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Hideki Uchiha, Keimei Uchiha

Practice makes perfect:

*Hideki begins to pace back and forth slowly, shuffling his feet along the hard rock surface of their cave that serves as their hideout. His open toed shoes black shoes getting a bit of a chalky dust on them from his shuffling his feet. His shaggy styled, black as coal Hair that extended outwards a bit swayed left to right slightly as he paced.  Hideki began to think deeply, about his new eye. He needed to train with it and get used to using it before he got into any real battle situations. As he is still pacing he lifts his right hand which he wore  a black glove on same with his left, up taking a hold of the Uchiha headband he had tilted sideways to cover up his Left eye which held his Byakugan  that he acquired from the fallen Hyuga not to long ago. He takes hold of the headband pushing it up to his forehead uncovering his left eye which it being the normal snow white color of the Byakugan. He ran his fingers along the sides of his left check after uncovering his eye. His black nails slightly giving of a shine from the light the lava that was flowing like a river through the hideout had been giving off. His black long sleeves of his shit covered the whole length of his arms. His Newly acquired Jounin vest wasn’t his typical fashion choice  being as it was brown and red instead of his normal red and black, but it bore the symbol of the village he had just joined not too long ago  he had felt  that this was the best choice for the two as he thought on it for a bit. At least now they were not fully alone but still could carry out what they wanted to. He took his left hand and adjusted the headband of this village around the neck and turned it to the left a bit so the symbol would be a bit more visible. The symbol would be that of a volcano, which happened to be Ikotsugakure symbol.  After adjusting this he takes his left and right hand  and takes a grip of the black rope like belt  that was coiled around his waist and tied  in two big loops in the and  pulls it tight against his red Hakama and black pants.  The Ice blue in color eye in his on his right side shifted to his partner. His lips began to part unseen by his partner, since his lower face from his nose to his neck was covered in a black mask.* Well now feel up to a spar? I need to train my eye a bit…. *Hideki stops dead in his tracks as he waits for his partner’s answer.*

KeimeiUchiha: ~she watched as her partner paced back and forth, her right hand was bent at the wrist as her head rested upon the back of her hand, her left arm in which rested across her bust line supported her right arm. She wondered what could be on his mind as she began pondering the different thoughts that could be running threw his mind, she knew some things about him but has yet to know much being as he is not the one to express himself so lightly. She shifted the pocky stick between her ruby lips from the left side, then back to the right side of her mouth, her hips swayed to the right as she shifted the weight from her right leg to her left, her single crimson optic not leaving her partner. As he shifted his motion and his movements, she couldn’t help to be a bit mesmerized by his features despite the tacky looking attire he was forced to wear, his gaze seeming to catch her in a trance for a moment or two before his words snapped her out of it as she shook the cobwebs from her mind to reply to him. “I have no issue with it, don’t know how well I will do against a Byaku Sharingan user though.” She spoke to him in a normal tone of voice instead of her calm and cold usual tone, a tone that she even surprised herself using with someone. The time they have spent together seemed to have been rubbing off on her, she didn’t know what to make of it but for the moment the thoughts would have to wait seeing as he was anxious. She stepped back a few feet away from him, her right hand now moving to her right hip as the left was now relaxed hanging down on the opposite side. “Just go easy on me puddin’?” She laughed a bit mocking him playfully with a slight smile, her single crimson optic radiated a hue as it reflected in the floating embers in the air from the lave hitting up against the boulders, the fires of desire seeming to correspond within her for she desired him in more ways than one and she hoped that he wouldn’t catch on to it as of yet. Shaking her head to focus herself, she couldn’t think of such things at the current time hence she closed her eye for a moment taking a breath in just to exhale as she opened her eye, her 3 tomoe Sharingan would become active sitting in a triangular formation around where her pupil once was.~

*Hideki shook his head as his right eye ice blue in color began to change into a crimson red color.  Three black tome begin to form in a triangle pattern and begin to swirl around rapidly. As the swirling slowly stops another pattern emerges into a disfigured star like pattern, this being the shape of his Mangekyo Sharingan. He steps back a bit as his partner  does the same, his lips part as he speaks to her once more* Well I want to push my limits, and see what this new eye can really do. * He gazes at her with no emotion on his face his one eye being the crimson red his other snow white in color* I won’t kill  you so don’t worry about that…Pumpkin.. * He shifts his weight from his left to his right planting his feet firmly to the ground. He lifts his right and left hands up to about his mid-section  and begins  to make  his hand signs first of which would be – Tiger – Next with expert skill he forms - Snake next he forms rather quickly with lightning like speed - Rat – next to last  he would form – Snake- once more and for the final sign –Tiger. Hideki opens his mouth and expels a   fence of water know as Water Encampment Wall. The water begins to covering all directions in the form of a circle like pattern as he turns his body in said circle. The water hissed and steamed up as the water spilled into the open lava veins of the cave. Hideki begins to knead his chakra further into the water forming it into a thick mist using about ten percent of his own charka in this way making the mist so thick that even if  someone were to wave their hand in front of their face from a few inches away they wouldn’t be able to see it this pearly-white realm  made it impossible  for any Sharingan or Rinnegan-user to see through it sue to the fact all that could be seen is  the mist colored by Hideki’s chakra which was red in color, in turn would effectively hide Hideki anyone using these dojutsu. The only one that was able to see through it would be the Byakugan, which now that Hideki had one implanted in his left eye he  with training he hoped to be able to see through his own mist.* Try your best…

KeimeiUchiha: ~She couldn’t help but to laugh, she expected such a response from him with a sigh. Her activated Sharingan watched him closely, watching each and every motion he would do, the Uchiha’s signature “copy wheel” took effect. She mimicked each hand sign as he did coping “Tiger~Snake~Rat~Snake~ Tiger” before expelling a similar stream of water in front of her, forming into a circle. Although the mist was thick, and her vision was limited, her other sensory were heightened greatly. She could hear the lava flow crashing against the rocks threw the mist as she directed the water in the direction only to make the mist thicker seeing as he wanted to train the eye to its fullest. As the elements clashed the once thick mist became denser, the small enclosed area packed it closer together. She then formed another set of hand signs “Rat - Tiger - Dog - Ox - Rabbit - Tiger” before stating the words “Katon: Hosenka no Jutsu.Fire Release Phoenix Sage Fire Technique” as she then expelled one, then two, then three smaller fireballs into the mist, their path unpredictable but these were only meant for a distraction. She figured this would be the best way to start to wean her partners newly gained eye into combat as she knew she could easily dodge them thanks to the Byakugan’s ability and the glowing hue of the onward attack, even if he was not advanced in it, he should be able to make out the direction and the oncoming fireballs at least she hoped he could. Being as she used her own chakra to expel and form the small balls of fire, she put just enough that they would not be extinguished by the mist yet not lethal enough if he was to get hit would only cause a light burn similar to that of a usual sunburn~

*After Hideki Makes sure the mist forms al spreads out into each little corner of the cave he deactivates his Mangekyo Sharingan his right eye takes back its natural Ice blue color rather than the crimson red that it once was when his Mangekyo Sharingan was activated. He notices  there was  more water laying around then there should be it didn’t take him any time it figure out what happened  his partner copied his jutsu and sent it back at him, thing is it just helped further along his mist and gave him more water to work with. Hideki didn’t want to try and activate his left eye Byakugan with his Mangekyo activated  for he didn’t know what kind of effects it would have or strain it would put on his body seeing as this eye was not given to him by birth but instead by transplantation.  His left eye almost featureless and white, begin to change a bit to where his left eye’s pupil starts to become more distinct, the veins near his left  temples begins to bulge. Now that his Byakugan he felt a slight pressure in his head almost like a headache of sorts. Hideki immediately  begins to notice that his vision with this eye was much better than the vision he had on his right although his left eye still being a bit blurry he could see three hundred and sixty degree’s around his self almost perfectly  even though the mist was surrounding him and his partner. Hideki shook his head trying to ignore the bit of pain he was feeling from activating his Byakugan for the first time since it was implanted. Hideki stretches out his field of vision to about one hundred and sixty four feet which was about the normal range for any Byakugan user starting out. Hideki watched his partner as she made a series of hand signs, which he knew these hand signs all too well; he knew what she was up to as three fire balls started to hurtle towards him. Hideki begins to make  a quick series of hand signs first being -  Dragon Next and rather quickly done was the sign of -  Tiger – his last and final sign was none other than -  Hare – Hidkei parted his lips opening his mouth wide open and tilted his head upwards towards the incoming fire balls. He raised his right hand towards his mouth making him look like he was playing some sort of trumpet, which where this water style technique got its name. In doing so a extremely large jet of water thirty feet wide and about twenty feet in height His Jet of water was aimed towards all three Fire balls which he had hoped he had made his jet of water large enough to meet all three of her fire balls head on. He watched with his eyes wide open as the water jet speeded towards the three fire balls awaiting the outcome with eager anticipation*

KeimeiUchiha: ~Being as the fire was a fairly weak attack, they would easily be extinguished by the water, a distinct hissing noise was heard as the fire was put out, steam now forming and mixing into the air. She knew by the noise that she could use this newly formed steam in combination with the mist to capitalize on her next attack. She then formed one single hand seal “Ram” before stating the words “Futon: Kamikaze, Wind Release: Divine Wind” as a breeze blew through the area, the mist and steam began to swirl and spin like wisps as several small tornadoes touched down as they danced in a circle upon the ground. Shortly afterwards she formed yet another single hand seal “Tiger”, then stating the words “Katon: Hibashiri, Fire Release: Running Fire”. Crouching to the ground she placed a single finger upon the rocky terrain as a line of fire trialed itself from her finger to the swirling wind she had formed just moments ago, the several smaller tornadoes ignited upon collision with the flames, the heat from not only the steam, but the hot air from the lava increased the intensity of the flames. The now swirling several tornadoes began spinning faster and faster as they gained momentum before the combined into one roaring inferno funnel. With their being water within the mist it would weaken the flames a bit, as would the remaining liquid from his water trumpet shifted the funnel into a less hurricane like size. None the less like in nature the swirling inferno now had a mind of its own, as she watched the hazy glow of the twister shift and dart back and forth as it carved its own path.~

*Hideki watched and exhaled with a breath of relief As his water trumpet was enough to take care of her fire balls listening to the water hiss crackle and sizzle as the fire was drowned out by the jet of water he couldn’t help but smirk a bet as this scene. Steam filled the air along with the mist he had still in place.  Raised his right hand to his left temple momentarily has his headache started to get slightly worse he rubbed his temple and closed his left eye slowly. Hideki began to feel heat coming towards his and the sound of wind howling, He quickly opened his left eye once more only to see a roaring fire in tunnel form headed straight for him. He thought to his self for a moment his partner’s attacks were close to his location even though she couldn’t see his location; he had to give her props for this. Hideki makes a single hand sign – Ram – As the flaming tornado lapped at his body singeing his hands a bit giving them a slight burn on top of his exposed fingers of his right and left hand. A pearl white mist forms over Hideki’s body cover all his movements as he moves at incredible speeds backwards and to  his right a bit reappearing on the cave’s rock ledge. Where he shakes his hands a bit from the burn he got from the tornado made of fire. Now that he was standing on top of the ledge this should give him enough time to make the massive amount of hand signs need for his next attack. This battle field was ready for this attack seeing as they both had filled it with water. Hideki Kneels down on his right leg  as he begins to feel the exhaustion from using his new eye combined with all the chakra he had been putting out was taking its toile. He raised his right and left hands up and began making the forty-four hand signs necessary for this attack. Hideki started  with forming Ox – next was -  Monkey – followed by -  Hare – next in the sequence was - Rat – next was – Boar – than -  Bird -  followed by - Ox – next with lightning like reflexes his forms -  Horse – in the blink of an eye he forms -  Bird  than - Rat – followed by - Tiger – than - Dog – next was -  Tiger – after that was none other than -  Snake followed by yet another  -  Ox  - followed by  -  Ram – slithering his hands into -  Snake – than into-  Boar than once more -  Ram – and yet again the hand sign -  Rat – followed by - Yang Water – jumping straight into -  Monkey- than - Bird – then the sign of the mighty -  Dragon – manipulating his hands into forming -  Bird -  than - Ox – galloping his hands into the  formation of the –Horse – next was once again - Ram – than - Tiger – slithering his hands back into - Snake – followed by  - Rat  - than once again -  Monkey – hopping straight into the sigh of-  Hare – than next was - Boar – than once again -  Dragon – followed by -  Ram – than again with -  Rat – sliding back into the - Ox – followed quickly by = Monkey – than – Bird- than once again - Yang Water – next  was -  Rat second to last was – Boar- than finally the last sign was made which was- Bird. This technique pulls all the water from around the ground and begins shaping it in to a twenty foot high and thirty foot long dragon that looked much like the typical chines dragon with a long body and big head only difference was that it was connected to the ground by the water streams used to make it up. Hideki makes the dragon lunge forwards straight t through the fire tornado extinguishing the flames within a matter of a few seconds. The dragon’s head heads straight for his partner’s feet which he didn’t want her to get hit with it full on after all this was just a spar and didn’t want to inflict any major injuries. The force would be enough to knock her off her feet if the dragons head followed by its body would make contact with her feet or legs.-

KeimeiUchiha: ~she knew something was wrong when the hue she saw from the twister died, and she could no longer hear the roaring of flames. She paused for a moment as the area got silent for a moment or two, she grew worried that something might have happened to him or that he was not able to fan out the flames fast enough. Before she could think more on it, she heard a new sound rushing into the area; it was the sound of crashing waves and the roar of a mighty beast. She made out a figure of a large object, almost like a dragon with its jaws open wide coming at her, she felt by the shift in the wind that this dragon was approaching at an increasingly fast pace, its size maybe growing due to the moisture in the air. With little time to react she formed the hand seals “Horse → Tiger or Snake - Ram or Tiger - Monkey - Boar -  Horse - Tiger”, as she performed each hand sign, the chakra built rapidly inside of her, being a decedent of Izuna she had a naturally strong chakra flow. She then uttered the words,” Katon: Gokakyu no Jutsu Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique” the signature move of the Uchiha clan, before taking a deep breath in, putting her hand to her mouth she exhaled as a large stream of fire streamed from her mouth as she used this Jutsu in its second form, a flamethrower type fashion rather than the usual fireball. As the fire clashed with the dragon, both were equally matched for the time being, but she found herself being pushed back slowly closer to the edge. She felt the warmth emitting off the lava against her calf, her one heel of her boots slightly hanging over the edge. With one final push her ancestors chakra kicked in in one big wave of fire as both the dragon and the wall of fire slowly vanished, she then dropped to her knees for a moment for she put quite a bit of her chakra into the Jutsu in order to counter such a force. She sat on the ground upon her knees catching her breath in a pant, her gaze looking to the ground, a beads of sweat dripped down the side of her face and her body from both the heats intensity and the amount of chakra she had to use, the feeling of chakra consumption began to slightly plague her body causing her limbs to feel a bit shaky, but not enough for any actual worry~

*Hideki started breathing heavily as he began to try and come to a standing position.  He deactivated his Byakugan and with a wave of his hands dispersed the mist, effectively clearing the cave of the mist he created. He slowly made his way off of the ledge hoping down hitting the hard water soaked floor with a thud as his feet smacked the ground he took a bit of a three point stance catching his balance and once again begins to stand up. His lips parted as he slowly made his way to his partner and in an exhausted panting tone of voice he speaks to her* I think that is enough for today don’t you agree? * He reaches where his partner was kneeing down on the ground and he plops down beside her. He crosses his legs Indian style as his shoulders slump down. His heart was beating rapidly in his chest at this point, if anyone was listening closely they most likely would be able to hear it.* You did well today, Thank you for helping me push my limits with this new eye. I still have a ways to go seeing as it takes a lot out of me still but I will get there. * His eyes focus on his partners face watching her facial expressions very closely at this moment in time. After all they just had one hell of a work out session here today. He begins looking her up and down looking for any signs of any injuries that she might have gotten from the spar* Well how do you feel about a second round of this in the very near future?. * Hideki eye’s slowly shut  as he waits and listens for his partners response.*

KeimeiUchiha: ~She nodded before lifting her head up to fix and brush the hair out of her face, a slight laugh emitting past her lips. “Yeah, of course. Seems your more advanced with that eye then you thought, but anything to help you, you know I would do anything if I could. Besides it’s the least I can do for not being there when you lost the first.” She then looked over now realizing how close he actually was to her, and then realized his change in tone and attitude, a light pink hue reflected upon her cheeks. All the times they have been together, he has yet to show this side, let alone express anything to anyone. It didn’t bother her at all; she couldn’t help to smile knowing that he was showing her a side to him that she never knew he would show. She looked to him as her pupils then returned to their normal state as she to then close her eye. “Heh, we are going to have all of Amegakure shaking and fearing us one day. They thought we were bad before, they haven’t seen anything yet.” She leaned over a bit to rest lightly upon him with a slight sigh. “On the other hand are you ok?” She asked him with slight concern in her voice, she knew she was ok, but she knew that his new eye would make things a lot worse for him and she was willing to heal him if he needed.~

*Hideki nodded silently to his partners words speaking to her once more* I’m fine just a bit of a headache due to the use of the new eye… * His eyes remained closed as he brought his left and right hand up to the temples and began to lightly massage them* I will be fine… Just going to take a bit to get used to this..* Hideki shook his head slightly from left to right very slowly as he did his black hair would sway back and forth ever so slightly* Just going to need some rest soon  after all this took a lot out of me.. * Hideki slowly opened his eyes as he felt her lightly leaning on him* I think we both need some rest don’t you agree? * His voice trailed off a bit after his last statement he was exhausted after all physically fine just tired.*

KeimeiUchiha: ~she smiled with a nod~ Yeah, it would do us both some good. ~she opened her eye to look at him, before bringing her right hand up to brush his hair aside and then resting it upon her lap~

End Results:

Hideki got to practice with his new eye