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Aiden Nagara, Hyuga Suzume


ShadeAssassin: -Early morning, or as early as Aiden enjoyed. The sun had just cleared the hroizon and was promising another perfect day in the Land of Grass. Aiden was slightly pleased with this, as well as the fact that he cleared out his paperwork for the month last night. He did not like letting things pile up and get out of hand, so he usually dealt with tasks as they were given. Because of this attitude, Aiden was usually able to get out and explore his village. Being the Kusakage had its perks and all, but Aiden enjoyed getting away from it every now and then. He decided that today would be one of those days. He would look down and adjust his black cloth clothing. He typically wore light clothes to allow him quick movements. He never saw much use in bulky armor but did like its effectiveness. Perhaps he never got the right set. Either way he headed out of his office leaving the kage hat and cloak hung up on the wall. He would turn to his secretary and tell her, "Im going out for a while, take messages for me. Tell them i wont be in till tomorrow." With that Aiden turned on his heel and moved out of the central building. He exited onto a large balcany overhanging one of the best views of Kusagakure. You could see the modernised design of the village spanning all the way to the south gate from this location. Aiden pondered what to do with the day for a moment before deciding on taking a look at the newest class of genin, freshly promoted. He knew that a group of academy students had recently gone through their graduation exams and many passed. Soon enough Aiden would be asigning teams for all of them and that would require he knew a bit more about them in turn. He lept off of the balcany and transfered to the wall of a building across the way running down its wall showing his skill in chakra manipulation. He got down to the streets of Kusagakure and made his way to a distinct district. He was headed for the Hyuga family compound, an area of the village that the hyuga clan mainly resides. Aiden knew that a Hyuga boy had recently passed, a boy named Suzume Hyuga. He figured he may find him in this compound possible in the training yard. Aiden found his way to the Hyuga training yard, passing a few members of the clan getting polite bows here and there. They obviously knew his rank, but Aiden still wasn't to used to the respect he kept getting. Once he got to the yard he found a wall to lean against and kept an eye out for the new genin in quetion. Hopefully soon he would either see him or someone would come up to him and question him.-

Guest_jamesgoldc: -The Hyuga a woke, light beaming into his eyes through his glass window. He rolled over in his covers before hearing his father come up stairs. “Suzume, wake up you can’t be asleep all day..” Suzume grunted before rubbing his eyes. After this his father would leave his room. A yawn escaped his mouth as he extended both his arms before him stretching them before finally letting them fall on his covers. He sat up in his bed as his head turned to the window, before turning so that the sun wouldn’t collide with his eyes. He got out of his bed before making it and heading over to his closet where took out his outfit. Suzume was a light skinned with shaggy shoulder length jet brown hair. Not to mention his eyes which were very distinctive because of its enlarged and featureless white irides. He first put on his black calf length pants which had white bandaging wrapped on the thigh with a single piece of a beige bandage in the center, but not only this a black pouch right under it containing a single kunai. The left thigh having the clan symbol on it. Next he slipped his beige, upturned collar, jacket over his head. Slipping his head through the hole on the top and putting his arm through the holes on either side of the jacket. A pattern of two straight lines ran down the sleeves of the jacket from the shoulder to the wrist, with the hyuga symbol on the left shoulder. Three straps laid across the jacket in the center of the zipper. Next he put on his black hip pouches, both on either side of him which were held by a single strap. Containing twenty shuriken in total each diving the shuriken in ten for each pouch. While on his behine laid a black back pouch which was pinned to the belt, each separating the smoke from the flash bombs. He walked over to his night stand where he picked up his headband before pushing his hair up from off his right eye before wrapping the headband tightly around his forehead. The headband having its own little natural shine. Adjusting the headband to make sure it was safely secured before going down stairs to put on his black sandals which showed his heel and toes. After he had slipped into his sandals he walked outside, as his eyes shifted. Watching as his fellow clan members took care of their business. Suzume began walking towards the Hyuga Training yard to practice more on his shurikenjutsu. When he arrived his eyes shifted once more before stopping to see a tall figure to the side leaning on a wall looking as if he was looking for someone. He examined the man looking him down from head to toe noticing him wearing on a black cloth outfit. He noticed the bright red hair he had and the green eyes. A brow raised for he knew that people from his clan usually had all white eyes and brown hair. He approached the man before reaching about four feet from him. “Who are you?”-

ShadeAssassin: -Aiden Nagara kept his eyes to the center of the training yard. There were two Hyuga shinobi most likely in their mid teens working on their taijutsu skills by sparring with one another. One of them showed real promise, he was leading the fight in every direction he wanted it to go. He could force the other to move to positions that make his strikes more likely to land easily. The kid certainly had a way of pressing his advantage. However, the other kid had a very lack luster performance. It wasn't long before he was being pushed back by the first kids assault and anyone could see that he was likely to lose the fight. At that moment Aiden's attention was turned though. One of the hyuga children had approached him and spoke out to him. "Who are you?" the boy asked as aiden turned. Aiden took one glance and recognised him from the graduation photos. This boy was Suzume, the one he was looking to find. "Oh you!" Aiden said toward Suzume, "I mean, I mean, no. I'm not you, I'm Aiden. Actually I was looking for you." Aiden would keep going on not letting Suzume get a moment to get a word in. "Your Suzume, right? Fresh graduate of our fair academy, and on your way to being a new Genin of Kusagakure." Aiden would keep talking without pauses almost as if he didn't need to take a breath when he spoke. "So uh yea. I was sent her to uh, evaluate you, yeah thats it. All the new genin need to be evaluated for their skills so we can accurately asign them on teams. So that's why im here." Finally he would stop his rambling on and look over to the training yard field. When he turned he would see that the kid who seemed to be leading the match was now pinned to the ground by the timid boy who was pretty much destined to lose. It seems in the time that Aiden was distracted the boy managed to gain the upper hand, and even win the spar. Aiden shruged and then turned back to Suzume "Alright since they are done with the field how bout we do a bit of a spar and test your skills. You're a Hyuga right, show me a bit of the taijutsu yall love so much." He then would wait for the boy to make his way over to the training yard before doing anything else.-

Guest_jamesgoldc: -He noticed the man at first completely focused on the spar ahead of them between two of Suzume’s fellow clansmen. Noticing one of the two having a difficult time trying to stay in the fight, the man turned before seeming to be a bit startled. And then began to speak to Suzume saying “oh you” Suzume wondered why he said oh you as if he knew him. The man became tung twisted before stopping to regain his words before asking Suzume if he was him. He nodded before the man made it known that he knew of Suzume saying that he was a fresh graduate from the academy. And that he was at the Training Yard was to evaluate him for making teams. After hearing this Suzume became quiet suspicious of the man. “Are you a Kage or Jonin..you have to be one of the two too know so much about me…” The Hyuga was slightly pissed assuming that the man also knew of his clan. He watched the man turn his head only to see the results of the battle. The clansmen that had at first seemed to be struggling had one the spar. He paid close attention to the movements of the man noticing him shrugging to the ending results of the spar he asked Suzume if he was interested in a spar so that he could test his skills. He then heard him mention his clan saying to show him the taijutsu they loved so much. An agitated facial expression showing on the Hyuga’s face knowing full well that he didn’t know the clans fighting style yet, but guessed that the man didn’t know that. Instead of replying to the man’s comment he simply walked over into the center of the yard before spreading his legs about three feet apart before reaching into his back pouch with his right hand. He grabbed a hold of a single smoke bomb but didn’t allow it to be seen, he decided that he would keep the man guessing until the man came into the middle of the yard.-

ShadeAssassin: -Aiden would take notice of the boy stepping into the training area, without even so much as a question for why he had to fight. In fact the only question for Aiden was of his rank. 'So, he doesn't know who i am then. Good that could help.' Aiden thought hearing this question asked to him. He would coyly respond, "Well, let's not worry about ranks, im just someone the kage trusts to test the genin accordingly. Thats why i know so much." This caught the attention of a few of the other members of the clan in the area. Many of the older members of the hyuga clan knew he was their newest Kage, but no one would speak up knowing he must have a good reason to hide his rank right now. Aiden watched the boy get into a fighting stance just after he dipped his hand into one of the pouches on his person. He didn't see what was taken out because the boy was obvioulsy hiding it in his hand but he still wondered why he even grabbed a tool in the first place. Aiden would cross the yard to step infront of the boy, catching a few glances from the Hyuga clansmen before he lowered himself into a pose very similar to the boys. A few of the clansmen could be seein with a slight grin, knowing why Aiden might know how to fight from this pose, while other looked confused seeing he was in the hyuga's fighting stance. Aiden would wait in this position and nod to Suzume, "begin whenever you are comfortable, I'm ready."-

Guest_jamesgoldc: - The Hyuga kept a straight face expression before the man said to not worry about the rank at that the kage trusted in him testing Genin. An agitated facial expression appearing on the Genin once more before watching him step into the center of the yard. His white eyes widen as he knew that stance anywhere. Especially because when he saw his father fight before he saw him in the same stance, but he wondered, why the man was in the signature stance of his clan when he wasn’t a Hyuga. He gritted his teeth before revealing the smoke bomb and throwing it in between then. The smoke would began to swallow the area around them with dark brown smoke blinding the naked eye, although this wouldn’t be a problem for Suzume with him having the Byakugan on his side, the Hyuga hoped that the man would be blinded. After this the boy would quickly activate his clans dojutsu “Byakugan!” and with that his pupils would become more distinct and the veins near his temples would bulge. Providing him a near- 360° field of vision. He smirked before snapping his back pouch. Before unzipping either sides of his pouch before reaching with both his palms. The boy focused his eyes on the mans before grabbing a hold a single shuriken in both hands before pulling them out and throwing them, the blades flew on either side of the man bending perfectly, if the projectiles we’re to hit they would probably cut his ribcage leaving a small cut that would leave a small trail of blood running down the ribcage.-

ShadeAssassin: -Aiden watched as the genin raised his arm revealing the smoke bomb held in his hand. His eyes would narrow as a thought croosed his mind, 'Well thats a smart trick... lets see..' A few of the hyuga clan would also activate their byakugan like Suzume did when the smoke bomb went off in Aiden's face. Even thought the field filled with smoke Aiden did not move an inch. He stood his ground and instead waited to see how the boy might use the situation. That was when he felt two sharp grazes along his sides just below his ribs. He realized the boy had moved to using shuriken and was no longer willing to entertain this idea. His hand flicked up to form seals with an amazing speed. The seals were flicked through so fast that the only real noticable on was the last, Dog. However he did go through Rat, Snake, Horse and Dog to form the required seals for the jutsu. He then took in a shar breath and moved on his back heel. He turned quickly exhaling his breath as he turned in a circle. Using his chakra control Aiden made sure that his Vacuum Wave was small and only strong enough to push the smoke away to clear his vision before he stoped to face the boy again. One could notice the spattered ring of blood at the feet of Aiden after this manuever as well as the trail of it leaking from his open wounds and down his sides. Aiden then spoke again, "Good trick, now show me some taijutsu. It is your specialty right?"-

Guest_jamesgoldc: -With his byakugan still activated he grinned after seeing that his shuriken did in fact succeed in piercing the ribcage of the man. He still kept his eyes on the man like glue as he noticed him beginning to weave handsigns through the smoke. The Hyuga had no clue what the man was planning before he saw him take in a deep breath and expel a wave of wind charka straight at him or so he thought before realizing it was to just push the smoke away and with that the boy deactivated his Byakugan, the veins around his temple would no longer bulge nor would the pupil be as distinct as when the Byakugan. He looked at the man’s ribcage only for a second before thinking to himself about the technique the man had used to push away the smoke with. After this he heard the man compliment him on his move before telling him to show him some taijutsu before questioning him as to whether or not it was his specialty. “I actually do not know the fighting style of my clan if that’s what your thinking…” And with that he said no more. He would simply drop his hands back to his hip pouch once more where his shuriken laid before running at the man, once close enough he would attempt to do a leg sweep to get the man to jump into the air before throwing two projectiles on either side of his knee which would just as the ribcage leave a small trail of blood coming down the knee but would also make it a bit hard to walk on his legs.-

ShadeAssassin: -Aiden's eyes would narrow as the boy mentioned not knowing the signature taijutsu of his clan. He visably shook his head before rushing the boy when his hands again dipped into the hip pouch. Moving with intense speed he closed the distance and jumped over the boys legsweep as Aiden raised both arms to attempt to strike the wrists of the boy as they lifted out of the pouch, effectivly interupting the boys throwing of the shuriken. If the strikes landed Aiden would knock the shuriken into the sand of the training yard and spread the boys arms wide leaving him open to an attack. Like wise Aiden's arms were now open leaving his torso open to an attack as well. In his rush Aiden spoke as if to respond to the boys statement, "Then learn.."-

Guest_jamesgoldc: -The Hyuga watched as the man ran at him with great speed before jumping over his leg sweep and grabbing a hold of both his wrists. The two projectiles would immediately fall upon Suzume’s wrist getting grabbed ahold of as they hit the sand making a small thump sound. The two arms we’re both open as it was easy for both of them to be attack before hearing the man speak. He gritted his teeth once more before looking into the mans eyes before activating his clans dojutsu once more. “Byakugan!”. He would saying in a cold manner, once again his pupils would become more distinct and the veins near his temples would bulge. Providing him a near- 360° field of vision. And with that his arms would rotate counter clock wise before attempting to give the man a hard thrust to his chest with both his palms before jumping back to create a distance of about five feet before trying to recall the technique his father had done. After thinking for a moment he would rush towards the man as fast as he could before spinning and attempting to hit him with a two fingered thrust around his ribcage.- 

ShadeAssassin: -After delivering the double strike to the inside of the boy's wrists he saw the shuriken fall as expected. Aiden then took a pause in his advances to see how the boy reacted. He took note of the reactivation of the boy's byakugan before the boy turned counter clockwise. This gave Aiden a shot at the boy's back but he stayed and decided to see where this was going. The boy delivered a double palm strike into Aiden's chest that ended up pushing him back a foot or two as the boy jumped back making the distance between them about five feet. Aiden thought it was a good strike, but not the kind a hyuga would deliver. Many of the clansmen around could tell now that Suzume was not using the techniques properly. Suzume even started to rush in on Aiden. Aiden quickly analysed the attack, seeing the boy spin again and try to throw two finger jabs toward his midsection. Aiden would evade this by moving a step to the right moving with the blind side of the boy, his left side, when he was spinning. After the two jabs missed and were sent to the air Aiden pushed out his two front fingers on both hands and sent out a couple jabs of his own. The first sent from his right hand was targeting a tenketsu chakra point located just above the boy's elbow on the side of his left arm. The second was sent from his left hand and targeted the tenketsu chakra point just below the boys left shoulder. Both were done in the specialised tenktsu blocking method and ment to block off the chakra flow into the boys left arm. If both attacks land strong as well they could push the boy back a few feet to give Aiden a bit of distance between them.-

Guest_jamesgoldc: -The Hyuga eyes widened as the man evaded the attack by stepping to the right as attack was sent to the hair. He eyes glanced over to the man before seeing him make a few jabs of his own with his two fingered thrust, the first sent from his right hand on Suzume’s side of his left arm. While the second one with his left hand hit just below Suzume’s left shoulder. The Hyuga was pushed back as his eyes squinted. A sweat tear running down the right side of his forehead before running down to his chin and hitting the sand. ‘My arm...how did he…I remember Father trying to teach me the style of the clan but I still had a hard time grasping what he was trying to teach...me…” He said to himself as he grabbed rubbed his left arm with his right due to the soreness after having been hit by the two finger thrust from the man. “If you we’re a Hyuga you would have done more than just a simple two jabs…what’s the name of that technique your using…I know it’s some type of alternate version of my clans fighting style...and even you couldn’t fool me…and I know if you we’re Hyuga you’d have compelte white eyes just like me…so if that’s going to be your reason you might as well save it…”-

ShadeAssassin: -After connecting the two jabs into the boys arm he saw the boy get pushed back. He seemed a bit confused by how his chakra network had been cut off. Infact he even asked, though probably not to Aiden, "My arm...how did he…" Aiden notice the boy grabbed his arm and began to rub it, probably from the pain caused. Then the boy seemed to call him out asking what he just did, saying it couldnt be the hyuga technique because Aiden couldnt be a Hyuga based on his eyes. Aiden simply grinned and said, "Figured that out did ya?" The hyuga clansmen that knew Aiden's skills were still grinning as this happened while the ones who didn't were also confused as to how a member outside there clan had stopped chakra flow to the boys arm. "Well all i did was stop chakra flow to your left arm by blocking two tenketsu in the arm. Something your clan knows all too well. As for the Hyuga thing, I dont have to be a Hyuga to hit your chakra points. Just need to know where they are. Although you have an advantage, being you can see them. All you have to do is send a thin burst of chakra into my tenketsu to block or overcharge them. But it seems you can't do that. Too bad, I expected more." Aiden's eyes narrowed on the boy as he centered up for another attack. "Guess I'll give the Kage a pretty weak evaluation of you," He said really driving it home in the genin that his skills were a bit disapointing currently.-

Guest_jamesgoldc: - Suzume heard the man assure him that he was right. Before saying all he did was just block of two tenketsu in his arm and that he didn’t have to be a Hyuga to hit chakra points and saying how due to the fact that Suzume was a Hyuga he had an advantage since all he had to do is send a burst of his own chakra into someones tenketsu to block or overcharge them. After hearing this the man stopped before continuing to talk saying to bad and that he expected for from Suzume and that he would give the Kage a weak evaluation. He would begin talking to himself in his own thoughts, ‘Wait a second…he expected more and then he goes on to say he will tell the Kage my evaluation was weak…and then earlier he said his identity doesn’t matter…that’s it…he’s the Kage…” He would stare straight into the man’s eye before speaking. “ Your the Kage...you can’t deny it…you gave you self of in the very beginning…you said your identity didn’t matter and then that you expected more only to say you’d tell the Kage that my evaluation was weak…”-

ShadeAssassin: -Aiden would stand up straight after he felt like the boy was done fighting. He could here a few of the Hyuga clansmen chuckle as Suzume made his accusation. Aiden then lost his playful demenor and looked tot he boy with a plain face as he lifted his arms and crossed them infront of his chest. "Yes, I am the Kusakage," Aiden spoke as cold as his face looked. He still didn't take to the title as quickly as other had calling him it. Aiden went on, "In fact I can't believe you didn't recognise me at first glance. Don't they teach you about the leader of the village in the academy?" Aiden then moved to step out of the yard and onto the wooden walkway around the Hyuga compound. "Anyway, yea. I was here to evaluate your skills to see how we would rank you in the village, and you did pretty poorly. Learn to use that Gentle Fist style, or find something else your good at and do that, I dont care which. I'm out of here got others to evaluate and such." With that Aiden would walk away from the area and make his was toward the exit of the compound. He knew he had other genin to check out and needed to look around for those kids so he could do that. Looks like the next one on the list was a Juuzou Yuki. 'Maybe this one will be more interesting..' Aiden thought to himself.-

Guest_jamesgoldc: -He watched as the man crossed his arms over his chest. Suzume heard as the man owned up to being the Kusakage of the village before noticing the toone in his voice turn cold as well as his facial expression before asking Suzume didn’t they teach that back at the Academy. Although they did teah it Suzume didn’t pay much attention back when they talked about the Kage since he didn’t think it really mattered. Paying close attention to the Kage’s movement he saw him head towards the exit of the yard before saying he was there to evaluate his skills to see how’d he rank him and that he had done poorly at that. Going on to say to learn his clans fighting style or to adleast find something he was good at and just go at doing that and that he did not really care. And with that he would exit the yard. Suzume arms laid to either side as he balled his hands into a fist before following after the kage before stopping the kage in his footsteps. Suzume would walk up to the kage giving him no space as he would tilt his head up a bit before rotating his arm backwards. “I might not be strong now but I will soon…I plan to become the Head of my clan but not only that but the Kusakage…I want you to keep a close eye one me and see my progression..i’ll even challenge you to a spar here and there by yelling to the top of my lungs until I get you attention at your office. Oh..and one more thing…your my rival now..”-

ShadeAssassin: -As Aiden was making his leave he couldn't help but notice that the Hyuga boy decided to block his path. He stopped and stood there with a cold expression as he heard the boys words. Rambbling on about become some great shinobi, being the clan leader and even Kusakage one day. The boy even went on about wanting to challenge Aiden every now and then, to this Aiden's eyes narrowed. The boy was so bold as to declare Aiden as his rival now. This was where Aiden needed to end the tyraid and get a move on, he had others to evaluate and could waste time on this kid anymore. Aiden would squat down to be eye to eye with the boy and look right at him with that cold expression. His lips would move slowly as he replied, "I accept..." As he sounded out the "T" in accept he raised his hand quickly. He would send out a straight jab aimed for the boys gut. The speed behind this jab was so fast that if you blinked you missed it. The power behind it was carefully calculated to be just enough to knock the boy unconscience. Aiden was attempting to clear his way so he could make his leave. If the boy took the hit, he would no doubt collapse unconscience and the other clansmen would move to adress the situation. Aiden would stand back up straight and look over to them, "Take him to a bed, he will wake up in a couple hours. When he wakes up, tell him that I will take his challenge any time." With those last words Aiden would move off to leave the Hyuga compound again.-

Guest_jamesgoldc: -He watched as the kage would squat down to Suzume although he was only an inch behind the kage. The kages eyes would lock onto Suzume’s byakugan as he kept that same cold expression before saying he accept putting emphasis on the “T” when saying he accepted. After this he watched as the kage raised his hand before jabbing Suzume in the guy. It was definitely too fast for Suzume to react and with that he would collapse to the ground face first, completely unconscious. Later that day the Hyuga woke up in his bed where he was told by his father that the kage accepted his challenge. After this a smirk would appear on the boys face as he would begin talking to himself in his thoughts after his father left his room. ‘ I’ll show you…Kusakage…just you wait..’-


  • Suzume now see's Aiden as his rival
  • Aiden is sort of disapointed in Suzume's abilities
  • Completed 2-17-2016