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Hyuga Tetsuo, Hyuga Yazuka

4/22/14 - Brother Versus Brother: Battle Of The Hyugas

Guest_IRoyHarperI: - It was around late evening; the moon having risen up early and the soft white petals falling as the rain drops of Amegakure came splattering to them as usual; hence the reason why Amegakure is known as " The Hidden Village in The Rain." Today, Yazuka was outside the Amegakure Hyuga Compound, whistling softly as he finished his Bukijutsu training with his mother who is letting out a smile as shemother commented on how proud he was. During this, Tetuso also took part. He then turned and smiled to his brother as he loved him more than he could he say.- " Well brother... Since this is you and time, why not have a little spar?"- Yazuka lets out a smirk as he turned to the opposite site as he placed himself in the gentle fist stance, his knees bend which would lead his muscles bending. He wanted to really test his brother's abilities so far. Yazuka was seen wth his white Hyuga robe, shinobi pants and a small ninja pouch which would include small accessories such as kunai, flash bombs and etc. He was also equipped with his bo Staff as he could now know how to wield it.-

JusticeAndPunishment: While Yazuka is undergoing Bukijutsu training, Tetsuo is concentrating on meditation just nearby from where their mother is helping Yazuka practice with the bo staff he is equipped with. Because of the rain, Tetsuo decides to use this time to meditate without the use of his usual rain poncho which he often uses to keep himself dry from the rain so to not catch a cold from being drenched from the falling rain. He is still wearing his usual white Hyuga robes which are identical to Yazuka’s own in an addition to the black shinobi pants. They are kept dry from a certain spot that Tetsuo is sitting upon that is nothing more than a flat meditation stone under the cover of a massive tree as he is under a large branch that shields him from tiny drops coming down from the smaller branches. His only noticeable sets of equipment upon his body are two pouches that can be seen on his right thigh and on the back of his robe sash. The pouch on his right thigh contains six kunai and three pairs of different ordinances: two flash bombs for blinding, two smoke bombs for concealment, and two explosive tags for demolition. The pouch on his back of his waist has six shuriken for disarmament and incapacitation. The principle concept for this arrangement of weaponry is to attend to a more tactical approach and utilize non-lethal methods for taking down an opponent. He has no weaponry outside of the kunai and the shuriken, so in the end he has only his hands and feet in an addition to the environment around him as long as he remains focused and not get into a tunnel vision of rage like he usually does. Should he remain calm and focused, he would figure out advantages from the world around him. It is said that a ninja is to be a master of all things: himself and his environment. As soon as he would hear Yazuka ask him to spar, Tetsuo’s eyes open quickly to see Yazuka taking the Gentle Fist stance. As a result, Tetsuo leaps up and takes the same stance, but the left-handed variant that seems to mirror Yazuka’s own stance. The concept is to show that Tetsuo allowed himself to train to become ambidextrous, meaning that he is capable of using either the right or left hand as a dominant side. Knowing well he has no weapon, Tetsuo’s alternative is to use his Taijutsu skills as he would use his Byakugan to sense Yazuka’s chakra pathway system in an addition to the tenketsu nodes within them. He would also see Yazuka’s chakra aura, already rendering him as a locked-on target due to his distinguishing aura color that stands out from the environment around them. The veins upon his temples and below his eyes slightly bulge upon the activation of the Byakugan and Tetsuo then goes towards molding his chakra into his arms and legs to amplify his speed and strength. By concentrating on the flow of chakra, he would allow enough chakra to mold into the limbs so he would run faster and hit harder. As that is finished, he carefully starts to advance towards Yazuka while keeping the left-handed Gentle Fist stance. He doesn’t say a word as he steps close, ready only to utilize unarmed combat against Yazuka. The first attempt would be to carefully lay an inward crescent kick towards Yazuka’s head, which would no doubt have his leg caught in the process but he would use the momentum of his body to swing his other leg around so that he would be thrown to the ground near Tetsuo who would have to stand up fast enough to launch another attack. There may be a different outcome like a counter, but this idea is the first thing that enters into Tetsuo’s mind as he then lifts up his left leg to perform the inward crescent kick as he keeps his arms up like a shield.

Guest_IRoyHarperI: - As Yazuka saw his little brother activate his Byakugan, he gave a smirk to see that Tetsuo has come a long way. Yazuka was very excited for this spar because it would be the first time sparring him in a while as they have been both busy with their teams who have a steaming rivalry. He has heard about how Tetsuo has gone to become very powerful in his taijutsu which made Yazuka smile. A few minutes later, Yazuka would let out a small smile seeing as Tetsuo came in a close-range to him. He would then keep himself in a defensive stance. At first, he thought about countering back immediately with a fatal hit, but Yazuka did not want do that. With that, Yazuka grabbed out his Bo staff and knowing that in worst cases, his bo staff would snap. With that, he placed the Bo-staff infront of Yazuka and watched Tetsuo connect the kick to his bo staff. With that, his Bo-Staff would snap but Yazuka did not care right now because he always knows his mother would mend it for him. Due to this, Yazuka would holster his bo-staff and lets out a small smile.- " Now to counter it."- He said and with that, he would try release an uppercut to Tetsuo's chin. If this was successful, it would follow Tetsuo being send midair, Yazuka following and trying to knee him in the guts. If this was successful too, Yazuka would then have his fist embodied with chakra and try finish off the combo with an crushing thrust to his chest with his palms. If this was all successful, Tetsuo's chakra points would have been knocked off due to the fact of how his fist was embodied with chakra.-

JusticeAndPunishment: Tetsuo sees the bo snap in two as a result of the kick when Yazuka blocks it, causing Yazuka to holster it, but as soon as he would make another strike by sending in a right-handed jab he would feel the sudden crack of an upper cut punch to the bottom of his chin causing him to leap up and flip back. Using the momentum from this strike upon him, Tetsuo manages to drop back at three feet from Yazuka’s current position before he would deliver the knee strike. Tetsuo’s chin is already rattling with pain once he hits the ground with his feet crushing onto the grass beneath him. Tetsuo takes in deep breaths to calm himself despite the pain pulsing, and once he is collected himself he looks around for a split second. Seeing that Yazuka is right in front of him and already embedded enough chakra within his palms with the intent to shut down Tetsuo’s chakra pathways. Next, Tetsuo draws out three kunai and rests them in between the fingers of his right hand. By lifting his arm and having it rest on his left side, he then flings out his arm as he stands sideways in front of Yazuka and throws the three kunai his way. The intent is to at least to have Yazuka dodge them which would give enough time for Tetsuo to draw out his next weapon. Once Yazuka is in midair from leaping over the kunai, Tetsuo would take out a flash bomb from his kunai pouch. Should Yazuka land anywhere nearby, Tetsuo’s Byakugan would already detect him as it grants him a 360-degree field of vision minus the blind spot below the base on the back of the skull and the top of the neck. He would have to be fast should Yazuka leap, using the chakra aura he is emitting as a target focus. With Yazuka landing near him, he would throw the flash bomb directly towards Yazuka which would blind him on the spot and not give him time to shield his eyes once it goes off while Tetsuo would have only a fraction of a second to do so. Timing would be paramount should Tetsuo shield his eyes from the blinding light. He would only use the flash bomb once Yazuka is landed near him. He can’t waste any ordinances.

Guest_IRoyHarperI: - As Yazuka's attempt of sending an uppercut worked, he smiled as he was going to the next phase of kneeing him. However, Tetsuo dodged it which made Yazuka fail his attack. Seeing Tetsuo quickly take out three kunai, he would then lift himself up to the air as in to dodge the attack. However, using his Byakugan he would see that his little brother is trying to release an flash bomb. By doing this, Yazuka would then panic and think about what to do to avoid this action his brother taking. However, like always, Yazuka would think too long to release that that action has already been preceded. With that, Yazuka would be on the ground and see how the flash bomb was already thrown. There was nothing he could do as he couldnt move around the nezt area as it would cover the whole area. With that, Yazuka would watch as a white flash would take over him, stunning him temporarily.-

JusticeAndPunishment: Tetsuo manages to see Yazuka leap to dodge the thrown kunai who then strike upon a nearby tree, and that would leave Yazuka open once he lands. Without saying a word, Tetsuo throws the flash bomb and shields his eyes as soon as the flash bomb is being propelled towards his brother. By using the right forearm, this leaves Tetsuo exposed while facing at Yazuka’s direction. However, the flash would last for only a moment as he would temporarily immobilize Yazuka who takes the hit of the flash bomb. This leaves an opportunity for Tetsuo to make a finishing move. Therefore, he activates the Eight Trigrams circle inside his 360-degree field of vision of the Byakugan he is already utilizing. Because he only has a range of 50 meters, Tetsuo makes sure that Yazuka is within that range by which of course he sprints for a moment before activating the Eight Trigrams. Once Yazuka is in range, Tetsuo announces his finishing move as he enters the Gentle Fist stance once again, but this time the right-handed stance. “EIGHT TRIGRAMS THIRTY-TWO PALMS!!!” He rushes at a sprint towards Yazuka, seeing his chakra pathway system and all the 361 tenketsu nodes in his body and with his hands molded with chakra for speed and strength augmentation Tetsuo would down two hits upon Yazuka’s chest. “TWO PALMS!!!” The next attack is another two hits. “FOUR PALMS!!!” Then,it is doubled up with four hits. “EIGHT PALMS!!!” Next, he doubles up again with eight hits. “SIXTEEN PALMS!!!” Finally, he doubles up one more time with sixteen hits. “THIRTY-TWO PALMS!!!” This would now throw Yazuka back against one of the trees in the way, knocking him against it and causing it to splinter and crack from the continuous attacks upon Yazuka’s torso so the pathways would be neutralized, shut down to completely incapacitate him as the attack would halt Yazuka’s chakra flow.

Guest_IRoyHarperI: - As Yazuka's head was spinning around, he wouldn’t know what to do and he wasn’t sure of what his little brother would come to do.- " Dammed.. if I don’t get my grip together, he is going to try properly shut down my chakra pathway system by now."- He said as he lets out a light chuckle to himself. Gritting his teeth and trying to position his head softly, the effects of the Flash bomb wouldn’t last very long as Yazuka regained his concious. Luckily, Yazuka's Byakugan was still activated and without a surprise, he saw of how Tetsuo was in the stance and sprinting to Yazuka. As Yazuka has learned how to dodge properly from attacks like the Eight-Trigrams Thirty Two Palms with Hiroshi Senju Sensei training him for one session, Yazuka would place himself immediately in an defensive stance. Watching as the attack came, Yazuka would start evading the attacks by moving around his body. It was not easy but Yazuka fought on to try keep dodging. As he saw Tetsuo come to end the attack with the last consecutive strike, Yazuka lost his balance but then using his palms, Yazuka pushed Tetsuo's palms away from him. With that, Yazuka would do the hand seals efficiently in order to avoid his chakra pathway system being shut. He would do the handseals in following order: Dog - Boar - Ox - Tiger and finishing it off with a snake. Suddenly, Yazuka's body suddenly poofed away as a white cloud appeared, his body replaced by an block of wood. With that, Yazuka appeared and panted.- " Well.. that was close."- He would say softly. Yazuka was in an distant range from Tetsuo, which should give him time to focus chakra. With that, Yazuka closed his eyes and placed his fingers together as he was focusing chakra. Due to the experiment he had in his early Genin days, Yazuka was able to quickly focus chakra. He would then think about his plan. - " Mhm.. flash bomb aye?"- He said to referring from Tetsuo's attack earlier.- " Sorry.. Tetsuo but I am going to copy that part of it."- He said chuckling and with that, Yazuka would take out an Flash bomb from his pouch and run to an mid-range with excessive speed due to Speed being one of his strength and having improved his speed and stamina with the personal training with the Amekage and his Sensei, Kagato. With this done, Yazuka would try throw the flash bomb to temporarily stun Tetsuo. If this worked, it would lead too Yazuka to then gather chakra once more and do these seals in order: Dog - Boar and finishing with the clutching Ram. With this done, Yazuka's body would poof to disguise himself as another Amegakure Ninja. It was the transformation technique, an E-Rank supplementary technique which is considered one of the most difficult E-Rank techniques due to the constant emission of chakra being needed. Knowing that he had to act very quickly, Yazuka would sprint in a very close range. Having then turned back into his normal state, Yazuka would in a flash place try to place his whole palm around Tetsuo's chest.- " Gentle Fist: Palm Bottom!"- He exclaimed as the wave of chakra came out expelling through his palm. If this attack was a successful, it would lead to Tetsuo's chakra points being knocked off.-

JusticeAndPunishment: Tetsuo is immediately dumbfounded upon this sudden revelation that Yakuza would push back his palms to avoid the strikes and then use the Body Replacement Technique to evade the attack. As he looks upon the block of wood that Yazuka leaves behind, Tetsuo continues to look around to track Yazuka’s chakra aura. What he would notice next is as he turns around to Yazuka, Yazuka copies his tactic of using a flash bomb directly at him before he can have a chance to react. This immediately stuns Tetsuo temporarily as he would see white blinding light before it gradually fades to return back to the battleground that he is at. Next, he would notice an unfamiliar Amegakure ninja coming his way. This sparks confusion because now Tetsuo is utilizing his Byakugan again to sense the chakra aura around the advancing ninja despite feeling a bit off balance from the recovery of being blinded. He would notice a blue chakra aura surrounding the ninja coming towards him, so determining if it is Yazuka is way out of the question as the eyes would be indistinguishable should this be disguise from the Transformation Technique. The trouble is that Tetsuo cannot figure out this incoming attacker as many of the ninja around would have blue chakra auras, so there is only one way left to at least avoid the next possible scenario. Backing up a few meters, Tetsuo decides to sprint with all his might, as his legs are still molded with chakra, to the unknown ninja coming his way just before he notices that it is a disguise from the Transformation Technique that Yazuka did in fact pull on Tetsuo to throw him off. Therefore, Tetsuo has a backup plan. Knowing full well he got duped twice, once from a flash bomb tactic being copied and again from having been disguised, Tetsuo curls himself up into a ball once he reaches full speed. This is just when Yazuka is announcing his Gentle Fist: Palm Bottom. During this time, Tetsuo curls himself up by leaning forward and curling up with hands and knees tucked in which does show that he does have made himself into a rolling ball. The intention for Yazuka is to try to hit Tetsuo’s chest with the Palm Bottom attack, knocking off the chakra flow. The problem is that while curled up and rolling, that would reduce the accuracy of the attack. Once Tetsuo would be right under Yakuza, he would uncurl as he is right under Yazuka’s legs while turning around so Yazuka’s facing toward nothing. Next, Tetsuo would grab hold of Yazuka’s legs and attempt to lift him up over his head so they are back-to-back as Yazuka is upside down and Tetsuo has hold of his legs. The molding of the chakra still in his arms would help augment this feat as Yazuka has nearly the same weight range as Tetsuo does. After that, Tetsuo would throw Yazuka back onto the ground with a devastating belly flop by holding onto the legs and catapult him over his head just enough so that Tetsuo would kneel down and have Yazuka hit the ground on his stomach instead of his head to take the wind out of him instead of hurting his head.

Guest_IRoyHarperI: - As Yazuka saw Tetsuo curling up into the ball, confusion struck into Tetsuo's mind of why he would be doing this.- " What in the world is my little brother trying to do?"- He said as he was in the different form as he was using Transformation Technique. Then, the attack came which Yazuka did not expect at all from Tetsuo as it would lead to Yazuka's legs been hijacked by Tetsuo. As the Hyuga Clan were knowing for not possessing much strength and stamina (but Yazuka has been accelerating with Stamina), Yazuka would watch as his body was now back-to-back with Tetsuo.- " Is this really Tetsuo?"- He thought in his head. He could always remember Tetsuo being bullied at Academy and crying home after leaving Academy.- " He has really changed... a lot."- He thought in his mind and with that, he would come back to the ground with a devastating belly flop as he would land on his stomach. Yazuka clutched his stomach which was scorching with pain right now. Then, Yazuka would struggle to get up. He kept dropping to the floor where to the point he thought he should stop fighting. However, Yazuka did not want to give up now. If he gave up, how could he even achieve Kagato Sensei's dream of becoming Sannin by getting beaten by their rival team? Now, Yazuka closed his eyes and clenched his fist. Once again, he lets out a small smirk as he clutched his stomach and panting.- " You know.. Tetsuo.."- He said as he was panting.- " You have gone really good... maybe better than me."- He said admitting as Yazuka has been lacking with some of the spars.- " However... Chunin… is coming up."- Then Yazuka's voice hardened and with that, he said one of his nindos.- " The Hyuga Clan is one of the greatest clans I carry behind my back greatly. DO Not..."- He would say as he crawled to a mid-range, standing up as he did so. Yazuka would then focus chakra into his palms as he closed his eyes to think through what has been going on. He has already disappointed Kagato Sensei by losing to Nakara Haruno and he couldn’t lose to his brother. Not now, not yet. Suddenly, Yazuka's chakra would then embody around both of his fists (not twin lion fists). As he opened his eyes, he exclaimed those words.- " DO NOT UNDERSTIMATE YAZUKA HYUGA!".- With such greatness, Yazuka's energy rose back and he started now fighting seriously. In a flash, Yazuka would come to a close range with excessive speed due to speed being his strength and being really good at it. As he came to a close-range, he slid his right foot back and his left foot forward while he bended his knees so that his muscles would be tensing and he positioned his palms to face Tetsuo. Suddenly, the world around him which was ethereal suddenly turned black, as the Eight Trigrams circle appeared. With the use of Byakugan, Yazuka could see Tetsuo's indigo chakra flowing greatly through the chakra pathway system. As the circle appeared and the world around Yazuka went ethereal once again, Yazuka would exclaim those words: Gentle Fist: Eight Trigrams Thirty-Two Palms!- He said and with that, he came to Tetsuo to start the attack.- " TWO PALMS!"- Yazuka would try connect two consecutive strike.- " FOUR PALMS!!"- Yazuka would try connect four consecutive strikes.- " EIGHT PALMS!!"- Yazuka would land eight consecutive strikes.- " SIXTEEN PALMS!"- Yazuka would send sixteen consecutive strikes, the movement of his hands becoming more efficient. - “THIRTY-TWO PALMS!!"- Yazuka would say as he would try send 32 crushing consecutive to his chest.- " Tetsuo did I tell you I had an experiment which would widen my tenketsu points meaning each consecutive strikes I do, I can double it?! WELL... I AM GONNA DO IT NOW!"- Yazuka would say and would say. - “SIXTY-FOUR PALMS!"- Yazuka would say as he would try sending another 32 crushing consecutive strikes, which would make 64. If all of this was successful, Yazuka would of finished the move by placing his palm to Tetsuo's chest and expelling out chakra. If all of Yazuka's attack has worked, All of Tetsuo's chakra points would have been knocked down due to the fact he made all together 64 consecutive strikes to Tetsuo.

JusticeAndPunishment: Tetsuo stops immediately as soon as Yazuka hits the ground, standing up as he is drenched in a combination of rain and sweat as he pants softly yet heavily. This is his chance to prove himself of Yazuka, to prove that he is his equal, to not be seen as a weakling. He trained and studied so hard to be where he is today, and he isn’t going to be looked down on by his own brother. To Tetsuo, he wants this to at least end in a draw or with himself beating him. Tetsuo does not see himself as a proud person, as he would figure Yazuka is, and relies on be humble and pure of heart as a way of earning respect. What really struck him next is the surprise that awaits him. Once he hears Yazuka tells him of how far he has progressed, even perhaps being better than him, Tetsuo is frozen immediately. He would then hear one of Yazuka’s prized nindo. Hearing this Tetsuo is immediately sucked in back into the moment despite hearing this praise from seconds ago, and he counters with his own nindo as a warning to Yazuka should he go too far with another attack that would be devastating. "I don't want to hurt you. If you refuse to stop, then you leave me no choice." This is when Yazuka begins to stand up and finishes his nindo as he is now burning with chakra that is embodied in his fists while ready to begin another attack. Tetsuo could probably figure out what may happen next. Yazuka is enveloped with a burst of rage, just as Tetsuo was when he tried fighting off Nakara at the leadership aptitude test. This is a lesson Tetsuo learned too well as he got himself injured by Nakara’s hand and the last of his stamina became fueled by anger. Catching his breath, he takes the Gentle Fist stance to mirror Yazuka just while Yazuka rests his palms out in front of Tetsuo. This may be another Gentle Fist attack that Yazuka may deploy, and Tetsuo has to time this next attack carefully to evade it. He knows he does not have a lot of energy left but he has to keep going. However, he may worry that Yazuka may go too far. Once Yazuka calls out the Eight Trigrams Thirty-Two Palms, Tetsuo knows that he wouldn’t be able to evade the strikes as easily as Yazuka did. Therefore, there is only one way out to evade this. He first starts out with throwing down a smoke bomb despite it being seen through by Yazuka’s Byakugan. This is only a distraction for the next step. Resting his hands together, Tetsuo begins to utilize the hand signs in the corresponding order: Tiger → Boar → Ox → Dog → Snake. As soon as Yazuka makes his approach into the smoke, Tetsuo would have used the Body Replacement Technique as Yazuka did onto him on his last attempt at the Thirty-Two Palms. This would result in a five-foot long log to replace Tetsuo’s body but with an added surprise. Even while Yazuka beats down upon the solid log, there would be an explosive tag applied onto it. The explosive tag would be tied onto a kunai that Tetsuo would leave behind on the top end of the log as Yazuka ravages the middle section of the log. Tetsuo would already be clear of the strikes in the branches of the trees above Yazuka while still keeping a good line of sight upon the explosive tag that is rigged onto the log. When Yazuka has finished his 32 strikes, Tetsuo is in immediate shock when Yazuka then sends in 32 more strikes upon the log which total to 64 hits. Tetsuo would know this would his chance to launch the next tactic he has. While Yazuka is finishing his strikes, Tetsuo remotely triggers the explosive tag with the Snake hand sign and it sends out a blast of smoke and fire which should be enough to at least blow back Yazuka and knock him down. During this, he keeps in the trees to avoid making sounds or movements that may give his position away from Yazuka’s line of sight as to avoid being within 50 meters of Yazuka’s Byakugan.

Guest_IRoyHarperI: - As Yazuka was performing the Eight-Trigrams Thirty Two Palms, his mind was succumbed with so much hate, he did not realise what Tetsuo was planning next. As Yazuka saw a smoke bomb appear, he just kept going on and on, not releasing that Tetsuo has already vanished. Due to this, Yazuka was hitting the log with an explosive tag. Suddenly, Yazuka came to realize and became dumbfounded as he did not realize it for the whole time.- " Oh... my..."- And the explosive tag went off, Yazuka closing his eyes. He would feel his body being swept back tremendously and he would feel a large thud, ending up hurting his back. As Yazuka opened up his eyes, he felt blood piercing out from his mouth and his legs quavering. Yazuka has suffered a heavy blow and has almost used up all his chakra. - “Alright, I will not use that much chakra now."- He would say and smile, using his Byakugan to detect Tetsuo. As Hyuga Members were known with their kekkei Genkai to see very far, he could easily detect the indigo chakra which he knew by far as it was Tetsuo in the trees. With this, Yazuka jumped midair and would be hovering over Tetsuo as midair. With this, Yazuka would get out one kunai and one explosive tag, sending it straight to the trees. If that was successful, Yazuka would then land, smearing away his blood and keep himself distant to concentrate chakra so he won’t be running out easily.-

JusticeAndPunishment: Tetsuo is panting hard as he rests inside the branches, concealed to the naked eye within them. He is fatigued greatly, unable to push himself anymore as he used enough chakra in one day. The only way to end this is to call off the match before too much goes on as he notices Yazuka being blown back from the explosion that was just detonated. To Tetsuo, this has gone far enough. If this keeps up, Tetsuo may die from fatigue and Yazuka would in turn die from more injuries. He is just about to go down to try talking to Yazuka when he would hear the sound of something embedding into a branch nearby. With a quick turn, he would notice that it’s another explosive tag that Yazuka would trigger at any moment while tied to a kunai that was thrown by him. All Tetsuo would do is drop down on his knees before falling forward onto his hands while panting hard, unable to go any further with the match. “Yazuka… I can’t go on. Too tired…” This is all that he can muster as he struggles to get up despite feeling light in the head, his eye sight blurring as he tries to talk to Yazuka. “Please stop…” His eyes close shut as he feels the rain splash upon his exhausted body, drenching up his robes more as the rain becomes harder. His heavy slow breaths are drowned by the sound of the rain hitting upon the ground.