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Uchiha Kunisada , Ryuu

Kunisada & Ryuu: A Unique Mental Exercise - 1/22/19

IlRyuu: *Ryuu swung his Dragon’s Fang down at the training dummy once again, not particularly aiming anywhere of note. He had left his home a bit earlier than normal, noting that the two of his teammates were still probably sleeping as he left. He hadn’t heard any noise or movement from the two as he left the door, so he guessed they were still sleeping. He didn’t take too much as he left the house, as he wasn’t really planning on going to do a mission today. He was wearing a dark blue tank top underneath his dark blue hoodie with the black hood pulled up over his head to cover his orange hair, with only some strands poking out from beneath the hood. He was wearing his dark blue pants and black shinobi sandals, with his Dragon’s Fang sheathed on his hip. He was wearing his black fingerless gloves as well, adjusting them until they fit snugly on his hands before he headed out to the Training Grounds. He wasn’t really focusing too much on where his swings were going; just noting that they were actually hitting the dummy. He was acting on autopilot at the moment as he himself was lost in his own mind. He was recalling the Chunin Exams and how distant they had been. How he hadn’t been sure of what was going to happen, but when he was granted the rank at the Chunin Exam finals, he was elated. His first spars with two other shinobi and he’d been able to successfully defeat the both of them. And one of them was Unaru Inuzuka, who was arguably one of the odds-on-favorites outside of Kazuki. Ryuu was sure that had joined Kazuko in the lower rankings of who might have won given that everyone around the Village mentioned other possible winners, but he was able to make it to the end and win the whole thing. Ryuu wasn’t basking in his own victory from that time, but it was what he’d heard throughout the Village ever since then. He was used to people whispering around him, but he’d heard the voices of people saying that his victory at the Chunin Exams was hallow: he won out of pure luck, he beat the other two on a fluke and that it could never happen again. Ryuu didn’t like hearing that at all, like he hadn’t actually impressed anyone and that everything he did was done by sheer luck. As Ryuu recalled the words, an angry frown began to dawn his face as his swings with his blade became harsher and harsher as he continued to think about it; even the grip on his sword was tightening. He knew as well as everyone else that no one expected him to win; hell, he didn’t even expect to beat Unaru, let alone win the damn tournament. Ryuu always tried to focus on the positive side of things and be as optimistic as possible, but going through the Village and listening to everyone say that his rank upgrade was nothing but a fluke thoroughly angered him to no end. As the clouds of irritation and anger filled his mind, the swings became faster and harder, with the training dummy receiving numerous cuts over its body until Ryuu yelled out in anger as he cut down once more on the training dummy’s neck. He held the sword in the training dummy’s neck, panting from how fast and hard he had actually been swinging his blade down; the black hood of his hoodie had even fallen down, exposing the orange hair that was underneath it. Ryuu slowly exhaled as he tried to pull his sword back, only to find it resisting the movement. Ryuu’s blue eyes glanced up and saw that his blade was lodged into the side of the neck of the training dummy, noticing it was stuck. Ryuu closed his eyes and leaned his head back as he groaned slightly, keeping his hands on the blade’s handle.*

Kunisada: -Kunisada continued his walk, silently thinking to himself about what he could try to do today. He was wearing his black ANBU flak vest over his black long sleeve shirt with his black pants and sandals; he was also, of course, wearing his rebreather with a dark purple tint over the visor so that his eyes remained hidden from all. He was also wearing his black metallic arm bracers as well, each engraved with the kanji for “thunder” on the wrists of them. His Kusanagi was also on his person as well, hanging off of his lower back, as was where it was normally located no matter where he went. He wasn’t sure what he was going to do today; it felt like forever since he’d actually done anything. He was about to pass by the Training Grounds until he heard the sound of something hitting wood, causing him to turn his gaze over to the Training Grounds entrance. As he finally stood at the entrance of the Training Grounds he meant to only see who was training for a brief second until he heard a somewhat distant yell coming from the shinobi before seeing a blade hit the side of the training dummy’s neck. His eyes went to the handler of the blade, seeing orange hair accompanying the sword handler: Ryuu. Now he was someone Kunisada hadn’t seen for quite some time. The last he remembered seeing Ryuu was at the arrival of Itsumo when she came to Amegakure. Kunisada began to walk silently over to Ryuu, his eyes catching the boy struggling to get his blade out of the training dummy’s neck; he must’ve gotten it stuck. As he approached the Chunin, he saw the orange haired shinobi groan and tilt his head back while doing so; he obviously didn’t mean to get the blade stuck, but that was his dilemma now. Kunisada made his way to the younger shinobi as Ryuu didn’t show any signs of noticing his presence before his eyes looked at the blade; he’d seen the boy use it a few times during the Chunin Exams, but he had no clue on how skilled the boy was with the blade.- “…Having trouble Ryuu..?” –Kunisada asked, his voice coming out with a metallic edge to it due to the rebreather as he waited for Ryuu to respond to him, if he chose to do so.-

IlRyuu: *Ryuu heard a metallic voice next to him ask him a question, causing his blue eyes to snap open before his hands let go of the blade handle and he fell on the ground out of shock before looking over to see who spoke to him. It was…his Sensei? What was he doing here? The question lingered for a second before he finally said something.* “What?” ‘Oh yeah, that’s the answer he wanted. Ryuu, you idiot; don’t answer with ‘what’, answer him!’ Ryuu mentally chastised himself before actually attempting to answer his Sensei.* “Oh, uh…yeah, sorta. Kinda got my blade stuck.” *Ryuu slightly rubbed the back of his head and weakly chuckled; so much for impressions. His Sensei had seen him graduate to become a Chunin and now here he was. On his ass with his sword stuck in a training dummy’s neck; great. He sighed quietly before looking over at the blade still sticking out of the training dummy’s neck as he chuckled before sitting with his knees bent, facing up to the cloudy sky and his feet flat on the ground and looking up to his Sensei.* “So, what brings you by here Sensei? I don’t really ever see you around the Training Grounds usually. Or...come to think of it, we don’t see you anywhere around the Village, for that matter.” *Ryuu quickly paused himself before he began bombarding his Sensei with an odd assortment of questions; he wasn’t sure how his Sensei not only viewed him, but his whole team in general. Ryuu’s blue eyes widened slightly as he realized that the three of them hadn’t done the assignment that he had given them who knows how long ago. ‘And if he brings it up, I will probably die. Painfully.’ A mental groan went through his mind and he had to force himself not to cover his face with his hands.*

Kunisada: -Kunisada watched as Ryuu fell to the ground; obviously Ryuu wasn’t expecting him or even hear him walk over to him. Kunisada waited patiently for Ryuu to respond as Kunisada glanced at the blade in the training dummy’s neck before hearing Ryuu respond to his question with ‘what?’. Kunisada’s gaze slowly moved over to Ryuu, who looked like he was mentally berating himself before he heard the Chunin answer his question accordingly. Ryuu responded that he had gotten his sword stuck. That much alone was pretty obvious. His gaze turned back to the blade before reaching for a kunai, hearing a small shift of clothing, making him guess Ryuu was moving or simply changed positions. He brought up a kunai before steadying his grip on the blade’s handle and holding the kunai underneath the blade, the kunai’s own sharpened side slightly grazing the blade. He heard Ryuu ask what he was doing there, saying that he didn’t see him around the Training Grounds or anywhere else for that matter. Kunisada’s gaze shifted over to Ryuu before the boy seemingly silenced himself. Kunisada’s gaze lingered for a few seconds before moving back to the stuck blade.* “...No reason in particular…” –Kunisada answered before bringing his kunai to the side of the blade and pulling the kunai towards him as well as the blade itself, aiming to dislodge it. As the kunai pushed the blade, it forced the blade to move away from the training dummy’s neck while Kunisada’s other hand simply pulled the blade out with a firm grip on the handle. The movement was swift and the blade pried itself loose from the training dummy, a sharp sound of wood breaking accompanied the sword’s release. The training dummy had a noticeable chip of itself missing from where the blade once was, but overall the dummy was fine. Kunisada held the blade it his left hand, while his other hand put away the kunai. His eyes lingered at Ryuu’s blade, taking note of the design and how the blade looked overall, but something made his eyes narrow slightly. As Kunisada glanced at the blade, he wasn’t too sure of the condition of the blade as it looked like it was beginning to dull, but luckily no pieces seemed to have broken off or been chipped while he was removing it.- “..You won’t normally see me around the Village, Ryuu..” –Kunisada lifted the sword up slightly, giving it a look on both of its sides to notice any irregularities before asking Ryuu a question.- “...What brings you here so early..? ..I noticed Kazuki and Kazuko are not with you..” –Kunisada lowered the blade once again, waiting to hear a response from Ryuu.-

IlRyuu: *Ryuu watched as his Sensei retrieved a kunai, making him slightly nervous as he hadn’t received an answer from his Sensei and the look that he was being given made him even more nervous. ‘You just had to go and open your mouth didn’t ya?’ Ryuu thought to himself.  ‘Well, hopefully my death is swift and hopefully Kazuki and Kazuko can have me buried somewhere nice or-’ His thought was broken as his Sensei answered him about nothing bringing him to the Training Grounds in particular, making Ryuu exhale a breath he didn’t realize he had been holding in. His blue eyes widened as the man in front of him swung his kunai up to his blade and quickly dislodged the sword from the training dummy’s neck. A smile grew upon his face subconsciously as he was relieved his sword was freed, but then the smile was quickly replaced with a curious expression. His Sensei was examining his blade for some reason; was he interested in the blade? He heard the man dressed in black tell him that he wouldn’t normally see him in the Village, which sort of made sense to Ryuu. ‘Well, there goes any student/teacher bonding sessions with the team…or at least ones that are easy to make up outside of training sessions.’ Ryuu pondered in his own mind; he did want his team to grow stronger and to be honest, they probably needed to make more friends. Kazuki and Kazuko were great, but Ryuu knew that they needed to get along with other ninja. The only other ninja they’d been on missions with were Unaru, someone who made Ryuu unsure of where he stood with them and Fumetsu, someone who didn’t really interact with them much overall during their mission. Ryuu slightly shook his head as he listened to his Sensei ask what he was doing here so early without his teammates. Ryuu debated for a moment on whether or not to tell their Sensei what was bothering him. He almost wanted to just tell him that he was just training, but he did need to probably talk to someone about it. He hadn’t brought it up as he always tried to just shake it off or didn’t want to burden anyone else with the problem, if it even was one.* “I, uh…needed some alone time.” *He let a moment of silence hang in the air and before he could stop it, his mouth opened again. “Ever since the Chunin Exams, I’ve been hearing things y’know? People saying that I won out of pure luck or that I beat everyone as fluke victories. Those were my first two actual fights against other shinobi of my rank and I was going up against arguably one of the odds on favorites to win. So, when I actually won, I felt really good about it, like I did something that I didn’t expect either. But afterwards, I had people saying that it wouldn’t happen again and that I only got lucky with beating Unaru and Itsuki. Like, I get it the Exams were a long time ago and all, but…I hate having people look at me as a fluke.” *Ryuu sighed slightly afterwards, not only just out of irritation of having to explain this as he thought it was just him complaining, but he also forgot to take a breath in between his talking, so he was also catching his breath. He was being serious about the situation nonetheless and waited to see if his Sensei had anything to say.*

Kunisada: -As Kunisada’s gaze lingered on Ryuu’s blade, he heard Ryuu explain himself; slowly at first. The orange haired Chunin simply stated that he needed some alone time, which caused Kunisada’s gaze to move over to where Ryuu was. He slowly lowered the blade until it was at his side, still in his grasp as he saw Ryuu look as if though he was thinking about something. Kunisada patiently waited to see if that was all the Chunin had to say or if he had more to say. After a little lingering silence, Ryuu went into further reasoning as to why he wanted some alone time; going into what he had heard from whispers of others. Kunisada listened to the boy, recalling the events of the Chunin Exams. They seemed so long ago now, he noticed, but didn’t focus on that thought for too long. It was true, no one fully expected him to be the victor. The most talked about possible winners were Kazuki Gekami and Unaru Inuzuka. Even Kagato at the end of it all stated that he hadn’t seen Ryuu winning the Exams coming. Kunisada got a glimpse at what his students could do against other shinobi, though in case of Kazuki and Kazuko, what they could do against one another. An off to the side thought lingered in Kunisada’s mind before he swiftly removed it from his focus. Ryuu seemed to be more conflicted about this because of what people may or may not be saying. Ryuu had used his head in the fights against other shinobi and obviously in any other missions he had done, but he wasn’t doing so right now. Kunisada was now aimed to fix that mistake as he slowly brought his gaze back to Ryuu’s blade before Kunisada turned to fully face Ryuu.- “..Get up and do a handstand Ryuu...once you’ve done one, hold it and do not drop it..” –Kunisada gave the basic order to the Chunin, waiting for him to do so. If Ryuu asked him any questions, he would simply stay silent until Ryuu did the order.-

IlRyuu: *Ryuu waited for his Sensei to say something in response, anything really, but was greeted with silence. That was until he saw his Sensei face him and tell him to do a handstand and hold the handstand once he had done so. Ryuu’s face went into a very confused face, even so much as tilting his head at his Sensei. He was about to ask why he wanted him to do so, but remembered that he was his Sensei; might as well not try to test his patience with that kinda question. Ryuu slowly got up from his sitting position before standing up and looking at the ground next to him. He looked over at his Sensei again in a “are you sure?” look, but after a few seconds he let out a quiet sigh and moved himself to do a handstand, using his hands as his feet for the time being as he felt his lower body sustain itself in the air. Ryuu immediately felt the shift of his body and could already feel the blood begin to rush to his head.* “Like this?” *Ryuu asked, still very confused as to what the point of all of this was.*

Kunisada: -Kunisada watched as Ryuu’s face contorted into one of sheer confusion, but didn’t alter his stance or give him another order; he simply waited. He saw the orange hair shinobi stand up and look at him confusingly, but Kunisada waited for him to complete his order. After seeing Ryuu perform a handstand and hold the stance Kunisada heard him ask if he was doing his task correctly. Kunisada simply looked at Ryuu’s blade once again before he slowly began to walk around the Chunin after a full minute went by, letting the Chunin’s blade lightly graze the grass beneath his feet as he carried it at his side.- “..When you fought Unaru and his ninken, did you do everything in that fight by pure accident..? ..When you ensnared Unaru in your Water Prison Technique, was that by sheer mistake..?” –Kunisada had now fully begun to slowly walk around the Chunin, waiting for a response to each of his questions. The tip of Ryuu’s blade was lightly touching the ground as Kunisada held the blade at his side. Kunisada also was keeping an eye on Ryuu’s stance, seeing if the stance was going to break or tilt. Kunisada didn’t ask any more questions until his first two were answered.-

IlRyuu: *Ryuu didn’t get a response from his Sensei; all he got was seeing the man move out of his sight and hear a question come from the man. Ryuu blinked in confusion for a second before he heard another question coming from his Sensei again. Both were questions about if what he had done at the Chunin Exams with Unaru were done by accident. The answer seemed obvious to him, seeing as how he had planned the moves out; sure they were all made up on the spot, but that’s how fights go right? Do what you can in the fight as it goes on to see that you win. Sure, not every little thing he had planned to happen happened, but he still had a plan for things as they came up. He could feel his arms beginning to sore slightly as he held the position, almost making his posture move slightly before he realigned himself.- “No Sensei, I planned for my Jutsu and my other ideas to work to help me win against Unaru and his pups. Since I was the last one to fight in the first round, I had seen him fight already against another shinobi, so I at least had an idea for how he was going to fight and how he fought.”

Kunisada: -Kunisada continued to slowly pace around Ryuu, listening to his response about what he did for his fight against Unaru, even noting that he had seen Unaru fight before he even stepped onto the battleground. That was a very distinct advantage that Ryuu had been randomly given and Kunisada had taken mental note of it on the day; seems as though Ryuu saw that as well. Seeing one of your possible opponents fight against another possible opponent before you had to take one of them on was extremely helpful during the Exams and in other combat situations. Kunisada noticed a small shift in the boy’s stance as he saw Ryuu fix his positioning so he wouldn’t fall over. Kunisada had seen Ryuu’s face when he fully circled him the first time and could see his face becoming redder from being upside down like that. Kunisada fully circled the Chunin again before asking him another question.- “..And in your fight with Itsuki..? ..Did you put Itsuki in a compromising situation by using your Water Clones by sheer dumb luck..?” –Kunisada wasn’t asking these questions with any ill intent in his voice, but he was trying to get a message across to Ryuu. Kunisada continued his pace around Ryuu as he waited for an answer to his questions.-

IlRyuu: *Ryuu watched as an occasional darkly dressed figure slowly circled him as he felt his arms beginning to tire more so as he held the stance. He heard his Sensei ask him two more questions, this time about his fight with Itsuki. Once again, he had the same response to the questions as he did with Unaru. He had planned for that formation and his clones being where they were in the fight. Luckily and unfortunately, that fight was short lived, but he did have a plan for the short time that it lasted. Before Ryuu could open his mouth to answer, he felt his arms beginning to shake ever so slightly and he slowly let out a strained response; he wasn’t used to this at all and the sword practice was already taking its effect.* “No Sensei, I planned for that to be the case. I figured if I…had him like that, then he might surrender so he wouldn’t get hurt by my swords.” *Ryuu planned to move his arm to see if it would help with the strain, but decided against it; he didn’t know if his arm would slip on the wet grass or not. Ryuu hoped that his Sensei would let him let go of this hold soon or else his body might not give him a choice and he would rather have not tumbled and possibly onto his Sensei if the second option won out the first one.*

Kunisada: -Kunisada saw the boy’s arms beginning to shake slightly from his stance and heard Ryuu’s strained voice as he gave him an answer to his questions. Ryuu obviously wasn’t expecting this today, and to be fair, neither was Kunisada, but here they were. His orange haired student’s answer varied very little from the answer he’d given him about his fight with Unaru, which he expected to be the result. Kunisada stopped in front of Ryuu before he asked him one more question.- “..So tell me Ryuu, should I, along with your fellow shinobi, believe that you won by complete accident..? ..Because if what everyone else says about what happened at the Exams is true, maybe you did win by pure dumb luck..maybe in the same instance again, you couldn’t duplicate the same results again..” –Kunisada knew full well what he was doing; trying to elicit a reaction from Ryuu with his choice of structuring his question and statement. The words he used weren’t ones pulled out of thin air; they were chosen and designed to fulfill what he was trying to get across. The question and sentence were meant to come off as ill-natured as they sounded; that was Kunisada’s intention.-

IlRyuu: *Ryuu’s blue eyes focused as he saw his Sensei stop in front of him, hoping he would tell him to drop the hold, but instead was meant by a question and what he assumed was a statement, even though it came off more like an accusation. What did he mean should everyone else believe that he won by accident? He just told him that he planned for things during the fight. Was he just not listening to him the entire time? Or did he just not believe him. The initial feeling Ryuu felt at his Sensei’s words were hurt; hurt that he’d just told him the truth, but he didn’t believe him. Now the feeling was anger; anger that he didn’t believe him and that he’d ignored him.* “No! I told you that I planned things during my fights with them, Sensei! And yeah, maybe I couldn’t do it again; maybe if it happened again, I wouldn’t even get involved in the Chunin Exams! But this time, I won my fights and the Exam! Kazuki and Kazuko both know I did my best out there and so should everyone else who watched the Exams! I thought you would know that too!” *Ryuu’s face was red from the blood rushing to his head, but he was sure that it’d be red now from his outburst. His outbursts weren’t full on screams to where everyone could hear them, but they were loud enough so that his Sensei couldn’t miss them. He was panting now and he wasn’t sure if it was due to the blood rush or the outburst for the cause of it all.*

Kunisada: -Kunisada watched as Ryuu’s face changed from shock to a somewhat depressed look before he saw his face take on a defiant look. And now Ryuu was lightly yelling at him his retort to his previous inquiry. He slowly walked around Ryuu again as he started talking back, listening to the boy’s response. How he did plan during the fights and that how maybe if it happened all over again, maybe he wouldn’t bother with the Exams; that wasn’t going to happen. Even if the Exams happened all over again as if though this last one never happened, he was fairly certain that his teammates would’ve persuaded him to do so; even if they didn’t, he would’ve volunteered them as participants. The Exams were Kunisada’s first glances at what his team could do in combat against others or even against each other; he needed to see how they behaved in combat. Ryuu continued by stating that he did win his fights this time and that his teammates know that he did his best and that everyone else who watched the Exams should know that, including him. Kunisada slowly stopped his pace around Ryuu, listening to the boy catch his breath before coming to a complete stop at Ryuu’s back. He let a few seconds of silence hang in the air before bringing the flat side of Ryuu’s blade to the back of his legs, lightly tapping him with the flat side of the blade.- “..Drop...” –Kunisada gave the order for Ryuu to stop holding his handstand, moving a bit off to the side after lightly tapping his legs just in case Ryuu chose an odd way of doing so. After Ryuu let go of the position, Kunisada would simply walk over to Ryuu and took a knee in front of the Chunin, letting Ryuu’s blade linger at his side. He was about Ryuu’s sword length away from the boy when he chose this position. He would wait until Ryuu decided to look at him before he spoke.- “...I already know that Ryuu..” –Kunisada started his statement, waiting for a second to make sure Ryuu heard him.- “..I watched your fights; I watched them all..I’ve been through the Exams, I know what goes on during them; both mentally and physically..I know everyone tried their best during them..” –Kunisada slowly lifted the blade to where the tip of the blade was pointed at Ryuu, with Kunisada’s elbow resting lightly on his own knee as he did so.- “...But you needed to hear it from yourself that you did everything you could to win your fights...You just told me that you had strategies, whether they were made up on the spot or not..” –Kunisada let a moment of silence hang in the air for Ryuu to digest his words before he spoke again.- “...My last question was supposed to sound offensive Ryuu...you needed to tell me otherwise... as I said before: I wasn’t the one who needed the convincing; you did..” –Kunisada slowly lowered the blade to the ground once more before he spoke again.- “..If you’re still concerned about whether or not you deserve the rank of Chunin, then there’s a simple solution: prove those who think otherwise wrong..” –Kunisada normally didn’t do a lot of talking, but if he was going to be a Sensei to these kids, he was going to have to teach them lessons that may or may not require him to do so. Ryuu wouldn’t do himself any favors if he always doubted his own abilities and accomplishments; whether on or off of the battlefield. Kunisada simply stayed silent as he waited for Ryuu to respond, if he so chose to.-

IlRyuu: *Ryuu waited to hear some sort of scolding from his Sensei after yelling at him, only for his Sensei to have moved during his outburst and move where he couldn’t see him. After a few more seconds of not hearing anything, he felt a tap on the back of his legs from something before hearing the words of his Sensei; telling him to ‘drop’. Ryuu groaned slightly as he leaned himself forward into an almost forward roll to sit up straight. Once his legs were on the ground again, Ryuu leaned back and let his body lie on the wet grass, letting his arms rest and let the blood flow of his body return to normal as he lay there. Ryuu began to lightly shake his arms after a moment of lying still to try and get some of the soreness out of them before slowly sitting up. Once he did so, he was greeted by his Sensei looking at him with a knee on the ground and Ryuu’s Dragon Fang at his side. Ryuu began to listen to his Sensei, telling him that he didn’t need to tell him all of that, which made Ryuu’s face mold into confusion again; what the heck did that mean?* “But, why-” *His question was interrupted as he listened to the words of his Sensei, telling him that he watched all of the fights and that he’d been through the Exams as well and that he knew what went on physically and mentally during them. Ryuu’s confusion had slowly begin to wane as he continued to listen to his teacher as he also mentioned that he knew everyone at the Exams did their best. Now, the next thing he did slightly scared Ryuu and caused him to subconsciously almost bolt as his Sensei held up his own blade at him before hearing from his Sensei that Ryuu himself was the one who needed to hear this from his own mouth. Ryuu took a moment of surprise as he recalled what he had just yelled at his Sensei, how he answered the questions before the last one, how he worded them. Up until that point, he figured he was just telling his Sensei the truth, which he was, but he didn’t really have the pieces click together. He was too busy focusing on keeping his stance and answering his Sensei’s questions. Ryuu was about to open his mouth again to say something, but heard his Sensei speak again. He said that his last question was supposed to sound rude and that his Sensei planned for Ryuu to have the kind of reaction he did. ‘Well, maybe he didn’t plan me yelling at him my response.’ Ryuu thought to himself as he kept listening about how his Sensei said that Ryuu was the one in need of convincing, not him. He saw his blade being lowered to the ground in front of him as his Sensei told him that there was a simple solution to show everyone who doubted him wrong and that was to do just that: prove the naysayers wrong and show them why he was Chunin rank. Everything slowly began to click for Ryuu, who just kind of sat there and began to quietly chuckle after everything. Ryuu smiled as he looked back at his Sensei and opened his mouth to speak finally.* “Guess I didn’t really think about it that way. I suppose that shows why you’re the teacher of the group huh?” *Ryuu joked as he laughed a bit before speaking again.* “Thanks Sensei, I guess I needed that. Though next time, could we maybe not do handstands?” *Ryuu chuckled as he rubbed his right arm; he did mean for it to come off as a joke, but he was just a little serious.*

Kunisada: -Kunisada watched as Ryuu sat there and listened to everything he was telling him. At first the boy was confused, as he had expected him to be. At the end of his lesson though, Ryuu had a look of understanding across his face; the boy even began to chuckle. After that, he saw Ryuu smile at him and tell him that he didn’t really think of anything that way and joked about that was why he was their Sensei. Kunisada knew that Ryuu wasn’t initially thinking about the situation the way he was now; that was the whole reason this lesson started. Ryuu thanked Kunisada and then proceeded to joke about the next time not doing handstands.- “..You’re welcome Ryuu..” –Kunisada slowly stood up from his kneel before walking over and carefully maneuvering the Chunin’s blade in his hand to where the handle was being extended to the owner of the blade, waiting for him to take it.- “..you weren’t using your head about the situation, so I decided to fill it with something else for a bit..” –While it might come off as a joke to Ryuu, Kunisada did mean it in both a metaphorical and literal stance. After Ryuu had decided to take the blade from Kunisada, he would speak to him again.- “...You need to go buy yourself a whetstone Ryuu; your blade looks like it’s beginning to dull a bit..” –Kunisada turned his head to the training dummy for a second before looking back to Ryuu.- “..And take it easy on those things unless you want your blade to get stuck again..” –Kunisada waited for a moment in case Ryuu had anything to say in response. Afterwards, whether Ryuu had something to say about that or not, Kunisada would speak once more.- “..See you around Ryuu..” –After saying that, Kunisada would swiftly turn around as he quickly disappeared into a blur as he Body Flickered away. And to think, the day was still early.-

IlRyuu: *Ryuu listened to his Sensei respond to him, slowly standing up when his Sensei did before seeing his sword being offered back to him. He took hold of Dragon Fang’s handle and slowly took it away from his Sensei; he didn’t want to end up accidentally cutting him. Right before the sword was back in his possession, Ryuu heard his Sensei tell him about him not using his head correctly and that he decided to fill it with something else for a minute. Ryuu made a slight frown about it, but didn’t take it offensively as his Sensei wasn’t necessarily wrong about the whole thing. The frown disappeared as his Sensei then told him that he needed to go buy something for his blade because it looked like it was starting to dull. Come to think of it...Ryuu never had sharpened his blade since he bought it. He then heard his Sensei telling him to take it easy on the training dummies or else his blade might get stuck again. Ryuu laughed sheepishly at that before responding.* “I will Sensei; can’t have my sword break on me, now can I? And I’ll uh...try not to get my sword stuck again.” *Ryuu heard his Sensei say goodbye to him before he left to go do...whatever it was his Sensei did; Ryuu didn’t ask.* “Bye Sensei!” *Ryuu said as he saw the man dressed in black leave. Ryuu finally remembered to sheathe his weapon and lift the black hood of his hoodie up, covering his hair once again. Today wasn’t looking so bad after all anymore. Ryuu’s blue eyes shot up as he remembered he needed to go buy something. Ryuu quickly began to run out of the Training Grounds to go buy a whetstone; hopefully he could ask the owner how to use one too without being ridiculed too much. Food sounded good too; maybe he could grab some for himself and his team for breakfast. Yeah...that sounded good.*

End Results:

Kunisada met up with Ryuu in the Training Field and taught Ryuu a lesson in an interesting fashion.