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Kunisada Uchiha

Title: Kunisada: The Blunt and Blast Swords Unearthed - 1/30/16

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada was looking over a map in his office at the ANBU Headquarters; he was looking over locations where the Chunin Exams could be held. Given that from what he was told by Kagato, the Genin of Yonshigakure could have been just as likely to partake in the Exams with the Amegakure Genin. Given that information, he decided it would be best to maybe look over some other possible locations to hold the Exams, to prevent the argument that if the Exams were held in Amegakure that there was an unfair advantage in the likelihood that an Amegakure nin would be paired to fight a Yonshigakure nin. In light of that argument, they could easily deny it and to say it wouldn’t have been their intention, but that would only go so far in terms of an argument; that could even jeopardize whatever good terms Yonshigakure would have with Amegakure at that point. So, Kunisada figured it might’ve been wiser to have the Chunin Exams in a place where there was no way of saying either side had a field advantage unless otherwise caused by the higher ups of that Village. He wore his same attire as he was wearing his rebreather with a dark purple tint over where his eyes were, making them hidden from others. He was wearing his ANBU armored vest with a black long-sleeve shirt underneath it along with his black metallic arm bracers, each engraved with the kanji for “thunder” on the wrists and his Kusanagi was hanging on his lower back; he also was wearing his black pants and black sandals to complete his attire as well. Kunisada then heard a knock at his door as he told them to come in, his eyes never leaving the map of locations to see what location he could to bring up to Kagato as a possibility for the Exams. An ANBU member walked in, bowing their head before addressing him.- ANBU: “Leader-sama, we have reports of another sighting of a missing Getsugakure nin.” –Kunisada glanced upwards slightly at the ANBU before seeing the file being offered to him by the ANBU. He took the file and began to open it before he spoke to the ANBU.- Kunisada: “..What’s known about the missing nin..?” –The ANBU member cleared their throat before they began to speak.- ANBU: “From what we know of her, her name is Hitomi Hyuga and she was the SuKage of Getsugakure. She was last seen nearby the Land of Frost’s border...or what’s left of it, sir.” –The ANBU waited patiently as Kunisada glanced at the papers inside of the file, his eyes narrowing slightly at the mention of her rank. ‘..Another Hyuga Kage rank from Getsugakure..? ..Guess it makes sense, even Kagato had Athena as a SuKage in Ame..Wait...near the Land of Frost’s border..? ...why does that place sound so familiar..?’ Kunisada thought before closing the file and handing it back to the ANBU, who quickly took it and held it in their hands. Kunisada glanced at the ANBU member once more as he rolled up the map off of his desk and put it away, already having a few locations in mind for where the Exams could take place.- “..I’ll deal with the missing SuKage then..” –The ANBU member bowed their head and exited the room to leave Kunisada in peace before Kunisada placed his back against the wall as he thought. ‘..Land of Frost huh...’ Kunisada then disappeared into a blur as he Body Flickered away from his office in the ANBU Headquarters. He reappeared outside of the door leading into the ANBU Headquarters seeing no one outside or any leaving ANBU before he activated his Eternal Mangenkyo Sharingan before a swirling vortex appeared, it seemed to be coming from Kunisada’s Eternal Mangenkyo Sharingan before the vortex began to distort his figure before completely swallowing him whole; once he was, both he and the vortex disappeared into thin air as if they never existed.-

KunisadaUchiha: -The vortex made itself known just outside of what was left of the Land of Frost’s border as Kunisada exited the vortex, his body coming out in a distorted form until it took solid shape once again, making the vortex disappear after Kunisada completely exited the vortex. Kunisada took in the surrounding area before picking up on a white chakra source with his Chakra Sensing, turning his head towards the direction it was coming from and making his way towards it; the chakra source was immobile, so he didn’t have to run to catch the source. Kunisada soon found the chakra source moving around at random intervals, so he found himself moving a bit quicker to her location before seeing a female. She had her head down from what he could see, like she was looking for something. Kunisada made his way over to her noiselessly, hearing her mumbling about something the closer he got to her. Kunisada waited for a moment before he spoke to the female.- “..What are you doing here Hitomi..?”

HaleeDGBlack: -Hitomi was looking through the rubble that remained on the field, mumbling to herself; this was where they were supposed to be weren’t they? She thought that this was where they were at or at least that’s what she was meant to believe. She needed to find them; she had to before someone else found them. The Hyuga was so wrapped up in searching for them that she failed to hear the footsteps approaching her location until she heard a voice call out her name, asking her what she was doing here. She quickly turned on her heels before drawing out her twin sai, holding them defensively out in front of her before she quickly spoke to the man in front of her.- “How do you know my name?”

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada watched the woman turn quickly to face him, pulling two sai out in front of her defensively, making Kunisada’s hand reach back and grip the hilt of his Kusanagi, ready to withdraw the blade in case he needed to. He heard her ask how he knew her name, but didn’t answer immediately. She wasn’t curious as to why he was here at all or how he found her? He didn’t bother trying to figure out why she was more curious about him knowing her name above anything else before he spoke to her again.- “..Answer my question, what are you doing here..?”

HaleeDGBlack: -She saw the man reach for the blade on his back when she pulled out her sai, making her even more on edge about this man; how did anyone even know where she was at? Hitomi heard him ask again what she was doing here which made her let out a laugh. He really thought that asking the question again would make her give an answer?- “You think I don’t know what you’re here for? I’m not stupid; I know you’re looking for them too!” –Hitomi was more on edge than anything before and she wasn’t about to let her trip all the way here be wasted by some random passerby.-

KunisadaUchiha: -He heard her let out a laugh at his question, making his eyes narrow slightly before she yelled at him, claiming that she knew why he was here and about him looking for ‘them too.’ What did she mean that he was looking for something other than a high rank ninja? Maybe there was something around here that she was looking about, but he didn’t know what exactly. Kunisada’s eyes narrowed at her before he spoke to her again.- “..I’m not sure what you’re going on about, but that’s not my problem Hitomi..Now why are you here..?”

HaleeDGBlack: -She listened to him ask for the third time why she was here, proclaiming that he didn’t know what she was talking about. She let out another laugh to him once again before pointing a sai at the man, as if she was accusing him with an extension of her finger.- “You don’t know what I’m talking about? You track me down and you claim not to know what I’m talking about or why I’m here?!” –Hitomi couldn’t help her Byakugan from activating from the sheer anger she felt towards this man; he had to have known why she was here right? There was no other reasoning of why she was being hunted down; her family had died years ago a little after Getsugakure had fallen and her companion Meeko had died as well.- “You won’t get them before I do!” –She quickly charged at him with her twin sai, making her way up to him before swinging the blades at his chest, aiming to kill him quickly.-

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada listened to her continue to talk about her claiming to know why he was here and that he knew what she was talking about, all while pointing one of her sai at her, causing his grip on the hilt of his Kusanagi to tighten slightly. He noticed her Byakugan activate, maybe out of instinct alone or maybe of her own willpower; he wasn’t entirely too sure about that. She yelled one last thing to him that made his eyes narrow again, that he wouldn’t get them before she did. What did she mean by that? He had little time to reflect on the meaning of that statement before seeing her charge at him with her sai, causing him to withdraw his Kusanagi. He knew that ordinarily that sai were made to disarm and even break blades and that a katana going against a pair of sai might end up with the katana being broken, but he knew his blade. He sidestepped her sai before swinging his Kusanagi blade at her sai, infusing it with lightning chakra to make the blade cut through her sai, aiming to break the instruments before she was able to continue using them.-

HaleeDGBlack: -Hitomi saw the man sidestep her attack only to swing at her sai with his own katana, she smirked at the attempt; she knew how to disarm a katana with her sai and to even break one. She felt the blade make impact with one of her sai before seeing the blade go through the sai, making her eyes widen and jump away from the blade but not before it could reach her second sai. When she gained enough ground to keep herself away from the man, she glanced at her hands to see that both of her sai had been cut through, leaving only the handles to them and making her throw them to the ground with a groan of anger escaping her lips. ‘OK, so my sai won’t help me anymore...Great, just great.’ She thought in anger as she glanced at the man, her Byakugan still activated before she remained motionless; the man had a blade held out in front of him, so she couldn’t just charge at him to use one of the Eight Trigram techniques.-

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada watched his Kusanagi easily cut through her twin sai before she backed away herself. Well, at least the pair of sai weren’t an issue anymore. He watched Hitomi throw what were left of her sai onto the ground beside her before seeing her stand ready for something. He knew that she wasn’t going to try and advance an attack on him with his blade standing in between him and her. Kunisada also took into consideration that she was a Hyuga and that he had just fought a Hyuga with Kage rank yesterday so if they fought using Taijutsu only, it’d be just as long of a fight, if not longer, as it was when he fought Hiromi. Given that option, Kunisada simply re-sheathed his blade before having his hands form the seal of the Horse as he used the Great Fire Annihilation. He kneaded the chakra required for this technique before he focused it up towards his mouth before he expelled a massive stream of flames towards the female, the stream being about 15 feet wide as it grew closer to her, aiming to take her out of the fight; even if it didn’t, the burns from the flames were enough to easily wound her and hinder her chances at fighting him at full power.-

HaleeDGBlack: -Hitomi watched as the man sheathed his weapon, making her confused that he would place the only thing that was keeping her at bay away, but her eyes widened as the man began to quickly form a hand seal before seeing a large stream of flames being fired at her, the flames being too expanded for her to simply roll away so she chose to shift her feet and inhale quickly before she began to spin rapidly, releasing chakra from her body that quickly began to form a rotating shield of chakra, large enough to protect her from the flames that were coming to consume her as she used the Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven technique. When the flames struck the chakra, they bounced off and went in a separate direction of where they were once headed due to the rotating shield of chakra as the rest of the flames simply fell to the ground beside the spinning orb of chakra, setting the ground ablaze as quickly as the flames touched the ground.  Once the flames had missed their target, Hitomi quickly stopped her spinning before she quickly backed away from the flames right next to her. When she fell to the ground on her feet, she found herself breathing a little harder from having to spin around and then quickly move away. She needed to figure out some strategy on how to approach the man before she found herself becoming one with the ground.-

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada watched the female quickly use the Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven technique, being able to ward off the flames from enveloping and catching her ablaze; however the ground to her sides were still burning, but she was quick to remove her presence from the closeness of the flames. Kunisada disappeared into a blur as he Body Flickered towards her position, moving past the flames that he had produced. He reappeared behind her before his hands quickly moved and formed the seal of the Snake as he used the Earth Corridor technique, having the ground around Hitomi quickly rose up and over as the earth created a dome-like cavern around that was going to leave no opening for her escape as Kunisada aimed to imprison her within the corridor.-

HaleeDGBlack: -Hitomi watched the man vanish quickly, making her eyes widen slightly before turning her head around to see where he vanished off to. She saw he was behind her, his hands quickly moving to perform more hands seals before she felt the ground begin to rumble slightly before the ground shot out from underneath the ground and went above her head as a cavern began to form. Her eyes widened again before she quickly jumped up and out from the opening that was closing up quickly. She narrowly made it, feeling that if she had moved a second later than she did then her jump would have caused her ankle to get caught in the corridor. She jumped off of the corridor, not wanting to give the man time enough to use another Jutsu against her. She began panting, glancing over at her shoulder with her Byakugan to see if the man was still where he was before, placing her hands on the ground to try and calm herself down. Her hand touched something like the handle of an object, causing her eyes to look over at the object before she quickly dug the ground away until the handle of the object was visible to her. Her eyes widened before she took hold of the handle of the weapon before pulling the object up. The object was revealed as a giant hammer attached by a leather rope to something else to the ground before Hitomi’s eyes lit up as she pulled on the rope and pulled up the object connected to the giant hammer. The second object that was linked to the giant hammer was a giant axe, making a surprised gasp escape her lips before a wide smile formed on her lips; she found one, now she needed the other one.-

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada saw Hitomi narrowly escape his trap before moving off of the corridor, making Kunisada pause for a moment to feel where her chakra signature was only to find that it was right next to the already existing earth cavern. Kunisada quietly made his way over to her, knowing that if she tried to run that he could easily catch up to her or just as easily cut her off. Kunisada landed noiselessly on top of the dome he had created before looking over the edge at her, only to see that she was pulling something out of the ground, making Kunisada’s eyes narrow slightly. What exactly did she find?  Kunisada saw her struggle to do so but he saw her pull out a large hammer out of the ground, making his eyes narrow slightly; what was a giant hammer doing buried underneath the ground? He saw her pull on a leather rope that was attached to the hammer before seeing a giant axe come out of the ground, making Kunisada’s eyes widen slightly from seeing the objects; there were many weapons in the world, but this one was obviously one of the more easily identified ones. ‘..Kabutowari..?’ –Kunisada thought before narrowing his eyes as his thoughts began to go through his mind. ‘..Who buried the Kabutowari...Especially here of all places..?’ –Kunisada quickly placed his hands in the seal of the Horse, followed by his hands smoothly forming the seal of the Dog, then quickly maneuvering them into the seal of the Bird before swiftly forming the seal of the Ox and finished off with the seal of the Snake as he used the Earth and Stone Dragon technique. After the hand seals were completed, the ground rumbled abruptly before a dragon appeared out of the ground off to Hitomi’s side, moving to strike Hitomi before she could respond to the attack.-

HaleeDGBlack:-She finally found what she came here looking for, albeit not in the most ideal timing, but she was glad she found at least one of the Seven Swords of the Swordsmen of the Mist she had set out to find; she knew that this was where they were last seen over two decades ago during the Fourth Shinobi World War when the reincarnated wielders had used them in battle, but she thought the Allies would have collected these weapons or sealed them away. Apparently, they had either chosen to ignore them or they were simply buried in hopes that no one else would find them. ‘This is such sloppy work from the ninja who won this battle; Oh well; their loss, my gain.’ She thought, the smile evident on her face before she felt the ground beneath her shake again before she was faced with a dragon made from the earth itself appearing out of the ground and making its way towards her quickly. She desperately moved to pick up the object but realized it was too late. The dragon had made its way to her and picked her up in its “jaws” only to pick her up for a short trip as it slammed her into the wall of the cavern she was still nearby, causing her grip on the Kabutowari to slip as the dragon took her into its clutches. The attack had such momentum that the dragon drove her through the cavern, injuring her majorly as she felt the dragon slam her through the hard wall, causing her back to scream out in agony; she let out a cry of pain at the moment of impact. She didn’t move, even after the dragon disappeared in the rubble; the impact of itself hitting the wall made itself disappear when the two collided and left a gaping hole in the side of it. She was breathing heavily and found herself not wanting to move in fear of being unsure of what could’ve possibly been injured. Hitomi knew that if she didn’t move quickly that the man would spot the Kabutowari and she had come too far for her to lose it this easily, but she also felt her body howling in pain from the impact she just took. She inhaled before lifting herself up with her right arm and leaned on it, the actions caused her immense pain. She had to bare the pain as her hands slowly came up and formed the seal of the Rat before shakily forming the seal of the Ram and tiredly finished with the seal of the Dog as she used her Healing Technique. She gathered healing chakra in her left hand as it took the form of a white orb and moved the orb over her back, wincing from the pain that accompanied the movement. As she continued using the Healing Technique, she also activated her Cell Activation Technique as the technique allowed her body the ability to repair itself even while performing the Healing Technique on herself. She needed to speed up her recovery process before the man took the blade for himself; she wasn’t going to let that happen…not when she’d traveled this far. After a moment, she felt her body recovering rapidly, just enough for pain to become bearable when she moved. If the man had moved in front of her to take or even examine the blade, Hitomi crouched as she felt some pain accompany her before using the Water Needle technique. She focused her chakra until water vortexes were created around her, which then began to shoot water blasts from them in the shape of needle-like water; having her Byakugan activated made her precision deadly as she aimed for two needles to strike at the mysterious man’s neck if he was down there with her.-

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada watched the dragon made out of the earth beneath their feet was successfully able to take hold of Hitomi in its “mouth” before carrying her backwards with more force, causing her to crash through the makeshift earthly prison. The impact caused the earthly dome to open with a giant hole on the side as the dragon made from the earth took the Kage rank Hyuga with it; this caused the dragon to disappear when it made impact due to the sheer impact of it. He knew he was going to have to leap off of the structure when he saw the trajectory of where the attack was going, but didn’t move until the moment of impact; he didn’t want to risk the structure he was on to fall to the ground and have him fall with it. He landed noiselessly on the ground as he looked over towards the hole where the Hyuga had been taken before walking over calmly, keeping his eyes on the now broken structure. She seemed to still be alive; he could hear her grunting in pain before turning his gaze down to the large axe and hammer combination weapon linked together by a flat leather-like rope. Kunisada knelt down to the weapon as his eyes narrowed slightly as his thoughts began to race. ‘...Who would bury Kabutowari here of all places..? ..It was reported to be last seen here when the Swordsmen were revived to fight, but that was during the Fourth Shinobi World War...Why didn’t the Leaf Village or any of the other Villages claim it when the battle was over with..?’ Kunisada’s eyes widened slightly once again before he turned his gaze to his side, looking at the ground as a thought passed through his mind, recalling what Hitomi had told him earlier; she said he’d wouldn’t get “them” before she did. ‘..There’s one more buried here..’ Kunisada felt Hitomi’s chakra source move before he quickly turned his gaze towards the female as he saw water vortexes gathering around her as well as two water-like needles being shot out towards him from the water vortexes. Kunisada quickly clapped his hands together as he used the Gale Palm technique as a massive gale of wind appeared quickly, launching itself towards Hitomi. The impact easily caused her water-like needle’s projection to be thrown off balance, avoiding Kunisada; if Hitomi didn’t move from her current spot, she could also find herself to be in the crosshairs of the Gale Palm that could easily knock her down if she had made her way back to her feet. Kunisada then placed his hands in the form of the Rat which was quickly followed by the seal of the Boar and masterfully finished off with the seal of the Tiger as he used the Scattering Thousand Crows technique. This summoned a flock of countless crows towards Hitomi, obscuring her field of vision and if she was able to destroy any of the crows, they would just continuously clone themselves until she was completely surrounded.-

HaleeDGBlack: -Hitomi saw her Water Needle attack miss as the man had clapped his hands together and summoned a strong enough wind to throw them off their course. She was just about to stand to her feet to try and retaliate against the assault, one hand still nursing her back with her Healing Technique as well as he Cell Activation Technique, but those plans were messed with as she felt the strong current knock her off of her feet, growling slightly from the impact and from the frustration that the man was causing her; the impact made her lose concentration on her Healing Technique as the white orb vanished from her hand. Hitomi quickly got to her feet, the Cell Activation had done its job; at least she didn’t feel like her body would break in two if she took a step. She glanced at the man before seeing him create more hand seals, trying to run over to Kabutowari before he could finish his last hand seal; it seemed desperate, but she was running out of options. Besides, she came for the blade so she could learn how to use it; why not start her training now? Before she could grab the weapon, she found herself being surrounded by a swarm of crows, causing her to reflexively bring her arms up to cover her face. After not feeling her arms or hands being pecked by the crows, she uncovered her hands to see the crows swarming her vision as well as the noise of their wings that seemed to be getting louder by the minute. She panicked before she deactivated her Cell Activation technique, knowing that if she kept it running at this rate that she would run out of chakra quicker than she wanted. She had to find a way to get rid of these crows quickly because she could barely see in front of her with the black feathers flying past her face and the crows seemed to be growing by the numbers by every second. She shifted her feet in the ground once more before she quickly began to spin rapidly, releasing chakra from her body in the form of a chakra shield surrounding her entire body as she used the Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven technique once more, aiming to rid herself of the crows so she could see once more.-

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada watched the female become quickly enveloped with crows before seeing a defensive chakra shield form itself from inside of the crow swarm, causing Kunisada to realize the technique as the Palms Revolving Heaven Technique. Before she could begin her spin to its fruition, Kunisada placed his hands in the seal of the Tiger as he activated the Clone Seal technique as he projected his chakra towards some of the crows that were surrounding Hitomi. This caused some of the crows to separate from the sea of crows surrounding Hitomi before they took the form of the body of a clone, creating an exact replica of Kunisada. Once the Crow Clone was completed, Kunisada Body Flickered away from his current location, disappearing into a blur. He found himself reappearing on the opposite side of the makeshift earth prison he had made earlier, before he used the Dustless Bewildering Cover technique to erase his presence as well as his chakra from Hitomi’s Byakugan. The crows that were flocking her had been hit by the Palms Revolving Heaven technique, causing Kunisada to cancel his hold on them as they disappeared into a puff of smoke. The Crow Clone simply kept his gaze on Hitomi, waiting for her to strike.-

HaleeDGBlack: -Hitomi continued her spin until she came to a complete stop, seeing the crows that made her eyesight useless disappear into a puff of smoke until she was met with the man in front of her, waiting for her to move it seemed. She quickly grabbed the Kabutowari from the ground before smirking at the man; he was either arrogant or foolish to let her obtain such a weapon to use even without prior training with the weapon. She quickly charged after him with the Kabutowari in her hands by the hammer’s handle before swinging herself around. The motion caused the axe connected to the leather strap holding them together to swing around her and quickly launch the axe towards the mysterious man, aiming to hit him in the chest and to finally end this fight once and for all.-

KunisadaUchiha: -The Crow Clone saw Hitomi make her way towards him, tilting his head in the process as she ran towards him with the Kabutowari before swinging the axe at his chest, to which the Crow Clone simply backed itself away from the attack, placing its arm out in front of himself instead to take the impact. When the axe cut through the Crow Clone’s arm, a flock of crows appeared from where the impact was made before the clone simply looked over at his now dismembered arm as the crows flew away. After waiting for Hitomi to realize this, the Crow Clone spoke to her.- “..So, you were hunting down Kabutowari..And the other blade is somewhere around here, is that right..?” – So that’s why this particular place seemed to sound so familiar when he heard her location back in Amegakure. It had taken him a moment to remember the name of the last wielder that was here over 200 years ago during the Fourth Shinobi World War. The last wielder of Kabutowari was Jinin Akebino, if he remembered the name correctly and the other man was named Jinpachi Munashi, who wielded the blade known as Shibuki. Both had been sealed after they were revived during the Fourth Shinobi World War in a battle, though he expected the blades to have been sealed with them; it seemed that that wasn’t the case after all. - “..It took me a moment to remember...so Shibuki and Kabutowari were never sealed away or collected huh..? ..Interesting..” –The Crow Clone spoke to her, turning its head as it began to speak to her, looking over the field as he spoke of it taking a moment for him to remember before tilting its head back at her as he finished his sentence. At the end of his sentence, he took a step toward her as he waited for her next move.-

HaleeDGBlack: -She felt the blade make impact with the man, smiling to herself at her use of the legendary blade before she turned to see the damage she had caused to the man. Her eyes widened in shock as she felt a chill also shoot up her spine as she saw the man’s arm had been severed, but no blood was being cast out of the body; only crows, which then flew off. She heard the man speak of her hunting down the Kabutowari, causing her to take a step back before hearing him also speak of the other blade being somewhere around here. She was massively confused at the man standing in front of her; she had just severed his arm, but only crows came out of his body? ‘No...No, no, no this is a trick!’ She mentally screamed, quickly turning her head to see if there was some other chakra source somewhere else, but she couldn’t find one with her Byakugan. She glanced back at the man before hearing him mention Shibuki as well, the other blade she had come here looking for, but the idea that this man in front of her had just lost an arm and didn’t bleed or seem to be in any physical pain was still processing in her head. This had to be a trick; this just had to be a trick! She raised the Kabutowari in front of her defensively, taking a step back from him taking one towards her before stuttering slightly to find her words.- “You...you won’t get Shibuki! I’ve traveled too far to be stopped by you!” –If the man standing in front of her would continue to walk towards her, she would continue to step back to keep distance between the two of them.-

KunisadaUchiha: -The Crow Clone glanced at the woman as she backed away, her eyes wide from shock or fear; he couldn’t tell which one it was. She was probably concerned that her attack didn’t faze him in any way and that she wasn’t sure what to do anymore. She hadn’t chosen to continue to attack him with Kabutowari and she was instead trying to keep some space between the two of them. The Crow Clone continued to walk towards her slowly before he decided to stop his movements.- “..You don’t know where the other one is exactly do you..You’re just hoping to stumble upon it like you did with Kabutowari..” –The clone kept his gaze on her, waiting to see some sort of reaction from the female if she had one. The fact that she hadn’t struck another attack immediately after her first one gave him the implication that she wasn’t sure what to do anymore.-

HaleeDGBlack: -She continued to back away to keep the distance between herself and the man, the Kabutowari placed in the middle of them, but she felt her hand becoming increasingly shaky. She wasn’t sure why this man was being slow with his movements as she expected for him to fight back, but she also wasn’t expecting for him to lose an arm and not have any blood loss, so at this point she felt like she barely knew anything; far from that, she knew nothing about this man. She found herself scowling at his words, knowing that he was right; she knew the area where the two legendary blades were at, but she had found the one in her hands right now because of his Jutsu that caused the earth beneath their feet to shift. She needed to find the last blade, but she knew she wouldn’t; not with him watching over her like a hawk. She felt a tingle of fear begin after she had seen his severed arm, but not she felt the fear beginning to spread throughout her body. None of this made sense; how was he still standing? The cut was clean and any normal ninja would’ve fallen to the ground and began to quickly bleed out from the moment the arm was severed. Was she trapped in a Genjutsu of some sort? Maybe she had been caught in one and she was only seeing this mirage in her mind, nothing more. She shook her head, trying to get the confusion out of her mind so she could focus on the task at hand.-

KunisadaUchiha: -The Crow Clone watched as the female kept her distance from him, but given how she was looking he could tell that she was stressing out over something. He took a moment to notice that she wasn’t in as much pain that he’d thought she be in considering that she was put through a wall not too long ago. The Crow Clone reached to grab a kunai before he quickly dashed forward after her, looking as if though it was going to attack her even with the severed limb missing. The clone’s right arm had been severed, meaning that the kunai was in his left hand as he approached the female, aiming to strike the female in the neck to quickly take her out of the fight.-

HaleeDGBlack: -Hitomi’s train of thought was quickly thrown off course as she saw the man in front of her charge at her with a kunai in his left hand; her thoughts had kept her attention away for her to not notice him obtaining the weapon. Something about this man had her on edge, more on edge than she had felt comfortable with. She quickly moved backwards and swung the large hammer at the man in sheer reflex, not sure of if the weapon would even hit him as she reacted so abruptly; if the hammer managed to hit the man though, the impact alone would be strong enough to easily break his bones...That was of course if the man trying to attack her even had bones to break.-

KunisadaUchiha: -The Crow Clone saw the hammer coming towards him before it impacted with the side of his skull as he quickly fell to the ground, staying motionless for a moment as silence passed between them. The Crow Clone quickly fell apart into many crows as they flew away from where the body lay on the ground as Kunisada withheld his hold on the Crow Clone Jutsu as well as his Dustless Bewildering Cover technique. He had reappeared just as the attack was struck; he was standing behind Hitomi, knowing that she probably wasn’t aware of his presence yet due to all of her attention being focused on the Crow Clone he had created. Kunisada quickly formed his hands in the seal of the Boar before he smoothly made the seal of the Ram, which was then replaced quickly with the seal of the Snake, after which was skillfully transformed into the seal of the Horse and finished off with the seal of the Dragon as he activated his Electromagnetic Murder technique. He raised his hand up behind the female’s back, aiming where her heart would be located before a wave of electricity shot out from his hand, aiming to pierce the woman’s back and chest to strike her heart to take her out of the fight once and for all.-

HaleeDGBlack: -Hitomi’s eyes widened as she saw the man fall to the ground in front of her after the hammer hit him; she was surprised it hit the man in the head. She stayed silent and still, waiting for him to get back up or do something; anything. She wasn’t entirely too sure that the man she was facing was human anymore: she had cut off the man’s arm only to find crows in place of blood and now he had taken a blunt hit from a giant hammer, but she saw him make no effort to try and avoid the blow. Suddenly the body on the ground turned into countless crows, making her tense for a moment before she saw the crows fly away and the body was gone. Once she saw the body disappear with the crows, she let out a sigh of relief before deactivating her Byakugan; at least he was gone, she wasn’t sure where he went, but as long as she was away from him. She began to take a step forward before hearing a loud noise come from behind her, not having enough time to react as she felt a quick and sharp pain pierce her chest as her eyes widened from the attack, as she felt blood begin to quickly fall out of her back and chest. The pain wasn’t there for long though as she felt her body become weak at an alarming rate; she knew where the attack had hit and she didn’t have enough time to do anything about it to stop it. She felt her grip on the Kabutowari slip as she began to fall to the ground but she felt like everything was in slow-motion and she was stuck in free fall. She had come all this way to find the two blades left by the Seven Swordsmen and she had been successful at finding one, but she failed overall, something that made her feel like laughing if she could. Her eyes closed when she hit the ground, her now corpse falling next to Kabutowari with her hand laying right next to it.-

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada watched the female fall to the ground, cancelling his hold on his Electromagnetic Murder technique after she began to fall, knowing that his attack had struck where he aimed for it to. Kunisada glanced at the female’s body as it was right next to one of the weapons that she had come here searching for as her hand was almost reaching for it still; it was almost poetic. Kunisada glanced over at the blade she so desired for, the Kabutowari before his left eye turned into a dark crimson blood red hue with black with scythe blades designs surrounding a circle that seemed to resemble a shuriken as the empty spaces that weren’t pre-occupied with the scythe blade designs had the endings of a shuriken with a black iris hidden within the circle as he activated his Eternal Mangenkyo Sharingan. A swirling vortex made its presence known behind the Kabutowari, absorbing it until it was vanished completely, which then the vortex swiftly followed suit as it also disappeared into nothing once more as he stored Kabutowari in his Kamui's Dimension. He then turned his head slightly to glance over his shoulder as his thoughts began to collect in his mind. ‘..Well, she confirmed that Shibuki is here as well..Now the only thing to do is find it..’ Kunisada moved to turn himself around fully as he glanced at the remaining field before him; he thought about maybe checking near where the Kabutowari was found, but he doubted that both blades had fallen in the same location or even that close to each other; if anything, he’d check there lastly. The only problem with looking for the blade was that it was going to be buried somewhere underneath the ground and he didn’t have enough time to go around destroying the ground just so he could find the blade. Given that they hadn’t use many Jutsu, the area surrounding them was still relatively in one piece.-

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada glanced over to his side as he saw the flames from his Great Fire Annihilation continue to burn the area before Kunisada stepped a little closer to the flames before his hands formed the seal of the Dragon swiftly followed up by the seal of the Tiger and finished with the seal of the Hare as he used the Wild Water Wave technique. Kunisada built up chakra and then released a water stream from his mouth like a waterfall as the water quickly engulfed the flames on the ground; the sizzling from the contact was heard as Kunisada evaporated the flames. After all the flames had died out from the water, Kunisada released his hold on the Wild Water Wave technique. He was just turning to head back towards the body until the saw something protruding out of the ground, it was difficult to see with the darkness of the ground from being burned, but he could see something was making its way out of the ground. Kunisada began to walk over to the object, keeping his eyes locked onto its location until he was finally near it. He knelt down towards the object sticking out of the ground before wiping some of the dirt off of it to reveal what looked to be the handle to an object before his hand wrapped itself around the object, taking hold of it. Kunisada lifted the object with him as he stood up to reveal a long blade accompanying him pulling it out of the ground until the entire blade itself was revealed. When he glanced at it, the sword looked as though there were two different sides to it with a narrow cutting edge on one side and the other side seemed to look like a wide platform on it. Kunisada placed the blade down in front of him as he gazed upon Shibuki; there weren’t any other weapons that had this sort of build that he knew of and plus this was the only blade that Hitomi seemed to be interested in other than Kabutowari; she herself confirmed his suspicion of Kabutowari and Shibuki being here. Kunisada kept his gaze upon the blade as the vortex appeared from behind the blade, swallowing it whole until it vanished much like Kabutowari had done before; much like what happened after Kabutowari was absorbed, the vortex disappeared after Shibuki was absorbed and placed in his Kamui's Dimension. Kunisada turned his body around before walking over to Hitomi’s body before kneeling down to pick up her body and pick the body up and place it over his shoulder. He glanced at the area once more before the vortex reappeared once more, this time it seemed to be originating from his eye until it distorted both his and Hitomi’s body before swallowing them whole, disappearing after they had been as if the vortex and the two of them had never been there.-

KunisadaUchiha: -The swirling vortex appeared once more on top of Amegakure Tower out of everyone’s view from even the streets below as Kunisada stepped out of the vortex along with Hitomi’s corpse on his shoulder until they took solid form once more. After the both of them exited the whirling vortex, it disappeared without a trace leaving only Kunisada and Hitomi on top of the Tower; the dark crimson blood red hue of his eye had also left as he deactivated his Eternal Mangenkyo Sharingan. Kunisada disappeared into a blur with Hitomi’s body as he used the Body Flicker technique to move away from the Tower. Kunisada re-appered in the Amegakure Hospital, like he had done the other day when he brought Hiromi’s body with him to get her Byakugan taken eyes out. Kunisada was approached by a Medical Ninja, who asked him if he needed something, but the man recognized the mask of Kunisada as he motioned for him to follow him, having an idea of what the man wanted; he was the same one who had extracted Hiromi’s eyes. Once they were all in a room, the Medical Ninja asked if he needed anything done with the eyes or if he was just to repeat his actions that he had done the day before. Kunisada told the Medical Ninja that he needed the same treatment as he had given to Hiromi. The medical ninja simply nodded before leaving the room to get the tools needed as Kunisada placed Hitomi’s body on the operating table for the medical ninja. The Medical Ninja returned shortly after leaving, bringing his surgery tools as well as two containers, each with their own lid and each filled with a liquid that was used to preserve the eyes once they were extracted. He placed all of these instruments near the corpse, the containers being a bit further away from the tools in case of something happening; he didn’t need the containers to spill all over the floor during the middle of the procedure. Kunisada crossed his arms over his chest before placing his back against the wall as he waited for the Medical Ninja to be done with his surgery.-

KunisadaUchiha: Medical Ninja: -The Medical Ninja put on a clean pair of gloves before he then began to open the closed right eyelid of the deceased before grabbing a scalpel and began to gently remove the eye from her eye socket began his procedure on the corpse, making sure that the he didn’t damage her eyes like he did with the last body the man had brought in. His movements were precise and accurate, much like last time; being very sure and careful that he wasn’t going to damage the eyes. He thought about making a joke to the man that if he kept bringing him bodies that he would become very skilled in eye removal surgeries, but decided to keep his attention on the matter at hand; besides, the man who was in the room with him didn’t exactly seem to be of a joking mood. After he was successfully able to cut the right eye away from its original resting place, he moved the eye very slowly and gingerly away from the eye-socket, letting it close normally once more. His gloves were now soaked with blood before he then quickly placed the eye in the container and placed the lid on top of it and quickly sealed it to where there would be no spillage of either the liquid or the eye; the procedure seemed to be somewhat like déjà vu. Once the right eye was done with, he quickly took off and replaced his bloodied gloves by throwing them in the trash before putting on a clean pair of gloves. After changing his gloves in, he then grabbed an unused scalpel before he then moved to open the female’s left eyelid to repeat the same process he had done with her right eyelid. He kept himself focused on performing the eye surgery; the man standing off to the side was very quiet, something that rattled his nerves a little, but he didn’t exactly seem like the talkative one anyways. Once he was ready to carefully and remove the left eye from its original position, he pulled out the eye with the same care as he did with the right eye, letting out a small exhale from his lips. Once the eye was successfully pulled out of the female’s eye-socket, he then put the eye into the container with the liquid as he did to the right eye. After safely placing the eye in the container, he put the lid on and twisted it so it was sealed tightly, giving no room that there would be no spillage. After he was done, he sighed and began to throw away the second pair of gloves he had on. After he threw away the gloves, he went over to the sink and began to wash his hands before speaking to Kunisada.- “If that’s all you’ll be needing from me, feel free to take the eyes, sir; we’ll take care of the body.” –The Medical Ninja turned to see the man, reaching for a towel to wipe his hands with to dry them.-

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada walked towards the two containers that each held Hitomi’s Byakugan in them before picking them up while the doctor washed his hands after finishing performing the surgery. He heard the Medical Ninja say that he could take the eyes if that was all he needed and that they’d take care of the body. Kunisada glanced at the man before parting his lips slightly to respond to the man.- “..Very well..Good day, Doctor..” –Kunisada disappeared into a blur as he Body Flickered away from the Hospital. He reappeared outside of the Hospital on top of one of the building rooftops in Amegakure before glancing at the two containers in his hands before disappearing into a blur once more. He reappeared in his home before he placed the two containers on the countertop as he took a step back and crossed his arms over his chest and glanced over at them. He let the day sink in before walked over to them and picked them up before he activated his Eternal Mangenkyo Sharingan again, immediately summoning the swirling vortex to quickly absorb him and the eyes he was carrying until they disappeared and so did the vortex. Shortly after the vortex disappeared, it made its presence known once more before Kunisada quickly stepped out of it, barely taking any time before his body took solid form once more, causing the whirling vortex to disappear after he exited the vortex; much like he had done with Hiromi’s Byakugan eyes, he placed Hitomi’s pair of Byakugan in his Kamui’s Dimension as well. He made his way over and sat down on the edge of his bed as he took his Kusanagi off of his lower back and held the sheath in his hand, holding it by his side as he thought about the past few days. He glanced at the wall as he thought about if he needed to do anything else before deciding to call it a day.-

End Results:

Kunisada fought Hitomi Hyuga, the SuKage of Getsugakure and defeated her. He was also able to locate two more swords of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, Kabutowari and Shibuki and placed both in his Kamui's Dimension after discovering them. He then took Hitomi to the Amegakure Hospital and had her Byakugan removed, storing the eyes in his Kamui's Dimension after they were extracted.