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Jutsu Name

Raining Punt Kick

Rank and Reasoning.

Rank: D  

Taijutsu technique requries no chakra and is easy to learn

Jutsu Information


  • First have to have an opponent staggered and on the ground with either their head above the ground or torso
  • The user takes a runing start and kicks  said opponent with all their leg strength which could easily knock out a person of the head is the target.

Specific Users:

  • Anyone who lives in Amegakure

Jutsu Performance

  1. User places a powerful hard kick to either the opponent's head or torso

Jutsu Product

  1. The user places a  swift kick to the opponent's head or torso
  2. Could knock opponent out or leave them on the ground with broken ribs if hit in the torso


1. Can be avoided if opponent sees it coming by rolling, ducking, or moving out of the ect.

Approved by

Kagato -  8/25/14