Aftermath of a Hard Day: Fumetsu & Hyorinata meet the Bookworm


Yuki Hyorinata

Kaguya Fumetsu

Nara Shikakari

Title: Aftermath of a Hard Day: Fumetsu & Hyorinata meet the Bookworm 8/17/16

EirwynFrostSilver: -She steps out of the missions office, after having completed her mission of taking care of the two academy students. She took a deep breath and sighed looking up at the cloudy sky above letting the rain drop upon her face, it was cooling and refreshing to her. Her chocolate gaze searching the rooftops as she looked up, reaching into the pouch behind her back, clutching a small glass jar in her hand. Her gaze turned from the rooftops to the contents in her hand, guarding it from the rain. Closing it in her hand she looked up again heading down the street. Her charcoal locks clinging to her shoulders and forehead as she made her way through the streets, a small smile curled on her soft pink lips as it always was. She wasn't fulling paying attention to where she was going as she walked, only occasionally looking at what was before her, scanning the faces in the crowded streets for familiarity before looking back to the roofs. She closed her eyes, then replayed their last encounter over and over again in her head. What did she do wrong… - "Akatori-sensei… what should I do… I want to keep my promises to you…"- she mumbled quietly to herself, now lost in her own thoughts…-

Tsuokusho: --Kari, yawning from her small nap, lifts her torso up after laying on her bench. The sounds of pitter patter from the rain around her aided in the drowsiness she was currently feeling. Stretching and yawning this time, she returned her glasses to the usual spot; above her bridge piercing. Just that simple action always reminds her of why she got it. The rain in Ame could always prove troublesome, as her glasses were always slipping and falling off because of it. Since the glasses would hit the ground, the small lenses would dirty. To fix that problem, she had pierced the bridge on her nose so that the spectacles could rest easily upon her face. Looking about and around, watching faceless strangers walk by, it was all repetitious. She stood up from the bench, and readied herself for movement. She fixed her mal-symetric top as well as dusting and adjusting her skirt. She reached for her neck and loosened her green handkerchief. As far back as her memory could take her, she could never remember where she came upon this garnmet, but for some reason, it remained special to her. She began strolling down the road, a path she was most familiar with taking. Once again, dodging rain puddles and large rain drops that could fall upon her by using the awnings throughout the sides of the road. As she walked down the sides of the path, she quickly spotted a darkened and slightly tattered umbrella, tossed out to the road. Kari picked it up and opened it to find that the umbrella had only a small hole at the edge. --"What a waste."-- She left it open and began to walk around with it, holding the umbrella so that the hole was not a problem to the passenger beneath it. Quickly, she arrived at the library, the place she could familiarize herself with the most. She quickly closed her umbrella, entered the library and fanned her footwear to remove them of the rainwater. Browsing the lines of books before her, she quickly came across a book labled 'Secret Tales of a Ninja Love Left Unknown.' She grabs the book and examines it for a few minutes. The book wasn't worn as much, but it has been read a few times. She approaches the counter and leaves a marker to vouch for her taking the book and proceeds to make way for the door. After exiting the library, she reopens the umbrella and begins to walk back to her bench. A few minutes down the road, the eager reader, while holding the umbrella in one hand, opens the book with her other hand and begins skimming the words throughout it. Without paying any attention to the world around her, she continues down the road, using only her muscle memory to guide her.--

EirwynFrostSilver: -And this is where they collided… the dark haired girl, soaked by the rain crashed into the young book worm in the busy streets of Amegakure, however neither of them moving with enough speed to cause either of them to fall over but with enough force to cause her to drop what she was holding. She scrambled to catch it before hitting the ground. As she did, the contents of the small container jingling against the glass as she hid it quickly in her hands- "Oh, I'm so sorry." she said coming to her senses as she took in her surroundings, noticing the girl now before her… and that the rain was no longer falling on her head like it was moments ago.- "I should watch where I'm going… silly me."-  She looked up seeing the umbrella now over her head. She noted what had the girls attention when they collided, chocolate eyes locking onto the title of the book that she was skimming through, and in an attempt to start a conversation she looked to the girl with a smile.- "Good book I take it?" she asked tilting her head slightly to the side. She reached behind her with both hands tucking the tingling glass container back into the pouch she had pulled it from zipping it closed quickly. "I was on my way to the library myself actually. I need to pick up a few study materials…" she giggled nervously at her poor attempts at conversation starting. "I don't think I've seen you around before… are you new to town… then again I'm pretty new here anyway… sort of."- While under the cover of the umbrella that the girl held she ringed out her wet locks, relieving herself from the rains excessive weight from her head. The water from her hair crashing to the ground at her feet like she had just poured a bucket. -"Oh right, I should probably introduce myself…I'm Hyorinata nice to meetcha!"- she wore that same smile, bright and excited, like the gloomy weight of Ame's rain didn't weigh on her at all.-

Tsuokusho: --Kari continued to walk down the rain ridden road, having already flipped the pages of the book multiple times in the few minutes she had left from the library. In her left hand she held her umbrella, and in her right hand the book. Because she was familiar with multitasking while reading, she developed the skill of flipping pages with one hand. As she continued down the street, she quickly realized an error in her path when she found herself walking straight into another person in front of her. The impact was soft enough to cause no physical harm to her, but suprised her, causing her to jump and temporarily release the things she held in her hand. The umbrella fell slightly, but was recaught by her instincts. The water collected on the top of the umbrella danced to the ground violently, but not on anyone in general. The book was unfortunate, however, because it fell to the water-filled streets. Strangely enough, the impact with the person distracted her from the book, so she didn't realize her book had fallen. --"I'm sorry" Kari says, softly.-- She looks up at the person who turns out to be a girl slightly taller than her. Kari witnessed the girl fumbling with something, but couldn't distern what it was. Not many people talk to her, so Kari was flabbergasted when she began to talk to her. Most of the things the girl said were left unanswered, simply because she couldn't hear them over her skiddish personality. The first sentence that Kari understood, after finally breaking through her shyness was where she was from. --"Always been here" she states softly.-- The young character before her smiled brightly and intoduced herself as Hyorinata. --"I'm," she began, before retrying. "I'm Kari."-- She doesn't tend to use her words often, so even she can be suprised by her voice sometimes. She is used to the daily routine of walking back and forth from the library to her spot, with only the bare essencials inbetween so her voice is rarely used, if at all throughout the days. Reading and learning is the only thing she ever feels like doing. Something about gaining knowledge from books makes her feel stronger than she actually is. While her mind was on books, Kari suddenly realizes that her book was out of her hand and looks around for it, only to quickly find out that it has been laying in a puddle of water on the ground. --"Oh no," she exclaims softly.-- She bends down and picks up the book, then attempts to open it to examine the damage. Almost immediately after opening the book, a few pages come from the bindings and splats onto the ground, completely absorbed in water. Shocked for a moment, she stands there for a moment before bending down again and grabbing the few pages lost and returning them to the ruined book. --"What'll I do about this?" she says, whispering to herself, tucking the book under her arm.-- She looks back up at the girl standing there. --"Can I help you?" she asks, still kind of flustered--

EirwynFrostSilver: -Hyo noticed as the girl seemingly fumbled for words in an attempt to speak with her, like talking was a foreign skill. Her chocolate eyes glancing at the book, her smile only slightly faded as she took not of its condition when Kari picked it up from its landing place on the ground. -"Ooo… I'm sorry… that's my fault for not paying attention… Um… wanna see if we can find it in the bookstore? I'll get it for you if they have it to repay for the damages.."- she said wincing as the pages flopped out from the spine, like cookies left to long to sit in a glass of milk. She could see how heart broken the girl seemed to be, and she took a deep breath, realizing that she was speaking almost a mile a minute, and that it must have been a lot for her. She played with the wet ends of her hair almost nervously as she tried to slow down her train of thought to something more manageable. Now that she thought about it having a permanent copy of the books she was looking for would be beneficial to have, and she could even take notes in the margins if need be. Even in her kindness she seemed odd, like she didn't quite belong to the Hidden Rain even though her left arm sported a forehead protector signifying that she was indeed a kunoichi of the village, but her manners were quite foreign. When Kari asked if she could help her she tilted her head in confusion. "I-I wanted to help you, because I was the klutz who walked into you…" she said with a cheerful giggle, glancing at the book again. -"Hmm…Secret Tales of a Ninja Love Left Unknown… I think they may have that in that bookstore… If I remember correctly…."- she spoke her thoughts aloud trying to recall if she had seen it in passing before. She had only been to that store once before with her sibling when they first arrived, so it wasn't like she was fully paying attention, too many other things preoccupied her mind at that point in time. -"I mean… it's worth a shot ya know?"- Her chocolate eyes looking back to Kari to see for her reaction about heading over to the bookstore she had suggested. -"Seriously though, my treat yeah?"-

 Tsuokusho: --Kari stands there for a second, contemplating. The library knew her well enough that this accident wouldn't be much of a problem. As far as her reading the book, it has only been read four times, so she wasn't missing out on anything new. However, after becoming a Genin, Kari knew that she would have to be more social with people and come out of her comfort zone. It would be too easy if she could become a stories' hero just by sitting down reading. --"Are you sure?" she asks, with a slight and nervous stutter, about the bookstore.-- Suprisingly, Kari has never been in a bookstore. Her pockets have never had the luxury of being full. Most money she had was collected off the ground from those too loose with their pockets. She was used to using items that have been discarded, a perfect example being her umbrella. Because of her lack of physical activity, however, her current outfit remained in fair condition. As Kari finally got a better view of Hyo, she noticed the headband around her left arm. --"Wait," she starts, "You're a ninja too?"-- She lifts her loosened green handkerchief to reveal a slightly covered headband to match hers. It's not that she ever tried to cover it up, it's just she finds holding the forehead protector on her arms, legs, or head irritates her over a period of time, especially if she is trying to read. The handkerchief manages to find it's way over the band and conceal it. Kari very rarely talks to people, and this might be the first time talking to a ninja since graduating the academy. Her excitement outweighs her shyness for a moment as her eyes light up a moment.--"I am one too," she points to her neck.--

EirwynFrostSilver: -Hyo nodded. -"Yeah I'm one hundred percent positive. Really, its my bad. I wasn't paying attention to where I was going, thats what kinda happens when your looking for someone almost a whole person taller than yourself, ya know."- she giggled knowing full well that the girl would understand her stature only being an inch or two shorter than herself. -"Besides, I have to get a few books for myself too so its really no trouble at all." she said flapping her hand cutely to not make a big deal out of the whole thing. She quickly glanced around, remembering that she had a few things on her agenda that she needed to do as well. Her eyes scanning the faces of the crowd again then quickly to the rooftops above them…. still no sign of him. She sighed… If Villi was still around maybe she could have had him help find Fume with Llioco… but they weren't… She sighed and shook her head to free herself from memories that wouldn't help the current situation anyway. She looked back at Kari when she mentioned the forehead protector on her arm. She laughed nervously with a slight smile. -"Heh yeah, just a genin though, trying to catch up to my teammate, ya know. He just passed the Chunin exams a little while back. Fume-sama is so cool."- she said smiling she was quite proud of her teammate's accomplishments, even though her own seemed minuscule in comparison. "Akatori-sensei would have been so proud of him too." Although still facing Kari her eyes occasionally glanced elsewhere searching for locks of white hair walking among the giants or peering over the edge of the awnings around them. When Kari pulled at her neckerchief she smiled clapping her hands excitedly together. -"Awesome! Did you just graduate recently? If you did congratulations. "Lets head to the bookshop now yeah?" she tilted her head in the direction she would be heading with another smile, though her eyes lay fixed on the crowds of people for a familiar masked face as they would rejoin the stream of people, all the while maintaining her carefree smile.-

Guest_pxJeffTheKilleRxq : -As he walked down the streets of Ame he moved his hand over his abdominal wound, still bleeding... the others were only leaking slightly... well the side wound was pretty bad too... The rain seemed to make the blood on him more liquid and creepy looking and obviously, the villagers were avoiding him. Kaguya Fumetsu just earlier came out of the Kage's office, walking down the road aimlessly. He previously did an important mission and recieved a number of wounds from it... those being: an arrow stab wound on the back of his right upper arm, one on his lower abdomen towards the left side... the same side having a long somehow deep still bleeding cut along it, another wound would be another arrow one that has gone through his upper left leg so basically a wound on the front of it and one on the back of it.. good thing the arrow wasn't there anymore... and another arrow wound in his right shin. The wounds done to his legs were kind of obvious because of the rips in the pants but the others weren't really that visible because he was fully painted with blood, having only a bit of his face still white and his back was mostly still white too... even his snow hair was dyed crimson red from the blood. He had his white hoodie wrapped around his waist, it being slightly red from the blood and having the armband hang from it in an obvious manner... so his upper muscular body was visible. His black baggy pants had holes in them where the arrows went though... his blades still strapped to his side and his sai to his lower back with a belt. He was standing tall even with those wounds, and wherever he walked he made people move aside and form a path for him... obviously out of disgust or fright. He spotted a familiar face from behind his red covered bangs... 'Hyorinata... what were the odds?... She seems to be looking for something... Hmm.. on the rooftops too?... Interesting... and a new person... must be a new genin seeing that handkerchief of hers hiding an Ame headband...' he sighed lowly. He was going to give Hyorinata a chance ONLY BECAUSE of Sensei and how she seemed to have liked the Yuki... He didn't want to compromise his own soltitude but if they were still officially a team and they were to go on a mission it was at least better for him to know her skills and how he could use them in his favor... He was coming from behind her so while Hyorinata was talking about "how cool" the Kaguya was, the other genin would probably witness the monster splitting the crowd of people in two and making his way behind Hyorinata since Kari had whatever was behind Hyo in her line of sight. He did not need more attention than he was already given so he wasn't going to catch his teammate's focus by touching her to startle her and make her scream or something... keeping his bloody hands by his body just barely touching the hoodie... being full aware he was looking frightening right now. He glanced at the new genin from his height and if she looked back she'd be able to see his cold turqoise eyes... barely... and that was only because the girls both were so small that they could see past his bangs if close enough. He was probably taller than the umbrella. The Kaguya parted his covered lips slightly and spoke in a low and calm tone, his coldness being present like always.- "Hey..." -He greeted them and waited for Hyorinata to unleash her talkitive nature.-

Tsuokusho: --She looked in awe a moment as the girl before her told her about her teammate. She was always good with names, though not always with faces. It was clear that the girl before Kari had an admiration for her partner. Kari tried to remember a time when she had a partner, but fell short. It wasn't that she was a bad group partner, it was that she was always preoccupied with other things to bother. The main reason she became a ninja was to protect the people of Ame, even though she didn't know them personally. The idea of a hero, given to her by the countless books she read, inspired her to live a life stronger than just reading. Of course, things haven't changed too much since becoming a ninja. She still reads for most of the day. As the common saying goes, 'Old habits die hard.' Kari noticed that as Hyo talked, she would glance behind her instead of at her. A time or two, Kari would attempt to turn slightly to see what she was seeing, only to see nothing. She tilted her head slightly at this action of hers, slightly confused but not enough to ask about it. The girl congratulates Kari on her graduation, in which Kari's only response is a slight, unrevealing smile. She was happy about her graduation, but still felt it as no accomplishment. Not knowing where the bookstore is, Kari only nodded when asked to go to it. Her only intention was to follow behind the guide in hopes they knew where to go. Right after nodding, though, something catches Kari's eye from behind Hyo. What she saw appeared to be a giant walking corpse, spotting the ground with it's blood. The crowd around from behind her interactor dispersed quickly as the wounded man approached their position. Kari was able to see from here the few wounds from the front of the torso and leg. Chances are there are wounds from behind him as well. Concern fell into her head faster than fear as the man quickly came upon them. Even though she was a shy and timid girl, she wasn't easily frightened by things. It was as if she was more concerned with how people thought of her rather than her own well being. On top of that, she read a few horror illustrated books from the library that housed a similar atmosphere. Continuing to look at the man with many wounds, she was more suprised the man was able to stand. As close as possible, the rain shines the man's skin and blood while his reddened clothing hung off of him. Kari raises her hand and points towards the creature with the hand while still holding onto her water-written book. --"Umm." she mutters, unable to find the correct words to explain the situation.-- Her face holds a look of disarray and confusion as the giant hung over them and greeted them. Stuck there, not knowing what to say, she just stares at the man's face, his eyes just barely visable from the angle she held.--

EirwynFrostSilver: -Hyo nodded smiling enough that her cheeks forced her eyes to close.-"Yeah its this way com-… Hey you alright?"- she asked tilting her head to the side when she noticed Kari no longer was listening to her spout out directions. Her ebony locks sticking to her bare shoulders. Kari to busy locking eye contact with what whatever was over her shoulder made her tilt her head again to the other waving her hand into Kari's field of vision. -"Hel-"- she stopped mid word as a scent she hadn't smelled in a while crossed her nose… metallic… like the scent of ones hand after holding a fist full of copper coins for too long…. blood… it smelled like blood… everywhere. She looked down at her feet, watching as the crimson red  wisped and curled in the puddle at her feet whatever was bleeding was near enough to them now. She gazed back at Kari noting the movement of her hand as it moved away from her side to point up and over her shoulder. Still smiling as always she finally heard a voice behind her a familiar voice only but for a moment, she turned suddenly with a smile. -" Ohayo Fume-samaaa… Wha…. What happened?"-, her eyes widened slightly surprised at his condition, noticing the long rather deep slash first before looking up at him. Her words held at first surprise then genuine concern as her hands instinctively reached for the med kit she had in her hip pouch. Her reaction unlike the rest, not an ounce of fear or horror crossing her sweet face, all the while holding her sincerest of smiles for her teammate. Her warm chocolate eyes  still looking into his cold turquoise ones. There were a few different types of wounds as far as she could tell when she went back to look at them all… some were punctures, other slashes and most looked fresh only time would tell for bumps and bruises. So it didn't seem to be a spar… -"How did your mission go?"- she asked separating a gause pad and bandages from the rest of the waterproofed containers. She couldn't stitch him up there in the street so she hoped that he would at least let her wrap it up so that the bleeding was somewhat controlled…-

Guest_pxJeffTheKilleRxq: -He examined the newbie’s reaction, his curiosity manifesting in the form of a head tilt as he watched her. It was interesting that she did no look that scared or anything but she was pointing childishly at the tall Kaguya, finding no words to speak out. That would obviously get the Yuki’s attention though… so it was fine. His eyes widened slightly when he was welcomed so cheerfully by his teammate… was she not aware he was a monster?... Was she not aware that the damage done to his brain was way more serious than it seemed?... Did she think he was the same Fumetsu from long ago?... ‘How curious…’ he thought narrowing his eyes once again before actually parting his lips to ask the Yuki girl’s question of what happened.- “I gave three chuunin from the near village an actual chuunin exams and taught them a lesson… all the while sending them a message to not try and mess with Amegakure…” –He explained calmly answering both her questions… wasn’t often that he spoke so fluidly and so much to someone but he remembered his speech from long before, given to her and Villi… It seems he used to talk more… now that was greatly reduced… but with Hyorinata, he felt it was somehow alright… If it was for anyone else he would’ve probably cut it down to around four or five words if not finishing it in one word or simply a gesture. He watched her study his wounds and get out a first aid kit.. He didn’t take his… he could’ve easily just walked back home and patched himself up but he did recall hearing Akatori’s offer to Hyorinata as he was leaving the Training Grounds… about being a medical ninja… ‘Is that her goal?... Well… let’s see her in action..’. He watched her with narrowed eyes as she was taking her bandages out and all and decided to stay put for her to do her thing, moving in whatever way she needed him to so she could get the bandages on.-

Tsuokusho: --Kari noted each aspect as Hyo, the girl she just met, began fumbling around in her pocket to give the stranger medical assistance. --'This is Fume?' she asks within her own mind. 'This is her teammate?'-- She looked him up and down, and from what she could tell, from this new up and close perspective, he was a strong, stand tall kind of guy. Half as many wounds as that, and she would have found herself not even able to crawl, but here he stood before them. If not for the darker tone in his aura, she would have easily mistaken him for the bright and shining hero of the stories she loves to read so much. It's no wonder Hyorinata looked up to him, figuratively and literally. Realizing that she was just standing there, having already put her arm down after Hyo first realized the tall man behind her, she lifts her arm as high as she can to try to cover the tall man and his healing companion with her umbrella. Unfortunately, she has to leave the umbrella, seeing as how it wouldn't be able to house three people underneath it. Being up closer to the man, she could smell the blood off of him, but wasn't disturbed because of it. She used to be sick from the smell of blood when she was younger, but as she grew up, the smell lacked in potency. Kari watched as Hyo began wrapping the gause around his wounds. --'I wish I could be more help,' she thinks to herself again.-- She knows very little about "patching people up," and she may need to know more about it, just in case she finds herself in a bind. Without anything to say, she would just stand there with her umbrella and soggy book. She wouldn't want to interrupt what seemed to be a reunion, anyway.--

EirwynFrostSilver: -Hyorinata smiled. "I can't stitch you up here… but at least I can clean and dress them for you…They aren't too bad.." she said focusing intently on what it was that she was doing. She tucked the two containers between her left arm and upper torso, holding them tightly there with pressure reaching back into her hip pouch with her right hand pulling out a container of what looked to be saturated pieces of padded white cloth, when she removed the lid the pungent odor that smelled vaguely like alcohol with a slightly herbal smell to it as well. She pulled out one, gently touching it to his wounds to clean them out, it would sting a bit. She cleaned each wound with care, noticing that Kari had lent some assistance by holding the umbrella over him. -"Arigato, Kari-chan."- she smiled still not taking her eyes off his wounds. -"Hm… This should help slow the bleeding a little bit for the time being. Though this arrow puncture in your arm is pretty deep… needs stitches actually… but at least they are clean of debris now and the bleeding has slowed… "- she said cleaning out the last one before she held her hand out in the rain to clean her hand of blood before reaching back into her hip pouch pulling out another container and screwing off the top, the sweet soft minty scent filled the air around them, almost masking the scent of blood. She reached under her arm taking a gauze pad and folding it over her pointer and middle finger, scooping the thick ointment with it before applying it to his wounds before setting a clean pad over top the wound, then wrapping each with a bandage to hold the pad in place. She wrapped each with care, meticulous with how they were wrapped and taken care of. Not too loose nor excessively tight. When she was satisfied with his bandages she took half step back to give him some space, for basic first aid she did wonderfully, a sweet smile still crossing her face. She remembered Kari and half turned herself between the two. -"Oh yeah! Fume-sama this is Kari-chan."- she said clapping her hands together. "We were actually on our way to the bookstore if you wanna come with."- she said with a bright smile, her chocolate eyes glistening with excitement at the thought. -"Right Kari-chan?"-

Guest_pxJeffTheKilleRxq: -He waited silently as he watched his little teammate speak like a professional while looking and doing her work like one as well. It was interesting but he lost interest quite fast as he looked away, glancing up at the umbrella above him, lost in thoughts. He then looked once again at Kari, making sure to remember her in case he needed to later on before looking at the crowds of people staring, making them look away and mind their own business quite fast. After Hyorianta was done and mentioned going to the bookstore, also speaking the genin’s name, Fumetsu’s eyes darted to the soaked book in the possession of Kari. He tilted his head once again slightly and asked, making an assumption.- “To replace Kari’s book?...” -He waited for his question to be answered before nodding slightly for the both girls to see his answer. He’d obviously draw attention to them and there was no particular reason he would go… perhaps to get a book and something else... He stretched out his sore limbs a bit, his bones making crackling sounds all over his body, loud enough to make someone cringe from the way it sounded.. To Fumetsu it was just his deadly weapons, singing in harmony for his next “breath taking” dance. Since he already knew where the store was, he found himself starting to make steps towards the destination, figuring he’d buy a book himself if he found anything of interest… he was used to reading many books when balancing himself in different positions during his meditation but he never wanted to just take books from the library… one of the reasons is that he would have to go in a highly populated place and he usually had no time to go return any of the books. On top of all that, he kept all the books he read in his home to study them more even after reading them once. Not much passed until he arrived at the bookstore, showing his battered and bloody body to more villagers on his way there. He nonchalantly entered the store, not caring much if the girls would follow since he was set on buying a book now himself but he did however want to look over Hyo for the time being. Even if they talked on the way there he was mostly lost in thought, not paying them any mind. Once he got inside, the keeper freaked out slightly at the monstrous sight of Fumetsu and greeted frightfully before cheering up slightly seeing the two girls. Fumetsu would fold his arms across his chest and look around at the different titles while the girls were doing their thing.-

Tsuokusho: --Kari continued to hold the umbrella above the two. She wasn't so concerned with looking at Fume and where he was paying attention to because her main focus was the wounds and the medical assistance he was obtaining. Not entirely certain of what Hyo was doing, she still memorized the steps of her actions. Her only hope is that one day she would be able to emulate the process. After the man was bandaged, Hyo introduced her to Fume. Kari tried her best to remember his face as she looked up at him with a small smile. Very rarely did she talk to anyone in one day. It was an almost impossibility to have two new introductions, especially in a small timeframe as this. Kari only nodded when Fume asked if the mini-venture was for the book she held. The book was unimportant to Kari, only the 'getting familiar with others' was. She saw Fume nod and walk off. --'Was she supposed to follow him?' she thought to herself-- Kari returned her umbrella to herself and held it with her arm instead of her hand for a moment so she could wipe her glasses and face from the rain. She returned the glasses to her face, brim past piercings and latched onto the umbrella again with her hand. She decided to follow Fume, albeit awkwardly. Not only was she uncertain of his destination, or if it was even acceptable to be following him, but she was used to walking at her own pace. His stride outmatched hers, forcing her to walk uncomfortably faster than her normal walking speed. She wasn't in a sprint or a jog, only a brisk walking speed. She held the umbrella out slightly, hole end to her side, allowing Hyo to join in if she so wished. Kari remained quiet throughout the walk, and tried to make as little disruptions as possible. She looked around as people noticed the man in front, staggering back or wandering away from him. --'Was everyone afraid of him? Why?' she asked herself.-- Walking left and right through the streets left her dizzy with directions. She doesn't venture very far from her normal routine, which was a few blocks at best. Trying to jump back into her routine, she subconsiously attempts to open her book to read it, only to find out quickly that it's ruined. To any outside source watching her, they would only notice her lifting the book and looking at the front, as if examining the damage. She continued to look around as she walked. Kari made note of all of the random people around. Quickly, she spotted something hiding on a beam support underneath the roof. It was a white and fluffy cat lounged on the support. --'Not again, Mr. Snoofles.' she announced in her head.-- She gave up on immediately retreiving him. She was busy right now, and he'll be there when she finally comes back anyway. Finally, they arrived at the bookstore. --'So I was supposed to follow him.' she mindfully agreed with herself.-- She entered the building after the tall man and took in the view. It wasn't super big, not as big as the library anyway, but it still held the bare essentials to hold a book keeper's attention. She folded her umbrella and placed it at the door, the wet book placed next to it. Then, she quietly drifted off and began to examine different rows and shelves for new things she might have not read. 'Queries of a Young Philanthropist', 'Positivity from Excellence', and 'Flight Through the Eyes of a Cardinal' were examples of books she found. Though not her tastes, she didn't mind flipping through them a moment to obtain their information. Quickly, she found herself forgetting the reason they were there, or that she came with others. All that mattered to her at this moment in time was the books she saw. She soon came across something relevant to her. 'The Basics and Becomings of a Beginner Shinobi' raised her eyebrow as she picked it up and began skimming through it. Most of the information at the beginning of the book was the basics she learned in the Academy. Most everything was simple enough to understand, but there was a specific chapter that intrigued her. It explained the 'art' of throwing Kunai and how to, not only predict your opponent's moves, but also how you can possibly manipulate their movements to your advantage. Any ninja with combat experience might know this already, but she continued reading the moves and techniques. It was doubtful she would be able to perform any of these without practice, but knowing them might still help out in a pinch. She placed the book down and continued through the aisle, only to quickly find a book labled 'Practicings and Teachings of a Genin.' She picked it up and to her surpise, she didn't know much about this. It read about different jutsus, granted low ranked ones, but it explained tips and tricks to perform them. Fasinated by this, she continued reading. As she skimmed, she came across a justu known as 'Shadow Imitation Jutsu.' She read it being a jutsu primarily used by the Nara clan. Upon reading this, she gave a slight, but revealing look of displeasure and continued flipping through the pages. Returning to her default facial expression, she sat down with the book and continued reading it.--

EirwynFrostSilver: -She nodded when he asked about the soggy book in Kari's hand and smiled. -"Yup, that and I need to pick up a few too."- she smiled, as both Kari and Fumetsu headed off in that direction she followed with a hop to her step to keep pace. Mostly with him specifically, him being much taller required two strides of hers for his one. As they walked she seemed blissfully ignorant of the gasps and avoidance moves of the crowd around them. It must have been such an odd sight to see. A bloody horror followed by what looked to be two impressionable young students who were almost half his size. She waved at some as they passed, who then in turn gave a horrified and now confused look, not quite sure to make of the whole situation that lay before them. She stretched her arms above her head once they had entered the bookstore, greeting the keeper with a smile and polite wave before turning her chocolate eyes to the categories of books finding the category labeled 'Health & Medicine' she headed over to them perusing the titles… 'Herbal Remedies for Vibrant Health'…. 'The art of Traditional Medicine'… 'Study of The Human Body: Massage Therapy and Acupuncture'… she flipped through them all… most were about the proper ways of applying first aid… -"Oh… whats this?"- she asked herself tilting her head to read the title. -"The Basic Technique of Iryo Ninjutsu: A Beginners guide to being a Medical Shinobi…."- She pulled it off the shelf and flipped through the pages quickly before closing it with a brighter smille. She pulled a few other books from the shelf now holding four in total. -"I just can't decide I wanna read them all."- she said excitedly to herself, skipping over to where Kari was, books stacked high in her arms. "You find anything good?" she asked childishly standing on her tippy toes to peek over her shoulder at what she was reading. From where she was standing she could see white tufts of hair over the short book case infront of her. "Oii… Fume-samaaa Did… ya… find… anythin'… good… too?" she asked in a sing song voice, hopping between each word her charcoal buns just bearly clearing the bookshelf.-

Guest_pxJeffTheKilleRxq: -He looked at the endless set of titles. It’s not like there were more than at the library, he did go there before but it simply takes a lot of time to see so many titles and study them. Out the corner of his eye he could spot the little Hyorinata being all enthusiastic about the different books organized on the shelf. Glancing out the corner of his other turquoise eye, to his other side he could spot the even smaller Kari looking at different books as well, although a lot more quietly. Taking a small look at the destroyed book she put down, he once again read the title and looked at the shelf, his eyes moving quite fast with a focused stare. It didn’t take much to find a copy of the exact same book. Dispersing the position of his arms folded against his chest, one hand dropped down near his body while the other reached for the book and carefully pulled the said book taking a closer look at it. ‘This is it…’ He heard Hyorinata make a comment how she wanted to read all that was included on the little hill of books she was balancing on her tiny arms and he also heard her ask both Kari and him a question… He answered it with a very short reply.- “Yes…” -After that he walked to the keeper, catching his frightened attention. Fume pulled out a small ryo pouch he got from the earlier before placing it on the counter and having it open. Sliding his free hand in there and feeling the metallic pieces; He soon took an exact number of them out and put them on the counter in a widely spread formation for the shopkeeper to see them clearly. Every book had the same price so it was easier to know the total of all the books the girls had, their worth. He spoke in a low tone.- “This is for seven books and two bags…” –The man nodded nervously at Fumetsu’s slow, quiet and cold way of speaking and took the ryo, pulling out two bags, just big enough for the books, even a bit bigger so they had space. He took both in the same hand he held the book using a finger or two and with the other hand he closed the pouch and dropped it back in his pocket, hidden under the hoodie tied around him. He turned around and walking past Hyorinata, he slammed the book down on the table, attempting to startle the two young genin, but especially the one focusing on a book. If they didn’t get startled the keeper sure did, making it obvious by his body flinching. He swiftly grabbed the book in Kari’s hands, using his index finger and thumb, gripping it by the middle and pulling it away closing it as he parted his lips to speak.- “This isn’t a library…” –and with that he turned his attention to Hyo, putting one of the bags on the table. In a quick motion, he swung the bag, making air go inside of it and making its entrance open wide as he lowered it over the book hill in Hyorinata’s hands, his fast movement turning slow and gentle. Grabbing both sides of the bag’s entrance he pulled down, making the girl lower her hands but he made use of gravity and instead of letting the books fall down, they all fell neatly and in the same exact position in the bag. Afterwards he took all three of Kari’s books and organized them in her own bag… he kept silent throughout it all before finally speaking up again.- “It’s done… You can throw the destroyed copy away, Kari… Now let’s go…” –He spoke, leaving the bookstore empty handedly… The reason he used that ryo on their books and didn’t get himself anything is one… he didn’t find anything interesting, having lots of money to spare… and two, he noticed Hyorinata’s books and what they were about… those should help her out. As for Kari, he noticed that she could be a friend and training partner for Hyorinata… her books were about ninja stuff… except that other one. Not only that but noticing a hole in the umbrella she has, he made a far fetched theory that perhaps she didn’t have much money… he knew the situation because as a genin at the start of everything, Fumetsu didn’t have much himself. Although she probably just fancied umbrellas with holes in them… that was always a possibility with the weirdness of people in general. And so he made his way down the streets, once again aimlessly… it was once again up to the girls if they wanted or not to follow him… He wasn’t a fan of company but he knew it was better for him to not train right now anyway… and for meditation, he could do it when the solitude of the night aided him with it. Therefore, he would probably follow the girls if they suggested for him to go with them wherever else they wanted, he did want to study Hyorinata more after all.-

Tsuokusho: --Kari continued to read, the outside world practially nonexistant to her. She continued reading, noting the types of jutsus there are. Pondering for a moment about her jutsu type, if she even has one, she hurries back to the book to continue her education. Voices could be heard around her, but they all went ignored. Even a loud crack in the room suddenly was muffled by the sound of her own reading. As she continued reading, she felt a tug on her book. Trying to keep it within reading distance, she pulls at the book slightly. Quickly, the book continued to run away from her as she loses her grip to it. The book closes as her face shows a split second of a sheer crestfallen expression. She looked up to see the man she entered the store with holding her book. He explains to her that she shouldn't be reading a book she doesn't own. Saddened, but understanding, she nods and holds her head low in apology. She sees Fume place the books she looked at, and the one she was reading into a bag. He then walks out of the store, telling them to leave the store, after of course ridding the book that was damaged. She walked to the book and picked it up. She handed it to the man behind the counter. --"I'm sorry for the burden," she softly states, bowing her head to the man.-- Kari grabs her umbrella and begins to walk out the door before realizing that she had forgotten to grab the bag of books that Fume purchased. She dashes back in and grabs them, their weight, though not heavy, still throws her balancing off slightly. She rushes to the door again and bows once again to the man behind the counter. Flustered, she then opens the door and walks outside. Quickly, she looks for Fume and Hyo throughout the crowd of people who walked the Ame streets. She spotted Fume from his size and crowd dispersion that was around him and began to make her way to him. Forgetting to open her umbrella, the heavy droplets from the awning above her caught her unexpectedly, causing her to stagger back a bit. --"Pfft," she spouted as the water, catching her offguard, wrapped around her face and glasses.-- Luckily, the books she carried remained safe from the rain. Wiping her face off, she then opened her umbrella, which is the first thing she should have done, and hurried after the group. Having done so many new things in such a small amount of time, she was a bit clumsier than she normally would be. Kari finally makes it up to the group, having almost sprinted there and begins walking behind Fume. From behind him, she can see the blood stains of his hoodie that was wrapped around him, the rain not doing any justice for cleaning it. --'Should he be walking in the rain with his patches?' she asked herself.-- She attempted to cover him up with the umbrella, but it wasn't working out the way she wished. She begrudgingly discontinued her actions and returned to holding the umbrella for herself. She looked back at Fume, seeing as how he seemed lost in thought as he walked. --"Umm..." she began. "Where are we going?" She asks the man leading the way.--

EirwynFrostSilver-She tilted her head in confusion as to why he slammed the book down, noticing how Kari didn't so much as flinch at the sound, her face buried in her reading.-  "She sure is focused…"- she said tilting her head the other way as he pulled the book away from Kari, watching her expression change from enthrallment to sadness at the now lack of reading material. Her eyes glanced to the bag that he set down on the table before using the air of her swinging arm to blow open the one he had in his hand, as he with care set it down over the pile she still held in her hands, confusion eventually lead to surprise as she hopped with joy once he forced the pile gently out of her hands and into the bag, figuring out what it was that he was doing. Her chocolate eyes lit up like a kid on christmas. -"Yaahoo yahoo! Arigato Fume-sama!"- she exclaimed in joy bowing happily in thanks for the books, her ebony lock flying forward over her shoulds with the speed of her bow. She took the bag from him ecstatically hopping for joy at the prospect of starting to learn the basics of being a med nin. -"Ooo ooo can practice using the techniques I learn on your injuries Fume-sama, Please Please?"- She smiled excitedly. Wanting to learn as much as she could as fast as possible as well as perfect her usage of it. She skipped after him following him out into the rain after tying up the bag so that no water could get inside. She noticed Kari had caught up to them after discarding the soggy book. Listening to her words she turned back to her teammate, realizing she had finished all that she had wanted to do for the day… that made her smile even more as she kept pace with the two of them. She wasn't sure what she wanted to do first, get something to eat after a long day, or study. She shrugged in response to Kari.- "We could get something to eat I guess, maybe?"

Guest_pxJeffTheKilleRxq: -As he was walking he could her the two girls following behind, listening to Hyorinata request before responding afterwards.- "You can... but not now... I am going home..." -He said, feeling a sudden lack of energy throughout his body... the adrenaline was gone... and he was bleeding all the way back to the village the whole time... His wounds were patched now but the blood loss was showing. If a fight was to happen, he'd still be able to fight but he figured he just needed to take a shower and rest. He listened to Kari and Hyo speak once again.- "You can go with Hyorianta, Kari... She's hungry apparently... Bye..." -He replied, doing the Tiger hand seal in a swift manner, using some of his chakra to flicker up to the roof. Making his way back home rather fast and making sure he wasn't going to be followed... He called it a day.-

Tsuokusho: --Kari followed the man, awaiting his response. She was only greeted by the man's farewell as he signed his hands with a seal and disappeared towards the roof and walked away. --'Did I say something bad?' She asked herself.-- She looks around to see Hyo standing with her. Hyo makes a suggestion, but seeing as how Kari wasn't hungry, she declined by shaking her head. --"I usually eat later," she states.-- Looking down, she saw the bag she was holding. She pulled one out while balancing her umbrella on her shoulder. She picks up the book that Fume had purchased for her. --'Oh, that's right,' she thought. 'I forgot this is why we were there.'-- She looks at the book 'Secret Tales of a Ninja Love Left Unknown.' After examining it, she realizes a small detail about it. The edition was not the same. Not only that, but the print was different as well. She sighed slightly. --'Oh well. It's not that big of a deal,' she thinks to herself again.'-- She put the book in her bag and pulled out the book 'The Basics and Becomings of a Beginner Shinobi.' She opens it up and quickly finds the place she left off. Now holding the umbrella in her hand again, she looks up at Hyo. --"If you can," she says outloud. "Can you thank him for me if you see him again?"-- She pauses and looks over her shoulder, then returns her gaze back to Hyo. Having finished obtaining what she needed, she saw no more need to hang around. Even though she had fun getting to know new people, she could only take so much at one time. --"And thank you too," she says, bowing and with a genuine smile. "Maybe we'll meet again?"--

EirwynFrostSilver: -"Hey wai-…"- She reached out to stop his departure but before she could lay a hand on him he disappeared. -"…t…."- she sighed a small smile crossed her face. "Ya didn't answer my question…" she said calmly basically to herself, her shoulders slouching ever so slightly. -"I hope those bandages hold… or he at least stitches himself up…"- she shrugged, there was nothing she could do to help him further at this point… She heard Kari start to speak and she left her thoughts to listen -"Hm?"- she cooed, still smiling as she turned to look at her as she was being spoken to. -"Oh. Yeah I'll let him know. Not sure when I'll see him next though. Not that I don't look for him though."- she giggled slightly. -"And don't thank me… I ruined your book in the first place… and didn't even repay you for ruining it… How about this? I know you aren't hungry right now and neither am I really, I just made the suggestion for somewhere to talk out of the rain. If you want you can come hang out at my place?…. Wow I sound like a total creep heh… I might as well say come back to my place I have candy… sorry I'm like just so excited to finally meet a shinobi who's not… ya know, a boy."- she laughed scratching the back of her head nervously. -"If you say no I totally understand, everyone has to go home eventually right? I mean it is getting late."- she said waving her hand nervously dismissing her ramblings. -"I mean it's up to you, I just kinda wish I could repay you for my clumsiness."-

Tsuokusho: --Kari, with her book open but not being read, looks at Hyo as she begins talking. She realizes that Hyo talks with energy, a little too much for Kari, but she tries to hold in there. Kari has always lived a calm life. It has always helped that she spends most of her time by herself. With other people around, she finds herself a bit on edge. However, she wants to become a bit more friendly. The girl she just met is friendly, and probably a good start to getting attuned with the people of Ame. On top of that, she was a ninja too. Maybe she'd learn something from her. After all, she was released from the academy knowing only the basics. Kari knows more about jutsus than most other students who come out of the academy, being a bookworm with a lot of ninja stories on her belt, but performing them was a different story. --'I don't know anything about this ninja either,' she thought to herself. 'So anything can be up for grabs when it comes to learning something.'-- Though, she found it strange that someone would invite an almost stranger to come into their home. Most people weren't that generous. Most people hardly even talk to her or even notice her. Thinking back on it, had it been another person to run into her, she wouldn't have gotten the same treatment. --'Today is a strange day,' she states to herself.-- Kari felt the bag's weight she had hanging on her arm was finally becoming noticeable. It wasn't heavy, nor was she tired, she was just not used to more then one book at a time. She held the book in her hand on the same arm as the bag. -- "Sure," she says, stumbling at first with her words, her voice as soft as ever. "I don't mind at all."-- She smiles slightly, nervous, but still enjoying the company of another. --

EirwynFrostSilver: -"Wha- Really?!"- Hyo smiled excitedly that she accepted her odd request. -"Yata!"- she cheered with an enthusiastic hop. "We can be study buddies now." she smiled.  Most would think in such a dreary village that to be this happy about everything would have been impossible. Yet there she was oddly enough a compact beacon of joy in the village of Ame… a human ray of sunshine, her unbridled joy was a bit overwhelming for most, even her brother at times found it annoying… but she had a passion for trying to take joy in everything… -"Come on Come on!"- she starting to skip away, but not too far ahead as she didn't want to lose Kari in the sea of people. -"I think I'll make sweets for dessert! Everyone loves sweets… Mmm Taiyaki stuffed with chocolate sounds really good… oo oo and some ice cream! This is gonna be soo great! Oh! And while we wait for it to cook we can study together!"- She seemed to have no off button at that moment, words and thoughts just continually flooding from her mouth as she made ideas and suggestions of what they could do once they arrived at her house for the evening. The two disappeared into the sea of tall people on their way.-

End Result:

Hyo and Kari run into one another in the streets of Ame, accidentally ruining the book Kari was reading, in an offer replace to book they decide to go to the bookstore. They run into Fumetsu who pays for their reading materials after being patched up by Hyo, then he departs. After his departure, the two girls head back to Hyo's house to study their new material.

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