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Fumetsu Kaguya, Hyorinata Yuki, Villi Inuzuka, Shikakari Nara

Title: New Leader, Same Team

Guest_pxJeffTheKilleRxq: -He woke up to a new day… rather early too.. His head was hurting slightly... yesterday he got a letter.. When he read that letter his eyes widened and he was in a deep state of shook. Multiple reasons too. Apparently, he was named as the leader of Team 3… pretty much taking Akatori’s place in a way… that is but one shock, another one would be the mentioning of Villi Inuzuka.. It could be that he was back if he was mentioned there like that. Hyorinata was also in there… and then… “Nara” popped up… well It wasn’t Ban but it was someone named Shikakari… Fumetsu did have a grudge for Naras mainly because of Ban. He hated those moving shadows of theirs and their smart, cool head along with their intense planning and traps… it was all too annoying. Either way last night he made up his mind. It was and order so he couldn't refuse it. What was certain is that he needed to leave both his irritation from Villi's long pause aside and his hate towards the Nara clan as well... only that way he could fully use their abilities to the max and have them stick together... more for Tori herself than anything else. The name Team 3... was the legacy from her for him and the other three.. That same last night he sent a letter to all three saying for the to get ready for training the next day in the morning, around ten AM at the docks. He would get out of bed and get all dressed up, covering his still not healed wounds with a grey armless hoodie... that did show the slightly bloody bandage wrapped around his right bicep though and over it there was his armband. He wore his ninja pants of a dark color and his trusty ninja sandals of the same color. His mask was always there... it was clean. In case anyone was wondering, all of his body was clean, emitting a fresh minty body odor. He always kept himself clean when it came to simply staying home and all that. Except for that time after he found out about his Sensei and remembered his family... when he went all bloody at the exams. Either way... He took Soul and placed it,surprisingly, across his back... He strapped it there.... Indeed, he was going to take only one sword. He didn't need to take them all each time, it slowed him down to some extent and he wasn't even using all three all the time... but Soul... was his soul... it was his first blade therefore his main blade. He stretched out, having his bones sing in harmony a song of "crack" sounds. He didn't take his pouches or anything. He quickly jumped out in the balcony and to another roof as he made his way towards the docks. He jumped from roof to roof, used the Body Flicker several times since he was getting quite skilled with it.... to the point where he could make a few Afterimage Clones... He also had a recent thing with crows... being able to create and manipulate them as well as make clones out of them. He was a lot faster and stronger now. He even got better with his bones. He did all that training since a few days ago... when he came all wounded from that mission... His wounds had opened several times during his intense training but at the level he was at right now... those three chuunin in the last mission... would be no problem whatsoever. He finally arrived at the dock at exactly an hour earlier than they are supposed to come. It was nine AM... He sat down on the wooden surface of the docks.. looking down at his "bloody" reflection that would obviously not be there for anyone else other than him.. He waited calmly...expecting his team to be there shortly... well an hour after.. but since he was lost in thoughts that time passed with ease and he kept thinking of what they should do.-

EirwynFrostSilver: ❅~ Exhausted from her nights of studying, Hyorinata lifted her head from the table top  of her kotatsu. Paper, scrolls, notebooks, Textbooks were strewn, stacked and spread across the top the table. She had fallen asleep pen in hand over the books that Fumetsu had gotten her but days ago. She was determined to be able to make Akatori-sensei proud, learning all she could, even practicing on her brother for a bit… She pulled the strands of hair from the corner of her mouth and rubbed the sands of sleep from her eyes as she looked around. It was still quite early, somewhere around eight in the morning. The letter from Fumetsu about training. She pulled her legs out from under the blanket and stood up with a stretch, reaching as high as she could then leaning down to touch the floor with the palms of her hands, stretching the backs of her legs in the process. After stretching out fully she got herself ready pulling on a black pleated skirt with white stripes on the edges, a pair of black leg warmers with matching stripes and a halter yin yang shirt, setting sheer fish-netted arm warmers around her elbows to keep her joints flexible.  setting her hair up in twin buns, leaving some of her pin straight ebony hair to fly free in the back. She yawned and looked back at her clock… -"I guess I can go early."- she said setting her equipment into the three pouches she wore… not that there was much in them to begin with. She picked a pink candy from the candy dish at the side of her bed and popped it into her mouth, before she double checked to make sure that she had everything she needed and that everything was strapped securely to her before heading over to her window and hopping out, her feet firmly planted due to her chakra control as she closed it, heading off to the docks. She got up onto the roof and took off like a bolt, she had gotten faster… body flickering on occasion to move from rooftop to rooftop. With her last body flicker she arrived at the docks silently. Her chocolate eyes silently sweeping the area, before falling upon a tuft of white hair upon a tall figure, sitting at the edge of the dock. Without a sound she made her way closer and smiled holding out a pointer finger as to tap him on the shoulder but with a second guess, curled in into her palm before doing so. She wasn't sure if he was meditating or not, and if he was, she didn't wish to disturb him… She noticed the bandages and finally disturbing the silence she let out a sigh, they still hadn't healed fully from when she had worked on them. Still if he relaxed for a few days they should have been fine, but either he didn't change the bandages or… they were still open… either case it neither situation could be good. Daring to disturb the silence further she opened her mouth to speak.- "F-Fume-sama, mind if I take a look?"- she said with a smile while raising her hand to point at his bloody bandages. ~❅

RandAltork: ☀*Today marked the restart of Villi’s career. Twelve months ago his body had been violently attacked by an illness that left him comatose. It was a shock to his family; the professional diagnosis was that he would never wake up. For nine months Villi’s ever loyal Ninken; Liioco, sat vigilant beside his bed, waiting, hoping for Villi to awake. At nine months Villi stirred and finally awoke, much to the surprise of the doctors and much to the joy of his family. The next three months was a slow and tiresome process of rehabilitation, nine months in a bed had left Villi feeling weak. The rehab worked well, Villi regained his strength and enthusiasm and were soon cleared for duty once more, though he had no idea what had changed. The night before today a letter had been sent, like always he needed someone else to read it for him, seemed nobody could write in brail around here. Villi gave the note to his mother who read it out for him. A team meeting at the docks at 10am the next day was what he was told. So soon after his recovery as well … this was great news. That night sleeping had been filled with anxious waiting, he was on edge, and he wanted to go out, to get his body moving like old times. At nine in the morning he woke up, practically leaping from his bed. He donned his gear, a familiar feeling. He wore black sleeveless hoody and black pants. His hands were bandaged up and leather braces covered his forearms, he left his feet bare, finding it easier to get his bearings that way. He clipped a small pouch to his hip, a few smoke bombs, flash bombs and paper bombs, Kunai and shuriken contained inside. Finally he wrapped his Amegakure headband around his cloudy blind eyes. Despite being in a coma for the better half of a year Villi was quite fit again nowadays. He was about 5ft6 in height now and well built, slender, but well built, he hadn’t cut his hair in a LONG time resulting in messy hair that fell between his shoulder blades. His most notable marks were the red Inuzuka tattoos on his face. Villi let out a low whistle that lasted for a few seconds, calling for Liioco’s attention. Liioco, his ninken, was a Tamaskan breed, he was bigger now, almost at Villi’s hip, his grey fur was kept clean yet somewhat shaggy* “Right, Liioco, we gotta hit the docks before ten, ready for a run?” *Villi was already heading to the door even as he spoke, Liioco following behind him. When they left the house they both let out a dissatisfied tone, they both disliked the rain … it made them smell terrible after a while. Regardless they took off at a sprint, speed and strength were their best skills and they made short work moving across the roof tops. They reached the Docks just after Hyorinata arrived, Villi sniffed the air, his nose far more sensitive than even most Inuzuka, there were two scents, both familiar it didn’t take him long to put names to scents, Fumetsu Kaguya and Hyorinata Yuki, his old teammates. The duo approached Hyorinata and Fumetsu with calm casualness* “Heeey gang, long time no see, how have we been?” *As he approached the two he began to tie his long hair into a messy bun of sorts to keep it from falling in his face* “Whats the plan for today?” *Liioco let out a low bark and circled the two, sniffing them before lying at Villi’s feet*

Tsuokusho:--Kari leaned back in the bench she always sat in. The only difference today was the lack of a book. Instead of reading, she felt she had something else to do. Not to mention she still felt guilty for not holding on to the book that she dropped. The librarian knew that the book wasn't the same when she turned in the replacement book, but knew that accidents happen and wasn't all that concerned about it. Kari was even thanked for replacing it, but she still felt she should find a way to repay the deed properly. Someday. On a different note, she was in a bit of a slum. She had left the academy a few weeks ago, but hadn't really accomplished anything since then. The only thing she had done that would even be considered productive would be chasing a cat around the neighborhood. The only thing she had from the academy was a small pouch with a few worn kunai from it. She patted the pouch on her right leg and turned her body lengthwise on the bench. It was getting late and, having eaten her food for the day already, she was tired. She folded her arms over her head and began to sleep. Quickly, in the midst of the night but almost morning, she was awoken by a pounce on top of her stomach followed by a mewing. A large, white, and fluffy cat had perched on her, jingling it's collar bell. Kari opens her eyes and scoffs at the cat. Without saying anything, she grabs the cat and pushes it off of her for a moment before leaning back up and returning the cat to her grasp. She pets it a moment before picking it up, standing herself up, and walking zombie-like to the owner's house, cat in tow. The cat, enjoying the ride, happily rubs it's head against Kari's black top, lining it with white fur. Seeing as how the cat doesn't like getting wet, she walked under the awnings, avoiding holes or drops that they might have. Finally, Kari and Mr. Snoofles found their way to Mrs. Miyatomo's house, who was the owner of the cat. Having 'rescued' this cat numerous amounts of times, Kari and Mrs. Miyatomo knew each other quite well. Kari approached the door and knocked on it, still holding the cat. She waited awhile before the door finally opened to a half asleep elderly woman. Kari presented the cat once again and the old woman's face lit up with mild joy. --"Mr. Snoofles!" the lady says as the cat is handed to her.-- She pet the cat and gave it soft hugs before placing it on the ground. The cat, after touchdown with the ground hurries off to it's indoor boxhome to sleep. --"Thank you again, Kari" She says, returning her gaze to her. "I don't know what I'd do without you."-- Kari smiles, though still half asleep. --"It's no big deal, really," she exclaims.-- It's not like she had anything else to do anyway. She began to turn and walk away, but the Elder stopped her. --"I have a surprise for you," she said.-- Miyatomo grabbed Kari's hand and placed a letter in it. --"Hope it's good news," the Lady stated.-- Kari thanked the woman and bowed, then opened the letter after Miyatomo had returned to her house. After reading the letter, she had come to the conclusion that she was issued a team. Kari was told to meet at the docks at 10 AM for training. Unfortunately for her, she had no idea when that was. She barely knew what time it was now, only that it was nightish, seeing as how the streets were almost barren. She went ahead and figured that she would just wait at the dock and someone would show up eventually when it was time. Removing her zombie-like symptoms, she stood on her toes for a moment, and raised her arms in the air, stretching and yawning at the same time. Slapping her face, she felt more awake than before. She made her way to the library, seeing as how she would need to wait a bit anyway, to grab a book for her to read. When she arrived at the library, she found that it was closed until a certain point. Usually, the Librarian arrived at 6 AM to adjust everything for the 8 AM opening, but because she was a frequent visitor, she can usually enter with the Librarian. She waited for the Keeper to arrive, leaning on the wall behind her. She took this time to adjust her hairtie and reattach her green handkerchief that loosens itself from time to time. After a bit of time, the Keeper shows up and allows her entrance to the library. She quickly browses the lines of books to find one of her more favourite reads, 'The Calling of April' and checks it out. Kari then begins to make her way to the docks, walking and reading at the same time. She arrives at the docks near 7 AM and begins looking around, hoping she isn't late yet. After finding no one, she assumes she has arrived early, as planned, and begins to look for a place to set up until someone arrives. She finds a bunch of crates under a small tent next to a building near the dockside. One of the crates is large enough to fit her, so she climbs on it, crosses her legs and opens the book to begin reading it. Being distracted by the book, hours go by without her realizing it. She doesn't move much while reading, and because she was in a strange little place, she could easily be mistaken as another item alongside the crates she sat with. Continuing reading, 9 AM had approached and the sounds of people talking were able to be heard. Unfortunately, still engrossed in the book, Kari was unable to hear them.--

Guest_pxJeffTheKilleRxq: -He was still sitting down on the docks by the time Hyorinata arrived. He was looking deep into the distance, not being aware of her presence. In a way he was indeed meditating. His train of thought stopped once he heard a soft and tiny voice come from behind him. He didn't take the time to look but listened to the hesitant request and extended his right arm so it was in a more maneuverable for her to check the wound. He parted his lips and spoke up in a low tone.- "This one gave me slight problems... It is not infected but It's not healing properly... The others are healing up, including the one on my side... just sore..." -He was curious to see if she could treat the wound any better than he did so himself. He noticed that Villi was also there. He looked at him and noticed the longer hair that the boy began to tie into a bun. He slowly got up and watched Liioco circle him and Hyorinata. The dog's definitely bigger than before.- "Villi, if in the next five minutes the other one doesn't show, you should start sniffing..." -He said in a low tone, knowing that Villi could easily hear him, After five minutes, if the girl did not show up, he'd have Villi and Liioco sniff for her anyway... probably pull her out of her hidey hole. That was of course if Villi was kind enough. All that time he allowed Hyorinata to work on his arm.-

EirwynFrostSilver: ❅~ She watched as he raised his arm, and began to speak to her about the trouble he was having with this wound in particular. Nodding in response as he unwrapped the bandage to examine it. The smell of minty cleanness made her smile, knowing although not healing it was kept clean… she couldn't say the same for their old teammate… where ever… the sound of a familiar voice gave her train of thought a jolt, for a moment then the scent of wet dog filled her nose. Yup… just as she remembered… if the wound was on him no doubt it might have been infected. -"Been a while."- she said with a casual smile, taking the last layer of the bandage off. Her focus was more on Fumetsu's injury as she hadn't even turned to greet the two properly, her eyes examined the wound for a moment, where it was located and how or why it might not be closing properly. She took a quick deep breath composing herself quickly and formed three hand seals to preform the Healing Technique… Rat….Ram…. Dog… controlling her chakra with the proper amount, a white orb formed in her hands as she moved them over his wound with care, focusing on the wound as the flesh mended beneath the orb. From what her brother had described when she practiced it was cool and tingly like what it felt like when slathering lidocaine on a sunburn… It took several moments before it was healed up and once it was, she smiled and ran her fingers gently over his arm inspecting her work. -"Good as new."- she said withdrawing her hands from where the wound had once been. She finally turned to look at Villi and Llioco with the same smile as before. Her chocolate eyes taking in the sight of the now rather large ninken that stood before her. She petted him on the head gently her silky fingertips running through his wet fur. He was like a giant stuffed animal now… her guess he was even fluffier when dry. Her eyes glanced up at Villi. He had grown too… she sighed… -"I'll be forever short…I just know it…"- she sighed removing her hands from Llioco's fur. She tilted her head when Fumetsu mentioned another one, slight confusion crossing her eyes for but a moment as her mind worked to piece the puzzle together.~❅

RandAltork: ☀*Villi crouched next to the two; it was more of a squat really, his forearms resting on his knees and his hands dangling freely. He looked ready to go at any time, due tis blindness he just stared directly ahead, occasionally tilting his head in the direction of a sound.* “Mhmm, it has been a while” *He said in agreement. Villi listened to Fumetsu’s instructions, apparently their third member was late, in five minutes he and Liioco were to begin searching out the third member, it wouldn’t be an issue, the two prided themselves on being above average trackers. He remained stationary for the full five minutes, humming a tune to himself as Liioco took a short nap beside him, his fur already stuck down by the rain* “Does it ever stop raining? We stink” at exactly five minutes Villi stood up, causing Liioco to stir and do the same* “Okay bossman, this won’t take long … wonder if she got lost in the docks?” *Villi let out a sharp whistle and ran off, Liioco in tow before the duo split up to scout the area. People smelled somewhat different to objects, there was usually a far more organic smell to them as opposed to that of an inanimate object, and it made it easier to find people. Villi for now, was following the smell of a rather salty organic smell, while Liioco followed one that smelt more like that of a cat and old paper. After a good few minutes of wander Liioco let out a loud bark and sat down in front of what seemed like a makeshift tent. The bark was easy for Villi to hear and was the sort of bark that meant Liioco had spotted something of interest. He jogged over to his companion and stood beside him, leaning in closer and sniffing the air* “Pfft, that can’t be a genin right? Smells like an old cat” *Liioco let out a growl which caused Villi to chuckle and move closer, once close enough he tore the tent away without a care in the world revealing … a girl reading … a book? Both Villi and Liioco looked confused at first before Villi leaped up onto one of the boxes and squatted down looking at the girl* “Hmmm on the chance you who we are looking for, you’re late, team’s already met up, this is why I don’t read. C’mon” *Villi waved his hand for her to follow before hoping off the box and making his way back to Fumetsu and Hyorinata. Villi’s own hair was soaked through and through, it was one of the times Villi was glad he wore no shoes, he could imagine what soaked shoes would feel like. Once they arrived, and if the girl had followed he’d resume his squatting position like before and let out a long, slow yawn before turning his head in the way of fumetsu’s smell “So, Bones. What’s the plan for today? Reintroduce ourselves? Talk about what we did on summer holidays or do we have a mission lined up?” *There was a level of boredom in the tone of his voice which was to be expected considering Villi was the kind of person who preferred action over words*

Tsuokusho:--The bookworm continued reading on the crate, mindless of the world and thoughtless from it's presence. As she continued reading, she flipped through the pages at an impressive speed. Having read the book before, she knew the parts she liked and skimmed the rest. Her favourite character in the book being the protagonist, she enjoyed reading about him and his troubles and how he solves them. As she continued reading, more mumblings could be heard in the distance, if she was listening to them. A dog's bark could be heard if the words of the characters in her book would silence themselves. As someone approached her and spoke to her, she continued reading the book, infatuated with it. After the person left, she flew to her last few pages, where the character's climatic resolve takes place. A few minutes after the man had left, she finished her book and closed it. Not knowing what time it is, she hops off the crate with her book in tow. She looks around for a moment to see three people sitting or squatting at the docks. She quickly retreats a moment, standing next to the crate. --'This must be them,' she thinks to herself-- She quickly places the book on the crate, propped it up against the many others around it, and returned to the position she once was. Kari began to approach them, unknowing who they are at first. --'Am I late?' she asked herself.-- She had no real way of keeping time, she only guessed and waited beforehand. As she got nearer, she noticed a couple of familiar faces. She looked at Hyo who had just finished healing Fume. --"Oh it's you," she stated.-- She then turned to look at Fume who had just been healed. --"And..." she began, but cut off. --'What was his name again?' she asked herself. 'Fula? Mayo?' She thought deeply about it for a moment, leaving a few seconds between her actual words. --"And you too," she finishes.-- She looks up at the person who, unbeknownst to her, found her. She looked at him for a moment before finally saying something. --"Hello," she said out loud.-- She then looked to the dog who was out and around them. --"And to you," she spoke to him while bowing, though keeping her hands to herself.-- Kari felt a little excited for being in a team. She felt that maybe she could become like a storybook character that she loves to read so much. One who fights to protect his village and the ones he loves. With that in knowledge, she has only one question remaining: Now what?--

Guest_pxJeffTheKilleRqx: -In the five minute break he paid no attention to the three. He did catch an interesting sight with the corner of his eyes; Hyorinata was doing hand seals. He was looking as she formed a white orb, most likely made out of chakra. She moved it over his wound and the flesh was slowly healing up and connecting, the injury vanishing swiftly... During that he could feel a tingly kind of feeling but nothing uncomfortable. 'Well... this is definitely more convenient than just bandages and stitches... I guess those books were worth the ryo...' A thought ran through his mind... 'How does she act when things don't go her way?... When she fails?...' and with that thought, the area healed just moments ago opened up once again, looking like how the wound was when he first got it.. not even partially healed. That was actually a "skill" of Fumetsu... because he simply grew his bone to form the wound again.. however because it was made from his own bone it could regenerate at his will, and the bone was back to normal before she'd spot it, leaving the "wound" the way it was or even worse. When Fumetsu rips his own flesh like that, the pain is there but dulled down from his nature... Shikotsumyaku users are used to this, making them slightly strong against pain in general too.- "Uhm... Hyorinata... I think you've made some miscalculation..." -He said in a low tone to get her attention. His attention shifted to Villi and his companion as they began their hunt for Team 3's newest addition. 'Villi doesn't even need Liioco to roam around... he can avoid obstacles and such even alone... They do seem to have some good teamwork together... a thing expected from an Inuzuka and his ninken... Right... Unaru?..' He thought for a moment, remembering the one he wanted to surpass. Not too long after he heard a loud bark. 'Seems like Liioco found something first...' he waited for the two puppies to come back and looked for the new person... getting greeted with the sight of the one who called herself Kari... he reconized the girl. It made sense she was the new one in the team because her name was ShikaKARI... He found himself unable to show much emotion due to his nature but he was internally pretty annoyed. He did however made it his goal to give this Nara a chance just because she was part of the team now. He parted his lips to speak after they all gathered... and after Villi stopped with his unnecessary suggestions.- "Shikakari Nara... welcome to Squad or Team 3... I am the new leader of it, Fumetsu Kaguya... those two are Hyorinata Yuki and Villi Inuzuka... not to forget about Villi's companion, Liioco..." -He took a deep breath and let out a low sigh, taking a look at the two old teammates... and Liioco.- "You three... I assume you remember our training with Sensei... Obviously Shikakari needs to learn it too... So teach her with some swift tricks... Remember, the three base surfaces to walk on... You have them all here in plain sight..." -There were wooden boats, pretty tall too. The water was right there and there were some near normal walls. He gave Shikakari a stern look with his eyes.- "You will have to follow the three and do as they do... This is chakra control training so you can stay on different surfaces without falling... The trick is to find the perfect amount of chakra needed for each surface and place it in your legs, as well as maintain that amount... It can be hard at first but with practice it turns into a mere reflex..." He folded his arms across his chest and walked backwards a bit soon before he leaned against one of the crates, preparing to observe the three... four. If Hyorinata didn't have the time to heal his self inflicted wound again, it would slowly be closing now.-

EirwynFrostSilver: ❅~ -"But… I was sure it just…"- she repeats the hand seals for the Healing Technique looking at the wound as the white orb forms in her hands again. She knew she did everything right, the right amount of chakra focused and un-fluctuating, held over the wound until healed… the 'Rat… Ram… Dog…' the hand seals were correct too…  Then it occurred to her as a smirk curls on the corner of her lips. -"You're a sly one, aren't you Fume-sama… this is a bone ejection hole… not my failure to heal an injury."  she rolled her eyes and stood up brushing her skirt into place, she had healed it to about the size of a pin hole. She sighed still smiling and turned to Kari. -"So water first yeah?"- she said with a smile, hopping of the dock and onto the waters surface like it was nothing. "It's all about keeping just the right amount on the base of your feet. To hold you on the surface, too much or too little you'll fall right in. On my first try I found it easier to take a moment to center myself before attempting to do so. Eventually like Fume-sama said it will become second nature to you… almost like breathing."- she bent over backwards, touching the palms of her hands to the waters surface, lifting her feet up into a perfect handstand. She looked down at the water below her hands at that moment and just stared at herself… like she was mesmerized with her refection… or contemplating deeply lost in thought… It was like deja vu… even though not far enough back that it wasn't the least bit painful as echos of memories filled her thoughts… 'Failure is only getting you closer to succeeding. So don't stop until you can get it……. *clap* Excellent…..'  even in her daze there was no falter in her control but it was like time had stopped for a moment as she stared at the reflections of a different time. Her face and eyes covered from view. She shook her head and lifted her left hand to slap at the waters surface to snap herself out of it, before finishing her handstand, using her hands to wipe the water away from her eyes, before straightening her skirt and composing herself. -"First you walk… then you run. Start with standing… feel the flow of it..….. And remember…. Failure is only getting you closer to succeeding…. Don't stop until you get it."- she said looking up flashing a smile. Turning and jogging several yards away from the dock before turning to face Kari. -"Come on give it a try."- ~❅

RandAltork: *Villi tilted his head to the side as the girl finally joined the group a few moments after he had arrived* “Ehh? Finally decided to join us hmm?” *He never really looked at anyone even when talking or listening to them, sure he faced them, sometimes, but most of the time he seemed to be looking right passed them. His attention went back to Fumetsu as he started the introductions, introducing the girl as Shikakari Nara, his eyebrows raised and even Liioco lifted his head up to inspect her.* “A Nara? What does she look like Liioco?” *Liioco seemed to shrug and let out a low growl which caused Villi to roll over laughing; he sat up soon enough however and let Fumetsu continue. Fumetsu was requesting they show her the chakra control technique, he had a flashback too when he learnt that technique, he remembered falling in the water, falling from heights and all number of incidents, even Liioco made a dissatisfied grumble at the thought of it* “Lemme guess while we do all the work you’ll sit around like a brooding idiot?” *He grinned and jumped to his feet as Hyorinata began to show off, she raised some good points, she was right about the technique but it was a slow way to teach, Villi and Liioco had a better idea. They approached the Nara girl, Villi on her right and Liioco on her left* “Now, heres a couple of pointers for you to get settled in, Hyo is a show off, very driven to learn. Knucklehead over there” *He motioned his head in Fumetsu’s general direction* “Is the brooding type who didn’t get hugged enough as a kid, y’know, that kinda guy. But me and Liioco, we are the personality of the crew, y’know? The fun lovers, the real cool dudes, trust me, life is more fun if you just relax, oh and if you ever send me a letter, send it in braille; nobody in this damn village seems to be able to. NOW” *he placed a hand on Kari’s back and grinned* “Taking it slow is all well and good but we prefer to just dive right in, you’ll learn faster, bon voyage” *With a smirk Villi pushed Kari forward hoping to send her off into the water, regardless of if his little joke worked he’d walk right up to the edge of the dock, Liioco at his heels* “Enjoy the swim” *Villi gave a salute in Fumetsu’s general direction before he and Villi jumped off the side of the dock and onto the water, orange chakra coating their feet as they landed firmly, they didn’t possess the grace that Hyorinata did, they looked wild and untrained soon kicking off into a sprint around the water before coming to a halt, squatting down like he did on land, the layer of orange chakra quite steady under their feet* “Basically, just make a layer under your feet and go from there, you gotta picture it in your mind, trust me if a blind guy and a dog can do it, so can you” *Villi remained crouched, with Liioco standing beside him as they waited, Villi tended to just turn his head in random directions while Liioco’s eyes were locked to the young Nara girl, this was a common behavior considering Liioco acted as Villi’s eyes, constantly letting him know what he can see*

Tsuokusho:--Kari stood there as Fumetsu introduced the other team members. Looking around, she made eye contact with the other members as their names were called. First was Fumetsu, the one speaking, and the leader of the team. --'Fumetsu,' she thought, 'That's the name'-- Meeting only briefly before, she was able to get a good look of him. Taller than herself, which wasn't an uncommon thing, she looked up to see the same, only this time he wore a sleeveless grey hoodie. She also took note of a sword latched to his back. Kari was never much into swords. Many books she has read tried to tell of how swords were used to protect others, however she thought differently. Swords were often used to 'settle' disputes, very often violently. Kari believed that all ideas should be shared, even those unliked, without the threat of being 'taken care of'. Fumetsu then introduced the other two, roughly at the same time. Looking at Hyorinata, Kari remembered her well from a few days prior. Kari took note of the yin yang shirt she wore, as well as the dark hair she had worn in buns. --'Too high maintenance,' she thought to herself.-- Kari had always simply found a hair tie and pulled her hair back. It has been awhile since she had found a replacement though, seeing as how the hair tie she was using now was beginning to stretch beyond usefulness. The third was introduced as Villi, someone she has yet to meet. Upon quick inspection of this one, she found out that he didn't have shoes on. Sure, she wasn't the biggest fan of shoes either, but if she is going to be moving, she's going to have them on. She finds that he also wears his headband over his eyes. --'Training?" she asks herself, 'Or can he not see?'-- Finally, he introduced Liioco, a grey dog that was completely soaked from the rain, not that much here wasn't. Kari had shelter from the rain for quite some time, so she was most likely the driest of them all. She began to listen as Fumetsu began to explain their goal for today. He explained to her that the target today was strictly chakra control and the ability to walk on various objects without stress to yourself. She had heard about this in the academy and also practiced chakra control itself, but never tried to walk on water with it. Hyo chimed in after Fume and began to explain the details of it. Kari understood the basics of how it works, focusing a constant force of chakra on the source to counterbalance the flow of water underneath her. Of course, understanding how it works and working it is two different things. Kari watched as Hyo performed a handstand. Albeit impressive, Kari was more focused on the workings of the performance. --She began to hypothesize to herself: 'Doing a cartwheel would involve a slow release of chakra pressure on the feet while simultaneously applying outward pressure on the hands. Continuing the circuit, which, depending on how much movement and spins the user would create, would allow the user to continue their action upon water.' Kari then nodded. 'Excellent theory. But how about the practice?'-- Hyo finished the handstand and began to speak again. 'Failure is only getting you closer to succeeding.' A poetic term, really. Kari felt she was ready to try. After all, she had already thought about as much as she needed to. Villi approached Kari's right side as Liioco came to the left. Villi began to speak about their partners. Instead of listening closely, she found herself distracted by the boy's covered eyes. Was he blind? She began to listen to him as he beckoned towards Fumetsu, describing him as brooding, while him and his dog were the personality type. Fine with her. The conversation began to take a quick turns, having going from personality traits to reading letters in braille. --'So he is blind,' she thought to herself.-- The blind boy had placed his hand on Kari's back now. She looked at the blind one who had a grin on his face. Not many people put their hands on her, so it made her slightly surprised. He began to explain to her that he knew a faster way to learn this. As he was saying this, she quickly knew what he was about to do. Instead of trying to move out of the way she quickly began to try to reason with the boy. --"Hey, wai-" she said with a rushed but quiet voice, but was quickly interrupted by the push-- She plummeted into the water, causing a splash. She quickly emerged from the water, gasping for air. --"Smart," she said, mumbling to herself.-- She waded in the water a bit before regaining composure within the ripples of the rain. She was slightly annoyed now. She could have just as easily hung off the dock side and at least gotten a judgement of the chakra pressure needed for the water instead of being thrown into it. She placed her right hand on the surface of the water and began to release chakra from her palm. At first, she tried pushing barely any, which caused her hand to immediately break the top layer of water. She returned her hand and tried again. As she held it there, she poured more and more chakra slowly into and out of her palm, measuring the breaking point of the water surface. While raising the chakra, she could hold her hand on the surface, possibly being able to pull herself out. However, shortly lived, as she continued to pour the chakra out of her hand, too much chakra hit the point and her hand slammed through the water's surface again. --'So that's the mean breaking point,' she states in her mind.-- She places her palm against the surface again and ejects chakra out of her right palm once again, this time with the chakra she assumed was the perfect amount. She applied physical pressure to the surface, testing to see if she could hold herself up. A couple of pushes up with her arm, she had figured it out. She raised her left hand up and pushed the same amount of chakra as her right hand into her left. Kari then tried to pull herself up out of the water and on top of it. As she pulled up, the balancing in her hands gave way, dumping her back into the water. Now frustrated, she tried once again. --Kari made a note in her head. 'Got it,' she begins. 'No two spots in the water are the same.'-- Having taken this into consideration, she pulled herself out of the water again, still a bit shaky, and begins to pull the chakra from her feet as well, allowing her to stand. She stands, removing the chakra pushing from her palms as she removes her hands from the water. She stands on the water now, though wobbling from time to time, still attempting to measure the balance needed. After a few minutes of standing there, she begins to take a step and attempts to measure the next step and the chakra force needed to remain on the water. After landing the step, she sways again, still slightly off balance, but doesn't fall down. She continues to take steps, walking out further into the water. A few nerve-wracking steps later, she turns around towards those on the dock and stands there, arms slightly out as if walking across a balance beam. --"It's annoying," she calls out. "But given some use to it, I think I can-" but stops talking for a moment as the balance shifts slightly. She recovers from the fault and continues. "I think I can get it," she says, finishing her sentence."-- Water dripped from her hair and clothes, her hair loose and drooping over her face. She balances for a bit as she takes her hand and pulls her hair behind her face. Luckily, her glasses remained on her face, but only because of her well placed piercing.-- 

Guest_pxJeffTheKilleRxq: -He was a bit impressed from Hyo's realisation earlier... she found out how the hole got back there, calling Fume a sly one but she'd recieve no answer to her cute remark. He also heard Villi talk to him after Fume gave them the orders. The Inuzuka said that they'll do all of the work while he stood there like a "brooding idiot". Rather disrespectful coming from a lower rank and someone who did nothing for a while.. at least Fumetsu assumed he didn't because of the Inuzuka's lack of presence around the village... but he would test the boy later on. The Kaguya probably even trained more than all three combined so they needed to train more than him right now. Not long after he finishied giving the orders, he saw Hyorinata make her move and explain to the Nara girl even better than he did all while showing her skill in manipulating her chakra. Just after witnessing that, The Kaguya watched Villi and Shikakari speak... well more of Villi speaking as usual but seeing Kari's attitude, it wasn't really hard to outspeak her. Fumetsu didn't think Villi would talk behind their back... that's why he wasn't even whispering, he was bluntly stating his view on Fume, Hyo and himself and Liioco. He didn't really pay too much attention but he kept watch as the blind boy straight up pushed the girl in the water. Fumetsu's gaze followed her movements as she sunk and came back to the surface. What Villi did was obviously rude and uncalled for, yet definitely a good way of doing it. After all, without practice nothing can be done, whether you know every single detail about something you want to do... If those things aren't practiced it wouldn't matter. And so, Fumetsu ended up on the edge of the docks watching Kari carefully analyse the water and how to do what he asked of her. By the time she was standing on her feet she complained about it being annoying and saying that she can get it.- "Can you?..." -He spoke after he crouched down slowly.- "Shikakari... focus on both of your feet now... this one will require some timing with your chakra... Just leap away..." -By the time he finished that sentence he already sent five bone bullets flying in her direction from his finger tips in a small hand motion, because it was so short, you would blink and you'd the movement of his hand... That is because during his words, his bones were emerging out of his fingertips already so all he had to do was aim and let the bones come out of his fingers. These ones weren't spinning and weren't near as fast as to pierce the skin but if they hit they would leave some ugly bruises. Though he believed that as a ninja she could handle it. After witnessing the results he either nodded his head once if she landed on both feet correctly and without falling or he would shake his head in disapproval if she failed to do so. He turned his head towards the Inuzuka that was now on the water's surface.- "You said you want action Villi... I haven't seen you in quite a while around the village so something tells me you haven't trained much... I am sure you are familiar with your clan's fighting style, correct?... I would advise you get into that four legged position, enter your feral state and train both your chakra control and speed along with Liioco... Since I know you'd be faster, how about helping Hyorinata as well and act as a moving target?..." -He motioned his hand for Hyorinata to come over and once she did he'd part his lips again.- "As for you, you should be familiar with senbon... I read about your clan using them and I also saw that you brought senbon with you even during the festival, leading me to believe you use them..." -He moved his hand through his hair and pushed his hair out of his eyes, to the side, having it stay like that due to it being soaked with rain water. After the brief pause he spoke once again, shifting his attention from Hyorinata to Villi and vice versa several times to show that he was talking to both.- "Hyorinata... While Villi tests his speed limit you will throw senbon at him... Don't worry about hurting him... he's a beast type after all... All you can cause is a few scratches and the worse would be damaging one's eyes... however he both has the headband over it and even if you hit them, it wouldn't be a loss for him... As for Liioco, I believe he is more than capable of dodging... So go ahead, give him your best shot... and you Villi, dodge... Hyo, try to throw more and more senbon at the same time accurately and without pauses... control your breathing, keep your head cool and your eyes on what you're aiming for.. Keep in mind, you don't need a strong arm to throw needles far... but you do need to be precise with your throws." -He would back away and stay behind Hyorinata, watching all three at the same time.- "Kari, once you're done with the water... try going for one of those big wooden boats and in the end, a normal wall from a house here... Do not forget to try every kind of movement for each so you get comfortable with them..." -And when he was done talking he entered a silent state, usual for him as he watched like a hawk.- 

EirwynFrostSilver: ❅~ Her eyes widened as Villi knocked the new girl clear into the water. She took a step forward ready to dive in after her should her head not resurface. But Kari did.. so Hyo stopped in her place watching as the new Genin faltered in getting to her feet on the waters surface. "Baka… she could have drowned… Poodle-boy…" she muttered under her breath, from her distance it would be a wonder if any of them heard her over the rain. She reproached the dock now as Kari took a step on the surface and faltered as she grumbled about it being annoying. She smiled with a slight giggle. "Well you may be wet but at least you don't smell like wet Villi…" she said jabbing back at Villi for his crass remarks of her, her comeback was rather weak though… as sarcasm and rude blunt remarks weren't her forte. She listened when Fumetsu spoke about how she could practice throwing more senbon at a time. When he said her target was Villi, she smiled, brightly and turned to her target. "Oh I promise it won't hurt at all." with her smile… the remark was rather creepy… She took a deep breath with her continued smile and nodded ringing out her bangs quickly before tucking them so that the rain wouldn't run into her eyes. She packed all she had… that meant thirty two senbon in total… and if Villi decided to run over water and she missed… there was no recovering them as they would sink… as she waited for Villi to do what he needed to in order to prepare, she calculated.. -"If I throw double… thats ten… that would be three tosses with two left over before possibly collecting them if they are even collectable at that point…"- she clicked the button clasp that was on the thigh holsters that held her senbon. Her chocolate eyes watching Villi meticulously as he started to run, watching every contracting movement of his muscles and rotation of joints as he reached greater speeds. She was by no means an Uchiha, but she did her best to figure out and predict his next movement. On all fours he was definitely a harder target, center mass no longer being an option as his chest faced the surface of the water, his , joints maybe. It would slow him down, but they were much harder to hit… and as she was testing her throwing capacity, only about half of the ten that she would be throwing would hit their mark if they weren't evaded. She watched like a sniper as he built up enough speed for her to start throwing at him. 'Pressure points… just go for the pressure points…' she thought and with intense speed she launched the first set of ten senbon in Villi's direction, aiming for ankle, elbow, knee, hip and shoulder joints. She was also curious, as Fumetsu expressed Villi to test his limits for speed how he would continue running if her throws were a success.~❅ 

RandAltork: ☀*Villi grinned as Kari slowly managed to climb out of the water, he wouldn’t know this had it not been for Liioco obediently standing beside him and relaying the information* “See told you, fastest way to learn is to be throw into the deep end” *He tilted his head as the rest of his team made comments on his actions, Hyorinata complained that she may have drowned, a comment which pulled out a soft chuckle from him* “She could have drowned, but she didn’t, so who cares. Don’t bother yourself with what could have happened” *Villi made a dissatisfied face when Hyo tried to call him out on his smell, wasn’t his fault this village always rained* “I dunno Hyo, Liioco tells me you are quite pungent” *He laughed heartily and Liioco whined placing a paw on his nose as if to mask a smell. And then Fumetsu spoke, calling him out on not being around for a while, right, seemed like none of them knew, not that he can blame them, the world goes on as they say. He waved his hand dismissively in Fumetsu’s general direction* “Well great leader, I’d like to see you try to train while in a coma, huh?” *He smirked and rolled his shoulders, they wanted a beast huh? And he was gunna be target practice for Hyorinata it seemed. That was fine, a senbon might limit his movement but he was sturdy, it would take a bit more than that to bring him down for good.* “You asked for it. Inuzuka Style, Four Legged Technique” *Villi dropped to all fours, a faint coat of orange chakra around his hands to keep him on the water. His demeanor went from calm to savage in the blink of an eye, his grin widening revealing elongated canines. His nails on his hands and feet became like claws and his hair stood up on its ends. Liioco copied the demeanor of his partner, his hair bristling and he crouched low, ready to move. The pair let out a deep growl before Villi whistled. With that they split, running in opposite directions at full speed. Villi remained low as he moved, his speed gradually increasing until he reached his uppermost limit, his muscles straining to push him any further without tearing themselves apart. He and Liioco began to run rings around Hyorinata, Villi’s head always tilted slightly towards her smell while Liioco watched her carefully, mainly the hand with the senbon in it. Inuzuka had a strange connection with their Ninken, it wasn’t quite telepathy but more like a connection twins often claim to have, they seem to KNOW what the other is thinking, and it makes them great for scouting. Liioco could update Villi on the progress of Hyo’s throw, let him know when to expect them and so on. The first round came, and with Liioco letting him know the movement of her arm he stopped as fast as he could and turned a complete 180 degrees and began moving again, it was a quick movement, but far from perfect, of the ten senbon thrown, three dug into him with only one of the three hitting a pressure point, the one on his right elbow, the other two dug into his thigh and side. He let out a snarl and briefly ran on two legs as he yanked them out of his flesh and tossed them away. Once back on his all fours he was still fast but noticeably slower with his right arm not moving as fast as the left, he pushed through it though, attempting to remove the pain from the pressure point. After another lap both Villi and Liioco cut the chakra from their hands and dropped beneath the surface of the water. Beneath its surface they did two things, firstly Villi took a smoke bomb and a flash bomb from his pocket and syuffed them in the bandages on his hand for easy access, secondly they performed the Beast Human Clone jutsu, causing Liioco to look exactly like Villi, scars and all. They swam back to the surface, jumping out using chakra on their hands to propel themselves. They stood on either side of Hyo and laughed before running at full speed in circles around Hyorinata. She would have to deduce which was which from their mannerisms in order to hit the real Villi and not harm Liioco* 

Tsuokusho:--Kari listened to Fumetsu from the distance she was at, taking note of his words. 'Leap away,' she heard him say from the distance. She suddenly saw something whirling at her from Fumetsu's direction. Her natural instinct was to leap backwards, avoiding the sudden burst in front of her. Landing just behind her original position, Kari lands, slightly crouched from the jump. The bone bullets that flew at her made small splashes upon the water in front of her. As her feet touch the water, her right foot sank in the water a bit, having not enough chakra push to sustain suspension. She quickly leaned forward and placed her left hand down on the water, using her chakra to properly maintain balance upon the surface. Kari then placed her foot back in the water, reapplying the proper chakra needed to hold her position on the water. She balanced her way back to both feet, pushing herself back up by lifting her arm from the water. Standing up, she looks back at Fumetsu, who was instructing Villi and Hyorinata about their objective of the day. As he was explaining to them, Kari took focus in her feet, lightly stepping in place in order to get further familiar with the chakra manipulation. Quickly, as soon as Fumetsu finished with them, his attention turned to Kari and he instructed her to continue practicing. --'Walk on every surface I can find,' she thought to herself.-- She began to make tread towards a boat in the distance measuring a half a kilometer from where she was standing. Along the way, she focused on the chakra push on her feet. She put her hands down and began walking as if walking on land. Having been on the water for awhile now, she has a feel of the water and she is more confident with it. With only a few slip-ups, she arrives at the boat. She stops at the edge of the boat for a moment, just to look at the ship. she places her hand on the boat, emitting chakra from her hand. --'Boats don't have different frequency,' she said. 'It is all constant.'-- She places her right foot on the side of the sizable boat and soon after her left. Almost immediately, her body leans downwards toward the water, but catches herself before dipping into the water. She pulls herself sideways again and sighs. She wasn't used to the pull of gravity being sideways. She walked up the side of the boat, not having near as much trouble as the water, and climbed to the deck of it. The only true trouble of the boat would be the swaying of the ship, and that was predictable. She looked around to where she was. There was no one aboard the boat and only crates and storage containers littered it. Regardless, her mind was focused on climbing things. She looked up towards the mast of the ship. --'Might as well go for the top,' she says to herself. She latched onto the beam of the mast with her right leg first, followed by her left leg, and continued up to the ship's crow nest. Having made it up to the top, she looked around to see everything that was happening around her. From down below, she could see Villi and Hyo doing what appeared to be a spar. After a few minutes of watching them, she began to make her way back down, only to be caught up by a sail beam. --'Should I try upside down?' she asked herself.-- She began to grab a hold of the beam and placed her right foot on the underbelly of it. Realizing that it could be possible, she placed her left foot and, while concentrating chakra, and let go, allowing herself to hang upside down. --'So it is possible,' she states to herself.-- She hangs upside down for a few moments, but something else quickly caught her attention. The skirt she wore was caught up in gravity. She quickly reached for her skirt, but instead, lost concentration of her chakra and began to fall. A meter or two into the fall she reached and caught a rope that hung from the sail above her and instead of tumbling to the deck, the rope eased the fall and she came to the deck landing on her feet. After recovering from the sudden fall, she looked up to look at the distance she fell. --"That was close," she said, mumbling to herself.-- She padded her mildly wet skirt, causing drops of water to come dripping down to the deck.  She sighed once again and left the boat from the dockside. She walked on the dock, continuing up it until she came across a building. --'A wall too,' she said, testing the waters, so to speak.-- She placed her right foot on the wall followed by her left foot once again and began to scale the wall. She took note that wall climbing was even easier. It was like walking on the boat's edges, only without the swaying of water to worry about. It was even easier than the water surface, since there was no constant change underneath her. The only difference that could even consider being harder was the chakra on her feet felt more like glue on walls or even a magnet, which in the end made sense.  She continued up the wall until she made it to the roof. The building was only two stories tall, most likely used for storage, being close to a loading boat. As she got on the roof, she looked out to where her teammates were and saw their bout still going about. Kari had been gone for a bit of time, so she decided she would make her way back to the group, or at least to where Fumestu was standing. Before she removed herself from the roof, she had an idea. --'I wonder if I could slide down this wall using chakra.' she states. She began to climb down the roof, but instead of using her feet and walk down, she gave both of her palms the chakra needed to hold on to the wall, but instead of just holding it there, she slowly began to pull back on her chakra hold. As she pulled her chakra back, she began to slide down the wall using her hands. Her right hand, being her dominant, began sliding down faster however, causing her balance holding on the wall to be disturbed. Fortunately, she was able to balance the levels of chakra in her hands again and made it to the ground. Landing, both feet to the ground, she began to make her way towards the 'starting point'. --'With a bit of practice,' her inner monologue begins, 'I bet I could do all of this without stress.'-- 

Guest_pxJeffTheKilleRxq: -He kept watch over all of them. Shikakari was able to dodge those bullets although she had slight problems with balancing herself when she landed... or to be more precise, she had problems balancing her chakra flow in both legs equally. Meanwhile Hyo was throwing senbon at Villi... doing surprisingly well since Fumetsu could see the areas where Villi got hit in. The Kaguya could also notice that Villi's right arm was getting slower than his left.. most likely because of the senbon hitting the right spot. 'She's going for pressure points... That is good.' he thought to himself. At this point he was a few steps away from Hyorinata, giving Villi the space he needed to circle her with Liioco. 'He uses his dog as his clone... A clan specific jutsu from what I remember.. It's good he can use it with his ninken...' As that was happening his knuckles ejected four bone senbon each and then another set so they were sixteen. He had them all in one hand as he leaped over the two, just barely missing Villi's and Liioco's heads as he spoke.- "Hyo, here..." -And he dropped the set for her to catch. It would be easy since they were falling together and she was fast enough to catch them. After he landed away from them he spoke again,- "Those, while being only hard as stone and not as hard as steel, they are lighter and so you could manipulate them with more ease... Senbon spikes aren't supposed to be hard anyway, they are supposed to pierce those sensible spots and those bones can do that..." -After doing so he walked a bit more and looked over at Kari who was now going up a boat's mast. She made it and tried to hang upside down but it seems she had gravity problems... or clothes problems... clothes affected by gravity. She lost control and fell down but saved herself. He looked at her as she left the boat and walked on the docks. She found a building and began to walk on it. At this point she was doing a really good job with her chakra control. He tilted his head as she was going to be a bit more creative on her way down by using the things she learned in a different way. She was going to slide down the building smoothly using chakra. 'Interesting... but it's good that she already figured it out..' he thought that just as she had a few problems with balancing the chakra. 'Well mostly figured it out...' yet she still managed to show a smooth landing. He watched as the Nara came back to get reunited with her team. He looked at her.- "That was good... Don't think I haven't watched you... Now let's see what these two will do now..." -And once again turned his head to look at the small brawl the Snowflake and the Mutts had.-  

EirwynFrostSilver: ❅~ She grinned… as she let out a soft giggle, listening to Villi snarl from her hitting him. She didn't quite care at the moment that she had wasted 7 of her senbon…as she watched him release his chakra and fall beneath the surface of the water. Faster this time, she had to be faster this time… but when she watched both of them return to the surface… they were both Villi but it was simple to deduce which one was the real one… he was gingering his right arm from the pain. -"YAHOO!!! This is gonna be SOOO MUCH FUN!!"- she cheered excitedly before hearing her name being called by Fumetsu. She turned with a smile catching the set of sixteen senbon that he had had dropped to her. They felt lighter than her steel ones… yet well balanced which was good. She tucked eleven of them into her thigh holster as she had already drawn five more steel ones. Time to compare them… gazing and locking back onto the real Villi's movements as he was moving slower and labored in comparison to the uninjured Llioco she launched them again for the same pressure points. The bone senbon that Fumetsu had given her flew fractions faster than the steel ones, she felt that the bone senbon, with the slightly increased speed of her throw, they would be more likely to hit her mark than the slower, heavier steel senbon. Just after launching the first wave she drew another ten launching them faster than the first and second, her chocolate eyes fixed on his each and every movement.  -"Speed it up Poodle-boy! If I keep hittin' ya like this it's not gonna be much of a challenge!"- she giggled happily as always… which made the statement seem all the more creepy. Her movements and tosses although precise and as accurate as she could be were still playful in nature, almost like she was toying with him. Her cheerful stance not giving away if she was prepared for a reaction from him or not. As her eyes watched the real Villi make runs for it, she listened for his canine partner as the two continued to encircle her, the wet squish of feet and hands against the surface of the water. Her cheerful stance did not give her away however, to how prepared she was for his retaliation.~❅  

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