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Nara Ban Vs Kaguya Fumetsu

Proctor: Yamanaka Itsumo

Step In Judges: Uzumaki Kagato, Yamanaka Itsumo, Uchiha Kunisada, Uzumaki Ritsuka, Kyo

Spectators: Ryuu, Inuzuka Unaru , Uzumaki Kazuko 

Chunin Exams 202 Round Three Nara Ban Vs Kaguya Fumetsu

IItsumo: *Itsumo got her paper out of her pocket once more as she centered herself on the platform she saw the next two names were also Amegakure genin and she figured it would be another brutal match as she shook her head she glanced out and spoke letting her voice fill the area. * “The Next Match will be between Nara Ban of Amegakure and Kaguya Fumetsu of Amegakure.” *she would stand there still and wait for them to move to the arena* 

Kare: - As the match between Geikami Kazuki and Uzumaki Kazuko came to a swift end, the two unconscious bodies were carried out of the arena by an unknown shinobi of Amegakure and laid to rest by a rather large panda that began to heal them the moment their bodies were placed down by the shinobi who carried them out of the arena. The proctor has risen from her seat and walked over to the center of the platform, exclusive to those of importance. Ban shifted his attention towards the platform and fixed his gaze on the woman as she retrieved a letter from her pocket containing the names of the next two contestants. As she parted her lips beneath her mask and began to fill the silence of the area with her voice. – “So it looks like it’s going to Fumetsu and me... Well this is going to get ugly…” – Ban said to himself in a low tone as he rose from the bleachers and began to wander over to the side of the arena closest to him. Over on his end of the arena, he stood there without any sign of emotion visible through his eyes, it was as if his very soul had been consumed by the darkness of his own shadows, but one could never tell what Ban was feeling or thinking since he kept to himself most of the time. – ‘I wonder if I’ll survive to see another day… Even if I do manage to eliminate Fumetsu from the brackets, there are two out of four shinobi I could possibly face and I’ve only seen a bit of Unaru can do…’ – As he stood there waiting for Fumetsu to arrive at the arena and for the match to begin, he pulled down on the straps of his backpack to securely fit it on his back so that it wouldn’t bounce around while he was in motion. Fumetsu would notice that Ban looked a bit different from the last time the two of them were out in the field collecting toads for a merchant. Ban has undreaded his hair and combed it out so it hung loosely just a few inches above his shoulders. He had parted his hair at the back and tied a portion of his hair up into a small ponytail, a tradition for members of the Nara clan to keep their hair tied up. Around his forehead, he wore his forehead protector that was tied perfectly to fit securely around his head, but not too tight so that it would apply too much pressure in the region. He was also wearing his goggles that were tinted a few shades to provide some protection from bright flashes and also from particles and small objects like senbon, but the most important thing Ban wore was his rebreather, fitted with vents that opened up when he performed a certain jutsu. Ban didn’t wear his usual attire, but instead wore a black long sleeved sweatshirt, loose fitting shinobi pants that were taper around his calves, black standard issue shinobi sandals that reached up to his calves and he also wore some thin black socks to keep his toes warm. Around his thighs he was fitted with two pouches that contained a portion of his inventory. In the left pouch, he kept 2 smoke and a flash bomb. While in the right pouch he kept 4 kunai that hand their handles wrapped with an explosive tag and 3 of his shuriken which were laced with roughly 16 yards of wire. In his backpack, he also kept a small scroll that contained a first aid kit and in the left side pocket a smoke bomb and a flash bomb. The small right pocket contained 3 kunai which were not wrapped with explosive tags, 3 shuriken, and a large coil of wire strings. But there was also another kunai concealed within Ban’s left sleeve that had its handled wrapped with an explosive tag. As Ban stood there waiting, he analyzed the surrounding area more closely and took in the position of the sun was still a couple of hours from approaching its apex, the blanket of clouds that were passing over the area and seemed to resemble the pattern of military camouflage and provided some pools of shadows as they passed through the area, and the large oak trees that surrounded the circumference of the location the Chunin Exams was being held in. As he finished taking in his environment, he turned his attention to Fumetsu’s figure and analyzed whatever he carried on him and then turned his gaze to the proctor and awaited her signal to commence. –

Guest_pxJeffTheKilleRxq: -As the matches went on one by one, Fumetsu kept analyzing everything he could from his seat, which was a bit isolated from the other genin. Even so, he could still mostly see the others, and he studied them all, more or less. He also has seen the whole surrounding area so he knew the area he was fighting in. Throughout the first match he couldn’t help but let out a childish smirk behind his mask. He was pleased to see Unaru the feral Inuzuka in action and Fumetsu wanted his rematch badly. As expected, the first match didn’t end up too good for the Yonshigakure Genin but It’s not like Fumetsu cared, the boy was getting healed either way by some weird giant panda. It was nostalgic in a way… he knew that the Kage of their village was here along with one of his Anbu men and Unaru was here too. If the Anbu figure was the same one as the one in Fumetsu’s first fight as a Genin then four people fighting in that spar wer e here, yet, one was missing, his beloved Sensei who was now DEAD… she was GONE... For Fumetsu to want a rematch with Unaru was all normal but… when he wanted a rematch on both the Anbu member and the Kage it began to be more of a twisted person’s thought. Either way, the second match passed by. In it two of the same fight were put against one another, Fumetsu knew that because he had met them before, altough they never confirmed it to him, he could already tell from their behavior during that mission that they were rather close to each other. Surprisingly enough, the match ended with a draw, both of the genin ending up next to the Yonshigakure’s Genin, probably getting healed by the weird panda thing. Now the third match was about to happen and as he looked at the Shikage, the Kage of Yonshigakure, the Village Hidden in Death, speak, he heard the name “Nara Ban”… a name that Fumetsu hated and wished that whoever was his opponent would maime hi-… his thoughts were cut off when he heard the second name. His eyes widened slightly as a shiver went down his spine… an electrifying feeling coursing through his shaken body. His eyes quickly got back to their usual cold way of being as he had a twisted smile formed on his lips, he began to chuckle quietly to himself as he got up and walked towards the arena. After the thought stopped making him laugh he glanced at Ban and then at the Kages while being on his side of the arena, waiting impatiently. Not even looking at Ban he spoke out loud enough for the Nara to hear him- “You are in my way now… You do remember my words from our last mission, don’t you… Ban?...” –His tone was cold as always and it only seemed even more evident how much he hated the Nara when he said the boy’s name, enough to make anyone who’s jumpy shiver . The boy wore his bloody white hoodie which would make some people question the Genin. He had black baggy ninja pants and his black ninja sandals. What could catch most of the people’s eyes besides the bloody hoodie was his two swords, one katana strapped to each of his sides. On his right side he had the blade he named Body, a katana that had a black blade covered by his mostly black sheathe… the sheathe also having a white rib design to signify his clan, the white design and black base color continuing to the handle of the sword. The left side, however, had his first katana, Soul, a generally white blade that had a black tribal design on both its sheathe and its handle, the hidden blade having a clean silver tint to it. Close to Body, the sword on his right, he had a black pouch that was strapped to his right pelvis area and another pouch in his left pelvis area, close to Soul. The left one had in it two smoke bombs, two flash bombs and five paper bombs. On his right pouch he had four kunais and one was up his right sleeve. Across the back of his waist he had 12 smaller pouches filled with 10 makabishi spikes each. As for armor, under his ninja pants he had metal shin protectors. His hands till’ his wrists were visible and they were covered by fingerless black leather skeletal armor with a hole in their palms. The gloves went up to his forearms, protecting most of them as well but that part wasn’t visible due to his hoodie. Last but not least, the only two things left to mention from his outfit were his black mask, covering most of his face and neck and his Amegakure armband which he had strapped perfectly around his left bicep. He waited for the Shikage to give the signal to start fighting… that being the only thing between Fumetsu and his fun. One single word was heard from his mouth, not meant to be heard by Ban but he could hear it if he payed attention… a calm tone leaving his throat… as the wind blew through his pure white hair…- “Let’s dance…” –And with that, his hallucinations took place, it seemed like the arena was surrounded by dark shadows, taunting Fumetsu and laughing at him… this was probably going to be a hard fight.-

IItsumo:*Itsumo watched as the two boys took to the platform she would nod her head and yell out* “Begin” *before moving to her seat to watch the match silently hoping it would be a good match like the two before had been.*

Kare: - As Ban turned this attention to Fumetsu he scanned his figure and took a mental note of anything that stood out to him, such as the sheathed swords, which he had never seen Fumetsu wield before since the last time the two of them sparred each other, so he wasn’t really sure how proficient he was in Kenjutsu, but he was certainly a lot better than he was. He also noted the absurd amount of pouches Fumetsu was wearing, counting 14 in total. – ‘Does he really have that many tools or is this just an accessory?’ – He contained his chuckle in hopes to not further aggravate Fumetsu and drag him into a deeper rage and took a closer look at his figure, noting the blood that soaked into the fabric of his hoody like a sponge absorbing water into its fibers. He couldn’t help but look at the stain in disgust and wonder why anyone would walk out of their house soaked in the blood of another being. Was it to intimidate his opponents or did he simply forget that his hoody was dirty? It was probably the latter, but from what Ban could tell Fumetsu’s sanity is to be questioned. As Fumetsu positioned himself at the other end of the arena, Ban would slowly begin to move forward roughly about 30 yards from his end and stand approximately at 26 yards from both sides of the field. He took another good look at his surrounds and took a short trip down memory lane to the first match between Unaru and Jinta. – ‘I don’t recall the proctor saying anything about us having to stay within the area of this arena… I’ll use that to my advantage in time.’ – He turned his gaze towards the proctor and for a brief moment his eyes shifted over to the giant panda hunched over with a green glow shining over its face as it healed the two unconscious shinobi from the previous match and mended Jinta’s wound sustained in battle against Unaru. As the words “Begin” slithered off the tongue of the Shikage’s mouth and echoed throughout the entirety of the area, Ban quickly turned his attention back to Fumetsu and focused on his gazed on his torso, allowing him to see any hand seals being weaved by him. While staring down at his opponent’s chest, he reached down into his left thigh pouch with his left hand and into his right side backpack pocket with his other hand and retrieved a baseball sized ball that was wrapped around in beige bandages with the kanji for “Light” written on it, but it was covered by Ban’s left hand hand and it would be rather difficult for anyone to really get a good look at what was written on the bandages from the distance between Ban and his opponent. In his right hand he held a plain kunai with the bladed edge sticking out from the bottom of his fist. It would be a foolish decision to run head of towards Fumetsu, so his options of limited. He could either stay put and let Fumetsu charge in on him as he would assume he’d do, although that would give him an edge from a defensive standpoint, but he’d be a sitting duck until Fumetsu decided to attack, he could attempt to attack Fumetsu at his flanks and draw him in towards the center of the arena where it seems most of the action has been taking place; Ban noted the cracks beginning to form along the surface of the arena, they could be of some use, but he’d have to bring the fight there in order for him to make and use of them, or he could retreat towards to tree line and attempt to lure Fumetsu into a trap. Only a second or two had passed since the proctor had announced the beginning of the match and Ban had only drew two of his tools whilst thinking of how to proceed. Off he went towards the center of the arena. Ban broke off into a steady sprint and as he approached the 50 yard mark, he took a sharp left turn and ran at an arched path around towards Fumetsu’s right side keeping his attention on him whilst taking a mental note that just roughly 5 yards to his left and he’d slip right off the arena and onto the lush and healthy grass that was still a bit moist from the morning dew. As Ban ran along the side of the arena, he’d come directly to Fumetsu’s side and be positioned roughly 20 yards from his right side. He’d throw his kunai towards his thigh. – “Katsu…” – He’d say in an audible tone and just as the word slipped off the tip of his tongue, he swiftly reached into his right thigh pouch and pulled out a kunai that had its handle wrapped in an explosive tag. Ban knew that the kunai he threw at Fumetsu wouldn’t explode, but the only purpose for the command was to gauge how much Fumetsu has improved from their last spar and to see his reaction to a potential explosive. Regardless of what would occur, Ban would be prepared physically and mentally to react to a counter from Fumetsu, as he has been quite fond of disappearing and reappearing somewhere more beneficial to him, such as Ban’s blind spot or flanks. –

Guest_pxJeffTheKilleRxq: -Once the Shikage gave them the word, in that exact moment, Fumetsu immediately turned his head towards Ban, remembering that he had problems with genjutsu type of attacks he decided to keep his eyes on Ban’s body rather than his face. He snuck his hands carelessly in his hoodie pockets and began to walk towards his opponent, turning his head slowly as he watched the boy run to his side. Once Ban got around 20 yards close to Fumetsu, he threw a kunai towards him. Fumetsu pulled his hands out of his pocket and ran towards Ban at high speeds. His training did pay off as he was moving fast and once the kunai got close, Fumetsu would jump up high above it also noticing that the kunai had no visible explosives on it either so it was just to see Fumetsu react to it since the Kaguya knew The Nara liked bombs. He flipped midair as he pulled his fist back and landed close to Ban. If Ban would not retreat he would have to defend himself from a series of hard punches and kicks coming from someone who has trained both his speed and strength to his current limit. That was a taijutsu moved called Dynamic Action and if Ban would be hit by any of those strikes thrown at him, he’d easily get bruises over his unprotected areas. If Ban did decide to block them all or just stay within reach in general Fumetsu would finish the combo with a powerful spinning kick towards Ban’s side.-

Kare: - As the plain kunai left his hands and he retrieved a deadlier kunai from his thigh pouch, he noticed that Fumetsu was running at a much faster pace than he had remembered. – ‘I see he’s been really going at it with his physical training.’ – Just as the kunai was closing in on Fumetsu, he would have jumped up into the jump and completely avoid the kunai, further confirming that Fumetsu is a lot more quick on his feet and has improved his reaction time by a noticeable amount since their last spar, but Fumetsu had made a mistake in believing that Ban was just going to let him leap into the air, close the gap between them and not us his inability to move while in the air to his advantage. Intently watching Fumetsu soaring in the air as he began to flip in the middle of his action, his mind went off like clockwork. The gears in his brain shifting around calculating with high accuracy his potential landing zone and a slight smirk surfaced beneath his rebreather, but it would soon vanish as Ban compiled a strategy to combat Fumetsu’s attempt to get into range of hand to hand combat, something Ban was very ineffective in. As Fumetsu’s body began to exit the flip Ban wasted no time in leaping backwards about 2 yards and all the while his chakra was stirring up within his core and suddenly his eyes narrowed and filled with focus. As his body skidded along the stone surface of the arena; causing him to move another 2 yards unintentionally, he released a mustard yellow gas from his mouth and the gas flowed into the two storage compartments in his rebreather and would instantly open up the vents to allow the gas to fill the area around them in a dome with a diameter of roughly 15 yards with Ban at the center. Unfortunately for those who aren’t able to perform this jutsu, if caught within the smoke they would lose their ability to see and break into a violent cough as the fumes entered their lungs. Luckily for Ban, he was able to clearly see within the smokescreen and was unaffected by the fumes as the air was filtered as it entered his rebreather. Only a few seconds after the smoke was spewed out and expanded outwards to cover the area around Ban, a portion of the smoke would begin to bundle up beside Ban and morph into an exact replica of him. He infused a very miniscule amount of chakra into the explosive tag in his kunai and as he was doing so, the clone would break into a sprint and head towards Fumetsu with kunai and light bomb in hand, but its intensions were not to attack Fumetsu, but stand in the position Ban was originally in. Ban would take a step back begin to a few steps back and step into the grass, taking a note of his position relative to where Fumetsu would be and the area his smokescreen covered. He would crouch down a bit at the edge of the platform and intently watch as he remained covered within the smokescreen. –

UnaruInuzuka: -shifting he gave a yawn waking from his sleep having not realized how tired he had been even sleeping through the sounds of battle, his silver eyes opening and turning his head out towards the field to see what was happening at this point-

Guest_pxJeffTheKilleRxq: -As he was midair he noticed Ban wouldn’t just let him kick and punch him to death because he was retreating back. Fumetsu looked at Ban’s current location and as he landed, he noticed that Ban began to release some kind of smoke but it wasn’t the usual color so Fumetsu knew it could be dangerous. He looked to his right noticing the edge of the arena wasn’t far, the corner wasn’t that far either since Fumetsu didn’t exactly move towards the centre of the arena at any point and was still near the edge. He quickly body flickered away, using the Tiger hand seal, appearing down on the grass, with his back facing the base of the arena which like three feet taller than Fumetsu. He wasn’t on the side of where Ban landed on the grass but around the corner. He took two of his small pouches and opened them quickly, making two balls of paper tags and putting them inside the pouches before closing them back up. The then looked up and threw one of the pouches there, deep inside the smokescreen. He made a hand seal to detonate the bomb inside the pouch, making it explode and sent spikes flying at high speeds while clearing most of the smoke. He than ran towards the right corner of the arena and when he got to it he slowed down, glancing around the corner thinking that Ban wouldn’t get that easily caught in the blast… there he was, down on the grass waiting for Fumetsu most likely. The boy smirked behind his mask as he threw the pouch with force towards Ban and when he saw it get close to the boy he would quickly use the same hand seal, Snake, to detonate this pouch as well. If Ban wouldn’t escape, not only would he be caught in the powerful explosion that surrounded like 10 yard from Fumetsu infusing it with some of his chakra like the last one but he could also get damaged by one of the 10 makibishi spikes that the pouch had, even if he did escape the blast. Fumetsu would just take cover behind the wall so he wouldn’t get hit by any spikes.-

UnaruInuzuka: -He took in the scene taking in the fact of a cloud of smoke, the arena damage and the two that were fighting, he clearly was tired if he slept through whatever happened there. His eyes trailed up to the sky and took in the time and groaned, he has barely had a nap... would explain having no nightmare pop up within that time frame. He had just been about to look back over to the fight when two explosions caught his attention and before he pinpointed them he heard a thunk near his head. He glanced back towards the seat just above him and noticed a spike embedded into the wood there and the only notice of his was the lifting of his brow. As the air thinned of the smoke a small sniff of his nose had him wrinkle and give a huff to remove the diluted scent from his mask and nose before reaching up and flicking a small switch on the side of his mask shutting out the outside air and removing that smell from his breathing... ok that's something to consider later...-

IlRyuu: *Ryuu watched as Fumetsu and the other shinobi named Ban came continued to fight until he heard a large explosion before seeing sharp projectiles being flung his way. His blue eyes widened before he quickly reached for a kunai and brought it up in front of him as a piece of metallic shrapnel came at him before he smacked the object away from his person with his kunai. He glanced to make sure nothing else was coming to harm him, which luckily there weren’t as he breathed out a silent sigh of relief. He placed the kunai back into his pouch before he looked back at the fight; guess this was a risk of watching the Exams. As if the idea of fighting in the Exams wasn’t bad enough, now they had to worry about collateral damage; oh well, at least Kazuko and Kazuki were out of harm’s way

IItsumo: *Itsumo seeing shrapnel Flying from the arena Itsumo would reach down and touch the platform use Light-Weight Rock Technique and lighting the platform and lifting it up into the air out of harm’s way anyone on it would be safe. Once the debris from the blast cleared she would lower the platform back down to the ground. Mizuseikatsu seeing the shrapnel coming towards her and the genin whom where still unconcise on the ground would create a water clone of herself and use it to protect herself and the genin as the shrapnel hit the water clone it would disappear leaving no harm done to her or the genin.*

Kazuko: *Kazuko slowly started to open her emerald eyes blinking at the strange bright light above her. After a few seconds of blinking she came to realize that that it was the sun something she really was not used to. As she tried to move her body every part of her was soar including her head so she just grounded and kept trying after several minutes she was finally able to lift her head and look around wondering where she was and what was going on. The last thing she remembered was the match between her and Kazuki and the explosive tag exploding on Kazuki’s side of the arena and flying through the air after that it was all blank. She sighed softly and laid her head back on the sun warmed grass. This means she lost her match there was no way to be declared the winner if you blacked out. As she slowly pulled herself upright just in time to see a giant panda made out of water appear in front of her she blinked a few times not sure what was going on as pieces of metal flew into the water panda she now understood something was protecting her and as she glanced to her right also kazuki whom was laying unconscious next to her. She still wasn’t sure if he won’t or not at that point being he was also knocked out. She slowly got to her feet as the panda disappeared and stumbled a bit as she walked towards the stands her head pounding and her body feeling like she was hit by a truck she would slowly make her way to sit by Ryuu*

KunisadaUchiha: -As Kunisada watched Fumetsu and Ban fight, he noticed an explosion occur as well as shrapnel began to fly everywhere, including the bleachers and the raised platform that they were on. As he was about to move to defend himself and Kagato if needed be, he felt the platform being raised as Itsumo touched the platform which caused them to fly above the debris before setting them back down. Kunisada’s eyes glanced over towards where the Shikage was placed, not moving his head to make any indication that he was looking at her direction. He noticed that some ninja from Ame came towards their location before he placed his hands in the seal of the Tiger as he used the Shadow Clone Technique as an exact duplicate of himself appeared in front of him. Once the clone was made, it placed its hand on the railing next to him before jumping over the railing and making his way over to the Jounin; there were eight in total, four were in Amegakure gear and the other four were wearing Yonshigakure apparel. Before they spoke, Kunisada’s clone spoke to the Amegakure ninja.- “..You four seal a barrier around one bleacher, while the other four do the same to the other bleacher..” –Kunisada got a simple nod from the Amegakure nin, but got questionable glances from the Yonshigakure nin before Kunisada spoke to them.- “..You can either listen to me and do it or I can ask your Kage to come down here and explain it to you..” –The Yonshigakure ninja shook their head slightly before the four of them moved over to a bleacher as the Amegakure ninja did the same. Kazuko had just taken a seat in the bleachers before the Amegakure squad made their way over to the bleacher to Itsumo’s right as they formed a square formation around the bleacher. The ninja then synchronized their hand movements as they collectively and precisely made the seal of the Snake before they clapped their hands together, causing a massive square purple barrier to form around the bleacher; this technique was known as the Four Violet Flames Formation. The barrier faces themselves were made out of pure purple flames, so if anyone decided to touch them from either the inside or the outside, they would be quickly and immediately engulfed in flames. Furthermore, once the barrier was created the four shinobi using the technique were quickly engulfed in their own barrier, protecting themselves. At the same time that the Amegakure ninja had created on one side of the bleachers, the Yonshigakure ninja had used the same technique as the Amegakure ninja had done, creating a massive square barrier of pure purple flames to protect the other bleacher that was on Kunisada’s left; both of the bleachers now had a protective barrier to protect the Genin that were spectating, but not the uplifted platform that had Itsumo, Kunisada, Kyo and Kagato. The barrier themselves didn’t stop the other Genin from watching the matches from inside the barrier; all it did was protect them from any outside intrusion. Once the barriers were made, Kunisada’s clone disappeared in a puff of smoke as it had done its job as Kunisada continued to watch the fight.-

Kyos: -Kyo flicks off the genin in the bleachers, rubbing in the fact that while they're imprisoned, she's free as a bird-

Kare: - As he slid backwards and began to release his smokescreen, his eyes glanced over at Fumetsu as his body was coming in for a landing at the location he accurately predicted, but unfortunately for Ban and not to his surprise, he noticed the hand seal Fumetsu was weaving which could only mean Fumetsu was about to disappear. – ‘What a surprise.’ – He thought to himself as he peered through the smokescreen, scanning the field to see if he could catch sight of Fumetsu anywhere, but he couldn’t catch a glimpse of him anywhere until what could only be described as a pouch similar to the ones Fumetsu had been wearing came up and over the edge towards the smokescreen. Ban’s initial reaction was to get out of the immediate area, but witnessing Fumetsu’s pouch come soaring over the edge of the arena gave him a pretty good idea of where Fumetsu was located, unless he created a clone of sorts in the midst of his disappearance, he took a mental note of that. What good would it do him if he couldn’t see Fumetsu, it’d just make this match more difficult for him. So with Fumetsu in mind, he placed his flash bomb in his pocket and swiftly wove the hand seal for tiger, causing his body to flicker away from his position and reappear roughly about 3 yards behind where he anticipated Fumetsu to be and there he was, unless it was a clone, which he would surely find out. It was as if Ban had teleported from point A to B, but in reality he had concentrated his chakra throughout the entirety of his body, giving it a temporary boost, and sprinted around the corner, at an untraceable speed to the naked eye, closest to him where Fumetsu was last seen. As he reappeared, he could see that the Fumetsu was directly affecting its environment and was producing some form of shadow, so it could very well be the real Fumetsu, unless he had learned how to produce shadow clones, there was only one way to find out the answer to his question. While Ban utilized the Teleportaion Jutsu to reposition himself about 3 yards behind Fumetsu, the clone made up of smoke would have attempted to leave the smokescreen as well by actually running out towards the pouch being thrown towards it by Fumetsu, but instead of colliding with it, it would leap up and over it, just barely letting it graze the soles of its sandals and would slide along the stone surface of the arena, but its attempt at an escape was short lived as the pouch landed within the midst of the smokescreen it erupted into a violent explosion in the background, catching the clone within its grasp and causing it to explode right in its place, releasing the familiar smokescreen that would be consumed by the deep dark and pungent smoke caused by the explosion. From within the dark cloud of smoke shot out bits and pieces of shrapnel rapidly in all directions. For a moment Ban had turned his gaze over to the explosion and unable to see what was coming in his way he heard a faint whistle zoom right pass him. His eyes widened as he put the pieces together and then another piece of shrapnel shoot at him and grazed his left bicep, tearing through the fabric of his sweatshirt and the surface of his flesh, leaving behind a small cut. He winced in pain for a moment and placed his arm over the cut without thinking twice about it, applying some pressure, and then he noticed that as his clone had not emerged from the midst of the explosion. He wasn’t really sure how to go about this, but it’s time for him to switch it up and go on the offensive. He’d focus his chakra throughout his arm and let a bit more of it seep into the explosive tag wrapped around the handle of the kunai and then release the kunai towards Fumetsu’s back with great force behind the throw, as the kunai would reach a yard from Fumetsu he would weave the hand seal required to detonate the explosive tag, with his left hand, and let the explosion consume whatever was caught within its 3 yard blast radius in all directions. The blast would surely have enough force to push an individual a great distance across the field. As the kunai left his hand, he’d swiftly reach into his right thigh pouch and pull out a pair of shuriken which were already laced with roughly 16 yards of wire. He kept the shuriken layered perfectly on top of each other given it the appearance of a single shuriken and then stand guard, waiting to see the outcome of his offensive maneuver. –

UnaruInuzuka: -Glancing around Unaru takes notice that a barrier was placed around the stands, his head lifts and sees one of the jounin sitting in the stands flipping people off coming to ignore it. He then looks back to the barrier and shivers slightly... Honestly in his opinion he would be more willing to deal with the issue of attack than be stuck inside this... His phobia itching at the edge of his thoughts at this situation but he breathed it out quietly not showing it off to anyone, being the size it is he can handle it, but it didn't stop the cold sweat from ticking the back of his neck hidden by his clothing from the fear edged there. He occupied himself, he says up and took the scroll he had and laying it down on the seat below him on the seat in front before taping down two chakra covered fingers onto the seal shown there. With a puff of smoke, a set of three karashi-mentaiko rice balls and two jerky strips before eating the rice balls as he glanced back towards the field to distract himself of what was near him as he also gave his pups the meat strips hearing them chewing on them instantly, Anryoku more robust in his actions Buruu almost silent as she nibbled. –

Guest_pxJeffTheKilleRxq: -Once he threw the bomb it would land roughly about 2 yards in front of the Nara. When Fumetsu activated it using the Snake hand seal it caused the 5 yards focused blast. Perhaps it wasn’t long range but it was even more lethal than that because if anything was within the 5 yards radius then it could cause death with ease, if it was close to that radius it would still create a shockwave. In other words… If the young genin did not get saved by anyone there was not much doubt about his fate. The explosion could tear limbs off of him or create lethal burns, on top of all the, the spikes that were in the pouch, were all focused towards his direction. The spikes would also spread into pieces of sharp metal, they could enter the boy’s eyes leading to him being blind, they could pierce his body like bullets at this range and cause massive internal damage. It could hit his heart and kill him undoubtedly… even his lungs not to mention some pieces could enter his skull, possible important arteries could get severed. In other words, if he took the blow, probably not even a miracle could save him. After the blow happened Fumetsu would quickly run to finish the job, no matter if the boy would be crippled or already dead, Fumetsu would pull out both of his swords and stab the body a multitude of times to be double sure of the boys state. All that would happen if he wasn’t saved by someone else..-

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada watched the fight continue on as he watched the two Genin before seeing Fumetsu throw another pouch into the smoke, which gave Kunisada an uneasy feeling before he casually and subtly turned his head to the side slightly. As he looked off to the side, an ANBU member using the Hiding with Camouflage Technique behind the seat Kagato was quickly appeared, cancelling his hold on the Jutsu before Body Flickering away towards Ban’s location. The ANBU member appeared next to Ban before grabbing hold of the Genin and quickly Body Flickering away from the explosion, taking him over to the giant panda’s location. Once the ANBU reached his destination, he quickly placed Ban on the ground near the giant panda before disappearing as he used the Hiding with Camouflage Technique to mask his movements and presence once more.-

IItsumo: *Itsumo watched the barrio appear as she straightened herself back up as she glanced back at the battle field in front of her she noticed that another pouch was being thrown just as it was about to explode a blur appeared and disappeared where the Ban Nara would have been. Itsumo looked around the battle field as Fumetsu went to attack the now empty spot on the grass and then spotted the nara being dropped at the feet of her summon. The Panda looked over the nara boy and shook her head speaking in a blunt tone* Mizu:“You don’t need any healing off you go” *the panda would then turn and pick up the blue haired boy whom was still unconscious and carry him over the the bleachers setting him up on the platform where Itsumo and the others she didn’t really care for sat.* Mizu: “He is healed he is your responsibility now…Im going home.” *The panda would then disappear in a puff of smoke. Itsumo would look at the boy whom was no laying behind the two chairs of the kage before getting to her feet and moving to the center of the platform. * “The Winner of this match is Kaguya Fumetsu.”*

Kare: - As he is lifted from the field by an anbu and towards the rather large panda. It wasn't going to waste its time healing or restoring Ban when he didn't bare any physical injuries and sent him off. Ban would just drop to onto his knees, looking down at the ground. As he sat there only thoughts of shame filled his mind, but also those of relief. - 'Although I might've lost my match... I still draw breath.' - He thought to himself as he reached into his left sleeve and drew his concealed kunai. Although he was glad to still be alive, the shame overshadowed that small bit of relief he felt within him, drowning him in a wave of shame and disappointment. He knew he could've bested Fumetsu, if only he had played his cards differently, but there was nothing he could do now. The decision was made and he had no say in the matter. Only a few seconds would pass as the shame and disappointment he felt in himself was driven deep into the depths of his soul and from the shadows emerged an emotion not familiar to Ban, anger. He clenched his jaw tightly and flared his nostrils as he forcefully exhaled through them and then threw his kunai down in between his knees and tore the rebreather off of his face and slammed it down on the ground. He shuffled up to his feet and letting the rage flow through his body he punted the rebreather, sending it skidding off into the field. At that very moment a single thought slipped into his mind. - 'I'm not cut out for this... I should just follow in my parent's path and be a Medical-nin... I can't even best this brute, how can I defeat a real enemy out on the battlefield!' - He let out a very loud and audible shout of frustration as he picked up the kunai off the ground and wandered over to pick up his rebreather. He didn't bother to return to the bleachers, but instead furiously wandered off towards the tree line to let the anger run its course. –

Guest_pxJeffTheKilleRxq: -When he ran over with his blades, with bloodlust in his eyes he stopped abruptly when he saw that Ban was not there anymore… He looked around for a moment, hearing his name as winner, a thing that confused him but then he looked over at the other people and noticed the damn Genin which made him get a shocked expression on his face before anger engulfed his soul. He dropped his swords and fell to his knees speaking to himself as the shadows around the arena left.- “How… How are you not dead?... Why?... Why couldn’t I kill you?!... UGH!...” –He yelled out in frustration as he never even got to hit Ban… he punched the dirt hard and tried to calm himself down. Then he heard Ban shouting out loud… in anger. After he was done, he got up and sheathed his blades, his road was straight to Ban as he clenched his fists as hard as he could but then, before he could do anything more, the boy left the area and he knew that if he was going after the Nara to kill him in the forest, it would be illegal… therefore Fumetsu would be punished for his actions. He watched the boy wander off, his legs begging him to continued moving, his soul trying to break out of his body to kill Ban itself but his body was standing still… He could feel the higher ups looking at him… he wouldn’t even be able to do it in time before getting caught… it… was… pointless… He walked back to his seat, not saying a word to anyone around, keeping silent the best he could.-


Fumetsu won due to a An Anbu stepping in to save Ban from a explosion that could have been deadly.