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Yuki Juuzou , Hyuga Suzume

Title: Juuzou and Suzume - Help Out At The Hospital 3/2/16

SarcasmTheSickness: *Today was a very well.. interesting day. Today was the day that Juuzou had signed up for the D-ranked hospital mission, the reason that he wanted to do this was because there was someone there he wanted to see and he also wanted to help that person and possibly others. Despite being a lazy fuck that he is Juuzou had seemed to be ready enough to do the mission. He went to the kage's office and received the mission, and was also able to start. Juuzou is supposed to be partnered up with someone for this mission but he figured they would have already been there by now.* (Juuzou): "More then likely it'll be Suzume Hyuga." *Juuzou began speaking to himself and headed over to the hospital. After about 10 minutes of walking to get there he stood outside the hospital doors and looked up at the place. The Hospital was quite big being possibly the second largest building in the village. It had about 5 or more floors it seemed, it was quite large and wide. It seemed like one of those classic hospitals with the all brown bricks that made up the building, some of the windows being open and some were not. ||| Juuzou had a bit of a smile on his face now... Well it was hard to tell actually. Juuzou had placed on the mask he got from the thieft he captured the other day hiding his face, he had on a new set of clothing as well. An unzipped ollie green jacket, dark pants, and dark boots as well. ||| Juuzou had looked at one of the open windows noticing one of them... that were opened was where he wanted to go meet 'that person' he headed inside of the place and was stopped by the front desk. He didn't say a word or even let the woman at the desk say anything. He took off his mask and placed his mission form there indecating he was on a mission to help. The lady nodded and simply pointed him down the hall. He knew where he was going anyway. He placed his mask back on and headed down the hall and turned left.* (Juuzou): "I wonder.. if she'll be happy I'm here."

Jamesgoldc: -Today had been as well an interesting day for Suzume, the Hyuga was already out and about the village due to having being called to the kage’s office. He wondered exactly why the Kage had summoned him.The Hyuga’s outfit consisted of a beige upturned collar, black claf length pants, black ankle length sandles,a hip pouch, but pouch and thigh pouch. He walked acasually with both hands tucked in his pockets as he made a whistle sound while walking, his eyes shifting as he paid close attention to his surrounding. It didn’tke long until he reached the kage’s office before receiving his mission, as he exited the office after having received his mission he would open the scroll before reading the content inside he realized it said helping out at the hospital before saying he would be working with Juuzou. Suzume didn’t mind that fact of working with Juuzou considering the fact that the two had worked great together on the toad mission together. After grasping the concept of the mission he would leave the scroll in his pocket before heading to the hospital. The Hyuga wondered if Juuzou had already gone to the hospital since they hadn’t received the mission at the same time and because of this Suzume decided that he would ask where Juuzou would be just in case when he arrived. Upon arriving at the hospital he would approach the desk before telling the lady who he was and that he was there only on a mission to help out before saying that it was another by the name of Juuzou doing the same thing, after this the women would ask are they working together, the Hyuga would reply with a simple nod before being relieved to know that Juuzou was already there before making it towards the area he was directed too. When he entered the room he would see a young Juuzou standing within the room.-

SarcasmTheSickness: *Whhen Juuzou wandered into the 'Staff Room' where most weren't really suppose to go but how else was he going to get his mission? Once he opened the door he saw a few of the doctors talking around and instantly all eyes were on him the moment his face had been shown from the open door. One of the doctors came over to him and began looking down on him. On closer inspection, Juuzou was able to see the Doctor's name tag it said Sen Haki* (Doctor Sen): "Hello little boy, are you lost?" *Juuzou had shook his head and showed his headband which was around his neck* (Juuzou): "I'm here on a mission today, Juuzou Yuki? Helping out today at the hospital. I only came here to see what I could do for the people here." (Doctor Sen): "I see, I see. Well we have a few patients that need to be rebandaged on the first floor. About 5 of them rooms 101, 106, 107, 110, and 111. If you can handle that then it'd be a great help. Oh and as well as take a few of those supplies on that table to room 203, it's a room on the second floor third door to your left once you come up from the stairs" *Juuzou only nodded and then grabbed the supplies, they were on a bronze table and were in a hospital item carrier. Once he grabbed it and then turned around to see Suzume* (Juuzou): "Yo, Suzume. We'll be working together, come with me and I'll explain on the way" *He began to head out to one of the rooms, he chose to stop by room 111 because it was the furthest from the stairs, he was going to do them furthest to closest. Once he arrived into the room, he knocked first to make sure the person was either woke and/or decent. It was a woman to come and answer the door, she looked at Juuzou & Suzume then smiled* (Hospitalized Kunoichi): "Oh hello.. I think you both may have the wrong room." *Juuzou shook his head* (Juuzou): "No we came here to help rebandage you up." *The Kunoichi looked a bit shock, it was clear with the way her eyes had widen. She then simply nodded but still seemed a bit scared out of her mind. He looked to Suzume* (Juuzou): "Alright you ready? Let's go ahead and get this started."

Jamesgoldc: -Due to the fact of Suzume coming in late he did not hear a single work spoken within the confinement of the room before seeing Juuzou turn to Suzume and said that the two would be working together, although Suzume had already been informed of this through the contents of the scroll. He played close attention to the others movement watching as Juuzou walked right past him as he exited the room before saying to come with him and that he would explain everything he needed to know on the way, although Suzume had no idea of what he meant on the way but decided to just not say a word and follow behind the other. Not long after the two were infront of a door before Juuzou knocked, a few seconds after a kunoicih would open the door before looking at the two and then smiled before telling the two that they must have had the wrong room before hearing Juuzou speak up and tell the women that he was there to bandage her up, after hearing the words from Juuzou mouth he would notice the kunochi’s eyes widen only for a moment before nodding, after this Juuzou would turn to ask Suzume if he was ready before saying to lets get started. And with that Suzume would follow behind Juuzou.-

SarcasmTheSickness: *Once Juuzou had stepped inside she closed the door and looked at him. Suddenly her face had become red, Juuzou looked at her and tilted his head a bit* (Juuzou): "Are you okay?" (Hospitalized Kunoichi): "I-I umm... aren't you both a little young.. ?" *Juuzou surely didn't know what she meant by that but it sounded like she was looking down on him, he chuckled a bit and then it appeared he was looking through her* (Juuzou): "Well I dont think that taking care of injuries isn't really a big deal you know? Well ma'am where are you hurt?" *The lady then shook her head and turned her back to both Juuzou and Suzume. She began to remove her shirt and Juuzou's face didn't even seem to blush or anything, soon her bra and lower back was shown, the Kunoichi had a bandaged wrapped around her lower ribcage and on down to where he pants were. He put the items down then moved to the woman and touched the woman's back she shuttered and due to the cold air it surely wasn't going to help. Soon he began undoing the bandages and watched them fall to the ground once he looked back up at the Kunoichis back. There he saw the wound, it was healing up quite nice but it could easily open up again if she even moved the wrong way, that much was clear. Juuzou had looked at it closer and nodded* (Juuzou): "I see, that wound. It was from a Kunai with a paperbomb stuck to it. They stabbed it into your back and let the bomb go off, you did something. Whatever it was, it was enough to reduce the blast to only your back." *The Kunoichi was shocked and looked back at Juuzou a bit* (Kunoichi): "H-how could you tell all that?" *Juuzou looked up at the woman and back to her back* (Juuzou): "I've been tortured almost all through my childhood. I was physically and emotionally abused by people. Because there was no one to take care of my wounds, I learned to take care of myself from a young age. To the point I started helping others at times, even those who probably didn't deserve it... Now I can tell a injury, wound, cut, bruise, even death just by looking. I suppose... that's my very own talent?" *Juuzou chuckled a bit and realized he was ranting for once* (Juuzou): "Oh I'm sorry.. I didn't mean to rant like that." *He looked back towards Suzume as well* (Juuzou): "Uhh.. we can begin, just hand me the bandages."

Jamesgoldc: -Once the two had stepped through the door it was shut behind them by the women, Suzume would notice her face becoming a bit read before noticing Juuzou tilt his head and ask if she was okay. Following this the kunoichi would question the two about their age saying where they a bit young to even to something as simple as bandaging before hearing Juuzou chuckle beside him before saying that he didn’t think bandaging was such a big deal, following this statement he was ask the kunoicihi where she was hurt at. Without saying a word the women would turn her back to the two before taking her top off, the woman’s bra and lower back was now exposed, Suzume kept a straight facial expression showing no signs of blushing when the women took her shirt off. The lower part of the womens ribcage was bandaged as well as down to her pants. He watched as Juuzou put down the materials for bandaging before walking over to the women before placing a hand on the women’s back, he noticed the women shake due to the cool temperature in the room before Juuzou began undoingher bandages, upon undoing the bandages they would fall to the floor before revealing her wound, the wound seemed to be healing at a moderate rate but could easily open up if she made any type of movement, it was obvious that she needed to be rebandaged immediately. His ears would narrow in onto Juuzou’s words  as analyzed the problem as to why she had the wound saying that it was from a kunai with a paper bomd attached to it saying that it was stabbed into her back and somehow she reduce the blast upon the bomb going off making it obvious that her wound could have been much worse, he watched as the women glanced back at Juuzou with a surprised look on her face, a bit shooked as to how quickly Juuzou figured out how the wound came about before questioning him as to how he could tell that. Immediately after this Juuzou would begin to talk about his past and how he was tortured as a child both physical and mentally by other and that no one was there to take care of his wounds so he had to learn to take care of himself at a young age and that eventually he wanted to help others somehow. Saying that hnow he could tell of most injuries before stopping to say that he was sorry for ranting. After this Juuzou would turn to Suzume before telling him to hand over some bandages to him so he could start wrapping up the exposed wound. Without saying a single word the Hyuga would simply nod before reaching for the bandages, before walking over and handing them to Juuzou before deciding to stay beside Juuzou and watched closely as he would begin to wrap the bandages around the women’s wound.-

SarcasmTheSickness: *Juuzou had grabbed the bandages and started to move it around her torso, it tightened along her waistline and soon he finally had hurried putting on about two or three layers of the bandages for her. He then cut the bandages with his fingers alone. Once he did the woman had sighed to herself and put her shirt back on, she looked over towards Juuzou and Suzume and nodded to them* (Hospitalized Kunoichi): "Thank you both very much. Will that be all" *Juuzou nodded looking over towards Suzume* (Juuzouw): "Hey Suzume, I think it's about time for us to move on as well. Actually I'll take half f the supplies and you get the other half, that way we cover more ground and hurry up to fix more of the people. The rooms that we have left are actually pretty simple and close by. 101, 106, 107, 110 are all we have left. I'll take 101 and 106 while they are the furthest and you can take 107 and 110. Oh and afterwards we should get some lunch or something alright? I'll pay dont worry." *He looked at the supplies and split them eveningly around them and began to head out of the room, he seemed to actually be more active here, more then any other place he had been, he began to head to room 106 and he knocked on the door, the woman had let him in, but this time it wasnt a hospitalized woman but a hospitalized child here with his mother. He analyzed the wound and began to do his job like he was asked*

Jamesgoldc: -He paid close attention as Juuzou would take the bandage from him before bandaging up her torso before he tighten the bandage along her waistline, not taking long at all before Juuzou had about three layers of bandages around the women, after bandaging the women the other would cut the bandage with his own finger. Following this the women would sigh before turning to the two and thanking them, after this Juuzou would nod and turn to Suzume before telling him the two would split the supplies in half and go to separate rooms alone to speed up the process of the mission. Telling Suzume that he would take care of 101 and 106 and as for Suzume he would take care of 107 and 110 before stating that the two should go for lunch after the mission or something before letting Suzume know he would pay and that it wasn’t a problem. Before Suzume could reply the Yuki had alreadysplitted the supplies, took his half and exited the room. Following this Suzume would grab the remaining half of the supplies before exiting the room, closing the door behind him, it didn’t take long before he arrived at the door of room 107. With his free hand he would knock two times before it was unlocked by a tall muscular man that appeared to be about 6’2, Suzume would look up at the man before noticing the man’s eyebrow raise a bit before speaking.“You’re the one suppose to be bandaging me..?” without saying a word Suzume would reply with a simple nod before letting himself in the room walking right past the man before laying the materials on the tray and motioning the man to come over to the bed. Luckly the man didn’t waste time asking if he was to young to be bandaging him but simply walked over before sitting on the bed, Suzume would look for the wounded area before noticing the bandaging convering his entire right arm, the hyuga would immediately begin to undo the bandages, as they fell the burn marks on the mans arm was now exposed, the old bandages completely stained with the mans blood. Suzume would reach for the clean bandages before he began wrapping them around the entire right arm of the man, it didn’t take long before his arm was wrapped in adelast two layers of bandaging, during the process the man would part his lips. “Thanks..much appreciated…” And with that the Hyuga would cut the bandage with his fingers before grabbing his supplies and exiting the room, closing the door behind him. “One room to go...” It didn’t take long arriving to the next room for the previous room was very close to room 110. When he arrived at the door he did just as before knocking two times before the door was opened, unlike before, the patient was neither a man or women but a child, a boy at that which seemed to be around the age of ten, he would let himself in once more before before motioning the kid over to the bed. The boy would do as told as he would walk over and sit on the bed before raising his leg on the bed, just about at his chin before pulling up his right pants leg revealing the bandaged leg, it was wrapped from the calf down, Suzume would nod to the boy before reaching for the bandage and bandaging up the boys calf down. When he was done the boy had three layers of bandage around the calf down and all of the bandage had been used up. The hyuga would tuck both his hands into his pockets before walking over towards the exit of the room, just as he was getting ready to pull one of his hands form his pocket he would hear the boy speak.“Thank you so very much, I really appreciate it.” The hyuga would glance back at the boy before parting his lip.“You welcome…” And with that Suzume’s right arm would raise from his pocket before opening the door, he would walk through as he exited the room before closing the door behind him. Since the hyuga had now finished his two rooms he would walk up to the front as he stood at the counter a moment later the counter women would adress him.“Are you done with the mission?” After hearing the voice of the women Suzume would clear his throat before replying. “Not yet…I’m waiting on my partner…” And with that he would lay his back on the counter before crossing his arms as he kept vigilant, staying on the lookout for any signs of Juuzou. The thought of Juuzou offering to pay for lunch after the two completed the mission occupying him in his thoughts a bit.-

SarcasmTheSickness: *Juuzou had quickly done his job in room 106, the woman had thanked Juuzou and Juuzou made sure that the boy was taken care of. He rubbed the boys head lightly and smiled* (Juuzou): "Don't worry it'll heal up I promise. Give it another day or two and you'll be ready to go." *He then walked off from the room waving off to them, he was taking a bit longer than Suzume simply because Juuzou was.. he was bonding with the patients here. He made sure they were okay, analyzed their wounds, and tried to bond with them. He then went to the final room he had to work on which was 101. He looked at the door and a drop of sweat had fell down from his face.. He was a bit nervous, because he actually knew the person who was here in that room.* (Juuzou): "Come on Juuzou you can't keep her waiting.." *Juuzou had grabbed the doorhandle opening it slowly. He then walked into the room and heard the door behind him beginning to close, he started to walked deeper into the room until he saw a female figure, she had long black hair that reached down her back. She was looking out towards the window and after the door had just now finally closed. Once it did the girl looked behind herself and seen Juuzou standing there, her eyes... It was the sharingan, well the first tomoe but regardless it was there, the face of the girl had lightened up and she smiled* (Hospitalized Girl): "Ju! Ju it's you!" *The girl got out of her bed and ran over to Juuzou hugging him and he had dropped the supplies but it was still in the box so nothing was really damage or anything. She held Juuzou tightly and he smiled lightly as he had fell back on the floor hugging her back* (Juuzou): "Misaki.. it's been awhile." (Misaki): "Yeah.. I thought you forgot about me." *Juuzou chuckled and rubbed her head a bit* (Juuzou): "Misaki, I'd never forget about you." (Misaki): "Look! Look! I awakened my Sharingan." *Juuzou moved her back a bit and seen it, he smiled lightly* (Juuzou): "That's good. I'm proud of you." *Misaki had nodded and got up from juuzou and tilted her head a bit seeing the supplies. Juuzou then got up and gathered the box once again and looked back at her* (Juuzou): "Oh yeah, that reminds me, I have to help well... fix your injuries. Are they getting better?" *She nodded lightly and removed the bandages on her left arm and on her right leg. There showed a special mark that was eating away at her limbs that were injuryed what it was actually doing was speeding up the healing process. Juuzou nodded and then moved closer* |||| (Juuzou): "Okay... Misaki I'll go ahead and rebandage the limbs and then I'll go ahead and leave for a bit okay?" *She had frowned just a bit but then nodded slowly* (Misaki): "I figured.. maybe we could hang out but you're probably busy I know." *He nodded lightly but then looked at her* (Juuzou): "Listen.. I'll try my best to come see you more often but yeah at the time being I have a mission to do." *She nodded and he did as well. Soon he started to get the bandages and started to rewrap her bandages. He started with the right leg and started to make sure that her leg was okay and did what he had to do. It was a bit tight but regardless he was happy that she was well okay. He then moved to her left arm and did the same, she was watching him and smiled lightly* (Misaki): "You have a talent for this... you know?" *Juuzou had chuckled a little and kept his focus on* (Juuzou): "A talent for this? What does that mean?" *Misaki giggled and then Juuzou tilted his head a bit finishing up her bandages for her arm* (Misaki): "Yeah, because you always take care of the patients. You dont just make sure they are okay but you also take the time to know them and bond with them.. You have with others day haven't you.?" *Juuzou shrugged, he then rubbed her head a bit.* (Juuzou): "Well probably. I guess... I have an interest in sick and the wounded." *He got up once again and then headed out of the room but stopped at the door.* (Juuzou): "I promise to see you again." (Misaki): "I know you will. Next time I want us to spar a little... since I've awakened my sharingan." *Juuzou simply waved his hand while the other carried the box* (Juuzou): "Yeah, yeah. Don't get cocky." *He said closing the door and went over to the front desk. There he saw Suzume and Dr. Sen who simply took the supplies and nodded to him, apparently he knew what was going on so chose to deliever the rest of the items himself. After he vanished, Juuzou looked back over towards Suzume* (Juuzou): "Hey.. sorry I took so long... I kinda heh.. Well you know.

Jamesgoldc: -About twenty minutes after Suzume had finished his part of helping the patients he would see his partner Juuzou coming up to the desk before telling Suzume that he was sorry for taking to long due to being occupied by something. The Hyuga figured either it was someone he knew in the hospital or just a single patient probably tried to start a conversation due to the time it took in comparison to Suzume to complete his mission. After this the Hyuga would turn to the doctor before he spoke to the two. “Thank you you two. You both were a very big help today and I truly appreciate it.” After this Suzume would nod before turning to Juuzou. “Lets go turn in this mission..” And with that the Hyuga would begin to walk towards the exit, once outside of the hospital it wouldn’t take long until he arrived at the kage office, if Juuzou was with him still after turning in the mission and receiving their award Suzume would turn to Juuzou before parting his lips. “Thanks for the offer...but maybe another time..” And with that Suzume wouldn’t even give a chance for the other to reply before taking his leave, once on the streets of Kusagakure, he would head home and then to his compound training yard to practice more on his clans gentle fist style.-

SarcasmTheSickness: *Juuzou looked at the Hyuga, and smiled a bit rubbing the back of his head. He then noticed he was bleeding on his hand once he stopped rubbing the back of his head, he knew what to do easily and seen on the front desk there was some bandaids and oddly enough some cleaning materials.* (Juuzou): "Excuse desk lady, mind if I use this real quick?" *The lady at the fron desk looked at Juuzou and shrugged, so he opened the cleaning infect to make sure his wound was taken care of, it wasn't bleeding a lot or even serious but still. After cleaning it Juuzou had placed the bandaid on his hand* (Juuzou): "When did I even get that..? Oh wait..." ||| *It was cut to a small flashback of him getting tackled and cut his hand on the sharp hospital table where the patients put their food on, he was cut by that and due to the excitment of seeing his old friend he didnt notice* ||| (Juuzou): "That explains it, well lets g--" *He didnt even say anything seeing the Hyuga had became to go off already* (Juuzou): "Hey Suzume..." *He sighed a bit putting his hand in his pockets walking slowly behind him* (Juuzou): "Wait up..." *He groaned some and started to speed up a bit walking side by side with him.* ||| *After they had arrived to the kage office to turn in their mission, they both had headed out where without even saying anything Suzume was simply wandering off.*

End Results:

  • Juuzou and Suzume work together with helping out at the hospital by bandaging patients.
  • Juuzou sees an old friend at the Hospital.
  • Juuzou sustained a cut on the back of his hand but take cares of it on his own.
  • Juuzou and Suzume earned the General Skill: First Aid
  • Mission Complete.