eventually stopping his gaze upon the Nara he saw as his worst enemy, not giving a glare or anything... his eyes were narrowed to signify his grief but some would not even notice it.- "... yes... all of you... brought a glimmer of happiness to my soul..." -He made another slight pause, glancing away from Ban and just generally looking at the crowd again.- "... and that's because I know it would have made her happy... and her smile always offrered me nothing but confidence in my own being... she always told me to continue training and I would eventually be a great ninja..." -He looked towards the ground for a moment letting out a sigh before glancing up at the sky, letting more of the rain cover his exposed face... throughout all of this he didn't mind that the others saw his face... it meant nothing... they were supposed to be his allies and if they tried to backstab him then so be it.-"I usually... I usually hide many dark thoughts... and I do now... I am a monster in my own head... and probably to other people as well..." -He dropped his gaze back towards the crowd.- "... but sometimes Shinobi have to be this way... altough... if we had more shinobi like our beloved Yamanaka we would probably not even have wars... I bet that if her road continued the way it did, she would have found many great ways to end many great problems of this troubled world filled with monsters... criminals, scum... I am sorry for any problems I caused before and I am sorry for any problems I will cause, I am a dark person and nothing will change that at this point.. she did however manage to light by way and show me the beautiful things in this world. I know she was an awesome person to all of you and remember that she's not trully dead as longs as you all keep her in your hearts, souls and minds... she'll just watch over us, guide us and give us strength for the darker days to come. Well you all saw how bright she could get in these dark colors of our village... this upcoming festival will sure give some color to it and I hope you all use that piece of Akatori inside of your soul to have fun... for me... for the sake of everyone lost in battle... and for the sake of our young Jounin... Let her have a good laugh watching us after this... She already saw our tears... and I bet she's sorry for leaving us even if it wasn't her fault... but we need to be strong for her..." -He moved his right hand up to his chest and pressed it to the area where his darkened heart was located.- "As shinobi... we endure... Thank you all for your attention..." -And with that, he dropped his hand and walked off with one last glance to his Sensei's name. He made his way to a wall and pressed his back against it, watching to see if anyone else would want to put their emotion in their words.-

UnaruInuzuka: -Unaru settled in the spot he had chose his form just simply a shadow on the outskirts. He took in the fact of others entering the place soon after himself, Ban and his parents, a twinge of irritation edging his thoughts as if a knife slid upon his skin at the reminder of him having lost his own from either death or abandonment, to have his teammate that gave no respect to his team have what he has lost made a scowl form on his lips the anger clear for once on his shadowed features as he slowly turned his head away. He came to notice the group of three, Kazuki, Kazuko and Ryuu settle onto a bench he knew they were good friends to each other, the mission and the exams spoke of such... The scowl died down but the narrowing of his eyes remained. He glanced around the place, taking in that more people wandered their way into the place and soon heard the sound of the doors being closed. He glanced down and saw his two pups shift within and settle near Ritsuka silently just as he heard a voice raise above the crowd. His silver eyes lifted and came to fall onto Kagato the Amekage. He listened silently from his spot even as his mind wandered a little listening to the facts of his about the female they were here to mourn. He listened and when asked to lower his head he had but that was when his thoughts had came up. Akatori had a long time been part of his life here... His hand brushed over the scar on his arm his eyes opened slightly to stare at it before closing once again... He had been an edgy kid that day, hating the hospital and just wanting to get the hell out but she had helped deal with the wound, calming him enough to deal with the situation and soon releasing him from the place he hated so much. Strange... The one who made the wound... and the one who helped heal it... both gone from his life now... She had taken him under her wing and led him in both a mission and those training sessions with the Amekage... She watched his back even at the times he wasn't sure anyone would... She had even been willing to help him out in training in a bit of medical, even if he knew somewhat she was hesitating to give him such... He kind of wished he had asked sooner... then maybe he would have, if not known much more on medical skills, to at least have known her better than he already did. Ritsuka would have wanted to see that fact more than the training, they were friends after all and maybe he should have given the girl that had made friends with his boyfriend a bit more attention than he had. She was like a distant sister to him, one that wanted to help but never truly got to fully grasp such with him... Hindsight was a bitch... His eyes had rose when he had heard Kagato start speaking up once again and brushed wet strands from his eyes, he was feeling dead inside, no tears fell... hell no tears had fallen from the moment he was told of the whole situation, hes just been angry at it all, stressed, and utterly lost in his own mind . He heard the comment of if people wanted to talk about her and share anything with the others as he stepped back to give room to any who wished it. He didn't even move and had no interest in sharing with others what he held close to himself. He suddenly found himself watching Fumetsu moving up and soon talking. He had noticed the darkness the boy had been harboring in him and also remembered how... withdrawn he was when he had shared that lunch with him, however at this moment he seemed a bit more inclined to open up. He listened with half an ear, the other was listening to the whispering in his mind he couldn't seem to shut up today he rubbed his temple slightly trying to focus a bit but it didn't help. He heard the other teens words but couldn't bring himself to emotionally take most of it in. He has noticed this fact ever since that day, his emotions being shot through and numbed out he felt things, but it was in such a way that it seemed he truly had lost something inside. He listened, the voice scoffed in and out of the talk but he had stayed silent soon finding Fumetsu talk about the festival and his thoughts on it all... he listened but his thoughts had fallen to darker ones... the dead were gone... they don't 'live on' they just make you hurt just a bit more each time they are remembered... he had jerked his hand away from his arm he had been brushing with fingers his teeth clenching as he stayed silent and watched as Fumetsu left the spot he spoke from. Unaru stayed where he was letting others talk if they wished even if he couldn't.-

Kazukii: - It had seemed that this was quiet the turn out the grounds were full of people who wanted to pay their respects to the fallen kunoichi. Kazuki moved his hands from his face hearing the sounds of all the people around him and noticing that Kazuko and Ryuu both joined him on the bench sitting next to him one on either side. Kazuki had a heavy feeling in his heart one that wouldn’t leave. He had every opportunity to get to know Akatori better but his antisocial ways kept him from interacting much with other people but joining up with Kazuko and Ryuu but he didn’t realize how much he missed out on with keeping his self-reserved like he had seeing everyone gathered here made him realize this made him realize there was so more out there. The connections you make with people are strong ones and even with one’s death those connections stay with the peoples still living.  Kazuki then heard the sounds of the doors closing with a loud clanging sound it had seemed the time had come that they were going to start. Kazuki then looked up towards the memorial statue as he heard The Amekage Kagato Uzumaki start to speak. Kazuki listened as Their Kage speech went on to thank everyone for coming and went on about how it would have meant a lot to Akatori that everyone was there. Kazuki then got lost in his own thoughts as the Amekage spoke. He was blaming his self for not getting to know her better while she was alive and had the chance to do. Kazuki clenched his right hand tightly into a fist he was angry at his self which wasn’t what he should be focusing on at the moment this wasn’t the time nor place to do so. Kazuki then heard the Amekage speak about how he wanted them all to bow their heads and join him in a moment of silence which Kazuki was more than willing to oblige, He slowly lowered his head and closed his eyes his mind focusing only on why they were there now. After five minutes or so he heard The Kage speak once more which caused Kazuki to raise his head once more and open his eyes exposing his amber eyes to the gloomy scene that was all around them. Kazuki’s eyes then focused on their Kage as he spoke about opening the floor up to those who wanted to speak. Kazuki sat there quietly as their Kage moved back closer to the memorial and the first person came up to speak it just so happened it was a member of Akatori’s team a Genin who she had trained. From his words it had seemed that no matter how anyone else felt it seemed he was taking it the hardest after all he was most likely closest to her other than The Kage his self and maybe the Kage’s son who had grown up with her. Kazuki watched and listened quietly until he was finished and remained seated he didn’t feel right speaking in front of everyone about her seeing as he didn’t take the chance to get to know her as the rest did. -

KazukoKazuko Whisper: -Kazuko sat silently with her emerald eyes on the ground at her feet as she noticed Ryuu joining them on the bench after a few seconds passed she could hear the muffled cries of someone whom was crying in the memorial but she didn’t look up even as she heard the doors closing and the Kage begin to speak she kept her eyes on the ground. She wasn’t sure what to do she had stayed away from the memorial all her life and didn’t interact with anyone unless she had to or because she felt it was the right thing to do but today she was far more comfortable staying silent and sitting on the bench next to her teammates. As the Kage said to bow their heads and reflect she just kept her emerald eyes down and stayed silent when he began to speak about the girl it kind of made her wish she had gotten to know her and as the boy her student the one she had met during the pirate mission spoke it made her wish she had even more. Kazuko didn’t speak she didn’t move a muscle she just sat there silently her hands folded resting in her in her lap. Not sure what was going to happen next.-

IlRyuu: *Ryuu patiently waited for the service to begin until he heard the loud clang of the gates being closed off as the Amekage then began to speak about the person they were holding the service for. Ryuu felt sorrow sweep across his body as he heard about the fallen female shinobi even though he didn’t know her, he knew that she meant something important to others. As the Amekage continued to speak, he figured that he was correct as he then heard the higher-up and he noticed that his Sensei’s eyes never left the large memorial shrine, making him wonder if the female in question meant something to him as well. Obviously, she meant something to everyone here, even the three of them wished to pay their respects. Before his thoughts could progress any further, he heard the Amekage ask if they would all bow their heads in a moment of silence, to which Ryuu closed his blue eyes while he lowered his head slightly and lowered his eyelids as he closed them. He didn’t know exactly how to feel given that he’d never met the person they were talking about, but he got the vibe that he would have liked to have met her. After about 5 minutes, he heard the Amekage speak again and asked if anyone would like to come up and speak. Ryuu then saw Fumetsu, someone he’d done a mission with alongside his teammates speak about Akatori. As he listened to his speech, he could draw an even clearer picture that she was a fantastic person, but unfortunately he would never know what she was like to talk to because of the tragic events that happened. Ryuu kept silent after Fumetsu spoke as he felt a pang of guilt course through him as he wished he had been able to meet the female and get to know what she was like; he figured he would’ve enjoyed her company, but unfortunately he wouldn’t be able to. He kept himself silent as his teammates seemed to be doing and waited to see if anyone else was going to speak.*

Kagato: -Kagato looked to his left and right seeing both Itsumo and Kunisada still standing by his side when his attention was brought forwards seeing a white haired individual step up in front of the crowd which just so happened to be Fumestu one of Akatori’s students. Kagato listened to his words carefully embedding each of them into his memory where it was true Kagato had lost his student to an untimely death Fumetsu lost more. He lost someone who was more than just a teacher to him from what Kagato gathered from his words which if Akatori was here to hear them not like she wasn’t most likely watching from high above now she would be moved and proud of what he had to say about her. The moving word in which Fumetsu had to say about Akatori made Kagato have flash backs to when he first met her and took over team one. He was extra hard on the young Genin for the simple fact that he could see the will of rain with in their eyes a spark that no doubt would have brought them to meet their goals whatever they had been. Which made Kagato upset even more so seeing as her goals were left unfinished her light extinguished before its time a light that had brightened oh so many lives like a beacon from a light house guiding ships safely in the night. To many she was that light in the darkness but now that light was snuffed out. One thing was for sure now though with the memories each one of them had her light would live on within everyone she had touched.  Kagato watched as Fumetsu moved away from the front of the crowed and made his way over towards the one wall only to lean up against it Kagato then waited for ten or so minutes make sure no one else wished to speak before he started to move back up to the front of the crowd ever so slowly stopping four feet away from the memorial statue. – “Well with Those kind words from her student and the thoughts and prayers from each and every one of you standing here before us today I will conclude this memorial…. I want to thank youns all for coming specially those who took the time to speak and to honor the life of one Yamanaka Akatori…... for now she will live on in all of our hearts and watch over us from high above with the rest of the Angels….” – Kagato once again nodded to the Anbu that were standing next to the doors giving them the signal to once again open them. With the same loud clanking sound, the doors were unlocked and pushed back open allowing the people who were to here show their respect to leave on their own free will. - “Before everyone heads out on their own I wish to announce the start of the Seishi Festival will commence directly after this and will be held in the training grounds…. Remember this as well not only do we mourn the loss of fallen Shinobi but we also celebrate her life which I think is what she would want the most….” – Kagato waited a few moments before he looked over towards Itsumo and whispered only loud enough for her to hear. – “I will be stopping by my home first before I head over to the festival If you wish to come along with me and I can escort you the festival afterwards you are more than welcome to do so.” – Kagato waited for a few moments for Itsumo to answer then looked towards Kuni and gave him a simple nod as his lips started to slowly once again part. – “I hope everything is in order for the festival and I hope to see you there as well….” – Kagato once again waited a few moments for Kuni to responded if he chose to before he started to make his way towards the gates of the Memorial grounds slipping out with the rest of the crowd walking ever so slowly with the flow. -

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada listened to Fumetsu’s words as he spoke of Akatori before he watched him move away from the group before silence fell over the group before Kagato spoke and announced that the Seishi Festival was going to take place immediately after everyone left the Memorial Service. He watched Kagato lean towards Itsumo as he spoke something to her before he turned his gaze over towards Kagato as he gave him a nod and spoke of hoping that everything was in order for the Festival and that he’d hope to see him there as well. Kunisada gave a small, barely noticeable nod as he quickly disappeared into a blur as he made his way to the Training Grounds. Once Kunisada reappeared in the Training Grounds, he found himself alone and he quickly reached up towards the black earphone in his ear before he turned it on and turned a small knob on it before he quickly took out a small microphone from a small pocket on his kimono and placed it near his neck as it blended in with the mesh of his fabric, making it practically impossible to see. He flipped a small switch on the microphone before he spoke.- “..Everyone stationed keep an eye out for anything suspicious; if so, report it to me immediately and I will handle it on the ground unless otherwise instructed...If I need any of you, I will contact you to do so to intervene on the situation…You all know the rules of what’s not to be tolerated or allowed here, so you know what to look for...Understood..?” –After he asked the question, he heard voices in his headpiece agree one at a time as they were from the different ANBU squads he had placed around the Training Grounds. Luckily, they were all high-up on the buildings surrounding where the Festival was going to be taking place and would make them near invisible to anyone down on the ground. He had also placed a few squads in the Village itself on the rooftops, knowing that while the chances of anyone causing problems in the Village was low, he wanted to be sure about that. He glanced around at the decorations for the Festival as he then slowly reached behind his back and took the sheath that held his Kusanagi before holding it to his side; he decided to keep his blade in his hand just to be safe. The Festival had numerous vendors for food and drink and there were some strung up decorations along the top of the fountain in the middle of the Training Grounds and to top it all off, there was also a Ferris wheel. He glanced around to make sure everything was still in order until he found himself against a wall with his Kusanagi held close to his chest, waiting for the others to show up from the Festival.-

IItsumo: -Itsumo once again listened as the white haired boy whom had also been in the exams the one whom had made a spike bomb spoke of his teacher. This boy whom had already known at the time of the exams of her death would explain why he was fighting all out then. She couldn’t help but feel bad for the boy but she kept her hands in her pockets even as he finished talking and walked away. No one else spoke as they all stood in silence for ten more minute then Kagato concluded the memorial and announced the start of the Seishi festival. She would glance over to him as he spoke now to her and said that if she wished to fallow him to back to him home she could and was that she would love to do that. The truth was that she would love to do that however the rest of the shinobi of Yonshigakure that had accompanied her were waiting outside of the village for her to return. She paused for a moment she could have Kalia go tell them but it would look bad for her not to go herself no to mention she still needed to swap out her kimono for something not so dark. She finally spoke answering Kagato in a soft tone. - “I’m sorry but the others are waiting outside of the village gate for my return for me to let them know the festival has started and I still need to change into my other kimono as well. However, I look forward to seeing you at the festival.” – As Kagato turned his attention to Kunisada she would move towards the memorial and take out one of the two metal arm bands resting inside with the Yamanaka symbol on the plate she would crouch down and place it at the base of the memorial before standing up and dusting herself off and started to head for the gate of the memorial grounds in which she had first come through. Kalia fallowing her as she moved they would head once again back to the village gate to get the others she really did hope they hadn’t caused any trouble outside of the gate she would sight softly and keep walking without a word or glance backwards she would see them all soon enough at the festival.-

IlLucianlI: *He had waited patiently for his father and Fumetsu to finish the speeches they had made for the occasion. Both filled with hat he was sure would be beautiful words that would be missed by him, He had zoned out not shortly after his boyfriend Unaru had come in. Ritsuka had spotted the two ninken though before he found the chunnin. He figured if they were there, he would be close by and also thought it rude to be looking around at people during a memorial. The jounin had taken to staring blankly at the memorial, as if he was trying to store every detail of the moment in his memory. There wasn't much on his mind at all, he just wasn't sure how he should be reacting. It sort of embarrassed him to think he could be seen as insensitive for the lack f emotion his face was displaying, but he had already mourned over the loss of his friend in his own time at home. He had no need to show those vulnerable feelings in public. Once everything had finished, he waited for the memorial grounds to empty out. With the area fairly empty he sighed lightly before slowly walking up to the memorial his eyes never leaving Akatori's name. Ritsuka slowly withdrew the purple rose and placed it down genty on the base of the memorial. He wasnt sure what else to do in the instance so he settled to talk to her like she were in front of him, instead of some hunk of rock with her name carved in it.* “Aka, I don 't know what you went through...I don't know what my mother did to you or what happened at all really. Im just sorry it happened to you.. I'm sorry I didn't watch over you when we were on that stupid mission. Im also sorry we didn't get along all the time , though I always knew you wanted the best for me. I am going to try my hardest for you Akatori, I'm going to be better for you.” He sighed after he finished and turned on his heel, and began walking toward the entrance of the memorial, He knew Unaru would be somewhere nearby and he really wanted to be around him in this time. He knew his pup hadnt taken it the best either with everything going on, Hes tried to remain by his side as to calm and comfort him. He knew he had some trust issues and with chunnin exams, he didn't know how tensions were running. He gave a final glance back to the memorial as he reached the entrance, and waved lightly back to her. As if he was only saying “See you later” as opposed to the shattering truth behind his goodbye.*

UnaruInuzuka: -After Fumetsu spoke up and after a long silence and no one else had came to speak the Amekage finally stepped forward and spoke up again thanking everyone and telling everyone that the Seishi festival will be starting shortly and be in the training grounds. He saw the woman from the Chunin exams... the Shikage move to the memorial and set something down upon the stone his head tilting slightly to the side before the curiosity eased. He watched as people were moving out of the memorial grounds except for Ritsuka himself. He didn't move for a moment, almost glued to the spot he was crouched on as he watched Ritsuka move forward and lay a rose on the memorial stone and start speaking up. He caught some of the words but started shifting to straighten up. He watched as Ritsuka had come to walk towards the exit of the memorial grounds and when he turned back to wave he had dropped down to the ground a soft click of wooden sandals on the rocky ground. He waited for Ritsuka to come to notice him before motioning to him with his head to follow him. Personally Unaru wanted out of the place for now... he didn't like crowds and knew he can return at a later time to truly pay his respects to her and one other much better than this day. He glanced at the memorial stone one more time before walking out of the grounds with Ritsuka and his pups at his sides hoping to find a place to pause before they reached the festival to hopefully lift his boyfriends spirits just a bit even if his own felt dulled..-

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