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Young Kagato and Athena


Kagato Uzumaki , Athena Uzumaki

Title: Chance meeting: Future God and the Runaway

IlAthena: It was one of those mornings, standing at the foot of the steps to the noble house she hated so much... closing her eyes to it as she sat poised adorned in purple in black formal attire. Silks fitting royalty she hated how they felt, painted doll...she hated how they made her look... gritting her teeth to them as she glared into the puddle at her feet as she was ushered up the steps towards the landing, the hair ornaments making her twitch as they were placed in her red hair... she hated this life... locked behind closed doors, being called the young Hime of the rain. It was more of an irritation for her... the title like chains to her very being... she had been placed under such care and kept away from people for the visual of being a noble and one of considerable reputation to that of those of the boarder, blood of her Kamisama...shaking her head to it, her eyes not paying attention to those who attended her. A girl of 12 she just wanted to be like those who got to be free... opening her painted eyes to be ushered out to the wooden door she had to walk through every year on her birthdate, showing herself to the public who lived rich and in great luxury on the border, she hated it. She was like a painting of a cage.... her threads whipping the air... The one choice she had made herself was to become that of a puppet and from that point on she had to hide when she trying to toy with her new found skills, everyday smiling reminding herself of that man who had shown her the little puppet, his words about his little wooden puppet bird sinking deep within her soul- “Some birds aren't meant ot be cadged” -Smiling at his words as they carved into her heart as something hit her staring down at the people below herself... her eyes widening shaking her head, blinking to the words, the ephinay hitting her, seeing the rain begin to fall at the opened gate..... even being a puppet she was still cadged...kicking away her silk dresses fabric as she panicked backing away from the rail, darting away from the door way throwing the head dress to the floor in a chinking mes of metals and fabric flowers taking a piece of black fabric and tieing it around her mouth as she sprinted away, her attendants following her wake, as she threw off the long black veiling behind her, running faster then she had ever, panting as she tied the fabric around her face, her shoes tak tacking against the wooden polished floors as she ran through the gardens and out of so many gates, jumping over some, nicking fabric tearing it slightly, nicking her leg and neck from the sharp rose bushes that adorned the barrier of the border village, her hand pulling up the edge of her under layered dress and running so fast the world becoming a blur of panting and escape, her threads slashing away shriken that flew past to impeded her escape, vanishing into the pouring rain that fell as she reached the boarder... this seemed the only day they had the gates open this long it was now or never, running along the dirt reaching the boarders bridge collapsing to her knees panting behind her mask, gripping the wood of its structure under her feet...looking behind herself... the villagers were not nin... her skills being somewhat that seemed to come naturally veiled her... in the rain she was invisible to all who couldn't see through the rains veil, it being her saving grace on the days when the rain had fallen on the boarder... not often enough but the bridge she just felt it fall, closing her eyes to it as she panted reaching her hands to the sky not paying attention to any of her surroundings.. she was invisible here... they would never cadge her ever again...-panting behind her mask tears melting to the rain as she let it soak through her black silk, leaning back, laughing thorough panted breaths, her threads trilling through the air, catching the drops joyously- “Kami...sama... I am free...”

Kagato: -The day had just started, a flash of lighting crashed down in front of his bed rooms window, the light of which was enough to stir him from his slumber. He began to feel a sore spot on his lower neck reaching up his right hand rubbing it lightly feeling a bit of crusted blood in one spot on the side of his lower neck. In a half a sleep tone groggy voice he parted his lips letting out a- What the hell?? – He wasn’t sure what this was all about but he didn’t seem to feel any different just that his neck was a bit sore. He shrugged it off pulled the black blanket over the top of his head for a few moments before he began to toss and turn.- Eh…- Kagato knew he had to get up and start his day but it was one of those days he didn’t feel like budging later on that day  he would have to meet up with his sister for a mission but that wasn’t  till later, just one of those simple tasks that he thought redundant . He wanted a bit of tie to his self-beforehand.  He flung off the covers arched his back cracking it a bit, before sitting up and panting his right hand down on his bed and twisted his back  doing the same the opposite was with planting his left hand this time. He shuffled his legs over the side of his bed, planting them on the hard cold wooden floor, before standing up slowly. He stripped down from what he was wearing to sleep in grabbing his black  baggy  pants that where flung over the back of  the chair in his room and slipping the on. He looked form left to right locating a black tank top with white edging on the bottom of it. He quickly pulled it over top of his head and rain his fingertips through his mid back crimson strands. He walked back over towards the bed  grabbing his shoes black in color and open toed which reached up to about mid shin. He sat back down on the bed slipping his right then left show on.   He shook his head from left to right trying to shake off the drowsiness he still felt. He stood up once more picking up his purple and blue necklace that was a replica of the one his descendant Nagato wore , he placed it around his neck letting it just dangle there as he picked up his Rain village head band that had been sitting right next to it. He tied his headband around his neck loosely. Last but not least he grabbed a pair of black gloves slipping them on his right and left hand and proceeded to walk out the door. Hitting the streets for a little walk was normal for Kagato the rain falling upon his skin was calming to him. Today he thought he might hang around the bridge at the border a bit before meeting up with his sister.  He often liked to sit on the railing of this bridge and just watch the river below it rush and crash into the supports of the bridge.  His green eyes reflecting the dim light that peeked sometimes through the ominous clouds that seemed to always be over head in this village, some that were not native here might find these sky’s depressing but to Kagato he felt at one and at peace with it.  He passed a bunch of villagers on his way to the border, most stared or whispered when he was around even though he was related to one of the most famous of shinobi’s and one who was considered a god among the people here he was often looked down upon.  He paid it no mind and made his way to the Amegakure gate passing through it paying little mind to the two guards hanging around the doors of which. As he walked towards the bridge with slight splashes from walking through the puddles that seemed to be everywhere, he finally arrived at the bridge.  His green eyes darted to a figure seeming to be kneeing on the bridge. Kagato tilted his head to his right in a curious type nature this wasn’t something that felt right there were something up and his mind playing into this he had to know what was up. He made his approach to the person standing right in front of them peering down his gaze locked on them. His lips parting slowly not sure what to say he just spoke rather abruptly and to the point. - Uh… what are you doing? – His long dampened crimson strands swaying in front of his face some clinging to the sides of his cheeks.-

IlAthena: -Her eyes opening suddenly, dropping her hands quickly. Looking up at the figure in front of her, her eyes going wide, emeralds stuck on him like glue... her mind racing from confusion... Blinking as lightning picked up in the blackening sky, blinking her mind confused by him it seemed just as much as he looked by her. He could see her.... Ninja... The head band had outlined that much at first glance... the rest adding up so quickly in her mind it almost made her dizzy, sliding back slightly. He … he looked like Nagato...Kamisama... who the...shaking her head to the idea standing in her soaking black and purple filigreed dress, pointing at him stammering as she pointed a shaky finger at him - “W....WH..WHO THE HELL ARE YOU IMPOSTER” -Taking a cautious step back from the stranger, ignoring his question, the idea she had been witnessed in her celebration more than making her cheeks flush almost as scarlet at her dripping red strands. Eyeing his necklace, one she had seen before enshrined in the memorial hall within the boarder house she lived, eyes narrowing as she took a stance. He could see her even though she was hiding in the rain.. clearly she needed more training to make herself invisible to ninja, mentally reminding herself to study more so on it...Twitching at the idea Looking down for a second- “Tch...” -Looking up pointing an accusing painted finger at him - “NAME YOURSELF STRANGER” -Yelling at him as she looked him over cautiously, dressed in black. Her mind trying to work out if he had been sent by her house or if he was a threat, her threads flicking in the air, snapping around her cautiously as she looked the black figure up and down, catching on his eyes, blinking at them as she bit her bottom lip looking away from them, her other hand pulling up her mask defenselessly, His red hair... his form... it made her instantly on guard she couldn't explain it but her blood boiling from his appearance instantly over whelmed it, who was he, how dare he come so close to her, …..how dare he...breathing deeply looking past his eyes instinctively, tripping up on his looks and form... she would have to compose herself waiting for his reply, re-pointing her finger at him as if to create a distance between them both as water dripped down her skin, dangerous emeralds warding him off, like she had done with so many. They were her shields in many ways protecting herself with their hues like a cornered wild animal, she had just broken out of her confines she wasn't about to go back to that, she would die before she allowed that-

Kagato: Imposter? –He shook his head from left to right his eyes flickered the color changing in the form the once green to a blood red color. One black, two black now three black tome could be seen swirling around in this sea of red. Kagato being part Uzumaki and part Uchiha   still allowed him to access the Sharigan from his Uchiha blood. He didn’t much care for that half part of him and favored his Uzumaki heritage but the eyes did come in handy at times. He slid his feet back a bit seeing as it seemed she was becoming defensive. His lips parted slowly an in a smart ass like tone he would answer her question well kind of.-  I’m an Uzumaki and that is all you need to know at this point,  I have never seen you around these parts so my guess is you are the actual stranger to these lands. I suggest you first tell me who you are.. –His normal playful nature being suppressed at the moment seeing as this person was questioning him without due because he thought. - Didn’t your parents ever teach you any manors?  Shouting and carrying on like that is not very lady like. –He chuckled a bit at his own comment and the finger being pointed at him, the sound of which seemed only to heavily hang in the moisture filled air. I know I belong here, born and raised but you; you don’t seem to before around here so speak quickly. – His firstasumption about this person was that she might be from some far off place by the way she was dressed a little too fancy for these parts or at least it was very rare to see in any case His eyes narrowing slightly as his stare meet her eyes  never blinking staring directly into the green pools of her eyes.-

IlAthena: -blinking at his words, narrowing her eyes on him a moment later, twitching slightly seeing his eyes shift colors with her peripheries- “Uzumaki blood ….and uchiha...” - whispering the words to herself as she eyed the blood line trait curiously, looking away composing herself standing straight flicking her damp strands glaring at him as she turned side on to him- “I am Uzumaki Athena, Lady...t...” -pausing her words she chewed her bottom lip... would he treat her different... if he knew where she was lady to...shaking her head mentally as his words boiled her blood further, Him having the nerve to talk to her, dammed smart assed boy, that was right he was just a boy, turning her shoulder ot him as she straightened her attire, flicking red behind her ear- “I am from the boarder edge...”My name is Athena Uzumaki...” -His eyes made her a little guarded, she had never seen the Sharingan before in person but she had heard what it could do...it kind of just gave her a headache looking away from his eyes to the trees behind him. Running over the rails and back to his red stranded cheek, blushing slightly- “I would appreciate if you didn't show such eyes before me... they are trickery and I find them offensive” -dusting her shoulders as she composed herself, speaking in her rather formal tone. She knew people could become ensnared by them, unsure of the effect it would have on her own puppet eyes but she didn't know him well enough to test the theory of their effect just holding her gaze away from them and on anything else she could other than his eyes. He looked like Nagato-kamisama... but those eyes.. it made her uncomfortable...her fingers toying with the fabric at her finger tips as her threads lightly spun in the air around them both...the temptation to touch his skin to see if he was real...it catching her heart beat as she gulped air, the light blush holding behind her mask as she sheltered herself from his strange appearance, recalling in her mind the times she had stood before Nagato-kamisama's shrine, touching a palm against his painted portraits and his beaded necklace when she was alone. Somewhat wishing she had taken it with her, shaking her head to it, looking back to him- “You're an Uzumaki and don't know who I am...” -A smile tweaking at the corner of her lips shaking it off as she sighed.. guessing the Centre of the Ame was truly different than that of the Boarder, the idea making her laugh slightly, tilting her head to the side observing him curiously-

Kagato: -He nodded to her slightly, seeing his yes making her uncomfortable as she started her name twice seeming like she was trying to regain some composure he thought. The very thought of this amused him a bit, granted he hated the eyes and what blood line they came from but they were an ominous sight to behold for those not used to them. Her tone seemed to change when she asked him to not show his eyes to her. He blinked slowly once after reopening them his eyes changed back to their normal brilliant green color. He stood there watching her every movement  he was unsure of his true intention but he didn’t think she was here to actually cause harm to anyone at least that is what the feeling he got.- Seems there a bit ore to your name, or does a cat got your tongue? – He shook his head from left to right  little rain droplets flung carelessly through the air launched from his crimson strands trademark of the Uzumaki clan which he was thankful this trait carried over to him.- I’m Uzumaki Kagato direct blood relative to Uzumaki Nagato. – He titled his head a bit after speaking that not sure why he just gave out that information but what real harm could it do, she wasn’t related to Hanzo, he could see that very easy and plain as day. His lips parted once more slowly and in more calm type tone of voice this time he asked her yet another question.- So what brings you out here? I heard the people who lived in or around the border where a bit snobbish and seeing as how you are dressed…- He paused for a moment thinking to his self she a little taken in by her appearance, he lowered his head for a second looking down at the boards that made up the bridge. Their wood darkens and damp from the consent falling rain. He snapped his head back up and began looking directly into her eyes again as his right hand  moved swiftly to the side of his face brushing his red strands  of his right side back behind his ear slightly-

IlAthena: -sighing at his words, it was true there was more to her name, shaking her head, twitching glaring back at him frowning her brows, only to blush darkly as she took a step back, his words lingering on her mind, descendant of Nagato..Kamisama.. She was aware her actions showed clearly, unsure of how she should react to him. Would her own personal god be upset with her if she didn't show hi proper respect … twitching... to this smart assed boy, screw that, going back to pointing at him- “You are no descendant of Nagato-kamisami, I do not accept you, hmph” -turning her back to him crossing her arms across her chest, deciding in that moment he would have to prove his worthiness to earn the respect that a true relative of her god would get.- “There is indeed more to my name..” -her words hitching in her voice as she glanced behind herself through her wet strands that fell across her cheek, his eyes shifting back flicking his red strand over his ear... her cheeks going red.. the hell was wrong with her... god's dammit... he was an ass... he didn't deserve any reverance...gritting her teeth as she took a deep breath- “I am Athena Uzumaki, Daughter and Hime of the boarder... the true heir to Nagato-kamisama... stupid boy, Hmph..” -Closing her eyes to him looking smug.... halting opening her eyes to blink,....w..was she still that person now.. She had run away... escaped... from it. Would her Kamisama be displeased...chewing her bottom lip as concern pulled her heart strings... shaking her head as her inner turmoil hit her- “N....no forget that... I am Athena Uzumaki... I will rebuild the Amegakure no Sato, stronger than any other village and Make Nagato-kamisama proud to have my blood near his” -nodding as she stared up at the sky, turning around to him kicking her dresses fabric to the side and she turned around- “The people at the boarder edge deserve dstruction... they will pay for what they have done to the centre” -nodding- “I will make sure of it... now get out of my way... I have to speak to speak to the head of the Ame... uh..” -pausing a moment ...- “Who is the head of the Ame...” -blinking at her rhetorical question-

Kagato: -He shook his- You can disbelieve me all you want but here and those so called blood relatives from the border tch - He reached onto his pocket pulling out a small sealed box- Only one of his full blood line could ever hope to break the seal on this box- Kagato tapped the small black box  a slight light flashed for a second unsealing  the seal that had  been protecting it. He flicks the lid open to reveal a sliver ring with the kanji meaning zero. He causally made his way over to her with the lid open holding it outwards tilting it a bit in her eye sight range. - Only someone of his direct blood line would have this. Konan she herself passed it down to my relative Nagato’s true blood relative … and now I have been entrusted with its care. My sister and I are the true chosen ones to carry out his legacy you will see one day just like everyone else who looks down upon us. – His words kind of cascading from his lips going on a rant  because this conversation was hitting to close to home, who the hell was she to doubt his blood line connection. What the hell made her so special that she thinks that her claim is held higher than his own? Was it because of that dirty Uchiha blood the flowed through his veins?  He hated this fact that his blood was tainted with such a clan, but that is what you get when the goal is to try to produce the next God of the hidden rain. - I bet you haven’t even been in his tower which my family owns... and still stands to this day.- He shook his head at her question no one really knew who was in charge of Amegakure at this point in time, so many wars have broken out inside and outside of the land of rain no one could keep track. It was true Amegakure was in a state of disarray but this was his home and ever since he could remember he wanted to restore this place to the former glory he read about in his school books. He simply rolled his shoulders- Destruction eh?-He paused for a moment contemplating what she had just said about the people who lived at the border- Hmm I guess they left a bad taste in your mouth as well, but as for your question I don’t think anyone knows the answer to that question at the moment.

IlAthena: -Looking to him and the small box, narrowing her eyes on it. The blue hue of the treasured ring. She had seen it many times in paintings an art work the border village had scattered about the shrine to him. The idea always seeming strange to her, they worshipped him and yet loathed ninja and all their apparent “corruptive and controlling” ways. Shaking her head the thought always seeming hypocritical. How could one loath Nin, the people who protect and safe guard. Being of people without money nor wealth the Rain nin were the strongest and most determined lot she had ever read about. Meeting one or two in passing when she was very small and how they seemed always very focused and dignified in a sense. Not cold and lacking in compassion. How could one who saves be uncaring, Looking down to the ring, blushing as she saw his reflection in the silvered Metal, it was as if Looking at Nagato-kamisama himself... the idea making her heart break pace, turning her back to him, cutting away her slightly shifted composure, closing her eyes, expression somewhat cold, as she flicked a glance back, biting her bottom lip under her mask. Now more than ever glad of its shield it provided. Either you stole it or it's a fake... What object like that could respond to one of Uchiha blood... those people leave a bad taste on everyone’s lips”-shaking her head, closing her eyes to it as she crossed her arms across her chest, fingers holding wet silken material as she, opened her eyes to look over her shoulder through her fallen strands. The water and her rather darting run had seen to its slight disarray. His words making her tense up, as she raised an eye brow at him- “What would you know... You have never seen them to know them I bet, the boarder... Are corrupt, cold … and always only there for themselves...” -her words drifting off to a slight only just audible word- “Being a leader of corruption was never something I wanted... Nagato-kamisama would never have been ok with the center of the Ame's suffering... how could I be ok with it” -Sighing and her voice reigning itself back in... Looking back up and again past his orbs, slightly playing over the little parted damp strands framing his eyes- “The need to be taught a lesson that trapping Nagato's blood line is a dangerous thing, very dangerous indeed... if there is no leader... Then I will lead them myself...” -her eyes flashing with a fire that could only be called blue lit with determination, hot with focus and dangerous like it would set fire to her surroundings. Blue in that massing sea of green that was her painted eyes, staring right into him without even needing to make eye contact-

Kagato: -his eyes narrowed as her words reached his ears, for her to call the ring a fake was downright horrendous, and to add to add insult  with the other accusation that he stole it was a bit much for him to  stand at the moment. He glared right into her eyes, shooting her a glance so frigid, that it would rival the cold grip of death itself. He snapped the lid closed once more then taped the lid once more putting the seal back in place. He mention his Uchiha blood sent him over the edge, An inferno building from his gut devouring  his whole being ,  He hated his Uchiha blood ties, if he had the choice he would have been full Uzumaki, yet  fate was cruel to him with this travesty. He cursed his self and his parents for this, he favored his Uzumaki side and would always put that side forward in every situation. - I cannot help what  my realities did now can I!? –His voice tweaked in a pissed off tone. Kagato was easily angered if the right buttons were pushed and that was one of them. His body language started to display this as he crossed his arms playing them firmly against his torso. He tightened his hands into fist; if not for his black gloves that he was wearing it would have been easy to notice he was clenching them so tight his knuckles were turning white. He bit the side of his left lip drawing a bit of blood with the pressure of his pearly whites sinking into skin of his lips.  He flicked his tongue out word and in one quick motion he lapped up the trickle of crimson blood he had cause to spew forth from his lip.- Who the hell do you think you are to judge me like that? Phhhft, at least I wasn’t spoiled and know what the real world is like. I have struggled to get what we needed or wanted, climbing the damn ranks with everyone doubting me, the constant glares and talking you know nothing of this!!!!!!!! –He was enraged but yet somehow intrigued by her, there was just something about her that  he couldn’t put his finger on just yet, she got under his skin just now but  there was something else there he was unsure of. He shook his head from left to right slowly and then turned his back towards her. He took a few steps forward making it about three feet from her. He tilted his head back towards her, giving her a death stare. - You lead Amegakure? Go home before you get yourself hurt.. Tch.. You know nothing about being a real shinobi, climbing through the ranks. The life I live is the same of Nagato Sama his self. One day I will bring true peace to this world of ours! I will lead Amegakure and restore it to is former glory!  - His passion for his home was over flowing, he took great pride in the hidden rain even if the other doubted him, or maybe it was that they were just jealous of how quickly he was advancing. He shrugged it off paused and spun one hundred and eighty degrees on his right heel to face her once more.-

IlAthena: -flinching at his words, gritting her teeth as she spun to face his new position, narowing her eyes at him- “S....S...SPOILT.....Y....you really are a fool...You have no idea what it means to be trapped... cadges.... at every turn... being blocked from being close to the only thing you ever wanted... I will never go back to that. I would rather die in a gutter....drown in the rain... I wish I had with them...” her eye line dropping, images of her parents flashing to her eyes. She only knew them in the paintings that were enshrined by Nagato's fallen family and close blood ties, sighing to it- “I have fought every day of my life... the expectation of a leader I was born to be... being a leader of corruption and shunning it the whole way till I had a chance to run, If I am to lead I will dam well make sure I do it and make “Him” proud... You may have your shinobi ways but I am sure as hell I could stand tall against any Chunin within the Amegakure No Sato and I earned my skill all on my own, no one helped me with that... I have fought to be free since my birth... spoiled... You have no idea.... what you are saying... Bastard child of an Uchiha... I pity the Uzumaki blood in you...” -narrowing her eyes at him, she had never felt this way towards someone... having to truly separate the feelings that compelled her... the image of her personal god and that if a brat who had no idea how free he was, Gritting her teeth tearing her eyes off him, rage filling her, confusion compelling her back to his, crushing her nails into her palms, something sparking in her as she looked behind herself at him- “You will never lead the Amegakure... You are nothing more than a street brat who knows nothing of the adult world... you know nothing of loss because you have had nothing to loose...I have given up that life and you will never stand in my way in order to make Nagato-kamisamas legacy strong again” -Holding her position her nails cutting in deep within her palms as she glared daggers at him. She had never spoken with such foreboding conviction and rage in her, it was dam near graceless and something she had never felt nor acted and thrown towards another... who was this boy to draw it out of her.... her heart was beating so fast it dam near hurt. Fixing herself in place as she held the trembles of adrenalin that tainted her blood, her threads whipping about the air around her trying to judge if this Uzumaki wanted to start a fight observing him closely feeling the rage flood off of him-

Kagato:I know nothing of loss? Are you kidding me!? –His eyes flickered once more drawing out the side of him he hated so very much his green eyes once returning to their crimson red, three black tomoe spinning around at a rapid pace  only to come to a stop the once sea of green  was filled with red and black of his.- You know nothing of me!!!!! –His tone of voice filled with a fiery anger, his tongue with every word like flicking acid through the air-You know nothing of the war the real world! Something you never had to deal with. – He eyes focused, and so cold like a viper ready to strike.-  Go ahead look down on me! I will show all of you all of you meaningless doubters I will rise up and become what I have been destined to be. This is nothing new it just more fuel to my fire! – Kagato took a few long strides closing the gap in between them standing no more than a foot away from her now.  His red strands whipping through the air as a light breeze picked up, He began to regain his composure and his smart ass nature took hold.- I maybe just a chuunin but I know I can take a sheltered brat like you. Growing up as I have, pain made me stronger, Knowing pain controls ones thoughts and decisions, if you don't share someone's pain, you can never understand them, but just because you understand them doesn't mean you can come to an agreement.. That is the truth… And you far from understand my pain…Through knowing pain, true pain you can find true peace… this is what I believe in this is what I will make the world know!! – His voice cut through the air like a freshly sharpened katana.  The rain seemed to star falling more heavily  the pitter-patter of the slow rain drops became more heavy and sounded much like a beating drum on the dampened wood of the bridge.- I will rid this world of these foolish wars…their motives for war are of no concern, Religion, ideology, resources, land, grudges, love, or just because… No matter how pathetic the reason,. They start wars….Human nature peruses strife.. I will bring it all to an end one way or another mark my words. –he shook his head from left to right his stare becoming more frigid by the moment, He slid is right foot to the side slightly  no more than an inch  a crossed the wet  rain soaked boards of the bridge slashing through  the slight puddles that laid there. He shifted his left foot slightly behind him about  the same as his right foot an inch or two. He bent his elbows drawing his arms up towards mid torso- If you want to test me resolve then I suggest you keep pushing my button… but I warn you. You will be facing Kagato of the Hidden Rain A name that will go down in history..

IlAthena: -blinking at is words, it was true their lives were bound by different rules and difficulties it seemed they would never fully agree on, Seeing his hair flow about him. She could only stare at the conviction of his words watching him advance on her as she re orientated herself to stare at his eyes. His words stinging her but something about them... it was as if she had heard them somewhere, chewing her bottom lip as she broke eye contact as her mind wandered on the thought only to glance back. The mental visual of Nagato standing over him as if a guardian on his shoulder. Blinking to the visual as she took a hesitant step back from him, her mind reeling the image vanishing as soon as she closed and re-opened her eyes. If she hadn't had her mask on she was sure she would have been a gasp, reigning it in as the image veiled and vanished around him... he may have had those eyes that carved into her... made her uncomfortable to look at... but his words... it was like watching Nagato.. her personal god stand before her. Gripping her palms so hard they felt warm, rain water dripping the red to the wet wooden planks at her feet, her heart beating so hard as she looked him over... the strange visual of him in the attire fitting a Kage, it silhouetting his form, the visual he would keep this place strong dam near threw her...shaking her head pulling herself out of her delusion. Only for a moment thinking she had been caught in genjutsu but there was no sign of it... her mind had just created it all on its own... a calming smile crossing her face... his blood shone through... she would never bow to an Uchiha... but.. An Uzumaki with the convictions she held close and she knew Nagato-kamisama believed in and would be proud of she could bare this... maybe, knowing full well she would never admit this fact... Laughing lightly to it. Her tension leaving her body as she stood up straight, untieing her mask off her face as she looked past his red eyes...A lady never hid her face from someone she considered her equal, his eyes still making her skin crawl but repressing it as she gripped the black cloth in her weeping hand... mentally noting to herself... that this seemed the only way she could look at him... mentally marking it into herself, taking a slight inhale as she spoke once again, turning her back to him as she smiled, looking behind herself- “You might have leadership in you yet.... Baka Kage” -smiling closing her eyes as she strode past him and towards the Village- “Don't you dare loose it....”

-He felt empowered somehow like he was channeling Nagato his self, He would make his name known, he would accomplish all his goals or die trying. He wanted nothing more to protect those who he cared about. He wanted Amegakure to rise up and show the world they were someone not to be trifled with. He watched her movements very carefully it seemed as if she was loosening up a bit, as she uniting her mask, His eyes instantly losing their coldness as he stared at her now revealed face. He blinked his eyes slowly, and then open they abruptly the red sea seemed to have parted his eyes returning to his normal green pools which made up his optics. He was taken in by her beauty for a moment as she walked passed him; there was just something about her. She had gotten him all worked up brining out his colder side yet with a simple look from her he felt calm once more He shook his head once more. “Baka Kage” those words stuck in his head ringing about those words embedded in his memory for some reason which he found it a bit odd but yet the words that followed empowered hi somehow. All he could do is give her a simple nod and a light hearted smile as she vanished from his sight. He got lost in thought standing there for several minutes before he realized he was going to be late for the mission that his sister and him where supposed to be doing. He quickly regain his composer and darted off to the main gate making his way back into the village to meet his sister Hanako in the center.-

End Results:

Kagato and Athena meet for the first time