Jutsu Name

Amekage-Style Torrential Strikes

Rank and Reasoning

Rank: B


Requires At least Chunin Rank Skill Taijutsu to use.

Jutsu Hand Seals

  • None

Jutsu Information

  • A series of open handed and closed handed punches, plam strikes as well as kicks and knee blows.
  • The stance is a free flowing stance leading with the left foot and the right behind slightly with the arms held up tp where the right is a few inches away from the chin hight and the left is more outwards moth arms are bent at the elbow almost like a boxing stance.
  • The quickness of the combination of hits is so fast that it is hard for the naked eye to follow.

Specific Users:

  • This jutsu is for the Shinobi of Amegakure

Jutsu Cost

  • Phyiscal stamina

Jutsu Performan

A pure taijutsu attack in which the user delivers a set of open-handed as well as closed-fist hits along with kicks to the opponent. This series of attacks is so fast that it can barely be followed by the naked eye.

The users draws their right hand down from the stance postion with and open  plam strike moves it quickly upward when the strike hits the right knee comes up and aims for the mid section  while the left arms elbow comes down towards the back of the head area. The user then slides back a bit to perform  a powerful side kick. The side kick is followed up with two open handed punches and  three closed-hand punches to the mid section  ending with a heymaker punch to  head area.

Jutsu Product

  1. A incredibily fast Taijutsu combination of punches and kicks that can do a lot of damage to an opponent if landed correctly.
  2. Possible broken bones, cunsusions, bruises, bleeding


  1. Quick movements of hands and feet making it hard to follow with the naked eye causing a lot of bodily damage.


  1. Close range

Approved by

Kagato - 8/19/16

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