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Title: AME Orphans: The New Old Home: Moving Day Blues

Kazuko: -Kazuko stirred in bed it was early morning not long after the sun itself rose. She brought her hands up to her face and rubbed her emerald eyes and rolled over to her side. She blinked still getting used to waking up next to someone else she silently rolled the other way and slid out from under the warm purple blanket. Her feet were still covered by her toeless socks but her bare toes touched the cold floor and sent a shiver down her spine. She stretched as she stood up off the bed and reached over for her light blue flower with her right hand while she ran her left finger through her crimson hair and then placed the flower by her ear. She made her way to the closet where she had her cloths and took out her normal outfit a dark blue sweater and a pair of black leggings as she turned and headed down stairs. She blinked and then headed into the bathroom to shower locking the door behind her she placed the flower on the sink counter and her close on the shelf before she climbed into the shower. After a finishing her shower she dried herself off and got dressed and put her flower back into her hair before unlocking the door and walking out into the main room of the apartment. She looked around for a moment then headed into the kitchen to make tea and wait for the boys to wake up. –

Kazukii: - Kazuki’s mind was running on all cylinders the news of his parents’ home being there all this time and just now knowing it was left to him was heart breaking. He tossed and turned all night not getting much sleep not from the lack of trying but his mind would just not keep replying what if scenarios. If Kazuki would have had the house sooner, he wouldn’t have had to live out on the streets. He would have had a roof over his head and wouldn’t have had to have struggled as much as he did during his much younger years. Granted just having a house didn’t mean he still wouldn’t have the struggles of maintaining it or with food and other every day needs but it would have saved him a lot. He felt a bit bad seeing as how he was restlessness would no doubt now affect others being that Kazuko now slept in the same bed as him which just furthered the frustration he was going through. Kazuki felt Kazuko move slowly out of bed, his eyes forced closed at this point became slits as he watched Kazuko gather up some clothes and head out   of their bed room which only lead him to one possible conclusion is that she was heading to the bathroom to get ready for the day. Kazuki rolled over to his side and closed his eyes completely once more drifting back off to sleep for another thirty minutes before his were quickly jolted open again due to the nightmarish dream his mind’s eye was showing him. The dream consisted of this all being a false hood and a trap to get him out in the open to kill him off. Kazuki took his right hand and brushed his medium length cobalt blue hair out of his eyes feeling a bit of the sweat that was dripping from his forehead more than likely from the dream.  Kazuki sat up slowly and turned his torso so that his legs were now over the edge of the bed slightly dangling there for a moment before he pushed his self-closer to the edge. His bare feet hitting the cold floor sent a chill throughout his body that lasted only a few seconds before he was used to it. Kazuki stood up straight and pushed his right and left hands palms on the bed and pushed his self-up so that he was now in a standing position. Kazuki too his right hand and rubbed his eyes slightly as his mouth opened up wide to let out a yawn that mimicked that of a lion. He slowly made his way over to his cloth cabinet and pulled the doors open taking out a set of Black Cargo like cloth pants, a blank tank top, A pair of Black cloth boxers and lastly his normal black and blue heavy cloth like martial hood like coat. Inside the pockets of the coat was his black metal plated fingerless gloves as well as his Amegakure head band that he normally wore on his upper arm. On the inside pocket of his coat was his dark blue almost black re-breather like mask. Kazuki flung his cloths over his shoulder and made his way over to the bathroom. Kazuki stopped just at the bathroom door noticing it was opened meaning no one was in it or at least he hoped. Kazuki peered is head in only to find the bathroom empty yet the smell of Kazuko’s soaps still loomed in the air. He turned and shut the door with a quick movement of his right hand he also locked the door. Kazuki set his clothes down on towel self and turned to the shower. He opened the door and reached in turning the nob for the hot water. With a little pressure noise, the head of the shower began to spit of the water in a steady stream almost like the rain that fell over all of Amegakure but only war. Kazuki peeled off his black cloth tank top tossing it to the ground using his left foot to push the top over to the side. He then unbuttoned his pants and pulled both his black cloth pants and boxers down with one swift move of his right and left hand kicking them off to the side along with his shirt. Kazuki was now completely nude except the dog tags he wore around his neck that he never took off. They were the only thing he had left that his father and mother had given him. The tags had Kazuki’s name and the Geikami symbol engraved in the metal. He took a slight grip of the tags with his right hand clutching them in the palm of his hand like a vise. Before making his way into the shower. Kazuki released the grip on the tags once the water stared to hit the pale skin of his body and shut the shower door behind him. Kazuki pressed his right and left palms of his hands up against the wall of the shower just under the shower head as he tilted his head down letting the water cascade all over his body. The blue strands now drenched in the warm water as the steam began to rise and fill the shower up. Kazuki closed his eyes for a moment or two trying to free his self of the thoughts he was having about This being all too good to be true.  He then slowly raised his head letting the water hit his face before slowly backing away. He reached for his wash cloth and his bar of scentless soap and began to scrub his body from head to toe. After doing so a reached for the bottle of scentless shampoo and opened it up. He dribbled a bit of the light blue shampoo into his hands and lathered it up before placing his right and left hand into his blue hair. He ran his fingers through his hear in a scrubbing motion to get the soap all through his hair evenly. He then quickly rinsed the soap and shampoo off his body and out of his hair.  He reached over and turned off the water and slid the shower door back open, and took a few steps out on to the tiled black floor. He reached over and grabbed one of the blue towels with his right hand. The water was still running down his body like tiny little race cars. He took a hold of the towel with his right and left hand and began top dry his body off head to toe before making his way over to his clothed. He hung his towel up on the rack before slipping on his boxers, Black cargo pants and black cloth tank top. He took his black and blue hoodie like coat and flung it over his right shoulder before he slid open the bath room door once more. He slowly started to make his way down the steps taking one step at a time till he reached the bottom. He then proceeded to make his way over to the kitchen stopping once to fling his hoodie like coat over the railing of the steps. Kazuki pushed open the doors to the kitchen only to find Kazuko already in there. Guess all they needed now was Ryuu to get up and they could set out. His lips slowly parted and his voice shot out in a low tone. – “Good morning Kazuko...”

IlRyuu: *Ryuu slept soundly as he rested after having a lot more than he was used to having to do yesterday with Kazuko and Kazuki. He didn’t remember any specific dreams or even bits and pieces of it, instead all he remembered was darkness. Ryuu heard a muffled noise coming from Kazuki’s room that made his eyelids slightly open to see if something was going on, but after a moment of listening, he realized it was just the running water of the shower. He figured Kazuko was the first one awake and was taking a shower, so he closed his eyelids once more and lulled back to sleep. After about an hour, his mind subconsciously listened to the noises around him, he was sure he could hear the shower running again after so long so maybe Kazuki woke up and took a shower as well, before he found himself waking up finally. He sat up and yawned as he stretched his arms over his head, his blue eyes shutting as he yawned. Ryuu sat there for another five or ten minutes as he allowed himself to fully wake up before getting up and grabbing clothes to change into as he walked into Kazuki’s room; he usually would’ve knocked, but given that as he walked towards the room he heard Kazuki speak to Kazuko downstairs, he figured he was safe. He made his way to the shower and turned on the water, hoping his two teammates left him some hot water, but he decided that it wouldn’t be a big deal if the water wasn’t as hot as it could’ve been. After the water had warmed up a bit, Ryuu took off his clothes before stepping into the shower and finding himself slightly relaxing at the welcome of the warm water on his body. After about ten minutes, Ryuu had finished washing himself and turned off the warm water from the shower; afterwards, he reached out and grabbed a blue towel and wrapped it around his waist before stepping out of the shower. After drying himself, he put on a pair of boxers, dark blue pants and a dark blue tank top; his gloves and rebreather were back in his room as was his hoodie that he usually wore. He hung up the towel and walked back to his room after leaving the bathroom and put on his dark blue hoodie after entering the room. After putting on his dark blue hoodie he placed his fingerless gloves on his hands and then put his rebreather in his hoodie pocket for convenience; he knew the three of them were going to be heading out today but he didn’t need to wear it in the house. After placing the rebreather in his pocket, he took his Dragon’s Fang and exited the room as he held it in his hands by the sheath. He made his way downstairs and made his way towards the kitchen as his nose caught the aroma of tea in the air. Once he saw his two teammates, he shot them both a smile followed by a short yawn.* “Morning you two..we gonna eat first then head on out?”


Kazuko: *Kazuko had made her way into the kitchen and was making tea when she heard the door open behind her as she was about to glance over her should to see who it was she heard Kazuki’s voice telling her good morning. She smiled softly and spoke not turning from the kettle.* “Good Morning Kazuki.” *she then focused on the task as hand as the water boiled she took out tea cups and set them around the table along with sugar and spoons to stir. However, when she opened the container the tea bags where in there was only two left. She would have to make a stop by the store soon for more as she glanced up and the kettle started to whistle Kazuko moved to the stove to take the kettle from the stove she then put the two tea bags into the kettle so the tea would brew and then poured tea into each of the cups. As soon as she had finished she spotted Ryuu entering the kitchen and speaking asking if they were going to eat first or head out. She hadn’t made food only tea this morning so they would have to eat on the go being that she wasn’t even entirely sure what they had food wise left in the kitchen she then glanced over at Ryuu and spoke.* “Well we will at least drink tea before we leave….I didn’t cook food this morning sorry” *she then sat down in the middle seat that she always sat in and drank her tea with out another word*

Kazukii: -Kazuki heard Kazuko reply to his good morning his amber eyes following her actions step by step noticing she was making tea and not taking her eyes off her task at hand. But noticed she did have a soft smile on her face. It had seemed a good night’s rest did her some good at least seeing as how they were all spent from the last few days’ events. Kazuki watched as Kazuko placed tea cups on the table one by one only to see her open up the tea bag container as the kettle started to whistle which the sound shot through the room like a high pitched whistle.  He watched as she put the two tea bags in the kettle which to him would be a normal task that he used to do by his self but now that he has the other two living with him things like this would probably happen more often though the thought of which was something he was still getting used to. The Hot brown liquid began to flow from the kettle and into the cups like little tiny water falls poured by what looked to be delicate hands but Kazuki knew that even though Kazuko had a side such as this she also had the side of a true shinobi. Seconds later Kazuki heard Ryuu come through the Kitchen door noticing a smile upon his face as well in this instant Kazuki felt for the first time he really did have a family which caused him to smile slightly. Kazuki listened to Ryuu ask if they were going to eat something before they left only to have Kazuko say she didn’t make anything to eat just tea. In that instant Kazuki remember he had some sticky rice balls in the refrigerator for an on the go type of snack. – “Well I do have some sticky rice balls in the fridge…we can each take one before we leave…. for now, I guess Drink up. Kazuki took a spoon full of sugar and placed it in his tea and slowly stirred it around until it was full dissolved Kazuki took a hold of the tea cup with his right hand extending his right pinky finger outward before pressing the top of the cup to his lips sipping the tea down to the last drop. Kazuki lips parted once more very slowly as his Amber eyes fell upon Kazuko’s emerald green optics. – “Thank you for the tea…” – Kazuki took a few steps over to the fridge and pulled out three of the packaged sticky rice balls and tossed one to Kazuko with his right hand and one to Ryuu with his left hand at the same time but holding back one for his self-sticking it in his right cargo pants pocket. Kazuki lips parted once more and spoke in a soft tone of voice– “Well finish getting ready and let’s head out… I’ll meet you all outside… - Kazuki made his way out of the kitchen passing Kazuko and Ryuu. Kazuki picked up his Hoodie like coat and slipped it on over top of his head shimming his arms through the sleeves and pulling it down into place. Kazuki took out his re-breather like mask out of his inner pocket and placed it snug on his face which once in place it covered up the lower half. He quickly slipped his left and right hands into his right and left pockets sliding his black fingerless metal plated gloves before taking out his Amegakure head band and placing it on his left upper arm tying it into place.  Kazuki made his way into the living room where he had his four pouches he normally placed around his waist sitting on the black couch. Kazuki picked up his pouches with his right hand and strung them up against his back side keeping them level with his waist before snapping them into place. These pouches carried all of the ninja tools he ever needed or used specially the paper he used for his jutsu.  After doing this he made his way over to the door where his black toed shoes stood in place by the door   still with the black metal shin guards draped over top of them which made it easier to snap them into place. He slipped his right then his left foot into his shoes and wiggled his toes slightly back and forth before he tightened the straps to his shin guards. He reached for the handle to the apartments door and took a deep breath exhaling slowly before turning the nob and making his way down the steps and out the second door to the main street were much to his surprise it wasn’t raining which caused him to be concerned a little. There wasn’t ever a day in his memory that he could recall that it hadn’t been raining in Amegakure. Kazuki peeked his head back in the door way and yelled up to his team mates. – You guys need to see this something isn’t right here…” – Kazuki pulled his head back from the door way and peered up into the rainless sky. The storm clouds were still there but the rain was nowhere to be found. –

IlRyuu: *Ryuu listened to Kazuko as she said that she didn’t make anything for them which he understood since all three of them hadn’t been up too long for the day to begin. He wrapped his Dragon’s Fang on his waist securely as he heard Kazuki say that there were some rice balls in the fridge that they could all grab before they left as a snack, which Ryuu only nodded at before seeing Kazuko take her normal spot at the table and Kazuki took a drink of his own tea before walking over to the fridge and tossing him a rice ball, which he caught before beginning to eat slowly. The rest he had gotten the night before seemed to have helped him a lot more than he thought; he felt energized and ready to do whatever there was to do today. His mind then began to think about what they were going to do today and how different it was going to be than last time. The last time the three of them had moved anything from point A to point B, it was when Kazuko and he were moving into Kazuki’s apartment and that was at least not that far of a trip. He didn’t know how long the distance from their apartment was in comparison to where his new house was, if it was even that. They discussed it and he still felt a bit uneasy about the whole thing; the notice could’ve just been late...even extremely late, but he still didn’t know how to go about this. Like Kazuko had said last night, the whole thing could just be a trap for whoever it was, even if it was just some bandits hoping to rob and even possibly try and kill Kazuki. He heard Kazuki say that he was going to meet them outside, which made him remember something he had forgotten upstairs before he quickly ran out of the kitchen and up the stairs as he headed towards his room; during all of his thoughts he had eaten his rice ball. Once he made his way there, he leaned down and picked up his Amegakure headband before wrapping it around his forehead as his orange hair hung in front it, which made it mostly hidden from view. Once it was wrapped securely around his forehead, he spun around and ran back downstairs before quickly putting on his black ninja sandals before waiting for Kazuko and if she had already gone downstairs to meet up with Kazuki, he quickly closed the door behind him and made his way downstairs. On his way down, Ryuu pulled his black hood over his orange hair from the impending rain that was sure to greet them on the outside but as he heard Kazuki say something wasn’t right, he noticed that the rain in Amegakure wasn’t falling. This realization made him feel confused as he slowly lowered his black hood from over his head and gazed at the grey skies above him.* “Yeah...no rain at all.” *He waited for Kazuko to remark on it as well or Kazuki if they wanted to, but he spoke afterwards.* “So Kazuki, before we head on out…Um, are we ready for this trip? I mean, in case this is a trap y’know?” *Ryuu didn’t doubt that the three of them could handle themselves and watch each other’s backs, but he wanted to make sure that all three of them were prepared before they left.*


Kazuko:*Kazuko listened as the boys spoke she listened and sipped her tea after finishing it she set the tea cup on the table and got to her feet. After hearing Kazuki say he appreciated the tea and that he was going to finish getting ready. She nodded and watched him leave the room and saw Ryuu fallow behind munching on food. She shook her head but headed out of the kitchen and over to the stairs and up to the room. She took her black leg pouch from the stand and attached it to her left leg and placed her tools inside as well as pulled out her scrolls and attached them to her belt. She then slid off her socks and set them over the bench next to the wardrobe. She then took out her dark mask like rebreather and placed it over the lower part of her face. She moved back out of the room and towards the stairs to head back down to the stairs. She just started down the stairs when she heard Kazuki saying they need to see something. Kazuko hurried and up slipped on her sandals and peeked her head out for a moment. Ryuu was already there and she heard him say there was no rain at all. She stepped out and joined the two of them and stared up at the sky. There had never been a day in her life that the rain was not there. The dark clouds where still in the sky but there was not a single rain drop. She glanced at the two boys whom didn’t seem to get a bad feeling about this whole no rain thing. Kazuko listened as Ryuu asked if they were ready for the trip and mentioned that it could be a trap she threw her right elbow out if Ryuu didn’t move it would collide with his ribs and give him a nudge about watching what he said. She knew that Kazuki hadn’t slept well already worried it could be a trap. Kazuko nodded and looked at the boys speaking after a moment. “Well Let’s go then guys we will be able to handle this on our own.” *Kazuko then turned and looked up at the sky still not sure what to make of the lack of rain. *

Kazukii: - He waited for the other two to join him once they both were outside by him Ryuu was the first to say anything which was about there not being any rain only to lead into asking Kazuki if they were ready for this trip specially if it was a trap granted Kazuki had thought about this all night last night but this was a risk he had to take. Kazuki’s eyes then seen a slight nudge Kazuko’s elbow to Ryuu which looked like she was aiming for his ribs only to hear her say we should get going and that they should be able to handle this on their own. – “Yeah I have thought about it, but it’s a risk I am going to have to take, and Kazuko has a point we should get going as well as I think we can handle whatever happens on our own….” – This wasn’t something Kazuki didn’t believe but as he learned in other situations he had been in that one truly never know what is ahead of them or lying in wait. - “well its actually not that far from here….’ – Kazuki Turned left and started to slowly make his way down the main street in Amegakure. The building in which their family home had been in was one the oldest in Amegakure and one of the few original building the survived. A ton of thoughts flooded his mind about his former home. Things like would there be anything left there from his parents or his child hood? Would their other things that would lead him to other family members that he didn’t know? There was only one way to find out and that was to step through the threshold and he was well on his way in doing so. Kazuki shook his head from left to right slowly moving his head in such a fashion in hopes to clear his head of all the distractions for if this was a trap he needed to have a clear head and be on his A game.  Kazuki’s Amber eyes shifted up towards the grey and black storm clouds that still swirled overhead yet didn’t produce the normal calming rain to fall from the heavens. Kazuki’s thoughts then wandered to thinking about maybe something happened to their Kage seeing as he was the one responsible for the rain that was a fact everyone in Amegakure knew without question. The walk continued on for another five minutes before Kazuki reached the building. The building was made up of an old bluish metal that without a doubt seen better days showing some scratches embedded deeply into its surface. Kazuki stopped in front of the front door and placed his right hand palm down and flat against the cool metal door and stood there for a moment. Kazuki took a deep breath then exhaled even slower before parting his lips to speak. – “Well here goes….I guess…” – Kazuki slid his right hand down the metal door  and placed it on the door knob with a quick flick of his wrist  the door popped open squeaking to a stop after  opening.  –

IlRyuu: *Ryuu felt a nudge in his ribs from Kazuko as he asked if they were all ready in case of whether this was a trap or not which made him grunt slightly from the impact before looking over questioningly towards Kazuko. He already knew that the trio had all had the trap scenario in their mind already, but he was asking just in case they still felt uneasy about all of it, but something told him that no matter what, the anticipation was going to stay until this was all said and done. Ryuu heard the two of them say for them to head on out, Kazuki leading the way since he was the only one who knew where the house was. Ryuu followed suit as Kazuki lead the way as his blue eyes glanced up towards the dark grey skies once more as he questioned where the rain was. He heard that the Amekage was responsible for the constant downpour in Amegakure, so maybe something happened to him? He didn’t think the Kage would have to leave the Village for anything unless it was extremely important, so maybe he had left to go do some top mission or something. On top of all that, wouldn’t there have been a massive announcement if something drastic had happened to the Amekage? Surely something on that caliber wouldn’t be kept under wraps, even if it was to ensure that no one panicked; even then wouldn’t they have found a replacement for the Amekage by then? He shook his head slightly and hoped that nothing had happened to the Kage as Ryuu then noticed a building in front of him after walking a few more minutes with Kazuko and Kazuki to see a building that was a faded metallic blue that looked like it had been left there for quite some time; the house wasn’t as far as he had thought it was going to be honestly. As Kazuki stopped in front of the door, he stopped right behind him as he waited for Kazuki to open the door before hearing him say something before opening the door to the old house, waiting for Kazuki to lead the way into the house; even though it was going to be their new home, it was only right that Kazuki was the first one to enter the house that was left for him by his family.

Kazuko: *Kazuko shook her head as her elbow made contact with Ryuu and then she heard Kazuki speak up. She watched them walk away and she fallowed behind them both. She was still leery about the fact that it was not raining. This kept her mind distracted for the whole time and she hadn’t realized the boys stopped until she almost ran into Ryuu stopping only a single step behind him she looked down just in time to stop herself from running into him. She blinked and looked at the building they stopped at. It was pale blue and looked similar to the color of the paper Kazuki used. She watched as Kazuki used hand and opened the door she sighed softly and grabbed her scroll just in case she needed to unseal some of her weapons if it was a trap. After a few seconds of nothing happening she waited for Kazuki to open the door and go inside the home. She still kept the scroll in her hand ready to activate it in a second if she needed it. *

Kazukii: - As Kazuki made his way into the building he was surprised in seeing the lights were on as he stepped through the threshold his eyes jolted back towards Kazuko where he seen in a glance her pulling out one of her scrolls. Kazuki then pulled his attention back to what was in front of him as his right hand slid towards the pouch on his right hip carefully unzipping it with his thumb and index finger wide enough just to slip his hand in and pull out a single light blue tag like shape paper. Quickly Kazuki folded the tag like paper in his fingertips into the shape of a shuriken sending a bit of his blue chakra forth into the paper making it as hard as a normal steel shuriken he wanted to be ready just in case this was indeed a trap, and what better way to be prepared for it then an explosive tag shaped into a paper shuriken. Kazuki’s Amber eyes caught the motion of a tall slender male with light blue hair almost white approaching him from the left side only to hear the males voice echo off the walls of the blue metal walls. -  Hiragana: “Geikami Kazuki I assume? “- Kazuki: - Kazuki simply nodded his head up and down to the male. He was kind of surprised to see another blue haired male, it wasn’t something that was a common sight for him. – Hiragana: “all I need from you is to sign right here and this is all yours.” – He pulled out a rather small scroll and began to unroll it in his fingertips placing it on the small table that was placed by the door. Hiragana took his right index finger and placed it on the X next to a dashed line and held out a pen with his left hand looking for Kazuki to take it.  – Kazuki: - Kazuki slowly made his way over to the male a carefully slipped the paper shuriken back into his pouch before he took then pen from his hand with his right hand. Kazuki’s Amber eyes moved back and forth between the Male, Kazuko, as well as Ryuu.  Kazuki then clicked the pen open and quickly read over the scroll. The scroll only stated that the home was being passed down to the right full inheritor one Geikami Kazuki due to an untimely death of the owners. Kazuki quickly signed the paper. – Hiragana: - Once He seen Kazuki was done signing his name he spoke once more as he looked it over. - “Well seems everything is in order; I’ll be on my way. “– Hiragana placed a set of keys on the table as he rolled the scroll back up and slipped it into his pocket. He quickly made his way from the building shutting the large metal door behind him. – Kazuki: - Kazuki spun in a full three hundred and sixty-degree circle taking in his surroundings before speaking to Kazuko and Ryuu. – “Well I guess there is only one thing left to do and that’s move in…” – Kazuki Picked up the Key ring that held three keys. Kazuki took two of the keys off the ring with his right hand while holding the ring of keys with his left. Kazuki held out the other two keys with his right hand towards Kazuko and Ryuu as he slipped the key that was left as well as the ring into his hoodie like coat pocket. Kazuki waited for the two to take their Key before making his way back towards the door. – “Well that is if you all want to help me move as well as your selves move in with me once again…”

IlRyuu:*Ryuu watched as Kazuki walked into the home, his hand slowly reaching upwards to rest on the hilt of his Dragon’s Fang as he noted that he saw Kazuko doing the same with one of her scrolls out of the corner of his eye. After Kazuki made his way in, he slowly followed him inside as he noticed that the lights in the house were on before hearing a man’s voice echo through the empty home before turning to see the man approaching Kazuki. He kept himself still as he saw the man approaching with blue hair, something he had only ever seen Kazuki have as he blinked his blue eyes at the man as he heard him speak of having Kazuki sign something and the house would be all his. He caught Kazuki’s glance before seeing him turn and sign the scroll, to which the man stated that everything was in order and that he would be on his way. As he made his way towards the door after placing a set of keys on the table, Ryuu slowly moved out of the way, keeping his gaze on the man until the door itself shut. His hand lowered back down to his side from it resting on the hilt of his Dragon’s Fang before glancing over at Kazuki and Kazuko. He heard Kazuki say that all they had to do now was move in and he also saw Kazuki take off two keys from the set the man had left them and was holding them out with his right hand for them to take one each. Ryuu made his way over and waited for Kazuko to take one before he took his own himself, placing it in his dark blue hoodie pocket. As Kazuki made his way back to the door and asked if they wouldn’t mind helping him move once again, Ryuu let out a small chuckle.* “Isn’t that the reason we came here?” *Ryuu made his way towards the door after Kazuki before thinking for a second, waiting for Kazuko to join them before speaking again.* “I don’t have much to pack up, so you two are going to be the busiest..” *He turned his gaze towards Kazuko as he shot a small smirk at her and spoke.* “As for you Kazuko, we’ll let you pack on your own in case you don’t want either of us seeing anything...scandalous.” *After Ryuu finished his sentence, he let out a small laugh at his own joke even if the others didn’t find it as mildly funny as he thought it was.*

Kazuko: Kazuko kept the scroll her hand as they walked into the home she glanced around seeing that the lights where on made her eyes narrow and flitter to Kazuki whom seemed to be folding a piece of paper into something and then to Ryuu whom had his hand on the sheath of his sword. Kazuko’s emerald green eyes flittered around the room taking in everything then stopping dead on the only other person in the room. The man with blue hair spoke to Kazuki and Kazuko stayed alert her hand tightly bond even as Kazuki signed the papers and the blue haired man set the keys down she didn’t let her guard down until he was out of sight then she sighed softly and put the scroll back into his holder on her right hip. She turned back just in time to see Kazuki picking up the keys from the counter and speak holding out a key for both her and Ryuu. She moved forward to take a key and then watched Ryuu take his. She tucked it into her pouch with her tools as she tilted her head at Kazuki’s question. Why wouldn’t they help him move that’s what they were here for teammates stick together. As Ryuu spoke up and said the same thing she was thinking. Then added a little comment about her packing her own things so they didn’t find anything scandalous. She was a Shinobi. She didn’t have anything scandalous unless you counted her undergarments that she didn’t want them to see but that wasn’t anything to revealing it was more comfortable types because fighting and moving a lot wouldn’t be fun in something uncomfortable. She shook her head and spoke finally* “I have no problem packing my own things. Lets head back and get started I still have my boxes….but you two will probably need more especially Kazuki he has been living there the longest so he will have more to pack. If we all pack our own stuff, then we can worry about moving and packing the bigger parts of the house like the Kitchen and the furniture.” *she said then walked from the home. She kept walking knowing the boys where behind her as she got back into the street and headed back to the apartment building she still didn’t find comfort in the fact it was still not raining. What was going on in the village something big must have happened for the weather to be clear. She kept walking till she reached the apartment building and made her way up the stairs as she stood outside the apartment unable to get in she took off her sandals and waited for Ryuu and Kazuki to get there. *

Kazukii: -Kazuki nodded his head slightly as Ryuu and then Kazuko spoke about how they would help. It was true out of all of the Kazuki had the mot to pack, Ryuu didn’t have that much and well Kazuko had just packed up and moved to Kazuki’s apartment so it shouldn’t take her that long either.  Kazuki just shook his head at Ryuu’s comment about letting them pack up their things because he didn’t know if they had scandalous things. – “We all know where your mind is at Ryuu…. As for needing more boxes… can make my own if need be…” – Kazuki made his way out the door pausing only slightly to give the other two time to make their way outside before closing and locking the door behind them with his key. Kazuki started up at the storm cloud filled sky for a moment seeing as there was still no rain falling was still an unsettling feeling that washed over his body much like the rain that had always fallen over the village until now. Kazuki quickly made his way through the streets and back through the door of the apartment building soon to be their old home. Kazuki made his way up the steps and back into the apartment. Kazuki immediately made his way up stairs to his and now Kazuko’s room and began to   pull the clothes out of his cabinet. Kazuki pulled out a stack of light blue paper infusing the paper with his own blue chakra. Kazuki then flung the paper into the air and watched as several boxes started to slowly form and fall to the ground. The boxes were the same light blue color as the original paper and were four feet around and four feet deep. Kazuki slowly started to put his clothes one set at a time folding each set in fours before putting them in the ox one at a time. Once his clothes were put in the box he closed the box with a lid made out of the same paper. Kazuki then took out a piece of paper and a marker and wrote Kazuki’s clothes. Kazuki then started to think the packing of the clothes would be easy but what about the larger items like his bed and other furniture. Kazuki pushed this thought for his mind for now and started to pack up the rest of his belongings in the bed room including the extra sets of his shinobi gear, placing them inside the same type of box he had made for his clothes and closing it just like he did with the clothes he made a label for it and placed it on the box. This time the label was Kazuki’s gear. Kazuki then started to put the other odds and ends from his bedroom leaving Kazuko’s stuff for her to pack seeing as she wanted to do so on her own.  Once Kazuki finished up packing the third box and labeling it bedroom odds and ends he stacked the three boxes up in the door way and started to make his way down stairs. –

IlRyuu: *Ryuu watched as Kazuko and Kazuki didn’t exactly respond to his joke, but he didn’t really mind it; he knew the joke was just there for whatever reasons he decided to say it for. He listened to Kazuki speak about where Ryuu’s mind was, to which he shook his head slightly; he knew Kazuki was joking. Kazuko spoke about having no problems with having to pack her own things as she wanted to head back to the apartment so they could all start packing and that the two of them would probably need more boxes to pack their things in. Kazuki he could understand needing more boxes, but Ryuu didn’t know why she mentioned him. Everything he owned he already had on his person; he had little to nothing to his own name to begin with, so he not having much shouldn’t be much of a surprise. He figured it was just said to be nice as Kazuki spoke about being able to make his own boxes back at the apartment if need be. As soon as all three of them were outside of the house, Ryuu watched Kazuki close and lock the door to their new home behind them before the trio began to make their way towards their now old home. There still wasn’t any rain falling in the Village itself, which made Ryuu very curious; usually, the whole Village would be soaked with rain by now but yet it stood absent still. Something serious must have happened to the Kage of Amegakure for the rain to have stopped falling for so long. A small feeling of unease crept on Ryuu as he continued to think about it; the idea that something serious might’ve happened to their Kage was a bit unnerving to them and probably to the others in Amegakure, villagers or other ninja alike. Once the trio made their way back to their old home, they all made their way through the door of the apartment and up the stairs until they made it back to their apartment. Ryuu watched Kazuki go upstairs to which he followed to go to his room with his fold out bed. Once he was in the room, he heard Kazuki going through his stuff before Ryuu thought for a second as to where other boxes could be in the house. Eventually, he’d hope for a bed that he could rest on in their new home; he didn’t mind the fold out bed as it did its job, but he preferred to have something that didn’t result on him sleeping pretty much on the floor. He went over to Kazuki’s room and saw a lot of boxes lying on the ground before he went into his teammate’s room and picked up a box before calling out to him.* “Takin’ a box.” *The sentence was short and quick, as by the time Kazuki probably would’ve processed his words Ryuu was already back in his room as he rolled up his bed and placed it in the box, knowing it wouldn’t be too helpful, but at least it wouldn’t be dragged outside on the ground. He then went out of his room, packing literally the only thing in it and made his way downstairs as he then caught a look at the couch. Eventually the three of them would have to come back and carry all of their heavy furniture out of the apartment, down the steps and to their new home; they could make clones to help with the process, but the fact remained that they were only so strong so that’d be a lot of clones. Luckily, Ryuu could always just summon up a bunch of Water Clones to help if need be. Ryuu sighed at the thought of all three of them having to carry all of the furniture out eventually or even just the work of it itself before making his way to the kitchen. Ryuu placed the box down on the table before he went around the kitchen and packed the utensils in the box as well as the plates and bowls before moving to place the tea cups in the box. The last items he placed in the box were the pots and pans as well as the tea kettle, which wrapped up what they had in the kitchen. Ryuu then moved the box carefully and walked towards the door, seeing as there was nothing he could pack up in the living room; he also wasn’t able to mark the box because he didn’t have a marker, but he didn’t think he’d need one given what was in the box. He found himself near the door leading out of the apartment as he waited on his two teammates to be ready to head out.*

Kazuko:*Kazuko Fallowed the boys inside the apartment that she had just recently started calling home and silently headed up the stairs. She entered the room to see Kazuki packing up the last of his things. She didn’t see much left besides her own things in the bedroom except for a bunch of boxes. She silently moved over to the closet and gathered her cloths packing them into the boxes she had stored in the bottom of it that she had used to move into the apartment the first time. She folded her cloths neatly one by one and placed them neatly into the box. As she packed her hoodie a small blue butterfly made out of paper fell out of her pocket and it made her smile. She took it into her hand and looked it over before placing it into the box. She placed her ninja tools into the box as well the ones she didn’t carry on her person on a day to day basis and then closed the box taking a slip of paper and writing Kazuko’s Clothing on the paper and sticking it to the box. She then carried that box down the stairs and set it by the door before heading back up the stairs. She took the last two remaining boxes from the closet and took them back down stairs with her. She could hear Ryuu clanking pots and pans together in the kitchen as she moved down the stairs and headed into the bathroom. She took the two remaining boxes and started to takes the towels, Wash rags and other none spill able items from the bathroom and place them into one box. She then took the dirty towels they had used that morning and placed them in the other box with the soaps and spill able items. This took her about twenty minutes as she didn’t want to spill anything as she packed them she used the dirty towels to hold them in place. She then sealed both boxes and took out two more slips of paper and wrote bathroom stuff on one and Spill able Bathroom stuff on the other and stuck them to the two boxes. She then carried the two boxes first the none spill able one and set it down with the box of her cloths by the door then she returned to the bathroom for the other box doing the same thing but this time setting it down on top of the first bathroom box. She then looked around the living room. She saw that they would need to either use clones of themselves thankful she had recently learned shadow clones that would be able to help if they needed when carrying the bigger stuff when it came time to do so. She scanned the room once more looking to see if there was anything else she could pack but not seeing anything else she stood by the door and waited for Kazuki seeing as Ryuu was already near the door. *

Kazukii: -Once making it down stairs Kazuki heard Ryuu’s Voice ring out of his now former bedroom about taking a box. Kazuki’s lips then parted slowly and replied in a non-emotional matter loud enough for Ryuu to hear him. – “Okay…” – Kazuki made his way into the living room and over to the wall which held the only thing that was packable at this time on it. Just as Kazuki slipped his right hand into his black and blue pouch that was snug to his right side he seen Ryuu not long after saying he was taking a box make his way back down the steps with a box in hand and head to the kitchen soon after this hearing clanking noises coming from the kitchen.  Kazuki took another stack of paper out of his pouch and carefully formed a thicker box infusing the paper box with his own blue chakra making it as strong as steel. Kazuki then very carefully reached up with his right and left and took down each piece of the painting one by one setting the first piece in the newly created box. Kazuki then took another stack of paper out of his pouch and placed one sheet after another over top the first part of the painting he placed in the box making a layer of an inch before placing the next piece of the painting down on top of it. Kazuki repeated the process pulling each piece one at a time of the couch and layering the paper over top of it until all five pieces were inside the box. Kazuki’s Amber eyes then glanced over seeing Kazuko making her way to the Bath room which was the only real room left to pack up. Kazuki then quickly made the same type of lid with the left over pieces of paper infusing his chakra into the paper making it as strong as steel as well before placing the newly formed lid on the box. Kazuki was taking extra care to protect his paint more so then any other object he had placed in boxes.  The painting meant a lot to him and if anything were to happen to it he wouldn’t know what he would do, seeing as how long it took him to save up for it. Kazuki took out one slip of paper and stuck it to the top of the box with a bit of his own chakra. He took out the same maker he had used on the upstairs boxes and wrote on the new label Caution fragile Rose painting.   Kazuki then picked up the box and made his way over to the main door of the apartment noticing Kazuko was already standing there with the box she had packed up she must have made her way there when he was making sure his painting was safe. Kazuki then placed his box next to her boxes and once again made his way up stairs to his old bedroom. Kazuki just in the door way of the room bent down slightly to pick up the three boxes he had placed there early after finishing packing up his stuff in the bedroom.  Kazuki made his way back down the steps with the three boxes in his hands and placed them next to the main door just off to the side of the one he had placed the painting in. With Kazuko, Ryuu and now Kazuki by the door they were pretty much all packed up. Kazuki reached up to the back of his head with his right hand and began to rub the back of his head slightly. – I guess this all we can do for now the bigger stuff will have to wait till we get some help…”

IlRyuu: *Ryuu waited patiently for his Kazuki to join Kazuko and himself as he pondered on what the three of them were going to do about the furniture of the house. It was a lot of heavy stuff for three Genin and even with the help of clones they might have a hard time with transporting everything to their new home. He noticed on his way back from the kitchen though that the painting that Kazuki had purchased long ago was gone from its spot, which made him think Kazuki had gotten it packed already. A part of him wanted to move the furniture as soon as they possibly could; the quicker they moved it, the quicker the problem was resolved and it was one less thing for them to do. He broke away from his thoughts as he glanced over at Kazuko before speaking to her.* “Carrying the furniture is gonna suck huh Kazuko?” *Ryuu spoke, chuckling slightly at his comment before adjusting the box in his hands before hearing another pair of footsteps make their way downstairs as Kazuki carried down a box before placing it next to the door and moving away from the duo to return upstairs. It made sense; Kazuki did live here for a while so it made sense for him to have more than just one or two boxes of stuff to pack. A moment later Kazuki came back downstairs and placed three boxes next to the one he had just placed down before saying that this was all that they were going to be able to get and the bigger stuff would have to wait until they got some help. Taking a quick count of all of the boxes, including the one he was carrying, that there were a total of eight boxes. Ryuu nodded at his statement before adjusting the box he currently had in his hand to where his left arm could support and carry the weight on its own before reaching over to one of Kazuki’s boxes that were stacked on one another before taking hold of two of the boxes carefully before lifting them up and cradling them so they couldn’t fall; the boxes were labeled “Kazuki’s gear” and the other was labeled “bedroom odds and ends”. The boxes weren’t that heavy, but they had some weight to them so he made sure that he could hold all three of the boxes without any problem; he figured that there wasn’t any way to avoid at least one of them having to carry three boxes and if Kazuki’s painting was in one of those boxes, that was going to be some extra weight. Once the two boxes that he had resting in his right arm were secure, he looked at his teammates and grinned.* “Well, let’s get a move on before my arms give out.” *He chuckled quietly as he waited for his two teammates to be ready to move out; hopefully no one had a problem getting down the stairs and going through the streets on their way to their new home.*


Kazuko: *Kazuko shock her head her crimson locks falling down into her face she then blew them up and out of her face as she looked at Ryuu grabbing three boxes at one time. She thought to herself that that was a bit much but they had a total of eight boxes and if they carried them all in one trip two of them would have to carry three boxes and one of them would have to carry two. Knowing that the boys didn’t want to carry her stuff she bent down to pick up her own box and then took the box of spill able bathroom stuff and put it on top of her own box. She looked up to see Ryuu waiting to take the boxes and then looked at Kazuki. She gripped both boxes in her arms and headed for the door before leaving she slipped on her sandals and then spoke.* “Let go Guys.” * She didn’t wait she knew Kazuki would grab the three remaining boxes unless he wanted to take another trip with just that box but she figured he wouldn’t. She walked down the stairs and into the street. It still wasn’t raining and it caught her of guard still confused as to what was going on she was walking and not paying attention to where she was going she slipped in a puddle that was still on the street below and as she was falling the boxes flew through her hand she moved to catch the one with the spill able stuff in it as her own box went flying and landed a foot away the tag fluttering off the box.*Kazukii: -Just as Kazuki got to the door he and set down his three boxes He watched Ryuu with a box already in his hand pick up two more of the boxes which looked to be the ones containing Kazuki’s gear and the odds and ends box. Kazuki’s Amber eyes leapt from watching Ryuu pick up the boxes to Kazuko Blowing the red strands of hair out her face and picking up her two boxes. Kazuki shifted his position to his right and picked up the last three boxes one of which was the one that contained his painting which he picked up last placing it on top so the weight from the other two boxes wouldn’t smash the painting or damage it in anyway, not like he didn’t take precautions of such a thing happening with packing the painting up with paper buffers but why risk it.  Kazuki placed his hands firmly underneath the boxes he was carrying wrapping his fingertips around the edge of the bottom box making sure he was holding it steady he leaned the boxes back into his upper torso placing his chin on the top box locking the three into place. Soon after picking up his boxes he heard Ryuu speak up about getting a move on it before his arms gave out soon after he heard him chuckle. Kazuki had hoped his was joking since Ryuu was carrying some of his stuff that he didn’t want just dropped on the ground. Kazuki shook his head as Kazuko spoke up about them heading out as well. He watched as Kazuko made her way through the door and down the steps, Kazuki soon followed after her watching her from above his three boxes all the long making sure his footing was steady as they both made it passed the last door and on to the main street of the village. Something seemed off about Kazuko as Kazuki watched her movements as if she was a bit distracted then all of a sudden he watched as Kazuko lost her footing a slipped tossing her boxes up into the air. Kazuki started to run forward lunged forward to try and catch the falling boxes on top of his stack but was caught off balance. He watched out of the corner of his Amber colored eyes as she caught one of the two but as Kazuki wasn’t fast enough or stead enough with running with his own boxes the second box wet flying landing a foot away from Kazuko. Kazuki still in a forward motion ended up losing the grip on his boxes and sent all three into the air which caused all three of the tags to come lose from the motion. Kazuki quickly tried to catch his balance but with no luck all three of his boxes went crashing to the ground on either side of the one Kazuki dropped the tags fluttered to the ground in a nearby puddle just floating on the surface along with the tag that had fallen off of Kazuko’s box. Kazuki hit the ground hard landing on his back side with a thud. His eyes closed tightly as he hit but he let out no noise. Kazuki placed his right hand on the back of his head and started to rub it lightly as he opened his eyes slowly. – “Well then…” – In the back of his mind he hoped that his painting was okay but in the forefront he was hoping Kazuko was alright. Kazuki turned his head towards Kazuko and parted his lips slowly. – “I guess I should have been paying more attention to what I was doing…. You okay Kazuko.” – Kazuki then looked around for Ryuu which he assumed was going to get a laugh out of this situation. –

IlRyuu: *Ryuu watched the two of them pick up their own boxes before seeing Kazuko and Kazuki both make their way out of the apartment and down the stairs, to which he quickly followed, catching the door behind him with his foot before hopping out of the room, bringing the door with him as it shut. The movement caused him to stay still after a moment, making sure not to drop any of the boxes before making his own way down the stairs. He was excited that they were all moving in to a new place even though they had just moved into this apartment not too long ago. Ryuu figured the payoff was better, but he quickly caused his thoughts to stop wandering on this little trip to the new place; the last thing any of them needed was for him to fall and drop the boxes to make a mess. He made his way down the stairs thankfully without incident as he made his way outside like his teammates had just gotten through doing. Once he was outside he stopped moving in order to readjust the placement of the boxes in his arms to make sure they were secure in his arms once more in case they moved a little during his trip out of the apartment. As he turned to face his teammates, he saw Kazuko falling to the ground and one of her boxes fell to the ground away from her as his blue eyes widened slightly in surprise; he was usually the one who ended up tripping or falling on accident, so this was different. He moved to try and help her, but noticed that Kauzki was attempting to do the same before seeing him lose his balance and fall to the ground as well, having all of his boxes fall to the ground as well. Ryuu unfortunately couldn’t reach them in time and as their boxes fell to the ground, one of his eyes shut slightly in brace of the noise of the boxes falling and whatever noise accompanied them. Ryuu moved quickly towards his teammates as he saw Kazuki look at Kazuko and rub the back of his head. When he made his way over to them, he looked down at them before speaking to them.* “You guys ok?”

Kazuko:*Kazuko sighed as she started to get up from the ground still holding the box of spill able stuff. She looked over at Kazuki whom had tried to help her and ended up losing his boxes as well all the tags for the boxes now laid scattered among the boxes. As Kazuki asked if she was ok and then Ryuu asked if she was ok she nodded her head before speaking. * “Sorry this whole thing with there being no rain had me distracted I should have been paying better attention.” *She then looked again at the pile of boxes and then at Kazuki* “What a mess I’m sorry guys” *Kazuko started to get up off the floor and then dusted herself off and went over to pick up a box that she hoped was the box with her stuff in it and then picked up the tag that said Kazuko’s cloths. She put the tag on the box and glanced around sighing softly. “we should get going or it will be dark before we get done.” *with her cheeks beat red under her rebreather like mask she started towards the house with the two boxes. After several minutes she arrived at the house. She set the two boxes and reached into her leg pouch she pulled out the key and unlocked the door. She picked up the two boxes once more and carried them into the house and slipped off her sandals right inside the door before taking the box with the spill able stuff into the bathroom and then set the one with her cloths near the door being they hadn’t decided whom would sleep where yet. She then sat on the stairs and waited for the boys. *

Kazukii: -Kazuki shook his head to Kazuko’s comment about being sorry slightly from left to right his cobalt strands of hair swaying as his head turned. His lips parted slowly as he sat there on the ground. – “Ryuu…I’m fine…Kazuko…There is no need to be sorry things happen…and the no rain concerns me as well seeing how unusual it is…” -Kazuki watched as Kazuko got up and placed one of the name tags on one of the boxes and picked it back up. Kazuki followed suit and picked his self-up off the ground and stretched his right and left arms over top of his head interlocking his finger tips and arching his back slightly. His back was a bit sore from the fall but nothing that of any concern to him. Kazuki went over to his boxes and with his right hand he scratched the top of his head slightly a bit puzzled as to which box was which. Kazuki picked up the three tags that were left and slapped one on each box just hoping they were right if they weren’t they would figure it out once they got back to their new home. It wasn’t long after this Kazuki heard Kazuko said they should get going before it gets dark in which Kazuki nodded his head up and down in an agreement type response. – “yeah I guess we should head out then we still got a lot to get to the new house even then all the work that will need down putting things away when we get there…” – Kazuki followed Kazuko and made his way down the main street of Amegakure several minutes passing before they arrived at there soon to be new home. He watched as Kazuko set her boxes down only to reach down and take her out house key from her leg pouch. He watched as Kazuko unlocked the door with her key and picked up her boxes once again before stepping through the door way making her way inside. Kazuki followed right after making note Kazuko slipping her shoes off once again. Kazuki watched as Kazuko headed for the bathroom as she was doing this Kazuki slipped his shoes off at the door and made his way up the steps a little ways and sat his three boxes on the steps.  As he was doing this Kazuko came out of the bathroom and sat down on the steps. Kazuki noticed there was now a box by the door and Kazuko was now sitting on the steps. Kazuki made his way over to Kazuko and sat down while they waited for Ryuu to join the. – “well at least some of our things are here…just don’t know about how we are going to get the bigger stuff here in a timely manner…’


IlRyuu: *Ryuu nodded at their statements of saying that they were fine, letting a small sigh escape through his lips. He heard Kazuko apologize and state that it was due to the mysterious lack of rain in the Village, which Kazuki agreed was strange itself. Ryuu felt the same way, but unfortunately they couldn’t do anything about it; whatever happened to the Kage was hopefully nothing too severe, but only time would tell them that. As the two of them picked themselves and their boxes up off of the ground Kazuko stated that they should leave before it got dark, to which Kazuki agreed. Ryuu wondered how an actual night sky would look like in Amegakure without the dark grey clouds above their head to block out the stars and the moon. Those seemed like foreign words given where their home was, but Ryuu didn’t mind where he lived, besides he’d eventually get out and get to see what else the sky could look like without clouds blocking the view when he was on missions with his team or even when he was hopefully at a higher rank. He followed Kazuki and Kazuko to their new home after Kazuko had opened and unlocked the door with her key, following behind Kazuki into their new home. Before he entered the home, he took a moment to put down his boxes before removing his shoes and bringing them inside and placing them by the door for now. After he did so, he picked up the boxes once more, trying to get a good grip on them before bringing them into the house with them. He saw Kazuko head for the bathroom and Kazuki make his way up the stairs and put down his boxes. Ryuu walked over to the kitchen and placed the box with all of their kitchenware inside of the room before taking one of the two stacked boxes in his right arm and placing it in his left arm so he was only carrying one box per arm. Afterwards, he made his way halfway up the stairs before sitting down on them and placing the boxes next to him, letting out a small sigh of relief. He saw Kazuko come back and sit down on the steps before hearing Kazuko say that all they would have to figure out now was what to do with the bigger furniture that was left at their apartment.* “Yeah..at least we got half of it done.” *He thought for a moment before speaking again.* “Well, we can just go there tomorrow and have our clones help us...will take a few trips though. Or we can have someone deliver it here and we can pay ‘em.” *He shrugged at the last idea; he found no problem with movers, but they just transported most of their house into their new one with little to no problem…then again, they all were Genin and it’d take them a long time to move the furniture on their own even with clones.*

KunisadaUchiha: -Kunisada’s clone had just come back from the ANBU Headquarters, sending out ANBU ninja to go and search for Akatori Yamanaka and Athena Uzumaki’s whereabouts. The original Kunisada and the group had come back from their trip to get their Summons, which proved to be successful for the most part. The original Kunisada hadn’t cancelled his hold on him just yet, so his clone was going to try and check in on his team to make sure they were doing their homework he assigned to them. The rain in Amegakure had ceased to fall, which of course he figured was from the extreme fatigue that Kagato must have had from the trip overall; of course, this was only information to certain people in Amegakure, so other shinobi and Villagers must’ve been very confused right now. Kunisada leapt to the rooftop to where Kazuki’s apartment was said to be located before Kunisada saw all three of his students picking up boxes after Kazuki and Kazuko seemed to have fallen with Ryuu carrying boxes as well before they all decided to pick up their stuff and keep moving. His eyes narrowed slightly before he followed them, keeping himself back far enough to avoid suspicion from the trio, figuring it was best not to sneak up on them and risk them dropping their things again. After a few moments, Kunisada saw a house that they were heading to, making Kunisada wonder if they were moving into that house or if they were doing something else. Kunisada watched the three of them enter the home before silently moving up towards the house after the three of them had already entered, not crossing the threshold of the house. When he looked inside, the house looked empty and all three of them looked to be distracted with other things before Kunisada casually leaned himself against the door’s threshold and crossing his arms as he heard Kazuki speak about having to move the bigger stuff to their location in a timely manner. Kunisada figured that he meant the furniture from their old house which was confirmed when he heard Ryuu speak about them moving it there by themselves and with clones or they could pay some people to do it for them. Kunisada contemplated silently while Ryuu spoke and once he was done, Kunisada’s lips parted before speaking loud enough for the three of them to hear him.- “..Your furniture will be dropped off here tomorrow..” –Kunisada waited for two seconds, knowing that the all three of them couldn’t have missed his words; they were in an empty house and not everyone was talking at once so there was a low possibility that all three of them missed his words. After waiting for those two seconds, Kunisada vanished in a blur as he used the Body Flicker Technique and moved away from the trio’s new home. He would send a message, once he was able to, to a pair of ANBU members left in Ame to help the Genin with moving their furniture, knowing that it seemed like an odd thing to do for ANBU, but it’d be easier for the Genin and give them more time to practice their homework he assigned to them; given how long they were apart from one another, he knew that they hadn’t had time to. Even if the original Kunisada cancelled his hold on his clone, the order would still be sent and delivered, so there would be no excuse as to why the team hadn’t trained yet.-

Kazuko:*Kazuko nodded as the boys joined her by the stairs and she looked up as the spoke about getting the bigger things it was true enough they all had some form of clones now that could help them move though it would be less work to pay someone to do the work but at the same time it was their things. As She was about to speak up when her eyes went to the door way seeing their sensei standing there and hearing him speak saying their stuff would be dropped off tomorrow she was about to say hello and ask how when he vanished once again from view all she could do is stare blankly at the doorway with her emerald green eyes for a few seconds. She sighed softly and then spoke up to her teammates.* “Well I guess that settles that. We should unpack what we have here and get some rest. If our stuff will be delivered, we should probably work on that homework Sensei gave us.” *she waited for the boys to answer then walked over to the door and picked up the box labeled Kazuko’s stuff and carried it up the stairs to where Kazuki had taken his box and set it down. She opened the box only to find that it was pieces of Kazuki’s painting. Her green eyes went wide as she looked around for the other boxes because one of the one Kazuki carried now had to be her belongings She didn’t want him opening her things not that he hadn’t seen her cloths in the room before but she still felt embarrassed as she blushed red she looked around for the other boxes.*

Kazukii: -Kazuki watched as Ryuu made his way in through the door and sat down his boxes to remove his shoes, Kazuki was surprised by this seeing as they were still following his rules about his apartment even here about taking their shoes off before coming in. It was long after that and over towards the kitchen dropping off one of his boxes before making his way to the steps where Kazuko and Kazuki were sitting taking a seat his self on the steps setting his two boxes next to him. Kazuki then hear Ryuu speak about agreeing with Kazuki with having at least part of the work done only to follow up with about how they could get the rest of the stuff tomorrow. Kazuki contemplated for a moment about how they would pull off such a task maybe if they made some clones to help them with some of the work only to hear a voice echo through the door way. It just so happened to be the voice of their sensei telling them that the rest of their things would be here tomorrow. Kazuki tilted his head for a moment before it fully set in. It had seemed their sensei had been watching them and was willing to help them get their stuff to their new home Kazuki lips parted slowly just after Their sensei spoke to the through the door way. – “Thank you Sensei…” – As quickly as the voice had come the voice was gone again Kazuki guessed that their sensei took off once again which only raised furthered questions in his mind about what was fully going on specially seeing as the rain had stopped but he pushed these thoughts to the back of his mind for now they needed to focus on placing the boxes in their right place for now, which Ryuu had already started to do. Kazuki then hear Kazuko’s voice ring out saying well she guessed that settled and that they should unpack and how they should work on the home work their sensei had given them. Kazuki nodded his head up and down slightly to Kazuko as he watched her make her way back over to the front door and start to open the box she had set there. Kazuki then picked up the box on his right and started to make his way to his and Kazuko’s new room.  Turning his head slightly towards Kazuko before heading the fully way up. – “Our room will be up here Kazuko as for Ryuu there is another room below this one you can have…” – Then made his way up to their new room and started to open the box up. Much to his surprise this wasn’t the box he had thought it was the labels when they had fallen off must have been put back on the wrong boxes seeing as how Kazuki was now pulling Bras, Panties and other female clothing. Kazuki’s Amber eyes light up slightly realizing the mistake Kazuko will be a bit embarrassed to find out he was the one to open her box. Kazuki’s mouth opened slowly once more to call out to her. – “Um Kazuko I need you to come here….’ – Kazuki made his way down the steps once and picked up the other box he had laying on the steps. Kazuki brought the box back up to the room and waited for Kazuko to make her way up here once she claimed this box the other boxes would be easy to place. –

IlRyuu: *Ryuu slightly jumped from hearing another voice echo off of the walls of their new home as he glanced quickly at the doorway to see their Sensei standing there, saying that their furniture would be dropped off tomorrow. Ryuu’s blue eyes widened slightly and before he could say anything, their Sensei vanished without any warning or noise, making him blink confusingly at the spot where their Sensei was just in. He was still slightly confused, but figured that he wanted to help them with moving so he just shrugged it off as he turned to face Kazuko when she spoke of getting unpacked and getting some rest so they could work on their homework that their Sensei had given them tomorrow, possibly after the furniture was dropped off. He watched Kazuki nod in agreement before hearing him tell Ryuu that his room would be down below and they would be on the floor above him, to which Ryuu shot him a thumbs up before standing up and going to get his pull-out bed from the box. Once he reached the kitchen, he grabbed his bed from the box, being careful not to bring any of the kitchenware or even the box with it and took it to his new room. He put it in the middle of the room before remembering that he had two of Kazuki’s boxes with him and that made him walk back over to the stairs and pick up the boxes he had left there before taking one in each arm once again and make his way up the stairs where Kazuki was. He went into Kazuki’s room and spoke to him as he entered the room and put the boxes down next to his door. * “Hey Kazuki, forgot these are…yours.” *Ryuu’s words fell short as he saw Kazuki pulling out bras, panties and other female clothing that were more than likely Kazuko’s. His blue eyes went wide before he quickly left the room as he heard Kazuki’s footsteps behind him as he called out for Kazuko. He made his way down the stairs and went to his room, more confused and a little embarrassed more than he found the situation to be funny at the moment...he’d probably poke fun at them later for it. *

Kazuko:*Kazuko heard Kazuki calling for her from upstairs saying he needed to see something as she made her way back to the stairs she spotted Ryuu coming down the stairs looking a bit embarrassed her mind already knew what was going on as Kazuki was right behind Ryuu coming down the stairs. She ran up the stairs and grabbed her box her personal items and cloths were already gone through and her cheeks became even redder she closed her eyes and set everything back in the box and slid it over to the other side of the room. At least it was Kazuki whom had found it but she knew Ryuu had seen and if he made a comment about it later he would pay she knew exactly where to find that large orange toad and could easily put it in his room while he was away. She took her box into her arms and walked over to the closet and set the box down then opened the closet and began to unpack her cloths. After a few moments she had her clothes put away and then she noticed a large roll out futon tucked away in the closet. She pulled it out and unrolled it in the middle of the floor. It wasn’t the big comfy bed that She and Kazuki had been sleeping it but it would do for at least one night. She didn’t know if he had packed the blankets or not but she would wait till he returned to the room to ask. When he returned she spoke. * “I found this in the closet um I’m not sure where the blankets are so if you want to find them while I change then we can get some sleep. *She then turned and grabbed her cloths out of the closet a pair of black shorts and her short black top before heading down the stairs to the bathroom and changing cloths. She then moved from the bathroom back up into the room she would curl into the futon and close her eyes*

Kazukii: - Kazuki Knew Ryuu would have some sort of comment to Kazuko about seeing what he did but if he knew Kazuko as well as he thought he did she would fire right back at him with something else. Kazuki chuckled lightly at this as Kazuko made her way back into the room and grabbed her box of personal items and put them away.  Only to have her state she found a futon that they could use for the night and asked Kazuki if he could find any blankets they could use while she got ready for bed. Kazuki nodded slightly up and down to Kazuko as he parted his lips slowly. – “I think there should be some in the closet over here…I also need to change myself…. “- Kazuki made his way over to the closet and pulled out a few blue blankets and pillows they smelled a little of coldness though an odd smell for one to explain but they had to have been sitting in this closet for a while. Kazuki dropped the blankets and pillows on top of the futon and began to pull his gear off of him starting with his re-breather and masking working down to his hoodie like coat and armored gloves leaving him in just his black tank top and short black cargo pants. Kazuki made his way over to the box in which held his cloths and pulled out a pair of black cloth shorts. He slid his black cargo pants down and kicked them off to the side revealing his dark blue boxers for a moment while he slides his black cloth shorts on. Kazuki then slid his black tank top off and tossed it beside his pants and began to make his way back over to the futon where Kazuko was already laying down in her short black tank top and shorts. Kazuki laid down next to Kazuko and pulled the blankets up over them wrapping his arms around her tight as he slowly closed his eyes for the night. They had a lot of work to do when the rest of their stuff arrived and would need a good night’s rest. -  

End Results:

Kazuki, Kazuko and Ryuu checked out Kazuki's childhood home, finding everything was on the up and up they started to move in only to have their Sensei Kunisada offer them help moving the bigger items which would show up the next day.