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Kagato Uzumaki , Athena Uzumaki

Title: God VS Puppet

Kagato: Kagato standing dead center of the middle metallic platform in The Ame falls, waiting for  Athena to arrive as before they had talked about a spar  of sorts seeing as she felt the need to earn the new rank he was to bestow on her. Kagato’s mind began to race feelings that he held deep within he knew that she didn’t want him to go easier on her but the fact remained could he go all out? Well only time would tell that much he thought. The sky as always was ominously dark with storm clouds moving about slowly like turtles. The clouds dropped forth Thick tear shaped rain drops filled with Kagato’s own chakra, as if the heavens themselves were weeping for this land he called home. His trade mark crimson strands of hair clung to his face being saturated with the onslaught of rain, taking a bit of a darker red color than normal. The rain repealed off his black mask and metal rebreater as if it had been coated in oil. He lifted his right hand covered by purple armored black gloves bearing a seal on the first plate covering the top of his hand that his war fan was sealed in, upwards towards one of the black straps of his back pack to slide it up his shoulder a bit, up and over the purple metal armor plates that his long black trench coat like robe was outfitted with, on each shoulder and around the collar.  The backpack held seven scrolls of various colors, red, blue, Purple, yellow, on the one side of the pack packs straps in the front the first three would be visible, the four others two on each side were held in place in the back by fitted holders for scrolls. Kagato netted black shirt also clung to his pale exposed skin, seeing as his robe was always left open.  His pants blacker then the nights sky, held two pouches like pockets on either side on the lower half of his legs.  The purple plated armor that covered up to his shin and foot, strapped tightly to the black open toed shoes he always wore exposing his black toe nails. His one blue eye and one green eye shifted back and forth as if scanning the area for Athena to pop her head in running back and forth like a darting rabbit. He looked down and focused on his village head band he wore along his neck. It slightly shimmered in the dim light as the rain danced about the surface like an ice skater on a frozen pond. With is right hand he reached up to his purple and blue necklace that he adorned around his neck as well the colors of Amegakure yet it meant a bit more. It was a replica of the one his ancestor wore so many years ago. He shifted it sideways slightly as he waited. He took a deep breath and began to focus; his eyes began to change and took the shape of the Rinnegan characterized by a ripple-like pattern around the pupil, with a light purple iris and sclera in his left eye and a red Rinnegan in his right. In this state he was in the top of his game starting out this way he had hoped he would show that he meant business, his normal eyes more human like but with this change he seemed to take on a more demonic look about him. Through the dim light that shown through the clouds his eyes seemed to glow slightly. He stood there silently like a stone sentinel  shifting  into a more firm stance dropping his hands down to his sides  and pulling his hands behind his back clasping them together holding them tight, running his thumb over the sliver and red ring  on his right thumb. The kanji of which dead center carved out in black which meant god.  Taking another deep calming breath exhaling slowly through his rebreather, getting his emotions in check before this spar, a single droplet of water dropped slowly from the middle chakra receiver he had in imbedded in his nose which there was three in total on either side char coal black. The rain drop fell down on to his rebreather and skidded off the surface.-

EmpsAthenaSoriDrach: -Breathing to calm herself as she rolled her shoulders slightly, pulling her armor piece by piece, Purple tight leathered Pants running her hands up them as her Emerald irises stared almost blankly into space, Her mind psyching its self-up for the oncoming storm that was Kagato the Kage of The Amegakura No Sato. Walking around to pick up her utensils placing them in her back rain marked pouch, clipping it to her back, hearing it jingle about slightly with her Kunai and small other utensils for the fight she had demanded. She wasn't one to take a position lightly and in her own way would only accept it once she felt it fully earned, Sighing biting her bottom lip as she pulled over her shirting and wrapped the purple scarf around her alabaster puppet neck line, exhaling another calming breath. This would be the first time she would fight her childhood friend seriously. The had toyed and thrown many a stone but this was altogether different. Picking up her leather belting and strapping it over her lower chest with a click of the metal clasp, pulling on her Jounin vest and pulling her hair back in the same movement, flicking stray scarlet strands out of her focused eyes and placing and tightening her Ame engraved protective head band, the light bouncing off of its sheen as she walked about placing her gear upon her form all the while her threads playing in the back ground, licking the air tentatively almost seeming to reflect her very own persona in each of their little movements, anxious but excited to walk out into the rain. She was sure this wouldn't bode well for her but, Shaking her head, clenching her fists... this had to be done... She would fight him and she would earn what she was to be presented... if she was found worthy. Placing a hand against her chest feeling her heart pound under her black sharp painted finger tips, taking another calming breath, narrowing her eyes as she walked around picking up her Amegakure detailed Katana and strapped her three summon scrolls to her thigh with another click and snap of metal on metal. Picking up her black material mask flicking her long red pony tail out of the way at the neck of her neck to tie it around to cover her lips. This was a battle after all... There would be none of pleasantries given, she knew he wouldn't be showing his face to her and thusly would hold the same stance. Finally picking up her treasured flower adorned head banding, closing her eyes momentarily saying a silent word to her personal Kamisama- *Protect me, Keep me strong.... Don't let me shame myself, let me make your proud* -striding her shoulders held high as she vanished, flitting to poise over looking over the raining falls, spotting him in the center, narrowing her eyes on him, rain falling around them both. Looking up momentarily, glaring at the rain slightly... She wasn't expecting a sunny day but still... might have tipped it more so in her favor, chewing her bottom lip with her sharp eye tooth as she looked up. Droplets streaking down her exposed puppet skin and down the metal she adorned. Shutting it out as she looked back down.... she was ready...Her hand signs quick as a small smirk tweaked at the corner of her lips, licking them slightly from under her mask. Aiding her concentration as she stepped off the edge falling down low to her knees a platform slightly above him Looking down at him as she stood slowly watching him closely- “Nice weather were having hmm?” -tilting her head to the side as she smirked behind her mask flicking a now dampened ringletted of rouge behind her ear, her eyes taking in his ridged form somewhat amused by his stance, unmoving from her position as she stood there placing a hand on her hip line, her eyes flicking away momentarily as she watched, then back to him seeing his orbs... something in them surly hinting his seriousness in this, at least he wasn't going to back down...because she sure as hell wasn't going to-

Kagato:-His eyes flickered upward to the platform above him, sensing her chakra through the rain he knew Athena had arrived. He pushed down all of his emotions shutting them down in a sense to keep is cool calm demeanor. He couldn’t show her any pleasantries for he knew if he did he couldn’t go all out like he had wished to do. He shook his head from left to right as her words reached his ears echoing off the sounding walls of the falls, in any other circumstance he would welcome the sound of her voice it had a soothing effect on him much like the sounds of the rain that fell, but he could not let it get to him. His lips parted slowly out slipped his tongue rather quickly brushed it up against his lips that, not that it could be seen mind you due to the rebreather and mask. His words bellowed out from the rebreather cold and emotionless cutting through the air like a freshly sharpened katana.- Indeed it is.. – Without hesitation he moved his hands from behind his back with lightening quick reflexes he was not going to let a moment pass by he was here for this spar and she would see another side of him this day, calculating cold and devious. He hated the thought of her seeing him this way but it was impossible for him not to if he wished to  rule out any possibility of him going easy on her. Before one could blink an eye he was throwing up a series of hands signs at break neck speed. First he contorted and smashed his fingers into position of the - Ram – only to loyally shaping his digits into the sign of the - Dog- only to manipulate them in a scurrying fashion into the sign of the Rat. His lips parted- Let’s get this party started….. Secret Technique Mist Rain! – The heavens poured down even ore the rain was his weapon he was one with it after all  he was named Demi God Of The Rain for a good reason. This technique absorbs any and all chakra without the same signature as Kagato his self. With that said   the drops falling all a crossed the falls in the matter of seconds  covering the whole span of the falls should any of her ninjutsu or otherwise even her chakra threads  even touch a single drop of rain that fell the chakra would be drained and absorbed directly into the rain its self. The rain was falling so heavily that it was pretty much impossible to avoid. It was like a thick blanket covering the falls reaching every nook and cranny there was nothing would be safe from this torrential down pour. Kagato slid his feet outwards to the side three inches as the next series of hand signs began to take route.  The slight roar of lightning crashing down from the storm clouds echoed off the walls of the falls like a loud crash of a symbol of a drum  he unleashed the first  hand sign with ferocity jumping into the sign of the – Tiger- next he formed without a second though that of the hand sign – Dog – his fingers next shaping the sign of the – Monkey- only to slither into the position of the - Snake – charging  head on forcing his fingers into the sign of the – Boar – then for his final sign the sign of the – Tiger- once more.- His lips parted once more a  his tongue coiled out thrashing  to for the words of his next attack like that of a cobra striking. – Water Heavens convergence! – Water began to pull together shaping thirty basketball sized orbs of water all around him from the falls the rain the moisture in the very air. The dim light glinted off the surface of these orbs like they were holding on to the light like a long lost friend.. This technique gave him the ability to freely manipulate the water around him and shape it into anything he wished. It could be used both as a defensive measure or and offensive one depending on the situation at hand. He positioned two of the four of the orbs about four feet away from his head surrounding it in a square formation giving him just enough room to see what was going on.  He brought four more down and around his torso in the same pattern as the ones around his head, same with an additional four covering his leg area in all covering his front and back sides. The remaining eighteen he shot them straight up into the air a good ten feet above Athena’s head this all happening in the matter of a few seconds. Not many had seen him act so quickly but he wasn’t going to show any false movements or intentions. She wanted a test of skill against him she was going to get it. He was more than willing to make her work for this.  Now with his defense in place and the mist rain sucking up any chakra she would try to use this game was set in his favor already.- Well now then… -Kagato began speaking in a deep tone of voice.- Your turn…

EmpsAthenaSoriDrachEmpsAthenaSoriDrach : -His voice cold it she couldn't help but grin to it her eyes flicking about checking progress momentarily halting focusing her green eyes on him... he was going all out, Watching him closely his fingers snapping to, “Tch....” - Her words a slightly muffled whisper to herself as she instinctively stepped back before she was able to get clear, Sheets of rain falling and several hand seals later her clone vanished momentarily before the defensive balls of water did their job, Twitching at the number of them... Surly Thirty or so was a little over kill, smiling at the image slightly, the pull of the torrential rain drawing the chakra from out of her clone before the strike was able to hit it seemed. Feeling the slight pull on her as she watched the water bucket down, extinguishing her out in the open clone and one stray that seemed to not be in position yet. Taking a few cautious steps back from it from her little hidden space chewing her bottom lip under her masking as she pressed her back up against cold of the wall under the overhang she stood, narrowing her eyes from her hiding place as she pieced together what he has just done. Drawing out a Kunai toying with it through her fingers as her plan fell apart slightly. Two more clones billowing into white smoke and being rippled and ripped apart by the rain that fall upon them. Looking out the edge of the overhang she stood under, half tempted to touch the rain that she just knew had been tampered with...shaking her head, he was trying to trap her and she had to admit he had put her in a rather bad position of it, Water Jutsu's were now out of the equation... it was “his” element after all and her clones were no longer safe, if they held only a few moments under the rain. Pressing her back against the wall sidling it as she looked around the corner, to much longer and she knew he would find her, they weren't far from his position only just shielded from the rain either hanging on the underside of the purple metal pillars or the underside of the platforms themselves but ultimately bare just out of the rains range aside from herself, the blue gated wall and overhang of the edge above her being the only thing protecting her threads from dissipating and being drawn into him . Her chakra was spread out three other clones seemed to be safe at the moment as she made one of them speak for her, Yelling out at him- “TRYING TO TRAP ME HUH?!” -Slightly frustrated at his sudden attack. Her eyes watching him from the edge of the wall. The orbs or water circling him would do him no good, a smirk crossing her lips stepping back from the wall to dodge a stray droplet almost laughing at herself about it as she followed the eyesight line with her spare speaker clone. Trapping her like this could work in her favor, He had no idea of her numbers she was sure of it, or else those balls of water would have started an attack for the remnants. Breathing deeply licking her lips as her clones got to work, making hand signs of their own, their three points being her saving grace, making their hand signs in the same motion as she did her own. A smirk tweaking as she spoke in unison with the others “Fūinjutsu: Sanhō Fūin” (Three Direction Seal/Triangle Seal). Directing it at him, the paths of white light contorting from the three source points to surround him in its haloed white triangular closed form waiting for the tetrahedral form of light to create the harsh attack that would leave one hell of a hole in the ground where he stood, awaiting for it to exlpoad around him and send him colliding into his beloved rain and into the sky above, Doing this she knew she had given part of her position away but the trap was bound to do something. Long distance un solid attacks seemed her only choice for the moment, next time she would remind herself to bring an umbrella, Peering out carefully to see the effect unfold-

Kagato:-Kagato smirked as he watched her clone poof before him the rain was doing its job well. Now then If that wasn;t the real her then where was she He brought his thumb and index finger of his right hand to where his chin would be if  it was not covered by his rebreather and mask.. He took a light grip of the cool black metal sliding his finger up and down it. He heard her voice shout out it rang through his ears like a sharp piano note. He couldn’t help but let out a little laugh shaking his head from left to right. The all of a sudden something he didn’t expect, he looked down as a flask of white light below his feet caught his attention she was using a seal, which he didn’t expect her to do caught off guard slightly he had just enough time to wave his arm down ward sending the four basketball shaped water orbs down towards his feet melding them together in a make shift shield of sorts. The explosion ripped through the water sending it splattering against the metal plate form. The force from the blast sent him flying upwards into the air. He felt a slight pressure on his legs his armor plated shin guards  cracking a little from the blast sending shards of metal into his skin puncturing the first few layers of his epidermis, trickles of crimson red weaved their way out of  the holes left by the  metal.  His body flew through the air upwards as a result of the blast. It only took him a few seconds to regain his composure. He she thought that would be enough to trip him up she was sadly mistaken, after all he gravity was also under his control and he would make quick use of that fact. After reaching about twenty feet in the air he focused his chakra pulling the gravity around him to stop his momentum allowing his to hover there in the air.- He winced a little bit from the pain he felt in his legs but it was just a minor pain more like an annoyance.- Well Not going to lie that caught e a bit off guard… - His eyes shifted so quickly  back and forth up and down  even diagonal in rapid succession. He pin pointed the three Athena’s all hidden and sheltered slightly by the walk way coverings – You knooooooow! – He shouted in a long drawn out deep tone.- You have to come out sometime and I will make sure of  it.-he paused for a second before his lips parted once more to let out a taunt.- Is that all you got? I sure as hell thought I would get a little bit more of a challenge – He held out his right hand and extend his arm palm side up. He bent his fingers in and out in a come here type motion. The other eighteen orbs began to take shape in to long javelin like needles about five feet in length each and  five inches thick. He sent pairs of six to each destination one taking only seconds to reach their location. Each one fly through the air with pin point accuracy whizzing through the rain and air breaking them a part like they were nothing, one was directed towards each of the heads of the Athena’s two where headed for their shoulders one for the middle of their torsos and the other two would be directed towards their knee caps each set the same way the attack would be the same for each of the Athena’s that he saw before him. Each had the penetrating power to rip through hardened steel.  This no doubt would make quick work of the fakes and draw her out or so he had hoped. His whole demeanor became tenser. Every one of his muscles in his body tightened up yet loosened up a bit in preparation for anything that might come next. He was decently not in a relaxed state. His mind was focused trying to think two moves ahead of her. His brow lowered in to a intense stare as his eyes shifted back and forth between all the locations waiting and watching to see if and of his water javelins made a connection at least to the clones she had he had hoped.- 

EmpsAthenaSoriDrach: -slightly in awe of the brutal force that concussed around him, the water shielding the worst of it, literally having to hold herself back, gritting her teeth as she took her eyes away from the image, Flicking a gaze back seeing him poised in the air, blood dripping through the air and into the pools of rushing blue and purpled metal beneath him, streaming with the rain that fell. Taking a deep breath shaking her head to the image, the white lines dissipating as she looked around, pressing her back up against the wall breathing. The skill was a slight drain on her, shaking her still damp strands slightly as she breathed, her mind quickly checking on the clones that seemed to be mimicking her, running a hand through her hair, hearing his words grinning widely to them under her black cloth mask, using her Speaking clone to call out once again- “OH YEAAAA... WATCH ME. I CAN HIDE ALL I WANT.. YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE TO MAKE ME COME OU....” The words cutting off in a scream as water spikes in-bedded into her clones chest and over it combusting into white smoke, Flinching to it feeling another slip from her control, only just having her last clone just barely dodge the attack leaving it panting against the wall to stare at the spikes embedded deeply to where it was just moments before hand. Leaving her just one, grinding her teeth slightly her eyes narrowing dangerously, suddenly pulling off her own masks cloth and dropping it to her side, brushing the scarlet strands out of her eyes as she rolled her shoulders, drawing out one of her scrolls from her hip and drawing it open with a slick sweeping in the air and placing it in front of biting her finger tip, the blood dripping down her chin of herself and her one other still hiding clone mimicking the motion as the summoned one of her puppets each, looking back over her own shoulder to Kagato who seemed to still be searching for her, Performing her hand-sign in perfect unison with her last remaining clone, stepping slightly into her slight stance as she spoke- “Mokujin Sōjutsu......” (Wooden Puppet Manipulation Technique/Ninja Art: Wooden Dummy Manipulation Jutsu) -Her words spoken like an echoed hiss as she moved back slightly keeping her puppet and her clones puppet close to their sides and away from the rain, moving them to angle in his direction only a fraction out of the way of the water as she, began weaving another lot of hand signs pressing her hand against her puppets hard soldier armor, both her and her clone in perfect unison- “Shikomi Kugutsu: Shinshin Happa....” (Prepared Puppet: Eight Waves of Needles/Mechanical Puppet: Octo Needle Waves) -the silver spikes shivering through the air slicing through it in a stream from her clones direction, Smirking as they sheeted towards him in a volley of silver spiked rain like needles, their aim at his extremities Ones aiming at his mask, his armored arms, his torso and his already weeping blood dripping feet, little needles slicing through the air propelled by her puppets open jaw, holding a few moments waiting for his retaliation as the second voile from her own direction them whistling through the air as the jettisoned in his poised aerial direction, she knew he would deflect at least some but not all even the Shinra Tensie had this flaw, a five second relapse of time between uses, Panting as she pressed her back up against the wall... the draining of her clones at the start of the match and the skills she was using throughout she was sure she was at about her halfway mark...shaking her head trying to ignore the effect. Peering over her shoulder at waiting for the contact and to see what he would do to the split attack, would they hit... would they distract him...what would he do, chewing her lip as she watched, her red strands cascading over her green orbs and her cheek, the blood marking her lips lightly as she watched and waited for them to connect with their target-

Kagato:-Kagato’s grin stretched from ear to ear his attack worked for the most part cutting down the amount of players she had on the field, down to two he thought, he definitely liked those odds He nodded slightly he tilted his head  as  he watched her  pull out a scroll. He had a feeling he knew what came next and sure enough he was right she had summoned a puppet both the Athena’s doing it unison. He caught a slight glimmer as the one opened its mouth sliver spikes glistening in the dim light that peeked through the clouds hurtling straight for him with little time to spare he made a series of lightning quick hand signs contoting is fingers into the shape of the –Tiger- next hopping his fingers into place for the sign of the hair- Hare- charging his fingers into that of the –Boar- ten finally manipulating his digits into that of the  Dog -  he repeated this series three times with in  less the a second , he was quick with his hand signs though he did not use this technique often it will serve him well today. His lips parted and he uttered out a few words- Eaaarth-Style Walls!!!- No sooner did those words leave his lips did the earth below the falls begin to shake. The platforms and the surrounding metal walk ways began to quiver and shake under the earth’s movement Three thick walls made of solid earth sprang up from the depths ripping through the center platform with a screeching metallic sound and enclosed all around him the walls span twenty feet from where he hovered covering hi from every angle except for the top which was left open. The walls stood forty feet from where the center platform now fitted around the walls like a skirt. The walls were 15 feet thick made up of solid earth and rock.  The sound of the needles pinging off the wall was like music to his ears. He knew that the wall was to tick for them to penetrate. He took a deep breath and let his self gradually float to the bottom of the walls standing dead center on what still remained of the platform. He swiped his long strands of rain soaked crimson hair from in front of his face tucking them back slightly. He knew he didn’t have time to rest. He made another a hand seal with both hands by placing his index and middle fingers from both hands forming a cross.  A puff of white smoke appeared on either side of him two perfect replicas of Kagato stood on either side of him both of which were shadow clones. He sent the one he nodded to the one on his right and right away it took action forcing charka to its feet it  ran straight up the wall reaching the top in the matter of seconds. Where it stood on the lip of the walls keeping his eyes focused on the Athena’s with two. He reached up with his right hand and took a hold of his mask and rebreather removing it and tossing it to the ground.  A thunk sound echoed off the walls of the falls as it made contact with the center platform. He began kneading lightning chakra deep within him only to open his mouth a spew forth a stream of lightning spanning six feet wide launching it at both Athena’s it rapid fire secession turning only his head to meet the location of the Athena’s. The flash of the lighting flared and danced in the reflection of the surrounding rain drops in the area. A high pitched crackling bounced off the surrounding area as the lightning ripped through the air like a hot knife through butter. He knew it wouldn’t do any good focusing his attack on the puppets at the moment so he went straight to the source. While the real Kagato and yet another clone awaited down at the bottom of surrounded by the tick walls. Kagato  took a knee and began to catch his breath  each  his breathing a bit labored  he was expending a lot of chakra but nowhere close to half of it yet He smiled he was truly enjoying his self it had been ages since someone could match him like this or was willing to take on  him like this. He other clone that was down there with him was on the ready, and would react in a moment’s notice should the first clone be taken down-

EmpsAthenaSoriDrach: -Narrowing her eyes feeling the ground rumble and urge up wards watching her little needles tink and chink into the earthy surface, raising a curious eye brow at as she pressed her back to the wall once again, hearing a strange sound coming from the direction Kagato was at, her mind planning as she flicked a cautious gaze around the corner, lightning skittering through the air violently slicing through it and propelling at her and her clones direction, dropping to the floor as it ripped through the air slamming into the rock and metal she had been shielding behind, cracking a dark burnt grove down her cover, it licking over the skin of her own shoulder as she moved swiftly to the other side of the wall separating herself from the brutal force as she winced to it, covering her mouth to it as a small tear dripped down her cheek, gritting her teeth trying to keep silent, grabbing her black mouth covering cloth to tie it around the burn, as she breathed heavily. He clearly knew where she was.. she had to move away and come up with a tactic to handle him. Looking over to her clone, seemed her instinct to drop to the ground and move back had happened faster to her clone then to herself, shaking her head to the idea. It was clear they were his chosen targets, the puppets just poised there held by the strings untouched by the attack. Narrowing her eyes at this fact as she suddenly smiled an Idea popping into her head as she pressed up against the back furtherest part of the wall out of his apparent eye line, Pressing her palms together smirking feeling herself connect with her clone as she smirked as she spoke her words- “Fūton: Kiryū Ranbu” (Wind Release: Air Current Wild Dance/Wind Style: Air Current Dance) Throwing the attack from both sides into his general direction, whipping the water out of the thrashing winds way as they bombarded him in a four second interval of each other as she panted summoning herself one more clone and making them step inside of her puppet only to kick it out into the rain instantly causing the puppet to lose control in the down pour and go slack, the kick causing it to fall down off of the edge and into the waters torrent with a loud splash, Her and her original clone performing this in unison as she panted pressing her back up to the wall once again, The two shells of the now unusable puppets becoming shields for the occupants inside of them as they hit the water, moving from inside of them dragging their weighty slow selves to the underside the ledges down the bottom of the ledge. And out of the rains line of onslaught. Crawling out of their useless shells to dash up and under the metal buildings edge, their feet glowing as they tak tak taked up the walls surface throwing down little pieces of paper on the ground as they ran under the surface only under the edges where they were protected. The idea making her smirk as she, closed her eyes to concentrate sitting down as she meditated for a moment placing them in position as her original clone started to throw Kunai into the wind that continued to whip about him in its method to distract and cause possible harm. Slumping to the wall to crouch, wiping her fore head slightly as she gripped her slightly scolded arm, peering out to the edge avoiding the slight crack in the wall avoiding the droplets of water that were dripping down its surface... she couldn't keep this up for too long but she had no choice, panting as her clones vanished from the effort. Only able to hold they there for the time of setting up what she needed to. Looking up licking her slightly iron tasting bottom lip, emeralds peering through stray strands, Either she would lure him over here or he was just going to have to try harder, as she joined the throwing Frey, throwing a kunai in his direction mixing with the wind directing it to spin and both her clones and her own to collide into his chest, watching it closely as her threads whipped about in the air around her-

Kagato:-Kagato watching the events unfold through his clones eyes was a bit shocked at her reaction to his attack. He now knew which the real Athena was and which was the clone. His field of vision was crisp enough to catch a glimpse of a tear streaming down her cheek, from the impact of the lightning on her shoulder. The real Kagato sighed a bit at this, he didn’t like that think of any her coming to her but it was an inevitable result of this spar. The clone watched as the puppet shells and their tenants were cast over the edge until all of a sudden he felt the of a sudden he felt the wind pick up he shook his head slightly, really she was coming at him with a wind style attack he chuckled a bit as The clone watched as the puppet shells and their tenants were cast over the edge only to break free to climb the walls and hide once more the clone smiled slightly  as did the real Kagato down below, she was inventive he had to give her that.  Kagato simply nodded to the remain clone  the clone started pulling the rain around him concealing his self in the hiding in rain technique, making his self-invisible to the naked eyed, blending his very being into the rain itself. The clone focused his chakra to his feet and began to climb the earth wall at a rapid pace making his way up to the top and up to the ledge without a sound, giving the real Kagato a better view of the situation at hand. The second clone fallowed the movements of the clones with ease watching them drop paper behind him which he assumed would be some sort of explosive tag.  The first clone taped the seal on the left glove of his armor releasing the seal. Kagato’s war fan appeared in his right hand of the clone. It was a large purple and black fan with the Amegakure symbol on the bottom of it.  The second clone took off to the other side of the ledge the opposite side of all the others and began to make his way down the wall only to run full force to the other side. He took a running jump to the plate form nearest the real Athena still concealed by the rain using his chakra pulled to his feet to stick the landing. The clone ducked down making his self-flat against the center of this platform in anticipation of the first clone’s next attack. The first clone made several big swiping motions with his war fan making many air currents collide to create vacuum pockets. This was known as the Great Sickle Weasel Technique. These pockets had enough power to slice down multiple trees with a single blast yet he made several of these. Heading in each direction of each of the Athena’s attacks, seeing as he noticed her throwing a Kunai in the mix he wasn’t taking any chances. This technique can also deflect attacks, which is how he was using it her. The wind howled like a savage beast with an ominous hunger for its next prey. As the winds collided The wind that the clone made easily over powered  the ones that Athena and her clones made ripping through them and sending the kunai back at her with a volley of slashing wind waves fallowing right behind  it.  The Kunai was repealed with lightning quick momentum as it was swiped up in the current of Kagato’s wind blasts, making it relatively impossible to see with the naked eye expect a small glistering shimmer from the metal of the blade. The second clone while this was all going on crawled in a hurried pace towards the other side of the platform  making sure to stay out of the winds path stopping when he got to the edge. It was only a matter of time before Athena was at her limits he was sure of it she couldn’t keep this up for too much longer expending so much chakra as she had been doing with keeping her distance with the use of very limited attacks.  Kagato was enjoying his self-way too much in this battle, but all good things have to come to an end.-

EmpsAthenaSoriDrach: -Gritting her teeth, throwing and scattering explosive tags around her own little area she stood at, flinching as she looked behind her momentarily watching his form on the stone wall barrage back with a gale of an attack, her distance from him still causing her strands to whip around violently as she slid down the wall closing her eyes to it slightly as she inhaled. This distance fighting was getting her nowhere.. small hit here small attack there, distraction here, weak attack there... it was frustrating her, Keeping her clones eyes on Kagato's form throwing a barrage of Kunai knowing full well they were close to depleted like her own, Sustaining her Clones was a rather high drain on her being she was so used to using her puppets and them being able to work with the slightest flicker of a thread, Shaking her head as she focused crouching onto her knees pulling out her last Kunai and started to scratch into the ground at her feet. She was well aware at this point thinking clearly was getting to her, shaking her head forcing the focus to her, drawing up her chakra within her as the markings on her skin beaded across her. She had never been placed in the predicament she was in at this point. Confined, puppet less and so low on chakra from needing to make contingencies due to these facts. Flicking a gaze up feeling the clone cry out as it dissipated...biting her lip with her eye tooth as she narrowed her eyes, focusing back on the ground, she didn't have much time till he was before her. Looking up her eyes wide as she suddenly was struck by the wind, instinct to slam her last kunai into the ground to try and prevent her from hitting the wall behind her. The wind wasn't coming from the way she expected... it... Narrowing her eyes, a different direction...watching the water twist through it as her threads whipped around in the airs barrage, feeling the effect of the rain hitting her form, her threads evaporating into blue glittering dust around her as she tried to hold her position, “Tch....” Giving up on her half formed sealing mark on the ground as it dislodged her kunai from the ground and half formed seal, her Kunai flinging from her painted finger tips as she withdrew her Katana in the same motion, the wind had to let up for a moment surely, it almost stifling her breath, her feet lurking back as she tried to dig in against it only to slip back against the ground as she hit the wall winding her, watching her now wind propelled Kunai spin and chink and bury into the rock beside her cheek nicking it as it buried into the rock, her strands dancing around its caught form tangling around it, wincing to her bereft of breath state as she pulled her hands together, Katana in hand and forced her words out- “Fūton: Shinkūgyoku” (Wind Release: Vacuum Sphere/Wind Style: Vacuum Bullets) She could barely speak it, her hands slow under the winds unrelenting attack but she could see there was a change in direction, that much in her state only seemed logical.. there was more than one source of the attack.. shooting in front of her unknowing where he was, setting off the small pieces of paper she had scattered as they hit the ground and surrounding area, there was no longer a point to protecting herself from the rain, the wind that touched her saw to that, her threads dissipation had shown the effect quite clearly, Her precious stone like gaze narrowed as rock started to peel away from the wall at the edges, breathing halting focusing only on the expulsion, and the exhale of her bullets, watching them ricochet. Directing the full force of her attack at the pieces of paper and the surrounding area out like a protective arc in front of her...she had to hit something she was sure of it. Attacking those pieces of paper would cause a chaining effect as if mines that had been stomped on, each air bullet cutting into the ground where they held and some that started to peel away only to ignite the flaming air, as they weaved through the surrounding wind scape, air bullets splaying through the air through the rain, competing with the force slipping through cracks of the air flow to strike through her arc as she held her breath mently, watching intensity as her hands fought to hold grip with each other and her Katana holding the hands seal as the air whipped from her lips, She knew this would be her last jutsu and she would be dammed well unsatisfied if it didn't go off with a mighty bang, eyes focused before her as harsh cracks appeared on the wall she was mostly pinned to, wincing to it as she fought to hold her position, blood dripping down her neck marking the wall she was against, watching the explosive and concussive force before her-

Kagato:-The first clone watched still on the lip of the wall, as her blue chakra threads started to vanish after hitting the rain, but what came next he had no explanation for this tactic she was trying to pull was nuts sending her Air bullets to dentate the tags with the only ones that could be set off being the ones in front of her.  The clone that was on the platform nearest Athena made a mad dash to her location, Still keeping his self-concealed as the rest of the bullets made their ways to their intended targets ripping through the pieces of paper that were further out he placed his self in front of the real Athena sideways.  The clones lifted his right and left hand outwards one facing the tags the other facing Athena. A few words slipped passed his lips and became visible all at the same time the rain departing from all around the clone.- Shinra Tensei - He put enough force into this technique to repel the explosion in front of them out wards and way from them pushing it at least ten feet away, the gravity was being pushed in all three hundred and sixty degree angles with that said and how close he was to Athena it could easily knock her back and into the wall that was behind them. This was a delicate attack he wanted to put enough force to repel the two but not enough force to actually kill her.  The metal screeched as the gravity ripped through the metal walk way they were standing on tossing pieces of it aside like a dog ripping into a rag doll. In the back of his mind this spar has gone on long enough; she had more than proved her skill given that she had no advantages and had to rely on improvisation. The real Kagato still hidden within the smiled brightly at this thought. He was lucky to have such a talented shinobi in his ranks, but yet she was much more than just that.  Kagato once again made a plus sign with his index fingers releasing the clone that stood on the lip as he did this he regained what chakra was in this clone. He focused his chakra to his feet and made his way up the earth wall taking the place of the clone. His eyes ever watching the scene unfolding in front of him as the clone that was still in front of Athena.- Kagato’s lips parted his voice with sound of concern in it  filled the air as Kagato shouted, his words wavering through the air- Are you alright over there!?-   He stepped off the ledge and gracefully landed on the middle platform and began making his way to their location The rain never let up for a second  he thought it wise to keep it going just in case she had something else up her sleeve  but more than likely this event was over but one could never be too careful.-

EmpsAthenaSoriDrach: -Her eyes going wide as the flames whipped around her, her strands wild and rippling through it across her face, smoke and debris shattering around her as she watched. The air being forced out of her once again in the concussive wave that was the Shinra tensie. She had made two contingencies within the moment of thinking the idea of clones to be present, one being she needed to get rid of them and protect herself, t, the other being if they were that close to her already she would rather be the one to lose to herself then let him actually beat her. Her attack was sure to do that to herself. Both of which he had tampered with to the point how could she save face in this situation. Gritting her teeth. As she observed, gripping her katana hard in her hand watching him do something she didn't expect, leaping in front of her own sacrificial attack...her eyes wide to it, hearing his voice echo about as the flames belted against his jutsu, forcing them back away in its explosive force, flames licking the edges burning the edges of the metal around his jutsus radius as she released her own jutsu, unable to keep the bullets spread up. Out of breath and teetering on the danger-line of her own chakra, her eyes fogging slightly as the wind dropped its attack in response as the grip of her to the wall from the air current lessened, staggering forward from the wall to stab her katana into the ground to keep herself balanced, holding her scorched arm with her other free hand, looking up to his clones back, staring daggers at it as she finally had succumb to the lack of chakra in her system, falling to one knee, her hands shaking as the both grasped the hilt of her Purple and blue bound Katana, panting to it shutting her eyes, as the rain dripped down her skin. Hearing his question as she clutched her Katana hard, cursing what he had done, the little droplet of blood from her cheeks cut mixed with rain water training down her nape, Her words sharp and breathless- “Y....You protected.. me.....” -her chakra markings reseeding from her skin glaring daggers at him or where she thought he stood.. her eyes going a little foggy trying to keep the image clear, his words getting to her as she tried to force the last remnants of her blue chakra into her katana, more so out of rage in defeat... as it hit her.. the rush hitting her, as it swept her,- “b....baka....” - Her chakra instantly sapped by the rain torrents falling around her now unsheltered form, walls gone, over hang more than cracked away and destroyed, silly mistake. Inwardly cursing herself for it, her words breathy spoken like a lost exhale, unsure in herself who she was directing it towards as she lost her grip on her Katana falling to her knees, collapsing to her side, unconsciousness veiling over her. She knew she had been foolish. She let her pride join the fight in the end, she was sure in the end if she was fighting another she would have won in her own way, no one could beat her but herself in that way but this was something else entirely, she was foolish rage getting to her because it was him... he had always had this effect on her, the want to always keep fighting, the need to prove herself to him... it would be the end to her and she was sure one day it would. The milky distorted haze of blackness enveloping her as she lay there in the rubble, her skin slightly dripping with the rain that fell over her, eyes closed, her scarletted strands splayed around her form, draping over her silver forehead protector as she breathed light lost breaths to the little pools of rippling rain water around her. She had lost...-

Kagato:-Leaping upwards to their location standing before the two, as a slight breeze swiped at his crimson strands carrying them to the front of his face. He peered through his strands his eyes changing back to their normal slowly the Rinnegan fading into the normal blue and green eyes. Upon her in a state of complete exhaustion her words streaming through his ears brought a smile to his face. He slowly   made the plus sign again with the index fingers of his right and left and canceling out the clone in a puff of pearly grey smoke in doing so the chakra in the clone returned to him. With a simple nod the rain that had been falling in sheets slowly dissipated there was no more need for the mist rain technique. Lifting his right hand to his rebreather and mask, tugging on them to pull the off his face so that his mouth and lower face was not covered anymore, and tucked it away into his robe. He pulled the one red scroll from its holster and kneeled down before her.  He unrivaled the scroll on the ground and slammed his hands down on top of it. In a puff of blue cloudy smoke a medical kit appeared before him. He leaned in closer to her ear his mouth inches away from it his hot breath seeping from his mouth as his words in a whisper tone passed through his lips.- Yes I did protect you.. And I always will… Now let’s get you fixed up a bit. He took out a few rolls of bandages   then removed the black scarf he had tied around her shoulder where the lightning hit. He rubbed so antiseptic on a cloth that was a part of the kit and gently dabbed at it, being as gentle as possible. Placing a cloth bandage over top of her shoulder he took the wrap and began to wrap it around her shoulder to hold it in place tying it off in a small little bow. Noticing the blood trickling down her cheek he got a new cloth placing the same antiseptic on it and began dabbing lightly cleaning up her cut, only to place a little butter fly stich over top of the wound to keep it closed. - Well that should do for now till we get you looked at better – he whispers softly as he watched her eyes close slowly. There was no doubt that she was over exhausted this spar took a lot out of her there was no way around it, but he was proud of her, she stood her own with hi. Not only did she put up a good fight she did it without the use of most of her techniques. He very carefully scooped her up into his arms in a bridal style hold. He slowly pushed his feet up off the ground and began to carry her off to get her looked at. He leaned his head down once more to her right ear his damp crimson tresses lightly brushing up against her cheek as he spoke to her once more not even an inch away from her. I am proud of you ya know? A bright smile painted a crossed his face illuminating his entire face with a soft glow. He continued on his way making his way to the clinic to get her checked out by one of the medical nin. There was no doubt in his mind that she would fit her new role and do it justice he only seen great possibilities for her in the future but all he knew is that he for sure is that however wanted to be without her by his side-

End Results:

Kagato was winner of the spar, took Athena to the medical clinic to get fixed up.