Uzumaki Kazuko

Title: Kazuko's Cookie Dough Dilemma

Kazuko: -Kazuko sighed as she walked through the damp streets of Amegakure. Her feet making a soft slushing noise in the puddles. She wasn’t trying to be sneaky she wasn’t on a mission or anything just relaxing after a stressful few weeks of missions and training. She pushed her crimson red bangs out of her face and sighed.- “I want something sweet” -she whispered to herself before pausing for a moment. She blinked and started walking again. She headed into the first shop and looked around they had cakes and cookies and even sweet flavored ice but nothing jumped out at her. She sighed and left the shop and walked down the street until she passed another shop. This one was bigger, but it was more general goods then food but perhaps they would have something sweet. She entered and looked around after walking around the entire shop she sighed softly and walked towards the entrance nothing seeming to be what she really wanted. She thought to herself trying to figure out what she wanted. - *cookie dough* -She would continue her search checking every shop in Amegakure and getting disappointed and angry after each failed search. She wanted cookie dough, and nothing would help the craving except cookie dough. She didn’t want cake or cupcakes, she didn’t want brownies or ice cream. She just wanted cookie dough. She would finally after several minutes come up with an idea. She would make it herself she just had to get all the things and make sure the boys didn’t steel the stuff while she was making it. She would head in the direction of the first shop she remembered they had all of the items she would need. She listed them off in her head, Butter, sugar, flour, eggs, the brown colored sugar and a few other things like chocolate pieces and baking spices. As she finished listing the ingredients in her head she reached the shop and entered browsing and grabbing each of the ingredients she had listed before then walked up to the counter and paired for it all. She would then head back to their house in the rain her bag of ingredients in hand.-

Kazuko: -She made it back to their house after walking and shifted the bag into her left arm so she could reach into her pocket and grab out her key lifting it up to the door and unlocked the door and then turning the handle and pushing the door open. She would then remove the key from the door and returning it to the pocket of her hooded vest and walk inside. Setting her bag down on the floor next to her she would remove her sandals and set them off to the side she would then remove her rebreather and Amegakure head band and her Vest and hanging them up near the door together. She would sigh and smile bending down to pick up her bag of ingredients once again and headed into the kitchen. She would set the bag on the counter and start to pull out the ingredients. Once they were all out of the bag she would fold it up and set it off to the side before making her way over to the sink and washing her hand and drying them. She then moved around the kitchen gathering the tools she would need. First she got into the cabinet and grabbed out two large mixing bowls and set them on the counter, then she moved to the drawer and pulled out measuring cups and spoons and a spatula to stir. Finally she thought about getting baking sheets out to cook but then she decided she didn’t want cookies but the cookie dough instead. She laughed to herself and headed back to the counter where she had set all the stuff. She started by unwrapping  butter and putting it into one of the bowls one stick at a time until she had two sticks of butter in the bowl. She would then take  the wrappers for the butter and set them out of the way before moving over to the unopened bag of sugar. She would open the bag then pick up the ¾ cup measuring cup and measure out that amount of normal sugar and poured it into the bowl with the butter. She would then set the measuring cup down and roll the top of the bag of sugar down so it was closed and move it off to the side. She  would then open the bag of brown colored sugar and take the ¾ cup again and measure out that amount of the brown sugar adding it to the bowl with the butte rand normal sugar. She would then take the bag of brown sugar and fold it down and set it off to the side with the normal sugar. She then picked up the mixing spatula and mixed those ingredients together  until they were blended evenly. Thinking she did a good job she would smile and set the spatula off to the side of the bowl.-

 Kazuko: -Kazuko then open the container of eggs she bough and removing two egg and closing the container. She would set the eggs carefully on the counter and then closing the container of eggs she would lift it and turn to take it to the fridge as she did one of the two eggs on the counter began to roll towards the edge of the counter she caught it just before it fell and moved it to a safer spot and then took the container of eggs to the fridge opening it and setting the container of remaining eggs inside. She would then walk back the counter and pick up one of the two eggs tapping it lightly just enough to cause a small crack in the shell of the egg . She would pull apart at the crack of the egg and drop its content into the bowl.  She would set the empty shell off to the side with the butter wrappers and then repeat the same process with the second egg. She then picked up the vanilla flavoring liquid seasoning and opened the bottle. She would pick up the 1tsp measuring spoon and measure out that much of vanilla flavoring and pour it into the bowl. She would replace the lid and set the bottle off to the side and place the spoon down on the counter. She would then pick up the spatula and start mixing again blending all the ingredients together until they were all mixed well enough. She set that bowl again and pulled the other still empty bowl in front of her. She then opened the bag of flour white dust flying up into her face and leaving a little bit of white powder on her face. She didn’t notice it was on her face as she continued to move about at her task grabbing the 1 cup measuring cup and placing it into the bag of flour and taking it out she then used the edge of her hand to make it level with the top of the cup and then poured it into the empty bowl. She repeated this one more time so she had two cups of flour in the bowl.  She then rolled down the top of the flour bag and set it off to the side with the two sugars.  She would then open the baking powder spice and took the measuring tsp again and dipped it into the powder and pulled it out. She used just her tiny pointer finger to make it level before spilling it into the bowl. She set the tsp off to the side and picked up the bowl swishing it slightly around so the two powders mixed together and then set the bowl down pulling the first bowl back over so that both bowls are in front of her.-

Kazuko:  -Kazuko picked up her mixing spoon with her right hand and the bowl with the powder ingredients in her right hand she poured a little of the powder mixture from the bowl into the liquid mixture bowl. She then began mixing the together with the spoon she kept pouring and mixing each time she added more of the powder mixture it became a bit harder to stir. After a few minutes they were completely combined leaving a dough like combination in the bowl. She would then rest the handle of the spoon on the bowl  with the dough in it and shift the now empty bowl into her right hand. She would begin picking up all the used measuring cups and spoons and placing the inside the empty bowl making it easier to carry everything and take them and place them into the sink. Once she was done she headed back to the dough picking up the package of chocolate and tore a hole in the packaging. She would pour the pieces from the package threw the hole into the bowl with the dough in it and then set the empty package off to the side with the empty egg shells. She then would grip the handle of the spoon she had resting on the bowl and mix the chocolate pieces into the dough.  Once they were evenly mixed threw the dough she would once again rest the spoon on the bowl and start to gather up the garbage the egg shells and the empty packages from the butter and chocolate pieces. She carried them over to the garbage can leaving her back turned on the now finished bowl of cookie dough.- 

End Results:

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