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Title: Ame Orphans: Anbu and the New Team

KazukiGeikami: -It was like any other day or night in this case in Amegakure with the storm clouds looming high above the village, with the exception with a few cracks of lightning ripping through the sky illuminating the metal surroundings. The rain was falling as heavy as it normal with the pounding sounds of the rain drop banging of the metal buildings that made up Amegakure. Kazuki had asked Kazuko early on in the day to meet him at the training grounds for a bit of one on one training to better the team skills, he would have liked Ryuu to have been there for this as well but he was missing in action at the moment, and who know who might already be there.  Kazuki was dressed in his normal fashion his thick cloth black short sleeved hoodie.  Underneath his black cloth like scarf he wrapped around his face only showing  from  mid nose down he  had a onyx metal re-breath snug in place  over his mouth and nose, not that anyone would be able to see it seeing as it was covered up. Kazuki was standing in front of his apartment window taking his right hand and stretching it outwards to open it with his black metal armored bracers that covered his lower arm leaving only his fingers sticking out of his black fingerless gloves,  as he pulled back on the window sliding it open with his right hand the black cloth like elbow covers that stretched out from under his bracers tugged slightly.  A cool crisp breeze swung through the now open window blowing his shaggy cobalt colored hair away from his fire like Amber eyes.  Kazuki parted his lips slowly only to speak to his self. – “Well it’s about that time… “– Kazuki’s charcoal black cargo pants with pockets on either side closer to the lower thighs getting a shade darker as the rain began to hit it.  Around his waist the only real noticeable color was the blue bags  four in total, two on either side and two  towards his back all with the Geikami rose clan symbol embroidered on them which contained   one small scroll, twenty explosive tags  and one thousand stacks of one hundred  light blue colored paper  with were all tools of his trade. His black colored open toed shoes   that had a black metal shin guard placed over top of them slightly skidded as his feet hit the metal shingles of his roof top.  As he reached the edge of the roof he pushed off with his feet jumping into the air slightly only to fall fast and hit the rocky main street of Amegakure below. The Rain was coming down so heavily it wasn’t long before his whole outfit was saturated with the onslaught of water that was pouring from the heavens as if angels above were weeping for a major loss. It wasn’t long before he made his way down the street and through the gate of the training grounds.  Kazuki made his way towards the back shelter and   turned as he became five feet away from it. He turned so he was facing the gate to watch for Kazuko to make her way here.  Kazuki folded his right and left arms into his mid torso tucking his hands underneath his arms on both sides.-

UzumakiKazuko:-Kazuko finished washing her bowl from her meal and set the bowl on the side of the small sink. It wasn’t really a good day in Amegakure but when was it being that the weather always was dreary and dark. Kazuko walked back into her small bedroom and picked up her brush and combed through her thick crimson locks pulling them up into a bun on the right side of her head. She then set the brush aside and picked up her pale blue flower from the table and placed it in her hair. She didn’t go anywhere without the flower these day. Once the flower was in place she picked up her pouch and secured it on her left hip. The pouch contained eighteen senbon, two smoke bombs and two flash bombs. She left the two small scrolls and two medium scrolls on the table because they were empty for the time being. She looked at herself in the Mirror her own emerald eyes staring back at herself looking over her outfit. She was wearing her new half hooded black and orange shirt and tight black pants that tucked into her black sandals. The back of the shirt bore the symbol of the Uzumaki clan but other than that there were no markings on the clothing. She picked up her head protector and tied it into place being very careful not to knock her flower out of place and then took her black scarf and wrapped it around her shoulders and lower face so that her mouth and nose were covered. This seemed to be a lot of work considering she was only going to the training grounds to get in some practice with Kazuki and Ryuu but when it came down to it she wanted to look her best, however by the time she got to the training grounds she would probably look like a soaking wet mess. She finally looked at the small clock on her desk and with a sigh left her apartment and headed down the stairs and out of the building. Stepping out on the street the rain was pouring down as she guessed it would be as she made her way through the streets to the Training grounds. It took her about ten minutes walking at a slow pace to get to the training grounds. She walked into the training grounds and looked around it took her a few moments but she spotted Kazuki standing by the shelter looking thing. She walked silently across the field up to Kazuki whom she had actually come to the grounds to meet as she approached him she spoke softly and blushed not that he would see with her black scarf covering her face. - “Hey Kazuki.” –She looked up at him with her emerald green eyes slightly sparkling and smiled under her scarf.

Guest_IlRyuu: *Ryuu yawned as he stretched his arms above his head as he continued his way down the streets of Amegakure, his back mildly hurting from where he had slept last night. Granted, sleeping anywhere in Ame would cause him some slight discomfort, but he didn’t complain on it. He checked the sash holding his new blade on his waist to make sure it was tightened and secured. He smirked underneath his re-breather as the rain continued to lightly fall on and around him; he had just recently purchased his blade and he had named it Dragon’s Fang. He felt proud to say that this was something that he actually owned, even though it wasn’t a house or something along those lines, but he was happy with just having a blade of his own. He heard something like feathers quickly approach him from the air then quiet down suddenly, causing his face to scrunch slightly in confusion. He looked up at his head to see a bird staring back at him with wide eyes, which caused him to make the same facial expression for whatever reason. The bird and he stared at one another for a few seconds before the bird pecked at his forehead, hoping to get his attention. He rubbed his forehead slightly as the bird took flight once more in front of him before Ryuu noticed a note attached to the bird, making him reach out to grab hold of it. After he grabbed the note from the bird, he watched as it flew off and he began to unravel the letter. As he began to read the letter, he was being instructed to meet Kazuko and Kazuki at the Training Grounds. He blinked at the letter for a moment before shrugging his shoulders and beginning to run towards the Training Grounds. After a few minutes, he finally made it to the Training Grounds and saw Kazuko and Kazuki standing there, waiting. He smiled underneath his re-breather as he made his way to them, but when he stopped he was short of breath, so he began to pant out his sentence.* “Hey you guys…what’re we doin?”

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada continued to make his way to the Training Grounds to meet the Genin trio that Kagato had mentioned he take a look at from their meeting. He still contemplated why the sudden interest in the Genin from Kagato, but he decided to meet the three of them to see if he’d want to take them as a team or not. As he continued to ponder this, his eyes caught a flash of orange from the corner of his eye as he noticed a boy running towards the Training Grounds. He took note of the boy as he continued to run; he wasn’t that tall, he had orange hair, and from how he was running he looked like he was in a hurry. His eyes narrowed slightly as he watched the boy enter the Training Grounds. He figured that he was one of the three he was meeting, and if he recalled correctly from the description of Kagato, that might have been Ryuu. He continued to walk calmly as he jumped silently on top of the gate of the Training Grounds, seeing three people already standing there, though the one he had just seen looked like he was a bit tired from all of the running. ‘..So these are the Genin huh..’ he thought to himself as he quickly vanished for a moment, using the Body Flicker Technique. He re-appeared after a few seconds behind the three Genin, within a decent space between them; the last thing he wanted to do was startle them and possibly have to fight them. He stood silent and still as he waited for the three Genin to acknowledge his presence or speak to him.-

KazukiGeikami: -Kazuki was shifting his eyes back and forth until his eyes caught a glimpse of Kazuko making her way into the training grounds. It wouldn’t take her long to spot it would seem because of how it only took her a few moments to make her way to him. As Kazuko greeted him Kazuki peered into Kazuko’s emerald green eyes with his Amber colored optics a she was looking up at him. He tilted his head slightly to his right causing his blue hair to shift slightly more to the other side but swung back into place. His lips parted slowly as he greeted Kazuko with a simple few words.- “ Hey Kazuko…” Just after those words passed his lips   he had noticed Ryuu was in the training grounds walking right up to the pair greeting and questioning what they were up to. Kazuki shifted his head to the left a bit to focus on Ryuu for the moment.  He didn’t think Ryuu would show up to the training grounds simply for the fact no one knew where he ran off to when he wasn’t around. – “ Well I thought Kazuko and I could do a little training together  seeing as we couldn’t  find  you…” – It was only a moment later when Kazuki felt like he was being watched from behind  which for some reason he couldn’t shake this feeling so instantly he peered over his  right shoulder. Low and behold there was an older looking shinobi standing behind the trio of Genin’s  the first questions that rang through his mind was who was this Shinobi and why did it seem like he was watching them. On that note how the hell did he get behind them when he was pretty much starring at the entranced to the training grounds?  Kazuki moved his right and left arms up tapped Kazuko and Ryuu’s right and left shoulders with his left and right index fingers and turned his body fully around and  began to  study the individual for the time being. - 

UzumakiKazuko: -Kazuko would smile as Kazuki greeted her and then glanced over as Ryuu spoke.- “Hey Ryuu…but now your” – her words were cut short as she felt Kazuki tapped her on the shoulder she turned to see what he was turning to look at when she noticed a man standing there. She was not sure how it was possible he got behind them she had been looking at the entrance when Ryuu entered so it caught her off guard. She didn’t show it though and her emerald green eyes stayed calm. She knew that Kazuki wasn’t going to speak or greet the man who was standing there and she didn’t know about Ryuu he spoke a lot and he had approached them without knowing them but it wasn’t enough for her to say he was like that with everyone. So after a few seconds she spoke.- “’um…How did you get behind us”-she said this in a normal tone as she tilted her head to the right slightly and looked up at the man.- 

Guest_IlRyuu: *Ryuu smiled underneath his re-breather as Kazuko and Kazuki began to speak to him, only to have his shoulder tapped by Kazuki as he saw Kazuko turn around, making him do the same as he saw an older man dressed all in black. Instinctively, his eyes slightly narrowed and his right hand almost went for his blade, but he didn’t want to start a fight that didn’t need to be fought. He just kept his left hand on the scabbard containing his blade, keeping it handy in case he needed it. He heard Kazuko ask the question of how the man had gotten behind the three of them, to which only then struck Ryuu as odd; Kazuko and Kazuki had been staring at the entrance of the Training Grounds the entire time so how did this person not get noticed? He didn’t move, he just kept his blue eyes focused on the man in front of them, not showing his nervousness about the situation as best he could.*

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada glanced at the boy with blue hair as he seemed to be the first one to take notice of him as he glanced at the other two Genin. Once he saw all three of them glancing at him, he calmly brought his arms up to his chest as he crossed them, watching the three of them respond to seeing him. He noticed that the one he figured was Kazuki Geikami reacted very calmly and didn’t seem too eager to react as if though he was trying to figure out how Kunisada had gotten behind the three of them. The young female of the trio, who he assumed at this point was Kazuko Uzumaki, was doing the same as Kazuki, acting calm as she asked him a question. He knew she was trying to conceal it, but the way she spoke tipped him off that she was a bit confused on the situation. Lastly, his eyes went to Ryuu, who had already had a hold on his sheathe to what seemed to be a katana of his own, making Kunisada note that Ryuu hadn’t drawn, but was doing so almost out of instinct. He remained motionless and silent for a little bit longer before speaking to the three of them.- “...Kazuki Geikami, Kazuko Uzumaki and Ryuu, I take it..?” –He asked as he kept his gaze on the three of them, waiting for them to respond to his question; he already knew who they were, but he figured it was the best way to get their attention.-

KazukiGeikami: -Kazuki’s eyes flickered back and forth between between Kazuko and Ryuu  as Kazuko spoke to the unknown shinobi asking him how he got behind them. Kazuki’s eyes  shifted down  as he Noticed Ryuu making hand movements taking hold of his sword  Kazuki thought to his self that Ryuu might be over reacting just a bit seeing as this shinobi got behind them without them noticing  he could have already taken them out  before they turned around, but  on the other side of things it doesn’t hurt to be lean on the side of caution.   Kazuki;s attention was once again brought back to the older Shinob and as he spoke it caught Kazuki kind of off guard  as he had spoken each of their names without them knowing who he was. Kazuki took a step forward his right hand slipping over to the right side pouch that was place around his right hip area taking a light grip of the cool metal zipper that held it shut with his thumb and index finger. Kazuki’s lips parted slowly and spoke to the unknown shinobi. – “well it seems you know our names but we do not know yours….” _ Kazuki wasn’t the type to trust people he didn’t know or conversation with anyone really for that matter. Kazuki looked over the Shinobi as if he was scanning his every detail into his memory. Kazuki’s thoughts jumped back and forth as he knew  one doesn’t simply make their way into Amegakure unnoticed so he had to at least belong there at least that is what he would assume at this moment.-

UzumakiKazuko: -Kazuko nodded her head as he spoke their names she figured he had already known that but he asked just to let them know he knew. She kept her head tilted slightly as she glanced at the two boys She noted the Ryuu’s hand was on his sword and that Kazuki had his hand on his pouch she hopped neither one of them did anything stupid because this man could have taken them out with ease without a doubt because he was able to sneak up on the three of them unnoticed. She straightened herself up and looked back at the man whom didn’t move and tried her best not to move in shock as Kazuki actually spoke to the stranger. She was surprised Kazuki didn’t speak much even to her and Ryuu so the fact he spoke up was odd to Kazuko. She didn’t say anything thins time she waited for the man to answer Kazuki’s question as she kept her Emerald eyes on him.-

Guest_IlRyuu: *Ryuu kept his gaze on the older man before hearing him speak all of their names. It caught him a bit off guard that someone other than the two he was with knew his name and that made him a little more nervous. He watched as Kazuki stepped forward slightly and spoke to the older man as well as Kazuki placing a hand on his pouch, making him think that Kazuki was at least keeping his guard up as well. Kazuko hadn’t seemed to have taken a defensive stance just yet, which was probably the better move as to not make the stranger in front of them think they were all ready to strike at him. He figured that even if the three of them were to begin fighting him, he wasn’t so sure any of them would live through the ordeal; the man did sneak up behind all three of them, so he could’ve killed them easily if he had wanted to. He couldn’t imagine that this was some rouge ninja or some sort of infiltrator shinobi, so maybe he at least was a part of Amegakure. So now the question was, who was this man and what did he want with the three of them?*

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada kept his gaze on the three Genin before seeing Kazuki step forward and place his hand on his pouch, something Kunisada quickly took note of, but decided not to react upon it; if this turned into something other than a normal meeting, then so be it, but he didn’t prefer to have that happen. He heard Kazuki ask for his name, though the question came out more of a statement, but it didn’t bother him. Kazuki seemed like he was almost getting a bit on edge due to how he reacted and how he spoke, which made sense since Kazuki nor the other two had any clue of who he was or what his intentions were. His eyes glanced over at the other two, noting that Kazuko was looking at her two teammates as if she was hoping they wouldn’t do anything rash. Ryuu, on the other hand, seemed a bit confused on how he knew their names as well, but he overall didn’t seem to move. So far the Genin had reacted as calmly and defensively as they could given the circumstances, but he didn’t let his guard down; who knew what he did or said next could make them panic and do something drastic. His eyes shot back over to Kazuki once more before speaking.- “..My name isn’t important to the three of you at the moment..” –He paused for a moment before continuing to speak.- “..I am here on behalf of your Kage, who wishes for me to take you on as my team..” –He paused once more for the three of them to understand and process his words before continuing on.-

KazukiGeikami: -Kazuki shook his head from left to right ever so slightly in doing so his messy cobalt blue strands of hair moved about. He took note that Kazuko and Ryuu were not saying anything to him, soon after Kazuki began to ponder his statement for a moment. He said his name wasn’t important yet if he was sent by their Kage to take them on as a team they would need to know his name to know what to call him. Kazuki’s eyes light up like simmering fire as his lips parted ways once again to speak in a unemotional tone of voice directed towards the unknown Shinobi. – “If you are to take us on as a team don’t you think we would need your name to call you by something...?’ – Kazuki paused for a moment before speaking again. – “Unless you prefer us to make up a name for you but something tells me you wouldn’t like that at all….” – Kazuki turned his head towards Kazuko  watching her facial expressions closely for the moment, before turning his head towards Ryuu. – “Isn’t that right Orangie? “

UzumakiKazuko: -Kazuko didn’t know how to react to the words the man spoke, the Kage himself wanted this man to take on her and her friends as a team. They were all Genin sure but she didn’t know why the Kage had picked them or this man to train them. They honestly hadn’t done anything special to get themselves noticed at least the Kazuko knew off she didn’t move of flinch she waited to see how Kazuki reacted. It didn’t take long before she saw him shaking his head out of the corner of her eye then he spoke. She listened as he explained about the not knowing the man’s name. Kazuki had given Ryuu a nickname the first day they had meet him though it wasn’t often the Kazuki used it. It was only a moment later when Kazuki look at her but she didn’t move or show any signs of being confused or wanting to know more just yet as he spoke to Ryuu next she couldn’t help but softly smile underneath her black scarf. She finally spoke after a moment pause of Kazuki finishing. - “Well if he wanted you to take us on as a team are you going to?” –She asked in a normal tone without expressing any emotion as to how she was feeling on the matter.- 

Guest_IlRyuu: *Ryuu listened more as Kazuki began to speak to the older man before glancing over at Kazuki slightly; what he was saying about knowing the other man’s name was important was true, but the three of them didn’t know anything about him and he didn’t want Kazuki mouthing off to him and having more problems being made than their needed to be. He glanced over at Kazuki as he spoke of giving the man a nickname, which made Ryuu want to tell Kazuki to be quiet before seeing Kazuki glance over at him then calling him ‘Orangie’ and also see Kazuko look at him, which made him think she was smiling at the nickname as well. The two reactions from them made Ryuu’s eye twitch slightly before quickly turning to face Kazuki after Kazuko had asked her question.* “Will you lay off of that nickname that I didn’t say I could have?” *He asked as he shook his head slightly, completely forgetting about the shinobi in front of him as Kazuki teased at him. He glanced back over at the older man before asking the same question Kazuki was asking.* “Yeah, I mean..it’d be nice to have a name to call ya.”

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada watched Kazuki shake his head from side to side before speaking about learning his name once more before he heard Kazuki give the idea of giving him a nickname. And after hearing the nickname he had apparently given Ryuu, he was sure that Ryuu wasn’t happy with it either. He glanced over at Kazuko, who asked if he was indeed going to take them on as his team before Ryuu turned his attention towards Kazuki. He watched Ryuu speak to Kazuki and almost completely forget that he was there before regarding him again. He remained silent as the three Genin had all spoken their peace with him about his name and if he was going to take them on as a team.- “..I never said it was guaranteed Kazuko, that’s why I arranged for this little get-together to take place..” –He glanced at the three of them, mulling over his thoughts quietly. The three of them didn’t even have a teacher, but they already had placed themselves together as if they were one. Kagato wanted these three to be taught by him and Kunisada hadn’t exactly been looking for a team to begin with, but Kagato would more than likely ask him about it if he refused to take them on as his team. He closed his eyes for a moment before glancing at the three of them once more.- “...I wanted to meet the three of you before I made my decision..” –He thought about his thoughts for a moment before speaking to the trio again.- “...It seems the three of you already get along well enough...” –He paused for a moment before speaking once more. “..So we’ll see how this plays out...you three can call me Kunisada...I’m sure you three can figure out the add on to that goes at the end of the name...”

KazukiGeikami: -Kazuki looked straight at Ryuu after he asked him to not call him Orangie his lips parted slowly   as he began to speak directly to him. – “ I will Call you Orangie if I feel like it….” -Kazuki stood there kind of dumb founded at the moment kind of confused in the Man who just said his name was Kunisada announced that that we would see how this played out. It seemed rather cryptic and not a straight forward answer but Kazuki shrugged his shoulders slightly as if to show he was shrugging of Kunisada’s statements. Kazuki wasn’t one to do the whole team thing and never thought of Kazuko, Ryuu and his self as a team but it seems they had become one without him even realizing it. – “ Well then Kunisada…I guess you can say we get a long for the most part  but I would much like a straight forwards answer….”  - Kazuki turn towards Kazuko and placed his left hand on her  right shoulder lightly placing it there. – By this time Kazuki was losing a bit of patience and looked towards the gate of the training grounds. – “As for us being a team… I guess that would all be up to you and if you give us a straight answer or not…”  

UzumakiKazuko: -Kazuko thought about it for a moment how he had arranged for them to meet but she had already had plans to meet unless he had also somehow gotten Ryuu to the training grounds but she didn’t know she tilted her head and listened as Ryuu spoke. Then as the man spoke again and said that they seemed to get alone well enough she started to laugh.- “For the most part we get along the boys have their moments but what team doesn’t bicker from time to time.” –she said this after she stopped laughing and looked back at Kunisada she could give a smart-alecky answer or she could give him a bland answer like Kazuki did or she could be respectful.- “As Kazuki said however Kunisada-Sama it is your choice in the end but it would be nice to know if we are going to have a Sensei or not.”- She looked up at him as she said this her emerald eyes trying to figure out if he had already made his choice or not.- 

Guest_IlRyuu: *Ryuu shook his head at Kazuki on his odd nickname, but decided not to pay any mind to it. He glanced over as his two, and at this point, only friends spoke to Kunisada after he had spoken. Ryuu brought his hand up to the back of his head as he lightly scratched it in a bit of awkwardness.* “Yeah, I mean, we bicker but I don’t think there are a lot of friends who don’t do that.” *To be completely honest, he wasn’t entirely too sure on if the two of them considered him a friend or not yet. The three of them had been hanging around more often since they had all met and they’d even done missions with one another, but that could’ve been just random occurrence; he considered the two of them to be his friends, but whether they had accepted him as one of theirs was a mystery, but he’d figure it out sooner or later. Ryuu smirked underneath his rebreather before taking a moment to collect his thoughts.* “So…are we a team or not Kunisada-Sama?” *He asked as he placed his hands in his pockets and waited for the older shinobi to answer their question on whether he was taking them as a team or not.*

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada’s eyes narrowed slightly at how Kazuki was speaking to him and how he had reacted to his statement; true, it did sound vague, but that didn’t give Kazuki the right to shrug his comment off as if it meant nothing. He glanced over at the other two Genin as they gave their answers, making him ponder quietly in thought of how to word things a bit better for the three of them.- “...Yes, you three do have me as a Sensei from this point on..” –His gaze slowly moved towards Kazuki before he spoke once more- “...And on that note, I expect the three of you to either call me Kunisada-Sensei or Kunisada-Sama, either one of those two, but nothing else..” –He had already gotten a vibe based off Kazuki that he wasn’t going to say something along those lines, maybe if he was told to do so but wouldn’t have done so off the bat like Kazuko and Ryuu had done; this was more or less Kunisada’s way of saying it for the benefit of the three of them regardless.- “...Is that clear..?” –He waited a moment for a response from the three of them before speaking once more.- “..We will be meeting again sometime soon and I’ll be sure to notify the three of you on where and when we will be meeting up..” –He figured this would be a change in the three Genin’s day as it was and there was no immediate call for training to begin; this was simply Kunisada meeting his now team of Genin, nothing more and nothing less.- “...If there are no more questions to the matter, then the three of you are dismissed..”

KazukiGeikami: -Kazuki listened to Kunisada’s words carefully and began to contemplate what he just said about taking them on as a team. He wasn’t fully sure he liked this idea of being put on a team  with a sensei after all he was used to do things on his own or on his on terms, but with this it would be a whole other story. It was clear to him Kunisada now the sensei to the three was waiting for some type of response from the three and Kazuki clearly noted the gaze that Kunisada was giving him. If Kazuki had to guess Kunisada didn’t take to well to him not calling him either Sama or Sensei right off the bat but that’s just how Kazuki was. If things were left up to him like he said about them knowing the second part of the name then he would just blow it off but since Kunisada actually came out right and said what he would  like to be called he would take it into consideration. Kazuki simply nodded   up then down   slowly as if to say he understood without saying an actual word. Kazuki turned to Kazuko and placed his right hand on her left shoulder before his lips parted to speak only a few simple words in a non-emotional tone of voice. – “I guess later then…” – Kazuki turned away from the group glancing at each of them for a second starting with Ryuu, then Kunisada and last but not least Kazuko before turning around   to make his way out of the training grounds.- 

UzumakiKazuko: -Kazuko nodded at Kunisada-Sensei’s words and then waited a few seconds after seeing Kazuki simply nod his head she finally spoke- “understood Kunisada-Sensei” –she then looked at Ryuu and waited for him to do whatever response he had planned when Kunisada-Sensei finally spoke again and said they were going to be a team she let out a sigh of relief so they were officially a team and had a sensei now that was good news now they would have some fun. When he mentioned that they would be meeting again sometimes soon and that he would let them know as well as said that they didn’t need to train in that moment she Nodded once more. As Kazuki touched her shoulder she looked at him and was a bit disappointed when all he said was later then she shook her head and sighed and mumbled a good bye to Kunisada-Sensei and Ryuu and then walked off kicking a pebble as she headed back to her apartment.-

Guest_IlRyuu: *Ryuu’s smirk slowly turned into a smile as Kunisada confirmed about being their Sensei, which made him feel a bit anxious and happy at the same time. He was excited to be able to say that Kazuki and Kazuko were his teammates, now whether Kazuki or Kazuko enjoyed that, he had no clue. He had nothing else to ask Kunisada, so he stayed quiet afterwards. Kazuko didn’t seem to be upset by the decision, so he figured she was ok with the team, but Kazuki didn’t seem to interested in being in a team. Ryuu didn’t try calling him out on it because he figured it was something that Kazuki didn’t wish to speak of and his answer was confirmed when Kazuki made his short answer and his quick goodbye to himself, Kunisada and even Kazuko before he left. He looked over as Kazuko mumbled some sort of goodbye to the two of them before she herself left as well. Ryuu glanced back at Kunisada before speaking to him once more after a few seconds of silence passed.* “Um..See you later then, Kunisada-Sama.” *Ryuu turned on his heels before making his way out of the Training Grounds as his teammates had just done.*

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada watched the three Genin respond to his words before seeing all of them leave the Training Grounds one by one. He already had a vibe on how each of them reacted to the news, Kazuko and Ryuu seemed pleased to be on their own team, but Kazuki on the other hand seemed moderately bothered by the fact of them being on a team and to have him as their Sensei. He figured that the four of them were going to have to learn to eventually get along well enough or problems between their team were going to be inevitable. He knew that some problems between teammates, and even teachers were always a factor to take into consideration, but from the vibe of how things were going right now they were starting off a little too soon, but he didn’t focus on that at the moment. He mulled over what just happened for a moment or two, thinking back to when he had met with Kagato in the Amegakure Tower to just now after meeting with the three Genin. He stood in silence for another moment before disappearing in a blur as he used the Body Flicker Technique to leave the Training Grounds; the meeting had fulfilled its purpose and now Kunisada had a team to lead.-

End Results:

Kazuki, Kazuko and Ryuu  get a Sensei  in Kunisada Uchiha  a well as placed on an offical team.