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Aiden Nagara , Hyuga Suzume

Title: Lord Kusakage Takes On A Genin 3/9/16

Jamesgoldc:  -The hyuga was very sleepy after having just completed a mission with another a few hours ago. The moon still up and everyone still in bed, as Suzume slept he would begin to dream about the spar and how he could have done better with his performance, but not only this thinking of how he would one day beat the kusakage and become kage and head of his clan. Even in his dreams the Hyuga could see himself being someone important in the village one day, the hyuga very much wants to surpass everyone in his class and to one day surpass eve his rival lord kusakage. He would begin to also think about a new technique that his father would be teaching him pretty soon, eight trigrams-sixty four palms. He remembered his dad just briefly going over the technique saying how it was one of the top techniques of the clan and that he would have to train hard to master it, but Suzume definitely did not have a problem with that, due to the fact that it was somebody he wanted to impress and both surpass. Although the Hyuga didn’t say it, in a way he kinda look up to the kage form that day, simply because of the little bit of power he displayed before Suzume, deep inside he wanted to ask the kage to train him but simply couldn’t bring him to it, the member of him getting hit in the gut also added fuil to the fire, Suzume would surely not forget it and in their next encounter would definitely get pay back. About a good couple of hours would pass as the sun would begin to rise, the village would just begin to start its day as the villagers would already be roaming the streets. Buisnesses opening up and setting their items out for customers to buy. As for Suzume he stayed in bed, his body somehow not bringing itself to wake up but after all the sleep he was having was well deserved. Suzume’s father would already be up as he quietly walked up to Suzume’s room before slightly cracking the door and peeping a eye in only to see his son still a sleep, his father would stare at him before quietly closing the door and letting the Hyuga be.-

ShadeAssassin: -As the morning sun began to shine over the village hidden in grass, the kusakage, Aiden Nagara would make his way toward the hyuga compound once more. He had been here before in order to test a young boy, a fresh Genin in fact. This time he was here for another reason, however it still involved this boy, the one who claimed Aiden to be his rival. Aiden was roaming the roof tops toward this compound in his black robes, again leaving his hat and robe in his office during his travels. This time Aiden made sure to grab his tools, securing them on his leg before he head out. He had a feeling he might need them for this trip. As he made it to the Hyuga compound Aiden would go over the wall making sure to mask himself in the trees as he moved to make sure he was unnoticed. He made his way to a particular window, Suzume's bedroom window. He would land opening the window silently and slipping into the room just after the boys father closed the door. He would move silently to not disturb anyone else in the house and not wake up the boy as he approached the bed. Aiden's eyes would fall over the boy as his hand dipped into his pouch and pulled out a kunai. The blade gleamed in the soft light entering from the window as he neared the bed and got closer to the boy. Aiden would slowly raise the kunai as he stopped just at the edge of the boy's bed. With a swift movement Aiden would thrust the kunai straight out peircing through a sheet of paper and securing it to the wall above the boys bed. Aiden would take another look at the boy before leaping out the window leaving it open behind him and making his way through the village. If read, the note would read, "Go to the training yard outside the east gate of the village. Head north from there till you reach a clearing that has a small basin at the edge with a waterfall flowing into it. Be there by noon."-

Jamesgoldc: -Not to long after lord kusakage slipped into the hyuga compound unnoticed before silently entering Suzume’s room leaving a note just above the wall of his bed the Hyuga would wake up. His vision would be a blur as he would ball both hands into a fist before rubbing at both eyes until his vision began to focus. After this he would pull his covers back before getting out of bed, he would raise his arms to the ceiling as high as he could, stretching them before letting them fall to the side. His eyes would shift before noticing the note that someone had attached with a kunai just above is bed, the hyuga would walk over to it as he would pull the kunai out of the paper, immediately after this the sheet of paper would begin to fall before being caught by Suzume just before hitting the floor. He would ready over it as the note would read "Go to the training yard outside the east gate of the village. Head north from there till you reach a clearing that has a small basin at the edge with a waterfall flowing into it. Be there by noon." After this he would place the note on his night table with the kunai beside it before making his bed, the Hyuga couldn’t help but wonder who wanted him, because of this he knew he should be mindful of his surroundings upon going to the said area just in case he was being followed or any of the sort. Having now done his bed he would go to his closet before pulling out his outfit and laying it on his bed, he would first pick up his black pants before slipping both legs in before continuing on with putting on all of his pouches which were his thigh pouch, hip pouch, and butt pouch, after placing them on he would adjust each to make sure they would all stay secure, he would the slip a black t-shirt over him before reaching for his hoodie, slipping his head through the top hole and arms through the sleeve holes of the hoodie. Having now almost all of his outfit on he would reach for his headband before wrapping it around his forehead, after this his jet brown hair would fall more so over to the right side of his head covering his right eye, while also covering a bit of the headband. After this he would reach for the note and kunai before placing it in his pocket and heading down stairs we’re he would greet his father good morning just before leaving the house. It wouldn’t take long before the hyuga would reach the training yard that was outside the east gate of the village. After reaching the training yard he would look at the note once more before doing as the note said and going north until he came across a small basin at the at the edge with a waterfall flowing into it. His eyes would shift once more before noticing that no one was there,  the Hyuga would decide to wait for the person before finding a rock to sit on, both his legs crossed and arms folded as he bowed his head waiting for the arrival of the unknown person that sent for him.-

ShadeAssassin: -Sitting in a tree just on the edge of the clearing, Aiden would conseal himself in the leaves as he watched a figure enter the clearing. He grinned slightly as he recognised the figure as that of the hyuga boy he left a note for, requesting they come here. 'Well at least i know he can follow directions..' Aiden thought as he watched the process of the boy. He saw the boy give the area a once over before seeming to decide no one was there. 'Maybe not as perceptive as most..' Aiden continued to think as he watched. He then saw the boy climb onto a rock and sit down bowing his head. 'The boy really doesn't seem to pressed with the thought that this could be an ambush,' Aiden thought as he began to raise his hands. He would slowly form the seal of confrontation as he flowed his chakra outwardly toward the water basin in the clearing. Shortly the moisture of the basin would rise and fill the clearing. A thick mist would develop in the area making visability incredibly tough.Aiden would stay hidden in the tree as he formed a new seal. This time he formed the seal of tiger and flowed a portion of his chakra into the water basin. By doing this Aiden formed a clone of himself to rise out of the basin and launch a consealed suprise attack. Upon creation the clone would pull a kunai into his right hand from its pouch and leap toward Suzume, while hidden in the mist. Aproaching from behind the boy, the clone would reach out with his left hand and attempt to get a a claw grip on the back of the boys neck to then force the boy up to his feet. Immediatly following this the clone would throw his right shoulder attempting the hit the middle of the boy's back and stun him. This would hopefully stun him long enough for the clone to attempt to grab the boys left wrist withits left hand, step forward with the right leg to give the boy no room to back up, and reach around the boys chest with its right arm. This was an attempt to catch the boy in a grapple hold as he would place the tip of the kunai in the clone's right hand just to the boys midsection of his right side with just enough pressure to let the boy feel the sharpness of the blade.-

Jamesgoldc: -The Hyuga would feel a slight change in the air the, the moisture to be exact. His head would raise as his eyes shifted before it paused infront of him as he noticed the basin beginning to become completely covered with a thick mist, and with the hyuga would activate his clans dojutsu. (Suzume): “Byakugan!” His pupils would become more distinct and the veins near his temples would bulge. Providing him a near- 360° field of vision. Not long after he would hear the sound of a footstep hitting the water before turning to see the clone behind him trying to do a surprise attack. He would quickly jump a good six feet from kage while in this action he reach for his kunai before getting a tight hold on it before reaching his left hand into his back pocket for his flash bomb, not showing it as he wondered as to why the kage tried to attack him. (Suzume): “What’s the deal..” Suzume would give a cold emotionless glare towards the other, his facial expression blank as he waited for answer. His hand holding an extremely tight grip on the bomb as he noticed the kunai in the others hand, his hand with an extremely tight grip. If the kage would proceed to attacking Suzume he would not hesitate with throwing the flash bomb towards  its way in order to blind it before purposely using his newly learned clan technique, palm bottom on the clone to destroy and show off to the kage.-

ShadeAssassin: -As Aiden's clone closed in it seemed the hyuga boy was more observant than Aiden first thought. The clone would now be standing on top of the rock that the boy was previously sitting on as it stared down at the boy. The clone stood giving a cold emotionless look. At that time Aiden would drop from the tree to stand behind the hyuga boy. He made use of his silent fist fighting style to make sure his movements made absolutely no sound as he dropped into the blind spot of the hyugas byakugan. Aiden personally didn't know this was the blindspot but it was conveniant none the less. At the time the clone would raise its right arm to point passed the boy as it started to seemingly melt. The clone lost its color and regained the look of water before it dispersed and flowed off of the rock and into the ground and basin. If Suzume followed the hand of Aiden's clone then the boy would turn to see Aiden behind him with his arms crossed in a very non threatening pose. His head would be slightly cocked to the side as he looked down at the boy, who he knew was hiding a flash bomb in his hand. Aiden would also let the hidden mist jutsu disperse and clear up visability for the area. His eyes would stay on the hyugan boy to see how he might react to Aiden's assualt with a clone now that he has revealed himself.-

Jamesgoldc: -The Hyuga paid close attention to the kage as he was now standing on the rock that he once sat on as the two exchange a cold emotionless look to eachother. Because of this the Hyuga would be completely unaware of the real kage being behind him until the clone would raise its hand passed him, before losing its color and returning to water and becoming one with the basin once more. After this the Hyuga would let loose of the bomb within his hold and let it fall, still unseen as he turned only to find the kage behind him, his heart rate raising as he was completely startled by the sudden appearance of the kage, his eyes widening before narrowing in on the others eyes as he calmed himself, as he looked at the kage he would notice the mist vanishing, as well as noticing the calm posture held by the other as the kage had his arm crossed and his head slightly cocked back to the side. The Hyuga would be lost in a thought for a moment. ‘How in the world did he get behind me without me noticing…I didn’t even hear anything…’ A tear drop of sweat would roll down his face he thought before exiting it and clearing his throat before speaking. “Was that to test my reaction time or something..?”-

ShadeAssassin: -The Kusakage would hear the boy ask if this was to test the boy's reaction time. To this he would laugh once softly before uncrossing his hands, taking note of the fallen flash bomb. "Ill go with or something," Aiden said as he let his chakra flow relax a bit, "and the deal is simple." He went on explaining the situation. "If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm the one who called you out this far away from the village. Thats the only reason you haven't been marked as a rogue ninja for leaving the village without a mission." Aiden let that sit a moment so that Suzume could think about the consquenses if he hadn't considered them. After about five seconds Aiden would continue, "I did that to see how you would react. If you would follow the note blindly, and try to figure it out, or if you would try to seek other council on what to do about it. You went with the first option it seems." Aiden again took a moment as he gripped the end of his glove and adjusted it to help it fit better before he went on."Naturally, as i saw you enter this clearing i decided to give you a taste of an ambush that you could have been blindly walking into. It was to see how you might defend yourself. You did alright i guess, but if your opponent fought with more intensity I feel you may have ended up delivering yourself to them." Another erie pause before Aiden went on, "Still, you did good evading the ambush. As you know, the recent academy graduates are waiting for placements on teams, and its my job to asign them to their respective jounin commanders. Well something you may not know is that there is a strange tradition here in Kusagakure. One where the Kage takes a student of his own. I've chosen to train you, if you accept that is."-

Jamesgoldc: -He listened as the kage would say that he should have figured that by now he was the one that had sent for him to come to the basin going on to say that that’s the only reason he wasn’t marked as a rogue for leaving the mission without a mission. The Hyuga would freeze in his thought ‘Crap..I didn’t even think it through…if I hadn’t been sent on a mission I would have been on a mission I would have been marked as an enemy of the village..how foolish of me..” After exiting his thoughts he would hear as the kage would say that he wanted to see how he would react, if he would follow blindly or try and figure it out or try and find help on what to do about the situation going on to say that Suzume obviously chose to follow blindly.  His eyes would look at the others glove as he would adjust the end of the glove before meeting his eyes with the kage’s once before he spoke to the Hyuga once more. Suzume’s eyes would widen a bit as he said he saw enter from the very beginning but wanted to give him a taste of an ambush stating that he could have been blindly walking in too it and that it was to see how he would defend himself before saying the Hyuga had done alright going on to say if the opponent had not been fighting wht more intensity he would have practically delivered himself to the enemy. He would notice the pause by the kage before he spoke again telling him once more he did good evading the ambush before telling Suzume that recent academy graduates, such as himself, were waiting for the placements of teams and that it was his job to assign them to a jounin, before going on to say it was a specific tradition in Kusagakure where a kage could have a single student of his own before striking the genin with the statement that he’d chosen to train him only if he would accept. The Hyuga’s body would freeze as he couldn’t help but be completely lost in his own thought. ‘He wants to train me…? The other day he seemed to not show any interest but now a sign of interest...but then again this si a once in a lifetime offer that I can’t give up…although he is my rival he can definitely help me develop in to a great ninja.’ After exiting his thoughts once more the Hyuga would part his lips. “I accept. Thank you.” And with that his arms would fall to his side before he bowed, while in this action he would say a single word. “Master…”-

ShadeAssassin: -With only one word Aiden would correct the boy as he bowed. Aiden would respond to the boy's master comment simply by saying, "Sensei.." in a stern tone. Once said Aiden began to build his chakra in a rapid pace. He compressed his chakra quickly moving it rapidly in the confineds area he was molding it. He molded it to his feet and expelled the chakra in a burst of steam around himself. To an outside viewer this would look like Aiden was inveloped in a thick mist. Aiden then used this expulsion of steam to increase his speed to an almost inhuman speed as in a flash he left the area. He did all of this before Suzume even had a chance to look up after Aiden said sensei. Aiden was quite fond of his speed and the boil release he taught himself only helped to accent it that much more.-

Jamesgoldc: -As the Hyuga posture was still in a bow he would begin to see steam emit from the kage’s body. Any eye perked, when he raised his head the kage was gone, and in his place was a thick mist of steam. He could only think to himself ‘Hes so fast…and Sensei huh…’ Seeing as to how the kage left him outside the village the Hyuga would have to figure out how to successfully infiltrate his own village through the gate without being caught by the gate guards. The Hyuga would begin to devise a plan, while still thinking of one he would slowly make his way back to the village, it probably took about a good half an hour until he arrived, he would see two muscular figures standing on either sides of the gate as he hid behind a tree, a few seconds later a man with a food cart would pull up to the gate before the two guards, the cart had a cape covering all four sides of the rectangular shaped cart. While the man who owned the cart was busy occupied with telling what business he had at the village to the guards Suzume would quietly get into the cart unnoticed as he would be slightly squeezed in due too all the fruit within the cart. Just about a minute after the Hyuga infiltrated the cart he would hear the conversation between the guard and the cart owner end as the cart would begin to move. Not long after it had moved it has stopped before he recognized the voice of the owner having yet another conversation, while the owner was occupied with the conversation between him and another the Hyuga would quickly and quietly get out of the cart as he would fall on his knees pretending to be picking up something before standing up and heading back to his home were he would take in every that had transpired through the day and him having now been the personal student of Lord Kusakage.-

End Results:

  • Suzume becomes the personal student of the Kusakage.