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All Genin who have completed five total missions automatically qualify and are eligable to enter the chunin exams. For those genin who have completed more then  five mission and at least ten will be given a special reward the night before the chunin exams start.


This years Chunin exams will start on 2/12/16 the cut off date for the missions to be turned in is 2/11/16.


TBA ( Times will be listed in EST. Keep this in mind. )


All Matches will be held on client in the chunin exams room more info on this when room is completed.


When its your turn to take part in a match you are give and are not within an hour of its start time you will be disqualified and forfeit the match. NO EXCEPTIONS! Times will be worked out and fair to each Shinobi taking part in the exams. Time Zones will be taken into consideration.

Matches will be randomly generated and not handpicked and put into brackets  you win you move on you lose you don't pretty simple. Losing doesn't necessarily mean you won't become Chunin that is left up to your Kage and how they think you did in your bout.

Matches will be One Vs. One  like last year.

You will not need a team to take part.

Matches will be proctored and watched over by someone Jounin rank or higher.

Those who an step in when things turn into a life or death situation  are as follows - Jounin, Anbu/Hunter Nin, Kage, Team leaders.

Yes, you can die in the chunin exams just like any other Role-Play in NNERp the Chunin Exams are no exception to this rule keep this in mind when deciding to take part.



Special Bonus:

Missions Completed:

Five Missions: Gains you entery into the exams plus One Free B Rank Jutsu ( Turned in by 2/11/16 )

Ten Missions: As well 'Gains you entery into the exams plus two Free B Rank Jutsu or One A Rank ( Turned in by 2/11/16 )