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Uzumaki Kagato, Yamanaka Itsumo

Title: Chunin Exams: A Romance Under The Stars

IItsumo: *Itsumo had heard Kagato speak to her before she had moved to announce the next match. As she waited for the two opponent to take to the platform she had to wait awhile before the first one whom was not the genin from her village to make his way to the platform as he apologized for being late and then asked if they were allowed to leave the platform it took her a second to answer.* “Yes you may use the whole playing field.” *she then went silent again and waited after twenty minutes she sighed knowing she would have to disqualify her own student for not showing up at the exams. After taking a deep breath she would look out over the area and speak once more.* “Due to not being here in a timely manner Uchiha Kaosu of Yonshigakure is disqualified the winner of this match by No show is Inkuato Itsuki This brings and End to Round one of the Chunin Exams The rest of the day is yours but do not wonder too far for Tomorrow Morning we will start round two.” *She then moved back to her seat her icy blue eyes meeting kagato’s as she let out a sigh* “Sorry about this I cannot believe he would not show up” *She shook her head and sat there silently*

Kagato: -Kagato watched as the seen unfolded even after being called It had seemed the call fell upon death ears even twenty minutes later which lead to Itsumo announcing the end of the round. Kagato for lack of an another word was a little disappointed in the Yonshi Genin he had hoped he would have gotten the answers to his questions about the Uchiha’s Sharigan whether or not it was his nerves about his upcoming match or something else altogether was yet to be seen. All that was for sure was that another one of the Amegakure Genin moved on leaving only Amegakure Genin in the exams.  There were only Ryuu, Fumetsu and Itsuki left to take part. Kagato watched as Itsumo moved back to her seat only as he seen her icy blue eyes set forth on him and apologize for her Genin not showing up leading to her shake her head. Kagato shook his head from left to right ever so slightly his crimson strands of hair moving with his head. Kagato lips parted slowly his voice taking on a metallic type tone do to his re-breather mask he wore. – “Things happen…. It was his choice not to show…so you shouldn’t let one shinobi’s choice weigh you down…” – It had been an actual while since Kagato had really spoken face to face to Itsumo more than a few comments here and there he had wondered if during the rest period if she would actually try to start a conversation with him or would they just go their separate ways for now. Kagato brought his thumb and index finger up to his where his chin would be if not covered by his re-breather and mask only to take a light grip of it as if he was in deep thought. –

IItsumo: *Itsumo listened as Kagato spoke though his voice had a strange metallic tone to it though it was most likely due to the rebreather that he wore covering his face from view. She nodded to his words though she couldn’t help but feel anger and disappoint in the genin after he was her student. She shook her head and lifted her hand slipping a piece of her pale blonde hair from her face and placing it off behind her left ear. The last time she had seen Kagato he was being carried off by medical ninja in Amegakure she would have probably stayed to make sure he recovered had It not been for the fact she needed to see to her village having been away as long as she was at that time. The Kagato sitting next to her showed no signs of the injuries that he had gotten on the island which meant he had fairly good medical ninja in Amegakure. She wondered if Kagato would actually speak with her if she tried she tilted her head and looked at him as his hand was resting as if he was in thought. She would smile under her black mask and then take a breath before speaking. * “Perhaps you would like to join me in getting a bite to eat?” *She said this in a calm and even tone but the tone had warmth to it as she slowly got to her feet her toes bare touching the chilled mental platform below them she would straighten her top and check her long black glove to make sure the seal was still in place where she had left it. She used her hands to dust off her black cargo pants and waited to see what his answer would be. *

Kagato: -Kagato watched as She nodded and shook her head only to have used her hand to move a piece of her pale blonde hair from her face and placed it behind her left ear. What she said next caught him off guard a bit, rather unexpected to hear her ask him if he wanted to join her in getting something to eat. Kagato thought back on it for a moment and realized something. He was the one who normally asked others about getting something to eat the last time he really did that was a while ago when he asked Kunisada to join him at the Amegakure lounge what now felt like ages ago. His mind began to wonder slightly about if it was just that she was hungry and wanted some company or if it was that she wanted to strike up a conversation with him over a meal. In any case this would give him a great opportunity to ask her to come to the festival that he was going to hold after the did the memorial service for Akatori after all everyone’s spirts would need to be lifted up a bit after something like that after all they had lost someone that was close to a lot of the shinobi’s in Amegakure not only this but She was Kagato’s student. Kagato nodded slightly up and down removing his thumb and index finger letting his arm drop to his side before he turned his head to look straight at her with his One cobalt blue eye and his emerald green eye.  His lips parted slowly as he began to speak. – “Yeah I think I shall I am getting a bit hungry myself…it has been a rather long day…. – Kagato paused for a moment before he went to speak again and turned his head looking over the exam field. He knew that there were three ramen carts set up but didn’t know if there was anywhere else to get something to eat at. – “Well I only know of the three ramen carts unless you know of somewhere else where we can get something…” – Kagato slowly started to get up from his seat waiting for Itsumo to answer him in the meantime. Kagato stood straight up on the metal pate from in which their chairs had been sitting and slowly raised his right and left hands over top of his head in a stretching type motion.  The matches had taken all day and from sitting in one position for this long Kagato felt slightly stiff and wanted to stretch out a bit. He quickly dropped his right and left hands back to his side only to turn slightly to face Itsumo taking a few steps towards her chair placing his self-right in front of it. Kagato reached out towards her with his right hand offering it to her to help her up out of her chair. His lips slowly parting once again as he waited to see if she would take his hand or not. – “I will leave it up to the lady’s choice if there are other places around here to eat…”  - It wasn’t like if there weren’t any other places besides the Ramen carts that it would be much of a choice but he threw it out there to be polite. –

IItsumo: *Itsumo nodded as he agreed to join her for a bite to eat. She wasn’t sure what all she would talk to Kagato about over their meal but she was happy to have his company. As he said that he only knew of the three ramen carts that were in the area of the exams this was true even when she had traveled through the land of fire on her way to Konaha to extract her Jounin she had not come across any smaller villages or towns or even dwellings it was as if the land of fire had been abandoned at least on this side of the village. Itsumo herself had brought food to cook she had planned on making a shelter and a fire and cooking it when there was time however she was unsure if Kagato would care for the food she had brought she still wasn’t sure if any of the Amegakure shinobi actually like the meal she had prepared for them before they left the ruins. She shrugged softly as she shook her head she was about to answer when she noticed Kagato was reaching towards her right hand she hesitated for a moment then moved her hand to meet his as she spoke in a softer tone. * “No I do not know of any place else around here that would have food though my knowledge of the area is only from my own travels.” *she paused for a moment debating if she should offer to cook or if that would seem odd she still wasn’t used to the role of Kage and what was appropriate and not appropriate even though it had been a year of her now being in the role she didn’t have much use for the formalities quite yet. After a few seconds she decided to offer none the less. * “Well I could make us something I do have food with me...however it isn’t anything fancy just some Yonshigakure delicacy’s that are easy to cook when traveling.” *She smiled under her mask her hand still gently resting in his as she took a step forward towards the stairs down to the ground. *

Kagato: -Kagato nodded slightly to her statement about not knowing about any other places to get something to eat around here as she lightly placed her hand in his. Kagato listened as she explained about how she had brought some food with her from Yonshi however it wasn’t anything fancy or so she had said. After she had finished her stating her offer Kagato returned the gesture fully taking a light grip of her hand and started to follow her down the steps   pulling her arm up slightly to steady her footing as she and now his self-made their way down the steps of the black metal platform. It wasn’t like she needed his help making it down the steps but it was a polite and gentleman like thing to do and in this instance Kagato felt the need to do so. Once Kagato and Itsumo had made their way on to the grassy ground below the plate form Kagato finally answered her question about if he wanted her to make them something to eat. His lips parted slowly as His eyes looked towards hers. – “Well I liked what you had made on our way to the island to get our summons, I wouldn’t mind having something else you would have made…and Thank you for the offer…- Kagato then started to ponder about where exactly they would set up for her to make something for them to eat, not to mention he would have to set somewhere up for him to get some sleep before the matches continued tomorrow. – “I brought some food as well we could make something together…. but first we would need a place to set up…. I will leave that up to you…” – Kagato thought it should be a place that had a little bit of an open area but still should be kind of away from others just in case someone wished to start something with them. - “Once we find a place we will need to collect some wood for a fire as well which should be simple enough given all the trees in the area….” – Kagato looked around from left to right the arena was surrounded by a forest but the arena itself was built in a clearing. – “But first things first…. finding a spot.” – Kagato slowly slipped his hand from Itsumo’s letting his had fall quietly to his side as he stood there waiting to see what her answers would be. –

IItsumo: *Itsumo wasn’t sure how to take the kindness of Kagato as he helped her down the stairs though her balance was good it was very kind of him none the less. As they reached the bottom of the stairs and he finally spoke to her about enjoying the other food she had made this made her kind of surprised due to the happiness hearing that brought her. She had never really cared what anyone else had thought about the food she cooked the other hunter nin either ate it or starved she didn’t really talk to them much about it either. She only nodded in response as he began to say that he also had food to cook and perhaps they could make something together. This was also a nice surprise being she was not the only kage that could cook. She once again nodded as he also stated the needed to find a place to set up and that it was up to her. She glanced around the area wanting someplace far from the stands and arena but just far enough that they wouldn’t have the genin all coming over to look for what smelled good. She noticed that on the far side of the field there was no one and no one had ventured there so far after a moment she nodded and then spoke.* “The far left side of the field should have enough space as well as have some distance from the others and is close enough to the tree line that we should be able to gather wood easily without much of a walk.” *she spoke softly then started to walk in that direction it was a large distance between where they were and the spot she had chosen but the walk didn’t take long as she moved at a normal pace once she reached the area she nodded she figured she should also set up a shelter and though on the last time they had meet she let Shikake build the shelter here she would have to do so herself not that she minded she had earth jutsu that could easily do the job but she decided to wait and let Kagato choose where he wanted his shelter first or if he was going to build one there as well.*

Kagato: -Kagato watched as Itsumo nodded at what he had to say, this who cooking together idea was something he wasn’t used to and wasn’t even entirely sure why he even suggested it in the first place, Kagato shrugged his shoulders slightly trying to knock these thoughts out of his mind. It only took a few minutes before Itsumo spoke again. It had seemed that she was surveying the area for a good spot for them to set up there guess one could say camp if not a camp just a cooking area. Kagato looked to the far left as Itsumo had stated that the far left side should have enough area and watched as she began to make her way over towards it. Kagato followed suit leaving only a few steps distance from Itsumo as they walked towards the chosen area. It didn’t take long before they reached the far left side which put them near the forest edge making it all that much easier to gather wood for a fire. Kagato looked from left to right debating if he wanted to set up a shelter here now or wait for Itsumo to decide if she wanted a particular place for her own shelter. Kagato waited for a few moments and the way it seemed it felt like as if Itsumo was waiting for him to make a choice. Kagato made his way over to the very edge where the forest connected to the clearing and slowly bent down slamming his black gloved hands on to the ground below him. The earth began to rumble all around him sprouting.  Two halves of a dome like structure formed on either side of Kagato at least twenty feet from his current location which shot up another fifteen feet in height connecting at the top. The structure was round with an opening facing the direction they had walked from so in other words facing the arena. This Earth shelter spouted up from the ground fully forming in the matter of seconds made from solid rock. The color of the rocks was a deep dark mud like brown which more them likely meant they came from further underneath the soil. The opening to the shelter was a squared off section which Kagato had done on purpose. Kagato slowly got to his feet and turned around. He quickly made his way from the rock shelter and glanced at Itsumo for a second before turning his attention to the open door way.  Kagato brought his right and left hands up to about mid torso hight and began to move his hands and finger into hand seals the first of which was the seal of the - Tiger -  He quickly forced his fingers into the position of the - Hare – only to use his digits to form the seal of the - Boar -  followed lastly by the seal of the – Dog – The ground once again rumbled and in the door way of the shelter a solid stone wall shoot up from the earth below the same dark brown color as the domes that had done so seconds earlier only leaving an inch gape between the dome and the wall so it could easily be moved in and out with one of Kagato’s other jutsu. – Kagato reached down with his right and left hand and dusted the dust from the dust that had been kicked up by the earth jutsu and turned slightly after finishing towards Itsumo once again.  His lips parted slowly as he began to speak to her once more. – “I figured might as well make a shelter out here as well….its big enough for the both of us but you are more than welcome to make your own as well….” – Kagato waited for a few moments for Itsumo to reply before speaking once again. – “Well I’m going to head over to the woods to find some fire wood you can join me if you wish…..” – Kagato started to make his way over towards the forest walking slowly. –

IItsumo: *Itsumo watched as Kagato as he moved over and began to use hand seals as she watched she knew what jutsu he was using and chuckled a bit because she knew the jutsu as well as the earth dome came from the ground she noticed that there was an opening in the front of the dome facing where she was standing. She watched him making more hand seals and once again she recognized them once again as the ones for earth wall. She nodded as he spoke to her saying that they should have a shelter and that it was big enough for two but that she could make one for herself if she wanted. She debated the idea of sharing a shelter it wouldn’t be to odd would it she wondered for a few minutes but figured it would also free up space on the field for others to build shelters to sleep in if they shared. She would nod once more and speak out loud. * “I don’t mind sharing” *she then walked over to join him by the shelter it didn’t take long to get there only a few steps but by the time she reached him he said he was going to gather fire wood and he said she could join him in gathering it she would once again nod and turned and headed into the forest. It didn’t take long before she spotted a tree laying on its side no more than twenty feet in front of them. She approached the tree and noticed how thick it was there was no way that she would be able to cut it with her tanto but she knew she would be able to use her other sword to chop it into pieces that would make it easier to carry. Her left hand moved to her right glove and brushed over the seal. However, did she want to reveal that sword to the Amekage was the issue with that she had sealed it away because it was a very rare sword. Sighing softly Itsumo would tap the seal in the right glove on her hand and the Kubikirbocho appeared in her hands she then walked forward closing the gap between her and the large tree. Once she was about five feet from the tree she would swing the blade and in the same arc that her blade had swung a gust of wind would fallow and slice through the tree in one swing She would repeat this until the tree was cut into eight smaller logs she would then glance back over her shoulder to see if Kagato had seen and what his reaction was. *

Kagato: -Kagato smirked slightly as he heard her agree to his offer, he didn’t actually think she would agree to it much like the last time he thought she would decline his offer. Shortly after this he found her following him to the woods to gather the fire wood he assumed seeing as it didn’t take her long to spot a tree that had been brought on its side and was now laying down on a bed of grass and dirt the very same one he had seen only seconds after she did. Kagato then heard a soft sigh escape her lips only to see her tap what looked like a seal on her right glove. Within a few seconds a sword appeared in her hands one he recognized without any doubts it was one of the legendary seven swords. Kagato’s eyes widen slightly at this sight, seeing as it was none other than Legendary sword Kubikiribocho the massive broadsword shaped like a giant butcher knife was now in the grasp of The Shikage which now stood in front of him seeing as she made her way closer to the fallen tree. Kagato watched as she swung the blade which caused gust of wind that would follow and slice through the tree in one swing He continued to watch as She repeated this process until the tree was cut up into eight smaller sections. Kagato tilted his head slightly and glanced at Itsumo as she glanced back at him over her shoulder. His lips parted slowly before a metallic sounding tone of voice crept through his re-breather. – “Quiet the sword you got there… Kubikiribocho…. being the name if I am not mistaken….” – Kagato quickly followed suit seeing as he expected to need more than just eight logs to keep a fire going. Kagato took a few steps forward starting with his left foot followed by his right pressing firmly on the ground yet making no noise as he walked. Once he reached Itsumo’s right side he stopped and turned slight with his back now facing Itsumo he took a few more steps over towards another fallen tree. Kagato started to make a series of hand seal the first of which was the seal of the - Tiger – followed quickly by the seal of the - Rabbit – He contorted his fingers next into the seal of the - Dog – moving right along with no time to spare he formed the seal of the Ram – only to finish off the set with the seal of the – Dragon – Kagato quickly swung his right hand and arm forwards sending out several blades of wind in the form of the wind cutter technique.  With the blink of an eye and with the sound of howling beast that seemed to rip through the air like a hot knife through butter the wind cutter hit the fallen tree which had a light greyish white color trunk in the matter of a few seconds sending the tree into three feet sections making ten in total that now laid their severed on the dark green grass.  Kagato took another few steps forward now standing right before the tree he had just now cut into sections. He reached behind him pulling a yellow scroll from his black back packs holster.  Kagato then bent down slightly at his knees just enough so that he could reach the ground and place the scroll on the grass just in front of the sections.  He then quickly unrolled the scroll only to slam his hands down upon the parchment paper of it. In a big puff of greyish black smoke, the once all together tree that had been made into logs vanished into the scroll. Kagato quickly rolled the scroll up once again with his right hand. Taking a tight grip of the now rolled up yellow scroll he placed it hack in its holster.  Kagato then turned to Itsumo and slowly parted his lips once more. – “Doing it this way would make it a lot easier to carry back don’t you think? “– Kagato chuckled slightly as he waited to see what Itsumo would do next. –

IItsumo: *Itsumo noticed his eyes were on her and her Kuikiribocho as he knew the name of it and spoke it she nodded. * “It is and thank you…I acquired it recently not far from here to be honest it was a shock.” *she moved and tapped the glove and the sword once again sealing the sword back safely in place. Looking back up just in time to see him sending blades of wind at another fallen tree. This made her smile softly under her black mask and tilt her head at what she saw him doing next. Bending down and placing a scroll on the ground and then watching him then slam his hands down on the scroll and seal away the logs as he got back up and turned to face her once more she could help but laugh softly at his words that would indeed be simpler then carrying them all back one at a time. She would pull one of her own black scrolls from her waist and unroll it in one swift wrist movement she then bent down and placed it onto the ground and slammed her hands down on the scroll the wood would poof in a cloud of white smoke and she would then roll the scroll back up and stand placing it back into her belt as she turned she figured that would be enough wood to at least make it through the night or at least till they finished dinner. She started to head back towards the shelter he had built and as she reached about twenty feet from the right of the shelter she would take the scroll out once more and place it on the ground slamming her hand on the scroll and unsealing the wood. Putting the now empty scroll away she stacked it in a neat pile except for two pieces that she carried over by the shelter and moved about twenty feet in front of the shelter and set down the wood she would then move her hand in a pattern Snake then Ram then Monkey then Boar then horse and finally tiger a small amount of oil would build up In her mouth as she spit it out a small flame bullet would slip from her mouth and ignite the wood a blaze starting them off with a nice small fire for cooking. She would then step back about two feet and would sit down on the grass the fire to her right and the shelter to her left now as she pulled out another scroll this one contained all the things she needed to cook and the food as well. She would unroll the scroll and then slam her hands down on it activated a few pots appeared as well as utensils a few containers of water, bowls, A medium container of rice and a container of red meat and a few small bags of dried spices and herbs as well as rolls with the same red meat inside of them. She would sit there waiting for Kagato to join her once more and they could begin to prepare their meal together. *

Kagato: -Kagato made a mental not about how Itsumo has said she had found the sword not too far from her which meant she would have had to find it in the ruins of Konaha. Now that brought back some memories for Kagato seeing as he was the one he brought Konaha down and reduced it to nothing during The Great Gakure Purge. Kagato had entered that war as a young Kage bent on doing everything he could to protect his already war torn village and county.  Kagato watched as Itsumo did the same thing with sealing the wood into a scroll.  Only to watch as she started to make her way back to their little camp site. Kagato followed suit right after. Kagato noticed she wasn’t heading straight to the shelter he had built but towards the right of it about twenty feet away. Kagato then watched her take out the very same scroll she had sealed the wood in and bent down once more placing it on the ground. He watched as She unrolled the scroll only to slam her hands down upon it releasing the wood that was in the scroll once again. Once that was finished he seen her roll it back up and place it back from where she got it. Kagato started to make his way closer to where she was only to see her start to stack the wood neatly in a pile. Kagato shook his head slightly as he reached the pile of wood and like she had done before him he bent down and with his right hand he reached behind him pulling out the yellow scroll in which he had sealed the wood from the tree he had cut into pieces. Kagato quickly unrolled the scroll and slammed the palms of his right and left hands that were covered by his black armored gloves in the center of the parchment paper of the scroll. With another cloud of greyish white smoke, the logs he had cut appeared in an instant all neatly piled in a row next to the pile Itsumo had placed and stacked neatly. He had noticed she had stacked all but two pieces of the wood she had unsealed and carried it over with her to another location closer to the shelter but still about twenty feet away from it. Kagato picked up two logs as well and carried it over to where she had stopped and placed the two pieces she had carried over with her only to see her make a series of hand seals which his eyes followed with ease flickering back and forth as he watched her hands. The first of the ones she made he noticed was the Snake then Ram then Monkey Then Boar then horse and finally tiger. He watched as she quickly pulled down her black mask only to see a small flame bullet made up of brilliant reds, yellows and oranges slip from her mouth and past her lips illuminating the area around it. The wood was quickly set ablaze which would leave them with a nice small fire for cooking as the sounds of the wood popping and crackling filled the air much like the smell of the burning wood quickly met his nose.  Kagato then watched as she too a few steps backwards about two feet in total before she took a seat on the grass near the fire. Kagato slowly started to make his way over to where she sat on the grass when he noticed her pull out yet another scroll he watched as she unrolled the scroll and slammed her hands down on it making a few pots appear as well as utensils a few containers of water, bowls, A medium container of rice and a container of red meat as well as a few small bags of dried spices and herbs. He also noticed what looked to be the same rolls she had made them before on their trip to the island. Kagato made his way over to her right and sat down on the grass and looked over at the spread of all the things she had to cook with. – “Seems you got a lot going on over here…” – Kagato quickly slipped his black back pack off his shoulders starting with his right shoulder slipping the straps off with the help of his left only to do the same with his right hand and left strap. Kagato placed the back pack to his left. He quickly pulled a purple scroll from its holster with his right hand his fingers wrapping around the smooth surface of it before he laid it before him and unrolled it. Kagato then quickly slammed his right and left hands down up the center of the scroll causing two pots, one pan made of black metal as well as four packs of noodles used to make Ramen. There was also Some dried mixtures of spices in four small packets ones commonly found in Amegakure. To the right of the ramen there were four bottles of water two very large spoons used for cooking made out of a shiny black metal as well as a black metal noodle spoon and four sets of chop sticks. – “well where should we start then…...this is what I have to offer….” – Kagato turned to Itsumo his one emerald green eye and one cobalt blue eye fixated on her face. -

IItsumo: -Itsumo watched as Kagato joined her by where she had made the fire. As he looked over what she had food wise she heard him speaking and she could help but laugh softly and nod. Her icy blue eyes watching him as he slipped off his pack and sat down to her right and pull out a scroll and slam his hands down to open it. She blinked as he had all the things to make ramen with noodles chop sticks and other cooking utensils. She kept her icy blue eyes on him as spoke to her asking where they should start and explain that was what he had this made her icy blue eyes go soft as she smiled and nodded her face still visible having not pulled her mask back up. She would glance down over everything that was laid out in front of them both. Well they could always make the ramen and add the red meat to it and have the rolls on the side the rice didn’t have to be made. She looked back at Kagato and with a soft but still hearable tone she spoke.* “We could make ramen with the spice you have and I can cook up the red meat with the ones I have and mix them together not sure if it will complement each other but we will find out and I can steam the rolls and serve them a different way than we had them before to go along with it.” *she waited a few moments for his replay and then reached for one of her pans pouring a little of her one container of water into the bottom of it. She then took the package of rolls and placed six of them in the pan and put a lid on top she then took the red meat and put it into a smaller flatter pan and poured a few of the dried spices over top of the meat taking up her spatula and the two pans she would move closer to the fire and place them both on the bottom near the coals of the fire to begin to cook. She would stay close as she would need to move the meat about the pan to keep it from cooking only on one side and to mix the spices all around. She kept glancing at Kagato as she did this but stayed silent not sure what to say but feeling more comfortable then she had in awhile. *

Kagato: -Kagato listened as Itsumo explained that we could use the Ramen and the spices he had and mix the ramen with the red meat she had but she wasn’t sure if they would go together or not but they would find out and how she could steam the rolls and make them a different way than before. Kagato shrugged his right and left shoulders slightly at this before nodding his head up and down slowly his crimson read strands of red moving slightly as he did this. – “Well all we can do is try it and find out… We won’t know till we try it…” – Kagato watched as she reached for one of her pans and poured some of the water she had from one of her containers into it. He observed as Itsumo took the package of rolls and placed them in the pan covering them with a lid. He watched her closely as she placed the red meat into a smaller flatter pan after doing so he watched her pour a few of the dried spices over top of the meat. As she was doing this and picking up her spatula he reached over to his black back pack once and quickly unzipped the top of it with his right thumb and index finger taking hold of the zipper pulling it down. He quickly reached into his back pack and wrapped his digits firmly around a black scroll. He quickly placed it on the ground to his left and unrolled it. Just after Kagato unrolled this scroll like before he slammed his right and left hands down up on it causing a greyish colored smoke to appear. This time after a few seconds of the smoke clearing there was a metal like table that Kagato used to set over top of the fire. This metal like table instead of being on solid piece had one-inch grate like gaps on the top of it. Kagato quickly placed it over the top of the fire which it sat about two and a half feet above it giving Itsumo’s pans that she had placed near the embers of the fire just a moment before this enough space. The table was at least four feet in length this would give them ample enough space to place things on top of it making it like a make shift stove top.  Kagato then reached over picking up one of his bigger black pots and a bottle of water. He placed the pot down on the ground in front of him and placed the bottle of water in his left hand he used his right hand to unscrew the cap. He swiftly drained the contents of the bottle into the pot filling it up with water. Once this was done he then picked up the four noodle packets taking them one by one into his left hand and ripping them open with his right placing them one by one into the pot of water. Once this was done he then picked up the packets of spices and did the same ripping them open with his right hand while holding them with his right dumping the packets one by one into the water filled with noodles before placing the pot on the make shift stove top. As he was doing this he noticed Itsumo as closer to the fire most likely because she had to keep moving her pans, but not only this he noticed that she kept glancing at him which caused him to smile slightly underneath with re-breather and mask. – “Well then the noodles shouldn’t take too long and things are already starting to smells great.” – Kagato reached up with his right hand and took a grip of his re-breather and mask. He loosened it up and pulled it away from his face, with his right hand only to place it on the ground to his left. –

IItsumo: -Itsy would notice Kagato putting something black and metal over top of the still burning bright fire. It took her a moment to realize what it was a metal great for cooking this made her smile. That was handy for him to think to seal one of those away in a scroll she thought as she reached over to grip the handles of her two black and white pans, the one with the meat and the one steaming the rolls, and lift them from the blistering coals and place them on top of the grate that he had put into place. She couldn’t help but smile as she heard him speak about the noodles not taking much longer to cook and that everything already started to smell good. She looked down at the meat and checked it, it was browning up nicely being almost completely cooked now and the smell of the spices was mouthwatering she looked back up just as Kagato pulled his mask and rebreather off and set them on the ground next to him. She couldn’t help but notice how handsome he was she looked away once more her checks a bit red though it could be from the heat or the thought that had popped into her head and went back to cooking. - “The meat shouldn’t need to much longer either.” -She said as she kept moving it around in the pan. After a few moments went by she would check the rolls they were steamed up nicely the meat inside would be cooked but the roll would still be soft on the outside but cooked the water was all gone from the bottom of the pan so she slid it off to the side of the grate just off the flames. She would give the meat a few more minutes and then do the same moving it off to the side of the grate to where the flames wouldn’t reach it. - “The meat and rolls are done.” *she added her tone now a bit lower and softer than it had been before. She would sit back on her heels and wait silently her mind now wondering a few different things. – Kagato: -Kagato watched as Itsy moved her pans from sitting in the embers to the metal table top like stove which caused him to smile slightly seeing as he always came prepared to make something to eat after all he had to keep his strength up. Kagato caught a glance of Itsumo as her cheeks became red after looking towards his now uncovered face which he could only assume at this point one she was either blushing or maybe the heat of the flames was getting to her but he was leaning more towards the blushing seeing as it would be hard for flames and heat to cause an instant reaction like that which made him smile slightly. Not long after this he heard her speak up about how the meat shouldn’t take much longer which at this point with all the smells of the food weaving its way through the air made his stomach growl lightly not loud enough for anyone to hear just yet but loud enough that he took notice of it. Kagato returned his eyes to hos pot of boiling noodles seeing if it had cooked down enough and sure enough it was time to take the Ramen off the fire there was a little bit of broth left just to keep it moist and hold in the flavor. Wasn’t long after Kagato discovered this that Itsumo said her meat and rolls were done which would lead Kagato to pause for a moment seeing as she spoke to him about this in a tone that he hadn’t really heard her do so before it was much softer than the other times she had spoken to him. Which made him smile before he parted his lips slowly and in a low tone of voice he replied to her. – “Well the Ramen is done as well…. Guess we have perfect timing “– Kagato chuckled slightly before turning to meet Itsumo’s eyes before speaking once again. – “Well Guess I need bowels to put this in… I see you have some over there can we just use them…” – There was something about the way the fire illuminated her features that brought them more to his attention which lead him to think how beautiful she actually was, not to mention it was nice that they seemed to get a long rather well and easy. This was different to him it didn’t feel forced nor did it feel awkward in any sense almost comfortable one would say. –

IItsumo: -Itsumo noticed the change in Kagato’s tone to a much softer tone that she had ever heard him use before this made her smile softly as she listened to him say that the ramen was done and that their timing was perfect she let out a soft giggle as she nodded her head meeting his eyes as he continued to speak asking if he could use the bowls she had brought. She nodded and got to her feet moving over to where she had left the rest of her things she had unsealed and picked up two bowls and two small plates and then brought them back over to where he sat still by the fire.- “Here we go” -She noticed he was looking at her and this made her once again blush softly it would be obvious now that it was not due to the fire that her face was turning red. She wasn’t used to feeling so comfortable or to blush like she was doing at the moment as she glanced over at him with the fire light dancing across his face it gave him a peaceful look to him. She would place the bowls and plates between them and take rolls out one at a time from the pan with the spatula she had used to cook the meat and place them on the small plates she was able to fit three rolls one each of the plates. She would then pick up the pan she had cooked the meat in and separate the meat into the two bowls giving one bowl a little extra meat as she figured he would enjoy it but making sure that it wasn’t enough for him to notice that she had given more to him then she had herself. She hadn’t felt comfortable around another person like this in a very long time her trust for people had gone out the window years ago and yet for some reason as she sat here cooking a meal with him she felt at peace. She didn’t have to hide behind her mask or close herself off she could be herself, someone she had almost forgotten. She would glance up her icy blue eyes once more meeting his she would smile. - “Not only do we have perfect timing it seems we complement each other…I seem to have forgotten to pack chopsticks” -she would chuckle softly as she shook her head a single strand of her blonde hair coming lose form its bun and falling down into her face resting against the right side of her nose. She would life her right hand still covered by her black glove and gently brush it off to the side. -

Kagato: -Kagato heard Itsumo let out a soft giggle to his comment about the Ramen being done and about the perfect timing which caused him to smile slightly. Kagato watched as she nodded to his question about if they could use the bowel she had out already and watched her get to her feet which didn’t take her long to get the bowls and two small plates from where she left them only to bring them back over to where he was still sitting by the fire. He listened and watched her as she said here we go only to seem a blush form a crossed her cheeks like someone used a paint brush to place them there with a masterful artistic stroke. Kagato once again had a slight smile form a crossed his lips. This time he knew it wasn’t the fire it was in fact because he was looking at her and she took notice of that. Kagato watched as she placed the plate and bowls down in between them where they had been sitting in the grass. He then watched as she placed the rolls one at a time on the small plates before she moved on to the meat. Kagato still watched intently as she took the pan she had cooked the meat in and placed them in the bowels which seemed like she was giving him more of the meat not that he was fully sure on that but not that he minded that at all just that he wasn’t used to something like that or someone doing that. Kagato waited till after she was done before he reached for the noodle spoon he had so that he can distribute the ramen evenly. Only to glance up at her for a moment seeing her smile at him once again. Soon after this he heard her speak about not only they have perfect timing but they seemed to complement each other seeing as she forgot her chop sticks only to hear her   chuckle again softly. He watched as she shook her head making a piece of her blonde hair fall from her bun and move to in front of her face only to see her take her hand and move it out of the way. Kagato then smiled once again and started to dish out the ramen first starting with her bowl placing it over top of the meat she had already placed in there only stopping when the pot seemed to be half empty did he start to fill his own bowl looking back and forth making sure he gave out even amounts before setting the pot back down. – “It would seem so” – Kagato would then chuckle softly before picking up the two pairs of chops sticks with his right hand only extending it over to her for her to pick a set. He waited for a couple of moments for her to take a set before breaking apart his set with a slight snap of the black wood. – “well I guess all that is really left to do is to dig in right? ..... ladies first… “– Kagato waited for a few moments before he would start in on his own food making sure she indeed started to eat before he did. Kagato started to dig around with his chops stick pulling out a piece of meat and noodles and bringing them slowly up to his mouth taking a bite of his food looking back at Itsumo’s icy blue eyes. It had been awhile since he had felt as at ease as he did in this moment it just felt natural.-

IItsumo: -Itsumo icy blue eyes watched Kagato as he evenly divided the ramen he had made between the two bowls she had put the meat into before setting the pan down. As he spoke she couldn’t help but smile watching as he picked up two pairs of chopsticks and held a set out for her. She would reach out with her right hand and grip the black wooden chopsticks gently with her fingers she would pull them back to her and spoke softly. - “Thank you”-She held them loosely in her right hand after a moment or two she would flick them between her fingers and with a swift snap they would break apart evenly in two. She would hold them in her right hand and reach down with her left to pick up her bowl that rested in front of her. She then heard him speaking to her once again saying lady’s first she would hesitate first then take up some noodles with her chopsticks and place them in her mouth and pull them in enjoying the food. Her eyes meet with his once more and as she was eating she saw him take his own bite of food. The blend of spices tasted vary interesting and different to her something she had not tasted before. She felt comfortable and relaxed as she took another bit of noodles and this time a piece of meat up with the chopsticks and placed it into her mouth the two groups of spices blending seamlessly in her mouth. She chewed and once her mouth was empty she would speak softly. - “The spices blend together well for being from two different places” -She would then gather up some more and take another bite she would continue to eat bites of her ramen and meat till the bowl was half empty then she would pick up one of the rolls and took a bite and took more bites till the first roll was gone. She would then pause for a moment her mind wondering as she was completely relaxed her guard down as she had been sitting her she hadn’t noticed how different it was to sit with someone she only met once before and feel so comfortable with him. She smiled and then turned her eyes back to her bowl of ramen taking up more of her ramen and taking a bite chewing slowly and then swallowing. –

Kagato: -Kagato nodded slightly up and down acknowledging Itsumo’s Thank you and watched her for a moment as she began to eat which he would soon follow after by taking hold of his black chop sticks with his index finger and thumb pulling up both meat and noodles. He quickly brought the food up to his mouth which he slowly opened wider to make room for the incoming food only to slowly closes his lips around the chop stick as the food met his tongue. As the flavors of the meal washed over his tongue like a crashing wave smacking into a sandy beach only one thought came to his mind. For them not knowing if the different flavors would blend well, the food turned out better then he could have ever expected. Kagato Continued to eat his meal pausing for only a moment to hear Itsumo say the same thing he was thinking about how good it tasted with the blending together of the spices even though they were from different places. Kagato smiled slightly at this before he took a break from eating seeing as the meat and noodles within his bowel was almost gone. – “Well it was a pleasant surprise such as this little get together…. I must say two Kages from two different Villages getting along as we do at least at this moment breaking bread so to speak, says a lot about us and the food we made…. making a great team even here and now off the island….” – Kagato had though back to their time on the island when they were first attacked by the group of Fuma’s and how the two seemed to work together without any knowledge beforehand of each other or practice at team work. – “You just don’t find times like this to often anymore…not to mention…. I’m enjoying the company of such a beautiful woman like yourself…” – There was something about her that intrigued him and made him want to spend more time together, which was something he hadn’t felt for a long time. There was a feeling of just clicking not that it was a bad thing but quite the contrary Kagato was enjoying every minute of this. Kagato went back to eating which in the matter of a few moments he had finished off the meat and Ramen in his bowl. He sat the bowl down beside him towards his left and use his right hand to pick up one of the rolls that were sitting on the plate in front of him and began to quickly eat that as well but chewing every so carefully to savor every little bit of flavor. – “After all what else can one ask for… Good food… and great company to enjoy it with…” – Kagato looked into Itsuno’s crystal blue eyes watching the refection of the flames dancing with in the sea of blue smiling slightly as he did this. –

IItsumo: -Itsumo couldn’t help but smiling when Kagato spoke about how well they seemed to work together and the fact that two Kages were able to do so was quite interesting. They did seem to just click and she didn’t have to try hard either just being herself seemed to work out well. She blushed yet again softly as the next set of words left his mouth. He had called her beautiful something she was not used to at all. She tilted her head slightly to the right her icy blue eyes watching him as he continued to speak of good food great company and enjoying himself. She too was enjoying herself it had been awhile since she had relaxed and enjoyed a meal with no stress she would nod softly and smile before speaking. * “No it is a luxury I do not often get either enjoying good food with great company. Especially with someone as handsome as you.” *She finished off the last of her food and set her bowl to the side and set it on top of the now empty plate that once held her rolls. This was a very good meal and there wasn’t much else to say about that both of them had already stated enjoying it. She was at a loss for words unsure what to say she didn’t want to talk about the exams at the moment they had been disappointing to her thus far all of her genin were already eliminated one by not showing up. She would have to send out a team of Hunter ninja to find him when she returned to Yonshigakure. The exams would be over tomorrow and she wasn’t actually too excited for that having to leave here meant that she would not get to enjoy Kagato’s company however she did have to head to Amegakure for the memorial of Tori. She sighed softly and glanced down at the flames for a moment before looking at Kagato She slid over a bit so she was now closer to him then she had been but didn’t say another word. -

Kagato: -Kagato had finished eating his meal only to hear Itsumo respond to what he said earlier by stating it was a pleasant surprise that they were having this little get together which caused Kagato to smile slightly and how she was enjoying herself and he would have to agree this was a luxury for people like them. The next few words shocked him a bit with her calling him handsome this was something he wasn’t used to yes he had been called many things hell he was even given nicknames but this was rather new to him.  Kagato eyes shot down wards and looked at the flame as a grin was plastered over his face. He then glanced upward seeing Itsumo had finished her meal as well only to see her moving closer to him. Kagato Slid a little bit as she was doing this placing his self-right next to her slightly their sides slightly touching. His lips parted slowly as he began to speak in a soft tone of voice almost like a whisper. – “Well It is such a lovely night…. It would be a shame to waste it spending it alone…. I am glade that we are getting to share this time together….” – Kagato eyes leapt from her and looked upwards to the now night sky the stars were out in full force twinkling like thousands of city lights up in the heavens. – “You know we are also holding a festival after Akatori’s memorial I would love for you to come and maybe keep me company there…. Of course you can bring other shinobi from your village and we can make it a village get together type of thing…...” – Kagato stretched the arm from his side that was closest to Itsumo and placed it lightly on her shoulders taking a light grip of her opposite shoulder that was next to him with his fingertips. – “I thought the festival would be a nice touch seeing a lot will be down over the loss of Akatori… I must warn you though there is a dress code the festival those who take part in it will be asked to wear a kimono…” – Kagato lessened his grip slightly and slowly fell backwards onto the grass just after giving Itsumo a few moments to respond. He left his arm still reached out on the grass just lying there much like the rest of his body.  He continued to look up at the dark blue almost black sky that was being illuminated by the stars something he wasn’t used to seeing anymore since he took over the role of being the Amekage so many years ago now.  Kagato took a deep breath inwards using his mouth only to exhale slowly through his nose making his chest rise quickly but descend ever so slowly.-

IItsumo:*Itsumo watched as Kagato moved closer to her as she moved closer to him now they were slightly touching and she oddly felt comfortable with this normally if anyone was this close she would move away or even attack but she was relaxed and enjoying it. Soon after they moved closer to each other he spoke to her in a soft tone that sounded almost like a whisper. What he said made her smiled and nod her head softly she too was glad they were getting to share this time together. She watched him as he looked up at the night sky She did the same her blue eyes enjoying their sight. She loved seeing the starts though not too often since she became the Shikage did she get to have the luxury of looking up at them. She glanced over at him one more as he began to speak once more. He explained that they were holding a festival in Akatori’s honor after her memorial and he was asking her to attend it so that she could keep him company and that made her smile. He also added that she could bring other shinobi from Yonshigakure and they could have a village get to gather of sorts. She wasn’t sure whom all from Yonshigakure would be able to attend the festival but she would be sure to bring some along with her. As she was about to answer him he reached out and gently gripped her shoulder and she tilted her head slightly to the right as he added that there was a dress code and she would have to wear a kimono. This made her make a slight face she only owned one kimono it was a pitch black one that she wore for the ceremonies of death in her own village. She would have to buy one to wear for the festival itself not wanting to be a downer when it comes to the festivities. She finally nodded her head and spoke once again.* “Sure I would love to attend and honor Akatori’s memory with you. I will bring a few shinobi along as well those whom do not have other tasks to do.” *she felt him let go of her as he laid back in the grass with his left arm stretched out as if he was leaving there to prevent her from laying down with out cuddling into him. She thought about it for a moment and then leaned back resting her head in the nook of her arm and looking up at the stars a soft smile now on her face along with a soft pink tint that the glow from the fire would hide.*

Kagato: - Kagato smiled slightly at Itsumo as she stated she love to attend and honor Akatori’s memory, granted Akatori had just met Itsumo during their journey to the island but something told Kagato be it just a gut feeling but he felt as if Tori would have wanted her there. Not long after her statement his eyes followed her movements as she leaned backwards resting her head in the nook of his arm which caused him to smile slightly. Kagato turned his head slightly watching her eyes gaze up at the stars before be slightly tilted his head towards hers until it rested lightly on hers. His eyes moved back to the night’s sky which made him remember a saying his ancestor said long ago “The stars are hidden on a rainy night” There wasn’t any rain here the stars were fully visible which was something uncommon for an Amegakure shinobi to set their eyes upon.  A slight breeze picked up in the meantime which gently swept over top of the pair which caused Kagato to catch Itsumo’s light sent. The breeze was warm and crisp and the sent however faint was intoxicating to him which it could have been a combination of the moment, the breeze and the fact that she was lying next to him like this but he felt as if he could get used to moments like this. Kagato turned his body sideways slightly so now the arm which was under Itsumo’s side was on the ground and the other up right.  Kagato placed his other arm a crossed her torso lightly draping it there. Kagato’s crimson strands of hair falling more forward cascading along the side of his cheek the tie that once held his hair in place loosened and fell off letting his hair fall on its own accord kind of like a water fall of red.  He lowered his head and closed his eyes slowly.  He wasn’t sure what was coming over him at the moment but he leaned close enough to where his lips were less than an inch away from her cheek before they parted and he began to speak softly to her loud enough only so that she could hear him. – “ I hope there can be more moments like this..”

IItsumo: *Itsumo stayed sill looking up at the stars that were shining bright in the sky. She had never felt so relaxed being close to another person like she was now in this moment. The stars were an amazing sight one that she would never get tired of seeing and on a clear night like the one they were enjoying they were breathtaking she thought to herself like the man she was laying hear head against. She let just her icy blue eyes glance from the stars to look at him and for a moment her eyes meet his before scanning over his face to see he was smiling making her smile softly her eyes drifting back up to the stars. So he was relaxed as well she though enjoying the stars. She wondered how often in the land of rain they got to see stars like this. She remembered after their journey when she had left Amegakure the sky was clouded and dark not raining but still there was no sun nor stars. She would be lost in that thought as she felt a warm breeze blowing against her skin that was warmer yet then the breeze due to the fire. This caused Itsumo to shiver slightly and little bumps to appear on the exposed skin of her arms and other areas that were not fully covered but only lasted for a moment. As if in response to the wind she felt him move turning slightly it seemed as he draped his arm over her. She smiled a bit as this felt nice to her though it was a new experience she was comfortable still. She could feel him close to her cheek his warm breath against her skin causing her to shiver once more as he spoke about hoping for more moments like this one. She too hopped for more and as she slowly turned her head to look at him her lips would gently brush his due to the closeness of his face to hers. She would blush softly though the feeling was nice not knowing what was happening her body acted on its own and she let her eyes drift slowly closed as she leaned slightly into it for a moment before pulling back just enough so her lips where off his and whispered softly so only he would hear her words. * “As do I”

Kagato: - Kagato could feel Itsumo shiver slightly as she turned towards his face her lips brushed up against his lightly which caught him off guard a bit. The feeling rushed over his body like a water fall flowing down a tall mountain side. He noticed her eyes shutting slowly as she leaned closer into the kiss at this point which caused Kagato to do the same. He leaned closer in locking his lips with hers as his eyes shut fully taking in this new sensation as his arms wrapped around her he pulled her closer to him only to have her pull back just enough so she could tell him in response to that he has said moments before about wanting more moments like this with an as do I in a whisper tone fell out from her lips. He leaned in once more pressing his lips firmer into hers. Her lips felt like soft rose petals against his. Kagato turned to a sitting potion as he gathered her up in his arms like one would carry a bride through the threshold and promptly got up to his feet never breaking the kiss the hole time he did this. He then turned in the direction of the shelter he had made for them for the night and began walking towards it his eyes slightly opening to help guide him in the right direction.  As the kiss furthered in length so did the passion in which he used to express it.  His let his tongue slip slowly passed her lips and into her mouth. He coiled it around hers back and forth sliding it against hers as if his tongue was leading hers in a dance. His body became flooded with fiery passion and emotion as they neared the entrance to the shelter. Kagato turned sideways and slipped through the door away with Itsumo still with in his arms. His eyes flickered for a moment turning into that of the Rinnegan characterized by a ripple-like pattern around the pupil, with a amethyst purple iris and sclera in his left eye as well as a crimson red Rinnegan in his right. His eyes looked towards the door that was made out of stone only to have it move backwards into place with a low screeching sound as the slab slid from its original location inward closing the gap that was left by the opening. –

IItsumo:-Itsumo had barely gotten the words out of her lips before she felts his lips back on her own kissing her more passionately then her little brush kiss that had just passed between them. The kiss as it deepened against her lips flooded her with emotions things she had never felt or though she would ever feel. Her heart was fluttering like a small purple butterfly in her chest. His arms had somehow gotten wrapped around her in the mist of the kissing the first time and she was pulled closer to him. She still had her eyes closed her lips pressed into him when she felt him shifting and then she was gathered up into his arms she stiffened for a moment as he lifted her into his arms not breaking the kiss. She was amazed by his strength as he didn’t seem to struggle as he lifted her up however she was also a bit confused by how comfortable and safe she felt even though she was being held up in the air. She didn’t mind however as she his tongue and hers contained to move together dancing in a way as they kissed. Her mind didn’t even notice where they were going and as she heard something moving behind them and then a sense of total darkness around them. She slightly opened her eyes to see a soft glowing purple color coming from his eye a soft red glow coming his other eye she let her eyes flutter closed once more still in his arms she would wrap her arms around his neck and deepen the kiss once more still laying in his arms. -

Kagato: - As Kagato’s eyes began to fade from that of the Rinnegan and back to their normal cobalt blue and emerald green he felt her arms come up and get placed around his neck as she deepened the kiss the two were sharing. No one could have even imagined their meeting in the ruins would bring them here to this point with the two kissing in the pitch blackness of a make shift shelter at the chunin exams. Kagato slowly made his way over towards where he had his bedding laid out for the night still keeping his lips locked with hers deepening the already deepened kiss. His tongue still lashing and twisting around hers as he slowly   began to sit down on his bedding with Itsumo still in his arms. Using his right foot, he placed it on the heel of his left shoe and kicked it off to the floor repeating the process with the opposite foot.  He lighted his hold on her with his left arm just enough he could slip his left arm and shoulder out of his long black armored coat only to do the same with his right.  He slowly removed his hands from around her and pulled off first his right armored black glove followed by his left. His eyes slowly opened and gazed directly at her face with a softer than normal look upon his face as he slowly backed away from their kiss for the moment. –

IItsumo:*Itsumo felt him start shifting around and felt one of his arms releasing her she would take this time to let her body slip from his arm and rest herself gently in his lap still not wanting to move. She would let her arms lightly fall way from his neck and as he slowly backed away from the kiss her eyes would slowly slip open. It was only then that her mind would register what was happening. As her blue eyes adjusted to the darkness he came into focus. He had slipped off his shoes, gloves and his coat she was still sitting their fully dressed form outside. She would slip her gloves off and slide the one with the seal on it inside the other and let the fall to the ground to the right side of her. She had left the rest of her scrolls her scarf and mask outside on the ground by the fire but that for once didn’t faze her as she glanced up at him taking him in once more. She had never been in this situation before or even had wanted to be but she was enjoying it. She would lift her arm and let it gently brush against his chest as she moved up to her hair she would untie her headband and release it as well as her long blond hair from its bun allowing it to fall freely in curls over her shoulders. She was not sure what was to come of the night but she wanted to explore it further without going too far. She would then lift herself slightly and pull up on the black tail of her outer shirt and lift it over her head revealing a low-cut midriff tank top she would let her black over shirt fall to the ground with her gloves as she moved her arms back to his chest not saying a word she would glance up at him and bit her lip softly*

Kagato: - Kagato watched as she slipped from his arms and took off her gloves which covered her hands only to feel her arms come up and lightly brush against his chest which sent a flood of sensations running rampant throughout his body.  He watched as she moved her hands up to her hair only to see in the matter of seconds her long light pale blond hair from its restraints letting it fall like a cascading waterfall. He continued to watch as she pulled herself up slightly only to pull her outer shirt up and over her head revealing a low-cut Tank top that seemed to reach her midriff. Kagato took this moment to follow suit not fully sure how far things would go this night but that was neither here nor there at the moment. Kagato reached to the bottom half of his black tight netted long sleeved shirt and pulled it up and over his head tossing it to the side exposing his muscular chest only to have her mover her hands back to his chest. He nor she said anything in the given moment his eyes darted down towards her lips as she noticed her biting her lip softly. Kagato took his hands and placed his fingertips on her upper back sliding them lightly down her back barley touching the middle of her back before bringing them back down towards her hips and around to her backside where he cupped the cheeks of her butt giving them a light squeeze with the same motion he pulled her up further and closer to him. He leaned in once more looking deep into her blue eyes before locking his lips once more with hers. –

IItsumo: *Itsumo watched as he slipped out of his black netted top and exposed his muscular chest her eyes glanced down and then back up into his eyes that seemed to show he was enjoying himself as well. Her hands were exploring his muscular chest as she felt his warm hands sliding down her back giving her chills and a feeling that she had never felt before as his hands reached her hips and then moved to her butt he gripped it and lifted her up this caused her to squeaks lightly as she was brought closer to him she moved her legs so that one was on either side of his legs her chest lightly pressing against his eyes locked with her and he kissed her once more she slid her hands up his chest and then back down slowly moving them around to his sides and then his back wrapping the around him as she deepened the kiss. Her nails slightly dug into his back and slid down his back as a wave of the same feeling one she hadn’t felt before filled her again. She had never been this close to anyone before and even now she was not sure what to do only that the moment was there she didn’t want to go too far but what if she didn’t see him again that was a silly though she was going to be going to Amegakure for the festival and memorial of course she would see him again plus he had spoken of wanting more moments like this. She pushed the thoughts from her mind and leaned back a bit from the kiss and gently bit his lower lip before returning her lips to his and Kissing him again.*

Kagato: -A smirk fell upon his lips after hearing her squeak to his actions, it wasn’t long after that her legs were now on either side of his legs. Her chest was now lightly pressing against his which caused the fire to burn more brightly within him, only to have the sensation of her hands moving along his chest once more before moving them to his sides. further adding fuel to the fire. His emotions wanting to push him further but his mind keeping them somewhat in check for the meantime seeing as he didn’t know how far Itsumo actually wanted to go with this but in that instant he felt her nails dig into his back a move downwards which caused him to bite his lip ring slightly and his eyes to go wide with excitement. He reached around to the exposed parts of her back and dug his nails slightly into her skin dragging them just as she had done moments before while he slowly backed off from the kiss just after she bite his lower lip.  He slid his right hand over towards her side and slowly moved his fingertips upwards till he reached her long flowing strands of hair. He gently brushed back the strands away from her neck only to tilt his head in towards her now exposed neck. He lightly started to kiss up her neck stopping as he reached the middle which he then started to lightly suck after a few seconds of this he lunged forward with his teeth and gripped the soft skin of her neck slightly giving it a light bite before letting go. He then moved his mouth up towards her ear and slowly for a few seconds breathed lightly into it before taking hold of her lower ear lobe with his teeth. With his teeth light attached he pulled slightly down on her lower ear for a few seconds before letting go. –

IItsumo: *Itsumo was still shivering slightly from his nails down her back when he broke the kiss once again and moved his hand to brush the hair off her neck and started kissing her neck which caused goose bumps to appear on her skin. When he started sucking she held her breath slightly until he bit the same skin and she gasped unsure if it was from the pain or the feeling of pleasure that came over her before she could completely process what happened he had moved to her ear and pulled on it with his teeth again she gasped this time it caught her off guard yet still filled her with an emotion of passion. It took her a moment to process what was going on her mind was spinning pain was making her body act in a strange way to the feelings that were filling her body. Her blue eyes burning with passion as they looked at him after he let go she squirmed a little…Her mind was racing she didn’t know how to tell him she had never done anything like this before especially at her age it was strange but she had always been busy doing other things shinobi do. She took a deep breath and whispered softly.* “I haven’t done anything like. This before.” *she looked down biting her lip once more unsure how he will take what she just said.*

Kagato: - He could feel her shivering from his actions, which by those tell-tell signs he was doing something right. He then noticed she was holding her breath which caught him off guard a bit and wasn’t too sure how to react to this. He had never run a crossed someone holding their breath in the middle of something like this, but her gasp spelled it all out that she was actually enjoying what he was doing. Things were heating up pretty fast at this point he felt her squirming a little. His heart was racing beating faster from the pure passion and excitement of this encounter but what happened next was something he never expected to hear.  He felt her take a deep breath only to hear her whisper to him softly about how she had never done anything like this before. This came to a shock which caused him to stop dead in his tracks. Kagato took a deep breath in and slowly exhaled before laying straight back down on his bedding. – “Well this sure is a surprise…….” – His tone of voice was a little labored but was still in a soft one he didn’t want her to think he was some kind of jerk who would take advantage of her. He looked straight into her blue eyes which had seemed to be filled with a passion at least with the heat of the moment, now seemed to be a bit worried. He couldn’t possibly fathom what was going through her head at the moment, he wondered even if she was ready for something like this. His lips parted slowly once more and spoke to her in some quiet tone. – “Well I don’t want to force you into something you are not ready for…so if you want to stop here we can…” – He took a long paused waiting for her to answer. –

IItsumo: *She froze in place as she watched him stop dead in his tracks and didn’t know what to think as he took deep breath and laid straight back down on the bedding below them that she hadn’t noticed before until this moment. Her blue followed him but her body didn’t move she was still straddling him watching closely as he started to speak saying that this surprised him she could tell he was forcing himself to speak but his tone was still soft she didn’t know what to say to that she didn’t mean to catch him off guard like she did but he needed to know before things went any further that she really didn’t know what she was doing in this situation. A million things were going through her head trying to figure out herself if she was ready for something like this she wanted to be and the moment had felt so right however she didn’t know if this was moving too fast or not. As he began to speak saying that he didn’t want to force her if she wasn’t ready they could stop but then he went silent and stared at her as if he was waiting for an answer. He was ready and willing but was she ready she thought about it and then leaned down and pressed her lips to his slowly and passionately as if to answer her own question she was ready but had she already ruined the moment she wasn’t sure as she pulled back the passion still filling her eyes as she whispered. * “I don’t want to stop…But I wanted you to know…before” *she paused looking down at him hoping he knew what she ment. *

Kagato: - As he felt her lips placed on his once more he deepened the kiss once more before the kiss was broken again. He smiled softly at her as he heard her answer she said she was ready but it had seemed she was really nervous at the same time again that’s something that was normal for anyone going through this for the first time.  – “Well if you are sure you are ready then.” – Kagato smiled softly then wrapped his arms around her torso and rolled slightly flipping her around so now she was on the bottom of the bedding with her back side down and he was between her legs which were now pushed to the side spread open. He placed a soft kiss on her lips once more before taking his hands and running it along her sides from the hip up to where her shirt line would be pull upwards on her shirt taking great care to pull it up over her head exposing her chest to him now.  He placed his hands on either side of her body and leaned down towards her neck again and began to lightly kiss down her neck on her left side making his way to her collar bone where he would lightly nip at with his teeth. he then quickly continues the trail down from her collar bone towards her left breast stopping just at her nipple.  He lowered his mouth down over top the nipple waiting for a few moments letting his hot breath wash over it before sealing his lips around it. He then flicked his tongue around her nipple as a snake would coil its self around an object before seconds later he began to suckle lightly.  As he was doing this he moved his opposite hand up to her right breast and began to squeeze it lightly. His long strands of hair with each movement of his head lightly touched her soft as silk skin as he sifted his position moving his mouth over top of the right nipple and proceeding to the same action he had done moments before to the left side to the right which caused him to shift his hands in the same fashion letting his other hand take hold of the left breast and giving it a light squeeze. This continued for several moments back and forth finishing off with the left breast and he began to make another trail by kissing her kissing lightly towards her stomach.  Until he reached her pant line moving his body downward to get better reach. Taking his right hand, he slipped his right index finger between her pant line and her skin and just traced it for the moment back and forth before lowering his head once again trailing light kisses as he did before down her but this time a crossed the pant line till he got to her right hip  where he  stopped for a moment and licked  in circles before sucking on it lightly. –

IItsumo: *She watched as a smile appeared on his face as she told him but then he spoke saying that if she was sure she was ready and before she could say anything in response he had his arms wrapped around her and he was rolling with her. Her back was now pressing into the bedding which she expected to be hard as the ground below them but under the bedding there was a soft mat that made it more comfortable. She was looking up at a gorgeous man as he placed another soft kiss on her lips Itsumo closed her eyes slightly and returned the kiss and then as she felt his hands on her again she would shiver slightly once more as his hands approached the tank top she was wearing and it was pulled from her body with no real effort on his part her chest became exposed the air against her bare chest caused goosebumps to again form all across her body. She kept her eyes closed as she felt kisses trailing down her body and she let out a gasp once more when she felt him nip at collar bone before once more the kisses started his crimson hair brushing over her skin tickling her but it felt good in this moment. She lifted her arms up wanting to touch his skin and brush her fingers against the muscles of his arms lightly not to throw him off balance. As his mouth moved down closer to her nipples she didn’t know what to expect she then felt his mouth over her left nipple and It caused her to wiggle a bit under him as it felt good and caused a warm feeling to flow over her body then he began to suck and that feeling grew more and then his other hand reached for her other breast and she gasped biting down on her lip hard a bit shocked about the noise that had just come out of her mouth. The pain from biting her lip only intensified the feelings that were already flooding her body as switched from the left to the right and did the same as he did the first time the feeling kept getting more and more intense as he kept switching between the two before he stopped and trailed kisses once more down further and further when she felt him toying with the top of her pants she was still for a moment and then she felt him kissing across where her pant line was and she wiggled once more but when he stopped at her right hip and licked a circle the began to suck she let out a moan unable to control herself at that point her eyes opened and she would let her nails lightly dig into his arms where they had been resting.*

Kagato: -  The feel of her hands moving lightly dancing a crossed the skin and muscles of his arms caused a slight chill to run throughout his body only to have this feeling intensify as the sound of her gasps and moaning filled his ears as he worked his magic on her beautiful body only to have her nails dig lightly dig into the skin of his arms which had the fire burning brightly in him like a raging inferno.  His head lifted up his eyes opened wide and a wild smirk was painted a crossed his face. There weren’t any doubts now she was all in on this even this being her first time, the reactions he had gotten from her body left no questions about it in his mind. Kagato sat up slightly bringing his hands to the left and right of her pant line just along her hips. He slipped his pointer and middle fingers underneath and slowly pulled her pants down past her ankles. He moved over slightly to his right with his right and left hands still   on the top of her pants pulled them off the rest of the way and sets them off to the side before sliding up once more in-between her legs placing his head just above her panty line.  Once again like he had done with her pant line her lowered his head down now where her panty line was and began to lightly kiss back and forth till he covered the whole area twice. He lifts his head up only to move it to the side towards her inner right leg.  Kagato paused for a moment taking a deep breath in only to exhale it slowly as he moves down her leg a few inches letting his hot breath meet her skin, just after this he lowers his head to lightly place his lips on her inner thigh working his way up to her cotch line. Once he reached his destination he lightly nipped at the further most part of her inner thigh he could get. Without wasting a second extended a small black chakra blade from his right hand which was no bigger than a pen knife.  reaching over to her panties with his left hand he pulled upwards on the side of them.  With the chakra blade in his right hand he cut through the fabric of her panties one side at a time un till they just fell exposing her most private of areas.   Once this was done he tossed the tiny chakra blade to the side with a light clanking noise as the black piece of metal hit the ground. Kagato then lowered his head towards pink flower. He started to slowly move his right hand up towards where his head was and placed his index finger and thumb on her lower lips using them to slowly and gently spread them slightly.  He then moved his right index finger in-between her lower lips and began to lightly trace up and down causing them to spread more with every pass.  He then pulled back his fingers and lowered his head more and lightly began to do the same action he had with his finger with is tongue.  He started out slowly moving his tongue licking up and down only to move side to side once he hit her clit. He then began to make circles with his tongue as he moved his right hand back up into position once more slipping his index finger and middle finger in passed her lower lips slowly. –

IItsumo: *Itsumo’s body could not hide its response she was used to being in control of every aspect of her body but these responses where something that she had no control over and it was strange but very good. As she felt his finger gripping the fabric of her black pants and then tugged them off and laid them aside the air one her bare smooth legs felt cool her body temperature had risen in the heat of the moment. She wiggled a bit as his mouth moved once again across her skin this time lower a feeling stirring in a new place lower and she felt a little moist in her special place. She stiffened as a small of chakra was felt and she looked down to see him holding a small black chakra blade in his right hand as he used it to cut away the material of her silky black panties ones that were both comfortable and cute at the same time the material started to fall away from her body leaving again her silky smooth skin fully exposed at this point. She relaxed as the blade moved away and his hands where once again on her body as his head moved down towards her lower area and his hands fallowed she was nervous but she was ready as his fingers began stroking her inner folds she squirmed the moisture growing and soft moans escaped her body her head fell backwards into the bedding and her eyes slipped shut. She moved her hands to his crimson hair and ran her fingers through its strands. As his mouth replaced his finger her moans got louder and her eyes shot open wide once more and she bit her lip embarrassed by the sound she had made. However moments later she felt his fingers again this time the slipping inside her and she could not hold back the gasp her fingers gently gripping his hair unable to control her body the moisture growing more as the feeling of pleasure and heat grew inside her more.*

Kagato: - The sounds of her voice moaning in such away even louder it had seemed now which made him believe she was losing control over what her body was doing and was doing only what came natural to her in this moment. Going from open too close a few times as he licked he even caught a glimpse of her biting her lips as he looked upwards for a moment in-between licks.  It wasn’t long before Kagato felt her getting wetter from his touch of his fingers and his tongues caressing movements between her lower lips but what he didn’t expect was top feel her hands run through his crimson strands first starting out slightly only to become more firm as things progressed. The heat of the moments was flowing about him now his passion pouring out of him like a dam that had burst.   He slowly lifted his head moving it from left to right to lessen her grip on his hair. So that he could come to a kneeling position.  He sat up enough to where he could unbutton his pants and pull them down around his hips taking a grip of them with his right and left hands making sure he took a hold of his black boxers that were made out of a soft cloth type material. He quickly shifted his legs a bit as he pulled his black cargo like pants down and off his body setting them off to the side exposing his lower half to her know. At this moment his man hood was as rock solid and standing at attention at eight inches swelling up with anticipation of what was going to happen next. He positioned his self so he was once more over top of her with his right and left hands on either side of her body placing his waist alongside hers. He then began to support his weight on his left hand as he reached down towards his member taking a light grip of it. He then lowered his head towards her right ear and whispered softly. – “I’m glad I could be your first.” – he moved upwards as he guided his man hood with his right hand slowly towards her lower lips placing its head in-between them slowly pushing it inwards passed them until he was fully deep within her. He could feel how moist and warm she was now from the inside which was now coating his member as he moved back and forth slowly sliding himself in and out. He didn’t want to go all out at first seeing as this was her first time he knew that no matter how it would go it most likely would hurt at first which caused him to take it easy for now. –

IItsumo: *Itsumo once again felt the air on her lower area as he pulled away slightly shifting his head till she let go of his crimson locks she looked up at him her blue eyes filled with the passion and heat that was spreading between the two of them. She watched him in anticipation as he moved to start to unbutton his pants she moved her hands to attempt to help him but she was to slow he already had them and his boxers off and his lower half was now completely exposed to her. She couldn’t help but glance down taking in the very attractive man that was kneeling between her legs. Her eyes went wide when she spotted his manhood as he positioned himself back on top of her. She would move her hands so they could rest gently on his abs. Then as he leaned in and whispered to her his sweet words she felt special in that moment and she too was glad he was her first. * “I am glad you are too”* She whispered softly her voice rasp from the moaning. However, the words barely left her lips as she felt his member brushing up against her private parts and it slowly slid inch by inch into her there was a bit of pressure and was a tight fit but as he slowly worked his way in it felt good and the pain disappeared as he started moving in and out slowly the feelings that had been building up started to grow more and more and she knew he was holding back but she didn’t care she couldn’t control her hands as she slid her nails up his sides gently trying to contain her moans and gasps as the pleasure her body was feeling was growing more and more by the minute with each thrust.*

Kagato: - Upon hearing her whispered words that she was glad too that her first time was with him made him smile slightly.  The pressure he felt trying to slide into her made it all the more enjoyable for him seeing as every inch of his manhood was snuggly up inside her it added to the sensation letting him feel every inch of her as he was sure she was feeling every inch of him but to be her first like he was made it all the more special to him, being able to pleasure her in ways no one else had done.  It wasn’t long before he felt her nails slide up his sides as it had seemed she was trying to contain her moans but even with that he could still hear them which made   he wants more of her.  Kagato pulled back slowly to the point the head of his member was the only thing left inside her, only to slide a little bit faster back inside her with his full length with a stronger thrust this time.  The wetness from her was coating his manhood in even strokes which made his penetrating her all the easier with each pass and thrust. Keeping up the pace of his thrusting as he had done with sliding almost out of her with each pass he quickened his motions slightly until he reached the pace he wanted making sure he was diving the deepest her could go at this point.  His heart was racing at the moment as the thrusts continued. His body was becoming one with hers something he had never felt before the feeling they were connected on a deeper level not just physically but as if their hearts as souls where one. He thought about this for a second or two that maybe this is what is was really meant to feel like when caught up in this kind of act with the person you were meant to be with, after all somehow since the day they met they somehow clicked.  Little beads of sweat began to form on his body rolling down it as the session continued he reached up with his arms and placed his right and left hands on her shoulders digging his nails slightly into her skin giving him a better grip as he thrusted deeper and harder into her. –

IItsumo: -Itsumo’s body was coming unraveled with in itself she had far from lost control over her own movements as if her body was acting on its own. As she felt him pulling out further then he had before she let out a soft gasp that turned into a moan as he thrust back in faster. Her grip on his sides got tighter and tighter with each thrust. The deeper he got the more her body kept unraveling as if she was molding into one with him. This feeling was so new to her and she was enjoying it with him as he nails dug into her shoulders she didn’t know what was going on as her body reached its max pleasure she was breathing hard and her body started to shake as it could take no more she let out a strange sound as if it was a mix of a moan and a mutter of his name at the same time her body felt lighter and different and she felt special. Her body was dripping with little beads of sweat rolling down her bare skin she was in a state of bliss feeling so different and oddly she had never felt closer to anyone this moment had been perfect for her and she had hopped it had been for him as well. –

Kagato: - It wasn’t long at this pace before he noticed Itsumo breathing harder and harder and her whole body began to shake which this was decently the tell-tell sign he had done something right. It had seemed she hit her climax which at this point he heard her muttering a mixture of a moan and his name which just caused him to over flow as he felt her contracting on the inside against his member soaking it at this point.  Even after this moment he continued to trust into her a few more times before reaching his own letting go of all his control, and releasing his self into her as his manhood throbbed against her shaking from the inside out which caused him to let out a whisper like noise passed his lips. This caused him to breath harder as if he was trying to catch his breath after running a long distance at a high amount of speed. His heart was beating quickly as fast as his breathing had picked up. He looked down at her face which caused him to smile at least from what he could tell she had enjoyed herself and was pleased with the outcome which caused him to smile softly before slowly backing out of her pulling his now soaked member back from inside her.  He then leaned in and placed a soft kiss on her lips before moving off to her right side laying there beside her with his chest quickly rising and falling. In what had seemed like only moments was in actuality hours had passed, this night they had shared something special something like nothing Kagato had ever experienced before.  Taking the arm that was closest to her he tried to slip it up under her neck in such a way that he could pull her closer to him. –

IItsumo:*Her body was still shaking as she felt a warm sensation fill her and a noise flow form his lips she could feel him pulsing inside her. Her blue eyes looked up at him and as he smiled she couldn’t help but smile. He had enjoyed himself and like the outcome as much as she had tonight. She shivered slightly as she felt him withdrawing from her and moved slightly away letting air fill the space between them for only a moment before she saw him leaning back in to kiss her softly. She would let her eyes slip shut as she would return the kiss pressing her lips gently back against his and then he was gone. She opened her eyes to see that he had rolled off to the side of her and was breathing vary hard as her own body was still trying to calm itself down. As he slipped his arm under her neck and pulled her closer to him she snuggled into him laying her head against his bare chest and closing her eyes once more the smell of them both on each other skin was both calming and intoxicating. She wanted to tell him how amazing it had felt to be with him and many other thoughts that had passed through her mind but as she was trying to figure out a way to put her thoughts into words her body’s tiredness from this new and wonderful experience would win out and she would drift into a peaceful sleep cuddling into him her breathing shallow as she felt safe in his arm.*

Kagato: - As he started to pull her close he could feel her moving towards him and snuggling into him placing her head on his chest. It had seemed their actions tonight took its toll on her body for it wasn’t long after her head was resting on his chest he had noticed she was asleep. Kagato smiled softly as he too started to close his eyes slowly. His mind still kind of racing from the events that unfolded here which only left him wanting more but that would be for another day he had hopped, after all he had never experienced anything like this before then again he had never met anyone quiet like her before either, which could be another factor into this. The feel of her soft skin up against his was the greatest feeling in the word to him it was like he couldn’t get enough of her. Not only was this the case but her sent was like nothing he had ever encountered before it was quiet intoxicating to him yet calming at the same time. As he laid there he pulled the light weight purple blanket over top of their still naked bodies as she was still cuddled up next to him.   Taking the same hand, he slowly began to run his fingers slowly through her pale blond strands. It wasn’t long after this he too would drift off to sleep, they had a big day tomorrow and would need their rest if they wanted things to go right. -

End Results:

Kagato and Itsumo form a new relationship