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NNERp - Naruto New Era Role play,Wikia is a combination of the training pages and biographies of all the participants of "NNERp", a participant built ninja role-play world based within a future Naruto styled Universe, Based on IMVU.

This  Role Play is set 202 years after Naruto Uzumaki's, the main  character, death.

​The role-playing world is filled with ninja role-players who have their own agendas, aims and ambitions. This  Role-Play is  just starting out and  will be  building all the Hidden Villages, which you can choose or make to join one and role-play within.

The purpose of  all this  is  to establish  A working world  in which to Rp out bassed off  the orginal Series  of Naruto.

Whether you have been rolle-playing  for  years, or  just  starting out,  We look forward to inviting you into our role-play world. However so that every player enters NNERp on a equal footing and can immediately  the benefits of the role-play, we ask that you first familiarise yourself with the NNERp manuals and rules here.

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