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Chinoike Team Training Day: Everyone's Gotta Start Somewhere


Chinoike Masami

Orochi Draken

Team 3 Officially Meets

IzzyDaPada: -As Masami entered the dojo the sun should have been high in the sky, but it was a cloudy day. The cloudiness didn’t bother her much, meant less possibilities of getting a sunburn. Walking into an empty dojo, Masami slipped off her sandals at the door. Knowing how the Kage kept the room clean and would murder those who entered with shoes on. The jounin was sporting simple attire, a loose top with bandages on her arms for support, the pants she wore would be bandaged below her belly button to prevent slipping of the material. Strapped to her back was her scythe which always went with her due to it being her most used weapon and family heirloom. On her left arm the jounin wore her Yonshigakure headband and on her right arm was her feathered arm band. Her purple hair was up in a high ponytail to keep it out of her face as a mask covered a good portion of her face. The reason behind her coming to the dojo was because she had finally received information on a team that was finally forming. However, the idea of more work daunted on the jounins mind, but the Kage requested her to come out of her usual hiding routines to help… Masami walked to the center of the room and shrugged off her scythe as she took a seat in the middle of the room and started her stretches. Knowing the genin in the village seemed to have their lives together. She kept her mind on the fact that, she needed a change and more responsibilities in the village. As Masami continued her stretches on the floor, she wondered how these genin would take to her…-

LordVoodooReaper: - It seems that it was around the time of noon as the bright yellow sun would shine high in the sky with a few clouds blocking its rays to make it a somewhat cloudy day as the wind in the village was also cooler. The cool breeze would add to the thick fog that surrounded and flowed through the village giving it a somewhat creepy and cold feeling to normal people that was not use to the thick fog on any normal days. The fog nor the weather would prove no issue for Draken as he wore a pair of black square and rectangular shaped sunglasses to cover his snow white snake like eyes and his usual black leather jacket and dark gray t shirt that covered his pale white skin, with dirty white bandages wrapped around his wrist and palms leaving his knuckles and finger tips exposed. He also wore a pair of dark black jeans that seemed to be ashed out on the front thighs, on his feet he wore black boots that went half way up his calves. Draken seemed to walk through the village with a blank expression as usual and would remember he had to make his way to the dojo for some training, he quickly performed a 180 degree turn to head into the proper direction of the dojo. After a half an hour of walking he reached the dojo, before he heads into the dojo he quickly drags his right hand upwards to grip his hair until it was in the shape of a small ponytail. Then use his left hand that had a small gray rubber band to tie his black hair back so it wouldn't give him vision problems, Draken moved his left hand downwards from his hair as he pulls the main door to the side to open it as he walks forward to enter. He decides to shift his weight downwards to his feet to move into a crouching like position to remove his black boots and leave them by a pair of sandals. He waits by the main entrance for his other teammate before entering any further into the dojo.-


IzzyDaPada: -Hearing the young man’s voice, this brought Masami out of the mindless stretching. Turning around to see that both her new students were standing at the door, Masami would look them over a few times than push herself up to her full 5’8 height. The young man that bowed to her caused Masami to raise an eyebrow curiously at him, yet a shadow of a smile would appear under the woman’s mask.- “Good morning, I am going to assume you both are my new students.” –She approached them and gave them a polite bow, however the woman still was wondering why she was given a team by the kage, but Masami was in no position to want to question.- “I am Chinoike Masami. I will be your teacher and guide… before you enter onto the dojo floor please remove your shoes. Don’t need the Shikage on my case about footprints.” –The tone she held would be that of amused at the thought of seeing dirt tracked onto the dojo, yet her face would remain serious.- “ For formalities sake, please give me your name and rank. As a request from sensei to student, I would ask that both of you be aware when you are training with me, bring all your strength when we practice, and take this time you spend honing your skills as serious as possible.. There will come a time where I will not be able to assist you. You two working together will get you through that time.” –Letting out a sigh after she had gotten through her speech, Masami would look at the two with a softer look on her face.- “If you have any particular requests in areas you wished to be trained in, please allow me to know now.”

LordVoodooReaper: -Draken would slowly shift his head towards his right hand side so his gaze is pointing in the direction of the main door to look at Shinryu as he enters the dojo. He would receive a quick small nod as a sign of a hello and decides to give him a quick nod back to return the hello, he returns his gaze forward to the Jounin who still seems to not have noticed his presence and continues to mindlessly stretch her body to loosen up her joints. She would stop her streching as soon as she hears the other genin's voice and slowly walks over to the both of them and gives them a quick speech. Draken walks foward to stand face to face with the Jounin Masami while looking upwards to see her face, he quickly lets these following words past through his lips- " I am Draken Orochi and am a genin, by the way there is no need to be formal with me its not like were on a date Teach." He slowly walks past Masmai and heads towards the center of dojo while examining the room, he notices a scythe placed to the right side of the room just near the wall full of training equipment. He quickly turns his gaze back towards Masmai and lets the following words roll off his tongue- "So you asked what I want to learn from you, well I wish to learn how to wield a Tanto for now. To have a weapon to go on the offensive while I am able to defend to make up for my lack of strength. If you can teach me how to wield it then you will receive an ok in my book." - He gives off a cocky grin at Masmai and to show he is not always serious.-


Training Begins Now...

IzzyDaPada: -Masami would raise one of her eyebrows at the Orochi genin, his comment left her debating if she should smack him upside the head or let him continue talking. She entertained the thought of smacking the young genin on the back of his head when he walked past her, but let him walks past and ask what he wanted to train in. Turning on the balls of her feet with ease, Masami followed in his direction with her arms crossed looking over the genin. Pushing stepped off with her dominate foot approaching the young genin, she’d send out her palm and gently bop the young man’s forehead.- “That, is for your earlier comment.”-Masami would slowly walk around the young genin towards her scythe and grab it from its resting place. Walking towards the genin she would hold it out towards him with the intention of handing it off to him. The scythe she carried would be heavy for anyone else to hold, but Masami had trained hard to learn to wield that particular weapon. If the genin had caught the weapon, he would have been brought to the ground with a loud bang and clatter as the scythe made contact with the ground.- “If I didn’t train for this weapon, I couldn’t train anyone. I would fail as a teacher.” –Her tone was serious as she spoke in regards to training.- “However, tantos are easier to handle than scythes..”

LordVoodooReaper: Draken would remove both of his hands from his pockets and drags his right hand upwards while moving it to the left hand side of his black leather jacket, to grip the zipper part and pull it off of his upper body leaving only his dark gray t shiry. He then tosses his jacket to the left hand side of the room so it doesn't get in his way and decides to roll up his sleeves to give his shoulders more breathing room, his scar on his left forearm just below the elbow would show. He sees that Masmai is walking closer in his direction and notices she begins to slowly raise her hand upwards, Draken would move his left hand upwards to grip the left arm of his sunglasses. He sees her palm quickly upwards to his forehead to hit him for his earlier and quickly takes his sunglasses off and moves them upwards towards his forehead so that his sunglasses would take the hit and knocks out his lens. After having his lens knocked out he places his sunglasses in his left jean pocket so no far damage. He notices Masmai tries hand of the scythe to him and from the looks of the scythe it looks like it has a bit of weight to it and is very, He jumps slightly backwards to not catch the scythe seeing as it would sink him into the ground he dares to try catch it bare handed and if he tries to lift it there is a chance he could pull his arms out of their sockets. He then hears her somewhat cocky words part from her lips, and he would give her a small cocky grin at her.-

IzzyDaPada: -Masami bent over to pick up her weapon from the ground and walk back over to where the weapon had been resting before. Her next destination was to the weapons wrack on near the wall, running her hands over the sheathed weapons that would be provided for her to use by the weapons master… Picking up the weapon in question, Masami would push weigh it within her hands quietly for a bit.- “So, what made you want to pursue the Tanto?” –After she had checked over a few more things, Masami walked back to where the young genin was standing, the small weapon in her hand. The weight of it was even and light within her grasp which made the jounin choose it for the young man. The tanto case and blade handle was unique but simple. The handle had a base of white, as the strings that intertwined were black making a zigzag pattern to reveal the white underneath. The Yonshigakure symbol would be pressed into the handle as well.-

LordVoodooReaper: -Draken would notice that Masmai is letting her hand glade the wall of weapons after she sat her scythe back down in its original spot. He then would have placed his regular blank expression on his face as he slowly places both his hands in his jean pants pocket and he then lets the following words past through his teeth and off his tongue to give her a respond to her question she had asked- " As a member of the Orochi clan our intelligence and ninjutsu are excellent but for our strength and taijutsu we are terrible so we avoid hand to hand combat, but many opponets can avoid ninjutsu attacks to enter your range and deal strong taijutsu attacks. So before I come accross that problem again I wish to wield a weapon to defend myself so i don't end up dead before I become atleast 20, but I don't wish to always be on the defensive when they come into my range I also wish to deal damage." He then notices that Masmai picks up the Tanto from wall of weapons and walks back over into his direction.-

IzzyDaPada: -Masami unsheathed the tanto as she extended out the small weapon’s handle towards him, she had heard his words and they resonated well with the jounin. They were reasonable as everyone in this line of work had to be prepared for anything… Masami understood the young genin’s want to protect himself. - “Fair enough, here is the weapon you will be working with...” –The look on the jounin’s face would be between a stern look and that of being bored and some other emotion hidden amongst the others. If he had taken the weapon, Masami would back up a few times as she had extended out the tanto sheath towards him, as if she was holding out the tanto herself.- “We will start at the basics… how does the weapon feel in your hand. Understanding and rationalizing how the weapon feels in your grasp is a start….” –Masami took a step back then lunged forward with her dominate foot. She’d bring her arm with the tanto sheath to her chest then send it out with force as if it was the weapon to her full arm length. She stopped a foot away from Draken as air would rush past him from Masami appearing infront of him.- “Seeing the weapon as an extension of your arm, of your body. Is another basic. It is not just a weapon we use in battle. It is a part of us. If you lose that weapon, think of it as losing your own arm.” –Masami stepped back and swung out her arm.- “Lose your arm, its lights out.”

LordVoodooReaper: - Draken would stare at the Masmai's face after he had provided the answer to the question she had given to him and he noticed that she has a similar expression to the one he usual puts on, but seeing as he puts on that face more times then he can remember he then tries to read her after hearing what he had said to her. He then sees that Masmai unsheathes the Tanto that was within her grips and quickly points the hilt in his direction as if she is handing him the blade, that is when he came to a conclusion that she too agrees with his ideals. Draken then removes his right hand from his black jean pants pocket to firmly grips the hilt of the single edged short blade and he has a somewhat comfortable feeling as if this weapon is made just for him, he then holds it up towards the light. From the looks of the Tanto it seemed to be roughly around 6–12 inches long with a width 17 mmm, and from its dark color it seemed to be made of black steel and by the feel of the blade it seems to have been hammered around 30-50 times to give it a thickness of 8.0 mm. Draken dragged the tip of his index and middle finger on the edge of the blade to check its sharpness and came to a conclusion that is this blade has been recently sharped by a good blacksmith. The hilt is made from a white type of material and wrapped in a dark gray cloth that has the village of death symbol carved near the bottom. He then notices that she still holds the sheathe in her hand and Draken knows that she didn’t just hand him the sword to examine it and that this was going to be a somewhat tough lesson for him in weaponry, but he knew that this was to come and if he wasn’t tough he would not have became a ninja in the first place. He quickly shift his weight downwards to lower his body slightly so that he can lead with his right foot and let his left fall behind for support his stance, then he quickly drags his right hand forward that held the Tanto while he clenches his left hand into a fist while it is bent at an acute angle and quickly moves his left forearm bent across his chest to defend his torso and hid heart. He then notices that Masmai is charging at him and quickly uses his left hand to defend the attack from the sheathe aimed at his chest, she had stopped the attack before it can come into contact with his hand and would suddenly feel a burst of air pressure from the weapon that was strong enough to nearly knock him back. The air pressure seemed to break his rubber band that had tied his hair back allowing his hair to lie down on top of his head as his bangs waved in front of his eyes messing with his vision. -

IzzyDaPada: -The jounin would stay within her stance in front of the young man. Her expression was blank as she stared at his hand that had instinctively came to his defense. Gently tapping the palm of his hand with the sheath, drawing his attention to it.- “If this was a real battle and I had a weapon… You would have pierced your own hand on my blade.” –Masami tapped his palm again as chakra had been circling through her hand into the tanto sheath unaware to the young genin. When Masami had tapped his palm a final time, she returned to her normal stance and stepped away as she crossed her arms. Masami had intentionally put Draken into a binding genjutsu through the tapping of the tanto sheath to his palm. The tapping would leave a strange static motion feeling as it would fall over him causing his body to be sealed and glued into the position he was in and render him unable to move. She approached him once more with a look of bordum almost as she tilted her head a bit.-

LordVoodooReaper  -Draken would remain in his orthadox like fighting stance that he had to keep himself defended from her attacks that just turned out to be gentle taps to his left palm to mimic the actions of a regular Tanto piercing his hand. He would quickly change his blank expression and replace it with a cocky grin by using the right side of his mouth after he hears those words past through her lips. Then the following words word part from his lips " That's why I am here Teach, its to learn how not to die or take too much damage with using a weapon in a real battle and if it means that I could win the battle or the war i am willing to use take that damage to my hand." Draken would feel a small amount of chakra come from the shethe in the next tap to his left palm from the feel of the chakra it seems to have been swirling around in her hand for quite some time now, but he had thought of it as nothing and didn't pay no attention to it so that he can make it seem that he hasn't noticed. He felt the last tap at his hand as he notices that Masmai goes back into her normal posture but this time she had her arms crossed and he feels that he had to do the same as he leaves his orthadox fighting stance, Draken would suddenly try to move but fails and he tries to think of how he was like this. His first thought was chakra theards but she has to perform hand signs for that first, his second thought was a genjutsu he thinks of how she would have the chance to place him in it. Draken then remembered the small amount of chakra from the shethe that touched his palm, he looks downwards as he thinks that he should have blocked it but he picked to ignore it as if it was a small insect. He hears his teachers footsteps apporach him as he decides to look up at her expressions.-

IzzyDaPada: -The words resonated with the jounin, however he had a lot to learn before being put into a fight… Masami approached the young genin slowly as she placed the sheath on his shoulder.- “Never take anything that simple. Always be aware of who you stand in front of.” -She proceeded to walk around Draken as if he was a defenseless animal. Her tone she took with the young man would be harsh, but also encouraging.- “A weapon may be the worst of your physical fears in battle… however there are far greater things worse than a sharp object coming at you…” –She had circled around him to the point she was now behind him, reaching out her free hand she had placed her hand on his back. With the hand on his back, Masami would give him a push along with sending a burst of chakra to disrupt the binding that had been placed on him. Walking back around, Masami would take her place in front of him with a stern look on her face.- “When you are ready, take a fighting stance with the tanto.”

LordVoodooReaper  Draken would feel the burst of chakra flow through his body to disrupt the binding genjutsu and causing him to drop the Tanto from his right hand landing just a few inches away from his right foot. He then lets out a small sigh after hearing her advice and he slowly lowers his stance into a crouching position while he places his palms on the ground just beside his heels. Draken quickly shifts his weight towards the back of his body so he can fall backwards and land lightly on his bottom with her words. He would let these few words pass through his lips and say "I never took it simple because I have done and seen things that are not as simple others can let people think they are. I can never look down on something that can help or take my life." Draken then hears Masmai to take his fighting stance with Tanto in his hands he leans his upperbody to his right hand side while extending his right hand out to grip the Tanto, drags his left hand behind the left hand side of his body to push himself off of the ground to get back to his feet. He quickly goes back into his orthadox fighting style with his right hand bent at an obtuse angle close enough to be a right angle as he holds the Tanto like its a long dagger, Draken then gives her a quick nod to let his teacher now he is ready to begin again but this time he had a more serious face on.

IzzyDaPada: -The mask that was on the jounin’s face hid the small smile she had on her face from hearing him speak. She watched as he regained his balance and took the tanto into his hand again. Taking a quick glance over his stance, Masami walked up to Draken taking a few more glances before reaching out and checking the strength in his arms. Backing away, Masami would look around the room quickly as she gave the sheath a twirl in her hand pushing a small purple strand out of her face. Masami took a defensive stance, her golden brown eyes would be locked onto Draken as the sheath would be brought in front of her at waist level. Her free hand would be brought up to chest level in a defensive position to protect her heart, as well as be prepared to counter maneuver anything that would come her way. He body would be angled, her upper body would be bent forward slightly as her knees were bent. The weight throughout her body was distrusted enough to where she could easily make a counter attack when she saw an opening.- “Now, when you are ready, come attack me.”

LordVoodooReaper  Draken have still been in his type of orthadox fighting stance. He knows that he will have to go into a proper orthadox style so he quickly shift his weight downwards to lower his body slightly so that he can lead with his right foot and let his left fall behind for support his stance. Then he slowly drags his right hand forward while his arm is bent at an obtuse angle just a little bit from being a half angle. He continued to hold the Tanto in his right hand like it was a dagger while he clenches his left hand into a fist while it is bent at an acute angle and quickly moves his left forearm bent across his chest to defend his torso and his heart, but this time he is ready to handle it. Draken lauches himself forward leading with his right foot to get within close range of her and be under her field of vision to launch a rising upwards slash with his pinky finger close to her face to cut her with the Tanto held like a dagger. While in mid air he quickly switches the Tanto from a dagger like position to a sword like position while he bends his arm into an acute angle. He then moves his right air downwards to perform a downwards slash. 

IzzyDaPada: -Masami had kept her steeled glare on him as to where he would move to... Without hesitation through her movements, Masami pushed off with her dominate foot, twisting her body to avoid his initial attack. The tanto would have caught her mask and the skin underneath if she was any slower. Quickly ducking low after his initial attack, Masami reached out and grabbed Draken behind his knee and pulled forward, which would cause him to loose balance and fall forward. Taking this chance and getting him off balance, Masami rolled off to her right to avoid the possible frantic swinging of the tanto. After rolling out of his range of attack, Masami rose quickly back up to her full height. The look she’d give was deadly, but determined to make the young genin work to earn his right to wield that tanto.- “Again. This time don’t be obvious and aim for their face.” –Masami took her fighting stance once more, she would not hold back on running the genin hard in his first training with her... She saw no point in running it easy… it is easier to train the body hard, than to let it go easily…-

LordVoodooReaper: Draken would have fallen hard to the ground lying flat on his back with his arms and legs streched out into a position that made him look as if he were a star before he could finish his attack pattern, while lying on his back he heard her words as she stood right in front of his feet taking her fighting posture. He closes his eyes and quickly let his mind wander into many possible choices as to how he could get her off guard, while his eyes were still closed and still thinking he slowly tilted his upper body forward and slowly place his right fist on the ground as the Tanto was still in his grips. Draken quickly followed by placing his palm flat on the ground just between his parted legs so as he tilted forward he can push himself upwards to slowly rise to both of his feet, He suddenly would open his snow white blue snake like eyes but this time outside of his iris was black so he could let out a small amount of killing intent. Draken use his left hand to dig into his ninja pouch that was located on his left hand side of the back of his pants and pulls out a kunai as he holds it like it were a dagger same goes for his Tanto in his right hand, then slightly lowers his body’s posture while he shifts his weight to the left side of his body to slowly move into a southpaw like fighting stance by moving his left foot forward so his right foot is placed backwards for more support. He continued to move his body into the southpaw stance but instead of his usual stance he crosses his arms so that is right arm is bent at an acute angle while his fist is tilted back so that the Tanto is pointing in Masmai direction, and he has his left arm bent at an obtuse angle while his fist is tilted forward so he can switch it to a position as if he were holding a knife upwards. After taking that stance his expression would remain blank but you can easily tell that he was serious, he slowly moved forward as if he was dragging his feet on the floor as he set his gaze to left leg to try and then that his target was that leg . He would quickly shift his weight to his left side of his body and extended his right leg to deliver a quick side kick to her stomach, then drags his leg back down towards the ground to get his balance back as he knew that Masmai would try to dodge the kick or block the kick. Draken would then quickly leans his upper body downwards while he uses his right hand that held the Tanto in a dagger like posture to drag his arm slightly downward to try and stab her left leg. And quickly follows up by dragging his left hand up while switch the posture of the kunai to a dagger like position as he moves it closer towards her neck.

IzzyDaPada: -As Masami kept her sights locked on the young genin, she adjusted her stance accordingly. The kick he planted on her stomach sent out a slight jolt into her body as it made connection, but all the while the jounin kept her stance. Following through with his movements, Masami shot out her hand that held the sheath in order to deflect against kunai. With the movement behind the movements, Masami created forceful downward motion pushing down the hand with the kunai in order to grab block and grab hold of the hand with the tanto. Masami would use Draken’s own momentum and body posture to push him backwards and send him falling backwards. Masami herself would take a couple steps back rolling her shoulders a bit to loosen them up and release the tention within her body. A ghost of a smile appeared under her mask but unaware to the genin. She’d raise the sheath and look at it with curious eyes.- “Why have a tanto when you have a kunai…or better yet a sheath of a weapon.” –She’d take a couple more steps back and regain her grounding as she looked at Draken.- “You are getting better, however. You are still rushing, still being predictable.” –Masami waved her hand to tell him to take a moment to rest and regroup his thoughts.- “Where are your thoughts? What are your intentions when striking?"

LordVoodooReaper  As Draken gets sent flying backwards from the attack that Masami had performed on him that caused him to fall on his bottom with his legs streched wide out, he would then look upwards at her to see what she has to say too him about his previous attack. He would let these following words roll off of his tongue and pass through his teeth "The tanto is for dealing the damage but I thought I could use a kunai to surprise you and cause you to block with the sheth making you not able to block for a moment, then I could be able to attack you with the Tanto while you were distracted with the kunai but I guess it didn't work out." He would notice that she was taking a few steps backwards away from him, he then placed his left palm flat on the ground just between his parted legs so as he tilted forward he can push himself upwards to slowly rise back to both of his feet. Draken then hears her tell him that he is getting better with the use of this weapon but that he is rushing his attacks he let the following words part from him mouth "I used rushing to my advantage because people can tell by my features that I am a member of the Orochi clan and people know the members of the clan have weak strength. They think that we would always rely on long distance attacks so that is why I attacked head on. I hoped you’d lower your guard a bit." He would place a small but unnoticable smile on his face after hearing he had gotten better, he then sees Masmai wave one of her hands as a sign to tell him to rest and he would her last question before letting out a small sigh. "I think before I do attack but sometimes I don't because thinking to hard on your attack can cause you to come to the wrong conclusion on what your opponent will do once you use that attack, because you think the wrong mind set you can easily lose your life before you have a chance to bink. I was striking without thinking because when I do that I have more of a chance to counter the attack.

IzzyDaPada: -Masami would listen as the young man spoke, his thinking would align with her younger self’s thinking. It would make sense, however she had grown to realize as she got older that most of what he spoke about mattered little in the end... Taking a few steps over to him she extended out her hand to give him the tanto sheath to return the weapon back into its holstered home.- “The difference in that thought process is, I would have not been surprised… however I anticipate everything and anything.” –She would give his shoulder a gentle pat.- “As well, it matters litte what or who your clan is… you can be strong regardless of weaknesses…” –Masami slowly walked over to her scythe and gave it a large circling twirl to bring the holster on her back.- “Always think before you rush into attacking someone… as your thought process is not incorrect, that thought process will be the reason you get killed in the future… I should know, I’ve seen a few lose their lives in that manner…” – Her tone was bland as she spoke and mindlessly brought the few latches to her left shoulder and adjusted the buckles accordingly. She’d shift and adjust the holster that held the large weapon to where it rested against her shoulder and ribs gently. Finally turning around, the large weapon loomed over her casting a shadow.- “The more you train with the tanto, the more it will become second nature to not rush and calmly approach a situation with the tanto. I less I will have to correct you.” –Masami pointed towards the tanto...- “That is a tool to help you strengthen… not just a tool that will inflict damage and kill if you catch your appointment off guard… just something to think about when you head into future training… Like I said earlier, it is an extension of your own arm…. Don’t be too quick to want to lose your arm.”

LordVoodooReaper  Draken would see that she extended the black sheathe that seemed to be 13. 5 inches long with a width of 19mm to give it some space for the blade to slide in, he then drags his left hand upwards to grip the center of the sheathe and hold it close to his stomach while he uses his right hand that held the Tanto in a sword like posture to slowly slide it into the sheathe to make sure the blade had no scratch on it. He then keeps the Tanto in his left hand while he listens to Masmai's words about how his attack pattern will not work on her no matter how many times he tries to do so, he tilts his head downwards and then closes his snake like eye while he lets out a small sigh. While his eyes remained closed he felt a soft hand pat on his left shoulder which causes him to look upwards at her as he listens to the next set of words that passes through her lips to give him a bit of encourgment. He sees her walk over to the heavy detailed scythe and watchs how she puts it back into the holster and notices she has great hand control to wield the scythe, as she quickly latches it on to her holster on her back while telling him to be careful of how he attacks with the Tanto or else he can lose his limbs or life like the others before him who had the same mindset as him. He slowly walks over to the wall of weapons to find himself a strap to place around his upper torso to hold the Tanto. After a few minutes of searching he finally finds the straps, he places the straps on his upper torso and then straps the holstered Tanto on the right side of his upper back so he doesn't have to hold it in his left hand. He then lets out another sigh past through his lips and lets the following set of words out after the sigh " I understand what you are saying Teach I promise to practice and think of new ways to use it better than I did today."

IzzyDaPada: -Masami gave a nod of her head acknowledging his words.- “That is all I can that you practice.” She’d bring her arms above her head resting her hands on her head as a look of mock exhaustion would appear on her face. The woman’s demenior would change from being serious and a teacher, to an individual who seemed like they had something important.- “However, this was a good start to the first training together as a team… so I shall let you go with this new found knowledge and enjoy the rest of your day.” –Masami was ready to eat something and find her usual place to nap away from the eyes of the public. If only the kage was around to see the amount of work she had put into training the kid, maybe she’d get a day off once in a while. The jounin would let out a muffled laugh to herself at the thought of the kage actually giving her a day off. Turning on her heel Masami headed towards the door of the dojo, looking over her shoulder at the young genin who seemed to still be standing where she left him.- “You coming or not?” –Her tone was calm but also hinting at poking fun at the young genin. When she had reached the ledge of the dojo and took the step, she grabbed her shoes and slipped them on and headed for the door. A sigh of relief left the woman’s lips as she slipped through the door not paying attention if the genin was following her or not. Feeling the evening sun hit her face, Masami closed her eyes and made her way towards her intended destination of food, home, and finally sleep.-

LordVoodooReaper  Draken would think on the words she just had said to him which made him think and block everything out in the process. He then heard Masmai ask if he was staying in the dojo or not, Draken would let out a small sigh as he would let the following words part his lips " Yea I'm coming and you owe me a new pair of shade Teach." Not knowing if Mamai heared what he had said to her Draken slowly places both his hands in the pockets of his dark black jeans while he slowly walks to the direction of the enterance, once reaching the ledge he shifted his weight downwards to move into a crouching position to grab his black boots to quickly put them on so he doesn't have to walk barefoot outside. Once he had his boots on he opens the door that was closed behind the jounin and is welcomed by a burst of light rays from the evening sun and the thick fog with a cool breeze, he heads towards the main gate that leads into the orpanage where he lived at to rest up for the next day.


After a successful first meeting with her student, Masami did her best to get the basics taught and start the genin on a training regimen. and it seemed like it was a good first start for the young man. Draken worked hard the first day of training and it showed. However, it is only day one of his training, more is in store for Draken and more obstacles that Masami will set up for him to try and pass successfully before he can rest easily.