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When posting role-plays to the NNERP wiki please use the following steps to make the process simple and easy for everyone and to keep the Wiki looking neat and organized. 

How to Title Role-play:

When making a page for your role-play we ask that you do not use & ' or , in the titles for example Itsumo's Mission title would be better listed as Itsumo: Mission Title. Type out the word and in Titles and for Group spars with more than two people do not list all those involved in the title.  Be creative with your role-play titles as well they do not all have to be generic. 

How to post the Actual Role-play:

After making the page for the role-play we want everyone to use the following template to post the role-play

RP Template

The first part of the template is Participants and the second part is Role-play and the third is Conclusion the information below will help you better understand how things should be listed underneath of each of the two Parts.


For the participants section all names of those involved in the role-play should be listed and there Application Pages linked. They should be listed in a row and not in a long list. 



Yamanaka Itsumo, Uzumaki Kagato


For the Role-play section next to the Role-play: you would place the title again ex. Role-play: Kagato Vs Kunisada then underneath of the title post the role-play. The Avatar name should be posted before each post. 


This is where you explain the outcome of whatever even has taken place. If anyone was injured it would be listed here, if anything was turned in or completed it would be listed here as well as anything important that took place or if there is an event that is to follow this role-play. 


Please follow this guide when posting any role-plays anyone who posts a role-play that does not follow this guide will not receive points for the role-play until it is fixed to properly follow this template. Thank You for taking the time to read this information-NNERP Kage's