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Kunisada Uchiha & Akatori Yamanaka

Title: Kuni & Aka: Date? 5/21/15

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada’s clone finally crossed the border into Amegakure, finally returning to the Village after leaving the campsite where Kagato and the rest of their group along with Yonshigakure’s group were. His steps became normal, no longer needing to run since he had made it to his destination as his eyes began to scan Amegakure’s streets, watching the villagers and merchants around the Village along with some of the children of Amegakure. He felt the rain pouring on his clothes once more; for some reason, it’d seemed longer than it actually was since he had felt the rain fall down upon him in Amegakure. He turned his gaze to the Amegakure Tower, which was an almost normal place for him to go to whenever he decided to begin to walk slowly towards it. After a moment he turned himself slightly as he quickly jumped onto the rooftops and began to walk on top of them as he continued to make his way toward the Tower-

Akatori2: ~Akatori's clone layed down with an umbrella over her onto of a quiet rooftop. She waited patiently facing a quiet allyway. Aka had just sent her squad on a mission that would take the group about an hour or two, seeing it was a hard one for the group to do, along with them still being fairly new. She tried taking it easy with them first, but in order for them to get skilled, she had to increase the level of her training. As she was just getting comfy, olive eyes settling on the storm clouds. She sensed a chakra approaching her. She quickly got up and faced the source. It was Kuni. How was he back? Did he send a clone? When? Akatori felt clustered with questions and she spun the red umbrella over her head, looking dead at the ANBU. ~ "Kuni?" ~ She'd call towards him, her cheeks feeling a bit flushed. Was this her chance to finally talk to the mysterious ANBU?~

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada continued to walk along the rooftop until he heard someone call out his name, making him slowly stop in his tracks. He had to stop for a moment to figure out who could be calling out to him; it belonged to a female and it was highly unlikely that it was Fumiko, he hadn’t seen her for quite some time. That only left Akatori Yamanaka, someone whom the original Kunisada was on a mission with, but they hadn’t said a word to each other since the mission began. What caused her to try to speak with him now? Kunisada slowly turned his body slightly as he caught sight of Akatori from his peripheral vision, never making full eye contact with her, but she had to have noticed his turn towards her general direction. He waited for a moment before walking back towards the Amegakure Gates; he didn’t expect for Akatori to to follow him, but he played it off as to see if she had really wished to speak to him. Even if she was just acknowledging his presence in Ame and didn’t wish to speak to him, he could continue on a walk to keep himself pre-occupied if he wished.-

Akatori2: ~She watched him as he slowed down to her call, turning slightly towards her. The pitter patter of rain was cutting through the air and the awkward silence between the two teens. She knew he was quiet and such, and he seemed to not like her since the fight between them, but they were just spars..right? He didn't actually not like her, did he? She tilted her head slightly as he walked away, feeling dumbfonding. ~ "Hey!"~ she yelled boldly, chasing after him. She'd get close and grab his arm, feeling how muscular his bicep was and blushing a bit more. She never realized that he was this toned. ~ "Oh your buff.."~ She murmered slightly, before attepting to spin him around to face her, wishing to speak to him.~

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada continued to walk even as he heard Akatori yell after him, keeping his pace at a steady rate. He soon heard her footsteps behind him, leading him to believe that she was chasing after him, which made him also ponder why; he wasn’t moving at a fast pace, but he assumed she had her reasons. A thought lingered in his head as he thought that Akatori didn’t wish to associate with him since their last spar. He was given the vibe that she and Ritsuka, whom had also participated in the fight alongside her, didn’t want to have anything to do with him. His thought was broken as he felt a hand clutch onto his bicep, causing him to stop in his tracks almost immediately as he stood motionless for a moment. He heard Akatori mumble something under her breath before feeling her try to spin him around so she could speak to him. He turned his head slightly before turning his body halfway to face her, the dark purple tint on his rebreather visor not giving her a good look at his eyes or face for that matter, besides that was the mask’s main job was to hide away his face. He gazed at her for a brief second before eyes trailed down to her hand that was on his bicep, she wouldn’t notice the shift of his eyes since they were hidden behind the mask. After looking at her hand for a few seconds, he glanced his eyes back up towards her as if waiting for her to speak.-

Akatori2: ~She had gotten his attention as he turned halfway to see her. Akatori felt a bit shy around him. She never was shy, not even as a little girl. Was it him? She tried looking up at his face, but his rebreather was heavily tinted. She already knew he had the byakugan, since she learned so from a previous spar. Her hand was still holding his bicep, but she wasn't thinking about it. Her eyes were glued to where his would be if she could actually see them. ~" What's the issue between us? I mean..I can understand you're quiet and keep to yourself. It's your job yeah..but you kinda brush me off..is there an issue between us?" ~ Her tone was suppose to sound snarky and a bit upset, but came out more worried, like she cared about his opinion. She bit her bottom lip slightly, second guessing herself. What the hell was she doing? Akatori felt as if she was making a fool of herself infront of him. Why was she putting so much effort into one guy? She hadn't even felt this way when faced with other boys that made her blush.~

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada watched her as she began to speak and ask him questions about the “issue” between them, which made Kunisada’s eyes narrow slightly. Her tone seemed confused with the words she was speaking; the words themselves sounded almost like she was demanding an answer from him, but the way she said it made it sound as if though she was upset with it. The truth is, Kunisada didn’t have a problem with her, but given that they never spoke and they still hadn’t, he could understand where she could be getting the vibe from. He also took note that her hand was still on his bicep, but he made that thought as just a side note. He let another moment of silence pass between them, allowing himself to gather his thoughts before speaking to her.- “...I don’t have an issue with you, Akatori..” –He paused for another moment before speaking once more.- “...I wasn’t sure if you wished to speak to me or if you were merely noticing me here...” –His tone was normal, there was no hidden sarcasm or even amusement in his tone; he was answering her truthfully.-

Akatori2: ~She blinked slightly as he talked to her, this was the first time she ever heard him really talk more than a few words to her. His voice was very pleasant, ironic since he was almost always silent. ~ "Oh..my apologizes."~ She moved her hand from his arm and placed them behind her back, looking at the ground slightly before looking back up at him. ~ "Well I do wish to talk to you. How are you back here? Did you send a clone while I was absent?" ~ Akatori was a bit curious as to her what he had to say. With Kagato having set up that big barrier around the area, he would have had to ask for permission to leave, or know a way to bypass it. ~

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada felt her slowly let go of his arm before she said an apology to him, which made him narrow his eyes slightly, but he decided to let it go as he noticed her moving her hands behind her back and move her gaze to the ground as she spoke to him once more. She had a lot of questions to ask him, but he didn’t fault her for it.- “...You don’t need to apologize...And I sent a clone back here a little after you fell asleep..” –He waited a few seconds before speaking to her once again, guessing that if he didn’t state this then she would ask him anyways.- “..I asked Kagato to let me send a clone through..”

Akatori2: ~She nodded slightly at him. He's a lot nicer than one would think at first glance. She cracked a warm smile up at him. Her umbrella was above her head, blocking the rain, but he was still getting soaked. ~"Understandable.. OH!"~ She blurted out, holding the umbrella up higher to cover his head too. If he let her, she would be another step closer to him, and holding the umbrella over both them, a small open smile on her face. ~ "Heh..may I ask why you sent a clone back? Kagato-Sama want more watch around here?"~ Her question was something that went against what he just said, but she was enjoying this little conversation, and didn't want it to end just yet.~

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada almost tilted his head at her as she cracked a smile at him, making him wonder what brought about such a thing. She was nice so maybe she was doing it out of reflexes or maybe she was happy about something. His narrowed slightly as she blurted out loud as she tried to hold her umbrella over his head, which might have been a bit difficult due to their height difference, watching her step closer to him as she tried to hold the umbrella over him. He didn’t mind the rain falling down upon him, but he wouldn’t push her away or space themselves out; seemed as though it would counteract what he had just previously stated to her. He wasn’t used to people trying to socialize with him, nor was he one to be very social with others, but Akatori seemed determined to have at least one conversation with him. His eyes met a free spot on the umbrella handle that she was trying to hold above their heads. He slowly moved his hand up and grasped the handle as he held it above the both of their heads, trying to save Akatori the effort of having to stretch out her arm to get above his head. His gaze turned slightly as he watched the rain fall from underneath the umbrella; he was used to watching it fall in front of him as he stood there, but his thoughts were shaken as Akatori once again began to ask questions.- “..Sending back a clone was a thought of mine..”

Akatori2: ~Akatori would get a bit red once he reached for the umbrella, brushing her hand and holding it up.~ " Oh, thank you." ~She said, smiling a bit more at him. ~ "Ah, I see." ~ She was a bit curious as to why he would send a clone back? Did he have a girlfriend he wanted to see? A pet he needed to tend to? Akatori really wanted to get to know him now. She was drawn to his kindess, toned body, smooth voice, and reserved nature, borderline attracted to it. ~" Well, I'm sorry for distrurbing you..but I was thinking..you're like 20, right? Why don't we go catch a bite somewhere, maybe get a drink? Just the two of us..if you want of course.."~ She was nervous. Akatori was usually never nervous.~

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada stared out at the rain once more as Akatori was quiet for a few seconds before apologizing to him once more; she didn’t disturb him, so why was she apologizing? He was about to speak towards her apology once more until she asked about his age and asked if he would like to go get a drink or a bite to eat; just the two of them. She had been close with his age, but she was just a little off, but he didn’t think it was necessary for her to know that. His eyes slightly widened at the abrupt question, turning his gaze at her slowly, processing the question in his mind. He really hadn’t gone out to eat anywhere with anyone; even his little trip to the Amegakure Lounge had been relatively short and silent, given also the fact that he ordered nothing even with Kagato almost insisting upon him to order something. Kunisada pondered his answer for a moment as he thought over the options before speaking.- “..If you want to get something, I will accompany you..”

Akatori2: ~The girl couldn't help but let a small laugh escape her soft pink lips. The way he said accompany just made her laugh a bit, seeing as it was just perfectly said. ~ "Well said Kuni, I'd love for you to join me. "~ She smiled once again and though for a moment about where to take him. Since the Lounge is has some of the best food in the village, it was an obvious choice to take him there. ~" Well..follow me."~ She said a bit shy, reaching for his hand to hold it and lead him rooftop to rooftop. The travel over the next few roofs would be silent when they traveled, and Akatori would jump down to the front of the building once they reached it, a bit anxious to see what was going to happen with him.~'

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada slightly tilted his head at her as she laughed a bit at him, making him wonder what was so funny. He glanced at her as she looked as if though she was lost in thought for a moment before she told him to follow her. His eyes shot down to her hand as she reached for his hand, making his eyes narrow slightly. He thought quickly before slowly and hesitantly taking her hand lightly in his own, not entirely too sure on why he was holding her hand as they walked along the rooftops, or why she wanted to. He jumped down after seeing and feeling Akatori make her way down to a building to which Kunisada scanned and recognized it as the Amegakure Lounge. He’d been here only once, and that was with Kagato on the day of his and Ritsuka’s return from their mission; it also happened to be on the same day when he killed his brother Hideki. His mind began to wander back to that day as he stared slightly at the building.-

Akatori2: ~She looked at the place, before looking up at Kuni, noticing he was just facing the building looking a bit stiff.~"You ok with going in?"~ She said softly, holding his hand a bit tighter. If he was, she would flash him a smile and walk in with him, asking for a table for two once they got in. They would be led to a table and be given menus. While the server would storm off, seeing as it was a bit busy in the Lounge. Her heart was beating faster than normal. She's never been on a true date before, and it was exciting. ~

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada held his gaze on the building before hearing Akatori’s voice break his train of thought and lightly nodded his head as she asked him if it was ok to go into. He followed her inside of the Lounge, glancing around as he remembered most of the area, hearing Akatori asking for two tables vaguely in the back of his head as he followed Akatori to their table, to which he sat across from Akatori as a server gave both of them menus and then proceeded to rush off, making Kunisada follow where they were running off to before glancing back over at Akatori. He had taken note of a few things as he was holding her hand before they had taken their seats; even though he couldn’t get a very precise measurement of it, he could feel her pulse was a bit quicker than a normal person’s would be if they were calm, which made him begin to think as he glanced down at his menu, keeping his thoughts to himself and also waiting for Akatori to decide what she wanted.-

Akatori2: ~She glanced over the menu carefully, still in shock that all this was actually happening. She thought about what to order while stealing an occasional glance at him. It was a bit loud at the Lounge since it was busy, right in the middle of lunch hour. After a good five minutes of silence at the table, the server came back over, running his fingers through his sticky purple hair before asking the pair what they wanted to get, his eyes darting over to Akatori first.~ "I'll have a cup of sweet bean soup, fried wontons, and a glass of water." ~ The server nodded as he wrote down the order before turning to Kuni, asking what he wanted.~

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada’s mind wandered a bit before turning back to face Akatori, catching her steal a glance at him, making him slightly tilt his head. After a second, a question popped into his head; was this a date? He didn’t really know if it was one or not, but it’s what it seemed. Only after a few seconds, he saw a waiter come up to their table and ask what they wanted. Kunisada remained silent as Akatori ordered her meal before seeing the waiter turn his attention to Kunisada who responded after a few brief seconds of silence.- “...I’m fine, thanks..” –He said as he glanced back at Akatori, the dark visor color hiding his eyes once more but he was curious to see if her reaction would be anything like how Kagato’s had been when he said the same thing to him.-

Akatori2: ~The server would rush off to go tend to other tables and submit the order. Akatori was a bit confused as to why Kuni didn't order anything to eat or drink. She looked at him, tilting her head slightly to the right before speaking to him.~ " Not hungry after a long days travel?" ~He had to have been traveling for awhile as the Land or Earth is a good distance away from Amegakure. Even if it was just a clone, eating would still send back the replenishment to the source body. Akatori placed he arms on the table, looking into his mask. It was interesting that he kept it on all the times. Sure, ANBU wore their masks for missions, but one would assume that they would take them off for casual events. Besides, the girl was curious as to what was underneath the mask.~

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada watched as the waiter ran off to go get Akatori’s order, but it was just now as if though Kunisada noticed how loud it actually was due to the rush hour of lunch, but he shrugged it off for now. He gazed at Akatori as she asked her question and looked at his mask. He thought for a moment before responding.- “...Not entirely too hungry I suppose..” –The clone trailed off slightly before looking at her for a few more seconds, noticing her head tilted since she had asked her question to him.- “...You seem to have something on your mind...or am I wrong..?” –He asked as he tilted his head slightly at her.-

Akatori2: ~She listened to him as he talked, nodding slightly. He seemed to be a man of few words, breaking up his speech with moments of silence. It made him sound like he had more to say, but when in reality he didn't. Kuni then asked her if she had something on her mind. This caught her off guard a bit. ~ "Uh.."~ She mumbled, looking away for a moment before continuing her train of thought. ~ "Just curious about your mask. I mean, I'm aware that ANBU wear them to cover up their identies and such, but you aren't on mission at the moment..so I was just curious as to why you still have yours on."~ Her words were simply put, as she looked a bit blankly at him, awaiting a reply.~

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada tilted his head slightly as she mumbled before asking her question about his mask. His eyes remained fixated on her as he thought on how to choose his words to respond to her question. He hadn’t been asked that question by anyone, even Kagato had never asked about why he always wore his mask. He always took it that Kagato either wasn’t curious about it or he just didn’t want to ask Kuni in hesitation of it triggering something with Kuni. After a few seconds after she asked, he answered.- “..I suppose I just like wearing the mask...” –He answered plainly before turning his head to see the waiter bring Akatori her food and place it on the table in front of her before running off once more. Kunisada glanced at her food then back to her before speaking again.- “...Dig in..”

Akatori2: ~Akatori laughed a bit at his plain answer.~ "Fair enough"~ She said, smiling at him, while playing with the twirl in her hair. Suddenly, she glanced away from him and looked up at the server, who placed the food and drink on the table for giving a slight bow off. She'd look at Kuni before taking a sip of water and speaking up. ~ "You sure you don't want a wonton or a bit or some of the soup?"~ She waited for an answer while picking up her chopsticks and pulling them apart, listening to the little crack as the wood pulled away from each other. She'd scoop up the golden crisp wonton and dip it in the soup before taking a bite of it, hearing it crunch in her mouth.~

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada shook his head lightly at her question before seeing her begin to eat her meal with the chopsticks, hearing the small crack of wood when she pulled them away from one another.- “..No, thank you Aka..” –He continued to look around the Longue absent-mindedly, not finding any particular place in interest, but he didn’t want to stare at her the entire time she was eating; that’d make it seem creepy or awkward. He thought about asking her a question, but then again, she was in the middle of eating so he didn’t want to interrupt her. As his eyes made their way back over to Akatori for a brief second, his mind thought of something mildly as he fumbled with the idea in his mind. As he was fiddling with the idea in his mind however, it seemed as if though Kunisada was watching Akatori; his eyes were hidden from her, but his mask was facing her, which could lead her to that assumption.-

Akatori2: ~As Akatori ate the eight crisp wontons in silence, she glanced occasionally up at Kuni. He was looking at her, or so she could tell since he was facing her. This caused her to get a bit red in the face. She could only imagine the way he was looking at her behind that piece of thick dark glass. Then, something popped into her head as she ate the last wonton. ~ "Heh, so you do know my nicknames, eh?" ~ She said with a small laugh after she finished chewing her food. ~ "Is Kuni your full name or a nickname if you don't mind me asking?" ~ Akatori had a bit of a loud mouth and spoke her mind. She was finally starting to get comfortable around the boy, and didn't mind showing a bit of her colors now in order to capture his attention; which it seems she might already have.~

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada blinked once more as she spoke to him once more as the thought quickly shook itself away from his mind, as well as noticing the tinge of red appearing on Akatori’s face before processing her question. She asked about him knowing her nickname as well as if Kuni was his full name or just a nickname. He pondered his answer choices for a moment before answering her first question.- “..Well, that’s how Kagato has spoken about you to me before, so I’ve known about that nickname for some time now...” –He thought for a moment about her other question and deciding how to answer it. He pondered his answer for a moment before deciding to ask her a question in response.- “..Do you think it’s my full name..?” –He asked, tilting his head to the left slightly as he waited for her to respond.-

Akatori2: ~She nodded at his answer, made sense. Kagato was almost always calling her Aka or Tori, never both put together. Besides, since Kuni was his personal ANBU, the two must spend a lot of time together. Akatori waited for a moment before answering.~ "Well, to be honsest..It sounds a bit short, but flows nice with your Clan Name. "~ She blinked twice before realizing that he smoothly dodged her question. ~ "But hey, I think it isn't your full name.."~ She added on with a small smirk, taking note of how he seemed to be flirting with her, but it was hard to tell. Mainly for the part that she couldn't watch the emotion in his eyes or from his face, and wasn't getting much of a reaction out of his body.~

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada watched her as he waited for her to answer and when she did, she didn’t sound all too surprised by his response. She mentioned something about a Clan name, but she didn’t specify if she had meant her Clan name or if she was implying his, from which she didn’t know. He tilted his head slightly before waiting on her to catch on that he had dodged her question, but after two blinks from her, he heard her catch on. Kunisada tilted his head once more, deciding to ask her something else in place of her response, as well as seeing the smirk on her face; she seemed like she was at least enjoying the small conversation with him.- “..And why do you think it’s not, Aka..?” –He waited for a few seconds before asking another one.- “..And what about Clan names..?” –He asked, his head still tilted slightly to the side as he waited for her to answer.-

Akatori2: ~She smiled softly at him, taking a sip of the ice cold water. She held the glass in her hand as she talked with a playful look on her face.~ "Just doesn't sound like it would be your full name to me. And yes, you're a Hyuga, aren't you?"~ Akatori figured that he was apart of the Hyuga Clan since once in combat he preformed the Gentle Fist Art One Blow Body against her. She knew a lot about the Hyuga Clan from Yazuka, and had spent a lot of time working with him on the Clan's Gentle Fist style. Taking another sip she spoke again.~ " So mysterious ANBU, what's the full name? "~ She let out a small giggle after speaking, flashing a large smile to him.~

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada thought for a moment as she answered about his name. But his right eye narrowed slightly as she mentioned the Hyuga Clan name. She didn’t specifically mention why she thought he was a Hyuga since she was never able to see his Byakugan eye up close as his mind recollected his own thoughts back to the spars he’d had with her. He recalled using his Gentle Fist Art One Blow Body on her, to which he thought she might’ve taken that as a hint. Kunisada broke out of his momentary thought before hearing her ask his name once more, causing him to bring his elbows on the table and cross his hands together, forming the seal of the Snake, but planning on doing nothing with the seal other than to hold his hands together at about chest level for him. He tilted his head slightly at her once more before speaking.- “...How do you know I didn’t just learn the Jutsu from someone..?” –After a brief second of silence, he spoke once more.- “..ANBU can’t tell their full names, remember Aka..?” –He spoke the answer in an honest manner, but she could also take it as a teasing way to not answer her question fully as well.-

Akatori2: ~She'd offer a smile, batting her eyelashings a bit flirtatiously. Leaning foward and placing her elbows on the table. She'd speak. ~ " Trust me Kuni, I think I know what you have behind that mask.."~ She was teasing him of course, trying to be playful. Akatori would rest her head in the palms of her hand. ~ "And fair enough. I'm sure you'll tell me eventually. " ~ Her olive eyes darted to the side as the clock caught her attention. Her team would be finishing up the missions assigned to them any minute now. ~ "Well..It was so nice to get to talk to you, but I'm afraid my team is returning shortly. "~ Akatori would stand up and place some Ryo on the table, before walking up to him. " Thanks for a great time." ~ She'd walk over to him and give him a small hug if he'd let her before walking off to meet her squad.~

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada tilted his head a bit as Akatori spoke to him, making his eyes narrow a tinge before she spoke about him telling her his name eventually. His eyes kept on her as she glanced over, seemingly as if she realized something, before his eyes caught a brief glance of the clock. She spoke about her team returning from something shortly, meaning their time was coming to a close before Kunisada nodded his head slightly as he rose from his seat.- “..I understand..” –He understood that she had a team to take care of first hand, which he didn’t fault her for. His eyes caught her placing her Ryo on the table before walking up to him, only drawing his eyes away from the table as she was in front of him. She approached him as she opened her arms and leaned into him for a hug, making his eyes narrow again slightly as to decide if he should let her or not quickly. His mind decided to allow her the hug and to offer one in return as he reached his arm around her mid back until his hand was lying in the center of her back for a few seconds until she broke away from the hug. As he watched her walk off to meet up with her squad, his eyes glanced over at the amount of Ryo she had placed on the table before reaching over and picking it up and placing it in his pocket. He then casually made his way over to the front before walking to the waiter that had served them before paying the man for Akatori’s order. He nodded and walked off towards another table as Kunisada made his way outside. He placed his hand in his pocket where Akatori’s Ryo was; he decided to pay for her because if this was a ‘date’ he felt like he should’ve paid for it anyways. He shrugged his shoulders lightly as he began to walk towards the Amegakure Tower once more. If he ever saw Akatori again, he’d have to give her back her Ryo.-

Results: Kunisada's clone met up with Akatori's clone