Fuma Mitsuko


UnaruInuzuka: Theme: You and your team are returning from a mission, it is pouring and cold out you all are tired and ready to get home when suddenly you are ambushed by a few shinobi. One teammate is taken captive and the other gets injured. The group flees with your teammate in tow. React

Guest_Halo14King: A dark sky was spread across the vast unknown land. Grey clouds cried a million drops of water unto the region. The temperature was dropping rapidly, and strong wind currents passed through the area. A muddy pathway in the middle of a forest, there was a small team of three shinobi. Each of them wearing a jet black hooded poncho, and mask with animal designs. The shinobi were drenched in rain, an were very exhausted. " That was some mission we had, we'd better return to the kage soon." Zaku said. They were returning home after a classified S-ranked mission, and need to relay information back as soon as possible. The squad consisted of anbu hand picked specifically for this mission. Leading the mission was Zaku, along with his teammates Zen and Aoi. "You're right. I say we stop for a moment to catch our breath, then head back at full speed." Aoi suggested. Zen simply nodded. "Alright, but not too long. This is important." Zaku said, leading the others off the path to sit by a tree. The precious five minutes of rest went by swiftly, "Okay let's go. We don't have all-.." Zaku paused. A slight rustling in the bushes was heard through the sound of crashing raindrops. Everyone had heard, causing them to draw the swords from their backs. Aoi carefully looked around before speaking. "We know you are there. Come up!" He shouted. A few moments went by, then suddenly from every direction a barrage off kunai and shuriken were launched. "Quick, formation!" Yelled Zaku. The ninja coming back to back in a triangular shape. The sounds metal clashing began to echo, as they deflected them. They were distracted and Aoi was left wide open. A hooded bandit sprinted with incredible speed, spinning swiftly to hit Aoi with a round house kick knocking him out. The bandit grabbing Aoi, and leaping back. Another bandit threw a smokebomb, and the group began to flee. Zen an Zaku falling on their knees, "" Zaku said, barely able to stand. Zen simply nodded, and helped Zaku up. Using sensory ninjutsu, Zen was able to easily find the group heading east. It took them thirty-minutes to catch up, but when they did all that was left were dead bodies. Blood splattered on the ground, and Aoi on his knees gripping his mask. He had killed them all, and now it was time for the team to return home.

End Results:

Mentioned about the marks and gave them a genin application.

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