NNERp Wiki

Naruto New Era Role-Play, other wise known as NNERP, is a roleplay community that takes place on the 3D chat program known as IMVU


NNERP takes place in the Naruto World 202 years after Naruto Uzumaki's death.  The Five great nations are no more, even the Great Konohagakure in the land of fire has been demolished. What is left are the clans and smaller villages.


Amegakure: No Sato Village Hidden in the Rain


Yonshigakure: No Sato Village Hidden in Death


New Members

New applicants for NNERP Will most likely enter the rp as an Academy student who is about to take their graduation exam and achieve the rank of Genin. Every new applicants will be starting off as an Academy Student, Unless the Kage for the respective village decides otherwise solely under Kage discretion. The new applicant must take an exam given by a jounin of their respective village before being a genin.

Problems and Issues.

If there are any problems or issues that need addressed please inform, Kage of your village or a Jounin


Respect is a must to everyone regardless of who they are, where they come from, Rank ect.
Remeber we are here to have fun.  
violations will be treated seriously.