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Inuzuka Unaru, Kaguya Fumetsu


Guest_pxJeffTheKilleRxq: -As he was walking through the streets of Amegakure, Fumetsu ran his fingers through his long white hair thinking about the fight with Shizuka, where she died killing herself from putting too much chakra in an explosive tag making it explode in her hands but half of his mind was at the spar that was to come, he was holding in his other hand a paper which was saying that he needed to go to the abandoned district of Amegakure, it wasn't really abandoned but it was mostly the black side of Ame, not like Amegakure wasn't black in general just that it wasn't that crowded. He did not know who he was going to fight because it wasn't said in the note but he was looking forward to more training. He wished that it wouldn't happen like with the girl he had a spar with. Fumetsu was dressed in a black armless hoddie, his hood over his head coveing his turquoise eyes like his hair, he had black ninja pants with some lose bandages around them and he had black sneakers. He wore two pouches around his waist like he always did, one at his left side and one at his right. The one in his left had five Paper Bombs, two Flash Bombs and three Smoke Bombs. On his right he had five kunai and four shuriken. As he entered the "abandoned" district he looked around seeing some people in the back streets, some looking out the window and some laying against the wall, it was a weird feeling but Fumetsu didn't mind he went close to a wooden pillar and kept his back against it as his hands were in his pockets. He looked from behind his hair and from under the hood for the one he needed to meet-

Guest_UnaruInuzuka: -He had looked upon the slip of paper the carrier bird had given him, a spar, he rarely got such an order, usually he just hunted out someone who had indicated they wanted a spar and make plans for such. However clearly he has been a bit lax in his actions of late, probably the reason he was asked to this one. He shrugged his shoulders as he was crouched upon one of the buildings of the abandoned district. His silver shards roamed the streets while he waited, the rain was pouring and for most they kept their heads down and steered clear of the downpour. He on the other hand was already soaked for having not really have been inside since this morning. Beyond the black tank top under his sleeveless jacket of the same shade his clothes were already soaked and dark black in color from the rain. His burgundy locks dripping with the waters that poured from the heavens. Shifting slightly he considered his inventory raising his right purple armored hand and slipping a finger under the spiked choker that displayed his shinobi standings of the village he was within to remove a itch from underneath. He thought back he had four kunai settled in various pockets on his form, two smoke bombs, a rebreather, a spool of wire string and two paper bombs in his purple Amegakurian hip pouch, nine shuriken and two senbon in his thigh pouch of the same shade of purple as his bracers and shin guards and two scrolls holding all together four more kunai and four paper bombs and two extra smoke bombs along with two flash bombs as well. He reached down and scratched Buruu that was sitting between his legs getting the least amount of rain on her fur while Anryoku let himself just sit and wait near by. Tilting his head to the left side droplets of water soaked more into the long tailed bandana that was secure around his forehead wondering who his opponent will be… Just as he had been about to name people off to figure out who he watched as one person walked along the streets a scent catching his nose. He knew then but he really didn’t. They had fought at the dojo but even then he hadn’t actually caught the others name, a flaw in of itself. He gives a sigh, well it could have been worse, it could have happened in the field and none of the group would have survived with the way they had worked. After a moment of pause he glanced around taking in the scene around them, he knew if the people saw a fight starting they would clear out of the area till it finished however he perfered knowing where innocent civilians may be just in case. He left his two pups on the roof top. He stood and wasn’t surprised by the small grumble Buruu did when her shelter was moving from her. He hopped down to the ground and cantered his head watching silently already having the air of being ready for the fight before speaking up.- “I take it you’re the one I’m to spar? By the way… Names Unaru, kind of didn’t introduce myself last time, guess that’s my fault…” –The words were in regret of that but his features and tone of voice was blank didn’t seem to have much feeling behind it even if it did. This fact was one thing people didn’t particularly like he never showed much emotion however he did have them none the less. He let himself lower into a deeper set horse stance legs spread for balance a little more than normal arms instead of tucked to his sides lay loose in front of him back straight but tilted forward a bit at the hips. Most would never take such a stance thinking it may overbalance themselves, however for him it was almost natural and honestly gave him more balance than one thinks. Soon another set of words slip from his lips to the other, on one end it could seem simply a teens way of showing he was ready to get this spar started on good terms but on the other seem a little dark for one to speak. - “Well let’s have some fun shall we?”

Guest_pxJeffTheKilleRxq: -He lifted his head up to see the one who looked like it would be his opponent- " I am Fumetsu." - His tone was calm and comforting but at the same time it could give someone the creeps. - " Ok then." - he took the hood of his face revealing a focused face and a pair of eyes staring right into the other's. Fumetsu knew who it was, he knew Unaru from the fight at the dojo. Fumetsu never really did catch the other's name but now he knew and since he studied, the full name of the other would be "Unaru Inuzuka". Fumetsu's hands moved out of his pockets and were left hanging next to his body. He studied the other's body and pose, the expression on his face and the look in his eyes, nothing was really of much help as the one was unreadable right now and probably his next moves will be as well. He stood there in his normal pose expecting everything from the other but where were his companions, his ninken? he read that every Inuzuka has at least one ninken. He probably didn't brought them to this fight.

Guest_UnaruInuzuka: -He waited a moment longer seeing the other settle to stand there letting silver shards look over him slowly. The air around the two was getting heavy with anticipation, the rain falling in rivulets down his face as the long pause came to be. Suddenly lightning flashing in the sky quickly followed with thunder but even before the sound was brought to their ears he was moving. Feet pounding the ground were almost light as a fether the only sound being the small splashes of water that he came to step on without care. His speed of his clan making his movements like a blur to the normal eye, he had given this white haired boy a chance at first attack but finding none he took first attack for himself. He flips a kunai to his right hand from one of his pockets from the left side, a nicely crafted one instead of mat black it was polished to a metal shine, the ring was set differently and there was carved holes in it that when thrown made such a interesting sound… Custom made and had been pricy; however he had found himself enjoying the balance the item gave. He flicked his arm to be across his form and when getting in front of the other he slashed out wards with the blade. If it should hit he could easily slash him across the left side of the male’s abdomen. He didn’t wait to find out if he had made the mark or not the moment he made the hit he had shifted his weight and flipped back from Fumetsu and landed a good few yards back from him. This was a typical dive in and retreat tactic of the Inuzuka clan, however it also forced one to have to come to him to keep him from doing such a thing. He knew the kid was likely a rookie, he wasn’t well known and he had to have been new if he remembered how the dojo fight had gone, so he was toning himself down to see where this might go also kind of wanting to feel the other out first.-

Guest_pxJeffTheKilleRxq: -He stood relaxed but once his target moved that fast that he looked like a blur Fumetsu's eyes widen as his mind spoke "Inuzuka's are this fast? Amazing.". Noticing that blur was getting closer it was hard to dodge as the Inuzuka appeared in front of him slashing at his abdomen, Fumetsu moved backwards but not fast enough so Unaru made a cut on his hoodie but his flesh was left untouched. He then took a kunai from his right pouch and held it in his right hand, the kunai pointing outwards. He rushed towards the other and jumped. While in air he moved his right hand behind prepared to strike and when close he brought the hand forwards in a slash motion. If that was to hit it would make a cut on the other's left shoulder causing bleeding and pain. After that he would land behind Unaru and roll getting back up and turning around in an instant holding the kunai in a defensive manner, his legs were spread, the right one behind him and the left in front, his body was lower as he leaned forwards and he held his left arm lower than the right one. He focused his eyes on the other once again expecting the him to move fast again-

Guest_UnaruInuzuka: -Unaru had let a grin with barely an upturned corner of his lips be seen from him as he considered the others reactions to his attack. At least he had gotten close to catching the other off guard; he had seen the eyes of the other, the surprise in his features reading him like a book. He also took note that he didn’t get thrown by it too badly and was able to move quick enough to avoid the blade for from a simple twitch of his nose he didn’t catch the scent of blood in the air yet. He waited calmly for but a moment and that was when he had seen the other leap he shifted just a bit to his own right sliding his left foot back and his hands raise a fraction from their relaxed spot. He watched with calm features as he saw the weapon go to slash at his shoulder almost predicting the angle of attack, it wasn’t hard with him leaping like he did. He didn’t do anything fancy, no point in wasting the energy for such, all he did was shift it just enough out of the way to not be touched by the blade however if he was paying attention Fumetsu would have noticed that his right arm had reached out just slightly as he was moving past him as if to grab that attacking arm but changed his mind letting him take off and roll upon the ground he didn’t give him the time the other had likely hoped for thou. He had pushed his attack the moment the other was rolling, he had followed him feet quickly following along on the wet ground and let him get into the stance. That was when he let himself strike. He had next no time to pause and watch for the moment he had focused upon him again he was already in front of him, his right hand flipped the kunai it had been having grasped within it to his left one and balling his fist up he sent a across the body punch out at the right shoulder of his opponents. If it should hit he could possibly knock that shoulder out of its socket making his right arm useless in the fight.-

Guest_pxJeffTheKilleRxq: -Fumetsu's attack did not hit and he knew it could've been counter-attacked by the other but it seems Unaru chose not to do it. As a new genin Fumetsu had many blind spots in his taijutsu and his other skills and he knew that he could be easily beaten by this Inuzuka but he wouldn't give up, it was a spar and a spar meant training to Fumetsu. As he got up and in his defensive stance the other decided to attack again. This time again it could've been worse but Unaru only sent a punch to Fumetsu's shoulder. Fumetsu moved his left palm in front of the other's coming fist stopping it, from the force it was put in there Fumetsu knew that Unaru wasn't really going too easy and Fumetsu didn't even wanted him too. The force could've hurt the Kaguya badly but he stopped it. But there was a problem, Unaru's left hand was free and armed with a kunai but Fumetsu's right hand was free and armed too. He would close his hand wanting to grab the other's fist and hold it there and he would flip his kunai inwards before thrusting towards Unaru's left shoulder with enough force to make the arm useless for the rest of the spar.-

Guest_UnaruInuzuka: -As Unaru found himself blocked from hitting, a feat upon itself since the punch could have easily broke a nose and likely fracture small bones like within a hand on impact, even his own knuckles stung slightly from slamming into the hand instead his arm feeling the impact since it had stopped short. He seemed to have paused a second as if trying to recalculate his actions with him having expected the other to try and dodge him rather than block. That was when the other went to grab his hand, he had gone to jerk back a little too late and felt his hand had been trapped. The fact his right hand was the one caught really didn’t matter to him like most would think. He was ambidextrous so this didn’t quite hinder him as much as it could have and really didn’t react beyond a small knit of his brow and a small annoyance at himself coming to those silver eyes of his at having not moved quick enough to avoid it. He saw the other go to stab at his left shoulder but let the weight of the others actions work against him he shifted to his right out of the way of the attack and dropped his weight down to the ground willing to pull the other with him, if this should happen he would throw the other off balance while he used his left hand to send a stab at the side of his left arms elbow, the arm that had snagged at him, people need to learn that you don’t grab something feral without expecting to be bit for it. If he did pull the other forward and could take this attack he could easily injure the others use of the arm, if the other had let him go he would have rolled backwards from the other when he dropped down and fallen into his typical stance ready for the next attack to come.-

Guest_pxJeffTheKilleRxq: -Seeing Unaru's movements, Fumetsu was prepared for it. He could've easily let the Inuzuka go but he didn't, instead he kept hold of the other's fist even as he was pulled down he was still on his feet though and he used the kunai in his right hand to counter-attack Unaru's kunai avoiding being stabbed in the side of his elbow. He then releases Unaru's hand briefly before grabing him by the wrist and pulling hard in his direction like a tug-of-war moveing his weight in his bottom as he pulled. If Una did not escape the pull and was pulled Fumetsu would send a side kick to the other's chest with his left leg, if that was to hit it would knock the air out from the other's lungs and probably break some ribs because of the force that was placed in Fumetsu's leg and the force that was placed in his pull. However, if Unaru would escape the pull Fumetsu would still do the kick but it wouldn't be that severe because he would be unbalanced and he would fall back but he woul hold himself up with his right hand which he would place on the ground and with the right leg which as well would be on the ground while he would hit with his left foot. The fight was getting interesting giving the fact that they were two close hand to hand combatants.

Guest_UnaruInuzuka: -Unaru glanced at the kunai that was blocking his own the sparks flying from the impact of sharp edge upon the others. He flicked his head to remove a bit of hair from his face that was dripping into his eyes before feeling Fumetsu’s hand loosen to try and change his grip. There was no chance he was letting him do such. He took the opening and moved that right hand of his from reach letting his hand slip from the grip easily since it was wet from the outpouring of the heavens above. Since the other didn’t get that grip he so hoped to get he would have found himself get unbalanced. Unaru shifted to the left to avoid the kick that was coming towards him, he felt part of the impact touch him on the side but if it bruised him it would be lucky. He landed on his left hand that still held his kunai and with the movement took the chance and seeing the other working to catch himself from being unbalanced, he took the chance and twisting into his personal space to get both hands on the ground which would force him to the side of the other not parallel but where his feet would be the closest to the other Taijutsu fighter, for there was no question in his mind now that this one enjoyed close hand to hand like he did, and angled just at where when he got to landing upon his right hand would place his feet were near Fumetsu’s waist. This all happened in a fluid movement with no time between actions, and hopefully before the other could correct their movement to avoid it he cocked his right knee to his own chest and sent a powerful thrusting kick back towards the others chest right at the bottom of his sternum letting himself keep at least the corner of his eye keep a eye on the other, if he should make the impact it could easily break bones because of the direction the one was falling in his attack on him and for the force he was placing in this hit. After making the attack be if it hit or not he would have simply pivoted his body on his right hand so that he faced the other in a more feral stance where hands and feet were on the ground. This was the moment one would see a small crack in his stoic façade a grin was slightly coming to play on his lips.-

Guest_pxJeffTheKilleRxq: -Seeing the other move he followed the Inuzuka with his eyes but he was in a very vulnerable state right now so Unaru could do some real damage. He noticed how the other twisted and prepared to attack but nothing came in Fumetsu's mind. His right hand was busy with a kunai and with holding himself off the ground on a side, his right leg as well as he was using it to ballance himself. However his left hand was free and his left leg still in the kick but he could use it. Seeing Unaru's powerful kick coming and coming fast he could not dodge it, perhaps he could block the other's atack once again. He moved his left arm so that it would vertically cover his chest and he moved his left leg which was extended upwards, he moved it to help in the protection, he vertically placed his knee in front of his chest. It was a good thing Fumetsu was very flexible and very ballanced. Once Unaru's kick came it hit Fumetsu's outward side of the lower arm and his left's leg tibia. The powerful blow hurt him but it did not break his bones, it made Fumetsu fall on his back then roll on his side and then on his front, repeating the process a few times before he swiftly came back to his feet after working with the roll's velocity. He quickly got his opponent back in sight and came back to his defensive stance.-

Guest_UnaruInuzuka: -Having felt the impact take on more than what he expected his attack to do the grin lingered upon his features as he was crouched there. He had almost expected more injuries on the other from some of the hits he has given so to see the other didn’t take as much was intriguing to him. His form shifted as he watched the other come to a defensive stance and wait there for him… something no one really should do with him, it gave him both options and time to consider making them. He was tempted to kick this up a notch with a signature ability to get this spar showing he isn’t one to underestimate but he was lingering on doing so… Deep inside he wanted this to continue, after all if he used that the match was usually seen as one sided… He looked on for a moment considering options before reaching into his back pocket and took out one of his smoke bombs. Fingering it in his right hand Unaru soon chucked it at the ground at Fumetsu’s feet swiftly to have it explode in a black smoke depriving him of sight. This was a sense most people need in such a fight to both find their opponent and to dodge any incoming attacks one will get. He didn’t wait, the moment the smoke billowed up he was grabbing two of his normal kunai in one hand and slung them out at where he could smell him, their paths to the other happening without much sound. If they should hit one would be heading towards his upper body region the other towards his legs before he himself dashed into the cloud hiding himself if the other should get out of the smoke, surprise was a key element in his attacks, and keeping the other guessing was another.-

Guest_pxJeffTheKilleRxq: -He covered his eyes and mouth upon seeing the smoke bombs explode, he knew it was a dangerous situation from his fight with Ban Nara. He decided to keep a moment to think until he noticed that he shouldn't be standing still so out of instinct he rolled to the right and to his surprise there were heard two metalic noises like kunai hitting the ground so he probably avoided some bad injuries. He started to think a way out of this smoke screen and to his luck it didn't took him much to find a way. They were still in the streets which meant there were building, walls and most importantly... rooftops. turned around and began to run, touching a wall in mere seconds. After he touched the wall he placed chakra in his feet and began to run up towards the roof getting there imediatly. He then looked down at the smoke and around it but he did not see the Inuzuka anymore. Where was he? could he be in the smoke or in between the buildings? Fumetsu watched silently but alarmed as the other was no where to be found.-

Guest_UnaruInuzuka: -His form had came to settle in the smoke but even he knew this wouldn’t last too long since the rain essentially made it start loosing its potency almost as soon as it gets to its largest size. Had closed his eyes and let his nose tell him exactly where Fumetsu had gone, upwards, clearly upon the rust tainted building that wasn’t far from them. He let his chakra, midnight, almost black in color, flow over his form, he let himself take his time since clearly the other couldn’t find him in this smoke cloud. That was when he had let that chakra be absorbed into his system using his clans signature four legged technique. His eyes became more feral, his nails on hands and feet sharpened like claws and his canine teeth thickened and lengthened a bit, a growl lowly forming from his lips as this came to be as dark as night in the eerie rain filled streets especially when the smoke hid him so well. This technique didn’t just change his appearance it also gave him strength, speed, endurance and agility, it made him deadly something Ritsuka could attest to for this had no doubt the reason he had stopped the team fight.  He likely would have probably torn Ban apart for his actions without blinking and barely regret it afterwards. He let his head tilt up a little and as the smoke was slowly starting to clear he took note of a support beam right under where he smelt Fumetsu to being along with seeing that it was precariously damaged almost surprising it hadn’t collapsed when he had leapt up there. He didn’t wait; he rushed the beam and with a swift right footed kick broke the metal beam from its rusting screws with a loud screech and crash letting the roof Fumetsu had leapt to collapse in on itself. If the other should be caught in the action he could easily fall back to the ground where he could attack or even be slashed by broken metal in his attack. After this he took another smoke bomb from his hip pouch and slammed it at his own feet letting it spread over the steets again to keep this fight in darkness if he can help it.-

Guest_pxJeffTheKilleRxq: -Not long passed after the smoke faded away, as it did Fumetsu focused his sight close to the smoke only to see Unaru... but this time more feral like some kind of wolf, this is what he read about the Inuzuka clan. He knew it was bad but before he could get a better look Unaru attacked the support beam of the building Fumetsu was standing on. Not wasting time, the Kaguya smacked his hands together into the Ram hand seal and used the Body Flicker Technique, a technique that allows the user to move at very high speeds into another place, looking almost like the user has teleported. The higher the distance the more chakra is used for the technique. Fumetsu chose to move to the other rooftop across the street. He noticed that down there, it was another smoke cloud. Unaru seemed like he wanted to stay hidden. Fumetsu took two shuriken from his pouch and threw them at the smoke cloud in the place he saw Unaru before the smoke appeared.- "So I guess this is bad news for me..." -Fumetsu talked to himself as he looked at the smoke-

Guest_UnaruInuzuka: -He took note that the scent was lessening in the area he was in and had started drifting from elsewhere… His head turned taking in the angle now that his senses were stronger.. ‘So he used the body flicker tech then, alright then.’ He didn’t wait any longer than the time it took to figure this out, he swiftly moved from the cloud of smoke in a leap, the only indication he had even moved out of it to the normal eye was the disturbance of the cloud at an angle near the direction of where Fume now settled upon the roof top. As he had moved he took note one of the shuriken Fumetsu must have thrown had zipped by his face barely a. inch away while the other was a completely off target. He was fast, if one thought he was fast before they were wrong, this form gave him the agility of an animal and his landing right behind fume was feather quiet. He heard the comment of the others and grinned with a slight darkness in it before speaking.- “Yeah I would say so.” –With one hand as he was speaking he lashed out with one hand a chopping motion swiftly aiming to a pressure point at the others neck. If it hit it will simply knock him out from the hit itself, simple but a effective move, he had played enough, he was ready for the fall of this one knowing if he continued for too much longer he may find himself looking for blood. The other had no clue of this fact, but Unaru himself could feel the edge of darkness edge into his thoughts, the thrill of the fight bringing up this sensation, still controlled but noticed. If it doesn’t hit he isn’t moving he stuck close either to catch the other from falling from the attack he just did or to fight at close contact once again. –

Guest_pxJeffTheKilleRxq: -As he was looking at the cloud of smoke he noticed a disturbance in it kinda going towards Fumetsu's location. He then heard the first word the other said,'Tsk... he's even faster now', he did not wait to listen the rest of Unaru's sentence, he heard it while doing his next actions, he quickly ducked and grabbed the other's hand by his wrist with his left hand while he's crouched and with his right hand swings his kunai behind him towards Unaru's leg. If it would hit it would cause bleeding and problems with using that leg. He noticed that the other was going to knock Fumetsu out with a simple smack to a preasure point on his neck, thing that Fumetsu did not like. He found that thing cheap when it was used in a spar, a spar shouldn't end that way at all. To Fumetsu a spar should end with either one of the fighters giving up and surrendering or a knock out that wouldn't be cause by some cheap hit to the target's preasure points, it was just bugging Fumetsu.-

Guest_UnaruInuzuka: -His silver shards took note of his hand being grabbed and never did back off the action however he also watched in the swift movement of the other him crouching and sending a kunai towards his leg. He couldn’t help the feeling of interest that flew to his senses, this made a perfect opening to deal with since the other did grab his hand but hadn’t move his hand from near the others neck and had found himself grin darkly at this. Just before the kunai would have gotten half way into its swing he swiftly went to snag that hoodie of Fumetsu’s along with the shoulder underneath and if it should be grabbed he was easily taking a counter upon his opponent. He leaps over the kunai that was being thrusted out at his leg dodging the weapon with ease as he flipped over the other letting himself balance upon the others shoulder. If the grab was successful he was going to simply fall into doing his Early Sacrifice move that even his team mate Tetsuo had found devastating in a spar not long ago. He would land upon his feet in front of Fume and still holding onto the others shoulder and with a hard jerk of his arm and upper body he would swing him around himself to disorient him before slamming him into the tiled roof harshly upon his back hard enough to crack tiles. If this counter did work he would come to send a kick to the others head. He made sure to cut down the impact strength to keep him from any serious injury but If it should hit it would be quite harsh enough to easily knock the other one out.-

Guest_pxJeffTheKilleRxq: -Fumetsu did not pay attention when he grabbed Unaru's wrist, he did not move it away which was a bad thing because Unaru grabbed his shoulder. He watched as his kunai did not hit. He then watched as the Inuzuka jumped in front of him holding himself to Fumetsu's shoulder. The Kaguya did not knew what was going to happen, what was Unaru planning. He couldn't think it for too long because then he felt how he was being moved firmly around. He couldn't keep track of what was happening because the movement made him be disoriented. After he knew it he felt the tiles brake under him as he was rolling on them. He released a quick shout of pain as he felt the impact. As he stopped on his back he turned his head to see Unaru sending a kick to his head. Out of instinct he moved his hand in front of it and stopped it before he spoke slowly- "I don't... like to be knocked... out from something like... this... I admit... you won... friend..." -He spoke his mind to Unaru, it was hard for Fumetsu to speak, the impact knocked the air out of his lungs. Fumetsu wanted Unaru to respect him. Even if Fumetsu was only a rookie and Unaru a strong genin as shown in this fight, he did not want to get knocked out from that so he admited that Unaru won. His body wasn't able to react to anything more than stopping that kick, it was all out of stamina and that counter put an end to it. He saw Unaru as a friend because the fight was good and he knew he cared since he held back, Unaru was also a comrade, ninja of Amegakure so Fumetsu wished the other would think the same way and he wished that Unaru would respect his request of not being knocked out as he already admited that the Inuzuka won. His hand then moved out of Unaru's way. He looked in the other's eyes with the edge of his mouth pointed upwards as he thought about how this fight played out.-

Guest_UnaruInuzuka: -The moment his foot had been stopped his silver shards had looked past that foot taking note of the block and found them narrow as if ready to continue. It had been his moment of darkness that flared that was almost as bad as wanting first blood in a fight just to smell it, However that was when the words were spoken and found himself pausing, not out of not hearing but out of the struggle of stopping the fight so suddenly his unstable mind working its way to accept the other had given up. He wasn’t that use to others giving in while in a spar, even with Kagato himself he never left anyone awake in his fights and in turn it seemed Genin had taken the habit of their Kage’s and has been implementing it into their own fights. He use to give the option to his opponents, but recently even that has seemed to disappear. He shifted his foot from the other and took a step back before letting the chakra release and let himself revert back to normal once again a slow breath in and out forming and that stoic expression had flowed over his features once again, his dark side tempered but almost snarling in the back of his mind about being denied. He also rolled the word friend in his mind from the other and almost scowled, he barely knew the other one… friends earn their place with him. After all friends that aren’t friends at all will easily stab someone in the back… He looked the other one over considering if he needed to go to the hospital or not, if the other can walk away he wasn’t going to bother, he after all didn’t smell blood on the other, but he did know he had hurt him I the last attack.- “We aren’t friends… yet… but you fight well, good luck with your training for the next chuunin exam for I will be one of the ones there… can you leave this place on your own?” –The question was soft and all his words had been bland in tone, however the question seemed sincere in curiosity rather than irritated in possibly needing to help.-  

Guest_pxJeffTheKilleRxq: -His smile slowly disappears and he regains his breath slowly. He slowly but unsteadily gets up but falls back down on his knees still not able to breathe normally. He coughs several times and speaks- "It is true... we aren't friends yet... and I'll be... ready for you in the exams..." - Fumetsu gets up once again and looks straight at the other's eyes, Unaru was back to normal.- "Thank you for asking... I don't know what you think but only a friend would ask that... you knew very well I wasn't hurt enough to go to the hospital... but it could've happened... Yeah... I can get out of here on my own."- He was speaking with a calm voice, having a little bit of sadness in it for certain reasons but Fumetsu was happy that Unaru asked that.-

Guest_UnaruInuzuka: -Unaru heard the word friend again and seemed to let his eyes darken, if it be agitation or something else no one would know but he didn’t correct the other again at least for now, he heard the comment of him being fine to head out on his own and looking him over as he walked he only paused a moment considering if he wanted to place any more time into interacting with this other teen before turning to give off two sharp whistles towards his pups. He watched them head to him one, Anryoku, leaping to his shoulder while the other, Buruu, leapt to his arms. He glanced to the other a long moment considering the others words, he could hear the sadness in them but everyone here had their own sadness and pain to deal with, him imparticular having one of the harsh ones that had scarred him badly to change his life’s outlook on people. Even worse at the age it had all been forced on him it doesn’t seem it will ever heal completely. He shook his head then spoke up.- “Take it slow, go have something get it checked out, or I will be found at fault and don’t need that kind of attention…” –The words had been hard and pushing away in tone but it was caring as he then took off in one direction towards the more busy part of the village leaving the white haired teen to fend for himself… something he himself had found himself doing a lot.-

End Results:

Unaru winning spar, only very minor injuries, both walking away from the spar itself.