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Kagato Uzumaki, Kunisada Uchiha

Title: Down Time At The Lounge: Amekage and The Anbu

Kagato: -Kagato nodded to Kuni ad he said lead the way.- “Well I am going to stop at my place real quick and grab some  other clothes since I am still in my travel gear…It won’t be but a few moments. – Kagato took the lead and walked out the door and headed over a crossed the hall of the tower opening the door to his penthouse. He quickly made his way to his bed room picking out some black cloth casual clothes to wear throwing them on a hurry as not to keep Kuni waiting too long. His casual black opened top tied slightly at the ends leaving his chest somewhat exposed.  Only thing he really needed to change since the other parts of his outfit were interchange able. He took off his armored gloves and shin guards even leaving his back and scrolls behind. He tossed his re-breather and mask off to the side  making it land on his bed where he grabbed ahold of a cloth scarf like mask and wrapped it around the lower half of his face. Opening the bed room door again to make his exit and out the main door to his pent house to meet up with Kuni once more. Kagato traveled down the long flight of stairs down to the bottom of the tower and once again pushed opened the heavy metal doors leading to the main street in Amegakure. The rain was pouring down like it always was this had a somewhat calming effect on Kagato the rain dripping over his body running down his face and crimson red strands of hair even saturating the clothes he wore making them a tad bit darker than they normally would be when dry. The pitter patter of the rain drops like little drum beats hitting off the metal building that made up the village never stopping for a moments rest. Kagato turned slightly as he was walking down the main street towards the lounge, turning to speak to Kuni.- “ It’s not often  for something like this to occur…having a little down time to chill.” – Kagato paused for a moment at the door of the lounge before pushing the door open and making his way in Lounge Hostess: “ Welcome to the Amegakure Lounge Amekage-Sama  will you and your guest be using your normal table this evening?” Kagato: “Indeed we shall, I take it, and it’s already prepared for me?” Lounge Hostess: “Yes Lord Amekage right this way.” – The hostess lead the way to the back behind a black closed curtain where Kagato normal ate when he came to the lounge as not to be disturbed by the others.-  Kagato Took a seat at the table and began and looked over towards Kuni.-

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada heard Kagato as he stated that he wanted to change before he headed out with Kunisada, to which Kunisada simply nodded. As Kagato made his way up to his penthouse, Kunisada walked out the door of Kagato’s office before he closed the door behind him. After closing the door, he simply placed his back against the wall as he crossed his shoulders and waited patiently for Kagato to return. After a minute or so, he saw Kagato return as he was now in his casual clothing before he began to follow Kagato down the flight of stairs. After Kagato opened the metal doors leading out into the streets of Amegakure, Kunisada extended his arm out as he stopped the door from closing on him before he walked out into the streets with Kagato. Kunisada glanced over the village as he heard the calming rain as it fell down from the sky as he heard Kagato speak as they approached a building.- “...Not often, no..” –He said before he heard a woman’s voice as she addressed Kagato as they both entered the Amegakure Lounge. Kunisada glanced around inside the building as he slowly followed Kagato to his “normal” table, or at least that’s what he heard the hostess call it. Kunisada glanced over as Kagato sat down at a table with a black curtain at the table as well. Kunisada sat down as he glanced around him slightly before he spoke to Kagato.- “...I take it you come here often..” –Kunisada spoke as he glanced at the wall for a moment before returning his gaze to Kagato.-

Kagato: -Kagao simply nodded towards Kuni before speaking once more.- “ Well they have good food, so I try to come here as often as I can. They have set up this little private area of sorts for me and whoever I bring.” – Kagato paused for a moment before speaking once more.- “ It’s a nice little section and place” Lounge Waitress: Well what can I get you two to start off with , maybe some tea perhaps? Kagato: - he turned his attention to the waitress as she spoke asking what they would like to start off with.- “ Yes, I would like some mint tea if you don’t mind.” –Kagato’s eyes glanced over towards Kuni.- “ Hmmm and maybe some pork egg rolls to start with to munch on while we decided if  we want anything else Oh! And some sweet and sour sauce to dip them in would be nice. Lounge Waitress: “Very well and anything that you would like to add sir?” The waitress looked over towards Kuni when asking this question wondering if he would like something to drink or something to hold him over.- Kagato: “ Get whatever you want Kuni, I don’t think I have anything that I didn’t like form this place.” –Kagato’s stomach began to rumble quietly it had been awhile since he had eaten anything. He needed to eat soon because with his high metabolism he burned most of what he ate off rather quickly. His eyes shot a glance over towards Kuni watching to see if he would respond.-

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada glanced over at the place before he spoke briefly.- “..I imagined you had a private section to yourself..” –his voice trailed off as a woman came up to them and asked Kagato what he would like to eat. Kunisada turned his head as he heard Kagato list off what he wanted to eat and drink; Kunisada figured Kagato was this hungry because of the mission he just came back from. He turned his head towards the waitress as she asked him what he wanted; he also heard Kagato’s words as he told Kunisada to get whatever he wanted, as well as hearing Kagato’s stomach grumble slightly. Kunisada paused for a moment before he looked over at the waitress.- “..I’m fine, thanks...” –He said politely as he answered her question.-

Kagato: -Kagato nodded slowly- “Not going to get something to at least snack on Kuni?” –Kagato’s eyes darted towards him; Kagato really didn’t like eating in front of others if they were not eating as well he felt as if it was kind of rude to do so, but at this point Kagato was starving and if Kuni wasn’t going to eat well he would more than make up for the two of them at this point. Kagato chuckled slightly. – “  Gonna make me eat enough for the two of us eh?” The Waitress: -She left and headed towards to the kitchen only to return shortly after with Kagato’s Tea. She set out Two cups one in front of Kagato and ne in front of Kuni even though he said he didn’t want anything. As she held the tea pot in her right hand she slowly poured the hot brown liquid into each cup, the steam slithering its way up from the cups like a snake.- The Waitress: Your appetizer should be up shortly Lord Amekag.” Kagato: -His slowly nodded up and down his crimson strands slightly tossing about as he moved his head.- “Arigato” – He waited for the waitress to leave before he moved his right hand up towards the black cloth scarf like mask he had wrapped around his lower face. He tugged it to the side slightly before unavailing it and exposing his face so that he could better sip at his tea. He took ahold of his cup with his index finger and thumb extending his pinky finger outward. Touching his lips to the cup he slowly slipped at his tea for a few seconds before setting his cup back down. – “Ah nothing like some hot tea after all that work….” – Kagato  titled his head slightly to the right before parting his lips once more.- “ So how did you and your brother come to odds like this.. I mean he just kind appeared out of the blue while I was gone…or did youns see each other elsewhere first and he decided to make a fuss?” 

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada nodded slightly as Kagato asked about him not wanting to eat anything, but he figured Kagato was starving at this point. He waited patiently before seeing the waitress leave for a moment before coming back with 2 cups of tea, placing one in front of Kagato and one in front of himself. Kunisada looked up at the waitress before he spoke.- “...Arigato..” –After he thanked her, he glanced over at Kagato as the waitress left; Kagato was drinking his tea, Kunisada figuring he was probably parched since his mission. After Kagato placed the drink away from his lips, he heard Kagato ask his question about Hideki and their fight in the Village.- “..He came to the Village...I felt his chakra source and approached him, he said he was looking for me and that he was going to kill me...we fought...Not much else to say I guess...” –Kunisada shrugged lightly as he looked at Kagato, thinking for a second.- “...Though we didn’t talk much before the fight besides that, he sure made his voice known during the end of the fight..” –Kunisada said as he leaned forward, bringing his elbows on the table as his hands came together and locked fingers.-

Kagato: “Hmm…I See.. Come to think of it” –taking his right hand’s index finger and thumb taking a light grip of his chin and goatee, taking the short crimson hairs in-between his thumb and index finger slowly running them up and down them seeming to be in deep thought before letting his grip loose after a few moments as his lips parted slowly once again.- “ He never really spoke much to me either when he confronted me that day so long ago..He sure was an odd one…filled with so much hate.”  -Kagato glanced over towards the black curtain to see it moving slightly the Waitress was making her way back with a tray with Kagato’s egg rolls on the center of it. She placed the platter in the center of the table. The egg rolls were placed all around a center dish that held sweet and sour sauce for dipping them in. Kagato’s mouth began to water as the smell of the food hit nostrils.- The waitress: “ Here you are Lord Amekage” – she took two smaller plates setting one in front of Kagato and one in front of Kuni. – Kagato: “Arigato “– He thanked the waitress once more as she left the two alone once again. Kagato reached over to the plate of egg rolls taking two off the platter and setting them on his small plate.  Taking the spoon that was in the sweet and sour sauce taking three spoon fulls the sauce and putting it on his small plate next to his egg rolls. He took one of the egg rolls from his plate and dipped it into the sauce on his plate sliding it back and forth before turning his attention to Kuni once more. “Help yourself if you want some there is plenty.” Kagato put the egg roll to his mouth and took a bite slowly chewing his food.-

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada quietly listened as Kagato spoke about his past experience with Hideki before turning his head, only being able to see her out of his right eye as his left eye was still bandaged from the earlier surgery to seeing the waitress come back to the table with a plate of food in her hands. She placed down some food on the table and gave a plate to Kagato and himself, to which Kunisada turned his head at as he stared at for a moment before looking over at the plate of food in front of him. After the waitress left, Kunisada glanced over as Kagato began to eat his egg rolls with some sauce that the waitress had brought him, still inviting him to eat some if he’d liked, to which Kunisada shook his head lightly.- “..Thanks Kag, but I’m alright..”

Kagato: “ I seen some of the damages  done to the village..hmmmm I guess I should get someone on the cleanup..” – Kagato pondered this thought for a moment before taking out a small scroll and a small pen in which to write on the scroll which read as follows Hey Rits, I know it hasn’t been that long  since we got back but get some rest and take care of this tomorrow. No rest for the wicked eh son?  Seems there was a fight here in Amegakure between Kuni and his brother Hideki while we were gone. I need you to gather up a crew and help fix and repair any damages that you see that was caused by the fight. I will leave who you want to help with this little mission in your hands. It shouldn’t be that hard to handle.  ~ Kagato – Kagato rolled up the small scroll and tucked it away in his pocket. He picked up his second egg roll and began to shovel it in his mouth.- After this Kagato looked over to Kuni’s  bandaged eye- “ well now I bet you are kind of itching to see what that new eye can do eh? …Well one thing is for sure we know he possessed Kamui, I am sure you will be able to work with that..” – Kagato took two more egg rolls from the platter, right away placing the one on his plate and dipping the other in the sauce. He began to eat it like he was a stray dog  that had not eaten in a month.-

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada watched as Kagato begin to write something down on a piece of paper with a pen that he had on his person after mentioning the remnants that were left behind from the fight between Kunisada and Hideki. Kunisada didn’t bother trying to read what Kagato was writing, as he just sat there patiently waiting for Kagato to finish his letter. After seeing Kagato pick up yet another egg roll and shove the food into his mouth, afterwards he heard Kagato speak about Hideki’s eye after Kagato saw his bandaged left eye. Kunisada sat in silence for a moment before he spoke.- “..I’ll be figuring it out when I can use it again...can’t do much with it till then...” –After Kunisada spoke, he saw Kagato begin to shove food into his mouth, which didn’t surprise Kunisada; Kagato was probably starving from his mission.- “..Easy Kag...don’t choke on the food...

Kagato: -With still having some food in his mouth he mumbles back to kuni- “Guess you are right, guess I am eating a bit fast – He swallows his food and takes another sip of tea to help wash it down-  “ Guess I let my hunger get the best of me…but I’m pretty much done eating for now..are you sure you don’t want something to eat..” –Kagato looks over at the tea that was placed in front of Kuni- “seems your tea is getting cold as well” –Kagato shook his head from left to right.- “ hmm maybe you only like home cooked meals.” – Kagato chuckled a bit after saying this, followed right after taking another sip of tea.- “ Well what do you think about all these events that happened?...like how do you feel about your brother  now?..”

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada watched as Kagato took a drink before he asked if Kunisada wanted something to eat, to which Kunisada shook his head as he did earlier. He heard Kagato mentioning something about liking home cooked meals only, to which Kunisada shook his head slightly, hearing Kagato chuckle. After another sip, Kagato asked him another question; this time Kunisada was silent for a moment before he responded.- “..Not much else to think or say about Hideki Kag,...” –Kunisada said, pausing to think for a moment.- “...Hideki didn’t like me, didn’t like you or anyone else...” –Kunisada shrugged lightly as he glanced over at Kagato.- “...So, how did your mission with your son go..?” –Kunisada asked after popping his neck.-

Kagato: “Oh I see, well I guess that is true.” – Kagato tilted his head back slightly hearing Kuni ask about how as he put mission went. He had to put his son through hell mentally and physically to get the results they both wanted for it.- Well we got the results we wanted from it, but as for the long term effects on how it will affect Rits well that has yet to be seen. I ended up putting him under a Genjutsu and pulling his fears out of him making them see so real to him..that has to has some sort of effect on his mind..I mean who wouldn’t have some mental issues after facing their fear head on like that.” – Kagato paused for a moment before speaking once more taking in his own words as he just had said them. – Not to mention the physical hell I put him through making it seem even more hopeless.” 

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada listened to Kagato as he described his mission and how it went with his son; Kunisada remained silent during the story. Kunisada glanced at his cup of tea, seeing no more steam flow forth from the tea as he simply shrugged at Kagato after a moment; he also noticed that Kagato seemed to be done eating since he wasn’t shoveling down food anymore.- “...You sound like it needed to be done...but, I also sense a bit of remorse from your words Kagato..” –Kunisada spoke as he glanced back over at Kagato.- “...Wasn’t easy huh..” –He asked as he leaned back slightly and crossed his arms.-

Kagato: “Yeah you can say that..don’t know what the outcome on his mind state will be it’s the only thing that really concerns me..-Kagato thinks back to how much went  wrong with his other son- “ well think about it my other son…well didn’t go so well…but eh what are you going to do…” –Thinking back on those wasn’t the most pleasant of memories, ones he really didn’t wish to recall. His face turns emotionless as these thoughts pour into his mind. His eldest son who betrayed him and even His mother who poisoned him and left him from dead, the only light that came to him in that dark hour was his now current other half Athena the one who saved him that night. Without her doing so the poison would have killed him by morning.- “ Eh…”

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada noticed the discomfort in his voice as Kagato spoke as well as his face become strictly blank; Kunisada figured that his question had led to some thoughts that Kagato didn’t like to revisit, so he remained silent. After a moment of silence, Kunisada glanced over at the black curtain as he silently thought to himself for a moment before returning his attention to the cup in front of him as he quietly spoke. “...Hn..” –After he spoke, he unfolded his arms and brought his fists together and pressed them against each other until he heard them crack; After he did this, he crossed his arms over his chest again waiting to see whether Kagato would speak again or if they’d continue to sit in silence.-

Kagato: “Yeah..” –Kagato became deadly silent as those thoughts began, His eyes looking down to his copy of tea. His body flooding with rage and pain from that torment, If he wasn’t careful these feelings would overtake him taking him into a dark place the kind of place one does not easily come out of on their own. His hands right and left became clenched tight to where if he wasn’t wearing these black gloves on his hands you could see his knuckles becoming white. He parted his lips once more to speak the tone in his voice was cold and emotionless.- “ I think that’s enough on that subject.” – His eyes still peering downward never looking up, but if one would look into them they could tell there was nothing but coldness behind them.-

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada nodded as he sat in silence, not sure of what to say or do; he wasn’t sure what to talk about anyways, and with Kagato being this way he didn’t want to say something that Kagato might’ve taken the wrong way. Kunisada shrugged as he glanced at the now cold tea in his cup as he stared back at himself in the reflection. As Kunisada glanced he saw his own bandaged eye for the first time before he placed his index finger in the small cup and lightly poked the liquid, causing for the liquid to ripple throughout the cup as it disfigured Kunisada’s relfection. Kunisada watched the ripple continue inside of the cup as he pulled his finger out of the cup for a moment until the ripples calmed down; Afterwards, he glanced over at Kagato to see if he was getting the thoughts out of his mind.-

Kagato: “Well I think I am going to call it a day I think…I need to gather my thoughts a bit no offense. If you want to stop by my place later feel free..” – Kagato pushed his way away from the table and made his way over to the waitress.- “ I think this will cover it” – Kagato dug into his pocket and pulled out a small black bag filled with ryo and tied at the top.- “ I am sure whatever else is in here would be more than enough for a good tip” – Kagato proceeded to head for the door looking back to see if Kuni was going to follow him out or not. Stopping right in front of the main door.-

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada spoke as Kagato began to rise up from his seat.- “...Sounds like a good idea..” -Kunisada stood up after Kagato made his way to the waitress and paid her. Kunisada’s arms were no longer across his chest as they were now resting at his sides. After Kagato stopped at the front door, Kunisada walked after him and made his way out to the streets of Ame, waiting for Kagato.-

Kagato: -Kagato watched as Kuni followed after hi making his was out the door to the main street of Ame. He quickly followed him not even a second after Kuni. Stepping out onto the main street the rain pouring down upon him hitting his body and somewhat calming him as they pelted his body from head to toe. He turned to Kuni his eyes meeting his one unbandage eye.- “ Well I’m going to head to the tower” – Kagato turned on his heel and faced the tower, it had always stood the tallest even back in the day when it was called Pein’s Tower. The Large metal building seemed to reach upwards to the sky as if it was calling to it.. A bolt of lightning crashed through the sky illuminating it to the point where it hued everything around them a dull yellow color. Kagato made his way up to the tower door and pushed the large metal heavy door open releasing the seal he used on it to lock it. Stepping through the door he headed up to his pent house, and once again opening his door and walking inside where he would stay for the rest of the night.-

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada saw Kagato begin to leave as he headed for his home, feeling the slight dampness of the rain for a moment until he became adjusted to the normal rainfall that always was in Amegakure. Kunisada glanced up at the sky as he watched the rain drop and fall around him and on his masks; he even felt a raindrop or two on the bandage that was covering his left eye. Kunisada turned slowly on his heel as he turned and walked the opposite direction of Kagato.-

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